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Static Shock

Static Shock is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered in September 2000 on the Kids' WB!

Dwayne McDuffie Jaden Smith Justice League Unlimited Black Lightning Leon Thomas Batman Beyond Reginald Hudlin Powerpuff Girls Green Lantern Teen Titans Bruce Timm

Come on DC let's get that static shock movie
Static Shock rode on top of a trash can lid? Or manhole cover? Or other? I can't remember.
Static Shock is masterful. I can’t wait to buy every single Milestone book.
When will they make a Static Shock movie? I loved the show and Virgil was bomb af
Dog shock collar with remote or pet training collars have static shock simulators and vibrators. .
I’d rather Static Shock. We all would rather have Static Shock.
2017 will go down in history as yr releases Static Shock S1 & S2 on DVD; 2 seasons left
my kittyboy tried to touch his nose to my arm but he got a static shock and ran away D:
My favorite characters for several years was Static Shock, Batman, Thor, Sora, Mulan, and Harry Po…
OMG it does. It's replaced the surface keyboard as my favorite keyboard of all time. The only pro…
Static Shock needs to have a movie 1 via
Make em all you want. But that boy Static Shock was the real OG.
Can't wait but i hope they tap Static Shock voice for something in the series. He can do any voice and comedy.
Watching static shock on 116inch projection screen in my brothers garage is what life’s about
I liked a video How to Make a Static Shock Cosplay Shirt
Static Shock was such an underrated cartoon 😐
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Someone bring the champagne i got static shock seasons 1 and 2 on deck, we marathoning
Do your research, not game cuz I'm a major static shock fan lol
Characters from the ‘Static Shock’ animated series I really hope make it to
Lex and i spent like five minutes trying to shock each other with static of my blanket today. So you can say day well spe…
Black Lightning is apparently ripping off Static Shock. Hm.
Take a shot every time someone mentions Static Shock when they talk about Black Lightning.
If I see one mo mufugga on here say Black Lightning is a rip-off of Static Shock...
When are we going to talk about how Static Shock doesn't hold up as a show like we all want to remember.
When you find out static Shock is gonna be in Young Justice : Outsiders... The kid in me is currently dancing around with…
Travis scott is lowkey static shock
Tis the season to accidentally static shock your pets and apologize profusely
Ebon from Static Shock is just Father from KND before he left the hood.
It’s that time of year when all my clothes shock me when i take them off because of the static
Tis the season to static shock your pets when you touch them
Fresh prince and static shock no no no fresh prince and Martin
This dry air’s got me feeling like Kids WB in 2000, tons of Static Shock
oh yeah i just remembered these two pages from Static Shock Special which are a p. good bit on how he got treated while al…
Static Shock!!! I miss that so much. He's one of my favorite DC heros!!
Static Shock and Fillmore were my childhood
to add back. Psych. Monk. Batman Beyond. And add . Static Shock
I think racism would have ended if they never took Static Shock off T.V.
Yah really gotta let me play static shock ❗️
Swear let my lil bro grab the remote when static shock on its going DOWN
They need to bring back Static Shock on tv ⚡️
I think chief keef could play the role of static shock in a movie 💯💯💯
Finna write a Static Shock movie script... who want in???
Who on the TL has heard of Static Shock???
Static Shock ran for 4 seasons, a miracle for early 2000s cartoons. Chef was killed off cause Hayes left South Par…
If you don't remember Static Shock you missed out
Why doesn't Static Shock have all 4 seasons on sale?
How are they going to make a Black Lightning show and not Static Shock..smfh!!!
I fw how whoever drew it had the boy as static shock 😭
The only cool superhero ever is Static Shock.
Watching a full episode of Static Shock ⚡️
Imagine a DC film with Leon Thomas for Static Shock and Keke Palmer for Bumblebee...the Nickelodeon stars are coming!
Justice League Unlimited. Oh yea, Static Shock and Batman: Beyond. Bruce Timm did all of this
Reminds me of Static Shock. I love it.
I hope u bring in Static Shock and Jonah Hex
you can watch Green Lantern the Animated Series. Teen Titans, Static Shock was good. Batman Animated se…
Today I learned that when you static shock a cut on your finger it hurts incredibly bad.
i love that show as a kid did you know the voice of static shock was also hermes from Futurama?
So many amazing reveals for Injustice 2, can't wait! Still hoping for Static Shock!
Been alive for almost 23 years and this is the first time I've ever seen the actual spark of a static shock off an object bc I'm in the dark
Unfortunately it seems you did not watch Static Shock :/
Injustice better give me Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Static Shock since they wanna unveil lesser known characte…
Looking like the older brother of Static Shock!
Got a static charge shock from one of my dogs. Sparking, not barking
Im still most upset about my old *** Static Shock comics I loved them so so much. That working class snar…
Didn't realise AJ from the Backstreet Boys voiced himself in Static Shock
Bro y'all leave static shock alone 😩
More static shock questions. That show was my childhood
Watching Static Shock is probably the only thing that can always get my mood up
In the popular children's show "Static Shock" those with superpowers caused by the effects of Quantum Vapor are known as:
Static Shock's first season is so relevant today
Am I the only one that thinks they should make a static shock movie with as static?
Static Shock: Trial by Fire is our latest review by new contributor
Static Shock gonna be played by Matt Damon
When we gonna get a Static Shock movie?
Just give me a Static Shock movie. We don't have to do all this
you learned you looked like Flocka, Static Shock, and Antoine Dodson?
1. Powerpuff Girls. 2. Teen Titans (not the new one). 3. Dexter's Lab. 4. Kids Next Door. 5. Static Shock
Green Lantern John Stewart and Static Shock >>>>>> I can't imagine not growing up with those 2 black super heroes
any chance for Spectre, Firestorm, Static Shock, Or John Constantine as playable characters in Injustice 2? https:…
Poison Ivy or Static Shock. Its either the sexy green lady or the under-rated black hero. Can you pick ONE to be in the game?
I was Fasho watching Static Shock on the Kids-WB Saturday morning cartoons lmao
October Pre-order. DC ICONS STATIC MILESTONE ACTION FIGURE. Straight from Dakota City, it's Static Shock, star of...
Earth's Mightiest Heroes didn't last 2 seasons. and it's a GOAT? LOL. Static Shock anyone?
If I had to pick an entourage, out of cartoon characters. Static Shock, Tommy Pickles, Eliza Thornberry, Mulan, Leonardo. how about you?
Hey I have a new name for that hockey team in Florida: Tampa Bay Static Shock
if you see this I want to know what you would think if cw decided to make a static shock show?
They slacking on Static Shock since Marvel put out a badass Black Panther it's the perfect time for DC to do Static
If I was able to play a superhero in a movie it would be static shock. They update the costume first tho
Accidentally made a static shock from my hands onto a treadmill while I was running and now it doesn't work... 😅
I loved Static Shock, glad someone else remembers it.
Kind of hoping Legends goes away. It's not living up to promise. Maybe a Static Shock show instead? Or Cyborg?
I really love this drawing of me as Static Shock! Thanks Y'all make sure to give him a follow!
Do us a favor and bring Static Shock back. That was a dope *** cartoon
also did you watch static shock as a kid? That'd be a cool show for your nostalgic 90's kids shows series
It's lit. I got the apk for android and love it. I be watchin Static Shock a few times a week.
If they bring back Static Shock Im merking the fuq out
I need a static shock movie in my life
My friend drew me as Static Shock. It's pretty lit! Thanks man!
aye I forgot about static shock. He was the goat
Static Shock is the realest show ever. It has so many sad stories and good lessons
Static shock! in IKON Suspect gold on black cap.
I got a static shock from a bunch of bananas in today, I didn't know that was even possible.
Just coming from her end, the five day shock sleep. Pain like that is evident even prior to a shock like that.
Yo gone head drop them plans for the Static Shock movie.
They need to come out with a static shock movie frfr, that was my show growin up. Only 90's babies know bout that lol 😅
2000s white kids would NEVER think John Stewart Green Lantern, or Cyborg, or Static Shock were cool right?
We want Leon Thomas to play Static Shock in his own live action Tv show!
Every time YJ Bart Allen speaks, I'm reminded of Richie Foley from Static Shock and now I desperately want to watch Static Shock.
These are the people that needs to be on Young Justice Season 3 . Damian Wayne . Red Hood . Cassandra Cain . Supergirl . Static Shock
What would you think of Corbin Bleu as Static Shock? Played in High School Musical and starred in a play in NYC Washington Heights.
Martin is not a KIDS show…neither is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & if you don't see Static Shock it's not there for a reason.
Just remembering how mad that Number Ones set at Static Shock was - Stiff Little Fingers/Undertones/Oasis, what a run of covers
Should make a Static Shock show and have play Static !!
Leon Thomas 3 is def a good Static Shock candidate
Remember there was a school shooter on Static Shock
Remember when Static Shock friend's Richie's dad was racist as *** Old shows got deep.
my dad used 2 get frustrated with me cuz i wanted to watch Max Steel and Jackie Chan Adventures but not Static Shock lol
Of course the first comic book animated series co-created by a Black creator was Static Shock, also co-created by Dwayne McDuffie.
Maybe next week, remix of Jem and the Holograms? Or Static Shock?
Can we please bring back Static Shock and Proud Family?
Bruh a *** fried me like static shock on this black ops 3
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Static Shock DC Icons figure debuted at part of the big announcement from & http:/…
no wait I got a static shock lol not electric
I guess so. I saw this and they reminded me of static shock characters. That would show up in the background.
isn't Static Shock ' s at style just Bruce Timm?
can you guys put fresh prince of Bel-Air, static shock, George Lopez show, and dragon ball z on please
Jaden Smith is about play Static Shock in a live action series bruh 😕👎🏾
Agreed. I'm sure they could easily create a black carachter thats cool and be popular. I like static shock, cyborg
Bruh watching Drum Line I just realized my *** Ebon from static shock the head drummer for Morris Brown.
Either Jesus again or Static shock or one of my other favorite black heroes. Means I have to ditch the beard tho
This game you can either get to be Katniss Everdeen, a noobtuber, static shock, or throw your spikes into the floor and kill anything. SWEET
The static shock movie with lil romeo doin the soundtrack is long overdue
Why do i still remember the theme song to static shock😂😂
Watching a few episodes of 'Static Shock' to pass the time. ⚡
I need new pillow cases. These ones cause so much static my hair explodes and I get an electric shock off my phone. Fml
Back to Static Shock: Could Bang Babies be a clever political jab at Baby Boomers? What kind of statement is trying to be made with SheBang?
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My wife left me for my best friend I was terminated from my job and just found out Jaden Smith is playing static shock
For my money, I'd rather see in a remake of than a Static Shock Web series.
Static Shock was in the Young Justice TV show right before they ended! I was just watching,so excited to see him!
Jaden Smith as Static Shock?? Tyler James Williams as Miles Morales??? Things are about to get awesome in the Marvel and DC Universes.
Jaden Smith will be playing the role of Static in the upcoming Static Shock movie
Dwayne McDuffie, former head writer for the 'Justice League Unlimited' cartoon and the creator of 'Static Shock'
Static Shock, Jake the Dragon & Jackie chan Adventures are my favorite cartoons
2. I hope Jaden Smith doesn't get cast for the live-action Static Shock show. Leon Thomas III would be a much better choice
Happy birthday voice of Toyman from Superman the Animated Series, Static Shock, and Justice League Unlimited.
Reginald Hudlin and Denys Cowan update CBR on the new "Static Shock" li
Ready for this Static Shock movie.not excited they're using Jayden Smith tho smh
There aren't words for how sorry I am for that massive static shock right to the earlobe!
Dear I am an actor. I also had a childhood. Please make a static shock movie and cast me as Richie. Thanks!
Static Shock used to be my favorite show too
Would love to see static shock or Green Lantern on Flash tv show please make this happen.
I'm convinced that karma is real. I used to go around using static electricity to shock my classmates and my teachers. Now I'm suffering 😭
Already tired of the static shock I get every time I get out of the car.
Life lesson Wool dress + down jacket + freezing air temp = perpetual static shock. Anyone know how to ground me?
“All my clothes have so much static 😒” ala static shock
Winter: the six months where every time I touch the metal doorknob to enter my office, I get a substantial static elect…
The normal static electricty shock that zaps your finger when you touch a doorknob is usually between 10,000 and 30,000 volts!
Winter is coming & w/ it all the static electricity, pyroelectric effect of heaters or wtv it is that makes me shock myself w/ everything.
I really absolutely get a static electricity shock when I try to touch a doorknob!!!
Now that I cut my hair I can't audition for the Static Shock movie..
Everyone's worrying about the snow and I'm over here worried about getting shock because of static
I can't see how creating MORE friction could possibly cure a problem with static shock.
You know what's good for static shock? Nailing one of the office coogs in the copier room.
...I couldn't help myself and end up gettin em some static shock too
Man ever touch like a door handle & get shock from static electricity. The sensation only lasts a short time usually right?
I am full of static electricity and every time I pet one of the cats I give them a little shock. They don't find...
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Just got static shock so bad I'm pretty sure I might have been electrocuted
Going to be one of those days where every metal thing in this place is going to static shock me. Something breakable is going to break today
You know what makes me a mad cow? Getting an electric shock from static electricity. The shocks just make you jump and scream!
I didn't even know static shock was getting a live action show, that's the best :D I wish they'd release the seasons on DVD.
Should I DL Gargoyles, Static Shock or Powerpuff Girls next? Cause I'm really feeling the Girls
Our carpet is equipped with permanent treatment to guard against static shock.
My cloths are so staticky that you can call me static shock.
Static Shock was that cartoon and I miss it so much
Static Shock the only *** with dreads that actually helped the community
You a real *** if you watched Static Shock and Megas XLR as a kid.
Static Shock live-action series is going to kick butt! via
I liked a video from Jaden Smith To Play Static Shock?
I honestly believe the hate had something to do with Static Shock and some things that was rumored to have happened then.
And then there were all the books that were doomed to fail, like a poorly-softrebooted Blue Beetle, and a mediocre Static Shock
I literally shock everything I touch because my hair has so much static
It's dark in my room, I can see the sparks of static electricity on my blanket when I move. My blanket & earphones shock me now. 🎧😂😒😩
Static Shock is the realest super hero dawg...
I shock every thing I touch, its so annoying!
LMAO I'm wearing a Nike Pro Combat ColdGear shirt, my cat just jumped up on me and got one *** of a static shock! 😆👉⚡🙀
hey bro, are you going to do static shock? please It's one of my favorite shows and your a genius like you dad. it be perfect
"Remember static shock this is him now 😂😂
I miss my *** Static Shock & Gorilla Boss it ain't the same when I can't roast em with comic book names they ain't ever heard of
I liked a video from We Demand Static Shock
They need to make a static shock movie
can you guys pleas talk about the MOS prequel, and the live action static shock series?
It'd really be just great if my ear buds didn't give me static shock through my ears 😅
remember static shock. This is him now. Feel old yet 😴😩
do you think we'll see Static Shock on the flash since he was made by the "big bang" in his story?
Static Shock is slated for a live action movie, produced by Reginald Hudlin (The Boondocks, etc.). Cool!!
Batman Beyond was one of the best superhero shows when I was a kid. That and Static Shock
word! Like static shock and storm from x men had a kid
“A static shock fighting game would be DOPE” or free roam
A static shock fighting game would be DOPE
Tae smell like meat sauce static shock looking ahhh
*** THIS IS REAL LIFE not cartoon network get out of static shock school and meet earthy girl
You shock-charged the air. when you coughed up. the static in your lungs. and now every time we touch. you send bolts across my skin.
I know static shock had a black hero and it was animated but I don't know about his family.
What happened to that cartoon Osmosis Jones? Static shock?
Carlos from the Magic School Bus, Tino from The Weekenders, and the main character from Static Shock lol. I think there were
Well theres that one show on USA called White Collar, and then that old cartoon Static Shock and then some
Can Teen Titans and Static Shock just like come back?
I'm the older version of Static Shock
I added a video to a playlist Drive Thru Static Shock Fainting Prank
I actually kinda want to watch Static Shock but Netflix doesn't have it. Nor do they have the 90s Xmen cartoon :(
the guy who voices haku?? he voices a guy on the weekenders, static shock, and tons of other stuff too I love him!!
Static Shock is a bantam Buff Barred Cochin cockerel.
They should put static shock on netflix
avi is GOAT. That's ebon or something from Static Shock rii?
Static shock was the only cool black superhero 😂
Waiting for a movie about Static Shock...I hope they don't do him like they did the Green Latern and make him white for the big screen -_-
I'd move to LA just to audition if DC makes a Static Shock movie. Lol
I am also frequently angry that a STATIC SHOCK comic is not being published.
Bout to wake them up with the static shock on my tv
You might like Static Shock, give it a shot. Early to mid 2000s DC, I never missed it every weekend.
The main villain in Static Shock was a 6'10 darkskin *** with braids, you can tell that *** was was dangerous
If I appear anxious it's because I always fear I am moments away from either finding a spider on my body or getting a static electric shock.
Chief keef should play static shock in a movie he loafin
" Lil Romeo has better bars then Currency. YUP. Currency can't see him on that Static Shock theme song"
The late 90's to the early 2000's cartoons were the best. . Ozzy and Drix,. Static Shock,. Teen Titans,. Kids next door. Dexters Lab.
Growing up I wanted to be Static Shock sooo bad flying around in a trash can lid and zapping people.. Like thats the life! 😈
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The villain in Static Shock had BRAIDS that's how you know that *** dangerous
Static Shock getting his own show is a landmark event in black people history
When Static Shock came out black people started to prosper RS✊💯
Static shock was a sick cartoon lol
I never noticed the Static Shock poster Will & Carlton had hanging in the pool house
Ouch, only dryer injury I have gotten before was pinching a finger, or a crapload of static shock at once
You know what was an underrated show? Static Shock! I'm not trying to say it's the greatest animated series ever (that's Batman TAS), but it's certainly a memorable show with great characters and a handful of fun crossovers!
Like clockwork, every four months I have an intense desire for to play Static Shock in the first DC movie to not suck.
should get Static Shock and Sailor Moon on it. That would be sick!
I liked a video from Static Shock Abridged Episode 2: The Shockqual
They need to come out wit a bad *** static shock movie.And have wale play that ***
Static Shock is easily one of the coolest superheroes.
- "I wish Jason Marsden looked liked Richie Foely from 'Static Shock'." Well, let me get started on bleach…
How to give a cat an electric shock: stroke cat violently to build up static electricity, touch cat's nose, watch cat jump.
I always go back to Green Arrow Year 1, Superman Earth 1 and Birthright, and Static Shock: Trial By Fire
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My car keeps giving me a static electricity shock, even though May is just around the corner:(
Romeo miller best song is really the intro the Static Shock
My first thought was: static shock.
Hey! you guys should make STATIC SHOCK movie!! ;)
Know what I want to see a big budget re...whatever of? Static (Or Static Shock, if you only watched the show).
DC got a few black super heros. Static shock. Green Lantern,Black Lightning,cyborb,gaurdian and some other dude who's name idk.
If I eat pickles while wearing my headphones, I get static shocks O_o. ***
dang I miss static shock that was my show
"Who got Mad Max? Bruhh out there lookin like static shock.
I wondered about a missing character and may have not been big to DC fans. But why couldn't we see some reference or a small cameo from Static Shock?
I'm seriously scared of touching the light switches bc I just did my hair and last time, I had a really bad static shock...
My cousin said Douglas mcroberts from the bobcats look like static shock!
.So there's no reason a mid-to-low budget well-made STATIC SHOCK movie wouldn't clean UP
Anyone remember the cartoon Static Shock ?? that was the mf show back then !
Ok Calgary friends... Question: Not when does spring start, but when the *** does static shock season end?!?!
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Static Shock is one of the dopest shows ever
They need to make a movie about static shock. Tell chief keef to be in it
Lol Douglas Roberts out there lookin like Static Shock
Fight the criminals, chase the bad guys Saving world, fly through skies Half kid, half amazin’ Ok, Static Shock, who you facin’ Yeah, one zip, then you zapped Good against evil, get trapped Look in my eyes, I got the power Villains run from the static shower
Chris Douglas Roberts looking like static shock out there
This man CDR look like static shock
How come Chris Douglas-Roberts look like the character off of Static Shock?
My *** Static Shock on da Cats puttin on too shiddd
I really hate the *** on the Bobcats that looks like Static Shock
I want to revise Static Shock or create my own superheroes with his kind of swagger!
You know what show we don't talk about enough? - ebilflindas: time-scape: dobbygotpwned: Static Shock. This...
If there is ever a Static Shock movie, Donald Glover is the perfect candidate for the main role.
You the hood version of Static Shock *** “
So apparently, Seth McFarlane had done his own Flintstones series and was even gonna voice Barney Rubble which would've aired on Fox, but the Fox network was unimpressed with it and won't be seen. I think I could feature it on my show. Imagine it: The Bugs Bunny Flintstones Static Shock Hour. You guys think it could work?
My question of the day: What happened to the cartoon Static Shock?
My all time favorite super hero besides Iron Man Is Static Shock!
So yet another job is complete! turning the building over to Walmart peops come Monday! Its been a fantastic 2 weeks with Superior Family!! From the mega traffic, early 2 bed and earlier 2 rise, lunching all over fort street mall, 2 static shocks from up on the lift, and 1 emergency light battery igniting on my 10 ft ladder when i grabbed both leads together ! ,ohhh and 1 burnt thumb nail because of that *** move!!! Yes i shoulda took a pic of that smoking little flame smoke cloud!! lol...
So I kinda wanted to get some advice on a touchy subject. I'm a huge fan of super heroes and I love whenever I get to cosplay as one of my favorites, well one of my favorites happens to be Static Shock. I absolutely love him as a hero and as a character, I find him very relatable and see a lot his personal qualities in myself. Anyway I was talking to some of my friends about possibly cosplaying him in the future. The problem they kept bringing up was that Static is black, and I'm well, white. Is this really a problem? My friends said it might not be the best cosplay for me to do. Idk what do you guys think?
Oh and for old time sake lets do a battle dungeon. Ok this match up will be between Electro verses Static Shock. Who would win? Discuss.
I gathered up 5.50 to go n buy some 3 1/2 inch nails. Just to build my son's tree house. The face on my son was priceless. And Kassidy was also in static shock. Bunna
All this ben ten makes me want to watch static shock for some reason o.O
Also, Sam, Shepard, Kaylie, Andrew WK, Pinky & The Brain, Zim, Static Shock, Tigger, Hercules, and the Dread Pirate Roberts are there. ;_;
Dwayne McDuffie (February 20, 1962 – February 21, 2011) was an African- American writer of comic books and television, known for creating the animated television series Static Shock, writing and producing the animated series Justice League Unlimited and Ben 10, and co-founding the pioneering minority-owned-and-operated comic-book company Milestone Media.McDuffie earned three Eisner Award nominations for his work in comics.The 2012 film Justice League: Doom was dedicated to the memory of Dwayne McDuffie, and the Blu-ray and 2-Disc DVD editions of Justice League: Doom included the documentary, "A Legion of One: The Dwayne McDuffie Story." That same year, a diner named "McDuffie's" was depicted in the Green Lantern Animated Series episode, "The New Guy".BLACK HISTORY MONTH
Black History Month Artist to Respect : Dwayne McDuffie creator of Static Shock and many others
Chief Keef is the retarded brother of Static Shock
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Well...maybe.wait, NO! *She tossed Static Shock to the streets below, stomping towards him, raising her left foot high*
Just turned up to * and gotten a static shock from my long haired colleague. The ***
.*Doris rolled her eyes as she brought her hands around Static Shock fast, using half of her strength* That was corny.
there were one or two moments where they mention TT in Static Shock and Batman TAS, seriously look it up its weird
My niece got Static Shock and Clifford the Big Red Dog on DVD 👌
I need a girl that's down to watch Static Shock with me.
Static Shock was awesome, at least until the later seasons when they went celebrity cameo overboard.
It was one of the few DCAU shows I faithfully watched first run. That and Static Shock
why has Static Shock not had his own movie yet?
Static Shock ran for four. But, that had a great run, too. :)
Due to static electricity, my finger created a spark pulling the foil top off of my yogurt container. You could call that culture shock.
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