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Staten Island Chuck

Staten Island Chuck, also referred to more formally as Charles G. Hogg, is a groundhog who resides in the Staten Island Zoo in Staten Island, New York in the United States.

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imagine thinking strong island is referring to Staten Island when the phrase was literally coined by Chuck D who's from Roosevelt
So Staten Island Chuck really is a chuck?
StatenIsland Chuck wants you to know that the Staten Island Zoo SPOOKTACULAR 2016 is coming soon. Get your tickets!
The real winner is Spring! Pux Phil and Staten Island Chuck are in agreement. Hope Trailside Jack joins them.
It's Groundhog Day, and like Punxsutawney Phil, Staten Island Chuck predicts an early spring
Dammit! I was going to play Six Degrees of Staten Island and audition! 😡
is ending after this season! Where will Staten Island women find employment? Thanks, Obama!
I saw Staten Island Summer last night and I literally could not stop laughing at Chuck
Chuck, the sage of Staten Island, training to succeed as next to wear an eyepatch.
Due to DeBlasio raising murder rate last year, Staten Island Chuck to be secured in plexiglass
Thankfully, the Staten Island Zoo is protecting Staten Island Chuck from de Blasio this year
Staten Island chuck died from being dropped by Maybe u didn't know because u left that part of ur "news" story out.
"What do you predict, Staten Island Chuck?". -looks nervously at de Blasio, whispers, "what does he want me to say?"-
Staten Island Chuck predicts an early spring! But how accurate are groundhogs anyway?
Today may be cold, wet and nasty out but Staten Island Chuck predicts an early spring for NYC!
Staten Island Chuck survived a visit by Mayor de Blasio by delivering his early spring prediction from inside a box.
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survives visit thks glass wall. I'm outraged, I paid critter in advance to take out this
So Staten Island Chuck predicted early spring and survived a visit by the mayor!
Good news for runners: Staten Island Chuck disagrees with Punxsutawney Phil, says early spring
How cute- no one picks up & displays groundhog Staten Island Chuck anymore since the mayor dropped & killed him last year. Good.
Banana Republic clearly got their forecast from Punxsutawney Phil and not the far superior Staten Island Chuck.
Thank God there was a glass panel protecting the groundhog, Staten Island Chuck from NY Mayor DeBlasio! RIP Charlotte!
A tip of the silk top hat to mayor for not killing Staten Island Chuck this
“Don't you mean Staten Island Chuck Jr. ;~}” I'm sure that's what meant
Staten island chuck is the ghetto groundhog
You'd think Staten Island Chuck would've moved to Florida by now.
Staten Island Chuck predicts the end of winter via
“Staten Island Chuck predicts an early spring! -- heehee
Chuck clashes with Phil Chuck's just happy to be alive
Staten Island Chuck predicts an early spring!
fun fact: that hedgehog is only right 39% of the time. Staten Island Chuck is more reliable
Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter and Staten Island Chuck says we get an early Spring. We'll...
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so 6 more weeks of winter. But Staten Island's Chuck didn't see his, so spring is coming. Y…
"Staten Island Chuck calls for an early spring! "Stupid Groundhog. Yay! Otherwise it's Stew time. Lol
Forget Phil, Staten Island Chuck says it will be an early spring. Phil lost his knack. Go with Chuck.
Happy Staten Island Chuck calls for an early spring!
Staten Island Chuck has survived de Blasio. New York City may not be so lucky. via
According to Staten Island Chuck! Six More Weeks till Spring! Who wants to have the first Spring Shindig of the...
.Staten Island Chuck is encased in plexy so "Man of the Year" doesn't kill him.
Staten Island Chuck says spring is coming early!
Staten Island Chuck says there will be early spring
Staten Island Chuck says Spring is coming soon, but then again, that could be the rabies talking.
well then you should follow Staten Island chuck. He keeps it simple.
Staten Island Chuck wandered out, hesitantly. Then silence. No shadow. Spring is coming:
Staten Island Chuck doesn't see his shadow, predicts an early spring
Remember when killed Staten Island Chuck & zoo officials covered it up? /
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I'm assuming that Staten Island Chuck survived this year's de Blasio visit?
DeBlasio dropping Staten Island Chuck, Killing it & zoo secretly swapping it for another GroundHog on DL
De Blasio heading to zoo, groundhog to be secured in plexiglass: Staten Island Chuck has more than his own sha...
Mayor Bill de Blasio has groundhog blood on his hands! A week after Hizzoner dropped Staten Island Chuck in front of a crowd of spectators on Feb. 2, the winter-weather prognosticator died of inter...
Staten Island Chuck died a week after being dropped by Mayor Bill De Blasio on Groundhog Day
Did Mayor Bill de Blasio's fumble on Groundhog Day 2014 cause the death of Staten Island Chuck who actually was a she?
Fox News is reporting on how semi-famous groundhog Staten Island Chuck's death may have come as a result of when he was dropped earlier this year by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Were de Blasio a Republican, they'd be reporting on Chuck's ties to Isis.
Bill de Blasio describes what happened when Staten Island Chuck squirmed away from him -- and takes a shot at Peyton Manning. Here's the full au...
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had a run-in with a disgruntled New Yorker who couldn't wait to get away from him -- weather-predicting groundhog Staten Island Chuck.
New York City's Mayor - Bill De Blasio - fumbles the groundhog. Staten Island Chuck was not injured after he was dropped by the mayor. However, an instant replay shows that Staten Island Chuck actually leaped from the mayor's arm. There was a similar incident several years ago when the groundhog bit Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Apparently, Staten Island Chuck doesn't like liberals -- or communists.
NORTH SHORE STATEN ISLAND EVENTS CALENDAR Sunday – February 2 Ground Hog Day; Staten Island Zoo, 614 Broadway, (718) 442-3101 x33, gates open at 6:30 a.m., 7:30 a.m. Chuck Predicts (and hopefully bites the new Mayor, a Staten Island Chuck tradition), afterwards have breakfast with Chuck! $10 adults, $5 children 3-5 (under 3 are Free!) "Piccole Belle Cose 2014" A Show of "Small Beautiful Things"; Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, 420 Tompkins Ave., (718) 442-1608, The Italian-American Visual Artists' Network (IAVANET), who had their inaugural exhibition at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum in 2010, will return with another diverse selection from the groups painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, and installation artists. These works, in their various media, encompass a full range of expression, from pure abstraction to representations of various aspects of the Italian and Italian-American experience, including themes of family life, religiosity, and pop culture. Founded in 2007, the artists of IAVANET work to p ...
LOL. I say that if the groundhogs see their shadow. We round them up and shoot their *** Punxsutawney Phil, Buckeye Chuck,Jimmy the Groundhog,Wiarton Willie,Staten Island Chuck and others . You have been warned.
2 out of 3 Groundhog's say Winter is over in the US. Punxsutawney Phil & Staten Island Chuck to Atlanta's General Beauregard Lee.
Ok, since Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow, that means Spring starts when? I need to mark my calendar for a birdie reunion when my friends come home.
Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck are predicting an early spring but that won't be the case tonight as New Jersey get a light snow event tonight into
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I recommend that no groundhogs, whether low level weather tellers or Staten Island Chuck or Punxsutawney Phil, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.
"Staten Island Chuck," other animals look to predict this year's Super Bowl Winner.
Well did anyone play Groundhog around here? I don't think Punxsutawney Phil, Staten Island Chuck, General Beauregard Lee, Buckeye Chuck, Sir Walter Wally or Smith Lake Jake are close enough to us for me to trust their predictions. All of them except Sir Walter Wally, in one of the Carolina's, are predicting that spring is nigh.
Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early Spring & Staten Island Chuck predicts the SF 49er's win the Super Bowl. SWWEEET!
Staten Island Chuck and Punxsutawney Phil say spring is coming soon!! Yay!
Punxsutawney Phil predicts the weather. Staten Island Chuck predicts Super Bowl Winner. (video from ABC News)
Happy Groundhog Day Everyone. This year neither Punxsutawney Phil or Staten Island Chuck saw their shadows, so that means we have 6 more weeks until Spring. Last year, one saw it and the other didn't, so there was a discrepancy. Since, they both agree, we will definitely have 6 weeks until Spring. But since we've had such a mild winter, who cares. Let's enjoy the weather while it lasts.
the Groundhogs around North America are split...Punxsutawney Phil, Wiarton Willie, Woodstock Willie and Staten Island Chuck say it's an early Spring while Shubenacadie Sam, Manitoba Merv and Quebec's groundhog Fred say 6 more weeks of Winter. I don't think more groundhogs reporting in are going to settle this one!!
And so ye fashion faithful, there is no shadow to see, early Spring Yummi colors for you and me! Thank you for making our day Punxsutawney Phil!! (and your lesser known brethren Staten Island Chuck)
The city is due for an early spring according to Staten Island Chuck, who did not see his shadow - or old rival Mayor Bloomberg - Saturday morning.
Today is Groundhog Day, Aren't those groundhogs the cutest things? From Punksatawny Phil, to Staten Island Chuck, to Ct.s Chuckles, The verdict is mixed!
So Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, and Staten Island Chuck predicted the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl. So far, it's been an epic Saturday.
Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring. Staten Island Chuck says the same and picks the winner of the Super Bowl.
Way to call it, Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck!! I too, want an early spring!!
I once shared a train with Staten Island Chuck - who in my opinion is far superior to that Punxsutawney character. Early spring here we come!!!
Is thinking come on Spring!! Jessica Annis you're right. Punxsutawney Phil, & New York's Staten Island Chuck didn't see their shadow either. BRING ON THE WARMER WEATHER!!! :-)
I predict that Staten Island Chuck will forever be in the shadow of Punxsutawney Phil.
Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! We hear that among Malverne Mel, Staten Island Chuck, and Punxsutawney Phil, the majority opinion is an early spring. What do you think of that verdict?
I want Staten Island Chuck and Punxsutawney Phil to move in together, perhaps into Phil's dwelling at Gobbler's Knob, calling weather predictions together... awe
Yay Punxsutawney Phil didnt see his shadow! Lets hope Staten Island Chuck and General Beauregard Lee don't either and that Spring is around the corner!
Happy Groundhog Day All!! "Punxsutawney Phil" says Spring is coming early!! So LET'S CELEBRATE!!! Come into Mercury Bar West this morning and enjoy a $5 Mimosa, Bloody Mary, or Screwdriver. Also delicious new Brunch Specials including a Crab Meat Omellette and Bourbon Vanilla French Toast. SO GOOD. Cure that hangover the yummy way! And hey, "Staten Island Chuck" is going with a 49ers Superbowl Win! Just in case you wondered... :)
I like Staten Island Chuck. He's the groundhog that bit that Bloomberg *** this morning. A good day.
Who is Staten Island Chuck? I don't know, but I'll take his word for it. Yea! An early Spring!
Staten Island Chuck refused to come out to check for his shadow! He did not want to be photographed with Mayor Bloomberg. Even rodents have their standards.
Puxsutawny Phil, and his copy cat cousin, Staten Island Chuck both early spring is instore this year! Neither saw his shadow. YAY!
First, it is "Groundhog Day," not "Groundhog's Day." Also, Staten Island Chuck? The very fabric of society is unraveling.
While New York's prognosticating groundhog, Staten Island Chuck, primps for his annual turn in the spotlight on Saturday, the Real Groundhogs of New York City are slumbering hard in their boroughs.
SI News from Douglas On his last Groundhog Day as Mayor, Bloomberg ducks Staten Island Chuck (video)
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