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State Senate

In the United States of America, a state legislature is a generic term referring to the legislative body of any of the country's 50 states.

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Oklahoma! U have a special election tomorrow to fill seats for State Reps in Districts 46 and 75 & State Senate in District 44! Vote!
I think we need a "total and complete shutdown" of the OK State Senate until we know "what the *** is going on" http…
2/ Illinois House passes $5 billion tax package, so off to State Senate, then the Govenor... Will he sign...🤔.
So happy to see Planned Parenthood's endorsement of Elect Dawn Euer - RI State Senate, District 13. Less than 4...
Robert Rodriquez announces for State Senate (Dist. 32) w/ state Sen. Irene Aguilar at his side
Look at these handsome guys. Councilman Martin Nock, George Youngkin running for NJ State Senate, and Lee Clarke,...
And Northam's old State Senate district included the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Congratulations to Director Lauren Zeise, Ph.D., on today's 38-0 State Senate confirmation vote!
Really stoked a friend of mine is running for State Senate and I'm gonna spend tonight gathering some numbers on the district he's goin fer
I wonder what Northam got in his old State Senate district. From glancing it seems like above 80%.
Senator is smart. The $700k McCabe's wife got to run for State Senate? Always wonderd how…
Chad, you have to be registered to vote in 29th State Senate district. Recall to kick out Sena…
.thank you running for State Senate. Though not in our district, we will fight for you, bc you represent true Values!
Roy Cooper's State Senate district back in the 90s. Democrats drew it with his support.
Let's get the word out! 45th District, WA State Senate. Jinyoung Lee Englund. Support!
Maine's State Senate stands with thousands of servers, votes to preserve tipping in restaurants.
“Senator Gillibrand believes it’s vital to have Democratic control of the State Senate "
Primary Elections in NJ for 23rd Legislative District on June 6. Governor, State Senate and General assembly. Make sure to go out and vote
NY State Senate: just voted with GOP against protecting Planned Parenthood
Sign this petition! Tell the State Senate: We know that the GOP and IDC are holding these bills up, but New York’s women…
Great news! HB 2663, a bill that will curb pre-school expulsion, has passed out of the State Senate!…
State Senate should put kibosh on drug-testing program for temporary assistance. via
This is why we need Christine Triebsch in our District 32 State Senate.
.paid a Sheriff's deputy $300 from his State Senate account to drive the SUV in his ad for Lt Governor:…
State Senate honors trooper tragically killed on duty
Bills that would put new restrictions on smoking and vaping in New York advanced in the State Senate today.
Voters headed to polls today in Anderson County for Republican primary for State Senate seat in District 3.
State Senate leader says allegations are "baseless" that threatened & intimidated witnesses.
Glad to announce my candidacy for State Senate
Pollinator debate: State Senate votes to delay decision on requiring farmers to get permits to mow ditches
Medical marijuana expansion passed by State Senate; Measure goes to Gov. Deal.
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State Senate approves pay increase for next Georgia governor
A new bill is on the MD State Senate floor today that threatens the growth of craft beer. Take action now and contact your S…
My old friend Stan garnered rave reviews from the Garden State delegation.
Sat down with on to discuss the State Senate budget process. Watch below to hear more
Mandates = ↑ property taxes, ↓ local services. Albany should cover the $ of new mandates to protect taxpayers…
Senate and Assembly begin to negotiate the final state budget. is present, working to protect ADK H2O…
u state that now the Senate is divided due to obstruction by Dems. U seem to be cognitively impaired sir.
GCHS State Champion Lady Bowlers are in Topeka today being honored in both the House and Senate!
passed Arkansas Senate Education committee. It will move to the floor this week.
According to the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), the State Department it is tru
The Idaho Senate just passed a bill to block private groups from joining the state pension system. Good work, senators!
The Kansas Senate has added state employee raises to their budget plan.
Today the passed legislation to prevent costly state mandates.
I will say it again: This is what happens when you win state legislatures.
DiLorenzo Oregon Senate Human Services testimony today for rental assistance program:
Visited with the Senate Pages on Friday. Glad they were able to stop by! @ Alaska State…
There are five competing bills in the Florida Senate on how to implement the state's medical marijuana amendment
targets transgender Arkansans. Call your state Senator and tell them to vote NO!
That's started by regressive Democrats because they have lost White House,Senate,House of Reps & most state legislatures.
Re-Twt! - Yesterday, New Mexico Senate passed POTUS Popular Vote! 100 electors to go, petition your State Senators! S…
A bill that would let Maryland breweries sell more beer in tap rooms is advancing to the state Senate.
Fact: Gorsuch will be confirmed by a GOP Senate that won the popular vote, GOP House, 33 GOP Governors & 2/3rds are…
Senate should consider in last year of his presidency because even if he dodges impeachment a state likely to charge with a crime.
Senate panel backs bill that hikes taxes on Georgia used-car buyers
We will reform unfair practices and end the cradle-to-prison pipeline. Join us in ensuring (2/2)…
What a sad state of affairs, when the Founders' philosophy is left out of our debates and polls. A declaration is...
Look out they are already gunning for that seat of yours:0)
Secretary of State, Speaker of the House. Not sure after that-could be majority leader in senate
illegitimate?? Like the majorities in the house, senate, governorships, state legislatures?? Ur a bad
View list of current legislators and organizations who have endorsed Shirley Nathan-Pulliam for State Senate.
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Sign this student-written petition to end the refugee ban. PLEASE SHARE: . via
panel OKs state power in weak schools
Senate Education panel OKs state power in weak schools...
NEW — House seeks negotiations with Senate on fixing 2017 budget hole |
California's Single Payer Health Bill is Senate Bill 562. How does your Assembly member and State Senator stand? Ask them?
NYS Senate honors state champion wrestler Tyler Barnes of Ballston Spa High School and his coach, Harvey Staulters.
Senate State Affairs committee approves SB 16 (cutting fees for gun licenses) from with a 9-0 vote.
Fallin appoints Dave Lopez, for commerce secretary, as Secretary of State, succeeding Mike Hunter, who is now AG
"This bill moves us backwards as a state." Says of Senate GOP transportation "plan"
We took the House, State seats, Senate Seats in 2010, 2012, 2014 we took the Senate, more state legislatures, kept the House
Drone Bill In the State Senate: Proposed Oklahoma legislation heading to the Senate would exempt property owners…
Then why are you helping shore up a Republican majority in the State Senate when there should be a Democratic one? https:/…
California's Senate Democrats messed up. They created a new Republican star in the process: State Senate leader……
State Senate and Assembly leaders file records request on ICE enforcement policies and activities in California
Please follow Dem running for State Senate in Connecticut’s 32nd Senate District. Vote Democrat Row A on Tue…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dem Stephanie Hansen wins DE State Senate! We are on the march and not stopping!!
GOP-controlled State Senate committee reports bill to ban "sanctuary city" policies…
State Senate committee votes in favor of funding legal aid for immigrants in California facing deportation
State Senate whip Vincent Fort a Bernie backer today running for mayor of Atlanta was arrested in Medicaid protests
State Senate report recommends creation of new watchdog entity:
Looney’s Kidney Transplant Successful: Democrat Looney, president pro tem of the State Senate, had been negotiating…
Incredibly proud to see the brilliant Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins be sworn into the CA State Senate. I'm honored t…
The New York Senate Democratic Task Force on Professional Wrestling needs to be one of my next research project…can I FOIA the State Senate?
R-K students took on the State Senate at the Missouri Youth in Government Lewis State Convention.
That's my Island!!! votes for juliancyr for State Senate: Cape & Islands!… ♣goo…
Shoutout to State Senate candidate Ryan Rogers for replacing the O in his last name with Cap’s shield. That’s my kind of dog whistle.
Ask Mike Ellis, Republican President of State Senate, who resigned after our hidden camera expose of him, whether we me…
Don't the Republicans control the State Senate through one of those odd coalitions with conservative Democrats ?
Former colleagues Ranzenhofer and Loughran face off in 61st State Senate race, which runs from Amherst to Rochester.
"State Senate candidates square off in West Barnstable" State Senate candidates Democrat Julian Cyr and Republican…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Canvassing for State Senate candidate Arlene Avery and Congressman Joe Courtney! (@ Vernon, CT in Vernon, CT)
Losing the State Senate majority could set Iowa Dems back years & is where remaining efforts should be focused
Put a true Statesman in office! Frank SCHMUCK wants to serve you in the AZ State Senate.
.100%. As a State Senate candidate, a white Republican in a minority Democrat district I'm on a mission to improve lives.
State Senate and congressional hopefuls fielded questions in a forum yesterday
Dewayne Pemberton for State Senate can be found @ our monthly meetings @ the Armory Municipal Center,...
Our next congressman and FL State Senate candidate Linda Stewart moments before the FL Democratic H…
Va pol intel: former Goochland Supervisor Ken Peterson says he's running for State Senate seat in special after Garrett wins
NYC: don't forget the 9/13 primary election day! Tuesday's vote will determine the makeup of the State Senate:
State teachers union backing in State Senate races via
Tune in LIVE at as guest host Susan Olsen interviews Ross Terrio, GOP candidate for State Senate in District 18
We recommend Luis Moscoso, Mountlake Terrace resident, for State Senate. Here he is today at Jack Long Park.
.Actually, Lt Governor of Texas has more real power than the Governor. Also President of the State Senate & controls procedure.
We don’t want a bunch of Trump loving Republicans running our State Senate anymore. ActBlue & support our campaign
We must take back Colorado's State Senate, keep the Colorado State House, and keep Trump out of the White House. Onward!
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p cool that a dude in a band i like is running for State Senate in Indiana as a libertarian.
Our endorsed candidates (3of5): for MO Attorney General, for State Senate, for State…
Added a new candidate profile to State Senate: Robert Rom Candidate Senate 12.
Senator Michael Venditto Honors Suffolk County Police Officer Mark L. Collins on the Floor of the State Senate -...
This is a HUGE deal in Iowa politics. Johnson won't even commit to caucusing w/ Republicans in 26-24 State Senate https…
Check out Comedy Works Fundraiser for Arapahoe County Commissioner Running for State Senate on Fri, Jun 17.
Democrats have controlled the State Senate and State House for over 30 years and they have failed. . This clearly...
The NY Assembly passed the DREAM ACT today. It is time for the State Senate to act, and right this wrong.
“The endorses Justin Chenette for State Senate because he is an champion."
Congratulations to those elected in Virginia's Lieutenant Governor and State Senate elections!
West Virginia vet & whistleblower unbowed by beating with brass knuckles, wins primary for State Senate. htt…
BREAKING: Libertarian Party nominee for State Senate in Oklahoma has pink hair.
Good luck to the Lt. Gov. & State Senate candidates in Virginia!
Check out Jeff Clemens for State Senate. I just joined.
In Maine, we have three RPCVs running for the State Assembly & State Senate! Nalbert Tero for State...
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State Senate approves sweeping new gun legislation laws for California
State Senate passes 11 new gun control measures
State Senate ready to make case for higher education funding increases - Lowell Sun: State Senate ready to ma...
Session ends, and canvassing begins! Volunteer to help get Rep. Kagan to the State Senate.
State Senate poised to pass bill that would prohibit discrimination against transgender people
Republican State Rep. Virgil Peck, Jr. announced he will run for Kansas Senate District 15. The seat is...
This leadership has won most governorship and state legislatures plus the Senate and House. Our Constitution did not stop Obama
WV state Senate candidate brutally beaten at cookout If th attacker is nt on dope, thn what r thr position diffs?
State Senate votes to name highway stretch after veterans
U.S. military veterans are mobilizing support for Loretta Sanchez across the state. Read:
Brass knuckles attack puts war veteran running for state senate in hospital
Man charged with attacking West Virginia state Senate candidate at political cookout. .
Army veteran running for the West Virginia state senate is brutally beaten at a cookout
Sickened & shocked to hear of brutal assault on WV Sen candidate. Perpetrator needs prosecuted! Prayers for recovery htt…
Add Sen. Robert Nichols, chairman of Senate Transpo, to those calling for statewide ride-hailing rules.
War Veteran West Virginia State Senate Candidate Brutalized in Brass Knuckle Attack via this is the LEFT
NJ over-the-counter contraception bill advances to the state Senate.
Tomorrow is another Election Day! Special elections for State Rep. & State Senate will be held in 13 communities.
Earlier today, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco confirmed to me he's announcing his bid on Thursday for state Senate, running for Hugh Farley's seat
Brad Lindsey is the Republican candidate for SC State Senate seat District 26. Learn more about him at his website:
Baltimore's board of elections on Monday solidified state Senate Majority Leader victory in
His remarks came before the NJ Senate passed a bill that prohibits the investment of state pension funds in companies that boycott Israel.
I'll never vote for for Trump hater or so I'm voting for Mike Luke for the U.S. senate in Washington State.
Richard Ojeda, a retired Army officer who’s running as a Democrat for a state Senate seat, recovering from...
Side note: This passed 50-0 in the State Senate & 97-3 in the State House. Thanks for having the kind of foresight that Texas did not have!
West Virginia state senate candidate brutally beaten with brass knuckles at campaign event
Proud to stand with my fellow candidates at the Maine Democratic Convention, ready to take back the State Senate
I feel completely honored to have been given an award from the State Senate for facing…
State Senate passes the Hearing Protection Act, allowing for the sale, use, and possession of firearm suppressors!
Illinois weighs college aid for students in U.S. illegally: State Senate legislation would…
Ryan mulls Senate run amid political turmoil: If Sean M. Ryan decides to run for the State Senate s...
Senator Craig Blair and Delegate Randy Smith who is running for State Senate in the 14th district visited...
Excited to launch my campaign for State Senate in District 8 today! Click here to learn more→
Good luck to GSPM alum running for the PA State Senate 15th District.
If you're a registered Democrat in the 39th State Senate district, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Write in CAROL MINTUS for...
Shout out to all California's 7th districts out there! California's 7th State Senate district, and California's 7th congressional district.
Stocker goes wild on Chris Jacobs: Republican State Senate candidate and Kenmore attorney…
Ok folks - I am just so excited - yours truly along with candidate for governor Bruce Cuff, State Senate district...
The Lewisboro Democratic Committee has endorsed Alison Boak for NYS State Senate in the 40th SD. Go Ali!
State Senate candidates split on commerce tax in Reno forum
State Senate plans a hearing on the blackout claims from the Aliso Canyon report
State Senate committee passes bill to close Leland Yee loophole. Here's what proponents wrote about it:
NY State Senate votes to share more profits with Madison County
NY State Senate votes to share more casino profits with Madison County
Meanwhile in the GOP led State Senate resorts to its own version of
NY State Senate says it will cut CUNY funding over inaction on anti-Semitism charges
State Senate leader will introduce measure to counter Southern California air board's industry-...
Traded shirts today with my brother Shawn. He got a Scott Martin for State Senate t-shirt and I got his Phillies...
If you live in California, David *** who played Rudi Stein, is running for State Senate. Slogan should be "He'll take one for the team."
VB hates the military unless he's voting for war in the NY State Senate chamber
The bill to raise to $15 has just passed the State Senate & will now go to Governor Jerry Brown's desk.
A majority of the Senate, congress, state legislatures, and governorships = failure.
New York State Senate: End the edTPA in NYS - Sign the Petition! via
Citizens call for a complete ivory sales ban before state's senate committee on econmoic growth. https…
Down-ticket is why so much awful state legislation passed and why GOP controls house and senate. Smh on that criticism
Mayor, State Congress, Senate. Extensive political record and accomplishments.
I'm running for state Senate to ensure every child has a quality education in Nevada.
Welcome to my month. Glad to fight for Dem candidates like Tony DeLoreto.
Needs a Continuum of for Ppl Coming Home from Prison/Jail. Sign the petition http…
It was great having stop by our pizza picnic today. She will make a great addition to the Nevada state Senate.
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It's time to reduce tuition at U of I and increase enrollment. Vote Freeland Nov 8 for State Senate and let's put
Actually, I wish the entire Senate had them at last State of the Union speech. Obama HATES Churchill.
It's time to elect someone to our State Senate here in District 5 who will stand up to the disgraceful bullying of the IFF.
$15 minimum wage passage linked to Senate election on Long Island.
Hillary, during her time in Senate/State, showed she could rally others. Bernie, less so.
How can Hillary call New York her "home" state? She was a true carpetbagger when she moved there so she could get elected to the Senate.
ICYMI: Sugar Creek mayor decides against run for the Missouri Senate.
Remove the clause exempting competition SLED DOGS from ALASKA's animal cruelty laws.
Independence: Mallinson won't be in state Senate race
not her policy. The Sec of State has no authority to direct the US military. POTUS & Senate did that
Democrats explain why they walked off Senate floor during voting on Watch more: https…
Exactly! Clinton moved to Chappaqua, NY(state) only to run for an open Senate seat She's a political opportunist!
Did you forget is from is NOT HRC's 'home state'; born in IL, lived in AR, senate in for the $.
Stop saying NY is Hillary's home state. She only moved here to hijack senate to become potus. This is Bernie's home state
LOL at Jake Tapper calling NY Hillary's "home state" when Bernie was born there and she had never lived there prior to her Senate run.
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“We can make South Carolina..the most unwelcome state for refugees,” state sen. Kevin Bryant
Senate Democrats talk about walkout of session
Iowa State Senator Matt McCoy: High-quality is a critical investment in our future workforce and economy" ht…
Greg Brannon a candidate for NC U.S Senate 2 Times the state of NC sent a message loud and clear a loser..and now...
Public comment was taken in Senate & House committees. As painful as it was.
Are there no primary challenges for the House, Senate, state legislative races? Are they all uncontested?
to win control of the state Senate, push out Poliquin, grow the house majority, and win the ballot Qs? Many 10s of millions.
Congratulations to Owen Hill for being unanimously re-nominated as the GOP state senate nominee for District 10!
Kansas State Senate: Don't let brutal greyhound racing start up again in Kansas! - Sign the Petition! via
.South Carolina senate passes bill to require human beings to register with state
Senate R's playing f'ing politics, just like state R admin.
Also does every state senate GOP canidate really have the ability to raise 70k? I know some like Brakey can
It's great news that the Independence Party of New York has endorsed Chris Jacobs for State Senate.
delivers today! Bill passed State Senate by a vote of 12 to 9. @ Delaware
.confirms w/ a run for State Senate - Franklin County after Sen McAllister sex scandal.
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State Senate passed a bill last week to rename the Robert Moses Parkway in
Does Robert Moses need to be in his parkway’s name? State Senate says no.
Hey everyone my friend Kevin Boyle is up for election. He's running for State Senate in the 5th…
Eyes of Indiana on the State Senate today
Good work, Indiana! State Senate passes ban on abortions for race, sex, or disability.
State Senate leader will introduce measure to counter Sou..
State Senate pass anti-BDS bill prohibiting state dealings with anti-Israel boycotts. also did it
State Senate candidate Mel Thillens calls for investigation of Auditor General Frank Mautino
Former Navajo Code Talker trained in WWII; running for his 11th term in NM State Senate.
you had a chance to run 4 State Senate and didn't..ran and won the seat u didn't want
East Bay folks, is your State Senate seat! Open seat this year. Dem cands are &
State of Georgia recognizes the Nagorno Karabakh Repubic: Georgia State Senate adopts Armenian Genocide resolution · Armenia on the u...
Ask the NJ State Senate what the holdup is! Stop New Jersey’s Cookie Police - Institute for Justice http…
Good to see Ambassador/Former Gov Gary Locke addressing the State Senate extolling the virtues…
SJ Assemblywoman Nora Campos to challenge Jim Beall for his State Senate seat
Hamilton Collection
7 Dems are running in State Senate election, which is less than 1/2 who filed to run in '10
One Colorado stands with as their Hate Crimes Amendments bill goes through the State Senate!
Perry looking to fill seat in new State Senate district
Today I announced my campaign to represent District 36 in the State Senate. I'll bring a common sense approach to governing.
PDA formally endorsed Dr. Brice Arndt (Fifth District) in his campaign for State Senate in the 31st District...
NEW MEXICO GOOD IDEA! State Senate votes for bill to expand state concussion law to include non-school sports.
NEW MEXICO BAD IDEA! State Senate votes for bill allowing ATVs on 55mph roads.
Thanks for the follow! We need your talent and energy in the State Senate. Looking forward to helping your campaign.
Governor Matt Mead says he's disappointed that the State Senate rejected an amendment to expand Medicaid
I've got an exam in my French class, but all I can think about is covering John French's State Senate announcement.
State Senate is finally debating the roads bill on the floor and where GOP candidates are today:
French to challenge Flexer again for 29th CT State Senate seat via
Robert Colgan, of Rayne Township, said he is dropping out of the race for State Senate in the 41st District
Dem to make 2nd go at State Senate seat via nominated to NIFA by Jay Jacobs
French to challenge Flexer again for 29th State Senate seat
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State Senate rejects removal of Attorney General Kane after she exposed lewd emails sent by power figures
They might as well put a few ping-pong tables in the State Senate. Killing time until sine die would be more fun.
State Senate on Tuesday passed bill to provide extra liquor licenses. Will aid development.
Hey and County...You have a choice for State Senate this year!! Watch for Michael Bryant
I am excited to support Todd Kaminsky for State Senate! Our communities on the South Shore deserve an honest... https:…
I have been talking about this since I announced I would be running for State Senate in District 20.
Please visit to learn more about Adam Hinds, Democratic candidate for State Senate.
Adam Hinds is a democratic candidate for State Senate in Massachusetts, in the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin &...
We need Senate Action on Primary Elections Consolidation Bill in the NY State Senate
Defeat Democrats in a majority of both California State Assembly seats and State Senate seats.
State Senate panel narrowly votes to repeal new transgender bathroom rule: Commerce and Labor Committee Chair…
Proud to stand with Rosalyn Dance for State Senate, Sen. Don McEachin, Senator George Barker, and Senator L.
Vermont. Even here in California, the State Assembly & State Senate passed single payer when Arnold was
That Appomattox jobs deal with Lindenberg that collapsed sparks State Senate debate
My wonderful debate coach (and 2nd dad) is running for NV State Senate in D15 and I'm so honored to endorse him & support him!
.applauds State Senate for passing bills to curb use of taxpayer dollars
Janet DIFiore approved unanimously by Senate Judiciary Committee. Nomination as Chief Judge now goes to full State Senate
State Senate candidate forum informs at RWKC
ILLINOIS - Voter registration changes brought to the State Senate floor
State Senate candidates square off in first of many forums - Llano County Journal
Two weeks after taking council oath, Aaron Freeman announces bid for to replace Pat Miller in State Senate
Thank you for your vital and appreciated support! -- Bob Diamond for State Senate. Go to
And Robert Ford is running for the State Senate. Visit 4 more.
BREAKING: Committee of the Whole votes 9-0 on nominations of & to State Senate & House,…
Honored to announce that the California League of Conservation Voters has endorsed me for State Senate.
Exciting! CA State Senate coalition proposes "an increase in program" to tackle
Bi-Partisan proposal from CA State Senate for $2 billion bond for permanent supportive housing
All in!! $53,600.00 from Health Care Council of Illinois to Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate.
In the race for State Senate, I am very thankful for the support of all my Host Committee Members. . Pictured...
State Senate vacancy created by conviction of Dean Skelos raises stakes in '16 election.
Breast Cancer Awareness
ICYMI: Mohave County has chosen replacement for Kelli Ward in State Senate
General Assembly must address many needs: Letter to the editor  At the State Senate annual Finance Retreat two...
As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, DCF Secretary Mike Carroll confirmed as head of DCF by State Senate. THANK YOU!
Chris Anderson just announced he will NOT be running for State Senate against Todd Gardenhire (incumbent).
The Korean American Democratic Committee is proud to endorse Warren Furutani for State Senate!
Sovereign Health Group received a Certificate of Recognition from the California’s State Senate.
In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts voters have an opportunity to elect to the State Senate a great leader who...
I added a video to a playlist Who Is Theresa Tillett Candidate for CT State Senate 2nd District? - by
Remarkably, Rand Paul has damaged the GOP's prospects in this deep red state.
The McGovern Left has never won a national election, passed a piece of meaning legislation, won back a state senate ... how is that heroic?
Not too many people know how the 10th amendment works especially our State House and senate. States have dominion ov…
Michigan Senate passes Blue Alert bill This will make 25th State to pass the Blue Alert Law https:…
I believe Dr will do what she says as from She does what she says in AZ State Senate.
As Colo. State Sen. David Balmer leaves the SD-27 seat I once held, Rep. Jack Tate is a great choice for the vacancy
Colorado Republican State Senator Balmer planning to step down from Senate seat.
Elvis is in the building and running for State Senate District 26!
New York State Senate: Change the deadline of New York's Voter registration for the primaries - Sign ... via
in MA, a special election for state senate, the Democrat came out strongly for taxing Fantasy Football. Pro…
; We can beat Republicans right now: Democrats need just one seat to take back Virginia′s state Senate on
40+ rock stars are ALL OVER VA this wknd to put the Virginia State Senate back in pro-choice hands!
Want better beer laws in Rhode Island? Take a minute to SIGN and SHARE the petition! Cheers!
Univ. of Mississippi student senate votes to seek removal of state flag with Confederate sign
The battle is not yet over for former Rivers State governor, Mr Rotimi Amaechi as the Senators from the People’s...
You might recall the origins of the state's '14 charter authorizer law: Great Hearts. Some background:
Michigan State Senate: Get owned, outdoor animals out of the freezing temperatures. - Sign the Petition! via
State Senate candidate Mike Brady believes that cards should pay for trips to Disney World.
"I am running for state senate because I believe I can improve the quality of life of everyone"
NJ state senate just smacked Christie down and overrode his veto of gung reform
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