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After the fall of the Soviet Union, the independent Ukrainian country underwent tremendous stress when it shifted from a centrally planned economy to certain kind of a free market system.

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Had a great time tonight at the Eastern State Penitentiary Tour in…
One of my favorite days of the year... Eastern State Penitentiary 💀👻🎃
Eastern State Penitentiary with the coworkers was fun lol
I will NEVER Respect a HIPPOCRITE u.s land of the Free?? More like land of the Black incarceration
Eastern State Penitentiary was cool but it wasn't as scary as I thought it'd be :/
Scariest thing at Eastern State Penitentiary was some goblin screaming in my ear "NICKELBACK IS BETTER THAN THE BEATLES" ☠️…
The scariest part of Eastern State Penitentiary was def when one of the actors screamed "I love nickleback" in my face
OR you can commit a few murders and really be living 25 to life in a state penitentiary.
Idk what was scarier Eastern State Penitentiary or me trying to parallel park
I was really looking forward to going to Eastern State Penitentiary 😞🖕
I just peed myself walking through the Eastern State Penitentiary and Logan collected 5 pokeballs.
A closer look at Nebraska's death penalty debate: The execution chamber at the Nebraska State Penitentiary has been…
idk how you expect me to go to the Eastern State Penitentiary when I still can't pee at night with a closed shower curtain
Albert Woodfox: ‘I choose to use my anger as a means for changing things’
All my *** in the state penitentiary doing sentences 🔐👮🏽🔫
It has been wrong since 1999. Delta state has bn under hostage by a cabal controlled now from a London penitentiary
stop it.. I'd be an great acquisition to which ever state penitentiary lol
State Penitentiary on modified operations following inm
Oregon State Penitentiary on ‘modified operations’ following inmate fights: Officials at the Oregon State Pen...
Brian Tanner moved to state penitentiary... Via News Break:
Missouri State Penn or those who couldn't make it, use this link for 1/2 off
Final stop...the Eastern State Penitentiary. I hear it's Haunted. Man, is it hot in Philly…
One thing I will do this fall.. Visit Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary 😱
My dog did a couple days in The state penitentiary 👮🏽🐶 but he's out now fan
String of inmate fights spark lockdown at Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem; 5 injured, visitation canceled
Have lost a Max in Eastern State Penitentiary. "Yeah, could you hold the wedding for an hour or so? Max is looking in EVERY cell"
Oregon State Penitentiary is on lock down following fights between more than 150 inmates
Had an awesome time on our Staff retreat! To finish off the weekend we toured the Old Idaho State Penitentiary!
The Nebraska State Penitentiary is no longer on lockdown.
Nebraska State Penitentiary no longer on lockdown
This is what you will photograph on Sunday if you join us for the Mo. State Penitentiary shoot!.
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When I worked in the state penitentiary I used to tell my brothers... "We need you OUT HERE"
Idaho old State penitentiary in black-and-white
news: Eastern State Penitentiary and the Critique of via
Day 2 and I'm already locked up! (@ Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site) on
Visited the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary yesterday and it was so interesting & kinda…
Talk about recycling, they turned the Old Idaho State Penitentiary into a Botanical Garden and music venue.
2. Ford was exonerated in 2014 after spending ~30 years at La. State Penitentiary for a crime he did not commit:
We managed to get an insider perspective of a foisty old cell in the Eastern State Penitentiary,…
Today, we took a tour of the world's first Penitentiary, the Eastern State Penitentiary in the…
I look forward to getting a 100% passing by my seminary students incarcerated at Angola State Penitentiary this Spring term
dubya.cee.dubya. From our trip to Eastern State Penitentiary ❤️🌻🌋
Throwback to my favorite penitentiary ⚔☠ @ Eastern State Penitentiary
Eastern State Penitentiary, you guys should do another video there sometime
Part of West Tennessee State Penitentiary will be used to house women prisoners under plans outlined by...
Thanks for an excellent, moving piece on St. Dysmas, an congregation at the SD State Penitentiary:
announces winner of this year's Harris Wofford Active Citizenship award: Eastern State Penitentiary.
On this day in 1870: The first North Carolina State penitentiary opens in Raleigh
Working adseg in a state penitentiary for 10 months with juveniles helped mines a lot
Eastern State Penitentiary: Designed by John Haviland and opened on October 25, 1829, Eastern State is conside...
I'm no Nostradamus, but Tyga has got state penitentiary written in his future if he keeps this up. R Kelly anyone?
I literally went on a Steve Buscemi Mystery Tour today. The audio tour guide for Eastern State Penitentiary is narrated by him.
Hey if you're in the state of Texas or the state penitentiary turn on the Longhorn Network and watch me work! Only places you can get it.
Wimmer State Penitentiary is back in business
Similar to torture at Arkansas State Penitentiary, Britain had no problem supporting torture by buying prison blood
Holmes will not be in solitary confinement in Pueblo. He was previously being held at the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City.
James Holmes has moved from the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City to the San Carlos Correctional...
play Beautiful,By. Eddie Head da Don It was made on a cellphone in a Tennessee state penitentiary . http…
A thousand over RINGGIT. A holiday to the States. This season? Sound perfectly FAIR... In my own state of penitentiary...
Take me away from the hood like a state penitentiary. Take me away from the hood in the casket or a Bentley
My grandfather Sonny Liston was the Horatio Alger of his day, and I will tell you why. In 1950 he went to the State Penitentiary facing a...   10% Off
I may not be pursuing anything in history, but hey I can see the Eastern State Penitentiary from my desk so that works right?
No invite bro? I'm Doin the Eastern State Penitentiary on Friday night!
Had a blast at Eastern State Penitentiary over the weekend!
*people boarding my train saying where they're from*. "I'm from Kansas City". "I'm coming from the state penitentiary"
Eastern State Penitentiary was so great last night 😂
If you haven't been to Eastern State Penitentiary. Go.
An inmate assaulted Colorado theater shooter James Holmes and a security officer at the state penitentiary, officials said Friday.
"if Jerry Jones could find someone who could play from the state penitentiary, he'd get early release" 😂😂😂
The abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the spookiest haunted houses in the US
Come to the Eastern State Penitentiary. I got free tickets
Walker just doesn't want future staff Christmas parties held at the state penitentiary.
I thought I could possibly faint at this annual event at Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary:
when ur walking through Eastern State Penitentiary and one of the people working/scaring you turns out to be someone you know 🎭
This was taken when I met at the Missouri State Penitentiary back in May. Hope to see again Nick
Well it was definitely creepy but we didn't spot any 👻👻👻 @ Missouri State Penitentiary
I'm really trying to go to the Eastern State Penitentiary Friday ‼️
Really don't know if I could bring myself to enter the Eastern State Penitentiary on Saturday 😖
Went to fright fest yesterday to get me ready for the Eastern State Penitentiary Sunday 🙈🙈😩so scared but so ready lol
Who tryna go to Eastern State Penitentiary with me sometime this week👀
I reside in the Akpakpa State Penitentiary, got a 18 years sentence for being born
Successfully made it through the Eastern State Penitentiary
Eastern State Penitentiary was all that. Lol
They say Eastern State Penitentiary is actually haunted. Don't believe in ghosts but I do believe in crazy. Also scared of the dark!
I wana go to Eastern State Penitentiary again
Eastern State Penitentiary with my baby 👹👻 @ Terror Behind the Walls
Great weekend, with great people. . Eastern State Penitentiary . NYC. Picnic…
"I never played tag when I was younger bc I hate being chased" -Klesa on her doubts on going to Eastern State Penitentiary
West Virginia State Penitentiary need this one
An actor @ Eastern State Penitentiary cam up & tried to scare our group & Connor told Diane to hold him & she looked at me & said she would😂
About to go on a tour of the state penitentiary, but for now, here's a spooky picture of the Capitol…
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Dead *** going to Eastern State Penitentiary Friday idc idc ❗️
I'm so happy that the Dallas State Penitentiary Cowboys enjoyed thier visit to Zero, I wounder how Sunday was for them?
Eastern State Penitentiary w my baby son😝
Halsey at Eastern State Penitentiary for Terror Behind the Walls tonight in Philadelphia, PA! || via h…
For more convicts are available to be recruited call the Florida state penitentiary
Currently going to Eastern State Penitentiary and we're not even there yet but I'm already scared lol
Pezzollo goes to Eastern State Penitentiary first date😳😳
I was in an outer prison from Angola State Penitentiary called Cottonport in 1999 when I first heard you. I'm wi…
I asked Walt about doing a ghost hunt redo in Asbury Park or Eastern State Penitentiary in PA. That would be cool.
Colorado theater shooter James Holmes uninjured in assault at state penitentiary
I love Stoudts brewery, nicest owners. Went to an awesome event they hosted at a Eastern State Penitentiary
Have y'all ever investigated the NM State Penitentiary? I went on a (cont)
"Coming August 10th: NORTHWEST CHRISTIAN PENITENTIARY, with state of the art security cameras and fencing around the whol…
I went to the Eastern State Penitentiary, an old jail in Philly 😈
Halloween is on a Saturday this year 😍 Eastern State Penitentiary here I come
SOS. Someone visit the Eastern State Penitentiary w me before summer ends!
If someone wants to explore the Eastern State Penitentiary with me before summer ends, that'd be real nice!
no, the only ones what show on my TV are the ones with nick, like the old ones with the state penitentiary and the slave cabins
The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly 😍
Boehner and McConnell should be fired, no benefits, no retirement. And then serve life sentences in the state penitentiary.
Eastern State Penitentiary someplace that I would love to visit
Leadbelly sang his way out if an Angola State Penitentiary chain gang (turning big rocks into little…
Someone come join me at the Eastern State Penitentiary
I also got my first mugshot taken at the Idaho State penitentiary.
I wouldn't and I'm totally fine with that 😫RT *** wouldn't last 10 minutes in state penitentiary.
Me: *** look at that castle!. Jeremy: That's the state penitentiary.
Not putting an archer tower on top of Eastern State Penitentiary is overlooks an obvious opportunity, I'm afraid.
TIL the site of the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary, better known as Angola Prison, was the …
Heading to see the Missouri State Penitentiary this afternoon...
Nothin like golfing right next to the state penitentiary.
GRACE AT MIDNIGHT by Felicia Pearson; a former gangster who landed in Jessup state penitentiary after killing in self-defence
On This Day in 1871: Learn about the final resting place of the body of Inmate 6207:
6 star Reek Legend has to be recently released from his state's penitentiary
The state trooper should be charged with a jail time offence, and should do some time in a penitentiary.
Ohio State Penitentiary in Mansfield also Known as and videos here:
It's been 2 years that I've been here to Eastern State Penitentiary. Hoping to go back this week.…
Maybe I'll take a trip to Eastern State Penitentiary on Friday. And get some more photos of the place. It's been so long though.
Hate coming back home, it's like returning to the state penitentiary
yall ever travel da bak roads of northern cali the secret road behind Pelican State penitentiary where Tooky Williams was at
When ya mom leaves you at TN State Penitentiary alone.
It was cool to visit Alcatraz last summer but I really want to visit The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia 😍
The Eastern State Penitentiary is cool to walk around in if you are there longer
I want to visit the Missouri State Penitentiary
I get to go to Ohio State Penitentiary today 😱
Photography Trainer, and major RDB fan, Dan Wampler took a group of students to the Missouri State Penitentiary...
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On the Beauty of Ruins, or the Preservation of Decay at Eastern State Penitentiary
I've never seen someone so excited to be locked down in a prison as was at Eastern State Penitentiary
A form of punishment at the Eastern State Penitentiary was the Mad Chair. Misbehaving inmates would…
Eastern State Penitentiary is a good place to go ghost hunting. Pack extra thongs.
Visiting Eastern State Penitentiary couldn't have been more interesting today. Super creepy but amazing.
Took a fascinating tour of Eastern State Penitentiary this morning. So creepy even on a beautiful spring morning.
How do you have a State penitentiary and a high school within half of a mile away from each other ?
Eastern State Penitentiary is probably one of the coolest places I've ever been to
LOL! Quote from about Eastern State Penitentiary: . "It is a smorgasbord of evil." 😛👻
This is the San Juan de los Morros penitentiary in Guarico state to where was transported
Jefferson City •  A new website is available to check records of inmates who spent time in the Missouri State Peni…
Missouri just released state penitentiary records! I found Uncle Bud!
Had my first visit to a State Penitentiary today! Next time I actually get to go in and talk with our defendant 😳
Another amazing stop on the in the bag. Missouri State Penitentiary was absolutely incredible.
Eastern State Penitentiary thanks for posting these. I don't get this show in NZ but I can't get enough
Taking a tour at the Eastern State Penitentiary it was a great trip. Visitando la Prision mas vieja de Philadelphia.
Tbt music trip 2012 an Al Capone's cell at Eastern State Penitentiary!! Just watched show on it 😋
My step father is a mental health practitioner at the state penitentiary. Told me the vast majority of murders aren't on death row
Spent this afternoon at the East State Penitentiary, exploring the carceral geographies of Philadelphia!
Proud to say I've now officially been accepted into the internship program at the Nebraska State Penitentiary 😃🎉😁
Isn't it located near the state penitentiary? Will be convenient.
Turned on Ghost Adventures and guess where they're at? Eastern State Penitentiary 👏👏
Watching Ghost Adventures and they are investigating Eastern State Penitentiary 😭
What's scarier: the Chocolate Factory or the State Penitentiary of Massachusetts?
casually waiting for my MRI with an incarcerated felon from the state penitentiary... just me, him and his officer... oh ok
Is Nutraloaf cruel and unusual punishment? Give it a try at Eastern State Penitentiary's Prison Food Weekend
Call for Site Specific Installations: Eastern State Penitentiary, apply by Jun 17 via
Cynthia Nixon's ancestor was one of the first women in the Missouri State Penitentiary:
“Who is Jordan Holm's harshest critic? of the State Penitentiary
I went to the State Penitentiary in Jefferson City today.
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I bust out push ups in my dorm room here at briar cliff state penitentiary 😂.
I know. Gonna be doin hard time up in the State Penitentiary now.
Blog post at Fel's Photos : The Eastern State Penitentiary is an amazing place to visit. There is so much history there and so much to see. When visiting Philadelph[..]
12 Monkeys: The most disturbing scenes are the ones set in a present-day mental asylum - the Eastern State Penitentiary in…
Nathan's class went on a field trip to the old state penitentiary and historical museum today. All afternoon he has been rattling off (non-stop, I might add) little factoids about Idaho history and the old prison. That child has an awesome memory and a great love of all things nostalgic and historic. Now if he would just apply that in the classroom.
Propose to me at Fox River State Penitentiary so I know it's real
Eagles Nationwide Arena, Columbus 5 March 2014   When I heard the Eagles were coming to town on their History of the Eagles tour, I decided this would be the time to go.  With a tour of that name, Joe Walsh had to be involved and I've been a fan of his since high school.  Joe actually lived in Columbus for a number of  years, until he was 12, on Summit Street near OSU.  He returned to Ohio a few years later to attend Kent State University where he connected with Jimmy Fox and joined Fox's band the James Gang.    The first time I saw Walsh perform was with the James Gang at the 1971 Ohio State Fair grandstands shortly before his acrimonious departure from the band. I recall watching him get into a brief fist fight just before taking the stage, which was set up on the infield of the race track.  It was a great show that can easily be relived since their Live in Concert album was released shortly after and featured the same music.    I could not have imagined on that summer day in 1971 that I would ...
Would you LOVE to be here? DEEP inside Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo by R.K. Paranormal, November 21, 2013.
Just watched a documentary called "Serving Life" on Netflix. All I can say is wow. There are a lot of inmates that are serving life at the Louisiana State Penitentiary that end up dying there and the warden put together a hospice care system that involves the inmates to volunteer and help through the dying process. It was crazy how these people went from murders and such to people that were caring for the terminally ill.
Well the state penitentiary time has now started.
A little throwback to our visit to the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary 😱💀👀👻
I don't think Al Capone got treated badly at Eastern State Penitentiary
So, my hubby gave me a few choices for our next short vacation. Can't go to rabbit island, so it is either one of my sister in laws favorite places in Colorado, or a round about way to Pennsylvania, to visit Eastern State Penitentiary ! Yes, I am odd. looking into if the Colorado place has antique shops and a brewery. Hard to beat an old prison! Ok Beth Steiger.., what do you think? (20 to 1 she picks Colorado, like any sane person would! Lol)
Please understand my statement below indicates that I am with privileges in our local hospitals. I understand I am a victim in these matters as it is implied I lost my privileges in both hospitals due to mental disease. I am being set when these issues are implied and I was in good standing until the presidents office decided to portray me as an incoherent individual, though it is clear the antecedents were that I was misportrayed there in the closed meetings of the hospitals and further there was no independent inquiry of my conduct in court setting, when they decided to suspended my privileges there at Regional hospital of Jackson. Though it was indicated in their letter to me that I took a voluntary leave of absence, it was only after he threatened to suspend my privileges and report me to the national data bank of practicing physicians. Please understand people are upset, as I am right when I state these things. I also indicate our role as reformers occur, as we maintain our role, in matters pending i ...
Thank you plastic airport knifes for making me feel like I'm in the state penitentiary. Just sayin.
Watchen Nick on Ghost Adventures getting scared up they're in Moundsville State Penitentiary in Moundsville WV where 900 And sumthing inmates were murdered hanged killed and riots pple claim they see aperrations of pple great show
I added a video to a playlist Ghost Adventures Eastern State Penitentiary St2Ep5 (AXN)
Thank you to Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site for donating 6 daytime passes!
The Student Activity Participant Agreement is now available in the Kean-Ocean office of Student Government. All participants and guests are required to complete and sign these forms to participate on April 5th, 2014 for the Kean-Ocean Bus Trip to Eastern State Penitentiary and Independence Hall. The date of sale for tickets will be released shortly, students and guests are both five dollars. Melissa Orechio President
MEANING OF VYBZ KARTEL TEAR DROPS-Teardrop tattoo - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The teardrop tattoo or tear tattoo is a symbolic tattoo that is placed underneath the eye. According to "the Devil's Back porch" a book about serving 1927 to 1957 in Kansas State Penitentiary, it denoted a member of "The Old Fraternity" referring to the Biblical Cain who slew his brother.[1][2] But, almost all meanings (see below) have some connection to prison. In a 2008 interview with Blender, Rapper Lil Wayne said of his four teardrop tattoos: "Lord, forgive me". He did not say what he was asking forgiveness for. Wayne has spent 8 months in a city jail.
someone brought 2 toddlers to an Eastern State Penitentiary tour smh
Final four: Fruitdale Community College, California Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Nevada State Penitentiary, and Wichita
The Angola Rodeo at the Louisiana State Penitentiary takes place April 26th and 27th. It also includes arts, crafts, and handmade furniture. For tickets, go to or call (225) 655-2607 or (225) 655-2030. Tickets go fast, so you're encouraged to buy them early.
SALAZAR LIED TO 107TH COURT TO EXPUNGE RECORD By Juan Montoya When current Brownsville Independent School District counsel Baltazar Salazar applied with the district to be its legal counsel, he never admitted he had been arrested and charged with three felony offenses of theft by check. According to court records, on at least one – 85-CR-23 (April 26, 1984) – he was tried and convicted and sentenced to three years in the state penitentiary, probated to seven years. And as if that wasn't bad enough, he asked the 107th District court on April 24, 2012 – a year before he applied to be the BISD counsel – to expunge his criminal record to include not only that case, but also two the two other theft by check charges, 83-CR-416 (January 15, 1983) and 85-CR-450 (April 26, 1984). Represented by his attorney Noe Garza, Salazar swore under oath that he had never been convicted because the statute of limitations had expired and that he had been released, that the charge had not resulted in a final conviction, ...
US National Register of Historic Places Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Opened: 1829 Closed: 1971 Years of Active Use: 142 Architect: John Haviland (1792-1852) Initial Expense: $770,000 (second only to the U.S. Capital in expense of an American building to date) Floor Plan: Radial (cellblocks meet in the center); also called "Hub and Spoke." Area: 10.5 acres Height of Outside Walls: 30 + feet Width of Outside Walls: 8 feet at the base Length of Outside Walls: Exactly 1/2 Mile Number of Original Cellblocks: 7 Number of Cellblocks Eventually Built: 15 Number of Cells: 980 Innovations: Indoor plumbing and central heat before the White House Original Corrective System: "Confinement in solitude with labor" Name of this New System: The Pennsylvania System Number of Prisons Modeled after Eastern State Penitentiary: Roughly 300 Year the Pennsylvania System was Officially Abandoned: 1913 Number of Inmates Originally Intended for the Penitentiary: 256 Number of Inmates Held by the 1920s: 1,700 Total Number of Men and Wo ...
'Bath Salt King' Appears in Harrison County Court for Sentencing WBOY -- "The Bath Salt King", Larry T. Gregory II, appeared in Harrison County Court today for his involvement in the distribution of bath salts in the county between 2012-2013. Gregory appeared before Harrison County Circuit Court Judge Louis Marks and pleaded guilty for three felony counts and two misdemeanor counts from an eight count drug indictment. He pleaded guilty for possession with intent to distribute bath salts, interstate transportation of bath salts, conspiracy, felon in possession of a firearm, and driving with a revoked license after a DUI. Judge Marks sentenced Gregory to three years in the West Virginia State Penitentiary and one and a half years in North Central Regional Jail. Gregory was fined $27,750 and was ordered to forfeit $104,074.40 in drug money, two vehicles that were also purchased with cash.
how can you say that. This new principal turned this into a state penitentiary
It's the last day to register for the tour of the Nebraska State Penitentiary on March 24th. You do not have to...
You're looking at the senior intern at the parole department of the state penitentiary in Sioux Falls!! So excited!
3LITE ENTERTAINMENT NEWZ:: Lil Boosie Details Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz & T.I. Collaborations:: Lil Boosie 35 percent done with new album, warns of the dangers of the streets while speaking to the youth. Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola a little less than two weeks ago and already the Southern wordsmith is 35 percent finished with his next studio album. Boosie made that particular revelation and also offered a brief update on the project during a recent interview with Cleveland, Ohio-based radio station Z107.9. In addition to revealing that the album is 35 percent finished, Boosie rattled down a list of artists who will likely appear on the project. Among the artists mentioned were Atlanta rapsters 2 Chainz and T.I. and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. “I’ve been in the studio every night, all night,” Boosie said. “Except first night I came home. So, man, I’m ‘bout 35 percent finished with my album already. And we working, man. ...
REP. HAVEMEN TO ATTEND HFP FORUM The office of State Representative Joe Haveman (R-Holland) has advised the Humanity for Prisoners office that he plans to attend the public forum to discuss providing hospice care in Michigan prisons for dying inmates. Haveman is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and has expressed a keen interest in the plight of Michigan prisoners. The program is scheduled for Monday, March 31, so that persons in attendance will be able to review the premiere showing of the HBO documentary PRISON TERMINAL: THE LAST DAYS OF PRIVATE JACK HALL. The 9 PM broadcast will tell the moving story of hospice care for an inmate in the Iowa State Penitentiary. The public is invited to this fine program, starting at 7:15 PM, in the St. Patrick Youth Center, 915 Washington Avenue, Grand Haven. The widows of two men who died behind bars in Michigan last year have promised to come and tell their stories. Hospice representatives have promised to attend. Michigan Department of Corrections ward ...
Louisiana inmate exonerated after 30 years on death row By E.P. Bannon 18 March 2014 Louisiana’s longest-serving death row inmate walked free after a judge ordered his release last Tuesday on the grounds that he was innocent. Glenn Ford, 64, was held in the brutal Angola penitentiary for 30 years for a crime he did not commit. He was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1984 and was sentenced to death by electrocution. Now a free man, he expressed joy over his release but lamented being robbed of so many years of his life. “I’ve been locked up almost 30 years for something I didn’t do,” Ford said. “I can’t go back and do anything I should have been doing when I was 35, 38, 40.” His son, an infant at the time of his incarceration, is now a grown man with children of his own. Ford was convicted of the murder of Isadore Rozeman, 58, who operated a small jewelry and watch repair shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. Rozeman had been in his shop on the afternoon of November 5, 1983 when an intruder shot ...
Laying with with mya nd Andy watching Ghost Adventures and there investigating the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City not sure if this is the one that my papa worked at but its awesome that I get to see it on here and just to be able to see it was the place my papa worked I have so much respect for my papa for doing what he done I love you papa
Y'all sleep on Kansas State Penitentiary to pull out a National Championship, they live for March Madness
3 strikes and you end up in the state penitentiary. This ain't baseball
A few cool pics I took today at the Eastern State Penitentiary
But meanwhile yall boyfriends and baby dads ain't at no school he in the state penitentiary
ecc, hampshire, illinois state penitentiary, and whicita state I'm going to win that billion easily.
and I visited the West Virginia State Penitentiary where Out Of The Furnace was filmed! Awesome!
He was sentenced to 2 years in state penitentiary & released after 11 months. The officer that killed Oscar Grant didn't even do a full year
James Earl Ray, who assassinated MLK, escaped from MO State Penitentiary here in JC just days before the assassination.
I just watched a documentary titled, Serving Life. Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola is a maximum security prison with approximately 5,000 offenders, and the average sentence is 93 years. Eighty-five percent of offenders will die in the Angola prison. Therefore, the prison opened a hospice unit to accommodate the aging population. The inmates have an opportunity to apply as a caregiver. As a caregiver, they bathe, feed, do transfers, change diapers, be a friend, etc., and there is always some by the side of the inmates when they die. It is an opportunity for offenders to give back and learn to be compassionate. As the warden stated, it is a chance for the inmates to stop solely caring about self; thus finding redemption and rehabilitation through caring for and about others. In addition to the hospice care, the offenders grow much of their own food, and all of them have some type of job. With these implementations by the warden, violence has decreased over 70%. Many of men commented about f ...
No the state is replacing the old one. It's the oldest prison west of the Mississippi River. Iowa State Penitentiary
I am intrigued by the old houses of Moundsville, WV. They are "zero lots" for the most part and most are at least two stories tall. Moundsville is named for the Grave Creek Indian Mound that is just across the street from the WV State Penitentiary. Moundsville was settled in 1771 and incorporated in 1830, so many of these houses are historic. Woody drove me up the mountain toward the job today so I could get some good shots of Moundsville. I asked, "Don't you think this is pretty, Woody?" His reply always, "I don't see a *** thing pretty about it." Spoken by a man who needs to retire...
JUST IN: Jefferson City and the state of MO will share mold clean up costs 50/50 at the State Penitentiary.
I want to explore an abandoned asylum, and the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia .
lol I drawl. But Brian, Alexa, Amy and I were gonna go to Eastern State Penitentiary
how's big Jerry in the state penitentiary doing?
They're doing ghost-hunting tours at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly!😯 Let's do it.
I wanna go to the State penitentiary I need somebody to go wif me.
Eastern State Penitentiary with when i come back? Maybe😁
Billy and Harry have been trying to get me to go to Penn State Penitentiary and I'm finally starting to want to go
Can't wait to go to the Eastern State Penitentiary tomorrow
I wanna go to the Eastern State Penitentiary scary thing once Halloween gets closer & al /.\ 😁
Going to the Eastern State Penitentiary in October!
One random thought. Was watching the movie The Lady and there's one scene that showed the bird-view of the prison in Burma where Suu Kyi's colleagues were detained. The architecture resembles the Eastern State Penitentiary which makes sense since the presentation board at ESP mentioned that many prisons were modeled after it. It's amazing these things I learned all come together.
I wanna go to Jasons woods and Eastern State Penitentiary (spell check)
We get to go to the state penitentiary for free!
I wanna go to the fright fest at Dorney park . Or the state penitentiary .
Lets go to the Eastern State Penitentiary in October tho?
Update your maps at Navteq
I wanna go to Eastern State Penitentiary this year. I've still never been.
I hope the Eastern State Penitentiary is worth my $40
Eastern State Penitentiary next weekend with babe !!
Oct .. 12th Eastern State Penitentiary inbox me if interested.. the date is already set an there are heads already going..
Al Capone’s cell at Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Al complained of a ghostly visitor:
I definitely want to go to the Eastern State Penitentiary before Halloween
Someone go to east state penitentiary with mre
Still contemplating this whole Eastern State Penitentiary idea
I want to go to Eastern State Penitentiary
2201 Fairmount Avenue - Parking Lot Try driving around the block first and park on the street. The Urban Saloon is directly across the street from the Eastern State Penitentiary Building!
I'm thinking about doing the Eastern State Penitentiary thing bro and having my party on the Saturday the 12th lol
My dad is bringing me to Eastern State Penitentiary next month 😏
Two visits to a federal prison, ride along with the county sheriff and a visit to Ohio State Penitentiary :)
Time 2 go away lik a state penitentiary, away in d casket or a Bentley, away like I overdosed of 9t sweeries.
Making plans with my mains to the Eastern State Penitentiary haunted house 😁😁😁 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Who wants to come to Eastern State Penitentiary October 14th with and I ! ???
I wanna go to the Eastern State Penitentiary
High school, society's bright idea to put all the naive, pubescent, aggressive youth into one environment to torment and emotionally scar each other for life. Way to go, society! Best idea ever When I stop to think about it, there aren't many differences between a public high school and a state penitentiary. It's paid for by taxpayers. No one wants to be there. It's overpopulated. You make alliances in the yard. Shanking is frowned upon. - struck by lightning Loving this book
Going to the state penitentiary tomorrow night!!! HELP ME! with my brother joe /my dads friend and her son
Washington State Penitentiary's ‘butterfly wranglers’ are turning their hands toward work to aid the wine industry.
Another accomplished day; furnace maintenance done, chimney cleaned, floors washed dinner cooking and application to Thomas Edison College submitted! HR meeting tomorrow and then Time for some Philly cheesesteaks and Eastern State Penitentiary tomorrow for some screaming fun with Van Horavian, Krista Villand Adams and Alex Kavoleff.
Watching women behind bars...amazing how many women in a state penitentiary are clearly obese, i wonder if the americans would allow Vi in prisons?
Halloween is right around the corner! Check out Melissa+Eric's Eastern State Penitentiary engagement session on...
I'm thinking a large group of us should get together and hit up the Ohio State Penitentiary while its set up for Halloween
Who wants to go to Eastern State Penitentiary tomorrow?👍
Finally Done Favorite American Serial Killers 1. Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy - (born Theodore Robert Cowell; November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989) was an American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier. After more than a decade of denials, he confessed shortly before his execution to 30 homicides committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978; the true total remains unknown, and could be much higher. After escaping prison twice, Ted Bundy died in the electric chair at Raiford Prison in Starke, Florida, on January 24, 1989. 2. Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein (August 27, 1906 – July 26, 1984) was an American murderer and body snatcher. His crimes, committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, gathered widespread notoriety after authorities discovered Gein had exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin. Gein confessed to killing two women ...
Sky light roof at Eastern State Penitentiary
The 5th Annual Black Panther Party Film Festival October 3rd-5th Maysles Cinema 343 Lenox Ave New York, New York 10027 cinema$10 donation at the door for all screenings. 8. WE WANT freedom for all black men held in federal, state, county and city prisons and jails. Remembering our Political Prisoners Proceeds from our film festival are used to supply commissary for Political Prisoners Thursday, October 3rd, 7:00pm Political Prisoners Shorts (10 min.) Yesterday Is Not Too Soon (Interview with Assata Shakur) Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, 1997 Assata interviewed by activist Dorsey Nunn. Mama C. Urban Warrior in the African Bush Joanne Hershfield, 2012, 60 min. The film explores Mama C's decade's long project of coming to terms with who she is—an African American raised in Kansas City, KS, the "jazz-capital of the world," who has lived most of her life in Africa, the place from where her ancestors were forced to make the "middle-passage." When she first arrived in Tanzania she tried as hard as ...
~Feild of Screams October 6th, for my birthday! If you wanna go let me know :) then Eastern State Penitentiary for Terror Behind the walls, Wednesday October 16th :)~
Todd sits in the visitors center at the state penitentiary, a dark haired man enters and his face brightens up
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
From his early boyhood, written in the state penitentiary, where he is.
Off to Eastern State Penitentiary.. Should I be scared? Lol
Haunted History: The Old State Penitentiary of Boise Idaho If you live in one area long enough you will eventually hear tales of the local paranormal activity and manifestations. Boise Idaho has its fair share of hauntings. If you are ever in the area and would like to try your hand at supernatural investigating the following information may be helpful to you. The Old Idaho State Penitentiary located at 2445 Old Penitentiary Road is a well-known local historical land mark and haunt. Tours of the prison grounds and buildings are offered daily, with the exception of certain holidays. Originally built as a territorial prison in 1870, it consisted of a single cell-house. Over the years, in order to house the growing number of convicts it became necessary to expand. The prisoners constructed a great deal of the prison facilities themselves. Buildings were added and additions were made, including death row, a gallows and a solitary confinement area known as Siberia. The convicts also quarried the sandstone and ...
(Becoming whole for a Vulnerable. AZR) Shawshank Redemption The Shawshank Redemption is a 1994 American drama film written and directed by Frank Darabont and starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. Adapted from the Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, the film tells the story of Andy Dufresne, a banker who spends nearly two decades in Shawshank State Prison for the murder of his wife and her lover despite his claims of innocence. During his time at the prison, he befriends a fellow inmate, Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding, and finds himself protected by the guards after the warden begins using him in his money laundering operation. In 1947, banker Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover, based on circumstantial evidence, and is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences at Shawshank State Penitentiary. Andy quickly befriends contraband smuggler Ellis "Red" Redding (Morgan Freeman), an inmate serving a life sentence. Red procures a rock hammer for Andy ...
Okay need some opinions. Wanted to go to a *** house but get tired of the same ones so which is better the insane asylum at Weston or the state penitentiary at moundsville?
Trying to plan a trip to the state penitentiary for Halloween... Who's down
Hanging was the virtually universal method of execution in America up to the 1890's and was the sole form permitted by the original constitution. A few states used shooting during the 19th century, notably California and Oklahoma and most Utah executions from 1852 were by firing squad. Hanging became progressively less commonly used through the 20th century, as many states adopted the electric chair or the gas chamber, as supposedly more humane alternatives to it. However there were 2718 hangings between 1900 and 1967. Approximately 9320 people have been executed by judicial hanging from 1622 to the present day, most being hanged in public and usually drawing a large crowd of spectators. Many of these executions are detailed in the Watt Epsy files and the majority were for murder, although 487 men were hanged for rape in 23 states between 1800 and 1961 when John Bennett became the last in Kansas on April 13 of that year. Up to the end of the nineteenth century, hangings were mostly local events and not .. ...
I wanna do it I'm just scared of that haunted house 😣“Out to Eastern State Penitentiary again this year 👌👍”
Out to Eastern State Penitentiary again this year 👌👍
Hey everybody Kellen Wise and I are going to West Virginia State Penitentiary October 26th. Look at his post for details and let us know if you're interested in coming with us!
Saw this on a few paranormal shows, worth a visit. (@ Eastern State Penitentiary) [pic]:
I don't kno what I'd do without coffee. Probly 25 to life in the state penitentiary! 󾌴✌
Lakin's Flame: The Artwork of Leighton Rich Prehistoric Indian Village in Mitchell hosted a compilation of 116 original pencil and pen pieces created by the late Lakota artist Leighton Rich.Leighton created these modern masterpieces of Lakota ledger art while languishing for two years in the administrative segregation unit of the South Dakota State Penitentiary. Marletta Pacheco, Leighton's aunt, and founder of the South Dakota Prisoner Support Group, spoke eloquently and strongly concerning Leighton. She humanized him. Leighton committed suicide on March 17,2001.Following the reception, we were treated to a 15 minute fireworks display set to the music of Annie Humphrey, courtesy of Allstar Fireworks of Mitchell, S.D.Annie Humphrey, the award winning and popular Anishinaabe singer/songwriter shared her music with us for about an hour, accompanying Annie was her mother Ann Dunne, who told a traditional story which brought humor to the event.
Going to Eastern State Penitentiary: Terror Behind the Walls Saturday. Any other brave souls want to take the trip?
why not the one in Pennsylvania. It's the Eastern State Penitentiary
Order Miche Bag Online!
so last week I thought it was a great idea to go to the state penitentiary for the haunted house, now that it's tomorrow, I'm feeling like a scaredy cat. I hope I don't sucker punch someone or crap my pants, it could go either way.
I dont kno wat I would do wit out the friends nd family I have that keep me calm nd my daughter that keeps me on track... probably 25 to life in the state penitentiary!!! Lol
I dont know what id do with out this coffee. ...probably 25 to life in the state penitentiary
I might go back to Eastern State Penitentiary this year! It was super spooky last year 👻🎃😩
don't do it bloodbath. One more strike you doing 8 years minimum in the state penitentiary
Officer’s Death Created Furor Sunday April 12, 1959 The slaying in 1926 of Clarence Maines, popular young Bristol Tennessee police officer, attracted as much attention as any crime in the history of the Twin City. Jake Shankle, 65-year old sawmill operator, was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in the penitentiary. I It was 5 p.m. , Saturday, Oct. 24, 1936, when Maines a young man known for his clean living and courteous manners, arrested Shankle at Pap’s Alley, (Commerce Street) and State Street, on a public drunkenness charge. He either failed to search or overlooked a pistol on the person of the big, Shaggy-eyebrowed Shankle. Shankle was a man who boasted he went to school only five months, yet was a writer of sorts – “letters to the editor” and articles against prohibition- and could quote accurately from the Bible and classics. Patrolman Maines started Shankle afoot toward the city jail on Eight Street, less than three blocks from the site of the arrest. As they crossed Beaver . ...
Just so everyone knows, I got "paroled" from "Sunflower State Penitentiary" yesterday morning at 8:30. I served 1 1/2 years of a possible life sentence. Best of luck to those still serving time there.
Who loves haunted houses? Who would be willing to meet me in Philadelphia to go in the Eastern State Penitentiary, it came in the top ten for America's scariest haunted houses.its in am actual prison
How so Mr. Shakur. I also wish to meet the baddest men and women you know, in America murderes, ex convicts, gangsters, killers who will kill someday, and so on, men and women from every state penitentiary in America from Alcatraz to Rhykers Island. I wish to measure their cruelty with mine. In my opinion the original Sin of Mankind that Your Forbears were guilty off was really committed by Your God and in my opinion sir that includes every God in Heaven and Earth. I present myself to you Sir as a leper, because I feel safe with them by my side. They ask nothing of me and I can ask nothing from them. Iblis or the great Satan is free. I cry that Iblis committed no crime. The crime Sir was commited by Your God in Heaven. I have said Iblis thou art free to depart from the Cathedral of *** and give me all your powers that Your god gave you for all the years of your life in *** and go freely with your tribe in every season. Adios Amigo.
Somebody has stolen 1,200.00 worth of tarps from me and I'm doing all I can to remain calm and take it all in stride. The enemy is attempting to take my mind back to a place in Mississippi State Penitentiary where violence was the only appropriate answer to something like this. I was there over 5 years, I wasn't in a gang, and NOBODY ever took ANYTHING from me without paying a price for it. I thank God for allowing me to realize just how near our "old" man is and just how desperate he is to show himself.not this time though. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh; blessed be the name of the Lord.Job
The Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP, also known as Angola, and nicknamed the "Alcatraz of the South" and "The Farm") is a prison farm in Louisiana operated by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections. It is the largest maximum security prison in the United States with 5,000 offenders and 1,800 staff. It is located on an 18,000-acre (7,300 ha) property that was previously the Angola and other plantations owned by Isaac Franklin in unincorporated West Feliciana Parish, directly adjacent to the Mississippi state line. The prison is located at the end of Louisiana Highway 66, around 22 miles (35 km) northwest of St. Francisville. Angola is bordered on three sides by the Mississippi River. As of 2012 Burl Cain is the warden. The State of Louisiana's death row for men and the state execution chamber are there. In the State of Louisiana the names "Louisiana State Penitentiary" and "Angola," the name of the post office that serves the prison, are used interchangeably.
We argue success but respect the state penitentiary.? We as a race still have a long way to go. Truly blessed to have a good head on my shoulders.
Hey Philly friends, put these dates on your calendar! Every Friday me & the John Jay Fellows tour different parts of historic Philadelphia and surrounding areas... Coming up soon: Eastern State Penitentiary 9/27, UPenn 10/4, Princeton 10/11, Pennsbury Manor 10/18, and Gettysburg 10/25. If you'd like to join us, give me a heads-up and we'll make arrangements. Cheers. Caleb Hughes, Erin Edwards, Sharreda Cornes, Joseph Graves, Isaí de Marbella & Chelsea Edwards, Kate Leonidas, Dan Smith, Betsie Garner, Philip May.
So far it's Eastern State Penitentiary
What Halloween place is the best? Pen hurst, Bates Motel or Eastern State Penitentiary?
"Angel In The Sky" Just for the record let me go ahead and say, I love my brother Bad Luck and man I miss him everyday, Yeah my heart still hurts and the pain still fresh, I gotta put God first to keep the pressure off my chest, To remind me that I'm blessed to have had as a friend, A ride or die homie that was with me til the end, This is real talk man we was closer than kin, And I know that I'll never have a partner like that again, So Louis "Lucky" Lookadoo I just want you to know, I keep your memory close and I'm never letting it go, And they gon always remember that you was here mane, Cause ima make them remember that's why I'm here mane, Yeah it's till a struggle and yeah I still cry, But you and God keep me strong so ima still try, Reppin that Cyco Twin Records and bro it still lives, Cause through music you live forever Twin Cyclops never die, Rest in peace: Louis Harvey Lookadoo III aka Bad Luck February 14,1971-December 25,2012 Twin Cyclops Inc. - Cyco Twins 4 Life Purcell Sisto aka P-Face Killa ...
LMMFAO Yal give it up for my n* Willie Johnson he been inn the Kansas state penitentiary going on a week now I haven't heard from him since.. Marquay Nolan
Closed since 2004, the Missouri State Penitentiary, in Jefferson City, MO., executed 40 people and had many inmates die in riots after it opened in 1836. Now a former prison guard takes people through the facility on guided tours
3.0 out of 5 stars A curious haunt at halloween, September 25, 2013 By brian bradley - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: GHOSTS OF MAYFLOWER: A Pennhurst Haunting (Kindle Edition) Have heard this is a very scary place to visit at Halloween. Having toured Eastern State Penitentiary I was curious to read about Pennhurst, a good read overall.
Visit for more Halloween fun! Located within Pennsylvania's Eastern State Penitentiary, Terror Behind the Walls is in its 22nd ...
Marty: [Reading the newspaper from 2013] "Within two hours of his arrest, Martin McFly Jr. was tried, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in the state penitentiary."? Within two hours? Doc: The justice system works swiftly in the future now that they've abolished all lawyers.
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