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State Legislature

A state legislature is a legislative branch or body of a political subdivision in a federal system.

California State Legislature City Council New York State Capitol

"There is so much more portrayal of people in day-to-day life now...and representation is power." - Danica Roem (
I️ wrote the breaking story about Gardner’s analysis two days ago:
Y'didn't explain the next step of "Force him to step down and have the governor…
👋"if you've been thinking about running for the NC state legislature, be encouraged!"🌊. 📣And will help you🤝…
Texas legislature: Breakfast taco should be state's official...
I'm getting texts and emails from parents of trans youth from across the country all saying the same thing:. "This morni…
We ran a story about this. The 3 state senators are women, would tip the balance of the legislatu…
In Alabama, a girl as young as 16 can be forcibly married to an adult by her parents.
Can your state legislature do anything? What's the makeup like?
The political interests of the State Legislature of California would make Hitler and Mussolini blush with envy
"Ranchers make our laws in Wyoming! Not our State Legislature you ignorant East coaster!!"
Everybody in Belfast New York end Allegany County New York please reelect again for State Legislature he ca…
are doctors, nurses, school teachers, police officers & their spouses, it's so goddamned prevalent in Arkansas that the State Legislature
I contacted the Maine governor's office and the State Legislature for same.
I wrote the State Legislature and the Governor of Maine asking for Hamann's resignation, over conduct and violation of law. You should, too.
Last week I visited the State Legislature. Their motto is something we'd a…
I am disappointed in the AZ State Legislature in every possible way! Esp. with HB2487 & SB1297 not passing.
To keep the state’s moving, the MA State Legislature must raise the state’s caps before year end.”…
Curious about the buzz on Capitol Hill? Follow what members of the State Legislature are saying
. budget and the perception that Government Bureaucracy was not accountable led Congress and many State legislature in the 1970
. date unless it is reauthorized by the Legislature. Federal and State Governments grew dramatically the 1950s and 1960s many
win again in the State Legislature .
I wouldn’t say it is impossible to change US Constitution though. With one more state legislature, Repubs can/will.
A majority of state senators have urged the Public Service Commission to green-light
Stopped by Carson City, NV to see the State Legislature Building and State Capitol. (Konnor's…
Cuomo says ethics reform dead in the legislature. How much did he actually try?
I’m blaming the payday lenders and the state legislature. People survived before them so they’ll survive without them.
Cuomo says ethics reform dead in legislature, therefore People's Convention is the only hope for reform:
They said there are more payday lenders in Alabama than any other state. That let’s me know that the Alabama state legislature is GARBAGE!
State commissioners are setting the stage for the Legislature's upcoming budget battle
I didn't say I didn't care. No gov or state legislature does.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Most state legislators from Allegheny County support a bill to withhold officer names after shootings.
Happy Easter from the Tennessee State Legislature! Apologies about the whole dying untreated thing...
Here's what Alaskans could expect to pay under the income tax proposal voted on by the state House today
Oh, our state is scarily red as evidenced by our gross legislature but we didn't do *this*.
Wasn't the unions, was the state legislature cutting funds & local school boards going along.
The Alaska House has voted to reinstitute the state income tax repealed by the Legislature in 1980. Senate next.
Oklahoma voters couldn't do it, so I guess it's been left up to God to get rid of some of the Right Wing Loons in the State Legislature.
Please do not take the desperately needed $ away from the students in our state & rest of
Diversity is what makes Nevada strong. It was great addressing the State Legislature yesterday. Watch the full address on my…
highly disappointed in our legislature and the state executive officers, particular SamuelOrtom of Benue state!
Good but doesn't look practicable. Article 370 is logjam between State Legisl…
See d plghts of nonbjp state Telangana Legislature passes bill to increase quotas for STs, Muslims via
Our FHS Lady 🏀Cadets were honored earlier today at the state legislature in Annapolis & now by the County Council! htt…
Cuomo says don't expect ethics reform, state DREAM act, says legislature won't do it
yep. The Tennessee legislature can’t see past their own *** in an attempt to do what might be best for the state.
[The News & Observer: ACC Now] Legislature dips into the world of sports
Democrats got rid of straight-ticket voting, as we'd promised for years, when given the chance to lead in 2007.
Could Louisiana soon be 1st Southern state to abolish death penalty? via
Will Washington State be first in taxing greenhouse gases?
MT Legis declares unconstitutional a possible move by the state’s supreme court to ban discrimination by lawyers https:/…
We could blame Cuomo, de Blasio, and its very liberal state legislature, but I blame the people who voted for them.
State Legislature: There's some movement, but bathroom bill still stalled.
Just when I thought that our state legislature could not do anything more idiotic to micromanage education (and...
Look at NY state's legislature. Why doesn't she kick out the dems that caucus with the Republicans?
I would certainly support lifting ban on medical. Have to ponder more abt recreational. UT legislature would have a fi…
Elected State Legislature filed a slew of bills that would undermine the will of the 72 percent of Florida voters...
If you can't win on ideas stack the deck, right GOP? NH Senate Kills Bill for Independent Redistricting https…
Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct,
Busy weeks ahead for state Legislature
Rowdy MP's especially from Shiv Sena should be banned from entering the Parliament and State Legislature. The…
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The TN state legislature is bonkers. Absolutely bonkers.
Is drafting bills for the Arkansas state legislature in his spare time? h/t .
Arkansas governor says the bill "reflects the will of the state legislature." It doesn't reflect the will of his constit…
So disappointed in my state's legislature & governor right now. Unbelievable.
It's our birthday, Columbia! On this date in 1786, legislature approved a bill to create a new state capital!
The state legislature is reckless with our money. And apparently unconcerned with the well-being of Tennesseans
New GOP would pay higher dividends:
LRT is essential to our success as a state. Attempting to block future investments will only hold MN back
Rep bill wld pay bigger PFDs, pull more cash from state savings Fisc, conservative? lol lol nor sustainable.
State Legislature briefs: The bills that affect UNM
If our legislature and governor keep it up this state will be even more of a wasteland in four years. Comparable to a Huntington viaduct.
Good to see that there are still some sane folks in Illinois.
Veto day is coming up on Monday in the South Dakota State Legislature.
A battle is brewing in the Legislature over efforts to reform the state's environmental permitting process
Rep. tries to get more time for testimony for ppl who traveled ~400 miles, but vote fails:
Aliso Canyon bill hits road block in state Legislature, and not everyone is happy about it https:/…
The 1965 blueprints for the included a lake. Someone in intro a bill to do this please.
California Legislature urged to play oversight role on Olympics proposal to prevent cost overruns - Los Angeles…
On site at the capitol today! Seeing how our Colorado state legislature works. Our representatives are very...
Join for Socialized as he discusses TN State Legislature's relationship with Free Speech.
Bill would eliminate board that hears appeals of DEQ decisions
Why Chris Ennis and friends skipped a powder day to pack into the hearing room of the Montana State Legislature's...
Colorado Legislature today - Education funding takes another big hit!. "Colorado lawmakers finalize the state...
They're most likely going to get eminent domain claims, especially with the republican held state legislature
Ban on paid petition gatherers takes one more step in Arizona legislature
Hawaii Republicans, Down to Five Members in the State Legislature, Try to Regroup
is Honored to w/ TN Conservatives in Open Letter to Opposing GasTax Increase.
Upcoming special election in MT is spawning debate over voting & ballot access. Exciting!
the State Legislature & Governor (Moonbat IMO) twist it into an unrecognizable mess. They must see consequences. Move as many Federal
Wyoming's State Legislature open for business at noon today. Governor Matt Mead's State of the State address will...
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State Legislature gathered at the State Capitol to show their support for
Elections have consequences. Arizona has a State Legislature and a Governor who are At best Reactionary...
The CA State Legislature goes on break, too! Here's what we've done so far
NRA/ So VOTE OUT Republican majority in House/ Any GOP in municipal Gov, State Legislature, Congress or POTUS
Information Kit for banning Chemtrails by your City Council, Provincial or State Legislature,etc v…
Thank You NY State Legislature! We are one step closer to making MMA a reality in New York!
Who says NY State Legislature is totally dysfunctional?
Another food reason to vote for Democrats for the State Legislature, is to protect Veteran benefits like this one.
WV Legislature called back for special session on budget: With time running out and still no agreement on a state…
California State Legislature: Urge the California State Legislature to Protect Wildlife by Banning Ro... via
JUST IN: Leaders in NC legislature sue over announced federal DOJ action re. state bathroom law known as -
The big bad state Legislature will fix this.
: Ban on pollution-related lawsuits working its way through state Legislature . Read more: $DUK
NYS The State Legislature is controlled by the GOP CONSERVATIVES as they hold majority
The funny part to the decrim, medical and rec part of cannabis is the state legislature always puts stupid rules in.
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New legislation will result in less disclosure & more unaccountable money, the opposite of what AZ voters want.
White on White Crime. That's Murikkkan politics for ya!. West Virginia Senate: Candidate for State Legislature...
Here we go again OK GOP controlled Legislature attempts to fix the mess they made of the state. Who's their plan going to hurt?
Policy: New lobbyist for the NJ State Chamber of…
So sorry to tell Lara, but appealing to the state legislature will not help, those in charge are just like mccrory.
Lara is a transgender woman in NC calling on the state legislature and Gov. to repeal
Our fabulous CO state legislature is in the home stretch, many thanks to a great session of employing youth and veterans in youth corps!
.. the state legislature wants to take away their right to vote on city ordinances. The state has already done this in Denton..
Sign Petition to get rid of Gas Chambers in Animal Shelters!
in - Legislature OKs bill cutting hotline reports
Not at all, though I guess I would shift nearly all of the blame on the NC state legislature.
At $2/gallon, the effective gas tax rate (fed+state) is 20%. And some in want to drive it even higher:
Of course, this may be a moot point if the Texas state legislature decides to preempt Austin (not unusual):
More centralized government mandates from the State legislature.
No, charlotte made an ordinance, the state legislature then passed a law that limits the rights of transgender people.
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Bout to go to the state legislature
Greenville, Columbia and Charleston would like to thank Governor McCrory and the NC state legislature for their generosity.
"Last year, Republicans took control of West Virginia’s state legislature for the first time in 80 years"
Slaughter successfully represented state legislature in secret email controversy
NC Gov: Asking state legislature to reinstate ability to sue for wrongful termination
NC Gov namechecks Houston bathroom bill. State legislature believe it is gov't overreach and a privacy issue.
Gov "Our state legislature felt this ordinance needed to be addressed to protect privacy for everyone
When the legislature walks out of the state house & you know your wallet is safe only until they return
In other words, the Governor should act like Obama and just override/circumvent the state legislature.
On this day in 1966,May 6th was declared "Billy Mills Day" by the California State Legislature https:/…
.has met NRM leaning MPs at State House Entebbe
AZ state legislature voted to reinstate CHIP, reopening a pathway to coverage for an estimated 30,000 children
In most states, the legislature would first have to amend state election law and then appoint electors under new law.
How does UW use the matching funds from the state Legislature?
Tennessee students and teachers deserve answers to state legislature failure.
Little Giant Ladders
We're beating up candidates for state legislature now. Please stop.
Taxi companies are lobbying city officials, Uber/Lyft will lobby the state legislature.
Utah State Legislature: Gas chambers have no place in our animal shelters - Sign the Petition! via
Thank You NY State Legislature for making MMA in New York a reality!
While sad, this is just one county. State Legislature isn't doing anything about evolution right now; they're more worried
The legislature is hearing testimony RIGHT NOW on proposal to make Connecticut the next state to adopt automatic voter reg.
Featured in the Stranger this morning...
Mike Piazza will be honored by the New York State Legislature.
South Dakota lawmakers pass bill to change state's tax structure to make solar installations more economical
The Ark. state legislature has called for reforms, says More in
Michigan conservative state legislature continues its "do nothing" approach. :(
Is it time to do away with the political parties at the state legislature? Take our poll.
How could DOF’s est of savings swing frm “the low hundreds of millions of dollars” to less than $30M?
Labor activist who tried to unionize Microsoft workers to run for the WA State Legislature.
These 10 PhD scientists are spending a year working in the State Legislature. Find out why:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Overjoyed that SSB 6498, 1st of it's kind, passed out of the Washington State Legislature. On to Gov Inslee's desk! http…
Florida Legislature enters final week with unfinished work: In the next five days state legislators need to wr...
"The Council President and Councilor Scales should address their concerns to the Alabama State Legislature," said Odom.
Its coming. His opting into Obamacare over the heads of his state legislature loom large.
Today, I will testify before the Michigan Legislature on the state of Detroit Schools. You can read it here:
Thank you and the state Legislature for voting to better protect consumers:
I wish that the WV Legislature and Governor could declare West Virginia as a energy independent state and tell the e.p.a. to take a hike.
Ha, yeah. Don't often see a sitting president get involved in a state legislature primary.
Western PA has changed. Look at who they sent to the state legislature recently.
Legislature is 2/3 men, overwhelmingly straight white men, so naturally we need more of that perspective.
2 term Repub Gov w a Repub state legislature. Highlights lack of focus from or weak Repub Pres candidates
Do you supp0ort or oppose the state's current marijuana laws?
Governor’s Surprisingly Low Estimate of State Savings From Faces Scrutiny in the Legislature This Week.
BAD POLICY! Is legislature thinking about banning DoT from building bike and ped lanes? Read this:
The Mayor does not have a bill in the state legislature. He is the Mayor. The Council President and Scales should address legislature
He's calling for a public hearing on the proposed changes to the state legislature.
Legislature reaches budget agreement on higher education construction, water projects and more as deadline looms
Install thine authority in cooperation with integrity state legislature else act regimen: NzAQ
U wanna get the fixed fast,run a pipe to the state legislature from the river.Let them eat lead to
CA legislature's massive win over big tobacco: The last time the state hiked tobacco taxes, it was the will of...
March 7, 1929: West Virginia state flag was adopted by the legislature
so excited Oklahoma was among se of the most progressive states. Makes me feel hopeful. Too bad our state legislature isn't!!
Now on my way to State Legislature. Proud to represent in the
With just four days left in the session, Washington's legislature appears to be done working on the state's...
Today in Texas: March 7th, 1901 . On this day the Texas legislature proclaimed the bluebonnet the state flower.
We're on the news! Chk us advocate 4 better outcomes 4 youth in @ State Legislature
Pence and the GOP super majority State Legislature are handing John Gregg and Indiana Dems so much fuel. But can they light a fire?
Why? Nevada we elected a Republican Governor & State Legislature. They gave us the BIGGEST tax increase in history
Sodomy is double illegal in Michigan thanks to State Legislature. Now planning an orgy to raise money for Flint residents.
Today, Chancellor Fariña is testifying in Albany in front of the State Legislature on the proposed 2016-2017 State Executive Budget.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Naomi Anderson, lobbied the CA state legislature for women's suffrage in the 1890s.
Making the grade: Washington Community Action Network gives the state Legislature a report card on race
State budget the focus as Alaska Legislature prepares to meet via
This is in the Michigan Legislature. Tell your state legislators to vote NO on cronyism and corporate welfare.
THIS THURSDAY!! Alzheimer's Day at the Legislature is this Thursday, January 21st, 9-12 at the State Capitol...
If this bill passes the legislature, it could be on the November ballot for voters to decide.
"- In Indiana, smoking in the state legislature building is banned, except when the legislature is in session."
Nebraska state Senator seeks election for judges.
- The state Legislature has stood up to Christie for the * first time* ! 😡😡😡
in is the seat of the state legislature of . It sits right…
Gov Hutchinson & AR Legislature enacted 6 pro-life laws in 2015, more than any other state.
PENDER: Flag referendum PR would be priceless, rotten via
Help us advocate for more funds for the Healthy Food Financing Initiative! Contact your legislator today:
lawmakers should have chosen public site for Legislature during Capitol facelift, WyoFile columnist writes.
For legislators, tough decisions ahead as session begins Tuesday,
Grassroots & small donors across the state at work! "Gun control divides Democrats in California Legislature"
Today in 1841, Lincoln remains absent from state legislature as he's apparently suffering extreme depression over broken engagement to Mary.
We elected to make decisions such as this. Flag referendum PR would be priceless, rotten via
Members of IL state legislature about to give answers on fair tax, policing, state budget
Beer Battle Brewing Again In Ga. Legislature: The battle over beer sales in Georgia is back before the state…
Hi,reaching out on behalf of a candidate for the Ohio State Legislature. She is not an incumbent...
the law the ENTIRE state voted down by was so ceremoniously made it law by the governor and the Rebup legislature
AZ Gov. Doug Ducey's new website designed to shame deadbeat dads should include him and the state legislature for cutting school spending.
Last June, joined with concerned citizens in raising the to the Michigan State Legislature.
The Legislature could add a State of the Snow Queen address to its lineup for 2017 activities. It would be good to hear from young women.
The South Carolina State Legislature: Oppose the $5.3 million project to once again glorify the Confe... via
If you thought NM lawmakers were going to be play nice and accomplish much this session, think again.
George Speaker Mickelson, named as a baby by the SD state legislature:.
State budget the focus as Legislature prepares to meet
South Dakota Legislature hears first State of the Tribes address
Get up to speed on the early happenings at the Idaho State Legislature. Check out my first newsletter now!
ACTION ALERT: Here are the members of the Arizona State Legislature that voted to stop Phoenix or any other...
Driver’s lincenses amont the issues the NM Legislature will revisit
Legislature scheduled meetings today on state's marijuana laws. They're weather-dependent but Sen. Sears just said they *will* go on today
African-American & Asian-Am members in California legislature reflective of state popu. numbers, but not Latinos
"This year the Oklahoma state legislature passed a law that prevents the state’s courts from awarding custody to...
Carl Hiaasen: Polluters win again in the state Legislature
Yes, but that would be a long way off given how gerrymandered the legislature is & the state Senate only being up in midterms
Incredibly interesting to me to speak with about being a woman in the male-dominated TX legislature: https…
Tell the NY State Legislature that convicted felons should... via
State Legislature considering repeal of castle doctrine.. right now
Dental workgroup presents report to Governor, State Legislature
That is how the state legislature works. Cross the Party majority on a leadership vote and lose chairmanship/friends.
It would depend on state(or provincial) legislature regarding non-medicinal narcotics use. Best to check in preventing lawsuits.
Highly unlikely any state legislature would abolish no fault divorce. Lawyers lobby is too powerful.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We want to see less cars and more carsharing in New York State.
My idea: CA Dems should donate to Dem candidates in other states for Congress and state legislature.
and the WI state legislature wants to halt research on new stem cells? SMH.
Luv this! So True! We would have a state budget if there were more moms in the PA Legislature!
You have zero chance of turning over the governorships and state legislature, or the Senate
JD Rossetti chosen for state Legislature with 12 out of 15 votes of county commissioners.
Let us know how we can help at the State Legislature. We're with you.
Sad 2 hear KC min wage repealed. Let us know how we can help @ state legislature Glad to add our voice in favor of increase
Rereading To Kill A Mockingbird for the first time in 20 years. Completely failed to notice before that Atticus is in the state legislature
Did you know while in the state legislature Leon helped secure $300 million for the Port of Charleston?
California State Legislature passed new net-metering laws, which will take effect July 1, 2017. . Read all about it:
For the record, GR voted against a balanced budget 7 times as a state legislature.
focused on breaking walls around immigration. How do we break biggest walls? State legislature and Congress
Any concern from the MN state legislature regarding the future legality of DFS?
Internet speed was a big topic discussed by the KY legislature at Murray state today.
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spending bill Go to national to get your state legislature's phones# and complain about the veto! Easy
NY gov. plans to bypass state's legislature to ban discrimination against transgender people
New York’s governor plans to bypass the state's legislature to ban discrimination against transgender people.
Please take a minute to support this bill to bring and to
legislature to probe operations of the JV Agreements b/w its state oil company (NNPC) & other oil companies operating in Nigeria.
Expand your transportation options in NY with carsharing.
TSTA urges TRS to ask Legislature to double state contribution to educator health…
And looking at the stats provided by the Democrats in the state legislature it looks like 96% of funding goes to 94% of students.
Help to stop the slaughter of 4,750 black bears mainly cubs, over unlimited packs of dogs and bait! Plz sign:
Alaska Gov. Walker, state Legislature to convene in Juneau for testy special session
.will be attending the "coronation" of the new 19th district state senator at 3 p.m. today. Stay tuned:
Legislature calls on firms to add more women to boards: The state Legislature is calling on corporations to add…
There's probably some state legislature I don't know about that says I have to have thin walls and a neighbor with a death rattle cough.
"The governor is set to announce the plan at a Empire State Pride Agenda dinner in the city Thursday night.".
Fantastic news in NY as Gov Cuomo moves to issue executive order protecting transgender rights throughout the state!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Legislature gave University of California this special $6 million appropriation in the state budget, so don't fret.
The state legislature passed a bill to allow mobile devices to be used at polling places, and now the county...
Thank you Governor Chris Christie and the NJ State Legislature for passing law to help increase ALS Awareness.
In 1787 - Prince Hall submitted, to the State Legislature of Boston, Massachusetts, a petition asking for equal educational rights.
State Legislature gets more time to review ID issue
Unable to find you listed on the State Legislature page.
Are you properly represented in your state has the information here:
California scientists & researchers, join colleagues in telling CA State Legislature to
Reception plans for women upon use up doctor unwavering - inclusion scarce state legislature: Vam
"one measure, for example, banned Greensboro from changing council districts without the permission of the state legislature. " HAH ***
When is state legislature going to address the
Term Limits Official U.S. Taxpayer Petition to the State Legislature - via
Since when has it been MA state legislature to prevent automatic payment setup?
Legislature at impasse over how to draw Florida's congressional districts - Miami Herald
I wish your state was easier to send wine to. Please ask your legislature to stop being D bags! Cheers from paso California
Update your maps at Navteq
"we" is the NY State Legislature and Gov who put those restrictions on the tests in the 2014-15 budget
Bill would allow some students to get diplomas without passing state exit exam: If it clears the Legislature, ...
The contract keeps due process rights for teachers, which the Legislature stripped from state law last year.
State lawmakers kick the roads fix can down the road...again
And the RiNOs in the state legislature help Dems ensure Conservatives don't get districts.
79% of Latinos say very important that the state of CA address global warming and climate change
Overcrowding at the Hawaii State Hospital and homeless populations are deeply troubling and growing worse.
Legislature at impasse over how to draw Florida’s congressional districts: A noon deadline Friday looms as House,…
In-state tuition was passed nearly unanimously by the Texas Legislature. Rick Perry signed it into law, seeing...
Effort to Establish Private Cause of Action in New York Against Insurers for Unfair Settlement Practices Fails to Pass State Legislature in…
What should be the job of the state legislature “As costs exceed $24,000, UMass students turn to crowdsourcing to pay for ed.”
Nevada's new rules, passed by the Republican-led state legislature with the help of the education organization...
Legislature continues its discussion on how to elect the Utah State Board of Education. Alianza Academy charter...
Attracting Teachers Should Be a Priority: Efforts to attract new teachers stall in state Legislature
Maine State Computers Attacked Millions of Times a Day: AUGUSTA, Maine - Members of the Legislature's Governme...
Source: YouTube/John Perna Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath, before the Ohio State legislature, that he...
State Legislature should have a special session on poverty, too
Will the actually pass a general fund One state rep thinks so.
Wonder what's been happening in your state legislature on sex ed this year?
Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) is an exciting opportunity for TN college students…
I think its more that people have different position when they vote for President vs. voting for Governor or state legislature
Supreme Court has imposes a daily fine of $100k on state legislature until funding is approved
New space Anchorage legislature office space to cost six times more than last year.
Lexi, 19, is going to end up running for State Legislature in Missouri in like 10 years.
Moving the state prison to the western side of Salt Lake City is probably one of the worst ideas our state legislature h…
Legislature and make quick work of sticking new state prison in
NC legislature continues battle over future of state via
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