State Farm & Good Neighbor

State Farm Insurance is a group of insurance and financial services companies in the United States. Good Neighbor, also called The Killer Next Door (MIFED Title), is a 2001 thriller with Billy Dee Williams, Danica McKeller, Tobin Bell. 3.7/5

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like a good neighbor State Farm is there with a time machine so I can go back and not send that message
"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there", we chant as another agent appears inside the pentagram and screams. The dark lord feasts tonight.
So Cecy came and sat beside me and asks me, "Mom. You know the State Farm jingle?" I think for a second and say, Well, no." She then sings, " Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." I said, "oh Yeah. Why?" She looks at me disappointed and said, " It doesn't work. Watch." I thought it was funny. LOL!
no do the jingle like a good neighbor State Farm is there lol
Like a good neighbor State Farm is dea
Like a good neighbor State Farm is there w my phone charger
Like a good neighbor State Farm is there! Can I get a hot tub?
Ugh. I need help ): "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! With help on what to do!"
An 18 year old wrecked 5 cars & survived! He totaled my 2 neighbors & our car!!! damaged my truck & the car in front of my truck!! The car was stolen, they robbed & shot the pizza guy on Saturday night! Look at the pics.the young man is blessed to still be breathing!! Just glad the kids playing outside was on the other side of the street!! Y'all know he doesn't have Insurance! *** Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there!
Did you notice in that article Barry Manilow wrote State Farm's "Like a Good Neighbor?" There's some good ad trivia for ya.
This is what Policies result in: Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Flees
Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Flees Illinois via this is one to consider. Can't really blame them
$3,000.00 in claims over 25 years and State Farm is cancelling me. Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is.where???
Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm was there. Thank you State Farm for being so prompt and efficient. Kudos to John Hatch, Adjuster and Agent Craig Heisserer. I highly reccomend them for all yoiur insurance needs
Like a Good Neighbor state farm is there. With One Direction If ur really a good neighbor U guys would buy me One Direction LOL
I don't think I would like to be one of my friends State Farm Agent... cause they would say 'Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There' at the most awkward times.. I know my friends..
A Good Neighbor!!! I'm not talking about State Farm Insurance company. God is your Good and the Best Neighbor for all of us!! God is there faster than State Farm! Trust me. Amen!!
Sean the bachelor works for State Farm :) Not only a a bachelor, but a Good Neighbor!
"No brakes, I need State Farm" - Jay Z Hov knows what's up. Do you have a Good Neighbor in your corner?
I wish the "like a good neighbor State Farm is there" jingle worked in real life...
Like a good neighbor State Farm is there, leering through binoculars in his kitchen window, shutting the light as you notice.
Merry Christmas to my valued clients. Remember, like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there. My Team and I will be here everyday during the Holiday's other than Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Even then our World Class after hours call center will be there if needed.
Husband: Hey Honey, watch this! *breaks car window* Wife: *** are you doing? Husband: Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! Wife: We have Geico you *** !!
U know the commercial like a good neighbor State Farm is there! & the person shows up well my granddaughter did it & said moma where is Uncle Jimmy! Lol that's funny!
State Farm " Like a good neighbor stay over there."
Amazing News! State Farm is going to cover ALL of the damages done to my truck . Like a good neighbor State Farm is there .. So thankful for my amazing agent Charity Carmody!
Like a good neighbor State Farm is there. StripClub!!!
Been slammin busy at my new job at Kim Vole State Farm in Parrish. Yall holla if you need and Auto, Home, Life, Health, Banking and Loan needs. I'm your Good Neighbor!!!
You’ve seen the commercials where our customers sing the State Farm jingle and BAM: there we are to help, right? A scene in Portsmouth, VA recently played out just like one of those commercials. A State Farm customer got stuck in her car and it began flooding. She didn’t sing the jingle, but she did give State Farm a call. The water seeping in the car reached her knees and her cell phone battery was dying. State Farm called local authorities and the customer received help within 15 minutes. Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There.
Your local Good Neighbor and State Farm Agent for over 35 years.
More pics of the November speeding fiasco. Car vs. Cement Pillar... and, of course, I lwon the prize... a gold belt (and some jail time). Like a good neighbor, State Farm was there. :)
Like a good neighbor, State Farm is.. Usually hard to find but not rare in this area ~
Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.(closes eyes) With money for my cellphone bill. (opens eyes & check bank acct) Dammit nothing!! But it works on the commercial. Lol I tried
Our State Farm Agency proudly provides Insurance and Financial services to fit all of our clients’ needs. Not only do we provide top rated products, but we back them with dependable and friendly Good Neighbor service. We provide insurance for your auto, motorcycle, home, business, life, and healt...
Speaking of company's that lie and have been asked to not solicit me, AAA claimed in a letter sent to me they can save me up to $454 a year, but after waiting 30min to speak to a rep. Then anothere 30min to get a Quote They are claiming they can hook me up with out covering my 2 classics or my home a deal that would cost $800 more a year then I already pay, Just where is the truth in advertising? AAA you my not have my Business. Lies will not get you customer/clients, & thank you State Farm for Being there, like a Good Neighbor!
Happy Founder's Day State Farm!! Proud to say I've been serving State Farm clients and providing them with "Good Neighbor" service for over 30 years!
THANK YOU FOR VOTING!!! Vero Beach MAY 18, 2012 A little shade will go a long way in bringing more neighbors together and protecting children from the epidemic of skin cancer. Throughout the beautiful City of Vero Beach, there are numerous parks for families to gather and children to play. What’s lacking are shade protection over the fun filled playground areas of the parks. In an effort to assist with this issue, The Buggy Bunch applied for and was selected as one of the top 100 causes (Good Neighbor, Good Shade) for the State Farm’s Cause An Effect $25,000.00 grant. The largest mom's 501(c)(3) in the State of Florida is patiently awaiting to hear the results of the $25,000.00 contest that will help provide playground shade protection at 25% of the parks located in Vero Beach. That’s just the beginning. To be able to provide playground shade protection at more than 25% of the Vero Beach parks, The Buggy Bunch has initiated a fundraiser to obtain an additional $25,000.00. Dermatologists, Pediatricia ...
So how many people have actually tried "Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There" after watching the commercial, just in case it actually worked?
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