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State Dept

The United States Department of State (often referred to as the State Department or DoS), is the United States federal executive department responsible for international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministries of other countries.

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Today: will honor recipients of the International Women of Courage awards at the State Dept.
Once built, the State Dept. has estimated the Keystone XL pipeline will employ about 35 people.
State Dept. run by exCEO of oil compny decides oil pipeline in national interest. Go figure
Not buying it. Actively reducing influence/power of State Dept takes effort & Tillerson, Trump clearly giving it their all
Keystone XL pipeline permit to be approved by State Department: Politico
Trump: Hey state dept do this for me. SD: Got it boss. Here ya go. Trump: Thanks. I'm cutting your budget.
Once the pipeline opens it wld need only 35 full-time perm jobs 2 run it, &15 full-time temp jobs, according 2 th state dept
[7]. "IN 2015, THE State Dept put a $3 million bounty on Bogachev’s head, the highest reward the US has ever posted for a cyber­criminal.
Remember 45 never met Tillerson before. Tillerson one of closest Americans to Putin. State Dept now gutted. This is not coi…
BREAKING: The State Dept said it will approve Our response:
Tillerson has recused himself from Keystone pipeline issues – State Dept.
I mean, I would be the last, but there’s nothing called that here. Federal is USFWS, state is F&W division, not dept.
U.S. State Dept to approve pipeline permit -Politico
Sorry you didn't see the embarrassment that was the HRC State Dept
Deep State Globalist infiltrated & directed Orgs like CIA, EPA, FBI, Dept of Edu don't have the objective they stat…
Prelim analysis by CA dept of health care svcs indicates state would lose $24.3 bil annually by 2027 if AHCA passes. Vote no. featured in NBC s Science of Love
US State Dept will approve so Canadian tarsands oil can be refined in the Gulf, much exported.
The State Dept will sign off on the permit for the keystone XL pipeline by Monday
. Since M. Harf now can she tell you who erased missing minutes from State Dept press conf video?
Why did Trump's PERSONAL lawyer deliver Plan to lift Russia sanctions to Flynn w/o State dept knowing?.
Noor: we are going to see reduced role for US Dept. Of Ed in policy at state and federal levels to allow states to lead.
.alum Farah Pandith was the 1st-ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the Dept of Stat…
State Dept. is set to approve the Keystone XL pipeline by Monday, reversing Obama admin. decision, US official says
The relative silence of the British Foreign Ministry & US State Dept on issues like tells you the game they are…
The State Dept. will approve the permit needed to proceed with construction of the Canada-to-U.S Keystone pipeline. ht…
Yet we do not know what our current State Dept is doing at all
1/State Dept press corps are pro's, many have covered beat for decades. They know the complexities, the history & best wa…
Allen West: Congress demands State Dept. investigation of OBAMA over his involvement in….
Nicholas Burns is the poster child for what is wrong with our State Dept. Useless establishment globalists.
How, in a few short weeks, Tillerson has rendered the State Dept rudderless and irrelevant
As I recall, it's a two part vetting process. First by the Office of the UN & then by the US State Dept w/ Homeland…
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Trump must order Homeland Security and State Dept to ignore this judge and continue implementing the EO, period.
A Shift From 'Soft Power' Diplomacy in Cuts to the State Dept. - New York Times
"A Shift From ‘Soft Power’ Diplomacy in Cuts to the State Dept." by GARDINER HARRIS via NYT The New York Times
Nazi group on State Dept list says Sebastian Gorka is a member. May invalidate his US citizenship.
Cold day in DC. Speakers lunch over. now doing BBC interview with Shane Harrison for later. Heading for State Dept. ht…
US State Dept tests new media rules as Tillerson heads solo to Asia on… |
So let me get this straight 24 million lose health care, Rich get tax break, no EPA, no State Dept. And Now no meals on wheels ***
Globalists claim UN budget cuts will lead to "chaos"...
What is going on at Trumps State Dept! Tillerson walks around grinning like some *** WhaT are they doing to out…
Oh God me too. Serves her right she's being frozen out at State Dept.
.Trump to detail his budget Thursday->deep cuts: 28% for State Dept & 31% for EPA. Remove Obama’s ht…
great show tonight, especially exploration of US State Dept. & Soros in Europe
Hey who needs the EPA or State Dept or Meals On Wheels when we have more shiny new weapons of death and destruction?
State Dept admits only news outlet Tillerson took to Asia isn't "steeped in foreign policy" via
Then of course you'd give any GOP Sec State who acted as HRC did? Selling access to Dept State?
Update your maps at Navteq
“We want to make sure that students are able to go to school and to learn and be in environments that are...
Trump budget plan to propose major cuts for State Dept., EPA: NY Times
.ordered the State Dept. to cut its funding for programs at the United Nations by half -
As fmr foster child & mom of 2, proud to stand up for our state's kids. Voted yes to create new dept., invests in our kids'…
Americans would not sit idly by if Russians dropped bombs on State Dept. & CIA after helping elect POTUS. Don't be blind.
Who needs a State Dept when its only purpose is to remove sanctions from Russia and protect Trump businesses.
Trump to State Dept.: Let's cut funding of the UN by 50 percent
Has Trump or State Dept made any statement regarding Russian Troops in Egypt on Libya border?
After eight years of Obama Americans fear and loathe the DOJ, State Dept, IRS, EPA, BLM, HHS, and now, thanks to Comey, the…
Trump to propose 30% cut to State Dept., USAID in 2018 budget to be released Thursday
State Dept. statement on the Hawaii ruling against the travel ban
The Ed. Dept. has released new guidelines for state plans.
Trump's budget cuts the State Dept and EPA by 30 percent--because why strive for peace or stop polluters in a world you're…
He should have left the State Dept budget alone and cut the EPA budget by 100 percent.
I take it you aren't watching what's going on with State Dept, Justice Dept., HUD, EPA, CDC, Nat'l Park Service, et…
Judge orders State Dept. to release documents on corrupt contractor before election | Fox News
Fmr. Ambassador Chris Hill: Vacuum of leadership at State Dept. is "unprecedented"
The comments by in this article suggest little understanding of why State Dept communicates policy. https…
I don't care what party you are - a State Dept run in secret is just bad for America and our allies.
Jane they all believe they are above the law. Think about this, they go & fire four assistant at State D…
Hillary's officials cut criticisms out of State Dept. reports via
If Russia wants to tamp down US global influence,can u think of a better way than to scuttle Dept. Of State? http…
Tillerson is all part of Putin's brigade. He's in charge of destroying The State Dept. Everyone has a job in the destruction.
TONIGHT: Tune in to at 9pm ET as investigates the emerging connections between the Trump admin., the State Dept.…
What the *** kind of traitorous jerk is Tillerson? Trying 2 destroy State Dept & refusing 2 allow our press 2 cover Asian trip.
Trump Admin State Dept Sends Warning To Iran: Sanctions are coming. Obama era over.
Very impressed by how is decimating Rex Tillerson & his destructive lack of work at the State Dept.
Mexican foreign minister met with Kushner and other WH officials, who didn't even tell the State Dept about it.
Trump slashing State Dept budget. The people who prevent war. Adding to defense. People who bake war. Read those tea leaves…
...weakening the agencies of American government that keep sanctions in place and keep Russia on its heels: State Dept & ou…
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You might be interested in this article with more State Dept details
Well, Russia doesn't want the state dept so who you thinks gonna win this one.
It is deliberate,Russia wants a weak state dept. tillerson and trump are delivering,what's infuriating is the complicity of GOP
The U.S. no longer has a State Dept. What we have is another sham setup by Trump. It's all so absurd, exhausting & dangerous.
Gutting of State Dept. is breaking my heart.
Gave book talk today to an unusually large audience at State Dept. After, a SES person told me, "We've literally nothing el…
For the record, NSC exists at its most basic level to ensure that, for example, State Dept. knows when Mexican foreign mini…
Neutering the State Dept serves only the Kremlin. So, there we have it.
We're not stupid. The gutting of State Dept, 37% cut, Tillerson as silent mannequin here & abroad, is a HUGE chapter in
Thread - how Putin friend gutting the State Dept to benefit Putin & their agenda. Covered by las…
WHY isn't the doing anything about this White House? Why is Rex Tillerson gutting the State Dept & refusing to answer questions?
Heitz $ not enough? Title How I hate America disptaches from Vietnam to the State Dept by John Kerry forward by ISIS
Who needs a State Dept when you're under Putin's thumb? .
State Dept cites Tillerson's Bonn trip to prove he's engaged, ignoring his unprecedented skipping Munich next day.
State Dept. pushes back against suggestion of diminished role in Trump admin, says Tillerson has been 'very engaged'
US State Dept reports on ongoing human rights violations in Sri Lanka
In response to claim that Khizr Khan’s travel being “reviewed,” State Dept says there are no restrictions on US citizens leaving…
Donnie is going to gut the budgets of State Dept, EPA and any funds for PBS, NPR or anything else that he can find.…
pay to play Hillary state dept. Yep cover up
except her server never got hacked. Pence, CIA, state dept all did
State Dept fearful under : ‘They want to blow this place up’ and turn diplomacy over to Kushner -
Farooq grabs more than 5 kanals of state land in JMU & built huge mansion. Revenue Dept says "land records tempered". PM…
A State Dept would get in the way of all those great deals Trump wants to make. For himself.
Why would the State Dept. set up meeting at a political rally, thus ensnaring everybody who attends as a politician?
Don't forget about CROOKED Hillary & that missing 6 BILLION Dollars from her State Dept.
ngl when I was watching the US State Dept sc on Women's History Month I was half-expecting Elizabeth to pop up lmfao
"I’m disappointed,” said State Dept source. “It appears the US is walking away from its leadership in human rights.”
So we're taking money from the State Dept. to give it to the DoD. The State Dept. keeps us out of wars, thereby saving us money on defense.
State-of-the-art Command & Control Centre of Telangana Civil Supplies Dept, to ensure effective PDS distribution: http…
Well how else was the Obama WH / Clinton State dept going 2sell another failed Mid East regime change?Sheesh
And then there are the budget cuts to State Dept by 45
This is a very good documentary about the CIA, State Dept and deep state.
During Cold War, the USSR mapped the entire world to precise detail. US State Dept still uses their maps.
Every year, the Sec of State unveils the State Dept human rights report. Not this year. Powerful and wrong signal.
I must have missed the Dems outcry when SOS Kerry interfered in Israels election?
Seconded: Trump NSC team is strong experienced group. State Dept less clear, for now.
Spare us your McCarthyism. Kislyak was one of approx 80 Ambassadors who participated in official program coordinated with…
the Secret State Dept Within The CIA -this must end NOW-Why is Obama, Soros Hillary still free?.
- State Dept. eyes trans murders in El Salvador - The high number of transgender people killed is no…
Still have doubts about Read this about Lamar Alexander's Chief of Staff, and Dan Rosen of State Dept. htt…
State Dept calls on Russia to "ensure that those responsible for Boris Nemtsov’s killing are brought to justice.". https:/…
Obama gave Iran cash. Kazakhstan bought from Russia. Russia bought from Clinton State Dept. Who has Russian ties???.
If the FBI, the intel community, the EPA, State Dept. etc constitute "the Deep State," I guess that makes Trump the Shallo…
Hello. Make that an Independ Commission with limitless coop of Intel community, state Dept etal& can impeach
sent weapons to Qatar thru State Dept Bureau of Political & Military Affairs headed by Clinton ai…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The budget for the special effects dept. working on this was a mere $5000-
government audit may be classified by the State Dept. GAO is refusing to release it.
Wondering what the future holds for global public diplomacy (educational and cultural programs, USAID, and so on) with State Dept cuts...
About the proposed state dept. cuts...
First introduced to settlers in Al Hillah. We had a weekly game w/ members of State Dept. with some of their choice liquor.
The link is a must read. FBI, CIA & State Dept each asked DC Metro Police for quick closure of the case.…
No One Left Behind fills the gap between the State Dept & nonprofits by resettling families in the U.S. Learn more: https…
21yrs in service: Bosnia, Afghanistan. It's the State Dept who secures the win, always. Military is force/threat of…
TRUMP?: STATE Dept should be split into Foreign Relations and Immigration, both Cabinet Seats?
Does it surprise anyone that the person without a diplomatic cell in his being wants to cut State Dept budget by 30% ?
A source tells Reuters that the State Dept budget could be cut by **30%**
Louise here is the truth..laptop was too new to have ANY e-mails from State Dept.
No visa for you, U.S. State Dept. tells N. Korea's top point woman on American affairs, scuttling backchannel talks. https:/…
State Dept: 'US air support to Syrian rebels doesn't require new legal basis'
Haas: Tillerson "home alone" at the State Dept.: Richard Haass joins Erin Burnett OutFront…
State Dept cut out. NSC staff cut out. Nobody w/actual knowledge about foreign policy allowed to have input.
Why is it taking so *** long to remove Obama people from FBI, CIA, State Dept, and Justice Department? Fire them imme…
State Dept reporters note: you will always see Tillerson hold railing on stairs as it's key part of safety cul…
The fascist vanguard, installed by Vicky Nuland and the State Dept.
Tillerson Is Cleaning House at the State Dept- Is he going deep enough via
Ask Gov H, why doesn't the State Dept just stop issuing visas for people from the miserable 7?
PLEASE bring Ambassador John Bolton on board to get State Dept working right.!
Ambassador Stephens repeatedly asked for more security, but Hillary's State Dept. refused, not Congress.
1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy claims the State Dept has 200+ Communists; 50% said it was true, 29% just playing…
State Dept reveals North Korean female defector arrived in US in December 2016 as refugee
Procedures are in place for the IRS and State Dept to communicate on visa issues. Speak to an Enrolled Agent if you…
Not only did WH not mention Jews in their Holocaust Mem. Day release, they also blocked a State Dept equivalent that did.
Tillerson to State Dept. staff: "We cannot let our personal convictions overwhelm our ability to work as one team."
Maybe too, no one should create a fake foundation so they can sell the State Dept and pay for your wedding. POS.
First time? Do you remember UNSCR 1929? Check out Potus and State Dept statements surrounding that sanctions resolution. & more…
Oh great, State Dept doing cyber-security. Might as well turn it over to 3rd graders.
"Diplomacy is not a business. Human rights are not a business. And democracy is, most assuredly, not a business."
Sources within State Dept are concerned Trump is sabre-rattling to "prove" he's "tougher" than Obama AND Hillary but has no fol…
The State Dept revoked ~60k visas and didn't tell anyone for days
Dep Dir Southern Africa Hastings in Zimbabwe y can report re human rights, governance y the economy to State Dept l…
11. He has purged the State Dept. of its highest level officials without any regard for a responsible continuity of State…
Point is terrorist refugees arrest w/o massacre, prompted State Dept to STOP processing Iraq refugees for 6 mos in 2011
way around Wash. judge order tell State Dept to stop issuing visas to any of people in those 7 countries & others
Trump White House didn't just leave Jews out of its Holocaust statement, it nixed the State Dept mentioning Jews too https…
They openly admit funding Hamas, Hezbollah & rebels in Yemen and Iraq. State dept. has listed them as such 4 decades now
"Democracy is not a business." . Farewell speech of the State Dept official fired by Trump is worth your time
. What about the fact he had the State Dept cancel 100k already existing visas?
Spicer on Monday said the EO had only affected 109 people. In VA federal court today, State Dept lawyer admitted they…
If the State Dept is running the program it most likely will be Russian or Chinese 3rd graders with t…
Third, our own Dept of Homeland Security hacked into state voter rolls. No other hacker has been ID'd
State Dept. must suspend any new visas, and green cards till such time that we can deal with the ones already out.
Elliott Abrams reportedly in line for top State Dept job. Look at all the blood on his hands. via…
People who want to stop Elliott Abrams from getting State Dept job should remind Trump that Abrams insulted him last year.
Most famous dissent letter in US State Dept history was ENTIRE staff of Dacca Consulate protesing pro-Pakistan stance of Nixon-Kissinger.
State Dept: Fewer than 60,000 visas canceled by Trump order
Bannon once labeled the media, Jewish comm., CIA, FBI, and State Dept. as radical Islam 'enablers' in a film outline http…
Tillerson expected to pick Elliot Abrams as Deputy at State. Former Reagan State Dept official experienced conservativ…
New Clinton emails will pressure Trump administration to authorize a serious investigation -- finally.
State Dept issued statement on Travel Order after Seattle Judge…
State Dept issued statement on Travel Order after Seatt…
Our intelligence agencies,State Dept and Dept of justice need a major house cleaning.They have all been corrupted by left wing radicals
State Dept has revoked ALL visas for people from the 7 ME states now in the US. If they leave they cannot return.
State Dept revokes nearly all visas for people from the 7 countries who are already in the US:
1000 State Dept. officials signed this --> "a visa process which is more secure, which protects our American values"
This administration has gutted our State Dept. and enacted a ban that ISIS is celebrating. It’s almost like they don’t want u…
The White House warned State Department officials that they should quit if they disagree with Trump's agenda
State Dept statement on the recent spike in violence in eastern Ukraine since January 28.
Like Trump, got a mandate for change. Hindus expected a lot. Nothing done.
Go to know there are thousand public servants willing to oppose Trump's Muslim ban! Need everyone to https…
State Department dissent on refugees likely the largest in history. Proud of my former Foreign Service colleagues. http…
They probably got tipped off by some state dept rat.
I thought he resigned or fired from state dept.
"Policy dissent is in our culture" State diplomat says as opposition Trump Ban Goes Viral at US Embassies htt…
completely legal. State dept legal wrote it.. DUH
Sean Spicer thinks only qualification for Govt Service is blind obedience. Government by Yes Men.
Nearly 1,000 at State Department Officially Dissent on Immigration Order by via
A State Department dissent cable is becoming one of the broadest protests by U.S. officials against their president
Over 1,000 State Dept employees have now signed the dissent cable. Spicer's "get with the program or go" message not going o…
Cont' "...designated as countries "of particular concern" by Obama's State Dept, until we can implement better vetting proc…
A class partners with the State Dept. to explore how technology is changing international relations.
Update your maps at Navteq
The White House says it consulted with State Dept. for "many weeks" before issuing order; Dept. officials deny this
State Dept. official: comments today show "zero understanding of the intent behind the dissent channel"
Turmoil at DHS and State Dept: "There are people literally crying in the office here" by
Court orders Government to turn over 30 emails Obama's State Dept. claimed as privileged in Clinton email scandal. . ht…
The List Project's Kirk Johnson speaking truth to power. DO NOT say you don't know if the State Dept. was consulted! They were fired!
“These are people with valid visas & legitimate refugee claims who have already been...[cleared] by State Dept & De…
We rely on European allies for intelligence. PBS commentator was a former State Dept. Off.
nothing to do with election:White House computers Aug-2015, State Dept emails Nov-2014;
Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy out at State Dept. His actions while at State were criminal. Investigation needed
Pat Kennedy, State Dept undersecretary for management, resigned today, State Dept. official confirms.
When Pat Kennedy leaves, so does a lot of institutional knowledge about how the State Dept functions.
CyberAnonymous: CBSNews: State Dept. reviewing last-minute decision by former Secretary of State John Kerry to sen…
Fox News hires fmr State Dept spox Marie Harf and viewers are so NOT happy about it! Here’s why . . .
"If you cut the State Dept budget you'll need to buy me more bullets" -Sen. Lindsey Graham quoting Gen. Mattis in ref to…
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will vote for Rex Tillerson; cautions against President Trump cutting State Dept. budget htt…
Snap adds a D.C. insider from State Dept. to head global public policy, according to LinkedIn profile
Ya think? Just like our Intelegence Agencies, IRS, HUD, Healthcare, State Dept., EPA, Defense Dept., need I go on?
JUST IN: State Dept. confirms one US citizen is among the dead after shooting at electronic music festival in Mexico
Revealing evidence of Russia's hacking would be 'irresponsible' – State Dept
US State Dept thinks the most responsible thing is to accuse Russia of crimes w/o showing any evidence whatsoever.
State Dept docs obtained by underscore extent of Team Obama’s collusion w/ OIC, jihad on
35 Russian diplomats President Obama ordered out of the country have left the U.S., State Dept. says. http…
Breaking: State Dept expels 20 Nigerian diplomats after John Podesta fails to receive $1 million wire transfer from nephe…
Human rights advocates applaud Kerry's speech cause we've learned to expect so little from the State Dept when it comes to P…
Trump team asks State Dept for names of staffers working on gender equality programs:
State Dept facing a unique challenge:How to follow lead of president uninterested in consistency, protocol & nuance?
ICYMI: on on State Dept. warning to Americans abroad to be "vigilant"
Report. Last words from Amb Stevens to Greg Hicks at State Dept. "Greg, we are under attack."
Oh, nothing. Just the new Dir of Communications for the Nat'l Security Council asking Putin to hack the US State Dept.…
US State Dept: deny Turkish press reports CIA made apology to Turkey for lying about oil smuggling through
A little $6Billion missing from State Dept. She took all those foreign dona…
Roger Stone: Trump pretended to consider Romney for secretary of state "to torture him"
Condi, Gates, Hadley don't want Bolton as deputy at State. Tillerson isn't crazy about him either. w
but clinton had the state.dept when she let Russia have 20% of US Uranium
Didn't HRC's State Dept "misplace" $6 billion once? Businesses sometimes R in the red.. but who literally loses billions?
Gee, she RIPPED off the State Dept of that same amount, too. *** where's the MONEY?
clintons funded ISIS. 6bil went "missing" during her un-accomplished time in the state dept.
Absolutely Hillary had egregious conflicts of interest at the State Dept! Remember her uranium sale to the Russians?
Sec. Kerry says Trump did not contact State Dept. prior to calls. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday he's
When I said he didn't mention the FBI or the State Dept, I meant that he left the door open for them to act on Crooked Hillary.
Tillerson retires as Exxon CEO as he prepares to head State Dept.
‘You haven’t succeeded once’: AP reporter grills State Dept on lack of progress in Syria (VIDEO)
I liked a video ‘You haven’t succeeded once’: Reporter grills US State Dept over failures in
Elliott Abrams may be picked as compromise candidate as undersecretary of state
Bolton "had penchant for quickly dismissing inconvenient facts" so he'd fit right in with Trump:
650,000 state dept emails showed up on a computer used in a pedophile sexting case. There's the deal breaker. Not hacking.
State Dept. voice mail is full, but one of my senators (is on the Senate Committee on Foreign Rela…
Here's US State Dept spokesman John Kirby becoming a nervous wreck and telling a journalist to "flip on CNN" for proof regar…
It is quite an accomplishment to unite Rand Paul and Marco Rubio against your State Dept. picks, but Trump has done it w/Til…
Seriously - Patriot or traitor? Rex Tillerson, from Corp Oil Sovereign to State Dept via
Clinton emails exposed by came from State Dept under federal court order.Obama gang trying to distract with R…
"Russians forced Hillary to set up Clinton Foundation that accepted Russian money for State Dept favours"...or something…
It's State Dept's job to explain why should continue or not, and he gets to decide on behalf of U.S.
If what is happening in Standing Rock were happening, in let's say Russia. State Dept. would be talking sanctions and huma…
My wife's uncle (retired State Dept) says he expects basically everyone he knows to quit if Bolton gets the job at State.
enough of the BS re stealing election =CIA & State Dept propaganda to legitimize hostilities h…
Bolton still probably wants a job at State dept, let's not forget that.
The Clintons ran a multi Billion State Dept Foundation Fraud Scam by sell USA Out for $$ Go after them!
.John Bolton is insane and this statement shows why he is. He's now been picked up by Trump for the State Dept. Da…
."Automatic no" on likely deputy sec. of state pick John Bolton: "Should get nowhere close" to State Dept https…   10% Off
The insignificant talks about the irrelevant. 'Rand Paul: John Bolton ‘Should Get Nowhere Close’ to State Dept.'
NEW REPORT: Docs show Exxon lobbied State Dept on TPP & Russia in leadup to Exxon CEO being floated for Sec of State https…
Trump favorite for State Dept. John Bolton tries to shift 2016 hacking blame from Russia to Obama
Rand Paul vows to block John Bolton from State Dept. - Red Alert...
From the OUTSET? He shouldn't be let anywhere near the state dept.
On Obama’s watch: Russia reset started under HRC's State Dept failed, told Russians more flexible in 2nd term & all ended in disaster
REVEALED: Docs show Exxon lobbied the State Dept on Russia & Iran sanctions - now Exxon's CEO may run the State Dept https…
The utterance of this "false flag" conspiracy theory bars from any position in government. It's nuts. ht…
Somehow, Patti Smith singing Hard Rain Gonna Fall at Nobel ceremony is apropos for day Exxon takes over State Dept https:…
Sec. John Kerry says Donald Trump did not contact State Dept. before making calls to world leaders
Huma ran the State Dept...Hillary too ill. Jersey Hampshire .
Doesn't trump know that he is suppose clear his message for international concerns with the State Dept. what a yoyo
Another rookie move. Maybe you should ask the State Dept. before risking an international incident.
.that's a discussion you have internally w the US State Dept. Trump just embarrassed US & weakened our international security.
UN is the international branch of US State Dept. For me, has no real legittimacy
And Valerie Jarret has been in the White House for almost 8 years. Huma was in the State Dept. What's your point?
The next Sec of State will also have to rebuild a State Dept. that Clinton ruined, turning it into a political action committee for herself.
SOROS VOTE STEAL: Not sure if Jon is related to Kim Gedney, but she’s a Special Agent at State Dept & is in wikilea…
Trump Campaign not returned calls 2 State Dept; CIA, Pentagon; Dept of Homeland Security 4 transitioning. Not like we di…
US State Dept has joined the EU, Sweden, Ireland & Netherlands in recognizing the right to boycott Israel.
Don't trust Mike Rogers, was my Congressman. Wife was head of State Dept. security. Benghazi
. a contractor to State Dept for intelligence-based and physical security services
"targets work for orgs such as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Atlantic Council, RAND Corporation & the State Dept"
US State Dept annual report on terrorism concludes is world's primary state sponsor of terrorism:
You are welcome, By the way, were you at yesterday's State Dept and Pentagon press briefings?
State Dept told a federal judge it can only review 1,000 emails a month, but the FBI reviewed 650,000 in eight days.
Senior US official "we have to accept responsibility for what’s happening in
Unvetted guards hired by State Dept turned on & helped Stevens
Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept (Reuters with more details).
She didn't resign from State Dept cause she did a good job. You are a *** if you vote…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Reuters: Hillary hid $1 million gift from Qatar from State Dept., lied about it only a month ago
Living by a different set of rules: 'State Dept contractors detail how Clinton and her team ignored security rules'.
Hillary Signed an Affidavit that she UNDERSTOOD State Dept. Rules, then Promptly BROKE THEM ALL.
wikileaks source for State Dept. cables and new Hillary info:
aw! I see... State Dept that Hillary Cartel sold for pay to play pay to pardon
The Clinton's had the REAL university scandal all along.
The baseline was the fact that the State Dept. just took a year to sift through only 60k emails.
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