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State Department

The United States Department of State (often referred to as the State Department or DoS), is the United States federal executive department responsible for international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministries of other countries.

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CNN's phone call with Secretary Rex Tillerson's advisor at the State Department is disturbing. Plea…
Tillerson isn’t planning on running his State Department as a bleeding heart liberal humanitarian assistance program
Today senator McCarthy charged that there were Russian spies who had penetrated the highest levels of the State Department.
This is why there is a State Department travel warning for Americans to heed going to Europe this summer.…
United States: State Department approves $2 billion weapons deal with the United Arab Emirates
Kind of surreal to sit at the State Department and hear (media) panelists casually talk about how the president doesn't read, a…
What does Le Pen, Nigel Farage and the US State Department have in common? (Victoria Nuland intercept remix)
Tell the State Department by 4/28: don't roll back a rule that helps protect wildlife from illegal mining.
HRC responded, adding that she had secure communications and other equipment that "kept me in touch with the State Department at all times."
Trump budget would gut development assistance and merge the State Department with USAID.
Honest question, was the State Department repeatedly caught promoting Billy Beer back in the '70s?
US issues travel alert for Europe over terror threats - In the alert, the State Department cited recent inciden...
Tell Secretary of State Tillerson: No taxpayer $$ to promote Mar-a-Lago! via
State Department issues new terrorism alert for European travel
State department releases this warning. Ignores 5k ppl have been killed by a gun in US *so far in 2017*. 1200 kids…
Are you sure Slate doesn't know anything about State Department? Are you SURE no relatives hav…
The business case for the State Department
Update: A State Department official says there "have been no changes to the Let Girls Learn program."
"The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the continued threat of terrorist attacks throughout Europe. . ."
Congress blames State Department after draft sanctions bill leaked to pro-Hezbollah media
say it softly before he lays off the entire Department of State...
State Department issues alert for Americans traveling to Europe amid ongoing threat of terrorist attacks
Trump set up a meeting with Duterte without even notifying his own State Department or National Security Council.
US State Department issues travel alert for Europe.
Rex Tillerson wants to trim the State Department like it’s Exxon in a bad year: via
US State Department issues travel alert for Europe -
Trump did not clear Duterte invitation with State Department: report
Does Rex Tillerson have his "yes men" ready to replace State Department trim or is he going to run it by himself?
The US State Department is warning Americans that traveling to Europe risks being caught in a terrorist attack.
FYI, Trump to strip all funding from State Department team promoting women's rights around the world https…
State Department issues travel warning for US citizens going to Europe, citing continued threat of terror attacks.
Update your maps at Navteq
State Department issues travel alert for all of Europe this summer
US State Department issues travel alert for Europe
puts in her place. Tells her to clear comments with State Department . Haley is a total...
"If you don’t fully fund the State Department, then I need to buy more ammunition.”. -- Gen Jim Mattis when he was CG, USC…
Liberal advocacy group files an ethics complaint over the State Department's promotion of Mar-a-Lago
"This reads almost as if it's an ad." See the deleted State Department page on Mar-a-Lago via
State Department for Fish and Wildlife will auction surplus, confiscated items to public on May 1
State Department is promoting Trump's Mar-a-Lago in online blog post
your Director of Behavioral Health has been reported to Washington State Department of Health. Enabling hate crimes is wrong.
He's hiding his taxes. . Now he's Potus, & he's not hiring in the State Department.! 😠.
Judicial Watch sues State Department and USAID for Soros’ records . LOCK HIM UP.
Iranian-American State Department official demoted after Breitbart questions loyalty to US
Nonsense. It is presented exactly as the State Department released it and all press call the general collection…
From government sites like the State…
Soros NGO funded colour revolution in Ukraine obvious. How much tax dollars wasted on this? Like CZ in 9…
Clinton is why the Comey letter happened. All she had to do was use the State Department email
Judicial Watch Sues State Department and USAID for Records about Funding and Political Activities of George Soros
The State Department tonight certifies that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal.
State Department and USAID SUED for Funding Political Activities of George Soros’ Open Societ via
So we have a president who makes decisions based on fake news tantrums. Lovely.
covered up child trafficking investigation at the State Department. Thanks Lord that she's not our
VVP is pragmatic & an expert at International Law. Let’s show RF the old games are over. Dump Obama Soro…
Hillary Clinton brief on Syria from Clinton emails (date is 2012 not 2001--an error by U.S. State De…
Dump Hillary/Obama NGO Soros shills in the ranks first. Really, seriously? . &
Im more thinking about the Clinton foundation huge scandal where Bill used the state department to go…
USEmbassyFSM: State Department officials meet USN ADM Harris to discuss a range of issues in Micronesia. USAsia…
Sen. Durbin, on CNN’s “State of the Union,” said Chicago should remain a sanctuary city despite the Justice Department crackdown.
How French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron summed up to Hillary Clinton by the US State Department
Also State Department has hundreds of jobs vacant. Mostly IRS department
As tensions heat up around the world Trump has not staffed State Department or Pentagon.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Less than 1% of U.S. refugees brought to Hawaii since 2010: State Department - -
For the 5th time Kris Kobach can't even run the State Department of Kansas surely he'll do a stupendous job in charge of the DHS
Get your ticket today to join us at the State Department:
For the love of God, can we PLEASE have a fully operational State Department before starting a war w North Korea? Staggerin…
Let's talk about the security situation in Benghazi. Who did the State Department contract to protect Amb. Stevens?
Syrian nun honoured by State Department says U.S. bombing is a step back from peace.
State Department to Putin: 'There's no false flag' in Syria
The US State Department urges its citizens to leave the occupied territories, the West Bank and Gaza immediately
Check out this article that highlights the WA State Department of Agriculture:
The ambassador to the UN is talking regime change on national TV and we don't even have a State Department.
Where do you work?. The Nervous State Department. Oh, dude. Hectic.
Boris and Fallon are junior staffers at the US state department. They do as they're told by Tillerson
Diplomats & Secretaries of State from other nations told to meet w/ Trump's son-in-law instead of Rex Tillerson.
Putin, Lavrov, and Assad loved having at the State Department. They could scarcely believe their good fortune.
Or the millions that were unaccounted for in the state department.
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Ifyou r not a Democrat or liberal you sure sound like one…
Just finished a podcast on this from last year. The pentagon and state department is just full of ide…
this is largely gossip & speculation. Not mentioned? How Obama era grew the state department, failed to reform it & lef…
I recently had a conversation with someone from our State's higher education department (he spoke at our Rotary)
Why the 'Trump' State Department still loves George Soros via
The US State Department has approved a $319m airbase deal in Kuwait - https:…
Budget is for DOD not state department. It's good for America
How the Trump administration's inability to staff up the executive branch is hurting the conservative policy agenda.
The failure of the Trump admin.. to staff up the exec branch is hurting the conservative policy agenda -…
Good article brings together what is basically speculation - State Department staff prepare for major restructuring
“The US state department will send diplomats to Budapest next week to address the CEU crisis”
God bless the theatre department at Texas State. So much love and support to go around. I love this home.
Nervous State Department workers prepare for major restructuring - POLITICO
Must be getting pretty lonely there at the U.S. Department of State.
Big shoutout to the State Department for getting my passport done in like 2 1/2 weeks 👍
Hillary Clinton and 6 aides had access to classified State Department information after she left office, lawmaker says |…
Nervous State Department workers prepare for major restructuring
On the one hand, who cares?. On the other hand, Trump is saying we can't afford to run the State Department.
When pranked, the State Department proves it’s as humorless as Rex Tillerson’s face
When pranked, the State Department proves it's as humorless as Rex Tillerson's...
The corruption within the State Department started with it's former Secretary of State. Let's start there.
FBI to charge State Department employee for making false statements:
State Department employee charged after having secret contact with Chinese operatives - -
Since Trump took over, the State Department has required passport applicants to send an unofficial birth certificate that…
PRC intel had a longtime mole inside the State Department. . Looks bad indeed.
Right, because one of the State Department's biggest focuses ISN'T human rights. Are we going to stop promoting democracy next? 😤
UPDATE: State Department official charged with obstruction of justice, making false statements to the FBI - U.S. federal prose…
A longtime State Department employee was accused of failing to report contacts with two Chinese spies
FULL TEXT: State Department employee arrested and charged with concealing extensive contacts with foreign agents. https…
With we look at the State Department's unannounced decision to sell F-16's w/ no human rights conditions. h…
State Department employee charged with felonies over involvement with foreign govts
State Department employee 'took gifts from Chinese spies' via
Longtime State Department staffer charged for lying about gifts from Chinese
State Department Official Supplied Information to Intelligence for Cash. h/t
Melania Trump highlights women's empowerment in a keynote speech at the State Department
First lady Melania Trump at the State Department: "The era of allowing brutality against women and children is over" https…
Good job by the Providence Fire Department fire and department National Grid and State Police
State Dept. to remove human rights conditions of Bahrain jet deal: report
U.S. State Department official caught and busted for selling secrets to China
Did get a too? She is certainly the bravest woman in this country.
A State Department employee is charged with lying to the FBI about gifts she allegedly received from Chinese agents
State Counsel & Head of the Criminal Law Department, Bal: "I'm a MEMBER OF ATLETICO & I go to the Calderon."
US state department official charged with accepting bribes from Chinese spies
Tillerson, the man who dropped human rights from the State Department's important list, what a "shining" mo…
State Department drops human rights as condition for fighter jet sale to Bahrain
FBI to charge State Department employee: report
Hillary in Deep Trouble || Clinton private email probe hindered by State Department, Chaffetz says
eager to see what the Trump administration's State Department says about an American journalist being arrested in Russia htt…
Rex Tillerson’s past as C.E.O. explains the strange judgments he's made since taking over the State Department:
McCain confirms that the US State Department is a shambles. Thanks, Mrs Tillerson.
In approving Keystone XL, the State Department "considered a range of factors" - not one of them was climate change https:…
Rex Tillerson is the Clarence Thomas of the State Department. He finally speaks to Andrea Mitchell.
Keystone XL Oil Pipeline is set to continue under US State Department
Family photo at ISIS coalition summit at State Department. Missing is Boris Johnson, perhaps dealing w/ London attack h…
Keystone XL pipeline permit to be approved by State Department: Politico
Mideast and North African nations that are struggling with political upheaval, the State Department reported.
A State Department contractor for regime change operations in the former states of the Soviet Union + Goldman Sachs…
How many did the State Department issue? Check out the numbers here:
I'm currently a fill time student at I all also teaching full-time with permission from my state department of edu.
It's too bad he's gutting the state department and ruining the US's diplomatic power. Oh wait, it's not. It's exact…
The US state Department has confirmed plans for Rex Tillerson to visit Moscow in April:
Gutted State Department, embassies with no ambassadors, increasingly separatist rhetoric - where did you think this was go…
My op ed on why the Trump cuts to State Department+USAID are so unwise. Would cripple American diplomac…
show us the proof about Chelsea or her office in the White House or state department, oh Russian troll
The is sending 20+ musicians to State. Wowzer! What a banner weekend for the FOHS music department!
.Pres Abramowitz: Slashing foreign aid & diplomacy "would make the world a more dangerous place"
How cuts to the State Department weaken America - Chicago Tribune
In terms of our global influence and reputation, Trump's chainsaw approach to the State Department budget would put America…
No we are not safe, state department, EPA dismantled and a traitor is in the WH. There is a way out vo…
The state Department confirmed that Tillerson's visit to Moscow in April
State Department confirms: Tillerson is skipping NATO meeting next month, and will visit with Putin. 1/2
==> One of the biggest stories you're not hearing from the mainstream media. ...
The Deconstruction of the State Department found at
Trump's State Department refuses to look for Hillary Clinton's emails via
Oroville — The state Department of Water Resources Friday said the cost associated with the ongoing...
Was the Rape of the State Department anything other than a gift to your Sugar Vladdy?
It's beyond remarkable. See The Deconstruction of the State Department at Tillerson should resign.
This is how little our State Department thinks of NATO:.
[Right Wing Daily]The State Department says the United States is boycotting a session at the U.N. Human Rights…
That's your state department head. ed over to Moscow.
The State Department "leaked" it. It says so right there. Have some credibility.
mean one of the top emails, saudi arabia, Trump our current president is already doing something: 1/2
Meanwhile he cuts consumer protections, cuts the State Department and other Federal Agencies, disavowals NATO and our Allies and perhaps war
Where is the outrage on President Obama interference with Israel election's use State departmen…
the is a great resource: IDK what offers other than
google State Department and Jose Fernandez then tell me here what he has publicly stated about HRC and the Uranium One deal.
One begins to see that the Trump administration's reorganization of the State Department is in Russia's favor.
An oversized military is a problem. If all you have is a big stick then that is all you use without a State Department.
Jersey residents to a president who just days of official State Department rules that opportunity.
Finally going after George Soros! Tillerson and State Department can do it. Get this *** 👍🏻😎
Surrounded by Traitors! A leftist State Department official is publicly attacking President Trump on social media…
Six US Republican senators have asked the State Department to review US aid to NGOs run by billionaire George... https…
Sesame Steet, Meals on Wheels, department of agriculture dismantle state department is putting Putin plan in place to disma…
Will continue the State Department to support a seedy character as the Albanian PM, Edi Rama?.
Iran deal architect is now running Tehran policy at the State Department
athletic department declines comment on behavior of Lynn Marshall after Sunday's game in Indy.
We’ve lost HUD, Dept of Education, the EPA, State Department, allies in Mexico, Australia and Europe, civil rights...
This is where it could have been addressed: "State Department spokesman Mark Toner had no immediate comment"
Fairmont State's Art department is having an exhibition this week involving students work! The…
The US state Department did not confirm information about the visit to Moscow Tillerson
According to the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), the State Department it is tru
The Putin use of Trump to gut the U.S. State Department wack the CIA as President Bannon deconstructs the US for Putin
! An Obituary of The New York Times: 'the CIA and State Department officials were invited to take part …
To test this: fire all State Department employees focused on Western Hemisphere (or reverse), and keep the others.
📷 Tillerson represents all that is wrong with hiring State Department with zero foreign policy...
We demand to know what our State Department is doing. We want an investigation into all the secrets
NYDFS steps up war of words with OCC over fintech charter plans: New York's State Department of…
on why Trump is wrong to slash State Department budget. Diplomacy as vital as defense New York Times http…
Secretary of State Kerry broke his thighbone in a bicycle accident, State Department says.
U.S. State Department lists the group as having been "under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany".
The CEO of the New America foundation and former State Department official on her new book about how networks ar...
BREAKING: Trump to reportedly eliminate funding for Meals on Wheels, housing assistance + massive cuts to public ed https:…
JUST IN: Trump to propose cutting State Department budget by up to 31 percent, foreign aid by 28 percent - congression…
State Department Correspondents' Association statement on Secretary Tillerson's trip to Asia:
strips food assistance from poor school kids, elderly & infirmed so he can play War w/our $$
"The EPA is the hardest-hit agency under Mr. Trump’s budget proposal: He wants to cut spending by nearly a third."
Trump's budget expected to include cuts of almost 1/3 to the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department
This would be an Unmitigated Disaster. We must --> Trump Budget Slashes EPA Funds by 31%
The State Department in Washington just released this important statement on the resolution on
The EPA is arguably the hardest-hit agency under Trump's budget and even greater than what the GOP envisioned
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Report: Trump budget will slash the EPA, State Department, Amtrak, Meals on Wheels grants
Two weeks ago, an IJR reporter wrote a Tillerson puff piece. Today she's the only reporter on his plane in Asia.
I am sick to my stomach- Trump to completely eliminate program that funds Meals on Wheels- which feeds seniors.
Trump budget would eliminate program that funds Meals on Wheels, which provides food for the homebound, many elderly https:…
Trump cutting funding to Meals on Wheels, which delivers food to homebound, needy elderly
Visa's to the United States are not a right. And the State Department does not need to issue them at all
Trump's proposed budget would cut Environmental Protection Agency and State Department funding by about 30% each:
It's good the leader of the United States purged the State Department of Neocon…
NUSA Secretary of State, roy_petraeus, has fired all Foreign Service Officers in the State Department.
If you don't fund the State Department fully,. then I need to buy more ammunition. General James Mattis, U.S. Marine Cor…
"I am 1 of 130 3&4 star Generals who signed a letter saying for godsake do not cut the Aid & State Department budget" General Michael Hayden
Does Rex Tillerson spend his days inside a case in the State Department that reads,"In case of sanctions lifted on…
Veteran journalists who cover the State Department say they've never seen anything like this.
Trump leaves State Department out of Mexico meeting
Severe budget cuts, no deputy or senior staff, no traveling press-all give new meaning to State Department locale/nicknam…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
What? Crazy! Why would the State Department appoint Michael a senior aid to to be in charge of
The US State Department is the only organization the Russian’s. fear
State Department resumes press briefings after 6-week break
The state Department has promised to support Ukraine
Remember the state department warnings about Nigeria? Yeah, me too.
yet it's ok to use private server to conduct state department business? HRC was not even reprimanded.
Iraq dropped from revised travel ban partly for fight against IS: US State Department
Shaken up and set adrift in a new administration, the State Department confronts the possibility of radical change. https:/…
Never has the State Department been so abandoned. What's happening?
this is how ISIS obtained their weapons. Thur OUR STATE DEPARTMENT. We use to fight til death or
CIA Pro Tip "Help protect everyone's cover. Avoid using terms that could betray that people are not 'State Department' employees."
What we learned from the first State Department briefing - ABC News
DJT to cut state department budget & says travel ban is about safety. Does he not realize the state department helps with…
Rex Tillerson’s performance as Secretary of State is worrying the department
Is it me, or does it seem like Mattis and the Defense Department are doing more diplomatic trips than the state department?
General Mattis "if you don't fully fund the State Department I need to buy more Ammunition"
Fox News anchor said to land spokeswoman job at State Department
How it feels at the State Department under the Trump administration...
Cuts to State Department, TSA, Coast Guard and FEMA. To build a *** wall. Because *that'll* keep Americans safe...…
State Dept cites Tillerson's Bonn trip to prove he's engaged, ignoring his unprecedented skipping Munich next day.
U.S. says Iraq removed from travel ban partly for fight against Islamic State
State Department’s resumed briefing strives for normal
According to a US state department official, the UN will fundamentally challenge deterrence theory: https:/…
can we add global warming is happening, the EPA is important, and the State Department help prevent wars.
Visit to the United States State Department. Thank u 4 the work u r doing to eliminate Much appreciated
"Yan, Wang or Yang"? US state department struggling with name of China's foreign minister yesterday
i, hitlery, illegally took hard cash from state department as I steal corrupted funds from dnc
State Dept. pushes back against suggestion of diminished role in Trump admin, says Tillerson has been 'very engaged'
State Department struggles to make Trump's arbitrary ban list sound deliberate:
By law, the U.S. president can't spend more than $2,000 on a diplomatic gift, which can lead to awkward imbalances https:…
Press reports that Swiss ambassador joins Canada in calling for genuine federalism. State Department,
'meet me at checkpoint with a plain brown envelope': how a young diplomat leaked to Condi Rice in Bush I White House
Waiting for the 1st State Department briefing after 6 weeks of silence under Trump
State Department holds first briefing since January and covers a lot of key issues
3 years back my father expired.that time he was in state Government job in forest department. again Mumbai.
but 3 years back my father expired. He was in state gov't job in forest department in Lucknow . I got jo…
Over 120 retired generals have signed a letter opposing huge proposed cuts to the State Department
According to the US State Department, almost all African countries except Eritrea receive some form of US military assistanc…
Opinion | Tillerson pushes back on Trumps proposed cuts to State Department & USAID I'm hoping
Opinion | Tillerson pushes back on White House's proposed cuts to State Department and USAID via
"The seventh floor of the State Department looks like Fort Zinderneuf in 'Beau Geste'"
Mattis once said if State Department funding gets cut 'then I need to buy more ammunition' - Business Insider
Tran Kim Hien, Director General, State Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, on the usefulness of
Your state's voter ID law was struck down as discriminatory by 3 different courts
If Trump cuts foreign aid heavily it'll hamper tech innovation in development worldwide. Time to take over
Trump admin. looking to eliminate special envoy on anti-Semitism at State Department
Mattis, of Cent. Comd, told congress “If you cut State Department’s budget, then you need to buy me more bullets"
Trump prepares US for war $50bn more for💀Military, cutting same time Environment 👪 EPA firing 3.000
Trump administration is considering cuts to the State Department including the anti-Semitism envoy.
Indian Embassy in US issued a demarche to State Department on killing of an Indian engineer, calling for a speedy probe:US St…
"We do not and will not tolerate discrimination" New York Governor issues directive to protect transgender students. http…
President Trump is considering eliminating State Department staff assigned to combat anti-Semitism around the world.
⚡️ “Jon Huntsman in line to be second in command at State Department”.
Retired generals tell the White House to not make major budget cuts to the State Department https:…
Former ambassador to China and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in talks to be State Department’s No. 2
Cutting state department is a mistake and will weaken our national security
Almost all foreign policy think tanks & Eastern Europe/Asia NGO's are funded by the State Department. Squeaky bum t…
Plans for back-channel U.S.-North Korea talks scuttled after State Department withdrew visa for Pyongyang envoy
The Fulbright program, sponsored by the State Department, would seem directly at odds w/ the
Bản in : US State Department backs Quang Tri’s UXOs clearance efforts at
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
"in my opinion,must end tenure 4 federal workers,must purge the State Department"~
Exxon is in charge of the State Department & the Koch bros are in charge of the EPA. I'm sure this will end well.
Rex Tillerson implementing new State Department policy. 'Destroying Trump presidency' replaced by 'protecting the United S…
The deep state (as in State Department) already being drained. Watch RINOs squeal as their buds have to get real gigs
Calling on Jeff Sessions to convene a grand jury to investigate FBI, CIA, State Department, DOJ, and whoever else, to…
seanhannity If by the left you mean the NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, the DOJ, and the State Department, then ‘yes’ the...
No word yet on what is going to be done about the 6.5 trillion missing from the state department.
Trump immediately should clean house of Obama loyalists in State, FBI, CIA, and Justice Department! Big leaks happenin…
Food Department of State/UT Govt, shall make wide publicity to make the beneficiaries aware of the requirement of Aadhaar u…
Isn't that why you consult the State Department when consider making changes to foreign policy?
"Thoughtful dissent is not disloyalty but a patriotic duty"
reveal him to be almost a shadow secretary of state, operating outside the boundaries of the State Department or NSC https:…
How much money does the US give the again?
the White House, the Pentagon, the state department got hacked. server did not get hacked.
"the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011"
"The State Department has more than doubled the rate of refugees from Iraq, Syria in past week." Traitors.
Soros-infected State Department plays political games in Albania.
State Department refugee database vulnerable to hacking, watchdog found
Imagine hearing last year that the state of Utah, teen vogue, and a rogue parks department would be leading the resistance…
Feb 9, 1950...Senator Joseph McCarthy announces he has a list of 205 State Department employees who are Communist Party m…
TODT: Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the State Department of being filled with Communists (1950)
This day in history. Feb 9, 1950. US Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed he had evidence Communist Party members worked in the State Department
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