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State Department

The United States Department of State (often referred to as the State Department or DoS), is the United States federal executive department responsible for international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministries of other countries.

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According to the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), the State Department it is tru
The Putin use of Trump to gut the U.S. State Department wack the CIA as President Bannon deconstructs the US for Putin
! An Obituary of The New York Times: 'the CIA and State Department officials were invited to take part …
To test this: fire all State Department employees focused on Western Hemisphere (or reverse), and keep the others.
📷 Tillerson represents all that is wrong with hiring State Department with zero foreign policy...
We demand to know what our State Department is doing. We want an investigation into all the secrets
NYDFS steps up war of words with OCC over fintech charter plans: New York's State Department of…
on why Trump is wrong to slash State Department budget. Diplomacy as vital as defense New York Times http…
Secretary of State Kerry broke his thighbone in a bicycle accident, State Department says.
U.S. State Department lists the group as having been "under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany".
The CEO of the New America foundation and former State Department official on her new book about how networks ar...
BREAKING: Trump to reportedly eliminate funding for Meals on Wheels, housing assistance + massive cuts to public ed https:…
JUST IN: Trump to propose cutting State Department budget by up to 31 percent, foreign aid by 28 percent - congression…
State Department Correspondents' Association statement on Secretary Tillerson's trip to Asia:
strips food assistance from poor school kids, elderly & infirmed so he can play War w/our $$
"The EPA is the hardest-hit agency under Mr. Trump’s budget proposal: He wants to cut spending by nearly a third."
Trump's budget expected to include cuts of almost 1/3 to the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department
This would be an Unmitigated Disaster. We must --> Trump Budget Slashes EPA Funds by 31%
The State Department in Washington just released this important statement on the resolution on
The EPA is arguably the hardest-hit agency under Trump's budget and even greater than what the GOP envisioned
Report: Trump budget will slash the EPA, State Department, Amtrak, Meals on Wheels grants
Two weeks ago, an IJR reporter wrote a Tillerson puff piece. Today she's the only reporter on his plane in Asia.
I am sick to my stomach- Trump to completely eliminate program that funds Meals on Wheels- which feeds seniors.
Trump budget would eliminate program that funds Meals on Wheels, which provides food for the homebound, many elderly https:…
Trump cutting funding to Meals on Wheels, which delivers food to homebound, needy elderly
Visa's to the United States are not a right. And the State Department does not need to issue them at all
Trump's proposed budget would cut Environmental Protection Agency and State Department funding by about 30% each:
It's good the leader of the United States purged the State Department of Neocon…
NUSA Secretary of State, roy_petraeus, has fired all Foreign Service Officers in the State Department.
If you don't fund the State Department fully,. then I need to buy more ammunition. General James Mattis, U.S. Marine Cor…
Does Rex Tillerson spend his days inside a case in the State Department that reads,"In case of sanctions lifted on…
Little Giant Ladders
Veteran journalists who cover the State Department say they've never seen anything like this.
Trump leaves State Department out of Mexico meeting
Severe budget cuts, no deputy or senior staff, no traveling press-all give new meaning to State Department locale/nicknam…
What? Crazy! Why would the State Department appoint Michael a senior aid to to be in charge of
The US State Department is the only organization the Russian’s. fear
State Department resumes press briefings after 6-week break
The state Department has promised to support Ukraine
Remember the state department warnings about Nigeria? Yeah, me too.
yet it's ok to use private server to conduct state department business? HRC was not even reprimanded.
Iraq dropped from revised travel ban partly for fight against IS: US State Department
Shaken up and set adrift in a new administration, the State Department confronts the possibility of radical change. https:/…
Never has the State Department been so abandoned. What's happening?
this is how ISIS obtained their weapons. Thur OUR STATE DEPARTMENT. We use to fight til death or
CIA Pro Tip "Help protect everyone's cover. Avoid using terms that could betray that people are not 'State Department' employees."
What we learned from the first State Department briefing - ABC News
DJT to cut state department budget & says travel ban is about safety. Does he not realize the state department helps with…
Rex Tillerson’s performance as Secretary of State is worrying the department
Is it me, or does it seem like Mattis and the Defense Department are doing more diplomatic trips than the state department?
General Mattis "if you don't fully fund the State Department I need to buy more Ammunition"
Fox News anchor said to land spokeswoman job at State Department
How it feels at the State Department under the Trump administration...
Cuts to State Department, TSA, Coast Guard and FEMA. To build a *** wall. Because *that'll* keep Americans safe...…
State Dept cites Tillerson's Bonn trip to prove he's engaged, ignoring his unprecedented skipping Munich next day.
U.S. says Iraq removed from travel ban partly for fight against Islamic State
State Department’s resumed briefing strives for normal
According to a US state department official, the UN will fundamentally challenge deterrence theory: https:/…
can we add global warming is happening, the EPA is important, and the State Department help prevent wars.
Visit to the United States State Department. Thank u 4 the work u r doing to eliminate Much appreciated
"Yan, Wang or Yang"? US state department struggling with name of China's foreign minister yesterday
i, hitlery, illegally took hard cash from state department as I steal corrupted funds from dnc
State Dept. pushes back against suggestion of diminished role in Trump admin, says Tillerson has been 'very engaged'
State Department struggles to make Trump's arbitrary ban list sound deliberate:
By law, the U.S. president can't spend more than $2,000 on a diplomatic gift, which can lead to awkward imbalances https:…
Press reports that Swiss ambassador joins Canada in calling for genuine federalism. State Department,
'meet me at checkpoint with a plain brown envelope': how a young diplomat leaked to Condi Rice in Bush I White House
Waiting for the 1st State Department briefing after 6 weeks of silence under Trump
State Department holds first briefing since January and covers a lot of key issues
3 years back my father expired.that time he was in state Government job in forest department. again Mumbai.
but 3 years back my father expired. He was in state gov't job in forest department in Lucknow . I got jo…
Over 120 retired generals have signed a letter opposing huge proposed cuts to the State Department
According to the US State Department, almost all African countries except Eritrea receive some form of US military assistanc…
Opinion | Tillerson pushes back on Trumps proposed cuts to State Department & USAID I'm hoping
Opinion | Tillerson pushes back on White House's proposed cuts to State Department and USAID via
"The seventh floor of the State Department looks like Fort Zinderneuf in 'Beau Geste'"
Mattis once said if State Department funding gets cut 'then I need to buy more ammunition' - Business Insider
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Tran Kim Hien, Director General, State Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, on the usefulness of
Your state's voter ID law was struck down as discriminatory by 3 different courts
If Trump cuts foreign aid heavily it'll hamper tech innovation in development worldwide. Time to take over
Trump admin. looking to eliminate special envoy on anti-Semitism at State Department
Mattis, of Cent. Comd, told congress “If you cut State Department’s budget, then you need to buy me more bullets"
Trump prepares US for war $50bn more for💀Military, cutting same time Environment 👪 EPA firing 3.000
Trump administration is considering cuts to the State Department including the anti-Semitism envoy.
Indian Embassy in US issued a demarche to State Department on killing of an Indian engineer, calling for a speedy probe:US St…
"We do not and will not tolerate discrimination" New York Governor issues directive to protect transgender students. http…
President Trump is considering eliminating State Department staff assigned to combat anti-Semitism around the world.
⚡️ “Jon Huntsman in line to be second in command at State Department”.
Retired generals tell the White House to not make major budget cuts to the State Department https:…
Former ambassador to China and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in talks to be State Department’s No. 2
Cutting state department is a mistake and will weaken our national security
Almost all foreign policy think tanks & Eastern Europe/Asia NGO's are funded by the State Department. Squeaky bum t…
Plans for back-channel U.S.-North Korea talks scuttled after State Department withdrew visa for Pyongyang envoy
The Fulbright program, sponsored by the State Department, would seem directly at odds w/ the
Bản in : US State Department backs Quang Tri’s UXOs clearance efforts at
"in my opinion,must end tenure 4 federal workers,must purge the State Department"~
Exxon is in charge of the State Department & the Koch bros are in charge of the EPA. I'm sure this will end well.
Rex Tillerson implementing new State Department policy. 'Destroying Trump presidency' replaced by 'protecting the United S…
The deep state (as in State Department) already being drained. Watch RINOs squeal as their buds have to get real gigs
Calling on Jeff Sessions to convene a grand jury to investigate FBI, CIA, State Department, DOJ, and whoever else, to…
seanhannity If by the left you mean the NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, the DOJ, and the State Department, then ‘yes’ the...
No word yet on what is going to be done about the 6.5 trillion missing from the state department.
Trump immediately should clean house of Obama loyalists in State, FBI, CIA, and Justice Department! Big leaks happenin…
Food Department of State/UT Govt, shall make wide publicity to make the beneficiaries aware of the requirement of Aadhaar u…
Isn't that why you consult the State Department when consider making changes to foreign policy?
"Thoughtful dissent is not disloyalty but a patriotic duty"
reveal him to be almost a shadow secretary of state, operating outside the boundaries of the State Department or NSC https:…
How much money does the US give the again?
the White House, the Pentagon, the state department got hacked. server did not get hacked.
"the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011"
"The State Department has more than doubled the rate of refugees from Iraq, Syria in past week." Traitors.
Soros-infected State Department plays political games in Albania.
State Department refugee database vulnerable to hacking, watchdog found
Imagine hearing last year that the state of Utah, teen vogue, and a rogue parks department would be leading the resistance…
Feb 9, 1950...Senator Joseph McCarthy announces he has a list of 205 State Department employees who are Communist Party m…
TODT: Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the State Department of being filled with Communists (1950)
This day in history. Feb 9, 1950. US Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed he had evidence Communist Party members worked in the State Department
Oon this day in 1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy claims he has evidence of Communist Party members in the State Department.
1950 U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that the State Department was riddled with Communists…
Today in history: 1950 - US Senator Joseph McCarthy began an anti-communist crusade with allegations against the State Department.
Rand Paul: Do not let Elliott Abrams anywhere near the State Department
I am a big supporter of yours Mr. President but I agree with Rand Paul. No Neo-Cons in the State Department!
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Rand Paul urges Trump not to open State Department to neocons
.says "Do not let Elliot Abrams anywhere near the State Department."
Department of Homeland Security and State Department suspend Trump's Muslim ban
Somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 visas that were canceled are now valid again.
President Trump should go back to Washington and fire at least 25% of the State Department on Monday.
UPDATE: Dept. of Homeland Security has also suspended all actions to implement the travel ban order.
State Department reverses cancellation of visas after federal judge temporarily lifts travel ban; Trump lashes out
The So-called President is losing his control as the State Department & Homeland Security have disobeyed Trump now stopping…
State Department says it has un-revoked the 60k visas because of the Seattle court order
"Those individuals with visas that were not physically canceled may now travel," said the State Department
The State Department announced that the US spent over $9 billion on programs during final year.
"The State Department has reversed 60,000 visa revocations for those foreigners who were affected." That was quick.
I'm a man of my word. NSFW Enjoy before the state department pulls it down.
State Department reinstates visas of citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries after court blocks Trump's ban: https:/…
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel today at the U.S. Department of State.…
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State Department to reinstate visas; Homeland Security says it won't tell airlines to keep visa holders off planes. https:…
BREAKING: State Department reverses cancellation of visas that were provisionally revoked after Trump's travel ban
State Department reverses the cancellations of visas for foreigners after judge puts Trump's order on hold.
Homeland Security no longer directing airlines to prevent those affected by travel ban from boarding US-bound planes
Clinton shared classified names of intelligence agency employees with
The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department both suspended President Donald Trump's travel ban
State Department reverses visa ban, allows travellers with visas into U.S. - official...
BREAKING: State Department reverses visa cancellations for foreigners after judge puts hold on Trump executive order.
Americans and unnecessary.” Wisconsin: In defending Americans’ voting across the tone of State Department officials warned
2/2/17 Under pressure from State Department, Idaho and Oregon drop measures that would have banned land ownership...
The White House warned State Department officials that they should quit if they disagree with Trump's agenda
State Department dissent on refugees likely the largest in history. Proud of my former Foreign Service colleagues. http…
A State Department dissent cable is becoming one of the broadest protests by U.S. officials against their president
Professor Harold Koh, of Yale Law School and State Department fame, takes on the 11-day…
Rex Tillerson is already facing a revolt at the State Department over Trump's immigration order https…
what dirt does Trump have on u to make u vote in lockstep w Russian owned via
Rubio tells reporters that the state department told his staff they had been asked not to give Congress information on immi…
Operatives of the Department of State Services in Abuja, on Monday, interrogated the General Overseer of Omega...
I have a close friend at The State Department who says top management was purged by the new administration and there is a va…
State Department staff dissents from Trump's immigration order
Staffers at one DHS office wept when they arrived at work today to find an email detailing Trump's Muslim ban.
Deep introspection, Moderation and consensus decision making are the need of the hour
of control White House slap at dissenting diplomats sparks fear of reprisal
Rubio: "We reached out to State Department and we were told that the directive was that they were not to share any informat…
Hundreds of State Department officers are preparing to protest Trump's refugee ban
So far, Trump has battled with the CIA, the National Park Service, the State Department and the Justice Department. Did I…
As someone who is seriously considering joining the State Department, this is very disheartening.
The White House says it consulted with State Dept. for "many weeks" before issuing order; Dept. officials deny this
Trump's state department purge sparks worries of 'know-nothing approach' to foreign policy
Perhaps the values of State Department officials, diplomats, are inconsistent w/ the values of middle America that bro…
Turmoil at DHS and State Department – “There Are People Literally Crying in the Office Here”
State Dept. official: comments today show "zero understanding of the intent behind the dissent channel"
Turmoil at DHS and State Dept: "There are people literally crying in the office here" by
Trump administrations says dissenting government officials should 'get with the program, or go' https:…
.and I on how govt workers are responding to Trump's ban: "There are people literally crying in the office" https:/…
Clinton sent this email to one of her advisors. This email, among thousands of others, was released by State Department after c…
We obtained internal Trump communications on his
State Department staffers go rogue in dissent memo over Trump’s Muslim ban
Looks like its time for Trump to fire some folks who don't understand he is their boss at the State Department.
Muslim ban tearing apart exec branch. Career DHS officials are in tears and mood at State is "chaos and silence."
"Thousands of Iraqis fought alongside American troops or worked as translators with the U.S. military or State Department…
Why would someone with so little govnt experience bar military & intel from nat security council and threaten state dep…
Wow: says his staff was told by the State Department they've been ordered not to talk to Congress about Trump'…
Obama barnacles in State Department & Justice Department are going rogue & wreaking havoc. . Scrape them off.
Served in State Department for President George W. Bush -->
So, according to the State Department, Iranian-Canadians, Iraqi-Canadians, Syrian-Canadians cannot travel to the US now.
Albright should be denied any further pension or recognition form her time at the State Department .
This is... bad -> The entire State Department resigned this AM. Now the Border Patrol chief is resigning, too.
Benedict Arnold Trump will replace those people leaving the State Department with mindless sycophant drones.
Reports on climate change have disappeared from the State Department website
BREAKING: Patrick Kennedy and three top State Department officials fired by the President. Trump is draining that swamp. Bigly…
Hold any monies owed to those State Department people !!! And go further and penalize them too!
As May touches down - US State department's entire senior management team quits. Not quite business as usual for the 's…
It's a scary world out there, kiddies!
Four top State Department officials have resigned, according to
The entire senior staff at the State Department who have worked under both Republicans & Democrats have resigned.
Puzder hearing delayed, EPN cancels meeting, State Department senior staff resigns--and it's not even noon.
Trump in turmoil after entire senior management team of US State Department quit.
Calm down. Don't spread fake news. ⚡️ “State Department officials resign, but it's routine”.
The entire State Department senior management team, who served Republicans & Democrats, resigned because of Trump.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
REPORT: The ‘entire senior level’ of State Department mgmnt just resigned to avoid working for lunatic bigot Trump https:/…
working efficiently at the State Department
Entire senior mgmt team at US State Department resigns: Washington Post. 'Biggest (ever) simultaneous departure of instituti…
"Mass Resignation" at the State Department? 4 people? Lol. . This is more fake news. Kennedy was being replaced. 😂
State Department resignations.Why would you stay if the boss wants to take foreign policy in a direction you can't support?…
State Department’s senior management team resigns: report
Let's get this straight:. 1) Rex Tillerson visits State Department. 2) Immediate mass resignation of senior officials.…
Patrick Kennedy, Tori Nuland, and all of M (Kennedy's fiefdom) have resigned from the Department of State
People who've served in both Dem & Rep admins, entire senior staff of State Department. quit. .
Why Evan? Why did Obama attack every Muslim Leader who protects minorities & work with Saudi? Why Soros working with them? S…
that moment when your State Department quits and you can't hire replacements because of your federal hiring freeze
Peaceful transfer of power my *** > Senior staff resigns en masse from State Department
Senior State Department management officials aren't leaving in protest– they were fired, reports.
Meanwhile, on Earth 2, President Clinton's Secretary of State met uneventfully with the department's senior management to d…
The State Department's entire senior management, all career officers, have resigned. I know of others resigning too http…
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OMG: The entire senior team in the State Department has resigned. This is scary af.
US State Department's entire senior management team quits over Trump
The entire senior level of management at the State Department – many of whom have served under previous...
No big deal, just all the people who actually ran day-to-day operations in the State Department the last 20 yrs all quitti…
The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned - The Washington Post
This administration has put ALL of our lives at risk. When career professionals who have worked across party...
I'd like to see a total defection across all departments who will be impacted by Trumps extremely poor choices.
Fake news doesn't get that when 30 state department traitors resign, the majority of Americans go YAY!
US State Department's entire senior management team quits
President Trump's State Department to examine Obama's $221,000,000 transfer of OUR money to the Palestinian Authority…
Pat Kennedy is resigning from State Department. Starting to think it may be possible to get sick and tired of…
How about that Elliot Abrams? "Trump team narrowing search for State Department's No. 2 official"
State Department employee just described to me what he heard today about Trump's careful planning to bring in "the best pe…
The State Department said that they see no problem in the Trump administration contacts with the Ambassador of Rus… https:…
The State Department said the lack of an invitation for talks on Syria in Astana
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.reports on the "awkwardness" at the State Department over Syria peace talks in Astana
Several top State Department officials have no idea whether they’re supposed to stay in their jobs after Friday https:/…
I'm just gonna show up at the State Department on Monday and pretend I have a job there. We'll see what…
John Kerry leaves the State Department warning of challenges to the press and fact-gathering
After six years, today was my last day at the State Department. It has been a true honor and privilege. So thankful for th…
Blame your boy Obama4 not stopping all Hacking after USPS,WH, Coast Guard& many more before election.
Yet, he won't fly to Riyadh or Kabul because the State Department says "not to."
That is, indeed, one definition. This, from the State Department: (1/2)
We have decided to honour the DFO who earns the highest revenue for the Forest Department & the State with Chief Minis…
Nope, the SOS manages the Department of State, and almost 70 billion dollar agency. Her official duties as part of each...
Kerry gets roaring applause on his final day at the State Department
.asks staff in key posts at Pentagon and State Department to stay on
50 Obama's appointees stay on to run Pentagon, State Department and other key agencies
John Kerry leaves the State Department with a warning of the challenges to come
!"retain 50 essential State Department and national security officials currently working in the…
Imagine a state governer didnt know what Energy Department do. !
URGENT: We have evidence the Obama Admin manipulated the public video record of a press briefing abt its deal: https:…
Trump Asks Some 50 Senior Obama Appointees to Stay with only hours before taking oath NOT READY ON DAY ONE
U.S. Secretary of State delivers farewell and thanks State Department employees.
John Kerry made a surprise appearance in the State Department briefing room with a special guest: his dog Ben
File this one for a while: "Keystone XL pipeline would have little impact on climate change, State Department analysis says"
Continuing mystery of the State Department's document history for Iran 1951-54 - since Sept '16 scheduled for 2016;…
'It was potentially one of the largest breaches in security in the history of the State Department.'...
Big shout out to the State of Texas's licensing department who helped me celebrate my birthday with a notice that my SLP license is expiring
John Kerry Issues Apology for State Department’s LGBTQ Discrimination  follow and get the latest.
Well IRS deleted theirs, State department deleted theirs, Hillary deleted hers, she said 30,000 but it could have b…
How can the US STATE DEPARTMENT associate AMS with another organization
State Department today said that Revealing evidence of would be 'irresponsible'.
It can't be any more irresponsible than blindly throwing BS around and hoping it sticks.
Revealing evidence of hacking would be 'irresponsible' –
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State Department has no credibility. Remember Benghazi was caused by a video! Show me,
Kerry apologizes for State Department discrimination against LGBT employees
Revealing evidence of Russia's hacking would be 'irresponsible' – State Dept
Wow: John Kerry apologizes for State Department’s history of LGBTQ discrimination
US State Dept thinks the most responsible thing is to accuse Russia of crimes w/o showing any evidence whatsoever.
June-Oct 2010: Secret donations to a Clinton Foundation offshoot are given around the same time Clinton’s State Department…
"Believe us ... we're the The Lords of Information insist you don't need proof Russian hack is real. https:/…
State department apologizes for decades of anti-LGBT discrimination, dating back to the "Lavender Scare"
Kerry apologizes for past firings of *** U.S. State Department staff
US state department must be worried now
Rex Tillerson: The Scout we need at the
"The mass purge of *** staffers...was known as the 'Lavender Scare,' which coincided with the 'Red Scare'."
A new op-ed calls Rex Tillerson “the Scout we need at the State Department."
Hillary Clinton to speak Tuesday at new State Department museum bearing her name
Hillary Clinton will speak at ceremonial opening of a new exhibition bearing her name next week at State Department
Hillary Clinton to speak at State Department event on Tuesday, January 10
New post: Osama bin Laden’s son designated as a terrorist by State Department
James Rosen to State Department: Why'd it take nearly two years to arrest a Benghazi suspect who wasn't hiding?
.Upon entering the State Department, immediately began shipping paintings & lamps to her e…
Evidence has emerged that the U.S. State Department is tied to a child trafficking operation involving...
How Rex Tillerson can reassert State Department on world stage
The State Department is more concerned with Russian phishin' than Iranian fission.
Bernie we are not comfortable seeing Obama give 1.7 billion to fund terror countries, Hillary lose 6 billion from s…
There has been NOTHING revealed from her private server! That was the State Department server! Revisionist history again...
The Maryland State Department of Education offices will be closed on Jan. 2, for the New Year's holiday. We hope your…
exactly!! You are talking about Hillary's pay for play with the State Department right?
State Department to North Korea: Refrain from provocations via
Susan Collins: Oppose the appointment of Rex Tillerson to the State Department - Sign the Petition!
The HFA team asked me to resign after lodging an EEO complaint (race/gender discrim) against the State Department in case "we…
35 Russian diplomats ordered out by Obama depart US, state department says
Can't wait for you to leave the state department!!!
10/ It may be true the State Department revoked Snowden's passport on June 22nd, not when Snowden learned of it on the 2…
The State Department is "surprised" by backlash from the UK to Kerry's speech
A US citizen is reported among the injured in Sunday’s nightclub attack in Istanbul, State Department says.
He sold the Oval Office like Hillary did the State Department.
35 Russian diplomats ordered out by Obama depart U.S., state department says
US & EU high level officials admit to in refugee flows. EU: they enter daily, ISIS "spreadi…
35 Russian diplomats President Obama ordered out of the country have left the U.S., State Dept. says. http…
He needs to appoint Jed Clampett Secretary of Trap Avoidance. Ellis May to the State Department. She's a twizzle!!!
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