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Starting Pitcher

In baseball or softball, a starting pitcher (also referred to as the starter) is the pitcher who delivers the first pitch to the first batter of a game.

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Jake Arrieta in August: 6-0, 0.43 ERA. Last starting pitcher with 6 wins, ERA that low in calendar month. Jim Kaat, Sept…
sources tell the Marlins are converting OF Ichiro Suzuki to a starting pitcher.
I would also like to see a trade for a front line pitcher w/o giving up anyone on starting roster.
new Starting Pitcher Charlie Morton is live with us now.
Van Snider would be traded to the Reds for a minor league starting pitcher named Jeff Montgomery
one guy they should look to trade for us Wade Davis. One year 10 million premier closer. Could be had for a starting pitcher
Happy 33rd Birthday to starting pitcher, Matt Garza, and Happy 31st Birthday to infielder, Matt…
The Wicked Wizard of Cuba is dead! I heard the devil will make him a starting pitcher in ***
Mariano Rivera made more money than all but one starting pitcher in the history of baseball
Not exactly sure who but we definitely need a Starting Pitcher and a Closer.
is Mariners expected to look for a starting pitcher in free agency and trades before and during winter meetings?
since we have room for improvement. Do you think The Yanks will go after a Starting pitcher this offseason or do you see them
All I want is a Pirates starting pitcher other than Taillon that has good sequencing
So now that I'm warmed up I'm going to have my starting Pitcher throw some fast balls right down the middle and hop…
If you're starting a franchise and you have to take a pitcher plus his current contract who would you take?
think they go shopping for another starting pitcher or will they bet on Miranda and Karns to start?
I really do fear what happens, if i lose i'm going to angrily tout the starting pitcher match-up forever
need to add a starting pitcher this winter and it would be cool if it were Jason Hammel. He's from here.
Go Huskies!! And Jerry D is going to find another starting pitcher. M's win AL West and go to WS. Please--one before I die😎🙏
Look what you've done! My starting pitcher thinks he's a chicken!
Roseland little league days. District 4 champions. Made history back in '05. Starting pitcher…
A big Happy 29th Birthday to starting pitcher, Nate Karns!
[Fansided]41-year-old starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, who played three seasons for the New Yor…
How awesome is Shohei Otani? He won two Japanese baseball best positional player awards as both a starting pitcher…
Would you like to know my starting pitcher's pitches?
Is mariners can find a depth starting pitcher they will be a solid playoff team
Someone get the drumstick out of Brian Cashman's mouth and tell him to GET ME A STARTING PITCHER
actually played QB and was the 2nd starting pitcher behind Clayton Kershaw lol
Starting a movement to see if Seth Smith can justify his 7 million dollar contract as a pitcher.
Vikings D is like a good starting pitcher. Better get them early, because once they settle in, they're tough to score on.
All the Phillies need is one more starting pitcher and a big bat and they should be good to go.
A tie between every starting pitcher not named Santana.
Shortstop for starting pitcher. The Diamondback special.
wow ... Hmm, in definitely don't hate it. Don't like losing a starting pitcher but 1st impression this is a big win
Segura is awesome, but he's 26 and been traded twice; Walker is a 24-yr-old stud starting pitcher. God I love the Mariners.
Jack O'Loughlin, 16, to be youngest starting pitcher in history when he opens against
Great trade by Arizona. Young controllable Starting pitcher. *** they had to part with Segura & Haniger, but better for AZ long term.
true, but now you have to find a other major league quality starting pitcher, and who knew if Segura can play SS
MLB Rumors - Kansas City Royals Desperate to Trade for a Starting Pitcher
stumbled on this full-game telecast of Giants-Braves from 1983. Starting Pitcher for the Giants? Mike Krukow
When you're the starting pitcher on International Women's Day. 😎
Brewers (4-1-1) play the White Sox (3-1) today at 2:05, starting pitcher's are Anderson vs Danks
shame couldn't come to agreement with Davis as starting pitcher. O's really wanted him back as SP wouldn't pony up $$
TODAY:. Pirates at Phillies, 1:05. TV is PHI only (and MLBTV). Game IS on radio. Starting pitcher: Niese
Ladies and Gentlemen…. Your Starting Pitcher for this afternoon…
To Obama, a dissident is only as good as the next day's starting pitcher. Or something. .
So everyone knows.. Starting this thursday $10 for 12 wings, basket of fries, and a pitcher of beer. 2-4-1…
Rockies starter Jon Gray is developing a new breaking pitch this spring:
Ladies and gentlemen, your game 2 starting pitcher today
[FANTASY CPR]New York Yankees starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda has had a tough time of things th…
Exactly shes the starting pitcher for the Hoover huskies she's a savage
Bad news coming out of the MLB disciplinary office, Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman tested positive for HDMH
Coconino starting pitcher Jake Reed threw 6 2/3 innings, striking out 8 and giving out one walk and one earned run. Luke Nelson closed out.
From the shadows to the spotlight, here comes today's starting pitcher!
Gotta fix this headline to make it starting pitcher
I think the starting pitcher of the just followed me ⚾️
The Stallions play again at home tomorrow against South Georgia State College at 6 PM. Tristain Daugherty will be the starting pitcher 🐎⚾️
Former Bisons starting pitcher Marcus Stroman attempts to become Blue Jays ace.
Tyler Clifford's personal best garners SUNYAC attention for the starting pitcher!
Clemson righthander Alex Eubanks, product, named ACC Pitcher of the Week after relief win vs. Wofford, st…
Resigning Garcia this year was terrible for a starting pitcher who is a head case
Without looking, who can name the one All-Star homegrown starting pitcher since '91 for the Yankees, Rangers, Padres, Reds and Twins? GO!
Hahn feels good after long-awaited return: For A's starting pitcher Jesse Hahn, "it felt like it was two, three…
Since the '91 draft, The have just one homegrown starting pitcher to be an All-Star
The Yankees have produced just one homegrown All-Star starting pitcher since Andy Pettitte. Where does that rank?
But they couldnt sign a starting pitcher?.ight bet
have you heard who they plan to have as the 3rd starting pitcher for conference series? Demers and Bremer will be top 2
Just found out one of my good friends from Denver is the starting pitcher for Oregon 😅😄
The starting pitcher against y'all tomorrow
John Scott will be starting pitcher.
stluciemets starting pitcher Marcos Molina (29) follows through on a pitch in the fifth inning…
Met my favorite starting pitcher Taylor Jungmann today! 😍
Giants P Scott Mathieson practicing for a starting pitcher role in spring training, in case the need arises
Picked up Lance McCullers in my fantasy draft. Because a good starting pitcher is hard to find.…
Recently signed pitcher Bronson Arroyo will have to fight with a crowded group to crack Nationals' starting rotation
T3 | A three up three down inning for starting pitcher Collett! Game still tied 1-1. At the top of the batting order with Gibree up!
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Sorry for being away lately! Things are starting to settle down.
Yeah I like the starting pitcher tho too...tho he's a little old. He could pitch on Opening Day (although he won't)
We're starting the day off nicely. Waitress aggressively sets down water pitcher onto our table. Do we fill it ourselves??
[Bleacher Report]The New York Yankees one-two punch of Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Severino has…
[Bleacher Report]Rejoining him atop the rotation is Hisashi Iwakuma, who appeared ready to j…
Who should be the Orioles fifth starting pitcher for the 2016 season?
the future starting pitcher of the Blue Jays I guess.
a starting pitcher with a bloody chin certainly isn't average! One of the great moments
Is there one Cleveland starting pitcher that Rajai Davis is happy not to be facing this year? "All of them," Davis quipped.
But I don't think the have any realistic chance of actually signing a real starting pitcher
Breaking NBL news: snake starting Pitcher Nick malaniak has been caught with HGH
If you a pinch runner be a pinch runner don't try to be the starting pitcher
via trade I don't see anyone trading a starting pitcher and what do we have to offer other than Ozuna? And he's worth keeping!
Arizona deals from an area of depth and Milwaukee adds a solid starting pitcher to their rotation in Chase Anderson
Starting pitcher of game 3 Jordan Kron went 5 scoreless innings with 5 hits and 3 strikeouts.
Doug fister signing about starting pitcher depth
Five years of MLB-caliber starting pitcher is pretty valuable.
Colorado fans when the trade for a closer instead of a starting pitcher:.
Chase Anderson is exactly the type of pitcher you'd expect to be starting on a rebuilding team. Decent, cheaply controllable.
Starting pitcher performance late in games could be another.
As well as starting Bulldog pitcher Dakota Hudson. Two on the same campus.
Tribe should have tried to deal a starting pitcher for him. Not Kluber, but one of the others.
So if the Mets needed another starting pitcher before Wheeler comes back, who would it be?
being a starting pitcher for the Royals easiest gig in the bigs? Give me 5 solid innings, then watch the rest of the game
Apparently not a reference to the starting pitcher for the Braves in the early '90s. Need to up my pop culture game.
Nolasco wants to stay in the rotation. Intends to do all he can to win a spot this spring. "I've been a starting pitcher my whole career."
I doubt he could be considered much of starting pitcher, the past few years. Ricky needs to stop living in a fantasy world.
Ricky Nolasco on his role: "I've been a starting pitcher my whole career and I still consider myself that. That's what I want to stay."
Do you have a pregame routine as a pitcher? Check this out from
DYT the Os will acquire a starting pitcher and/or Outfielder?
Stephens is the starting pitcher in game 2. Horst catching.
So its okay if we trade Pillar for a starting pitcher then? Okay.
I remember when he won all of those games for them as a starting pitcher
The starting pitcher for game 2 is Cameron Peppiat
When the 3-Hole Hitter is also the Ace Pitcher and the starting shortstop
So stressful when your son is the starting pitcher!
Joseph Watson will be the starting pitcher in game two of the doubleheader 🐎⚾️
Starting Pitcher-> Ryan Dull -> Sean Doolittle can't lose.. buypass the dumpster fire every night and we'll never lose!
Chris Archer TB Rays should be AL All-star starting pitcher. He's a beast on the bump
Starting pitcher change for the Ems tonight. Instead of RHP Greyfer Eregua, RHP Adbert Alzolay will get the start.
with a huge contract. 1 starting pitcher on the decline isn't going to help anything. The bullpen is a joke!
Starting pitcher retires the side in order and gets pulled for inning 2.
Sorry Kelly, you're a starting pitcher who can't even go five innings. 💩
Guy from Virginia is lead off hitter and starting pitcher. pretty cool to see in the College World Series
Is being the starting pitcher and lead off batter in the CWS championship game good?
I'm starting to think pitcher Joe Kelly's promise that he'll win the AL Cy Young Award this year won't come to fruition.
"Love the game and appreciate the moments" Philip Pfeifer Vandy's starting pitcher. Couldn't say it better. Good story.
How many times does you see a starting pitcher that also is the leadoff hitter? Freshman Adam Haseley doing both tonight for
Starting pitcher for VA also leading off in Lead off single. No pressure! Big time!
Haseley reaches on a slow bouncer to 1B Wiel to lead off for Virginia. No rest for the starting pitcher.
has a freshman pitcher starting the game and also leading off? That's the swaggiest thing I've ever heard of!!
Love the college game! Adam Haseley is UVA's starting pitcher and lead off hitter tonight!
Leadoff hitter and starting pitcher Adam Haseley reaches on an infield single to start the bottom of the first.
Virginia's starting pitcher is hitting lead off.. Love it
And the Copperheads chase the starting pitcher Lunsford after a Pagano single! 1 man on, nobody out in the 6th!
Shout out to Adam Haseley starting pitcher tonight for Virginia in the CWS.
That reds pitcher is starting to look like me walking 5 in 3 innings 😂
UVA starting their CF at pitcher.. Bold strategy cotton, let's see how it works for them
Virginia's Adam Haseley is the first starting pitcher to also hit leadoff at the since AT LEAST 1983, likely much longer.
what a story for Vanderbilt starting pitcher
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Pescitelli shoots a single up the center of the diamond that hits starting pitcher Kyle Gauthier on the leg for an infield single
Same guy who said Buck "should be drug tested" for letting Ubaldo be a starting pitcher this year.
Chavez doesn't seem that highly valued by Oakland, and is never mentioned as a trade target, but he's a good starting pitcher.
There have been 209 games in 2015 where starting pitcher pitched less than 6 innings and allowed 0-2 runs. The have 25
Cards starting pitcher Carlos Martin has tossed 42 pitches already through three innings.
really need to get a REAL starting pitcher😒
Riley Ohl-RHP ('16 Marina) was our starting pitcher today and threw 4 great innings, topping out at 88 mph. He's 6'6/1…
I would be so disappointed if I had Pirate tickets and I find out Locke is starting pitcher.
Can anyone tell me why Jeff Locke is still a starting MLB pitcher
I wish there was an "Archer" somewhere in the Trop who could take out the Rays starting pitcher. Just a flesh wound would do.
Picks to click for todays game are star SS from CB Clarke and starting pitcher from BSN Sports
The Royals lineup gonna eat up the starting pitcher.
Joe Kelly desperate to prove that Porcello isn't the Red Sox worst starting pitcher...what a team mate
How is Joe Kelly still a starting pitcher
It's almost like Joe Kelly isn't a good starting pitcher.
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Reds are starting a rookie pitcher like 4x a week in seems.
Coming up from Omaha on at 6:48: looks to repeat, the heroes from game 1, and the comeback story of tonight's starting pitcher.
St. Lucie already up 4-0 in the 3rd and just knocked out the starting for pitcher already.
Tonight's starting pitcher, Adam Haseley, gets ready to take some swing during BP...
Let's go Wish I was at with Orioles at Red Sox has started. Starting Pitcher…
. Why is Jeff Locke still a starting pitcher?
Starting pitcher for the Suns, Jamin McCann (East Tennesse State), works around the single to Angelini and it heads to the 2nd
Starting pitcher for tonight already has one strikeout here in the B1.
Starting pitcher for today's game: who will be playing for for and Justin Sinbaldi for
so Starting pitcher is also there leadoff man. Wow!
CF & lead off hitter Adam Haseley is moonlighting as starting pitcher in the do or die game. 'Hoos ready for a Cinderella story?
WATCH: Get to know today's starting pitcher in this Firebirds Spotlight w/ Joe Ravert/
If your a numbers person B. Burns for OAK has great numbers overall and monster numbers against the starting pitcher tonight
Tonight’s Starting Pitcher Dereck Rodriguez was 2-2 in 17 starts with the E-Twins last season, his first as a starter.
Tonight's UVA starting pitcher will be... their center fielder and lead-off hitter?
Congrats again to our 2015 Midwest League All-Stars, starting pitcher Thomas Dorminy and outfielder Nick Torres!
Starting pitcher, freshman Adam Haseley and the "Hoos have arrived at TD Ameritrade Park.
Starting Pitcher and client Andrew Albers is 1-1 with a 0.74 ERA and 9 K's in his last two starts for
Kyle Lohse hammered again, 6 ER 6 IP, ERA up to 10.34, vet plummets in updated SP ranks:
Amir Mohammad and starting pitcher Troy Jones each drove in a run to lead Academy Charter to…
Not sure I've ever seen this before. Road starting pitcher still warming up in the top of the first.
starting pitcher for Loveland was actually Ayden Eberhardt not P. Cocke
Can I call to talk about how your Hi-A club’s starting pitcher was relieved by his identical twin brother tonight?
are worse given the expectations. The only starting pitcher who has lived up 2 expectations is Scherzer. & so many errors!
King Felix is a very good MLB starting pitcher
Fun fact: Felix Hernandez is the only starting pitcher on the Mariners. What an incredible, moneyball team
Pitcher Tanaka will begin to take an active part like the first half of last season starting with this. . Hope etc.
never mind. God *** this *** old AF and on he is our starting pitcher. My god lol. I thought he was younger.
Second straight night a Mets starting pitcher has not issued a walk.
Has any starting pitcher ever gotten their own day every time they pitch?
starting pitcher forecast for Sunday 4/19 is up! Good luck to all in and weekly leagues
Still haven't figured out why not a single Rockie starting pitcher can throw strikes consistently, why can't we teach that?!?!
Aaron Harang looks like the Phillies hired their hard hot dog vendor instead of a starting MLB pitcher
Big thanks to for the time yesterday. My feature on the right-hander found here:
Herrington, a former starting left handed pitcher for AC, was the winning pitcher for Coach Rainey's first career win.
Ned should've gotten tossed along with his starting pitcher.
7 wins in a row. 9-3. And apparently there is a really good pitcher starting for us tomorrow.
Bama brought the starting pitcher in for the 3rd time in the game. Botched a double play and lost
Rays are pulling their starting position players, but Yanks leaving in an injured pitcher? Holy crap, Batman.
Danny Salazar Ks 10 in 6 IP in return to rotation, rocket up updated SP ranks:
Taylor Garrison is trying to do something that not many have had success doing over the years. Find out what here:
Homer Bailey rusty in season debut: 5 R over 5.2 IP, velo close to where it should be; SP ranks:
Yusmeiro Petit headed to rotation w/ Peavy to DL? Grab in all formats, shoots up SP ranks:
In my head, I just saw that promotion on May 2 and called our starting pitcher Jacob deGrome.
Yordano Ventura ejected for HBP, suspension likely coming, not impressed by no compusure; SP ranks:
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Watching college softball.. Didn't realize you could take out your starting pitcher then bring them back in after a couple innings to pitch
Starting Pitcher Waiver Wire Streamers for Saturday and Sunday games by
Another stellar outing for a starting pitcher.
Do you see the making a trade for starting pitcher if the bottom three struggle?
Gubi says the hitters have a lot of frustration. How about the frustration from their starting pitcher tonight?
Starting pitcher for Monday's game! Swing by to watch the Fitchburg high JV baseball team @ Fitchburg high 10 am GO RAIDERS⚾️
Don’t talk baseball to me unless this is your starting pitcher.
Speaking of luck, I have Royals to win tonight and their starting pitcher Ventura gets booted for hitting Lawrie.
lose another starting pitcher to DL as Jake Peavy goes down with a lower back strain.
Tonight's starting pitcher getting loose with catcher
is this for staff or Ind starting pitcher ???
After dominating out of the bullpen, Garrison working to adjust to life as a starting pitcher | Rolling Thunder.
Maybe should go ahead and eject our starting pitcher now for the Aug 13th game against brown Trout and Angels.
Still early in the game and our starting pitcher gets himself ejected. Stupid.
Starting Pitcher 4IP, for Youngstown State in a combined 3-0 blanking of Kent State
according to you guys a few minutes ago, the stars beat the pirates last night. Who was Dallas' starting pitcher?
Here's your starting pitcher, telling you her story. "Believe in Yourself," by Katie Bunch
Exactly. Only starting pitcher from the opening day roster not to lose spot/get traded was Kluber.
Man, the would've won too, if only there wasn't that rule that you HAVE to take out your starting pitcher to let the relief play.
U-M Baseball: Redshirt sophomore RHP Cam Wysocki has worked his way into contention to be a starting pitcher. Fastball is up to 90 mph.
A starting pitcher was brought in to pitch the 9th inning with the closer in the bullpen ? Even the White Sox aren't that stupid
Lisalverto Bonilla starting pitcher for the Rangers
6'6 Starting pitcher. Born in DR raised in Bronx.
Ishikawa: first to hit a postseason WALKOFF HR in a game where his starting pitcher had more regular season HR (Bumgarner 4, Ishikawa 3)
and Michael Wacha being a non-factor as a big time starting pitcher.
[New Jersey Online]The Yankees hit it big with the last highly touted starting pitcher to ...
obviously he was our starting pitcher. C'mon I'm not stupid
I will never understand using a starting pitcher who hasn't pitched in 3 weeks as a reliever in the season's biggest inning. Unbelievable.
Cardinals off-season tasks: get a better bullpen, get one more good starting pitcher, & get someone with power in the middle of the order
Wachawarming up in the pen. Another great reference to a STARTING pitcher doing whatever it takes to win.
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If only there was another starting pitcher in the bullpen to relieve Miller...
Like the old saying goes, be careful using a starting pitcher out of the bullpen on 20 days rest.
Maybe the idea that new rules make it tougher on wild card teams, since they have to burn a starting pitcher in WC game, …
Keep those MiLBY votes coming for Tyler Glasnow for Starting Pitcher of the Year
Starting the day with a pitcher of coffee
This year has been an interesting one for the Jays and a frustrating one for me as a fan. Prolonged winning and losing streaks made it a roller coaster of a season. In the end they will likely finish a couple of games above .500 This season is particularly frustrating because it is one in which the Yankees and Red Sox both underperformed. Opportunities like that aren't going to come along very often. It is also frustrating because for most of the season the Jays were in the playoff hunt. They were 3.5 games back a few short weeks ago. I am not overly happy with their GM right now. The Jays started and finished the season with a hole at 2B. Goins is a defensive all-star, but I just don't know if any playoff bound MLB team can afford to start a player who can't hit. Secondly he didn't make any significant moves at the trade deadline. Other contenders were loading up. We picked up Valencia (who I actually like) but that was it. There were too many problems left unaddressed. I believe if he had ad ...
Starting Pitcher: This clip from Starting Pitcher by Amateur Straight Guys features a horny…
thats a good point but a starting pitcher can only influence about 25-30 games a year. Most pitchers only help their team win
Looks like Kershaw will finish w/ a 1.77 ERA. That's the lowest by any qualified MLB starting pitcher since Maddux(1.63) in '95
Bumgarner should've been starting pitcher. Disappointed in this game.
Kershaw is your NL MVP. These numbers are stupid. Can’t possibly have a better season as a starting pitcher in this day and age.
I feel blessed to have seen one of the greatest seasons ever for a starting pitcher. Thank you
Holmes: the Dodger's starting pitcher today at Papago.
Well agree to disagree. I don't think a starting pitcher participates enough. The worst MVP picks ever are relief pitchers.
Jeter guy. But best starting pitcher, that's a yes
A starting pitcher who only plays 1/5 games. I do
Clayton Kershaw will claim full ownership of being the best Starting Pitcher in the MLB in the Postseason. He's gonna rise and redeem.
Chicago White Sox announce starting pitcher Sale to meet with team trainers for a
Clayton Kershaw: Starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dod...
When your starting pitcher gets an RBI triple.
I have all the respect in the world respect for Greg Maddux. That's being said is the best starting pitcher I have ever seen
Clayton Kershaw: Starting pitcher for the Los Angeles D...
Seriously? You give an effing triple to the starting pitcher?
Braves are starting a relief pitcher tomorrow.consider the division lead down to 1.
Has there been a better starting pitcher in all MLB this season? Idk, idk
Alvarez fails his starting pitcher and allows all runs charged to Wieland.
Anyone who thinks a starting pitcher should never win the MVP is simple.
The only thing that would have made tonight's owning of the Rays by the better would have been if Archer was the starting pitcher.
Yeah, you could do that. I'm curious to see what a package involving him would get us. Hopefully a starting pitcher.
Love the rush of irrational anger when I remember that John Lackey is a starting pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals featured in NBC s Science of Love
Does my heart good to see our starting pitcher beat the cardinals offensively and defensively.
That double play represented the Giants' platonic ideal of a starting pitcher. They'd have all sinkerballers if they could.
Kershaw is the best starting pitcher of my generation (disregarding Roger Clemens)
Kershaw is the best starting pitcher in baseball. Might be the best of his generation
The only player with a chance, as it appears right now, to get a hit tonight was the starting pitcher last night.
if you agree that Kershaw is the greatest starting pitcher in the last 100 years.
Yes a Starting Pitcher only pitches once every 5 days. But on that day he's on the mound, he shuts down 9 opponents. Only position to do so.
Why would the Cubs pull they're starting pitcher he will not pitch again until next year.
Kyle Kendrick has now won 10 or more games in every season he's been a starting pitcher - Gonna be tough to see him go
I can't believe Kyle Kendrick has an opportunity to be the starting pitcher wins leader at 10-13...yawn
And tonight's starting pitcher for your Surprise Outlaws is. My boy!!! .
I heard was suspended for 3 weeks which, given the pace he writes articles, is like suspending a starting pitcher for 4 games.
Seattle finally gets a great game from a starting pitcher, and the offense lays an egg to end all hope really. Shame.
7 rookies in tonight's lineup (including starting pitcher) for the sox!. This is why I still watch the Red Sox!. Future is bright for the sox!
I don't believe we can call hangover with a coin flip starting pitcher.
worst pitcher on the team in my opinion, I have no idea why he is still starting in the rotation, Worley is 10 times better
This lineup should remain the line up every game that we face a right handed starting pitcher.
Of the 10 players on lineup card tonight (including starting pitcher), 7 are rookies.
Beautiful night f game 2 vs no heat required except for starting pitcher!
ATTN: KC Royals now accepting applications for a new starting pitcher after the release of Jason Vargas.
When Gibson hit the HR in the 1988 World Series he beat LaRussa's A's. The starting pitcher who didn't get the win was Dave S…
Cheap *** should give Hughes his $500,000 bonus. He was the only starting pitcher worth a *** and missed by 1/3 of an inning.
Watch: Rangers starting pitcher Colby Lewis wanted to stay in via
Need for your Playoffs? Check out Streamer picks for Week 25
Cancel signing the starting pitcher squirrel... I'm about to kill him.
baseball. I'm starting pitcher. The cubs are scouting me to be their ace next season.
An everyday player will play in over 150 games, a starting pitcher will be lucky to play in just over 30.
Acting like a starting pitcher works as much as an everyday player based on plate appearances vs. number of batters faced... (1/2)
A starting pitcher's impact is so much greater than a position player in any given game that over the... 1/2
Than any hitter. It just sounds stupid, a position player makes a difference in 150+ games! a starting pitcher maybe 32... 1 of ?
starting pitcher for Game 2 today against 18U Mississippi Rage at East Central CC.
Regardless,a starting pitcher only plays in 20% of his teams' games. Clayton surely best pitcher. Not MVP.
Clayton Kershaw: Starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodger...
Even if Eduardo Rodriguez turns into a solid starting pitcher, I love watching Andrew miller DEAL
How in the wide world of sports did Andrew Miller not work out as a starting pitcher
My starting pitcher MVP stance is shifting.
If don't sign Ervin Santana in the offseason, he becomes a free agent i think. I'd love the to get him. Good Starting pitcher.
I created Nic Cage as a starting pitcher and put him on the Nationals. 😂😂😂
S/O to for the follow! A heck of a starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves!
Dear please announce your starting pitcher for Tuesday & Wednesday so my friend doesn't have an aneurism.
Hale isn't a relief pitcher. Let's stop trying to make him one. Though the W/L doesn't show it he was a better asset starting.
If the Indians went out and got a right hand bat and a starting pitcher, we would have had at least ten more wins & be in first
Time for some on within 2. Minutes starting pitcher gonna be now being delayed !
Ugh we are talking about today's starting pitcher, Jack Jack Jack. Please stay on topic.
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