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Starfish Prime

Starfish Prime was a high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States of America on July 9, 1962, a joint effort of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and the Defense Atomic Support Agency (which became the Defense Nuclear Agency in 1971).

United States Pacific Ocean Atomic Energy Commission Van Allen

This is way too specific not to be a personal anecdote. RIP Jay, nutted down by a starfish in his prime.
I’m now starting to believe that no Prime Minister is better than a bad Prime Minister.
The USA set off a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific in 1962 (Starfish Prime), and much of the Marshall Islands remains r…
Starfish Prime led to thinking how do we peacefully use space?
In my dream I was our prime-minister's sidekick. He was funny, went places & I could just sit next to him and doodle ☺ I love my imagination
Of course now I have to google OPERATION STARFISH PRIME, in all caps.
Like said above the worst possible scenario is a Starfish Prime situation,…
Doubtful but I believe increasingly plausible. Similar to the StarFish Prime test, only…
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Being upset with someone for being upset with you makes absolutely no sense 🤙
Something that makes me sad is knowing that my little siblings will never know the ivory kites/starfish prime rivalry
Do you ever spend your Saturdays giving yourself anxiety attacks because you keep telling yourself your friends don't l…
It's only weird if you make eye contact 🤙
Starfish Prime was a nuclear test performed by the US in 1962, detonating a 1.4 megaton weapon at 250 mile (400 km) altitude.
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"Fresh Starsprouts" by Jaya Prime. Spectral Reversion, Pt 24 of 45. Suit of Peridot, Pt 3 of 3.
Check out Jim Stone for some good conspiracy theories. I learned what "Starfish Prime" means from it.
You can do ANYTHING you want with your life. Just as long as you don't intentionally hurt people. 💯
My prime membership came out before I could stop it so I may be tempted later 😬😬
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*** boy where to start...a nuclear warhead does not need to impact Earth in order to be effective, Starfish Prime is…
55 years ago this week: Starfish Prime is detonated at 250 miles in altitude over the Pacific.…
I'm drinking 40's with ashley, eric, and rheanna and I think this is what the definition of true friendship is
Saying all sins are equal is like saying all workouts are equal. Pretty sure those 30 pushups don't compare to 60 mn of weight training 💪😂
1962: Dominic Starfish-Prime is detonated 248 miles above Johnston Island with a yield of 1.45 megatons.
in 1982 was released. A cult classic flick. Tonight on Tron & Starfish Prime…
Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the 1.45Mt Starfish Prime test as seen ~1,000 mi away in Honol…
The electromagnetic pulse from the Starfish Prime test knocked out streetlights in Honolulu, hundreds of miles away. h…
The U.S. conducts the Starfish Prime exoatmospheric nuclear test. Here's what it looked like from…
It was 55 years ago today when America carried out Starfish Prime.
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[July 9, 1962] 1.4 megaton Starfish Prime test in Pacific knocked out power in Honolulu, wrecked orbiting satellit…
55 years ago tonight, the 1.45Mt Starfish Prime nuclear test 250mi above Johnston Island turned night to day in Hawaii a…
1962: Starfish Prime tests the effects of a nuclear test at orbital altitudes.
TIL: The Starfish Prime nuclear test produced an artificial Van Allen belt that crippled 1/3 of LEO satellites.
Even rank amateur like myself knows about Starfish Prime…
Unthinkable Straight-up Launch Unstoppable. for StarFish Prime scale EMP over PyongYang. NORKs bunker down while refu…
I'm basing my assumptions on my proximity, what I know about Starfish Prime and how hard .…
The Starfish Prime electromagnetic pulse [caused] electrical damage in Hawaii, about (cont)
Interesting one. That was the 1st British satellite, and it was also destroyed by the Starfish Prime nuke
It became a casualty to the enhanced radiation environment created from the Starfish Prime nuclear detonation.
Radiation belts from Starfish Prime knocked out 1/3 of all the existing satellites in 1962...including TELSTAR and Ariel I (UK's 1st Sat).
Starfish Prime detonated around the same altitude as ISS. . Today, this would do irreparable non-EMP-related damag…
Almost half way through Vector Prime. Enjoying it so far! Not so sure about the weird body horror monster men who use starfish for faces tho
How Starfish Prime worried the planners | via & by
The link goes to the Wikipedia page for Starfish Prime - a fascinating and unsettling read.
I'm sorry, the prime minister is not taking questions at this time
The nuclear aurora caused by Starfish Prime was actually really beautiful, despite how potentially catastrophic it could've been.
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when you read about Starfish Prime just be sure to factor in the disinformation rampant at the time
Starfish Prime is a really weird code name
On July 9, 1962 Ariel 1 and other satellites was damaged (some destroyed) by a Starfish Prime high altitude nuclear test
Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results..
A recent study showed that the more selfies you share on social media, the less likeable you become.
The ZOG launched nukes at the dome in the 60s. LOOK IT UP PEOPLE! Starfish Prime was a FAILURE. GOD WILL NOT ALLOW US TO LEAVE.
I'm in the mood to blow someone's mind away
Your heart knows things that your mind can't understand
This must explain why I can't sleep
Go watch Holographic Disclosure 14 on youtube and feel your mind explode
The circle of life. have I reached my starfish prime? Have I felt true lemon hope- lemon used as a slang word for 'crap'
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Thanks for signing my license at today:) better not catch any of you guys at my house
I wonder a lot if the people I'm talking to are laughing as hard as I am right now
Everyone acts like time is running out and they need to rush to find love. There is so much more to life than that, it will c…
Am I the only one going to Warped Tour?
yo dawg I already do that just minus a shirt
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.Starfish Prime by T.S. O'Neil . MARSOC jumps into the VZ jungle to stop an EMP ICBM. More initials to follow
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This video confirms the "core premise" for my screenplay "STARFISH PRIME", or how the US created the OZONE HOLE in 1972! Ian
I don't feel the need to block anyone or make anything private because I have nothing to hide and I'm not 5
If someone says something to you that you don't like, the logical answer is to block them on every social media network
it's not your business or place to talk about any of those people or how they live life. Don't like it, don't talk about it.
Do you even LIFT? Trust me girls cardio alone will not give you the results you are after
Sit on my face and tell me that you love me
Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nob…
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A true friend who understands your troubles is more valuable than a hundred friends who only show up for your smiles.
Check out a new video about Starfish Prime.
I have no gas, no cigarettes, no food, no internet, no laptop, no dvd player, no tv, no money, and no hope that things will ever change.
Worst way to come out to your parents
Sometimes we need to stop writing words we hope they'll hear when the don't even care enough to listen.
Rolled my own cigarette with joint papers. I hope everyone thinks I'm getting stoned in public
Finally, I'm employed! And it's so not selling hair straighteners at the mall.
And if the US felt that dropping nuclear bombs on land wasn't enough, they did it in air. Look up Starfish Prime. Murican genius aka idiocy!
Gonna drink swim in the ocean holla
1962: Telstar, the first communications satellite, is launched, but is soon damaged by radiation from Starfish Prime.
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Help the Prime Minister see stars this summer
when they exploded nuclear bombs in near space under Operation Starfish Prime.
The starfish is the only animal that can turn its stomach inside out.
Today:50th Anniv of nuke that shook the world : (map)
Check out Dimitri Stal, a new villain introduced in Starfish Prime. He gives Sally Boots a run for his money
Starfish Prime "caused widespread auroras throughout the Pacific area, lasting in some cases as long as 15 minutes" (NY Times, 10 July 1962)
7/9/1962: Starfish Prime hydrogen bomb exploded in space to see effects on Van Allen belts.
1962-A nuclear weapon was detonated in space over the Pacific during Starfish Prime:
On this day in history - July 9th, 1962 - Starfish Prime detonates above Johnston Island. Read more here -->
1962 – The Starfish Prime high-altitude nuclear test is conducted by the United States.
Today in 1962 the 'Starfish Prime' high-altitude nuclear test was conducted by the United States
Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social, they just have no tolerance for drama and fake peopl…
Sometimes when people complain about girls who model I always think it's mildly directed at me
Every girl that's ever been photographed by someone considers themselves a model and it bothers me.
I can't poop at friend's houses because I feel like it's rude
I really sold my laptop for rent money
Starfish Prime was a high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States of America on July 9, 196
Those situations where no matter what I do someone is always going to be mad at me -_-
Friday, December 13, 2013 - 7:30pmLocation: Kirk Avenue, 22 Kirk Avenue, SW, Roanoke, VA 24011Starfish Prime is a group of young musicians from Roanoke, Virginia who began playing together as friends sharing a common love for music. Soon after their beginning in 2010, they chose their name as a refe...
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Ten more days and then I get to see Grant!!
I can't give you the world but I'll try my hardest to give you the next best thing
Cigarettes on cigarettes my momma think I stank
It's moments like these when I wonder how girls are able to starve themselves on purpose. But then I remember.
It *** that I can't afford to feed myself everyday
We all hate those moments right before we sleep when we are forced to think about all the things we tried so hard to forget.
I was getting better, then out of nowhere, everything went downhill again. I don't know what happened.
I Miss You by Incubus is very relevant right now
Was supposed to get off work at 9. Guess who hasn't left yet
yeah you're right. But nobody can know
If people knew what me and used do/talk about together we would be separated immediately and thrown in the mental hospital.
"guys look at what I found your hands
hey I found a decent one of us. I think its from the day before you left :(
"was that from kyles house when you guys showered together" SURE WAS
Tyler come over tonight and get drunk with me and a bunch of dudes
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that night was so fun. Let's take shots off each other's *** next time
after lol it was directly after I took all those shots after me and Kyle had that talk in the garage haaa
"hey I miss you was this before or after we got drunk
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You're a god damned liar if you tell me you don't pick your nose
This drive home is gonna take forever and I have to poop. Great
If I could run errands in my underwear I totally would but apparently that's frowned upon by society. You guys suck
Things I'm good at: sleeping, always being late, doing illegal things
I wish I could be affectionate towards people but its so haaarrrd
Comment on Pacific Starfish die-off: Prime food is clams/mollusks w. filter hundreds of gallons/day; what great Nuke product in NEW? Cs137 ?
If someone doesn't explain this starfish prime nonsense to me I'm going to butt rape you guys
The United States call this starfish prime emp
"And if he loses his teeth, I lose my pants!"
Actual names of bands at this year's Hot Tuna Acoustic, Starfish Prime, The Last Bison, Trampled by Turtles, P…
samm is calling her mom to break the news shes no longer a D shes a B xD
samm just went half way out my window during an accident screaming "its okay im an EMT do you need my help!"
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I hate how you're just born out of nowhere, forced to go to school and get an education so you can get a job. What if I…
does it have to be cardio day?? I dont feel like running 3 miles and turning into the 7 seas
Did some recording and a little video @ starfish prime studios last night with Bill Cassidy
That song reminds me of like any boy I've ever come in contact with.
Grow A Pear by Kesha reminds me of someone I know
in a circle outside and were singing along to The Great Estates
I just got a text from a random number that says i love you baby goodnight. Ummm
178 minutes left of work. I hope has wine waiting for me when I get done
Yesterday I was driving our boat to the haul out yard, because we are selling her, and wanted to paint the bottom. My friend Brenda and I were in a Fort Lauderdale canal that was narrow, shallow, and had really brown water. All of a sudden, the boat shook and I lost propulsion. After some confusion, turning in circles, with boats on both sides really close, I dropped anchor, and the wind and current spun us so we were pointing strait down the little canal. No mask; I had to dive in. I could see nothing. I took a huge breath of air and searched for the propeller by brail. There was a HUGE comforter wrapped around it's moveable blades, and our keel rested in slimy mud. The only solution I could come up with was to get a knife and cut it out. I spent forty five minutes holding my breath, gasping for air, seeing nothing, cutting the thick blanket out. When I got out of the water, my eyes were blurry, everything in a fog. I rinsed my eyes, ears, and mouth, and snorted water. Two draw bridges late ...
Don't drop your arms, i'll guide your heart with quiet words i'll lead you in
My hair is at that awkward growing stage
I like to include other people as much as I can because I hate feeling left out.
I turn into miley cyrus. bet no one knew that either
When I walk into the gym or take a run, beast mode gets turned on immediately!
Why put something off until tomorrow when you can do it today?
I dont understand why people feel the need to say theyre single, no one cares
Acknowledging that you are human just like everyone else will make it easier to express what is in your heart.
It's kind of sad to think someone's world is falling apart right now.
Babysitting and then it's one of the show nights for the little mermaid. Maybe afterward?
This is the longest and I have gone without seeing each other in the past week and a half and I don't like it.
I really hope "thirsty" stops being used as a derogatory adjective to describe someone who's horny.
I haven't had a day this bad in literally months. Lol.
Roses are red, . violets are blue. . Faces like yours belong in the zoo, . don't be mad I'll be there too, . not in the cag…
You cannot evolve unless you are willing to change, you will never better yourself, if you always cling to what was.
As long as I have a face, you'll have a place to sit.
So excited. My future is starting to look brighter every day.
Oh god, I'm nerding out over Starfish Prime.
This is why I run at 5 in the morning. I won't die because of heat.
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When she tries to run from her house to booster to my house in 85 degree weather..
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Alert..!!Alert..!!.PSI was 371st 1pm n getting higher prime minister is giving speech at 3 pm
"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" - Ronald Reagan
Five is the only prime number to end in the digit 5. It is in the Fibonacci sequence, as well as a Pell number and a Markov number. It is the atomic number of boron and the number of appendages on most starfish. The most destructive hurricanes rate as Category 5. The Olympic Games have five interlocked rings as their symbol. Finally, it was Joe DiMaggio's number. Stay tuned for whatever I can think of for 4.
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Well... Its not often I'm speechless... But I'm not sure whether that was actually a crock of crap. Or perhaps it was merely average. Man of Steel; more like Man of Plastic.
Oh, Bowser going from a 5 foot nothing to a 7 foot tall beast to a 20 foot tall monster, then being sized down to 6 feet for Smash Bros, that's alright. But Ridley going from the same height as Samus to being 2 feet taller than her to being 15 feet tall, we can't size him down for Smash Bros? Making Ridley playable character size is blasphemy, but constantly resizing Bowser is A-Okay? What? :\
We're doing the walk & letter campaign in support of 'OUR DREAMS MATTER TOO' walk on June 11th after school at White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville. We will walk with our good friend Wes Prankard, founder of Norther Starfish. We will walk with students to give First Nations children the same chance to grow up safely at home, get a good education, be healthy and be proud of their cultures. So far we have close to 100 letters signed for Prime Minister Harper. Please share, please help us and mail/ email a letter to show your support to First Nation children. Emma Julia
What is it? HAARP? Operation Argus/Starfish Prime remnants? The Christifilos Effect at play? Third radiation belt can wrap around Earth, probes reveal http:/...
THEY WON! THEY WON! The East Valley's only representative in the finals of the Honeywell/Fiesta Bowl Aerospace Challenge won first place!!! Congratulations to Chandler's "Starfish Prime" team from Basha Accelerated Middle School. Here's the press release: "Starfish Prime" from Accelerated Middle School as won the 14th Annual Honeywell Fiesta Bowl Aerospace Challenge presented by US Airways and Mayo Clinic final competition. The competition was held on Saturday, February 23 at the Challenger Space Center Arizona in Peoria. More than 900 students from 40 schools across Arizona participated in the preliminary competition held February 4-6. Out of the 199 teams that participated, six teams advanced to the finals. The final competition started with each team presenting its project to Honeywell judges. The winning team was announced at the end of judging. There was also a special presentation by NASA astronauts. As the winners of the Aerospace Challenge, "Starfish Prime" will travel to Houston, Texas for a VIP ...
Cover photograph: The artificial aurora created by the high altitude nuclear weapon test named “Starfish Prime”. Part of the Operation Fishbowl test series, Starfish Prime was detonated 400 kilometers above Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean. The test took place on 9 July 1962. Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory Donald M. Kerr Gallery. Used with permission with thanks. Reviews. “The information is superb and very understandable for someone with minimal physics / medical background – and excellent referencing. It is a fine reference and resource work -and your bringing together the early nuclear medicine research and subsequent knowledge of this within the atomic bomb project is a first.” – Dr. David Palmer, American Studies, Flinders University of South Australia. “Langley provides detailed historical documentation of how medical investigation of ionizing radiation conducted before the war was appropriated for wartime purposes. His careful analysis demonstrates that Manhattan project p ...
On July 9, 1962, the Atomic Energy Commission detonated a 1.4-megaton Hydrogen Bomb, known as the Starfish Prime, over the Pacific Ocean, at an altitude of 250 miles, about 900 miles southwest of Hawaii. The device was at least 70 times more powerful than the bomb detonated over Hiroshima in 1945. Although the resulting EMP shorted out streetlights in Oahu, it left the electronic grid intact. While smaller nuclear devices could possibly cause localized EMP damage, rogue nations or terrorists intent on creating an EMP large enough to effect the entire continent of North America, with a high-altitude nuclear blast would require a weapon larger than the Starfish Prime and a missile large enough to take it at least 25 miles high. If a nation were to initiate such a launch, it would result in massive nuclear retaliation from America’s current stockpile of 5,000 warheads, many of which are aboard submarines and far away from the EMP effects that would be produced by the blast. Even if that rogue nation su ...
Everyone has a G spot... It's called the God spot and its in your heart
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You do realise we sent up and exploded a nuclear bomb in space to see what would happen??
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Q: What do you call five Mexicans on the bottom of a pool? A: Sinko
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Video of 1962 Nuclear bomb Starfish Prime exploding in space. Wait, What?
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First Images of Starfish Prime, JFK’s 1962 Outer Space Nuclear Test Honolulu experiences the first EMP blast:
Footage of a 1.45 Megaton nuke exploding in space in the 50's. via HowStuffWorks
The government just declassified the filming of a nuclear bomb blowing space. An explosion can be seen @ 15:25. http:/ ...
We know what kind of damage a nuclear bomb can do on Earth—but what about space? Back in the '60s, nuclear testers decided to find out for themselves what a nuke could do hundreds of miles above the Earth, and 50 years later we finally get to see the awesome declassified footage.
A nuclear bomb was tested in space in 1962...and there's a video of it
The resulting nuclear explosion in space, reports Discover Magazine, was a pulse of energy so strong it affected electrical circuits, power lines, and streetlights in Hawaii, nearly 600 miles away.
Starfish Prime is my favorite nuclear device. According to 2nd amendment, I'm allowed to lunch it above my property of half acre, which is ample, into space and detonate it around 250 miles with overall yield of 1.4 megaton of TNT for self defense.
Starfish Prime - Back To School at Kirk Avenue! starts in just under 3 hours. Doors at 7, $5. Come down to kirk for a big rock show!
"50 years ago today, the US detonated a nuclear weapon 240 miles above the Pacific Ocean. Called Starfish Prime, it was supposed to help US scientists and the military understand how the Soviets might try to stop incoming nuclear missiles. What it actually did was blow out hundreds of streetlights in Hawaii 900 miles away, damage a half dozen satellites, and create artificial aurorae and intense radiation zones above the Earth. It taught the world what an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) was, and what the effects might be from a powerful solar flare, a nearby supernova, or a gamma-ray burst."
On the night of 9 July 1962 a number of beach front hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii where throwing “rainbow bomb” parties; gathering skygazers to the roofto
50 Years ago - today .Starfish Prime: It's wot damaged the first relay satellite, Telsta...
One more, on this 50th anniversary of Starfish Prime: the great nanostory Silly *** by Isaac Asimov:
Today is the 50th anniversary of the Starfish Prime nuclear test. Here's some footage
50 years ago today, the Starfish Prime nuke detonation rattled Hawaii & shocked the *** out of scientists:
Today is 50th annvrsry of the US's explosion of Starfish Prime, the nuke that terrified scientists & shook the world:
1962-The US performs a nuclear test in space over the S. Pacific known as Starfish Prime:
Today in History- 1962- Starfish Prime took place. Nuclear warhead test 1776- Col. John Nixon gave the 1st public reading of the Declaration of Independence in Philly. He was then pounded by snowballs, such a Philly thing to do. 1889- the WSJ began printing 1972- Jane Fonda became "Hanoi Jane" by visiting the Viet Kong" during the Vietnam War
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starfish prime project of the US, if they detonated a nuke bomb high in space itll have a wider coverage of EMP damage
Album information: The Architect wants to know...
Artist biography, albums and mp3s of: Starfish Prime
Gee, lets nuke the thermosphere and see what will happen
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