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Star Wars

Star Wars is an American epic space opera film series created by George Lucas.

Rogue One Old Republic Star Trek Luke Skywalker Darth Vadar Han Solo Carrie Fisher Harry Potter George Lucas Indiana Jones Gareth Edwards Lando Calrissian Daisy Ridley Star Wars Land Clone Wars Harrison Ford Natalie Portman

William Shatner can't stop trolling Star Wars fans -
I liked a video from Binary Sunset (The Force Theme) - Star Wars [Piano Tutorial]
Ewan McGregor once again expresses interest in Star Wars return as Obi-Wan Kenobi...
1 of THE best Star Wars moments.Ben being the protector watching over Luke,Beru,Twin Suns…
Woody Harrelson on the young Han Solo spinoff: "I really feel like we’re gonna make the best ['Star Wars'] movie."
The start of a new Star Wars adventure - and now the biggest question, the dark or the light side?
Commander of Task Force 99. I serve Lord Vader directly. . • Experienced in RP. • Vast knowledge of the Star Wars uni…
Here's this weekend's edition of The Week in Star Wars...
'Star Wars': Mark Hamill shares 'perhaps the very first' Luke Skywalker picture
Do you ever notice that whether a Star Wars character wants to open, close, lock, or unlock a door, shooting the control panel always works
tbh the original trilogy is more like Star Guerrilla Warfare while the sequel trilogy is the Star Wars...
I don’t but was thinking of doing something besides Halo and Star Wars since they are on either side.
it's a Star Wars rip off starting David hasslehoff as Princess Han Skywalker and steals exactly everything incidental -
9 sci-fi novels to read while waiting for Star Wars and Star Trek
I've been giving u props Star Wars: Rebels all this season, but I think u messed up tonight
Man, Star Wars: Rebels is really messing with my emotions.
I have mixed feelings for today's episode of "Star Wars: Rebels."
And I didn't even turn on Star Wars rebels. Going to wait til after the fight. Obi Wan vs Darth Maul again. 🙏🏾
I hope when Star Wars does an Obi-Wan movie. That they Retcon the rebels episode and give us a live action rematch betwee…
I grew up with Star Wars. I mean saw the original in a theater when I was 7. And I gotta say.Rogue One.Best of them all. Seriously.
Phil Brown played Uncle Owen in Star Wars, by all accounts 😂😂
I walk around with all Star Wars related clothing on 24/7. I'm used to people looking at me weird.
Know a Star Wars fan?. I'm giving this print to a follower at 11pm. To enter;. - RT. - Follow me. Nice one 👍
Did you know that all 7 Star Wars films were made in the UK?
'Star Wars' Artists Fight for the Rebellion at 'Star Wars' ... -
I added a few details to that Star Wars inspired cantina I was working on... I'm having too much fun with this build
My cousin admitted to never having seen any Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movies, what kind of life is that?
pfft I'm doing the Star Wars theme as I make Tie fighter noises while flying the garbage out. Pew pew!
Check out the new arrivals from Bandai!. For you Star Wars fans, we have the Snow Speeder, X-Wing, TIE Fighter,...
Best bar scene in a movie: the Cantina scene from Star Wars
Disney gives first look at Star Wars Land construction.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Indys2 hat from Indiana Jones films and Darth Vaders helmet from Star Wars films
Get caught up on all the latest Star Wars action figure collecting news with Jake and Criz Bee. The latest...
Trying not to be offended by fact that my husband started humming the cantina song from Star Wars when he came home to me and kids tonight.🤔
I guess a Star Wars cantina band is better than an orgy.
You should have seen Los Alamos during the Star Wars scam. Real estate, not cars.
If you need a host or panelist for WonderCon, hit me up! Comics, superheroes, Star Wars, *** stuff - whatever, I'm there.
Things Trump supporters have boycotted:. A Star Wars movie. Starbucks. McDonalds. Nordstrom. And now, an entire state. Lol.
People who hate the Ewoks for being "childish" are acting like even bigger children. Star Wars has never been an adult franchise man babies
Polite and friendly, yet firm reminder that Star Wars beat Star Trek way back in the 70's and 80's too, hun.
"We try to be very pure with our characters." -Frank Oz.
Super Star Wars enters the frame for What self-proclaimed king *doesn't* enjoy firing up this on…
Star Wars Land gets even more awesome with the addition of life-size AT-ATs
Check out Hasbro's Star Wars Power of the Jedi Mega Action Darth Maul & Obi-Wan Kenobi set
If you actually read it, you'll see if feels very different from Star Wars. And all the art it is entirely aesthetically African
Of course there's a BBC dad parody featuring Darth Vader, and it's hilarious
Spotlight: children share their most emotional scenes in :
Spotlight: children share their most emotional scenes in :…
Life-sized AT-ATs? A chance to fly the Millennium Falcon? Disney is adding A TON to Star Wars Land:.
Star Wars all over again... but 2 and 3 seriously could do with a remake :)
Don't freak out: there's a chance Yoda could appear in the next movie:
Seriously, Trumpers only pick the most popular things to "boycott." Starbucks, Star Wars, Hamilton, now Hawaii 😂
Do you love Star Wars, dogs, beer, Game of Thrones or Ric Flair? Then there's a Special Event for you!. 📎:
My boys are playing Star Wars and they don't even know it. Job done.
WHAT?!? How the *** did you miss the 2nd best Star Wars movie ever?!? Now I can't tell you how the ZAZ team saved it! XD
Disneyland taps AI to build the droids you're looking for via Some fun IT,
Take a Look at the Progress of the Lands Coming to and h…
Get ready for your adventure in 2019! You may not believe what you're looking AT-AT:
Star Wars Celebration V memories, 2015. Always great to see our good friends and master Artists…
Is Star Wars' Finn a Jedi? A Force Awakens editor thinks he might be...
How is it that NO fans have ever made a working AT-AT? I thought Star Wars fans were SERIOUS about this stuff...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Take a look AT-AT how construction is progressing on our Stars Wars-themed land! Read more: https:/…
Star Wars Land comes to life in glorious new video
I liked a video from Every Jedi Temple in Star Wars Canon and Legends
Having that moment when you go to practice and instead learn the Cantina Band tune from Star Wars.
Someone phoned me when I was in class and my ringtone is the Cantina song from Star Wars and well, it was awkward.
Because most people are marks for Star Wars. It's why Daniel Craig was an uncredited Storm Trooper.
cheek Star Wars quote which was interpreted as an insult by Rob Liefeld and I was henceforth banned and blocked
Now watching I Am Your Father, 2017, ostensibly about David Prowse, actually about Star Wars, alas.
WRONG! I had such a hard time deciding between Star Wars and Disney Princess Band Aids just weeks ago!
St. Edward's Upper Gullies combined band did an awesome job on Star Wars!
Best March Break Day: Pinball Party starting at 11am, big screen Star Wars w/ Rogue One at 1pm! (then go p…
Star Wars: Rogue One's original ending was too long, says director Gareth Edwards.
One of Star Wars: Rogue One's planets was named after a coffee cup mix-up - Radio Times
Nah, it's not Leo, he was in talks but it's confirmed, it's the dude from Star Wars: Rogue One
Reminds me of the Cantina scene in Star Wars. Where is OctoMom when you need her?
"A world traveler, a vinophile, a foodie, a cocktail connoisseur and Star Wars geek". Great cast of characters. But in 1 cover?
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Community Cantina tour goes to Florida! by Jack Malice has been published on Mal ... -
The Cantina is a great place to read the latest Star Wars news and blogs.
Currently only found in Sulawesi, I think it looks like something out of the Star Wars cantina
Confused why it looks like the opening credits to Star Wars outside
There was some stupid Easter Bunny movie on at the Doctor's office starring Cyclops but even it had a Star Wars reference.
New post (Spotify says the 'Star Wars' Cantina Band song is people's ...) has been published on -…
Yesterday I went back and forth between humming Send in the Clowns and the cantina music from Star Wars. This is me.
Star Wars and Taylor Swift? Who knew Arron Banks was capable of so many pop culture references!
My dogs have learned my alarm means breakfast time. My alarm is the Star Wars Cantina tune. Cant watch Star Wars now.
Tonight's also has the Brian Cox/Paul Olding traditional homage to Star Wars. Can you spot it. . .
Had fun at the Denver Museum of Art's exhibition of Star Wars costumes. We were impressed with how many they had...
Be kind of cool if there was a comic of Agents of SHIELD/Star Wars crossover, be awesome to see Phil Coulson using a lightsaber.
Thanks to Justin from Treasure Valley Community College for joining us this morning. Star Wars fans, you may want...
(`゚д゚ )Some say he thought Star Wars was a documentry...
Star Wars fans? They have new themes on board Disney cruise lines! It's so fun!
George Lucas: Creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Is married to a black woman and just had a beautiful daughter. http…
Happy bday to my fave Star Wars friend and 1/4 of the dirty d squad!! Love you s'much and can't wait to celebrate! 🌯
Ok, let's say one planet in Star Wars universe trying to block the Empire from gaining further power by using the Dark side.
it was just a Star Wars quote Megan. Don't be so dirty 😛😉
I like this piece of writing advice. But I first picked it up from Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not Lion…
Yes. Hoping it's not a long wait. Star Wars he's rumored to be a Storm Trooper in a cameo role like Daniel Craig was in TFA
I increased the graphics for Star Wars: The Old Republic and it went from the first Tomb Raider to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild I cry
David Prowse is a name all Star Wars fans should know. Check out 'I Am Your Father' on Netflix.
I wonder what an actual Jedi would have brought to Samuel L Jackson's Star Wars role? Shame we'll never know.
'Who are you?': Luke Skywalker addresses Rey in FIRST teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi... Carrie Fisher, John…
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Luke's first words revealed to Disney shareholders
The first footage of Star Wars has been aired - but only Disney shareholders have seen it .
‘T2: Trainspotting’ Reunites the Lads for Another Round This excites me more than any Star Wars movie.
On this day in STAR WARS: Fri, March 9, 2012 - Darth Maul makes his triumphant return in the Star Wars: The Clone W…
Little Giant Ladders
Here's what happens in the first Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser 😱😱😱 .
Let's light it up for Oscar Isaac's birthday! Who's excited to see him return in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?
Artists across The created stormtrooper helmets that would make Sabine jealous for Star Wars: Legion.
Star Wars like space bar home to Toronto's weirdest party.
Tangram in the morning! We made lots of Star Wars creations and this 'snake'
Rumors on the direction of Star Wars movies got you down?. The Inquisitor Series. . https:…
Mondo goes pew! pew! in this exclusive Star Wars x Mike Mitchell ... -... - -
Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi trailer air date REVEALED? How long will it be?: STAR WARS 8 The…
i remember the first Star Wars movie🙂
Also got in a Star Wars joke. Good sign.
Celebrate birthday with a inspired party! Here are the recipes you're looking for. .
In the mood to watch Star Wars but idk which one
The House of Mouse screened top-secret footage from the eighth chapter in the Skywalker saga!
I love strong, powerful and badass star wars ladies
Just got done watching the new Star Wars movie and I loved It
"Comparing Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Marvel is like comparing the Holy Trinity and who's better. It can't be do…
Luke Skywalker's first line in Star Wars 8 has been revealed
My daughter made me leave Star Wars on tv
The first issue of the 'Star Wars: RogueOne: Adaptation' comes out April 5th!
Millie Bobby Brown from really wants to play Leia -
The Last Jedi footage shown to Disney shareholders
Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher dies sad sad news
Star Wars-themed land to open at Disney parks in 2019
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) - THE SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN! Signs of
Having a bad morning? Here are some pictures of Carrie Fisher behind the scenes of Star Wars:
Love seeing Star Wars teasers because ya know...
THR: The Last Jedi footage shown to Disney shareholders
Your fave is problematic. Castiel:. -has never seen Star Wars. -wears the same outfit. -eats toothpaste out of the tube
The greatest collection of Star Wars podcasts are here. Listen to the some of the best Star Wars...
More of the galaxy's greatest are heading to Are you?
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
*reads the comments on the Star Wars FB page* Yikes. Never knew there were people who hate Filoni. How?? :-o
The first official reaction to STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI claims it's a "Perfect Chapter" of the Saga!
My uber driver is BLASTING the Star Wars soundtrack and he's from Thailand. I'm in a straight up modern day Thai fighter.
Every year will be successful if there is a Star Wars Movie out that year
who did the Star Wars update this morning with Grimmy?
"If you want to eat popcorn, go and watch Star Wars." Classic from
Star Wars: The Last Jedi footage shown to shareholders at Disney...
This is like Donald Trump thanking the Empire from Star Wars for being his inspiration 😂
// We now have a Government whose idea of the post-Brexit future of the UK is the plot of Star Wars. https…
GOSLING: Jar Jar is the best Star Wars character.
Is it just me or does "Allahu Akbar" sound like it should be a character in Star Wars?. "General Akbar, are your ships ready?"
Star Wars spoiler:. Luke's first words to Rey are "Who are you?" Rey oddly replies "I'm Batman."
Sneak of new Star Wars footage: Luke asking Daisy Ridley’s Rey, “Who are you?” Plus Chewie, Leia and Finn.
No SWC in 2018; wonder what that'll mean for Star Wars games. BF2 DLC likely will happen in 2018 & Visceral's game.
Star Wars actress Ashley Eckstein fights bullying with her fashion line
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
'Star Wars' actress empowers young girls with her own fashion line
George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, made the primitive Ewoks beat the Empire to portray the arrogance of the US in the Vietnam War.
I've been a Star Wars fan since as long as I can remember. Recently started watching Star Trek Next Gen. This stuff is *** good too!
Looking for some Star Wars costume to borrow for Friday for c&o - O size 4/5, C size 6/7, preferably Darth Vadar & Storm Trooper.
the venn diagram of Star Wars fans angry about inclusivity and people who spell Rogue One as "Rouge One" is a…
I personally feel Kevin Anderson is a better Star Wars writer than Timothy Zahn.but I think Timothy Zahn could...
It didn't just sell toys it was 3 floors and they had displays and even a Star Wars floor,they had a moving talking Darth Vadar
i went to two yard sales today and found some treasures, Star Wars figures Yoda, Emperor Palpatine, and three ships…
I had never seen a Star Wars movie before. I'm just on The Attack of the Clones and I totally understand why Darth Vadar is such a lunatic.
"Star Trek lowkey better than Star Wars" - David Garza 2017
Star Wars weekend on TNT and Harry Potter weekend on Freeform at the same time?! Yes please
I've been trying to get my mom to watch Star Wars with me for so long but it took her two seconds to plan a Harry Potter night with Krystal
Having both Harry Potter and Star Wars marathons on tv today has been both great and terrible.
Star Wars caused it to get pushed back. Avatar II was supposed to drop the same month as Episode VII back in 2015.
My dad and I are fighting over Star Wars and I'm pretty sure the people in the next room can hear us 😂
Also go to meet peter mayhew and had him sign this! So stoked to finally meet someone from Star Wars!!
Just bought the Star Wars box set. See y'all next weekend.
Not gonna lie this star wars marathon got me stuck 😂😂
Seriously I'm home at 8pm on Saturday and watching Star Wars..
It pains me to have just figured out Star Wars is on
Star Wars has been my fav since I swooped out the womb
TNT finally made it to the original Star Wars, yes!
Topher Grace edited all the Star Wars prequels into a single movie and apparently it’s pretty good
I can't believe I'm alive at a time where Star Wars exist
I watched the entire trilogy of Star Wars today and ate cheesefries
The anakin vs obi wan fight could be the best one of any star wars fights!
i got thru Obiwankis shift with no star wars references by saying nobe in my head everytime i had a question. Im giving myself a reward.
We have a policy of not giving in to terrorist demands! Saying "Give me, give me or I will kill you" will not work!! htt…
In bed watching Star Wars on a Saturday night and I have zero complaints
don't get me started with Star Wars
I know more about Star Wars than I do music
I'm rolling my eyes about ending Star Wars.
🚨 🚨 🚨 . Star Wars Marathon tonight and tomorrow on TNT . 🚨 🚨 🚨
Star Wars done by voice actors, only each scene they do a SW char in one of their "voices" so you get stuff like Winne the Pooh Darth Vader
star wars a new hope is on TNT right now everybody 🙌🙌🙌
I honesty wouldn't say Guardians is anymore violent than the newer Star Wars. Have u seen it yet?
First period comes to an end with the score reading 1-1 after 20 minutes on Star Wars Night.
I'm sorry but if you've never seen Star Wars, we can't be friends!
Idk why I'm spending my night watching Star Wars but ya know it's chill
me: the star wars prequels are trash. also me: War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. The
Hockey on the laptop, Star Wars marathon on TV. I’m not sure I could be more entertained.
If you don't see Yoda in this pig's forehead, you aren't a true Star Wars fan
Bless TNT for all of the Star Wars marathons they do
Star Wars marathon in TNT. Makes no sense that Padme didnt realize Anakin would become a serial killer.
lol are people actually forgetting that it's DISNEY who contacted SM, wanting to collab with EXO for Star Wars? LOL
During the end credits of Clone Wars they played Star Wars music.Isn't that supposed to be some kind of copyright infringement or something?
It's sad that I have friends that don't even know what Star Wars is... Bless their souls
Big Little Lies: HBO’s star-studded new drama is more than just chick-lit and mommy wars
get a couple of cool Imperial characters on the other side, and we've got Star Wars: Rivals.
How many Star Wars fans are googling right now? cc:
Ya know, Rogue One may be the best Star Wars movie yet
Just me myself and some Star Wars tonight 🤘🏼
I just found out Jimmy Smits was in Star Wars and I'm trying to handle that now.
From 'Moonlight' to 'Star Wars', Professor Chantal Rodais shares her picks for this year's Academy Awards:…
I finally finished watching all the episodes of Star Wars. I had NO IDEA Darth Vadar becomes good in the end! I'm so happy with that ending.
Star Wars episode 1-3 is essentially a Natalie Portman appreciation viewing for me.
Here at Festival of the Arts! Last night Jennifer Egan and tonight Brandford Marsalis and Star Wars music with the symphony!
Artificial human life could soon be grown in lab. Isn't this how the Clone Wars started in Star Wars? ;)
As the next Lando Calrissian, Donald Glover gets why the character is so vital to Star Wars
[date]. HER: I absolutely love Star Wars. ME: Oh me too. HER: What's your favorite part?. ME: *nervously* Uh, when the star…
Same goes for all that Lego and the Star Wars toys and oh so many Matchbox cars.
I really gotta get to the Denver art museum before the Star Wars exhibit is gone
New on Ebay!Star Wars in the USA Star Wars Return of the Jedi Lando Calrissian
Why is Lando Calrissian the only person in Star Wars with a southern accent?
I love them too! I have a huge collection so far (99% of them are Star Wars). I have two Stranger Things and Henrik Lundqvist.
I'm a few weeks late in posting, but the Star Wars costume exhibit at the Denver Art Museum is a must see!
Thank you sweetie! lol I wanted to be like Star Wars & announce an upcoming vid WAY in advance :P
Could Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens be related to Bastila Shan from Knights of the Old Republic?
Janelle Monae continuing her fine tradition of looking like queens of Star Wars galaxies
in honor of the throwback to Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels at the 50th Academy Awards (1978), where Star Wars w…
Finished listening to Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan (Unabridged) by Drew Karp. Try and get it free:
they're kinda in the process of doing so. just look at Star Wars rebels: they're putting Old Republic era stuff over time.
Mostly Dialogue - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Part 38: via
the MCU will always be their bread and butter but the Star Wars franchise and Disney/Pixar films are when they stunt the h…
I liked a video from Star Wars the Old Republic 102
„The Walt Disney Company: Bringing the Old Republic era of Star Wars to Netflix” - Jetzt unterschr... via
Best place to pickup men: the movie theater playing the Star Wars marathon on Valentine's Day.
Ray and Nate only became an inventor and a historican because of Star Wars and Indiana Jones 😂😂They are such nerds
The first Star Wars film I saw in a theater was A New Hope - the 1997 special edition.
if Luke dies in the next Star Wars there will be *** to pay. the whole theater is going to have to fight the final boss and it's ME
Got any Star Wars thoughts, theories, concerns, or speculation? We want to hear it. Email us at SCubedPod
Oooh, both and in this Star Wars: Rebels episode?
Shows ranked this week. (Best to worst). Legion . Star Wars rebels. Flash. Riverdale . Arrow . Legends of tomorrow. Supergirl
My writing and revising partner... we've been watching a lot of Star Wars and Dark Knight trilogy while we work…
I've just watched episode Shadow Warrior of Star Wars: The Clone...!
doesn't deserve a spin off. He deserves a trilogy. When history looks back it would be the Spaghetti Western trilogy of Star Wars.
Star Wars IV (1977) fundraiser for the Sea View Theatre - Islands' Sounder
So you are an incredibly hot Star Wars fan!?. Aaannndd follow.
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes - Darth Nihilus Unlocked! Lord of Hunger Final Event: melalui
An epic 40th anniversary tribute to Star Wars kicks off Orlando. Will you be there? .
Celebration poster combines characters from all three trilogies
A fun story for those of you might be fans of Star Wars and…
news: Did really just say how could be back? PLUS DVD release date info…
I have the 3D model from Kinect Star Wars, it's happening okay.
I wrote about why I want to see an Anna Rose Holmer Star Wars
I literally bought panties tonight that have Star Wars characters on them just because he's obsessed. I've fallen to a new low even for me.
This shot I took at Star Wars celebration just broke my heart a little bit. - Liam . "To me, She is royalty"
Wild and wacky advert for the Atari Star Wars game from 1983. .
My Lyft driver was telling me about this and how good it feels to see the secrets of the American elite exposed
Harrison Ford in his initial screen test for Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)
George Lucas really needs to stop with these Special Edition Star Wars movies
Not to mention seeing in Manchester on Star Wars Day
I liked a video from KOTOR Apeiron HD Remake: Pre Alpha Footage - Star Wars Knights of
Just finished the Star Wars - Battlefront: Twilight Company Novel? Mark completed at
Win a set of Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space books with and
My official Star Wars Celebration poster art has just been revealed on … h…
For any Star Wars fans, this is a thing of beauty -
when i say Star Wars and chill, I really do mean Star Wars and chill. stop touching me, watch Anakin turn to the dark…
Star wars but whenever someone dies they get wasted.
The unaltered trilogy returns and goes in for reshoots in today's
Bike safety gizmo looks like it's straight outta Star Wars - New Atlas
Star Wars is like pizza, there's never a bad time for it
director JJ Abrams has nothing but good things to say about
The correct order is 4,5,6,1,2,3 for Star Wars.
Listen guys- if the National Film Registry has yet to receive an unaltered version of Star Wars (1977), I doubt we'll ever get one.
To put it in Star Wars terms, this by-election result was the Death Star taking out Jedha. 2020 general election is going…
Star Wars star Oscar Isaac will be Hamlet at the Public this summer:
A MOBA for the masses: the making of Star Wars: Force Arena
Finally watched Star Wars episode 7 I am pleased now just to wait 2 yrs for ep 8
My little sister loves Suicide Squad. This is the same person who told me she didn't like Star Wars episode 7
Star Wars episode 7. Any new Star Trek. Guardians of the galaxy, Drive, John Wick 1-2
George Lucas: There is no Star Wars: Episode 7. Disney: We will give you $4 Billion . George Lucas:
A former Penn State basketball player is taking over the role of Star Wars' Chewbacca in the upcoming Han Solo movie h…
Dear Soupers. Do you think we'll ever see Ewoks in a new Star Wars movie? Your pal, Mike.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars is my favorite family-friendly kids show. Like the scene where 5 people get decapitated in one ligh…
Favorite song we're playing? (Wind ensemble, sympho... — Star Wars episode 7 , and Kirkpatrick
I want 2 go on the maury show just 2 see my favorite character Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie
TIL that Kiera Knightly played Natalie Portman's character's body double in Star Wars, The Phantom Menace. She was 14 at the time.
Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher on the set of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977).
"We just tried to make the most realistic version of Star Wars we've seen." -Gareth Edwards,
Star Wars, dank memes, basketball, Notre Dame, Germany, Chocolate, and Batesville just won't feel the same. Auf Wiedersehen
Han Solo standalone cast, released earlier today by Star Wars, with alden ehrenreich as Han Solo!?
casting Sam Jackson in a Star Wars and not giving him a lightsaber fight is like casting Gwendoline Christie and giving her nothing to do
If Halo came 2 the big screen only JJ Abrams or Gareth Edwards can direct it -they both saved Star Wars
Don't forget Saturday 2/25 @ 7:30 is our galaxy-themed concert! Star Wars, Star Trek and more! Best of all, kids 18 and under FREE!
I guess Rogue One didn't do the numbers they wanted to keep Star Wars in December. Bummed that Han is still set for a May release.
and now I'm watching the JJ Abrams trilogy and what do you know the guy also directed Star Wars episode 7
Guess who finally got a steam account for the Star Wars Humble Bundle III
Actor Josh Gad recruits Chris Pratt and more to grill Daisy Ridley on 'Star Wars' secrets:
Josh Gad enlists Chris Pratt, JJ Abrams to get 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' spoilers from Daisy Ridley
Some amazing looking Star Wars statues for the 40th anniversary of a new hope I'm so excited to get my hands on the…
what's being sold on craigslist for under 20$. -weed. -Steve Morse: how to play guitar on DVD. -used corks, in bulk. -star wars award metals???
This is a few years old, but I'd totally buy all of these Star Wars figures, especially the Space *** at number 1.
we're the ones that DIDN'T get hurt feewings and boycott Kelloggs, Hamilton, Starbucks, Star Wars, and…
When he said he never seen a Star Wars movie
😂😂 "Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad’s Star Wars series comes to an end with more questions"
Thanks to foreign titles, we finally have an answer to a Star Wars: the Last Jedi mystery
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