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Star Wars

Star Wars is an American epic space opera film series created by George Lucas.

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Star Wars? Legos? Scouts? Scout Day LEGOLAND Florida is coming up on Sunday, May 14th. Connect with it today.
Lucasfilm announces the release dates for Star Wars: Episode IX and Indiana Jones 5...
ICYMI: It was quite the morning as Walt Dis.ey Pictures announces that Star Wars, Indiana Jones 5, Frozen 2, The...
You made Star Wars something even more special by placing it in the holiday season. I hope you wi…
💥 surprises Star Wars cosplayers in new Force For Change charity video:
Hey, how did that Star Wars star get in my Star Wars photo? – CNET
John Boyega photobombing Star Wars fans will fill you with the Force
Watch this Star Wars and call it a night .
Saw one Star Wars reference today, now I know what I'm doing with my night.
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D... In Rogue Squadron, your missions take place during the time between Star .…
This "Star Wars" blanket may be almost 40 years old, but, it's still nice and warm and comfy on a chilly spring nig…
Think imma watch Star Wars and call it a night
I leave you this article about the new Star Wars movies as I retreat for the night. "Why You Should https:/…
Little kids shouting out Star Wars trivia at this Adam Bray book signing are way more adorable than the people at bar trivia the other night
Hayley was so excited to jump into the new Star Wars line from that she stole my shirt and her brothers h……
A night of parking lots, peeping neighbors, and Star Wars sound effects. .
I liked a video The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Enhanced Edition) Ebook video clip
The first two movies I ever saw at a theater, okay at a drive-in (not on the same night) were Jaws and Star Wars.
I have a thing for Star Wars. Even the Holiday Special. *Ducks and covers*
Time to read my new favourite book before bed! Good night Star Wars fans and may the force be…
Fantastic night for our Star Wars quiz. So many braved the weather to take part. We'll let you know how much money was raised when we know!
Can someone take me to the Dodger game in 2015 (I think) when it's Star Wars night and Tyler Toffoli & Martin Jones were there please???
There are having Star Wars night, and if you buy a special ticket, you get a Mariners Star Wars Light Sa…
Kind of realy should go to the Star Wars night. 😬
I want to see all of the Star Wars movies again someone come over and we'll stay up all night and have a movie marathon
I've just finished watching the whole of the Star Wars trilogy last night. Winning a Star Wars Pop!…
I have all of the Star Wars movies lol we'll have a movie night
Kind of realy want to go to the Star Wars night. 😬
I'm treating myself to pizza and Star Wars tonight, I don't care if it's a Monday night.
Great discussion of droid ethics in Star Wars towards the end! Came up in our RPG session last night when we destro…
Wednesday at 6pm bring the family for a fun night of Star Wars trivia, complete with some great prize giveaways!
Star Wars night at the baseball game this Friday.
Kais torso if from the Lego Star Wars set with the two red guards.
So we went to a Star Wars-themed pop up bar in Hollywood last night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Success night of DBS and chill. Now to get up-to-date on Star Wars...
"Can Avatar and Star Wars steal back the magic from Universal's wizardly worlds?" Excellent article about https…
We've been listening to the Star Wars soundtrack for the past 20 minutes. 😂
i hope he wins that ''cameo in a Han Solo anthology" in the 40th Star Wars anniversary celebration 🙌
How the world's biggest Star Wars convention helped (briefly) restore my faith in humanity
Ryan tried to get me to watch Star Wars and I pretty much slept through the whole thing 😬
How can you be a Star Wars fan in this day & age and NOT have heard about the Holiday Special, even in passing?
The prequels weren't the first time Star Wars went off the rails. Who else remembers The Star Wars Holiday Special?
May the force be with you in holy matrimony! Take a look at this Star Wars engagement ring 💍…
"Anakin belongs in the Star Wars holiday special."
Hiking down the track at 20K mile marker.. Star Wars over and over…
I love Star Wars don't get me wrong BUT THERE WATCHING THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL 🤢🤢🤢
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Are YOU the ultimate fan? Enter for a chance to win THREE Star Wars experiences & be a
4pals who LOVE o DENT in HELMET https…
I have a set of Pool Balls. 🎱. They're supposed to represent the Star Wars planets. But the 10 is the best I got 4 E…
I liked a video Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Final Fate of Hera and Rex Revealed, Ahsoka Will Return!
I made you watch 3 of the Star Wars on our first date so who r u kidding
Star Wars is in opposition to all of sci-fi's positive influence
I have question that maybe you guys can't answer this. . Harry Potter or Star Wars series? . its difficult y kno
Gonna watch some star wars tonight 👌🏼
Heading back from Florida with and we choose to talk about Star Wars. So many conspiracies for December.
Disney wants to launch a 'Star Wars' starship luxury resort, and it looks like a fan's dream http…
I don't consider it scoring you any poin…
Real question.. when I show my kids Star Wars for the first time, do I start with episode 1 or episode 4???
ROTJ is the best film, period. Best of the Star Wars saga for me.
True love means never having to explain your Star Wars references
Those who say that are missing out lol The Clone Wars is actually a very important part to the star wars story imo.
Why do I suddenly feel like I'm reading Sherlock Holmes instead of Star Wars
I want all of the Star Wars throw pillows I saw at Target
Scientists are developing Star Wars-style technologies to farm drinking water out of the air
A new destination is coming to Star Tours – The Adventures Continue at Disneyland & Walt Disney World this year:
I feel this way about the Star Wars prequels tbh
This tiny Jyn Erso went to the Star Wars Celebration and handed out copies of the Death Star plans to every Leia:
It's so much darker than rebels, also has really interesting topics and deep meanings... and it was the l…
"Will Star Wars Battlefront 2 be Bad? Not if it's like Battlefield 1" Is now up on my YouTu…
Still thrilling over teaser trailer ? Here is a breakdown of the panel by The
the whole time I was getting my tattoo, my artist, fiance and I were having a conversation about EVERYTHING Star wars 😅😂
I liked a video Foreshadowing of Order 66 in Star Wars The Clone Wars
A friend came into town and wants to go to the movies. They asked if Star Wars was still out.
What a fun Star Wars panel with the fabulous forces of and at of Books
"My parents didn't show me Star Wars growing up". me:
Hosts Daniel and Brian discuss Star Wars celebration Orlando in a somewhat more rested frame of mind. Feeling...
Arrow to Star Wars actor Paul Blackthorne has headed to the galaxy far, far away...
Clark Johnson I honestly didn't think to much into star killer base before but yeah it ruins Star Wars.
How did I miss this? SQUEE! - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser via
Things I'm looking forward to this year:. -Star Wars. -Young the Giant concert . -WW3. -Hershey Park trip. -Graduation
Disneyland's Space Mountain will end its 'Star Wars' theme, return to 'classic' ride
Star Wars fans are losing it over an undercover Jedi in the Han Solo movie:
The latest on Star Wars: Han Solo, Episode IX, and more
You know what would be a nice nerdy easter egg for Star Wars day on May 4th? Enabling "Aurebesh" character set. :D
Honestly, id just want to play a prominent character in a Star Wars film one day.
Just wanna sit down and watch Star Wars all day
At least you learned a valuable lesson, when you have a choice between a Star Wars party and a movie w…
Yeah we graduate in 16 days but more importantly: Star Wars day is in 14 days.
Hayden Christensen day in the Star Wars fandom - kaoriva: moonsofiegoweb: realnighttiger: Today is...
I think so too but apparently you cant think a Star Wars movie is bad in this day and age
I still to this day can't watch anything Star Wars without singing the theme song like he did on
I'm 18 in 2 weeks! merch is definitely on my b-day list!! My birthday is on Star Wars day so maybe I'…
My exams start on Star Wars day. This is preposterous. How can they get away with this?
One more day left to vote for our costumes for wizard of oz and Star Wars are tied for the lead.
I spent all day watching your videos, it's because of you that I love Star Wars as much as I do. Thank you. MTFBWY
It's rally day tomorrow! Come see court get announced, cheer, show choir, color guard, theatre, and so much more! Theme is Star Wars 🐻💛
Latest Book News... Star Wars news: Captain Phasma spin-off! Character gets her own Marvel adventure
also Star Wars is a Life Day movie.
Took a day off. Worked on the bathroom remodel smoked fish watched Star Wars cleaned the garage and ate box of cheez its.
Star Wars 8 SHOCK: The Last Jedi director speaks out on Prince William and Harry cameo
Definitely has a Star Wars vibe to it 😂😂😂 Serge Ibaka, Sith Lord
I would sit next to and talk about books, Star Wars, and his life. He seems a fascinating gent.
gives Star Wars parody her seal of approval as she's
Thank You so much for that return in "Poe Dameron" That character is one of my favorite Star Wars prose characters!
Hope to see Sam compete in Star Wars again soon or even a Star Trek schmoedown
I'd love to see Trek do something like Star Wars did with The Clone Wars. Really…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sign up to win a Lego Star Wars set at the May 5th Star Wars Night!
Currently downloading Lego Star Wars onto my computer like the loser I am
Me and Lego Dumbledore! (I think. I've never seen Star Wars.)
Ewan McGregor discusses Obi-Wan Kenobi return in future 'Star Wars' movie
If you saw that Daily Mail front page as a still from a Star Wars film you would be pretty certain May is no friend of Luke Skywalker.
Star Wars is now available to all guests. @ Madame Tussauds London
What do you do on A Tuesday night after a stressful couple weeks?. Star Wars trivia in downtown HTX
I added a video to a playlist What if Nobuo Uematsu had scored Star Wars
I've heard Star Wars land is actually going to be a parking deck
If you don't see Yoda in these clouds, you're not a true Star Wars fan.
Some incredible behind the scenes photos from Star Wars.
New on Ebay!Star Wars in the USA 5" Blue Lightsaber for 12" Luke Skywalker Doll Vintage 1978 Star Wars Figure…
Love my new pillow🌚 It's so fluffy, so Star Wars, so ... Rey!
Land is good, but this is what Disney needs to add to make it great
Behind the scenes of today's poster shoot. Don't forget Star Wars Night at Swayze Field: May 2, 6:30 pm v…
Next Star Wars anthology movie may be announced this summer, according to CEO
OMG and Star Wars how could I forget lol
How dope would it have been if Peter Jackson had picked up the Star Wars franchise?
Omg! Blog from has got fans emptying their piggy banks and praying it happens!
BREAKING: With GOTG:Mission Breakout! finished, design team moving to Orlando to retheme new DHS Star Wars boutique hotel…
.has a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Han Solo film! Learn more:
We're giving away Star Wars Celebration 2017 exclusives! Draw your favorite for a chance to win!
Sousaphones playing the Imperial March from Star Wars for Crowd chants "Outsourcer In Chief!" https…
I think Star Wars would be an exception. I'll have to read them. Or at least the canon stuff.
Thank you for an unforgettable, record breaking Star Wars Celebration Orlando!
Star Wars needs more women of color pass it on
Star Wars use to be for nerds & kids in the 80s & 90s now the kids grew up with it & if you not a Star Wars fan you're th…
New clothes, killer droids, and Hera lives! What we learned about season 2 of The Freemaker Adventures at
Hey Just saying if you need anything for Star Wars 9...anything at all; actor, grip, FX artist, anything...just ask, okay :)
The creative director of Star Wars Battlefront 2 says it won't have a season pass
STAR WARS SPOILER!. . . . . . . . . . . . . Amy schumer dies in ep viii
I want to a set of Star Wars books with and
& follow for the chance to win a Star Wars Celebration exclusive Greedo Mini Hikari prize pack!
and follow for a chance to win one of 10 Inferno Squad patches from Star Wars Celebration. https:…
That's like asking for an R rated Star Wars movie
If you're pumped for go pick up a sexy Imperial Raider model for your shelf (or your tabletop!)
We break down all the new Star Wars Land info that was released at -
Disney's Proposed 'Star Wars' Hotel Could Allow You to Sleep in a Starship and Live in ...
Abrams and Kennedy aren't good caretakers of Star Wars. Someone thoughtful and respectful like this guy should be i…
Mark Hamill wishes Luke Skywalker had a final scene with Han Solo in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'…
While scoping out a Charmander nest, my friend and I came across a lightsaber group practicing with Star Wars music…
Replace Mark Hamill with Zizek in the next Star Wars movie and I will never stop buying tickets
I just don't want the world of long-running Star Wars animation to end... the show/series format works SO WELL with Star Wars!!
1) Joan Watson's hat game is always on point. 2) Appreciate the Star Wars reference on this week's ep.
Want to make some kind of Star Wars grand strategy tabletop game with expansion potential encompassing the entire EU Galactic Civil War.
Star Wars score pushes Bach to the back of classics queue: ... for Schindler's List, Harry Potter and Jurassic…
"What's your name?". "Leah". "Oh like Princess Leah from Star Wars?". *sighs* "No, but okay"
Yeah, I'm trying to be more objective about it if at all possible...I mean Star Wars, Jur…
When the Star Wars theme song gives you more energy than a cup of coffee.
No one is more excited about the new Star Wars trailer than Alex Jones
Give me. JAWS. Star Wars . Indiana jones any day.
Bisag si Jyn Erso naay daddy issues 😂 mygahd Star Wars what is it with you
Aw, George Lucas explains the true meaning of Star Wars and it was glorious and heartwarming at the same time!...
was a love letter from creators and fans to the enduring legacy of Star Wars. My retrospective for
I liked a video Stugotz Rips George Lucas and Star Wars
'Rebels' creator: Every generation needs its own 'Star Wars' lore. Dave Filoni was fighting for fierce independent…
.'Fate of the Furious' broke the previous record of $529 million held by none other than 'Star Wars:…
Mark Hamill has one role he'd like to add to his resume: That of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas--…
Follow these accounts!!! If you're a fan of Star Wars and would like to RP: . If you're a fan of Harry Potter:
Star Wars died for me when George Lucas sold the franchise, but I'll give Rogue One a thumbs up. A last hurrah.
There is a trailer for the new Star Wars before the Dark Tower has released ANY footage because Sony is hilariously inept at…
Love how mad Star Wars bros get when you point out that Anakin & Luke were whinier than Kylo Ren- the Skywalker men are total babies lol
This lady at church keeps talking about A New Hope but not the Star Wars kind
Star Wars: The Most Puzzling Last Jedi Trailer Moment - up with those books in the new Star Wars trailer? We expl...
I added a video to a playlist Rooster Teeth vs. Star Wars, Summer Fun at Skywalker Ranch, and More! |
Wookie is Star Wars, Sasquatch is a fictional character that someone came up with, kind of like the Yeti
Highlights of day 3:. Rebels S4 is the final season. The Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins. Inferno Squad & Battlefront 2!!
What am I? I'm a hardcore Star Wars fan who accepts everyone and isn't out to hate. But I hate rebels as Vader.
Most excited about campaign. We haven't had a good FPS Star Wars campaign since...Jedi Knight 2 maybe? Don't let me down
It’s being called one of the best Star Wars yet! Find out why by adding to your collection.
It felt so weird seeing Harrison and Mark without Carrie at Star Wars celebration
could've went out tonight, but.. ...I'd rather eat junior mints and look up casting calls for Star Wars extras lol
Star Wars would officially be trash lmao they can't treat that series like a James Bond movie
Sandy Wexler is available to watch right now on Netflix. Come on, you've watched the Star Wars trailer enough times alre…
Star Wars and MST3K revival and Twin Peaks and American Gods and Handmaid's Tale and Dark Tower and OMGWTFBBQ I can't even!
A Star Wars marathon date with your boo is a must 😛
I want to have a Star Wars marathon 😅
I felt so bad for you that whole time. Idk how you managed to run the Star Wars marathon tbh
Star Wars movie marathon because its to rainy to go any where.
Someone help me. . . We're doing a Star Wars movie marathon and the Phantom Menace is on!
I'm actually hyped for . I'm gonna do a Star Wars marathon soon so I can be ready
guess who's having a Star Wars marathon tomorrow !
I've got a steak, glass of wine, and I think I'll do a Star Wars marathon :D
Who wanna have a Star Wars marathon?
I'd love to see this group run a Star Wars marathon like this.
sigh i rly just want somebody to Star Wars marathon with me. . like especially bc i'm sick and can't move rn.
I wanna do a Star Wars marathon... We should do one if we see each other 👀
Lol, when you realize the Last Jedi trailer dropped when you're doing a Star Wars marathon.
K now I want to have a Star Wars marathon . It's been too long 😫😫
Is anyone willing to have a Star Wars marathon with me? My Star Wars knowledge base ends at Star Tours 😳🙃
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Beth Revis said she'd write Star Wars for free. Her agent suggested that was a bad idea.
I really want to have a Star Wars marathon now 🤔
Thinking about doing a Star Wars marathon tonight. Open invitation, I'm trying to get my Jar Jar Binks on, if you catch my drift...
This weekend might be a good weekend for a Star Wars marathon - Tieman
The first 3 weekends in December. Star Wars marathon + Battlefront 1+2 tournament with food Included. Cost =$100 a…
Top story: 'Star Wars: Arriving in your galaxy Decembe… see more
Keep calm. and. watch a. Star Wars. marathon
I want summer break so badly!!! I can marathon Star Wars as much as I want with out interruptions
A Star Wars mini marathon needs to happen this weekend.
I'm gonna have to start a Star Wars marathon I'm THAT bored
Time to start my Star Wars film week marathon extravaganza. Star Wars: Episode 1 time!
Star Wars movie marathon ASAP so Kayla is ready to see this in December!
So uh…we’re doing the Star Wars marathon again this December, right guys? Guys?
I swear the release of the new Star Wars trailer has just triggered a sensation in me to do a marathon
I think I'm due for a Star Wars marathon.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The best of all the Star Wars films despite not being an episode
Anyone down to have a Star Wars marathon with me ?
It's a Star Wars movie marathon today
Parking my Star Wars enthusiasm for now. I’ve got new Doctor Who tomorrow and Oilers playoff hockey to freak out about right now.
Mark Hamill is the best Star Wars fan.
Wow no class, Kendrick's new album, internship offer, new Star Wars trailer, and I made it back to my bed last night...what a day
New Kendrick album and Star Wars trailer. If we're all going to die in a nuclear holocaust, this ain't the worst way to go out.…
Kendrick album and a new Star Wars trailer!!! I love this day!.
Short Circuit meets Payback. I know people who Star Wars.
Who knew Peter Griffin was a Star Wars fan.
Assuming the new version of the Celtic Tiger is based around Star Wars tourism what should we call it?
Watching the Star Wars live stream and there-s an actual guy on stage who is Peter Griffin dressed as Han Solo. Like for real
Crazy decision to turn the Star Wars franchise into a documentary series about Eden Hazard, but I approve.
The two circles overlap when the millennial falcon streams Star Wars on his smart phone
the only Star Wars i care about were promoted by World Class Championship Wrestling.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ben took me out on my lunch and we actually stopped in a random parking lot just to watch the new Star Wars trailer livestream.
Watch the Collider Jedi Council crew talk all things 'Star Wars' at Star Wars Celebration 2017
The SuicideGirls are doing Star Wars, Stranger Things and more on tour.
Watch the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ panel live from to see Rian Johnson reveal who Snoke *really* is.
Star Wars dad Stuart Purcell to get Back To The Future tattoo
My heart may love Star Wars, but my body isn't so sure. day 2
New post ('Star Wars' embraces girl power with new heroine stories, toys) has been published on Muslim Times -…
The 40 years of Star Wars panel is worth watching if you're as tragic as I am. No real new insights, but some cool surprise…
I'm waking up early tomorrow (later today) and I don't even work until the afternoon. Why?. You guessed it. New Star Wars trailer.
"Hayden did not know he's still being remembered by Star Wars fans. After today, he will be thrilled for a long time."…
ICYMI: Hayden Christensen and Mark Hamill unite in new pictures from
It looks like I have to unfortunately play the Star Wars Event,because there should be a Skill Ticket around. Among 30 Cards. However..
Why not treat yourself to Welsh Hot Cross buns and a new Star Wars DVD at Coop Cross Hands?
Just how did Boba Fett's helmet get that iconic dent?
Billy Dee Williams says Lando is not in Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Flickering Myth (blog)
Star Wars at 40: 'I'll miss Carrie Fisher,' says Harrison Ford
The Force is with these incredible fan-made replicas you'll see at Orlando. htt…
Star Wars puts its heroines in the spotlight in the new "Forces of Destiny" animated series.
Goodnight, fellow geeks. Rest well for we're sure to get brand new Star Wars footage to obsess over when we wake!
Happy the day Jesus sacrificed himself upon the cross so that we may get a Star Wars: The Last Jedi tr…
While I’m in a Star Wars mood, here’s some of my recent covers for Marvel
FIRST LOOK: will highlight female heroes in new "Forces of Destiny" shorts:
Try not to cry: 'Star Wars' tribute to Carrie Fisher reveals never-seen footage of Princess Leia
Norwegian milk carton Easter edition. Can you find the Star Wars reference?😉
Dear Automatic Doors, . Thank you for making us feel like Jedi. . Sincerely, . Star Wars Fans.
Star Wars fan can relate to this. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford with Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher's daughter.
Shout-out to my mom for answering a 3 am anxiety call and rambling about the Force to soothe my brain weasels. Star Wars always helps.
The fact that Star Wars are now doing new official 2D Animated shorts means I may have to abandon this project. https:/…
Because of I'm now getting balls deep into a Star Wars marathon.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi director surprises fans waiting in line for tomorrow's panel at Celebr…
Watch 'Star Wars' Celebration's moving tribute to "one in a billion" Carrie Fisher
George Lucas insists Star Wars is a 'film for 12-year-olds’
'Star Wars' creator George Lucas on creating the franchise, casting Hamill and Ford via
Rogue One: A Story is set to become the fastest-selling DVD/Blu-ray of 2017 so far
Billie Lourd Wears Princess Leia Dress to Pay Tribute to Late Mother Carrie Fisher at 'Star Wars'... via
Princess Leia is my favorite female hero of all time & the reason why I love Star Wars. Carrie Fisher was phenomenal a…
"Star Wars" releases touching tribute video to Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd has paid a tear-jerking tribute to her at a Star Wars celebration in Florida.…
Prequel Haters: Hayden Christensen ruined Star Wars. Hayden Christensen: Fastest celeb to sell out autograph tickets of an…
The 40 Years of Star Wars panel kicks off Orlando. Watch live on
I wish I was at Star Wars celebration 😢
There is a BOGO 40% that includes Star Wars starting at Amazon now. I will have the full list with breakdown of...
On a lighter note, the Carrie Fisher tribute Star Wars put out this morning for celebration has me in tears
How a "Star Wars" film changed the infamous ending of "Lost": via
only in Star Wars could a Sasquatch and Indiana Jones be best friends
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Star Wars' John Boyega comes back to Earth with 'Detroit' - CNET via
Star Wars Battlefront 2 2017 trailer LEAK isn't the only HUGE Star Wars games news
u like Star Wars right? behold! Star Wars Battlefront 2! featuring an all new singleplayer story mode
Leaked Battlefront II trailer teases its story mode and promises to explore all eras of Star Wars.
“All eras” of Star Wars come together in revealing Battlefront II trailer |
Also so many people with Star Wars merch at my gate too omg I'm curious about them all
ME: *asks question about departure gate*. AIRLINE EMPLOYEE: "is there some kind of Star Wars convention happening in Orlando?"
The trailer for 'Thor: Ragnarok' is more popular than 'Star Wars':
Nissan reveals Star Wars-spec Rogue with thrusters and blasters ahead of NY Auto Show. Right... ht…
The best way to make an early flight more cheery is a gate agent who keeps making Star Wars jokes over the loud speaker.
In the early drafts of George Lucas' original Star Wars script, Jedi master Yoda was called 'Buffy'.…
Not really into answering Star Wars questions anymore, but please keep following for the occasional apple brown betty rec…
I can love Trust, Star Wars and The English Patient. All I need from a movie is it for it to be good.
Yes I would slit my own throat to have Naomi Scott in a Star Wars movie
Did he just make a Bob Dylan reference in a Star Wars novel? Okay. So now we know that ducks and Bob Dylan exist in the Star Wars galaxy...
Watch our exclusive interview with on 'Pacific Rim 2', 'Star Wars' + much more.
"Star Wars" fans should be very excited about this new book
This is a Nissan Rogue with Star Wars-spec thrusters and blasters* - Top... - -
Regardless of how bad Attack of the Clones is, every Star Wars bar sequence works. Even this Joel Schumacher theme bar bathed in purple neon
: Star Wars news: Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley to make ‘BIG announcement’ on US TV TOMORROW https:/…
It really stinks that Disney owns both Marvel Comics and Star Wars. I joined the boycott because principles are principles.
Marvel collects 30 years of Star Wars comics in a limited edition
Hey Star Wars fans out there!. On April 29, the Sacramento Zoo will be having a Star Wars themed day! For more...
In Review: Darth Maul The covers: There are always three: the regular, the variant, and the Star Wars 40th Anni
Rogue One introduced many new Star Wars designs. But which one was the best?.
Hey gi l you must be Harrison Ford because Itlike you even when you're grumpy and don't want to talk about Star Wars.
Star Wars can't stay on track and Lord of the rings? 😐😐
Carrie Fisher will appear as Leia in final 'Star Wars' movie - CNET: ["The legacy should…
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