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Star Wars

Star Wars is an American epic space opera film series created by George Lucas.

George Lucas Strategic Defense Initiative Harry Potter Star Trek Lego Star Wars Last Jedi Mark Hamill Han Solo Star Wars Battlefront Darth Vader Anthony Daniels Rian Johnson Jedi Masters Peter Parker Will Smith Force Awakens

Besides, everyone knows the correct answers to all these: Star Wars, Batman, *** Grayson, Marvel, Saitama, Picard, Tom Baker
3. Star Trek is better than Star Wars. It takes itself less seriously and likes to have fun, although I cant speak for the new series
Star Wars: revenge of the sith gotta be the most ruthless
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: Anthony Daniels (C3PO) has the last line in this film and the first line in A New Hope.
I can DM most stuff. D&D 5e/3.5e. WoD. Serenity. Star Wars. Prob by then the new Trek. Variety might be a draw
“Yaya Toure actually had a starring role in the popular franchise Star Wars. He played... the force."
Weaning my kid off Star Wars on to Star Trek:TNG. Trouble is, S1 stinks and he wants the Borg (S2) (seen on app ads)
Star Wars cast and crew members on the set of Return of the Jedi in Yuma, Arizona in 1982.
Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace was directed by George Lucas
True Star Wars fans love the prequels. Binks and all.
Check out what I found. Star Wars - Yoda: Funko Fabrikations x Star Wars Figure via
Please could you unbox star wars toys and accessories and creating matches between star wars characters and wrestlers
Check out what I found. star wars Darth Vader t shirt x large the dark side disney florida via
I should cancel all of today's plans so I can stay in bed and watch Star Wars :D
To all of those who are afraid to speak out in risk of losing your racist fanbase, Star Wars just made it ok.
My 4 year old cousin was playing Lego Star Wars II And when Darth Vader came on she shouted 'AAAHHH DARK NADER'
Hamilton Collection
This spacecraft is about as close as you can get to a Star Wars TIE fighter, and it's been in space for 10 years:
"This is basically the plot of Star Wars
The lead guitarist of talks about his Star Wars fandom -- including a certain Gungan. h…
Can't North Korea wait to nuke us until after the new Star Wars trilogy, Game of Thrones, the MCU, and Young Justice season 3 are finished??
Enter to a fantastic Star Wars bundle with May the Force be with you...
He gave me this Star Wars pin that was like a heart and had Darth Vader it was nice I had it on my sax case for a while Bc it was cool
ICYMI: General Leia stands tall in new Star Wars: The Last Jedi promo image
When in doubt, watch a Star Wars marathon
Cast of Star Wars chillin in a bar 1977.
The visual poetry of the original trilogy is in the DNA of Rogue One.
George Lucas giving direction to Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill on the set of “Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope”. https:…
lord of the rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter.
Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson recommend ignoring all Star Wars: The Last Jedi marketing
But how?? > Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill think you should avoid all Star Wars: The Last Jedi marketing…
Mark, Carrie, and Harrison in a 1977 interview for Star Wars
Showed my 5 year old the 8 movies over 8 consecutive weekends.we read the "golden books" Star Wars fir…
I also could be related to Michael Arndt who wrote Star Wars 7.And Mel Gibson people think I have raw acting talent ok.
I think needs to start-up Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) a.k.a. Star Wars
In the 1980s Ronald Reagan launched the Strategic Defense Initiative (aka Star Wars) for protection against ICBMs. Many said he'd gone crazy
Who should play Michelle opposite a Will Smith Obama? Peter Mayhew of Star Wars fame is the obvious and on…
Like his co-star Daisy Ridley, John Boyega was largely unknown when he was cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. T…
Please RT! Star Wars: The Old Republic offers double XP weekends, first of three...
So Reagan didn't like it referred to as Star Wars -he believed it would one day save America. He liked Th…
Fun interview w/Star Wars icon Anthony Daniels in He'll be at this weekend
Artwork of mine of Chinese martial artist Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe in Star Wars: Rogue One movie.
Found an unopened Lego set from a while back. I don't care abt the Star Wars theme, but I'm tempted to put it together for old times' sake.
Lego Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village Travel to Endor and visit the treetop home of the Ewoks. Just
New home for my Star Wars lego people.
Blocks Magazine Joins the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration with a LEGO Building Contest.
Today on The Mutuals we sat down with BILLY DEE WILLIAMS, where we talked Star Wars, LEGO Batman and much more!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Amazing and touching review of Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures ‘The Pit and the Pinnacle’ review
'Star Wars' icon Anthony Daniels on that evil C-3PO fan theory - Metro US
George Lucas and the glorious trash fire of the Star Wars franchise universe. . Including the Christmas Special.
Just say something bad about Sam Harris, Star Wars or say Ben Affleck is the greatest Batma…
Anthony Daniels, who plays C3PO, is the only actor to appear in all seven Star Wars movies.
Strategic Defense Initiative aka 'Star Wars' doesn't look so stupid now, does it?
(1/2) Those who in the 1980s dismissed President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative as "Star Wars" owe him a posthumous apology...
I have a paper I wrote when I was a Freshman in College called The "Star Wars" Controversy. It is not about
Check out 1983 Topps Star Wars Return of the Jedi - Millennium Falcon Sticker - PSA 7 via
Star Wars and Marvel movies will not be available on Netflix as Disney plans to pull content
.surprises fans and has a special announcement. It’s your last chance to be a
Presenting. Slave Leia from Star Wars done by SuperMaryFace on YouTube!
Star Wars Battlefront's Outer Rim Expansion Pack was released on March 22nd, 2016.
Can you ever go wrong with a Star Wars themed backpack?
“Beyond the Universe”: Some funky images from Arabic Star Wars comics
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Grrr how can ya say of Star Wars when u not even release on Amazon prime video in india ?
I'm glad he's back too. I think it would be better if Noah came back too.
Who cares? If you're actually a fan of Star Wars and Marvel movies you'd just buy them on DVD/Blu Ray.
Never watched any of the Star Wars movies and don't plan to either
This Sunday! Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and more. With selections from Star Wars, Star Trek, & James Bond movies!
Shout out to my favorite President of all time, Ronald Reagan! Memba when they laughed at his "Star Wars" defense syste…
Thanks for the Forces of Destiny product line. One happy little girl and one happy mom here.
Harry Potter or Star Wars . it is a real game changer i know 😓
Like short hair and Star Wars aren't masculine???
Disney announces its pulling out of Netflix. (Shrug). Then remember Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars
Just saw that the Star Wars night is the same day as Aug 26.
"Evidence" they use is that the child likes Star Wars and wants short hair. (Mother calls them a girl despite child's insistence)
"Using Star Wars to understand by on
Can I call in and discuss the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi score w you
Any time I see someone in a star wars shirt in public, I like to make eye contact and give them a nod that says "yeah, y…
Update your maps at Navteq
Poll: Which is the best friend duo in Star Wars?
I think the the reveal of Jon Snow 's background is probably the biggest reveal after the Star Wars
Disney, Marvel and Star Wars are leaving in 2019
Boy looking like a whole tauntaun from Star Wars
Headed to the event feeling like a character from Star Wars... smh . HAMU:…
Hey can you release Star Wars right now? I don't think we're gonna make it to the release date. Thank you.
Honored to showcase the artistry of amazing film via The Art of https:…
I won the Off to a good start achievement in Star Wars Battlefront for 21 pts
Too many to say, but I can narrow it down to three:. -King Kong ('33, '76, '05, Escapes, vs. Godzilla). -Star Wars, E…
MJ meeting Finn from Star Wars, making Peter Parker and Ned Leeds die of jealousy
Poll time! Since the Disney takeover, what's been your favourite part of the new Star Wars canon? (Sequel trilogy excl…
Here's an idea: is Star Wars actually part of the roleplaying game genre?
Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) aka "Star Wars" doesn't look that silly now with the North Korea threat.
Star Wars is far better than Star Trek oh wait, that's not unpopular, that's a fact.
Star Wars and More with the Symphony Orchestra takes place Saturday, September 16.…
The genius behind Star Wars music has a whole slew of other awesome scores.
The Auralnauts removed the iconic John Williams score from the end of the original Star Wars. via
Saw a baseball team had a "Star Wars" night recently. When I was a kid, we risked get pantsed for wearing…
What my weekends consist of.. And yes, that's Star Wars in the background.
When John Williams retires I 100% believe Michael Giacchino should take over doing Star Wars scores. What he did for Rogue One was perfect.
Ahsoka Tano I believe was the best character introduced in the Star Wars universe, very pretty…
How dare make a 15-year old Peter Parker who likes Star Wars. This is why I have fictional crushes ❤️🕷️
📷 hardyness: Spider-Man: Homecoming → Ned Leeds and Peter Parker being two Star Wars nerds. Join me and...
I'm loving the Darth Plagueis book I'm reading and I would love it if there was a Star Wars movie about the history of the Sith.
if Star Wars had fanatical terrorists would they yell Admiral Ackbar instead???
*** that's like complaining that a box set of all the Star Wars films doesn't include the Christmas special
I feel like Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars about the UBI, "It's a trap". It'll keep black people poor forever. Federal Job Guarantee or bust.
My cousin has one of those. They sound loud and great, just like my Star Wars Battlefront TB headset.
My fan comic! You can read a bit more about it here, if you like :).
When you watch Star Wars do you wonder what it would be like to strangle a Jawa to death & watch their little glowing eyes f…
The Star Wars episodes are the goat
George Lucas had some surprising feedback on Star Wars: Republic Commando... Watch our full interview to learn more. http…
Two years ago watched Star Wars for the first time.
Friend: What Star Wars books should I focus on next?. Me: *writes an 800 word response*
Hang on wait what... Leia had a PhD in Star Wars? Christ can you imagine having everyone call you Princess when you wer…
Any friends wanna join the Rebellion in Toronto?
I have the same problem with the "Complete Star Wars" Blu-ray set, which doesn't include the Ewok movie…
[Confidential to last night's live audience: amazing Star Wars filibuster from Parks and Rec] .
I have never in my life watched a Star Wars movie
No matter how hard I try. I cannot get into Star Wars
Symphony to highlight Harry Potter, Star Wars at Williamsburg arts fest - Williamsburg Yorktown Daily
Sigh... my niece isn't into star wars
Corbyn is responsible for the Star Wars prequels!
I do as I own every star wars console game release as well and many on pc
Well, Luke was tempted to the dark side several times in the original trilogy, it's…
1976 here. The Damned released the UK's first ever punk single and album 🤘 Star Wars was i…
See also: The neural network named a Star Wars planet TINA and for some reason I can't breathe from l…
If you like Anakin Skywalker, try these other stories!
The night treatments of Star Wars: There's still no mouse ears, Omnimover or Dole whip emoji.
I visited the STAR WARS HEADQUARTERS. Check out the vlog and please SUBSCRIBE for more content! .
Black Pink's Rose to appear on 'Fantastic Duo 2' Star Wars Special with Gummy
They have to be related though, We need Star Wars Cat related Lore!!
...That's why I'm excited to tell you that I'll be bringing to Toronto! Here are the details: (2/2) . https…
Just remembered in a few months I'm seeing Michael Giacchino at the Royal Albert Hall as well as a Star Wars night of music there!
"Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire" experience with immersive sound by Skywalker Sound coming to Disney destinations.
This will end up being my first SW game. I'm a huge Star Wars nerd. Like Darth Bane vs. Darth Revan type conversations.
Star Wars characters visit young patients at See video on
Strategic Defense Initiative. Of course if you don't say Star Wars, no one remembers SDI. Would have b…
Reagan's "Star Wars" Strategic Defense Initiative was revealed as a scam only years after billions of dollars literally disappeared. Heroic!
I think you would do better with the cantina band from Star Wars.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Chrono Trigger. Zelda: Links Awakening. Devil May Cry 3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Star Wars: Knights of the…
I love that George Lucas named the Star Wars' Cantina Band's sound as *** music".
Fact if you prefer Star Treak over Star Wars you are secretly a sleeper agent for the nazis
When I first saw this GIF, I heard the Cantina band from "Star Wars: A New Hope."
I grew up on Transformers & Star Wars, they disappeared & now they won't bloody go away. Why can't they make Blake's 7 & Star Fleet movies?
Danny Devito is not in Star Wars. He was a fan girl with me.
Build her a table so she can color & she has a Star Wars tea party. Complete w/ Star Wars scarf, Darth Vader & a st…
HASCON reveals their exclusives for 2017: Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, MLP & more
P.S. I saw John Williams conduct the Star Wars and his other movie scores at Boston Symphony Hall la…
Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Man of Steel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens - four times each. What was I thinking
There are slots in the Hall of Heroes in Disney Infinity for other characters. Disney - 7. Star Wars - 1. Marvel - 1
Anyone else love the Star Wars transformers? via
Star Wars, Harry Potter, horror & super hero movie marathons would be dope
-person. I like(d) R&M. I love Game of Thrones. I love Star Wars, I love Transformers. I like plent…
There's going to be an Alien section at Madam Tussaud's!! Literally the only reason I'd go except maybe to see Star Wars characters
A: you could find a date. You just need someone who can talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and LOTR.
Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline |
Took a look on my Star Wars calendar and the pic for August is a very lovely one. 😍
If you like Kylo Ren, try these stories!
Kylo Ren vs Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is such a good lightsaber fight, so excited for in Dec…
.leans into cute with tees feat. Baby Groot, and more: https…
Emilia Clarke shares Chewbacca video from the set of the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff
All the fastpasses of Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain have been given away.
With a win today, the will have their best record since Star Wars Day.
Friendship is having a friend who doesn't think twice about it as you're packing your Star Wars jammies into your bag 😆😆😆
📷 starwars: The perfect companion for a Star Wars movie marathon. 
No matter how bad life gets, you can always watch Star Wars
Star Wars Rogue One has been on Netflix since July 18 and no one told me. Step it up folks
📷 domhnall-tonal: Leaked Star Wars: The Last Jedi promotional image of General Hux edited from this...
I want to believe this is about Star Wars Episode II
Had the pleasure of going to the Star Wars and The Power of Costume exhibit this weekend ❤️
I get excited about Star Wars trailers and my colleagues laugh at me
Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star Expansion Pack was released on September 20th, 2016.
Oooh... Can't wait for this expasion! .
you are going to hate this answer, but he was a pretty important character in Star Wars The Clone W…
I also got a lot of flack for the Star Wars comment...But I stand by it.
Just entered to win a Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper 6th Scale Figure from and !
Reince Priebus is sacked and can now do what he was destined to do - donate his name to a secondary character in the ne…
Bought my nephew cologne🤣😍 Star Wars cologne 😍 I know he loves himself. But he's turning 6 next year how?😫
From Star Wars to heavy petal. Weird reincarnation.
Our books are coming out December 15th! Preorder your copies now!.
Agreed. Prometheus and Covenant were like the Star Wars prequels in that way.
I liked a video New Ride and Land Details for 'Star Wars Land' at Walt Disney World - Disney News -
Star Wars was everything to me as a young girl. I've been told I don't belong at every turn. I don't want that for girls…
Bisexual Han Solo is my favorite, favorite Star Wars Fact.
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Why yes I am one of those people to make Star Wars puns.
Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill at the Star Wars premiere
Found a in the new Thunder Mountain Trail section Frontierland entrance to Star Wars a Galaxy's Edge at Disn…
When 20-something guys try to school me about Star Wars, Star Trek or sci-fi in general. Puh-leez.
the jawas at Star Wars launch bay petting a dog made everyone in the room so happy!! Just thought I would share 💝…
Star Wars cast photoshoot outside the Dorchester Hotel, London
One of the stupidest things about weirdos complaining about a lack of male presence in recent Star Wars is how insulting it is (1/2)
. What is your best memory from the original Star Wars behind the scenes?
I liked a video How Max Landis Would Fix the Star Wars Universe
I think I'm like the only person on earth who has never watched any of the Harry Potter or Star Wars movies and I have…
I had a dream that The Princess Bride took place in the Star Wars cinematic universe and Wesley, Inigo & Rogan were really jedi/sith
Next up, go through this stack of comics. I'm pretty sure half this pile are Hasbro reprints from GI Joe/Star Wars/…
Some of y'all into Harry Potter or Star Wars but I'm into transformers bruh
Prefence for the original cut of Transformers movie or the redone with voiceovers and Star Wars crawl?
Except the Star Wars prequels and the Fast and Furious movies and the Emoji Movie and maybe Transformers 2-whenever these things end
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It really does seem like Pablo hates Star Wars fans. Transformers fans he is good with though.
Darth Revan, right? By far my favorite character in the Star Wars universe
Space Jam, Independence Day, MIB, and the Star Wars re-releases came out within 2 or 3 years of each other. Just now hit me.
Comics or toy wise? Just starting to go through comics right now. Lots of 80s transformers, 80s-00s Star Wars toys!
Also gonna unload tons of old toys. Star Wars and transformers in particular. It hurts my heart.
My nephew has been watching the 1986 Transformers movie back to back for days with the occasional break to watch Star Wars. This pleases me.
easy, scenes often bordered on Transformers & Star Wars and the characters lacked depth. 5th El…
HasCon Exclusives from Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, My Little Pony and more are here!
"Making their debut at the event ahead of retail releases later this year are figures from Star Wars and Transformers..."
Still have the Star Wars stuff, GI Joes, Transformers & He Men have gone to collectors
You see, I was never a Star Wars fan. Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were more my thing.
Star Wars Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie since the Empire Strikes Back. Movie was hot
Star Wars. The way the story is told & the acting is so tedious. Empire Strikes Back is the worst u…
As an adult I own 4 Star Wars figures - only one of which was bought in the last 15 years. Transformers on the other hand...
B4 hitting it big with the Star Wars franchise K-2SO auditioned for a number of movies in the 1950s including The D…
If you claim Destiny 2 is too similar to Destiny 1 AND say that Empire Strikes Back is your favorite Star Wars movie,…
Dude likes Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, chocolate shakes, cake, Star Wars, and said his favorite TV show is Monday…
Congrats John P! I know the music will be great in your hands!. 'Star Wars' Han Solo Enlists Composer John Powell https:/…
Star Wars authors harassing the Captain. Must suck to know Kirk could kick Han Solo's *** 😂
'Star Wars' fans take Fandom Fest clue as proof Darth Vader will appear in Han Solo movie
me and my cousin met Deep Roy at Star Wars celebration anaheim
Starkiller, born Galen Marek and also known as The Apprentice, is the Dark Jedi anti-hero protagonist of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
If video calling we saw in Star Wars & Transformers from 1986 are now realities like Skype, why won't Skynet or the Matrix also happen?
So Wrath of Khan & Close Encounters are getting anniversary re releases but not Star Wars? Why?
I won the Yee Haw achievement in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for 28
Star Wars: Rogue One - everything is misery in that one. I would love it if I was Edgar Allen Poe. Not one redeeming/happy scene? Really?
Hey Misfits! 2 full boxes of new stuff from transformers, Halo, Star Wars, horror movie action figures, rob...
has Super7 and Transformers from SDCC, also Star Wars and Ramhorn!
Like how Tolkien drew from various mythologies. Star Wars drew from old sci-fi like Flash Gordon, and just used a classic hero's tale
How sweet would it be if Japan Air did anime-themed planes like EVA with Hello Kitty and ANA with Star Wars
Biggest news from At 840: Star Wars - Avengers, returns w/best highlights from San Diego!
They've also done Star Wars, Kong: SI, & transformers. ILM would deliver.
Star Wars shot of the day. Darth Vader crashing Jedi Training Academy. .
um but what about all that Star Wars money?
a Star Wars movie: exists. me: this needs more jimmy smits in it
Someone explain Ready Player One's appeal to me and don't use "nostalgia" because Star Wars, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles are still here
I've got Masters of the Universe, Transformers and Star Wars. All comics that gave me…
Lucky! Enjoy the tale of Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of the most feared and genius characters in the Star Wars world.
A pinball wizard debuts new Star Wars and Batman machines at Comic-Con 2017
The best wax figures I've seen so far: Rei (Star Wars), Amy Winehouse, David and Victoria Beckham, and Kate William…
Doesn't Hawaii have a Israeli stole iron dome with lasers? That's where Reagan had the Star Wars program developed
So who wants to join me to the Cincinnati Art Museum so I can see the Star Wars exhibit?
Looking forward to finally getting this Star Wars sleeve finished soon😅
J: here's an article about Disneyland and the new Star Wars land; where it will be and what rides are back.
I want a Star Wars movie from the perspective of the Empire. Brave Intel agents tracking insurgent terror operations of the Rebels.
My favorite thing from Star Wars is the Skywalker Lightsaber. It's passed through so many hands.
I thought that not seeing star wars kept her a solid
I'm still pretending that 1, 2, and 3 didn't happen. That's my Star Wars universe.
Revealed at Star Wars: The Rebel Files is a new canon book package in the tradition of The Jedi Path. I'm really happ…
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.or 40 years ago today, the epic "Star Wars" is released - May 25, 1977
Pretty sure I'm the only one in the world that hasn't seen a single Star Wars movie
Was gonna get drunk tonight but decided to come home and watch Star Wars.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that makes EpcotServo gross cry every darn time
I just read the new Han Solo prequel is called Star Wars Babies
Didn't know what to caption it so here's my Star Wars poster and my unmade bed
it's from the girl who is going to edit Thrawn comic. And Star Wars Show's Andy Gutierrez liked it :(
Basically they made Star Wars: Rogue One because they were tired of people saying "After all of that, all it took was one X-Wing?".
Come watch Star Wars with me so I know it's real.
I wanna fight this little kid that just said "is this the new Star Wars" as a Star Trek trailer played
Lucasfilm announced and unveiled tons of new books and comics today. 👀
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lot good talk about Star Wars land plus possible movie sequel
Star Wars' John Boyega calls Game of Thrones out for its predominantly white cast. 🔥🔥🔥
Star Wars has opened doors for Amanda that I never knew were imaginable!! This past week paid…
It's pretty hip to hate Boba Fett now in this here Star Wars scene. Too hip to be square etc.
Disney World in Florida when I was 9. That's about it. . I need to go back for Star Wars though
screenrant: Gwendoline Christie Compares 'Hope' in Star Wars & Game of Thrones -
When new Star Wars news comes out and I'm trying to find out if my mutuals are talking about me or Finn Star Wars
Thanks to for taking time to talk Star Wars with me. Huge fan of if you're a…
Have you seen Inside Llewyn Davis? He’s great in that and it is nothing like Star Wars!
The lack of support in Star Wars Battlefront is more horrific than tentacle pr0n
I won 2 achievements in Star Wars Battlefront for 155 pts
I thought so... Not really... But seriously I want to see the new Blade Runner so bad. Plus new Star Wars in December right?
Great John Williams Prom and great to hear some of his less well known music but no Jurassic Park piece when Star Wars gets 4!
I don't agree with him but I'm a guy that thinks Star Wars is just OK so I d…
21 - Star Wars: Shatterpoint. Depa is the Buddhist monk of Jedi Masters. She is so OOC. & Mace Windu is just Sam Jackson.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Easiest Jedi to Farm for Grand Master’s Training -
Chris Hardwick on Saturday Night Live dreams, Star Wars toys and more -
Irony = Jake Lloyd in Flyer episode of Pretender, deals with stars and flying, winds up in Star Wars flying a car in space.
Will Smith: "I had sex a few years later... It was close, but no Star Wars."
Will Smith: "My whole life I've been trying to give that feeling to fans" (feeling he felt when seeing Star Wars for the…
Will Smith on seeing Star Wars for the first time: "I have never been smashed like that in a movie theater. My mind was b…
I'd pay to see a feature-length film with Tommy Wiseau inserted into the Star Wars universe.
Saturday night is Star Wars night at Riverwalk Stadium. Biscuits vs Blue Wahoos. We had a Storm Trooper join us on Alabama Live…
Holy Womp Rats this is so amazing to celebrate Star Wars 40th anniversary at this is comi…
my Star Wars film predictions are a Han Solo sequel by Ron Howard, a Rian Johnson directed spin-off and a Gareth Edwards directed Episode X
Petition to make "Star Wars but the Lightsabers Sound like Owen Wilson saying Wow" our new National Anthem
Ron Howard reveals glimpse of Donald Glover as young Lando on set of 'Star Wars' Han Solo film ht…
Last day at Disney = Hollywood Studios for some Tower of Terror, Rockin Rollercoaster and Star Wars 🤘🏼
I synced up Owen Wilson saying "Wow" with all the lightsaber sounds in Star Wars.
George Lucas, Alec Guinness and Mark Hamill on the Star Wars set in Tunisia
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
What if George Lucas had gotten the rights to Flash Gordon instead of developing Star Wars.
In fact, that fighters in the Star Wars movies can warp defeats somewhat the entire purpose of capital ships like Star Destroyers.
Hope George Lucas still uses his laser beam sound from Star Wars in his experimental filming.
My only problem w/Star Wars: in a universe with senscient droids why are they firing the freaking turbo…
Free of Star Wars, George Lucas has vowed to watch MST3K in its entirety and digitally remove every appearance of M…
2005 was a good year: Benedict XVI was pope and Star Wars movies were made by George Lucas.
Just listened to a great interview with George Lucas about the mythology behind Star Wars.
George Lucas directing Chewbacca on the set of Star Wars
My life is about 2 things. Star Wars and being George Lucas
Get a look at Kylo Ren's new ride from Star Wars: The Last Jedi
An Indiana archaeologist found the lost 'Star Wars' sets and wants to share them with you
all thing disney, Marvel & Star Wars bringing up the next generation of fans. Also…
Fighting more Jedi Masters in Star Wars the force unleashed!.
Sometimes I get mad at my fellow DCEU fans for being overzealous, but nothing will compare to what Star Wars fans d…
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