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Star Wars Weekends

Star Wars Weekends is a festival generally held annually at the Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Salem Movies In The Park is taking a few weekends off, & will be back with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on 8/26.…
Please RT! Star Wars: The Old Republic offers double XP weekends, first of three...
Me gustó un video de Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars 2010 at Disney's Star Wars Weekends
What my weekends consist of.. And yes, that's Star Wars in the background.
You got it bro, star wars marathons all weekends and ideas for your looper videos. 🎂👬🎆🎇
I liked a video Full 2013 Dance Off with Star Wars Stars - Hyperspace Hoopla Star Wars Weekends at
Love, love, love weekends! Swimming lessons and Bertie got an award! Watched Star Wars, The Force Awakens with...
Me doing my warm down after the weekends cycle .
I can't believe I missed this why does it always have to be on weekends! I hope there is one on at Star Wars celebration week
People ask me what my style is. Catch ya girl wearing Star Wars tshirts and Jesus sandals on weekends like its no big deal
we do Star Trek or Star Wars weekends!
I added a video to a playlist Star Wars Weekends - Stormtrooper Chatting (1/2)
Check out week 2 of our summer 2015! Including Star Wars Weekends - check it out
I liked a video from Mark Hamill Talks Origins of Joker Voice & Laugh, Star Wars Weekends
I liked a video from Star Wars Weekends!
Of course 🙈 No Star Wars weekends anymore so this is the next best thing 😊
the only reasons WDW is so high up on my list is bc of the way Star Tours looks & Star Wars Weekends 😩
I liked a video from Star Wars Weekends 2015 Character Finale with Jedi, Vader, Rebels,
Important part of any fake Star Wars Weekends day: Star Wars themed cupcake!
The Stormtrooper Comedy Pre-Show from the final Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios -
Disney: No more StarWars Weekends at Hollywood Studios - WBBH News for Ft Myers & Naples, FL
How do you feel about the ending of Star Wars weekends?
I would just like to reiterate how crushed I am that Star Wars weekends have been cancelled. I will continue until the decision is reversed.
Season of the force now makes me upset ever since they announced the end of Star Wars Weekends
Forum: Star Wars weekends at Disney theme parks: Is anyone going besides me? .
I'm so sad I never got to go to Star Wars weekends and it breaks my heart that I will never get the chance to experience it :(
Sad forever because Star Wars weekends are over 😭
What? No more Star Wars weekends? Didn't you book a trip already ...planning to go?
Ah, Star Wars Weekends, we loved you well -
NEWS: (1) This is the Osbourne Family Light's FINAL year and (2) Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios is being discontinued
Disney star star wars weekends as c-3po LINK:.
Disney World announced they're ending How do you feel about this?
Today Zeek and Rachel get talking about all the new news coming to
End of an Era: Star Wars Weekends will not be returning to Disney World
I understand getting rid of Star Wars Weekends when the new area opens at DHS, but why do it before construction even starts?
Disney confirms Star Wars Weekends will not continue for 2016 onwards...
The dark side has won: Star Wars Weekends are no more at Disney World
Disney: Star Wars Weekends end at Hollywood Studies as construction set for Star Wars land
I don't have much to contribute to conversations this week, because I haven't ever been to Starbucks or Star Wars Weekends.
So how do you feel about Disney doing away with Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios?
Trending: Disney says goodbye Star Wars Weekends! Hello Seasons of the Force.
And we're set!!! Though, no more Star Wars Weekends is a major buzzkill...
Disney to end Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios in exchange for new ... - Jacksonville Business Journal
Disney World 2015 Part 4: Star Wars Weekends and Stars of the Saga: via
Stars of the Saga at Star Wars Weekends 2015 Ray Park, Peter Mayhew and James Arnold Taylor: via
Loved seeing Ian McDiarmid, Amy Allen, and James Arnold Taylor at Star Wars Weekends in Walt...
fans - meet the actors who played Darth Maul and Boba Fett this weekend at Star Wars Weekends.
New in Flickr group: Star Wars Weekends - mwjw has added a photo to the pool:
Disney's Star Wars Weekends begins! Themed food and an Indy bar on the way!
First Star Tours ride of Star Wars Weekends. I would really like to go to Hoth, please.
At -- You can't go to Star Wars Weekends without riding Star Tours!!!
Star Wars Weekends kicks off this Friday at Disney's Hollywood Studios! http:/…
GALLERY Disney has a themed restaurant for Star Wars Weekends. by ht…
Darth Maul hummus, Yoda Key Lime Cake to be offered in new Rebel Hangar at Star Wars Weekends h…
May is here and Disney Park events include the Flower and Garden Festival, Star Wars Weekends, the 24 hour event...
Right now I'm having to choose between SGC and Star Wars Weekends. I could meet Frank Oz...that's a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.
I just realized that moving back later in the summer means that I miss Star Wars Weekends and now I'm having a mental breakdown
Ordered some stuff for a new for next weekends Star Wars Celebration! Time for some Disney x Star Wars mash up!
Disney star wars weekends 2015!!!: Sorry, but last question. Can you bring things for them to sign, or do they...
Ian McDiarmid is gonna be at Star Wars Weekends!! I wanna go!!! its been almost 3 years since last we met!
Mark Hamill does Joker and Luke Skywalker voice dialogue at Star Wars Weekends 2014
Will there be any new items for Star Wars Weekends?
Let the Force pull you into the Zone for an awesome post by Star Wars Weekends- What's the big deal?
I mean, I understand Megacon is more than just Star Wars. But why on Earth would you want to compete with Star Wars Weekends?
Shows moving to the theater of the stars. :(. Bummer.
Guests Can Blast Off to Star Wars Weekends With a Special Offer at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel
WESH Orlando: LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla Ticket packages are now available for Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Holly...
For the Drivetime commute.Star Wars, Dark Rides, No Panties in the Park. I'm on this week's episode of
I KNOW! But why does that only say DL. I think I saw they're at WDW, too. They better be for Star Wars Weekends
Getting so excited to pick out something from new collection for this year's Star Wars Weekends!
The Force Returns to Hollywood Studios with an All-star lineup bigger than ever before! May the Force be with...
Looking for something special during Star Wars weekends at Disney World? Maybe you should check out these two...
Have you attended Star Wars Weekends at HS? What was your favorite part?
Cannot wait to get my hands on these pieces at Star Wars Weekends!
.is offering special Star Wars Weekends rates
Frank Oz and Ian McDiarmid Among the Stars Announced for Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Frank Oz to appear at 'Star Wars' Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Florida via
Franz Oz the voice of Yoda makes his 1st appearances at Hollywood Studios
Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World now offering package deals
The "Feel the Force" Premium and Deluxe Packages for Star Wars Weekends 2015 are now available for booking! Click...
You Can Now Make Reservations for the Feel the Force Premium Packages at Star Wars Weekends
Feel the power of the force when Star Wars Weekends returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios every Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 15-June 14!
Reservations Now Open for the Feel the Force Premium Packages During Star Wars Weekends via
Reserve "Feel the Force" packages now for & watch the Legeds of the Force motorcade in style.
“stars will be at Star Wars Weekends @ Hollywood Studios!
Actor Ian McDiarmid, Senator/Emperor Palpatine, and Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda will appear for Star Wars Weekends this year.
Disney announces the stars who will attend the 2015 Star Wars Weekends.
Star Wars Weekends announces celebrity line up at Walt Disney World for this year's event!
Nerd Alert! Get the details on the Star Wars Weekends
LEGO Darth Vader's Star Destroyer from the Star Wars films has been out for three weekends now, and it's been the highest grossing...
I can't wait for Star Wars Weekends. Only two months away
I just want to know the Star Wars Weekends Guests already! This is like the hardest wait every year and they seem...
.Have you ever filmed a travel channel show in Hollywood Studios at Disney World during Star Wars weekends?
In a delema. What to pick- a day at Star Wars weekends with special breakfast and dinner or MK 24 hr rock your Disney side?
My wife and I are going to star wars weekends in may.We're staying at the dolphin,any thoughts on the resort?
I totally love mine! I will be rocking it for Star Wars Weekends this year. Especially when I go to meet Vanessa.
What to wear to featuring Ashley Eckstein from
I'm so ready for Star Wars Weekends! Comment below if you are attending!. Follow DIS Humor
Is anyone planning on going to Star Wars Weekends this year?
2 months left till Disney World Star Wars Weekends! I can't wait!
Any Star Wars fans out there? Star Wars weekends begins at Hollywood Studios May 15- June 15!
Star Wars Weekends will kick off at Hollywood Studios May 15-June 14
I wouldn't mind them for Star Wars Weekends this year!
Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite - how cool is this popcorn bucket for the Star Wars Weekends at
because it's during freaking awesome STAR WARS WEEKENDS
He and his gf are coming to visit me for Star Wars weekends, hence the harrison ford
I'm wondering when are the first dates for star wars weekends?
my family will be there for Star Wars weekends in 60 days without me 😣
I'm just incredibly stressed and worried and frustrated and I'm finally done at work for the start of Star Wars Weekends before I leave.
Have you perused the Star Wars Weekends Galactic Gathering catalog yet?
So excited just booked vacay for summer party, Star Wars weekends and the popcorn buckets
Oooh! How exciting! I hope they do something like this in Disne World, too! Don't forget - Star Wars Weekends...
we are going to Star Wars weekends but what is galactic garhering ?
Getting excited about going back to WDW for Star Wars Weekends!
64 days till 1st weekend of Star Wars Weekends
Star Wars Weekends return to Walt Disney World this summer!
Who's going to Disney World for Star Wars weekends this year? This guy is. 👍
Who are the stars appearing at Star Wars Weekends and which weekend is who? Only 60 days away!
Cool popcorn bucket coming to Star Wars Weekends!
Gonna have a Star Wars marathon throughout the next couple weekends ⭐️
I liked a video from Lane Looks for Her Boyfriend on Star Wars Weekends
nothing. They do fireworks for Star Wars weekends and the Frozen Summer. It is scheduled well by WDW
So I just ordered my T Shirt AND JAT 365 from I'm ready for Star Wars Weekends!
If the next Celebration isn't in April 2017 in Orlando, I hereby invite all of you to our house for Star Wars Weekends in May/June. :)
Sike, what am I saying? of course Imma hold out till Star Wars weekends start.
Oh good! What I don't buy at Celebration I can buy at Star Wars Weekends. ;)
Walt Disney World is preparing for this year’s Star Wars weekends from May 15 – June 14, 2015 . Want to join in...
Star Wars Weekends Clients this is seriously the best Disney popcorn bucket!
.I wish Rogue One was coming out in May so we could have Star Wars Weekends con at my house. :(
Ahsoka Tano & with..."Stinky" in Disney hat at Star Wars Weekends.
Star Wars Weekends is an annual event that celebrates the Star Wars film saga and the hit animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It's been presented f...
On this week's show: Hot butterbeer warms up guests at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal CityWalk parties into the new year with the incredible EVE 12.31.14 event, Star Wars Weekends announced for 2015, and more. Visit our sponsor: & links: via YouTube:
Actor Mark Hamill, who portrayed farmboy-turned-galactic-hero Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, made his debut appearance at Star Wars Weekends in June 2...
Mark Hamill, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" films as well as the voice of the Joker in various media, talks to himself as both characters. This was Hamill's first appearance at Disney World's annual Star Wars Weekends event.
& JJ Abrams is directing it & he did a great job rebooting Star Trek. I got the bug by going to Star Wars Weekends
Ray Park (Darth Maul) makes an appearance at Star Wars Weekends last month at Disney's Hollywood Studios and does...
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Visit for more from Star Wars Weekends! In the skit before the Stars of the Saga talk show at Star Wars Weekends 2014, Stormtro...
Photo: the-revanite-leader: the501stlegion Imperial Commando RC-4509 at Star Wars Weekends! DUDE!
Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian, together again at Disney's Star Wars Weekends
Photos of the Star Wars Weekends event at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Star Wars Weekends host James Arnold Taylor sits down for a one-on-one conversation with Mark Hamill, who portrayed Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episodes 4-6,...
Ahead of his first appearance at Star Wars Weekends, franchise star Mark Hamill told the Orlando S
Guests to Star Wars Weekends at the Walt Disney World Resort this year received a very special in-person preview of Star Wars Rebels, the new series set to debut on Disney XD later this year. Not only does Star Wars Weekends regularly offer the chance to… [ 113 more words. ]
The newest droid and prankster, Chopper, stopped by Star Wars Weekends! Check him out on Star Wars Rebels, this fall on Disney XD!
“A week from now I'll be in DISNEYWORLD for Star Wars Weekends! Come out and see me! road trip??
Dear Disney: - justjill: Can we get Marvel Weekends like we get Star Wars Weekends?
Thank you for the fun interview yesterday morning about Star Wars Weekends!
Has anyone been to the parade on Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios? I think it's called Legends of the Force. I believe it starts at 11:30 on Saturday but I'm interested if anyone knows the whole parade route? It looks like it starts at the front of the park but does it end at the stage in front of the Sorcerer's hat? TIA! ~ Patrick
We have been to Star Wars Weekends... seen characters but we haven't done Star Wars Weekends. We have never seen the fireworks show, parade or done any of the autographs or movies. Tonight we are going to see the fireworks for the first time and tomorrow the parade... Any tips for us? {these are pictures from last year's Star Wars Weekend}
By Morgan Crutchfield Walt Disney World has really ramped up the offerings at Star Wars Weekends this year with new experiences, characters, and celebrity shows. If you’ve never been to Star Wars Weekends, there’s a lot you don’t want to miss and a lot to know before you come. But what’s a day on th
Hurry! Get your Fastpass+ this morning for the NEW Mark Hamill show next weekend at Star Wars Weekends (June 6-8)! Good luck!
Every May, Disney World hosts Star Wars Weekends at their Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, FL. As part of the experience, Disney has created Darth Vader cupcakes (we all know the Dark Side has cupcakes, right?) Check out the video here… [ 139 more words. ]
Star Wars Weekends are underway so you can expect quite a few Star Wars posts here! Star Wars Weekends bring huge crowds to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Many people arrive early so that they can get in
2006 - Met Chris dressed as Luke driving R2-G4. I was dressed as Leia. 2007 - Ran into Chris at CIV in LA. 2012 - Chris proposed at the Rebel Legion photo dressed as Luke. I was dressed as Leia, again. 2013 - Had a lovely wedding, accompanied by a selection of John Williams and wearing Leia's necklace. 2014 - Our first anniversary, Disney Bounding as Luke and Leia at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends. Happy Anniversary, Chris!
Final day of weekend 2 of Star Wars Weekends. Today Star Wars Is 37 Return of the Jedi is 31 and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is 25. Also I on the Shuttle bus from Epcot to Studios and VP of Hollywood Studios Dan Cockerell is sitting a seat in front of me in the shuttle.
Star Wars Weekends have started at Disney's Hollywood Studios. With meet and greet sessions with characters from both sides of the Force and much more there's no better way to spend your weekends. Purchase your discount tickets today at and as always, may the Force be with you!
Star Wars Weekends show Obi-Wan and Beyond starring James Arnold Taylor. Always a great show and this year...
J.J. Abrams appeared via video at Disney's Star Wars Weekends!
This is the Pre-Show Finale to the Symphony In The Stars Fireworks during Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Not really a replacement for Hype...
Welcome to our weekly Disney's Hollywood Studios Saturday. It's time to have some fun together. Send in those great pictures and stories and let's get the party rolling. Disney World Report - Crowds - a nice moderate weekend day. Even with Star Wars Weekends kicking off the parks won't be overwhelmed. The Studios might be a bit busy, but not too bad. Enjoy. Weather - almost perfect. Sunshine and 83 degrees. It doesn't get much better than this. Hours - MK 9-1, EP 9-9, DHS 8-10, AK 9-8+early EMH
Visit for more from Star Wars Weekends! Replacing Hyperspace Hoopla and the Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars at Star Wars Wee...
Finale Show! New for 2014 at Star Wars Weekends. The finale and the Symphony in the Stars fireworks show replaced the Hyperspace Hoopla. Subscribe to our You...
Star Wars Weekends has returned once again to Disney's Hollywood Studios, launching on May 16, 2014. Here is the entire parade including Star Wars celebritie...
- Two of the largest events held at Disney's Hollywood Studios areThe Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights and Star Wars Weekends (starts today!).
Star Wars Weekends is here once again. It is definitely one of my favorite times of year as a Star Wars fan because that means here at Yellow Shoes Creative Group we get to create some awesome new images for the event. It has become one of our favorite things to“work” on each year.
Star Wars Weekends 2014 Disney Gift Cards: For this year’s Star Wars Weekends we have four…
Check out all of the awesome clothes and jewelry Her Universe will debut at Star Wars Weekends this month:
We have lots of Star Wars Weekends news and more on this weeks Ears the News with Richard!
Mark Hamill is going to be at Star Wars Weekends, in Disney World, in June. Saying that I have to go would be an understatement.
Is anybody planning to attend Star Wars Weekends? It's looking like it may be the best ever...
I am reading that lots of people are excited about Mark Hamill at Star Wars Weekends. FYI: He's NOT doing autographs.
In booking your Walt Disney World trip to Star Wars Weekends, please note that Mark Hamill will not be participating in any of the autograph sessions. Mark Hamill will be in the Legends of the Force motorcade and a special talk show.
Disney's Star Wars Weekends to welcome Mark Hamill - Mark Hamill, who starred as Luke S...
So Jim Cummings will NOT be returning to Star Wars Weekends this year...but Billy Dee Williams, Dee Bradley Baker, Warwick Davis, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein, Tom Kane, Peter Mayhew will...and of course, Mark Hamill will be there. But Ahmed Best? Seriously? Oh hey, John Ratzenberger!
Guest Stars for Star Wars Weekends has been announced. Can't wait to see James Taylor Arnold and Ashley Eckstein again.
Ahmed Best, Mark Hamill, Tiya Sircar, Steve Blum, Vanessa Marshall, Matt Lanter, Warwick Davis, Cat Taber, and more are all going to Star Wars Weekends this year!
It's going to be a great year for Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World. Are you planning to be part of the celebration?
This year Disney is offering the Ultimate Star Wars Weekends VIP tour package at Star Wars Weekends. The tour costs $499 per person plus tax and the cost does not include park admission. Tour groups a
New Options for Star Wars – D-Tech Me at Star Wars Weekends: Star Wars – D-Tech Me experience will return to S...
Thanks James Arnold Taylor for reminding me there are 35 days to Star Wars Weekends. Cue my prolonged Tina Belcher groaning.
Want to meet Luke Skywalker? It's not too late for a trip to Disney World for Star Wars Weekends! Contact me for details.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Can't wait for the semester to end and Star Wars Weekends to begin!!
And...the Day is PERFECTION. 25th troop, met Jason Carter at our troop, and have been approved to march in Star Wars Weekends. Holy Balls!!
It's almost time for Star Wars Weekends! Whats new in 2014? Character Dining!!!
The Force is strong this year at Disney's Hollywood Studios! As Gary Buchanan has been sharing with everyone here on Disney Parks Blog, there's a galaxy full of fun and excitement planned for this year's Star Wars Weekends.
This year will make his historic first appearance at Star Wars Weekends! More: …
Cool new merchandise on its way to Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World.
Anonymouse has found out that Disney is looking at bringing a Star Wars themed 10k and Half Marathon to Star Wars Weekends!
Click through for your first look at this year’s Star Wars Weekends logo and new event details: 
Star Wars Weekends first look and details exclusively from
Who's watching the marathon tonight on Spike? Star Wars Weekends start May 16th at Hollywood Studios. And may the Force be with you...
Well, it's that time again where I reflect on everything that happened this past year. I am very pleased to say 2013 has been the best year I've had since I moved back to Orlando! My love life (or lack there of) hasn't changed, but I've stopped being so concerned about that, causing me to be much happier overall. I'll let the big guy upstairs find my dream girl... I can wait... Work has been the biggest bright spot. I finally feel like the years of hard work I've put in at Disney are finally beginning to pay off. I guess it's proof that as long as you stick to your guns and be the best you can be, good things will eventually happen. Plus, I got to train at The American Idol Experience, Bandit at The Great Movie Ride, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, and as a Coordinator Proficient Cast Member this year. Other random highlights include getting my first new console at launch (Xbox One), Star Wars Weekends, attending my first College Bowl Game (even though we lost badly) and by 25th birthday celebration ...
Home from the Rhode Island Comic Con. Thanks to all the NEG folks for being great hosts and helping with the Roxy tear down. We had a great time! I hope to see some of you down next year for MegaCon and Star Wars Weekends at Disney!
I saw Warwick Davis live at Disney World in Orlando in 2009 for the Star Wars Weekends. He (
2011:Star Wars Weekends returns to Walt Disney World for the 2011 season, rk the present, ~ Rabindranath Tagore
So, now that God has helped me to arrive at a place where I feel comfortable enjoying Disney again(a passion I've had my entire's part of who I am and I can no longer deny it), I find myself thinking a lot about Walt Disney World and then I begin to wrestle with a longing to well as the sorrow that the thought of it stirs up. That place holds countless beautiful memories for me, not so much due to the "magic" of the place itself, but mainly because it reminds me of sharing those experiences with my best friend and love of my life. I just don't know if I can EVER return to that place without her, but I feel like part of the healing process for me will be to at least try. =\ If God opens a door, and my finances will allow it, I am thinking(and praying) about a long weekend trip next May to do something I've wanted to do for years now...experience Star Wars Weekends. My first trip back down there, whenever that may be, will be incredibly painful for me emotionally and I just don't know ...
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Last day of Star Wars Weekends is over now. I get a break. Until these Brazilian tour groups…
didney whorl?! Make sure you hit up Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends! I live a couple hours south of there.
Disney Day 5 is in the books. Just got back from a family late night swim in the pool & the Electric Water Parade. Today was all spent at Animal Kingdom. Looks like Josh is getting over his fear of coasters. 4 times on Everest and twice on Primeval Whirl. The Lion King show was great also. Tomorrow my day has come, Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. Nite nite from the safari.
Do you know how to get the White Star Wars Weekends buttons? Where do they hand them out?
can somebody PLEASE go to Star Wars Weekends tomorrow...i want a nametag and shirt...i will give you money through paypal!!!
Worked out, had a facial, my arrived, lunch with my BFF, no rain = simple, but great day! More Star Wars weekends 2morrow!
Common sense tells a logical person that if everyone walked around armed with a weapon that could instantly end a life people would be more polite to each other...It would also make you reevaluate the value of your own life
I'm not at Star Wars Weekends in Florida. I'm hanging out in Aldeeran places.
On our next episode of WaltCast we'll be recapping the amazing Star Wars Weekends events at WDW
just a few more hours until my first star wars weekends! I'm so excited.
"I feel like a mom at a Darren Criss show" - me at Star Wars Weekends
GUISE. You'll never guess who the rebel spy was. @ Star Wars Weekends
Hot guy in a Darth Vader suit today at Star Wars Weekends like marry me plz
I liked a video Star Wars Weekends 2013 (Sam Witwer) on "Behind the Force"
Star Wars Weekends then dinner at Bahama Breeze with my favorite girls? Yes please.
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The weekend is almost here for us on the left side of the country. Role call.. what gaming do you have on tap for the weekend?
Star Wars Weekends AKA men with long hair convention.
Thought you might like this picture from Star wars Weekends. Ashley Eckstein
Please do!! Hope to meet you soon. (Tip: Star Wars Weekends is happening now - Audio Forthcoming) enjoy your weekend!
Who's at HWS for Star Wars Weekends tonight? One of these Customs will be given away in the park…
I was detained for questioning by the Galactic Empire. @ Star Wars Weekends @ Disney's Hollywood Studios
Last weekend of Star Wars Weekends, thank goodness
Headed to Star Wars Weekends to meet and and see the sights!!
Star Wars Weekends. I bet more and more will become permanent though with the merge.
We saved the best for last! The final weekend of Star Wars Weekends has officially started! We hope you have the experience of a lifetime!
Anybody have some related WEEKEND PLANS?!
In honor of the final Star Wars Weekends, check out these fun finds on Star Tours!
The force is NOT strong when it comes to proper sentences! @ Star Wars Weekends @ Disney's Hollywood…
Riding the new Star Tours at Star Wars Weekends suckas!!!
The hunters getting some autographs from Tom Kane at Disneys Star Wars Weekends.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios, in the prestigious Magic Kingdom in Kissimmee Florida.
Pin Traders tonight, TrenD tomorrow, Star Wars Weekends Sunday - this is my kind of weekend!
Got all of my Star Wars Weekends purchases!
Last run for Star Wars Weekends! Let me know if you want event moichendize.
Behind the Scenes with the 501st at Star Wars Weekends
What should I write my next song about??? & GO... :P
I'll bet he was a huge draw at Star Wars Weekends!
I checked in at Star Wars Weekends on
Check out in this Star Wars Weekends 2013 with Global Resort Homes Video: via
I had fun making this video last week with , Star Wars Weekends 2013 with : via
I wish Star Wars Weekends was every day of the year
A little fun: If you could be one fictional character this weekend, who would you be?
I just got done filming today, I am physically and mentally exhausted BUT wanted to thank everyone who participated in D Day 69 years ago. I went to Normandie back in 2004 and saw all the craters and German bunkers that are still there as well of thousands of white crosses lining the cemetary where so many Americans are burried. Many of these white cross gravestones simply read (Here lies in honored glory a comrade in arms known only to God). Thank you to every World War II veteran for your sacrifice, you are dying everyday now BUT a warrior never dies as long as someoe remembers them. NEVER FORGET
Only a week to go till Download and the good news is that Black Star Riders have been added to the Saturday bill. With Maiden topping the bill what a great day for yours truly.Hoping to hook up with BSR and fingers crossed catch a moment with a very famous metal guitarist who loves his carp fishing.
*** I don't often share what I write, but I'm overly grateful to Mrs. Loudon for sharing her story and this story has touched my soul. Hope you enjoy. Gold Star Mom Still missing her son, Loudon reaches out to help others Reported by Katie Weidenboerner, Tri-County Sunday. Email: katiew-- "I think if you talk to most people who lost a son or a daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan, they feel a strong connection with 9/11," Gold Star Mother Sue Loudon said. "I think we all know if 9/11 hadn't happened, we wouldn't have lost our children." Her son, Army 2nd Lt. Christopher E. Loudon, 23, a member of the 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Platoon, C Company, based in Fort Hood, Texas, was killed Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006, while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. His death was the result of a roadside bomb which exploded as he was riding in a Humvee on patrol in Bagdad, Iraq. When Christopher was killed, the students in Loudon's class at Ridgway Middle School received an important message about the price paid by military men ...
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Any of my friends who like to PC game please let me know. Company of Heroes 2 is amazing. played the beta last night for the first time and its absolutely outstanding. look it up, watch some video on it and if you decide to get it let me know. game release is June 25th
Alright everybody comment I'm fighting with my friend over this and now taking a poll! Who's usually in control of everything the girl or guy?
One of the highlights of Star Wars Weekends is seeing — and hearing — the voices behind some of the famous on-screen characters. The world of Disney and the galaxy of Star Wars once again came together during Weekend II when Jim Cummings bounced his way from the Hundred Acre Wood to Disney’s Hollywo...
Just a couple of Jedi knights and a Sith Lord kicking it at Star Wars Weekends
James Arnold Taylor was armed & ready to take the stage at Star Wars Weekends "Behind the Force" show!
If you are headed out to Star Wars Weekends all of the Casey Jones signed Jabba sets are gone, but they have plenty of non-signed ones left
Great day at Hollywood Studios yesterday. Lots of interesting sights with Star Wars Weekends. Off to Legoland!!!
Our guests have begun arriving for Star Wars Weekends, beginning May 17 in Disney's Hollywood Studios!
Just in time for Star Wars Weekends, this designer cupcake is back – rich chocolate-peanut butter filling and chocolate frosting with Darth Vader and a kitschy saber (actually a plastic pick) topping the confection.
Next Week at WDW--Star Wars Weekends kick off, and I'll be around to re-review some hotels and re-check some stuff...
“Updated list of 'Star Wars Weekends' 2013 visiting celebrities Billy Dee Williams will be there!
Become a Stormtrooper for $99.95 plus tax at this year's Star Wars Weekends.
May the 4th be with you! And the Star Wars fun doesn't end here. Star Wars Weekends start soon at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World! Contact me today to plan your vacation to experience it first hand. It's the ultimate Star Wars fan event!
Dis has Flower and Garden Fest and Star Wars Weekends when I am there... Get to see Starship with Mickey Thomas
working all weekend getting ready for Star Wars Weekends. You should come down and get your geek on! Princess Leia Costume! =)
Save up to 30% at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels this Summer! Check out Star Wars Weekends.
Come meet Lando Calrissian himself this year at Disney's Star Wars Weekends!
Billy Dee Williams to Appear at Star Wars Weekends: Disney is pleased to announce that everyone’s favorite gal...
Just found out Billy Dee Williams is coming for Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. I'll do what I can.
Lando from is returning to Star Wars Weekends:
If you haven't already heard: Billy Dee Williams, Lando Calrissian himself, will be at this years Star Wars Weekends at DHS!
Star Wars Weekends: Billy Dee Williams Attending: Today we get word via the Disney Parks Blog that ...
Did you know that Walt Disney World has several Special Events each year? Star Wars Weekends, EPCOT Food and Wine festival, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and more. From events for adults to the whole family there are many reasons to either bring the children or bring out your inner child. It can be more affordable than you think. Let me stress on the details while you relax and plan your trip to magic! Contact me for more details!
So excited to go to my first Star Wars Weekends this year in May!
“Luke, We’re gonna have company!” — Han Solo If your starship can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs (I’m still trying to figure out how fast that is), set your hyperdrive for the Disney’s Hollywood Studios sector for May and early June, for the 2013 edition of Star Wars Weekends.
Looks like the Darth Vader one at the Star Wars Weekends. That was the greatest cupcake in the history of cupcakes.
Algunas novedades del Mundo Star Wars, donde hay alguna noticia de Episodio VII - Disney announced the dates of their long running Star Wars Weekends in 2013 - Ewan McGregor would “be up for” Star Wars Episode VII if needed. - A long-lost short film that played in front of The Empire Strike Back, Black Angel, might soon resurface online. - Wes Anderson thinks he could make a good Han Solo origin movie. - Star Wars MMO The Old Republic is trying to incorporate same sex romance. - George Lucas just got engaged to the chairman of DreamWorks animation. - If you have an idea for a Pringles Star Wars commercial, you could win $75,000. Could the lead character of Star Wars Episode VII be female?
Big Disney News Day- Disney released a new promo for Visa card holders and for the public starting Jan 3rd. Disney also released the dates for Star Wars Weekends and International Flower and Garden Festival! Contact me today to get a quote for these Special Events!
While we work on your quotes, join some of our groups for discussion on the latest happenings with Disney with our expert travel agents and other travelers! Special Events (Flower and Garden Festival, Star Wars Weekends)- Needs and Allergies- with Mickey- All Things Disney Cruise Line at Disney-
Dates for Disney's Star Wars Weekends have just been announced: Every Fri, Sat & Sun from May 17 - June 9, 2013 :D
The first Star Wars Weekends with being a part of the Disney family run from May 17-June 9. Fri/Sat/Sun
Happy Holidays everyone! Time is flying by so quickly! 2012 has truly been an incredible year for me! I've been keeping very busy and I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way! I am pleased to announce that I was named "Top Geek Girl 2012"! I am quite honored! Visit my website to read about it I've been keeping busy creating art & designs for some amazing companies! I Designed a T-shirt for "Her Universe" (Spanish Day of the dead style Darth Vader "La Fuerza Es Fuerte Con Este/The Force Is Strong With This One") which was picked up by "HOT TOPIC", Lucasfilm General Store & Star Wars Weekends at Disney in Orlando! This was the first design I created for "Her Universe" and I'm pleased to announce, not the last! ;-) Doing art & design work has definitely been keeping me busy, but I'm happy to say so has acting! For those that didn't know, I am a proud union SAG-AFTRA actress! This year I had the pleasure of being in some AMAZING Film, TV, Pilots, Music Video projects! Teen Wolf, ...
Two of my favorite actors! James Arnold Taylor does an amazing show during Star Wars Weekends! As far as Johnny Depp--we all know how amazing he is--lol!
Essential for next year's Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios! Hand crocheted by Harvester Products and available in their Etsy store for
I have gone for a couple of Braves/Yankees spring games. Lots of fun. Star Wars Weekends are fun also.
No more lame Florida jokes or else you're banned from next year's Disney Star Wars Weekends which has to be uber awesome.
My weekends sorted with Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars. Get it now
they already have Star Tours and star wars weekends. I hope they make something to put me in a tauntaun
Chewbacca and an Ewok dance to Guns n Roses at Disney's Star Wars Weekends 2011
it's good to see you not be on either side of the political fence, thank you. Enjoyed your shows Wars weekends & celebration
Cruel and usually sucky. Star Wars Weekends are awesome - but Star Tours is a joke. Or was a joke. Haven't been to new one.
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