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Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels is an upcoming CGI animated series that will be produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation.

Darth Maul Grand Admiral Thrawn Rogue One Sarah Michelle Gellar Darth Vader Ahsoka Tano Season Finale Kevin McKidd Ray Stevenson Freddie Prinze Jr Clone Wars Expanded Universe

Star Wars Rebels Season 2: Takes everything from season 1 and makes it amazing almost as good as the later seasons of The Clone Wars!
Here is trailer for Club Penguin Rebels Takeover an event within Disney's children's M...
Riddle me this—are the rebels in Star Wars actually terrorists?. Vote now
All good things must come to an end, Star wars rebels will return.
What happened to Wolfe and Gregor in Star Wars rebels?
Morning Read: shares her love for icon & praises her Rebellion htt…
It has been four years since Star Wars: Rebels was announced via /r/StarWars
ICYMI: Happy Birthday, Check out our interview with the Star Wars Rebels star to celebrate!.
Rumour has it that Ian McDiarmid is reprising the role of Palpatine in Star Wars Rebels' final season.…
Star Wars Rebels will end after its fourth season, watch the first trailer now.
Even better if you watch Star Wars Rebels because the ship from Star Wars Rebels was in Rogue One.
Meet actor Keone Young the voice of Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe and Commander Sato in Star Wars Rebels at TOMORROW…
It's the beginning of the end for "Star Wars Rebels" — Alex recaps the show's recent Star Wars Celebration panel:…
Sketch of Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels from Gasaiv. Absolutely in love with it.
What keeps me up at night? The fact that Davis Oyelowo’s character in Star Wars Rebels is the pastiest blondest white dude in the galaxy.
Jason Isaacs voices The Inquisitor on Star Wars Rebels oh my god LUCIUS MALFOY IS A SITH LORD my life is complete
Going to miss my favorite Rebels, and .
Watch the Emotional Trailer For the Fourth and Final Season of Star Wars Rebels
The trailer for the final season of is here.
So many shows to catch up on. The Walking Dead, Star Wars Rebels, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Orange is the New Black, Sherlock, uGH.
So Lisa. Leila and I just rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with the entire cast of Star Wars Rebels. Leila was,...
Star Wars Rebels is ending with its fourth season .
The perfect birthday party accessories for your Star Wars Rebels fans: {aff}
So many unanswered questions for Star Wars Rebels .
Now that X-wings are confirmed in Star Wars Rebels, maybe we'll have...Biggs?.
Highlights of day 3:. Rebels S4 is the final season. The Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins. Inferno Squad & Battlefront 2!!
I just donated to support UNICEF and be with my Rebels
What am I? I'm a hardcore Star Wars fan who accepts everyone and isn't out to hate. But I hate rebels as Vader.
Seeing all the season 4 Star Wars Rebels trailer and I have the last two or three episodes of season 3 to watch.
'Star Wars Rebels' to end with 'darker' Season 4.
The fact that trailers for The Last Jedi, Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Battlefront II have all come out in 2 days has got me so excited 😁
Watch the trailer for the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels.
is coming to an end with Season 4, debuting this fall
And season 4 will be the last season for Star Wars Rebels 😭😭
My face today when said that season 4 was the last for Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars Rebels only has 15 episodes left before series ends.
Another Expanded Universe character is coming to Star Wars Rebels, voiced by Warwick Davis
Star Wars Rebels season four trailer:. Sad it's gonna be the last season.
6 questions I have after watching Star Wars Rebels season 3
Complete photo gallery from the Star Wars Rebels season 3 finale episode
Should I watch the first episode of Star Wars Rebels, then the most recent one to see how much the characters have grown over 3 seasons
Adult swim's Toonami host Tom, floating in space in the Disney XD show, Star Wars Rebels
Thank you for your performance as Obi-Wan in tonight’s episode of Star Wars Rebels. It was supremely powerful.
The Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Maul duel on STAR WARS REBELS definitely lived up to the hype!. https…
Tonight's Star Wars Rebels was historic and we talked to the producer all about it
I've been giving u props Star Wars: Rebels all this season, but I think u messed up tonight
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Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Maul the Vengeful? Tonight, told it with true aplomb:
Man, Star Wars: Rebels is really messing with my emotions.
HOLY $STAR WARS REBELS... where the heck did this episode come from??? Guess we know the new canon...
Now I really want to watch the newest Star Wars Rebels after having the big thing spoiled for me. I want to see how disney pulled it off.
I've just watched episode S03E19 of Star Wars Rebels!
Season Finale to Star Wars Rebels season 3 was everything I wanted
POLL : What did you think of Star Wars Rebels - Twin Suns?
Just watched the trailer for Star Wars Rebels 'Zero Hour' and I'm just.
Today's episode of Star Wars Rebels was very disappointing.
I have mixed feelings for today's episode of "Star Wars: Rebels."
Great review by on Very insightful and constructive.
And I didn't even turn on Star Wars rebels. Going to wait til after the fight. Obi Wan vs Darth Maul again. 🙏🏾
I added a video to a playlist ... Star Wars Rebels - Reaction - Two Suns
Hearing Aunt Beru yell for Luke at the end of tonight's Star Wars Rebels got me in the feels.
Here's the maquette the team used to animate Obi-Wan for "Twin Suns"!
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I liked a video from Star Wars Rebels - Twin Suns - ENDING + KENOBI VS MAUL!
New post (Star Wars Rebels Review - Season 3 Episode 19 "Double Agent Droid") has been published on Celebrity News…
I have some thoughts about the latest and a wild theory:
The ending of the new Star Wars Rebels episode.
I hope when Star Wars does an Obi-Wan movie. That they Retcon the rebels episode and give us a live action rematch betwee…
The new star wars rebels episode was amazing can't wait til March 25th for Zero Hour 😃
I know you can't answer this but just letting you know that ALOT of us REALLY NEED Star Wars Rebels characters in SWB2 ! I hope they are...
Not unhappy with reviews like this. Spoiler warning.
Just watched Secret Cargo again, the best episode of Star Wars Rebels bar none. BAR NONE.
I liked a video from Star Wars Rebels: Mon Mothma Criticize Emperor Palpatine
(argon). Star Wars Rebels - Secret Cargo was recently added to Plex.
In Review: Star Wars Rebels - Legacy Of Mandalore Synopsis: Sabine returns to her home planet with Kanan and Ezra
Kallus is in the crosshairs on this week's Star Wars Rebels
Plex (Arkflix). Star Wars Rebels was recently added to Plex.
Got any Star Wars thoughts, theories, concerns, or speculation? We want to hear it. Email us at SCubedPod
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PlexPy (Handshake). Star Wars Rebels - Episode 17 was recently added to Handshake's server.
I just saw a spoiler for Star Wars Rebels, and I'm mad but also excited
Billy d Williams and James earl jones reprising their roles on Star Wars Rebels was a gift from God.
Thrawn searches for the traitor in the latest recap:
wow that was a good ep of star wars rebels, they made thrawn a very good villain and respectful of his character in the EU
Kallus is in the crosshairs on this week’s Star Wars Rebels
Oooh, both and in this Star Wars: Rebels episode?
Lando was on Star Wars Rebels and was voiced by Billy d Williams. It was spectacular
Star Wars Rebels: "Through Imperial Eyes" Review - Thrawn determined to identify Fulcrum, Kallus makes some big m...
Star Wars Rebels - Secret Cargo has been added to the library.
Season three of Star Wars Rebels is fantastic. I'm very meh on season one&two though.
New episode. Star Wars Rebels: Secret Cargo (S3E17) was added to Plex.
A commendably tense found Grand Admiral Thrawn intensifying the hunt for Fulcrum. . Our review:
Shows ranked this week. (Best to worst). Legion . Star Wars rebels. Flash. Riverdale . Arrow . Legends of tomorrow. Supergirl
How dare Star Wars Rebels make me care so much abt Agent Kallus. I just wanted to make fun of his muttonchops but now I want to protect him
Star Wars Rebels: Through Imperial Eyes is online now, multiple clips released as well – Dork Side of the Force
this is the order you should watch it right now: Episode I & II, The Clone Wars, Episode III, Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One [continue]
& follow for the chance to win a Star Wars Rebels box from Smuggler's Bounty!
Training Begins - Trials of the Darksaber Preview | Star Wars Rebels via Sabine's reminds of Savage Opress.
New trailers: Carrie Fisher documentary, Star Wars Rebels, and more
TV Club: Even with two whole parts and one big guest character, Star Wars Rebels is mostly a shrug
Finally about to start Star Wars Rebels. Been a long time coming
is amazing as always in this weeks !. Inside "Ghosts of Geonosis" | Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars Rebels is a lot. better than Rogue One and. Force Awakens and I really. liked Rogue One and. Force Awakens
Star Wars rebels season 3 ghosts of geonosis: via
returns tonight at 8:30pm ET/PT on Here are 10 highlights from the mid-season 3 trailer.
I've just watched episode S03E12 of Star Wars Rebels! - Ghosts of Geonosis (2)
I liked a video Rebels Recon Inside "Ghosts of Geonosis" | Star Wars Rebels
The Mid-Season premiere of had some great nods to the rest of history. Here’s what we Saw
My review of tonight’s as Forest Whitaker reprised his role as Saw Gerrera
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To say Star Wars Rebels is a kid show, I am still way too excited for the season to start again
The new Star Wars Rebels trailer features the rematch between Obi-Wan and... by via
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul are getting a rematch on Star Wars Rebels
I liked a video from Star Wars Rebels: Saw Gerrera from The Clone Wars To Rebels
I liked a video from Saw Gerrera Returns on Star Wars Rebels
While re-watching Star Wars The Clone Wars, I realized how similar Admiral Trench is to Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars Rebels
Fear not- Admiral Thrawn is now Grand Admiral Thrawn in the animated series Star Wars Rebels- he li…
I liked a video from Star Wars Rebels - Grand Admiral Thrawn's Theme [EXTENDED]
Star Wars Rebels is the best show I watched in a while, can't believe I waited so long to start it!
I love getting new characters with each new episode of Star Wars Rebels! The next one has a bunch... :)
I broke out the Star Wars Rebels toys I'd been saving for Xmas to help put our new political reality into perspective for my 6yo.
Now I know why J.J. Abrams kept the Star Wars heroes as the rebels in Episode VII...
have you seen this Star Wars Rebels fan video?
Like Star Wars... Evil empire fell when the rebels revolted and their leader tossed him in to the core with ensuing purple flame. :)
End Of Season 2 of star wars Rebels last 2 ep's dam so good and so intense loved it ^_^ very sad ending though D: shed my tears for sure
I cant wait to see Season 3 of Star wars Rebels ^_^
I hope you remain as upbeat and funny as usual in Star Wars Show/Rebels Recon, we'll really need your cheeriness after this.
Admiral Thrawn devices a plan to grab the Ghost in latest preview for Star Wars Rebels
I've just watched episode S03E06 of Star Wars Rebels!
im onto the 2nd last Ep in season 2 of star wars Rebels ~ I dunno Its a Love hate thing with Darth Maul XD hehe
*SPOILER* . HOLY CRAP . Darth Maul still lives O.O he was in star wars the Clone Wars series and in season 2 of Star wars Rebels XD NICE!
I did, Ma'am, I sat them down and let them watch Star Wars Rebels
Hey if any of you people watch Star Wars rebels be ready to see Bo-katan kryse make an appearance in Star Wars rebels season 3
A test page for the "Star Wars Rebels Comic" by Artist, Alberto Navajo. Credit: h…
Actually need to go back and catch up on Star Wars Rebels.
IF any one is a star wars fan dont just watch the movies so much Lore and story is in the Clone Wars Animated series and Star Wars Rebels
Fear the Iron Squadron in new clips + images for Disney's Star Wars Rebels
Did something big happen last night? Should I have not watched Paw Patrol,Star Wars Rebels and 90 Day Fiancé, then gone to bed at 9 o'clock?
Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson on the new episode of Star Wars Rebels. It's like a reunion of Rome.
Tomorrow's Star Wars Rebels has great guest cast (+ Ray Stevenson) & great performances by +
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Marquei como visto Star Wars Rebels - 2x2 - Relics of the Old Republic
This week's Star Wars Rebels put the Clone Wars and The Clone Wars to rest
Watching S03E01 of Star Wars Rebels with Ben Solo while flying the Millennium Falcon.
BUt I'm home, so I shall sleep and hopefully post a Star Wars Rebels video (Finally) tomorrow. And then the big(ish) announcement later.
Just finished getting caught up on season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. I am so glad I didn't know ahead of time how it would end. What a story!
Maul is in total control in this new scene from Season 3
Anonymous said: Thoughts about Thrawn coming to Star Wars Rebels?
Here's everything you need to know about Season 3 from the panel at
.says the 'Star Wars Rebels' Season 3 premiere blasts off to a strong start
Star Wars Rebels season 3 is gonna be amazing.
Thrawn to make grand appearance in &Wars Rebels&
The Doctor Who Companion​ has details on Tom Baker​ voicing the alien character Bendu in Star Wars Rebels​.
White people who root for the "rebels" in Star Wars and Hunger Games, but think black protesters have no right to marc…
Tom Baker to Voice Alien Character in Star Wars Rebels: Tom Baker will voice an alien creature in the upcomin...
I can't wait until Star Wars Rebels Season Three!! What a great time to be a Star Wars fan!
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Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels will feature some fan favourites:
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Thrawn and Maul are featured on the new Season 3 poster
This 'Star Wars' character is on screen for the first time and fans can't cope via
Good lord that Star Wars Rebels trailer... the movies need Dave Filoni. I don't know why Disney won't promote him to live action
Grand Admiral Thrawn goes full canon and joins
Hey when do we get Star Wars: Rebels on I need to watch this show now!! :P
Watch the eventful Rebels Season 3 trailer, and see new villain Thrawn in action:
⚡️ "Which cult Star Wars character is being brought into Rebels?".
Thanks a lot for bringing a tear to a grown man's eye today
should be a great addition to Star Wars rebels !!
Lars Mikkelsen will play Admiral Thrawn in "Star Wars Rebels." Brother Mads in 'Rogue One'
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Have you heard about the enemy for Star Wars Rebels season 3? One of faves from books becomes official canon again:
The Stakes are Higher, The Force is Stronger, and Thrawn is Back in Star Wars Rebels, Season 3
XD its fine, no Star Wars Rebels w/ Grand Admiral Thrawn is a TV Show, while Rogue One is a movie
Star Wars Rebels season 3 trailer has been revealed, confirming that Thrawn is now canon. https:/…
Here are 11 things we learned from Legendary panel.
its a tv show XD, Star Wars Rebels you know?
Star Wars Rebels is bringing back one of the Expanded Universe's greatest villains
Been watching S1 of Star Wars Rebels. The animation is a solid 10/10, but this spaceship looks like a Dachshund.
I pray that & work on getting Thrawn into Star Wars Rebels for Season 3.
2016 speaker Star Wars Rebels makes the grade with an A+ on the Bechdel test. //
I'm looking forward to seeing another Star Wars Rebels guy, at
Someone sent me a letter on Star Wars: Rebels stationary. This is the best.
on the Star Wars rebels series 2 finale why is the sixth temple voiced by ventress
Rebels Spoilers ahead; however, the end of the article includes some details about the last story arc of Star... https:/…
Would it be possible for a fan made character to be integrated into Star Wars Rebels? Depending on how his story is made?
I'm stilled annoyed Funko has not done Star Wars Rebels or FREAKING KITTY PRYDE YET
I wrote an essay in 8 minutes, examples Vietcong guerilla forces, The rebels (Star Wars), and the college board.
Kanan from Star Wars Rebels in 6" with a realistic sculpt. What do Arnie, Marjorie & Justin think about this...
My latest for Den of Geek is a guide to the most essential episodes:
Star Wars Rebels Black Series 6 Inch Kanan Jarrus Re-Create the Biggest Battles and Missions of the Star Wars Saga
Star Wars is the Labour Party film. Momentum are the rebels and Progress are the First Order.
A new Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure is coming to Disney Parks! Find out more:
I liked a video from Star Wars Weekends 2015 Character Finale with Jedi, Vader, Rebels,
Oh yeah and I binged Star Wars Rebels! It was a positive surprise, liked it! Now I am trying to catch up on Black Sails.
Top 2 are Federation and Klingon from Star Trek, bottom 2 are Rebels and Empire from Star Wars.
Things I learned from Star Wars Rebels: Inquisitors can use their spinny double lightsabres to fly away like a helicopter, or the penguin.
They should put all of the Star Wars Rebels comics into a graphic novel.
I just watch the last episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 2... Holy ***
I've just watched episode S02E14 of Star Wars Rebels!
Working on my roundup for May. ICYMI, here's the roundup from April!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Star Wars Rebels features a slew of Jedi in hiding. This new SW cartoon features a Jedi in hiding.
I was specifically meaning in Star Wars Rebels. The Empire has "Inquisitors" who seem to be just low level Sith Lords.
I'm finally caught up on Star Wars Rebels, and now I need season 3 please. Some of the best TV I've watched in a while.
Ahsoka Tano v Darth Vader fight in Star Wars Rebels really got me tearing up
Any chance of adding some Star Wars Rebels characters to Say...Sabine Wren or adult Ahsoka Tano?
Just watched the Season Finale of Star Wars Rebels and holy *** Brought back so many memories and gave me chills.
New clip from the season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels – 'Twilight of the Apprentice' - Flickering Myth (blog)
I kinda want a Mirror Mirror episode of Star Wars Rebels with the Ghost Crew transported to an alt timeline where everything turned out okay
Hey, Disney, what gives? Why only Lego and Hot Wheels versions of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels? When will a Hasbro version come out?
James Earl Jones returns to Star Wars Rebels for the Season Finale!.
This little droid was a very cool design. It premiered in Star Wars Rebels last week! Glad to…
I liked a video from Star Wars Rebels: Darth Maul vs Darth Vader
Chris Cooper reviews the fifteenth episode of Star Wars Rebels season 2…
ON NOW: We’re showing the newest episode of Wander Over Yonder, followed by the new Star Wars Rebels!
spending the day catching up on Star Wars Rebels with the lily. 🙂
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jackjackington: My only want for Star Wars Rebels is for Kyle Katarn to made canon
Teresa's interview with Steve Blum and Greg Ellis of Star Wars Rebels is laugh out loud funny. And it is fun to...
I knew I knew that voice. Fenn Rau is voiced by Kevin McKidd, who plays Hunt in Grey's Anatomy. — watching Star Wars Rebels
I'd like to get into watching Star Wars Rebels but the animation style looks a little too weird to me..
[Spoilers] New 'Star Wars Rebels' teaser has some interesting cast members via /r/StarWars
'Star Wars Rebels' is turning into Star Wars' greatest hits
First, we're going to touch on Star Wars Rebels, which is cannon, it stats that there are plenty of abandoned Republic bases..
Star wars Clone Wars was so awesome yo. Rebels isn't anywhere near how good that series was 😭😭
A more interesting Star Wars plot: The rebels hijack a Death Star instead of destroying it. Will they use it?
bingo, cept the stormtrooper. That I took from Star Wars rebels.
Star Wars Rebels Bundle on sale right now!
"The greater courage is knowing when not to fight". - Star Wars Rebels
How big are Vader's shoes, anyway? Well, to illustrate this, Star Wars is not the story of Luke Skywalker and his merry band of rebels-
As good as The Force Awakens is, I like Star Wars Rebels more.
Hey you were asking about Star Wars Rebels and yeah, I like it a lot. 1/2
finally watching Star Wars Rebels with a very happy 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl.
Also, Star Wars Rebels is pretty good. And official canon.
Lando just showed up on Star Wars Rebels and it was awesome.
Becausein Star Wars Rebels we see the Empire dealing with slavery.
no contest there. Agincourt, the Light Brigade vs Russian cannon, Star Wars if the Rebels hadn't cheated & used the force etc
I just don't see the point of star wars rebels unless it introduces something into these movies.
That's one of my unplayed campaigns in Star Wars RPGs. Basically Rebels & Privateers.
Star Wars rebels is a pretty good show
The bits of Star Wars Rebels I've seen have been pretty strong. Definitely for kids, but not in an cloying way
Marquei como visto Star Wars Rebels - 2x8 - The Future of the Force
Star Wars Rebels has taken over my life
A small group of plucky film rebels take on the Disney Star Wars franchise-empire.
I can tell everyone writing [SPOILER] is the [SPOILER of SPOILER] thinkpieces doesn't watch Star Wars: Rebels.
ew Star Wars rebels that series is horrible should have got Clone Wars lol
After a fierce battle, the Rebels blow up the Death Star. Ha-ha-ha!. Oh, you mean the NEW Star Wars movie...
Clone Wars gets infinitely better. Actually amazing by the end. REBELS is just pure STAR WARS fun.
If Ahsoka dies at the end of season two of Star Wars Rebels (in the same fashion as some other beloved characters), I will lose my mind.
still haven't made it the theatre but I'm now all caught up on Star Wars Rebels
Star wars X wing river along side and the falcon chase.
Watch Star Wars Rebels, it explains this, also it's very good.
Seriously, what happens to the minds of the Expanded Universe people if "Starkiller" shows up in Star Wars Rebels as an Inquisitor?
Star wars the Clone Wars is better than rebels
Check out this Amazon deal: RMK2622SCS Star Peel an... by RoomMates
Nothing beats Doc McStuffins, Star Wars rebels and then a round of Transformers. Story lines could do wit bein better.
Star Wars fans! I want the Top3 of your favorite dark-side users (Clone Wars and Rebels included). I'll make a ranking from all the votes!:)
I actually hope they keep trying to portray the Rebels as "good." Their bumbling only aids the Case for the Empire.
I HAVE to get caught up with Rebels. Some of the best Star Wars storytelling in years.
If the Empire just built for density, Rebels would be caught instantly. Lotsa empty hallways in Star Wars...
Episodes 1 - 6 of the Star Wars Saga. 6 seasons of The Clone Wars. 2 seasons of Rebels. Enjoy your Movies Month Pass!
Speakawhich, I gotta say, people, if you're not watching STAR WARS: REBELS, you are failing at your STAR WARS nerdery. So …
Why is it so hard to get Star Wars Rebels merchandise for little girls in the 😢 help I need 👍
Just saw the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels and it was so sad. Emotions everywhere. I really really love Ezra.
'Star Wars Rebels: Legacy' Preview Clip:  By: Dominic JonesStar Wars Rebels returns this Wednesday with a new ...
Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar both voice act for Star Wars Rebels and that's really cute to me.
For all fans of Star Wars Rebels, you need to read this book. It gives so much more information on all the...
Lab Rats, Mighty Med, Gravity Falls, Star Wars Rebels, Ultimate Spider-Man... yeah no good shows lmao man gtfo
im watching Star Trek Next Gen season 4 blu ray and watched this weeks Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Star Wars Rebels!
I would like Star Wars Rebels a lot more if the music didn't sound like someone threw every John Williams score into a Mix-Master.
'Star Wars Rebels' actor chats about surviving Darth Vader: Patience you must have my young Padawan.
After seeing the new Star Wars Rebels trailer, I am very glad that I watched all of the Clone Wars this summer. Can't wait!
Newswire: Sarah Michelle Gellar to voice villain on Star Wars Rebels
Buffy's Sarah Michelle Gellar will be playing a new baddie in Star Wars Rebels
We now know who Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing on 'Star Wars Rebels':
So, you think Sarah Michelle Geller is playing Leia on Star Wars Rebels...
Wait, Sarah Michelle Gellar is joining Freddie Prinze Jr. on the Star Wars Rebels cast? Does anyone else find that amazing?.
New story arc for comic. Not as good as the first five issues. My recap:.
1h10m for a Star Wars Rebels character that dies in season 1
Star Wars Armada question: Looking for a good starting ship for both Imperials and Rebels …
"I was actually approached to voice in Star Wars Rebels a few years ago." -
Will there be a power disc pack for Star Wars Rebels?
I just entered to a Star Wars Rebels Prize Pack from
Models, don't miss out on the Star Wars themed contest!. Last week to signup!.
Don't be like the clones on star wars be like the rebels.
This, pretty much. Plus Star Wars Rebels is fantastic. And this -
Star Wars Rebels season 2 gets a new teaser
Come on my Star Wars podcast and we'll talk strictly about art! Unless you want to talk Rebels, of course... :)
I'm still waiting on star wars rebels .. >>>
How old is Grand Admiral Thrawn in human years if he was to be in Star Wars Rebels? Choose below:
Models, get your free t-shirt by entering our Star Wars themed contest for prizes!.
Star Wars: Kanan Review: The first arc of this Star Wars: Rebels tie-in covered the basics of Kanan Jarrus'...
'Star Wars Rebels' season 2: New clip shows the return of Captain Rex and the classic Clones: In season two's ...
I liked a video Return of the Clones | Star Wars Rebels
Does an episode of Star Wars Rebels count? I don't think I'll have time for a whole movie today.
I liked a video Ahsoka Tano discovers Darth Vader is her former master Anakin - Star Wars Rebels
> Mace Windu might be alive and to appear in Star Wars Rebels. Christ on a bike. Did no one watch A New Hope?
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