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Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day is an unofficial holiday in May created by fans to honor the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas.

Star Wars Disney Fantasy Disney Cruise Line Darth Vader

Star Wars Day is a perfect time to speculate over other possibilities in the casting department! Click here & see:
Star Wars Day returns to Disney Cruise Line in 2018. . May the 4th be with you!.
May the Fourth inspire you to try Star Wars Day at Sea with Disney Cruise Line! . Celebrate the legendary saga and...
and - Stormtroopers on the Disney Fantasy cruise, Star Wars Day at Sea, 2016
Star Wars Day is tomorrow. Denver International Airport just sent us this. Msg to travelers:
The New York Philharmonic is celebrating Star Wars Day by giving Star Wars fans who come to the David Geffen Hall...
This week is going to be great. Guardians of The Galaxy comes out, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo and Rolling Loud all in one…
Star Wars Day at Sea will return to Line on the Disney Fantasy in 2018!
Make a perler bead R2-D2! A great Star Wars craft idea to make for Star Wars Day or any day.
You know what would be a nice nerdy easter egg for Star Wars day on May 4th? Enabling "Aurebesh" character set. :D
Another day battling the evil Parental Alienation. Good Vs evil, if i wasn't so exhausted I'd be able to make a Star Wars joke out of this!
You can win books from via for Star Wars Day - May the 4th be with you.
Celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th! will have displays, free handouts & competitions
Honestly, id just want to play a prominent character in a Star Wars film one day.
Fam if you're wondering why I haven't been on all day it's bc I've been playing Star Wars battlefront and my eye is so bloodshot.
Just wanna sit down and watch Star Wars all day
>be normie. >wake up. >go to work. >every day the same. >at least culture offers novel escape from endless monotony. >watch Star…
Yeah we graduate in 16 days but more importantly: Star Wars day is in 14 days.
Hayden Christensen day in the Star Wars fandom - kaoriva: moonsofiegoweb: realnighttiger: Today is...
Picture Day! Photographer took pictures for Board room. Palpatine sent over new coffee mug.
Calc: don't forget. Tomorrow is Star Wars day!
I think so too but apparently you cant think a Star Wars movie is bad in this day and age
I still to this day can't watch anything Star Wars without singing the theme song like he did on
I'm 18 in 2 weeks! merch is definitely on my b-day list!! My birthday is on Star Wars day so maybe I'…
Are having Star Wars Day on the 20th of May! CHS Field at 7:05pm!! Wear your SW and come be one with the force! *wookie yell*
My exams start on Star Wars day. This is preposterous. How can they get away with this?
One more day left to vote for our costumes for wizard of oz and Star Wars are tied for the lead.
I spent all day watching your videos, it's because of you that I love Star Wars as much as I do. Thank you. MTFBWY
It's rally day tomorrow! Come see court get announced, cheer, show choir, color guard, theatre, and so much more! Theme is Star Wars 🐻💛
Latest Book News... Star Wars news: Captain Phasma spin-off! Character gets her own Marvel adventure
Sorry but *** the first day of Star Wars Celebration sucked. It was that Line. For reference, here's my recreat…
That would make me nervous on a windy day. Also, will there be a tra…
This weather on a friday and traveling to NUH. i deserve a hearty breakfast with OST of Star Wars. May the force guide me through the day.
also Star Wars is a Life Day movie.
Took a day off. Worked on the bathroom remodel smoked fish watched Star Wars cleaned the garage and ate box of cheez its.
it would be better to post "Due to ANZAC Day, there will be no Star Wars Destiny on Tuesday" instead of posting a FBook link
Sharing.just 4 fun...I Go To The Same Hairdresser As Chewbacca From Star Wars.Have a great day!!!
Me and my dog are a great combination. Born on the same day, his names Chewbacca, I love Star Wars, I have depression and he has anxiety
NEW VIDEO: Star Wars Day at Sea highlights aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship
Not to mention seeing in Manchester on Star Wars Day
Star Wars Day at Sea on the Disney Fantasy courtesy of Judi Laplante. You can book your cruise for 2018!
Vote for me and I'll make Star Wars Day a National Holiday
I just hope they never remake them. They should never remake Gone with the Wind, Jaws, Star Wars & Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Star trek catan, seasons, suburbia, quatro, epic pvp, and Star Wars risk.what a day
See Jedi & Sith battle in Fantasy Festival at Star Wars Day ENCORE
My nephew is at Legoland on Star Wars Day and now I'm jealous of a six-year-old.   10% Off
Anyone else having trouble with the EA Star Wars Battlefront servers being down? Mine has been all day! 😠😭
Feel like watching Star Wars all day
I may or may not be spending my day off in bed binge watching Star Wars
Finished reading Star Wars: Dark Empire II. Very good read. Can't believe it's by the author of Superman at Earth's End. Like night and day.
Kylo-Ren, Star Wars baddie. Congratulations to Alfie on his communion day.
We loved making these for Father's Day last year!
Bought some cute *** Star Wars underwear, my day is made 👌🏽
Some of the great people in attendance at Star Wars Day yesterday at the Joliet Public Library.…
It's birthday to day! Only Star Wars themed cards will be accepted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle celebrated international Star Wars Day on Wednesday (May 4) by dancin…
Here's how Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and the cast of "Star Wars" celebrated Star Wars Day.
Star Wars Day at the Imagination Station Countdown - 3 Days to Go!. Date: Saturday 21st May . * Come and meet...
For the last day of Star Wars Celebration ! The Chosen One ! (Vine by
Yeah lol! Taken for Star Wars Day...last year I think??? Hmmm
May 16= May 4x4 it's star-Star Wars-wars day where u celebrate 2x the recommended celebration because u know deep inside rey is a skywalker
u were born on Star Wars day. The force is strong in u.
Watching Star Wars all day is a solid way to start Summer Break
I just wanna binge watch all the Star Wars in one day
This is cool. I dream of one day having a Star Wars sleeve so this is inspiring.
Star Wars' cast following me made my day.
Halfway into the not so new anymore Star Wars and really it's not that good... Lots of repeated aspects, very average tbh.
Happy Mothers Day to my mom who on my 10th birthday took me and my friends to see Xanadu because she thought it was a seq…
I really want to just watch Star Wars all day but I have to study for my finals and that makes me kinda super sad :(
All 7 Star Wars movies watched in a day and a half. Do i have a problem? I think not.
Boba has been my fav character since I've seen Star Wars. I'd take that Boba painting over anything any day
*Star Wars cantina band plays that one song for the 5,000th time that day*. ALIEN: Oh *** yeah
This day two years ago we were at Disney World during Star Wars Weekend. 😭💓✨.
I need to have a Star Wars movie day ASAP
My niece Alahna's official Star Wars theme 10th b-day party! :) She was born May the 4th. :)…
i have so many Star Wars figurines from when i was a kid i'm sure one day just One Day they'll be worth a lot of money
Watching Star Wars all day sounds like a good plan to me ...
me right now because there's no cool sc filter for Star Wars day...???
So my day was basically cooking, eating, chatting and crying over Star Wars. Well, nothing wrong with that :p .
The day I don't cry in Star Wars is the day I know I my emotions are dead
Yes, I'm a dork that has spent my day watching Star Wars, NASCAR, and golf :)
Enter to win & Star Wars Character Encyclopedias from &
Weddingmagazine:. 30 ways to theme your day around — Wedding magazin…
I'll know if someone can put up with me if they'll be able to sit in the Star Wars building with me all day at Disneyland
It has been a Star Wars kind of day.
I'll spend the rest of my day watching all the Star Wars with my son
FIVE DAYS LEFT!!! . Star Wars Day at the Imagination Station is Saturday 21st May!. Who wouldn't want photos with...
I liked a video Duncan Jones, The Best of Star Wars Day, and Celebration Europe News | The Star Wars
Saturday is Star Wars Day at the Clipper's Game. Who wants to go?
R2D2 delights, amazes students at Albany Elementary on Star Wars Day - WKTV
May the 4th be with you on Star Wars Day: A Star Wars Constitution: The Bill of Rights [in
The Obamas boogied with the Storm Troopers at the White House for Star Wars Day.
I liked a video from The Biggest Star Wars Fans on Star Wars Day - May 4th 2016
Ordered Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy and only parts 2 & 3 have arrived. Star Wars Day is RUINED 😫
Happy birthday! I know for everyone else it's Star Wars Day, but for me it's Ana Gasteyer Day.
May the fourth be with you Lawrence Rob Julius Michael Eric Jr. Eric Kristin Matt Daniel Miamarie — celebrating Star Wars Day
on "Star Wars Day." Here is what's on tap today at the in Frankfort. Legislative Calendar
Roses are red,. Violets are blue,. Today is Star Wars Day,. is out of this world. 👌.
First time I heard about Star Wars Day was Dave Lee Travis doing it on the Breakfast Show in 1977, so don't.
While it might be Star Wars Day, to me it's Craft 20th Anniversary Day cc
North Devon Journal published Star Wars Day: What if Star Wars was set in North Devon...?
Making plans for Star Wars Day? The Art Institute in Hollywood is holding a special exhibition on May the Fourth.
Been watching Star Wars all day lol
I want to be a kid and watch Star Wars every day like my 3 year old nephew.
I think that would be amazing to hang with as we could watch Star Wars and play video games all day
PlayStation awakens your inner child in epic trailer for Star Wars game.
Happy Birthday C-Eazy ❤️ hope your day is full of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Tarasenko 😛 love you moo moo
Awesome talk line up for Ignite Liverpool Speakers line up for May the 4th - Star Wars Day - Ignite Liverpool
Is there a terminator day now too to go along with Star Wars Day and Aliens Day?
I really just want to watch Star Wars all day
I spent my last day of being 19 being still drunk at 8am, watching Star Wars, and eating pizza. There are far worse ways to spend it tbh
Join us at to celebrate The Prequel-Tix on sale now! http…
Just chill all day and play some Star Wars battlefront and mortal kombat X
Perfect day to crank the amp and play guitar all day. With a little bit of Lego Star Wars
May the 4Th is right around the corner who of us is gonna watch all 7 Star Wars movies in 1 day? (may the 4th)
Weird day. Woke early, couldn't sleep. Watched new Star Wars again. Then unexpected visit from relatives; cool out now.
Don't miss in Toronto on the 4th of may at the !!!
Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4 with a special themed brunch!
Big day, Disney just declared all the elements of the Super Star Wars games canon.
Star Wars Family Fun Day in Burnley a week today! Any of my followers going to this event?
Come celebrate Star Wars Day with us! May the 4th be with you!!.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
our market day is Star Wars themed BYE
I've been watching Star Wars all day oops
Few things get me 2 the park faster than day Listen 2 on radio as he waxes Star Wars references throughout
My date for Valentine's Day is Star Wars on Blu-ray.
Carrie, I marry a big Star Wars fan in 3 weeks. Please help surprise him with a wedding day video message!
Star Wars day is week next Wednesday ?
Some day I'll actually watch all the Star Wars
Anyone want to take Star Wars Day off work and watch all the films with me?
And finally made it to the end of our Star Wars Marathon. All 7 movies in one day with no breaks...thats how...
I love Lucas' theory that R2-D2 is the Star Wars narrator - explains why he saves the day so often!
Good day... Fun mtb ride this morning, chilling on the couch day with awesome food prepared by wife - now watching Star Wars... Life is good
"Epic movies released on this day were Star Wars, Return of the Jedi and Alien
Yes. We RTMd on Pi Day (3.14) and our SharePoint Event is Star Wars Day (the force awakens). We're geeks having fun and want…
I liked a video Star Wars Day at Sea 2017 | Disney Cruise Line
So cool! We have to book this cruise! Stormtrooper Patrol on Star Wars Day at Sea, Disney Fantasy ... via
JUST ANNOUNCED: Star Wars Day at Sea will return to Disney Cruise Line in early 2017! These Disney Fantasy...
I also went to a Hockey game for the Lake Erie Monsters that it was Star Wars Day and I dressed up as Darth Vader
looking forward to it, even if it isn't on Star Wars Day :-)
I bought hercules, a Star Wars jigsaw and some lush bathbombs, today was a good day
Grt family day out at St Patrick's Day Parade , I even bumped into my favourite Star Wars Character! htt…
I didn't lmao because im dumb and I watched Star Wars the other day and I've been watching interviews and she's an andel
We're selling drinks all day at the tbhla Purim Carnaval - come hang out! it's Star Wars
I have to pay 110 for the ticket, wasn't that what we paid for Star Wars TFA on the premier day too?
Watching Star Wars all day today. From beginning to end
It's been a Star Wars marathon kind of day...
Dear Mr. Mark Hamill, I have been a long time fan since the 1st Star Wars Movie release, I enjoy the troll's. Have a :) day
First day at school, the rest is history. Lord of the rings, Harry potter & Star Wars.
I just want to stay in bed all day tomorrow and watch Star Wars
Watch developmentally shy student get ⁰
I really just wanna watch all the Star Wars movies all day
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Important part of any fake Star Wars Weekends day: Star Wars themed cupcake!
Join us tomorrow afternoon at 4pm for Star Wars Trivia Day! Test your Star Wars knowledge as you answer questions...
yes please!!! And we can have a Disney day too! 😍 hey are you still selling those Star Wars prints?
Happy Star Wars day (May the fourth be with you...). Check out this replica of Han Solo's blaster-that really shoots. …
kale is like Star Wars and zombies...can't go a day without seeing or hearing about them.
It's a perfect day for a Star Wars marathon 😮🤓
ISO someone to watch Star Wars with me all day
Running Star World a World of Dungeon hack for Star Wars at epic RPG day
I'm calling you out, you don't steal a mans Star Wars memorabilia and live to see another day
Transporting guests to a galaxy far, far away has added 15 new sailings for Day at Sea in 2017!
Why not watch Star Wars all day instead of being productive
Yeah, today feels like a Watch Star Wars With a Loved One kinda day.
Quote of the day yesterday: . "Why can't Rey seam to manage wearing sleeves? Other Star Wars characters have successfully managed sleeves."
Dumb Star Wars thoughts for the day that would've blown up the whole series. Ready? Here goes: C3PO understand R2, right?. (Pt 1)
I'm about to spend the day in bed eating Star Wars macaroni and cheese while watching march madness. 👌🏼
at the end of the day... Star Wars still rules regardless
Three new MortalKombat videos and bros Force people 1 , and maybe Star Wars battlefront 2 o'clock gameplay coming out to day or tomorrow !!!
Star Wars Day with the About to have lunch with Darth Vader and friends!
Day 2 with Today we're pretending it's Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios!
Miles Teller says he never saw before auditioning for Han Solo:
So, lesson of the day: the Star Wars universe needs their own form of templar, so no one can be>
I entered the contest for a DCL Star Wars Day at Sea gift pack and you can, too.
The ultimate day at sea for Star Wars fans will return to in 2017! More:
Day 2 of Marmalde Dog convention. Star Wars game went great yesterday. Now getting ready to run Dungeon World
Give me to listen to arctic monkeys and watch Star Wars all day and honestly I don't need anything else, my life would be complete...
Final day of Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016! Stop by our exhibit in Hall 1 today from 10am-5pm to see Star Wars... https:/…
Star Wars Hat on for travel. Will probably return to Jayne hat by shift start. Day 3 here I…
Marvel t-shirt, R2-D2 belt, Spider-Man socks, even Star Wars underwear. I'm all geeked out for a day at the Toronto Comicon.
We're all ready to Round It Up For Lymphoma on Star Wars Day in Windsor!
Catch up with our March newsletter, including Bumblebee Day on 29/3 and save the date for Star Wars Day on 7/5
This is a dark day for the Republic as Abrams goes to the dark side...
remember back in the day when Star Wars action figures had articulated elbows and knees?
Highlight of my day, finding the original 1977 Star Wars vinyl soundtrack in almost perfect condition at a flea market for $6.
Last day or so to enter... Toy Giveaway | Star Wars Micro Machines Star Destroyer UNBOXING, & REVIEW via
Carrie please make our wedding day by helping surprise my Star Wars mad fiancé with a wedding video message?!
Just watched the first 3 Star Wars in a row. Day well spent
why don't you come finish Star Wars? didn't it come out back in your day?
Today is a sad day. No I'm not talking about Mad Max earning unnecessary Oscars. No I'm not talking about Star Wars winning nothing...
Maybe one day I'll watch the New Star Wars. . Nah.
The Belle. . Have a great evening, we are. . Family day ended after Star Wars episode IV…
Universal studios already does this. Disney knows when Star Wars Land opens everyday will be a max ticket price day.
Me: last day of break I should do something productive!. Me 14 hrs later: did I just watch all 6 Star Wars movies
Nothing for Star Wars or The Martian. It was a surprising day but then again so who cares.
Weird fact about Lawdy Lawdy Miss Molly. On the day this picture was taken, she told me on the drive over that she'd never seen Star Wars.
Man, these clips of Star Wars 7 make this movie look dope af. Can't wait to see that for the first time ever one day.
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On the plus side, I just found out Star Wars is still playing in Bristol for a little bit, so I might do round 3 after work one day.
Meanwhile, my bro can't wait at all. Searches for Star Wars Episode 8 every day on YouTube.
Only for one night will I cuddle the Star Wars bear I got for Valentine's Day. After that, he's going on a shelf because I AM STRONG DAMMIT
I liked a video from Star Wars UK PREMIERE | FROWMAS DAY 16
he is my modern day Tchaikovsky- his brilliance knows no boundaries... Every time I'm asked why Star Wars is so special +
Confession: I bought the new Star Wars soundtrack and I listen to it at least once a day.
To this day the Star Wars franchise has only 7 Academy awards because of Mad Max tonight...
One day when I meet my soul mate, I will tell him he's the John Williams to my Star Wars.
At the end of the day, Star Wars holds every record so we good crew.
I can listen to the Star Wars score all day but maybe I'm just weird
Star Wars should've won best score I listen to the movie soundtrack almost every day and I've seen the movie 5 times it is flawless
His music brought me to tears when I watched Star Wars. . One day, John. One day..
Who's tryna go see 3 movies in one day with me (deadpool, Star Wars, and the revanant) Bc I'm way behind right now I gotta catchy up
I can't wait till Star Wars comes out on Blu-Ray, your boy gonna have it day one
Star Wars day at the Kansas City Zoo!. -- . via Clint Porter (
Oscar's we get it, you are politically correct. Show me some Star Wars and lets call it a day.
MONDAY: Mathletes vs Athletes! Interurban will be giving 10% of profit from the whole day and don't miss out on Star Wars at the Palace!!
awesome so far! Star Wars, minions, & toy story characters! Can't wait until I can go to them one day...
Hey can we be best friends and talk about Star Wars all day and wear matching Darth Vader socks?
I don't want to think of the day when one of the Star Wars cast members are part of those "in memory of" montages😭
Daisy Ridley the girl in Star Wars can just talk to me all day and I'll be aroused. Lol
Visual Effect went to Ex-Machania & not Star Wars? Only the artsy wins the day I suppose, oh real artsy.
Ken, you wanna join panel talk for Star Wars day?
Love where I can see on screen Greta Garbo and Star Wars movie the next day!
this isn't worth my time, good day. Star Wars forever. You can't change the inevitable.
I don't even like Disneyland but that 2 day ticket for $150 is looking so good I want to see the Star Wars place someone needs to come w me
The Star Wars droids, the Minions, & Buzz and Woody are all saving the day of this award show!
Jacob Tremblay's excitement about seeing the Star Wars droids just reinvigorated my faith in humanity
!!! Thanks for inviting us to Star Wars day at the KFC Yum! Center
I'm not even pressed that Star Wars isn't winning because at the end of the day look who is constantly blowing up the box of…
Website Builder 728x90
I plan to be at game on Star Wars Day (May 4) and if traffic is issue on a Saturday I'd better allow time on a Wednesday night.
Disney Cruise Line hosted its first Star Wars Day at Sea on Jan. 13, the first of eight such days on Disney Fantasy sailings through April.
When Bae saves the day AND takes you to see Star Wars
I never posted the picture of Annie in the Chewbacca outfit for Star Wars day so. here it is
Only at the mav's game bc it's Star Wars day
Whenever I'm gone overnight for work for more than 1 day I can guarantee that one of my Star Wars tees will be a nightshirt
I spent all day playing Star Wars Battlefront 😎
just spent the best day shopping with my momma and topping it all off with watching Star Wars..such a great movie btw..
why'd u remove the Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels series before the end of day!? I have a bunch of failed downloads now!
Guys Star Wars is actually happening, this is a glorious day
I'll treat myself to the best day ever. I shouldn't care that I can't find a Star Wars obsessed guy. That shouldn't stop me from having fun!
im done watching Star Wars & I have no plans 4 the rest of the day rip
It's a perfect day to whisper 3 little words guaranteed to melt any MFFL's heart: "Star. Wars Night."
Did hw didn't watch Star Wars. Sad day :/
I appreciate your interest in Star Wars but do not speak if you have no knowledge of the force. Good day.
On this day in Star Wars: Fri, January 31, 1997 - Fan Albin Johnson forms a costuming group known as the 501st Legion.
Literally can't wait to spend Valentine's Day watching Star Wars
Doesn't one of those mando belong to you? :)
Discount day at the theatre, smoke a nice big fat bowl before I get lost in the Star Wars.
ME TOO. its like im going thriugh my day as normal then BAM remembers Star Wars au and sobs
Chelsea and I were reaaally good at Star Wars coloring books back in the day. Just saying.
One of our clan had the pleasure of meeting the two featured here while on the ship! Way to represent!
Star Wars themed of course, or cupid, a baggy cupid for valentines day!
"Han, did u really buy tickets to 9 showings of Star Wars 7 today so u can spend your whole day watching Star Wars?" h…
Congrats to VFT member, grad & now OSCAR-nominated Director Hank Hughes for his short film, 'DAY ONE'!
the longer the better everyone should spend a day watching Star Wars
Saw both Star Wars and Jurassic World in the same day yesterday and was pleasantly surprised and enthralled by both! I love blockbusters!!
My family bonding is cooking breakfast in the middle of the day then falling asleep on the couch while watching Star Wars
spending the day catching up on Star Wars Rebels with the lily. 🙂
It's raining and I'm watching Star day cannot get much better
All purpose parts banner
Celebrate by looking back at Celebration
If you have a Star Wars fan, then you HAVE TO make these for Valentine's Day! They are so fun, plus they have no...
This month's crate is full of Star Wars and Halo loot! Last day to get it at Use VANOS…
Ah. It came out Christmas day here, but against Star Wars. Unfair, huh?
nice!!! Today is Star Wars marathon day on this channel, it's so nice to rewatch both trilogies ✨✨
We could talk about Star Wars all day.
my friend said that May 5th is also a Star Wars day 'Revenge of the 5th' 😶
I need someone who will spend a day forcing me to watch all the Star Wars movies 😂
Im bouts to lay in bed all day and watch Star Wars 😴
Thanks for following during Details about this epic day on select cruises:http…
AMA & B.R.A.V.E. back at the POWERADE Centre with the Brampton Beast for Star Wars DAY !!!
Coming home!. Mon: Class Color day. Tue: Raid your parents closet day. Wed: Patriotic day . Thur: Harry Potter vs. . Star War…
Ice cream and Star Wars sounds like what I really need right now. I'll save The Godfather for Valentines Day 💌
I would love to find out one day that Star Wars is real and that Lucas is a Jedi who just wanted to tell the history of his people...
My love for Star Wars grows more and more every day.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
VIP before Star Wars for dad's b'day.
The kid is on day 4 of practicing the Star Wars theme on the piano. It's starting to sound like the song. Pretty, pretty cool.
I want to live in a world where it's socially acceptable to just hang around my house in Star Wars leggings and eat Ch…
I need a bae for Valentine's Day strictly to buy me Star Wars themed Valentine's stuff
the power is out at my house and I'm so upset... how am I supposed to watch Star Wars on this rainy day now ):
Star Wars Day at the Science and Discovery Center of NW FL. January 23. 10:00 am - 03:00 pm. Gather up your little...
Miserable day in Dublin. Time to hit the cinema for the new Star Wars film
For your New Year's Day enjoyment: the Vienna Philharmonic plays "The Imperial March" from Star Wars!
The start of 2016, I spent the entire day just for Star Wars!…
Do yard work today and be a productive adult OR watch the Star Wars Holiday Special, then play Xbox all day and be a productive adult?
Star Wars Throne Room Theme Song,The song I what for my wedding day or funeral
Could watch Star Wars all day everyday
Catch me laying in bed all day eating cosmic brownies and watching Star Wars
Why yes, I have spent the day in bed, hungover and watching Star Wars
Woke up in 2016. And it feels just like another day. But I'm going to see Star Wars again!
Laying in my bed all day watching Star Wars
Thanks for today. Calais and Star Wars made my day
took Christmas Day off from work out, and since 2nd viewing of Star Wars is in an hour and 1/2 and I'm in bed, guess New Years is off too!!
I'm at the movies at 10am watching Star Wars. What a first great day of the year. Jk, I'd rather get hit by a bus than be doing this.
to celebrate new years day consultant calvin gives his thoughts on Star Wars The Force Awakens (spoiler free of...
Happy international Star Wars spoiler day 🌓✨
New years day stream! Star Wars battlefront road to max rank! Come join in and hang out!
That moment you realize that in 10 years or less you won't be able to marathon every Star Wars movie in just a day.
Just been for an epic NY day bike ride. Now home for a hot bubble bath, beer, pizza and Star Wars 👌🏼
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