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Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration is a fan gathering to celebrate the release of a Star Wars franchise movie. It all began in 1999, when Lucasfilm held the Star Wars Celebration in Denver, Colorado to celebrate the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Star Wars Celebration Europe Rogue One Mark Hamill Kathleen Kennedy Colin Trevorrow Billy Dee Williams Han Solo Darth Vader

If you arent going to be at Star Wars Celebration, I would HIGHLY encourage you to follow me on Insta! I will be live st…
What I'm looking forward to: All the food, Flower and Garden Festival, Universal, Star Wars Celebration and finally time off work
This week is about to be INSANE. NHL Playoffs, Star Wars Celebration, Fast 8, and then Easter. LETS GO
will the Jedi Council. thing at Star Wars Celebration be live streamed or posted on YouTube later?
Hayden Christensen returns to Star Wars Celebration after 15 years . I can't go. . Me right now: 👇
Star Wars Celebration on April 15 will give our first look at Star Wars Battlefront 2 via
After that: Star Wars Celebration! My signing's now at 3 Saturday, and I have a new 12:30 Friday slot at the B&N booth.
& follow for the chance to win a Star Wars Celebration exclusive prototype suit Boba Fett Wobbler! htt…
David Prowse needs to be at the Star Wars Celebration
I wonder why Star Wars Celebration is taking so long to announce Mark Hamill & Daisy Ridley. Both needed to promote The Last Jedi campaign.
My official Star Wars Celebration poster art has just been revealed on … h…
Rogue One’s Felicity Jones to Appear at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando
I am immensely happy I got my 4-Day ticket for Star Wars Celebration early before they sold out! 💫
I went to Star Wars Celebration last year and nerded out because I saw Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and John Boyega
Looking forward to Star wars Celebration this year.
I just entered for a chance to win a trip for 2 to the 2017 Star Wars Celebration in Orlando! You should too!
Epcot's Spaceship Earth transformed into the Death Star last night: In celebration of both Star Wars at Disney's……
Aha. Thank you very much. Why is everything Star Wars always over there by the O2? 😛 Remember Star Wars Celebration? 😅
I liked a video from Star Wars Episode VIII Fan Trailer - Star Wars Celebration
New comic up Star Wars parody in celebration of Rogue One
The big question is, will Disneyland Paris have a Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration Dessert Party? 😅
There's Star Wars Celebration in Orlando from April 13-16, 2017. I hope they send Nakajima Yuto to do another cover…
Last year, I had Star Wars theme christmas celebration, but this year is going to be a comic book heroes and villains theme for this year.
But I don´t expect to see any until the Star Wars celebration in April
satchel goes to Florida once in a while right? Star Wars celebration is in Orlando this April 😮
Just saw that Star Wars Celebration is happening in Orlando this year! I have to go!
Just moments ago at our Disney Parks Blog Star Wars Celebration, speakers from Entertainment and Merchandise...
In just a little bit, Spaceship Earth at Epcot will be transformed to the Death Star in celebration for the...
By Star Wars Celebration we should know if they're going to make it.
are these different than the special edition just for Star Wars celebration? I've been watching for those.
My love for Star Wars encompasses so much so I'll narrow it down: Celebration. The best family reunion.
Who could forget the Emoji Pins from Star Wars Celebration in 2016? They're back for a limited time!…
Star Wars Celebration next year or nah 🤔
Are you guys going to Star Wars celebration Orlando? And if so are you thinking of meeting up with fans?
In celebration of rouge one, if rwby were like star wars who would be the easiest to turn darkside?
Star Wars phones land in Japan in celebration of 'Rogue One' - CNET
A few of Star Wars Celebration signed images are now sold out!. There will not be any more once they are all gone. https:/…
Should we all pretend we didn't watch the Star Wars Celebration panel..? Cause I've made sure I don't get attached to this guy.
Should we expect Star Wars Episode 8's teaser to debut at Star Wars Celebration in April?
nope! Was an internal only pin for people who worked on Ep 7. Got it as a reward for helping with Star Wars Celebration :3
I loved your TED talk. My first Cosplay at Star Wars Celebration last weekend. This kid made my day. http…
7 things we learned about at Star Wars Celebration:
Lots of news about Episode VIII and the Han Solo spinoff from Star Wars Celebration.
The only news I want from Star Wars Celebration is that Kathleen Kennedy rewatched JURASSIC WORLD and decided to fire Colin Trevorrow.
up at 5 in the morning to watch the Star Wars Celebration live stream /jazz hands as I slowly fall back into unconsciousness
'Rogue One': Darth Vader is back and 10 major Star Wars Celebration reveals via
Electronic Device Insurance
Star Wars' most iconic villain showed up at the Star Wars Celebration panel for Rogue One
Look behind the scenes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story straight from Star Wars Celebration. https…
Entmnt - Everything That Happened at the Star Wars Celebration in London: New Footage, Poste
New look at the Imperial Shoretrooper from Rogue One at Star Wars Celebration
Here's a look at the new TIE Striker and AT-ACT cargo walker in Rogue One from Star Wars Celebration.
Even at a Star Wars Celebration he can't help it!! Mark Hamill
An italian fellow with Colin Trevorrow at the Star Wars Celebration today
We hope everyone's having an amazing time at the Star Wars Celebration!! (Credit:
Mr and Mrs sith some what excited regarding star wars celebration.
The plans you're looking for... Our full live stream schedule.
this is a great article. I don't know what it says, but the picture .
Star Wars Celebration live stream starts at 6 am? Guess I'm getting up in a few hours.
Lanyard check. Wristbands check. Star Wars Celebration, here we go!!
At the Excel center at 6am to get access to the panels at Star Wars Celebration. We thought we'd be the first here.. h…
Heading to Star Wars celebration, after I've dropped this pirate off
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Here's what I think will happen at Star Wars Celebration. New Rogue One trailer, officially revealing Alden as Han Solo, and an VIII title
On the train to London for Star Wars Celebration. So excited for this. Expect pics.
How to watch all the Star Wars Celebration panels, news, and interviews -
Cool photo of the Shoretrooper from the commemorative guide to @ Star Wars Celebration…
Big day today! Everyone attending Star Wars celebration in London, enjoy it! Vader is back!…
Only a few more hours til the Rogue One panel and the new trailer
Day one of SWCE! (@ ExCeL London for Star Wars Celebration in Custom House, Greater London)
Sorry I won't make it to the live stream later to see you 😕 I'll be asleep 😔 Have fun today at Star Wars Celebration Mark! 😊
Star Wars Celebration day, got me all like...
Is this how you're celebrating Here are 5 streaming panels you can't miss:
Star Wars Minute - Ep. VIII wrap party, Star Wars Celebration & more (video)
Can we get a xp weekend since its star wars celebration??
Here's where and when you can pick up your Tickets for Star Wars Celebration Europe today and during the show. ht…
The Star Wars Celebration Livestream starts today (I'm posting this in the early morning.), so I decided to post...
Watch on Star Wars Celebration Europe - ticket collection hall
I'm up and ready to make my way down to for a whole weekend of Star Wars goodness
This is the Celebration Europe 2016 livestream schedule you're looking for:
I may be on holiday but let's keep an eye on those Rebels via h…
4 hour delay on my flight from Korea.This is going to make getting up early on Sunday for Star Wars Celebration a challe…
Star Wars Celebration next week, new Disney Movie Club exclusive Blu-rays & more
Hi, will there be chances of me and my 8 month old son getting a pic with you at the Star Wars Celebration in July?
Check out Star Wars Celebration 2 Autograph by Billy Dee Williams - lando calrissian via
For the last day of Star Wars Celebration ! The Chosen One ! (Vine by
Star Wars Celebration: Lucasfilm Boss to Attend as Panelist: Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Rogue One director Gareth Edwar...
Wow. Today was the day I got my Star Wars Celebration badge in the mail last year. 2015 was a pretty fun year.
Hi Fred Aubin: Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser please check it out
hopefully I can meet you and the rest of the cast at Star Wars celebration of I can go and only if you guys are going pt2/2
Star Wars celebration and meet all the old and he new cast ! :) pt2/2
Flights booked! Tito Boyscouts goin to London for Star Wars Celebration!
I liked a video from Lightsaber Fights | Star Wars Celebration Europe 2
I liked a video from Costumes of Star Wars Celebration VI - Creative and comical
I added a video to a playlist Epic STAR WARS Cosplay at Celebration 2015 - Randomland!
If my hub doesn't find it while he's there, I'll probably get one at Star Wars Celebration later this year.
Thrilled to announce the Galactic Knights will be at Star Wars Celebration London. Please stop by the table and say hi.
Are any of you fine Collider folks coming to Star Wars Celebration in London this summer? /Daniel from Sweden
I need to at least visit when I'm in London in July for Star Wars Celebration!
Yeah, I remember all those fistfights between the OT and PT fans at Star Wars Celebration. NOT.
Being that tomorrow is the birthday celebration, I think it would be fun to see the post I wrote a year ago:
Star Wars Ultimate Day at Sea Returns to Disney Cruise Line 2017: The day-long celebration transports guests t...
guys any of you planning to get to Star Wars celebration London in July
Hey any chance you'll be attending Star Wars Celebration Europe later this year??
Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim. Can we go back?. Mini Scout Armor by Walt's Trooper…
No having to work. Hoping to get time off Star Wars Celebration as I have ticket already. Also working for LFCC but hope to go
Latest Sweepstakes: General Mills - Far Far Away Getaway - Win 1 of 2 trips for 2 to London, England for the ... -
New BB-8 plane takes flight in celebration of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS with ANA
I liked a video Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 1983 Theatrical Ending (Funeral Pyre/Ewok Celebration)
Yes, I love it too, I'm in there in May for MCM Comic Con, then in July for Star Wars Celebration , then Fright Fest..
BB-8 droid from The Force Awakens rolls out on stage at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim
Star Wars has returned to Marvel, and a galaxy of comic book stars have joined the celebration
Do you think we may get a Rogue One trailer during Star Wars celebration this year in London?
Disney x Star Wars birthday celebration for our January babies, love you all loads! We had fun…
Forwarded by a colleague who knows libraries and Star Wars are 2 of my favourite things:-)
Playing this game again in celebration of the new Lego Star Wars TFA game coming out this summer
Crud. I would have taken down our Star Wars decorations from the staff celebration if realized debate was happening.
I'm at Celebration! Cinema - for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Grand Rapids, MI
when will expect to see a rouge one trailer Star Wars celebration or civil war or comic con?
Two months ago, in a far, far away...
I fell in love with Costa after his celebration yesterday. Only Star Wars matches the love I have for that man now
More Star Wars Celebration Anaheim memories; this time with the wife :)
Why is there still no info about the Star Wars Celebration in London? Like guests and times...
You could win a trip to Star Wars Celebration 2016 in Europe from the Far, Far Away Getaway Sweepstakes. Enter:.
in celebration of the new Star Wars ~ by 👽
Finished Clone Wars. All six seasons, the eight unfinished ones, the Son of Dathomir comics and the panel from 2015 Star Wars Celebration.
will you be attending this years Star Wars celebration of so what date is the one in Anaheim
Monmouth bench adds Star Wars, Santa to their celebration repertoire. (Vine by
Wasn't Comic Con sorry, it was the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, leaked back in April.
It's official! I'm going to my first Star Wars Celebration next summer! London here I come!.in 9 months.
VOTE!! . Design your Stormtrooper Helmet and you could win a trip to the Star Wars Celebration in London!
something for me + my bf to wear to Star Wars Celebration next summer perhaps...
From the book of memories. This photo was taken back in 2002 during Star Wars Celebration in Indianapolis. This...
.brings us a preview of Season 2 from Star Wars Celebration
Just added to our online store: Last remaining Star Wars Celebration Anaheim exclusive double-matted black &...
Check out my video at Star Wars Celebration if you missed it last week - please share it if you liked it!
Hm. This overlaps with Star Wars Celebration - any plans to go?
Me and Tom will be there to play Star Wars Battlefront and hopefully interview you guys. You met me at SW Celebration in Anaheim.
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I liked a video Star Wars Celebration : The Force Awakens Panel in Full
Star Wars Celebration now available for pre-order .
Photo: So happy (and SANDY) together! (at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Convention Center, Ca)
Watching highlights of SWCA, cant wait for July 2016. Star Wars comes to London will beat anything, and everything!
The Star Wars news I’ve been waiting for has been hinted at! IT’S A CELEBRATION.
already did back when I first saw him during Star Wars celebration!
The long awaited short that I produced & showed at & is now up S…
Dudamel Conducts a John Williams Celebration with the LA Phil ~ John Williams Conducts Theme from \ via
Not Travelogical to put the prices up when Star Wars is on
I liked a video Joe Goes To STAR WARS CELEBRATION (Part 1 of 2)
Theatrical cut of the original Star Wars films is being rereleased! 😭. It is a time for celebration! 🎉
There's nothing cooler than taking a picture with in star wars gear at star wars celebration!
Ty Simpkins Interview about Jurassic World at the Star Wars Celebration... via
Star Wars Celebration and may the force be with corey graves
Kids from The Galactic Academy were at Star Wars Celebration and picked up some nice R2-KT swag as a reward for their being awesome
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Still going through Star Wars Celebration pics. These kids marched in The Galactic Academy parade and received...
This week's Radio talks about the leak; attending the Star Wars Celebration!
Gaming News Update: Star Wars Call of Duty Mod is Awesome: Last week's Star Wars Celebration got a...
I hope Dann Florek went to Star Wars Celebration cosplaying as Lobot.
Photo: webofstarwars: Pic of J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy on the Falcon from Star Wars Celebration...
Star Wars Celebration - Battlefront Updates: Let me start by saying I stand corrected from my previous post, the release date h...
Catch up with RebelForce Radio's Jimmy & Jason at Star Wars Celebration! Here is their full schedule!
Ordered some stuff for a new for next weekends Star Wars Celebration! Time for some Disney x Star Wars mash up!
Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Bad Batch” 4-Episode Arc Coming to Star Wars Celebration: See the return of Echo in...
I am so exited that Billy Dee Williams will be at Star Wars Celebration. Can't Sleep!
Last night's fortune cookie reminded me that Star Wars Celebration is just around the corner!
the line up of people to see didn't look interesting. I probably won't. Got a vacation to star wars celebration though!!! U?
Thank you for the shout out and photo on Episode
NEW EPISODE 61: Skywalking To Star Wars Celebration. Listen to the FIRST episode of 2015! There’s a new Star Wars...
We will be selling our CoachellaFest Weekend 2 tickets and buying Star Wars Celebration tickets. I want to dress up Q as a Jawa and Lycan as C3PO... And there's nothing Jackeline can do to stop me.
Astromech's around the Web: Rancho Obi-Wan and Cast of 'Rebels' Added to Star Wars Celebration 2015 - Nuke The Fridge
Revenge of the Sith, in all its Order 66ing glory, will make its 3D debut at
Oh wait, derp. That's what I get for not reading first. They're showing all three in 3D at Celebration.
Greetings and salutations, fellow Fridge Nukers! Bradfield here, reporting from a corner booth at the back of the Cantina in beautiful downtown Mos Eisley! Unless you've been preoccupied Womprat hunting in the back forty of your moisture farm, you are most likely aware that the Granddaddy of all Star Wars fan conventions, Star Wars Celebration, will be at the… [ 522 more words. ]
Star Wars Celebration admission, flight, hotel, transportation all booked! Am I missing anything? See you in Anaheim!
Revenge of the Sith in 3D at the next Star Wars Celebration. You can read more at the official site here:
'Kyle Newman Returns to Star Wars Celebration with Sequel to "Smuggler's Gambit"' via
Hey it donated as starkiller0531 on your stream and it was Star Wars celebration in April in Anaheim califronia?
Emperor's mouse ears, discounted Disneyland tickets for passholders!
Revenge of the Sith in 3D Premieres at Star Wars Celebration ...
For all fellow Disneyland fans, news about the 60th celebration offerings and /!\ STAR WARS AND MARVEL LANDS /!\
Ain't no like a party cuz a star wars party don't stop BOOM!
Who's all going to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim?! :D We're not... :'(
More Star Wars movies in 3D to be seen at Celebration!
hey! I was just wondering if you are going to make to the Star Wars celebration this year, I hope so :D
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T_T just call it a Disney land trip ;v;. I'm coming to California with fam for STAR WARS CELEBRATION WOOHOO
Everyone's gonna be in California for Coachella in April. But I'm gonna be there for Star Wars Celebration . I think I'm the winner here 😎
The deadline for entry to the 2015 Fan Film Awards is Jan. 16!
The creators, writers and actors of the hit audio drama, Smuggler's Gambit, will debut a fresh audio drama in...
It's coming! Smuggler's Bounty, a new audio drama created especially for Star Wars Celebration by...
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Cosplay Contest Details: . Want to show off an amazing Star Wars costume ...
This promises to be a Star Wars Celebration like no other. Who will join us in Anaheim?
Star Wars Celebration is coming April 16-19, 2015, to the Anaheim Convention Center in California! The official convention of a galaxy far, far away, Star Wa...
Ooooh Star Wars Celebration looks really cool! Want to go.
Just thought i would post this in some of the groups i am in If anyone is going to Star Wars Celebration 2015 than consider going to this meetup with fellow EU Fans More details on the event page And more details to come
really wearing George down on going to Star Wars Celebration :)
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It's not IV but it's a Star Wars celebration lol
It will be my first SW Celebration and first SW print!
I wanna go to Star Wars celebration for my birthday. 😩😭
Mark your calendars, fans in Trailer:
Truly saddened by this Understand the impariality of the new process, and respect it and those involved. But Dave...
That Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in April is gonna be sick!
Why should I go to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim?
'Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Heats Up with New Video, Poster and More!!!' via
Avast! 'Star Wars Celebration': Watch exclusive first-look video f
To go to or not to go to Star Wars Celebration? That is the several hundred dollars wasted question.
Oh! I can announce I'll be part of the Star Wars Celebration art show next year! See ya' in Anaheim, nerds! 😉
Anyone going to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim next year?
It's Official, I have been selected by Lucasfilm to participate in the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim…
Check out the stunning Star Wars Celebration Anaheim key art by artist Craig Drake, and see the full list of...
Star Wars Celebration: Don't harass the other guests: The trailer for Star Wars Celebration 2015 is out, and i...
I'm hoping to make it to Star Wars Celebration next year. Anyone else trying thinking of going?
So excited to meet you at Star Wars Celebration. 😊😄
Hope you join me and many special guests at in Anaheim this coming April.
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I kinda really want to go to the Star Wars Celebration 2015!
So hyped for Star Wars Celebration next year!
Love all the new stuff we're showing off today! Artists, Key Art, and our new sizzle.
Can you imagine the adrenaline rush... "Star Wars Celebration 2015 Trailer" on YouTube
.Art Show Strikes Back! See the full list of artists coming to Anaheim.
Check out the full list of artists coming to Anaheim.
We are going to Star Wars Celebration in April!
Organizers of Star Wars Celebration, the traveling confab that celebrates all things connected to George Lucas' galaxy far, far away, are expecting April's gathering in Anaheim to be the biggest ye...
Photoset: aeronjace: These are a few old pictures of me at Star Wars Celebration in my Mandalorian Cosplay,...
So, screw dragon con,, gonna go to Star Wars Celebration in Anahiem in April next year
are you planning on attending Star Wars celebration next April?
Pondering combining our mid year 2015 vacation and combining Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim with it. Here's the drawbacks, the price of the 4-day is overpriced for what you get, theres really nothing new under the sun for me. I've seen all the OT & PT costumes, models, props, etc. Im not an autograph/photo with celebrities type of person, that does nothing for me. I don't care about standing around in plastic armor, sweating for no reason, giant group shots with a 3rd tier director or actor who hasn't done much since their one role - again does nothing for me. The pluses are its right next to Disneyland, which I havent been to since 2010, its Southern California which is always gorgeous and plenty to do. So its on the radar to hang with friends and also do our own thing. Just thinking out loud.
I added a video to a playlist Star Wars Celebration Europe - Mandalorian Mercs stand
Anyone else going to the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim?
My family and I have a plan to go to Vegas next year in April and then drive over to star wars celebration c:
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A great place to discuss next year's Star Wars Celebration! -B-
Our kid reporter, Jedi Mindy Strater, takes you on a tour of the convention floor at Star Wars Celebration V. See all the cool stuff and meet some of the dro...
Visit for more from Star Wars Celebration VI! From August 23-26, 2012, tens of thousands of Star Wars fans came to Orlando...
Having a Star Wars themed RunDisney event in Anaheim the same year as Celebration but not at the same time as Celebration seems like a waste
You know the least they could have done was make it around Celebration
This race if in Ca. Should have been in April during Star Wars Celebration.
hmm, that almost makes me wish I were into running like you! (Almost). I really want to go to a Star Wars Celebration weekend!
Highlights of Star Wars Celebration 2007 - this looks like a lot of fun.
Reminder, there's 1 day left to this charity auction for my Celebration Japan print.
The Printworks: A Celebration of Star Wars: 6th July 2014: . Check out the poster for a stellar list...
.thanks for including our pic in your recap :). I was a wee bit tipsy here in Essen
I remember when I went to comic con and star wars celebration for the 30th anniversary that was 7 YEARS AGO wow gaha
We can't go to Disney Hollywood Studios for Star Wars weekend so we're having a celebration at home.
About to kickoff my birthday celebration with a Star Wars marathon :) 37 years ago today May 25, 1977. Thank you George Lucas
In celebration of all things Star Wars today. Happy May the fourth be with you.
Seems almost like this was last summer that my son Sam and I went to the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, but...
I think a countdown to Star Wars Celebration should be on your countdown list.
Getting Maccies delivered. Just done the sand people celebration. Watching too much Star Wars
PHL to join global Star Wars celebration on May 4 via
At least Star Wars Celebration will be in Anaheim :)
Star Wars Days of Future Past « x-men star wars mash-up In celebration of all the Star ...
A few tix left for the Star Wars Expanded Universe Funeral Celebration tonight 10pm No Yuuzhan Vong admitted!
The celebration at the end of Star Wars sadly misses Brian Blessed. In fact Brian Blessed as Darth Vader would have rocked.
boyz by MIA kinda sounds like the celebration scene in the end of Star Wars but idk which
My sister plans her wedding the summer of Star Wars Celebration 2015 (which I have tickets for). I laughed.
Tickets booked. Goin back to Cali next year for Star Wars Celebration! A whole weekend Star Wars…
Celebration VII FLIGHT TICKETS purchased today. Now is the time to book, as most airlines are now available to...
I don't want a baby yet. I just want to be able to know we have $4000 saved up for star wars celebration.
It was confirmed to me by a cast mate with details. Its on; however, Star Wars race at DL is not. Celebration in DL only 2015.
Star Wars return of the Jedi... the celebration music at the end is just so awesome :)
So stoked that I'll be in Disney World for the Star Wars celebration 😭
If you're in L.A., I'm starting my birthday celebration early. "UCB Theatre • The Star Wars EU Funeral Celebration"
Which Star Wars tatoo would you get?
We met CF last year at Star Wars Europe Celebration. She's still stunning and crazy funny.
awesome I'm going to California next April for Star Wars Celebration
Poor planning in con times is common. Star Wars Celebration is the same time as some Texas Con. Same for Heroes Con & Philly
These guys are all passionate fans and great actors. Love it.
freaking funny! Happy Memorial Star Wars Weekend! I started the celebration Today! The Force is strong with me, always.
Didn't know if you knew, Next year Anaheim Star Wars Celebration a week long event. Tickets on sale.. Might sell out
Celebrate 'Star Wars Day' with a Theatrical Marathon of All Six Films. The epic space saga returns to cinemas in Digital 2D on May 3rd & May 4th. Buy your tickets, snap a picture in your Star Wars costume and you could be on your way to Star Wars Celebration in 2015!
“:( u might like my shirt from Star Wars celebration
A look back at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Who was there?
Great new Europe memories blog from (and the first one not featuring me! LOL!)
Did you know the next Star Wars Celebration is May 2015 in San Diego?
The Official Blog has chosen our Trivia to be featured in the third part of the Celebration Europe Photo book !
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
crud. Well, if are, great! If not, well, there is always next year... or Star Wars Celebration! :D
OMFG. Just found out about the Star Wars celebration in 2015 😱😱😱
I copied and pasted the Rebel Legion FB banner from just before we went to Germany for Star Wars Celebration Europe in July. :)
If you're a collector, Star Wars Celebration VII in April 2015 may be the first place you'll be able to pick up Episode VII toys...
from Star Wars Celebration Europe II. Right is me. Was cool. I always remember this. :)
still remember having met at Star Wars Celebration Europe II
oh I love that good morning we were talking about Star Wars Celebration all day yesterday a ways off I know but so excited :)
“I think I died and went to nerd heaven” actually you're in purgatory. Nerd heaven will be the Star Wars celebration.
worn it at 2 cons & fans really like it: would love JJ to see it
As part of our month-long LEGO Star Wars Celebration, and to celebrate the new Cartoon Network series The Yoda Chronicles, the LEGO group will be unveiling s...
Star Wars Celebration Europe takes place July 26th through July 28th. We are gonna tack on Disneyland Paris cause, well, why not?
WaltCast will be attending Star Wars Celebration Europe as media. To get there was need to take some donations. If you are interested (cont)
Star Wars Diorama pic of the day - Death Star Falcon Bay. This one was designed 4 Lucasfilm Celebration IV workshop
If Japan hosts another Star Wars Celebration, maybe the organizers could invite him. Or some other group…
Fantastic news! Just received the news that I've been awarded a media pass for the Star Wars Celebration Europe...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I have one more Joe Corroney 30th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi from Star Wars Celebration VI Artist Proof...
A little blurry but, I wanted to share my The 501st Legion logo photo Star Wars Celebration VI.
I favorited a video Star Wars CELEBRATION V in HD!
Just got my press access approved for Star Wars Celebration. The Force is strong with this one!
Will her universe come to Star Wars Celebration Europe? Wud love to finally be able to buy some t-shirts!
Look what I found on Star Wars Celebration 3 Talking Darth Vader Figure in Star Case!! MIB!!
Also, in Insider Filoni announced that we'll be getting a Star Wars Celebration in 2028. ;)
It's from the Star Wars Celebration expo in the US.
Star Wars Celebration Europe 2. This summer in germany
How Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire Turned Star Wars into Science Fiction As part of our ongoing celebration of al
Obi-wan Baggins said: Hi, are any of you going to Star Wars Celebration in July in Germany? I'm organizing an...
The celebration song at the end of Star Wars Episode I makes me overly happy.
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