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Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront II is a first/third-person shooter video game developed by Pandemic Studios, and published by LucasArts.

Han Solo Luke Skywalker Boba Fett Outer Rim Season Pass Emperor Palpatine Black Ops 3 Infinite Warfare Darth Vader Xbox One Nikolai Tesla Princess Leia Tomb Raider

My last Star Wars Battlefront video is out now, RIP Star Wars Battlefront :(
Okay so: Star Wars Battlefront but with the UI of Corpse Party
I added a video to a playlist Star Wars Battlefront 2 Launch Trailer
Watch Mason and Austin and friends Isaac and Ben play Star Wars Battlefront. Watch Mason suck…
Was just wondering when the theme from Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Trailer will be released? Such a masterpiece!
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta - A must buy game! Can't wait to see the full version!!!…
Should i make a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta video or another Fortnite Battle Royale Video
Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC beta codes were on sale at GAME today for 10p
Im live now with a new game! Playing the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta! Let's see how fun it is! .
When it goes live you may have to type in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta in the Xbox store and then download it.
Back with Viewers' Choice, tonight is Star Wars Battlefront! 8.30pm GMT .
Give me back classic Star Wars Battlefront and I will die happy.
Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadrongrowjng fun youtube channel ease check it out
Check my stream out! Star Wars Battlefront time with some music!
I liked a video Star Wars Battlefront - Han Solo vs Viper Droid, who will win?
The story in Star Wars Battlefront is better stroke material than the IGN girls
domain names
Got a PS4 Cam for my streams! Live later on tonight! Force Friday with Star Wars Battlefront! .
Star wars Battlefront fighter squadron 64 kills no deaths against real "players" 😂😂 Check it out please guys!
Iden's two closest teammates are Gideon Hask and Del Meeko. Get ready for Inferno Squad in
IGN says space battles are faster, sleeker and better-sounding than ever before!…
We spent some quality time with Starfighter Assault in at Gamescom - .
Im Live getting ready for star wars battlefront 2
IT'S FINALLY HERE GUYS: Star Wars Battlefront Epic Moments Featuring the best moments EVER in...
LH Donnerdistel played Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One) in the last 24 hours
Even if Star Wars Battlefront II is good, I'll forever hate it for causing confusion when I'm talking about the other Star Wars Battlefront
Now this is Podracing! | Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Star Fighter Assault Cinematic movie via
We went hands-on with Battlefront 2's new space battles at Read our impressions here:
And we're live with Star Wars Battlefront with the almighty !. Just join and don't get cocky, kid!…
Lol I don't blame you star wars battlefront was a dope game for ps2!
I'm having a son! Let's have a HYPE stream and play some Star Wars Battlefront!
I liked a video 10 Types of Star Wars Battlefront Players
Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star Expansion Pack introduced 2 new weapons from the Jedi Knight video game series.
Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin Expansion Pack was released on June 21st, 2016.
Star Wars Battlefront's Outer Rim Expansion Pack was released on March 22nd, 2016.
I won the Off to a good start achievement in Star Wars Battlefront for 21 pts
The lack of support in Star Wars Battlefront is more horrific than tentacle pr0n
I won 2 achievements in Star Wars Battlefront for 155 pts
I won the New Recruit achievement in Star Wars Battlefront for 17 pts
The gameplay in Star Wars Battlefront is a worthy replacement for your jackoff sock
I wanna buy Star Wars Battlefront for my mac I miss it
Do people want to see other games posted on my channel alongside Star Wars Battlefront?
The frame rate in Star Wars Battlefront is sweeter than ***
First look at Darth Maul gameplay in Star Wars: Battlefront 2.
Tune in tomorrow to see the full new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II.
I get that publishers need to monetize their game somehow, but putting in-game abilities in loot boxes seems shady.
Star wars battlefront 2 and xbox 1x
3X the content of Star Wars Battlefront. Check out game engine footage from
EggmanOrWalrus: Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer includes flashy moments from all three eras
Space battles and a real single player campaign would be the only way to pull me into another Star Wars Battlefront game.
Just got my hands on a Star Wars BattleFront 2 demo. Pretty excited
Red dead 2, Crash bandicoot, Assassins creed, GT sports, Star wars battlefront ll and God of war. Come to me now!
What was you favourite part about the 'STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II' details announced?
Check out this Star Wars Battlefront II-inspired dress by Elhoffer Design via…
The Assault on Theed is only the beginning. Find out what makes multiplayer extraordinary: https:/…
Here's my reaction for the new Star Wars battlefront 2 trailer .
Darth Maul. Boba Fett. What more could you ask for?. We've got more Star Wars Battlefront II on
I'm just curious, what is your favorite gun in the current Star Wars BattleFront?
Not trying to be negative, but giving you guys advice. Battlefront 2 is not a Battlefield money machine. It's Star Wars.
are we gonna see another star wars game besides Battlefront 2...
got more than its fair share of hype when it launched two years ago. The prospect of a
I liked a video Star Wars Battlefront with Special Guest Claudio Sanchez - Guest Grumps
The sound in Star Wars Battlefront is both sexist AND sexy
I plan on spending my day playing battlefront and watching star wars movies. Hmu if you tryna join
Snag your pre-order for only $45 with this special discount code.
The best Star Wars film is the campaign in Battlefront 2 don't @ me
Our has landed! Enter on our site to Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4 or Xbox One! -
Happy Are you ready to head back to a galaxy far, far away this November in Star Wars: Battlefront II…
PS2 Battlefront II, Knights of the Old Republic, the LEGO Star Wars games... Jedi Academy, or something. Those were…
So if I don't have anything much to do I might end up going forward and play some Star Wars Battlefront in honor...
The original Star Wars: Battlefront II all the way!!!
Will be starting steaming Star Wars Battlefront in a few minutes.
My new YouTube video I got another one one later too I will be playing Star Wars battlefront online later as it is…
There is no dispute here. If Star Wars battlefront 2 was chancellor of the world I'd be okay with it
Happy day! Make sure bust out your copies of Star Wars Battlefront, whether for the PS4 or PS2!…
I hope they make the Star Wars battlefront 2 hero system more balanced so you don't get 4v0 heroes in a match
Star Wars Battlefront 2 - General Grievous Abilities According to Galaxy of Heroes!: via
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Who doesn't love saving money? With this pre-order code you can get your copy of Star Wars: Battlefront II for...
Have you ever seen Battlefront: Elite Squadron released in 2009?.
Happy Star Wars day Hopefully I can find a copy of Lego Star Wars. If not, I'm broadcasting Star Wars B…
Spending my playing the original Battlefront 2 while listening to Star Wars music then watching a Saga film tonight.
Progression system, how all 3 eras come together, & other questions answered from the reveal: https:…
Star Wars Battlefront 2 2017 trailer LEAK isn't the only HUGE Star Wars games news
can we please get a double xp weekend for the First Star Wars Battlefront EA??
Now including a single-player campaign for fans that game solo.
u like Star Wars right? behold! Star Wars Battlefront 2! featuring an all new singleplayer story mode
So many good games coming out this year and star wars battlefront 2 looks so amazing
schedules April, 15th as the first official reveal for the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II. Personall…
If that leaked trailer of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is legit, then I'm HYPED
FIRST TEASER FOR STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT 2. Looks like we're getting a campaign this time 🔥.
The official trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Share your thoughts!
Leaked Battlefront II trailer teases its story mode and promises to explore all eras of Star Wars.
Star Wars Battlefront II is coming this year!. Get your first look on Saturday, April 15 at 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT. .
Watch the leaked ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ trailer, featuring Rey and Kylo Ren
“All eras” of Star Wars come together in revealing Battlefront II trailer |
promises a full-length trailer for this weekend. This ought to blow the leaked teaser away! https:…
I added a video to a playlist STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 Teaser Trailer (2017)
Mark Hamill has passed away age 65, most notable for his role in Star Wars Battlefront.
Star Wars Battlefront for PS4 down to $9.28 on Amazon
Breaking news: The sequel to Star Wars Battlefront is going to be... Star Wars Battlefront II. Still I am excited.
you got a PS4 and Star Wars Battlefront and didn't invite me to play 😒
Lets record a Star Wars Battlefront live com gameplay... slowly lose my mind as the record goes by... everytime 😂
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront - Pt.01 Showing off Rogue One!
Is there any possible way to get the pre order themes offered for Star Wars Battlefront?
It's a Shovel Knight amiibo, and Ninja Brian are streaming Star Wars Battlefront right now!
Why do I need to buy the Season Pass to buy the Rogue One DLC for Star Wars Battlefront?? . I play on PS4.
why can't we access the other Expansion Playlists on Star Wars Battlefront? Only Outer Rim is functional
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
EA CFO Blake Jorgensen teased a "much bigger" Star Wars Battlefront sequel today at an investor briefing.
Today in Black Friday I got a PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle with Infinite Warfare and Star Wars Battlefront a well
Star Wars Battlefront is kinda broken now even more with the secondary fire glitch... Might stay off a while, or will I?
pcgamer: The maker of the Star Wars Battlefront-inspired Galaxy in Turmoil says a demo is coming. …
I liked a video Star Wars Battlefront - Random Moments
Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty among this week's Deals with Gold Via Windows Central
Been relaxing today & extremely lazy lol. Happily spent some time on the Xbox with Star Wars Battlefront, flying the Millenium Falcon!
Simple and clean Star Wars Battlefront 4K backgrounds (screenshots from the diorama). Album (22 images):
Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront and Rocket League make some of last years games still getting fun new content. Future of games aint all bad.
The new Star Wars Battlefront map is amazing 😍
The high-res *** shot in Star Wars Battlefront is sweeter than ***
Take on the ultimate battle station in Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star, coming to Season Pass owners on Sept 20. https:/…
When Lemonade is the soundtrack while playing Star Wars Battlefront.
I liked a video from I just cant stop!!|| Star Wars Battlefront
I won 3 achievements in Star Wars Battlefront for 95 pts -
Okay so it looks like I'm gonna get the base game for Star Wars Battlefront, and maybe future DLC depending on what le gf does :3
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront 3 Gameplay: HUGE Battle of HOTH!
I got a lot better at Star Wars Battlefront. My KD went from 0.7 to around 3.
What games do you want me to play?. Black Ops 3. Star Wars Battlefront. Minecraft PS4 edition. Rainbow 6...
I added a video to a playlist MID AIR KILL | Star Wars Battlefront
I have entered to win Star Wars Battlefront from on PC please!
Want a copy of Star Wars Battlefront from Darth Vader? Enter for a chance to win (see image). Thanks to https…
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront Beta! (Trying the game out) "BEST PLAYER
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront - The toughest match EVER! | Watch us
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront Skirmish: Future Game Modes Teased, Current
we played star wars battlefront and that was an Experience. i was a rebel
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation®4! (STAR WARS live at
New Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Details Revealed with Bossk and Chewbacca Playable - -
Star Wars Battlefront will get proper offline battle modes on.
Website Builder 728x90
If you play Star Wars battlefront in first person I don't trust you
In the first three rounds of playing Star Wars: Battlefront I have blown myself up with countless grenades and spun around in circles
the Star Wars Battlefront themes are unavailable except to customers who purchased the digital standard edition. I bought it
Hey look! You can play Star Wars Battlefront offline. About nine months after release:
Streaming star wars battlefront for comic con weekend at
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront Launch Funny Moments! - Funny Gestures, Luke
Why can't I murk Darth Vader with aunt beru
I will never not know the invincibility cheat code for star wars battlefront 2
I liked a video from Star Wars battlefront Bespin DLC
Star Wars Battlefront's offline Skirmish mode is available now.
I liked a video from The Evolution of Graphics: Star Wars Battlefront
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront Kill/Clip Compilation
ten seconds into any moment of silence I say "Star Wars Battlefront" at normal speaking volume
Our team has a couple surprises in store for those that enjoy Star Wars Battlefront offline, stay tuned for…
Street Fighter X Tekken, I got Star Wars Battlefront, Tetris, shoot em up type of games I love pinball the most
I liked a video from BEST SNIPER SPOT! | Star Wars Battlefront ( Walker Assult )
Anyone else having trouble with the EA Star Wars Battlefront servers being down? Mine has been all day! 😠😭
Are you working on Instant Action for Star Wars Battlefront?
SHOP IT HERE> . Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) by Electronic Arts 188 days in ...
Night time on Hoth is the worst map on Star Wars Battlefront. It's a horrible map 😩
News: Test the Outer Rim expansion for Star Wars Battlefront for free: Try out the first DLC this weekend.
The sound in Star Wars Battlefront is better than pumping your dads iron
Just occurred to me: Infinite Warfare has spacey battles on day 1. Star Wars Battlefront has to wait 'til next year for £15 Death Star maps.
Bought Batman Arkham Knight and Star Wars Battlefront off of ebay and they should be here soon, so excited lol
Hey, we've started a movement to get more offline content in Star Wars Battlefront. Check it out.
Is there anyway you can spread the word about this movement for Star Wars Battlefront?.
you play Star Wars Battlefront? You should check out this movement for more single-player content!
Anyways you can get the word out for this movement for Star Wars Battlefront?.
Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin DLC Info Blowout: New Heroes, Maps and Mode: Star Wars Battlefront gets some awesome news about ...
We're both sick and working from home which is good and bad lol. Taking a break to play Star Wars Battlefront rn 😌
Cool stuff: Here's how 'Star Wars Battlefront' does Jabba the Hutt...
Here's how 'Star Wars Battlefront' does Jabba the Hutt's palace
Come watch me and my brother on war Pigs. Star Wars Battlefront: Hide Your Grandma via
*** :/ amazing design. Really wanted the Star Wars Battlefront one too
But before that may hit up GameStop and trade in Star Wars Battlefront for Fifa 16. I need another sports game besides 2k
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront: Star Destroyer + JABBA + Nouvelle
You add Nien Nunb but you don't add Chewbacca!? What a disgrace to the original Star Wars Battlefront series
.was just killed in Star Wars Battlefront by Buzz Killington and then by group_hug. Just like the movies!
Star Wars Battlefront fans on PC and Xbox One were treated to a pretty big update today that brought along a slew...
Star Wars Battlefront gets new map, mission and more in big update: Star Wars Battlefront fans... via
Star Wars Battlefront's Outer Rim expansion gets first image, more details - CNET
Star Wars Battlefront updated today with new missions, weapon/vehicle balances, and more:
Star Wars Battlefront update adds new map and Survival mission: The update adds a new Hoth map and brings the ...
I think the main reason I keep playing Star Wars Battlefront is because it has challenges like Halo Reach did. IT GIVES ME PURPOSE.
Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battlefront and Halo 5 are each less than £30: …
Breast Cancer Awareness
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront - Community Challenge / Lego Force Awakens Deluxe
Save serious money on Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Helldivers DLC and many more...
Our team is focusing on the original trilogy for the release of Star Wars Battlefront.
I liked a video from Montage Monday - DarK Stars - Star Wars Battlefront
Ik vind een van leuk: Do you know Star Wars Battlefront - Episode 2
I spent all day playing Star Wars Battlefront 😎
Win a PS4 + WWE 2K16 + Star Wars Battlefront from and Enter here:
I liked a video from Master Blaster - Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront - Multiplayer [Part 1] - Dreams of Mon Calamari and Explosive Bonuses!: via
Star Wars Battlefront does allow for two-player local coop - in survival mode.
I dont like hangover/headache :( On my way home with my childhood mates. We live in the same town. Rest of the day: Star Wars Battlefront.
New years day chilling with Star Wars Battlefront, dog and fire 😊
Yeah when she plays Star Wars Battlefront she is always the galactic empire
The Emperor in Star Wars Battlefront sounds like Jim Carrey's version of Scrooge.
So Matthew Watson plays Star Wars Battlefront, and found out today that David Blaiklock does too. Other friends out there I need to trade…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I see that the $40 sale on Star Wars Battlefront is on the xbox marketplace too
Anna Kendrick in the new Star Wars Battlefront commercial 😍
Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One): Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One) by Electronic Arts 19 days in the top ...
Win a copy of Star Wars Battlefront from
The genital mustache in Star Wars Battlefront is sweeter than ***
Nikolai Tesla was fight against religious and anti religious people in comment string about Star Wars Battlefront.
I was talking about Star Wars Battlefront and my responses were Nikolai Tesla vs anti religious people.
I liked a video from 25 Games of Christmas - 3 - Star Wars Battlefront
Get a free emote in Star Wars Battlefront by signing up for the mailing list
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront - Funny Moments! - (SWBF 3 Gameplay)
Just woke up and I have some game codes! . 2x Just Cause 3. 6x Battlefield Hardline. 1x Star Wars Battlefront. Who's worth…
>> /u/SylverV compares Star Wars Battlefront and Black Ops 3 as if they're women OP dated.
Win copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, and Star Wars Battlefront from Enter here:
Which one of these games should I purchase? Fallout 4 (PC) or Star Wars Battlefront (xbox1) or Halo 5 (xbox1)
a couple of my coworkers play destiny too. It's made by the same folks as Halo. Star Wars Battlefront is where it's at!
Bae just bought me Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront.definition of clutch 😍✊🏿
Star Wars Battlefront sports a great Easter egg for original trilogy fans.
Amazing. The lead singer of Breaking Benjamin wrote this about Star Wars Battlefront.
I've never played a Star Wars Battlefront game before. I'm LOVING this new one. I didn't know how badly I wanted to shoot lasers on Hoth!
Star Wars Battlefront looks nice. But, my first EA game in ages and already annoyed to death by being forced into yet another online account
The PC I am running Star Wars Battlefront on has an i7 4770, with a GTX 780 graphics card. 16GB Ram.
Star Wars Battlefront beta played by 9 million gamers
Tonights video is doing so well! Check it out if you havent already!. Star Wars Battlefront Best Loadout!!!.
achievement "playing the objective" star wars battlefront is glitched. No unlocked :@
Celebrate the launch of with our . Enter here:
absolutely buzzing for next month! Felt like such a child today, but had to go out and buy the new Star Wars Battlefront game!
Win for PS4/Xbox1!. Tell us your fav Star Wars quote. Ends 19th Nov. https:/…
Ugh, I wish I had time to exercise before work. There's just no time. (wakes up and plays two hours of Star Wars Battlefr…
Battlefront Star Wars + Alcohol after a long day of designing. Yes 👊🏻
Unlike *those* Droids, this may be THE PS4 you've been looking for.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront : A Primeira Meia Hora
Star Wars: Battlefront graphics on PC (4K) - just jaw-dropping.
Want a shot at a real-life helmet inspired by Star Wars Battlefront? No purch. nec. Details: https…
The new game from is out and it's every bit as awesome as you knew it'd be!
Star Wars Battlefront has my life now.standby
Remember, the Force will be with you, always... is out on now! -> htt…
I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for Star Wars Battlefront but then I found out it was multiplayer only.
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront Montage
I’ve entered to win a copy of Star Wars Battlefront and a custom HD60! You can enter here:
buzzed to get Star Wars Battlefront tomorrow!!
Here's the lowest price yet for Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One
Ideally I'd be able to get a 1TB Xbox One with Fifa 16, Black Ops 3 and Star Wars battlefront for 300quid
Watch and play Star Wars: Battlefront with fans and then against each other:
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront: Hero Hunt
I liked a video Star Wars Battlefront with Friends and Fans!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I liked a video from EPIC PS4 Star Wars Battlefront Bundle Unboxing!
My only complaints with Star Wars Battlefront. Is the lack of interesting unlockables and leveling up feels worthless. Fix this
Just recorded my first Star Wars Battlefront match, will be uploaded tomorrow.
Want to play Battlefront this weekend? We're giving 1 away with Enter here: ht…
Watched some people playing Star Wars Battlefront last night on Incredibly pretty SW environment that I have no desire to play.
Star Wars Battlefront: Balkan Battles: A History of the Balkan Fronts of the First World War:
Star Wars Battlefront comes out today. Anyone picking it up?. What will you be doing first from below?
is 😍 in the Star Wars Battlefront commercial.. But then again she's always a stone cold stunner.
Star Wars Battlefront looks like it's going to actually be very good. Too bad Fallout4 is so much fun. 💀
Final hands-on impressions of Star Wars Battlefront: Weapons, modes, Heroes, and much more https:/…
Just rekted in Star Wars Battlefront so hard , Dat Luke Skywalker beast mode lmao
Luke Skywalker - Star Wars Battlefront: Skywalker takes down an AT-ST and then launches into Heroes vs Villains.
Gamestop @ the Greenwood Mall will be having a cosplay contest for the midnight release of Star Wars Battlefront!
Star Wars Battlefront companion app now available, earn credits for use with main game
ok I know Fallout 4 looks super dope but everyone seems to be forgetting that Star Wars Battlefront comes out next week, where's THAT hype??
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Ready for Star Wars Battlefront? . Pre-order to get free shipping and best price $49.00!.
Star Wars Battlefront is available for Pre-Order w/ FREE Shipping. Shop Here >
Teaser explores the planets of Star Wars Battlefront: Electronic Arts has released a new ... /via
I liked a video Star Wars Battlefront: Battle of Jakku Teaser Trailer
At least I have some excitement for Star Wars Battlefront. The demo felt nice and the series was stellar before the studio closed.
I’m wondering, what’s the better game console to play Star Wars Battlefront, Kingdom Hearts 3, and the Final Fantasy 7: PS4 or Xbox One???
Star Wars Battlefront's latest gameplay trailer picks up where the beta left off
Pilot the Millennium Falcon & more in Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode. Details htt…
Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Emperor Palpatine confirmed as heroes in Star Wars Battlefront (forgiv…
Star Wars Battlefront introduces us to Emperor Palpatine, Princess Leia and Han Solo: Princess Leia takes on a...
Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Emperor Palpatine join the Star Wars Battlefront roster on PS4: https:/…
Is the new Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny all over again. Are we getting milked again with a half a game locked behind a Season Pass.
Get the custom PS4, custom controller, Star Wars Battlefront and classic Star Wars Games.
6 Vs. 6 CTF with a Star Wars Battlefront twist. Check out Cargo mode:
Oooh Temuera Morrison returns to voice Boba Fett in the new Star Wars Battlefront game! featured in NBC s Science of Love
… The real Boba Fett is back in Star Wars Battlefront.
Star Wars Battlefront joy ride on a Walker
Dad: your computer isnt good enough for Star Wars Battlefront. Me: um ok?. Dad: im getting you a new graphics card. Me: UM. Ok?!
Prepare for tomorrow's Star Wars Battlefront beta - pre-load & play the moment it begins:
Hmm. It sounds like you're referring to Temuera Morrison doing the voice of Boba Fett in the video game Star Wars Battlefront.
Watch: Luke Skywalker gets crushed by AT-AT in 'Star Wars Battlefront' beta clip
There's a mini-game in Star Wars Battlefront where you unlock special edition star cards by fingering an Ewok's ***
Even more sold on star wars battlefront cause of the beta and it was only a small sample of what's to come. Can't wait to get it!
Star Wars Battlefront def not as good as battlefront 2. Disappointing.
you playing the Star Wars Battlefront Beta at all this weekend? I know you aren't a big FPS guy, but the game is pretty sweet
I liked a video from Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay
Star Wars Battlefront looks so amazing. Best graphics.
Here is me playing as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Battlefront
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