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Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 was a third-person action-adventure video game that was being developed and published by LucasArts.

Boba Fett Star Wars Battlefront Clone Wars

This Star Wars 1313 game sounds all right.
You know who's behind that. The blonde mastermind, Hillary. She single-handedl…
The chapter on Star Wars 1313 broke my heart all over again. Thanks ...
The story of LucasArts pitching Star Wars 1313 to Visceral physically hurts me. Star Wars 1313 never had a chance.
Star Wars: 1313 was cancelled when Disney purchased Star Wars in 2012.
Cashier at Taco Bell: Your order comes to $13.13. Me: *Sheds tear for Star Wars 1313*
Star Wars set in the year 1313 would be amazing. King Edward Longshanks with a laser Warhammer vs…
Star Wars 1313. Visceral's Star Wars. Will we ever get a good single-player Star Wars game again?
I don't want another multiplayer Star Wars game I want KotOR 3 or Star Wars 1313…
painful to listen to the last chapter about Star Wars 1313 in Blood, Sweat, and Pixels considering Visceral’s closing
LucasArts got shut down by Disney while developing Star Wars 1313. Visceral Games got shut down by EA developing a new Star Wars game.
I agree. I just didn't have enough characters to say we don't need…
If I'm right the object they're "gutting" is Star Wars 1313 which was a game in development bef…
Remember when Disney bought Star Wars and Lucas Arts and we lost Star Wars 1313
Star Wars 1313 because it was going to be a Boba Fett game and it looked sick
For May the 4th, here's Jesse Harlin's main title for Star Wars 1313, recorded at Abbey Road.
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I could totally see you in a game like Star Wars 1313(which sadly got canned) where it''s like the seedy underground stuff.
Star Wars 1313 - the game starring Boba Fett, set on Coruscant, that could have been.
Basically I want Star Wars 1313 to be resurrected from the dead and made by a competent studio.
‘Star Wars 1313’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Star Wars: 1313 is one the most intriguing what-ifs in Star ...
Star Wars 1313 I still have hope that some elements from that game will be used in another game
I wish star wars 1313 would've come out
I'm still kinda upset that Star Wars 1313 got cancelled. It sounded like it would've been pretty cool.
hey LucasArts why gave up star wars 1313 project
I don't take the Star Wars 1313 comments as anything more than "Yeah that sure is a property that we own."
Did you ever see this full demo? Star Wars 1313 E3 Demo Complete Full [HD]
Star Wars 1313 still looks hella lit to me.
Remember Star Wars 1313? Of course you do. Still depressed about that one? Me too.
mount and blade bannerlord is not coming soon it's not going to get released its like that's Star Wars 1313 game
I liked a video Hey EA its time to make Star Wars 1313 a thing!
with The Force Awakens almost out, are you still disappointed to have lost out on Star Wars: 1313?
To think they could have made Battlefront 3, Star Wars: 1313, KOTOR 3 or Dark Forces 3 instead...
Anime and Star Wars breathe life into me
Something like what Star Wars 1313 was going to be before it became a Boba Fett game and was cancelled
I would rather have Star Wars:1313 instead of Battlefront. :|. I guess it's okay though.
they are working on that uncharted style Star Wars game, 1313? Something like that. might be interesting
Netflix and chill more like Star Wars and Phil 1313
I still refuse to acknowledge that Star Wars: 1313 was cancled. Or Prey 2 for that matter.
what do you think about the idea of the canceled Star Wars 1313 game being a Netflix series
Bro was sad that Stars Wars 1313 was scrapped, but I cheered him up letting him know is creating a new Star Wars game
I liked 1313 because it ignored the force to focus on other characters/aspects of the star wars universe
I want more Star Wars games. Really wish Star Wars 1313 didn't get cancelled for whatever reason.
A revived and revised "Star Wars: 1313" will surface at E3 2016, I'm calling it now.
Sometimes I'm really happy and satisfied with life. And then I remember that Star Wars 1313 was canceled. . Sigh.
Started thinkin bout Star wars 1313 again. Gaddamm you Dx
Just mentioning Star Wars 1313 is enough to bring tears to my eyes
At least Half-Life 3 will come out EVENTUALLY. Unlike Star Wars 1313 ='(
I've been hyped for Star Wars Battlefront and for the sadly deceased Star Wars 1313 and Command & Conquer :D MKX looks nice though
Star Wars 1313 video game concept art
NEW VID! Exact time for official Star Wars Battlefront trailer, more signs from Star Wars 1313 revival and...
I'm still annoyed Star Wars 1313 never got made
Like 1313 isn't gonna get made anymore, and it ends all possibilities of KOTOR 3😪 it's a sad day to be a Star Wars fan
- May the rumors that Star Wars: 1313 is still alive and in development somewhere be true, so we can find out.
Star Wars Battlefront: Lessons from Star Wars 1313 - We have talked at length here about Star Wars games- t...
Now dust off Star Wars 1313 from the Lucasarts buy out and finish it off
Star Wars 1313 would've been the bees knees
Biggest gaming disappointment: The end of Star Wars 1313. The world needs a new badass Star Wars game, and soon.
I wish they didn't cancel Star Wars 1313.. It was going to turn into a Boba Fett game for cryin' out loud!! :'( *** it Disney.
Electronic Arts: Finish Production of Star Wars 1313 via it needs to be made i saw it at E3 and it's AWESOME
How LucasArts Fell Apart An anonymous reader sends this story from Kotaku's Jason Schreier about the downfall of LucasArts: "Over the last five months, I've talked to a dozen people connected to LucasArts, including ex-employees at the company's highest levels, in an attempt to figure out just how the studio collapsed. Some spoke off the record; others spoke under condition of anonymity. They told me about the failed deals, the drastic shifts in direction, the cancelled projects with codenames like Smuggler and Outpost. They told me the stories behind the fantastic-looking Star Wars 1313 and the multi-tiered plans for a new Battlefront starting with the multiplayer game known as Star Wars: First Assault. All of these people helped paint a single picture: Even before Disney purchased LucasFilm, the parent company of LucasArts, in November of 2012, the studio faced serious issues. LucasArts was a company paralyzed by dysfunction, apathy, and indecision from executives at the highest levels." Read more of th ...
Lucasfilm shows off Star Wars 1313 concept video game with customisable assets by theinquirer
Me is a Happy Ga[y]mer~ Solid Snake is making a come back with Metal Gear Solid V Sam aka "Cell" is also coming back with Splinter Cell: Blacklist The World of Darkness is to be released soon [Possible savior of MMORPG Genre] New title called Watchdogs Recent release of Metro: Last Light [Sequel to Metro 2033] Recent release of Tomb Raider: Survival Edition Upcoming Star Wars Title - Star Wars 1313 [First time for me getting excited over a Star Wars Title] Ryse: Son of Rome [Shame it's an Xbox One Exclusive, Not too happy about that] Soon to be released sequel to Prey, Prey 2 [Rumors of it being scrapped and reworked for a 2016 release] Upcoming Tactical Shooter Title - Rainbow 6: Patriots [A promised fresh take on the Rainbow Franchise] Upcoming PA-MMORPG Shooter: Survarium [Vostok Games', former GSC developers, rebound on GSC demise] PS* Saw the press conference of Xbox One and Playstation 4, and I'm kinda worried what the future holds for us. Though these two upcoming next generation consoles- Sound re ...
It's cause I'm still watching the Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage and the Star Wars 1313 demo lol
plz ask them about Star Wars 1313 - I know they were involved with that!
Must be an old list, its got Star Wars 1313 on it, that games long gone ;)
I hope Star Wars 1313 is still getting picked up by EA
Is Star Wars 1313 still a dead project ?
Please tell me they haven't cancelled Star Wars 1313. I was really looking forward to the game. Especially because of ILM's work in it.
I'm craving for Star Wars 1313, but it got cancelled *sigh
With the public unveiling of the new Xbox One System and corresponding launch games its important to take note of the one thing missing, Star Wars 1313. We were this close to getting a mature Boba Fett game... Thanks alot Disney.
Plus they have multiple franchises to add on to. Battlefront 3 would be amazing, or they could most likely finish Star Wars 1313
I want play Star Wars 1313, and i want to George Lucas Retake Star Wars Episode 7, and i want to Lucas Arts Reopen!..
In case you missed yesterday's news, Disney shut down LucasArts. Star Wars 1313 & First Assault are all but canned.
Concept art from the cancelled Star Wars 1313 game...
Star Wars 1313 was always in danger of never making it to market, source says.
Who needs Star Wars 1313 if you can get Temple Run - Jar Jar Binks, right?
It's not unusual for a newly-revealed video game to disappear for eight months. It's not weird to be amazed by a game and then neither see nor hear anything about it for a while. The silence around Star Wars 1313, LucasArts' seemingly next-gen game that wowed onlookers at last June's E3 show, is...
Confirmed PS4 games. There are none. Nah, there are quite a few actually. Star Wars 1313 *** of the orient Watch Dogs Cyberpunk 2077 Respawn FPS Battlefield 4 1666 Dragon Age III: Inquisition Homefront 2 Call of duty: Modern Warfare 4 (why, just...why) Thief 4 Dead rising 3 Uncharted 4 Killzone 4 Mirrors edge 2 Red dead redemption 2 Assassins Creed (believe it or not but they're dragging out a game about Connor) Batman Fallout 4
After this past Saturday's Clone Wars episode, and the fact that we've been told that the main character of the upcoming Star Wars 1313 game will not have the same character seen in the trailer, what are the chances that the real main character will be Asajj Ventress?
So, in my boredom, I was thinking about Star Wars 1313 tonight. I have not been terribly excited about a star wars game where the main protagonist does not carry a lightsaber, but I may consider changing my opinion about the game if things transpire in a certain way. Consider if you will, the entire game you are an up and coming bounty hunter. Each one of your missions advances you to a higher status in the bounty hunting world and you assume missions with a higher degree of difficulty and responsibility as you advance in the game. What if one the final level you were faced with a mission by your superior in which you had to attain a cargo from the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. Your character asks, well what do you know about this hunter? Nothing really.he is a ghost of sorts.always makes his mark.never makes a mistake.then he is gone. Comforting thought. So, you approach this final mission as inevitability of where your future has to go if you are to amount to anything beyond mediocrity. Yo .. ...
Star Wars 1313 is being created on unreal engine 4. What if Lucasarts uses that same engine for a Battlefront 3 game? [A]
I am so excited for next Gen gaming. Star Wars 1313 is going to be AJFJAJGA!
The original Xbox went out with a bang in 2005, delivering some of the console’s best games ever like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, and Psychonauts. It seems history may repeat itself, as the Xbox 360 is also set to get a spectacular sendoff in 2013 in advance of the so-called Xbox 720/Durango next fall. Yes, of course, plenty of games will find their way to the 360 in 2014 – good ones, too! – but 2013 marks the final year that the current Xbox will be the flagship of the brand, with the entire world’s eyes (and dollars) fixed upon it. If you don’t see a game on the list below, odds are we either A) Didn't think it was good enough to make the cut, or B) Have reason to believe it will be an Xbox 720 game (i.e. Rainbow Six Patriots, Doom 4, Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313, etc.). Oh, and one final note that’s equal parts exciting and terrifying: every single one of the games below is due out in the first half of the year, due entirely, in our opinion, ...
Jan Urschel is a professional concept designer currently working at Lucasfilm Singapore where he has worked on Star Wars 1313.
Star Wars does not need Disney behind it... It needs Joss Whedon or Chris Nolan to deliver a more serious and gritty version of the world. Don't get me wrong stuff like Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars on Cartoon Network was awesome, but we have plenty of kids versions of the series. We need more Star Wars 1313 in the movies and less pod racing.
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