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Star Trek

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

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Diversity casts in Star Trek bother me less than usual. They've always had progressive politics mixed in. It'd be strange if they changed.
"Star Trek is about what you can be and what you can become.". - Sonequa Martin-Green on The Late Show with Stephen Colbe…
Zachary Quinto in AHS is my second favorite Zachary Quinto (the first is his Spock in Star Trek reboot)
Incredibly tough. I love Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. Star Wars is fun, but I don't know if I'd like living in it.
Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in the newest Star Trek movies, had to have his fingers glued together to do the Vulcan salute.
And in one week Star Trek fans will begin to find out how lucky we are to have her carrying the torch for a new generation.
Great little show, with cameos by Angela Cartwright, and many guests from Star Trek. Plus DC Fontana was story editor
The Rebel Alliance is the Viet-Cong, Starfleet is the soft-imperialism of the UN. This is why Star Wars is better than Star Trek. So there.
Andy says the bar is at the front of the ship, which is the location of the bar on Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Ten Forward)
Give me a film about Nichelle Nichols life and her time on Star Trek starring Kat Graham
'Star Trek: Discovery' showrunners on boldly going somewhere new with the fabled space franchise
It's not Star Trek and it's not Galaxy Quest, but a good combo of both. I especially liked that the bridge crew wasn't perfect.
'Star Trek: Discovery': Why the lead character's name is Michael - CNET
I need a great dog! I can't believe I gotta work on fire! Holy smoke! Star Trek but on their Unreal Tournament server.
I mean, sure, there's Alan Ruck who could fit into my Star Trek collection. And at one point, I kinda had a crush on Nicole Eggert.
I'm sure CBS embargoing Star Trek: Discovery reviews has nothing to do with it being a train wreck. They just want to surprise us. Yeah.
The lovely Addell Austin Anderson and myself will begin doing a new podcast discussing Star Trek: Discovery next...
i'm a big fan of urs on Star Trek beyond but your roll on the mummy Was pure perfection
"We want you to write for Star Trek. Here's the secret entrance to the writers' room."
Juan Ortiz' latest book of posters for each episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and there are some real gems!…
Harve Bennett with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. In Shatn...
Who are we to argue with the captains of the Enterprises? It’s Generations on
Why won't why make a Star Trek series/movie that occurs after TNG chronologically? I'm bored of prequels.
Today in bio lab we took a quiz and the only question I got right was the bonus question "who was the captain in Star Trek 2?"
Oh, cool, Wrath of Khan is getting some encore showings on the 21st, if anyone missed it:
Never a good sign to embargo reviews. .
This weekend, Ships will be 20% off on PC! Go grab the new Allied Flight Deck Bundle!.
Star Trek needs to get over explaining Klingon appearance changes. Most fans don't care, and those that do won't agree to one explanation.
I have to say the number of Voyager episodes surprised me
The Orville should just have been called "Look How Much Money FOX Will Spend to Let Seth McFarland Play Pretend Star Tr…
Yes! For instance, I'm currently watching Star Trek the original series!
CBS: Critics can't review Star Trek: Discovery until after it airs
The Mindy Project premiere had a Star Trek TNG joke AND a Roxette joke. Are they making the show just for me?
I'm not a star trek fan really but I would love a set of that
Am I the only one that sits and cries while watching some episodes of Star Trek:TNG?
Born Today 1936 Walter Koenig: Prob best known for his role as Chekov in the original Star Trek series & seven Star Tr…
Because the original star trek never mentioned political issues? Give me a break.
Here's another cool interview w re: w cast of Such a great time! Best one yet!
Organization tips for geeks, umbrella gun, Star Trek: Discovery, and more in today's Link Tank! ht…
sorry for blasting your mentions! Star Trek brings that out in some of us.
This article claims the first ep of Discovery will air internationally at the same time as the US.…
TV show idea: Pony Trek - Star Trek, but all the actors are horses.
From what I read it's a straight up, hour long ripoff of Star Trek but even more earnest with the occas…
We look at all the biggest turning points of the franchise.
There's tons of Argus in Star Trek actually, idk how I missed that!
OKOKOKOK so whos the one who found out tik tok was written about star trek?
Double name drop!! But no, no Star Trek for me, Star Trek is lame.
I'll probably just keep listening to Improvised Star Trek instead.
Last call for special intro pricing on pre-orders of the Captain Picard "Darmok" Uniform Jacket!
Hmm, this is a bit of a concern. CBS Won't Allow Any Reviews of Star Trek: Discovery Before It Airs via
A truly lighthearted version of Star Trek. It has always been on the serious side. This is refreshing & what you've…
Ha, almost sounds like how a Star Trek parody would be if it was headed by Seth Macfarlane. *hand to earpiece*. I see.
Probably not the best way to signal that all is well.
No no! Make them watch Star Trek... make them watch ALL the Star Trek ;D
All you nerds giving Family Guy man a pass for using former Star Trek actors and locations... he's got your number, huh?
Star Trek: Netflix have released a list of the ten most rewatched episodes.
.returns to select locations, including FL, on 9/21 for a special encore.…
On screen! Here's how to watch the premiere of on CBS All Access Sept. 24: http…
When does take place? Here's how the new series fits into the timeline:…
For some reason Star Trek comes to mind. Colm Meaney would look well in this.
This is get more backlash than JJ Abrams... Preview of Star Trek: Discovery's main title theme has been released featured in NBC s Science of Love
Star Trek envisioned a future for everyone! Star Wars is just space cowboys!
Dreamt I met Levar Burton in a locker room. Regretted talking abt his work in 30 Rock instead of Star Trek or Reading Rainbow.
Top story: Star Trek's Levar Burton isn't done with podcasting see more
What 'Star Trek' star Levar Burton learned as first-time podcaster - Mashable
Anyone else think the Kaylon sounds remarkably like Brent Spiner who played data in Star Trek?
'Star Trek' director: Quit asking if Ricardo Montalban's chest is fake
Second only to the sloppy elderly fistfight between F. Murray Abraham and Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Insurrection.
I liked a video Seth Macfarlane Dishes on "The Orville", "Star Trek" and New Album
I can't wait to see that new Sci-Fi comedy tomorrow Orville on Fox parody of Star Trek and other sci-…
4 of 5 stars to Star Trek by by Marv Wolfman, Dave Cockrum
Star Trek fans, particularly of Wrath of Khan: Get excited for September
Use the Warp Core to charge your devices, ‘Star Trek’-style -
"Star Trek" is science fiction tale of blowhard American star admiral, continually saved from his folly by brilliant Asian s…
Worst Star Trek episode was when millennium falcon ran out of gas and had to get towed into space port by Neil degrasse Tyson
And here's one more reason to never watch Star Trek again especially when Alyssa Milano likes it
Happy Which character would you want to never don a Red Shirt? 🤔
Bar has Salt-n-Pepa playing and OG Star Trek on TV. 😚👌
Discovery: Sonequa Martin-Green talks diversity, new teaser, and everything you need to know
After I had to watch some Star Trek in honor of I know this isn't exactly the best of the movi…
Today is Star Trek day, the 51st anniversary of the 1st episode airing. I sincerely hope that our future is as bright as…
Star Trek doth teach us that linguistiques, historye, cooperacioun, science, and a capacitye for wonder are all superpowere…
'Star Trek: Discovery' to Tackle Trump-Era Political Divide via NOT my dime to Star Trek disrespecting our USA
The hardest part about living in Star Trek is probably needing to have 2-3 Shakespeare monologues ready to go at all times.
Star Trek is a dream I would love to see come true. Happy Star Trek Day
51 years ago, Star Trek had more diversity than Trump's cabinet does today.
"Wrath of Khan" turns 35 this year. Director Nicholas Meyer reflects on the legacy of his classic film:
In case you missed it, here you go 🙌 Star Trek Online (MMORPG) [HD][FR] : Du Gameplay Et du Bon?.
Celebrate the 35th anniversary of 'II: The Wrath of Khan' at AMC Theatres on September 10 & 13! Get tix: https:/…
Now even his old show, Star Trek, gets a birthday well wish, and I still have zip! Thanks
First Star Wars goes anti-Trump, now they've announced the new Star Trek is anti-Trump too! Hollywood is nuts!
I'm watching Star Trek and it's too late at night to think about medical ethics
I just realized that today is Star Trek day!.
KHAN! II: The Wrath Of Khan returns to theaters for 2 nights only! Tickets now on sale:
Star Trek Preaches against Trump via sure knows how to alienate large portion of fans.
So, if Dollar General was a movie studio, and want to do a cheap Star Trek...
Star Trek: The Animated Series was first aired on TV on 8 September 1973 - 44 years ago today
Conservatives deny reality of climate change because it infers urgent need for Star Trek levels of global cooperation, int…
I would say the worst episode of Star Trek is the one with Scott Bakula.
Greatest Star Trek movie? It's not even close: Galaxy Quest.
Don't have time for every single Star Trek: The Original Series episode? We have a guide for you:
Galaxy Quest *** bro! Still the greatest Star Trek movie.
I wonder if someday humanity will become more like Star Trek. No doubts about technology, but about social behavior though.
51 years ago today, the first Star Trek episode aired. Happy everyone! May we all live long and prosper.🖖 ht…
CBS's new series modeled its Klingons on Trump supporters:
Your obsessed with Star Trek online lol
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Happy My parents always said their marriage worked because they both loved Star Trek. Glad they passed it on to me 🖖🏻
Hah! I love how you shop online for Star Trek merch like I shop online for Space:1999 stuff My Moon…
It's and made us a beautiful tribute. What's your favorite Star Trek memory?.
Looking forward to it, though I feel the heart and soul of Star Trek has been lacking in recent movies. Action over dep…
Now, now, Everyone know Grand Moff Tarkin is the best Captain in all of Star Trek
Live long and prosper! Today in 1966: The TV series "Star Trek" premiers on NBC. We love our 1979 lunch box.
Have loved Star Trek for decades. Looking forward to more to come.
Rita Dove is amazing. And a Star Trek (Next Generation) nerd! Incredible poetry on the fly.
On this day in 1966, Star Trek premiered on tv.
And I also wished Star Trek Beyond wasn't the last Star Trek movie to feature the Pavel Chekov character! -_-
I'm a big nerd. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who.
As the dust settles from me being disappointed in new Twin Peaks, I must now begin to brace myself for being disappointed in new Star Trek.
[WP] You are Commander William Adama, your ship is Star Trek's USS Enterprise and you are leading the Rebel Allian…
Ever wonder why Red Forman hated Star Wars in That 70s's cuz he's cool and acted in Star Trek
Michael Taylor's original pitches for Once Upon a Time... and The Fight sound like they'd easily be top ten Star Trek: Voyager episodes.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
just finished watching the 1st Star Trek reboot & all I gotta say is 1) I miss Anton Yelchin & 2) why is literally everyone wearing lipstick
Thanks to Chris Pine, Star Trek never gets old.
Anton Yelchin. Because of his role as Chekov in the 2009 Star Trek movie. And when I heard he died, it broke my heart. ;_;
Bc this Tumblr post that was made abt pavel chekov from Star Trek
📷 maddieonthings: All Maddie wanted to do today was watch Star Trek. She’s great 🙌🏼
That sounds like a great day to read Star Trek novels LOL
// Oh and Star Trek, High School Musical and Harry Potter SLs would be great too!
Also thanks to the Ferengi patriarchy they are not great for female characters, even on Star Trek terms.
EPCOT is invaded by an army of extras from Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Great choices! Star Trek, lots of Cthulhu, and AME!
That said, I would LOVE to see Ron Moore and Ira Steven Behr return to writing Star Trek again.
Need really great Star Wars or Star Trek items for yourself of for gifts?
It's one of the reasons I love Firefly and Star Wars over Star Trek and Mass Effect. Wea…
Jim Carrey does 3 Star Trek impressions and all are great. William Shatner/James Doohan/Deforest Kelly.
You know you're a science geek when...Star Trek, Star Wars, AND Battlestar Gallactica
Yes William Shatner is Canadian and so was his Star Trek co-star James Doo…
just seen you on Star Trek from 1987
I like how your 2 different characters on 2 different Star Trek series.I was pleasantly surprised when i s…
You guys, thinking you're cute deliberately confusing Star Trek and Star Wars. Well, it’s not cute. Real people are getti…
Similar problem, but mine is more Monty Python sketches and Star Trek references instead of amino acids🤔
As seen in The Next Generation, ANOVOS is proud to offer the Women's Skant Uniform! Pre-order now:
. DTP top 3. Galaxy Quest . Contact. Star trek 2 the wrath of Khan
i honestly don't know what would have won if i had a choice at six, probably the Super Friends but I think Star Trek ha…
Star Trek is probably the best shounen anime.
Sorry, which Craigslist gig classification does "Watching original series Star Trek and eating Pop Tarts all day" fall under?
Pros to having a nerdy family: dad pulled out a bunch of rare Star Trek stuff and mum tried to one-up him with old game cartridges.
Burnham is Like Captain Kirk in One Way on 'Star Trek: Discovery' - Inverse
beams onto CraveTV September 25. . Get all the details here:
You are now subscribed to Star Trek Mission Crate So much for not spending any more money 🤣
Thanks for the follow back yesterday. Your bio mentions Star Trek. Do you have a favourite Trek series? :)
Great, now the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Zelda themes are having a three-way in my head.
Oh hey, here's some cool news: via .
Big day. Big news. It's ON, cadets. Go get some. ;) 🖖
Rip the complete collection of all star trek shows i had T T
OMG! LootCrate just announced a bi-monthly subscription box. Star Trek Mission Crate is coming soon. Pre-order now!.
Win a Trip to the Star Trek: Discovery Premiere & After Party With in aid of
Bridge Crew: in Virtual Reality with - (9/7 6pm-9pm) RSVP for this free event -
Dr. Seuss & Star Trek Mashup - - is it fair use or copyright infringement?
You spent more time amongst the stars (during Star Trek) than she did, trust yourself...
Star Trek is a Communist Utopia you couldn't make it up
As a Trek fan I will say this looks better than Star Trek Discovery. take notes!
Had a dream I was trying to be assimilated by The Borg when I woke up at 2:30am to see my kid standing over me. I shr…
Win a flight & 2 tix to the premiere in LA with all the cast. 10$ donation 4 a great cause - https…
Our very own recycled our 1st Star Trek Adventures pallet box for our balcony garden clematis pyramid...
True story: I've randomly start talking about Star Trek to make random guys go away.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Billion dollar display for people who've watched too much Star Trek.
The Borg are invading Xbox One and Playstation 4 this weekend! Go to Red Alert!.
Star Trek at 6pm and 7pm Cycling itv4.
Lol . Wait...because Star Trek or because he didn't agree with your statement? *looks around* I agree wit…
Guess what happens if we don't sell all the Star Trek books!?!?!?
So many have begun resisting on their home turf this year, including Arizona Star Trek fans absolutely crushing it online &…
Interesting. Star Trek's writers hated the replicator.
I also got this copy of "Star Trek: Mirror Broken" # 3 from the in Houston, TX with an &…
Yep, that's Kate Mulgrew! Aka the badass Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager…
the Star Trek version of Perry Mason! Defense played by Oliver Douglas! metvsvengoolie
Star Trek: The Next Generation Game - as requested by Martyn Huyton-Berry
Not my Star Trek but we take what we get. @ Paramount Studios
Welp, it's bad. Me: (in Star Trek uniform) space good. You: actually inject ink; it's just 3 years after attack on them.
3. Star Trek is better than Star Wars. It takes itself less seriously and likes to have fun, although I cant speak for the new series
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken preview. The heist is on
all the ways this *** girl love h&k1,2,3, kitchen confidential, flashforward, Go On, sleepy hollow and ofc Star Trek.
Elvis Presley was a huge Star Trek fan and even named horse after sci-fi show
I can't stop thinking about the Star Trek 3-Beastie Boys paradox
Based on the 3 new Star Trek movies, Jim Kirk must have a *** of a time getting insurance for the Enterprise.🚀💥🤔💸
Season 3 was alright. Season 4 I started thinking it was worth keeping - and Star Trek could have u…
Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, pre-Gandalf Ian McKellen and the Star Trek guy. Oh wait, was Famke Janssen there as well?
I feel old... my first PC game was in the early 90's. A 5 1/4 floppy Star Trek game. Then I played Wolfens…
.is beaming you up for an EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of issue of the hit series, Star Trek: TNG: Mirror Broken! htt…
happy birthday Star Trek! Love you big papa. Let's get it this season
Jason Isaacs is ready for the captain's chair. The Liverpool native will play Captain Lorca in the “Star Trek:...
Star Trek's new captain does not care if die-hard Trekkies like him - New York Daily News
New 'Star Trek' captain does not care if Trekkies like him.
Star Trek meets Se7en - Samantha Mathis is portrayed as an optimistic judge. Story spans over 1000 years.
watched an old original Star Trek today. The one about a military base on earth. Brought me back to my childhood. It's great
This Sunday! Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and more. With selections from Star Wars, Star Trek, & James Bond movies!
Open hailing frequencies, Lieutenant and welcome to Star Trek - The Paradise Makers!
Star Trek, but inner space instead of outer space. . The people in the mouth are at war with those in the paws. Butt is the neutral zone.
gotta pause every thirty seconds of Star Trek VII so I can write four pages of adventure material for a star trek ttrpg 😤
While I love all things Star Trek, I will not pay a subscription fee to watch it.
. . . Star Trek TOS. The X files . I might updated this list in the future though.
Press release: - Unclear how this affects CBSAA series like Star Trek and The Good Fight.
Hey, uh, how come nobody told me that The Rock played a wrestling alien in the Star Trek universe?
-Get rid of foreign aid. -Audit and END the Fed. -Rebuild crumbled infrastructure. -Build Star Trek like 'warp drive'. -Put colony on Mars
Rewatched the Star Trek Voyager series finale tonight because why not.
I doubt any cable news survived the eugenics war, economic collapse, or nuclear war that plagued hu…
Star Wars is far better than Star Trek oh wait, that's not unpopular, that's a fact.
Is this a fantasy football or a Star Trek conversation?
Good question. It doesn't look like the new Star Trek show will be included in Canada.
For all the flaws of this game, I feel like it's a shame that a lot of people won't play it. It's like a really good fun star trek movie.
A couple view of our Torchbearer for Star Trek Discovery
Great fan made movie poster for the newest Star Trek Continues episode!. Really go episode too!.
Filming the Starship Enterprise in the first season of STAR TREK.
How did I watch so much Star Trek: TNG as a child and not remember that there was an actual child in the main cast?
I liked a video Star Trek Discovery - Discovery or Derangement?
It doesn't matter what Star Trek you have that's important to you; it matters that you *have* Star Trek that's important to yo…
Are you going to be showing the new Star Trek series?
Apparently aced "Star Trek", but flunked kindergaten. . SCHOOLED!. .
Born this day in 1911. The woman who quite literally made sure Star Trek happened.
seen elsewhere, paraphrase: if the White House were a Star Trek episode, everyone would be wearing red shirts.
Rosalind Cash, but that was in 1971. May have been the first movie interracial kiss…
Bringing back Frank Langella for an important cameo is in my book. Maybe Dolph too for a visit? If they…
Post-Axanar, CBS unveils first official fan filmmaking initiative in Trek history
"WomenRalways paid less coz there is some kind of feeling that we don’t deserve d same money as boys" ht…
Seriously big star trek fan I see this look too often from people who aren't. They will never understand.…
'Star Trek: Discovery' and a More Optimistic Vision of the Future - Pacific Standard
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
We boldly go. begins streaming September 24th on CBS All Access.
Finally hear some Klingon opera on a Star Trek show and it turns out to sound like second-rate Mascagni?! BOO! htt…
A very dark Australian Star Trek w/ effects work by the Henson Creature Shop. Really. And it's fantastic.
The most unrealistic projection of the future I've seen watching Star Trek is that nobody is staring at their phones.
I've never actually seen a Star Trek, but I have seen human.
I'm going with star trek magnets. I mean, magnets, how do those work?
First duty after returning from 5 days of Star Trek Las Vegas? Wash the ferret, of course! https…
Star Trek made me interested in science as a child. Needless to say, it stuck. And, I don't think I'm the only scientist that'…
They will have to shift the tulip buds, beanie babies, exotic stamps & Star Trek collectab…
Benjamin Sisko was the best of the Star Trek captains.
Michelle Yeoh leads crew before Kirk and Spock in Star Trek: Discovery via
Just notified that kids will be allowed on Star Trek the cruise 2. Booked because no kids. Want refund 4 false advertising!
William Shatner wants Star Trek cruises to stop their swim with dolphins experiences -
Stephen Miller is a Star Trek nerd. Makes sense. As one myself I recommend he rewatch the Frank Gorshin one for the 48th ti…
I have that poster! Got it from the Star Trek gallery.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Arguments regarding Star Trek canon are iterations of the Ship of Theseus experiment, and all philosophical inquiry is handled via barista.
Star Trek gave you guys up in the 60's - if the Next Gen can have short ppl, there is a de…
Sonequa Martin-Green and cast of 'Star Trek: Discovery' cover Entertainment Weekly
How l wish l was flying out tomorrow✈for the Las Vegas 5 day Star Trek convention!
Would this Star Trek convention in Las Vegas count as
Star Trek's Chase Masterson & Nichelle Nichols inspire to fight bullying and homophobia
Tobi (Alfre Woodard) because, ok, seriously, she made that Star Trek movie & we all know it.
Strangely the more I want to like the look of Star Trek Discovery the less I actually do.
Even in Star Trek, the most optimistic vision of the future and technology, there are constant problems with video chat
Boldly go behind the scenes with the three cover set
This looks great. Roll on September!. Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix via
Between this and getting him to watch Star Trek, I'm feeling pretty self-satisfied right now.
Bill, do you expect that you may ever get a role in the JJverse Star Trek movies? If not, why not?
TIL that DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy on 'Star Trek') had wanted to become a doctor, but could not afford medical...…
There is little doubt in the minds of many that Stefan thought Dunkirk was a episode of S…
Agreeing to serve in Trump's administration is basically the same as agreeing to wear a red shirt in a Star Trek expedi…
I love that in the Star Trek universe they can cure cancer, but haven’t worked out how to cure baldness
Those Star Trek has suits as well, I just updated it. ME has good concept, made it more superhero like just being s…
Brings back memories of the first Star Trek episode, 'The Man Trap'. Not good memor…
I will pay you a million dollars if you could make a Star Trek one for me
lol exactly! The other houses of Hogwarts have all the "unnamed wi…
The cast reveals their favorite moments of all time:
A: you could find a date. You just need someone who can talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and LOTR.
New Star Trek series confirms there is no God in the Trek universe
Watching Star Trek Voyeger and trying to forget the everyday life. :)
Pokemon, Dragon Ball, MJ's Thriller, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Astérix, Back to the Future.
I finally watched "Rogue One" . It just made me want to watch Star Trek.
Wrath of Khan is the BEST Star Trek movie. But are you really sleep on VI? The Undiscovered Country?
And on that note, why isn't there *** stuff in Star Trek? Interspecies alien relationships seem to be ok and visible.
I dont like 4x being too large too many tech trees hrs & hrs in to scale, I still maintains that Star Trek Armada 1 or Starcraft 1 better.
It was an evolution in the films, and every true Star Trek fan understands this. You obviously are not one or you would.
I judge people based on how many times I can call Star Trek "an intergalactic version of The Wire" before they stop talking to me
Tebay (M6 J38) rocks - great views, farmshops, local produce. Good on the M25 too if you have one of…
Klingons are in my opinion the most fascinating race in star trek
When 20-something guys try to school me about Star Wars, Star Trek or sci-fi in general. Puh-leez.
With Chris Barrie from red dwarf and Denise Crosby who was Tasha yar from Star Trek Next Generations
At the Forefront: The prophesies of 'Star Trek' - Reading Eagle
DS9 goes into a direct contact with "grim reality" that I suspect that Gene Roddenberry wanted to avoid in Star Trek.
Who wants to see another Star Trek feature film? Share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.
Ha! Gene Roddenberry's son gives a nod to Star Trek at the
No one can speak to what Gene would have wanted today except Gene. Star Trek survives and is a cre…
Very true but without question Discovery will have 'based on Star Trek created by Gene Rodden…
Doing social justice work? Check out this fellowship at the Roddenberry Foundation Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek
What do you think Gene Roddenberry was? The themes of Star Trek were progress. Did you forget how he had to fight?
I know LaVar Burton from Star Trek over reading Rainbow. So i think that says a lot about my upbringing   10% Off
TIL that George Lucas has detailed knowledge of 'Star Trek'. When actor Clint Howard auditioned for Lucas, the fir…
Lying in my girlfriend's bed, listening to the rain and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra playing the theme from Star Trek.
Cassie is crying over star trek and it's the cutest thing.
Star Trek Discovery is making my eyes water. Thank you for supporting us.
Star Trek: Discovery gets a new trailer, and Spock gets a new stepsister.
"Star Trek is the result of a post-feminist society.". uh, no. there are men in positons of power and they are white
Longform does not work for Star trek due to it restricting you to one corner of the u…
Star Trek Discovery - looks good. Shame about Mudd and the awful line that introduces him.
"I play the first openly *** character in the history of TV Star Trek. I'm very proud of that & he's a scientist." -
I don't think Star Trek is for this guy
I'm very excited for the upcoming new models, but where's the Enterprise you had at your booth on Star Tre…
I agree. Ensemble cast of Orville feels more like Star Trek. Star Trek following the adopted Sister of…
Speaking of Star Trek parodies (I assume you’re familiar with GalaxyQuest and Redshirts), have you seen…
A brand new, action-packed trailer for Star Trek: Discovery has beamed in, along with a major revelation about one…
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