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Star Trek

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek Discovery Star Wars Kevin Spacey Next Generation Anthony Rapp Elon Musk Anton Yelchin Avery Brooks Brent Spiner George Takei Hikaru Sulu Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms in the Phillippines were really surprised at how rough some of this can get. it seems…
I'm still waiting for some news on auctioning off Anton Yelchin's costumes from Star Trek '09 and Star Trek Into Darkness!
The Orville vs Star Trek: Discovery. Interesting divergence in opinions between the critics and the audience. Starri…
Star Trek ‘09 complete, Into Darkness is next.. But first, supper so I can take next lot of pain meds 🤒😌
I was 14 in 1977. I loved Star Trek & Star Wars (still do), Shakespeare, and the Middle Ages. My musi…
Finally watched Star Trek: Beyond. Hated Star Trek Into Darkness so much I resisted this one but I really liked it.…
Star Trek + Earth: final conflict + time travel. TNG crew go back in time to an AU, they solve the Taelo…
Among other things Star Trek into Darkness didn't give us enough of Benedict Cumberbatch's chest
Who would have thought Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek fanfic would actually be good?
I might start Star Trek tonight, but yes I think (because I can only reference bs) it’s…
Naughty Dog has never let us down! By the way what do you think of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. I loved the…
Star Trek actor George Takei accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former model - via
I rank the Star Trek movies in the order they were released; Star Trek (2009), Into Darkness, then Beyond
Researching fabrics used in Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness.
I liked a video The State of the Galaxy in Star Trek Discovery | Incoming
I feel like this is sum star trek episode.. people only respond to visual stimuli.. 🚀
Gene L. *** The man who made Star Trek worth saving.
Star Trek + Social Commentary. One of the many things the new series will no doubt lack co…
Star Trek Discovery meets Murder on the Orient Express + Trigun. That could work.
Uh...was asking why the Star Trek reference?
WHY am I attracted to william shatner every time I watch star trek
I added a video to a playlist Star Trek Bridge Crew | Part 3
You look so good in that Star Trek stress! 😍 it fits you like a glove!
As with Star Trek, it would be great if Disney still releases the upcoming Star Wars TV series on BD release for fa…
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car crash at age 27:
At least you're watching a good Star Trek show. The cap CBS is putting out this year, shouldn't have been released.
it looks like something off Star Trek
I used to draw stuff, mostly star trek and Star Wars but as I grew u…
If fans were critical of CBS making Star Trek an exclusive streaming show, I feel like it's only fair to hold Disne…
Hmmm I'm not convinced but I'll follow again for the bad Star Trek takes
Please note, the only show I've watched on Netflix on this account so far was Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"This is a tour de force with the imagination of Issac Asimov and the renaissance of Star Trek…
The late Grace Lee Whitney tickled my Vulcan ear and said *** *** coo” at a Star Trek convention in 1996.
The Gifted, Star Trek Discovery, the OA (haven't seen but heard good things),
I do not think either of those things could fix humans. Genetic engineering might, but Star Trek o…
To be fair, this is the most science fictional bit about Star Trek. The Federation is easily Star Trek's least…
I've just watched episode S01E08 of Star Trek: Disco...!
If a politician were ever to say something to the effect of, “my personal and foreign policies are based on Star Trek’s Prime D…
Star Trek is literally space communism.
Perhaps ... but right now the cost of spring powered vaccines are bonkers. We’re not quite in a Star Trek…
No. The world of Star Trek does not and has not ever worked like that. You have the me…
ME: multiculturalism doesn’t work. WIFE: this isn’t another Star Trek vs Star Wars rant is it?. ME: shh not in front of t…
In the world of Star Trek, a goatee is a sure signifier of an evil twin.
I have a celebrity allegation to make. Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek is really nice
I've just watched episode Magic to Make The Sa... (S01E07) of Star Trek: Disco...
'Star Trek: Discovery' season one resumes January 7th
I went to one and got bored and watched Star Trek on one of the hundred flatscreens.
That subplot was bearable because it lasted like 20 minutes only counting Attack of th…
my girlfriend met George Takei at a con. He complimented her hair and made Star Trek puns.
So, are we talking 'Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek movie' area here?
Lessons from Star Trek for the future of the US nonprofit sector as the Community Alliance model from
The second half of first season kicks off on 7 January:
if I made a star trek pen and paper system there would be an entire stat devoted to confusing ai into catching on fire
I think I'm going to binge Star Trek and enjoy a bottle of wine.
Seriously guys, if you haven't been watching Star Trek: Discovery, you NEED to start! Mid-Season Finale this Sunday! It's in…
OMG is doing that Horney episode of Star Trek Next Generation.
star trek was a 1960s vision of utopia, the prime directive is an obvious criticism of the Vietnam war.
As a hardcore fan I have to announce that I fully accept as an unofficial Star Trek spinoff of awe…
I wish that these Star Trek TOS authors would stop comparing Spock to the devil I don't care that these were publis…
► Q (Star Trek) Q is a fictional character in Star Trek appearing in the Next Generation, Deep Spa…
The "Meridian" episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will always make me cry.
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"So catch me in Deep Space 9, with 8 million stories, on 7 continents, with 6 billion bullets on a Star Trek, Solid St…
If you have Netflix, please watch the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Far Beyond The Stars". It's one of the gr…
Ok I was going to ask what Star Trek series to watch but I managed to post it as a reply so now I’m just watching d…
Wrath of Khan was so good. Makes the recent Star Trek shoehorn of Khan almost a slap in the…
Revisiting the most political 'Star Trek' episode, by
Star Trek into darkness. Travelers. Guardians of the galaxy
Ah, having a to this magnificent shambles of a Star Trek movie:
Have you submitted yourself for mental evaluation? YOU are not Hikaru Sulu and Star Trek is FICTIONAL…
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Star Trek - Brent Spiner
So, I'd recently mentioned that I like both Star Trek: Discovery & The Orville. And, that I like both Deep Space...
"I like Star Trek better than Star Wars" . me:
Watching some action scenes for distraction. Okay, the foot chase in San Francisco in Star Trek into Darkness, they…
I'm going to get to meet DATA from Star Trek (Brent Spiner) in Druva's booth at Amazon re:Invent! So psyched! Are…
Star Trek's "This Side of Paradise" episode in 1967, when Spock fell in love with Leila (Jill Ireland)!
look! I now have space to list my top Star Trek captains! James Tiberius Kirk, Jean Luc Picard, Benjami…
Are you planning on reprinting any of the Star Trek: Fleet Captains expansions? If not do you know where it's best to get them
Star Trek has had a real problem with consistency of ideas - Vulcan logicalism, no money/future economic…
The big day is almost here! George Takei, the famous Hikaru Sulu from the original Star Trek series, is coming to W…
about to go with some Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy for the SNES
Romo shut your biased pie hole ! Bring back Phil Sims *** as much as Star Trek venereal disease does, suck on that Les!
Favourite series in the Star Trek franchise? — Next Generation is the only one I've watched any pa...
Star Trek: Alien race is forced to war because of dwindling resources Star Fleet Enterprise has to prevent calamity
I love Brent Spiner is the best actor ever in everything he has done not just Star Trek
Also checked out Star Trek exhibition(nerd alert)Science Center,NJ. Got accepted to the Star fleet academy…
"Never hide who you are. That's the only way relationships work.". Wew, Star Trek: Discovery be dropping golden nuggets of wisdom.
Show your love for Star Trek: Bridge Crew by voting in this year's Golden Joystick Awards for Best VR Game!
OK, it's a Star Trek rip off, but I like it!.
Will and Grace plus Star Trek. Lt. Sulu hooks up with Jack and Mr. Spock hooks up with Will’s laptop.
interview with Lawrence Fishburn is awesome. I'm here all day for a Star Trek series with him as Captain.
[Author: space-com] Fox's "Star Trek"-influenced space adventure, "The Orville," will voyage on to a second season.
Hamilton Collection
Thank you FOX. has been renewed for season 2. My favorite new show this season! If you love Sci-fi & Star Trek, check it out.
I'm so happy with the news does classic Star Trek better than Star Trek Discovery. If you haven't...
To fire him after the movie start shooting? No thanks. Bur Zack Snyder's Star Trek? I would kill if necessary.
This is gonna sound weird but I just realized something kinda crazy about the sexuality of Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek... Stay with me, folks
"Sorry we're out of Star Trek masks. But if you grab a Michael Myers one and paint it, it looks just like Kirk."
Star Trek -> AI is relegated to butler duty. That's the future.
Coast of Utopia: Star Trek: Discovery’s odd future
I asked aerospace experts: Will our future be like Star Trek or Star Wars? WATCH what our “leaders” have planned - https:/…
"There was Star Trek, then Star Wars, but now there is the Universe in Flames!" -M. Slezak.
Time for breakfast and a new episode of Star Trek: Disappointment.
AAAH we were so excited to see you on Star Trek Discovery tonight!!! 😁🎭🌠🎉 💓
I’m not the biggest Star Trek fan, and I hate he idea of a one-network service feee, but Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp and Jason Isaacs?? I’m in.
It's definitely awkward, and unashamed about neatly zipping up an arc in an episode. But reminds me o…
Click to Star Trek Beyond - The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow book with
it's not that I can't take rainn wilson seriously on star trek, it's just that he still sounds like a really mad dwight
All purpose parts banner
David Simon can't do episodic. CBS can't do short seasons. A short season star trek every other year i…
Kevin Spacey apologizes to Anthony Rapp, says he's choosing now "to live as a *** man"
Isn’t it kind of adding insult to injury to refer to as “Star Trek actor”?
"Actually, Stranger Things is bad" says man who owns every Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.
I love time loop episodes and I love Star Trek, so tonight’s ST: DSC was like having cake AND ice cream.
Spacey: "I have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life, and choose now to live as a *** man."
This is not the story, I realise, but Anthony Rapp is so great in the new Star Trek.
Kevin Spacey has apologized for what may have been "drunken behavior" with "Star Trek" actor Anthony Rapp.
Speaking of which, apparently it’s been too long since I looked him up because WHY DID NOONE TELL ME HE’S IN THE NEW STAR TREK OMG
"Never hide who you are, that's the only way relationships work.". Paul Stamets, Star Trek: Discovery
I liked a video Why did Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher) really leave Star Trek: The Next Generation?
I always listen to 200-year-old music at parties, just like the people on star trek do
'Star Trek: Discovery' actor alleges Kevin Spacey made an 'advance' toward him as a teenager v…
'Star Trek' star Anthony Rapp claims Kevin Spacey made a pass at him at 14; Spacey apologizes and comes out as ***
I think that's a bad move for Star Trek, a bad move for CBS ... I don't know what CBS was thinking.
Breast Cancer Awareness
BREAKING: Oscar winner Kevin Spacey accused of making sexual advance on Star Trek actor when he was 14-years-old
I’ve been reflecting on that period of my life a lot recently, and seeing Anthony on Star Trek every wee…
'Star Trek: Discovery' Review: 'Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad' Delivers the First Truly Great Episode of..
Star Trek: Discovery - Good but a disappointing ending. Bah.
To misquote who misquoted Mr Spock from Star Trek: “For the few not the many!”
- I have to say that *** Having the new Star Trek series behind a payment gateway is really crappy.
: ouch ! "Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Misconduct by ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Actor" via
Actor, Anthony Rapp accuses Kevin Spacey of making sexual advances at Rapp when he was 14 years old.…
I think that EVERY bit of tv or cinematic hand to hand combat improves by using the Star Trek fight music in the background.
This definitely makes me think differently about the JJ Star Trek movies differently.
"I have a lot of respect and admiration for Anthony Rapp as an actor. I'm beyond horrified to hear this story"
Honest to god, nobody does time loops, time displacements, et cetera better than Star Trek. Tonight was excellent.
At 7 with Barry - Kevin Spacey responds to claims from a Star Trek actor - and hear from Nico Rosberg after Lewis Hamilton's F1 success.
Kevin Spacey comes out as *** after Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp makes 'sexual misconduct allegations' ... -…
In Review: Star Trek: Discovery - Context is for Kings Synopsis: Michael's shuttle is intercepted by Captain Gabri
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Are time loop episodes a Star Trek tradition or is the franchise just caught in its own loop?
Watching a Star Trek and the plot is "Captain Kirk has to beam down with someone he shagged at the Christmas Party". Step it up, Discovery.
One of my favorite science fiction authors, Robert Sawyer, is on the Mission Log Live podcast, episode 5, talking Star Trek: Discovery.
I bought three copies of Star Trek: First Contact on VHS from the Forbidden Planet catalog: Pan & Scan, Widescreen…
.tells us all about his concept designs for Avatar, Star Trek and more! Only in our new issue!.
‘Star Trek: Discovery’: James Frain on Sarek’s ‘Sophie’s Choice’ - Great interview on Sarek and what it...
I know, I know, but at $12 this is both the least expensive, best produced, and best looking Star Trek shirt around:
It's new Star Trek and Walking dead day.
Q is a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation played by John de Lancie.
Console Captains can get their hands on free uniforms and shuttle, and buy a galaxy interior!. https:…
First look at comics for January 2018 from
I think i need to finish watching Star Wars and Star Trek because a lot of American sitcoms make jokes/references towards those movies.
Star Trek Adventures! unfortunately we're too busy for this RPG for now, but even the one-shot was fun. HeroClix ca…
Lots of talk about this week and its F-bomb, but here I talk more about the science.
The new "Star Trek" is the kind of television we need more of right now
Visit booth 322 for the Immersive Experience. We will be playing Mad Max, Star Trek, Everest +m…
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Star Trek: Discovery!
I mean... "The way J.J. Abrams reinvigorated Star Trek, Vincente DiSanti did with Friday the 13th."
The problem with swearing in Star Trek: Discovery is that language changes. Current swear words are not timeless or universal
What would it take to build the warp drive from "Star Trek"?
Let's talk about writing IP today, shall we? IP = Intellectual Property = worlds owned by other people. Star Wars/Trek,…
Ah there's *** Starfleet officers in this episode of Star Trek. I hope that annoys Shatner.
Each week, Captains on PC can earn new rewards just by playing the new Featured Episode, "Melting Pot!"…
In a meeting w this teacher who named his daughter “Minuet” after a holodeck character on Star Trek: The Next Gener…
I'm all for a grim, morally ambiguous Star Trek. It just needs to be better than this.
Star Trek Discovery is really really good, guys 😝
The Uniforms of and the shuttle from have returned to PC - for free!.
📷 gameraboy1: Billy Blackburn’s behind the scenes footage of Star Trek
They even have WAR in STAR TREK land buddy... lol
Wow.that's less of a game and more of a job. (Though I will a…
My Uber driver is back from Star Trek 😂😂
Ahhh The Expanse is so *** good, friends! No wonder Star Trek Discovery takes after it
If you make another star trek make so the enterprise Saucer separation . Splits from main like in the Next Generation
Oh because they let him on star trek?😇
Omg Star Trek Discovery is so good I’m in LOVE
By god you got some splaining to do you thieves...
Great thread, on Trek (which is still 1,000,000x better than Star Wars (don't even @ me on that.))
Is it basically 3d chess from Star Trek TNG?
Let the record show that said it first:
Hello Late Night TV industry. many of us are watching Star Trek reruns, old movies, etc., an hour of Trump bashing…
Great to see Nicola Bryant swapping the TARDIS for the Enterprise in the penultimate episode of Star Trek Continues.
Man, our lives are hard. I'm still waiting for someone to get in touch about Star Trek 😁
Harry Mudd's appearance on Star Trek: Discovery is all about the power of weaving personal narrative:
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ actor Wilson Cruz strikes back at homophobic fans.
"Star Trek: Discovery" features the series' first unethical captain, and fans are divided
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kirk is far from a bored diplomat. And universal translators. Fixed it, you now love star trek. You're welcome.
A fan theory suggests that one of Star Trek: Discovery’s actors may not be a real person:
You laugh but I wanted Star Trek underwear as a kid.But I ended up with Superman.
Star Trek: Discovery namedropping Elon Musk in the same breath as the Wright Brothers and the creator of the warp drive was too much cringe
I only wanna make Star Trek shirts now.
14. Star Trek: The Next Generation is corny and bad, and John de Lancie's Q is the most annoying character in all of fiction.
The linguist who created the Klingon language for "Star Trek" also created the Atlantean language for Disney's "Atl…
Star Trek but everyone's played by John de Lancie
If we mix the exploration and narrative of Sunless Sea with the battles of FTL I think we COULD come close to a Star Trek experience.
Leonard Nimoy getting his Spock haircut for the television show Star Trek, ca., 1965.
I think that Star Trek was a dream dreamt by Han Solo who was put to sleep by Dr. Zachary Smith on orders by Rod Serling.
Also, isn't this the same role Spock played in the original Star Trek? Chief Science Officer? Best job ever.
Same feeling with the new Star Trek. It's good, well written, interesting and sci-fi , but not Stat Trek at all.
Can we just put and in charge of the next Star Trek series? 😍
I'd describe $cientology as: Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings all rolled into one—with a dash of The Devil's Rejects
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Star Trek: Discovery!
I just added Star Trek: Discovery to my library!
I've just watched episode S01E02 of Star Trek: Discovery!
I've just watched episode S01E04 of Star Trek: Discovery!
Dress as Marcia Brady after the football hit her in the nose or as Nurse Chappel from Star Trek.
Unless Star Trek writers know something I don't, I wouldn't put Elon Musk on the same level as the Wright Bros or Zephram Cochran just yet.
So I watched Star Trek Discovery and uh. Michael Burnham is everything
FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE. ASCENSION. CITY OF STRIFE. ...I am Seriously brainfog/exhausted right now, so I can't think o…
I added a video to a playlist Exploring Star Trek: Discovery - Episode 4 - Review and Discussion!
I'd really like a comic book crossover of Star Trek and The Thing. Searching for it lead me to this.
Average Joe the Average Geek. Exploring Star Trek Discovery EP 4 will hit you in your check it out.
Oh wow, Star Trek Discovery makes me want to have my own pet Tardagrade 😭
From Star Trek VI, the rescue planning scene in the Federation President's office, with a pre-Odo
Should have called it Star Trek: Pretentiousness... "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry"?!?
Imagine a U.S. submarine or aircraft carrier where the crew behaved this poorly. Aren't humans more enlightened on Star Trek?
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Actually more like an evil alien leader on the original STAR TREK, the kind who wears a sparkly green tunic.https…
E04: Well there we go answering a distress call, thats a star trek norm.
Star Trek: Discovery was recently added to MovieBox.
After first episode, felt weird getting a parody the same time we get a canon Star Trek and I was still on the fence. ...
Haven't seen Discovery, but yes watch Star Trek. It's amazing
My life long lack of interest in Star Trek has finally paid off.
E04: another page added to the Star trek cookbooks.
It like a generic Star Trek and the one Star Trek writer who wanted to prove humor could work.
According to latest episode it is now Star Trek canon that Elon Musk/silicon valley founded the Federation or something. sm…
Check out tonight’s episode of Star Trek Discovery and see this in action.
Tonight, I’m unsure about Star Trek: Discovery. Now, more than ever, I need an undercurrent of optimism. This doesn’t have that.
Just flipped out when I saw Olatunde Osunsanmi's name in the credits for Star Trek Discovery. Had to tell Sam he's…
>Star Trek fans. At least they're not Rick and Morty fans
A lot of Star Trek writers/producers are on that show, including Brannon Braga.
Still can't get over how cool the opening titles of Star Trek Discovery are.
Today my dad called me bro and my girlfriend's dad let me borrow his copy of star trek so today was a good day
Star Trek: Discovery was so good tonight. It's really picking up and I'm interested in where the plot's going.
Nvm it's 4am, I'm sleeping, I'll watch Star Trek ep4 after school tomorrow
If you realize ep1 and 2 were just the prolog for Star Trek Discovery, it feels so much better. Ep3 and 4 are great Trek.
I want to like it just because it's Star Trek. Still holding out hope that it's going to grow on me with time or something. ☹️
I've just watched episode S01E03 Context Is for Kings of Star Trek: Discovery!
Star Trek Deep Space 9 is my favorite Star Trek ever. But if Discovery keeps on this trajectory, I could easily have new favorite Star Trek.
So, the 4th ep of Parts of this were silly--even for Star Trek. But I'm in till the end of the season no…
Star Trek Discovery doesn't seem very Star-Treky to me. It's been to Battlestar-Gallactified. However, the opening credits are stunning!
.is bringing out-of-this-world talent to with her Star Trek prowess. See who else is coming:…
Elon Musk just got name-dropped on Star Trek. I officially cannot even. /14
*** ball.” A stupid thing or happenstance that drives the plot. Done intentionally in comedy. Done in…
I'd like to go back to a time when Star Trek wasnt edgy Lens Flare Trek of gloom and darkness. Did anybody actually like Discovery?
Time for tea, cat snuggles, and Star Trek Discovery
l guess I better not get too attached to anyone on Star Trek: Discovery. Gheesh.
I wrote for about one of the most openly political *Star Trek* episodes in franchise history.
unveiled new details about Lorca's mysterious creature
Computer, create a Star Trek series worse than Enterprise
Not to me. I can’t think of a moment where I was bored or wanted the story to get moving. I’m also not bored by Star Trek:TMP, so...
They mentioned Elon Musk as a great historical figure in the new Star Trek. Let's just calm down.
Family and 'Star Trek' co-stars pay tribute to Anton Yelchin - ABC News
Family and 'Star Trek' co-stars gather for unveiling of statue honoring late actor Anton Yelchin.
I'm watching The Orville for the first time. It's so close to being Star Trek that it's almost not a parody. But Halston Sage, though. 😍
The Pixel Buds won't be Star Trek-level quality until they can edit lip movements in video calls in real time to sync with translated audio.
This is our cat, "Bones." His name was taken from one of the characters of Star Trek: The Original Series, Dr. Leon…
Leonard McCoy isn’t my favorite Star Trek character, I don’t cheer any time he opens his mouth or raises an eyebrow - I’m a terrible liar
Even in DS9s Dominion War arc, the darkest Star Trek has ever been, the crew took the time to play baseball in the Holodeck.
DS9 had a great arc with the Dominion war, but TNG was more like the spirit of Star Trek.
Leonard McCoy was to Star Trek. What George Harrison was to the Beatles
I already absolutely love this guy. In two episodes he's established himself as a classic Star Trek character.…
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Surprised how much I liked it too. Also enjoying very much in the classic Star Trek style withou…
Star Trek: Discovery (thankfully) has all the strengths and flaws of classic Trek
ST: Discovery is to Star Trek as Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is to Indiana Jones.
'Far Beyond The Stars' is my absolute favourite episode of Star Trek. Avery Brooks' performance is as moving as there ever was.
Also I'm a DS9 fan so I'm not particularly interested in Star Trek till it returns to after the Dominion War
WH Reporting that DT was watching an episode of Star Trek two days ago and confused the Senator from…
Star Trek: Discovery asking the musical question “What if a female Jack Bauer was second in command?”
Gonna buy a officialreplica badge for the new Star Trek. Should I go Command, Engineering, Medical or Science?
No one will know or care about Star Trek in 1,000 years. But the Bible will be FOREVER. I'm a Bible writer!...
No. It most emphatically DID NOT. I would LOVE to see a Star Trek set right after the Dominion W…
"Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.”. — Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Star Trek (2009)
Let's change the name of Star Trek to command burner's Discovery.
The one who plays lead character thinks she's the first Star Trek black lead. I suggested to her she…
Alec Peters and Axanar are meaningless to Star Trek. Just doesn’t matter.
They're even claiming the black main character is a first in Star Trek. They obviously forgot how good Avery Brooks
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
if Beepo gets his head ripped off by a crazed Powers Boothe this will be the best episode of Star Trek
She actually said in an interview that she's the first black Star Trek lead. One suggests…
Star Trek: Discovery shows us a side of the Federation we’ve never seen – Ars Technica
Criticisms of Star Trek forget that most series have a rough start. Although I prefer the episodic format.
Who's the best Captain? Benjamin Lafayette Sisko. What's the best Star Trek series? DS9. No answer can convince me otherwise. END
Kiwi scientists to make 'Star Trek' gadget a reality - Otago Daily Times
*** you Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy! I was going to write about Star Trek tomorrow. Now I have to write about your evi…
There is a new Star Trek show debuting tonight. I'm 12 again.
Opening Scenes of Star Trek: Discovery and I'm already having FEEELS
Caught a little bit of Star Trek Discovery and it looked really pretty!
EXCLUSIVE: on that premiere cliffhanger and how it will affect the future:
makes space beautiful in a premiere that's not afraid to get a little weird. Our review:
Curious what and crew will say about Star Trek Discovery. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised with the show.
Does Star Trek: Discovery live up to the hype? Our thoughts on the first two episodes
I can see a lot of Star Trek nerds not being happy with Star Trek: Discovery.
Why are yanks watching Star Trek Discovery but not me here in Norway? Its the 25th... 6.30am... Do I have to pirate it?
Read this now, before you read reviews of the new Star Trek show.
I'm seeing both love and hate for this new Star Trek on here. There's also people bitter at having to sign up for a streaming service...
"UGH. When did Star Trek start pandering to SJWs!?". "September 8, 1966. Thanks for playing,"
I kept my expectations low and went in with an open mind, but there is decidedly nothing genuinely Star Trek about
Husband & I were watching Star Trek Discovery DVRed on but b/c of late start, missed ending. Technology...
1st Ep. of Star Trek: Discovery was pretty good, so now I have to ask why CBS has doomed it to fail by selfishly putting…
So, that was some pretty Sci-fi... Was it Star Trek? Um... Not sure yet. Looks good. Still looking back though. Which is a bummer.
I loved the first ep of Star Trek Discovery. And then every commercial I saw for another CBS show made me more mad about t…
i was about to say in fairness Star Trek invented that trope but I'm afraid has 53 sou…
I'll probably miss out on the new Star Trek series. Don't need another paid streaming service on my plate.
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