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Star Trek

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Wars Avery Brooks Star Trek Beyond Next Generation Jonathan Frakes Brent Spiner Hail Caesar Walking Dead Harry Mudd Horror Channel Tasha Yar Chris Pine

Star Wars episode 7. Any new Star Trek. Guardians of the galaxy, Drive, John Wick 1-2
.I think you meant Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: TNG played by Levar Burton(Incl.…
I have a massive gap where it wasn't for Karl Urban's McCoy, I wouldn't bother with these new Star Trek films at all.
Taken at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. 8/2/14?
Don't forget Saturday 2/25 @ 7:30 is our galaxy-themed concert! Star Wars, Star Trek and more! Best of all, kids 18 and under FREE!
Obviously someone slipped an episode of the original Star Trek into your optical path. Season 2, I think.
Siri on CarPlay is like having the computer from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" installed in your dashboard.
I got to serve Zachary Quinto from American Horror Story, Star Trek or Heroes ANDDD international model Miles McMillan 😩😍 http…
Far Beyond the Stars is one of the most amazing eps in Star Trek - Avery Brooks' performance is exceptional
love you in Star Trek as Bones your are great 👍❤😙👀
Check out this clip of Star Trek: Brent Spiner as Riker?
So can we just stop with the new Star Trek reboot. I want Cirroc Lofton and Avery Brooks back; I need REAL closure to DS9!
I am enjoying him slowly turning into F. Murray Abraham's character in that Star Trek: TNG movie.
Ace Pek: more work on Orbit Trail, my Star Trek game, added sick bay and 10 forward preempt on
My favorite Star Trek captain is Benjamin sisko, played by Avery Brooks ( ).
lures Star Trek fans to her underground sugar pits for ice cream and pineapple pizza.
Really, there should have been a Star Trek episode that was just Brent Spiner as each character.
Star Trek: Beyond was worst of the new trilogy, Goosebumps was a tonne of fun, dug Hardcore Henry & Hail Caesar inconsistent but enjoyable.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is over, which means I get to post my favorite Avery Brooks clip one last time.
anyone from Star Trek possibly this year for Oz comic con Adelaide ?
Can't wait for the Star Trek reboot where Khan hijacks the USS Chester A. Arthur.
I'm under attack from a comic who tells rape jokes, Sulu from Star Trek & an author who writes about wizards. What a morni…
Like the cast of Star Trek and Holby City...^^
Posted by: TechCrunch 455 Films is crowdfunding a new documentary about 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' …
It would be on my favs list. Takes place, essentially, in one room. Written by a guy who wrote 4 Star Trek eps...
The US is going to fast track to a Star Trek utopia after these 4 years are over.
Star Trek series 1 episode 4. Kirk quote "nobody here, but us chickens" I'm currently creased up & I don't know why 😂😂😂😂
Watched the 4 TNG Star Trek films. Still love First Contact, Generations was still so-so. Insurrection was weird and Nemsis was too angry.
Best movie villain:. -as krall in Star Trek into darkness. -Colin Farrell as Graves in . -as Vader
Star Trek has sonic showers. I thought it was to not waste water. But Tuvok has running water in his quarters.
In 1993, Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space, appeared as Lieutenant Palmer on Star Trek: TNG.
Yep, been saying this too! Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate- remember folks, it's all science fiction. The universe-…
definitely a hot mess, also a nice version of Montgomery Scott in reboot of Star Trek.
Space collectables including Star Wars, Star Trek and Dan Dare in our auction now! Register & Bid!
Tasha Yar. The Cliff Burton of Star Trek. Don't bring any of that distasteful "It should have been Worf" crap but w…
Y'all are both dumb. Veronica Mars was in Star Trek: TNG
and i think the show could be better if that happens..just look at Star Trek:Voyager..1st female captain
Check out the first teaser trailer for here -
Artwork of as Tasha Yar from my artwork on the upcoming Star Trek 50th…
Hey Bay Area Star Trek Fans! Join for 50 Years of Star Trek Art this Fri It's only $5…
Trek to AHL All-Star Classic, no matter the city, annual ritual for couple from Quebec City
I heard of it before because I watched Star Trek!
You will never come up against a greater adversary than your own potential. - Star Trek: TNG
It is based on the greatest TV shows and movies of all time :) Star Trek.
I found this community - Star Trek. It's worth checking out.
Happy Book me! My new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel HEADLONG FLIGHT is now officially on sale! . https:…
would it help if I demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek? What if I live in DC?
You ruined Star Trek with you mouth Takei--take a hike.
Follow to the jagged and otherworldly Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce
The bathos of watching sink like this is a bit like Kirk dying when a gantry fell on him in Star Trek: Generations.
When you're debating in parliament at 6, but at the Star Trek convention at 7 😜😂
Star Trek's only female captain speaks out on motherhood and work-life balance via
Remembering when I spent a lot of time stuck on wanting to do a Star Trek comic with somewhat abstract celestial-li…
We've never needed Star Trek more than we do right now.
.reminds me of Neelix from Star Trek Voyager
silly question but where has Star Trek Nemesis gone started watching a while ago and now it is gone? Other Trek is there though?
Wasn't it a Gorsuch that Kirk fought in Star Trek?
7/ I want to get to the Star Trek future, where the aquisition of wealth isn't our primary goal - and we can pursue our re…
Love Star Trek, but annoying how linear aliens are, Klingon fighters, Romulans militaristic. EVERYONE should have two sides!
I've decided I need a greater web presence, so I'm going to start a Star Trek themed cooking blog: Worf it Down.
"We believe everything in the universe has the right to exist". Star Trek TNG. The GOP could learn a thing or 10 from it…
Look at this cheeseball, getting ready to record about Star Trek IV 🖖 with -…
Scooter is doing a Star Trek TNG recap series right now, and it is nerdily soothing. So, so soothing.
I get that globalization changed a lot, but that's not a box we get to close. Let's make this the awkward transition to a Star Trek future.
Production has begun on the next chapter. is coming to CBS All Access.
Thank you, for programming Star Trek NG & Voyager in the afternoons. Federation ideology is so soothing.
Join Us for 50 Years of Star Trek Art / Opening this weekend, the Chabot Space and Science Cent
is there any doubt our future in space would be more Total Recall than Star Trek anyway?
The nazi episode of star trek is on TV i die
Hey everyone, check out my Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds Review via
Some music then some films. Star Trek Beyond and X-Men II, and whatever else.
7 things to know about the 1st African-American woman to lead a 'Star Trek' cast : https:/…
Join us at for 50 Years of Star Trek Art! We'll be there this weekend, and giving a talk on the 18th!. http…
Production on 'Star Trek: Discovery' is finally underway
The amazing "Necessary Evil" makes my list of top 5 season 2 episodes over at
I won the Resistance is Futile achievement in Star Trek Online for 50 pts
Somewhere inbetween Animal Farm, Star Trek, and Homer's Odyssey for the Trump age.
first step in Star Trek tranporter technology?
'to compare the monkees to the Beatles is like comparing Star Trek to nasa' Micky Dolenz
We've just started work on the technology to power a Star Trek-style replicator
Downside, my self tanning mousse expired in 2006 & appears to be green. Upside, I would be an instant hit at a Star Trek co…
Looks like another local basketball game so no animated Star Trek for me. :( Going to watch Agatha Raisin on PBS until then.
The author of Logan's Run, Ocean's 11 and Star Trek has died aged 86.
Please please please please please get Cynthia Rothrock to guest star in an episode of the new Star Trek series.
• OUT NOW! Do u like Star Wars, Star Trek, B5, SG-1 ? "Then check out this epic SciFi bookseries now!"…
Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR, these all provide us with the imagination and resourc…
Testing a Poundland TV aerial, and…. *** is Star Trek on The Horror Channel?
Horror Channel to Become the New Exclusive UK TV Home of the Re-Mastered "Star Trek: The Original Series" .
Seen the doctor.Back to work a week on Monday*climbs back into bed* Just got time to finish my Star Trek marathon
The ferry terminal shop that used to always run CNN now runs BBC America. I'm waiting for the ferry to a Star Trek episode.
Jonathan Frakes as William Riker in Star Trek: First Contact close up 8 x 10 photo by Jonathan..
Little Giant Ladders
. FLASHINGBACK to an original Star Trek episode "I, Mudd" ;)
liars and obfuscators are what makes up his team. Eventually they will self destruct. Reads like a star trek script Aron
Betty is still trying to get Bill Shatner to sign onto her own installment of Star Trek: The Previous Generation
Poll Says Your Favorite Trek Uniform Was... - Everyone has his or favorite Star Trek uniforms, so we knew when ...
Riverdale, The Punisher, Star Trek: Discovery... The original series not to miss from Netflix…
But there are many alternate universes on Star Trek!
“The Voyager episode ‘Threshold’ is the highest rated and most popular episode in the Star Trek franchise. Period.” https:…
Love this this essay about the deeper political positions of Star Wars versus Star Trek by
I think it is, mostly because of the effort to work in a ton of other Star Trek references into the format (Ceti eels, etc.)
6 tv series. 13 movies. An expanded universe in comics, novels & games. . But Star Trek is never mentioned in this t…
Thirty-seven years ago today, The Motion Picture opened!
. But in all seriousness, picking favorite a Star Trek is like picking a favorite child.
Paramount and CBS settle lawsuit against Star Trek fan movie via
Reality: In a "Rogue One" approach to filling in the gaps, if CBS & Paramount could…
May is no longer the launch date for the new series.
"Star trek future" isn't possible unless you literally murder all ethnocentric whites, or make it illegal for them to breed
What if you could get in the boots of a Star Trek capt'n? Particle FX update :).
or "Star Trek future" as you call it, is going to come up against evolved ethnocentrism and in-group preference.
this probably isn't relevant at all to the point you want to make, but are you into Star Trek?
Leftists will only be happy when we are the Borg from Star Trek: drones with no visible difference between us and no indiv…
I'm 479 episodes into my rewatching of the whole of Star Trek 😂
Watching a 1969 episode of Star Trek on I was just out of high school. Never dreamed Capt. Kirk would one day indu…
Watching Star Trek TNG the one where Data decided to have a jolly and Bev, Troi get excited by a stone sex toy whic…
Like seeing Starfleet in its infancy trying to figure out their place in that galaxy in Star Trek Enterprise.
I liked a video from Star Trek Enterprise - The Augments Battle
Star Trek is love Star Trek is life 😍.
AXANAR & CBS go to Jury trial over STAR TREK, A new SLENDERMAN movie?, a... via
Never watched Star Wars, Star Trek or Lord of The Rings. Probably never will and I'm VERY okay with that 😊😂 Still breathing.
Ran into the trailer for original star trek today.
STO is the best Star Trek game in recent history imo, and admittedly ground combat in that is jenky af
Surprise! 'Star Trek' gold shirts more deadly than red shirts ➤
star to play Spock's dad in and more casting news:
lol, sorry not sorry? Hard to apologize for a good Star Trek reference.
Named after a bad actor who played one of the worst characters ever on Star Trek. Wasted Opportunity.
Any “Trekkies”? Axanar Productions set out to raise > $1M to film a prequel to Star Trek; Paramount and CBS sued.
Alternative facts are for an alternative universe, like in this episode of Star Trek Enterprise...
The woman who designed the earliest space helmets also designed costumes for Star Trek
everyone knows the objectively best Star Trek is Galaxy Quest.
"Star Trek V was the best of the movies. Period."
Also, reasons for the march have been discussed early, Before the sad comic memes by star trek guy
dreams do come true!!! Feminism & Ian & Star Trek what a great situation to stumble into during th…
"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is the best Star Trek film in the series. In fact the greatest film of all time. Period."…
Star Trek fan film producer settles with Paramount over copyright infringement - Polygon (0 visits)
If I say Alexander Siddig's full name three times will I end up in the next Star Trek?
If you've never heard of them, go look up DeForest Kelley's Star Trek poems. The great bird of the galaxy is Gene Roddenberry.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hey there is a great Star Trek next Gen. On BBC now at 12 Noon RST (Russian Standard Time) or Married w/ Children in Ch 55 with Al Bundy!
Never realized frequent Star Trek guest star John Fleck was part of NEA Four.
Patrick Stewart to play Poop? The legend says 'make it so' - CNET: The veteran of stage, screen, "Star Trek"… |Cnet
Go wipe Hillary's *** I hated Star Trek with you. Star Trek: The Next Generation is the greatest ever. Be gone now.
In S04 E05 of Star Trek: TNG, Dr. Crusher is trapped by Netflix buffering
Buzzin, off to the cinema tonight to go and see the new Star Trek film, Route 1. Should be good.
Even as a child, I loved Star Trek and NASA. Here's a letter I got from Gene Cernan when I suggested he name his Apollo 17 s…
Star Trek & Bob ORCI fan here, Zoe. Offering my support as u no doubt are catching *** for expressing a slightly unorthodox POV
Dr. Crusher was my TV mom. When you're a first generation American born kid, you look for guidance. Star Trek gave me guidance...
Charles Napier was a good actor, but in that Star Trek episode where he plays a hippie, I want to break his guitar like John Belushi.
'Star Trek Into Darkness' isn't that 'Star Trek' is going to be no ...
Ok. So, I really like Star Trek: Generations. There, I said it.
Star Trek catan is the only catan that needs to be played next.
Just bought a copy of Star Trek: Catan and it's missing the Sulu card. How do I go about getting a copy of that?
Additionally: Star Trek would go out of its way to explain why the treacherous loan shark should not be murdered, however horri…
Generations & Nemesis. Right up there with Final Frontier in "Star Trek movies that unforgivingly stole 2 hours of my life"
Deep inside a former supermarket lives an exact replica of the USS Enterprise from 'Star Trek'.
Star Trek, James Tiberius Kirk, that fairytales and dragons quote, historical fiction, and...the fun of a big famil…
Answer is you can't. I think we are one of final generations that work. Will enter some sort of Star Trek theory.
Recently, I realized the beauty of Star Trek: Insurrection. Donna Murphy's Anij is wonderful. Not bad to be aged.…
I told that Kirk dies in Star Trek: Generations and she's just not letting me live this one down.
Star Trek star shot two snipers on D-Day and was shot seven times in WWII
It would appear that odd-numbered Daniel Craig Bond films are the new even-numbered Star Trek films.
I finally watched all the Star Trek: TNG movies--Nemesis and Generations are underrated. First Contact is God-tier. And Insurrection ***
This is like in "Star Trek: Generations" when the Enterprise-B doesn't work right because eveyrthing's delayed unti…
the Star Trek methafora: Enterprise is an explorer starship & uses weapon only to self- defence like USA🇺🇸
'On their way out Zoe...shouts a goodbye to Star Trek costar Chris Pine: "I love you! See you soon!"' >…
non-work fact of the day: The original name for the starship in Star Trek was "Yorktown," not "Enterprise".
Even on this very busy morning, I'll take the time to say this: I'm still annoyed when people rag on Star Trek: Generations.
So on my list right now is Star Trek, Spectre, Magnificent Seven, The Hateful Eight, Hail Caesar, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and The Nice Guys.
Why is Star Trek generations and episode Relic conflict? by Steve Smyth
We had 'Music and Movies' for Star Trek and Into Darkness at the Baltimore Symphony over NYE.
Picard and Kirk ride horses together in Star Trek: Generations but I don't remember Picard gushing over the horses as much as Kirk did
I think I want to learn how to play Settlers of Catan. Bonus: apparently there is a Star Trek version.
Maybe they're not a Star Trek: Generations fan?
Oceans 13 lol Jupiter Ascending, Speed 2 oh and every Star Wars movie without George Lucas and the last Star Trek too
I added a video to a playlist Star Trek Episode 6 Filler
Readers may know that I've long been looking for a specific 1970's Star Trek game that quotes Aurelius:
yah, many star trek fans love this one the best. and I'm just waiting for the Worf episodes, obv.
. I love Star Trek, but Star Wars is MUCH better at making aliens!!!
'Star Trek' fan film loses fair use case, moves to jury trial |
Can't find anything to watch. Binge watch go star trek
i mean if we are doing Star War might as well Star Trek
Enter this week's Book Spotlight for Star Trek's First Contact by J.M. Dillard
There was an old Star Trek movie; "The Wrath of Khan" - that someday might be repackaged, starring Don-Don
The diverse group of characters in DS9 is the reason why this is my favorite Star Trek series!
The episode of Star Trek where the Enterprise is puro aggro and Spock is rockin' a goatee.
yes. Yes it is. Star trek is missing marketing opportunities :)
Also Mr. Spock*, (4321) Zero, (3142) Kilopi, (1) Repunit…. * named after an astronomer's cat, not the Star Trek…
Just did a podcast with that ends with a 10 minute rant about Star Trek and me out screaming "FRIED CHICKE…
Gonna spend the rest of the night in bed watching Star Trek until I pass out 🖖🏼
Scientists invent 'Star Trek' tractor beam for £70 - here's how they did it.
Rewatching AU Star Trek. I remember hating the Kelvin's design, but now I actually really like it...?
I've been playing a time hopping symbiotic presence like the trill have in star trek
I'm late to the party, but obviously Star Trek: Into Darkness was the better film
You'll leave this 'Star Trek' exhibit beaming - The Boston Globe
Star Trek Beyond was the most underrated (and probably best) film I saw in 2016.
I'm up all night writing trivia questions for the Star Trek Cruise. I have about 85 more to go. DM me your suggestions.
Don't mind me. Just picking nits... Re:
Buzz an Enterprise or three in immersive Star Trek 360 video via
Optimism, diversity, science, wonder. Writing Star Trek is good for the soul.
I have an idea for a Star Trek book where the Moriarty hologram gets hold of the Doctor's mobile emitter. Anyone I could---
I wish Star Trek was not so overwhelmingly straight.
A 'Walking Dead' favorite is the new lead on 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Watching arrested development instead of Star Trek Nen is a good choice
The story of the Star Trek fan film that is challenging copyright laws
First Contact is a way better Star Trek movie than generations. FIGHT ME.
Must be Star Trek night on Cloo tonight, they're playing Generations and First Contact back to back, I can roll with that.
My wife keeps calling Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by another name, "Keeping Up with the Cardassians". . Can I divorce her? Y/N
only Star Trek Next Generation,voyager and deep space nine sucked balls
the-insidious-dr-grey-matter:. As a joke, the Star Trek crew surprised Ricardo Montalbán with a small robot that ha…
TIL there were 5 episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that did not feature the space station at all
Also Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek series.
reverse flash and Star Wars and Star Trek definitely
It's too bad Stephen Collins is a creep because "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" is actually pretty good.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
are we gonna get a complete recap & review of all 176 episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 2017?
Kira Nerys from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine should be there!
Finally just finished 7 seasons of Star Trek deep space nine. I know it's old but omg when you watch a full series' it hits you hard.
Star Wars or Star Trek - which is better for understanding society?
and whatever Burt Reynolds/Star Trek stuff, mike buys is also probably expensive.
Skinny Pete and co. Still had the best Star Trek script ever
It's blasphemy to some, but DS9 is the best of the Treks.. “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine In 82.5 Hours” by
Put your *** in my face and discuss "Deep Space Nine" as the superior Star Trek spinoff so I know it's real.
Majel Barrett- I grew up watching her on Star Trek and she is the reason I want to be a nurse
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was recorded to Star Trek on the boiledDVR.
I just learned that Roger Carmel, who played Harry Mudd on Star Trek, also did some voices in the 1980s Transformers cartoon.
Beverly Crusher, Kathryn Janeway. other people who are not from Star Trek. and I'm pretty sure I do have a crush on you.
BTW, Sgt. Getraer is played by Robert Pine. He is Chris Pine's father. Chris portrays James T. Kirk in the newest Star Trek franchise.
Lwaxana Troi is the worst character in the history of Star Trek.
At The Jefferson Hotel and there's a list of celebs who've stayed here. It says "Sulu (Star Trek)" instead of "George Takei." I'm fuming.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Central disagreement is if communities of white people (gamers, Star Trek fans, Europe) are inherently evil &must be destroyed
Love Whoopie Goldberg in Star Trek, hate that The View ends up showing us that every one of their hosts is a moron.
A sista's the new companion in the new Doctor Who season, & a sista's Number One on the next Star Trek series. Fandom beats…
The Queen nailed the Star Trek fancy dress theme for the Buckingham Palace Christmas party.
You go through at least the first two years of Star Trek and you f...
Bringing festive cheer and some showbiz news to before 12, including which Star Trek captain is set to make his stand-up debut?
Did anybody in Star Trek ever get friendzoned as much as Geordi La Forge?
Many in the Star Trek family, myself included, took a stand to honor the values the show stands for.
Ha ha. They sent Kirk to explore new worlds and new alien species in "Star Trek".
Jeffery Combs! Nice - always liked him in various Star Trek incarnations and in The Frighteners
Written by Terry Nation, who created "Blake's 7", which alongside Star Trek is my fave Sci fi. Well spotted👍
ha ha! Well done... Donald Trump on Star Trek
They need to market an Azuma that looks, and sounds like Harry Mudd’s wife in Star Trek.
Russel Bates, Kiowa Nation writer for Star Trek animated as well as the pilot to ISIS.
Do you like Lieutenant Commander Data in the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' TV series?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
We should just model our nation and government off of the Star Trek universe.
they've commented in things like Star Trek's Kirk cheating on the Kobayashi Maru and other specifics.
The Christmas New Statesman has contributions from Helen Lewis, Julie Burchill, Carol Ann Duffy and a piece on The politics of Star Trek
the most recent Star Trek scores just use the best of past ones, like from the late Jerry Goldsmith.
Hi Mark, Protest The Hero are one of the best bands and they love Star Trek! Check out their video for Clarity.
She was the communication officer on Star Trek. Duh!
I wonder if Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes looked to Orson Welles for his portrayal of Will Ryker?
I don't think you ever leave Star Trek for good.
Sonequa Martin-Green of 'The Walking Dead' will be first black woman lead in a 'Star Trek' series htt…
It just occurred to me that Avery Brooks was the first born American to play the lead in a Star Trek series.
I wrote 3 pages of my 10 page paper, finished my project for Frank, and collaged for another final AND watched 2 episode of Star Trek
is going to be the first black woman to lead a Star Trek series via
I think Star Trek has been very double-edged for all of us - as ...
Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha Williams on Walking Dead) will play Lt Cmd. Rainsford, the lead of Star Trek: Discovery…
One of the reasons that I accepted, once asked to do Star Trek, was to...
Meanwhile, the other half pines for an imaginary future; a liberal, post-scarcity Star Trek multiculturalism where white men still dominate.
That's how the third season of the original Star Trek happened
I liked a video The Best of Star Trek | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
Star Trek Beyond? Easily the best of the 3 reboot films. Has room to breathe & really enjoy itself. Truly an ensemble piece.
But i thought that star trek 2 was the first one to acknowledge that the whole series is about treks?
Not when I went down but then again I've never seen Star Trek x
Clinton Kelly on looks like Data from Star Trek.
Star Wars is about a war. Star Trek is about a trek through the stars. Dr Mario is *still* not a doctor. Do not trust him.
After years of research has concluded that Star Trek ... is about a journey.
Augmedix putting an end to documentation backlog? The Star Trek doctor awaits you with a Google Glass headset... Se…
Star Trek Enterprise crashing, in gingerbread - Redditor justice recreated the crashing Enterprise from Star Tr...
Two teams of scientists have prototyped a medical device modeled on Star Trek’s “tricorder”
Star Trek, How do these go together? Interview
when will the Star Trek movies finally acknowledge that they're about treks through the stars
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The phrase Star Trek is uttered only once [so far] in the whole franchise. . Q, in the last episode of TNG.
DeForest Kelley William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy pretending to shave with their phasers on the Star Trek set 1968. ht…
"Star Trek Beyond is the first film in the series to acknowledge the franchise is about Star Trekking"
Being told that me calling out the way Discovery is being treated is me wanting Star Trek to lose money is amazing. What a jump!
And it's probably a subconscious tick of that fake societal theory that you can't enjoy both Star Trek and Star Wars.
You're telling me just now Star Wars is about wars? Next you're going to tell me Star Trek never acknowledged it was a journey through space
Chekov from Star Trek is Marvin's handler. They tampered with our voting machines/…
Star Trek Beyond for me but Kubo was my fav film this year.
Meet cast additions, get some S2 details, and more
Ugh I wish my dad would shut up while I'm trying to watch Star Trek TNG..
Watching some classic Star Trek, and "The Enemy Within" starts off with a great reminder about how far special effects h…
📷 Star Trek has a well-earned reputation as a progressive show. It took place in a utopian future in...
Star Trek does it again: hospital of the future may be based on high-tech Tricorder medical kit:
.I never understood what STAR TREK was about until FIRST CONTACT when James Cromwell says "you're on some kin…
Can't make it to a playtest ? Open hail frequencies for a session with
The Star Trek tricorder is here and is FDA approved. Viatom Checkme.
Star Trek - folks trekking through space. StarGate - folks going though gates. Star Wars - y'all for real?!?!?!
Two groups of scientists are named as finalists in $9m competition to build a Tricorder like on Star Trek.
Star Trek: Discovery will debut three new Klingons via
Disney is the worst but CBS/Paramount are suing that Star Trek fan group over their movie
In an independent Scotland, not only will the Royal Mail be renationalised, it'll deliver the post in Star Trek style shu…
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Casts Three Klingon Warriors - It’s been a bumpy road for Star Trek: Discovery, but at l...
Star Trek: Discovery phases in three new Klingon warriors
Absolutely yes if it's Data from Star Trek: TNG or Rodrigo Santoro in Westworld. A "maybe" for all others.
I just watched Star Trek: Enterprise 1x06 "Terra Nova" on with
It starred Terry Farrell, who was apparently on Star Trek: DS9 (I didn't watch it), and had a bunch of really difficult, unexplained puzzles
is that the idea of nation-states are on their way out. We play this right we could be living in Star Trek. If not, Mad Max
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