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Star Trek

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Wars Deanna Troi Next Generation Gene Roddenberry Michelle Yeoh Star Trek Voyager Deep Space Nine Star Trek Beyond Captain Picard Colm Meaney Star Trek Discovery James Doohan Pavel Chekov Commander Riker Captain Kirk Christopher Pike

I don't know anything about Star Trek but I will watch it and give it my full hearted support because John Cho
I wanna fight this little kid that just said "is this the new Star Wars" as a Star Trek trailer played
I don't know much about Star Trek but I'm rly into the idea of a origin story Linguistics Log Series for Nyota Uhura that would be rlly cool
The false Star Trek captain is at the panel I'm sitting in!
Well he said Captain Kurt so. Maybe some generic Star Trek? LOL
Watched The Truth is in the Stars last night. Love Captain Kirk and Star Trek. Much respect and adm…
If Mac and Shatty are paired they'll be Captain Kirk. The Star Trek nerd in me just screamed out loud
Hmm. Midnight from My Hero Academia?. Minnie Mouse in her Kingdom Hearts 2 dress? . Star Trek captain?
Star Trek: Bridge Crew, lets you control the game’s action with your voice thanks to Watson APIs.
Patrick Stewart, prepared to play Data in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” was reluctant to audition for the…
Stoked there’s going to be a female Doctor Who. As I was with a female Star Trek captain and other strong female protagonists
Her rise to captain would be a cool story. Star Trek written fiction suggests that she may have been pla…
Kinda but you just gotta picture him as Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation & you're used to it.
A non-male Dr Who? That should shake up the franchise. Remember Captain Janeway in Star Trek? Looking forward to it.
William Shatner as Captain Kirk & Nancy Kovack as Nona, in a behind-the-scenes photo from Star Trek episode "A Priv…
she is the worst Star Trek captain by a country mile
Those 3, but if I had to choose 3 different ones then . Bourne . Star Trek. Captain America
Star Trek had a female captain 22 years ago!.
My favorite Star Trek character was Captain Kurt. My favorite ex-MLB'er is Kirk Bevacqua. And my favorite actor is Kurt Cameron.
Star Trek: Discovery producer on why the Klingons have changed
So you may know that my one episodic TV writing credit is for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. 2/
I love Lego, but I'm even more obsessed with Playmobil. It's a bit like the Star Wars/Star Trek thing for me. captain. 😅
BoC's Poloz, 2014: "Does anybody besides me wonder what the banking system looks like in […] Star Trek?"…
Was watching Star Trek and my *** *** wants to cry over how perfect Nyota Uhura is and still is.
TIL Majel Barrett played the computer AND Deanna Troi's mother Lwaxana on Star Trek: The Next Generation (+ was married to Gene Roddenberry)
For some reason I saw that gif of Rick Flair(?) and immediately thought of that Star Trek guy.
The way Deanna Troi actually made it to Commander makes me wonder why everyone else on Star Trek does not hold the rank of Commander. 🤔
Fun Fact About Games: Kate Mulgrew and Tim Russ were coworkers on Star Trek: Voyager before they went to work on Dr…
Me: “I like all the Star Trek captains in their own way, ranking them is pointless.”. Also me: “Captain Pike can go to *** ”
Born on this day in 1927 – William Smithers The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Trek, The Invaders, Voyage to the Bott…
Star Trek weekend. We will be recording an episode about Deanna Troi. Oh, there will be frustration.
Then I was telling the husband about the Christopher Pike books I loved as a kid right before we watched Star Trek with Captain Chris Pike
Just learned that Shari Lewis co-wrote an episode of Star Trek, and now I'm wondering if she ever did a Trek parody with Lampchop.
Every time I see that photo, I think of Deanna Troi taunting him. Star Trek fans understand.…
Batman 1960 family guy and Star Trek Deep Space Nine and yoyager and the Next Generation
I'd just come off of Star Trek: Voyager when I saw this the first time, and then suddenly Jeri Ryan sh…
Shohreh Aghdashloo is amazing and I just want her to be in everything. She makes everything better. Star Trek. Car commercial. Breakfast.
Terrific speech. Trump should do Star Trek intros. He sounds like some doing a Bill Shatner impres…
Star Trek and Star Wars: What's the Same - Star Wars Minute via
Wow. So apparently my digital copy of JJ Abram's Star Trek (2009) is in standard definition?? I guess I'm just a barbarian then.
Oh, also someone bringing in speakers and loudly listening to music like it wasn't a big deal during the 2009 Star Trek.
I love this thread. Any chance of takes on the 2009 Star Trek? That one struck me as pretty much infinite plot holes.
The winning movie was Star Trek from 2009. In the originals the boobs of Uhura were bigger. For me an important selection criteria.
"the best Star Trek movie of all time, Star Trek (2009).". Kinja Deals that is a hot take that is excessively warm
So this is like Star Trek (2009) where Kirk drives an unstable/upset Captain Spock over the edge so he c…
Gonna buy iron man 1 and Star Trek (2009) tomorrow from cex it's lit
Star Trek (2009). "Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to boldly go where no one has gone before."
Star Trek (2009) . If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
I saw Wonder Woman but all that happened was I remembered how much I love Star Trek and accidentally got nostalgic for 2009: my life now
I added a video to a playlist Honest Trailers - Star Trek (2009)
I've mentioned this before but Discovery will be my first real-time Star Trek on TV for me as a fan. I fell for Trek in…
Star Trek the Animated series solves one of Classic Treks problems which is they sometimes only had about 30 minutes of plot.
Watching og Star Trek. They were talking as if they believed in God. That's so different than the atheistic Star Treks I grew up on.
Star Trek's Holodeck: from science fiction to a new reality
I'm watching Star Trek (2009) and TFA tonight in honor of JJ Abrams bday! His 2 best films imo.
It's J.J. Abrams birthday. Happy Birthday to the only man to ever direct Star Wars and Star Trek movies!
A Star Trek-inspired medical device hits the industry thanks to competition. -
He did an excellent job! Translating the design from the Star Trek 2009 Kelvin Timeline to the Prime Timeline!
Check out a new submission to Terra Two on Star Trek by Dr Adam James Smith
Last night watched 2 episodes of Next Generation and then the 2009 Star Trek. Woke up this morning feeling like I chea…
📸 HQ portraits of Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto from 2009 in Sydney during the Star Trek promotion -
Watch: Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols on Uhura, Leonard Nimoy and more - SYFY WIRE (blog)
Star Trek Beyond makes the 2009 Star Trek a much better film:
Star Trek 2009 Full Movie to be Watch i share with you guy!
Somehow, Worf's adopted brother Paul Sorvino is the first person in Star Trek history to actually lock the Holodeck doors.
Recognised Jay Robinson instantly in Star Trek despite the alien makeover - his remarkable voice is unmistakable. Loved him since The Robe.
What was it like appearing in Star Trek with Bill Shatner?
Just asked Michael Dorn about Gabriel Knight since I figured he gets enough Star Trek questions. He had nothing to tell me about voodoo.
Finally saw Star Trek: Beyond. Feels like the Mass Effect influences have been folded back into Star Trek--great influence cycle continues.
Sonequa Martin-Green talks about her character in 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Star Trek: Discovery first look at Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca
The actor, Christopher Pike, actually played the captain in the pilot of the original Star Trek series.
(Norm) Check out this video review of the 1979 Star Trek board game from Milton Bradley. It's a fun game for sure...
Star Trek (2009) Wasn't a big Trek fan til I seen this tbh. Abrams again bringing life back into a dormant franchis…
'Star Trek: Discovery' finally has a premiere date and we're counting the days via
Profile on how Stephen Miller went from Star Trek geek to white nationalist working for Trump:
This con was my first experience meeting anyone from a Star Trek series and and Robert Duncan Mcneill made thi…
If the Warriors were on Star Trek, would they beat The Borg once and for all?
There's coffee in that nebula!-- Capt. Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager, "The Cloud"
Watch a Perimeter Institute talk on the enduring influence of Star Trek, and the importance of creativity in science
Charles Goodyear was ahead of his time, figuring this out over 100 years before Star Trek was a thing…
Perimeter Public Institute: The lessons and legacy of Star Trek
Star Trek rollercoaster opens at German amusement park via
Take a ride on the world's first 'Star Trek' roller coaster
The world’s first 'Star Trek' roller coaster is here
Ooo... Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green in a new Star Trek series. Star Trek: Discovery
Randy Rhodes Roswell Flying V by . Kinda reminds me of Star Trek
What a world. What a world. Michelle Yeoh's in Star Trek, Zhang Ziyi's in Godzilla.
TFW you realise that like with Michelle Yeoh is about to drag in the arms of Star Trek trash.
Have you seen this? Very Irish, a hilarious take on Star Trek & Colm Meaney
Let's hope Michelle Yeoh doesn't go this far in Star Trek.
Colm Meaney definitely got the Star Trek gig because of his "Red Alert... Red Alert" line in
I just saw these comments irt Michelle Yeoh's (and also my own) accent in Star Trek and I'm laughing
I wish they'd did more star trek films rather than Star Wars. I'm more of a Star Trek (Trekkie) fan. I don't like Star Wars that much.
Michelle Yeoh to play Star Trek captain in Discovery via - Wow!🖖
WotD: redoubt. Question: from Star Trek: TNG, "Ah, the redoubtable Commander Riker!" . Is this the 'c…
James Doohan, who plays Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott on Star Trek, is missing the entire middle finger of this right hand.
I went to a Star Trek convention dressed as Jar Jar Binks.
I'm already following you, my sincere Star Trek hero captain! Live long and prosper! *PRUST*ROFL*
In-game speech experiences, built with Watson for Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available this summer in Beta! https:/…
Take Star Trek: Bridge Crew with you everywhere with our wallpaper giveaways. Can you find the others around Reddit? https:/…
Star Trek: Bridge Crew launches on May 30th. While some cadets have received codes prior to that, the issue has since been c…
I was just talking with the wife about this earlier. She never really watched Star Trek, so she didn…
I just realized that Im *** for basically every Star Trek lady. This is good
Post Star Trek Review, get excited. See 3 other reviews have their monotization removed suddenly...good times
The only way you'll get me to go camping. featured in NBC s Science of Love
It's almost time! Star Trek: Bridge Crew is being released May 30th -
Just enjoying some Star Trek Voyager before going back to work I'll need Neelix's Coffee tomorrow lol
We were plagued with the giggles when we tried to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew
This is your defense of Star Trek Voyager, too, so it feels like shade.
Was watching the first Star Trek movie and this Easter Egg caught my eye.
I have an empty place in my heart that having these be real would fill. Pretty please, Star Trek deities?
Just saw Star Trek: Nemesis; it is really a best flick. Best actor Tom Hardy
Well Star Trek Voyager is on BBC America, so you're not.
George Takei dismantles racist, sexist criticism of
There was a Star Trek cartoon? Omg was there ever a scooby doo meets Star Trek?
I liked a video Show of the Weekend: Destiny 2 and Luke vs the Star Trek VR Mutiny
1 of my fave things about Star Trek is that the Enterprise has a giant inflatable replica of itself on board & this is 100% canon
Without a doubt. Star Wars, Star Trek, comics, toys, you name it.
Its not. JJ freely admits he never liked Star Trek much so he was making a Star Wars movie. But blog away!
Got my cherry polar water, Star Trek Voyager as background noise, and a bit of late night crunch on my Unity data v…
Great to see celebrities fighting against bigotry and misogyny. Many props to Mr. Takei.
Racist Star Trek fans decry Discovery's diversity, revealing they know nothing about Star Trek https:/…
"white genocide" is the most ignorant & ridiculous way to describe diversity. It's insulting to re…
Anyone who has seen the original Star Trek episode; Balance of Terror (1966) will recognize the plot.
I still stand by Star Trek: Enterprise, or as I like to call it “Seaquest DSV but in space and with Scott Bakula”
I spoke with about the newest Star Trek "controversy."
"George Takei shuts down racist criticism of new 'Star Trek' series" -
Why is that guy so upset about the Star Trek Discovery trailer? has the answer.
Hope you guys enjoyed our 3 day Memorial Day weekend IRL streaming!. Be back tomorrow with Star Trek Bridge Crew VR and Friday the 13th!
We changed the name of our Alexa to Computer. When we watch Star Trek: TNG she tries to talk to Commander Riker, th…
"Oh look, its um... Star Trek man" - my mum describing Patrick Stewart on TV. My inner nerd hurts
Also, Star Trek, "remains one of the most enduring, progressive and politically astute series in television history"
These 51 Star Trek patterns were inspired by the voyages of the starship Enterprise:
Sir Patrick Stewart never once mentioned Huddersfield in Star Trek. Now they're in the play-off final, all of a sudden he's…
Just wish you were still the talent in charge of Star Trek!
I bet you that guy on your left would make a *** of a Star Trek movie.
Yeah, I saw that. I guess they want their own RedNeck Star Trek. Where they have guns. & no educatio…
Star Wars is overrated. Star Trek is better. Especially DS9. Remember Star Trek DS9. 2006. The war of the Milz College.
I once met Scotty from Star Trek, James Doohan at that conference center in another life.
Gene Roddenberry's vision was about putting aside hate and overcoming divisions. That's what Star Trek is all about.
Good mix of chocolate and peanut butter 👍. Star Trek: The Motion Picture with music from Tron: Legacy via
Gene Roddenberry on the philosophy of Star Trek (PDF version)
: The Impossible Has Happened: The Life and Work of Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek - Lance Parkin - ebook -
When Shallow Hal and Star Trek are on at the same time and my mom gets so excited that she faints😂
Bruh, you are making Star Trek references & talking about "your side". Gene Roddenberr…
I just learned James Doohan lost his right middle finger in the canadian air force?? I'm a fake fan of both Star Trek and Montgomery Scott??
Many have forgotten the diversity in Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry.
Is it just me, or is Star Trek getting darker? What would Gene Roddenberry say about this?
Yay Worf is here, I like DS9 much more now (even though the wandering Star Trek goatee has also appeared)
Poor The Kingons: new Trek series, new appearance. They're the Robert Sugden of the Star Trek universe
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'm trying hard to get on board with the new Star Trek images, but ugh...
The new star trek looks like a JJ Abrams cover band
I want to find out what happens after Star Trek Voyager came back in their finale, no…
Big weekend coming up! fy Star Trek club is going to dress as Klingons and ambush someoloser Ciail War ;e-enactors.
The Terran Empire is returning to our space, and only you can defend us in the Mirror Invasion Event on PC:.
I don't have any particular attachment to Star Trek in general but WOC IN SPACE
People seem to have forgotten that Star Trek was never an action franchise. I hope this is a return to its more philosophi…
The Star Trek TV universe is the where all the black women (except maybe 2) that don't exist in the Star Wars movie unive…
At long last, a trailer for Star Trek Discovery:.
Star Trek: Discovery: all the trailers, commentary, and updates for the new TV series
Star Trek: Discovery first look shows The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green in character as First Officer Michael…
"Star Trek Discovery looks too politically correct" Star Trek is a franchise literally about being politically correct,…
😌I LOVE Star Trek. I've wanted a good show back on TV for so long but the trailer was so bad my toy…
Somehow, I'm just learning of a new Star Trek series. I can't relate to the me of 2 min ago.
Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer via Reason I was blessed to work on is…
Star Trek in its purest form is a brilliant human engineer trying to explain marshmallows to a hot alien lady
BREAKING NEWS: expands to 15 episodes plus a companion after-show. More details:
So much snark at the CBS upfront. Awesome. via
I keep watching the Star Trek: Discovery trailer and I'm super torn. . There's a lot of J.J. Abrams in there (meh). But Michelle Yeoh...
'Star Trek: Discovery' trailer boldly goes where no series has gone before - Mashable need a subscription to see this show? Star Trek, that is why you will never beat Star Wars for my hearts…
The epic first trailer has arrived:
How we're feeling about the new trailer.
The first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery promises a conflict with the Klingons:
65% of Star Trek is sitting dramatically in a chair.
This Star Trek Discovery image of Sonequa Martin & Michelle Yeoh has watered my crops, moisturized my skin, rejuvenated my…
Star Trek Discovery’s first trailer brings a new ship, new characters, and old conflicts
When the new Star Trek tabletop game comes out I'm setting it in a modified Defiant class.
10 years before Kirk? Why is Star Trek resistant to moving to a time period after. DS9?
Alright found a better article with the trailer rather than just picture 😂.
I have many feelings about this. None of them are excitement, which is bad. . I don't hate it, b/c S…
I've decided I'm going to live my life for the next few months with Star Trek TNG constantly on in my apartment. It feels right.
I am sure and certain the main fan base will LOVE the diversity, just like when they loved every other series of Star Trek.
I saw the preview to the new Yeah...looks like it's going to suck...and I liked Star Trek Enterprise.
this is dumb but the star trek mmo takes place post DS9, its not ~great~ but its got a cool character…
'Star Trek: Discovery' finally has an actual trailer
At the edge of the universe, Discovery begins.
Saw the new Star Trek trailer today. Why does the spoof series (the Orville) look more like classic Trek than the legit new show?
Layla!!! Star Trek: Discovery finds its Captain in Harry Potter alum Jason Isaacs
Can Nicholas Meyer save Star Trek from itself a third time?
Behold this treasure trove of images from behind the scenes of Star Trek's third season
Star Wars--the original trilogy and the Expanded Universe--riveted me and were formative during my teenage years. Star Trek enchanted ...
A Gorilla and the Star Trek crew on backing vocals 😂
watching the Star Trek episode were James Kirk allows President Abraham Lincoln on board Enterprise
♥♡ Star Trek: Audio Book on Cassette fantasy & fiction Literature lot of...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
It's so good. Nicholas Meyer is amazing as a Star Trek director.
Sometimes you forget what great writing looks like. Here it is: Star Trek's Colm Meaney is on another planet.
Star Trek the Next Generation Signed Autographed Michael Dorn as Worf 8x10 Photo by Paramount..
I just bought: 'No Time Like the Past (Star Trek: The Original Series)' by Greg Cox via
Star Trek's lady captain Janeway is everything.
Is the Star Trek transporter genetic engineering? Or physics?
Why does the Enterprise in Star Trek: Enterprise, set before Star Trek TOS, have…
Star Trek: We need to cover up the USS Enterprise. Priyanka Chopra: Say No More.
Rewatching Enterprise for some reason. Could have been so much better. Love to hear your thoughts on Star Trek.
Binge watching Star Trek "Enterprise" Season 1. Really enjoying it. But wow, didnt realize that is so gorgeous! She is 🔥
Star Trek is about an enterprise of space ships who's main goal is space exploration while also being space police in a sense.
Binge watched DeepSpaceNine, Enterprise, Voyager. I am so ready for the new Star Trek!
My son gets very excited at the Star Trek: Next Gen theme and credits and jumps every time the Enterprise goes into warp.
“Spock. This child is about to wipe out every living thing on Earth. Now, what do you suggest we do….spank it?” — Dr. McCoy, Star Trek: TMP
The greatest Star Trek tragedy of all time isn't the death of Spock, it's poor old Riker having to watch every episode of…
Editing our update for Star Trek Discovery, really driving home a lame enterprise reference at the end lol
I've watched Star Trek motion picture, The search for Spock and the voyage home and a number of dr who episodes and...
Judge reminds me of Ted Cassidy, Lurch of The Addams Family,also Ruk on Star Trek.. home run call,"…
"I've only seen the Star Trek with Captain Picard...not the originals.". Which made him a fake fan, h…
We have been told this should be Star Wars not Star Trek, but we never claimed to be Dr Spock.
Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience - on now at TELUS Spark. Save up to 19%
who goes down as GREATEST Star Trek captain ever? Kirk or Picard?
Felt like i was in a James Bond or Star Trek movie today. I visited the Blue Lagoon here in…
Good morning to everyone except Cameron Newton, who types like he's coding for a Star Trek video game.
Giacchino's Doctor Strange theme IS very similar to Star Trek but the choice of instruments is brill. Very psychedelically inspired.
I'm looking forward to Free Comic Book Day next weekend. Gotta pick up the free issues of Dr.Who, Star Trek, and Captain Canuck. Mai oui!
Anton Yelchin. He was perhaps best known for his role as Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek movies.
'Star Trek' boldly predicting return of the North in 2024 might yet come to pass - Irish Independent
Sorry, I was quoting Avery Brooks in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Yes, he was! But I'll always remember as Pavel Chekov from the new Star Trek movies!
When is Star Trek coming back to London?
Check out the Vienna circle. Wacky stuff about reshaping the world with pure logic, Star Trek mad compu…
Why new "Star Trek: Discovery" series must deal with the misogynist legacy of Janice Rand…
London News Search (Star Wars and Star Trek blue prints up for sale) 1 London -
Jamie Alexander in the blindspot? I'm fairly sure the lead in hellraiser 3 is from a series of Star Trek
My wife just said her least favorite Star Trek character is Wesley Crusher (might get divorced. Is she out of her Vulcan mind?!
Everyone was there, William Shatner, many Star Trek folks, Adam West, John Cusack, so many
Some of Doctor Who totally reminded me of the reboot Star Trek films. Not a bad ep though, but looking forward to regency London next week.
Star Trek: Into Darkness. Easily the worst of the new films, but still entertaining.
why isn't Star Trek: Into Darkness playing on SkyStarTrek channel with all the other films??
Macro Musings 28: Izabella Kaminska on Blockchain Technology and the Economics of Star Trek
StarTrek channel is great but how come it's missing Star Trek : Into Darkness
Now Deanna Troi's boyfriend is rubbing oil on her feet. Freak!. The strangest scene in any Star Trek ever.
Or it could be Deanna Troi from Star Trek, The Next Generation aka
Question: at the end of Star Trek into Darkness - Kirk welcomed Carol Marcus to the Enterprise as they set off on the 5 years mission+
I never met a I didn't like. -Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation
Reading about oreilly before entering dreamland is a bad idea. I'm going to have to watch Star Trek to wash it out of my brain.
Kept hearing Star Trek theme tune as I watched this amazing video :-)
Yeah :) Throat seems to be no longer sore so that's good, and the power came back so now I'm watching the new Star Trek movie
J.J.'s Star Trek absolutely suffered from the same problem and suffered even worst by bei…
Our new favorite mashup: It's an illustration of characters from My Neighbor Totoro dressed like they're in Star Trek
I'm feeling super pleased! 1 chapter left and I can focus on the last 100k of my Star Trek Angst fest for next month lol
sorry I'm late for the birthday wishes, I love your Star Trek images, can't wait to see you at https…
will there be any Star Trek: TNG cast this year? 💛💚💛
Any Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory or Geek & Sundry fans? comes to Chicago & you won't want to miss it!
'Star Trek': The Story of the Most Daring Cliffhanger in 'Next Generation' History via
Seriously. Sure, Killer Croc was good but Star Trek Beyond had like 20 equivalents of him in it.
i was too busy noticing the Star Trek one >.>
Paramount should do a Dixon Hill film (outside of Star Trek continuity)... I'm always itching for some good noir.
There was a comic crossover two years ago
I'm a Star Trek zealot, but I loved Rogue One and appreciated its position in a rich timeline I don't yet fully understand.
"My three-day weekend starts now. Was gonna watch Star Trek
the was named Innovation of the Year? See what makes the whole-body pod so impressive 👉 
Any of the Star Trek Klingon themes seem to work pretty well
Check out these builds in for details: 
I've just watched episode S05E25 of Star Trek: The Next ...!
No thanks 2 gross/horror things.If I want scary there's the political things going on.I haven't but did u try StarTrekGames
One of the FB posts mentions a Shatner 2.0 panel on Friday. Is this happening, or do they mean the Star Trek Panel on Saturday?
I hated it & everything about it the 1st time through. Then, after Star Trek Be…
No problem! It's nice to have my extensive Star Trek knowledge actually help lolol
Hope to see Sam compete in Star Wars again soon or even a Star Trek schmoedown
i hope all we do in TOK for the rest of the year is watch star trek: voyager
Famous & referenced lines that were never said:. "Beam me up Scotty." - Star Trek. "Lucy, you got some splainin' to do."…
Star Trek is the very definition of Fully Automated *** Space Communism
I've been watching episodes of Deep Space Nine, and you know what? Some of these episodes have the best writing of any Star Trek ever.
X-Men and Star Trek...that'll make a great cross-over!
If you read all the Star Trek books twice does that make you a nerd? Just askin for a friend.
.did you see this? I'm frankly surprised it's myth. Not to worry, though. It's still a cultural referent.
You look like a character from Star Trek 👍🏻
Meanwhile, I have Star Trek songs stuck in my head.
the movies too! cool. my star trek club had a 50 anniv movie marathon - but I couldn't go to every night. darn work.
Ha, people think Star Trek is good. Silly people
Best Star Trek show ever!! I need to see Captain Sisko back tho😭😭😭
How did I just realize that Sofia Boutella plays Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond?
Two old pieces. Will have new stuff to show from Transformers 5, Star Trek and mass effect soon.
Looks like we'll be seeing re-imagined Klingons in Well, they're different, but are they better?
man, the part of Star Trek Beyond when Spock is talking about old Spock
I'd love to see Trek do something like Star Wars did with The Clone Wars. Really…
watching DS9 Because I am a star trek nerd
is totally bringing back Detective Miller, Star Trek III: In Search of Spock style.
It just feels SO much like Star Trek and don't get me wrong, I quite like the other Kelvin films (0…
Leonard: character on Star Trek. Penny: Still don't get it. . Sheldon: It's a blindingly clever play on words By appropriating
It would appear this insular stupidity is contagious... Where's my Star Trek borderless future? .
Dammit, Jim check out this annotated script from “Bones” Deforest Kelley’s Star Trek script!.
ETs and Secret Space Program guys aren't going away. Why don't we just disclose everything and have a Star Trek gen…
Finished my rewatch of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The series holds up very well. Odo remains my favorite character.
Still watching the Deep Space Nine pilot. Is Dax a canonically trans Star Trek character or did I misunderstand her introduction?
How long has Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine been manager of Southampton?
I have just learned about the Deanna Troi cake episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. My life is forever altered. 🍰
Yeah but he's right, you WERE on Star Trek. You played Wesley Crusher, alongside Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Character actor James Gregory in the Star Trek episode "Dagger of the Mind." He also played Inspector Lugar on "Bar…
We're looking for a person who can be found in Vulcan, is the Victor Frankenstein of Star Trek, wears a blue tunic.
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