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Star Trek

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek Voyager Star Wars Jason Isaacs Next Gen Deanna Troi George Takei Avery Brooks Deep Space Nine Next Generation Jeri Ryan Michelle Yeoh Brent Spiner Tasha Yar Space Seed Captain Archer Star Trek Beyond Rainn Wilson

Star Trek: Discovery finds its Captain in Harry Potter alum Jason Isaacs
It would appear this insular stupidity is contagious... Where's my Star Trek borderless future? .
Finished my rewatch of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The series holds up very well. Odo remains my favorite character.
Still watching the Deep Space Nine pilot. Is Dax a canonically trans Star Trek character or did I misunderstand her introduction?
How long has Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine been manager of Southampton?
Character actor James Gregory in the Star Trek episode "Dagger of the Mind." He also played Inspector Lugar on "Bar…
We're looking for a person who can be found in Vulcan, is the Victor Frankenstein of Star Trek, wears a blue tunic.
F. Murray Abraham (of Star Trek: Insurrection) writes a letter to the NYT advocating on behalf of Syrian refugees:
Sure!!! my first Star Trek series was Voyager. Fun thing abt Star Trek is you can basically start from…
That episode of Star Trek: Voyager where the crew blow a hole in a nebula-sized creature and Neelix serves canapés on the bridge.
"I...I'm not used to talking. How does this work?". -Human!Enterprise from Star Trek. -4 years RP experience. -RTs appreci…
Quiz: Name these 'Star Trek' characters. I got 7 out of 11
The main reason I didn't like Star Trek: Enterprise was because it tried so very hard to gradually match...
And all the Star Trek fans when the USS Enterprise launches bombers
Star Trek star John Cho is on a trip, , but not on the USS Enterprise.probablyan LSD trip. "Celebrity Trump Disease"!
Can 1 up that. Didn't like Star Trek, then loved Enterprise. Liked things being new, not so established. Fe…
domain names
I'm trying to watch every episode of "Star Trek: Voyager", but it should really be called "Star Trek: Janeway Makes Bad Decisions."
'Star Trek''s Michael Dorn shares tales from the Enterprise “I took it upon myself to be as horrible as I could”…
Do people want a good Star Trek experience? Yes! Does it have to be Kirk and the Enterprise? No.
Can we just all agree that the Doctor from Voyager is the best Star Trek character of all time?
Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres from Star Trek: Voyager in uniform with hand on hip 8 x 10 photo..
Like in Symbiosis? Star Trek does do well with those kinds of episodes (even Enterprise). ..…
Now You Can 3D Print Every Version of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek via
1st gig, IIRC was on Star Trek: Voyager.
Star Trek: Bridge Crew previews the Original Enterprise in the latest trailer…
Some pictures from the new at Star Trek: Operation Enterprise a launched coaster f…
'Star Trek' warrior Michael Dorn shares tales from the Enterprise
I've read some Jack Williamson, bunch of Blish (Star Trek!), I think I've read Clement.
Star Trek: Voyager had one of the most satisfying series finales of all time. Time traveling Janeway, Borg Queen shenanigans. Loved it!
Voyager is the hole, sucking in my time and goodwill towards Star Trek and leaving me with nothing. Voyager…
Like my dream included stuff from the following shows: Castle, Star Trek: DS9 and Voyager, and Supernatural.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Seriously...why is there no Star Trek cartoon series? Set it post-Voyager and do weird stuff.
It's interesting just how different all the Star Trek series are. TOS is action packed, similar to DS9. TNG and Voyager seek out new life...
Listening to confirms my suspicion that Voyager is the beige wallpaper of Star Trek.
Pretty sure Voyager is the Star Trek with the most aliens that have *** foreheads.
It puts Ricardo Montalban's chest in Star Trek to shame.
Hmm. I'm gonna say Star Trek. Rewatching DS9 and Voyager has been a real pleasant surprise.
Pretty funny to see & on back-to-back episodes of Star Trek: Voyager.
Andy *** is in this episode of Star Trek: Voyager and he's just as flamboyant as ever ❤️
If you want to know why, watch the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Perfect Mate". You should anyway. Famke Janssen is in it.
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Star Trek: Voyager!
Hey if you have a PS4 they have a Star Trek Voyager avatar bundle for 6 bucks 4.50 if you're a ps+ member
Thor: Ragnarok trailer: tones of Gladiator, but I also see elements of Star Trek: Voyager episode "Tsunkatse"
Happy birthday Allan Kroeker, director of the series finales of and 38 Star Trek epis…
Last call for our podcast on the Star Trek: Voyager episodes “Phage & “The Cloud”. Listen now:…
Oh look, it is that time if day when reminds me that Voyager is the weirdest Star Trek series ever.
Jeri Ryan I think she's the most sexiest woman alive in Star Trek she played 7 of 9
I recommend re-watching 'Space Seed' and then reading 'Star Trek: To Reign In *** by Greg Cox pri…
had over to watch Star Trek the original series, episode Space Seed. Than watch Star Trek II the wrath of Khan
Hot Property: Opening the spigot: Actress Jeri Ryan of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame has sold her home in Encino for $…
"If this were an episode of Star Trek, Kirk would have learned an important lesson by now.” >
Here's the thing I've learned from all of my years of watching Star Trek: don't EVER *** off Beverly Crusher.
Happy 50th Birthday to one of the finest episodes of Star Trek - no, finest episodes of television, ever, The City…
I think Tom Hardy (Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis) would make a great Master. See him in Wuthering Heights.
There are people in this world who have seen Galaxy Quest without having seen orig Star Trek, & yet I still call them my friends.
Galaxy Quest is like the perfect blend of documentary & satire of Star Trek.
Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis close up with serious look 8 x 10..
'Star Trek: Voyager' star Jeri Ryan beams out of Encino with a home sale thanks to the help of !
I still need to see who's behind-the-scenes, but I'll be honest, I'm just excited for a BW lead for Star Trek, alon…
I’m probably going to sign up for the damned thing anyway because neither of us want to miss Michelle Yeoh as a Star Trek captain.
Two Star Trek goddess from two generation with Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi) from Star Trek: The Next...   10% Off
Still waiting to see who else is coming to the Phoenix Comicon before I buy a ticket. I would like to meet Q from Star Trek though...
Huge fan of yours George! Whether on Stern or Star Trek, or just standing up against bigotry. Did u wi…
Proud to announce a pending collaboration with David Gerrold on a Star Trek tie-in novel, "The Tribbles of Texas".
Big weekendlcoming up! My Star Trek club iv going to dress as Klingons and ambush some loser Civil War re-enactors.
But we have to. The world needs Star Trek to give people hope for the future.
I really need to watch Star Trek one of these days so I can remember the full saying XD
I saw the new star trek and literally started crying when I said I had an epiphany today,
oh man if only I could go! Also I had no clue Jason Isaacs is joining the Star Trek cast. Thanks for the info but I have to work 😢
Easily one of my Top 10 (if not Top 5) Star Trek characters, across all shows and movies.
Is this the same actress who was in star trek insurrection?
Hi America, the bizarre "wiretapping" & Russia probe just got stranger. Star Trek's running for Congre…
.amongst my oldest mutuals. so pure. a star trek INTELLECTUAL (unlike to rest of you uglies)
to those who care. . I prefer Star Trek.
George Takei to Produce Japanese Internment Graphic Novel: On the 75th anniversary, the 'Star Trek' actor will use……
Huge Star Trek fan, and this *** has ruined it for me. Selfish POS.
Breast Cancer Awareness
So like a holodeck. Sorry I'm thinking about everything through Star Trek now
Star trek taught me its ok to be weird growing up and i resent them for it
It is worth mentioning that the color of the digital remastered Star Trek TOS is beautiful
I just told that Rainn Wilson is going to be Harry Mudd in Star Trek Discovery and she just went 🤢
i'm sure somebody will fall for it hard enough to offer analysis about equal time and Star Trek reruns
It's ok, as long as I still have Star Trek.
Sitcom idea: Star Trek, but the ship computer is just a confused Siri constantly misunderstanding a captain with a speech impediment.
Uh, If you remember, the Klingons were POC and had arab names. Star Trek and, by association, this scumbag Takei are racist.
Gene Roddenberry was criticized for the optimism fundamentally part of Star Trek. Since then, our world has shown his vision to be possible.
Star Trek. I'm giving this print to a follower at 11pm. To enter;. - RT. - Follow me. Live long, and err...🖖
George Takei shouldn't be a senator because Star Trek gave the wrong message to kids (that it's ok to be different)
Is Star Trek actor George Takei really running for Congress? 'The cat's out of the bag'
Is Star Trek Actor George Takei Really Running for Congress? ‘The Cat’s Out of the Bag’
‘Star Trek’ actor George Takei plotting run for Congress: ‘The cat’s out of the bag’
Rainn Wilson is joining the new Star Trek, which is fine, but Michelle Yeoh is apparently *not* the captain, so my interest has plummeted.
TIL Star Trek 6 was to have the same general concept as the 2009 Star Trek reboot, but the original actors hated t…
I feel like Deanna Troi in the six or seven episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation where she loses her telepathic powers.
Picture of Star Trek actress Victoria Venti on the moon with Apollo 12 astronaut Pete Conrad, third man to walk...
Birthday Best Wishes (Mar 29) to Marina Sirtis Dr Markov on Stargate & Deanna Troi on Star Trek
the last two movies I watched in theaters were Star Trek (2009) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)
featured fan art be-thou-brave:. Star Trek posters by Richard Davies.
So, because I had the rep for being super naive and not knowing canon, I started a thread about Star Trek (2009)
50 years, and Star Trek is STILL relevant. Here's a tribute from sci fi icon David Gerrold.
And far beyond. People in UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's home country used to joke that he believed in "Star Trek planet."
triggered, Star Wars and Star Trek fully bang bruv, what are you on
In Star Wars the rebelion fights for free market, and in Star Trek the people work for a common good. I'm right?
While not without its issues, it feels more like a Star Trek adventure. As appose to the first series feeling like Star Wars.
Actress Terry Farrell is featured here, both as herself & as her character Jadzia Dax, from Star Trek "Trials & Tri…
Lucky to discuss Star Trek, Star Wars, Drew Struzan and movie posters with the talented
just like my parents made me watch Star Trek, my children will like game of thrones! Annual series watching at Christmas lol
In order to become a better actor, I'm studying Chekov. . [Fast forwards Star Trek episodes to only Walter Koenig's scenes]
Tried watching a Star Trek movie but it was just too stupid to finish. It's supposed to be the future but gender binary stil…
Consumers and companies will be like the alien race in Star Trek: Resistance will be futile.
lol you think I don't know who William is? Star Trek? Boston Legal? I mean wow it's so cool to be a millennial. Bab…
Thinking of a new Star Trek with Captain Archer maybe? STG.McDowell - great villain in a pap storyline
9 sci-fi novels to read while waiting for Star Wars and Star Trek
Anton Yelchin, who played Pavel Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek movies, was killed when his Jeep crushed him against a fenc…
I have a friend who claims he first realized he was *** when he saw him in Star Trek: Nemesis
Such a fun one to record! Certainly more fun than watching Star Trek: Nemesis.
Download the Star Trek 50 Exhibition app to bring the event to life!
Polite and friendly, yet firm reminder that Star Wars beat Star Trek way back in the 70's and 80's too, hun.
out-grosses latest Star Trek, X-Men and Bourne films, crosses $200 million mark at global box office. ht…
I added a video to a playlist Star Trek Saturday | Star Trek: Nemesis
The Shuttle Pod crew dives into what many call the worst Star Trek film ever made.
I am all about Star Trek swag, but this enormous print of Captain Archer's water polo ball is among the...oddest.…
I rewatched a Star Trek tribute and now I'm just?? Crying over everyone who isn't around anymore and I can't ??
did you know Vic Tayback was in one episode of Star Trek? He was a Chicago style gangster named Krako.
Vic Tayback in Star Trek. I'm just sorry I'm 30 mins late to this.
We just watched a few Star Trek Next Gen tonight on netflix. OMG... forgot how much I loved
My boyfriend/the man I've inexplicably chosen to love forever made a spreadsheet ranking every ep of Star Trek: Next Gen from 1 to 5 stars.
looks like it was shot on rejected Star Trek sets.
You wouldn't happen to have any Star Trek: Next Gen CMs in those tapes would yoU?
Just bought it! Speaks to my Star Trek: Next Gen love AND my politics.
PRESIDENT Uhuru should be 'beamed' to a big, BLACK HOLE. *see orig. 'Star Trek' + Albert Einstein. ❤️🇨🇦.
Jason Isaacs clambers aboard new Star Trek vehicle.
Excited for Sonequa Martin-Green and Jason Isaacs in the new Star Trek! 🙌🏻
Jason Isaacs to play captain on 'Star Trek: Discovery': Report
Star Trek: Discovery has cast Jason Isaacs as its captain. Brilliant!
Star Trek: Discovery finds its Captain with Jason Isaacs. Details here:
Jason Isaacs confirms his casting in Star Trek: Discovery via
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From Harry Potter to Star Trek. Jason Isaacs to play captain in new TV series.
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! How did I miss Jason Isaacs being cast as the new Star Trek captain!
Will Capt. Jason Isaacs recognise Star Trek: Discovery's Klingons? They're... different (and this might be why)…
Star Trek and Xmen are KEYS TO THE REAL PHYSICS OF LIFE, Next Gen SPECIFICALLY, will be a video on that
"If there's nothing wrong with me, then there must be something wrong with the universe!" -- Beverly Crusher, M.D. (Star Trek: The Next Gen)
I write Star Trek Next Gen fan fic in my robe with my dangle danglin like a worm on a hook
Star Trek the Next Gen was my first genre TV show. Still love Jon Luc Picard and he is the kind of captain I aspire to be.
They have Star Trek Next Gen on Netflix I'm lit
Jason Isaacs is going to play the captain in Star Trek- Discovery. The new Star Trek series. . One question, who's…
I need more people to talk Star Trek with! Especially Next Gen!. Who among you likes Star Trek?
Very important question: having finished Star Trek original series, should I watch the movies next or Next Gen?
11 things you never knew about Khan, the greatest 'Star Trek' villain
do the any of the Star Trek films featuring the Next Gen cast count? if so, ALL OF THEM.
Wednesday: a Next Gen story from me, and in Star Trek: Waypoint The art and letterin…
have you ever seen Star Trek Next Gen?
Star Trek: Next Gen just always seems to put me in a good mood
Went as pregnant Major Kira from Star Trek Deep Space Nine for Emerald City Comic Con!
Just saw this on Amazon: Armageddon's Arrow (Star Trek: The Next Gen... by Dayton Ward for $6.99 via
"Star Trek lowkey better than Star Wars" - David Garza 2017
Wait, are we mixing Star Trek into this or the Yogscast with Triforce since they always bring up Deanna Troi
Call it heresy, but I'd put this show at behind Next Gen as best Star Trek show. — watching Star Trek: Voyager
U sleeping on Wesley from Star Trek Next Gen smh
Is there any way to get Adam Reed and to collaborate on a new Archer-style Star Trek series?
Apparently in Star Trek it is normal to have arch enemies turn into allies after a single peace treaty. Sounds like vass…
"Computer" is the standard "wake word" on Star Trek. Now you can use it with an Echo:
But u forget she was the bartender:😂 Star Trek: Next Gen. that the Captain went to! 😆
Oh yeah! That's right. A crazy new Star Trek game is hitting your PS VR this year.
That inner sense of the tragedy of life for so many while Ne keeps looking forward? Deanna Troi of Star Trek has that look
Just remember, anything you might possibly say has already been taken down to be used as evidence against you. (Star Trek, Next Gen.)
My kids just discovered Star Trek on Netflix...they are addicted! 😍Won't watch Next Gen. BC's "It doesn't have Capt. Kirk"!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
They need to make a movie with the Voyager cast like did Next Gen. & the original Star Trek .
For the record I like both but I prefer Star Trek. My ranking is: Trek, Gate, Wars, -sky & Hutch.
Pretty cool: On YouTube TV search, you can type something like “geeks” and get relevant shows like Superbad, Star Trek, Big…
this is, hands down. My favorite Star Trek. I've got love for the OG... but Next Gen is my heart!!! Riker was my love. 😍lol
Just a voice - "Excuse me, Mrs Johnson? Nancy Johnson?" - and excited Star Trek fans everywhere go "THAT'S
Does everyone remember that the staff from 'The West Wing' died on 'Star Trek: Voyager' ?
You're a young pup. A lot of us got to see the greatest Star Trek movie of them all at the theater! "KHAN!"
Wait... seeing Star Trek movies in the theater makes people "old" now??
a Star Trek fan interrupted James Mangold's bittersweet salute to Hugh Jackman at the more:
lmao I really just can't deal with all this drama right now yall so extra I'm going to watch Star Trek
So far, this morning, I have inadvertently made people mad with a lame weather joke (sorry) AND a pantsless Star Trek man.…
NASA I love you but please consult the Star Wars/Star Trek people for space names
I've just watched episode S05E13 of Star Trek: The Next...!
Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek, no questions asked. Go and support or you'll be invaded by Cardassians.
Decided to rewatch Star Trek: Enterprise. It's the only one I haven't seen a ton of. I already feel like I hate it less?
Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money: documents - Once a cash cow, the Royal Canadian Mint is struggling...
And what? No one asked them about Star Trek 4?!!! 🤔😬 (
"Unity is not your strength. It is your weakness.". (Star Trek Beyond, 2016)
Star Trek's on Rod Serling: "It was a joy to watch him work. I found him to be a true gentleman." More: h…
Hello, Can YOU believe it. Even in Star Trek they take "selfies". Now how does she do that peace sign ??? Regards P…
Arm the photon torpedoes and crack open the official Star Trek beer
I have been drawing all day. I'm so proud of myself. A sketch WIP and Star Trek comic page 3 done.
20) Star Trek: Bee on the Bridge - tense RPG where you play Picard & must stop the bridge crew totally losing it because…
America, all those series storylines where you featured Nazis (Lois & Clark, Star Trek, Man in the high castle) - i…
🌱 Star Trek Vs. Star Wars: Which movie was better in technology? 👻
Listen get your parents to enroll you in a proper madrasah. You turned this deen into Star Trek Voyager 😭
Watching Voyager. Surprised to see running around as a drunk ambassador! Wish there were more of th…
I didn't order the new Star Trek series episodes in Poland via Netflix.
Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money: documents
Our friend does an interview about the upcoming While it looks like the show... https:…
Bill aside of the marvelous Star Trek movies and series you've done, I really enjoy the Denny Crane character you portray.
Jeri Ryan at the Star Trek 50th Anniversary at Comic-Con International in San Diego
Star Wars episode 7. Any new Star Trek. Guardians of the galaxy, Drive, John Wick 1-2
.I think you meant Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: TNG played by Levar Burton(Incl.…
I have a massive gap where it wasn't for Karl Urban's McCoy, I wouldn't bother with these new Star Trek films at all.
Taken at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. 8/2/14?
Don't forget Saturday 2/25 @ 7:30 is our galaxy-themed concert! Star Wars, Star Trek and more! Best of all, kids 18 and under FREE!
Obviously someone slipped an episode of the original Star Trek into your optical path. Season 2, I think.
Siri on CarPlay is like having the computer from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" installed in your dashboard.
I got to serve Zachary Quinto from American Horror Story, Star Trek or Heroes ANDDD international model Miles McMillan 😩😍 http…
Far Beyond the Stars is one of the most amazing eps in Star Trek - Avery Brooks' performance is exceptional
love you in Star Trek as Bones your are great 👍❤😙👀
Check out this clip of Star Trek: Brent Spiner as Riker?
So can we just stop with the new Star Trek reboot. I want Cirroc Lofton and Avery Brooks back; I need REAL closure to DS9!
I am enjoying him slowly turning into F. Murray Abraham's character in that Star Trek: TNG movie.
Ace Pek: more work on Orbit Trail, my Star Trek game, added sick bay and 10 forward preempt on
My favorite Star Trek captain is Benjamin sisko, played by Avery Brooks ( ).
lures Star Trek fans to her underground sugar pits for ice cream and pineapple pizza.
Really, there should have been a Star Trek episode that was just Brent Spiner as each character.
Star Trek: Beyond was worst of the new trilogy, Goosebumps was a tonne of fun, dug Hardcore Henry & Hail Caesar inconsistent but enjoyable.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is over, which means I get to post my favorite Avery Brooks clip one last time.
anyone from Star Trek possibly this year for Oz comic con Adelaide ?
Can't wait for the Star Trek reboot where Khan hijacks the USS Chester A. Arthur.
I'm under attack from a comic who tells rape jokes, Sulu from Star Trek & an author who writes about wizards. What a morni…
Like the cast of Star Trek and Holby City...^^
Posted by: TechCrunch 455 Films is crowdfunding a new documentary about 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' …
It would be on my favs list. Takes place, essentially, in one room. Written by a guy who wrote 4 Star Trek eps...
The US is going to fast track to a Star Trek utopia after these 4 years are over.
Star Trek series 1 episode 4. Kirk quote "nobody here, but us chickens" I'm currently creased up & I don't know why 😂😂😂😂
Watched the 4 TNG Star Trek films. Still love First Contact, Generations was still so-so. Insurrection was weird and Nemsis was too angry.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Best movie villain:. -as krall in Star Trek into darkness. -Colin Farrell as Graves in . -as Vader
Star Trek has sonic showers. I thought it was to not waste water. But Tuvok has running water in his quarters.
In 1993, Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space, appeared as Lieutenant Palmer on Star Trek: TNG.
Yep, been saying this too! Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate- remember folks, it's all science fiction. The universe-…
definitely a hot mess, also a nice version of Montgomery Scott in reboot of Star Trek.
Space collectables including Star Wars, Star Trek and Dan Dare in our auction now! Register & Bid!
Tasha Yar. The Cliff Burton of Star Trek. Don't bring any of that distasteful "It should have been Worf" crap but w…
Y'all are both dumb. Veronica Mars was in Star Trek: TNG
and i think the show could be better if that happens..just look at Star Trek:Voyager..1st female captain
Check out the first teaser trailer for here -
Artwork of as Tasha Yar from my artwork on the upcoming Star Trek 50th…
Hey Bay Area Star Trek Fans! Join for 50 Years of Star Trek Art this Fri It's only $5…
Trek to AHL All-Star Classic, no matter the city, annual ritual for couple from Quebec City
I heard of it before because I watched Star Trek!
You will never come up against a greater adversary than your own potential. - Star Trek: TNG
It is based on the greatest TV shows and movies of all time :) Star Trek.
I found this community - Star Trek. It's worth checking out.
Happy Book me! My new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel HEADLONG FLIGHT is now officially on sale! . https:…
would it help if I demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek? What if I live in DC?
You ruined Star Trek with you mouth Takei--take a hike.
Follow to the jagged and otherworldly Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce
The bathos of watching sink like this is a bit like Kirk dying when a gantry fell on him in Star Trek: Generations.
When you're debating in parliament at 6, but at the Star Trek convention at 7 😜😂
Star Trek's only female captain speaks out on motherhood and work-life balance via
Remembering when I spent a lot of time stuck on wanting to do a Star Trek comic with somewhat abstract celestial-li…
We've never needed Star Trek more than we do right now.
.reminds me of Neelix from Star Trek Voyager
silly question but where has Star Trek Nemesis gone started watching a while ago and now it is gone? Other Trek is there though?
Wasn't it a Gorsuch that Kirk fought in Star Trek?
7/ I want to get to the Star Trek future, where the aquisition of wealth isn't our primary goal - and we can pursue our re…
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Love Star Trek, but annoying how linear aliens are, Klingon fighters, Romulans militaristic. EVERYONE should have two sides!
I've decided I need a greater web presence, so I'm going to start a Star Trek themed cooking blog: Worf it Down.
"We believe everything in the universe has the right to exist". Star Trek TNG. The GOP could learn a thing or 10 from it…
Look at this cheeseball, getting ready to record about Star Trek IV 🖖 with -…
Scooter is doing a Star Trek TNG recap series right now, and it is nerdily soothing. So, so soothing.
I get that globalization changed a lot, but that's not a box we get to close. Let's make this the awkward transition to a Star Trek future.
Production has begun on the next chapter. is coming to CBS All Access.
Thank you, for programming Star Trek NG & Voyager in the afternoons. Federation ideology is so soothing.
Join Us for 50 Years of Star Trek Art / Opening this weekend, the Chabot Space and Science Cent
is there any doubt our future in space would be more Total Recall than Star Trek anyway?
The nazi episode of star trek is on TV i die
Hey everyone, check out my Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds Review via
Some music then some films. Star Trek Beyond and X-Men II, and whatever else.
7 things to know about the 1st African-American woman to lead a 'Star Trek' cast : https:/…
Join us at for 50 Years of Star Trek Art! We'll be there this weekend, and giving a talk on the 18th!. http…
Production on 'Star Trek: Discovery' is finally underway
The amazing "Necessary Evil" makes my list of top 5 season 2 episodes over at
I won the Resistance is Futile achievement in Star Trek Online for 50 pts
Somewhere inbetween Animal Farm, Star Trek, and Homer's Odyssey for the Trump age.
first step in Star Trek tranporter technology?
'to compare the monkees to the Beatles is like comparing Star Trek to nasa' Micky Dolenz
We've just started work on the technology to power a Star Trek-style replicator
Downside, my self tanning mousse expired in 2006 & appears to be green. Upside, I would be an instant hit at a Star Trek co…
Looks like another local basketball game so no animated Star Trek for me. :( Going to watch Agatha Raisin on PBS until then.
The author of Logan's Run, Ocean's 11 and Star Trek has died aged 86.
Please please please please please get Cynthia Rothrock to guest star in an episode of the new Star Trek series.
• OUT NOW! Do u like Star Wars, Star Trek, B5, SG-1 ? "Then check out this epic SciFi bookseries now!"…
Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR, these all provide us with the imagination and resourc…
Testing a Poundland TV aerial, and…. *** is Star Trek on The Horror Channel?
Horror Channel to Become the New Exclusive UK TV Home of the Re-Mastered "Star Trek: The Original Series" .
Seen the doctor.Back to work a week on Monday*climbs back into bed* Just got time to finish my Star Trek marathon
The ferry terminal shop that used to always run CNN now runs BBC America. I'm waiting for the ferry to a Star Trek episode.
Jonathan Frakes as William Riker in Star Trek: First Contact close up 8 x 10 photo by Jonathan..
. FLASHINGBACK to an original Star Trek episode "I, Mudd" ;)
liars and obfuscators are what makes up his team. Eventually they will self destruct. Reads like a star trek script Aron
Betty is still trying to get Bill Shatner to sign onto her own installment of Star Trek: The Previous Generation
Poll Says Your Favorite Trek Uniform Was... - Everyone has his or favorite Star Trek uniforms, so we knew when ...
Riverdale, The Punisher, Star Trek: Discovery... The original series not to miss from Netflix…
But there are many alternate universes on Star Trek!
“The Voyager episode ‘Threshold’ is the highest rated and most popular episode in the Star Trek franchise. Period.” https:…
Love this this essay about the deeper political positions of Star Wars versus Star Trek by
I think it is, mostly because of the effort to work in a ton of other Star Trek references into the format (Ceti eels, etc.)
6 tv series. 13 movies. An expanded universe in comics, novels & games. . But Star Trek is never mentioned in this t…
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