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Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek into Darkness is an upcoming American science fiction film directed by J. J. Abrams, written by Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci, and produced by Abrams, Kurtzman, Lindelof, Orci and Bryan Burk.

Star Trek Captain Kirk Benedict Cumberbatch Peter Weller Chris Pine Michael Giacchino Carol Marcus Alice Eve Christoph Waltz

StarTrek channel is great but how come it's missing Star Trek : Into Darkness
Rewatching Star Trek Into Darkness for the bazillionth time. Still can't believe Anton Yelchin is gone.
Steve Coogan should've played Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. I'm serious.
Question: at the end of Star Trek into Darkness - Kirk welcomed Carol Marcus to the Enterprise as they set off on the 5 years mission+
I'm giving away something for you on ❤️ Star Trek Into Darkness ❤️ iTunes digi. Get it here -
*flashback to Star Trek Into Darkness hype was happening and Tumblr kept freaking out over the shower scene that got cut*
I'm hoping for something a little like Star Trek Into Darkness, like "Fast and Furious Ven9eance"
The teaser trailer for The Last Jedi syncs up too perfectly with the teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness.
.So i can watch Star Trek & beyond but if i want to watch 'into darkness' i have to pay AGAIN . Y do i pay 4 sky cinema . RIP OFF
which shot of the Klingon sequence did you direct in Star Trek Into Darkness?
The Last Jedi meets Into Darkness, via movie trailer sync-up. .
The Last Jedi + Star Trek Into Darkness. Are trailer guys just using a checklist at this point?
Well, it can't be anymore disappointing than Star Trek Into Darkness. It came out exactly on my birthday…
I love how my birthday week always has a movie. Star Trek Into Darkness, Godzilla, Mad Max, The Nice Guys, and now…
Star Trek Into Darkness is now on sale for $20.49 at Amazon. Product page:
It just feels SO much like Star Trek and don't get me wrong, I quite like the other Kelvin films (0…
Turns out Peter Weller's plan in Star Trek Into Darkness wa…
Star Trek Into Darkness with Peter Weller in the house
Do gratuitous and unnecessary skin shots count? Thinking particularly of Alice Eve in Star Trek Into Darkness.
'Star Trek Into Darkness' isn't that 'Star Trek' is going to be no ...
Played Guild Wars 2 PC, Star Trek Into Darkness on Netflix is reminding me why GI Joe.
funny enough around when Star Trek Into Darkness came out and Star Wars 7 was gearing.
Heck watch it. It's fantastic. Start from Star Trek (2009), then Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond.
Lovely work by Yanick Dusseault from the USA!
Star Trek Into Darkness is a morality play about the Iraq War disguised as a sexy remake of a movie sequel of a 1960s sci-fi show.
'Star Trek Beyond' Star Chris Pine on the change and natural progression on and off-screen
I've slated the Star Trek reboot in the past (Into Darkness is a war crime) but the Motion Picture style poster for the new film is awesome
Star Trek: Into Darkness and Mockingjay Part 2 both suffer from the "jk, this isn't the end" disease.
Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Prologue, watch before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Screenings ONLY at IMAX Gandaria ht…
Star Trek: Into Darkness but leave the hall light on
ur kidding right? only thing good there is agents of shield! they took down DW, Avengers, & Star Trek into darkness
How can you watch Star Trek into the darkness and not ship Spock/Kirk
Thinking about Star Trek and its oft-maligned sequel INTO DARKNESS
Rodenberry put diversity in 60s StarTrek but 21st century "Into Darkness"cast Brit as Khan. One of its many flaws.
reminded me of that fancy planet at the beginning of -Star Trek Into Darkness- :)
I had little patience for the "remix" concept after JJ Abrams already did it (unsuccessfully, IMO) with Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek: Beyond looks like it'll be a good film. Makes me want to go and watch Into Darkness again.
Still 1 to go on my Star Trek marathon, but I can safely conclude that those who called Into Darkness the worst Trek movie are clearly wrong
I counter your Star Trek Into Darkness with a Star Trek Into Space Rainbow with +10 Saturation Beams!
I hope Star Trek Beyond is good I really didn't like Into Darkness
for how much universal hate on sites like io9 for Star Trek Into Darkness it still has 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and 85% 4 or 5 stars on Amazon
I'm right there with you! The 2009 film got me into Star Trek and Into Darkness was pretty good too.
Watching Star Trek Into Darkness. Sherlock just promised to save Mickey Smith's daughter.
Opening scene to Star Trek Into Darkness tells you VOLUMES about how Captain Kirk was reckless with his 'cowboy diplomacy' as Janeway said.
Is it just me, or does Star Trek Into Darkness need no apologies?
Maybe not Duncan Jones or Neill Blomkamp better, but he's getting there. He's definitely progressed since Star Trek Into Darkness.
The first 20 seconds of this were the best 20 seconds of 2013 for me Star Trek Into Darkness - Spock Talks to Spock
Benedict Cumberbatch recorded his screen test for Star Trek Into Darkness at his friend’s kitchen using an iPhone.
Oh god why are we still watching Star Trek Into Darkness right now...?
Picture, for a moment, a universe where Naveen Andrews (Sayid from LOST) was cast instead of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness
at least Damon Lindelof went on to do great things like Prometheus and Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness...Michael Giacchino) [LP] is now on sale for $18.57 at Amazon. Product page:
"Kurtzman was also a co-writer and producer on 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness." DANGER WILL ROBINSON!
Bruce Greenwood (Cpt. Christopher Pike in Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness) is coming to FedCon 25. Yeah!
that being said the last movie I saw was Star Trek Into Darkness. And that was 2 or 3 years ago
It's actually just Iron Man, Star Trek Into Darkness and Ps of the C mixed together. But yeah, thanks~
Just watched Star Trek Into Darkness...again. I almost positive that I'm in the minority's when I say…
Also very close to the opening plot of Star Trek: Into Darkness
Hi were you in Star Trek Into Darkness as the unnamed Klingon as the following article says?
Star Trek into best buy slipcover slip no ultraviol, LINK:.
I still feel Star Trek Into Darkness didn't turn up as per what i expected.
Let's reboot "Star Trek Into Darkness" as an intuitive musical miniseries starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jason Bateman
Watching Star Trek Into Darkness in full Dolby TrueHD 7.1 and Abrams musical score has me like:
So, like, Khan is the GOOD guy in Star Trek: Into Darkness, yeah?
Star Trek into the Ghost and the Darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness is going off of Netflix at the end of this month and I just can't handle that 😭😭
The ending of Star Trek: Into Darkness has always bothered me. (Massive spoilers, obviously)
"I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I only know what I can do." ~~ James T. Kirk - Star Trek: Into Darkness http:/…
i LOVE Star Trek but i just cannae finish into darkness. third attempt just now...
Husband watching Star Trek: Into Darkness. A different sort of tragedy.
the Allegiant trailer felt like Star Trek Into Darkness but im not even mad its LIT
$ntek Star Trek into darkness loaded onto ultraflix
I still have a migraine and have just finished writing a massive email. — watching Star Trek: Into Darkness
movie director and Doctor Who and Star Trek: Into Darkness star .does comics this December with...
Can someone re-dub Star Trek Into Darkness so that "Khan" and "Carol Marcus" are replaced with "Gary Mitchell" and "Elizabeth Dehner?"
5 of 5 stars to Star Trek Into Darkness by Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Into Darkness is where the filmmakers were so committed to the "mystery box" they cast a white guy as Khan to hide him.
Did you know Dermot Mulroney has played cello with the scoring orchestras on Mission: Impossible III & Star Trek Into Darkness?
Alas, not when I'm there... do you do private screenings of Star Trek Into Darkness too? :P
I need to hack into the worlds communications and broadcast Star Trek Into Darkness world wide to bring back muses.
Star Trek Into Darkness, for like the zillionth time. Because i'm worth it.
Star Trek Into Darkness isn't a hangover cure...its why people start drinking 😆
This is from the Star Trek Into Darkness movie. Part of the ground looks like the Giant's Causeway in Ireland.
Join the hunt with Captain James Tiberius Kirk and capture a one-man WMD in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' at 1pm.
Star Trek Into Darkness was a good movie. Cumberbatch was good. RIP Leonard Nimoy.
Nerding Out With Star Wars: Armada: One major weakness of Star Trek Into Darkness was how the Enterprise became…
Who is the best movie villain? — - John Harrison a.k.a. Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. - Cho Hyun Min in Phantom
Tell a lie, Star Trek Into Darkness. And that was more an exasperated disappointment than a really good rage.
I am so going to see it in IMAX! . Last movie I saw in the IMAX was Star Trek Into Darkness. So it is time to return.
Alice Eve had a very nice spice in Star Trek Into Darkness
2 frame tease for Star Trek Into Darkness is still the high watermark.
the smell of fresh pizza makes the thought of Star Trek Into Darkness a distant memory.
Is there a promo code for Star Trek Into Darkness? Had SO MUCH fun last year. But it is expensive :(
Until now I watched Star Trek Into Darkness n/n so good!
I liked a video from Star Trek Into Darkness - Enterprise Rises From Watery Slumber
I added a video to a playlist My reaction to Star Trek Into Darkness
Bill Hader was the voice of the villain's starship computer in "Star Trek Into Darkness".
sitting there watching Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) at
Rewatching Star Trek Into Darkness, & the Tribble cameo is still one of my favourite parts. Clearly JJ Abrams accepted the
Watched Star Trek Into Darkness & now The Raid 2. Bank Holiday Hangday. Has been a good couple of days.
Easter TV is like Christmas TV, some of the best movies! 2 times in the last 2 days watched Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness on ProSieben!
And Imdb top 250 movies I must disagree that Star Trek Into Darkness is better than the Exorcist and Jurassic Park
Watched an hr of Star Trek Into amt of aqua blue eyes, nor scenes of the 'Batch as a badass could keep m…
I really enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness. It was one of my favorite films of 2013 so I'm glad to hear Star Trek 3 is moving along nicely!
Star Trek Into Darkness is such a good movie.
Hobbit 3 I think gets this year's Star Trek Into Darkness slot - the successful genre film that no genre fan liked.
pretty much. Actually just watch Star Trek Into Darkness.
1. He directed Star Trek Into Darkness 2. He never created anything as endearing as Original Trilogy
So this is like Star Trek Into Darkness where they were able to interact with a 3D rendering of a past event
Really liked Star Trek Into Darkness. Even accepted a genetically modified Cumberbatch might be able to match Pine in a fist-fight.
They must have Star Trek Into Darkness's miracle super blood. Oh hey, and Sheriff guy is dead. Yep.
Starting the morning off with Star Trek Into Darkness, a breakfast sandwich, yogurt with granola, and vanilla almond milk. 🙌😎
Day off to catch up on chores. So far have watched Star Trek Into Darkness.
Star Trek Into Darkness: Enterprise rising from the ocean .
Star Trek. I miss this show! - Win Star Trek Into Darkness Bluray and Phaser Replica from MRR: https
Star Trek into the darkness- aka the movie with the saddest character death since bridge to terabithia
Watching Star Trek Into Darkness is probably the most My Family thing to be doing rn.
Watching Star Trek into darkness just bc I wanna see more Chris Pine
yea I did and I have been back now and now I'm watching Star Trek into darkness
Star Trek night, Into Darkness in 3D,Live Long and Prosper everyone
We put on Star Trek Into Darkness because my mom wanted to see more of Chris Pine. But who doesn't want to see more Chris Pine?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Can't decide on anything to watch so I just put on Star Trek: Into Darkness. Helo Chris Pine.
Wait, can you use GooglePlay cards for Youtube rentals? I wanna rent Star Trek: Into Darkness.
Why did I think rewatching Star Trek Into Darkness at 2:30 am was a good idea?
Watching Star Trek: Into the Darkness never gets old.
Ahh NowTV still has Star Trek into Darkness on, yes! My night sorted 👌
Star Trek Into Darkness and pecan pie. Great way to end festivities today
Watching Star Trek into darkness . Check this shot out!!! Had no idea it was so camp!
Adored 'Guilt Trip' with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogan. Now on with 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.
I fell asleep, is Star Trek Into The Darkness worth a second attempt at viewing, I don't know whether it was a bad film or a food overdose
Snuggle with D2, glass of Port & Star Trek Into Darkness on the box. What an ending to Xmas day!
Came back to my dad watching Star Trek: Into Darkness aka more Chris Pine HURRAY
Finally watching Star Trek: Into Darkness and I'm 100% in love with Benedict Cumberbatch.
I'm rewatching Star Trek (remake+Into Darkness); Parents are seeing it for the 1st time. Mom likes it, Dad says, too formulaic.
Only 5 minutes into Star Trek Into Darkness and I'm already incredibly annoyed.
Ashwin bought me a signed Star Trek into Darkness poster. Excuse me while I go cry.
Wow! I just won this for free, Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray and DVD combo pack
Star Trek Into Darkness is my Christmas movie this year.
Would it be inappropriate to watch Star Trek Into Darkness on Christmas Day?
Star Trek into darkness quality film
And apparently my parents ordered Star Trek into darkness but it's not here yet. :) but yeah pretty good Christmas :)
Star Trek : into darkness, dawn of planet of the apes...although i watched this movies a bit late but i have to say that i love them 😍😍
didn't like into darkness but this is the only Star Trek movie I've never seen but always wanted to
love that movie. Both that and Into Darkness are in my top 10 Star Trek movies
Watching Star Trek Into Darkness. Was way better with a live orchestra.
It's fun when soundtracks sync up with life. Just got on the train to London Calling from Star Trek Into Darkness. Felt important.
Ended up cleaning the house really quick. Now to begin being lazy by watching Star Trek Into Darkness, love Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.
If only Kim Jong-un had taken offense at Star Trek Into Darkness.
So Here is this Weeks biggest news and there Quite a bit of it indeed And to this is the Biggest this week it was only yesterday that Sam Mendes started to begin production on his followup to Skyfall. but Also casting rumors ahead of the film’s official cast unveiling. Yesterday morning, EON Productions, MGMStudios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment formally confirmed the cast for the film, which is titled… Spectre. SPECTRE, for those rusty on their 007 trivia, is an acronym for Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, and is an apolitical worldwide terrorist organization led by iconic Bond supervillain, Ernst Blofeld; it was introduced onscreen in the first Bond movie, Dr. No, in 1962. However, it seems the rumor that Christoph Waltz is playing Blofeld in Spectre may not be accurate, as his character in the movie is identified as Oberhauser… though, we could easily have another John Harrison/Star Trek Into Darkness situation on our hands (especially since Blofeld ...
I think brand recognition is disgusting exercise that produces garbage relying on past glories to sell schlok like Star Trek into darkness.
I'm eating lucky charms and I'm watching Star Trek into darkness I'm starting break off right
reminder that in Star Trek Into Darkness Spock is directly responsible for Khan crashing the ship into San Francisco
"There will always be those who wish to do us evil. To stop them, we risk awakening the same evil in ourselves." -Star Trek: Into Darkness
Photoset: tonystarking: Starfleet uniforms in Star Trek Into Darkness (inspired by x)
Should be sleeping but watching Star Trek into darkness instead!
I'm in the mood to watch Star Trek into darkness
do I wanna watch Star Trek into darkness
jacket for lovers Saldana as Uhura get this in reasonable price.
Most people know Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock and/or Star Trek: Into Darkness or from his inability to...
I'm giving away: Star Trek Into Darkness Ultraviolet UV. Check it out -
Yep. Star Trek Into Darkness was just as good as the first. And now... Goodnight.
Star Trek Into Darkness was pure crap. Did everything I feared they were going to do and more.
I watched Star Trek into darkness yesterday and I'm convinced that Captain Kirk and Spock are in love
Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan cause Khan is the greatest villain of all time!
GO and Click link movie ☛ to Watch Star Trek Into Darkness...
Hope the Bond producers aren't pulling a "Star Trek Into Darkness/Khan" head game with Christoph Waltz. If he's playing Blofeld,just say it!
I could be down for Star Trek Into Darkness and a cuddle monster.
Watched Star Trek Into Darkness again last week to make sure it was as good as I remember. Still one of the better overall Star Trek films.
If you think my thoughts on Star Wars are interesting, let me share with you my binder full of thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness.
Star Trek into darkness makes me cry like a baby. 😿
Star Trek Into Darkness is literally the best
I'm down if it's anything like 2009 Star Trek, but Into Darkness is a train wreck
Anyone remember JJ Abrams 2-second tease from Star Trek Into Darkness? It was literally 3 frames from the movie- Spock in the volcano.
Watching Star Trek Into Darkness. Flying cars & fancy laser weapons, but the bars still just play traditional blues music.
The trailer is just setting us up for some Star Trek Into The Darkness style disappointment.
Rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness this morning... ... and thought, "Oh, dear."
I went to Star Trek into Darkness (that was my 1st), Guardians of the Galaxy and The Imitation Game, I also did the TV BAFTAS
I'm listening to Michael Giacchino's new "Star Trek Into Darkness" Deluxe Edition soundtrack. It has more than 50 tracks of music, including the original "Star Trek" theme and end credits score, which were not included on the original soundtrack album. But the original soundtrack included the dance club music from the movie, which this Deluxe Edition doesn't. (I guess double-dipping worked so well for DVD releases, they decided to try it with soundtrack albums as well.)
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