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Star Fox

is a video game series developed and published by Nintendo. The original game was a forward-scrolling 3D Sci-Fi rail shooter.

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tfw Metroid fans get two new games that they want while Star Fox fans got a new game that didn't live up to expectatio…
Your avi change makes me think about what I like about Dallas Braden, which is that his hair makes him look like a Star Fox boss.
Looking for arcade flight combat like Star Fox and Rogue Squadron? Check out Nightstar: Rogue Wings…
Wow, this Star Fox homebrew is pretty neat. Surprised they got it working on a Sega Mega Drive!
Star Fox could be Getting a New Title for the Nintendo Switch, Eventually •••
tbh I missed the Star Fox train so for me it's Lola Bunny and also Minerva Mink from Animaniacs
ing in the order of Melee's adventure mode for now. Star Fox > Pokemon > F-Zero > Mother > Retro > Fire Emblem > Kid Icarus
I feel like a better way to do Star Fox Zero would've been to just have it literally be the next generation of Star Fox. A whole new team
All need to do is make a Star Fox game with 64 controls/physics/multi with more levels, graphics & save s…
They did, it's called Star Fox: Assault, but noone liked or cared for it and asked for a game like 64. And you got it. Go figure
The next Star Fox shouldn't be another 64 remake. That's a good way to make the SF Franchise more popular, Miyamoto
Star Fox needs its "Metroid Prime" or "Super Mario 64" moment, the games have been monotonous for the most part since 64.
Everyone: We want Star Fox to *play* like 64. Miyamoto: What? You want a game exactly like 64 in every way but control? Got it!
Given the current gaming climate, particularly with Nintendo, we may just get a Star Fox 64 Remastered, sadly.
I'm not saying it's guaranteed, but Star Fox being more like BAYONETTA IN SPACE than Star Fox 64 With Chicken Robot might help sales
Miyamoto: “Star Fox is not that popular, but why???“. Everyone: “Because we don't want ANOTHER Star Fox 64
first time i saw a 64 was for Christmas i got Mario 64 and star fox i cried i was good all year and deserved it lol
Music. Sacrifice. Destiny. Watch the special premiere of December 14th on FOX!
That's the problem with Fox News swallowers. Faced with facts, they immediately find a way of attacking the messenger.
I liked a video from Youtube's Making Some Questionable Changes
Here’s what the Falco amiibo does in Star Fox Zero...
Love your book. Your presence at Fox is needed. You're a star because you challenge both sides and don't kowtow to politicos.
This guy lol You enjoying that Remaster of a Remake of a Remake Star Fox game? xD
Fox 2000 acquires "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" with to star…
Pokemon Sun/Moon, Planet Robobot, Star Fox Zero aka the only games that came out this year for me lol
Twilight Princess HD. Yoshi's Woolly World. Star Fox Zero. This is my entire new retail Wii U releases this year. Wii U is definitely dead.
MLB on FOX- All Star Game "Rafters"and now the absolute and very best MLB ad ever
MLB on FOX- All Star Game "Magnet"2nd best and most artistic MLB commercial
The added element did nothing to improve the All-Star Game's ratings on Fox.
Tune in for duty when Star Fox Zero. 59pm PT 3/10/16 Sponsor is Nintendo.
star joins back in the FOX Lounge to answer life’s biggest questions. 😉
I liked a video from Where I Have Been... Channel Update
today my co-worker and i got talking about childhood fictional crushes after i mentioned the lil me had a crush on Falco from Star Fox
I always played Star Fox when I was young
We're excited to have guest star tonight on a new episode of See you at 9/8c on FOX.
Falco joined The Legend of Zelda after he found out Donald Trump was Slippy's uncle in Star Fox Guard
Falco has hit some tough times since Star Fox
The years after he left the Star Fox crew were not kind to him
Megyn Kelly being pursued by CNN for primetime spot. .youll fit right in you HILLARY LOVER
on the flip side, Bayonetta 2 is like in my top ten games of all time. Star Fox really put me off them.
After beating Star Fox 64, Jon immediatly called up his girlfriend and demanded she come over there for some dirty Star Fox'in.
PB'd in Star Fox 64 Blue line 27:41 time to begin my first redline attempts over at
(7/21) Do a barrel roll! Making up for yesterday’s no show are nine new Star Fox catchers. htt…
Uniqlo doing a Nintendo T-Shirt design contest and Star Fox is one of the series can do a design for.
Watch: Zelda 1&2, Star Fox, Metroid, Zelda 3, F ZERO, Fire Emblem, Smash Brothers team up film where we introduce-get this-Kirby.
I liked a video from Star Fox's Legs Weren't Cut Off - 5 Facts & Busted Myths from
F-Zero, Pikmin, Star Fox, and even Fire Emblem would make better movies than Legend of Zelda imo.
I'm assuming stuff like Fire Emblem and Star Fox may be their first attempts. Games with a decently fleshed out world to them.
What if Sly Cooper's "Future" was the Star Fox universe & somewhere in the galaxy the descendants of the Sly team are Space Robin Hood.
I liked a video from Star Fox: Zero Episode 6 Shortcut to Venom
Not just Kirby, but Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and lest we forget the biggest of all, Pokémon! A Star Fox series is overdue!
Florida, Aqualiss, Mecheye, Halfmoon. I thought this was an obscure Star Fox reference but they're from Kirby Super Star!
Nintendo is streaming a Star Fox anime short on April 20. Check out the teaser trailer here:
Who else remember the Blue Marine in Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64)?
Why black rice is a star superfood | Fox News
Star Fox Zero appears to be the game we've all been wanting since Star Fox 64” says .
Just watched a commercial for the new star fox game and the "silly" tone made me really mad for some reason.
Geena Davis set to star in Fox's The Exorcist series
We got to go to Wondercon 2016 this year, meet some of you guys, and play Star Fox Zero! Check it out!
Abbie Mills Deserves Better because SHhad an amazing leading lady with amazing chemistry with her co-star and wasted that over and over
Manoj Bajpayee: This is a year of true stories: Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who will star in Fox Star Studios’s film...
The story in Star Fox Zero is better than pumping your dads iron
So...I preordered Star Fox Zero bundled with Star Fox Guard for $45 + $3 shipping in Gameflip...possibly the best...
Smug Wolf was always my favorite Star Fox villain.
Ben Affleck to direct stand-alone 'Batman' movie, Warner Bros. chief confirms - Fox News
I liked a video from Star Fox Guard - Opening Cutscene & Tutorial (w/ Voices)
Star Fox vs Star Wars Invasion:: Battle for Earth Star Fox 64 was one of the greatest games ever played. With
Star Fox heads to Wii U with Platinum Games on coding duties. Digital Foundry goes hands-on. https:/…
I always wished they would marry the Star Fox characters with Rogue Squadron gameplay. Online tank warfare and dogfights welcome.
Plus, doing so would allow not just 2, but the original Star Fox and Yoshi's Island to be released as well
that's why Star Fox & Yoshi's Island (SNES) cannot be Released on VC. Because Nintendo doesn't own the Technology.
Star Fox, Paper Mario, Zelda. Likely an unrevealed 2016 game or two for E3. Solid final year, I think.
Miyamoto revealed Mario 3 was a play and he is Bowser Jr's mom. Now he finally resolves Star Fox team's robot legs.
true that. Zero is officially a Star Fox game here(Aus). I think it changed from Wing to Fox at Command on DS?
Just got this spontaneous want/need for the new Star Fox, dammit! I miss beating Star Fox 64 as part of my daily routine as a kid
📷 medlei: favorite Nintendo 64 games Pokemon Stadium and Star Fox are the best!!!
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I liked a video Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Corneria
I liked a video Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Opening
I think that adding an Online Multiplayer mode to the new Star Fox will make pretty entertaining.
.Just a reminder that we want to see Krystal return to the Star Fox series in a game soon! Can't wait fo…
That sounds nice. I seem to recall a level looking a lot like classic snes Star Fox as well.
*dodges* *backfilps* missed again *jumps into my arwing* say would you like to join my Star Fox team? *smiles*
I kinda mind him dead . We still have 2 Star Fox reps and one of them is a clone and Kid Icarus has more smh! but oh well
sometimes I worry that Kid Icarus Uprising will be a better Star Fox game than Star Fox Zero
im gonna buy a dog and name him Star Fox 💫🐺
From the joyous, reveling Toad of Toad Hall to that annoying Slippy from Star Fox!
It saddens me that we probably won't get a third Donkey Kong Country by Retro Studios thanks to all those Metroid and Star Fox whiners.
It's so annoying when Tim talks about Nintendo. All he does is make excuses. His views on Star Fox highlight that.
turtles from Super Mario, guy from Dig Dug. Chef from Burger Time...I think. Star Fox..maybe.
i remember playing the 64 game of Star Fox at my grandmas house when i was 8-9. It was crazy to not die a lot in there. O_O
Star Fox 64/Super Smash Bros: Sector Z on piano by me.
I can see Zelda Wii U being released in the Summer, Star Fox Zero in February. With a new Zelda for the NX at launch
The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith (via
Sign of alien life? Kepler telescope spots strange star - Fox News
Nobody would care for Star Fox, Pikmin and Wii Sports...
The gameplay in Star Fox Zero is sweeter than ***
Even if NX comes out in 2016. Wii U still has an ok line-up. Star Fox, Zelda, Pikmin 4??, Maybe TPHD, Pokken, SMT X FE, and probably more
Fox News' Expert is actually a fraud and was arrested by FBI
So, yeah. The most recent patent is linked to another tablet-like device but I'm checking the date. Star Fox seems to be on the screen idk.
Star Fox has been delayed. But after those two games there's nothing
Star Fox and Zelda still coming I think
Had a dream i was playing the new Star Fox on one of those big arcade machines like the Star Wars one with the joystick. Wouldve been cool
I want to make sure & hear it. Coverage on Fox Sports, KC Star.
it's Star Fox, it might be average, but it's Star Fox. It will at least be ok me thinks.
Not only is the Benghazi Cmte a fraud, but federal prosecutors have called Fox's star Benghazi "expert" a fraud too:
ICYMI: News: Sanaa Lathan to Star in New Event Series for Fox Broadcasting Company is developing an explo...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Vine star King Bach to star with Key & Peele in new Fox comedy
I liked a video from Star Fox Adventures - Puzzle Solving
from Fox News: 'Sicario' star Benicio del Toro talks drug war at border
well Sezi was an old Star Fox RP character from GameFAQs way back in the day. I just sort of adopted him as my fursona :p
what about Star Fox? Still think that's a WiiU game too?
freddie fox and I 100% are star crossed lovers after after our eye contact during rom and jules on tues
Nintendo NX is a console/mobile hybrid due to be out early next year. This is almost certainly why Zelda and Star Fox was delayed.
The lack of support in Star Fox Zero is both sexist AND sexy
but Star Fox, Mario Tennis, and Fire Emblem should make up for it.
"Just like watching TV ... only more convenient" 5 star review for FOX NOW
THR: Gold Rush star afraid for son (FOX)
hmm...I don't know if I want to play it that baaadd...may just wait til the WiiU star fox comes out :)
'Gold Rush' star Todd Hoffman worried about his son being on TV, turning into Miley Cyrus [Fox]
Check out the new episode of The GI Show podcast, we talk Yoshi and interview Undertale's creator
that should be you playing Zelda or Star Fox.
I've given D2: The Mighty Ducks a solid 8-star rating on IMDb and there's nothing you can do about it.
I want a Gameboy, with Mario and Tetris. And an N64 with Mario Kart, Golden Eye, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Perfect Dark…
Zelda still has no name or release date and Star Fox isnt even being made by them. literally nothing else
i wonder if this is why Star Fox is delayed too?
Donald Trump is what would happen if the boss from Star Fox fought women and Mexicans instead of space animals.
Funny now to think about that game awards video of Miyamoto and Aonuma reassuring us that both Zelda and Star Fox will be 2015 games ^^'
I made one for my little cousin it had Star Fox 64 Wolf in his Shop Cockpit
Star Fox Adventures was great. Definitely my favorite Star Fox alongside 64 and Assault.
I Think I'll play some Star Fox on the 64 since I can't sleep
Super Mystery Dungeon and Star Fox are out the same day! I can afford both (Ive been slowly paying off the pre-orders) WHAT DO I PLAY FIRST?
I'm following EVERYONE who goes and votes for "Krystal" from "Star Fox" for being "unique" (in the next 5 MINUTES!!). http…
By the way, I played Star Fox Zero at PAX, and it was... Just like Star Fox 64.
Star Fox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X & more playable at thanks to
30 minutes into Star Wars and chill and he gives you the look
Over at this month I talk Star Wars, fear and what it makes some geeks do.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I liked a video from Star Fox Adventures Playthrough Stone Spell Slide Something
So his announcement in Smash is going to be tied into Star Fox Zero's release somehow, right?
Finally someone who has something good to say about Star Fox Zero.
Don't think you can take a breather just yet, Team Star Fox!
STORY: Jesse Hogan didn't think he had a chance of winning Rising Star award:
Rising Star absolutely adorable on Wish more players were that laid back & honest. Delightful.
Star Fox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X and over 30 Nintendo games to be at EGX 2015
Hii Fox and Star : thefoxandstar, Want to get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? Please go check my Bi0. Thx
"Never give up, always believe in yourself." - Peppy (I think), Star Fox 64.
Sacha Killeya-Jones is now a 5-star in the updated 247Sports Composite.
The Sin and Punishment games have a bit of this. Star Fox, tho it's not a major part.
You can never get too cocky, Star Fox! :v
[Fox Sports]A disgruntled Kotokanyu saw red after losing a bout to 19-year-old Ikioi at th…
The hilarious & star as brothers on Don't miss the premiere Sept. 29 on FOX! http:/…
If your TV show is called "Empire​," there is no such thing as too much
How is Star Fox niche? One of Nintys most reputable names and been on every system except Virtual Boy and Wii
can you guys work with again on getting the Mario Nintendo Power comics released? Maybe even Star Fox too?
Question: What if Star Fox and the Arwing trained at Camp Lejuene?
So some characters from Star Fox if would be created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
One man created Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin, and the Wii Sports series of games
I recently got Kid Icarus Uprising, Star Fox 3D, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Wario Land 2, and have about a dozen games lying around to beat.
OH MY GOD really? That makes me so happy!! 😂 I love Star Fox, and when the new game was announced I HAD to cosplay it again!
I'll still hold my opinion that the original Star Fox + the unreleased 2nd are the best games in the series
Anonymous said: While unlikely I think that we might get a DLC pack with Krystal&Wolf plus a new Star Fox...
Who won E3? I'd say that I'm still dreaming about robot dinos and giant winged catdogs. Those and of course Star Fox.
The next 'Star Fox' is utterly dependent on the Wii U GamePad
Reads the news about the new Star Fox game "Yup, sounds great, my arwing is getting covered in dust."
I actually like the lower-key graphics of Star Fox. it has a very Saturday morning cartoon vibe.
Hoping for Super Mario Galaxy 3, Metroid Wii U, new (Sonic-themed) Mario Kart 8 DLC and RDs for Star Fox and Xeno.
From 'Star Wars' to 'Star Fox,' 5 expectations for E3 - Winston-Salem Journal
It was hated because it has gameplay that's similar to Zelda. It sucked as a Star Fox, and was mediocre as a Zelda style game.
Can't wait for Nintendo to reveal the new Star Fox next week!
One of the biggest game convention is this month! I was thinking they need to bring bad Star Fox it's been to...
Despite me maining the space animals in smash games, I still haven't played a single Star Fox game. I remember owning Adventures before.
Check out my friend’s game Stellar! It’s an Endless space adventure in the vain of Star Fox and Galaga.
I used to want to make a live action Star Fox movie starring Will Smith. I miss being an age where that seemed like a good idea.
Unless a new game or Star Fox trailer comes, that Smash stuff capped it for me. Everything else is irrelevant lol
Might post that speed run of Star Fox 64 I recorded a while ago so I can put it on the leaderboards! I think it's a top 10 time, too!
I'll be the weirdo blasting the Star Fox 64 OST from his laptop if you come across me today
Choose the superior: Super Mario 64 vs. Star Fox 64? — Super Mario 64. Never been that much of a fan of Star Fox...
Gotta invest in a USB controller, it's nearly impossible for me to play old N64 favorites (Mario 64, Star Fox, Banjo-Kazooie) on a keyboard.
I liked a video from Top 10 Star Fox 64 Bosses
Which game were you playing the most?. Star Fox. Donkey Kong 64. Streets of Rage
I had a dream that a trailer for the new Star Fox game was released and Krystal wasn't on the team anymore. This better n…
end of this week and Star Wars teacher leaves🙌🙌
q/about Star Fox prints, fit 5x5 frames correct? also is there a white border, picking frame colors just curious.
YES!!! Finally got fox! I kept missing him thank you! Any word on Amiibo support for upcoming Star Fox game?
Why do Beyoncé & Jay z with their faces swapped look so much like Poussey & Sophia from orange is the new black 😂
I cant wait to buy Mario Kart, the new Zelda and the new Star Fox that are coming out this year!
I think it's got a pretty good 2015 on the way with Kirby, Yoshi, Mario Maker, Star Fox, Xenoblade, Zelda...
We all know Harry Potter is a Star Fox rip off anyway. Nintendo just wanted what was theirs.
Star Fox 64 is you stretch some things.
I'm sure you've got better things to do. I've seen some pics, young Ezra Fox is a rock star
Wolves have a 13 year life span, Star Fox 64 came out in 1997, Wolf is dead.
NBA star takes on teenage prodigy, loses - Fox Sports
as a kid, I didn't use to pay attention to the branches or really understand any of it, same for the first Star Fox.
He spots one star and thinks he's Patrick bloody Moore lol 😄
The Neighbors actor will star in Fox's upcoming comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, THR has confirmed. Excited!
"Fox Star Studios to re-release Oscar nominated movies and in Indian theatres this week."
Great shoot w/ the AD today for All Star coverage, thanks to Airs this weekend!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Or based on a new "series" - e.g. Super Mario Series, maybe a Legend of Zelda Series or a Star Fox series.
Randomly drew from ppl that RT'd Team Star Fox. Email alexfor a free Star Wolf print!
Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they reprinted the Fox amiibo for Star Fox U, so I'm not worried.
Star Fox 64 is only on the Wii but 64 3DS is on 3DS. Nintendo come on.
booting up star fox, I wanna learn how to fly a space ship and also be a cute AF fox
The fact that it is the only Star Fox game with music I enjoy. Even then rarely. None of the Star Fox games have had grand music.
That being said I have some hesitance about what game I should record tomorrow. I want to do Star Fox Assault, but I'll have to point out...
I find it interesting that the sites of Fox News affiliates run CNN Wires:
Surprise! Everyone who grabbed the Star Fox set will be receiving a bonus Star Wolf print. Thanks for the support.
Star Fox makes use of the Wii U Gamepad for cockpit mode
I'm a nerd, but when the new Star Wars movie starts and there is no "20th Century Fox" fanfare, that will kinda stink.
I liked a video from Star Fox Wii U Analysis and News - Episode 1 Gameplay
The Jar Jar of the Star Fox universe. He's died so many times under my command.
Star Fox 64 was a great game. A great game you can finish in less than 40 minutes.
Madame Tussauds to open new 'Star Wars' exhibit – FOX CT
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
My aim is to have enough to get Star Fox 3D. I'll see what I have left after that.
Special forces major faces revocation of Silver Star over killing allegation - Fox…
626 N. Robson was the STAR of Fox 10's "Cool House" this morning! Here's the link to the video. Got to love it...
Spent my morning at Fox & Friends catching up with my former co-star Talon Smith,…
I actually came from Star Fox, I'm mildly ashamed to admit. ovo
- I never watch Fox, but am today due to the delightful Sara Underwood (star of 'Knight & Day'). :)
I'm not criticizing Fox field reporters. I'm criticizing and FNC's handling of star's epic failure.
On this day in 2013, Country music star Clint Black performed downtown Bakersfield's Fox Theater. http…
Also remember when Fox was like...we'll air Glee, but on Friday. How the mighty have fallen!
All those virtual console coins finally came in, so I have 915 now. Got Star Fox 64 3D and F-Zero Maximum Velocity.
kinda would like to see Jade Empire for the Xbox, Parappa the Rapper and MediEvil for PS. Star Fox already coming for Nintendo.
Honestly tho, I'm just talking about Star Fox and Sly Cooper, and not that the actual furry stuff,
I've decided my next cosplay will be Fox McCloud from Star Fox! (I'll humanize him of course but keep…
I added a video to a playlist Star Fox: Space Oddity - brentalfloss
Sorry Alex, but Star Fox is better than Legend of Zelda imo.
All aircraft report!. Jessica Nigri Fan Page as Fox McCloud from Star Fox
The Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser parodies keep coming. A couple of days ago, we shared a Grand Theft Auto V version of the popular teaser; now another game-themed parody has recreated every footage from the trailer, and it features Super Smash Bros. characters Link, Megaman, Star Fox, Prince…
Hey Jon, what do you think the new Star Fox game they're making?
Something I just thought about: Wii U's getting Mario Maker, Yoshi, Kirby, Zelda, Star Fox, Splatoon, and Xenoblade Chronicles X in 2015...
The game is often compared to the likes of Sonic, Nights, Skies of Arcadia, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Star Fox
According to SSBWii U the G-Diffuser system is bad for the environment. Star Fox - saving the galaxy but not the environment.
I don't know if I'd like Star Fox, Kid Icarus Uprising (my favourite game) was a Star Fox game at some point, so who knows
I'm still waiting for Star Fox and Tecmo Super Bowl
do you like star fox and killer instinct? — Sure do. I prefer Star Fox because I'm not that great at Killer Inst...
Great evening with a girl who quoted Star Fox at me… So you know, the best kind.
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, and other Nin...
I want a GameCube for both Star Fox games, but I also want a Super Nintendo for Kirby and Castlevania 😔
What if the Star Fox logo is based off of a fox that drank red bull since its slogan is "gives you wings".
Also what about Krystal from Star Fox, that'd be cool
"I'm hungry and this *** had to show off again. This barrel rolling Star Fox assed *** "
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I have never played a Star Fox game. Not even 64 or 64 3D.
I bet whenever is playing Super Smash Bros he chooses the Star Fox map
-- Fox News:. Olympic track star Alysia Montano is eight months pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from running...
Excellent deals of the week on Star Fox , Check Rates Now!
Enough time has passed for us all to admit the real star of INDEPENDENCE DAY is Vivica Fox's apocalypse hair.
to be fair, that Star Fox mood stuck, it's still Tingling
there's no Donky Kong, Yoshi, Star Fox, or Kirby stage yet
Emily Deschanel, Vegan star of the hit Fox TV series, Bones talks to VegTv at Farm Sanctuary event in Beverly...
Michael Bay will never get anyone hotter than Megan Fox to star in any of his Transformers movies
robbers at remove star world,star movies, nat geo,fox life,V, gold from their ESS pack.this is how you go out of business!
I just want star fox and battletanx
Cavuto cuts off Bachmann on sizzling topic via
Again, how is Fox advertising the All-Star Game as Derek Jeter's final ASG? Doesn't he have to be selected, or something?
Not sure what "GND News" is, but because it contains a headline declaring Fox News "most accurate," it can definitely be ignored. *** )
All of these new super hero movies and what not, yet we still haven't gotten a Star Fox film. Until then, I wont be impressed
(I WOULD be playing Star Fox 3D, which I bought with OoT, but my thumb hurts after one mission from constant laser fire...)
Fox already is promoting next month's game as "Derek Jeter's Farewell All-Star Game." Just kill me now.
I love how you learn the whole plot just through Pit and Palutena's dialogue. It's the same reason Star Fox 64 is such an amazing game
I was always into Star Wars though. Its like the greatest thing ever xD
World renowned author and literacy expert ADORES Yellow is My Colour Star. Read all about it -
lol here we go again with 20 conversations. See I just got into star trek a year ago it bore me lol
did you ever watch the robot chicken version of Star Wars? It was the best xD
what kind of sci ti? Star trek? Furry well what kind of stuff do you like to do involving? Uh hiking up in Seattle? Mnts?
Even if the universe is teeming with warp capable life, they may have a Star Trek-esque prime directive.
I am in desperate need of all things Star Fox
Catch the series finale for and 's series Rake tonight on Fox!
I liked a video TAS Star Fox 2 SNES in 22:08 by YtterbiJum
I liked a video TAS Star Fox SNES in 19:47 by YtterbiJum
The Star Trek TNG episode is on Fox 40 right now!!!
me, "who's our rent check made out to?" "I think we make it out to star fox or something" [i live with this everyday]
That's pretty crazy. And Star Fox has a lot of variation to the scenes because of the different paths.
That's when you know you've played the game way too many times. I can do the same with Star Fox 64.
Is there seriously no footage ANYWHERE of Star Fox on Wii U? I thought they showed it on Nintendo Treehouse at E3...
I found out some new cool stuff you can do in Star Fox Adventures wow I am Been playin' like 10 years and just found new attacks to do
.anyone know what prices are advised in the Rp . 3.15 Almargo. 3.50 Oriental Fox . 4.15 Alben Star & Alkasser
An listing for Star Fox Wii U just popped up.
so... thanks to I had to stop studying psicology and draw a quick Star Fox thing on my notes
Splatoon. The one game I want to play most on Wii U isn't Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, or Smash…. ***
Mr. Miyamoto just revealed that Star Fox for is expected to be completed next year.
Nintendo's new games sound great, just don't expect them soon. My wrapup of the news plus Star Fox impressions
Yeah, I don't have high hopes either. I'd like to see Murasame Castle and Star Fox revivals but I know that won't happen.
don't really care for Bayonetta, but yeah I can't wait for Alpha Sapphire, hopefully there's a Star Fox or Metroid game.
We live in a game industry where Chibi Robo gets a sequel before the likes of F-Zero and Star Fox, and where Shaq Fu gets a sequel before the likes of a new Mega-Man or Jak & Daxter. I am sad now T_T
You will NEVER beat me in Super Smash Bros, Star Fox, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Sonic Adventure 2 or Mario Kart. I don't lose at all.
"Weird, Weird Al, Al Bundy, Married With Children, Children Of The Corn...Flakes, Frosted Flakes, they're grrreat, Great LAKES, Land 'O Lakes, Land 'O The Lost, Lost, bringin' ya back to Matthew Fox, the beard he rocks, when Dr. Jack, says "we have to go back!" Back to the FUTURE, with Michael J. Fox, dippin' back to Matthew Fox, it's a double Fox block, tranformin' into Megan Fox, back into Star Fox, from Super Nintendo, Super Mario, Mario Lopez, A.C. Slater, bringin' ya back to the Saved By The Bell where Screech gets hit by lightning, lightning and thunder, Thundercats, Thundercats *** Rwanda, hotel rewind-ya, before I bring ya back to Blockbuster, Buster and Babs, Tiny Toon Adventures, the Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain-iacs, they're takin' over the world, with Slappy the Squirrel, Slappy the ventriloquist's dummy from Night of the Living Dummy, bringin' ya back to Goosebumps, R.L. Stine, Ben Stein, he brought the funny, with Ben Stein's Money, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel to Conan, Conan to ...
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Fox McCloud - 16 - 36.38% Dr. Pepper - 14 - 31.81% Mary Elizabeth Winstead - 14 - 31.81% Total Votes: 44 Thank god Dr. Pepper lost this match. Dr. Pepper is so gross. And I'm running a little short on time today so I'll just say that Fox McCloud wins this match by just two votes. Fox McCloud of the Star Fox team moves on to Round 3 and where only 14 people will remain in the competition once Round 2 is completed. It's almost the end of Round 2. Just 6 more matches to cover before Round 3 can begin. I'll have our next match posted shortly.
Star Fox Paradise now has 292 members which means we're growing. This is the only place to get the Star Fox mod for the Famous games Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Resident Evil 4, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City & San Andreas. The mod is in developments for Skyrim as well. I, Alex Silver, leader of the Star Fox project, owner of the mod & and Owner of this website, want to thank you, my members and new members, for helping to keep this mod alive and well. I am still working on with my follower modelers and finally making a Star Fox mod that is way different than the original Owner, Burmecian, old Star Fox mod. He keeps made a new mod for the Fallout games but keeps discontinuing them as usual. As the project moves forward you'll see all the Star Fox characters (in the mod right now) in both Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and soon Skyrim as followers to get in game.
Hidden Trick of Google Chrome Chat With Aliens Every day Google answers more than one billion questions from around the world. But here are 15 things you might not have ever known you can do with the world’s most powerful search engine. For example, the Mars Feature on Google Earth 5 allows users to explore the surface of the red planet and even talk with an alien! Just enter “Meliza” into the search box and watch as your taken to a section of the planet where you can “chat” with a local alien. It’s just a chat bot, but it’s fun to try. Give it a shot. Do a Barrel Roll You can make your Google page roll on end by entering the phrase “do a barrel roll” into the search box and hitting enter. It’s a fun reference to the classic video game Star Fox! Track a Flight Just enter the desired airline and flight number into Google’s search box and instantly see the arrival and departure times right in the results. Now you can keep up-to-date with any flight without having to constantly check th ...
.Honestly, Star Fox Adventures is probably the second best Star Fox game after Star Fox 64.
.Hey, they were tons of good Star Fox games! There was Star Fox 64 and... Star Fox 64 again...
Though it does make me laugh that some people will settle for nothing less than a new F-Zero *and* Star Fox *and* Mother.
Seriously, where the *** has the Star Fox franchise gone? If there's anything that deserves a Retro Studios revival, its that.
I need to know if she has Star Fox, or Silicon Valley
Will Kamiya / Platinum Games end up making the next Star Fox?
It's overrun by the zerg! In a manner of speaking, anyway. The "zerg" are a race of insectoid aliens in the popular Starcraft video game series. If you Google "zerg rush," the Os in "Google" behave like zerglings, the race's foot soldiers, and start chomping away at search results. Click to destroy them all! It can do a barrel roll! Type "do a barrel roll" into Google, click search, and your browser window will do a 360-degree spin. It's a geeky reference to Nintendo's Star Fox series, in which a wise old rabbit named Peppy (an intergalactic fighter pilot) advises your character to avoid enemy fire by pulling said maneuver. It defies gravity! Fun: Google Gravity shatters the search engine into pieces that you can drag and bounce around your screen. It's got an answer for everything! Even though Google's "Street View" cars can't quite make it to Antarctica, if you browse Google Maps there, you'll see appropriate photos of local fauna. It's a 1980s arcade! Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of the belov ...
YES! YES! The new Smash will have DLC So I'm hoping for Earthbound -Kumatora (One of the better female characters Nintendo has in a series that has known only Zelda, Samus, and Peach for so long) -Jeff Andonuts (Awesome Moveset potiential) Fire Emblem -Roy (He's our boy) -Lyn (Given that one of the biggest complaints is "Not Enough Chicks, Too Many Sword Users, and Not Enough American Love. I don't know why she was just an AT. She uses a different kind of sword than the other FE Lords, she's the only female protagonists of FE I can name, and she was the Leading Lady of the first FE to come out in America) Wario Ware/Land -9-Volt (Probably as a Game and Watch clone, wouldn't mind. I can think of no one better to represent Nintendo in general and not just any one series.) -Ashley (She's the cruelest girl you'll ever meet!) -Captain Syrup (Double Whammy! Villain and Female!) Zelda -Tingle (Not popular in the States, but believed everywhere else. I like him, Tingle Tingle Koo-Limpah!) Star Fox -Krystal (Outsi ...
I think that Nintendo should work with Lego to make some Lego Wii U games. Lego Mario? Lego Zelda? Lego Metroid? Lego Star Fox? At the same time, so should Square-Enix. Lego Final Fantasy? Lego Dragon Quest? Yes please. ^_^
Inventory Update New In Stock Sega Master System: Games (with box, manual, and game): After Burner, Aztec Adventure, Alex Kidd in the Lost Stars, Kenseiden, Thunder Blade Games (with box and game only): Shinobi, Rastan Games only: Hang On/Astro Warrior, Rambo III, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Sega Card Games (with boxes no manuals): My Hero, Teddy Boy, Ghost House Pokemon Stadium for n64 Star Fox for SNES Tiles of Fate for NES Kiwi Kraze for NES Several PS2, XBOX, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, and GBA games that we didn't have before We will be at the shop for a few hours today if anyone wants to stop by and pick something up! Late in the day and you are just now reading this? You can always give us a call or message us to see if we are still here!
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