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Staples Centre

Staples Center is a multi-purpose sports arena in Downtown Los Angeles. Adjacent to the L.A. Live development, it is located next to the Los Angeles Convention Center complex along Figueroa Street.

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Saint John to L.A., harbour station to the Staples Centre, nice upgrade.
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Wasn't a fan of them. The ones at staples centre though. Amazing.
Want to be on your way to Los Angeles to see LIVE at the Staples Centre?. WIN HERE:…
Today is my last full day in LA going to see Staples Centre and new Pirates film at the world famous cinema in Hollywood.
A black woman will show up with her hair wrapped, silk robe on, holding a latte. She'll still scream the staples centre down.
pictures of tts at the staples centre 💜 (via Tiffanys Instagram)
.see decline in revenue for Q1 driven by sluggish centre store. Staples bought online more.
boxed Lucia riker on the undercard that night staples centre LA
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gonna be there with till the 21st if yall wanna meet up possibly. We are near the staples centre
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their company sold out concerts in Madison Square Garden NYC, Staples Centre LA, Paris but stay ignorant
Evolution arriving at staples centre Los Angeles
I hope one day,my other half and I get caught on the kiss cam at Staples Centre while watching some BBall. . Lamz of D E A T H 😅
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Actually, having now watched the video LA gets to claim that one. It's at the Staples Centre.
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Got the staples centre, floor seats. And it’s 500 blocks with my ogs. A *** did a lid in the county. A 100 million dollars, my *** gon’+
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how about the pic of us where u look like a pirate on crystal meth outside the staples centre? Super cute! 😋
. those staples at the centre fold are painful. I'm told
Drake at a Basketball match in Staples Centre.
Got the Staples Centre, floor seats and it's 500 blocks with my OGs
When ur abt 2 have ur graduation in June @ the staples centre so you judge where other ppl r having theirs🙄
Stuck in a teenage wasteland like the Staples Centre when the Lakers enter.
I recorded this at the staples centre August 20th 2015 in LA! 😍 laughs! 😍 before singing AMOM :D
Raw next week is in LA at the Staples Centre, just thought I'd let you know, hopefully a decent crowd
Or any basketball game at staples centre tbh. I think i'll just feel like i'm in a movie
2013 I ✈️ to LA met up with BHS B4 show at . Staples centre
Monday night RAW in the staples centre, L.A. 11 Yers ago this very day! Good Times!…
Brad Stevens's first win at Staples Center, no? Where else has he yet to win? AT&T Center? Air Canada Centre?
I thought they were playing Frank Ocean at The staples centre. Lol no it's Hotel California
Kendall arriving at The Staples Centre in Los Angeles for Justin Bieber's concert.
This is my first time in the Staples Centre. This pic is from the Fan Cam celebrating goin…
Ile day nitafika Staples Centre nitakua nishamake it in life
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Watched the play to a sellout crowd at the Staples Centre today, one of the coole…
It's a back to back at Staples centre but it's a home game and an away game. I made a funny
Clippers have a rough back-to-back this week. They play Lakers in Staples Centre then travel all the way to Staples vs Lakers the next night
Staples in the centre where the Clippers and the Lakers @
Kings game at Staples Centre right now. Goal scored. Ref thought they'd check it by review - no goal. Took 2 mins.Yet football wont have it?
Looking back at the 2014 cup final were Quickie and the Kings bested the King in 5 games at Staples Centre.
Imagine J takes u on a date,it turns out ur at staples centre. You go in&ur in the middle the light shining on him&he starts singing to you💜
4 nights in LA, 4 visits to Staples Centre 👌.
Totally went to the L.A Lakers game at the staples centre and they WON!
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I wonder if Obama will be blamed for a fire at Staples Centre 🤔
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The brown Adidas Schwan has seen many a good night. Tonight is a new one, LA Kings vs Calgary Flames at the Staples Center (Centre).
Lamar Odom got the overwhelming applause at Staples Centre!!!
His last game at staples centre I know he will jack up an untold number of shots Lool
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D'Angelo Russell greeted by an avalanche of boos from Lakers fans at Staples Centre.
Good to see you back at the courtside at Staples centre, Lamar!
He canceled his date with Selena like he cancelled his meet and greets! Hope Staples centre got their money back!
A retiring Staples Centre carpenter has just gotten a bigger ovation than ANY Lakers player this season
LO back where he belongs- at a basketball court, at Staples Centre (even though it's just the sideline) 👌🏼
Man I wish I was in Staples centre rn...
I'm hosting an event at the staples centre next month, tickets cost $225 and m&g is $2500. I don't cancel though.
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At LA Clippers game at Staples Centre. Really think should adopt some of these 1/2 time entertainments!
Off to see the LA Clippers v Washington Wizards on Sunday at the Staples Centre Los Angeles. Thanks heaps for the...
as a 30 year old man, I'm going to my first WWE event, Monday night raw in the staples centre next week!
This day last year I was just touching down in LA, ready to hit the Staples Centre for pre-Wrestlemania Raw! 😒
Kendall arriving at The Staples Centre for Justin's concert.
Staples centre is about to be the new Holtrenfrew
The Clippers taking over Staples Centre this season. is fo'real!
At the staples centre Los Angeles to watch la lakers vs spurs
In any right - thinking society these ppl should be cleaning toilets at Staples Centre instead of being on TV.
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Staples centre is on fire , have not seen such kind of crowd for basket ball match centre
The crowd in staples centre is so *** even I'm louder then these mfs and I'm at home watching it😴
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for Vince Staples in for friday, mar 11 are still available
On our way to the Staples Centre tomorrow
Breaking news: Staples Centre empties as completes number. Fleeing people crying "We're not Worthy!"
My new cover photo is a pic I took at the staples centre right before the blackout 😍
The 2016 Grammy Awards took place yesterday at the Staples centre in Los Angeles, California and it was a Wow...
so we go from that to the Staples centre. I have a feeling this is more to availability the. Anything else. Too bad. Oh, Canada
Gavin Smith registered 25 points for the Staples-Motley Cardinals in their 74-57 loss to Sauk Centre
20 minutes away from tip between Staples/Motley and Sauk Centre.
The Staples Centre is broken. Everyone that has performed The Grammys so far has been off tune 🤔
hey Steve, anything you want me to take pics of? The amazing Mexican food? Sunset strip? Staples centre?
11 celebrity couples at the 58th Grammy Awards: The 58th Grammy Awards took place last night, February 15 at Staples Centre in Los An...
Thank you & Staples Centre Mall for supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada
Nicole Scherzinger, 37, showcased her flawless physique when she attended the 2016 MusiCares Gala at the Staples Centre, Los …
Who needs the Staples Centre when you have the best seat in the house! The at 19:00 Ch320
On This Day in 16th February 2013 played at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on TTALtour
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All eyes will be on the Staples Centre in Los Angeles as the biggest music stars on the planet attend the 58th...
Boys basketball: Sauk Centre at home tonight vs Staples/Motley on
Yes...still outrageous! The whole of LA can't use up 3,000 megawatts let alone staples centre...😑
Music News: : The Grammy Awards took place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles last night, with Ed Sheeran, K...
The world celebrate the 58th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples centre in Los Angeles.Congrats to the winners!
- 'Kendrick Lamar should have won Album Of The Year'. Yeah right, cause his father roofed Staples Centre huh?
📷 tronnortbh: Connor Franta attends the Grammy Awards at the Staples Centre in LA (via Getty)
Grammy Awards 2016: See the full list of WINNERS: The 58th edition of annual Grammy Awards recently took place at the Staples Centre ...
I'm so glad I went to her concert because everyone in the staples centre just now also seen it
The 58th Annual Grammy Awards held in LA on Monday 15th of February 2016 at the Staples Centre and as expected on...
Taylor sold out Staples Centre in 2 mins & MSG in 60 seconds before the 2009 VMAs https:…
Visiting UCLA and seeing the Lakers at the Staples Centre
The Staples Centre was so quiet when Larry Nance dunked the crowd noise startled me.
David Hughes '87 hosted 20 Old Boys at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles to watch the Kings play the Maple Leafs.
"Justin release party at staples centre sold out in less than 3 minutes". Guess who is now scared for the Purpose tour t…
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have a consecutive sold out game streak of 209 at Staples Centre
matteo_neal but only one of us has Global Entry... @ LA Kings @ Staples Centre
Red Wings announcer pointing out all the assists given out for the Kings at staples centre. Not like other buildings they said.
They're playing Modern Love by Bowie in full at Staples Centre. I'm choked up a little.
Is the staples centre in LA only playing Bowie songs all night during the LAK v. DET game?
I'm from Australia and I'm glad I got to see a Clippers game at the Staples Centre before the logo change 😳
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all I know is that the clippers are still hanging their selfies in the staples centre
Kelly Clarkson announces her second pregnancy after getting emotional on stage at Staples Centre:
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BREAKING: 90 jobs at risk as Staples confirms contact centre closure
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We'll be at staples centre tonight!! We are on last! It'll be late, please don't leave early to dodge traffic lol 😉
move to LA before August so you can come to 1989 at the staples centre
Iggy Azalea tried to fill the staples centre for three months... and failed. Now she's cancelled her tour... well well well
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Good grief. What next? Likely a centre-fold with both real and virtual staples.
i went to a kings game in LA. Best thing out. Staples centre is sweet.
Americans! What are good hotels near the Staples Centre?
Red Carpet Photos From The 2015 Grammy Awards The 2015 Grammys took place at the Staples Centre in Lo
Just booked tickets to: NBA @ Maddison Square Gardens to the NY Knicks ✔️ NBA @ Staples Centre to see LA Lakers ✔️ NHL @ Air Canada Centre to see Toronto Maple Leafs ✔️ NFL @ FedExField to see Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys ✔️ Lion King & Jersey Boys on Broadway ✔️ This is shaping up to be a pretty sweet holiday 😆👊👫
The New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings will square off at 8:00 PM EST from the Staples Centre in Los...
Oklahoma City Thunder defeats the Memphis Grizzlies in game 7 with the home court advantage!! All the way to the finals this year OKC!!, also congrats Los Angeles Clippers for winning game 7 at Staples Centre. Sad still to see Golden State Warriors get knocked out of the playoffs though.
Wow, what a full day. We left the hotel at 9am and headed out for our Los Angeles/Hollywood tour. We visited the Staples centre, went to a Mexican market, went to Farmers Market, spent time in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, went to Amoeba Records, Hollywood Bowl, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and ended the day at the Griffith Observatory. We also met Kristy Swanson (original Buffy) and Lloyd Eisler (Olympic figure skater and personal friend's of Mr. Garrison)
Lakers with a wire to wire win over the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Staples centre 114-110 which in turn has dropped the thunder to 2nd place in the western conference standings . Games notables -Jodie Meeks went ham and dropped a career high 42 points hitting 6 of his 11 treys and all 14 of his free throw attempts . -Pau Gasol 20-11 -Ryan Kelly had himself a nice game going for 12-5-8 and even a nice crossover on KD sending him on skates . -KD notched his third triple double of the year going for 27-10-12 but shot poorly from the floor . -Russel Westbrook had himself a game to forget only hitting on 7 of his 23 field goals to go along with 8 turnovers . -Oliver Los Angeles Lakers Talk
*** No one is allowed to touch my Quicky jersey. It cost me big bucks at Staples Centre.
oh yeah, but I have to save up my money too cuz I want to go to Disneyland and to the Staples Centre for a hockey game.
bleh Penner isnt much of a reason lol! The gov of Alberta gives the Staples centre money.
OKC were at the Staples Centre, not to play ball, but to watch the Jodie Meeks show.
Los Angeles bound this week! Visiting two more Presidential Library Museum's (Nixon & Regan); The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson; Los Angeles Kings vs Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Game @ Staples Centre (wearing St. Patty's day head bands & blinking glasses, might even make the jumbotron, ha!) and will also stand-by for tickets to The Ellen Show! Looking forward to absorbing Hollywood & LA again, as we were there 16 months ago & so much to see & do, just had to return. Who knows, might experience a celebrity sighting or two!
My 1st NBA game worth it. LA Lakers vs OKC Thunder at the staples centre
with career high of 42 as the beat at the Staples Centre.
Bazegawd been released in the staples centre!!
I wouldn't be mad if Fisher hit a game winner on us.. It's only fitting since it's his last game in Staples Centre
Jodie Meeks putting up a clinic with the sleeves at the Staples Centre
Meeks lighting it up in staples centre
So glad y'all got to see the fun and I had in the staples centre, rehearsing for Loved performing 🏄
I thought this was going to be nothing more than a glorified practice session at the Staples Centre but the didn't get the memo
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Off to see my first game at the Staples Centre (spelling corrected) in a couple of weeks...sorry though guys it's the Clippers. No point seeing a game where you know how it will end, right??
Derek Fisher's last game at the staples centre. Thank you D-Fish !
Sunday Whites AND D.Fish's last time playing at the Staples Centre 😩
So ESPN camera shot of KD walking into the Staples Centre. Yeah he has the look like he going to drop 30 on the Lakers today.
Staples and the garden centre have been given the opportunity to employ me
Off to the Staples Centre for my 1st NBA game! Also get to see the best player in the league Kevin Durant! 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Going to a concert in Madison Square Garden, LA Staples Centre and Gillette Stadium would be incredible 👌
Any luck with Staples in the Centre of the Universe selling it for $30?
Just cruising LA on the way to the Staples Centre. Danny our Limo driver has the world record for fitting 16 girls...
"selena's hanging with demi cause she needs more fame". Actually Selena sold out Staples centre & other arenas without any…
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Amir's playing like he's in the Staples Centre
Photos: Hilary Duff at Staples Centre for a Miley Cyrus Concert - Leather Girls Blog
R.i.p to the Lakers organization the staples centre is now home to the clippers..
Yo you know the NBA got Lebron's back when the Heat get spanked and everyone forgets about it cuz of the massacre @ Staples Centre!
Wow! LA Laker got a 48 points beat down by LA Clippers at the Staples Centre; 94 - 142
More and more jerseys are beginning to appear in the Staples Centre
Losing by 49 at The Staples Centre. i Want my Money Back.
Think Blake Griffin hurt the whole Staples Centre with that dunk.
Guarantee people in Staples Centre converting to the Clippers as this game goes on
Lakers vs. Clips playing at the Staples Centre. How do they decide home court?
Seeing people at Staples Centre to watch the Lakers when they don't even care while I'm in Australia really burns me 😒😒😒
Bangerz Meet and Greet at the Staples Centre in LA -
Lakers take on Clippers tonight at Staples centre!
PCSO Staples will be at Freemantle Community Centre for the next hour if anyone wants to visit and chat.
£1 for a punnet of cherries at staples garden centre. Yum yum
"Miley is flop" oh yeah that's why she sold out the staples centre
USA! We have arrived! Kickin' it at The Staples Centre with the Lakers tonight!
Nate was at the staples centre and I drove past there, we are meant to be ;)
- please send someone to Staples Centre to listen to the Kings in the NHL. Your guy...not so much.
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I'll come to the staples centre and serenade you if you'd like
Psyched to be cheering on at the Staples Centre ce soir!.
Bangerz Tour Meet & Greets at the Staples Centre in LA!
John Cena is not just the champion of the squared circle. The athlete is also a champ when it comes to making kids’ wishes come true.   “We would like to thank John Cena for his commitment to Make-A-Wish, and congratulate him on being the first celebrity to grant 400 wishes!” the foundation wrote on its website last week. Make-A-Wish also noted that Cena’s 300th wish came in June of 2013. The foundation helps grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Mark, 9 years old, met Cena with his family before a World Wrestling Entertainment event at Los Angeles’ Staples Centre. The meeting marked the 400th wish granted, more than anyone in the charity’s history. According to the WWE’s website, Cena is Make-A-Wish’s most requested celebrity wish granted.   “I think it boils down to the fact that John connects with children in a really special way,” Josh deBerge, a spokesperson for Make-A-Wish, told YAHOO Cena’s popularity. “I think that (the kids ...
The Oscars of the music industry, The 56th annual Grammy Awards was held on the 26th at the Staples Centre,LA. The 56th Grammys were a special night that celebrated 50th anniversary of the legendary Beatles. The only remaining members of the Beatles, Ringo Starr & sir Paul McCartney reunited for a performance of McCartney's new song 'Queenie'. Also late John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono and his son were present. Daft Punk and Lorde were the top among those who were awarded. Daft Punk won the best record and the best album while Lorde won the song of the year. The night was coloured by so many performances by artists. Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis,PINK, Nate Russo, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Katty Perry, Dave Grohl and Metallica were among them. Among the specialities of the wedding event takes a special place. 30 couples exchanged wedding rings and got married while Mackelmore and Madonna performed. The star studded ceremony was filled with Legends in the western music industry.Such as Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Ca ...
Last night was the biggest music night as the Staples Centre in Los Angeles was filled with excitement, anxiety and full of joy as the 56th Grammy Awards was electrifying. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis notch the winning tray as they bagged home four awards including Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. Kacey Musgraves also bagged two Grammy Awards last night. Jay Z also scoop an award at the night and dedicated it to his daughter, Blue Ivy. Nigerians Femi Kuti absence was not felt after he not attending the ceremony just after South Africans Ladysmith Black Mambazo was tied up with French group, Gipsy Kings as winners in the Best world music album category. Performances for the night was just electrifying as Beyoncé and Jay Z ‘drunk in love’ as the couple kept the stage on numerous electrifying mood as they showed to the audience why they are the ultimate power couple in 2014. Kendrick Lamar just needed no Grammy to make the audience wowed as he demonstrated he is the boss in the game. Kendrick force be ...
Tonight are the 56th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Centre, Los Angeles, and appaz it’s...
It's rehearsal day... Things are starting to get REALLY busy at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles!
On June 21 2003 at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles California Britain's Lennox Lewis and Ukraine's Vitali Klitschko faced off for the WBO/IBO/THE RING/ Lineal heavyweight titles. In this Fight Vitali started fantastically and gave Lewis a bit of a hiding for the first two rounds, staggering him at one point. In the third Lewis came out more aggressive and cut Vitail with a punch within the first 10 seconds of the round and won the third. Vitali fought back hard in the forth but the writing was on the wall as the cut he sustained in round three was being targeted by Lewis. By rounds six both fighters were out on their feet but Lewis was starting to land heavy on a now half blind Vitali. The ring Doctor ended the fight between rounds 6-7 with Vitali's eye heavily damaged. At this point Lewis was down on the cards 56/58 but as it was a punch that had caused the injury Lewis was deemed the winner. A rematch never happened and Lewis retired after this brawl. In my opinion Vitail did fantastic in this fight b ...
What was anticipated as the Big Comeback was marred by turnovers and bad defense. Led by the returnee Kobe Byrant with 8 turnovers, the LA Lakers were unable to live up to the hype and the aura around the return of Kobe as the team recorded their worst turnovers(19) in a game this season getting their 5th home defeat of the season by losing 106-94 to the Toronto Raptors who were on a 10game losing streak and had just traded their superstar forward Rudy *** In front of a sold out Staples Centre crowd, the Lakers fumbled the early exchanges of the game amidst turnovers and went down as many as 14points. The Lakers team even with Kobe who recorded 9points 8rebounds and 4assists in 28minutes couldn't recover from the 1st quarter sham. Raptors forward Amir Johnson recorded his career high of 32 points dominating the Lakers in the paint. The Lakers bench still very impressive all scored double figures led by forward Nick Young to cut the lead to 4points but couldn't sustain it. Lakers welcome the Phoenix Suns . ...
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Finally I agree with Colin Cowherd. The booing at Staples Centre by "clipper fans" shows that the stadium is actually filled with Laker fans who got free tickets and couldn't get Laker season tickets. are LA
Clarke Gayford is giving you the chance to win a trip to see Bruno Mars live in Los Angeles! Bruno Mars is performing on the 28th July at the LA Staples Centre! This concert, also featuring Ellie Goulding as support, is SOLD OUT!
Sharks force game 7 and it'll be a doozy. We got a California duel where it's all or nothing. Tuesday at 9pm is the time and Staples Centre in L.A. is the place. In Junior hockey news, the Halifax Mooseheads led by top prospects Jonathan Drouin and Nathan MacKinnon took down the Portland Winterhawks in a 6-4 win to take the Memorial Cup in Saskatoon tonight. MacKinnon took MVP, but Drouin took player of the year. Who would you take? Drouin, MacKinnon or Jones?
Wolf Jet 146 is ready for take-off. Keep listening for the sound of the jet it's your chance to win: tickets to see Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins induct Rush into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame (Heart is going in this year too). You'll also get a tour of the Fender Guitar factory, tickets to see Bon Jovi at the Staples Centre, some spending cash, and when you're back, thanks to Long and McQuade, you'll have your very own Geddy Lee edition Fender Jazz Bass as a keepsake of your trip. License to Rock Members, check your e-mail! We have some special opportunities for you to qualify into the grand prize draw comin' your way, no matter what your mama named ya!
ENBA's Run Home to the Playoffs: Western Conference (As of Yesterday) The Current Situation: 1. San Antonio Spurs (45-14) 23 games left, 16 home & 7 away, 13 against teams over .500. The Spurs are in prime position as we enter the last phase of the home and away season. With the majority of their games to come in the AT&T Centre, the Spurs will be very tough to knock off their perch at the no. 1 spot in the West. Through these last 23 games, the Spurs will be looking to stay healthy and allow themselves to have the ability to rest players for a couple of games before the end of the season. Games to watch: The Spurs play OKC twice (March 12 and April 5), and they play the Heat at home on the 1st of April. Their third last game is at the Staples Centre against the Lakers and could potentially turn out to be a blockbuster and also possibly a first round playoff preview if the Lakers *** the 8th seed. Players to watch: Obviously the easy answer for us Aussies is to see Patty Mills and Aron Baynes play as m .. ...
First he succeeded in turning LA's Staples Centre vegetarian. Now former Smiths frontman Morrissey has refused to appear on an American TV chat show because his fellow guests are "animal serial killers".
Goldie The news spread like wild fire eliciting shock, disbelief and tears: Goldie Harvey, Kennis music act and BBA Stargame housemate has died at 31, on Thursday 14 February. Goldie hit the limelight with her hit song, Say My Name and was, before her passing, clearly, the most prominent member of Kennis Music, aside from Capital Femi. Known for her outrageous and dramatic dress sense, Goldie hit continental stardom after her turn on reality show, Big Brother StarGame, where she fell for the charms of Kenyan rapper, Prezzo. Rumours of a marriage between the two started circulating recently, but Prezzo was quick to discount the news. Goldie has been busy since her stint in the BBA house and has released a few singles like Skibobo, Miliki and Got to Have it. Skibobo in which she featured AY seems to have made the biggest splash. Goldie attended the 2013 Grammy Awards at the Staples Centre alongside her label owners, Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo D1 Adeneye. Kennis Music has released an official statement regarding ...
As criticisms of the Bob Marley tribute number at the 55th Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 10th, at Staples Centre flew left, right and centre, countless Reggae fans and music critics questioned, is that it?
2013 Grammy Awards : A Preview Music's biggest Night, the 55th Grammy Awards will be aired today February 10, 2013 from the ''Staples Centre, Los Angeles'', from the American Network CBS Live. For the 2nd Time, LL Cool J will host. Nominations Were Announced on Dec. 5, 2013. Fun., Frank Ocean, Mumford & Sons, Jay-J, Kanye West and Dan Auerbach got the most nominations with 6 each. The Recording Academy will distribute the awards in 81 Music Categories, out of which 3 is newly introduced this year. 70 of the Awards were presented at Nokia Theatre at The Pre-Telecast, and The Remaining 11 will be Presented Tonight. PERFORMERS : Main Artists who's going to perform & tribute includeS --- Country Artists like ___ Dierk Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood.. Bands like _ The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, Maroon 5, Fun, The Lumineers,.. British New Comers like ___ Ed Sheeran, Jake White, Veteran artist like ___ Elton John., and several other artists like ___ Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, ...
I am currently in Santa Monica, California. Unfortunately it is raining, but I am at a meeting until 1 pm local time. Hopefully it will at least be no longer raining at that point. Yesterday visited Hollywood and saw the Grauman's (?) Chinese Theatre getting ready for the gala red-carpet premiere of Hansel and Gretal. I had a coupon for a Starline Tour of Celebrity Homes. Sylvester Stallone's home was huge! One of our stops was a lookout where you could see the famous Hollywood sign. After that, drove to Burbank and attending the taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Dustin Hoffman was the main guest. It was fascinating to see how they tape the show and what goes into it (it is taped live from 4 to 5pm). Today it is back to Hollywood to visit the Hollywood Museum (another coupon) and then I am off to the Lakers' game vs. Utah Jazz at the Staples Centre.
i wish Sdar Administrator could replace the basketball court with the Staples Centre in LA.okay too much...maybe just the FIBA Stadium in KL
Eric Bledsoe just blocked a guy so hard he injured himself. Staples Centre ready to explode on every play. Good time to be a Clippers fan.
21 November 2011 - This was our first full day in LA. After a lovely breakfast beside the pool at our hotel, we headed down to Hollywood Blvd where we posed for photos beside Michaels star on the walk of fame & with Michaels wax statue at Madame Tassauds. From there it was a walk down Hollywood Blvd to the Pantages Theatre where Michael filmed You Are Not Alone. While there we saw a film crew filming Beverley Hills 90210. After a quick stop at the famous intersection of Hollywood & Vine, we headed back to the hotel & jumped into the car to head across LA to the Thriller House on Carroll Avenue & to the street where the Thriller Zombie dance scene was filmed. Then it was to downtown LA where we went to the Shrine Auditorium where Michael filmed the Pepsi commercial, to the Grammy Museum to see the Michael clothing display, and to the Staples Centre. Such a busy day!
Phil Jackson I hope eu will b watchin the match later :) Im sure ALL of them in Staples Centre will chant "We Want Phil!" & make ur decision
All of this year's 2012 Billboard Touring Award nominations are listed here. We're stoked to be listed alongside Staples Centre (LA) and O2 Arena (London) in the 'Top Arena' category.
Just got back from California - visited Los Angeles, Sandiego, Malibu Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Staples Centre, Hollywood, took a walk at the international walk of fame, visited Beverly Hills...what an incredible place California is!!! I loved it there! Ohhh almost forgot that I shopped until I almost the "Fashion Island"
Was at the Staples Centre area today. Looks like they are setting up for the Emmy Awards. Its the Tv awards. Also forgot to say we were inside the Dr Phil set. Its not that huge at all.
Donnie arrives at the Staples Centre to watch the... | Donnie Wahlberg Picture 3186482 | Contactmusic via
If he had to do it over again, Taylor Hall would have soaked up more of the build-up, more of the moment, more of everything. Instead, the Edmonton Oilers’ prized pick from the 2010 NHL entry draft has a fuzzy recollection of all that preceded his trip to the podium in the Staples Centre at Lo...
LA Kings celebrate today with victory procession from 5th and Figueroa to Staples Centre. Go Kings!
Willie Mitchell mania tonight on at 11. From the ice at Staples Centre to the celebrations in Port McNeill.
" The Champagne will be on ice at the Staples Centre on Monday" CHYEAH IT WILL!!! *dancing*
Somewhere in the Staples Centre lies some very nervous boxes packed with t-shirts and hats that say "LA Kings: 2012 Stanley Cup Champions"
1/2 Price Apps! 5pm-10pm Game Lord Stanley is in the Staples Centre!!! Starts at 8pm
LA Kings are one game from winning the Stanley Cup, as they routed the Devils at the Staples Centre 4-0. Plus to top it off Anze Kopitar scored and Wayne Gretzky was at the Staples Centre
Ray Ferraro and Lawless coming up now live from Staples Centre for the Stanley Cup Finals only on TSN1290
A cool balmy 64F on Venice Beach this morning. Got a super duper massage this morning. Nice to wake up to the waves. One more night in Santa Monica then up to Anaheim. Drove by Staples Centre yesterday. Lord Stanley be there soon.
Staples Centre sees two playoff games tonight from different sports = an Air Canada Centre dream
LA is a large city and yet 6 playoff games will all be played in the Staples Centre this weekend...Crazy!
Kings look to take commanding lead over the Coyotes tonight in the busy Staples Centre. Dark Horse on LA: Slava Voynov
Events at the Staples Centre this week- Lakers, Clippers & Kings playoff games. Events at the Air Canada Centre this week- Il Divo concert.
Maybe a Rogers Centre stadium staff tour is in order of the Staples Centre. :-)
the DJ at the Staples Centre playing Blitzkrieg Bop just gets me
31-year-old bombshell found a kindred spirit in fellow singer at the Staples Centre last night.
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