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Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is an ice hockey club trophy, awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs champion after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Stanley Cup Final Stanley Cup Finals Stanley Cup Champions Sidney Crosby Phil Kessel White House Conn Smythe Pittsburgh Penguins Ron Hainsey Super Bowl Matt Murray World Series Nashville Predators Red Wings Evgeni Malkin Charles Barkley

Hey, I want this team to win the Stanley Cup. And Derek Dors…
I can't wait to see Matt Farrell's beard by the time he wins the Stanley Cup.
Adding Dustin Byfuglien at the trade deadline would go a long way to a Stanley Cup in STL. Just trust me on this.
Duncan Keith has been a part of many things. Stanley Cup and gold medal teams. Now he can add "Connor Mcdavid highlite…
Sports Illustrated got it right in June 2014. Will you please write about the winning the Stanley Cup in 2018?…
A monument in honour of the Stanley Cup was unveiled in Ottawa on Saturday October 28th, 2017.
Monument to the Stanley Cup unveiled in Ottawa on Saturday.
Will Dylan Sikura become the first player ever to win an Olympic Gold Medal, the Hobey Baker, and Stanley Cup in one sea…
The are killing it. Holding off the Stanley Cup Champions 5-3. What a great game. Go Lightning!
Phil Kessel is a 2x Stanley Cup champion
Still can't believe Dave Hakstol cost the Flyers the Stanley Cup last night.
If the Vegas Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup before the Blues do ...
Man, the Stanley Cup is gonna look awesome in the Foyer of the El Cortez
Jimmy, Scott and Sean raising the (pizza) Banner! We didn't win the Stanley Cup, but we did win The Island...
It's been 15,471 days since the Flyers last won a Stanley Cup. The Penguins have won 2 Stanley Cups in the last 479 da…
In the voice of Pat Foley, "trounce the defending Stanley Cup Champions 10-1.
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Hope to see vs. in a Stanley Cup Final in my life. Both freak of natures at their own trades.
7-2 final. They're already planning the Stanley Cup parade route.
Tonight, a banner will be raised & the road to a potential 3rd straight Stanley Cup begins.
You can mock it all you want, but the record of Stanley Cup Champions and centers speaks for itself.
What if I told you the back to back Stanley Cup Champions were about to drop back to back games to start the season
Your back to back Stanley Cup Champions! 🖤🐧💛
Back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions: Penguins beat Predators to repeat
The Edmonton Oilers will be the Stanley Cup Champions this 2017/2018 season you heard it here first!
Sid the captain of the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Well, you did ask
Watching the Blues beat the defending Stanley Cup Champions on opening night.
Blues cap off my birthday with the overtime winner against the two-time defending Stanley Cup Champions. That’ll work!.
A road win in the back to back Stanley Cup Champions house isn't a bad way to start the year...
Undefeated and in 1st place! Ruin the defending Stanley Cup Champions during their home opener and ruin their fans' night.
Huge win for going on the road of the defending Stanley Cup Champions!
Doesn’t matter, battled back to get a point and the Pens are STILL back to back Stanley Cup Champions
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Did the Blues just beat the Stanley Cup Champions? Yes, yes they did
How bout effing KegStand setting up the game tying goal. From FLA to TBL to Stanley Cup Champions. Lucky Bass Turd. 😄
So letting the defending Stanley Cup Champions back into the game is a bad idea you say?
oh hey, Matt Duchene has a very good chance at winning the Stanley Cup this year
I know it’s only the 1st regular season game ... but feels like a game 7 Stanley Cup Final ... goosebumps & heart pounding
Man the must be going to the Stanley Cup Final this year.
Just a reminder that the Nashville Predators were 100% robbed of a Stanley Cup last year.
Penguins vs. Blues. I'd be perfectly ok with this as a Stanley Cup Final this year.
As I said last year, and one final time this year, the Penguins are Stanley Cup Champions. Now let's do it again.
Lock it in: The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup
NHL Season Preview: Are the Toronto Maple Leafs ready to make a legitimate Stanley Cup run?
The inside of the Penguins' Stanley Cup rings though...
Four-time Stanley Cup champion Paul Coffey will drop the ceremonial first puck at the Johnstown Tomahawks home opener on Saturday, Oct. 14.
Fawcett brothers ('99 and '02 Caps) visiting with Stanley Cup winning coach Mike Sullivan, the brother of Caps U16…
the New Jersey Devils for the Stanley Cup 2k18
I nodded at Mike Sullivan on the ice, and he nodded back; wins another Stanley Cup, pretty much becoming the best coach in pens history.
Give us the Stanley Cup, NOW. Drew Stafford, kids. 5-0.
Sidney Crosby supports Penguins' decision to accept White House invitation from Trump.
Remember when Kessel went after Irwin for his hit on Matt Cullen during the Stanley Cup Final? 😭
Penguins recover to defeat Predators in Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final - -…
Predators beat Penguins in Game 3 of Stanley Cup Final - USA Today - USA TODAY -
someone has filled the Stanley Cup with... BLood?? my god. such a powerful statement. how could we have been so blind. Sports is…
Trump to host Stanley Cup champion Penguins at White House: Great team
Hypothetical question: If the win the 2018 Stanley Cup, at home, will fans cheer or boo Gary Bettman?
Will the Vegas Golden Knights be a great contender in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year?
What do the Stanley Cup, Larry O'Brien Trophy, UEFA Champs League Cup, the World Cup & Olympic Gold medals have in commo…
Don't worry the Stanley Cup won't be invited to the White House for several years due to the Oilers Dynasty.
Penguins accept invitation to celebrate Stanley Cup at the White House
Stanley Cup champion Penguins accept WH invitation - The team has accepted a White House invitation from Presid... https:…
NHL Stanley Cup holders Pittsburgh Penguins plan to visit Trump at White House despite wave of NFL protests
The Holy grail is here... unscrew the cap at the bottom…
Breaking: Stanley Cup Champions Make Announcement on White House Visit . Pittsburgh will gladly accep…
Right so Trump is going to be like, hey u won the Stanley Cup but I can't have u a…
Idgaf what political BS gets mixed in. I still love and support my hockey team. The back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions. That matters to me.
Pittsburgh Penguins announce they will attend White House Stanley Cup celebration
Stanley Cup Champs Pittsburg are going to WH to meet Trump!. My new sport & HOCKEY!.
Stanley Cup Champion Pgh Accept WH Invite. This is what CHAMPIONS do. . htt…
owner Craig Leipold: Anything short of winning the Stanley Cup would be a disappointment.
Charles Barkley bets on and watches the Stanley Cup while Shaq, Kenny, and Ernie try to talk about the game
Igor Larionov, "The Professor," and his take on winning a Stanley Cup vs. International Competition. cc:
I once lost the Stanley Cup in OT to the computer on Intermediate difficulty in NHL 96 & got so steamed I joined the Proud Boys for a summer
I think there's a future for you impersonating (two time Stanley Cup champion) Phil Kessel.
Do we lose if we don't end up dating 2 time Stanley Cup champion, Phil Kessel?
Josh Archibald of the Pittsburg Penguins recently had his son baptized in the Stanley Cup |
The difference between me and the Bruins? I’M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS. I also don’t have a Stanley Cup... yet.
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When you don't win the Stanley Cup, you promote your Snapchat stickers. :(.
Going to buy the Bruins. Take Jacobs name off everything. Take down all banners unless it's Stanley Cup.
I still remember that Josh Beckett game. Wasn't that the night the Bruins won the Stanley Cup?
Bruins winning the Stanley Cup overshadowed an amazing game by Josh Beckett, and Kyrie Irving trade overshadowing a Fister gem.
How the iBench system helped the Penguins win the Stanley Cup - The Boston Globe
I'm finally home so I'm gonna go dream of the Bruins winging a Stanley Cup
Nick Bonino eating spaghetti out of the Stanley Cup is what it's all about ☺️🍝
2017 greatest cardinals team to ever play, 2018 Blues easily win the Stanley Cup, 2019 football back in STL. 2020 SB champs. mark my words.
What's a fan gotta do to be wished a happy birthday by the 2018 Stanley Cup champs?
Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins goalie, Stanley Cup champs refused to meet and greet Obama at the WH with h…
'86 Stanley Cup run - game 7 Claude Lemieux scoring winning goal vs Hartford! I was 13 in my parents…
Pens five time Stanley Cup champs .Lets go pens.
Maine's Blaine Byron turned down the Stanley Cup champs for a better chance at play time elsewhere
Don't forget Wyatt Smith and Mike Anderson too. Guy named Dan Hinote was a 95 grad too and won a Stanley Cup!
The Penguins have won every possible Stanley Cup since we got the goal song changed to Party Hard. Back to Back bel… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Good luck2 Matt Cullen. Couldn't have done much better. But I think the 2x defending Stanley Cup champs can replace a 4th-line C.
Boston went to the cup final twice in 3 years and won a Stanley Cup. In today's cap system, that's a success.
Celebrating back-to-back Stanley Cup champs at the Grand Canyon.
Can we take away Pierre McGuire's microphone? Now watching Stanley Cup on mute. Sorry to miss Mike Emrick's play-by-…
100% of hot dogs eaten out of the Stanley Cup are done so out of sweet revenge
.rubs his success in haters' faces with perfect meal out of the Stanley Cup. MORE @ https:/…
It's August 14th and two-time Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel is eating hot dogs out of the Stanley Cup.
Phil Kessel eats hot dogs out of the Stanley Cup like a boss.
Stanley Cup aside, didn't win all the awards and he's still uber young...
I hope the new captain will lead smashville back to the Stanley Cup play-offs just as Mike did in 2017
It is possible to be a winner without owning a Stanley Cup ring. Centen…
Sidney Crosby brings home Stanley Cup for 3rd time.
From his 1st NHL game to his 3rd Stanley Cup. Happy 30th, Sid!
A look at the lengthy career of 3-time Stanley Cup champion & 3-time Norris Trophy winner Chris Chelios.…
That time Joe Elliot picked up the Stanley Cup & put it back UPSIDE DOWN! He will burn in *** for that heinous act.
Won the Stanley Cup, until Ken Hitchcock came out of the shower
Walker also potentially wouldn't be the first Australian to win the Stanley Cup.
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man... and Scott Wilson with the Stanley Cup.
It's Thursday, June 8th, and Ron Hainsey has more Stanley Cup Final goals than Alex Ovechkin
Easy: win gm. 7 of 2006 Eastern Conf. Finals vs. Carolina. . Convinced they win Stanley Cup had they won tha…
Thanks to fantasy baseball and mid-major college hoops, not anymore. And during Stanley Cup playoff season? Forget about it.
Crosby took home 3 awards. Rocket award(most goals), Stanley Cup(best ram in the league,…
Congrats P.K. on making it to the Stanley Cup Finals! Hope u can bring the cup to for all your 🇨🇦 fans
PK Subban may have lost in the Stanley Cup Finals, but he is winning at life
Great game but I think Stanley Cup Finals June 11th 2017 tops it
ESPYs are on tonight! Finally we find out who won the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup
One fan went into cardiac arrest while watching the team compete in the Stanley Cup Finals. h…
Not taking anything away from Arturs Irbe, but rocked his Jofa all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals in '93!!!
While Subban was spending the Stanley Cup Finals procuring endorsement deals, Crosby and Malkin merely worried about securing…
Nice pic of the old Olympia Stadium. Sign refers to in Stanley Cup Finals and…
Is it fair to say tonight's Origin is bigger than every Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA finals, Masters and Olympics combined?
Student at Sports Media camp taking pic of Stanley Cup ring
Wendy looking like she about to carry her team to a win in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
Winners and losers of the Stanley Cup Playoffs
How my dad spends his free time at home: watching recording of the Stanley Cup Finals over & over & over again..
Ron Hainsey has more Stanley Cup goals than Ovi 😂😂😂
Last night. Richard, Conn Smythe and Prince of Wales trophies, followed by the Stanley Cup with
Carl Voss and Lionel Conacher are the only players with their names on the Stanley Cup and Grey Cup (Ca…
The Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup, the Yankees won their third World Series in four years, and Broncos repeated…
More ex Hawks to the Canes please. All the guys they got are Stanley Cup champs. You need that when the Canes make the playoffs this season.
What a year for Sidney Crosby, winning the World Cup, World Cup MVP, Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, and also the Maurice…
Local man who swore off sports after Super Bowl, Stanley Cup notices Atlanta Braves are on 11-4 run
Shattenkirk on "I think the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup as a hometown kid, that's the reason I came here."
Trade Nelson, MDC, and a first for Duchene. Stanley Cup
Minus kane and malkin, no Calder winner in the last 11 years has won the Stanley Cup, looks good for you Winnipeg,…
Larmer won a Stanley Cup, Calder and had an 884 consecutive game played streak and over 100 more points scored in the playoffs
We love Nelson but he's clearly not a 2C on a Stanley Cup team & that's exactly what I think w…
Remember this iconic Jonathan Toews moment after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013
22 years ago today, the hoisted the Stanley Cup for the first time, completing a four-game sweep of the Red Wings! …
The back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Penguins paid a heavy price for protection for star Sidney Crosby.
Nolan Patrick happy at No. 2, wants to bring Flyers a Stanley Cup via
trade three-time Stanley Cup champion Niklas Hjalmarsson to Arizona for defensemen Connor Murphy and Laurent D…
Tilted Kilt on Made the mistake of going there during one of the Stanley Cup games for dinner.. EVERY TV was…
Three time Stanley Cup champion now moving to another team, your fans will dearly miss ya!
The are back to back Stanley Cup Champions.
By stanley cup champs. So .. . Lmfao. Wake up
Like did they really have to give them a draft pick. Fleury's a Stanley cup goaltender.
That's 3 time Stanley Cup Champion and please appreciate him.
10 DRAFT PICKS! 😱 Vegas going to the Stanley Cup Finals in like two years
You got a backup goalie from the Stanley Cup Champs. Smile til you're bankrupt in 3 years.
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I will always love you as a player and you deserve to have the best. Vegas got a steal in a 3x Stanley…
I liked a video McDavid: I would trade Crosby for Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe 100 times out of 100
This is really a sad moment in Penguin history...Huge influence i…
Didn't the Penguins win the Stanley Cup again? I thought that would've been a pretty good swin…
Orono home town of Stanley Cup champion Bryan Bickell.
Stanley cup team, you mean that one defenseman? Ya ok
If Justin Schultz has taught me anything it's that Griffin Reinhart is going to win a Stanley Cup next year.
My dream is to see the win their 25th Stanley Cup next year, sweeping the in four games in the finals.
Fleury had 9 of Penguins' victories in Stanley Cup Playoffs and 2 shutouts. Wish he'd been given chance for a few more victories.
Hello with Stanley cup team infront of him. Hes garbage now. Was GREAT. YES. NOT so much anymore
I will never forget the game tying goal by Bryan Bickell in Game 6 during the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. Thank You Bryan Bickell!! 👋🏻
Fleury Fleury Fleury...I say it 3 times because that's how many times his name appears on Lord Stanley's Cup!
He wouldn't understand what your saying, you know with 3 Stanley Cup rings and a lis…
According the far from classy pens fans if you win the Stanley cup...automatically you get ever award, like come torts deserved this
Bryan Bickell is a heck of a guy, and the don't win the 2013 Stanley Cup without him. Good on the NHL for this…
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The have won the Stanley Cup for the past two seasons. I don’t honestly care who wins any of these other trophies.
Back to back cups. Playoff MVP. Conner can have the heart. I'm sure he'd trade it all da…
Actual question at Trivia Night: How many Stanley Cup Finals has Alexander Ovechkin won?
I own two signed hockey jerseys, one is Gordie Howe, the other is First class guy, 2-time Stanley Cup Wi…
When you build a team from scratch, you start from the net out. We also decided to start with a Stanley Cup champion.
When you're the only Stanley Cup winner, let alone TWO TIME STANLEY CUP GOALIE, who ended the finals with 2 SO's but not…
Shane Doan and Dustin Brown on LA's 3rd line is my Stanley Cup.
I just spent 4 days in Toronto, and I still have no idea who won the Stanley Cup... saw lots of Blue Jay hats though...
I've seen a lot of Stanley Cup celebration pics in my lifetime but this one of Olli Maatta might make me the most enviou…
The Steelers get their day with the Stanley Cup
Fans gather in Pittsburgh for Penguins' Stanley Cup parade
Now that Mayweather v McGregor is confirmed, I'm now looking forward to Vijay Singh v Port Vale in a battle for the Stanley Cup
When you're Stanley Cup champion Ron Hainsey trying to enjoy your Miller Lite, but you overhear someone ask if you're Ma…
Hope somebody got Bryan Trottier here for the rally. He needs to take the Stanley Cup and jump into the Point fountain.
In last 7+ years, major Bay Area teams have won 5 championships, lost in NBA Finals, lost in Stanley Cup Finals, and lost…
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Here's what the Stanley Cup would look like if the NHL never removed any rings:
After the Bruins won the '11 Stanley Cup, go…
I can't get excited about the Stanley Cup. I stopped watching hockey when the North Stars left Minnesota. Never went back.
No team has won a third straight Stanley Cup since 1982, but if any team can, it’s the [READ MORE
Mario Lemieux jumping into Sidney Crosby's pool fully clothed. Let the summer of Stanley Cup celebrations begin.
I've never drunk champagne from the Stanley Cup, but I once sucked nacho cheese off a participation ribbon!
A graph showing the Stanley Cup, Hart and Art Ross Trophy winners since Mario Lemieux entered the NHL in 1984
Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins refused to meet President Obama after they won the Stanley Cup.
I'm going to predict that the Pittsburgh Penguin players refuse to visit the White House with the Stanley Cup, but Tim Thomas somehow goes.
Chris Kunitz praised Craig Anderson after winning the Stanley Cup. One of the best goalie performances he's ever s…
This is what it's all about. Chris Kunitz celebrates winning the Stanley Cup with his daughter on the ice
Sidney Crosby, the Stanley Cup, and the Conn Smythe trophy get together for media availability after Game Six.
That's not the Stanley Cup of a carpenter.
Saginaw Spirit's own Brandon Saad won his second Stanley Cup at age 22. Got to love the hockey talent out of the OHL!
Penguins Sidney Crosby made sure to find Kris Letang after the game to get a quick photo with the Stanley Cup.
Legacy cemented: Penguins stay on top of hockey world with another Stanley Cup.
To be clear... I'm only happy when the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup. Which means I've only truly been happy two days…
Days since the Flyers last Stanley Cup: 15,356 . Days since the Penguins last Stanley Cup: 0
It's probably for the best that this info came out after the Stanley Cup.
The sports world reacts to the Penguins' Stanley Cup victory:
Show your Penguins pride with our Champions Twibbon:
Relive the moment that the won the Stanley Cup! .
Sorry, Alex. Allan and I watched the Penguins win the Stanley Cup😁
Patric Hornqvist happy to close out 2nd Stanley Cup on Nashville ice:.
And now there's a Stanley Cup projection, along with a dancing penguin and of that coming soon! https…
A Cup winning edition of our post game podcast. joins me en route home from NSH
Back to Back: Penguins repeat as Stanley Cup Champions |
If you think a second period disallowed goal is bad in Stanley Cup Final, you should check in with the '99 Buffalo Sabres.
When I wake up in the morning, will be a back to back Stanley Cup champion
Crosby cements legacy with consecutive Stanley Cup wins
Crosby credits teammates after another 'special' Stanley Cup win, w/ more. VIDEO: htt…
Fun Fact: Ron Hainsey (2000) is the first 1st round draft pick since Turner Stevenson (1990) to win Stanley Cup.
Bartender: You're drunk. I can't serve you. Me: My team just won the Stanley Cup. Bartender: What do you want?
Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin celebrating the Stanley Cup win with a champagne fight in the locker room
Penguins repeat as Stanley Cup Champions in dramatic, controversi =>
Congrats Pittsburgh Penguins on a Second consecutive Stanley Cup! Shame I didn't get to finish watching the game before work.
The toughest team in Pittsburgh sports history just won the Stanley Cup.
The Ever see NFL or NBA players do it? shake hands after
Evgeni Malkin on the bench watching Carl Hagelin skate towards the empty net to clinch the Stanley Cup for the Penguins. Pu…
Thank goodness NBC didn't overdo the country music during the Stanley Cup Finals
Evgeni Malkin punches TWO TIME STANLEY CUP CHAMPION Phil Kessel in the face celebrating.
For the first time in 19 years, the NHL has a repeat Stanley Cup champion. But the win wasn't without controversy.
The Pens beat the Predators, 2-0, in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final in Nashville.
We’re going dancing with Lord Stanley! Your Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2017 Stanley Cup Champions.
Number of times name is on the Stanley Cup:. Mario Lemieux - 5. Wayne Gretzky - 4
Little Giant Ladders
Matt Murray, still technically an NHL rookie, now with two Stanley Cup rings. So there's that.
NBC with the Winter Olympics promo right after the presentation of the Stanley Cup. . Solid troll job.
Sidney Crosby hands the puck to Ron Hainsey. He makes the playoffs for the first time this season. He wins the Stanley Cup.
Penguins’ latest Stanley Cup ensures their place in history
Congratulations to who’s family has Scottish roots and on winning the Stanley Cup last night! http…
Going back to back!. Penguins top the Predators to win the Stanley Cup!
Playoffs start on 4/12, 412 is the Pittsburgh area code, 4x2 is 8, the leftover 1 makes 81, 81 is a Stanley Cup Champ,…
Next year Stanley Cup Finals Penguins vs Blackhawks you heard it here first👌🏻
Sidney Crosby is first player since Wayne Gretzky in 1986-87 to lead the NHL in goals and win the Stanley Cup in same season…
Marc-Andre Fleury passes crease, Stanley Cup to Matt Murray. Sent with
The Pens Post-Stanley Cup win stories are incredible. The injuries, off-ice issues, various back-stories, they're fabulous.
When you're the only fans in the photo for the Stanley Cup game winning goal... 💯
Faith Hill game six of Stanley Cup "KILLED IT !" thats how ya do it !!! . Be proud Nashville.RD
Was it just me, or did Matt Murray just quietly have a shutout for the last two games of the Stanley Cup?
"Mike Fisher talks about loosing Stanley Cup" : via
Between Rafael Nadal winning his 10th title at Roland Garros & Sidney Crosby winning his 3rd Stanley Cup & 2nd Conn was good.
Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion…again
Turned on the Stanley Cup for the last 3 minutes. Sorry Nashville. Just kidding. I don't really care. You're Nashville. Get over hockey.
I remember seeing Phil Bourque on stage with Warrant at Star Lake a month or so after the Pens won their first Stanley Cup.
Roman Josi and Mike Fisher are playing for the Stanley Cup, but they still made time to surprise a 2-year-old fan battling c…
Sorry but I want a player that will do anything to win. I'd rather have a Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe than a Lady B…
Penguins holding Game 6 watch party in PPG Paints Arena for possible Stanley Cup c
Can you believe it's been 20 years since Steve Yzerman first skated with the Stanley Cup?
VIDEO: True or false? Billy Ray Cyrus wrote a song titled 'Bring the Stanley Cup to Tennessee'?
On this date in 1962, two-time Stanley Cup winner Phil Bourque was born in Chelmsford, MA.
20 Years Ago tonight, Darren McCarty scored this beauty to help the Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup.
Darren McCarty scored the game winner as the Red Wings won their first Stanley Cup in 42 years. 06.07.97
"Trottier, Gillies, Coffey and McSorley who combined to win 17 Stanley Cup rings, all agreed the game’s star...
Predators stun Penguins to level Stanley Cup series
I suppose he feels Stanley Cup is not very important to a fan base. Must not support hockey. Oh well not for everyone.
Charles Barkley randomly crashes Wayne Gretzky press conference
P.K. Subban believes the Predators are capable of playing better than they did in the first two games of the Stanley Cup Fin…
“Hi, I’m Ilya Bryzgalov. I’m here with the Pekka Rinne.”. Winning Stanley Cup like discover of fire or inventing th…
I'm really getting tired of hearing about Nashville's fans...supporting a team in one Stanley Cup Playoffs does not make a Hockey…
Barkley: "There's nothing more nerve wracking than Stanley Cup playoff overtime hockey. It's the craziest thing."
Yeah are even in our Belgian newspaper. :) via
"The NBA Playoffs have not been great. But the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been amazing." . - Charles Barkley
Why are pens fans panicking? If the series stays on course how it is now then we will be back to back Stanley Cup Champions. Whats the deal?
Chanting let's go "pred's" when you're playing the defending Stanley Cup champion Pens makes you sound like ***
The Stanley Cup never was the same after the redesign.
Charles Barkley takes up Gary Bettman's invitation to Stanley Cup Final
That was Sidney Crosby's first Stanley Cup Final goal in eight years.
With Predators peaking, Penguins left searching for answers in Stanley Cup Final
It looks like the NHL upstarts are back in the Stanley Cup Final. Let's go Preds.
Rinne just might have flipped the Final - Rinne just might have flipped the Final
Predators freeze out Penguins to level Stanley Cup - (Reuters) - The Nashville Predators breathed new life into...
Saturday was awesome. How about we do it again tonight, .
The Predators are the 13th team in 51 instances to tie a Stanley Cup Final at 2-2 after losing the first two games.
SMASHville General Hospital and are ready for game 4 of THANK YOU
have tied the Final at 2 games apiece. 😸🐟 appears mightier than the 🐧
The Predators' current centers (Sissons, Fisher, Jarnkrok, Gaudreau) have 13 points in four Stanley Cup Final games.
Frederick "Freddy Hockey" Gaudreau joins John Harms (1944 Blackhawks)-only NHL players to score first 3 career goals in St…
Predators win again at home, take Game 4 to even Stanley Cup Final with Penguins
Yeah it's because the are in the Stanley Cup Final
He's in the Stanley Cup Final and Montreal is on the golf course.
despite the Pens making it to the Stanley Cup Final this has probably been my favorite postseason since 2013 (even though th…
Accidental text lands couple free tickets to Stanley Cup fin Click Link-
. Your adversary is probably not watching Stanley Cup or NBA Finals. They might be reviewing their BloodHound results. . J…
Making bets with my former soccer coach on the outcome of the Stanley Cup Finals...I'm gonna need my Pens to bring home that W! 😅😅
Rookie's goal helps Predators draw even at 2-2 in Stanley Cup Finals
CS fans upset over a bit of banter and trash talk - mean while in the Stanley Cup Finals.
only Doc Emrick gives a shoutout to a the minor league champion in the middle of the Stanley Cup Final.
A lucky mistake: A text message sent to the wrong number leads to free Stanley Cup tickets.
Everyone who's only watched highlights this Stanley Cup Final is talking about Pittsburgh's "shocking collapse" and it…
Predators rout Penguins in front of raucous home crowd in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final
Nashville Predators erupt in Game 3, claw back in Stanley Cup Final with win ... |
This is my 11th Stanley Cup Final and I've never seen anything remotely like Nashville right now. The city is a madhouse…
Predators rout Penguins in Game 3 to close gap in Stanley Cup Final
So glad I got to be here for a Predators W in the Stanley Cup Final!! LETS GO PREDS!!…
Stanley Cup Finals: Nashville takes 3-1 lead after 2 periods. James Neal scores for Predators vs Pittsburgh with 22.6 left. Period over now.
Yeah I got Matthews out of the Stanley Cup pack
Matt Murray is just the 3rd goaltender to win his 1st 20 Stanley Cup playoff games in 28 games or fewer (Bill Durnan, Patrick Roy)
The Stanley Cup Finals are on and everyone keeps talking about the NBA finals instead lmaooo
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