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Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup playoffs is an elimination tournament in the National Hockey League consisting of four rounds of best-of-seven series.

Detroit Red Wings World Championship Blue Jays Rick Nash Final Four Eastern Conference Semifinal Matt Niskanen Matt Cullen Patrick Kane Dallas Stars Pittsburgh Penguins

The Stanley Cup playoffs start next week. Hope the Caps pull it together and bring it home this year! 💪🏻
The Stanley Cup Playoffs are neat and also annoying. It's can be simply about which team gets hot at the right time..
I mean we can all agree that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the best Playoffs in all sports...
BREAKING: The Stanley Cup Playoffs trade the Detroit Red Wings to The Offseason in exchange for the Edmonton Oilers and…
UPDATE: Two match-ups confirmed for Round 1 of Stanley Cup Playoffs - vs. and vs.…
Rangers will face Canadiens in First Round of NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017.
Home ice advantage throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs. I'm a process over result guy. have checked all the boxes…
Wanted to shave but the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs so I need to keep this playoff beard going.
With tonight’s result, are locked into the 1st wild card spot & will face the Canadiens in the First Round of the Stanl…
The and the Stanley Cup playoffs. Are you going?
2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Caps have arrived at the Michigan Avenue and Oakbrook locations! Hats are $…
April 5, 1994 - The clinch their first ever Stanley Cup Playoffs birth as scored 2x in a 2-1…
The Bruins have clinched a spot in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs!!! ✅
With Andrew MacDonald being named to the starting def pair, the Flyers have officially been eliminated from the 16-17 Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Here's a map of what the electoral map would look like if only Canadian teams that made the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs voted…
Hockey Night in Canada's closing montage of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Epic.
Rust’s 4 goals this postseason are the most by a rookie since Jan Hrdina (4) in the 1999 Stanley Cup Playoffs.
This Jays game is more interesting than the whole Stanley cup playoffs
Everyone is feeling the vibes the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
[HEOTP] 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Sharks at Blues game one open thread, online stream, and how to watch
I'd like to remind fans that a Florida based team is still in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
And no Canadian teams in this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs.
In a year where no Canadian team qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Raptors and Blue Jays have stolen the show. Raps to ECF.
Toronto (Raptors) in the Final Four, but Canada's sport of hockey has no teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Worst Game 7 losses in Stanley Cup Playoffs history by
NHL playoffs MVP: Six (early) contenders for award: Only four teams remain. Who has been the keys to their ru...
love my hometown!. ⚡️ "Stanley Cup Playoffs: Sharks advance after shutting out Predators".
New post: "Goalie recounts 'scary experience' after injury"
Goalie recounts 'scary experience' after injury
Enjoying the Stanley Cup playoffs still?! Come talk about them with other hockey fans!!!. @ http…
Bishop was 'thinking the worst' as he was stretchered off
Player matchups that will rock the Blues-Sharks series
Using analytics to figure out the Western Conference final (by
I wonder what the conflict is being there's no Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. . -EK
Radio station in “Shark County” pulls Nelly from airwaves during Stanley Cup Playoffs
It’s your last chance to the Stanley Cup® Playoffs House Party! Enter by 11:59:59 PM ET h…
Are the Stanley Cup playoffs still on?
Stanley Cup dreams resting on the shoulders of inexperienced goalies Matt Murray, Andrei Vasilevskiy - ESPN
Here’s your Stanley Cup playoffs schedule for tonight
These player matchups are going to rock the St. Louis Blues-San Jose Sharks conference finals
SI’s Allan Muir isn’t nearly as down on the Predators as the crew. But no one is.
Playoff run showed Predators are close, but can't be complacent (by
care to see that the Blackhawks aren't in the Stanley Cup Playoffs anymore!😜😂
Frustrating reading a story on the opener of the Stanley Cup Playoffs "Western Conference Finals." It's -Final-. No "s." This isn't the NBA.
Check out this article from USA TODAY:. Conn Smythe race: Six contenders for NHL playoffs MVP.
Life is good when you can flip from Stanley Cup Playoffs to the NBA Playoffs
Finals during the Stanley Cup Playoffs shouldn't even be a thing. So hard to study when there is such good hockey on.
Good to know someone is watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs other than the fans of the teams still in it. Go SD Gulls!
When you wanna go to the gym.. but..the Stanley Cup Playoffs... 🤔🙈
Even though my teams out, the Stanley cup playoffs are always intense
Why can't hockey just be playoffs? No season, just a full league playoff to the Stanley Cup.
Don’t know which is worse in the Stanley Cup playoffs — being down a goal or up a goal.
Talking about the Stanley Cup Playoffs with my mom and she goes on asking "It's not determined yet who will be in the World Series?" lmao
Oh no, dragic complaining to the ref about a broken nose. Please, play in one game during the Stanley cup playoffs.Can't take this seriously
Hope the Sharks win the Stanley cup.. Those guys always so consistent in reg season but always choke in playoffs
as of now all is fine, will keep in touch ! Watching NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs cya 💋
Tennessean: Follow our LIVE coverage of vs. Game 3
Current bracket for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, pulling for the Dallas Stars to take this home!
Penguins ruin everyone's fun, decide to play hockey
Follow our LIVE coverage of vs. Game 3
The take the ice in tonight for Game 4 in the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Go Preds!
Cherishing this moment where I am watching my Stars in the Stanley Cup Playoffs while mariachis play over my shoulder
NHL donates $100K to Fort McMurray relief. Great to see. Wildfire hitting close to home on Blues/Stars series:
NHL Playoffs: Flyers fend off Capitals, 2-0, to stay cup
The Stanley Cup playoffs are too legit this year
The Stanley Cup playoffs are way better than the NBA playoffs.
The Pittsburgh Penguins are the only team left in the playoffs who have won the Stanley Cup since the 2004-05 NHL lockout.
Of the 23 Penguins who have played in the 2016 playoffs, eight made their Stanley Cup debuts in the last 3 weeks (34.7%). T…
While the Stanley Cup playoffs get most of our attention, here are some reasons to watch the World Championship:
it's actually not the NHL playoffs. It's called the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Can't score on power play nor defend. Not a good combo in Stanley cup playoffs.
LeBrun calls Barry Trotz "Dr. Trotz" in this article. Like he's a savior. And people call RMNB a fan…
I'm really starting to hate the Stanley Cup Playoffs. :(
.breaks down the keys to Game 4 between the Sharks and Predators.
Jim Rutherford happy he listened to Bobby Orr and traded for Trevor Daley. My game 4 column:
Can the tie the series in Game 4? Follow tonight's game against thehttps:/…
Former Spud Matt Cullen is lighting up the Stanley Cup Playo...
Alex Ovechkin is the saddest man in the NHL right now | For The Win...found in USA Today
It seems there is a very high degree of fighting in this year's Stanley Cup playoffs far more than usual
Welcome to the Show. Intro song for Stanley Cup playoffs. He's everywhere and we love it !!
So turning a flailing team that wasn't going to make playoffs into a legitimate threat to win the Stanley Cup isn't worthy?
ICYMI, I wrote a bit about the phenomenon & what it could mean for the Blues.
NHL rumors: Latest buzz, news during the Stanley Cup Playoffs - Sports Illustrated
Absolutely STOKED that the has been using our song, "Hero" for this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs!
The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the New York Islanders in Game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Eastern Conference, 4-1. Series Tied 1-1.
Paul Bissonnette: Why I'm rooting for the Blues in the Stanley Cup Playoffs via
Proud night for Virginia, MN last night when Virginia born Matt Niskanen & Matt Cullen squared off in Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Proud night for Matt Niskanen & Matt Cullen born in Virginia w/ ties to & Miners square off in Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Yes. beat the 2-1 and advance to the Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
During their final game in Stanley Cup Playoffs the Minnesota Wild offered a stunning moment of silence for Prince
Statistically Speaking: 73 points before the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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New Podcast being recorded tonight. Bruce Boudreau, 2nd Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Marlies will be topics.
The Quest for the Cup: Second Round: With the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs now offici...
Watch "Stanley Cup Playoffs: Eastern Conference Semifinal preview -" by on
I just uploaded "Stanley Cup Playoffs: Eastern Conference Semifinal -" to
Patrick Kane now ranks with Glenn Anderson for most OT goals in Stanley Cup Playoffs history.
[SB Nation: Winging It In Motown] Your Rooting Guide to the Rest of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Roomie called DirectTV to rage at them over our bill today. Guess who now has a ton of free sports channels for the Stanley Cup Playoffs? :D
Emerging Storylines to Follow in 1st Round of 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Bleacher Report
How Canadian fans are coping with no teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs - USA TODAY
2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs series analysis and predictions and the top preseason storylines. ht…
Good news: the Stanley Cup Playoffs are awesome, they start tonight, and I wrote an honest-to-god preview here:
more like Stanley Cup Playoffs begin and Rangers game day am I right
My picks for the 1st round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:. Islanders. Lightening. Capitals. Rangers. Ducks. Kings. Stars. Blackhawks
With the Stanley Cup Playoffs set to begin, Red Wings' head coach Jeff Blashill is on with right now on
- Red Wings/LA Kings both in Stanley Cup Playoffs!! But you're still gonna send a lil luck Chicago Blackhawks' way, right?? ;)
From college to Stanley Cup Playoffs, Dave Hakstol's transition to NHL "a lot quicker than probably we all expected"
It's official, the Detroit Red Wings have made the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the 25th straight season!
Why was shut out of Stanley Cup Playoffs
Why Canada was shut out of Stanley Cup Playoffs via
.scores in OT and the clinch a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs! 🙌.
See the Stanley Cup Playoffs live! Individual playoff tickets on sale tom. at 10 AM: https:…
Congratulations Mike Sullivan & the Pittsburgh Penguins on going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs!10 in a row https:/…
Baseball is back, Final Four is on Monday, Masters start Thursday and Stanley Cup Playoffs begin next week! Love this ti…
I just saw a Stanley Cup Playoffs commercial and almost cried in a hotel lobby.
Chin up Canada. You may get shut out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but the nation's only NBA team may end up in the finals after all.
Will you still watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs if no Canadian teams make it?
Keith scoring all the overtime winners in the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs!
Keith scoring all those overtime winners in the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs!
when Keith Won the Conn Smythe this year during the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
Lots of guys - when I was a kid Gary Thorne WAS the Stanley Cup Playoffs...Local guys in Minny like Wally Shaver & Bob Kurtz
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The last time beat @ home was Game 6 of 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the final NHL game ever played at Nassau Coliseum.
If the season ended today, not ONE team from Canada would be in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let that sink in..
I'm not sure many Canadians will be watching this years Stanley Cup Playoffs.
It's the 2nd game back from the All-Star break and I'm emotionally invested in this game like it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
. Buddy of mine in '06 went to game Stanley Cup Playoffs. Ducks home in Anaheim. Walked up and got in for $18 at tix box.
Today's Thursday and it's almost the weekend. Stanley Cup Playoffs rematch between the Isles and Caps, then i…
who scored 16 goals and put up 3 apples in the 2015 Stanley cup playoffs?
I've got a feeling that the Dallas Stars will make it quite far in the Stanley Cup playoffs this season ⭐️🌟✨
One month away from the best 2 weeks of hockey not named the Stanley Cup Playoffs: World Juniors!
The online tracker is as exciting as watching game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Watch what happens when unsuspecting NHL fans come face to face with Stanley cup
totally making the moral victory playoffs and great odds for the moral victory Stanley Cup.
First chirp of the night.. "suck in the playoffs..". I'm sorry Buffalo.. I must've missed your Stanley cup banners somewhere.
The conclusion to yesterday- if the playoffs started today, who would win the Stanley Cup?:
Maybe Trump was thinking of the 2001 Stanley Cup playoffs?
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Did that guy forget the time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup with, like, 1pp goal the entire playoffs?
remember when the Knicks didn't make the playoffs and the Rangers lost in the Stanley Cup. Yea I do
We will see you in the Stanley Cup Final Ooo wait you won't even make the playoffs
March Madness is better than . - NBA Playoffs. - Nfl Playoffs . - MLB World Series. - NHL Stanley Cup. idk bout the World Cup tho 😕😂
It's just been difficult after the heart break of the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs. Yeah its been 6 years but does it ever heal?
But I'll grow my Beard fully when the Stanley Cup Playoffs begins. You know Hockey and its the traditional Playoff Beards
Mike Babcock could coach an AHL team to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I understand this now.
Will the end their six-year drought and return to the Stanley Cup Playoffs?
Gary Thorne. *sigh* NHL on ESPN. Stanley Cup Playoffs in the 90's were pretty great with him & Bill Clement
ESPN spends all day talking about the NBA finals, and 5 minutes on the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 😑
Still hate basketball. Still think the Stanley cup playoffs are a million times better.
Everyone's over here screaming about the refs & I'm just like now you know how I feel watching Stanley cup playoffs 😅
Max Pacioretty sits out Stanley Cup playoffs vs. Senators
I love basketball but anyone who thinks The NBA Playoffs are better then The Stanley Cup playoffs has never watched hockey or is a ***
No such thing as hard minutes in the NBA. Want to see hard minutes? Watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Yo are people ready to admit the Stanley Cup playoffs are better yet?
Keep seeing all these NBA posts. Why would anyone be watching that when baseball and Stanley Cup playoffs are going on?
Blackhawks confident in ability to rebound in Stanley Cup final: ​Jonathan Toews knows the playoffs can ...
Who are you rooting for in The Stanley Cup Playoffs?
Lightning resilient once again in Stanley Cup Playoffs
Home teams are 94-65 (.591) all-time in Game 7s in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, including 3-0 in 2015.
Game 7 of Stanley Cup Playoffs is a valid excuse to ditch plans
History is against the Ducks in Game 7s of the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Two Game 7s in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and NBA Finals next Week. Great Couple of a Weeks!
What a great NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Playoffs this year. Been a pleasure to watch.
Dear U.S.-based hockey is a holiday weekend for you but we'll be on the air talking Stanley Cup playoffs if you want to drop by
lol I wonder how many times til the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will they mention how Rick Nash and the team saw Entourage:The Movie?
I'm watching the Stanley Cup playoffs TB & NYR 😀
welcome to the Stanley cup playoffs they have just begun
Not sure if you are a fan of hockey but the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been exciting particularly the conference finals
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Getting ready for the NHL playoffs with a Stanley cup made out of ️BACON. LETS GO RANGERS! Come down and cheer... h…
THATs a penalty in the NHL playoffs?!This is the STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS not the NBA playoffs sir, I think you're officiating the wrong sport
NBA playoffs, Stanley Cup playoffs, and all on deck tonight. Could be worse...
Stanley Cup Playoffs does the competitive heart good.
Stanley Cup playoffs music brought to you by ENGLAND.
These are easily the best semi finals for the Stanley cup playoffs
Ben Bishop taking the "Because it's the Cup " marketing tag for the Stanley Cup Playoffs a little too literally? Ouch.
Memorial Cup, Calder Cup and Stanley Cup Playoffs. That's my kinda day.
When you have to have family dinner during the Stanley Cup Playoffs...
Premier League, Monico Formula 1 , & Stanley Cup playoffs all in 1 day. WO , u guys are the new leader in sports
Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs; TB Lightning @ NYR!
NBA playoffs? Nah, they don't have the Stanley Cup!
too many commercials as usual. Switching to Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Watching the Stanley Cup playoffs gets me so depressed knowing that the Flyers aren't even close to making a deep run in the playoffs ...
Stanley Cup Playoffs Daily Picks: Ducks can push Blackhawks to brink Blackhawks
Watching The Stanley Cup Playoffs and having a cigar!
analytics show it takes more than high salaries to make and win the Stanley Cup Playoffs
From wizard of oz to the Stanley cup playoffs. Only on the
It's really weird people record themselves watching the Stanley cup playoffs
right! Inconsiderate towards Ohio hockey fans. You want all of the Cavs and all of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Juggling act
“As much as i love the nba, The Stanley Cup playoffs is the best tournament in sports” no, March Madness is.
Ducks vs Blackhawks face off in the Stanley Cup Playoffs at 8 - come watch at BarLy!
BREAKING: Martin St. Louis & Rick Nash have officially arrived for the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs...
Stanley Cup Playoffs: Lundqvist, Rangers bounce back to beat Lightning, even series at 2-2.
2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: 5 things to know about Rangers vs. Lightning Rangers
If the Blue Jays fired John Gibbons right now, it would get lost in the shuffle in Canada because of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Because he is Canadian I suppose and if I recall, the Penguins have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Crosby and Giroux haven't been this cordial with each other since round 1 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Multitasking at the end of the school year; Stanley Cup Playoffs, World Championship, marking, planning, and caffeine
sorry Blake but everything gets put on hold during the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Update your maps at Navteq
Celebs rally for the Rangers during the Stanley Cup Playoffs via
off the top of my head I'm not sure, but I know it's been awhile. Best players are usually in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Ducks' Getzlaf, Perry to meet Hawks' Toews, Kane in playoffs for first time
Biggest Questions for the Rest of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs
The NBA playoffs have been KILLING the Stanley Cup playoffs from a drama standpoint.
Love does hurt. Is your team out of the Stanley Cup playoffs? Go Visa!
ICYMI. The Washington Capitals are the most Canadian team alive in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Root as you see fit.
Frederik Andersen made 17 saves and is 8-1 in the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs with a 1.96 goals-against average and a .925 save percentage.
Love watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs with my future hockey star!!
Best of the Stanley Cup playoffs: Second round
NHL playoffs 2015: Bracket, schedule and scores: The Stanley Cup Playoffs are widely considered the best postseason in any North Amer...
DDN Sports Stanley Cup Playoffs: Highlights: Ducks claim 4-2 win over Flames in Game 4 from NBC SN:
NHL playoffs: Rangers stay afloat with OT win: ... 5 in the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup hockey pl...
Odd that TSN didn't pay/can't use 'Stanley Cup Playoffs' but can use a graphic of the cup itself. 😕
Lightning cant’ strike Canadiens out of Stanley Cup playoffs: P.K. Subban picked up his second ...
Putting a bow on the night of Stanley Cup playoffs action with on at top of hour.
Calgary Flames falls to Anaheim in Game 4, Ducks lead series 3-1
Watch: OT winner and some sweet moves by the are Friday's top goals:
I liked a video Stanley Cup Playoffs: To Sweep or not to sweep
Time to get smashed with the Stanley Cup Playoffs drinking game 🍺.
In honor of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Jimmy hands out superlatives to some players
Alert! Winger David Wolf is making his Stanley Cup Playoffs debut tonight with the
Anaheim shutout on Calgary 3-0 for a 2nd Win in Round 2 of Stanley Cup Playoffs!! Woo Hoo !! Go Ducks !! 💥
I don't know too much about hockey, but I do know that the Ducks are not supposed to be in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Ducks 6-0 in playoffs. Just give us the Stanley Cup already.
Anaheim starts the Stanley Cup Playoffs going 6-0! Swept the ✈️ are the 🔥 next?!
Well at least one Anaheim team is performing well right now. Let's keep it up Ducks! 6-0 to start off the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
DDN Sports Stanley Cup Playoffs: The Lighting defeats the Canadiens to take 2-0 in game 2 from NBC SN
Ducks are far and away the best team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs thus far, and it's not even close. Look out Blackhawks.
If you read one article today, make it this. is an inspiring story.
Looking like the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup playoffs isn't going to be very competitive (save maybe NYR WAS) Final 4 should be stellar tho
Is it just me or do the hockey night graphics say 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs?
It's funny when I wake up in the morning for school, and I open the TV and there is Stanley Cup Playoffs comin!
is covering the Stanley Cup Playoffs... maybe she'll learn about respect, humanity & humility.
. alum JT Brown is credited with his first Stanley Cup Playoffs goal with Tampa Bay. Lightning are embarrassing…
Kane scores twice as Blackhawks beat Wild for 2-0 series lead
Follow & use for a chance to win a trip to a Stanley Cup Playoffs game!
Ok. Even though my teams are out, I still have hockey skating, stanley cup playoffs, and reddit hockey secret santa to look forward to...
Third period, Game 7. This is how you break a 0-0 tie:.
Up for some Cup? Enter for a chance to score 2 tix to the Stanley Cup® Final. Details:
I've been to Omaha, BCS national championship & everything you can imagine. Nothing comes close to the Stanley Cup playoffs! Go Hawks!!!
currently playing in the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs I believe makes him an NHL player. Could be wrong though...
Things guaranteed in life: Death, taxes, and the Wild choking in the Stanley Cup Playoffs...GRRR
He had an assist when they played the Kings in '11 exhibition. I didn't quite think I'd see him again in Stanley Cup playoffs.
My moms been watching the stanley cup playoffs since it started and couldnt tell me the name of the two teams or the score...ok then
I absolutely hate the Blackhawks. I would rather see Russia insert a team into the Stanley Cup Playoffs and win it all.
Stanley cup playoffs. His team and my team are against each other right now, mines up 2-0 in the series.
I've been watching Stanley cup playoffs. I haven't been watching Yankee Game. I notice that some players are growing mustaches?.
The worst part about watching the Stanley Cup playoffs is that I have to turn to CNBC.
I started watching them when they won the stanley cup in 2010 I only watch the playoffs
Not a Blackhawks fan but man are they fun to watch in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Is it really time for bed if you don't watch the Stanley cup playoffs first?
for those who missed it, my impassioned plea for you to hate the stupid *** Minnesota Wild, via
Rangers even series with Captials behind Lundqvist, Kreider: t's never supposed to be easy in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but the Range...
I've seen better fights during the Stanley Cup Playoffs
On this day of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, derby, NBA playoffs, ManPac fight, and match play golf, and the NFL draft, the greatest thing in...
SugarRay/Duran, Hearns/Hagler, Ali/Frazier, Tyson/Anyone.Now this? Glad the Stanley Cup Playoffs are on😊
Now boxing can go back to being irrelevant and we can continue watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs 👌🏼
To study for finals or watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Strikes as Tampa Bay Advances to Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs
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Lightning to face Montreal Canadiens in Second Round of Stanley Cup Playoffs
"Despite all our differences not even the Stanley Cup Playoffs can tear us apart." . blogs from Buffalo!
I see why you don't get very many hockey games anymore...please or take back the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
It's been real, Nashville, but guess what? We own the Central. And we own the Stanley Cup Playoffs. See you next week, Minnesota.
Blackhawks win. They join the Anaheim Ducks and New York Rangers in 2nd round of Stanley Cup Playoffs. Heartbreaking series for Preds.
Sidney Crosby: What the Stanley Cup Playoffs mean to me
Hi Sidney Crosby I'm sorry about Pittsburgh Penguins didn't win & not in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.!!! You did a great fabulous job this year
I love Stanley Cup Playoffs hockey. But only when my teams are playing and I'm not the former 6 time champion coach of the Bulls.
Congrats to our neighbors, the on advancing to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
You have been tried in Game 4 of Round 1 in the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, You have been found wanting.
Stanley Cup Playoffs are waaayyy better than the NBA Finals.
What team are you cheering for in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? 😀
The longest game in 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs continues... into 3OT! Blackhawks and Predators are tied, 2-2.
Sitting up here watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs like a grown man
Late in the evening. Stanley cup playoffs are on in the background. I'm writing a contract for a…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Patrick Kane improving as near Stanley Cup playoffs
Stanley Cup Playoffs just make me want to consume large amounts of beer.
and in Canada I imagine the Stanley Cup Playoffs bump the CCL to far down the dial
Doing what we do best. Happy earth day🌍 @ Stanley Cup Playoffs
Calling Rick Nash, Calling Rick Nash. Please report to the Stanley Cup Playoffs stat!
NHL playoffs 2015: Senators, Jets try to avoid elimination: The Canadiens and Ducks could both advance with wi...
with the play call of the season: "Ryan Smith loved tapping the goalie's knob"... the Stanley Cup playoffs, on CBC!
Stanley Cup Playoffs: oh my team didnt make it? Who cares this is great hockey!. NBA Playoffs: oh my team didnt make it? Oh well hockey's on!
Later. Watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. "ICYMI: The newest episode of . WATCH →
ICYMI: The most ironic Card of the Day so far -
One week ago today, the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs began. Tonight, two NHL teams that are trailing 0-3 are on the brink of elimination.
Not now anything else in life or death, it's the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Other than the MLB post season, I would say that nothing gets better than Stanley cup playoffs 🏆
Cause of death: Stanley cup playoffs
The NBA playoffs will get great. The Stanley Cup STARTS great. Just relentless nightly
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The field for the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs contains five Canadian teams, the most since 2004.
“This is what the Stanley Cup playoffs mean here in Chicago
how do the Stanley cup playoffs not make you excited
Stanley Cup Playoffs: Where 8 seeds can get hot and win the whole *** thing
The Rags only have 2 shots this whole game?! *** I thought this was the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Six penalties already in Pittsburgh tonight. Running the "one man short" defense isn't good in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (CC:
After watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, I can think of all kinds of improvements for basketball.
Stanley Cup Playoffs, can't wait!! . By this time next year we'll have our first Isobel Cup Champs! .
2nd most talented team in the West. Probability means nothing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and rarely does.
Man oh man do CBC and the Stanley Cup Playoffs ever need Ron McLean
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