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Stanford University

The Leland Stanford Junior University, commonly referred to as Stanford University or Stanford, is an American private research university located in Stanford, California on an campus near Palo Alto, California, United States.

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'Remarkable': Scientists amazed by thriving marine life at Bikini Atoll where 23 atomic bombs were dropped |
Stanford math professor, first woman to win prestigious Fields Medal, dies of cancer.
Stanford University investigates the only country in the WORLD where it is legal to sell kidneys. Here is what...
Working from home makes you happier and more productive, says Stanford University economist
TIL that President Herbert Hoover had a claim to be the first student to attend Stanford University, as he was the…
UBC amateur rocket team beats out Stanford University, Caltech, and MIT. | CBC News
The process to remove the California judge who sentenced former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to only...
Bay Area cities dominate the rankings of the best places to live in California, while Stanford University remains..…
Congrats to all at for high marks from Stanford University study and School of the Year
by . Kristen V. Brown Writing in the journal Cell, a group of Stanford University geneticists write that such larg…
Yes I'm brown.Yes I'm a woman.Yes I'm first gen/ low income.And yes I was valedictorian and headed to Stanford University on a…
Program Manager/Assistant to the Director at SIEPR - Stanford University. Location : Stan...
Wonderful to catch up w/former Secretary of State George Shultz at Stanford University. Served as his Special Assis…
Anderson Collection at Stanford University on This is THE Contemporary art museum in the South Bay. It's rea…
"Researchers from the Harvard Business School and Stanford University meta-analyzed the results of more than 200 s…
Extremely proud to say that I've committed to Stanford University to play Division 1 college baseball. ⚾️⚾️ htt…
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Shall we Stanford University, discuss Wireless Induction--infra red or sonic sound based to recharge DC batteries, which is a Tesla Coil?
Easy to get into Stanford U. “A young overachiever dazzled the Admissions Department of Stanford University by...
Stanford University is risking a major battle over censorship after blocking a law school professor from using an...
Stanford University: 'How and Why to Start A Startup' by Sam Altman & Dustin Moskovitz
Dean of the School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences - Stanford University - Stanford, CA
So PROUD to be Key Note Speaker for Stanford University's RAZA Day April 22!! High School &…
First day at 'school'. Iveta is starting her nutritionist course with Stanford University today! She has a test at… https:/…
As pointed out by the Wall Street Journal, Stanford University, New York Times,…
Our school of the week is Stanford University! Stay tuned for some fun facts about Stanford. Check out our members!
Education news: A New Jersey high school senior has her pick of any Ivy League school, plus Stanford University.
How to get an A on your sociology exam
So not even BBC Scotland deems the First Minister's speech at Stanford University worth a mention. I wonder if STV can do a…
Remember when political fanaticism was frowned upon?
Teen wins place at top uni after writing 100 times on application form
"This is going to save us SOOO much money!" - Stanford University
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Stanford expert suggests focusing on shared values rather than climate change - Stanford University News
Full house at Stanford University and another great lecture. Well received.
Now tell me, if you do not believe me, how can a book on parapsychology make its home on the shelves of Stanford university?
I legitimately thought this was a satire article for a while but decided to research it
This Brit in the audience at Stanford University just told Nicola Sturgeon that 'If we remain together we can achieve more.'. G…
For those who missed it speech and Q&A at Stanford University. "Scotland's Place in the World".
Gamethread: OSU Baseball Against University Of Portland Following a weekend sweep of the Stanford Cardinal, the Or…
What a devastating indictment of to admit & encourage this obvious doofus
Moral of the story: Don't waste your money sending your kids to Stanford. Once a prestigious university, now a joke. https…
Stanford University accepts Muslim student who wrote 100 times in admissions essay - The...
Nicola Sturgeon leading from the front at Stanford University
FM gets a bigger crowd in Californian University than Tories got at their Scottish c…
*Muslim teenager repeats 100 times on Stanford application and is accepted
Nicola Sturgeon at Stanford University: "Scotland's Place in the World" - YouTube
Muslim teenager gets Stanford University place after writing 100 times in essay https:…
teenager gets University place by writing 100 times - The Telegraph
Address Stanford University on how Scotland is an inclusive society or visit a winery in an illegal settlement in Israel. Who s…
when you think of the real Americans who never got to go to a university like
Read Nicola Sturgeon's address at Stanford University on Scotland's place in the world.
Nicola Sturgeon is to speak at Stanford University in California on Scotland's place in the world.
Welcome the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega to Stanford University!
Katie Ledecky led Stanford University to a record-breaking performance in the 800-yard freestyle relay at the...
Stanford University study found "fake news" had no impact on election. Drama queens fretting because we're winning. http…
Congrats to our brother for signing with Stanford University today.
Soon, artificial intelligence could check your skin for
MEZ Kamp: Inspiring examples of university valorization programs are found
From and comes an AI that diagnoses skin cancer as well as dermatologists https…
Provost reinstates its Band after 2 Qtrs, originl suspension 18 mos. Provost rationale was What?…
Will replace your dermatologist, or will it help them improve their diagnostic abilities?
Researchers at Stanford University used a deep learning algorithm developed by Google to diagnose skin cancer.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I saw read your letter during his performance tonight at Stanford University. Simply brilliant! Bravo,…
will again look silly. The people know of fraud.Examples: .
"Stanford University finds that Schisandrin A can reverse Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR) in Cancer" by
University of Miami dermatologist Dr. Anne Burdick checks the computer screen in her Miami office, as she…
Soon, artificial intelligence could check your skin for cancer - CNET
Artificial intelligence can spot skin cancer as well as a trained doctor
Encore for Stanford Band after university lifts suspension - The Mercury News
Encore for Stanford Band after university lifts suspension
contact head of AI at Stanford University to see how that's going - 2030 earliest
suggested you follow lead AI researcher at Stanford University - she says SD cars/trucks a long way off
Leadership at Keller Williams Realty according to Stanford University: via
America: where the "Hollyweed" sign bandit is sentenced to more jail time than the Stanford University rapist, Brock Turner.
...people should have a fundamental sense of & a study by Stanford University suggests people don't.
Stanford University's injection image shows why & South Pacific victims of numerous https…
E-Mail leak from Stratfor, regarding the Esalen Institute, which is linked to Stanford University & Tavistock. [
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This just in: Stanford University completely misses the point and learns nothing.
Stanford University is recruiting an Administrative Services Manager to join their Medical Center Development...
I was at Stanford University up in the West Coast Bay Area, so t...
.Professor for Education at Stanford University. Deep thoughts on open issues
Getting the Dr. Jon Waters Ohio State scapegoat treatment, look for Department of Education investigators to...
12/11/1966: The are headquartered at Rickey's Hotel near Stanford University in Palo Alto, south of San Francisco ...
Immensely proud to announce my acceptance into Stanford University, and with that, an offer from the Cardinal footb…
I am excited and proud to announce that I will be continuing my academic and wrestling career at Stanford University.
feminist, professor of neuroscience at Stanford university by training. comedy video editor by inclination.
Secrets and legends from the Stanford campus - SFGate via
Female student sues Stanford University for allowing alleged sexual predator to graduate
Stanford University Band Suspended for ‘Systemic Cultural Problem’ via /r/news
Stanford University Band Suspended after being Accused of ‘systemic cultural problem’
This is how successful couples stay together, according to stanford university
Congratulations to Matawan Senior Ocheze Amuzie on getting accepted to Stanford University!! 🌲
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Stanford University marching band suspended after panel finds repeated violations of school policies
ma'am it was awesome to hear you mention my university in your speech today. Thanks for the recognition!
Bitcoin Engineering Course at Stanford University Introduces Hands-on Approach with the 21 Bitcoin Computer -…
After one quarter of being FLI at Stanford University
Stanford University band suspended after being accused of 'systemic cultural problem'
Stanford University to use to power 50% of campus “It’s a living laboratory for a univers…
You’re invited to the King Research and Education Institute Open House at Stanford University on January 13, 2017.
"The White House partners with Stanford University and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to host an event on Wednesday to…
Stanford University tops global employability ranking - Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Tech...
Students at Stanford University walk out of classes to hold rally in protest at Trump's election
- Populism or fascism? How to know the difference. Stanford University's Hoover Institute. A historical...
Meet CCNY's University Fellows, selected to participate in Stanford program
A PR firm in Silicon Valley regards Stanford University as one of the best sites for meetings and social.
I got an invitation from Stanford University but then I checked their acceptance rate and it's 4.8%. GG
2020 Lamont Butler with Assistant Coach, Adam Cohen, at Stanford University on his unofficial visit! 🐻🐻🐻 https…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
New film 'Before the Flood' by on global change screened hosted by
New startup fund part of Washington University’s plan to be ‘Stanford of the Midwest’
Congratulations to high school orchestra director Mr. Robert Vogel for being recognized by Stanford University...
Just got to the hotel in San Francisco. We play Stanford University at 7pm, wish us luck!
Stanford University School of Medicine study. The effect with which a running thins the life expectancy is conspicu…
Ruth Bader Ginsburg to deliver Stanford lecture on a meaningful life - Stanford University News
keep the environment clean @ Stanford University Medical Center
Associate Director of Data Analysis and Customer Systems - Stanford University - Stanford, CA:...
Later, at Stanford University, I thought I'd become a lawyer or busin...
Like a rich kid on the Stanford University swim team who RAPED an unconscious woman
Wayne Thiebaud knows how to set a lunch table... @ Cantor Art Museum, Stanford University
Too lenient is how critics condemned the six-month jail sentence for Brock Turner, the former Stanford University swim…
4 September 1998. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students at Stanford University,USA
BREAKING: Former Stanford University swimmer who served half his six-month sentence for sexual assault is released from jail.
How can Stanford, a top 5 university, think banning alcohol is the solution to rape. Even DeVry know that aint a solutio…
The former Stanford University student who sexually assaulted a woman was just released from prison after 12 weeks.
Tyra Banks is going to teach at Stanford University
Tyra Banks will co-teach a class at Stanford University in May called "Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Br…
.will be Professor Banks as she teaches at Stanford University
Congratulations to Tyra Banks! She will teach at Stanford University this coming May.
Tyra Banks to teach business class at Stanford University -
I liked a video Alan Alda with Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University - EXTENDED
Video: Jurgen and his Liverpool staff take on Stanford University. .
It is my great honor to introduce President Obama - John Hennessy, President, Stanford University. -
John Hennessy, President of Stanford University, about to take the stage. He will introduce President Obama.
Address by Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker, at Stanford University on June 12, 2016.
Exploding Taylor Kitsch is more important than frozen Stanford University
Accounting Manager, Capital Projects opportunity with Stanford University. Learn more or Job...
Members of the Stanford University women’s swim team were pressured by school officials not to speak out. ...AAARGH. http…
Stanford University study: Hillary Clinton's lead over Bernie Sanders is illegitimate, evidence of election fraud https…
Eifert went to THE University of Notre Dame not Stanford come on man
Stanford University Confirms Democratic Election Fraud via this will get my vote-NO
Just goes to show, Hilary Clinton just cannot win anything on her own terms!
Stanford women&swim team &never to be alone with rapist Brock Turner&
Stanford University confirms EVIDENCE of election fraud in Democratic primary. https:/…
My previous post was meant to condemn the convicted rapist at Stanford University who got 6 months in jail. His...
Long read from an incredibly strong girl. Her words are powerful & share-worthy. My heart is with her.
Oh, who cares that the Democrats cheat in order to steal elections. Democrats only care when they've been cheated...
Stanford University Confirms Election Fraud . My vote was and will be for
I joined together with a few of my fellow members of Congress to read the Stanford University rape victim's...
Stanford women's swim team was' wary of before trial' via
A point to ponder. Ponder hard and long...
Letter to Stanford University in Support of Survivor of Brock Turner case - Sign the Petition! via
Stanford students are petitioning the university to release the names of sexual assault perpetrators on campus. https:…
Stanford told women's swim team NOT to write a letter to judge about Brock Turner's lewd, upsetting behavior.
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: I dunno how reliable this one is, but ... Stanford University Confirms Democratic Election Fraud
Stanford women's swim team 'vowed never to be alone with rapist Brock Turner'
Stanford University Confirms Democratic He had better not tell us tonight to back her.
Rape case judge removed from new case: A California judge who sentenced Stanford University ex-student Brock ...
Yet another thing for HRC and her followers to be proud of
Stanford put on defensive over efforts to deter sex assault - San Francisco (AP) — Stanford University official...
Stanford University wants all rounders but I didn't know they wanted a rapist on campus with women having chances to be a victim of rape smh
White college swimmer Brock Turner will serve 3 months for raping female student at Stanford University.
On June 2, former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually...
US sex attacker's father sparks outrage. A statement by the father of former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner, convicted of sexual
SIX (6) MONTHS???!! GR. Stanford University:. Brock Allen Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who was discovered...
Jani research Stanford University study on Congress and Wall Street Bill to deny Congress access to Wall Street trading
cheap hotels and motels / Hotels near Stanford University in Alto
Experts take on climate change at Stanford University conference...
Capital Accounting Director opportunity with Stanford University. Learn more or Jobvite a fr...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
The Campbell Recital Hall at Stanford University was full on Tuesday night for Free to Rock's screening,...
Join us for a talk on May 5 with Charlotte Jacobs – Jonas Salk: A Life at the
FYI Latina/o Coders: LOFT will be hosting a LOFT Coder Summit (LCS) at Stanford University on May 14th. RSVP here:
A great seminar about it :) ...Reframing Problems and Getting Honest - Bernard Roth (Stanford University).
Today I decided to re-watch Steve Jobs famous commencement speech at Stanford University (…
The girl who got into 5 Ivies and Stanford with a unique essay about Costco made her choice
Congrats to assistant conductor and pianist Kadar Qian who will be attending Stanford University this fall! We'll...
Hanging garden of the Stanford law school. @ Stanford University
What a great read about Airbnb. Try and read the whole article, it's well worth it. Some invaluable tips.
Really interesting use of VR: Stanford University cow pasture that sends players to slaughterhouse. .
Four takeaways from at Stanford University on Sunday evening:.
Grenier handles a hot shot at third, turns two to end the top half of the 3rd.
PROUD MOMENT!. Our student from Narayana IIT Olympiad School, Vijayawada got admission into Stanford University.
Just enrolled in a course at Stanford University called "Designing for Deeper Learning" :)
Stanford University research: almost every district with large low-income enrollment have academic inequities
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Congrats 2018 Kate Cressey! She will be a Cardinal playing in the PAC 12 for Stanford University!
uAvionix, DJI and Stanford University to develop safe aircraft separation technologies - Aerospace Technology
Stanford University pilot by plane aviation photo airpl
A Stanford University study shows that could improve with
Blessed to say I will be attending Stanford University in the Fall ! https:/…
Universities are now looking to uOtawa for leadership on divestment!.
Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference Comes to Stanford University - PR Web (press release)
Happy to say that I've officially committed to Stanford University! 🌲
Love this! Computer science now top major for women at Stanford University via
Co-founder&academic director of Stanford University's on how to reframe problems&get honest.
Being inspired visiting the d school at Stanford University.
Elon Musk was invited to Stanford University, the best engineering school in the world, to do his phd but decided to drop out after 2 days
cant wait to get sued by an airbn3b user who went to W.C. Overfelt High School, Stanford University, Boalt Hall School of Law, University of
MeFi: How to Blow $9 Billion in 6 Months: In 2003, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford University and for...
Why not us, Ideas on how to get there? "now top major for at Stanford University"
Should we delay? . A from Stanford University found delaying the start of school brings psychological benefits...
Who is Stanford University's Joshua Garnett? . A future trauma surgeon, that's who.
Apply now to work for Stanford University as Development, Stanford Law School in
Stanford University student Brock Allen Turner was accused last year of sexually assaulting an unconscious and intoxicated woman outside, a startup from nearby Santa Clara that was spun out of Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence…
Track has meets Stanford University, San Francisco State, and El Dorado High School today and tomorrow
Manager of Operations and Analytics opportunity with Stanford University. Learn more or Jobv...
Great meeting at Stanford University talking about natural capital
Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy & Reggie Brown Poster when they're students @ Stanford University
A group of students of International Policy Studies from Stanford University, US, calling on PM
BREAKING: will deliver a counterterrorism address tomorrow at Stanford University.
PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel was a 20th century philosophy major at Stanford University.
Stanford University ladies’s basketball advance to NCAA Sweet sixteen with sixty six-sixty five win over South Dak…
Don't miss the chance to hear Stanford University's own Fleet Street Singers on Thursday, March 24th. You'll even...
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs opportunity with Stanford University. Learn more or Jobv...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Diller Scofidio + Renfro completes new art department building for Stanford University
We work with like Pepsi, Louis Vuitton, Stanford University and also with &
The left side of a Frank Stella. @ Anderson Collection at Stanford University
Ohio University has just announced two new University Innovation Fellows through the Stanford Epicenter program
Congrats to our Ambassadors of the Month, Joe Prive/UG/Amherst College, Ben Haas/Law/Stanford University, and Sophie Hilaire/MBA/Wharton!!!
Philip Knight, at the end of Feb., donated $400 million to University for a new graduate-level leadership program
Just wrapped up an interview with Simone Manuel, a swimmer at Stanford University. She's aiming…
Assistant Director of Facilities Operations opportunity with Stanford University. Learn more...
My answer to How important is university ranking for HBS/Wharton/Stanford?
I just parked in Stanford University with
100% clean, renewable energy in Canada possible, new Stanford University research finds
Follow the top Stanford University stories for Mar 07 on our topical page:
A former Stanford dean reveals what it really takes to get into a top college — via
I am in school, I go to Stanford University. I work in the summer & have a full time job lined up for next year.
The COE says congrats to Peter Njuguna on his acceptance to Stanford University's Graduate School of Education. Way to go, Peter!
Stanford University's self-driving Audi TTS hits the tracks, and hits 120 mph
Goad will be playing in the US this coming year for Stanford University, hope Chidiac returns to Melbourne for the next season.
Hi Reddit! As director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University, I’ve coll…
Obama to host Stanford economic summit: The State Department announced Monday that Stanford University has bee...
Vitor Belfort says he is accepted to Stanford University...really
Vitor Belfort Gets Accepted into Stanford University - What will you study ? -
Vitor Belfort got accepted into Stanford University ... and here I thought my day couldn't get any more bizarre.
Vitor Belfort announces his admission to Stanford University
Vitor Belfort gets accepted into Stanford University. (Sent from Ultimate Fan)
Vitor Belfort gets accepted into Stanford University... via
Vitor Belfort is a Stanford man! No, seriously.. he was recently accepted to Stanford University. . "I'm very...
If Nick Diaz was the President of Stanford University, Vitor Belfort would never have been accepted.
Vitor Belfort gets accepted into Stanford University via
Vitor Belfort a scholar? MMA pioneer announces he has been accepted to Stanford University
Vitor Belfort announces his admission to Stanford University (seriously)
Freshmen Dare Maxwell of Stanford University: "Is Antarctica near the North or South Pole? Sorry I'm not good at geology."
How SIGHING keeps us alive: Deep breathing prevents the lungs from failing . . Stanford University and Univ…
Stanford University. This univ. is pivotal in advancing psychconstructs. I'll visit u someday.
Announced today: Marc Tessier-Lavigne will leave Rockefeller September 1 to become president of Stanford University.
Students of Stanford University speak on their Guj visit & interaction with Shri…
How important is Culture at Well...Stanford University just did another case study on us.
Today at the Georgia gymnastics team's first home meet of the season, the Georgia Bulldogs lost 195.875-195.750 to Stanford University. 😥
Know someone for this job? Administrative Assistant Opportunity for Stanford University! in Palo Alto, CA
I did this at Stanford University D-School - highly recommend.
Why doesnt your university make its YUM repos available? I need
New film of Malala's life released as campaigner is set to choose Stanford or Oxford university
you drove 17 hours to stanford university to dance with Gabriella but you couldn't make it to the reunion? nice troy.
I have decided to decommit from Stanford University and am excited to re-open my recruitment.
Stanford University was always set up as a vocational school- vowing to produce useful citizens from inception.
US based Stanford University plans to set medical college in Greater Noida
Dr. Angela Valenzuela blogs on a Stanford University study regarding white privilege.
Stanford University is hiring a History, apply now!
"Stanford University and Google's new algorithm can predict how students will ... - Daily Mail"
University of Cincinnati, Stanford University, North Carolina University at Wilmington or University of Zurich 🤓🤓
An IPA junior will be one of 25 high school students across the nation taking part in a Stanford University...
Dr. John Hagelin - Hacking Consciousness at Stanford University via Ray Dalio inspired the MC
Check out this Development, International Division at Stanford University in
. At Stanford Research Institute. by H. E ... experiment in the Physics Department at Stanford University.
Numerous high quality studies, including one recently published by Mark Jacobson of Stanford University, show...
Excellent book by Prof Barry Katz at Stanford University on the History of Silicon Valley and Design Thinking.
Sir Alex Ferguson on Cristiano Ronaldo in a lecture at Stanford University. (PART 2)
MoU signed between Habib University (HU), Pakistan, and Stanford University, USA, for the...
35/ mechanism.[82] The patent was officially assigned to Stanford University and lists Lawrence Page as the inventor. In 2003, after
Ten years ago, His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the King Institute at Stanford University
Used information from Stanford University's website for my research report. Turns out it's the "Leland Stanford Junior University." 🆗🆒
Apply now to work for Stanford University as Academic & HR Strategies in
Stanford University is hiring a Academic & HR Strategies, apply now!
My answer to What chance would a graduate candidate with a 3.6 undergrad state university gpa and good gre h…
Interesting notes from a talk with Marissa Mayer —
$13.5M Awarded to Stanford University and International Collaborators from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to…
Any of my tweeps near Stanford University? One of my sources for my bibliography is available in a book that SU has & I'm in LA.
Diane Greene's new startup launched w/ two offices: SF and Peninsula and whole team switches offices two days a week
Expect a new startup to take 18 months to find product-market fit
Hacker News - Scaling VMware with Diane Greene: Notes of Stanford University’s CS183C
I got to interview Lyndon Rive SolarCity at the Stanford University DFJ Thoughtleaders Series. He is awesome.
Kickoff of the Life Science Alliance between Stanford University and EMBL.
Dr Ben Barres is a transgender American neurobiologist who teaches at Stanford university.
Must read and learn from story. “Scaling Google and Yahoo with Marissa Mayer...” by
Interesting Stanford talk by Diane Greene about building VMware h/t
"Power corrupts, but Power Point corrupts absolutely". Words of eternal wisdom from Dr Terry Anderson, Stanford University.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Associate Director of Faculty Compensation opportunity with Stanford University. Learn more ...
If you happen to be around Cemex Auditorium, Zambrano Hall Knight at Stanford University this coming Thursday,...
CREDO of Stanford University and the conservative Hoover Institution report that students in virtual charter...
Margaret Dunlap with Challenge Success from Stanford University here at Bob Jones High School!
More than 100 years ago, Stanford University founder, Leland Stanford wrote: "The imagination needs to be...
Check out this Associate Professor at Stanford University in
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