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Standing Rock

The Standing Rock Indian Reservation is a Lakota, Yanktonai and Dakota Indian reservation in North Dakota and South Dakota in the United States.

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Hi Frank. Can you do a spoken word on a song I did for Standing Rock? My email to you keeps bouncing back. Please DM me, thanks.
Winona LaDuke is a very intelligent, inspiring woman whom I met at Standing Rock during my visits. Although the...
I wonder if this senator talked--with equal zeal--about the way Occupy Wall Street or Standing Rock protesters were deal…
'Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock,' exec produced by will screen at
4th grader from West Virginia dedicated his school project 2 the forgotten treaties of Standing Rock.
recently made a statement supporting the people of Standing Rock in the Assembly
The state of North Dakota will lift their economic sanction on Standing Rock tomorrow, by opening HWY 1806 at...
Alicia Rose Mitzel, a 15 yrs who went to support Standing Rock in North Dakota has been missing after camp medics treate…
Let's talk about "all that trash" at Standing Rock which OFFICIALS DUMPED THERE to discredit Water Protectors…
Veterans for Standing Rock in my new music video on history of USA resistance movements-Gratitude:
~Powerful Piece~A Tribute to the Women Water Protectors at Standing Rock via
Ann Wright | Standing Rock to Palestine: Eyewitness Report on U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad (Video)
We’re live in DC where Standing Rock and other indigenous tribes are marching for protection of native rights.
Meet the women who built the Standing Rock movement. via
I am for Standing Rock. I have studied much of the western history, it is horrific.
"A woman's place is in the resistance". Some of the inspiring women I photographed at Standing Rock who were...
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happy to the Native women who fought to defend their land at Standing Rock.
On we uplift the leadership of indigenous women of Standing Rock & girls of color in the U.S. who are the fut…
Standing Rock: Dakota Access battle brews as US veterans, Sioux dig in
I’m reading Judge Boasberg's Opinion on Denial of Standing Rock and Cheyenne River on
Dakota Access Pipeline could open next week after activists face final court loss: Standing Rock and Cheyenne River…
Yet another setback for the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux. Judge denies injunction. via
March 10: Rise with Standing Rock at the Native Nations March on Washington
God I wish someone would definitely stop wasting the money on this. Terrorists don't usually gather in public by...
Oil pipeline gets served an eviction! It is time for the people to rise up against the fossil fuel industry. .
Private investor divests $34.8m from firms tied to Dakota Access Pipeline .
On top of Griffith park in Los Angeles. Speaking at a standing rock pane... via
Coalition calls for charges to be dropped against Standing Rock journalists
Tomorrow, 1pm at NYPL: Rally and Protest for Standing Rock
Women on the Front Lines, principles & the Spirit of Standing Rock:
Let's continue the campaign to defund DAPL in solidarity with indigenous communities and to make the project... https:…
Vets for Bernie were protesting at standing rock, not Vets for Trump!.
URGENT. My friends in Standing Rock just sent this to me & asked me to share it. They are surrounded by militarized police…
Whenever / say "look for the problem under that rock over there!" IMMEDIATELY check the…
UN official concludes that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe wasn't properly consulted during the dispute.
a customer was telling me hes getting a standing rock tattoo & i asked if he was Sioux and he was like "nah i just like what they're about"🤔
you should cover what happened to Standing Rock. The Natives were brutally injured by the government armed forces and forced out.
Another big divestment from energy transfer partners DAPL. Love it! If you have a Chase, Citibank, or Wells...
At its heart, the resistance has been led and sustained by women. http…
"We invite you to view a new documentary made at Standing Rock called "War of North Dakota", produced by Rod...
check out BLM Toronto's work with Six Nations and Standing Rock as well. I find them to have a decent critique
Paul Nelson, Deputy Director of the Lakota People's Law Project wrote and recorded this song about Standing Rock.
The government and all police involved - Standing Rock- should be charged w/ crimes against humanity!
welcome to the police state where oil company profits reign supreme: Police remove last Standing Rock protesters in military-style takeover
Please pray for the people at Standing Rock! The military/homeland security is clearing the area; going through...
WATCH: Meet the youths at the heart of the Standing Rock protests against the Dakota Access pipeline
Police are arresting activists at Standing Rock as they evict indigenous people trying to protect their water & land ht…
Police begin arrests at Standing Rock in push to evict remaining activists
Gut-wrenching photos show the final hours of the Standing Rock protest
Send your prayers to All Water Protectors at Standing Rock! 2pm Tomorrow Police move in.
Standing Rock is in Central Time zone not Mountain, make PrayerFocus 3PM EST 2PM CST 1PM MST and 12PM PST.
As deadline to evacuate the Standing Rock campsite looms, some Dakota Access Pipeline protesters vow to stay put
.Tuesday night meeting, members from Standing Rock in the house! WATER is LIFE
The women of Standing Rock make a powerful plea before evacuation
So I guess the National Parks Services who are supporting police & corporate mercenaries at Standing Rock aren't the "rogue" ones
Then I went to Standing Rock, North Dakota last December and saw American citizens absolutely living with that level of poverty.
BREAKING: The city of Santa Monica, CA voted to divest $1 billion from Wells Fargo in solidarity with Standing Rock.
Lee Camp interviews Tangerine Bolen, of Lawsuit to save Standing Rock.
Redacted Tonight Interview with Tangerine Bolen about the lawsuit that could save Standing Rock via
ATTENTION: i just received the following so i am sharing... I hear Standing Rock is under attack. Supposedly...
Standing Rock: Pope appears to back Dakota pipeline opponents
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Veterans at Standing Rock see police retribution after arrest and charges
K-you want to go w/ me & Beach Boy to Standing Rock, then Chile then Antarctica. A blast. SMORES! !!!
Donald Trump cleared way for Dakota Access Pipeline days after a major oil spill north of Standing Rock
Bury My Heart. “Bury my heart at Wounded Knee*.”. Bury our soul at Standing Rock. Bury our children... (continue at…
Tickets for Ben's benefit show for Standing Rock and the Water Protector Legal Collective are on sale now. Tickets:
NEW: Standing Rock tribe: "Our fight is no longer at the North Dakota site itself. Our fight is with Congress and the Trum…
Youth water protectors spending walking from Northern Saskatchewan to Standing Rock
Department of Army grants final easement for Dakota Access Pipeline to cross Lake Oahe near Standing Rock:
Los Angeles marches for the people of Standing Rock, as well as 17 million people who have their water threatened by the p…
Toronto group wants to make sure lessons learned at Standing Rock are kept alive north of the border
Standing Rock demonstrators say white people are treating the protest like Burning Man festival
I liked a video Lamb of God's Randy Blythe on Standing Rock development
The youth group that launched a movement at Standing Rock
Standing Rock tribe braces for next round of Dakota pipeline battle.
Time to keep resisting especially after what Trump and Tillerson ordered done to the peaceful unarmed Standing Rock…
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BREAKING: Heavy police presence at front gate of main Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock
To the people putting that pipe in Standing Rock, you've clearly never seen Pet Sematery
Watch video of police brutality against Standing Rock Water Protectors. The Truth is out there! 🚨🚨🚨
We still need to stand with the people at Standing Rock einesigns's video
You tear them down, we'll build it back up. We stand with
Please speak up for the brave Protectors at Standing Rock & against bullying, violence, destruction of the earth.
LIVE: Standing Rock - Around 50 people getting arrested at a new treaty camp on a hill near the main camp.
Every day: still thinking of Standing Rock. Still thinking of undocumented parents, children. Still thinking of Black Lives…
Some great photos from in this piece.
Clashes break out at Standing Rock as Trump pushes DAPL ahead via
Plse keep defending brave Protectors at Standing Rock against violence. The Earth is at stake.
Seattle just voted to forward a bill to pull $3 billion from DAPL lender Wells Fargo.
Dakota Access Pipeline moves to final stage in Army Corps approval process
In a win for Standing Rock, Seattle just moved to dump Wells Fargo.
Standing Rock protesters, charged last year, are facing a legal nightmare
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The Story of the Decade: How a small group of native youth launched a movement that changed the world
OMG! Spread news of what's happening at the Dakota Access Pipeline
It's not too late to Stand with Standing Rock. It's not too late to join in & help us defeat the black snake.
The National Guard raided a Standing Rock camp today. This image sums it up.
US military veterans say Dakota Access Pipeline 'will not get completed. Not on our watch'
Drone footage of police in the process of raiding the Standing Rock camps. via
Support Standing Rock Sioux. Send letters to Asst Secy of Army for Civil Works via
As tanks roll in on Standing Rock. This is beyond shameful.
76 arrested at today, National Guard & water protectors face off. Amazing pic by Ryan Vizziones
76 protesters arrested at Standing Rock as Trump pushes ahead construction of
Over 70 arrested at Standing Rock as Dakota Access aims to finish pipeline
Standing Rock leadership have been arrested and military tanks & police are tearing part of the camp down. sos
BREAKING: Police and National Guard tanks are set to raid water protectors' camp at Standing Rock. Human rights... https:/…
A common cause; from Standing Rock to Sweet Water, New Jersey's Pilgrim Pipeline
The AAIA supports Standing Rock. Check out our website for more information. .
Police at Standing Rock have been violent & abusive tools of the state & corporations against peaceful and legitimate protester…
Standing Rock may be the first battle site in Trump’s war on the environment, says in
The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped. It is immoral and unethical. I stand with Standing Rock.
Honestly I think most of those people described wouldn't care if they had a helicopter tour of Standing Rock.
I liked a video The Empire Files: Fighting at Standing Rock with AIM Founder Dennis Banks
if you can get her, Margot Kidder. She's recently been making trips to Standing Rock.
Battle against the Bayou Bridge pipeline threatens to become the Standing Rock of Louisiana via
Battle Against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Threatens to Become the Standing Rock of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin
Neil Young wants you to keep paying attention to Standing Rock
Tonite on PrairiePublic Legis Review, Al Carlson (ND Hs Maj Ldr) sd he 'wants t get th $25milth HOH protectn back frm Standing Rock'
No, WP. Our biggest scoops are Occupy Wall Street, Standing Rock, Freddy Gray protests (not riots) etc. all those you lot deem…
Docs showing law enforcement from across the country was experimenting on water protectors at Standing Rock https…
When the snow melts at Standing Rock & the Vets come back the white may change to red. I pray not.
Jeff Bridges gives powerful speech in honor of Standing Rock activists at NBR Awards.
Standing Rock water protectors dig in for the winter as temperatures drop below freezing.
Water is life, medley per Standing Rock (Lance Henson, Joy Harjo, Echola Cheyenne Killsnight):
The Dude Abides - Jeff Bridges dedicates his recent award to Standing Rock protectors v…
Jeff Bridges dedicates National Board of Review award to Standing Rock protesters.
is not over. . People at Standing Rock are still being arrested, and the Dakota Access Pipeline could be... http…
I'm standing pat on "It's always bad to collaborate with Nazis in death camps." If you want to go another way, rock on.
Standing Rock press,gives us a unique chance to expose true history.Truth seekers Unite now
When a Pipeline leaks it will kill everything. STAND UP and Stand with Standing Rock against
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Statement on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Decision to Not Grant Easement
New Years Eve at Standing Rock was filled with fire & fireworks, peaceful prayer, and the removal of the constantan wir…
Legal argument that Standing Rock Sioux tribe legally owns all mineral rights to the land beneath Lake Oahe. http…
How victory at could provide a blueprint for resistance in Trump's America
Western Montana Veteran for Standing Rock to share experiences via
Veterans arrive at Standing Rock this week to relieve Native Americans fighting a bloody battle against the Dakota Access pipel…
We are here in solidarity with water protectors from Standing Rock to urge U.S. Bank to divest from the Dakota...
Bernie Sanders: TPP and Standing Rock victories show path to beating Trump.
Want to Know How to Build a Progressive Movement Under Trump? Look to Standing Rock via
Fundraiser for Standing Rock featured not one Native comic even though one offered to perform for free. That's no how to ally
Wrote about building on grassroots victories (like Standing Rock) for forging a multi-racial, working-class mvt https:/…
We sent to Standing Rock to interview activists as fighting heated up in the late summer
Meet David Archambault II, tribal chairman who is creating unity in the resistance at Standing Rock.…
Louise Erdrich on the lessons from Standing Rock.
"Wes Clark Jr. (The Cavalry) joins Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian to talk about his experiences at Standing Rock".
In season of lights, Standing Rock supporters light the path.
Standing Rock, Orlando, Aleppo: the year in citizen journalism
"The greatest moments in civil rights, from Selma to Stonewall, Seneca Falls to Standing Rock, sprang forward not …
Sarah van Gelder: Why veterans asked for forgiveness at Standing Rock (Photo:Alexandra Skeebicka)
Fighting at Standing Rock with Founder interviews Native lea…
Faith Spotted Eagle and Winona Laduke get an electors' vote after Hillary Clinton ignored Standing Rock protests, kinda fit…
Don't miss Singing for Standing Rock at Wells Fargo Bank in New Haven, Connecticut - TOMORROW at 4:15pm!
Our East Coast Relatives! Hau Mitakuye Oyasin!! Vermonters gather to show support for protesters at Standing Rock! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Compelling ??s. AND the BEST Veterans Stand for Standing Rock photo I've seen.
--"What’s happening at Standing Rock is not just about history and tradition but also spirituality, said Josué...
🚀 This Week in Science in Under 2 Mins:. - Uber's self-driving cars. - Standing Rock protestors are proved right. - The blind ca…
at the silent action at Checkpoint Charlie in Amsterdam in support of Standing Rock.
Silent auction for Standing Rock yurt at 17/12 Sat. 4pm Checkpoint Charlie!
"I didn't come here to lose": How a movement was born at Standing Rock
'We must kill the black snake': Prophecy and prayer motivate Standing Rock movement .
What was border control doing at Standing Rock? -Roberto (?) Talking about general Kelly and militarized cabnet...
A North Dakota pipeline spilled 176,000 gallons of oil ~150 miles from Standing Rock. It's why the movement matters to…
.Rick Perry gets $235k from comp "Pipeline rupture spews oil into creek 150 miles from Standing Rock
These Black Lives Matter activists compare Standing Rock to Flint. Reporting by
Filmmaker Josh Fox witnessed activists getting injured at Standing Rock — and the sheriff's dept. is lying about it https…
If what is happening in Standing Rock were happening, in let's say Russia. State Dept. would be talking sanctions and huma…
These are “our” Oglala Lakota heroes from Pine Ridge, taken on 12-8-16, toughing it out in their tent at Standing Rock, d…
It's not over in Standing Rock. DAPL corporate thugs are proceeding despite the Army Corps of Engineers' denial...
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Bravo Army Corps of Engineers, bravo Standing Rock, bravo Sioux Nation. You've taught us all something of great value.…
Say No and fight like they did in Standing Rock if need be!
Churches and New Agers gather at Standing Rock protest
So many people are divesting from Wells Fargo that they want to meet with Standing Rock elders to talk.
Patti Smith dedicates People have the Power to Standing Rock. . Pic ©TeresaElwes
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SNOW CHAINS STAY PUT. white out blizzard conditions in Standing Rock, ND. warning forecast for more sn…
Standing Rock update or the Bears Ears petition to become a National Monument in Utah.
Sign the petition Tell to declare Standing Rock a national monument & stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
"Standing Rock needs to be a national monument" - annoying wypipo on repeat who don't get how Federal games stay rigged…
The one way Obama could protect Standing Rock for good via
Please make Standing Rock a national monument so Trump cannot undo what our Champions of Change just accomplished.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Discusses the State of Standing Rock via feat. re:
This may be the most important thing to come from Standing Rock. An apology for 600 yrs of oppression, thieving...
A healing moment at Standing Rock: Vets ask Native elders for forgiveness. "We've hurt you in so many ways. We've come…
Half of North Dakota seems to want to get into Standing Rock tonight.
01 Robert Mirabal - The Dance via Time to Celebrate Feel The Pain of Standing Rock! It was not Easy ~Y
My Latest. Why we chose to first focus the Injustice Boycott on Standing Rock, San Francisco, and New York City. .
The people that defended Standing Rock are American Heroes. God bless you
Fireworks erupted over the site of the Standing Rock protests as locals gave thanks to young protest participants.
Celebrating victory at We applaud the water protectors at Standing Rock, ND.
Victory at Standing Rock. In a dark autumn, a bright spot all on its own, and an important reminder: activism works. htt…
Military veterans gather in a circle to stand with Native Americans at Standing Rock
couldn't be happier for the Native Americans who have spent months at Standing Rock finally being able to celebrate a victo…
A victory for protestors!. Standing Rock protesters celebrate as Army Corps of Engineers halts DAPL project…
BREAKING: Army Corps halts Dakota Access Pipeline work, tells Standing Rock the current route for the pipeline will be denie…
My prayers & thoughts go to the people who've lost limbs & loved ones at Standing Rock. Your culture is our history, Sioux Tribe ❤️
Overjoyed to hear the news from Standing Rock. Never stop fighting for human rights. Power to the people!
The latest from Standing Rock, Denver Post photojournalist Helen Richardson is there. via
I also think, this is why public consultation is necessary, why Standing Rock should have been involved in the process from the start.
JUST IN: will not pass through Standing Rock reservation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says
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Why reinvent the wheel? Meld the Green Party with lessons from the Bolivarian Revolution, back Standing Rock 'till oil is dead
.Amy Goodman tells that covering the Standing Rock protests has been... by
Newswire: 122 musicians sign letter to President Obama about Standing Rock protests
"These abuses must be stopped." Hear from a Human Rights Observer recently returned from Standing Rock.
Standing with Standing Rock: Bank of America Stop Financing the Dakota Access Pipeline - Sign the Pet... via
Trevor Noah defends Standing Rock protestors: This time white people 'can be the ones who move ' - Raw Story -
This situation at Standing Rock is so reminiscent of the atmosphere that led to the Wounded Knee Massacre in the...
American Friends Service Committee is lobbying Congress to take peaceful action at Standing Rock
Local group to join veterans at Standing Rock via
Green Day, Paramore, Death Cab For Cutie and more unite to reject DAPL at Standing Rock!. https…
Last night I wished our band of water protectors a good trip to Standing Rock in the morning. May they be safe.
Shovels and Rope stands with Standing Rock. Goin' Out to Cannon Ball - Single by Spirit Family Reunion.
The legal panel on Standing Rock at Georgetown Law Center was 12/1/16 not 11/1/16. The Gregorian Calendar is brutal sometimes.
Some pictures from Ramapo College NJ at the event for Standing Rock. Algunas fotos en Ramapo College NJ, en el evento para Standing Rock
HFtFN President Emily Miller spent several days at Standing Rock this fall, reporting about the action against...
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why are you allowing police and private security to abuse peaceful protesters at Standing Rock?
'We opened eyes': at Standing Rock, my fellow Native Americans make history
Kahnawake Mohawks block trains in solidarity with Standing Rock
Aloha, Standing Rock: Hawaii people are braving the cold to stop a pipeline. Beat
so much. He was a veteran and served in the Vietnam war, so chances are, he's over there at Standing Rock standing with our people.
The first shots of the last civil war were fired at Fort Sumter . The next shots may be fired at Standing Rock. Fight F…
In fact, Article 11 section 6 of the Fort Laramie Treaty actually REQUIRES Standing Rock to accept the pipeline
Help out my friend going to Standing Rock to join w/ Fort Peck Assiniboine Vets & bringing supplies.
The Fort Collins Food Co-operative is going to be raising funds for Standing Rock during the month of December.
Join the Wave at the Standing Rock protest tomorrow night at 6pm. Stranahan Park in Fort Lauderdale
😡 The Native Americans of Standing Rock mattered when Obama campaigned there❗️ Honor the 1…
See you all on the ground in Standing Rock. We are coming with Truth, Justice & the American Way as it was always meant to…
2000 Veterans on their way to stand with American Indians & Protestors against at Standing Rock.
They kicked out an entire room after finding out they were there for Standing Rock. One of the registered guests wa…
it won't spill. Standing Rock is just butthurt because they don't have oil money and Fort Berthold does
HAPPENING NOW. Lock-down action shuts down TD Bank in Providence in solidarity with Standing Rock.
War cry for Standing Rock. This Maori man performs the traditional haka in North Dakota on the front line of protests.…
Want to support Standing Rock and local Ramapough Lenape? Attend this workshop TOMORROW at Ramapo College. Great...
"This is an act of terrorism in the U.S. By the U.S. government against the indigenous peoples of Standing Rock" 💔
Now listening to new Neil Young with "Show Me" ... Now read this: Neil Young begs Obama to step in at Standing Rock
In the statement, discusses Donald Trump and urges President Obama to intervene at Standing Rock
Standing Rock pipeline protests: Neil Young calls on Barack Obama to 'end the violence'
Great oped by & Neil Young: The Standing Rock protests are a symbolic moment
Neil Young begs Obama to step in and end the violence at Standing Rock
Well why doesn't the President send Federal Marshals to Standing Rock to protect the civil rights of the Dakota, and to put down violence?
"On December 4, 2,000 veterans will be deploying at Standing Rock to join the water protectors’ efforts to stop...
AUDIO INTERVIEW Frank from Standing Rock:"Tears do heal people. They help you learn. They help you move on.". htt…
Sir, Please take a stand with Standing Rock -- Native Americans rights, American rights and STOP the reprehensible violen…
Reid backs Standing Rock protesters in Senate speech
PFT is heading to Standing Rock! Show your support and help Dan with his coverage of this historic event
Nnybody wants more information on G4S, which is providing private "security" at Standing Rock. Here's a thread I did after O…
Jimmy Dore takes down for its fake news reporting on Standing Rock. Pro-corp. slant masked by fake neutrality. https:/…
People of Standing Rock.. Justice is on your side..
America: If you are not OUTRAGED by what is happening to the Lakota at Standing Rock, you are NOT paying attention.
Stand with Standing Rock: Tell Big Banks to Pull their Investments in DAPL
It's not a war zone. DOJ: Stop violent response to nonviolent on Tribal Land https:…
We counted 75 law enforcement agencies from 10 states sent to police the peaceful protests at Standing Rock.
Boxes full of wool socks and gloves for cold weather..I'm taking up to a STANDING ROCK
Just noting that the Army's eviction date for Standing Rock--Dec. 5--happens to be Custer's birthday. The more things cha…
What does a Trump presidency mean for the Dakota Access Pipeline?
A Lawyer at Standing Rock explains all of that! >
After A Month of Conflict, Mass Media Arrives in Force at Standing Rock via
Front Lines of Standing Rock | RYOT and DAIS. Police tested the resolve of water protectors in freezing conditions
It’s a protest, not a war zone. Tell DOJ to stop militarized response to nonviolent protesters:
In solidarity.Please continue to stand together with Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline! https…
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There is no middle ground. Either you support this coward macing a woman for protecting her water, or you stand with Stand…
Fake Standing Rock website - please help report to GoDaddy. The site is at h…
Why is there no news coverage of standing rock? .
Our observers are continuing their work at Standing Rock. Make sure the is respected at
A Denver-based journalist was shot in the abdomen by a rubber bullet as he reported on the protests.
WATCH LIVE: ‘Stand for Standing Rock’ concert featuring Neko Case and more https…
"Civilization is only a line we draw in the sand. Our integrity is measured in how we hold this line" https…
The Standing Rock protest site will be closed. Officials plan to create a “free speech zone."
Anyone who thinks capitalism is not enforced by the gun need look no further than Standing Rock
Tulsi Gabbard, along with 600 Veterans, will join Water Protectors at Standing Rock ~ h…
The fact that folks at Standing Rock actually have to ask people not to treat it like Burning Man is atrocious.
So all you *** claiming to be Native American...why y'all not at Standing Rock? Asking for a friend...
Why is there a virtual media blackout on Standing Rock? via
Drone footage shows recent clashes at protest in Standing Rock
My favorite mannequin challenge is the Obama admin standing still while human rights atrocities taking place at Standing…
I spoke to a water protector at Standing Rock about the future of the resistance as Trump's administration looms.
How are you not seeing the problem in calling Imphal, India's Standing Rock?. I get it, I do. But no.
A Samoan woman shares her experience from Standing Rock & why she is standing in solidarity with them there. https:…
MONDAY 9am in Mandan, ND court begins hearing against Red Fawn of Standing Rock. Her bail has...
Arrests of journalists at Standing Rock test the boundaries of the First Amendment by...
Please support Bryan Giardinelli and his trip to Standing Rock. Bryan is an experienced photo journalist with a...
At Standing Rock, fight for your rights. But participate in the process.
Do you know what’s going on in Standing Rock Sign the petition to
As an immigrant nation we should place high value on the imago dei in assessing Latin American immigrants & the indigenous of Standing Rock
The US can carry on destroying Standing Rock now Thanksgiving is over
Standing Rock is a new turn in Christian ties with Native Americans
Thanksgiving at Standing Rock: Native Americans and protesters locked in a standoff with police.
Sheriff’s deputies are building into what appears to be a third Wounded Knee-style massacre at Standing Rock.
We have been saying and here we are repeating history:. -Birmingham, Alabama 1964. -Standing Rock, North Dak…
Surprised to see Shaun King writing about Native American issues! Has Prez Obama commented on the Standing Rock situation yet?
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American Indians at Alcatraz Island Stood in Solidarity with Standing Rock on Thanksgiving...
The situation at Standing Rock is steadily getting worse. The Native American communities have been pushed around...
If you’re having trouble understanding the Standing Rock protests, read these books via
Anyone who's ever worn Native American garb to a music festival should be required to give $2,000 to Standing Rock
Get Down to Los Angeles City Hall before 1pm and join us as we with Standing Rock a global movement made...
Do you stand with Standing Rock and the human rights of the Sioux Tribe?
Hundreds of Veterans to Join Water Protectors at Standing Rock to Protest Dakota Access Pipeline
Want to help Standing Rock? Here are some vital ways you can make a difference, no matter where you are.
-Standing Rock protestors are getting hosed, gassed, and their camp faces eviction by order of the Army Corps of Engineers h…
Army Corps is evicting the water protectors Dec 5th and hundreds of our nation's veterans are headed to Standing Rock on the 4…
Army Corps will close anti-DAPL protest camp at Standing Rock by Dec. 5
Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock is Being Closed December 5th by U.S Army Corps
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