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Standing Ovation

A standing ovation is a form of applause where members of a seated audience stand up while applauding after extraordinary performances of particularly high acclaim.

Ched Evans Didier Drogba

I was covering the Golovkin-Geale presser in LA with Damon. Howard was there and got a Standing Ovation from all there.
adam stood on the judges desk at the end of the standing ovation thry all have Isaiah. Think he was just laughing…
Is it weird to give Dave Chappelle a standing ovation alone in your living room?
It's not everyday that your rev. gets a standing ovation for his sermon. We stand for peace, justice, equality and…
First Sunday at my church job since the election. Tim Tutt spat fire and acid against fascism and bigotry. Standing ovation. In tears.
I know he was cleared and all that but standing ovation?😲
Thami yes yes yes sir lets get it on .slayed it Marvin is somewhere in heaven doing a standing ovation for you proud moment 😊😊😊😎
Ched Evans given standing ovation as Chesterfield lose to Sheffield United
Ched Evans off injured after 65 minutes and receives standing ovation from all sections of the Proact.
Seriously don't understand why Honey G gets a standing ovation from the judges. How is she still there on the show??
Proud concept for got royal standing ovation premiere for documentary in
Nice to see Ched Evans getting a standing ovation from Shef Utd fans 👏
Modi asks people to bear 50 days of inconvenience for the sake of nation. People respond with a standing ovation. https:…
And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you sleep through the day. *standing ovation*. Thank you, thank you
Standing ovation for that pitch change 👏🏼👌🏻
Ched Evans gets standing ovation from both sets of supporters in limping off injured. Outstanding display as lone striker.
Practice makes perfect. Thanks to everybody at for the touching standing ovation. It was a special mo…
The champion of peace Hazoor receiving standing ovation after his historic address 4 world peace
i just saw and you were incredible. Sending the moviehouse's standing ovation to you. :)
Ched Evans given standing ovation as Chesterfield are thrashed by former club Sheffield United…
An Insignificant Man gets standing ovation in MAMI 2016
How about we give .Kelly Ann Conway the standing ovation she deserves for an very well thought out and brilliantly executed…
Good to see Ched Evans get a standing ovation from both fans!
Saw same old typical masala Gangster film, cud hv been better if Casting was good, Deserves S…
Short vid clip of standing ovation for at - thanks to for the source vid:
Standing ovation for Corbyn as he asks party to unite and use our strength to bring a Labour government into power.
The winners of XFactor right there !! Everyone week these lads get a standing ovation ..
The Chelsea Pensioners get a standing ovation as they enter to the tune of the Boys of the Old Brigade at
standing ovation at Staples, I got my Grammys and gold
Standing ovation at for Anna Palumbo and friends who saved Butterfields estate East London from being sold o…
Standing Ovation for who claims 'Party of Lincoln' mantle in speech at black church
I applaud you, Mr. Trump! You have True Grit! & courage to speak the truth. Standing Ovation!!👏
Jeremy Corbyn Royal Festival Hall, Standing Ovation. Hope our next leader, unless they assassinate him!
Standing Ovation for El Capitan David Backes at Busch Stadium tonight. Not gonna lie I'm very disappointed in the Blues offseason so far!
"Now it is up to you, what are YOU going to give? (ref relief & resources for kids)"-Standing ovation.
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha receives a standing ovation at
Seen this under 'festival'. Would personally luv to meet any1 sporting this @ cream n give them a standing ovation
Standing ovation after 7th for Zach Davies, who has struck out six of the last eight
But it.thats the. But he is the tricer.this is brilliant. Standing ovation!
The dance was especially moving and was followed by a standing ovation
This is me after a match only one out of 700 refusing to give Will a standing ovation.
Standing ovation for Jude Law, Lars Eidinger and has begun!
Standing ovation for before she even begins her Mackinac Moment, talking Flint H2O.
Standing ovation for Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the whistleblower helping the city recover.
crowd gives standing ovation when he notes that America's economy is better by just abt any measure since 2009.
"By almost every economic measure America's better off than when I came here"crowd gives standing ovation.
"America is better off than when I came here." receives a standing ovation.
President says by almost every economic measure Elkhart is better off now then when he first came here. Standing ovation ensues...
President Obama greeted with a very warm welcome and standing ovation at Concord High School!!
After standing ovation by the young audience yesterday, Première tonight!
Dr Leroy Little Bear ends to standing ovation
Flawless joke. I just finished clapping for 25 seconds. Standing ovation.
Giving a standing ovation to everyone kind of defeats the purpose of a standing ovation
I just got a standing ovation on America's Got Talent for loading a dishwasher in complete silence.
Standing ovation for this wonderful, hard-working, and innovative crew! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!
We have our first FOUR-JUDGE STANDING OVATION of Season 11!
If there's someone that's not heard. We sold out the Memorial Hall received a standing ovation & raised just short of £4,000
(((Standing Ovation!))) Enough is right. So tired of this delusional bumper-sticker trendy non-revolution.
yes standing ovation Madi truly deserve for her spectacular performances in 😘😍
Thank you Singapore 4 your love warmth applause & standing ovation 4 my autobiographical play https:…
Thanks Harford tech students and their family's for the standing ovation today when I got pinned by the marines. it meant a l…
Fran Drescher got a standing ovation during The 2011 California Women's Conference. Expect more greatness from her
Bee wiping tears away after her standing ovation. Thank you everybody!
Standing ovation from the audience (I asked them to stand up and pretend they're holding a ball 😂)
Standing ovation for jaw-droppingly gorgeous 'rebrand' for .
The biggest THANK YOU to for everything you do. You guys deserve a standing ovation for all your hard work! 😘😘
There's been a Leave event on the Isle of Wight -
Standing ovation young lady. You. Did. That. 😂😂😂 I'm sure Kris is in the mix cashing a check, kudos to you too.
Britney Spears (lower left) & Rihanna (lower right) giving Beyoncé a standing ovation at the Billboard Music Awards. http…
Check out my new single Standing Ovation. Listen to Caleb Moore - Standing Ovation by CalebMoore on http…
Standing Ovation on the Preview of Killer Joe in a packed house? We think it's a good sign https…
Standing Ovation to Mr. . One of the BEST. Next up the Hall and surely one of these TV Networks on Sunday. Enjoy your family!
Standing Ovation by everyone in the hall... Incredible Leonardo DiCaprio... RESPECT!
Watch Lady Gaga Earn a Standing Ovation at the Oscars for ‘Til It Happens to You’ via TIME…
Jerrian Grant, Pat Connaughton and Eric Atkins honored during the media timeout. Standing Ovation for the crowd
Standing Ovation for in National Awards..for his classic film Taare Zameen Par.
Music Video: Tiwa Savage x Olamide - Standing Ovation - This is the second single off Mavins first lady Tiwa Sa...
thoroughly deserved its standing ovation last night thank you James Coop
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has concluded an emotional 45 min. speech on gun violence and policing to a standing ovation from Chic…
Another standing ovation for Joe Riley! Mayor elect Tecklenburg calls him a giant
Tecklenburg just presented Riley with a plaque. Riley goes down steps to standing ovation.
"I am the sum total of everyone I ever met".when you hear it from Rocky Balboa aka you gotta give a st…
Standing ovation for leading the charge for in & making Go Brett! http…
Standing ovation after new Chas. Mayor Tecklenburg sworn into office
Stallone gets standing ovation, gives speech in two parts
Professor finally shows up and reassures us that he doesn't need a standing ovation
Lincoln Center tribute and standing ovation to our star
Catching up on at lunch and I have a thought: Leo is great. But why the standing ovation?
Theres probably only 7 people in all of history who actually deserved a standing ovation.
Hollywood gave standing ovation to Roman Polanski . STFU.
Crow gets a well-deserved standing ovation in the after his save on the penalty kill!
Little Giant Ladders
Sold out and another standing ovation htt…
Stallone's standing ovation and the Rocky music as he went on stage.
Theres no bigger lie than a standing ovation at the end of a play.
I added a video to a playlist Tiwa Savage Ft. Olamide - Standing Ovation
Video: Standing ovation from the crowd cheering cast at the end of last show.
Photo of standing ovation for John Quinn as he steps down as CTO
Shah Rukh Khan and Kajols magical performance gets a standing ovation at Stardust awards .
Standing ovation for to the spike lee of Ladies and gentlemen I now present to you
Leonardo DiCaprio receives standing ovation after winning for best actor
Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Receive a Standing Ovation for His Revenant Win at the Golden Globes
Standing Ovation for Hassan's speech to leaders and youth. Inspiring and dedicated to have peace
Standing Ovation! as one of the performers for the 28th Anniversary Celebration: A Musical Gala...
Standing Ovation and a Round of Applause for Miss Nene Leakes as she took a bow during curtain call at her return t… htt…
Standing Ovation to Jonathan Talilomu the world's best ever Rugby Player and hall of fame..his legacy remains many years to come.
''Standing Ovation'' (Santa Fe Community College) - Shoot is scheduled for this fall in Santa Fe, NM.
Standing Ovation and Heartiest congratulations to the winning couple
Power! Currently at 2015 Leaders book release for standing ovation
Whoever made the beautiful decision to put mingyu in the middle deserves a standing ovation what kind of blessings
The standing ovation used to have value. I miss that.
u got a and a standing ovation from the judges everytime u performed. U already won in my eyes.
When a woman says "I can't twerk". I know u lying...I know u be in the mirror with that *** doing a standing ovation
Standing ovation for Jurassic World, I'll be seeing that again in 3-D XD its a beast! 2 thumbs up I can't stop talking a…
I bet the audience would've given her a 3 hour standing ovation if she'd perform "Take A Bow" tbh
well it just got a 2 min standing ovation so I think audiences are happy
Minutes before my Ted X Black Rock City talk at . I got a standing ovation! Pic by
um did you not see the standing ovation he got at the VMAs? He's not even close to fading!
sings French in standing ovation world premiere
Justin Bieber's reaction after a standing ovation and feeling accepted again from the crowd at
Lauren just got a standing ovation from Beasley Collesium because Maegan spread a rumor she has a boyfriend
I can't wait to go home for that game Mike. He'll have a standing ovation from me
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I don't like when people act like they need a standing ovation for getting their obligations done... nope🙅🏻
... Jk, this was 2 weeks ago ... To the well-deserved standing ovation received by our 2015…
Tim Cook: “And that is why Apple is debuting today the first ever sandwich made of grilled cheese". *explosive standing ovat…
thinks the ban is imposed by CM and not BMC or other municipality Slow claps.Standing ovation for this well researched journo
Standing ovation for bargaining lead at as she finished briefing
Welcome home, Wrigley Field's finest gave a standing ovation for Jake's no-hitter last night.
Will Ferrell was awarded the 'Comedian of the Year' at the GQ awards, and his speech was of course outstanding.
In class we had to say our name and one thing about ourselves. I said, "I'm Evelyn and I have never done drugs" I got a standing ovation 😂
PM asks audience to give a standing ovation to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince for giving a plot for the temple http:…
So I watched a silent German movie called Metropolis (1927) last night, and I literally gave a standing ovation to it. Such a masterpiece.
.fans give a standing ovation, right before his first game action since 2013. So cool.
Bravo! Standing ovation with tears in my eyes.
A standing ovation for our 2015 grads! Way to go!
Keep an eye out: Nominations for our new Standing Ovation 2016 Awards open Friday, September 11!
The homily the priest gave today was so profound & delivered so eloquently it stunned me. I thought about giving a standing ovation! 👍🏼
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Look for Star Trek: Renegades on U tube. Big success in its public screenings. standing ovation.
8-time NBA All-Star and all-around legend Dikembe Mutombo gets standing ovation when he checks into the Africa Game. http…
Fantastic night in Breffni Arms Hotel with Bagatelle. Full house. Gr8 atmosphere. Standing ovation
Vijay gives standing ovation to while shez on her way to the stage
Remind me again... Who gave Bush a standing ovation when he declared his 'Crusade'?
Standing Ovation Coach wins 1st Place in 1st Annual car show at PHS
The Israel stuff! "The other parties criticize us for being too friendly with Israel." lon standing ovation. "They simply do not get it."
Roma next. Can't wait for Camp Nou's standing ovation for Totti, that might happen 😁
FirstLady of Showbiz, Queen of prime TV, matriarch of Merseybeat, Legend. Standing ovation for her final curtaincall.
And a standing ovation to all of you!
What do we do for a Standing Ovation and Encore?. RE
A standing ovation at Goodison Park. Rooney turns out for Everton:
He got a standing ovation from left field 😊
Oh my, 'An hour long sinister wink', 'Tales from a Cabaret', mashup preview got a standing ovation!
Everyone - Please listen to Xiuhtezcatl 's Speech at !! In tears, I Stood In Standing Ovation after hearing you!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
From a standing ovation to a standing salute with the director and cast at the world premiere of
This one quote deserves a standing ovation.
Standing ovation! Lots of hard work for people and the planet.
Rooney's return to Everton today, with a standing ovation from the crowd!
For the third straight day, TB12 enters to a standing ovation from
A standing ovation tonight in my final viewing of the car man. Only regret is not seeing
Fans gave the team a standing ovation for 82 minutes of outstanding football. A joy to watch.
Watch the performance that earned a standing ovation at his debut See him 8/5 http…
Pete stood up and gave Carrie a standing ovation after her performance and I got all teary eyed :')
75' receives a standing ovation as he comes on for Cleverley. 0-2.
A standing ovation for the adoption of the development agenda!
Standing ovation for Rooney before?😂 once a blue, always a blue and all that yano.
MADE IT. Thanks all members of around the world, contributing at all level. Standing ovation is to you!
Tommy Tune just got a major standing ovation as he took his seat for the final performance of
76mins: Zinedine Zidane is affording a standing ovation from the Bernabeu as he's replaced by Velasco
Hamilton Collection
standing ovation when he comes back to MTSC
Bravo. Standing ovation. I look forward to November.
Win. Lose. Even by 40. Game 6 the Cavs deserve a standing ovation for this historically gritty finals performance. And it ain't over yet
And now the gaming press with a standing ovation for the close of the Bethesda press conference. Professionalism for the win, folks.
Standing ovation, you don't see that every E3
Unlike Hillary, Bernie is not ignoring health care. He got a standing ovation from 700 ppl talking single payer
but the mean performance at the 2012 Grammys . the standing ovation . Ashley shut up
I've been at CMA Fest for 4 nights, just blew this place up. A 2-3 minute standing ovation.
In uniform, introduced to standing ovation with before game vs
The first standing ovation came from finalist 3 Versage Holt and her Chicago talent
Even if the Cavs loose Lebron deserves a standing ovation even from the Warriors fans. He's been giving more than he should for his city.
And the crowd gives the Women's Team Philippines a STANDING OVATION! Thanks for all the support for our girls! 💕🌟
Ultimate form of respect when Old Trafford fans gave Ronaldo a standing ovation after he scored a perfect hat trick.
Lawler would give you a standing ovation
Don't Give Inbee Park A Golf Clap, Give Her A Standing Ovation: Rory McIlroy, her counterpart as No. 1 in the ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm already giving this game a standing ovation!
gives me chills so beautiful really deserved a standing ovation. And from stevie no less. Thank you for the shar…
Former Newcastle man Emre is replacing the hat-trick man Falcao, who receives standing ovation from Chelsea fans.
Rousing standing ovation for on her arrival at for lecture on - a wonderful
Standing ovation at the start of the show. The fans are amazing tonight.
Standing ovation for as she arrives to full house; over 100-200 turned away. h…
By far my favourite finale yet, standing ovation
Win or lose Tuesday. I expect every fan in the arena to stay till the end and give these guys a standing ovation...
Standing ovation for Prof Gillian Triggs lecture at
Not even Madridistas hate Dinho. He got a standing ovation in the Bernabeu. A Barcelona player got an ovation in the bloody Bernabeu!
You deserved every second of that standing ovation. We appreciate you! ❤️
Cristiano' standing ovation last night. He couldn't say no to the others asking for a jersey apart from that boy. http:/…
One time my best friend & I sang all of Bohemian Rhapsody to my friend & her mom in the car & her mom gave us a standing ovation
(ENG). standing ovation for WM. hitoritabi:. If you knew that Jongsuk couldn’t go to Baeksang in the first place...
A standing ovation for final Commencement speech as president. We will def miss those hugs!
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Didier Drogba carried off the field, receives standing ovation in final Chelsea farewell:
Never been a fan really, but gotta give him a standing ovation after tonight.
If that were a home game, I would have given the a standing ovation. Incredible effort by this team.
lebron 37 points on 37 shots. Iverson is giving him a standing ovation somewhere
You deserve a standing ovation from my tallest finger
Jensen actually posted the video he recorded at the end of the panel & it made me so emotional to see him getting a standin…
Jack Wilshere came off to a standing ovation from the crowd and his teammates after a great performance.
Standing ovation for office choir in St David's hall. Oh my. Totally life changing experience to be involved wi…
a standing ovation for Jim Sheridan on his lifetime achievement award
These guys deserved a standing ovation. The best act on
Best Actor Vincent Lindon receives a standing ovation for his performance in The Measure of a Man
How bout a round of applause... Standing ovation.
Way to go Class of 2015, including Daniel Shamblen whose walk across the stage brought a standing ovation!
Thank you Toronto for the standing ovation
A standing ovation for Jensen. Thx Sydney for an awesome con. Hub did an excellent job :)
Didier Drogba being carried off by his Chelsea team-mates in the 28th minute. Standing ovation.
Finally got to see tonight at Hamilton Place. Sold out, double standing ovation, too many great moments - she's so sexy.👏❤️
I got a standing ovation by 's family after walking right into their screen door tonight
Lots of fun at the Standing Ovation recital at
Bet Iggy wished she didnt lip sync after Nicki slayed her performance and everyone gave her a standing ovation
Hey did you see the standing ovation received from his fans in Australia... check this out
Best standing ovation I seen in a min
Make it clap for me baby 👏 Standing Ovation 👫 When you throw it imma catch it like I play for the Patriots 🏈
Re-elected leader of after huge standing ovation!
A standing ovation for Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is so brilliant in What a performance Nawaz!!! Complete bril…
' cate blanchett is teary but all smile as Carol received a 10-minute standing ovation from crowd. ' i am not ok
Standing ovation! This is the reason I have been listening to you for 25 yrs. You give us more than sports. Thank you!
. Standing ovation for these girls. Salute them. 3rd song is my fav.
The fans giving our boys a standing ovation after the game
Why do people who don't watch a lot of TV declare it like they expect a standing ovation and a Nobel Peace Prize?
Blake Charlton rocked his IDA Pinnacle Award winning a standing ovation from
this was an amazing speech. Standing ovation at the end.
Worst thing about this story? Probably the pastor saying Driscoll’ is “in the middle of re-purposing his life.”
Basic theory test coming soon and I haven't even touch the book yet I deserve a standing ovation for one thousand years :') *bows*
Standing ovation for keynote speaker Scott Bonner of AMAZING!
I bow down to you sir & hats off to you sir & yes a standing ovation from me for your brilliant performance in God bless 🙏
And that's it from Obama. Spoke for around 22 minutes. Leaves to standing ovation from crowd
Standing ovation as Sam left the room.
After playing in the NCAA Softball Super Regional, seniors received a standing ovation at Commencement:
Standing ovation for Sugata Mitra. "It's not about making learning happen, it's about LETTING learning happen"
Love United fans. Could you imagine a Madrid striker getting a standing ovation in his last home game of the year after…
Bashful CHS gymnasts receive a standing ovation after being recognized at City Council.
An erection is just a standing ovation to your glorious sexiness.
Actor Matthew McConaughey receives standing ovation from grads: Don't be a victim, life's not fair
that girl deserves standing ovation. :P
All purpose parts banner
A catholic priest coming out to a standing ovation in Ireland:
Its 2 weeks but still no pirated video has Koonan treatment scenes.. . Reason: STANDING OVATION
I've given myself a standing ovation for that one.. thank you, thank you..
Magical premiere for and "I'll See You In My Dreams" here at Sundance. Standing ovation for Blythe. Wow, ele…
Standing ovation for guest at the face of new policy
A huge standing ovation as the first night of the comes to and end.
I think its all agreed that was amazing, we loved the show,standing ovation well deserved!
I'm your national anthem, boy put your hands up, give me a standing ovation 😔🎶.
only 8 episodes left for Glee until we all reach the final standing ovation. i'm crying this is too hard to accept to not …
Thought SE was clever bringing Derbyshire and Pringle off near end so could get standing ovation.Great for MD confidence n BP staying
“A standing ovation for the 2015 Legends our VC winners. The tradition continues.
What must that have done for matt derbs confidence last night he deserved it.he milked the celebration so he should .standing ovation to
Managed to get up, get showered, do my hair and make up properly and walk into town on time for work. Standing ovation please.
.gets a standing ovation from LNP donors
Seagull resurrected from the dead after being hit by a cricket ball, gets standing ovation
Waise a big standing ovation for Michelle Obama. Did not capitulate, no head covering. Saudi state TV had to blur her out.
The feature BROOKLYN that Em has a supporting role in debuted to a standing ovation at Sundance. The critic…
Only 8 episodes left until the club's FINAL standing ovation, gleeks!
That moment when you make a 5 minute presentation and get a standing ovation…😎
Standing ovation for Mayor De Lille at first Council meeting of 2015. Wonder if Zuma will get same at parly...
Best version of "Give Me Jesus" we've ever heard, sung acapella by @ Standing ovation! http…
Huhuhuhu Thank you *** much . ! My tallest finger want to give you a standing ovation. 󾰯 — feeling blah
Standing ovation at the opening concert last night. Most brilliant performance!
A standing ovation ruins the soul , playing em wrong in the end. Good vibes, instead rebuilds the broken pieces xxo
getting a standing ovation as they walk off. They all look shattered!
is the Kind of journalist Kenya needs, never takes sides online and sober on his show, Standing ovation bro
Matty deserved that goal last night and what a goal.the standing ovation must have felt so good for you mate.well done
well it must have been a very special event to get a standing ovation from RP - hehe
Tableau of our Madhya Pradesh in MPs Uma Bharti, give standing ovation!! h…
Standing ovation for the spectacular What a night! Thank you
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*** Nafeez! Brilliant work!!! I'm giving you a standing ovation in my living room.
Dirs of FINDERS KEEPERS, and a standing ovation for John Wood and the film, at The Marc.
“Standing ovation for whoever did this 👏😂👏 👐 Bong bong
"And if you’re not the norm, give yourself a standing ovation." -Taylor Swift
Rick Hansen "Never, ever give up on your dreams" Standing Ovation well deserved. Great speaker.
Standing Ovation of a full Hall 1 for Laura Poitras after showing Citizenfour @ 31C3
I saw Vaanam in PVR FORUM, Bangalore & it was a Standing Ovation at the end of this film..ppl were clapping fr ur awesome acting..
Standing Ovation for at PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA LIVE at the Glorietta Activity Center! CONGRATS !...
Dinner with the motivated attendees at - standing ovation for a great dinner
Confession-176 KV Delhi Road Gurgaon Female I am the only daughtr of my parents and also ex student of kv gurgaon ..i am so lucky to have such prnts..!! Thy treat me like a son evn more thn a nite my dad cms to me and he told me that whn i was child i was suffring frm heavy fever and also suffring frm lack of blood in body... My blood group and my dad's blood group is same so he donate his blood and saved my lyf he loves me a lot more thn himself...that day my dad drunkd and he told me he dnt need any son to survive he loves me so much he decided to take care of me till his last breath..!!! I keep my dad's photo in my purse.. Really i cnt explain how i am feeling rite now love ma pa...thousand kisses for both of you frm your daughtr!! _ Admin-Impressive And I Am Speechless!!! Standing Ovation To Your Parents And Specially To Your Dad!!! Lucky Daughtr!!! _
Some people deserves the standing ovation of my middle finger .
Don't tell me you're sorry 'cause you're not And BHEYBIE when I know you're only sorry you got caught... how about a round of applause? Yeah, standing ovation? Ooh, oh yeah.. Rihanna - Take A Bow Lyrics |
make it clap for me , Standing Ovation
Was the standing ovation given for his marvelling destruction of the Real team or scoring?!
Standing ovation for THE Dr. Jerry Shields & TJUHosp. Giving the Schepens, MD Lecture
Standing ovation to our client Skymark at Fukuoka tonight. Late aircraft arrival & facing airport curfew, they turned our A330 in 27 min.
What an amazing night last night in the Hydro. You fully deserved the standing ovation. Thanks for another great show :)!
Shane got a standing ovation at the Cincinnati Tedx Talks last night!
When your 'burn' someone and receive a standing ovation and you're all like
A huge standing ovation for Quinn and Caleb! You are amazing!! Once an emperor always an emperor!
Thank you for a great replay of your webinar. I can't believe how simple it can be to get a standing ovation every time!
They had me like 😭 that was so beautiful mob standing ovation
Standing ovation well deserved for Christine Lagarde, managing director of IMF. What an inspirational woman for all women
Why does the world want the fans in the Bernabeu to give a standing ovation to Messi?
I asked him if he knows what a standing ovation is. Smfh
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