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Stan Lee

Stan Lee (born December 28, 1922) is an American comic book writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher, television personality, and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics.

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RIP Hugh Hefner. Morgan Freeman, Stan Lee, & Betty White need to be protected at all costs.
It's To celebrate, get 50% off your 1st monthly Stan Lee's Comic Box!
The many cameos of we have Disney cast member Stan Lee
Its dumb. In that case anything not written by Stan Lee or Jack Kirby fo…
Pondo and De Evazan should be the Stan Lee of the standalone movies and just appear in all of them
Stan Lee reveals that KISS singer, Gene Simmons, once asked him for costume advice! Full Article:…
Stan Lee optimistic about Marvel getting X-Men and Fantastic Four rights back! Full Article: http…
Stan Lee was inducted into the comic book industry’s Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1995
The Avengers are meant to be "people." Sure, people who include a literal god, and talk like Stan Lee c…
Say how you would you contrast Stan Lee's Avengers and Gardner Fox's Justice League of America?
In those Stan Lee & Don Heck stories you have to admire Captain America's restraint at not punching…
.says Stan Lee has a cameo in his movie! Full Article:
If the Stan Lee biopic happens, and Stan Lee doesn't make a random and pointless cameo, then that is just a sad thing.
"Forget the Joker: Leonardo DiCaprio wants to play Stan Lee"
When I was a kid, I'd always read comics if they were written by Stan Lee, Len Wein and Roy Thomas. It's still a good rule of thumb.
If anyone needs me I'll be taking Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, Stan Lee, The Simonsons, and George Perez and retreating to a death-proof bunker
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Exactly. Saying the EU is fan fiction is like saying anything in Marvel not written by Stan Lee or…
Machine Gun Kelly looks the type of dude who asks girls to smoke and meet his pet tarantula, Stan Lee. Because he's always liked Spider-Man.
Let's also hope Stan Lee remains spry for the remainder of his life, A.K.A. FOREVER!
Why does Stan Lee name all his characters' first&last name with the same letter? Peter Parker,Bruce Banner,Curt Connors,Fin Fang Foom +
Stan Lee, Andy *** Tim Allen, Anne Frank-- nevermind, think I just talked myself out of that eccentricity!
Hmm, I never realized I share a birthday (December 28) with John von Neumann. With John Legend and Stan Lee, that's excellent company.
Why am I just now seeing this after credit scene/ Stan Lee scene of Big Hero 6
true. and it means his name can be Rex Richardson etc (so Stan Lee can remember it) except that's also part of the joke
Anothhy daniels photops were sold out 4that day at like 3?Stan Lee stopped signing at 4pmish? But i…
There's a newsstand in the area at Funko HQ with a huge Cap Pop! and this rad Stan Lee statue!
Statues of Stan Lee replace all the racist Franklin-mint chess set dudes. Is that palatable, 2 you Tweaking Torchers? Thought not, lose/lose
Spider-Man, Green Goblin, and Stan Lee bossing around and eventually taking over some kid's Atari 2600
If only Bill Watterson had any bit of the same sense of capitalistic pursuits or drive that Walt Disney, George Lucas, and Stan Lee had
Thank you to Stan Lee and Jennifer Duback from Mad Trimmer upholstery .
I never got to meet Jacques Cousteau, but I have had the honour to meet Jane Goodall & Stan Lee. I would love to on…
Stan Lee, Pee Wee Herman, Charo, and a left handed stappler in, "Excelsior: The Jack Kirby Story." Directored by Pau…
Stan Lee owes me 40 bucks. Tell him Jake W says 🖕
An emotional Stan Lee accepts the Disney Legends Award, following reels of his and Jack Kirby's careers.
It's Kirby's 100th. Stan Lee got an honour at TCL Chinese Theatre. Where's the love for Joe Simon?
Stan Lee released his 1st big comic at 40. Samuel L Jackson got his 1st movie role at 46. Morgan Freeman at 52. You'll die…
Stan Lee honored with an imprint ceremony at Hollywood's famous TCL Chinese Theatre.
Stan Lee 😂 And yes I technically own it but it hasn't arrived yet
Hey U got doing Stan Lee cameos in all my podcasts and I LOVE it. is she as likable in real life as she is on screen?
Bernard Krigstein stays in comics; EC and or Stan Lee get their heads out of their *** and give him full creative control
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man was the campy Stan Lee soap opera of the 70's. Marc Webb's Spider-Man was…
It was our pleasure to provide luxury transport for Stan Lee yesterday on the Walk of Fame 🐾 .
At Noon: Stan Lee puts his prints down in Hollywood. We'll tell you what makes this ceremony extra special.
5 of 5 stars to Marvel Masterworks by Stan Lee
Don't mind me.. just crying at photos of Stan lee's ceremony because he looks happy and cute af
Thank you for recognizing as a at EXCELSIOR!. Celebrate Stan Lee's career with his
.& at today's imprint ceremony for Stan Lee!
Marvel legend Stan Lee pays tribute to his late wife Joan at Hollywood ceremony via
Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee was immortalized at the TCL Chinese Theater for his lifetime of achievements.
Stan Lee gets money when people talk about you.
Stan Lee makes his mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
~ We will finally find out Stan Lee's character is a watcher ~
Stan Lee gives a heartwarming speech as one of the newest Disney Legends!
"Marvel icon Stan Lee honored at TCL Chinese Theatre: 'I never expected something like this'" via FOX NEWS
Happy late birthday Uncle Stan Lee, I would say I hope your party was amazing but we saw those pictures and alread……
It would be cool if Stan Lee, developed a super hero from East L.A.
Current "events" are just crossovers for the sake of spectacle. Nothing like the "events" of the Stan Lee era.
.icon honored with a hand and footprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
"Marvel always had events" No, it was different in the Stan Lee era, stop pretending it's the same thing.
When Tony Starks from 3 separate dimensions get together for Stan Lee's birthday party, magical…
The legendary Stan Lee finally receives his star on the Walk of Fame during the same week as... Criss Angel
No question is the Bob Kane, Stan Lee or Bill Finger of our generation. I need to see a brand new stand alone…
This year was the first to host a parade at Stan Lee & Mark Hamill were the Grand Marshalls!
All I'm hearing is 4th wall craziness, especially with all that SW and Stan Lee. Rich Moore is a smart and creative guy, he'll deliver
and Stan Lee as the Grand Marshalls of the Parade!
Stan Lee, Jamie Alexander, Samuel L Jackson, and Cobie Smulders all appeared on AOS
Joan was the love of Stan Lee's life, his muse and wife of 69 years. She is more responsible for the things you love th…
Deeply saddened to learn that Joan Lee, Stan Lee's wife, has died. Our condolences to Stan, their family, friends and f…
Joan Lee, wife of comics legend Stan Lee, has died.
Joan Lee, 'Marvel muse' and wife of Stan Lee, dies at 95
Joan Lee, wife of Stan Lee, dies at 95
Our Prayers and thoughts are with Stan Lee as his wife Joan Lee, has passed away aged 93. 🙏🏼❤️
Joan Lee, Stan Lee's wife, dies aged 93 after 69 years of marriage
"Before you quit, why don’t you write one comic you are proud of?" - Joan Lee, 1961. . Stan Lee's next comic was The Fan…
There is no Marvel today without Joan Lee. Stan wanted to quit. She convinced Stan Lee to make one last comic. He made Fan…
Our condolences go out to Stan Lee. His wife Joan Lee has passed away at 93 and they were married for 70 years.
This is so sad. Stan Lee might not be with us much longer...
Comic Con Palm Springs is getting a lot of media coverage again this year. Stan Lee is returning…
Joan Lee, wife of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, dies at age 93
Our thoughts and deep sympathies to the great Stan Lee and his family. 69 years of marriage. Amazing.
Joan Lee, wife of Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee, dies at 93. He credited her with supporting his early career.…
Joan Lee, wife of Comics legend Stan Lee, has passed away at age 93. 💔
We'll be keeping Joan and Stan Lee in our hearts as we enjoy some of her husband's creative works tonight.
Wife of Stan Lee Joan Lee has passed away she played Madame Webb on Spider-Man in the 90s
"There's a girl who's gonna rule the world - I better latch onto her." - Stan Lee talking about Joan.
Joan Lee was also the voice of Madame Web in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. I feel so bad for her husband Stan Lee. RIP Joa…
So sorry to hear this. All my love to family and friends.
Remember: the Marvel U as we know it doesn't exist w/o Joan Lee. Stan was ready to quit when she told him to tell a story…
RIP, Joan Lee. Behind every successful man there's a woman. Joan Lee was that woman for Stan Lee
Marvel pays tribute to Joan Lee: "We lost a member of the Marvel family today"
RIP Joan Lee! You will be missed. My heart goes out to Stan Lee and his family in this difficult time.🙏😢
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Bruh I saw the word dies and the picture of Stan Lee and my heart stopped
Joan Lee passed away, ah my heart. Prayers to the family and friends, what a wonderful women and actress 🙁 Poor Stan😢 h…
I'm surprised you don't have news about Stan Lee's Wife passing away today. 💙🙏💜
Joan Lee, wife of legend dead at age 93. I pray she had a full life, she did live a long one. ❤️. https:/…
My heart is saddened to know that Joan has passed. Her and Stan Lee were married for 70 years, and made a beautiful couple. R…
Stan Lee's wife, Joan Lee, just passed away at 93. They would've celebrated their 70th anniversary this year. 😭
We are so sad to hear about the passing of Stan Lee's beloved wife Joan. Our hearts are with the Lee family at this ti…
Our sympathies are with the Lee family tonight as Joan Lee, wife of passed earlier today.
We are so saddened to hear about Joan Lee's passing. She was married to Stan Lee for 70 years. Our thoughts are with Stan and his…
RIP Joan Lee, Wife of Stan Lee, 93: Joan Lee, the wife of comic book legend Stan…
Stan Lee’s impossibly sweet story of meeting Joan
Rip, Joan Lee. She inspired Stan lee to continue comic books even after he wanted to quit. She was amazing.
Sending our love to Stan, his daughter Joan, and the entire Lee family.
Stan Lee and his wife have been Married since 1947. She was there for the Birth of Marvel and everything that came aft…
Behind every great creator is an incredible partner. We are heartbroken by the passing of Joan Lee. Sending love to Stan L…
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Joan Lee was also the one who convinced Stan to give comics one more try as he was about to quit. That's how we got the Fan…
Sad news: Joan Lee, the wife of STAN LEE, passes at the age of 93. Their love story spanned almost 70 years
Joan Clayton Boocock Lee, the beloved wife of Stan Lee since 1947, passes away at 93. 😰
We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Stan Lee and his family at the passing of his beloved wife Joan Lee.
why do have to use the most unflattering, dramatised picture of Stan Lee when his wife has passed away, no oth…
Our condolences to Stan Lee and his family. Seven decades of marriage to Joan and not a day of love lost. Her passing is…
A rare item at auction; custom crew jacket for X-MEN 2. I signed it to support events honoring Stan Lee. Bid now! . https:/…
Stan Lee at the SPIDER-MAN 2 premiere and Stan Lee at the SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING premiere.
Las Vegas's own Ted Pretty/KVVU Chief Meteorologist just before interviewing Stan Lee at The 2017 Amazing Las...
Comic Con Palm Springs returns with Stan Lee, Lynda Carter and Ezekiel from 'Walking Dead' - The Desert Sun ::
Now I'm just picturing Shannon screaming at whoever is playing Stan Lee.
How am I just now finding out that Stan Lee was in Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement?!?!
If disney ever needs to digi-replace Stan Lee, I suggest Sam Sylva as his stand in. Just a bio??? M. Shannon as king kirby?
I got a photo today with the one and only Stan Lee from Marvel Comics!
SLIGHT chance I'll be at Awesome Con on Sunday. David Tennant and Stan Lee will be there, but Edgar Wright will only be there on Saturday...
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Stan Lee has confirmed this in many interviews.
ways, WAS Batman. As DC fans, we never really had a true Stan Lee in Bob Kane or Bill Finger. But Adam West was the closest thing we had, -
a Stan Lee side character from Spider-Man in the 60s, like Betty Brant
Jesus Scott you gave me heart failure! All I read was...Guess who shot Stan Lee...
|..soon. Stan Lee cameos in new Spider-Man: Homecoming promo
Spider-Man: Homecoming, here's the new trailer with Stan Lee
I'm actually a big hyped for The Reflection as someone who enjoys comic book super heroes. Stan Lee is involved after all.
Stan Lee muses on his final New York Comic Con via
my favourite Stan Lee comic is batman illustrated by Nick Simmons.
Stan Lee is the Tommy Lee Jones Boss Coffee alien character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here to research humans and drink coffee.
Stan Lee will destroy James Ellsworth after what that Mutant said. James, never say Excelsior without The Man's permission.
One of the biggest mistakes of modern DC movies was not having Adam West cameo in all of them the way Stan Lee does for Marvel.
Those Who Sit Above In Shadow are the gods of the Asgardians. But did you know Stan Lee calls them Larry, Larry, L…
New video of Tom Hollan & Stan Lee in Spider Man Homecoming set.
I just meant like a line and I was done...but I could be Stan Lee and you just had n…
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Hey , I just wanted to say I love you. Guardians is AMAZING(All of your work is) and can I make a Stan Lee cameo in one? Thnx
Stan Lee's POW! to focus more on Asian market after acquisition by Chinese company.
Stan Lee may be a watcher in the films, but Jack Kirby is god in the comics
I'm coming to see Stan Lee for my birthday!!!
The first rule of a surprise ending is: DON’T TELL PEOPLE THERE’S A SURPRISE ENDING! Come on, Stan Lee! You’re bett…
Camsing International Holding purchases Pow! Entertainment; Stan Lee to remain in creative role -
James Gunn confirms that Stan Lee is The Watcher –. influenced by fan theories:
Hope Stan Lee makes a cameo at my next birthday party
Stan Lee's cameos are always wonderful/funny/cool...Don't know which to pick
I really like Stan Lee, but I don't care that food makes you a leader.
do you stan any yg artist ? — IKON MY CHILDREN LET THEM BE FREE and lee hi too my...
It's always cool meeting creators of the art you love! I met Stan Lee when I was about 12.
And, btw, being left to die in deep space by Jack Kirby's in…
This THOR page from STAN LEE's autobiography is now for sale on ebay. Pen and ink.
The watchers with stan lee explains all the Stan lee cameos in all Marvel movies (including Fox and Sony).
Please pray for Stan Lee and his journey through recovery
They met Stan Lee together! I think they seen him twice now at two different cons! I started her off w/the local one.
I 👏🏼 want 👏🏼 it 👏🏼 now 👏🏼 @ stan Lee please let xmen be with their rightful owner
Still think you know the story of Charles slayer Magness not magneto lex flexing...😆 yeah ..stan lee and DC.
you have to suck a fart out of Stan Lee's butt
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Stan Lee's Lucky Man!
My sis: Oh Stan Lee why did you ever create Batman?! Me: 😳😳😳
im excited for bbmas, the kings of vocals BTS can watch the queen of vocals camila cabello performs. i stan legends.
Stan Lee photo ops for sure. Probably not for Jerry, he will be at the booth though!
cool. Also, will there be online presales for Jerry Lawler and Stan Lee?
Stan Lee plays himself as the editor of Marvel Comics in horror movie The Ambulance (1990)
Notably: Captain America, the Nazi-punching hero created in 1940 by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, relaunche…
73. Lee Seokmin. - he has such a beautiful voice stan talent. - honestly his range and vocal stability is unreal
Comics legend Stan Lee announces new Latin superhero.
TIL that Guardian of the Galaxy Groot was one of Stan Lee's first creations at Marvel (and originally a villain)pr…
Stan 'the Man' Lee happily does it all the time!
CGC SS Guardians Of The Galaxy 2008 Stan lee Signed & Cast Marvel 2nd Print . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
Now I'm wishing that back when I worked in the Bullpen I'd stolen one of Stan's mugs -- then I could have…
Spider-Man was co-created by one Jew, Stan Lee, with non-Jew artist/co-writer Steve Ditko. (Lee's other…
I feel like Jerry Frissen is the Roy Thomas to Jodo's Stan Lee.
A short video of Tom and Stan Lee on the set last month in Downtown Los Angeles!
I think my favorite revelation was that the first thing George R.R. Martin ever had in print was a fan letter to Stan Lee.
When he was 16 years old, George R.R. Martin wrote Stan Lee a letter praising the latest issues of "The Avengers" and "Fantastic Four."
I don't think Stan Lee is a watcher at all. Am I the only one that thinks he's probably going to be the one above all?
Dear God, we your children have collectively decided to sacrifice Donald Trump for you to grant Stan Lee good health. Take…
Stan Lee's best cameo ever and Karen Gillan is REALLY hot in all blue
Did the watchers left Stan Lee's character to go witness the events leading up to Infinity War ? Or... are they just jerks ?
My guy Stan Lee is actually older than sliced bread fam.
Flashback to Stan Lee's 2015 visit to Fort Point satellite office of Stark Industries.
Does Mason *** finally get his "Hey *** " cameo? Or better when Stan Lee dies Mason shou…
And in the end, the union was blessed by non other than Stan Lee. .
Now Horgan is buying comics this little Stan Lee made. "There isn't a value added tax in this, is there?"
Panels to see today Danielle Panabaker & Candice Patton, Stan Lee, Adrain Paul, Jeremy Renner, and hopefully Billy Dee Williams and son 😃👏
I've met Stan Lee, Jason Isaacs, Wil Wheaton, and Abraham from TWD all in the past hour. I need a minute to breathe.
Kevin Feige finally explains the in-story reason Stan Lee pops up in every Marvel movie
Kevin Feige confirms fan theory about Stan Lee and his Marvel cameos
Kevin Feige gave an awesome answer to a certain fan theory about Stan Lee. This is fantastic. 😁
In reply to "cougar": There is actually a term for a man who goes after younger women: Stan Lee (I'm kidding, Stan! I get the joke!)
Bryan Cranston as Stan Lee would be great
Fake movie posters we wish were real (including Bryan Cranston in a Stan Lee movie)
Who'd win in a fight, Stan Lee or Steve Ditko
For my money, Chris Claremont will always be THE X-Men writer. Yes, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created them, but Claremont made them great.
Stan Lee stopped by for a visit at City of Long Beach Animal Care Services today with his sister Abby and...
Stan Lee ripped off Goatdeli and smooched Roy, your boy, eternally.
BREAKING: At the age of 94, Marvel legend Stan Lee woke up peacefully in his home in Los Angeles this morning.
This is how, Peter Parker was always independent in the comics. Stan Lee specifically wrote h…
There's a guy at Swiss Chalet who looks like Stan Lee, tripped me out for a sec 😂😂
OK, Stephen King is becoming like Stan Lee. EVERY upcoming movie is "The Absolute Best movie ever based on my...
My 1st ep. of Stan Lee's Lucky Man airs tonight. It features a lot of eating stuff in his pants cos it's autobiographical.
There's a superhero movie called Pizza Man, starring Frankie Muniz, Stan Lee and Shelley Long... This is so random I'm amazed it even exists
if I could talk to anyone living or dead it would be. Bob Dylan, Stan Lee, and George Carlin.
Haven't plugged in my ancient folder on my development process to Fantastic Four​ creators Stan Lee and this side-effect
To be fair he is backed up by that well known scientist Stan Lee and his journals like the Amazing Spider Man and t…
Comic book legend Stan Lee has pulled out of an appearance at the Big Apple Comic Con due to poor health.…
We wish Stan Lee well after he had to cancel an appearance this weekend.
Comic book legend Stan Lee was slammed for sharing a piece of 'sexist' art.
This weekend I got to meet some amazing people like Jason Mamoa, Gates McFadden, Robert England, and the amazing Stan Lee.
Ding ding dong, who's the king king Kong,. Came from the desert, me no like that blizzard. Me so coldblooded, me Stan Lee -the lizard 🦎
it was one of the lesser known Norman Lear shows. He's like the Stan Lee of 70s sitcoms. He's like 90 and produced the new one.
Plenty of tickets available for on 3/11-12 See big names like Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Frank Miller.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Do the go back to NYC to drink coffee? The coffee scene w Steve Rogers/ Cap + Stan Lee was GOLD & gave context!
I had a dream where it was revealed that in the 70's Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had an R rated new york cable access show. It was fun.
Tim Curry, Stan Lee, and now Matt Smith... is working on giving this blerd a happiness heart attack…
So far Stan Lee, John Romita JR, and J. Scott Campbell. Now they add Matt Smith!!! Love it. I look forward to...
On a stage filled with Superheroes, Channing Tatum is the only one to help 92 year old Stan Lee
this photo is from the Inkpot Awards ceremony at SDCC 1975 (Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Jim Steranko, Will Eisn…
I liked a video from Gift box from Scott Morgan ! Bam Box! WWE! Stan Lee! Hot Wheels!
Stan Lee tagged up the pages w Marvel characters 😭🙌🏼
As for who, Terry Austin, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Archie Goodwin, Frank Miller, John Romita sr., Stan Lee, Doug Wildey to name some.
- How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by John Buscema and Stan Lee (1984, Paperback) - Ebay
THOR 178 (July 1970) "Death is a Stranger" by Stan Lee & John Buscema. Picked up at recent LCS sale!
Stan Lee called John Buscema the Michelangelo of comics. Look at these forms, superheroes with the drama of The Dying S…
Just learned I'm going to Salt Lake Comic Con to meet Stan Lee but then the best live show ever with
Richard Nixon appears in Fantastic Four 1972, by Stan Lee, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.
Betty White is in my 5 fave nonagenarian list along with Stan Lee, Gloria Richardson, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry. Hon. mention: Jimmy Carter
The Young Avengers vs the Guardians of the Galaxy! Star Lord & Stan Lee must choose: their one-night stand or the Runaways?
I need to see Stan Lee before he crosses the rainbow bridge.
"Superheroes are fairy tales for grown-ups" (Stan Lee)
Birthday roast of Stan Lee. This was fantastic. Michael Rooker called James Gunn on the phone so he could help...
Michael Rooker trying to roast Stan Lee. Had to call James Gunn. This is awesome!! @ Sheraton…
"Stan Lee is not the worst actor in guardians of galaxy Vol.2"- James Gunn talking to Michael Rooker
calling in to help Michael Rooker roast Stan Lee @ Sheraton Dallas
"Stan Lee is not the worst actor in Guardians of The Galaxy 2"-James Gunn Via Michael Rooker during the
Backstage view of Michael Rooker taking his cues from during the Birthday Roast of Stan Lee at…
Michael Rooker (aka Yondu from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and Stan Lee at the ROAST OF STAN LEE. Dallas.
L Ron Hubbard a failed Science fiction author created now imagine if or Stan Lee created a religion...
So Chewbacca, Stan Lee and Judge Reinhold walk into a Con
My friend Justin says he could see me playing as a young black widow. It's official, someone call Stan Lee.
There are a lot of celebrities. There's Stan Lee, Michael Rooker, Nichelle Nichols, Ming-Na Wen, Peter Mayhew, Brian Hull, and many more!
Sooo we have Betty secured what about Morgan Freeman and Stan Lee we need to ensure their safety
There is still time left in 2016. We need to guard and have 20 medical staff each on Stan Lee and David Attenborough.
Can we all medically lock up Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Stan Lee, Willam Shatner etc till 2017?. I'm tired of 2016 takin…
Protect Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Harrison Ford, James Earle Jones, David Prowse and all other great actors safe at all costs!
Can someone wrap Stan Lee, David Attenborough, Alex Ferguson and Bobby charlton in bubble wrap till the New Years please.. No more deaths 😤
There is a gentleman who comes by the building on a regular basis. He is the spitting image of Stan Lee, and...
Me: *** Stan Lee is 94 years old today. Alvin: Who from That's So Raven ?. 😐😒💀
I've never met Stan Lee but I once sat through a panel with him, Todd McFarlane, and Michael Rooker. It was highly entertaining
1. Sees Stan Lee trending. 2. Begins to cry internally. 3. See's that it's just his birthday. 4. Cries of relief erupt
Excelsior! Happy Birthday to The Man, as Stan Lee turns 94 today. Many happy returns from all the true believers here at…
Happy 94th birthday to the master of mischief and mayhem Stan Lee!!
Saw Stan Lee was trending & honest to god have never been so afraid in my entire life 😁 This is what you've done to me 2016!
Happy Birthday, Stan Lee! The comic book mastermind behind the Marvel series turns 94 today. (Photo: Frazer Harr…
Denzel, Maggie Smith, Stan Lee, Nichelle Nichols, John Legend, Seth Meyers, it's a loaded day of celebrity birthdays!
I literally thought Stan Lee was trending because he died... nope, just his birthday. Happy Birthday you old ***
Happy 94th birthday, Stan Lee. Congrats on making it to an age where just waking up is a super power. Well played.
Someone please find Stan Lee and put him in a bunker for the remainder of the year. Kthanksbye.
Please God, let Stan Lee live for the next 12 days. If 2016 takes him too, I'll finally give in to despair.
Gosh, stan lee is trending and I thought he had died, turns out it's just his birthday. HAPPY BDAY STAN LEE
I used to tease my mom, "why couldn't you just keep me in your belly another day so I can share my birthday with Stan Lee." LOL
Happy 94th birthday to the creator of Spider-Man and the Avengers, Stan Lee!
Happy Birthday to Stan Lee, a genius and true legend. Thank for being such an extraordinary man
Happy Birthday, Stan Lee. Thank you for creating the sexiest Spiderman Geek I have ever seen.
this is the same reindeer who was kicked to the floor & waddled across it talent AND beauty stan lee seokmin
Happy Birthday to the one & only STAN LEE as he turns 94 today. Legend.
Today's Stan Lee's birthday. I always remember because it's one day after mine. 2016 better stay all the *** away from my comic dad.
Happy Birthday Stan Lee! The guy who invented all of our childhood heroes!
Happy 94th Birthday to our one and only Stan Lee!
1. Sees Stan Lee trending. 2. Thinks the worst. 3. Exhales sigh of relief
Saw Stan Lee was trending and thought he died. Thankfully it's his 94th birthday 🎉
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest minds to exist, Stan Lee! ❤
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I got so scared when I saw Stan Lee trending, I got relieved when I was it was for his birthday. Not today 2016
Happy Birthday Stan! Thank you for everything you do! Love you Stan Lee's LA Comic Con team!
Happy 94th Birthday to the iconic Marvel man, Stan Lee!
Stan Lee cameo Iron Man 3 is the best. Enjoying this more second time. More Shane Black than an actual Iron Man film. h…
Stan Lee's a good one. Here's another one me and should be worried about: Herbert Walker Bush.
Can we please keep Morgan Freeman, Ian Mckellan, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee and Betty White under 24 hour surveillance for the next 3 days?
Happy Birthday to the legend, Stan Lee. The GOAT 🙌🏾
Can someone please go get Stan Lee and put him in the avengers tower so 2016 doesn't get him.
In terms of older idols, if we lose Bob Dylan, Stan Lee, Elton John, Betty White, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen or other gems I'll RIOT
My guess is that 2017 will take The Queen, Stan Lee, Harrison Ford, and hopefully Benedict Cumberpooch
Someone make sure Bob Dylan, Debbie Harry, Stephen Fry, David Attenborough and Stan Lee is guarded for the next 4 days please.
Just gonna pretend Paul McCartney, Stan Lee, Carol Burnett, Miyazaki, Lily Tomlin and Eric Idle have already died so 2017's more tolerable.
📷 Nerdy Fact Instead of writing a script, Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee would often sit and...
Thats bc when he was growing up he was around the Masters like his dad,the Buscemas,Stan Lee,Roy Thomas,Kirby
Stan Lee trolling Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld on how to create characters.
The only person who is in every MCU movie is Stan Lee, get your Tony hating head outta your *** and go home. Bye.
While creating superheroes, Stan Lee wanted to create something magnificent, something that would adjust to the...
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