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Stan Kroenke

Enos Stanley Stan Kroenke (born July 29, 1947 in Columbia, Missouri) is an American business entrepreneur.

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Alisher Usmanov denies he will sell Arsenal shares to Stan Kroenke via
Are you really that dense to believe the real-world Mr. Burns himself, Stan Kroenke, is a man of hi…
Alisher Usmanov insists he is NOT in talks with Stan Kroenke over selling his stake in Arsenal. Full statement here ht…
Alisher Usmanov says he's "not holding any talks" with main shareholder Stan Kroenke over selling his stake
Position remains this, Kroenke is a bad owner but Usmanov would be a bad-owner. (Stan is kinda already a bad-owner)
Alisher Usmanov reveals he is not in talks with Stan Kroenke to sell his 30 per cent stake in Arsenal
Alisher Usmanov denies he is in discussions to sell 30% Arsenal stake to majority shareholder Stan Kroenke
Statement from Alisher Usmanov in response to Stan Kroenke's bid for his Arsenal shares.
A closer look at Kroenke's bid, what it could mean for Arsenal, Usmanov - and why fans should be worried.
Alisher Usmanov says he is not holding talks with majority shareholder Stan Kroenke about… click
Alisher Usmanov has released a statement regarding Stan Kroenke's proposal to buy out his shares in the club 🙏🙏🙏
💬 "This is basic good governance". call on Kroenke to put Usmanov on Arsenal board | ✍️ https:/…
Alisher Usmanov says he is not about to sell his 30% stake to Stan Kroenke + he remains long-term. Also says his offer to…
Alisher Usmanov's statement in response to rumours that he is selling his shares in the club to majority shareholder Stan Kro…
BREAKING: Alisher Usmanov denies holding talks about selling shares to majority stakeholder Stan Kroenke.
I very much doubt that Jimmy Haslam or Stan Kroenke make a negative statement regarding Trump.
Pawns in Stan Kroenke's cash grab. The fans came out as much as they could. The riverfront stadium…
Stan Kroenke's abject US teams a warning things may get worse for Arsenal
This says it all. Stan Kroenke: I didn't buy Arsenal stake to win trophies | London Evening Standard
Jeremy Corbyn: “As an Arsenal fan I’m disgusted that Stan Kroenke is involved in such a brutal, unethical and unnecessary a…
Jeremy Corbyn 'disgusted' with owner Stan Kroenke as Labour leader calls for hunting channel to be banned! ht…
Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke's hunting TV app has sparked protests. Some are calling for fans to boycott the club ➡️
Don't tell Stan Kroenke mate, he'll come and shoot them and put it on the telly.
Stan Kroenke: "If we sack Arsene Wenger then who would take ove-". Arsenal fans:
Bonsignore: Was cost of relocating to L.A. worth it for Rams and Chargers?. Neither Rams owner Stan Kroenke nor Chargers owner Dean Spanos r
Hypocrisy: Republican donor Dean Spanos taking a handout from Stan Kroenke because he couldn't make his own way.
Cadena Ser claim Stan Kroenke personally spoke to Bellerin to inform him that he will not be allowed to leave the c…
Stan Kroenke has called Hector Bellerin and told him he's not for sale. [Cadena Ser]
Mike Ashley looking to sell Newcastle. . If you want a global franchise, Mr. Stan Kroenke, pack up your bags and move up north.
"Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke have reached agreement"
BREAKING NEWS: Arsene Wenger is set to a sign a new deal after informing Stan Kroenke today of his decision to remain at Ars…
Late to this: did anyone note how Stan Kroenke moved the rams out of St. Louis even though he's named after 2 Cardinals hall of famers?
Arsenal legend David Seaman: This is what Stan Kroenke must change the most (Source: Daily & Sunday Express)
BREAKING: report that Alisher Usmanov has made a $1.3bn offer to buy-out Stan Kroenke's 67% stake in Arsenal. https:/…
Alisher Usmanov has reportedly made a bid of $1.3 billion to buy out Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke.
Confirmed that Alisher Usmanov has made £1 billion bid for Stan Kroenke's 67% Arsenal stake. It's been rejected but offer…
Stan Kroenke tells Alisher Usmanov that Arsenal is not for sale .
BREAKING: Alisher Usmanov makes £1b bid to buy Stan Kroenke's controlling stake in More on
'Stan Kroenke, we want you to go!'. Arsenal fans react to Alisher Usmanov's £1billion takeover bid .
Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has made a £1bn bid to wrest control of Arsenal from Stan Kroenke. Full story:
you in UCL yet? also, Stan Kroenke is running your club...calm that down. record points at The Lane,…
Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis react to Arsenal fan unhappiness
James Olley: It’s time for Arsenal chiefs Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke to challenge Arsene Wenger’s authori...
This week's column: Wenger risking 'dictator of football' accusations if Kroenke & Gazidis don't take charge.
Time for Gazidis and Kroenke to challenge Wenger’s authority at Arsenal. ✍️ This week's column from
Ozil ditches contract talks with *** Law in favour of Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke’s son via
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
"The ultimate decision rests with Stan Kroenke," writes A thought to fill Arsenal fans with hope.
People say Stan Kroenke is too uninvolved with Arsenal.Reading up on what happened to the Rams, I'm glad he is.
Stan kroenke has no interest in firing Trump as long as he can get his tax breaks for his football stadiums
if Kroenke isn't, then this is all pointless because Wenger only answers to Stan Kroenke. Ga…
He only has to inform Stan Kroenke as he's major shareholder and what he says goes. The formalities are irrelevant
all a bit of a farce tbh. AW/Ivan talking through the press yet AFC continues to drift under Kroenke. Does a…
Sources: Stan Kroenke also proposing changes to the Rams' iconic helmet to better reflect his values.
All that counts now is what Stan Kroenke thinks
Things that are wrong at The Arsenal. Stan Kroenke. ex Man U fan. Robbie from ex Luton fan
Stan Kroenke backs Wenger and he is the majority shareholder
Genuine slip. Really is Arsene - not Arsenal - Wenger. And, for all talk abt Ivan Gazidis, all that counts now is what Sta…
How can St. Louis win the lawsuit against Stan Kroenke? ESPN's Lester Munson discusses now on
Rams: Why the city of St. Louis could win its lawsuit against Stan Kroenke even if it fails against the NFL - Lester Munson (ESPN) …
Stan Kroenke says thanks a billion to Arsene Wenger
Arsenal are a club in crisis and our pins the blame on their American owner, "Silent" Stan Kroenke. https:/…
it's impossibile to compare Andrea Agnelli, the history of his family, and Stan Kroenke which is only a businessman.
Stan Kroenke, Kevin Demoff, Les Snead and Jeff Fisher are on the clock. How important is winning a championship or not?
Stan Kroenke speaks!. (briefly). about Jared Goff and Rams' season, but not Jeff Fisher:
Chargers owner Dean Spanos and Stan Kroenke don't seem to have any interest in being partners in LA.
Jeff Fisher said the decision to start Jared Goff was his alone, but that he informed owner Stan Kroenke "for obvious reasons."
Stan Kroenke and Jeff Fisher chatting on Rams' sideline during warmups.
Stan Kroenke says Arsene Wenger is "one of the main reasons" he bought the club
Stan Kroenke is the majority shareholder of Arsenal Football Club, which is a partner of Draft Kings in dealing with fantasy sports.
Arsenal AGM: Arsene Wenger's future is in jeopardy, 'Silent' Stan Kroenke wants the title this year, club can affor…
Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke wants Arsene Wenger to stay at club beyond next summer
USMNT playing a qualifier in a stadium owned by Shad Khan. So if Stan Kroenke wouldn't have Fd him out of the Rams it would be here.
Stan Kroenke and Wenger at Arsenal= Stan Smith and Francine at American Dad
Jerry Jones out to eat with Stan Kroenke. TMZ camera guy asks why the Cowboys aren't interested in Johnny Manziel. Jerry:…
if Johny Evans rejects Arsenal too Wenger should sign Ivan Gasidiz as Per replacement and Stan Kroenke as a striker
the only way to get integrity back is for you to resign! Also force Stan Kroenke and Jerry Jones to sell!
Stan Kroenke increases his majority shareholding in the Premier League club. to 67.05%
Stan is Silent no more /// Kroenke applauds himself after LA awarded 2021 Super Bowl via
Yes, I'm a greedy *** for asking Stan Kroenke for the £20 that I gave him 9 months earlier that wasn't needed. I give up.
Stan Kroenke seems to fully support Mark Davis and potential move to Las Vegas
And all you people who want Mark to sell, how do you know it won't be another Stan Kroenke type who buys the team and STILL LEAVES OAKLAND?
ICYMI - owner Stan Kroenke on Los Angeles being awarded to host the Super Bowl in 2021.
Remember when Stan Kroenke said he had “no desire to leave STL”?
The NFL is anti-HB2, but it also knows it had to be pro-Charlotte
Stan Kroenke likely to get richer - heard on radio today Super Bowl 55 likely to go to his new Inglewood CA stadium
The NFL, Panthers can't play background role in controversial discussions.
I ran into Stan Kroenke at Taunton Golf Club last night, he told me who were signing it's very exciting, fantastic times ahead
I swear I hope Stan Kroenke drops dead before the Rams ever play a game in LA
DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: But why not have our own house in Vegas instead of paying rent to Stan Kroenke? {{-_-}}
500 acres, or as Stan Kroenke calls it, a small garden
Sports magnate Kroenke is on a winning streak of late w/ his new stadium. Now even more so:
Less £3m consulting fees by Silent Stan Kroenke.
Recap: Stan Kroenke moved them to St. Louis in 1994 (year I was born). This year, the Rams make their return to LA.
Stan Kroenke changes the landscape, is No. 1 on Most Powerful in Southern California Sports via
The NFL is against but knows it must be for Charlotte as well. .
SN NFL is anti HB2 but knows it must be pro Charlotte, too
Now that Rams owner Stan Kroenke has committed to building a $2.4 billion NFL stadium and entertainment complex in Inglewood, Super Bowl
Stan Kroenke already won the bid to move his to LA—now he gets another happy surprise:
congratulations to you & Stan Kroenke for bringing the Super Bowl back to LA.although I knew it would happen on 1-12-16
Dear Los Angeles: In past 6 months Stan Kroenke has brought you a new NFL stadium, the Rams & a Super Bowl. Better sell-out the Coliseum!
Stan Kroenke is the real life male version of Rachel Phelps from Major League
"We're excited about it." -- Rams owner Stan Kroenke on LA being awarded Super Bowl LV
Stan Kroenke pleased with how smoothly Rams' LA transition has gone so far. Jeff Fisher has been big in making it lot easier.
Stan Kroenke works harder OFF the field than on the field. {{-_-}}
The latest in Kroenke news: Stan Kroenke tops list of most powerful in Southern California sports -
Is it wrong that I loathe Kevin Demoff considerably more than Kroenke? At least Stan had the decency to STFU for years.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rams owner Stan Kroenke very happy about landing a Super Bowl for Los Angeles.
owner Stan Kroenke and LA Super Bowl chair Casey Wasserman (they were pretty stoked to say the least)
Stan Kroenke: "This is a great day for L.A. and is reflective of a ton of hard work. We couldn't be happier bringing th…
Stan Kroenke screws over St. Louis, and gets rewarded by the NFL.
Stan Kroenke will give the Arsène Wenger the money to strengthen his Arsenal squad. AW wants 3 players this summer. [Even…
So the guy with the money, Stan Kroenke, got everything he wanted. And the guy with the clout, Dean Spanos, got... https:…
Glazers, Stan Kroenke and Randy Lerner are just to name a few.
Thousands of cattle bearing the D-71 brand were being trailed to... RT
I want this to blow up in Stan Kroenke's fat face
Hey Wenger, this Stan how's it going at Plenty in the Bank, Stan!
The worst thing that happened to arsenal is Stan kroenke!his all about making money dnt think he even knows arsenal is a soccer team!
Arsenal: Arsene Wenger insists 'ambitious' Stan Kroenke has always backed him in transfer market - Internatio...
The Emirates atmosphere is a problem. Wenger is a bigger problem. Stan Kroenke is the biggest problem.
Baskerville has set a guideline price for the ranch at ... RT
on last night was tough to watch. Dude is painfully awkward. The NFL *** I hate Stan Kroenke that's all.
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13 cowboy camps help ensure security & accessibility to the remotest reaches... RT
Vince McMahon: Stan Kroenke should be arrested for impersonating a good businessman
Stan Kroenke is not a good owner, things will deteriorate from here and the only way for Arsenal fans to liberate …
Yes Stan Kroenke was the one who talks to the players with droopy shoulders and a nasty body language, during half times.
Arsene Wenger on Stan Kroenke: "He has never stopped me in the transfer market. He is very ambitious. We all are."
Do people really hate Stan Kroenke? . There has been money to spend every summer, he didn't choose not to spend it do he?
Fans should actually target Korenke, otherwise will end up protesting against new manager as well...
Finally, a welcome coordinated and intelligent protest at a match that can't be marginalised or ignored.
GREAT PIECE on today on our reaching a boiling point w/ or I should say Kroneke.
Time to put the pressure on Silent Stan & Ivan The Terrible. If Kroenke/Gazidis refuse to get rid of Wenger, they must go…
Some of ecologically richest rangeland on the Southern Great Plains RT
Sorry, fans: your new QB loves Arsenal. And yes, I know Stan Kroenke owns both but this is devastating.
Owner Stan Kroenke discusses why the Rams favored Jared Goff---“Jared Goff can handle the opportunity”
hate it so much. hope wenger steps down after next season & some how that mess Stan Kroenke needs to go too.
► fans reach boiling point with anti-Stan…
"Some advice from a city scorned: Find another club."
D board axed David Dein bcos of Stan Kroenke nd Gazidis,he's too big 4 dem wen it coms to futbal.all wht d boards wnts is money
'Get out of club, get out of club, * off Stan Kroenke, get out of out club.'. Arsenal fans turn on Silent Stan. . https:/…
That's what Woody Johnson gets for helping Stan Kroenke. Hope Jerry Jones gets what's coming to him also. {{-_-}}
Stan Kroenke and Kevin Demoff said a lot of things too. Just saying. {{-_-}}
Life ban Xtrm though but imagine Stan Kroenke stepping out to slap a Peter Cech on the pitch.
Mr 100% right as usual. Stan Kroenke should let Alisher Usmanov spend the money. .
Stan Kroenke to get more time for Maryland Heights development - St. Louis Business Journal
Stan Kroenke vs. Alisher Usmanov: The devil you know versus the devil you don't via
Hey, fans...was thinking... given Stan Kroenke's jealousy of Cards, that could be rally squirrel on his head. Been missing.
As of 2016, Stan Kroenke's net worth is at $7.9 billion . Alisher Usmanov is on $12.7 billion.
Alisher Usmanov, Arsenal shareholder who's twice as rich as "current owner" Stan Kroenke, and Roman Abramovich.
That day when Lady Nina Smith sold her shares to Stan Kroenke instead of Alisher Usmanov, she condemned the club to …
“If you want to win championships then you would never get involved” -Stan Kroenke, 3/13/16.
Stan Kroenke is a cheap owner. Shad Khan of opens his wallet guess who made more money last season ?
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How did Stan Kroenke stick it to Dean Spanos? Dave and Jeff are talking about it now.
Rams owner Stan Kroenke bought a Texas Mega-Ranch for $725 Million. St. Louis residents are wondering... *** and we n…
LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke just bought a $725 million ranch in Texas. Imagine the stadium you could build in St. Louis for…
6. Stan Kroenke lives by the motto, "The game is out there, and it's either play or get played." Dean Spanos got played
Stan Kroenke dropping $725 million on a mega-ranch in Texas could foreshadow some Marlins-esque scamming of taxpayer dollars for the stadium
He shouldn't be allowed to share Stan Musial's first name. But I'm here to SLAM Stan Kroenke.
Stan Kroenke came to L.A. with nothing but his dreams, the support of a crooked cartel, and $8 billion. Inspiring. https…
WATCH LA Rams celebration event at The Forum; Rams owner Stan Kroenke to speak
"But at the same time, you're not going to sit there and be a victim.". LA *deserves* Stan Kroenke.
Well at least MO has the Chiefs. Frank Haith, Stan Kroenke, and Jonathan Butler have nothing to do with them right?
The Rams and Stan Kroenke has become the NFLs version of Clay Bennett and the Ignoring fan support and local efforts
Roger Goodell , Stan Kroenke, Mark Davis, Art Rooney, Dean Spanos, Bob McNair will be in NFL press conference
The view from St. Louis: A great sports town gets a raw deal while Stan Kroenke and the NFL cash in
Well, look at it this way. Stan Kroenke makes Art Modell look like Art Rooney.
Stan Kroenke solidifying his place in the worst owners department right next to Clay Bennett...absolutely awful
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I'd like to welcome Stan Kroenke into the Norm Green, Clay Bennett, Walter O'Malley, Howard Schultz "Hall of Shame"
Martin from fox 2news St. Louis ready to go off on Rams owner Stan Kroenke
Stan Kroenke joins Clay Bennett in earning a spot in ***
Know how Howard Schultz and Clay Bennett are viewed in Seattle? Yeah, that's probably how Stan Kroenke will be viewed in St. Louis.
Stan Kroenke and Clay Bennett together have best friend necklaces that fit together to make a heart.
Nothing is better then watching Vincent Kennedy McMahon make fun of Stan Kroenke.
Stan Kroenke looks like a character Gary Oldman was born to play.
Stan Kroenke may end up being as hated as Don Denkinger in St. Louis but if he's the man that keeps the Raiders in Oakland, I won't hate him
TY Stan Kroenke for uniting St. Louis ⚜. No one likes your young/old, men/women, Reps/Dems, white/b…
Is it possible that Stan Kroenke has become a bigger villain in St. Louis than Don Denkinger?
In application to relocate to LA, Rams & owner Stan Kroenke say they view St. Louis as a two-sport city.
Stan Kroenke firmly believes Don Denkinger got the call right.
Thanks Dawn. My only hope is that Stan Kroenke and Dean Spanos hate each other enough to screw each other over!
From If it were me, I'd be over 50% on both Fisher and Snead going. But, Stan Kroenke isn't focused on field, so I'…
On an NHL owner front, both Stan Kroenke and Ted Leonsis made the list, at 15 & 34, respectively
"On the eve of league meetings in suburban Dallas on Wednesday, allies of Rams owner Stan Kroenke have begun...
Rams owner Stan Kroenke meets with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon at Rams Park
So is Gail Miller the Stan Kroenke of the NBA?
Disney CEO lines up against Stan Kroenke in LA NFL stadium fight: Denver and Missouri sports magnate Stan Kroenke…
Piers Morgan and Stan Kroenke support the Scum. More reason to root for Spurs!. Smash em
I think the real question here is are Arsenal a bigger Club because of Stan Kroenke's most welcomed Advisory?
Don't get high off your own supply they tell me.
I apologize for grammar errors. I've been drinking my wine.
700 million would have swayed me in STL but that did not happen.
Hoping these fans show up to the STL/NFL town hall meeting. I'm sure they'll help sway .
like this. "Hey Stan...that HP site looks terrific!" "'s not that great". Then U purchase HP.boom!
I hate this man. I just laugh at him and will continue to do so..
Watching Sam Bradford in a Eagles uniform is equivalent to watching the Rams playing in LA. A surreal feeling STL folk never saw coming.
I hear there's going to be free pizza and St. Louis Cardinals paraphernalia given out at the STL public hearing. A full crowd is expected.
actually you went to Starbucks today in Columbia mo...and went into your office for the first
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So are you KD going to show up or have somerhing better to do like going shopping with the wives?
October 27th is Donate A Kidney Or Other Saleable Organ to Stan Kroenke Day in St. Louis.
I guess Stan Kroenke forgot the handbook that reads how to connect with other teams in your city. He all together ***
Stan Kroenke is a plague on the nfl. A bully who uses money to force the nfl to let him get richer. Hope this is addressed.
Fans should express that Stan Kroenke has been an inadequate owner who has been more concerned about revenue then fans or wins
What are you rambling on about? There's a reason why Stan Kroenke doesn't invest.
you ever realize Stan kroenke owns the Rams, arsenal, nuggets Avalanche and rapids? that's a lot of teams...
Is it me or is Jeff Fisher morphing into Stan kroenke.
."Kroenke's desire to go to Los Angeles has been well-known inside league circles for years,... http:/…
For a guy that never talks to anyone, you have an astounding amount of info about Stan Kroenke.
I moved the needle, I pulled the trigger and now some think I would be shut of LA. I will be rewarded, graciously.
That will change next year, Thanks to me. If it wasn't for me, LA would be in the same stop it has been for 2 decades.
I understand you're pain. You have to talk about relocation on a Sunday while football is being played.
Older article, but still true. Why would Kroenke pay for new STL stadium when he's got a sweetheart deal at EJD?.
STL Rams trade Stan Kroenke to Denver for a 2025 7th rd pick.
The LA/OC Rams media is now warming up to the Raiders since the Chargers told them to GFY. I'm sure Stan Kroenke is too. {{^_^}}
Is today what Sundays will be like in St. Louis if Stan Kroenke gets his way?
We are ready for you to bring the Rams back home to LA.!!
Imagine Todd Gurley running around in the Coliseum right about now.
From what I'm hearing, even if STL gets its stadium 100% complete, there is still no guarantee Stan Kroenke won't take the Rams and leave.
Interesting article about the options for S.K. and for the city of St. Louis
Stan Kroenke makes an acquisition, but it's probably not of your concern if you're in STL.
Finally reported! We had it 3 years ago at St. Louis Mag (also last Feb:
An NFL approved new stadium in St. Louis doesn't force Stan Kroenke's hand. He could stay where he is til 2025:
Stan Kroenke looks like PD sports writer, Dan Caesar!
we've talked about this before & I'm not trying to defame Kroenke, but Stan only loves $... He doesn't hate STL - just loves $
"Rams owner Stan Kroenke's proposal of an 80,000-seat stadium in Inglewood, Calif.,...seems to have the most...
And everyone, well, only the LA Rams fans and some lazy national media think Rams t LA done.
Nobody but wishful thinking StL residents think that..
So completely ignoring STL signals he will sell Rams & stay?
I think SK stays if he gets great deal here or sells t local STL owner,gets expansion in LA.
Cold dish of reality for STL football fans who have no choice but to play for time. .
I think since David Dein left that was the end of Wenger. Gazidis is just making money for Stan Kroenke. Agree?
owner Dean Spanos may be doing more harm than good by refusing to sit down with Stan Kroenke... more
Truth revealed. From the start, Stan Kroenke talked with Dean Spanos about partnership in Inglewo…
NFL team owners Stan Kroenke and Dean Spanos discussed potential Southern California stadium locations --...
Chargers' Dean Spanos, Rams' Stan Kroenke, Raiders' Mark Davis out of room for part of owners' L.A. discussion today, source said.
Just asked Mark Davis if he'd be open to a sit down with Stan Kroenke and Dean Spanos: "I'm open to anything" …
The Secret Footballer | Stan Kroenke stockpiles his Arsenal cash and Alisher Usmanov is happy, too via
Any luck on refunds from The Edward Jones dome. Just curious before I give some poor lady in customer service a mouthful about Stan Kroenke
Arsenal: Alisher Usmanov "unhappy" at the £3m paid to Stan Kroenke's US company for "strategic & advisory services" for 2nd…
This Rams season already has the feel of the movie Major League, with Stan Kroenke starring as Rachel Phelps.
How can u b so wrong abt so much? 9K spaces on site, 45K wthin 1 mi.
Dont let Bernie Diklasz gas you up like this
😂 Yeah, they "forgot" parking. Thx for the heads up. : can u add parking? 😂
Thought you were going to say players got personal message from Stan Kroenke. Silly me. What was I thinkin'?
you can't beat Tom Beardy in court, you going to beat Stan Kroenke ha ha ha good luck!
I would be the happiest man alive if Stan Kroenke exits Arsene Wenger. The man has bought us nothing but SHAME at the club.
Here's my question..Why would Stan Kroenke give up any of the LA market? Obviously he will have control.
Arsenal fans you have been misled you're directing your anger at the wrong person
Interesting. Wenger out brigade won't get it though
Breaking News: Stan Kroenke has just purchased Dodge. He has announced immediate plans to relocate all Ram truck...
As the prepare for season, Stan Kroenke's refusal to speak publicly in Stl is not only baffling but plain weird.
What do we expect from thePuppet of Stan Kroenke & other monger billionaires who invested in protection!
Adam, did you forget about the just like Stan Kroenke?
Why are Arsenal stockpiling cash rather than spending on transfers? This ought to get lots of coverage.
no way STL Rams will stay. Kroenke will take millions of PSL dollars to LA. is a parasite.
Kroenke will take millions of PSL dollars with him to LA It's in PSL agreement. STH screwed.
Kroenke is not Arsenal's outright owner, he's obliged to buy remaining shares. Stockpiling cash is in his interest.
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This is the best explanation I've yet heard for Arsenal's lack of spending on the squad in recent years:
Brilliant article on why Wenger may have been told to stockpile cash by the board
This has never been about Stan Kroenke. By building in Englewood he's almost tripling value of Rams.
Eric your fascination with Stan Kroenke is sickening.. Don't forget you are a raider fan!
u guys are under investigation for taking money from Stan Kroenke😱😜
attached article well worth consideration by the 'Wenger Stubborn' brigade... is cash really available?
We are such poverty team, we can't pay Özil or Sanchez £200k p/w. Stan Kroenke is holding us back.
Shows that Stan Kroenke and his friends are getting desperate. is close to VICTORY. {{-_-}}
My answer to your question can be found here, Howard -
Stan Kroenke owns 4 clubs in the US, they've competed in 60 NBA/NFL seasons combined, winning a total of 2 titles. It sta…
"Rams are moving to LA; Stan Kroenke can do whatever he wants!".
Oh boy, the "Stan Kroenke is GOD and can do whatever he wants" argument again. {{^_^}}
Todd Haley coaching the Inglewood Rams. Stan Kroenke counting that money
Hard Knocks has made me a Houston Texans fan. LA can have Stan Kroenke.
Lets hope that Stan Kroenke doesn't buy grants farm from A-B
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
gets all the abuse for it. I reckon it's that Stan Kroenke.
Hey , the Phi Kaps in "trown" want you to stay in MO. You stayin'?
"I don't know that the NFL will have the will to fight Stan Kroenke if he's *** bent on leaving." - Dan Dierdorf on
Longest active streaks in NFL: 167 games started-Eli Manning; 6 Division titles-Patriots; 44 months of ignoring your ***
it's not Stan Kroenke's decision to show whether a market hasn't worked or not.
Rapids are owned by Stan Kroenke, majority shareholder at - he's notorious for being an "absentee landlord" type there
Divorce is UGLY, sorry STL I no longer love you I love love LOVE LA.. My HEART belongs to STAN KROENKE
Rams' Stan Kroenke 29th out of 32 on best-NFL-owners list
Let's just say Stan Kroenke is a much better businessman than he is a sports franchise owner...
I think the should cut Jeff Fisher, Les Sneed, Kevin Demoff and Stan Kroenke. Everybody else stays.
If you two know anything about Stan Kroenke's American teams, it's by Wenger's greatness we are…
Gordon: Extension made sense for Rams, Foles: Rams owner Stan Kroenke wants to move his team back to Los ...
you would never see Pat Bowlen or Stan Kroenke pull some crap like this. Just saying.
Can you imagine if Pat Bowlen or Stan Kroenke were to say that playoffs every 5 yrs would be great?
has traded Jon Jay, Patrik Berglund, and Stan Kroenke to for Julie "The Cat" Gaffney and Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.
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Stan Kroenke's Arsenal FC of the English Premier League soars in value
Behind the scenes, owner Stan Kroenke working to build support for potential move to Los Angeles
Stan Kroenke kind of looks like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite imo
Peacock says he hasn't gotten a meeting with Stan Kroenke, but he has met with MLS Commissioner Don Garber.
Peacock says he hasn't met with Stan Kroenke or Roger Goodell, but he has met with MLS commissioner Don Garber.
McClellan: Stan Kroenke joins our Rogues' Gallery: Other members range from Carl Icahn to William Stiritz to August…
By now, most everyone is aware of Sam Farmer's Los Angeles Times report that broke the news of St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke's plans to team up with Stockbridge Capital Group to construct an NFL stadium and multifaceted development at Hollywood Park -- a location that has been rumored as a poten…
Stan Kroenke needs to sell his shares to Alisher Usmanov so Arsenal can buy Messi, Inshallah.
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