Stamp Act & Paul Revere

A stamp act is any legislation that requires a tax to be paid on the transfer of certain documents. Those that pay the tax receive an official stamp on their documents, making them legal documents. Paul Revere (Late December, 1734May 10, 1818) was an American silversmith and a patriot in the American Revolution. 5.0/5

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The Sons of Liberty were started in Boston, Massachusetts in protest of the Stamp Act of 1765. The Sons of Liberty also opposed the Townshend Acts, the Tea Tax, and any form of "Taxation without Representation". Some of the more famous Sons of Liberty included it's leader, the "Father of American Independence", Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, James Otis, Paul Revere, and Doctor Joseph Warren , who was killed at Bunker Hill.
Review: Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Tea Party, and Sugar Act. The only difference with those times verses now is that we had an ocean between us and our government. Our government can destroy anyone that disagrees with them by simply calling them a terrorist. If Britain could have simply labeled Samuel Adams and Paul Revere terrorists they could have locked them up without due course of law, stripped them of their assets and property, and probably stopped the Colonies from the revolution all together.
American Minute with Bill Federer Monday, June 11, 2012 He sent Paul Revere on his midnight ride to warn Lexington the British were coming. A Harvard graduate, he was a successful doctor in Boston, but left his career when the British passed the hated Stamp Act. With Samuel Adams, he organized the Provincial Congress to protest. His name was Joseph Warren, born JUNE 11, 1741. Following the Boston Tea Party, King George III enacted the Intolerable Acts of 1774, blocking Boston Harbor until citizens reimbursed the East India Tea Company, quartering British soldiers in private homes, allowing British officials to be unaccountable for their crimes and replacing Massachusetts' elected officials with royal appointees. In response, Dr. Joseph Warren wrote the Suffolk Resolves, urging Massachusetts to establish a free state, boycott British goods, form militias and no longer be loyal to a king who violates their rights. Fighting in the Battle of Bunker Hill, a monument marks where he died. Three years earlier Jos ...
Joseph Warren A Boston physician, Warren became a political leader in the American Revolution after the passage of the hated 1765 Stamp Act. In 1774, he drafted the Suffolk Resolves, which advocated forcible resistance to the British and were endorsed by the Continental Congress. In April of the following year, he dispatched William Dawes and Paul Revere to warn fellow patriots that the British were marching on Concord. He was killed months later at Bunker Hill. (His Body was Buried four tim es.. No Not parts as they were discovered)
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