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I'm sitting at a table with a bumch of lieutenants and Staff Sergeants. I'm not in the military but it's kinda scary still lmao
This year's First Sergeants fixing up the JROTC Staff room and getting it ready for the new year!
Today I was told I would officially be rated 1 out of 3 Staff Sergeants in my platoon.
Drill sergeants, staff prepare for training at
I real life don't care about your rank. These Staff Sergeants been working my nerves today😤.
The reserves are so much different than active 😂 Going to lunch with my AGR First Sergeant and 2 Staff Sergeants. I'm the only private 😂💁🏻
Donald Trump does not refer to his *** at his privates instead he refers to them as…
LMFAO rap about PT and Staff Sergeants 😭
"Welcome to Staff Sergeants class on how to get nudes". 😂😂
A Staff Sergeant’s final ride home is flanked by love and thanks –
Sometimes I watch in the hangar, but some of the Staff Sergeants dont appreciate it :P
Tinder matched with a 'Private Nanny'. Let her down gentle. Said I only date Staff Sergeants or above.
HE President promoted 7 Sergeant Majors to the rank of Warrant Officer Two, 39 Staff Sergeants to Sergeant Major 1/4
First rule of field day inspection, buy Gatorade and snacks. Staff Sergeants love Gatorade and snacks
NCO meeting today. Very impressed with experience, insight and quality of Sergeant and Staff Sergeants leading change!
And to top off the day a Master Sergeant and 4 Staff Sergeants just walked in on me with no pants on. Fantastic.
one of my Staff Sergeants stopped by my job today and I looked at him, froze, saluted and almost did the traditional 100 push ups he orders
So in the run for the PT test this morning, I was in first place from beginning to end. I was faster than Sergeants & Staff Sergeants
Salute to the Staff Sergeants of the world's strongest army who risk their lives maintaining world…
well I mean you might as well just join then fam sounds like college staff are just as evil as infantry drill sergeants
one of the best Staff Sergeants in my company is working on something - should be out in the next 24 hours or so. Will share!
Staff Sergeants and moms have a lot in common!
"Ghadban was the 22nd first responder to commit suicide in 2014 and while the service had already launched a...
I am so proud of the many Staff Sergeants we will promote to Sergeant First Class in the Cold Steel Battalion! Look out other battalions...
Staff Sergeant is the highest rank that can be awarded at IDYCA, and it is not distributed these young people have a proven record of hard-work and leadership throughout their stay. Help us congratulate our new Staff Sergeants! :)
Another great day sharing the love of Jesus through Mission Possible serving day! Thanks to the 250+ who served all over the community and massive applause for our awesome Team Captains & Staff Sergeants: Dave and Leslie Seese, Duane and Anne Swanson, Greg Wold, John Wales, China Livings, Kathy Boone, Dawn Lay, Kathy Fiorello, Diane Ledoux, Connie Sanders, Michael McManus, Mark Thomas, Jim and Jeannie Bennett, Renee Young, Jim and Pixie Carter, Mark Vargo, Beverly and Mark Roberts, Michelle Lafleur, Rose and Brent Bollich, Kristi Bellard, Christine Demette, Neal and Meme Hargrave, Kelda and Scott Poynot and Jeramin Gary!
I graduated from boot camp at Parris Island on 9 October 1968. That day, after the ceremony, about 320 of us, newly minted Marines were turned loose for about 5 hours of Base Liberty. That meant that while we couldn't leave the base, we did have free reign to explore the museum and enjoy such fare as RC Cola and Moon Pies at the slop chute. We could pose for pictures at the Iron Mike Statue or the Iwo Jima Memorial (see mine here). All this and no one would hassle us (much). For the past 14 weeks, our every step had been hounded by ubiquitous Drill Instructors. Our world was ordered by the Staff Sergeants and NCO's wearing the famous campaign hats. My friends and I made a beeline for the slop chute and milk shakes. As we sat around slurping them, a commotion arose. We noticed a much older Marine in a garrison cap moving through the crowd. He's stop and speak to the brand new Privates and PFCs, get a response and keep moving. Now this was quite an event, because, as he got closer, we could see that h ...
So Friday the Gunnery Sergeant Selection Board that has been convening since April comes to an end. A little yellow bird whispered in my ear talking about the approved selections will be out Friday evening or Monday. Needless to say if I am selected out of the below zone, I will be thrilled. If not, I'll put my best foot forth even harder to make the promotion zone in 2014. Good luck Staff Sergeants!
These action bedek 16 year old NCC "Staff Sergeants" have the nerve to scream at poor 13 year olds eh? Wait till you get to the army boy.
We would like to congratulate all the Staff Sergeants who were selected to be promotable to Sergeant First Class!...
Oneof the career counselors( Michael Collins) are in the advanced course with me and I'm thinking a steak dinner might be the perfect "build rapport" technique before I ask him to take a look at one of my Staff Sergeants profile. These recruiter skills are going to be put to USSR once again lol. Johnny E. Clark
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It's not every day that your husband's job encourages you to punch him! Congratulations to all the new Staff Sergeants out there!
Im in class w/ 4 Staff Sergeants, 1 Technical Sergeant, and a Master Sergeant.they trying stick me w/ all the war veterans smh
Just a few hours ago. The 310 troops came down the ramp from Gate 6 to our applause and “welcome home.” Many of the faces showed they were happy for the thanks and the welcome. One Major came up to myself and a brand new greeter and reiterated her gratefulness. “Many of us are scattered reservists and National Guard,” she said “and we don’t get an official welcome home so this is it for us.” I thought about how glad I was that the Maine guard units and many others, get a proper welcome when they return from deployment. I thought , also, of how glad I was that I dragged my tired frame out of bed at a quarter until one to drive the 40 minutes to the Airport. “Stebbins. Is there a Sgt. Stebbins* in the unit?” The troop greeter key person (the one signed up to open the doors at different shifts) trumped across the crowded lobby. Several people looked around and no one of that name was on the flight. I wandered around asking a few Staff Sergeants the same question and got the same answer. I . ...
Staff Sgt. Easton P. Purkiss, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Headquarters Company, graduated from the Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course, class NCO Academy, Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., Dec. 21. Purkiss began the course on November 30 and graduated with 14 other Soldiers after successfully completing all requirements to become an efficient and successful Operations NCO. The Battle Staff NCO course is a single-phase, functional course used to prepare Staff Sergeants through Sergeants Major for duty as Operations NCOs in battalion- and brigade-level staff positions. The challenging and intensive course places emphasis on leadership skills to prepare Soldiers to be effective Operations NCOs. Utilizing small-group instruction methodology, the course focuses on planning future operations and managing current operations of a battalion- and brigade-level command post. Subject areas include Mission Command, Staff Operations, Brigade Combat Team, Stability Operations, Urban Operations, Graph ...
On my last day of the Marine Corps I will pass out at the end of a 20 mile hike, and while being knife handed by Staff Sergeants, Gandalf's Eagles will attack them and unconsciously carry me to Coral Springs Florida.
*Me and Brad playing Black Ops 2* Me: Alright guys I'm now a Staff Sergeant who needs coffee? Bradley: Thats not even what Staff Sergeants do! Me: Thats what my Staff Sergeant does Bradley: Wow really thats what you do bring coffee to everyone? Me: Yup!
Congrats to Anthony Saenz and Kelly Johnson, the Marine Corps' newest Staff Sergeants. And also to Mitch Zahn, Leonard Martinez, and Matt Kolenc, who all have to wait a few more short hours until pinning on.
Say hello to one of the newest Staff Sergeants in the United States Air Force! disbelief!
What a great morning on The Quarterdeck! I gave out rank insignia t-shirts this morning AND Sub 7 Club t-shirts. Evening Crew, I've got yours today too! For the record, we've got: 15 Lance Corporals, 8 Corporals, 13 Sergeants, 7 Staff Sergeants, 9 Gunnery Sergeants, 11 Master Sergeants, 4 First Sergeants, 3 Sergeants Major, and 5 Warrant Officers. Rounding out The Battalion are 50+ Privates and Privates First Class. OUTSTANDING! Oh ... and there was also that Dante's Inferno thing too!
Nicknames I've made while at MOS school: 10lb Brain, Jedi (or just about anything Star Wars related), and Buzz Lightyear. Thank you Master Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, and various Staff Sergeants.
I doubt many know this. When I took command of my 120 man artillery battery at Ft. Hood, TX I founf that everyone of my guys who weren't living in the barracks and were Staff Sergeants and below were on food stamps! Military pay is federal money. Food stamps is federal money. Why not just pay them in their military paycheck instead of making them feel like slackers or dependents? These were some of the hardest working men I have ever known. Training was dangerous, war was dangerous, separations were hard. And what they got was food stamps!
To all my fellow Staff Sergeants, the AF-wide selection rate was 22.77% for Technical Sergeant! Good luck to all who tested!
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