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Staff Sergeant

Staff sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in several countries.

Marine Corps Air Force Sergeant First Class De Oppresso Liber Puerto Rico

Former Air Force SSG a familiar voice in local sports, including the
Notre Dame will now stop covering birth control for students, faculty & staff because Trump altered laws.
I ws n Army erly 80's nd USSA did their presntation to us durng AIT and my Staff sergeant just shook his head and I said no thnks
1/3 I was an army Infantry Staff Sergeant who attended the K Bay sniper school when it was…
Today has been a great day. Today the United States Marine Corps has promoted me to Staff Sergeant.
From Air Force staff sergeant to Thunderbirds announcer
surely if members [or staff] are threatened in Parliament [in the pursuit of their duties the Sergeant at Arms should be involved?
At boot camp I had a DI named Staff Sergeant Curry and one time I called him Steph Sergeant Curry and he heard me and I died
My husband is now Staff Sergeant Gagliardi! I am so proud of him for everything he has accomplished in the Marine Corps!
Recognizing Staff Sergeant E6 US Marine Corps and Vietnam Veteran, Lonnie Chappell, Guest of Honor at the…
We were honored to meet Staff Sergeant Jason Pacheco before the game.
My son, Staff Sergeant Steven C.Eaton of the MA Natl Guard. Currently deployed to Puerto Rico
A pleasure to say thank you to Sergeant Mark Williams an excellent front line Supervisor & Trainer who has enjoyed deve…
PLEASE SEND HI shout out to my son that made staff sergeant in at 24yrs old. R S…
I remember beating out a staff sergeant on the range and he reshot to qualify expert.
My boyfriend of over a year Staff Sergeant Brian Barnett 💙
SFC Golden was immediately promoted from Staff Sergeant to SEC after his trial. Following that, I had to still work with him😠
initiate Staff Sergeant mentoring program. Preparing our people today for continued leadership roles in t…
Looking like a Staff Sergeant who finally clocke out of the day lol
I was banking as a staff sergeant. Got my BAH & split the rent on a cheap *** apartment
.and surprised Staff Sergeant Chad Williams with tickets to Sunday's game against the Raiders!.
My heart goes out to the Gold Star family Mr and Mrs Paul Monti...Providence, Rhode Island for their son Staff Sergeant First Class Jared M
1) This is a former Staff Sergeant and Calvary Scout. He is in Puerto Rico. He's telling you the truth. FEMA and POTUS…
Army Staff Sergeant Luke Murphy was the Squad Leader of an 11 man Reconnaissance Team with the 187th Infantry Regime
Congrats to SGT Cummins and SGT Sargent for being recommended for promotion to the rank of Staff Sergeant…
TIL Bea Arthur was a staff sergeant in the marines.
Hey and I just promoted to Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. Did I do goo?
Pops has been in poor health but feeling better lately. Thx for keeping Staff Sergeant 1CAV 82AA Bill Stewart: RN, coach, etc. in ur Ts&Ps.
Briefing with Cambridge Sergeant, commitments already for our staff, including constant observations on a prisoner at hospital
Just in case, staff had thrown out my dry food. I'd eaten a bunch of it (I usually don't) before I became ill, Dad recalls.
Pls, someone reach Staff Sergeant Jones & thank him for speaking out against attacks on our 1st ammend. Sempre fi
Aren’t you the general regional chief of staff staff sergeant co-owner of Wendy’s? Don’t @ me
Remember Staff Sergeant Stephen M. New on the 4th anniversary of his passing. New was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 20th Sp…
Remember Staff Sergeant Kyle R. Warren on the 7th anniversary of his passing. RIP Warrior 🇺🇸.
Will you beat us with the Staff, Sergeant?
Episode 83 is now online. In this episode, I talk about Autumn in Berlin, Staff Duty, Sergeant Major’s Detail,...
From to the Commonwealths and Paralympics. Staff sergeant Steve Alman is a man on a mission ➡️…
In honor of Staff Sergeant Sean Devoy who died in the line of duty.
Proportionality is missing. . Staff Sergeant who assigned the team with those instructions is incompet…
Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle saved Brandy from her car after a crash and shielded her from the explosions.…
Thank you for your sacrifice staff sergeant may you rest in peace
Jeff Ryan here with the "Feel Good Story" for Thursday! Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle is a hero in the National...
After skydiving mishap, Army staff sergeant from Minn. takes on traumatic brain injury.
Guys I passed my first test. Just one more to go and I'll be a staff sergeant. ☺️
Please join us as we honor and remember Staff Sergeant Nicholas A. Sprovtsoff, who was killed in action on this day…
Not always a good idea to have an affair with your Staff Sergeant's wife!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Trump staff, lawyers in tow, to face Mueller in Russia scandal"
Salute Staff Sergeant Jason A. Benford 4 serving our Country with Honor and Virtue! May…
Way to exploit an American Hero to gloss over your disgusting anti-American vitriol on Sunday. Staff…
Posthumous humble thanks to Army Staff Sergeant Jason A. Benford. Rest in peace, Sir.
This is active duty Air Force Staff Sergeant Logan Ireland. This is who wants to kick out of the milit…
Salute to you and your Dad Staff Sergeant.
Thank you Staff Sergeant Benford for your service to our country. Your sacrifice will always be honored Salute
Staff Sergeant Jamison of the declaring our Shoremen the Defensive Team of the week, week S…
Driving down Manchester Rd., you may have seen our truck posting the US Flag. This was to honor fallen US Army Staff Ser…
Lol no worries... yes reservist was in active for the past 3 yrs... Staff Sergeant
What an inspiring story of a man who wouldn't give up...
Shirley Temple doll and man spaghetti?. A: Meatballs. Q: How do you know when the poor, suffering staff of the sergeant just
Staff-Sergeant Sandra Sparling sports golf shirt police will wear in Pride Parade
Really liked when Kozlowski was singing *** in a box in formation and he had to explain what step 3 was to our staff sergeant
Here is Mark Barrow, E-6 Staff Sergeant for the He thinks Nazis car attacking peaceful protesters is f…
If I don't make staff sergeant this time I'm gonna low-key be hurt
Your a staff sergeant and you approve of some one threatening our POTUS you should be remov…
Yesterday, we were honored to help welcome home Army Staff Sergeant Darwyn Henson alongside and in West P…
When you wake up and your Staff Sergeant says "don't come to work"
Staff Sergeant Butler is a true American hero and our Nation mourns him and thanks him.
We arrive on a private to ER at the sergeant just wanted an empty water (in fact, the poor, suffering staff of fallopian
Next month will make 8 years of service. Also the month that I find out if I become a Staff Sergeant 😭🙏🏼😩
Thank you for your service and welcome to the Park Staff Sergeant!
Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Bob Showalter, uncle of Buck Showalter, is at Oriole Park for today’s game. https:/…
'I was a Staff Sergeant in the South African Police during and after the Apartheid era and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I 1/3
and the murder of my beloved sister, Staff Sergeant Nalini D. Singh.
He's so tough he sweats actual bullets... former US Marine Corps bomb technician, Staff Sergeant is on tonight!
Destiny, Cindy Hope aka Klaudia in clip Klaus is our new Staff Sergeant and Destiny is more than ready
Yes, I roll better than staff. They always disturb pieces and roll the die too hard
I'm such a good kitty that I even roll the die for staff during their board games.
Staff Sergeant Tina Grant recognised for her work with military families (News)
CNPD would like congratulate and welcome our newest Sergeant, Sgt. DeVito to our command staff. Thank you for...
Assessing Sergeant promotion applications today. We have some very talented staff & Policing far more complex than when I become a Sergeant
Congratulations Cadet Staff Sergeant Campbell on attaining your Wright Brothers Award and promotion!
I'm a published journalist. I'm not a member of antifa. I spoke directly with a sta…
The PLL Army salutes its Brazilian staff sergeant and queen Congratulations my friend.
Staff Sergeant Dustin Carter with the Mississippi Rifles describes features of the M2A3 Bradley while awaiting a...
this is my great-uncle Staff Sergeant Donald Goff. I don't know if you'd like to colorize this, but I…
Honoring Army Staff Sergeant Kristopher A. Higdon, 25, from Odessa, Texas; assigned to the 4th Battalion, 9th...
I had my promotion board this morning... you can call me Staff Sergeant Rodriguez 💁🏽😊
170524 Jungkook's brother (or he called as 'Staff Sergeant Jeon') posted a photo of JK on Instagram (
Earth calling , where's the outrage, First Staff Sergeant?
The fact that I just got props for "getting a hand job in first Sergeant parking spot by my girl " by a staff sergeant 😂
I’m Staff Sergeant Kim Hughes, an Ammunition Technician by trade, but in Afghanistan I’m known as an ATO (Ammuni...
An Army investigation released last month showed the staff sergeant who was in charge of the convoy was at fault.
Staff Sergeant Reigoux, thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country. Salute Soldier!
My sister in law is now a Staff Sergeant 🇺🇸
Local officer to head provincial media relations as Staff Sergeant in Corporate Communications via
Congrats staff Sergeant GOTT!! . How does it feel to be staff sergeant?
Looking for enthusiastic, professional, & dedicated Investigative Staff Sergeant to join campus policing team.
Marine Staff Sergeant and his Attitude in Battle of Los Angeles (Y)
The staff can't get enough of the cinnamon donuts at the Yum!
It's not everyday you get promoted to Staff Sergeant in Hawaii!…
Staff Sergeant Berthelot, It's been six years since you left for…
Staff Sergeant Jesus Joffre talks with students interested in pursuing a career in the Military.
Staff sergeant cries when he's reunited with his military dog via THIS IS A GOOD MAN!
These hardworking members were both constables at the time; no surprise they both have advanced to the rank of staff serge…
The NCO Corps grew by two yesterday! Huge congratulations to SERGEANT Buenaflor and STAFF SERGEANT Fox! Both of...
I’ve never eaten anything off a plate. I smell it and move on…
Your rank may be Staff Sergeant here in dunya, but in hereafter as a martyr? Higher than any other kings/presidents/sultans.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Quote of the day: "The extra mile is a vast, unpopulated wasteland." Via RCMP Staff Sergeant Kevin Baillie
I've been seeing videos on the passing of the late staff sergeant and i got emotional seeing the amount of people showing respect to him
Once again our deepest condolences to the family of Staff Sergeant Nadzrie Matin. An emotional farewell from...
Many people will be praying for you. May Allah grant you jannah.. Al-Fatiha for Staff Sergeant Nadzrie Matin..👮
This week we promoted SGT Swain to Staff Sergeant, a well deserved promotion!
Comic: Do you do stand up?. You: No, I'm a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. I served 3 tours in Afghanistan. Comic: Oh, so you're a civilian.
To be fair, for all you know, I could be a Staff Sergeant in the American army. Or a member of Congress.
Head coach is a Staff Sergeant in the Army. He'll be playing in the veterans game and we want to play one with him!…
Pentagon identifies soldier killed Saturday in Afghanistan as 37-year-old Army staff sergeant from Maryland.
Staff Sergeant Luna is the mean one.Youth Physical Fitness (YPF) Program at Bristol Central…
Certainly our regional Protect Officer is a Sergeant. With digital PCSOs as well I think…
K-9 Blakely will join Staff Sergeant Blakely’s brother, IMPD Officer Nathaniel Schauwecker, in service to the India…
Finally got my test date for Staff Sergeant 🤧
Why no mention of Staff Sergeant Mark R. De Alencar, killed in Afghanistan? Too busy golfing to pay attention?
Who is this anonymous "Staff Sergeant"!? Never heard jokes like that. Sounds like a political propaganda camp…
8 years of service and ever once heard any jokes about rape or sex assault. Stop the slander, staff sergeant.
"We joke too much. We make rape and sexual assault too much of a joking matter.". -Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps
Dry bulk for the long haul: Reserves staff sergeant John Moore and his leased operation
Two Great Americans appearing before the Staff Sergeant promotion board...Sergeant Keith Carter…
Staff Sergeant Mathew Noll of the US Air Force National Guard surprised his fami...
Staff Sergeant Nix and Sergeant Vacarro will be visiting Frisco Lone star today. Stop by the table and grab some in…
A lone staff sergeant & his union defeated an arrogant Sandf management in a legal standoff costing him his family life. We will sue big.
Dude that's my staff sergeant,we go to the same office 😂😂
ww2 he was a staff sergeant in the Pacific my uncle was an MP stationed in West Germany during the 50s
Meet Staff Sergeant Donna Mancuso - our new Inclusion and Equity Officer
Got to get everything in order for this staff sergeant promotion soon.
any advice for our new inclusion and equality officer Staff Sergeant Donna mancuso, who is willing to col…
Police officers break ranks over 'tyrannical' staff sergeant
Staff Sergeant Acevedo talking with students from Ellender Memorial High School.
Or require anyone 'sergeant major' like on their staff team? What about Mutual trust/respect? Much better lesson to teach IMO
Electronic Device Insurance
Ottawa Police officers say union didn't defend them when they complained of alleged bullying by staff sergeant
Police officers break ranks, speak out about workplace harassment by "tyrannical" staff sergeant
Today we remember Staff Sergeant Rusty Hunter Christian on the seventh anniversary of his passing. De Oppresso Liber!…
Madison wanted her uncle Kyle, a Staff Sergeant in the to be home for the holidays. Santa's magic worked!…
Not if he picks up Staff Sergeant on the automatic integration, right?
Staff Sergeant Jose Alejo named District Recruiter of the Year. He stopped by to share the news. His wrestling work…
I liked a video from Tanki Online Rank Up! Staff Sergeant
Army staff sergeant turned Microsoft engineer mentors to give back
Staff Sergeant Harris receives the "Titan of the Quarter" for 3rd quarter for excellence in…
WPS Staff Sergeant Cox of Major Crime Branch updates media on Homicide Investigation.
Looking forward to today, we get to promoted a fellow recruiter to staff sergeant
Going on vacation for 2 weeks see you guys when I get back if you need me I'll be available mid November until then Staff Sergeant Spencer …
Amanda Martinez will vote in honor of Staff Sergeant Steven Courington, U.S. Army
Ross Cox , a retired Staff Sergeant, speaks to the media about his military family.
Master Sgt. Jason Henke, 131st Bomb Wing Staff's new First Sergeant, was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal...
Joined Operation Coming Home to welcome combat veteran Staff Sergeant Brandan Taylor and his family to their new “H…
.Staff Sergeant Cavero surprised his daughter Kylie at Hudson Elem after returning home from deployment.
This Staff Sergeant may not be from Wichita Falls, but he is making his time at .count.
Staff sergeant qualifies for Olympic games
Well done Staff Sergeant Morgan Spacey in getting a 1st class Hons degree in Business Management.
Staff Sergeant Rush is leading a bike patrol with Constable Kole in a busy patrol with offenders making off!
Congratulations to our very own Staff Sergeant George, 39 Engineer Regiment Wives Club, Kinloss Barracks and...
Thank you for your service Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Perez was my Senior Drill Instructor at Parris Island. He was not a joke.
If I sent this to my staff sergeant he'd probably make me PT double 😂😂😭
It does my heart good to see NCOs writing about what matters. Staff Sergeant on point in NCO Journal.
Check out these Images from the Staff Sergeant Reckless Monument Dedication Ceremony today
Congrats to our sister Lex who got promoted to E-5 (staff sergeant) this morning! We couldn't be more proud of all…
The Army Swimming Championships took place in Aldershot on Wednesday. Richard Wyeth spoke to Staff Sergeant...
While serving at Marine Barracks 8th & I as a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps. Semper Fi!
Update your maps at Navteq
"Everyone has a debt to society. How much of that debt you pay is your choice." -Army Staff Sergeant Rob Canine
"All men are created equal but some train harder." -Army Staff Sergeant Rob Canine
The reserves are so much different than active 😂 Going to lunch with my AGR First Sergeant and 2 Staff Sergeants. I'm the only private 😂💁🏻
Staff Sergeant's Rodney Cunningham & Michael Jones will be sitting outside of the pool room in the Commons area...
When do you know you've made it staff sergeant? "You haven't made it until you've died for something... Legendary"
Looking good in your old age! Nice to see your smiling face again, Staff Sergeant Rick Waugh
"Why can't you acknowledge that is your cousin from your cousin Staff Sergeant Chastain back in the 90's?"
It's time to tear up those "L" plates and get the "R" plates up. Well done to Cadet Staff Sergeant Ross Laverty...
Couldn't agree more!! JAIL SERGEANT I KNOW NOTHING STUMPF got paid $19.3 MILLION in 2015 and pays his staff $24K w…
Staff Sergeant Luna and I dropping that knowledge and spreading the good word of the Corps at…
Random Gunnery Sgt to a LCpl: call your Staff Sergeant and call him a *** Do it. Now. I wanna see it and hear it
Congratulations to USMES' elite mountain biker & the Air Force's newest Staff Sergeant,
So my leave has made it past Staff Sergeant and sent to Master Sergeant. Then he has to send it to our Master gunnery sergeant.
Transition Leaves Staff Sergeant in Crisis - Robin Lore Lee from Huntsville, Ala., was a Staff Sergeant in the ...
A room of approx 50 Staff Sergeant & Sergeant First Class & only THREE of us are black/of color/non-white.. Starting to notice the trend..
I did pretty well w/out the govt's help. My three kids: A nurse, a Staff Sergeant in the Army & a sophmore cyber security major.
I must say I have been pleasantly surprised. I still suspect no one above the rank of Staff Sergeant will go to jail though.
Surprise PT? Ya sure 5 miles was so fun Staff Sergeant! 😵🤘🏼
Promoted to cadet staff sergeant today. I'm humbled by the honor and…
Photos of Staff Sergeant killed an Afghanistan again used in Catfish scheme: It's been seven years since Matt...
7 years after his death serving in Afghanistan, people are using pics of Staff Sgt. Matthew Pucino on fake profiles.
USMC Staff Sergeant Bob Feeber performs emergency C-Section on an afghan camel
Check out this incredible story from ActivMotion Bar Master Trainer SGT Ken Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert
He's right, being the only Sergeant in the shop, with a new Staff Sergeant taking his place, they do rely heavily on me.
Finnish army didn't appreciate a staff sergeant attending Helsinki Pride in his uniform. Hopefully at least the *** men there did.
Knew a US Army Staff Sergeant that missed an unlocked file cabinet in a secure room with 100s of file cabinets.
yeah my Staff Sergeant just bought one a few weeks ago and it's really nice, you'll like it 😎
Update: Staff sergeant said: "It's a good possibility, I'll look into it."
Congratulations to Sergeant Jason Clarke on his promotion to Staff Sergeant and Det/Cst Dan Gray on his promotion to Sergeant
Going to go talk to Staff sergeant about leaving ASAP🤗
Salute to you from a Louisiana boy. Staff Sergeant Garcia.
lol YES SIR staff sergeant 😄 ANYYWAYYSSS I'm sorry that u r frustrated, but I hope that u have a good day
Sergeant Leonardo briefing Command Staff and Supervisors for the County Fair / Fireworks Traffic Plan.
Thank you for your support from a U.S Army Staff Sergeant. My heart has always been with New Orleans.
I've Retired From you guys now. I have a lot more things to do, and so it was a Honor Serving. -iiDeathbox, Staff Sergeant.
Soldier Surprises Family At Browns Game: Staff Sergeant Anthony Wagner of the U.S. Army surprises his family ...
Let's not forget why we do these workouts:. U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman, 27, of…
My Staff Sergeant asked me what time im flying out??? *** You supposed to tell me!?
Where do you think Donald would be right now if his father was a cobbler? Or a baker? Or a Staff Sergeant in the US Army?
NBC got it wrong; the correct name of the award is Medal of Honor. Also Ty Carter's rank was Staff Sergeant.
The Armor School had the pleasure of hosting John Botello's promotion from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant First Class...
Give me liberty or give me death. . Staff Sergeant passes by, nah I'll just let you Stand By for hours.. 😑
Congratulations to ColdKILLER62702 on his promotion to Staff Sergeant!
MrIf troops are sent--- they will be sent to WIN." Staff Sergeant Marlin Beck 9th. Infantry Division Mekong Delta Vietnam.
Welcome home, Staff Sergeant Clayton Walker! ♥ Marine surprises daughter at baseball game:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"I live off base. I am a Staff Sergeant." He smiles softly and then nods. "So yes, I can go where I want to."
when our staff sergeant called everyone's name expect Vargas and we rubbed it in the *** face so heavy 😂
That feel when the staff sergeant drops Game of Thrones spoilers and you can't do anything about it
He did not earn the right to wear that shirt! Not on active duty but still a Staff Sergeant
This staff sergeant caused quite the stir in his sons' karate class.
To jāatstāj armijai. - “Sir, this recruit requests permission to speak with Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Smith".
USMC Staff Sergeant Louis Cardin was killed in Iraq during an ISIS rocket attack. we are still at war. htt…
We’re making coming home a dream come true for Staff Sergeant John Blizinski and family. https:/…
.staff sergeant promotion list for June, 2016:
My idea of "making moves" is different from the next ... 23 yr old Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, car paid off, own apartment..
Today the front porch has lost one of its finest😨 We will miss you dishwasher staff sergeant Jew boy
NEW: USMC Staff Sergeant Charlie Linville becomes the first wounded combat veteran to summit Mount Everest.
We’re bringing Staff Sergeant Blizinski and family home to Detroit with https:…
Being a Staff Sergeant in the Army with a college degree
Should be number one on the list.. Staff Sergeant Galloway🙏🏾
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
First Amendment Test: Army Staff Sergeant Says the Sidewalk is “Not in P... via
My staff sergeant is so motivating I love it!!😇
Guy was texting me said I've met him before and that he was a staff sergeant. Looked him up, he's still just a private lol
I liked a video Ambassador Ammon Presents German Medal of Honor to U.S. Staff Sergeant Peter Woken
Congratulations to Staff Sergeant AM.Greaves on getting married today! 🎉🎊
When you listening to no flocking by Kodak black in the 7 ton and staff sergeant is just staring at you in disappointment
Staff Sergeant Cyd Gillis with Huck Finn Fishing Derby contestant Yakov Wensvooot and biggest far!
I vaguely remember a certain Welsh Royal Signals Staff Sergeant saying something like this to me! Don't I Lenny!
105.9 SEASIDE-FM News - HRP Report - Staff Sergeant Greg Mason stated that there are no significant incidents to report.
Cadet Staff Sergeant McCoy... Why do people keep asking who I am??
Army releases May sergeant and staff sgt promotions
Lethbridge Police Staff Sergeant is confirmed to be using a fake social media profile to attack a speaker at the...
Rochester, NY Army staff sergeant seeks to raise funds for families in Haiti:
Prince died? So did staff sergeant Chester McBride of the USMC on Dec 21,2015 by a suicide bomber.
Morning Meeting at 840a-USAF Staff Sergeant Terry Skelton on recruitment and opportunities
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Staff Sergeant meeting all the golfers a true Patriot
A big Happy Birthday to Retired Staff Sergeant Chad Jukes. has made it to base…
Proud to present Leadership Award to Midshipman Samuel Martin & Staff Sergeant Towers!
No, Staff Sergeant - if the Battalion Commander says he thinks we need a different slide for that data, you do not "personally disagree."
He was a Staff Sergeant, he wasn't no hater
Congratulations on retirement Staff Sergeant Theron Scott & Thank you for 20 years of service to our country. Party!
Got my paperwork in for getting promoted to staff sergeant. :)
Sergeant Rogers/PCSO Robinson & ambulance staff help a male with a bump to the head. Checked over, now safe & well.
there is a real person whose title and name is Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster
It's pretty awesome to watch your friend go from being a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force to…
Also did a hitch in the USAF. Separated as a Staff Sergeant. Dude was an amazing artist and a patriot.
And I did t forget you either Aaron Korkki pinning Staff sergeant. Excellent job!!!
Congrats to Brother Staff Sergeant Michael Staley, US Army National Guard (KY) on his engagement to Miss Megan Stinson!
in which Sanders is described as a having the "oratory style of a staff sergeant."
A beautiful essay by a US army staff sergeant & 1st writer whose work I had the privilege to accept as essays ed.
Just got a call from my recruiter saying he's send one of the staff sergeant to pick me up rn 😱😁😁 I'm sitting bricks rn
It is a memorable sight to see this morning here in Old Town Temecula. Temecula is honoring Staff Sergeant Louis...
Forgive them staff sergeant for these privates know not what they do.
SSGT: "Gonsalves you pick up class next week.". Me: *motivated "Eye, staff sergeant". SSGT: "April fools you're here till September lol"
good stuff homie I'm glad to hear that. If you ever see staff sergeant Koch let em know Jay flask can do more pull ups.
So proud of the officers & staff Sergeant Stewart is a prime example of our great team
Sorry, but Staff Sergeant Suydam already did that
I told this Staff Sergeant I was gonna go pack my ruck, I went to my room and took a nap. I ain't got for their shenanigans at work today.
Going to watch my brother-in-law get promoted to Staff Sergeant ❤️🇺🇸
I gave my Staff Sergeant thin mints so he would pass me on field day.
The Rod Glove is a proud sponsor to Pro Staff, Eddie Kidd, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class. Check out his story on...
My staff sergeant just made fun every Bernie Sanders supporter. "Lazy flower lovin kids who think their entitled, just…
Be a staff sergeant or gunny by then
[VIDEO] Actress calls Fayetteville staff sergeant crazy for...
Actress calls staff sergeant crazy for jumping out of planes
I graduated top of the whole group so I got to graduate as a staff sergeant and now I'm cooling in the breeze
I better be on my best behavior bc Staff Sergeant might be coming by my work 😐😬
Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter - Medal of Honor Recipient for the United States Army
Congratulations to our favorite Marine, my brother, Staff Sergeant Bobby Ray Kyles, Jr.on . 15…
My 1st Staff Sergeant After 36 yrs today's his last day
When you at the chow hall with a Staff Sergeant and you hit his stepdaughter bout a year ago
Fallen Marine Staff Sergeant Louis F. Cardin to be Honored in a April 1st Memorial Service at...
🏐💭💓 "AY staff sergeant!" You're very funny and such a pretty girl!! I'm always here if you need me✊
Update: Sgt. Biggs has been promoted to Staff Sergeant and is taking the lead on developing our HRPS Wellness Unit.
also fought in Staff Sergeant 5th US Army to free Italy (1944-45)
From a member: My husband is a retired Staff Sergeant from us army and has done 3 tours to Afghanistan back to...
Please join us in congratulating Jeff Hotz on his promotion to Staff Sergeant. Congratulations SSG Hotz!
Army staff sergeant arrested in connection with DC suburbs shooting
the only comfort I have doing my NPCC uniform now is putting the staff sergeant rank :")
I don't know the answer to that but this story has more details, APG staff sergeant killed by Harford,
It must have changed then since my uncle was staff sergeant of VPD & 2 cousins worked there. Will have to check.
.My nephew died in IRAQ, just became staff sergeant, kno how you feel!! She was not President and not to blame!when you see...
Army staff sergeant is arrested for shooting dead Virginia officer -
Staff Sergeant made me sing the national anthem on the way Marine Corps pt lmao
Army staff sergeant arrested in Virginia officer's death -
Huntsville staff sergeant says role of police officers evolving: Graham, staff sergeant for the Huntsville OPP...
APG staff sergeant killed by Harford Sheriff's deputies after armed standoff in Bel Air - Baltimore Sun
Couldn't be a worse story...Army Staff Sergeant killed his wife & Marine cop Ashley Guindon on her first day of work ht…
let me point that out for you a CSM Command Sergeant Major and SM we'll take off the command and it is what it is. A SSG Staff
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