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Staff Sergeant

Staff sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in several countries.

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Age I was given: 33 Where I lived: Buller Barracks, Aldershot What I drove: Vauxhall What I did : Driver Radio Operator, Staff Sergeant. Who had my heart: Manchester City Age Now: 51 Where I live: Cape Town, South Africa What I drive: Toyota Prado What I do: Training Design and Development Manager Who has my heart: Toni Like my status and I will give you an age
.Reverend Tunnel Rat. 2001.One man, a flashlight, Colt 45, and a tight, cramped, pitch black tunnel, somewhere in Vietnam. The MAN in this picture next to a young Ranger Bemiss is Staff Sergeant, Reverend D. Jackson, and his beautiful wife Joyce. SSG Jackson is the man I call my Pastor, although I have not been to church in years. Hopefully when I get to California, I can find someone to help me change that, and finally go back to church. Very few men in their 50s can put 10ft, of a telephone pole, over their shoulder, and then go for a jog, but no surprise, because hardly anyone has the unmeasurable courage it takes, to be a TUNNEL RAT, in Vietnam! Reverend Jackson, had, and has that unmeasurable courage! Reverend Jackson has always been one of my Idol's, and believe me, Bemiss has very few, because I do not look up to sports figures. I look up to men, of courage! SSG Jackson served in the 1st of 7th Air Cavalry and received the Purple Heart, for being hit in both hips. He was also awarded the Bronze Sta ...
Happy birthday to Jay: Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, bassist, reality TV star, and only guy...
When we were in Bethlehem I met a captain of the Border Patrol, it was on kitchen duty and he was having a 15-year-old-like high, explaining to me how smart he is and how he gets at Arabs who annoy him. He said to me: "I wouldn't lift a hand against an Arab openly, never. But I have no problem killing Arabs." What does that mean? "Simple. I come in my Border Patrol vehicle, stop by the shop or home of some person, shake his hand, kiss him on the cheek, sit down for coffee with him on his veranda. Two days later the guy's gone".continue reading › categories: Other443 views ›//0 comments › rank: Staff Sergeant unit: Nahal Brigade area: Bethlehem area period: 2005
BURR, HERBERT H. Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company C, 41st Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division. Place and date: Near Dorrmoschel, Germany, 19 March 1945. Entered service at: Kansas City, Mo. Birth: St. Joseph, Mo. G.O. No.: 73, 30 August 1945. Citation: He displayed conspicuous gallantry during action when the tank in which he was bow gunner was hit by an enemy rocket, which severely wounded the platoon sergeant and forced the remainder of the crew to abandon the vehicle. Deafened, but otherwise unhurt, S/Sgt. Burr immediately climbed into the driver’s seat and continued on the mission of entering the town to reconnoiter road conditions. As he rounded a turn he encountered an 88-mm. antitank gun at pointblank range. Realizing that he had no crew, no one to man the tank’s guns, he heroically chose to disregard his personal safety in a direct charge on the German weapon. At considerable speed he headed straight for the loaded gun, which was fully manned by enemy troops who had ...
got ask to go to a place to do a survey on Uniform Groups because of my position! Staff Sergeant. Chairman of St. John Ambulance Bridge
Was having a conversation with the Chief Master Sergeant and the Staff Sergeant in the terminal in Minneapolis heading for Atlanta when the lady from the ticket counter came over and made some comments to them that I realized they were escorting a fallen comrade. Staff Sergeant stepped away for a few minutes. Chief told me that the fallen soldier is the sister to the Staff Sergeant and the gentleman sitting behind me. Upon arriving in Atlanta the Captain of the aircraft asked that everyone remain seated to allow the family ans escort off the plane first. About half the plane applauded. Many of the others were too busy texting and checking messages. Some just don't get it. God Bless her and may she rest in peace. ATTENTION...HAND SALUTE!
In the past year I've managed to get myself from Peru, IL, to Milwaulkee, WI, to O'Hare Airport in Chicago to Newark Airport, Newark, NJ, to some tiny airport in SC, to Columbia, SC- all in less than 24 hours... Then early that next morning (and hour and a half of sleep since I left WI) I took a taxi to Fort Jackson, SC and met these really nice people called "Drill Sergeants" and "Reception Cadre".. After a nice week of exams, shots, issued gear, and my first fully bald head, I stood outside in summer PT uniform from 2100-0300 (perhaps 0400?) for no apparent reason at all, as if to say, "welcome to the Army where the rules are made up and the points don't matter!" The next morning, aka a few hours later, I was standing in a formation with my duffle bag and a couple drill sergeants were walking around us chuckling and sizing up all the new "soldiers to be". This tall, lanky, white, Staff Sergeant, and a short, stocky, Mexican sergeant looked at me and said "He'll do ok" and put yellow tape on my duffle ba ...
BLACK HISTORY MONTH: DAY 23 MAJOR WILLIE CHAPPLE SR. Marksmanship Training Battalion Commander Maj. Willie Chapple, Sr. was raised in Cotton Plant, Arkansas and graduated from Cotton Plant High School in 1989. He attended University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics 1994. After earning his degree, Maj. Chapple began working for the Soil Conservation Service in Marion Arkansas for two years, a position he obtained through AmeriCorps. In 2003, Maj. Chapple earned Masters of Art Degrees in Human Resources Development and Computer Resources and Information Management from Webster University. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Organizational Management. Maj. Chapple has 24 years of service in the U.S. Army. He enlisted in the Arkansas Army National Guard in 1989 as a Private. He achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant before becoming a Commissioned Officer as a 2LT in 1997. Since then he began Active Duty service as a Commissioned Officer with following job . ...
Matt has two young friends at Boot Camp. They are fine young men, who have visited my home. Like all kids in Boot Camp, they need to hear positive things from the world outside of camp. If you have the time please send these guys a note! They graduate around April 7! (Staff Sergeant told us to put this on FB)! RCT Brown, Henry or RCT Carlson, Stephen 2nd RTBn, Co. G. PLT. 2028 Parris Island, SC 29905
Tyler, this is my older brother Daniel, and myself after my swearing in ceremony into the Akron Police Department. He is a Staff Sergeant, in the security forces (military police) in the United States Air Force. I am a Patrolman at the APD. We both wish you a very happy birthday. Hang in there dude! Get well soon. Prayers are with you!
A Chinese Air Force P-43 being refueled at Kunming, China, before taking off on a mission. Staff Sergeant R.
Chris talks with Melissa Jarboe from the Military Veteran Project. Staff Sergeant Anthony Baker and his wife Emily tell us about their tale of tragedy and triumph.
happy birthday to my son Staff Sergeant Christopher Hinkle love you son have a great birthday
staff sergeant Paul clark like my wcw wednesday. I feel honored because I have are. Sergeant Clarks post about his wife and he knows how to treat and respect his the woman in his wife. He is not only a wise man but a wise man. He trusts his soldiers and they do the right thug because they respect him as well. He is not only a great man, but also a great soldier AND great leader. Everyone will meet that sergeant Clark in their life, and when you, cherish it take their advice, learn from his or his actions, and follow in his foot steps not by their rank in your job or aquisition but by their actions. Sergeant Paul clark treats his wife like a queen and like nothing else matters in life besides her when he is with her. You're and amazing sergeant, human, husband, and husband. In sure my battle would agree. I hope to be an amazing person and soldier like you someday Staff Sergeant Paul Clark. I'm sure Wyatt Schwartz agrees with me. HOOAH!
Staff Sergeant Paul Stiggants is about to give evidence in inquest. He used to be one of her bosses. He's now left the RMP
let me introduce myself to you my name is kim hyeong geun I'm in special forces unit and my rank is staff sergeant I'll work at Hanbit unit in April It's my first foreign mission south sudan makes me feel nervous and afraid I'll successfully complete and return..
Today, 69 years ago, on February 19, 1945 the following soldiers of the US 26th Infantry Division were Killed in Action, while fighting for our freedom in occupied Europe. These men gave their lives which was and still is the greatest sacrifice. They gave the most precious thing they had, leaving their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters back at their homes in the United States. Boys and men, so far away from home. From their families and friends, fighting in countries they may have never heard of. But they did it anyway, so that every man and woman may live in freedom. Even today we still appreciate what they did for us. May these men and woman Rest in Peace who have died during the liberation of Europe. Thank you for your service and those who are serving now. These soldiers were Killed in Action on February 19, 1945; Staff Sergeant Eugene R. Checchi, 328th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company I. Recipient of the Purple Heart. Staff Sergeant Joseph G. Feiley, 328th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battali ...
New staff sergeant at work. Seems pretty cool so far. Just came from being a drill instructor.
Just got to see my staff sergeant for a little on Skype 😊 was missing that boy like crazy tonight so I'm glad we got to talk!
The baby Metro Police allege was abused earlier this month by a Nellis Air Force staff sergeant died Monday night. Three-month-old Aiden James Leach was airlifted on Feb. 1 to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in critical condition.
Got my own room today. Oh yeah its with the E4 and below. This whole time I thought I was a staff sergeant. Silly me. The mold is a nice touch. As well as the bugs and *** and blood stains on my bed. Im sure ill meet a lot new people though seeing I share a shower and toilet with 20+ others. Lucky me.
Tattoo Ideas Small - Ideas Small Vacant House Despite the overhanging leafage from the dying veggies in Staff Sergeant Evens' back garden, his wife was considerably away, in Minnesota, he was left at Fort Rucker Alabama-kind of abandoned, or stranded, she had taken the youngsters (her twin boys, now 8 many years outdated, and daughter, four yrs aged) and as she experienced typically carried out, operate off. Now he identified himself strolling around the property, seeking at the back garden, and the neighbor's dwelling, it was a quiet and grayish night he thought about her with detachment, he remembered she had completed this in advance of, normally functioning back again-who is aware when, was the issue? The house was now just about empty, he stood barefoot nestling close to the window and curtains, held his beer can in his suitable hand, a Camel cigarette in his left, the newspaper lay by a chair, on an conclusion table, opened to the 2nd and third webpages... Tattoo Ideas Small Geek Stylish A tall per ...
Tattoo Ideas Men Arm CLICK TO DOWNLOAD TODAY ›› Ideas Men Arm What Need to Not Make a difference (Chapter Two) Britta liked her perform as a gynecologist, as it allowed her to come to feel necessary by the two males, women of all ages and partners as to a specified extent it was her who allowed them to start out their people. Her do the job was also a thing which allowed her to shut out the relaxation of the world, relieving her of all those people fears of stay that may lead to her to stray off the path of what experienced been taught her. Britta was definitely relaxed at perform, specifically when attending women of all ages who ended up expecting. Tattoo Ideas Men Arm Keys to the Jeep & a Scorned Mother ((Story Sixteen) ( "Voices Out of Saigon")) "Corporal Gill, give me your jeep keys, I will need to get to the again area, in which the Ammo dump is, Alpha dump is, and rapid!" reported Staff Sergeant Morgan Carter then extra, so there would be no resistance, "that is a direct order Corporal, from a ...
trying to study for Staff Sergeant test... i hate studying lol
1st thing Staff Sergeant asked me when I walked in was if I smoked weed while I was on vacation. When I said no he was like "why tf not?!"
So I'm on 24 hour staff duty and my sergeant was smart enough to bring his PS3
My Staff Sergeant told me that I know a lot for a young guy. I know he wasn't being sarcastic but I sense a hidden message. Time2WatchMeBack
Never Forget that March 11, 2013 was the first anniversary of the Kandahar Massacre, the most severe war crime blamed on a member of the U.S. Armed Forces since the war in Vietnam. The eyewitnesses of the massacre were recently in the United States to give testimony in the trial against the alleged culprit, Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. 2470media's Lela Ahmadzai traveled to Afghanistan and spoke to the survivors who lost their closest relatives in the night of Bales' riot. The product of her journey is a documentary that moves the focus away from the suspect and tells the story of the victims whose voices, so far, have remained publicly unheard. Share this to distribute widely Abdulsalam Zaeef Zaeef ღ LonG LiVe AFGhaNisTaN ღ Exposing The Truth Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance)
Exploring for Drawing Techniques Oil Pastels Online - Techniques Oil Pastels Why Slender: The Arrival Beta May possibly Be The Scariest Match Still A short while ago we've noticed a range of enjoyable new horror titles each indie and mainstream, and even though some of them appeared to lean much too a lot towards the action shooter group (Resident Evil 6 and Dead House 3 we're looking at you) there was one particular that stood out head and shoulders earlier mentioned the relaxation as most likely just one of the most terrifying game titles at any time produced. Slender: The Eight Internet pages. Drawing Techniques Oil Pastels Ladbrokes Poker - Develop into a Winner Nowadays On the net gaming has widely captivated persons from different walks of everyday living who have entry to the Net to enjoy video games they normally wouldn't enjoy outside the house the ease and comfort of their house. Just one such match is poker. From what is witnessed in the movies and television, people come to be frightened of e ...
A staff sergeant told me after hearing about an Akita that threatened to attack me that before killing the dog if there is another encounter, I should let it bite me first. Gee, how about you just stick your arm out there and see what a genius idea that is... Smh. Some people's kids.
My son is a staff sergeant USAF and is getting married this fall. He's fine now... his fiance works. One paycheck would be tite
I was eligible in 1976, while a Staff Sergeant in the US Army (I didn't take them.). Had a wife and three kids. Military pay has never been great.
Let’s show some Vi love for Staff Sergeant David Mendez! He is currently fighting for our country AND fighting against obesity. We can’t thank him enough for protecting and serving our country, while at the same time showing those how to live a healthier lifestyle. We salute you!
Pups, DDs, and PDDs, you might be interested in this meet-and-greet event with the "Saluting Marine" at the American Legion Post 5 in Jefferson City this coming Sunday. Some background: There’s an annual event in Washington, DC called Rolling Thunder Sunday, during which thousands of veterans ride their motorcycles to the Vietnam Memorial. It’s an incredible display of patriotism and comradeship — the kind of thing you’d expect from guys who were willing to risk their lives for the rest of us. For the last few years, one Marine has stood at attention in the middle of the street in full dress uniform, holding a continuous, unbroken salute for every biker in the procession. His remarkable exhibition of strength and dedication lasts more than four hours. That Marine, the Saluting Marine, is retired Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers. Marine Chambers decided he wanted to do something to show all the other vets how much he cared, so he spontaneously stepped into the road to salute to the riders. That first sa ...
Today in NJ history:2/19/1968:Army Staff Sergeant Fred Zabitosky of Trenton rescued a helicopter pilot. He was awarded the Medal of Honor.
I've made a executive decision to cease fire in this "war" it is only a negative detraction from our goals, however it caused us to bond as a people That being said, in true military fashion I am bestowing special honors upon General Matt Fuller Lieutenant Daniel Dorsey Staff sergeant Stardom Nae Anbu Captain Elshaddai Davis Captain Dion Granger And lastly Director of special ops and tactics Tron Cat With an honorable mention to Mitchelle Xion Rose and Alexiss TheDopest Ray Your support was greatly appreciated and I thank you for it
We are honored to have State Representative Nick Miccarelli as our guest speaker at our Valentine Event on Feb 22nd. Nick was elected to serve the people of the 162nd Legislative District in 2008. Nick has served as infantry man in the United States Army since 1999. Currently, he serves as a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard. He has been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the Army Achievement Medal and the Army Commendation Medal.
I remember seeing that my father's pay as a staff-sergeant put our family below the poverty line during Johnson's...
USMC, a department of the Navy. I love the fact that my father was a Staff Sergeant in the Corps. and that his older brother received a Purple Heart at Iwo Jima. There wasn't much "gray" in our home growing up. Lots of "black & white" though. His way or no way...
Staff Sergeant Ty Carter, Medal of Honor Recipient, comes to Natick tomorrow.
Aha that'd be weird if someone who was about to be ranked sergeant or staff sergeant and their last name was Sargent
GO ARMY!! If you are interested in meeting with an Army recruiter, we will have one here at the office next Tuesday, February 25 from 3:30-4:30. Staff Sergeant Hirschman will be available to answer questions for anyone who is interested, give info about joining the Army and you will be able to take a practice ASVAB. Let me know if you are interested!
Had a wonderful photo shoot today. Pictures are to follow here soon. Thank you again Staff Sergeant for your years of dedication, sacrifices and service to this grateful nation, and to your family as well for they to sacrifice time with you when you where away. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.
Salute to my Grandpa Mac, Staff Sergeant Floyd McIntyre of WWII Who passed away earlier this morning. Rest in peace papa, you will be missed. Love ya Papa.
Think of me as a staff sergeant w 15 year biz-war vet experience. You're the newly commissioned second Lt.
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Wicked!!! TOP THIS ONE FOR A SPEEDING TICKET IN KELOWNA B.C. [] Two RCMP Highway Patrol Officers were conducting speeding enforcement on Highway north of Kelowna. One of the officers was using a hand-held radar device to check speeding vehicles approaching the city. The officers were suddenly surprised when the radar gun began reading 300 miles per hour and climbing. The officer attempted to reset the radar gun, but it would not reset and then it s uddenly turned off. [] Just then a deafening roar over the tree tops on Highway 97 revealed that the radar had in fact, locked on to an RCAF CF-18 Hornet which was engaged in a low-flying exercise in the area. Back at RCMP Headquarters in Kelowna the RCMP Superintendent fired off a complaint to the Base Commander of the CF-18's in Cold Lake Alberta for shutting (actually frying it) down the Highway Patrol's Radar. The reply came back in true Royal Canadian Air Force style: "Thank you for your letter . .. .. "You may be interested to know that the tactical compu ...
I'll be a Staff Sergeant... This year... Mark my words up first though
Wanted to share these pictures with a VERY SPECIAL AMERICAN HERO.. I visited with him this past week at the VA Hospital and it was and still is a very heart breaking period in my life..Today February 14 2014 Valentines Day I send my love and prayers to this wonderful man and hero as I am feeling he will not be with us much longer.. I do however pray I'm wrong. I ask to all who read this to send your prayers and thanks to Walt and his wife and daughter.. Thank you! I will forever be thankful for his visit in August 2011 when he came to join us for the lowering and honoring our American flag at the circle in Orange... He came for a short time and ended up being with us around 2 or more hours taking pictures with anyone who asked.. He helped with the folding of the flag. His a truly wonderful gentleman.. ...WALTER D EHLERS... Recipient of the highest military award... ... The Congressional Medal of Honor ... Mr. Ehlers is still among us, and deserves our honor, respect and gratitude for his heroism and leade ...
Hey private. go collect gas samples from the exhaust of the HUMVEE using a trash bag then deliver it to the mechanics . nice try staff sergeant but not this pvt
You and who else? Oh ok. And go ahead. Get on family. We ALL know who my father is. Stepmother: retired Staff Sergeant
When a staff sergeant tells you he hopes someone buys you a beer because you deserve it. 🇺🇸
Dear Staff Sergeant, I just told your wife that she was being too loud and obnoxious in the Medical Clinic, she then continued to complain about how much she has to do just to get your daughter her shots. We informed her that if she didn't like her free benefits that there are hundreds of other health insurance companies willing to take her money. She then informed me that she was married to a SNCO and I laughed. I look forward to hearing from you. PS I just made your wife a little less gross as a human being today. You're welcome.
"Okay we're gonna have a nice, low intensity PT today. Alright let's start off with 300 jumping jacks." Oorah Staff Sergeant...
Michael Garant is the new Operation Managers Staff Sergeant at Caledon OPP
Derico Cooper is a former marine staff sergeant and professional photographer. He served almost 10 years as an...
Lolol a staff sergeant in a ford raptor
Gotta go sign up for my staff sergeant test date 😁
18 april is when I test for staff sergeant. Not sure if i'm more excited or nervous.
Check out the programming for this week. Susie Von Slaughter usually referred to as Mistress of the dark...this week is Mistress of the dawn.because she will be waking you up nice and early with METAL!!... Speaking of Mistress.Mistress V will be expecting your attendance .while she takes over the VJ reigns from late morning to early is better if you just OBEY her and tune in... Coming up in the later afternoon into the early evening is our original VJ the fiery red head Mercedes.she'll be playing all your favorite METAL bands for you! Right after dinner ... log in for METAL 101 wit your Metal professor Jamie En Fuego...don't forget to take notes... Staying up WAY past his curfew is Tricky *** (the token teen), alternating with Staff Sergeant Paul...from Midnight until dawn this whole week.. STAY TUNED AND KEEP IT METAL!!
Carry On Stealing: Railway staff catch thieves nicking woman's bike - & let them get on with it: .
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This is going to be a long story, sorry, but I hope you will like it. This story was a big part of my life while in the service. After basic I was stationed at Ft Lee Virginia. That’s when I noticed this Staff Sergeant. There was something different about this guy. His uniform was allways pressed, hair cut was regulation, boots spit shined and he walked tall. Then I noticed one thing that he had on his uniform that no body else had, he had jump wings he was airborne. That’s when I said “That’s the kind of solder I wanted t be”. I went threw jump school at Ft Benning, Georgia in April of 1971. I did my 5 jumps and got my jump wings. That was a big deal to me, I was Airborne. Later I was sent to my duty station with A Co. 1/509th Airborne Inf, 8th Inf div, in Mainz Germany. One day during morning formation the Company Commander called for one man from each platoon to come forward for inspection. What the heck is going on, only one per platoon for inspection. To my surprise, my platoon l ...
FOR THEM THE LAST POST HAS SOUNDED When the Roll was called on 17 February 2014, the following young men from our Generation stepped forward and answered to their names. Brothers and Sisters, during the course of the day, I ask you to pause for a minute and remember these young men who are no longer here to share this day with us. 17 Feb 1980: 05234968PE Staff Sergeant Michael Johannes van der Linde from 5 Recce Battalion was Killed in Action during a contact with enemy forces. He was 39. 17 Feb 1981: 77372753BG Signaler Walter James Griffin from 2 Signal Regiment was killed when the Buffel Troop in which he was a passenger, overturned at Otjovasandu in Sector 30 and crushed him. He was 19. 17 Feb 1984: 79429882BG Rifleman Hendrik Jacobus Smith from 1 Parachute Battalion was reported Missing, Presumed Dead in Northern Owamboland on 17 February 1984. It is thought that he may have drowned. He has no known grave and remains unaccounted for. He was 20. 17 Feb 1985: 80489552BG Corporal Leon van Buisbergen fro ...
tell Kelvin that Staff Sergeant Blaylock said what's up.
6/7/2014: Retiring 6 years in band with the drum line, 3 years as the section leader; JROTC Staff Sergeant and Superior Cadet for 4 years
Listening to this PDG. I have to make Staff Sergeant. It's not an option. 😥
When I sneeze or cough my "abs" hurt. Thank you Staff Sergeant Fletcher for the amazing work out
Sadly, naming one of and chickens Sheriff Staff-Sergeant Fluffy-Bottoms had to be struck from the Resumè
I just took out the trash, what should I do next? Having a blast in FaZe as Staff Sergeant!
Listen to SFC Welch, the current Sergeant of the Guard, as he explains wintertime at the Tomb.
Watch our very own Cheri Rice get surprised with a Special Blue Star Ceremony by a Marine Staff Sergeant.
A country where after 35 years of active service a staff sergeant gets 6Million as gratuity while a House of Rep gets that in a week.
Greek Meets Green: An Import from Athens in the IDF. Five years ago, if you would have asked Staff Sergeant Ivan...
At least I start training next Tuesday. 44 days, so says the Staff Sergeant. Welcome to the fast cycle, boys.
US soldier kills 16 sleeping civilians 9 children yet is his life more important thn his victims? Pl…
"Photo of Air Force staff sergeant kissing POW-MIA symbol causes uproar Smh what's up AF?
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Hubby was gonna go.. but he'll be testing for staff sergeant around the time. So he doesn't wanna risk leaving for the weekend then
In Memory of Henry James Gregg, Jr. lost to Agent Orange in 2003. Today we lovingly remember: Staff Sergeant...
Sergeant (SGT) Michael Terraforte was promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSG) today. He is an outstanding NCO. SSG...
I was born in Memphis, Tennesse, the fifth of seven children.He grew up in a loving Middle class family and studied hard, but was not spared from daily humiliations that African American suffered in the segregated South. During World War II he Honorably served his country with the 92nd Infantry Division in Italy, raising to the mark of Staff Sergeant. Returning home he graduated from Howard University and went to receive a law degree in 1948 from DePaul University. In the 50's while practicing law in Memphis he entered state politics. This led to his becoming the first elected African American Criminal Court Judge in Tennessee history. Meanwhile he had become a central figure in the desegregation effort. He lunch counter sit-ins, boycotts and demonstrations was recruited by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to serve on the board of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference(SCLC), the driving force of the Civl rights Movement. Who am I?
Text of Dr. Marco Montoya's Speech to League of Women Voters: As a Texas State University retiree, I love being in San Marcos. Thank you for the invitation to visit with you today. My name is Marco Montoya and I want to be your US Representative from Congressional District 25 - a district stretching from Hays to Tarrant County. I am the representative that lives, works and votes with you, prepared to be a bipartisan member of the Congress, ready to promote district needs as part of our national interests, ready to address our national problems and committed to promote a more perfect union of our states. I immigrated from Mexico, became an Eagle Scout and as a teenage an American Citizen. I joined the Army became a Staff Sergeant, and a 1st Lieutenant, transferred to the US Public Health Service as a LT Commander and retired as a Captain. I served as the Texas Assistant Commissioner for Health Affairs with oversight of health professions education in Texas public universities and health sciences centers a ...
We are 14 workouts down and 1 more to go! We've got one more workout this evening at 5:30pm and then we'll be DONE, ALL DONE! for the week! Today's "Kandahar Workout" started out as the "Anbar Province Workout" to honor the Marines who, while serving in the Anbar Province of Iraq, improvised a workout in the desert using ammo cans full of rocks, sandbags, axles from Humvees, and everything else they could find! I read about it in the Marine Corps Times and tweaked it a bit for us! Today the Kandahar Workout is both an honor to all of our service members in harm's way and a reminder that we're still at war in Afghanistan. It also honors the memory of my friend, Staff Sergeant Stephen New, who was killed on July 28, 2013 in action near Kabul, Afghanistan. Want a better grade for the week? See ya at 5:30pm (Friday's evening class start time!)
Paul Miller Auto Group Welcomes New Mazda and Heavy Truck Service Manager Lexington- Paul Miller Auto Group proudly acknowledges Mark Sawyer as the new Mazda and Heavy Trucks Service Manager. Mark has been in the automotive and heavy equipment service industry for 30 years. From 1999-2012 Mark was service manager for Paul Miller Auto Group and proudly lead Paul Miller Mazda’s service department to top ten national ranking for three years running. Mark has had the honor of receiving the Presidents Guild Award six consecutive years with Mazda and was named Quality Monitor Dealer in 2000. Among his prestigious awards, Mark respectfully became a spokesperson for Service and Parts Managers national meeting for seven succeeding years. Mark was born and raised in Lexington Kentucky where he graduated from Tates Creek High School. Proceeding high school, Mark joined the Army and was deployed to Germany in 1985 and earned the rank of Staff Sergeant. In 1990, Mark was deployed to the Gulf War and earned two ...
My Grandfather, Pablo S. Valdez was inducted into the U.S. Army at Camp San Luis Obispo, CA in May 1942. He was then shipped to the Salinas Rodeo Grounds where he took basic training. While there, the 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment was activated and he was assigned to Company I. With more inductees arriving, his unit was relocated to nearby Fort Ord. It was here that the 2nd Regiment was formed in November. Training continued between Camps Beale, Roberts and the Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation. On February 20, 1943 my Dad was among the 1,200 Filipino soldiers who were naturalized receiving their citizenship in a mass ceremony. About this time, he earned his stripes and was promoted to Staff Sergeant. By early 1944, he was transferred to the 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment at Camp Cooke where he continued his unit training. A consolidation of the 1st Regiment and a battalion of the 2nd Regiment took place. This merge was to form an overstrength 125% unit which was to deploy to the Southwest Pacific Area ...
Staff Sergeant Christopher Page has been serving our country for the past year, and has been away from his loving family.
Staff Sergeant and Penguins fan Jacob Potter chose to have his re-enlistment ceremony for the Army with the Pittsburgh Penguins in attendance.
Joe David Penland Sr., 66, of Asheville passed away peacefully on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, NC. A native of Cherokee County, and a resident of Clay County, he moved with his parents, Ruth Ford Penland of Swannanoa and the late George Arthur Penland, in 1960 to Swannanoa where he attended Owen High School until the family’s relocation to Asheville where he graduated in 1965 from Asheville High School. In 1967, Joe proudly enlisted in the U.S. Army and served during the Vietnam War where he quickly accelerated in rank from a Private 1st Class to the rank of Staff Sergeant as part of the 1st Battalion, 69th Armor 4th Infantry Division in just a six months period. After his honorable discharge from the military in 1969, Joe became a licensed funeral director in the state of North Carolina, and joined his parents and brothers in 1970 to form Penland & Sons Funeral Home in Asheville. Over the next four years, he became a licensed insurance agent and licen ...
First notice: The Patriot Guard has been requested by the family to stand and honor Jacob Hernandez for funeral and interment services on Friday (Jan 31). This request comes from his son, who is active duty Army stationed currently at Ft. Hood. Jacob is a Air Force Veteran who retired as a Staff Sergeant, serving during the cold war era. Funeral services will be held at St. Stephens at 9:00am, with interment and military honors to follow at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery at 10:45. LEO escort is in place for the procession from the church to Ft. Sam. I am trying to get off for Friday to RC, but will not know til Wednesday, and did not want to wait that long to try to put this together and out to the riders, if we can accommodate this request. Please reply is available or not to be able to assist with RC and/or flag truck assistance. Thank you. Charles Rathgeber Deputy State Captain – SATx PGR Blue Star Dad – Semper Fi XtremeVFR822 - 8487
Go to Story of Sgt Reckless, a horse so heroic during the Korean war she was promoted to Staff Sergeant by the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, and is listed alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and John Wayne as one of our all-time…
Please, I ask that Mark Begich, Lisa Murkowski, Don Young, Lynn Gattis, Charlie Huggins, Peter A. Micciche, Rep Mia Costello, Shelley Hughes, Gabrielle Ladoux, Dan Saddler, Dan Coffey, Tammie Wilson, Michael Dunleavy, Harriet Anagnostis Drummond, Charisse Millett, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, Mead Treadwell, Dan Sullivan, Bill Walker for Alaska Governor, Byron Mallott for Governor of Alaska, Lesil L. McGuire, and those members of the Alaska National Guard who knew Michelle Clark, to remember her on this day. Michelle was a Staff Sergeant in the The National Guard who proudly served her country as a medical supply clerk in support of the KFOR operations in Kosovo in 2009-2010. Michelle and her unborn baby were found dead in her home in Eagle River, Alaska on this day 3 years ago under suspicious circumstances. A full autopsy on her body and that of the fetus was never completed. Fearful for her life, Michelle approached an AKANG Officer who'd had a reputation for helping women who were in trouble an ...
Proud day, Zach picked up Staff Sergeant, and had his promotion ceremony today. So happy for him he…
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Still waiting for my staff sergeant to text me back no answer
Met Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry tonight. Yes, that is a Congressional Medal of Honor around his neck. So humbled!
r/pics: look at the knife I made my step father. He's a retired staff sergeant. by /u/ILoveMyKnife (14 mins. old) ...
Awkward check in. Didn't mean to wake you from your nap Staff Sergeant.
My staff sergeant figured out I have trouble reading today so he grabbed a book and made me read a whole paragraph in front of everyone lol
Residents line streets to honor Staff Sergeant Jesse Williams
Me and Ali Rawlinson first winner staff sergeant @ southwell!
My staff sergeant hasn't responded to my text about boarding tomorrow *** !
Hopefully my staff sergeant gives or sells me his board for cheap
Babes talkin to the staff sergeant & im in the hallway like, hi everybody -.-
I just mixed my staff sergeant with a corporal. FML.
Military honed Cypher's leadership: David Cypher was a staff sergeant in the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment when ...
It about time I get this hair cut. Only cause staff sergeant said to! Lol
This remarkable story about Staff Sergeant Vaughan's health recovery reminds us to
I will return towith a new mindset, a sense of control. I maintain the regimen like a military staff sergeant.coz i am
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Going to see my staff sergeant today..US Army.
Staff sergeant still well handicapped on old form can go in again here
Congrats to Andrew Montgomery, Lakeshia Snoddy and Chance Edwards on their promotion to Staff Sergeant. Go Army.
Just re-enlisted, signed up for another 4 years, in the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant! 2 🐦 1 stone.
lol! Chill babe... I met a staff sergeant (he's like 36) he messed up and lost his rank now he's a ptv
Staff sergeant won that race. Runs later at
This sounds entirely ridiculous, but I've had to consult with my friend (a staff sergeant) on how to do a respectable salu…
Chilling with my m.v. staff sergeant..
Michiana soldier to be laid to rest Friday: Staff Sergeant Jesse Williams from Elkhart was one of six service ...
01/02/2525 - Training of Harvest's colonial militia officially begins under the guidance of Staff Sergeant A…
Yes rarank-up nanaman ^_^ Staff Sergeant 6th Class to SFC 1st Class Gonna Buy the Bizon PP19,AK-47,Steyr Aug A1 and 2 Desert Eagle I still don't want to open the 3 Recommendation Boxes Hope There's Guns Waiting :p
Formation on news years eve. My staff sergeant tripping
RIP Staff Sergeant Michael Beckerman. I post it every year but it is the first thing I think of when someone mentions New Years Eve. He was KIA December 31st, 2010. We dropped 7 JDAMS or 1,000 pound bombs on the compound he was killed in on the strike of midnight on the night of his death.
Army Staff Sergeant Jason Gibson enjoys cycling – he’s ridden in marathons in Los Angeles and San Diego. He also enjoys snow skiing and golf and is looking into getting his pilot’s license.
Join us in congratulating Joseph Mata Jr., of the 153rd Logistics Readiness Squadron, on his recent promotion to Staff Sergeant!
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Staff Sergeant (SSG) Ty Carter made me realize with his story of feeling helpless in battle the mind can play false and negative recordings like - No matter how hard you work, strength cannot always save others in the battle - so why try. He has corrected this thinking for him and now he has helped correct it for me. It still takes effort but I am working at getting stronger physically and I don't have that negative recording playing in my head to make me feel defeated before I even get to the gym.
This Staff Sergeant gonna tell me, I think u bad and I been check-in u out in formation!! I told him "dude the sergeant major was briefing us, how were you looking at me when your supposed to be at the position of attention." ---*BURNT OUT LEADERS**
Coming up on the Today Show: Matt Lauer will sit down for a candid roundtable interview with Medal of Honor recipients Colonel Jack Jacobs, Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry, Staff Sergeant Ty Carter and Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta. They will talk to Lauer about their experiences both in the field and returning home.
Last December, Air Force Staff Sergeant Jennifer Vaughan was rushed to Barnes-Jewish Hospital for lung failure. School of Medicine oncologist Rizwan Romee made the creative decision to hook her up to a breathing machine typically used for newborns, which she stayed on for six weeks in a coma while doctors treated her underlying leukemia with chemotherapy. Watch the story on KSDK NewsChannel 5:
Bucket list? 1)become a staff sergeant by the time I finish my time in the military. 2) visit the Barbie capital in nyc♡ 3) bungee jump off a bridge. 4) marry james franco. Done.
Staff sergeant G. Calub reporting from the warzone. 10-79 Medic incident. Minor injuries due to IED *** and butt explosion 10:14 am pst. Flack jacket was off at the time of detonation resulting in minor liquid shrapnel to the left index finger and right thumb. Insurgent appeared calm at first until the diaper was removed. When the female insurgent began to cry loud, a urine bomb went off followed by a mini butt explosion. G. Calub took evasive maneuvers resulting in minor treatable injuries. Commanding officer B. Mencher has determined this injury as a minor operational stress injury only. As a result... G. Calub's application for a Purple Heart recommendation was rejected. Staff sergeant G. Calub will report back to duty as soon as a bandage and gauze is completed.
Funeral Notice--Staff Sergeant Robert Nelson Nichols, 31, of Heppner, passed away Monday, Dec. 23, 2013. A funeral service will be held 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 28, at the Hermiston Church of the Nazarene in Hermiston, with concluding service and military honors to follow at the Hermiston Cemetery. Sweeney Mortuary of Heppner is in charge of arrangements.
On November 11th, while we honor our country’s veterans, we remember those who have gone, and are grateful to those still with us. There is an organization that is taking honor and remembrance one step further. The Honor Flight Project is taking our veterans on one last flight: a flight to Washington, D.C. and the World War II Veterans Memorial. Four current residents who served during WWII have flown with The Honor Flight: Roger English, Dr. Byron Gross, Joseph (“Tippy”) Tipton and Dr. Sam Pagano. Roger English served as Army Staff Sergeant. Byron Gross was a Captain in the Army Medical Corps. Tippy Tipton served the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer, and attained the rank of sergeant. Sam Pagano was a member of the Army Dental Corps. If you are interested in knowing more about the Honor Flight Program, please visit
VIDEO: On February 27, 2011, an IED blast left Army Staff Sergeant (SSG) Alex Dillmann paralyzed from the chest down while serving on his second deployment in Afghanistan. Four others were severely injured while one soldier was killed by the blast. SSG Dillmann sustained multiple broken and fractured bones, TBI, lacerations, internal injuries, in addition to burst fractures to the T3, T4, and L4 vertebrae. After a heavily sedated month-long recovery, SSG Dillmann found himself relocated to Tampa for a rigorous physical therapy program at James A. Haley Hospital. On December 5th, national non-profit, Homes for Our Troops gave the staff sergeant an early Christmas gift – a new and fully accessible home. The Dillmann residence features ADA compliant hallways and walkways, touchpad bathroom controls, lowered counter spaces with wheelchair accessible spaces underneath, cupboards above that pull out and drop down with ease, and an automatically-powered porch lift for access to raised landings at the push of a ...
So I asked this Staff Sergeant at personnel to update my records. He asked "Do you have any proof that you were at this certain someplace for a certain period. I replied, " Yes sir I could send you a copy of my orders for that time period." He responded, "Orders doesn't mean you were at that certain place. I need a copy of your epr." Now if orders doesn't mean I was a that certain someplace for the last two years, does that mean I've been AWOL for that period of time? SMH some people's tech schools should really be longer that they are.
As of January 1st I will be Staff Sergeant. That's a nice way to start the year.
Staff Sergeant Kenneth Murray served as my Platoon Sergeant when he was with Weapons Company. He was an outstanding Marine. His violence of action and motivation were nothing short of inspiring. On many occasions he took me aside to speak with me, to give me encouragement, or just to see how my day was. He was a true leader, a loving person, and I am sure an amazing father. He was the best Platoon Sergeant I ever had the privilege of serving under, and he will be missed. Thanks be to God for having you in my life Staff Sergeant Murray, and Semper Fidelis.
Staff Sergeant William Speight, 316th Engineers with the midget motorcycle that he built from salvage and uses for transportation around the Fifth Army front. Photo by Morgan. 3131 Signal Service. Co.” Italy. 9 November 1944
I achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant in Steampunk Tower. Come give it a go yourself!
We are glad to welcome home Staff Sergeant Bailey, who returned from Afghanistan today in time to surprise his family for Christmas Eve. Job well done Staff Sergeant Bailey, everyone is glad to have you home
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Some Air Force staff sergeants, captains and higher ranks will be eligible for early retirement under guidelines released by the Air Force Personnel Center.
We have a special message from Staff Sergeant Kaleisha Moore, who is serving our country at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey! Thank you for your service, Kaleisha!
The following active duty soldiers have been selected for promotion to staff sergeant and sergeant in January, the Army announced today.
THANK YOU JESUS! January 1st baby! Staff Sergeant Woods! AH! Trigger Reed I made it! Thank you SFC Torres and everyone else who helped me along the way, I am very grateful!
Staff Sergeant TJ Black surprises his daughter and meets his son for the first time after being deployed overseas.
Veterans Poem They did not flinch when came their country’s call. They proudly served. Some sacrificed all. We salute those here in eternal sleep. We accept our duty, for their promise to keep. At Christmastime, when our homes are aglow, We honor those at rest in these hallowed rows. Our freedoms are precious, our generation knows. They were earned by those here beneath this snow. Former Staff Sergeant Robert Nandell Former United States Army Reservist, Retired Photographer and Journalist, and Good Friend of Veterans
A 31 year former police Staff Sergeant veteran and an over 25 year survivor of PTSD, Syd shares his very unique insight in:
A U.S. Army Staff Sergeant is honored during a stoppage of play in the Week 16 matchup between the Detroit Lions and New York Giants.
I ran today for my dad! Staff sergeant Hobart king! I couldn't have asked for a better father!
At the chiropractor, former staff sergeant in the airborne infantry lol I should talk to him at parade rest just to mess with him lol
I may have a new family, Staff Sergeant. But nothing replaces the old.
Bul think since he a staff sergeant he can be a *** head.
Staff sergeant :Now ,who do you prefer out there covering your six? A simple sailor or a marine? ... Me : A SEAL.
S/o staff sergeant Montano comin thru for the cut!!
No excuses for drinking and driving this holiday season, according to staff sergeant Ian Shardlow, RCMP.   10% Off
Catching up with this girl I went to HS with. She's already a Staff Sergeant in the Army. Ill be saluting her when I'm done v
My inspiration, my role model, my black and white mentor. Drill instructor Staff Sergeant Soriano,…
you’re making my grumpy inner Staff Sergeant kick in again.
I had a staff sergeant say that same thing to me once at OCS, right before going out on liberty.
Had a staff sergeant ask me my Age this morning.. I said 23 in March.. He said almost time to have kids ehh?... Excuse me? 😳
Staff Sergeant Jesse L. Williams, U.S. Army, 30, of Elkhart, Indiana died December 17, 2013 in Now Bahar, Afghanistan, of injuries suffered as a result of a helicopter crash. I salute Staff Sergeant Williams for his distinguished service and his supreme sacrifice for the United States. God bless his family.
STAFF SERGEANT lONG! Anderene call me eh, got free getai
This week's Medal of Honor profile brought to you by Medal of Honor - Heroes Remembered. Staff Sergeant Nicky...
45 Calif. students test positive for TB exposure. Rest of school/staff will be tested.
We gotta be brave for the others, you know why? Because marines dont quit. -Staff Sergeant Nentz
Thank you Staff Sergeant Will Craig for all of your help and to the Academy cadets who made this event so special!
Praying for family, in uniform or not, of Staff Sergeant Ian Matthews
I fell in love with this staff sergeant today.
My Staff Sergeant/Faculty Advisor is the best role model ever!! He does so many things for us
Maybe make E-6 staff sergeant and then go to OCS and become an officer
The Secret Sandy Claus Project has a major announcement to make! I just had a meeting with Staff Sergeant Dustin...
Welcome home to my old recruiter staff sergeant mildorf returning home from Afghanistan today.
Well I just had a deep *** conversation with Staff Sergeant Freeland 😐
My dad was enlisted in the Army as a Staff Sergeant from the time I was born until I was 3.
Welcome home to US Navy Lieutenant Tom Nowrey and US Air Force Staff Sergeant Ryan Halter! Thanks for your service!
Q for - what was your job as a USAF Staff Sergeant?
"all hands on deck Staff Sergeant!" - 1st Sgt. Roy to Staff Sgt. Nantz in the movie Battle Los Angeles
Staff Sergeant JC turns the table on Lino. Now LINO is somehow the contestant and Staff Sergeant JC is asking the questions.
Staff Sergeant JC appeared on the show yesterday and now he's back! This time we're going to play a game with him. Can he win a rosary?
My staff sergeant just said I'm a girl when it comes to snapchat.
celebrating Staff Sergeant Richard Crawford's 10 years of service in the US Army!! 6 deployments, 1 marriage, 2 babies later... & only 10 more years till retirement!! proud & lucky to have such an awesome brother-in-law.
Our thoughts go out to Staff Sergeant Ian Matthews of the Hamilton Police Service
There is some guy goin off about some staff sergeant when he was deployed while I'm at valvoline. Like I don't really wanna hear this.
Staff Sergeant competes against herself to achieve the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge via
A very happy and emotional homecoming today as Staff Sergeant Mark Deer surprised his children at Mispillion...
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Going out for some pizza wjth sergeant Morris and staff sergeant white 😳
Why yes staff sergeant, I am indeed more than willing to sit in my room and play battlefeild 4 all day
30-year-old staff sergeant (an E-6 rank) who is forced to retire after 10 years would see approximately $50,000 in lost compensation over the next 40 years under the new budget. Ask your Congressman what he or she loses!
Staff Sergeant Clement Barker wrote the note to his brother four days after the game in 1914, saying a German messenger crossed No Man’s Land on Christmas Eve to arrange the ceasefire
Staff sergeants may no longer be guaranteed a 20-year career and full retirement benefits, according to Manpower & Reserve Affairs officials.
Real Stories - Staff Sergeant Benjamin Ricard Comprehensive and high quality care for Veterans and Servicemembers Recovering from injuries sustained during an IED attack in Afghanistan Roll-over the scale to learn more about each level.
Sgt Landon L Henschield U.S. Army The PGR has been requested to stand a flag line of honor for Sgt Landon Leo Henscheild, Friday, 20 Dec 2013. Known as Landon to immediate family, and Leo to his military family; he passed away surrounded by those he most loved and respected at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Raised in Alpine, Utah with his three siblings Landon graduated from Lone Peak High School, worked for the local Honda/Harley Davidson dealership and was working on his BS in Business Administration from American Military Academy. An Eagle Scout, Landon was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He attended multiple schools offered by the Army with his favorites being Jump School and Combat Medic Training. Joining the Army Reserves at 17 Landon loved serving in the military and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant. He was respected for his hard work, determination, and leadership skills by those who served with him. Funeral services @ 1100 hrs, Friday, 2 ...
Welcome to the Marine Band clarinetists Staff Sergeant Parker Gaims and Staff Sergeant Rachel Siegel!
Staff Sergeant Miguel Leon, Calvary Scout with U.S. Army Installation Management Command, shares how his life was turned upside down and his journey back to ...
Staff Sergeant Ian Matthews succumbed to his injuries Tuesday night.
Thank you to Staff Sergeant Mazza from the PA National Guard for coming in today and helping our students interpret their ASVAB results.
R.I.P. Staff Sergeant Ian Matthews. It was a pleasure serving all those late nights at Harvest Burger. You were a true gentleman and a pleasure to speak with and serve. Tell Nondas I said hi.
BREAKING NEWS: A staff sergeant with Hamilton Police has passed away from injuries he sustained at the Central Police Station. S/Sgt Ian Matthews was rushed to hospital earlier and was not expected to survive. The police service is investigating this sudden, non-criminal death at this time.
The Army rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG) is equivalent to the pay grade of E-6,not E-5 as you wrote in the article about pension cuts
Now on a mission to make. Staff Sergeant. See If I can be in ALC by april.
Breast Cancer Awareness
A big congratulations to Staff sergeant select Harvey for coming out as the recruiter in the Eastern recruiting region and being awarded meritorious staff sergeant. Oh and if your reading this like the RSS page since your already here
January 1st, you shall call me Staff Sergeant!!!
Well, I am finally a Staff Sergeant now. It has been a long time coming! Whoot Whoot!
Today Travis is getting promoted to staff sergeant! We are so proud of you! Love, Your 2 best girls xoxo
Prayers for the family of Cadet Staff Sergeant Nathan Phillips and those close to him in the California Wing. Keeping you all in my thoughts.
Another successful Toys for Tots event took place on December 14, 2013, this year at the Huntington Beach Central Park Picnic Shelter. The event started early for those setting up and preparing the Picnic Shelter for the arrival of the group.  Thanks Denny Asbury, Monica Asbury, Bob Beman, Lisa Hunter-Eguina (standing in for sick husband Steve), Scott Fleener, Uday Gupta, Dave Hong, Mary Hong, C.L. Jarusek, Gary Labb, Nancy Troast, and Dave Wright for helping to set up. Ken Fredrickson led a group in from Krispy Kreme in Orange. With the pre-event collection of toys, we had plenty of toys to surround Santa with until the Marines arrived with the Toys for Tots collection boxes.  Santa sat in his chair, waiting for youngsters to speak to... thanks Santa for spending the afternoon with us. USMC Staff Sergeant McKenzie and Sergeant Dunbar arrived in a big van with ten empty collection boxes, which quickly filled up.  Staff Sergeant McKenzie spoke to the attendees, giving the history of Toys for Tots with i ...
Today, Three Rivers College salutes Staff Sergeant Eric Summers, fallen hero and former Three Rivers student. He will not be forgotten.
Praying for the family of Staff Sergeant Eric Summers as the lay this patriot to rest. Everyone be careful today. Stand your ground but, remember what you are standing for. I'm honored to be a part of such a strong community.
Call me Thorburn, John A, staff sergeant Marksman, skilled in killin', illin', I'm able and willin'
Tonight Southeast Missouri will welcome back Staff Sergeant Eric Summers for the last time. Sergeant Summers was tragically killed on Nov. 13 while serving h...
In the zone for Staff Sergeant now, but my contract is ending next year. Stay in, or get out?? Decisions, decisions...
WATCH THIS: These little boys already thought they'd hit the big time when they were brought on stage to help with an animal presentation at the San Diego Zoo. The big surprise was yet to come as they were reunited with their father, Staff Sergeant Adan Mancilla, back after 10 months in Afghanistan.
Flags half-staff Dec. 15-20 in Butler County, MO, in honor of Staff Sergeant Eric William Summers.
U.S. and MO flags ordered half-staff Sat., Dec. 14, sunrise to sunset in honor of Staff Sergeant Eric William Summers
This man right here is now staff sergeant Scott Thomas Halligan! I'm so proud! I love you babes!!!
Missed staff sergeant by 5 points...BUT considering this was a tough year for promotions and I barely have points for awards/TIG/TIS, I'm still pleased with my first time testing. I'll get that staff stripe next year ladies and gents!!
FATAL TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (prelim report) Acting on information received of a road traffic accident at 1:30 am this morning, Ladyville Police visited mile 8 ¾ corner of Phillip Goldson Highway and Old AirPort Road (Price Barracks), Ladyville Village. Upon arrival at the scene Ladyville Police saw a Grey in color Toyota Pickup bearing license Plate OW C-17849 was seen overturned with its four (4) wheels up submerged in the water. The vehicle was pulled out of the water where two persons were seen inside the vehicle who were taken out by some people and place on the side of the road, the first person they took out appeared to be well but the second person was in an unconscious state. The pickup was then towed to the BDF Camp along with the injured persons. Initial investigation reveals that the JUAN TUYUB driver and owner of the grey Toyota Pick-up with L/P OW C-17849 was travelling from Belize City to Price Barracks Camp and upon making a right turn into the Old Airport Road(Price Barracks) he lost control . ...
Staff Sergeant line number 4134.9, looks like I'll be coming back off leave as Staff Sergeant Fleeger. I plan on keeping it on this time
My friend posted this earlier today : Mark NIELSEN Citizen staff mnielsen12, 2013 RCMP are recommending no travel on area roads today and probably tomorrow as significantly more snow is forecast to fall on Prince George by this evening. "The road conditions are deteriorating," said North District RCMP traffic services Staff Sergeant Pat McTiernan. "Road crews are trying to keep up but let's face it we all know that's going to be a losing battle for the next 24 to 48 hours and the highways are being affected in a similar manner. "We don't recommend anybody travel unless they absolutely have to." A snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada earlier this week was continued as as much as 15 more cm is forecast to fall by this evening. That's on top the 26 cm that has already fallen on the city's lower elevations with more having fallen in the Hart. "I know there at lots of people who aren't going to work and aren't sending their kids to school," McTiernan said, and added he's heard reports of both a school ...
My oh my!!! Ssg Spruill sure has a great ring to it...don't it?!!! I am so extremely proud of my husband. He has put in a lot of hard work especially lately and it's paid off...he officially passed the e-6 board and earned his "p" status!! Who would've thought just 8 short months ago I was pinning his sgt and now senior scout to promotable to staff sergeant!! Baby I am beside myself with how proud of you I am!!! You earned and deserved this!! Way to go!!! ❤️ you!!!
Went from Airman first class to staff sergeant!(:
Governor Nixon has ordered all flags at government buildings be flown at half staff to honor Staff Sergeant Eric Summers of Poplar Bluff on Saturday, December 14th.
"Mitsuo Fuchida was a Japanese captain in the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service and a bomber aviator in the Japanese navy before and during World War II. He is perhaps best known for leading the first air wave attacks on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. Working under the overall fleet commander, Vice Admiral Nagumo, Fuchida was responsible for the coordination of the entire aerial attack. Fuchida was already a highly- decorated aviator when he was selected to lead the attack on Pearl Harbor, which brought the United States into World War II . After the attack, his decorations and promotions continued to come. He fought in many battles and his life was remarkably and unexplainably spared at the Battle of Midway as it was on several other occasions! After the Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Fuchida and about ten other men were commissioned by the Japanese high command to tour the devastation and report their findings. At that time the Japanese did not know about the dangers of radiation poisoning. With ...
A special Thank to Elaine Summy Danny Williams father -Tom Berenger - First thing he ever did One Life to Live as 'Tim Seigel' in 1975. He has done tons of films, and had a storyline on the tv series Third Watch as 'Aaron Noble' in 2003. He had his own tv series, the short-lived western "Peacemakers" in 2003. Tom was a regular on the tv series "October Road" (2007-2008). Some of his films include, The Big Chill, Eddie and the Cruisers, Platoon, Shoot to Kill, Major League, Born on the Fourth of July, Sniper, Sliver, The Substitute, A Murder of Crows, Training Day, Into the West, Inception, Faster, Brake, Gettysburg. In 1986, he received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Staff Sergeant Barnes in Platoon (this performance won him a Golden Globe Award for "Best Supporting Actor"). In 2012 Tom Berenger appeared in the TV miniseries Hatfields & McCoys as Jim Vance, uncle of protagonist Devil Anse Hatfield (played by Kevin Costner). On September 23, 2012 Berenger earned a Primetime Emmy Award for ...
Last night, the USO of Metropolitan New York presented its 52nd Armed Forces Gala & Gold Medal Dinner. An American Hero from each military branch received an award; their stories of heroism and sacrifice beyond comprehension. Admiral William McCraven, Commander, United States Special Operation Command and Louis Chenevert, Chairman and CEO of United Technologies, received USO Distinguished Service Awards. Held at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, the house was packed. Recent Medal of Honor recipients Sergeant First Class Leroy and Staff Sergeant Ty Carter were in attendance. Sharing host duties were NBC personalities Willie Geist, Medal of Honor recipient Col. Jack Jacobs (Ret.), and Luke Russert. Country music artist Darryl Worley thoroughly entertained, performing his hits "Have You Forgotten" and "Awful Beautiful Life". Our own marvelous USO Show Troupe brought down the house with their performances of America The Beautiful and the Service Salute. It was an inspiring, memorable evening for al ...
So proud of my Christopher for making staff sergeant:) Now for celebration! :)
My hero now is staff sergeant woods! I met him in the chow hall line and he was talking about how the chaplain(pastor) was joining the crowd and drinking beer and cursing. His opinion was that chaplains should set themselves to a higher standard and be a leader to others and make them want to be like you. I agree 100%. I wouldn't wanna follow someone who was like that. Then people kept bringing up the Jesus turned water into wine. We'll the reason Jesus did is is because his mother asked him to. Read farther in depth before you say things you can't back up with scripture. Staff sergeant woods is gonna be my hero for awhile cause we sat down and talked for lunch and it was awesome. He is a true follower of Christ.
You think texting the wrong number is awkward try sending the wrong text to a Staff Sergeant. FML
More than 2,300 American flags lined the streets of Poplar Bluff by Wednesday night. It's the community's way of honoring their fallen Marine, Staff Sergeant Eric Summers.
Just got a call from a Staff Sergeant at Single Soldier Housing, reminding me of my clearing appointment. I told him I'd been instructed by my First Sergeant not to worry about it, he would call and cancel it. The Staff Sergeant informed me, in a very authoritative tone, "Then you need to go down there and re-schedule today, like this morning." That sound you hear is my self-restraint tapping-out.
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My morning: talking down to someone who outranks me because I called HER out on how she took three patients before me here at Martin Army's optometry department. I adhere to my standards if being ten minutes early to my appointment.. Ms. Staff Sergeant, you were 45 minutes late to it. Start pushing. Have you been to mountains? No! Elevate those feet.
MILITARY FITNESS The U.S. Army's 3rd Special Forces Group gym at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, has a spartan quality, with its wall of squat racks and weight plates and large central open area. Clusters of gear—rocks, kettlebells, Swiss balls, and Bosu balls—guard the corners. TRX straps dangle from the ceiling like kudzu. Most of the Green Berets here are wearing 50-pound weight vests (to simulate body armor) and standard-issue short shorts (affectionately known as Ranger panties). The place has no TV, no women, no smoothie bar. The words on one guy's T-shirt spell out the vibe: "Train like your buddy's life depends on it." Major Kent, a 39-year-old amputee, personifies the credo: He's doing a dumbbell chest press with his back on a Swiss ball, slowly raising and lowering 40-pounders. In 2007, Maj. Kent was the executive officer on a 12-person Green Beret team in Iraq. The team had been sent into downtown Karbala to support other special forces on a raid to capture a Mahdi Army leader. As they fast-rop ...
Congratulations to my one true love, Mr. John Davis, on making Staff Sergeant. I am so proud of you babe and I love you so very much!
Leading the Colors party we have Staff Sergeant Robert Louis Buxton
Thank you for your service and sacrifice Staff Sergeant Walter Foster. Rest In Peace.
Going to be a good day. Daughter Kelly is now a Staff Sergeant select. Very proud of her.
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) honored Dr. Greg Killian and Dr. Brent Killian with a Patriot Award for being highly supportive of the Wisconsin Army National Guard by their Reserve Component employee, Staff Sergeant Nichole Jansen. The doctors are proud of this honor and grateful for all the support and service that the Guard and Reserve provide as well as the rest of the Armed Forces. For the full article go to:
staff sergeant. So kind of. He was joking, of course.
Yo my staff sergeant is hilarious throwing up gang signs his white *** lmfaoo
151years ago as I lie abed,the army of the Potomac was crossing the Rappahannock.The terrible slaughter of enlisted troops was imminent.As a staff sergeant I was always mindful of the fact that our own officers were more of a danger than the enemy.The battle of Fredericksburg stands in my mind as the worst example of this.General Burnside sent federal troops to certain destruction.One of Sally Ann's ancestors was with the Irish Brigade as they marched up Maryes Hill into the certain death of Confederate bullets.He survived .12,000 victims of stupidity and stubbornness of one man.
Staff Sergeant Sandra Lee is an American hero. Having served during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Lee has survived multiple ...
it's a course she goes through before she becomes a Staff Sergeant
This just in... I am now the meanest *** staff sergeant in my command. . Two soldiers admitted to psych ward in 3 months and 17 accusations pending for being to *** one of them. Turns out the boy who called wolf is really a 46 year old midget . lol I RULE. ... WORD
Hope i get a good grade on my inspection cz i want to be a staff sergeant !!!
Join the Alamo Chapter of AUSA in hosting the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army and Sergeant Major of the Army on Janu…
This staff sergeant has a heavy lisp and he refuses to shut tf up ..I wanna hit him sooo bad .. :/ gotta deal with this all night
Staff duty this Saturday with sergeant
And staff sergeant is eating with us lol
“yes SGT 👀”that's right- and it's staff sergeant on January 1st I made cut off
I was still on active duty in the Marine Corps when I met Steve. Steve was in my file folder of friends labeled, “Friends Who Don’t Exercise and Who Make Fun of Me for Exercising.” We were also neighbors and so when I’d get back home from a run he’d be outside and would just shake his head about what I had just done.  “How far did you run?” he’d ask. “Four miles today,” I’d say. “What was chasing you?” he’d say with a laugh. He thought he was funny and he thought that running was silly, what with the shorty shorts and such. In Steve’s “defense,” America was on the cusp of the “running boom.” “The Complete Book of Running” by Jim Fixx had only been out a year or so, and outside of other Marines, I didn’t know one civilian who ran. One hundred people at a charity 5K was considered a pretty good crowd! I had just recently bought my first pair of real running shoes, a pair of awesome Adidas shoes, sold to me by the legendary Geoff Galloway at his Pheidippides Runni ...
my staff sergeant thought I had a girlfriend so he ordered this for me to give to her, but she doesn't exist.
I think it's awesome that you took time to hang out with some soldiers. Respect from Staff Sergeant Whan
Leo Carter was a lucky man... In 1941, Congress authorized an Enlisted Pilot training program. As aviation students, enrollees would receive the same primary, basic, and advanced flight training as aviation cadets who would be commissioned as officers upon graduation. Enlisted students would graduate as Staff Sergeant pilots and would serve as flight instructors, transport pilots, and in similar utility roles. Candidates had to have a high school diploma and rate in the top 50 percent of the class, with at least 1.5 credits in math, and be between the ages of 18 and 22. Over 2,000 enlisted men. including my 20-year-old father, graduated as "Flying Sergeants" under this program. Ultimately, they flew virtually all types of USAAF aircraft. Most, again including my father, were elevated to the new rank of flight officer with officer privileges or to second lieutenant before assignment to a combat unit, although some departed the United States while still sergeants and some flew combat missions overseas as se ...
Submitted by Jeremy I went to Marine Corps OCS this last summer in Quantico VA and it was the most bad *** experience of my life. Our sergeant instructors were the meanest and funniest SOB's I had ever met. Each platoon had three sergeant instructors, a platoon sergeant, and a platoon commander. My personal favorite SI we had (lets call him staff sergeant M) would make officer candidates cry just for fun. One night me and my rack mate (candidate C) were on fire watch and for some reason staff sergeant M absolutely hated him. It was week four and candidate C still was having a very tough time reporting his post. So in the middle of the night staff sergeant M walks by candidate C, the candidate then struggled in a nervous voice to report his post in spite of the obvious *** chewing he was about to receive. SSGT M "C! YOUR DREAM OF BEING A MARINE OFFICER IS DEAD CANDIDATE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!!" CANDIDATE C "YES STAFF SERGEANT!" SSGT M "WANT TO KNOW WHAT DREAM OF MINE IS DEAD CANDIDATE!!?" CANDIDATE C "Y ...
Danielle Sipe gave me 9 things about my relationship 1. I meet James while working at Chuck E. Cheese, i meet him when setting up a fundraiser for toys for tots; during a meeting with his Staff Sergeant, my boss, him, and I. I noticed him looking away every time I looked at him. 2. During the first time we met he didn't say a word, but he shook the heck out of my hand when getting ready to leave. 3. The first time we kissed was on his dads couch, I'm sure Duane Sinclair knows this, I was still there when he arrived home from work that morning. I was to embarrassed to meet him then. 4. I knew he was the one for me when I jumped into the old hay truck for the first time. 5. The first time I ever got mad at James, Evan cried because he thought he's never get to see me again. 6. Both James and I deny being the one who said "I love you" first. 7. The first night James and I spent together, we met at up at Denny's, he told me he googled me. (Who googles someone, seriously) To make it even, I took a picture of h ...
Graduating ALS tomorrow. Rough class but looking forward to Staff Sergeant
The ROTC staff sergeant at my school is flirting with me via life just got awkward. Help.
Its with a heavy heart and tear stained eyes that we lay to rest Staff Sergeant Eric Summers (USMC) this week. Eric was one of four Marines killed in a training accident at Camp!p Pendleton last month and was a friend of mine from all the way back to Kindergarten. Eric leaves behind his beautiful wife Andrea and the beautiful little girl Alexia. Remember his family this week as they go thru the services to honor SSG Summers life and service. Thank you for your service and you will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
channel 7ABC came by to interview the Staff Sergeant Brendan.. seen us hard at work and told us to…
"Left, right, up, down, I don't give a *** I will follow it until the end." Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz Battle LA ***
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
and my Staff Sergeant kicked me out the COC because I was "too smart"... Had me pushing water for the rest of the deployment
Had a moment today when a soldier was mouthing off to me and was shut down quicklike and in a hurry by a staff sergeant. Satisfying.
Read about Andrew Miller, who was awarded the for actions during
I hate when people call me chief.. I'm a staff sergeant liutenant
Staff Sergeant Daniel Hansen giving his airborne operations class
I have nothing on my collar. Nothing. How did you mistake me for a Staff Sergeant? Explain?
Staff Sergeant Dean Scott's farewell party at Northview Golf Course today. He leaves the Surrey RCMP for the Maple Ridge RCMP - still a part of the RCMP family! We will miss you Dean - a great friend of the Surrey Board of Trade
Just got saluted buy a staff sergeant .
Spent a good 15 mins with my Staff Sergeant talking about the realistic-ness of the new Godzilla movie trailer and how it would really look if REAL Marines were in the movie. It was a quality taxpayer funded conversation. You're welcome.
Staff Sergeant Frank Ferretti donates to to help other veterans achieve an education You can give too
Just something that's been on my mind lately so allow me to vent, I've been in the process of becoming a Marine for some time now maybe 4 months or so and I'm just waiting on my tattoo waiver to be approved at MCRC which I'm very confident that it will be based on certain info told to me by Gunnery Sergeants, Staff Sergeant, Sergeants, Major and Captain plus a good word has been put in about me by a Recon Marine which is pretty much special forces for the Marines so 90% confident I'll be good to go and follow in his footsteps and become a Recon Marine but sometimes I think what if it doesn't get approved just being in the program has changed me dramatically I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I read the bible, I'm more humble and aware, I attempt to always do what is right. I could go Navy with no problem but I want with all my heart to be a United States Marine and I pray to God almost every night and just keep confident and stay positive is what continues to push me to become this changed person before you ...
Thank you for your visit today to our Board of Trustees meeting Staff Sergeant Buchanan!
12 things about my relationship 1. We met at subway on camp Pendleton 2. I had one of my employees there ask for his number for me 3. We got married after only knowing each other for 3 months and he was in the field for one of those months 4. We got married the same day he proposed to me 5. We went and saw 28 weeks later for our first date and Kevin Cole wouldn't even touch me he was so nervous 6. He deployed 2 months after we got married for 7 months 7. We are going on 7 years of marriage 8. He kept the fact that we got married from his family cause he knew they wouldn't be accepting 9. He proposed to me in the bathroom by the toilet 10. We couldn't e more opposite then each other 11. We have been through pretty much anything life could throw at you and came out stronger then ever. 12. We had to sneak around in the beginning because Kevin was a Pfc and my brother was a staff sergeant and he wasn't allowed in my brother Gabriel R Shipley house. But we did end up getting caught at one point :)
This is pretty neat. I found a Tyndall Target dated June 28th 1946. It was interesting to read. Especially an article about military pay raises. Privates from $50 per month to $75 per month.Corporals from $66 a month to $90 a month. Sergeants from 78 dollars a month to an even $100 a month. Staff Sergeant up to $115 a month. My dad was a staff sergeant and he raised a family of six on this. This makes you realize the insanity of prices today. We lived well and my dad made about $30 a week.
Trustees welcome Cold Lake RCMP Staff Sergeant Buchanan to the meeting. Sharing the policing challenges in a rapidly growing community.
Lol from a buddy a former Marine now a SSG with the hooahs. So today, shortly after formation, I was talking to some of the other soldiers in my unit. The Army is looking at changing regulations to force soldiers to shorten up their sideburns. These turds were complaining about how stupid they were going to look. Me, being the *** that I am, said the Army does NOT need to change anything to look stupid. Their looks of confusion were entertaining."Roger, Staff Sergeant.(Hooahs call E5 to E7 Sergeant regardless) I MAKE my turds call me Staff Sergeant! -Bossman
Staff Sergeant Dustin Mollick, baritone saxophonist with the Jazz Ambassadors, demonstrates a way to use articulation to help establish a swing feel.
Gonna get a hair cut today, shower, eat, and go give Staff Sergeant my stuff
.The role is open to all Staff/Officers. We have roles including Inspector, Sergeant, PC, PCSO, Special and Staff
Army Commendation Medal is presented to Staff Sergeant Owens of Nashua Recruiting Center for her service to the Army.
This is bull crap just found out I'll be in the holding platoon until Feburary and the staff sergeant won't let anyone have RA. And I don't get leave.
Welcome Home a Lake Nona Hero! Building Homes For Heroes is proud to announce that we will be gifting Army Ssgt. Kyle Evans his new town home this Thursday at noon in Lake Nona. We invite you to come by and welcome him to his new home at( North Lake Park) 8707 Silk Bay Place, Orlando, FL 32827. Army Staff Sergeant Kyle Evans was severely wounded on May 10, 2007 in Ninewah, Iraq. Staff Sergeant Evans was serving as a lead vehicle convoy commander responsible for escorting supplies to outlying combat posts in the northern province, which included Mosul and Talafar.An Improvised Explosive Device exploded directly under his seat. He was evacuated to the Combat Support Hospital. He was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury from the IED blast.
SALEM-KEIZER VOLCANOES “MILITARY HERO OF THE DAY” The Volcanoes take this opportunity to Thank, Honor and Salute Military Hero – Staff Sergeant Rex Newell. Staff Sergeant Rex Newell, United States Army – 1966-1968. Trained at Ft. Lewis, Washington, and Ft. Ord, California. Served in the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion, Republic of Vietnam, and the 525th Military Intelligence Battalion, Advisory Team G-2 Section in Da Nang, Vietnam. Participated in aerial surveillance missions, and Vietnamese Army Convoy protection. Also served at Ft Sill, Oklahoma and Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas. 1968-2001 – Oregon State Employment Division for Veterans, then Regional Administrator for VETS Regions 9 and 10 – Seattle and San Francisco. Holds the Army Commendation Medal, and Vietnamese Honor Medal. We also take this opportunity to thank Walery’s Pizza for their outstanding support of the annual three-day Patriotic Tribute at Volcanoes Stadium. 2014 Patriotic Tribute at Volcanoes Stadium – Friday ...
Meeting with my staff sergeant and got a "happy birthday" from the NFL! Not a bad start to my day.
going to all I have to do is retake the asvab to improve my gt and my staff sergeant said he'll send me to ranger
I saw someone post that Obama was not their President. Well if that's the case then you must not be an American, because the last time I checked he was President of the United States of America. Now as long as I've been a soldier ive never publicly denounced a sitting president while he was in office. Why? Because I have respect for the person who holds that office. I was taught that by my grandparents and by a Staff Sergeant who taught me a lesson in decorum when I was a young soldier. I opened my mouth and said something disrespectful about then President George H. Bush and Staff Sergeant Foreman immediately punched me in the chest as hard as he could. He looked me in the eye and said," It doesnt matter if you dont like him, he's still your Commander in Chief." That has stuck with me over the years. Yes, I comment on politics here and there but you will never EVER see me post anything disrespectful about a sitting President.
Congratulations to Samuel E. Vidot, recently promoted to the rank of staff sergeant in the US Air Force!
Cadets of alpha Company parade for their principals at Trinity College. It was the first time in several years since this type of parade has been held at Trinity College. The parade was commanded by Staff Sergeant Lata Louis and comprised four platoons from schools such as Tranquility Secondary, Diego Martin North, Diego Martin Central and Trinity College Cadet Units. The Parade was inspected by the host principal Ms Allison Baisden of Trinity College. Ms Baisden in her address remarked at the importance of Cadets to her school as they have been selfless in assisting in many areas of school life. Moka, Maraval - 2011-10-29 Source:
Have you heard an actor, Paul Walker, was killed last month ? Perhaps you have. Have you heard that Staff Sergeant Alex Viola; Staff Sergeant Richard Vasquez; and Sergeant First Class Forrest Robertson were killed ? They are the three Americans killed in November in Afghanistan.
Photo: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet members of Staff Sergeant…
An Army Staff Sergeant has been accused of severely abusing and neglecting her young stepdaughter, according to reports from a public defender and assistant state's attorney in Harford County District Court on Tuesday.
Cannot promote to staff sergeant already... 😫
"Clifford Chester Sims, a Staff Sergeant in Vietnam, and Medal of Honor recipient. Sims was honored
For all the of the RSS Cartersville poolees who have been missing PT with no plausible excuse, on behalf of me as your squad leader and Poolee Falconbury as your guide, if the head count at PT does not improve before Staff Sergeant Hall gets back from Parris Island next week there will be *** to pay. Make no mistake.
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