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Staff Sergeant

Staff sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in several countries.

Army Staff Sergeant Air Force Technical Sergeant Marine Corps Happy Birthday Dragoon Guards

Give me liberty or give me death. . Staff Sergeant passes by, nah I'll just let you Stand By for hours.. 😑
Congratulations to ColdKILLER62702 on his promotion to Staff Sergeant!
MrIf troops are sent--- they will be sent to WIN." Staff Sergeant Marlin Beck 9th. Infantry Division Mekong Delta Vietnam.
Welcome home, Staff Sergeant Clayton Walker! ♥ Marine surprises daughter at baseball game:
"I live off base. I am a Staff Sergeant." He smiles softly and then nods. "So yes, I can go where I want to."
when our staff sergeant called everyone's name expect Vargas and we rubbed it in the *** face so heavy 😂
That feel when the staff sergeant drops Game of Thrones spoilers and you can't do anything about it
He did not earn the right to wear that shirt! Not on active duty but still a Staff Sergeant
This staff sergeant caused quite the stir in his sons' karate class.
To jāatstāj armijai. - “Sir, this recruit requests permission to speak with Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Smith".
USMC Staff Sergeant Louis Cardin was killed in Iraq during an ISIS rocket attack. we are still at war. htt…
We’re making coming home a dream come true for Staff Sergeant John Blizinski and family. https:/…
.staff sergeant promotion list for June, 2016:
My idea of "making moves" is different from the next ... 23 yr old Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, car paid off, own apartment..
Today the front porch has lost one of its finest😨 We will miss you dishwasher staff sergeant Jew boy
NEW: USMC Staff Sergeant Charlie Linville becomes the first wounded combat veteran to summit Mount Everest.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
We’re bringing Staff Sergeant Blizinski and family home to Detroit with https:…
Being a Staff Sergeant in the Army with a college degree
Should be number one on the list.. Staff Sergeant Galloway🙏🏾
First Amendment Test: Army Staff Sergeant Says the Sidewalk is “Not in P... via
My staff sergeant is so motivating I love it!!😇
Guy was texting me said I've met him before and that he was a staff sergeant. Looked him up, he's still just a private lol
I liked a video Ambassador Ammon Presents German Medal of Honor to U.S. Staff Sergeant Peter Woken
Congratulations to Staff Sergeant AM.Greaves on getting married today! 🎉🎊
When you listening to no flocking by Kodak black in the 7 ton and staff sergeant is just staring at you in disappointment
Staff Sergeant Cyd Gillis with Huck Finn Fishing Derby contestant Yakov Wensvooot and biggest far!
I vaguely remember a certain Welsh Royal Signals Staff Sergeant saying something like this to me! Don't I Lenny!
105.9 SEASIDE-FM News - HRP Report - Staff Sergeant Greg Mason stated that there are no significant incidents to report.
Cadet Staff Sergeant McCoy... Why do people keep asking who I am??
Army releases May sergeant and staff sgt promotions
Lethbridge Police Staff Sergeant is confirmed to be using a fake social media profile to attack a speaker at the...
Rochester, NY Army Staff Sergeant seeks to raise funds for families in Haiti:
Prince died? So did staff sergeant Chester McBride of the USMC on Dec 21,2015 by a suicide bomber.
Morning Meeting at 840a-USAF Staff Sergeant Terry Skelton on recruitment and opportunities
Staff Sergeant meeting all the golfers a true Patriot
A big Happy Birthday to Retired Staff Sergeant Chad Jukes. has made it to base…
Proud to present Leadership Award to Midshipman Samuel Martin & Staff Sergeant Towers!
No, Staff Sergeant - if the Battalion Commander says he thinks we need a different slide for that data, you do not "personally disagree."
He was a Staff Sergeant, he wasn't no hater
Congratulations on retirement Staff Sergeant Theron Scott & Thank you for 20 years of service to our country. Party!
Got my paperwork in for getting promoted to staff sergeant. :)
Sergeant Rogers/PCSO Robinson & ambulance staff help a male with a bump to the head. Checked over, now safe & well.
there is a real person whose title and name is Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster
It's pretty awesome to watch your friend go from being a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force to…
Also did a hitch in the USAF. Separated as a Staff Sergeant. Dude was an amazing artist and a patriot.
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman, 27, of Glasgow, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 5th Special...
And I did t forget you either Aaron Korkki pinning Staff sergeant. Excellent job!!!
Congrats to Brother Staff Sergeant Michael Staley, US Army National Guard (KY) on his engagement to Miss Megan Stinson!
in which Sanders is described as a having the "oratory style of a staff sergeant."
A beautiful essay by a US Army Staff Sergeant & 1st writer whose work I had the privilege to accept as essays ed.
Just got a call from my recruiter saying he's send one of the staff sergeant to pick me up rn 😱😁😁 I'm sitting bricks rn
It is a memorable sight to see this morning here in Old Town Temecula. Temecula is honoring Staff Sergeant Louis...
Rollie's getting promoted to Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps today, I'm so proud of him.❤️✨
Forgive them staff sergeant for these privates know not what they do.
SSGT: "Gonsalves you pick up class next week.". Me: *motivated "Eye, staff sergeant". SSGT: "April fools you're here till September lol"
good stuff homie I'm glad to hear that. If you ever see staff sergeant Koch let em know Jay flask can do more pull ups.
So proud of the officers & staff Sergeant Stewart is a prime example of our great team
Sorry, but Staff Sergeant Suydam already did that
I told this Staff Sergeant I was gonna go pack my ruck, I went to my room and took a nap. I ain't got for their shenanigans at work today.
Going to watch my brother-in-law get promoted to Staff Sergeant ❤️🇺🇸
I gave my Staff Sergeant thin mints so he would pass me on field day.
The Rod Glove is a proud sponsor to Pro Staff, Eddie Kidd, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class. Check out his story on...
My staff sergeant just made fun every Bernie Sanders supporter. "Lazy flower lovin kids who think their entitled, just…
Be a staff sergeant or gunny by then
[VIDEO] Actress calls Fayetteville staff sergeant crazy for...
Actress calls staff sergeant crazy for jumping out of planes
I graduated top of the whole group so I got to graduate as a staff sergeant and now I'm cooling in the breeze
I better be on my best behavior bc Staff Sergeant might be coming by my work 😐😬
Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter - Medal of Honor Recipient for the United States Army
Congratulations to our favorite Marine, my brother, Staff Sergeant Bobby Ray Kyles, Jr.on . 15…
My 1st Staff Sergeant After 36 yrs today's his last day
When you at the chow hall with a Staff Sergeant and you hit his stepdaughter bout a year ago
Fallen Marine Staff Sergeant Louis F. Cardin to be Honored in a April 1st Memorial Service at...
🏐💭💓 "AY staff sergeant!" You're very funny and such a pretty girl!! I'm always here if you need me✊
Update: Sgt. Biggs has been promoted to Staff Sergeant and is taking the lead on developing our HRPS Wellness Unit.
also fought in Staff Sergeant 5th US Army to free Italy (1944-45)
Website Builder 728x90
From a member: My husband is a retired Staff Sergeant from us army and has done 3 tours to Afghanistan back to...
Please join us in congratulating Jeff Hotz on his promotion to Staff Sergeant. Congratulations SSG Hotz!
Army Staff Sergeant arrested in connection with DC suburbs shooting
the only comfort I have doing my NPCC uniform now is putting the staff sergeant rank :")
I don't know the answer to that but this story has more details, APG staff sergeant killed by Harford,
It must have changed then since my uncle was staff sergeant of VPD & 2 cousins worked there. Will have to check.
.My nephew died in IRAQ, just became staff sergeant, kno how you feel!! She was not President and not to blame!when you see...
Army Staff Sergeant is arrested for shooting dead Virginia officer -
Staff Sergeant made me sing the national anthem on the way Marine Corps pt lmao
Army Staff Sergeant arrested in Virginia officer's death -
Huntsville staff sergeant says role of police officers evolving: Graham, staff sergeant for the Huntsville OPP...
APG staff sergeant killed by Harford Sheriff's deputies after armed standoff in Bel Air - Baltimore Sun
Couldn't be a worse story...Army Staff Sergeant killed his wife & Marine cop Ashley Guindon on her first day of work ht…
let me point that out for you a CSM Command Sergeant Major and SM we'll take off the command and it is what it is. A SSG Staff
This inspirational young man is 24 years old and a former Army Staff Sergeant. He not only…
*** I've been sitting in the back of the bus all week & now Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Lemke has...
Staff Sergeant Lorinda Jacobs & Airman Reynaldo Irwin en route to the 1960s
What sort of man murders a young policewoman? Of course you already know.
After the killing of sheriff's deputy in that drew questions about procedure, sheriff makes staff changes:
Accused cop-killer was Army Staff Sergeant assigned to Pentagon
Well I've been just now informed that babe's staff sergeant has chosen our wedding date 😂 I'll be getting married in April
Staff Sergeant Talbert of 43 Div said that officers are searching for suspects. No injuries that he knows of.
Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett has my lifelong gratefulness and admiration. THANK YOU , for your sacrifice and continu…
I think Staff Sergeant Seo Dae Young has more of army officer kind of vibe in this drama compare to Captain Yoo Shi Jin.
Iraqi War Vet Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett, said he would go and fight again after all his injuries. https:…
Army Staff Sergeant is a cop killer:
Today one of our retired Members is celebrating his 90th birthday. Staff Sergeant Donald Johnston came to the...
Staff Sergeant Price tryna make me get an Article 15
It's finally time for Staff Sergeant Sean Thomas to come home from a long deployment.
An honor to promote Staff Sergeant Meehan to Technical Sergeant in my office today. One of the best parts of my job.
domain names
An Army Staff Sergeant charged with killing his wife and a northern Virginia police officer on her first day on duty is set to appear in
He served 7 years in the Bundeswehr - Staff Sergeant.
Congrats to the newest Corporals, Staff Sergeant, and First Sergeant in the battalion!
Today, Staff Sergeant Lance Meehan got promoted to Technical Sergeant. The tacks on his new rank:
An Army Staff Sergeant assigned to the Pentagon was arrested on murder and other charges in the death of a police officer and another
A 32-year-old Army Staff Sergeant assigned to the is accused of killing his wife & a rookie police officer
Staff sergeant said we're screwed for workout today since people decided to fall asleep in class, so we're running in full cammies😒
"Police: Army Staff Sergeant killed rookie cop who was Marine reservist"
Army Staff Sergeant admits shooting wife and three cops, court records show:
Suspect in Virginia cop killing identified as Pentagon sergeant
White female Cop murdered by black suspect first day on the job. No comment from Al Sharpton or htt…
Second Lieutenant Healy's Staff Sergeant would like to congratulate you on such fine military expertise.
What was that staff sergeant? You wanna go on a ruck run with 75lbs packs? But no machine gun or cannons to carry. Are you feeling ok?
United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was wounded in action on April 10, 2012 by an IED in Afghanistan...
OR Gov. Brown: Fly flags at half-staff 02/12/16 in honor of Seaside Police Sergeant Jason Goodding, KIA. RIP. Thank you for your service.
It took my dad years to make Staff Sergeant. It took me two day, lmao.
Not when my staff sergeant wants to do a 7 mile run on Friday 😀🔫 please kill me
Staff Sergeant Gerke has a style of his own. I'm afraid we all have to get used to it.
I presented Staff Sergeant David J. Jensen with the Idaho Cross today for his heroic actions.
"What are you gonna do, Staff Sergeant? Send me to Iraq?"😂
26 year old can be a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps, in charge of 40 marines and millions of dollars of equipment
This staff sergeant say he eat out everyday and him & his wife don't cook... Smh
True Story: So there I was, 11 year Staff Sergeant, talking to a SFC about how I need to take leave in March, his...
Testimony from Stuart Thompson, former Staff Sergeant in the South African Police during and after the Apartheid era.
Staff Sergeant John Shortcut. Oooh yes, I do love the sound of that. Next weekend looks intensely promising.
Yes, you can call the barn and book a tour with the Staff Sergeant. Be sure to say hello if I'm working!
The future of the Marine Corps is secure. Staff Sergeant Castillo will be "sustaining the legacy" for another 4...
Staff Sergeant Robert "Bob" D. Lott, 90. Our condolences to those who knew you.
Lisa Dunn will vote in honor of Staff Sergeant Michael Dunn, U.S. Air Force
Hackers leaked DHS staff records, 200GB of files are in their hands
btw amazing game you guys are working on. Ive pledged the Staff Sergeant level on Kickstarter. Cant wait for B1944 competitive!
"We will give every effort to train u, even after some of u have given up on yourselves." -a Staff Sergeant (from fav book Making The Corps)
So as a sergeant rise above corporal quickly from motor pool to supply, then staff sergeant in charge of supply for a battalion.
When your staff sergeant calls you his brother is when you actually appreciate being in the best Fraternity in the world.
8 years ago today I enlisted in the army. I bet if I would've stayed I would been a staff sergeant by now...
thanks for being my staff sergeant! Now going to treat myself by reading 😸
Wise words from Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Garcia: SHUT YOUR FACE, fix your busted up hair, since when recruit
Happy Birthday to La Masia wonder boy and Barça's all-around staff sergeant,
So today was the last day I will wear my Staff Sergeant stripes. On Monday I will officially be a Technical Sergeant. XD Can't wait!
Help us remember Robert V. Miller today. Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army. Awards: Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster
Lmfao I meant to text Elena but texted my Staff Sergeant instead
bih your a soldier one weekend out the month & If u wan b technical you will never get over a staff sergeant lil baby
SGT Moore was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant the last day of Bravos field training...Congratulations! "You Lead the Charge"!
They say a broken clock is right twice a day, but my staff sergeant says mine is only right once a day. Why is that?
My mos just so happens to be one of the fastest promoting mos's. And a sergeant was mad BC id be staff sergeant before he will😂
Staff Sergeant Raymond Wagner (Mechanic), of Boscobel, Wisconsin, standing next to the nose art "Plu
She said yes! Staff Sergeant Seth Youtsey proposed to his girlfriend Taylor Slevin-Dotson.
POTD: In 2015 a Staff Sergeant completed all of the Army's fitness tests in 24 hours whilst trialling new equipment.
Have you heard the incredible story of Sgt. Reckless,
Can't wait till my staff sergeant comes back on the 25th
Conflict of interest? Maureen Peltier: vocal supporter of & staff sergeant in Washington Nat'l Guard?
So what happens to the Washington State National Guard Staff Sergeant with Vanilla ISIS? How's the Chain of Command going to respond to her…
Thank you Staff Sergeant Matthew James Whalen for your service and your sacrifice. Your spirit will live on...
Come see Sergeant Ethan Millisor is get promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant!
Why my staff sergeant think chicken noodle soup cure everything 😣
Services set in Easton for staff sergeant killed in Afghanistan
Today we remember Staff Sergeant Ryan D. Maseth who made the ultimate sacrifice seven years ago in Iraq.
talk to my boy staff sergeant Chavez
Got my study material for Staff Sergeant, new goal ahead.
As an Air Force recruiter, Staff Sergeant Robert Petty is responsible for inspiring, engaging and recruiting...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
When your staff sergeant comes in your room to make sure everyone's here and you've got raging morning wood with no blanket on...😅
Read today's blog for defence in the media & fitness inspiration from Staff Sergeant Burrell
Staff Sergeant said we have a lot of boots. 🙈
sure Staff Sergeant that sounds like a great idea 🙃
Very pleased to announce the new Staff Sergeant of LSRP! Please welcome Watts! ^F201
I'm trying to help you get some honey dips n you wanna pull a Staff Sergeant Kolbus move
Marines identify staff sergeant who died in helo mishap
just a point of clarity: Staff Sergeant in the USAF is abbreviated SSgt. FWIW. Army is SSG.
hm, alright. I think I want him to go the officer route, becoming a Staff Sergeant first.
Dan Nevins of Wounded Warriors Project was a Staff Sergeant of the US Army and also a descendant of the Scots in...
Our Public Services students who didn't do GCSE English homework this week had to do exercise penalties with an ex staff sergeant on camp 😎
My Marine: I wanted to take time to give a special salute to my Marine and my husband Staff Sergeant Michael K...
Ya boi is a Staff Sergeant, also has can you see that red dot site :O (its not a red dot sight)
Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett knows better than anyone how awful and threatening the Iran deal is to our country...
*** 4 police, 1 staff sergeant off duty. Came to us. And screened us 😛😂
Learning how to work together in real-world scenarios is key for our NATO relationships. Army Staff Sergeant Lea...
True story.. Call me Thorburn, John H., staff sergeant,. Marksman, skill in killin', illin', I'm able and willin'.
Airman surprises son before football game after deployment to Qatar: Staff Sergeant Michael Be...
yeah now that we have more info. If he was a 30 year old dude that was a buck sergeant or staff sergeant then thats diff
that's awesome! I'm waiting for Staff Sergeant Balderas to give me a call back because I might get a early shipment!
My son is a staff sergeant in the usmc. Best thing he ever did. Go for it. Live your dream!!!
Welcome home Staff Sergeant Beckert. Thank you for your service and sacrifice!
hey. This is a non judgemental place. I've asked to check in with you. He's a retired staff sergeant you can trust
God bless Staff Sergeant Beck. He is the man.
Thank you for rolling coal on me, Staff Sergeant. 😑
Find out if I made Staff Sergeant or not tomorrow, fingers crossed!
Staff Sergeant Dave Domoney instructing a class on Practical Uses of sUAS in Law Enforcement 2015 Canadian Region SS
Thanks to Marine Staff Sergeant Glen Silva for speaking at our Fall Assembly! True meaning of a great "teammate".
Homegrown in Gloversville, New York, Staff Sergeant Joseph DiGirolamo was honored at a recent Syracuse University...
via This is Jake's Staff Sergeant. He had an accident on 10/5 and his family needs help
Breast Cancer Awareness
ATTENTION ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL!!! Come check out Staff Sergeant Dotson at the Career Fair in the gym…
Ian Sergeant, our staff accountant, says…
Can't believe Michael is staff sergeant in only less than 8 years!
Almost forgot everyone wish me luck tommorrow is the day I make staff sergeant. Please
Bart your staff sergeant would snap your puny little vape in half I don't wanna hear it
Very sad to report that Staff Sergeant Ryan Hammond, USAF and five of his fellow airmen died when their C-130J...
This is Staff Sergeant Courtney Hollinsworth (YES that was his name).Bravest man I've ever known
I had a staff Sergeant today ask me if I ever tried steroids. So there's that..
Good luck to Cadet Staff Sergeant Evers tonight, as the winner of homecoming royalty is announced tonight. He is running as junior prince.
Staff sergeant Haddock i swear.. this mf got me rolling
NCO meeting today. Very impressed with experience, insight and quality of Sergeant and Staff Sergeants leading change!
Staff sergeant thinks he can break me off in a run😂 not happening staff sergeant not today
Next Tuesday, October 13, from 4-5 pm in E-104, Staff Sergeant Sean Elwin will visit for those interested in pre-health professions
And to top off the day a Master Sergeant and 4 Staff Sergeants just walked in on me with no pants on. Fantastic.
Asked my PS how much he earns as a Staff Sergeant. Wow-ed me a bit.
I left a note asking him to return the top. Hopefully they do its my only uniform with a staff sergeant rank on it...
Today I lost the rank of Senior Airman and gained the rank of Staff Sergeant a NCO. Promoted as of…
there's too many dragons. You'll have to organize some kind of smooching squad. I'll send staff sergeant down to the barracks.
Untold heroism of marine in Chattanooga recruitment center shooting:
Remember when you said I was just a SrA in the Air Force? Yet here I am. Line number for Staff Sergeant. And 7 level training complete.
For God's sake! A drunk soldier in uniform. 12:32 on a Tuesday?! A Staff-Sergeant for that matter. Disturbing...
Told my friend I was from npcc. He straight away told me I got that staff sergeant face. I lold. *** right. 😂😂
Going dress shopping with the most beautiful staff sergeant 😍😍 I've missed hanging out with Jennifer ❤️
Thank you - i will call the staff sergeant at the division and let them know. Glad you are okay.
Just wanted to mention that today's article on Huffington Post about the Staff Sergeant was awesome! Thank You!
yea i just got to liggy from Kendallville i talked to staff Sergeant niño
VIDEO: US Army Staff Sergeant and Wounded Warrior Christopher Gordon was honored in The Swamp on Saturday
A staff sergeant from Seattle did my pov inspection and took extra time to check tire inflation
My superintendent just told me I am way too qualified to not be a staff sergeant. Wow
you should see what Staff Sergeant Matthew Sitton had to say about the war, then defend it to me: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Staff Sergeant Dwayne Dove, from the 1-151st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion and the SC Army National Guard's...
SSgt Andrew Bachelder earned a spot in the 2016 by winning the htt…
I haven't slept... My Staff sergeant will love that while I fall asleep on my paperwork 😬
Staff Sergeant was demoted to Cpl by the Swedish Army after he managed to do this w/ a Stridsvagn 122.
Ex Queen’s Dragoon Guards staff sergeant Johnathan Smith, 45, died of multiple injuries after his Suzuki ZX6R ...
Staff Sergeant Thomas Florich was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery
*** .. someone got my Staff Sergeant talking again. 5 .Hours. Later.
War hero was speeding on motorcycle before fatal crash, inquest told: Ex Queen’s Dragoon Guards staff sergeant…
I really hope I make BTZ so I can test for staff sergeant next rotation
really REALY hope thAt im gna pass my staff sergeant promo!! rlly do not want to fail n retake :(
Went to the temple but forgot to pray for my staff sergeant
Odisha Staff Selection Commission Recruitment for 370 Sub Inspector of Police, Sergeant of Police and Station...
My staff sergeant has been there a few times, said he loved it, he made it sound pretty tight
Make Staff Sergeant in 4 years. Check. . Get a Masters degree (2 by end of 2016). Learn at least 4 languages? Next goal.
the anthem was done by that Navy staff sergeant. He always does an awesome job.
St. Marys Blue and Gray Days honored Staff Sergeant Brian Metz of Belmont, WV. This was him firing one of the...
hey that would be epic its a shame Thorburn, John A staff sergeant ain't alive to tell the story coz that would be a epic 1
Staff Sergeant Billy Rose poses for my pihoto with one of the Guard Dogs of Camp Pelham, South Korea. Now tell...
When my father served as a staff sergeant during the Emergency 1939-47 he was not labeled a West Britain tho from Belfast.
I had a staff sergeant who was a spitting image of him right down to the where ever the *** that accent is from
This is Staff Sergeant Clarence White Sr..returning home from an Honor Flight for WWII…
Shame on President Park. Korean men don't choose to serve their nation. Staff Sergeant Ha should receive a...
• Abendsport: Pyramids For Gymnastic Displays - With a chapter on how to pose by Staff-Sergeant Moss.
92 year old Staff Sergeant who fought in WW2 threw the first pitch out at the game and I wanted to cry. I salute our veterans. 🇺🇸
oh good everyone important is staying and Oliver is staff sergeant again
Popular Germans. Tell that to Staff Sergeant John Osborne. Speak loud; he had his skull flattened by the SS at Malmedy.
A Staff Sergeant was selected by actor Gary Sinise to have a home built around … http…
Congratulations Brandon for your promotion to Staff Sergeant!!
Soo I have a class with my staff sergeant...
So it was that played Staff Sergeant Lincoln Osiris instead of Robert Downey Jr?
Met the nicest USMC staff sergeant women at MEPS! And that's impossible to find here lol
Tomorrow marks the moment when I found out if I made Staff Sergeant in my first cycle of testing in my career. Mixed feelings.
I was relaxing watching Stargate. I always found this silliness humorous. What is this? Staff Sergeant Major or...
Staff association representing the fine officers of Surrey Police of Constable, Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector
Really starting to hate, Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett and his ridiculously xenophobic anti-Iran trade deal rant. Inexcusable.
being a staff sergeant is harder then I thought
.Investigation into Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales' killing of 16 Afghan civilians released
Join us at the Bayview Club tomorrow at 3 p.m. to congratulate newest Staff Sergeant Selects!
I just met a Staff Sergeant who looks like Joel from MST3K.
Weird to think my next rank is staff sergeant, time flies 🇺🇸
I was with my Eckrich Meats as they surprised U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Thomas Kennington and his family with One...
If I get selected to promote to staff sergeant tomorrow I will seriously be beyond ecstatic
1 more day until Staff Sergeant results. I'm so impatient and anxious
Did 7.4km run today. Almost fall out thanks to my staff sergeant pushes me. Next ippt gold liao ah huat ah
Update your maps at Navteq
staff sergeant/E-5 results come out tomorrow and deep deep down in my heart im hoping i make it , BUT NAH SON YOU KNOW YA BOY AINT MAKE IT
Retired Staff Sergeant Mel Young weighs in on Harper's interference with the RCMP:
Congrats to Cadet Staff Sergeant Brandon Benenati, our latest recipient of the Wright Brothers Award!
Impressing the pt leader and staff sergeant on the first day feels pretty good😊
RIP Staff Sergeant Clayton P Bowen we honor and remember you.
The month before he killed 16 Afghan civilians in a shooting rampage, Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales bloodied the nose of an Afghan truck…
You smell like balls says one staff sergeant to another
like cuts to the va . tell us again how our vets are being underserved. us Army Staff Sergeant Sheldon Tate 07.13.10
I am in the Army yes...staff sergeant yes...but that is my job...its what I do..not who I am. when I leave work...I go back to being a ***
Thach just called a master sergeant staff sergeant :/
Horrible photo. This isn't one of the new Rangers - this is a Marine Staff Sergeant. please fix this.
I don't think anything scares me more than when staff sergeant Cabrera mad dogs me.
Thank you to Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Joey Jones USMC EOD for promoting the bootcampaign…
The statue of Staff Sergeant Reckless stands proud in Semper Fidelis Memorial Park following its unv
New shirt now in stock! Buy yours today before we are sold out! USAF Staff Sergea... .
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Must be National Staff Sergeant chew out Bussell day! I didn't get the memo that it's today :-)
Ah man *sniff* well done those riders and RIP Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner
if my hubby ever deploys again, i want one of THESE!! luv that Staff Sergeant of mine!!
OBSOLETE US Air Force Staff Sergeant Chevrons from the 1970s/80s Female Type.
Lemme go to sleep before staff sergeant catch be on the phone ✌
Thank you to Ret. Staff Sergeant Joey Jones of for sharing his incredible story with us. ht…
Photo: US Air Force staff sergeant has Neyland Stadium map coordinates tattooed on arm
Congratulations to my brother for your promotion in the Army- Staff Sergeant (E6). Dad is so proud 💗
This WILL MAKE YOU SMILE, and maybe even get watery eyes! Thank you Staff Sergeant Cartwright for your service.
So a Staff Sergeant comes up to me at work last night "Miller! Who's your supervisor!?" So I told him my supervisors name..
This week we remember and honor, Staff Sergeant Robert J. Chiomento, of Fort Dix, N.J.; assigned to 2nd...
Had an ENLISTED Staff Sergeant Marine recruiter tell me I probably wasn't cut out for the Corps cause I didn't want to go reserves. 😂
I just had a Staff Sergeant *** come into my office. Man I know the people in his unit gives him *** Lol
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