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Staff Sergeant

Staff sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in several countries.

Army Staff Sergeant Air Force Navy Cross United States Marine Corps

Did Sergeant Slack succeed in becoming an illustrator? Would love to know.
first off private I got out as a staff Sergeant, e-6, I'm currently in Colorado Springs
It's a weird day when you're trying to square away one of your soldiers and a staff sergeant decides that you look like you need a hug.
How am I suppose to wear this uniform if I don't have cloth ranks? I'm not a blank, I'm a staff sergeant.
"I'm in the Air Force, I'm a staff sergeant, I have money"
I asked staff sergeant for Parkland, Irvin, Austin, Chapin 😩😭 no she said, you're getting Burges she said 😒
like their staff sergeant asked us to, but here comes big badass private first class trying to flip collar on an NCO
Sergeant first class or college and a staff sergeant😕
Ready to test for staff sergeant and have my own troops now
(SSG. Stephen Castellanos: I want salute my husband Staff Sergeant Stephen Castel... (
Background: Dunlap, a Fort Carson staff sergeant, as well as his wife, Whitney Butler, were killed on Jan. 14, 2013.
So excited that Carter and I will get to attend Daddy's promotion from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant! So proud of him!
The staff sergeant from 9Div is RIPPED AS FUAAARKO!! ;O
Gucci Mane has been sentenced to 3 more years in prison for hitting an Army Staff Sergeant with a bottle at the Harlem Nig…
FLW staff sergeant pleads guilty to sexual misconduct
Anti-crime roadshows: Sergeant in line for award: Police officer responsible for events for older people and p...
I just need to be a staff sergeant by now. Get down to 195 and get stronger.
Who is my American Hero?. Staff Sergeant David Biles. Father to myself, Wife to Elizabeth, Patriot to the United States of America
Former Staff Sergeant Michael Golembesky told the hosts of MSNBC’s The Cycle that the 2011 wit... via
Listen to Staff-Sergeant Old School: The Change you're looking for! Thanks for the original post.
Court martial continues for staff sergeant
Staff Sergeant Old School has a blunt reminder for you.
This dude is a Staff Sergeant of the U.S. Army! He's now reading his essay to "Fred" just to dig it in even more lmfao
The staff sergeant in Chambliss's class is FINE.
Paid our respects to family of Staff Sergeant Tim Touchett, WI Army National Guard.
we had a great time :-)) and that was just the staff.Thanks sergeant and PCSO
Happy Birthday to my "LIL" big brother Elder Staff Sergeant Thomas! Hooah! Lol! Keep doing your thing!…
When Staff Sergeant compliments your work out movement & style >
that's why you're unit commander and I'm staff sergeant...
My father can never be brought back to life.As A child of an Army Staff Sergeant I missed out on my childhood/adulthood w/a father
Guess Staff Sergeant mad about the Texans losing, he ain't talking to me 😂
I'll never let any moment slip by... Life's too *** short ... RIP Staff Sergeant Clark... 🇺🇸
A great success in Contonment, FL and a happy ending or landing for Army US Staff Sergeant Alba Tanner. A...
September 21st is the one-year anniversary of when Army Staff Sergeant Timothy R. McGill became a RFTF RI hero.
Remembering Staff Sergeant Joseph Camara (MAANG), from New Bedford, who was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
So since me and a buddy got in a fight we had to get up and clean all morning.. From what Staff sergeant was saying,it was a *** good night
That moment you realize you forgot to bring the binder Staff Sergeant specifically told you to not forget.
Never wore uniform as an Airman Basic or Staff Sergeant 😆😜
Dang the judge added 3 more years to Gucci Mane's sentence for hitting that Army Staff Sergeant in the head with that bottle.
Jj just gave me the staff sergeant # ya
I did not know I was dancing with staff sergeant last night lmaooo
Two More Arrests Made In Bradford Theft From Autos. (Bradford, ON) South Simcoe Police have made two more arrests in Bradford West Gwillimbury for Theft from Auto related offences. On Saturday, September 13th around 11:30 p.m., an alert resident notified South Simcoe Police after observing suspicious men around parked vehicles on the 9th Line of Bradford West Gwillimbury. Uniform patrol officers and the Canine Unit responded and located two men leaving the area in a stolen Jeep. Officers initiated a traffic stop and arrested the driver and his passenger. The men were found to be in possession of stolen items that had been taken from parked cars earlier in the evening. The men, age 26 and 31 both from the Pickering area were transported to the South Division in Bradford. Officers also learned that both men were wanted for outstanding Robbery charges in Durham Region. The two men are facing several charges including Theft Under $5,000, Possession of Stolen Property and Trespass by Night. They were released ...
At least 13 young workers at iPhone factory in China diagnosed with leukaemia
I have the same birthday as staff sergeant pagans dad. We're totally meant to be.
So today I had to ask a Staff Sergeant a question. I've never talked to this man before. So I walk up to him, ask him my question.
"First of all, that's Staff Sergeant Howe to you.And if you have a problem, come on over. We'll talk about it."
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I was on my way to college orientation next thing I know I ended up in a Marines recruiting station telling staff sergeant to sign me up 😂🇺🇸
Well this is very uneventful. Just sitting in a room with a staff sergeant watching YouTube.
Military family gets new home in Riverview, Florida: Army Staff Sgt. Visala Tui, combat medic for 14 years
Disabled Army medic and his family see site where charity group will build their new home.
Veteran gifted with new home: An Army Staff Sergeant and his family were gifted a mortgage-free home Saturday in... htt…
“Apparently Staff sergeant Pagan has a girlfriend and her name is Amy 😒💔”. That. Is. Hilarious. 😂😂😂
The staff sergeant dragged some weak kid out of training today by his feet. Grabbed his ankles and drug him out on his stomach 😂😂😂
yeah man so I'm picking up Staff Sergeant man I'm so thankful. still hasn't set in.
it's whenever your drill sergeant have it. You gone hate staff duty though
highest cutoff mark for Staff Sergeant in 16 years... welp, better start studying.
Time for the coin toss with 21 year veteran Staff Sergeant Antonio Diaz flipping the coin.
Looks like I get to be a squad leader this weekend. So I will be Staff Sergeant Bonebrake for 48 hours.
I'm really curious who is the new staff sergeant... maybe they will just play it as someone and never show him/her???
Staff Sergeant makes a point to text "call me" lol like you put a lot more effort into writing that rather then just calling😂
And let me be crystal clear... The best leader I ever encountered during my service happened to be a black Staff Sergeant.
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Staff Sergeant: Gonta! We're doing a pull up workout today. Get on the bar!!!. Me: Yeah, having skin on my hands is overrated anyway😕
Consider this: Anyone more junior than Staff Sergeant E6 is living below the poverty level.
Cadet Staff Sergeant Gaspard, at your service. It's an honor to be part of the Command Element, thank…
Just make Andy staff sergeant. She'll look cute in white. ;))
Andy better be made staff sergeant now.
Staff Sergeant Ty Carter meets with Sacred Heart middle school students in a break out session
Staff Sergeant Gundy! Take out their command center. NOW!
Staff Sergeant Aubrey L. McDade, Jr. is a United States Marine who was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic acti...
do you go with Staff Sergeant Gallegos? Or do you have a different recruiter? Paris RS goes to sherman
badass, have you met Staff Sergeant Fernandez?
oh I'm sorry Staff Sergeant I forgot you were higher than that!
Standing ovation for true American hero former Staff Sergeant & Recipient Sal Giunta at
The national guard staff sergeant gave & I a lanyard today at school for doing push ups lol 💪💪
The NCO Journal congratulates the 2014 Drill Sergeant of the Year, Staff Sgt. Jonathan Miller; the 2014 Army...
We aren't going to be secured until Staff Sergeant finds his octopus. It's gonna be a long night.
William J. Weber, My Uncle Bill was 90 years old on June 30th of this year, 2014. He passed away on Saturday morning 9/6/14. He was a Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather. He is, I believe, the last of the second generation Weber's here in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up at 886 Nela View Rd., in Cleveland Hts. Ohio with his sister, my Mother, Lenora (Lenore) Weber Gunn. His Mother, Marion Liebau Weber, died at 24 years of age, from postpartum hemorrhaging, after the child birth of Bill, on July 1, 1924. My Mom was only 15 months old. Bill was 2 days old. George J. Weber, his Father, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 18, 1893 and died on November 25, 1975, at 82 years old. Lenore and Bill were raised by George, Monika Weber, their Grandmother and Aunts. Bill joined the US Air Force during WWII and became a Staff Sergeant/bomber gunner with "The Flying Tigers" in the 308th Bombardment Group. He was stationed in the China/Burma/India Theater from Nov. 21, 1943 to Oct. 18, 1944 and was part of . ...
I will be out of the office next week on vaction, please contact Staff Sergeant Scott for anything you need.
Got my test date. I test for staff sergeant next Wednesday
Thank you for honoring Staff Sergeant Michael Ollis -- a truly courageous Soldier.
I checked in at Army National Guard Recruiter Staff Sergeant Brito on
RIP Staff Sergeant "Drago". It's been 3 years, and you still haven't and never will be forgotten. Love you.
Staff sergeant sensing is my new idol just saying
Staff Sergeant said to hydrate.. I DIDNT HYDRATE. You think he'll notice?
High school with staff sergeant Peterson this morning😫
Staff Sergeant Old School wants to remind us that military service ruins military-themed movies for people serving.
What is the current status of adorableness staff sergeant Laura?
"What was that airman?? Did you just tell a staff sergeant what to do??"
I had the honor to meet Rico yesterday. He has on inspirational story to share. Rico Roman, Paralympic, Sled...
Wait till you see how this IDF staff sergeant proposed.. (Video)
Cracked a joke about blowing a load on a girls face. Staff Sergeant says I'm going to be a great Marine. 😂
Today was a successful day, got great news back from Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant ohdee'd on the training today . My body mad sore
"War is a thinking man's game" - Drill Instructlr Staff Sergeant Davis
are you related to Staff Sergeant Bracero?
no. I call a staff Sgt "sergeant" why should a private be treated special?
“Big booty bishes. Big big booty bishes. WO” my Staff Sergeant sang that all the time. lol
Don't forget to check out Staff Sergeant Simmons on YouTube.363rd MP CO Grafton, WV...
how is it that on a regular IST i get over 50 sit ups, but when I do a IST infront of staff sergeant I can barely get 40!! *** man!! 😭
the Former Staff Officer Sergeant Grant has nominated the B/Com.
I date who I want 💁 regardless if it has a *** or a *** 😋 you should have seen the look staff sergeant have me when I said that😂
Another great show lined-up this weekend with Staff Sergeant Michael Golembesky, author of the soon-to-be...
gonna go pay staff sergeant Ortiz alittle visit 😳
I would've been a staff sergeant by now had I stayed in the Air Force and didn't have a break in service
Felt pretty good talking with my staff sergeant yesterday. "Don't quit on yourself."
staff sergeant Ortiz calls me just to say 27 days Jacuinde, stay motivated! 😭
yeah this staff sergeant calls me to see if I'm interested in joining lol
This cute *** staff sergeant wants to take me out and i had to say no cause my overbearing *** father lol
I'm still not used to being called staff sergeant.
Have the killers of Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid who died from an IED in 2009 been found no the army pick on easy pickings in jailing big Al
My heart is heavy after learning that one of my former wedding clients (a Staff Sergeant with the OKC Police...
I literally spent all of 5th period talking to Staff Sergeant Wittmeier 😂😁 lol that's fine with me! Oorah
yeah. I think she'd make good staff sergeant
A7: Be their comrade not their staff sergeant
Sergeant Barry Schmieks and other APD staff are spending the afternoon doing personal safety presentations at...
The Donnie D. Dixon Center, named after a staff sergeant who fell in the line of duty, is working to get veterans...
Before he drew Snoopy, Charles Schulz was a Staff Sergeant in the
I can't wait to get out of the reserves. I've been a staff sergeant for so long and my leadership hates me so I can't rank up lol
Anthem Singer for the our very own Staff Sergeant Brad Hampson.
This Texas school district's sign is sure to irk those on the left:
SINGAPORE - A police staff sergeant was jailed for 14 months on Tuesday after receiving sexual favours from from a maid arrested for stealing from her employers.
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Staff sergeant old school has a point!! ~Gman
I pretty much do staff sergeant work maybe more I jus don't write epr's but those are easy forreal
A maid under arrest for stealing from her employer was offered help by a cop to return to her native Indonesia - as long as she gave him sexual favours.Staff sergeant Parthivan Ramaya, 34, told 25-year-old Dwi Sulistiani: "You girl. I boy. You understand, right?"He was jailed for 14 months yesterday…
Second Lieutenant Katideen and Staff Sergeant Andrade. My brother and his beautiful wife and my nephew
Congratulations to all the cadets from Thunder Bay Cadet Squadron! What a great group of young people. Cadet Clay Olmstead and Christel Galletly were promoted to Staff Sergeant, Cody Kirschner, Cole Kirschner, and Garrett Powell to Tech Sergeant, Will Kroll and Crysta Palowski to Airman 1st Class, and Dylan Kirschner to Cadet Officer, 2nd Lieutenant! What a great night! And we continue on our journeys moving forward! Congrats to all.
My dad was a staff sergeant in the 14th Armored Division. He never said very much about the war, and never mentioned anything about liberating any camps.
Staff Sergeant Old School gives his take on the debate by kind of avoiding the issue.
The staff sergeant told us the first time you kill a man it doesn't affect you. Its the second one, because then you know what you're doing.
got my Staff Sergeant test on thursday. Stressed out! Wanna network but cant.
My first as a qualified ACF Sergeant Instructor was a roaring success. Thanks to all the top staff & amazing young people of 3
To my Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Dad;. . "Happy Birthday Dad; I miss you greatly!". Semper Fidelis is Forever
infantry information we're getting corporal Abdelbaki. Staff sergeant Killburn and staff sergeant Sacaida
Mazda Racer Liam Dwyer Ready to Race Again: Marine Staff Sergeant winning a professional race, in only his...
Former and Staff Sergeant w/ Darrin McKechnie added to Pats coaching staff.
Future Soldiers: Better hydrate leading up to training, bring water bottles and MOTIVATION!. Staff Sergeant...
Seeing friends being deployed to other parts of the world never gets easier. Praying she stays safe! Proud of you Staff Sergeant Way!! :)
That is Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs...reporter for Infowars by
Do you think a retired Army Staff Sergeant's presence in Ferguson would help?
Photo: A cloud of smoke and dust envelopes U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael Mullahy seconds after he fired...
my staff sergeant is a crack up he told me "Leg day is a holy day" and "squats make you smarter" lmao
Staff Sergeant Aranas is definitely another one of my favorite Marines though 😈👊
I've fallen in love with an Army Staff Sergeant, sir yas sir
Its that time of year again!!! Staff Sergeant Simmons and Sfc Cunningham will be out at Tyler Consolidated High...
I grew up in a military family. My sister is a staff sergeant and my cousin is stationed overseas in Georgia at the embassy.
Gonna challenge staff sergeant whitner and my dad
Find out what of the Year and Award Winning professional Ken Weichert Staff Sergeant, MFT, MRT...
Staff Sergeant Biggs, u have a lot of balls going back there, just b safe, don't get shot. wish I could b …
how did his reporters "whip" anything up? And is staff sergeant joe biggs a nutter?
Rest in piece staff sergeant Reber you were a good man and a huge inspiration in my life never will be forgotten..
I mean if you keep advancing 100% paid benefits by the tike you're married 20 something you're a staff sergeant💵💰
when you send your girlfriends "I miss you" text to your staff sergeant.I shall haze myself.
"Staff sergeant Joe Parrington of the United States Marines has been killed in action...". I don't even know how to respond to this...
My sister jokes and tries to throw her staff sergeant rank at my dad. He throws his Lt. Colonel rank right back.
Airman heads world bike polo championship in France aePiot:. aePiot. A staff sergeant a...
Army Staff Sergeant Kevin Welch arrived home early from his tour in South Korea but his family had n
I`ve just achieved the rank of STAFF SERGEANT III in Call of Duty: Strike Team.
You're welcome and that was in fact my first Unofficial duty as a Staff Sergeant, washing a Cookie Tray. ^_^
Charges laid after Bandidos sergeant-at-arms allegedly spat on, king hit staff at Valley club.
you are HILARIOUS. And an amazing staff sergeant.
They really make you work for your Staff Sergeant stripe.
Man if this 59 year old staff sergeant don't leave me alone!
I liked a video from Semper Sundays: Staff Sergeant William J Bordelon
Omg if I get this BTZ then make STAFF my first time testing I'll be a Sergeant at the age of 21 😬
Had a nightmare today. Woke up to my staff sergeant telling me that I yelled at him in my sleep lol
So ready to see my Staff Sergeant Chase Heiland
I added a video to a playlist Semper Sundays: Staff Sergeant William J Bordelon
Staff Sergeant. I missed out one but not another 😘
Badass of the day: Corporal Willet Rankin "Ran" Amendola Born in Glen Cove, New York on April 4th, 1948, Cpl. Amendola enlisted in the United States Marine Corps right out of high school. He was Killed In Action on November 2nd, 1967 during the final battle of Hill 25 in the Quang Nam Province of Vietnam. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star, and Purple Heart for his actions during the battle. While attending the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, I had the great honor of listening to the legendary Gunner Bolton recount the story of the battle first-hand. Gunner Bolton (then a Staff Sergeant), was in charge of the 28 men of Mike Company, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. Every man on that hill deserves special recognition for holding out through one of the most desperate defenses in Marine history. I choose to honor Cpl. Amendola in my first post because his actions were not just far above and beyond the call of duty. His actions were nearly in-human. The 28 men on Hill 25 wer ...
John E. "Jack" Abram of Brocton, NY passed away Monday, August 11, 2014 at Buffalo General Hospital. He was born in the Village of Brocton on July 6, 1922, the son of the late Clarence Abram and Evaline McGrath Abram. He was a graduate of the Cassadaga Valley Central School, Class of 1940. Jack enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1942. He served in the South and Central Pacific combat areas for 22 months during World War II, attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant while attached to VMF312 (an attack fighter Squadron.) He participated in the invasion and defeat of the Japanese on Okinawa. He earned the Presidential Unit Citation, three Bronze Stars and the Campaign ribbon and streamers for duty in the Pacific Theater. He was a retiree of the Niagara Mohawk Corp., having worked there for 36 years where he held the position of Maintenance Supervisor. Jack was also a 36-year member of L.O.G.I.C. He was a long-time member of the American Legion John W. Dill Post 434 of Brocton, NY and a lifetime member ...
Jarhead is now in my top ten; Jamie Foxx as a sassy Staff Sergeant is genius.
Staff Sergeant Williams almost killed me today 😭
I really appreciate the interest Staff Sergeant Bullock has shown our students and teams at Big Blue
Idk why but I feel like Staff Sergeant motivated me today
Yay didn't make staff sergeant again!! One more year and it's Mr Schultz!!
Add another to the list. Mr. Christopher Hooper made staff sergeant on this months supplemental release. Way to go OG Langley crew
Papa Shaw is the best Staff Sergeant but an even better street cop
Nah a staff sergeant just called me. *** nah I'm not joining the Marines. Where's my recruiter!
“It’s not mine alone.” —Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts on receiving the for his service: htt…
let's go back to the 60s. My Uncle Juan Lopez Zayas served as a Staff Sergeant in Vietnam. He is…
Got promoted to PV2, JJ makes it know he's one rank ahead of me, JJ also happens to be older than the staff sergeant in charge of my office.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Staff Sergeant made sense of life today
first time dapat staff sergeant III ~
this guy does yell at people like drill sergeant, but he's a great likable guy. He'd take a bullet for all his field staff
Come see Staff Sergeant Shelby Bixler and the US Army Parachute Team US Army Golden Knights THIS WEEKEND in her...
When I was a Staff Sergeant my ankle injury was treated as an "oh yeah it hurts really to getting promoted and suddenly getting referred (c)
Welcome to Staff Sergeant Amy McCabe, who joined us on Tuesday,and is soloist at both concerts this weekend!
Found so many pictures of sergeant and staff bc I follow the house captains on ig. pretty glam tho I shall screenshot huehuehue
There was also an Admiral Sir Manley Power, and the US has a Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster.
"Staff Sergeant Marcus reporting in for duty, sirs!" The Sergeant reported-
Got my meeting set up for my Marine Corp. Placement Test once again. Nd got assigned to a new staff sergeant .lets c how it goes
Still sore from this mornings PT. The new staff sergeant don't play with his PT sessions
here is the rank I believe your designer was going for. Staff Sergeant.
Thank you for honoring the Staff Sergeant Medal of Honor recipient tonight. Much respect to him. Much respect!. ET1/SS Joe Hipp
My staff sergeant is trying to give me advice
“This is why we get made fun of staff sergeant just smiled when I showed him
Bruss just called his momma STAFF SERGEANT 😂😂😂😂
Picked 8 random numbers out of my phone and gave them to Staff Sergeant Miles. If you get a call, it was because of me. 😁
Army Times, "Army Staff Sergeant will receive Medal of Honor for valor at Wanat" Hard to read battle story.
I guess I have an appointment with his Staff Sergeant. Fun.👌
Staff Sergeant texting me again to see if I'm joining the marines or not 😬
Want to attend college for free? Staff Sergeant Killinger has all the info you need at TEC Kokomo today!
So I went from a staff sergeant to a first sergeant 😏 Jackie taking over y'all!!! lol
His uniform might not come with a cape, but Marine staff sergeant/LSU receiver Luke Boyd is a superhero all the same.
Staff Sergeant Scarlett singing the National Anthem at tonight's Huntsville Stars game.
Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts awarded the Medal of Honor today for "conspicuous gallantry" >> via…
From the Halls of Montezuma to the fields of LSU, staff sergeant Luke Boyd's great journey.
Plus one from Montfort NPCC... Ahha so there will be 1 Honorary officer, 2 cadet inspector, 3 staff sergeant, and 1 private... Dope
anyone with Air Cadet connections know if it is possible to transfer as staff with my existing RM Cadet staff rank of Sergeant?
staff sergeant Robison is the man. Tell him I said what's up and that Guam ***
Question 8, Where did the character witness Stacey Willows, girlfriend to Staff Sergeant Troy Martin live?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Have all RP on-line staff gone on holiday and left the trainee in charge ?
A US staff sergeant wrote to tell me that ZP may have saved lives by keeping up his unit's morale. He may be confusing …
My staff sergeant was 23 and getting married when I was 2 months old, shows you how everyone is older than me here lol
Major Benaya Sarel and Staff Sergeant Liel Gidoni were killed in Gaza earlier today. May their memory be a blessing http:/…
Lol the Marine corps is hard but I'd take an *** chewing from a Staff Sergeant any day over having to go back to the high school drama
My grandpa was in the army for 18 months and his ending rank was Staff Sergeant🇺🇸
I was a staff sergeant for like 10min the other day. The power I held was amazing!
my husband passed away &Ive tried daily to reach TN Army NG staff sergeant to report his passing Can't reach &no return call
"So sergeant I was wondering since when are staff sergeants allowed to touch students?" His reply was,
Automatic? ...maybe some options, but automatic? nothing in the ARMY is automatic except weapons. and orders!
The recognize Staff Sergeant Richard Ibberson for his service:
so you know wearing my EGA and Staff Sergeant rank is disrespectful to all Marines! U need your *** kicked!!
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Bowe Bergdahl's unit he knew sergeant deserted, former roommate claims
Staff Sergeant Hopkins just presented us with a golden opportunity: to go to the Philippines for 8 months and do Personal Security Defense.
Congratulations to my boyfriend the Staff Sergeant
Getting props from the two staff sergeant airborne airborne rangers is priceless. I smell another rank in my future. PFC 😬
is 1 of 7 priority MOSs approved for SGT & SSGT auto promo. Details from
Congratulations to Sergeant Rodriguez on his promotion to Staff Sergeant! Well Deserved!
Buster Harty called me & asked me to Google "Staff Sergeant Reckless".Mongolian bred mare that served in the Marines in Korea.Cracking story
Yes and no. They are trained soldiers. Usually corporals training to be staff sergeant.
Mind you he was only a staff sergeant
Staff Sergeant Hogan is one of the coolest guys i know
Got my new epaulets I'm officially a staff sergeant
i still remember getting that text from Staff Sergeant Ackers.i hated myself so badly for it yet it wasn't even my fault. still kinda do
Herring from the staff sergeant of the OPP, and getting zac brown tickets, my day has been phenomenal!
BREAKING NEWS GAZA 3HRS AGO. Palestinian resistance in Gaza liquidated Staff Sergeant Moshe Davino of the Israeli army
Army Staff Sergeant's home demolished while stationed in Lawsuit filed.
Tears for Staff Sergeant Eliav Eliyahu Haim Kahlon, 22, from Tzfat (Safed).Killed today in Defense of Israel in the war of Good versus Evil.
IDF released the name of the soldier killed inside Gaza as Staff Sergeant Moshe Davino, 20, from Jerusalem, IDF death t…
There are 2-3 Sgt. 1x Staff Sgt. and one LT. I gona be their Staff Sergeant, so i gona still have the command over them.
Eating lunch with navy a Lieutenant, and army Sergeant First Class, and Staff Sergeant. No big deal.
Nearly three in 10 staff sergeants considered by the service's first Staff Sergeant Retention Board held in June were denied further service. In all, the board considered 798 Marines, said Lt. Col. Rory Quinn, Manpower and Reserve Affairs' End Strength Retention Optimization Group and Enlisted Assignments section head.
ahhh...once staff sergeant found out I ball he had a long good talk with me about trying out for the active army team in the future 🏀💪🙏
Staff Sergeant Parrott standing by his new vehicle that he was able to get by having that Army paycheck.
Our future Soldiers having fun today. Well deserved break from training that Staff Sergeant Allenbrand put together.
Had a nice Lil chat with my staff sergeant today
On this day in 1944, Army Staff Sergeant Kazuo Otani distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism near Pieve Di...
Beat every corporal, sergeant, and staff sergeant in PT this morning
Haven't been on here to say how happy I am to be getting promoted to Staff Sergeant
Staff sergeant , when you in the service if I may ask..?
Welcome Adam “AJ” Jun, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army to the R4V TEAM! AJ has served our country on multiple 365-day...
Staff Sergeant Ben is in charge of the troops tonight but fear not, he makes a mean po'boy!
Chief Gammage and his Command Staff would like to congratulate Sergeant Carl Glass, who represented the Olive...
ppl will do anything to get laid...join marines; attain rank of staff sergeant, just to lend dress blues to Linz.
Staff Sergeant Christopher Egan surprises his daughter Angelina during the Hurricanes game! revine if this ...
Is that Gove gone to whip? Teachers, a sneaky brandy in the staff room coffee is in order.
"Nobody asks to be a hero. It just turns out that way." - Staff Sergeant Eversmann
Supervisor staff on shift (Sergeant & Lieutenant) are moving forward to have a Silver Alert issued. Media will be informed
A staff sergeant just tried to pull my phone out of the charger to be a *** and I just flipped out on him because I'm hungry & irritable😒
When I hit Staff Sergeant I'ma be the most laid-back NCO ever to walk around base/post/wherever I am
President Obama to award Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts.
Staff Sergeant Shank is out here trying to kill me
As a Staff Sergeant, no less. I would hate be a soldier with him as my NCO.
Requested help from your Staffer Javier Salinas. Family and I need your help now!
Please stop damage to be done to this Soldier, wife and 13 month old son http…
Legislative Digest on H.R. 4416 can be found here –
I'm sad and depressed, This is from my heart so please share with the rest of our country!Message to the guys who like to steal other people hard earned things. My name is Dwan Robert West, I'm a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, I'm sad and heart broken about my truck that was broken in to in St. Louis, MO on 7/12/14. I don't have or own many thing in my life due to deployments and being gone for many different reasons. I worked really hard and gave up a lot of things to buy my truck! See in the military my truck is something that doesn't change while the rest of my life does. I will give everything to protect this country and your rights! That also means my life. So heres a small list of things I had to give up for my truck and the stuff in it. 1.Seeing my son grow up 2. Burying family members because I was deployed or couldn't afford to make it home because we don't make a lot of money or I'm training to perform a function in a system to protect you. 3. Time with my brothers and sisters. 4. M . ...
I find out of I made staff sergeant this week 😎
Surf Dog Ricochet surfs with Staff Sergeant Randall Dexter SurfDog doin his thing helping out. Makin folks happy!
I was an Army Staff Sergeant for years - try making 78¢ an hour & see how you like that!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Put a sock in RJ, I am ex-Army Staff Sergeant, in ur best day,u will not change my mind. I used 2 eat breath war
Corrected a staff Sergeant this morning.
This staff sergeant does a rap to explain how to look after a pot on a broken leg.
Can we just discuss how a Staff Sergeant in the US Army proposed to his girlfriend on stage with Brad tonight
please help me connect with Staff Sergeant Melvin Morris. I have reasons to believe that he could have met my grandfather.
The marine staff sergeant in the lone survivor called himself sergeant. Nah.
Chilling with a Staff Sergeant and a 2nd Lieutenant at a tattoo shop
spends some time with this weekend's Staff Sergeant Michael Zickefoose Saturday at Norwalk
in 1912 2 airmen Captain Loraine and Staff-Sergeant Wilson were killed in a crash near Stonehenge
Promotion Parade from Corporal to Staff Sergeant. Will like to thank everyone who have…
4 staff dedicated to Picadilly Gardens + joined by others for periodic Sergeant reports 99% decent people enjoying sunshine
In the words of my Staff Sergeant "Go away and bang some English or Scottish bird." Will do Staff, will do.
The airman on the 18th green is a Staff Sergeant. Not an Airman 1st Class.
Staff sergeant was recognized for his years of service. In turn, he proposed to his girlfirend in front of thousands of people here today.
Staff Sergeant Ron Weir with ICE speaking about the WOLFE arrest.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
This staff sergeant walks around with at least 4 knives on him at all times. And a battle axe in his assault pack
This is what America looks like! Staff Sergeant Chester Reeves - WWII veteran and Grand Marshall of our local parade
I'll be wearing a Captain America shirt in the Red, White, and Blues 10K race Sunday only because Staff Sergeant America isn't a thing.
And then Staff Sergeant Fluffybottom was patriotized! Have I mentioned how awesome is yet?
Confirm fake rank one, where got so young de staff sergeant?
Congrats on your promotion for staff sergeant!!! Great time mentoring y'all for this year (-:
"Do not fall asleep on staff duty. Youll get Article 15 so fast your head will sping." Says the sleeping staff sergeant.
This illiterate staff-sergeant-turned-DXO... Urghh, shouting and all like some act warrant officer 😒
Staff Sergeant Christopher Egan surprises his daughter during the Hurricanes game
But unlike most, Henry, a medically discharged Army Staff Sergeant, had armed agents from the Department of...
On November 13, 2013 Staff Sergeant Cody Ensley (of Lewiston, Idaho) was on patrol in Afghanistan, and was hit...
I was just introduced to Team Rubicon by who himself as a Staff Sergeant for the US Marine Corp from …
Legislative Digest on H.R. 1458 can be found here-
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