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Staff Sergeant

Staff sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in several countries.

Army Staff Sergeant Leonard Nimoy Air Force Star Trek First Lady Michelle Obama

being a staff sergeant is harder then I thought
.Investigation into Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales' killing of 16 Afghan civilians released
Join us at the Bayview Club tomorrow at 3 p.m. to congratulate newest Staff Sergeant Selects!
I just met a Staff Sergeant who looks like Joel from MST3K.
Weird to think my next rank is staff sergeant, time flies 🇺🇸
I was with my Eckrich Meats as they surprised U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Thomas Kennington and his family with One...
If I get selected to promote to staff sergeant tomorrow I will seriously be beyond ecstatic
1 more day until Staff Sergeant results. I'm so impatient and anxious
Did 7.4km run today. Almost fall out thanks to my staff sergeant pushes me. Next ippt gold liao ah huat ah
staff sergeant/E-5 results come out tomorrow and deep deep down in my heart im hoping i make it , BUT NAH SON YOU KNOW YA BOY AINT MAKE IT
Retired Staff Sergeant Mel Young weighs in on Harper's interference with the RCMP:
Congrats to Cadet Staff Sergeant Brandon Benenati, our latest recipient of the Wright Brothers Award!
Impressing the pt leader and staff sergeant on the first day feels pretty good😊
RIP Staff Sergeant Clayton P Bowen we honor and remember you.
The month before he killed 16 Afghan civilians in a shooting rampage, Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales bloodied the nose of an Afghan truck…
You smell like balls says one staff sergeant to another
like cuts to the va . tell us again how our vets are being underserved. us Army Staff Sergeant Sheldon Tate 07.13.10
I am in the Army yes...staff sergeant yes...but that is my job...its what I do..not who I am. when I leave work...I go back to being a ***
Thach just called a master sergeant staff sergeant :/
Horrible photo. This isn't one of the new Rangers - this is a Marine Staff Sergeant. please fix this.
I don't think anything scares me more than when staff sergeant Cabrera mad dogs me.
Thank you to Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Joey Jones USMC EOD for promoting the bootcampaign…
The statue of Staff Sergeant Reckless stands proud in Semper Fidelis Memorial Park following its unv
New shirt now in stock! Buy yours today before we are sold out! USAF Staff Sergea... .
Must be National Staff Sergeant chew out Bussell day! I didn't get the memo that it's today :-)
Ah man *sniff* well done those riders and RIP Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner
if my hubby ever deploys again, i want one of THESE!! luv that Staff Sergeant of mine!!
OBSOLETE US Air Force Staff Sergeant Chevrons from the 1970s/80s Female Type.
Lemme go to sleep before staff sergeant catch be on the phone ✌
Thank you to Ret. Staff Sergeant Joey Jones of for sharing his incredible story with us. ht…
Photo: US Air Force staff sergeant has Neyland Stadium map coordinates tattooed on arm
Congratulations to my brother for your promotion in the Army- Staff Sergeant (E6). Dad is so proud 💗
This WILL MAKE YOU SMILE, and maybe even get watery eyes! Thank you Staff Sergeant Cartwright for your service.
So a Staff Sergeant comes up to me at work last night "Miller! Who's your supervisor!?" So I told him my supervisors name..
This week we remember and honor, Staff Sergeant Robert J. Chiomento, of Fort Dix, N.J.; assigned to 2nd...
Had an ENLISTED Staff Sergeant Marine recruiter tell me I probably wasn't cut out for the Corps cause I didn't want to go reserves. 😂
I just had a Staff Sergeant *** come into my office. Man I know the people in his unit gives him *** Lol
Check out our Dog of the Week, Bentley hanging out in the yard with staff member Jake!. http:/…
Army Reserve Sgt Pleads Guilty to Bulk Cash Smuggling & Theft of Government Property in
Happy Birthday to my brother Jordan who recently got promoted to Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air…
US Army Staff Sergeant sent boxes home from containing stolen govt property & cash
Staff Sergeant Adam Humphrey USAF, son of employee Susan Humphrey, presented a flag to Bates Security in...
Yes Staff Sergeant Oliver Shaw you are free and clear!
The results for Staff Sergeant promotion better be coming out soon, I'm really curious as to if I actually made it or not.
As I'm walking back from Midnight Chow going to work with 2 Majors and a Staff Sergeant, one of the Majors asked...
I have a friend, a Staff Sergeant in the Army, who is transitioning as we speak and I support HIM 100%. Great Soldier and a great NCO.
The suspense of moving is KILLING ME!!! today he told me the Staff Sergeant has the list! Like oh my goodness I need to know!!
Marine staff sergeant and his wife hug after rededicating their marriage to God and each other ht…
staff cadet Company Sergeant Majors making connections before the weekly Blackdown Board meeting.
this gonna be me in March when I test for Staff Sergeant. I'll barely be 21
Dont worry sir,Staff Sergeant Gray will get their butts in gear*ate another chocolate with a giggle*I like the sound of that
Now this old lady just asked me if I knew a staff sergeant that's stationed in Hood.. forget it
***cadet staff Sergeant, thank you very much 💁
The old Jamaican Staff Sergeant in this class busted out singing when Jason Aldean came on the radio.
Army Reserve Staff Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Bulk Cash Smuggling and Theft of Government Property While Serving i...
Photo: President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama with Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha…
Army Staff Sergeant gets death sentence is fine - krishanthi murder n the rest of it too need justice likewise
I know I even got cussed out for being disrespectful towards a staff sergeant
“Oliver looks older in the white shirt. I miss him on the streets. Me too but love him as staff sergeant
Staff sergeant 37 yrs old throw away his whole career for dating a 17 year old girl *** is wrong with people.
Congratulations Staff Sergeant Bucky Buchanan & Sergeant Hooter Gibson on retirement from - all the best in your next journey!
Staff Sergeant hates and me because.. Well because we're *** 😂😂😂
Staff Sergeant Nanos accepts Kevin Hart's challenge to perform a Couldn't get as high as Kevin,...
"I was pretty fired up to get our program involved." -Former Staff Sergeant Summers
So this Person Sediq Punjsheri claim that Staff Sergeant Essa Khan lied about killing all suicide attacker and...
Today we celebrate the life of Staff Sergeant Jonathan Callender.
Forget about Michael Jackson. Go look into the life of Staff Sergeant Darrell "Shifty" Powers, E/2nd/506th/101st
I want staff sergeant quintero to have my children
Anyone interested in trying a marine pt(physical traing) dm me. Not trying to sign anyone up, staff sergeant just wants some people to check
Congratulations Harry Gregory on the Patriot Award you received! Staff Sergeant Christy Cheshire, a Soldier in...
On my way to test for staff sergeant...wish me luck!!!
Army Staff Sergeant sentenced to death over Mirusuvil massacre
I'm so proud of Colton! He gets promoted to Staff Sergeant at the end of this month ☺️
8 IDPs murdered in Jaffna: Soldier sentenced to death: Army Staff Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake who ...
A staff sergeant found guilty of killing eight persons in Mirisuvil, Jaffna in 2000 sentenced to death by court ; Four others acquitted ...
Staff Sergeant "Chuck" Norris with Future Soldiers Robarge and Aguirre. — celebrating graduation at El Toro High...
Yard sign helps combat vet's PTSD: A medically retired Army Staff Sergeant is preparing for the Fourth of July...
Staff Sergeant Marva Lewis singing Billie Holiday with the US Army Jazz Ambassadors at Pike Performance Center.
"Sergeant Williams! We missed you at the staff meeting!" And youre going to keep missing me as long as it feels like Somalia in here
Proud to support Staff Sergeant John Goodman & all graduates on your 2015 Commencement
This Staff Sergeant handed me the AUX cord as a joke and said "you got any of that gangsta rap"
*grins* I was a staff sergeant of the royal guard. Retired *shakes her hoof*
Godzilla Raids Again is a dub on Prime so that's a pass. I was going to watch Miss Staff Sergeant but the signal is trash.
New Staff Sergeant looking forward to new posting
Congratulations to Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Moretti of the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry in The Army in Scotland...
Congrats to my uncle John for getting promoted to staff sergeant. I'm so so proud of him. Aren't they cute 😌
Appreciate Staff Sergeant Allen & Sergeant Conway coming today, beginning our "PT Day" training! The 1st of many! http…
I just met Staff Sergeant Carmen Russo from the my life so now complete
My staff sergeant always gives the best advice
Sgt., staff sgt. promotion list for July is out
Congratulations to the new Sergeant's & Staff Sergeant's!!! . Do you recognize anyone on the list?
...It feels good when people say they think you're ready to be a Staff Sergeant. I've barely been a Senior Airman for 8 mo…
Staff attended ceremony to dedicate boat in memory of Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) Michael Buxbaum. ht…
Oh dress sergeant and Staff Sargant waking and Scottish Bag pipes in front Gazzet news Paper police car
Ion play bout mine ; and I'm gonna make sure the military get involved ! He he little did you know you staff sergeant is my ex 😊
A staff sergeant walks into a bar with boot Marines "Good evening, staff sergeant."
Ayy my staff Sergeant gave me the day off tmrw cause of my hard work!! Ay😎😎😎
Via Scott AFB staff sergeant competes tonight in taping. Airs in September.
Excited about the opportunity and challenge we face tomorrow. Incredibly proud staff!
Recognition for Staff Sergeant Benjamin Fischer, U.S. Army. Thankful he's back safe from his recent deployment.
Staff Sergeant DeLine recently returned from his third tour in the Middle East where he was a squad leader and...
Staff Sergeant Lockhart and Chief Nelson take a quick break from serving up coffee at Tim Hortons on Exmouth htt…
Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers out again for Rolling Thunder...with ... via
A British Army Staff Sergeant saddler, who would have looked after horses for various units. -
73 years ago today, June 5, 1942, Staff Sergeant Hubert R. Browning, died of malaria and pneumonia as a Prisoner...
More staff sergeants will face separation in 2015 via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Flags flying at half staff today at Florida Capitol in honor of Master Sergeant Pablo A. Ruiz III, killed May 24 in Afghanistan.
No, Staff Sergeant, I will not eat green eggs and ham.
Musician and active duty US Army Staff Sergeant Nathan Fair recently signed the Freedom Guitar! Nathan has...
"Staff Sergeant Fischer hadn’t given me any directions about how to act or present myself at this proceeding.  Th...
Staff sergeant Shaw is kind of bandanas (err Badass, *** autocorrect) with the eye patch.
U.S. Marine Who Served in Ramadi Reacts to City's Recent Fall: Staff Sergeant John Trickler of the United States…
Staff Sergeant Richard Johnson is our special guest. He just arrived home from duty. We surprised w/ a police escort!
So I was a family friends graduation and a Staff Sergeant definitely tried to recruit me told him "I'm in the Navy"
Oliver says that him being a staff sergeant is "like asking *** Jagger to be a tour manager." 😂 ...or asking Beckett to be a Captain...😐
"Of course i would love to go on a death run in the middle of the desert Staff Sergeant"
Good morning San Diego my name is Staff Sergeant Ledet I will be posting videos of different programs…
This years tournament will be in memory of Ali Ghadbane as well as Staff Sergeant Kal Ghadban
My staff sergeant is teaching me and two other Marines how to drive a bus and Wednesday we will be licensed bus drivers 😹😹😹 MARINE CORPS 😍💪🏿
Staff Sergeant Javier Ortiz-Rivera called his boys his little He was laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery ~
Photo: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visit with former Staff Sergeant…
I feel like I'm the only person that's not going to make staff sergeant this year lmao.
Former Staff Sergeant Wayne Ingram, 45, has survived the 'hardest week of his life' in a life raft with with only one day's food and water
I had the privilege and honor of meeting Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry, Medal of Honor Recipient.
Staff sergeant getting that work in lmao
Loved how our guys responded to the early adversity. Showed a lot of character. Proud staff!
FROM THE INBOX:. I have currently been in the Air Force for 7 years. I just recently put on staff sergeant back...
Staff Sergeant Ollis is a hero and he deserves to be honored by naming a new ferry after him.
- R. Lee Ermey, Staff Sergeant and honorary gunnery sergeant, drill instructor - he's the real deal
I should be studying for Staff Sergeant, but I can't even get out of my own way right now 💁🏼
Think these things only happen in the movies? Think again; Staff Sergeant shields trainee from Grenade Blast
Thanks to Staff Sergeant Will Kocken for coming to the assembly at Eisenhower Elementary on Friday! We learned...
Must read: “Murder at Camp Delta:A staff sergeant’s pursuit of the truth about Guantanamo Bay” by
May's gonna be such a good month. Testing for staff sergeant, coming home, new car, Mother's Day, mom's birthday, bro's graduation 😌
Let me be a staff sergeant and not correct my subordinates. I’d be discharged like a mf for all the violations that’d fall on me. lol bye
Staff Sergeant was shot 6 times by Nidal Hasan and survived
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Palparan’s co-accused files another motion to junk charges: Staff Sergeant Edgardo Osorio, accused in the disa...
Sergeant Gregory La Fleur & Staff Sergeant Kenneth Kam saving the world
Staff Sergeant Pettway wanted to get in on the birthday festivities 😄
Glorious, Staff Sergeant Bains. Thank you for your service.
Looking for a Hero : Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper and the Vietnam War by...
Reggie Boykins retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a sergeant. He is part of the all veteran operations staff...
Yeah, me. Staff Sergeant Pineda of the Equestrian Special forces.
Check out story & photos of HB 8th graders visit from former Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts, Medal of Honor recipient:
William Banks Jr. --William Banks Jr., 74, a retired Staff Sergeant for over 27 years in the United States Air...
Can i get posted to Seletar Airport Fire Station once i POP? My dad's brother is a staff sergeant there. Please ...
Come see Ambassador Staff Sergeant Frank Bugner TODAY!! 12pm-3pm at Athletes' Nutrition…
My youngest, Dylan. He's a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Infantry.
+ me the staff, I can use it's gem to help Sergeant Barnes's mind.
Last friday was our last day wearing full u with staff sergeant rank. :( Well hey im gonna miss it so…
They dedicated a bridge in my wife's hometown to her great uncle Staff Sergeant Alfred McCullough. . He died...
Update your maps at Navteq
We are proud to welcome Staff Sergeant Brian Mast to the MSD military ball as their guest speaker.
Cadet Staff Sergeant Malikah Lyles finished 3 out of 48 girls in the flexed arm hand JROTC All Services Physical Fitness State Championship.
The City of Menifee today named a new street in Audie Murphy Ranch in honor of Staff Sergeant Nigel Kelly, a...
Army Staff Sergeant Nigel Kelly died from wounds sustained in Kunar province Afghanistan in June 2011.
Andrea watched them lovingly as Abraham's Major came over to talk to them. "Staff Sergeant Ford...Its good to see you."
Just found out my paw paw was a staff sergeant in Korea 😌
Staff Sergeant Argus and his team have been hard at work on their new project called "Buzz" and cant wait to show off the testing.
Staff Sergeant John W. Martin. Give the sassy Sergeant some love. .
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: Staff Sergeant Boyer is doing the unthinkable
Staff Sergeant Charlie Prince returns home wounded from the war. Sarah has to convince he’s still the man she loves. http…
Veteran, Staff Sergeant Lisa Dunsmore, receives an award in 1996, Tinker AFB, Okla.
ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I give you staff sergeant in and do rag 😹😹😹😹
KMOX Radio: The crime center will have a rotating staff of eight officers and one Sergeant u...
A street will be named in memory of former Menifee resident and the late Army Staff Sergeant Nigel Kelly Saturday...
what did the Feds want with ya brotha, What was the situation. Out of anyone ex staff sergeant, & now freedom repo…
Parkland resident Brian Mast rode 160 miles to help conquer child hunger in Florida and Haiti. Staff Sergeant...
Well done cadet Staff Sergeant Jones and Bombardier Li on your selection for the national pipes and drums band.
The selflessness of a Medal of Honor Recipient is astounding. Listening to Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts tell his story was beyond inspirational
Staff sergeant dignam takes no prisoners
Staff Sergeant Renie Boy Quilaman is awarded the GOLD CROSS MEDAL for gallantry in action in an operation in Sulu. htt…
That awkward moment when an Army Staff Sergeant drops you when volunteering at a Daddy Daughter Ball 😅
My brother got promoted to staff Sergeant tonight. That is all. 👌🙌
Retired Staff Sergeant Don Girling at SALH Vimy Dinner, looking great in period WW1 uniform!
Found an M-41 field jacket this morning. It belonged to a staff sergeant in WWII, who owned and…
Every so often when I go to jackson square I run into my dads old staff sergeant and he offers to buy me a beer, finally took him up on it
Staff Sergeant TJ Lobraico awarded the posthumous Bronze Star with Valor
Staff sergeant is telling his son 3 yr old son that if he breaks his ankles on the play ground his gonna be mad 😂
Staff Sergeant Nate Boyer hopes to tackle his dream and move from the battlefield to the football field.
Excited to be presenting at Activate Ottawa May 2-3rd with these amazing peeps! Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert...
Join us tomorrow for our 10am worship service where Staff Sergeant Michael Wajdner from SASRA will be our guest preacher. All welcome
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Staff Sergeant just made Yuma sound like it's gonna be awesome ☀️
Staff Sergeant asking if you've been working out during a uniform inspection.
When the news takes sides: I feel it's my Duty to talk about this I'm a retired Army Staff Sergeant and a form...
RIP Staff Sergeant Justin DeCrow, we love and miss you
Keep secrets for "Dirty Harry" (aka get rewarded with shiny, new job?
12th Infantry Regiment medic and staff sergeant in front of an ambulance, 1967
VIDEO: President & Staff Sergeant Nicholas Bradley after first-pitch ceremony. VIEW:
Staff Sergeant Bradley throws out the first pitch. Accompanied by President George W. Bush
An Air Force Staff Sergeant and George Bush throwing out the first pitch ... know
Here’s President Bush. Accompanies Retired U.S. Air Force staff sergeant Nicholas Bradley to the mound for ceremonial first pitch.
you should have went to Staff Sergeant Spellman, he was mine and he moved mountains for me
staff sergeant actually, I want to go higher than sergeant
Will Staff Sergeant Chance McKinley take a gamble at true love? THUNDER RUNNING!
I'll be testing to become a staff sergeant this time next year 😳
Nicholas Bradley, a student and retired Air Force staff sergeant, will throw out the first pitch at today's home…
domain names
Great story from on Staff Sergeant Baltej Dhillon. A truly Canadian story.
I hate texting my staff sergeant I have to be so extra proper
The staff sergeant who wants to round house me in the face until i die is here so lets see how this plays out
Only around one year till I can join again, but this time as a civilian instructor & hopefully in time, be staff sergeant Puckey!
staff sergeant Im in marine ROTC and the highest rank is captain so not many people in charge of me right now
Sudbury Police staff sergeant David Treitz resigned in 2011 when facing 14 counts misconduct, paid $119,665 in 2014.
Tuesday April 7th at 6 pm Staff Sergeant Simmons and the Clarksburg US Army Recruiting Team will be at Doddridge...
I need to be a Staff Sergeant next time I deploy. They make crazy bread.
Thank you for your service, Staff Sergeant!
April 1st was good for 2 of the Muir Brothers. My big bro got his Staff Sergeant and kicked *** in…
Staff Sergeant Dave from suggested to keep this question in mind throughout who are the
My staff sergeant said I am fat and have kankles :'c
Meet Staff Sergeant Baltej Dhillon and learn how he became the first Sikh RCMP permitted to wear a turban.
Thanks to Sams staff sergeant for giving me this idea 😂😂😂
you see the one in the mall the fake staff sergeant army ranger?! That's by far the worst one
A visit from Staff Sergeant Galindo-Cardoso for the Respect for the Military service project at ICHS!
So proud of my gorgeous nephew promoted to staff sergeant. The youngest ever xx
I'm dying inside for some senior leadership
Today's profile on Staff Sergeant Baltej Dhillon is a story I'm beyond proud to have directed.
hmmm nope! There's like 3rd, 2nd, 1st, Staff and master sergeant. It goes that way.
"Monday is chest day, come get your swole on" will be there Staff Sergeant😂😂
Staff Sergeant likes you tho so it's okay 😊
to Okinawa, Japan and my Active Duty Staff Sergeant days in the United States Air Force.…
Staff Sergeant J.H. Fowler, of Cleveland, Alabama, and the 47th Infantry Regiment, was killed in action 70 years...
Retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant and Wounded Warrior Nicholas Bradley to throw ceremonial first pitch for home opener on April 10.
The previous post are lyrics from the song:. Fallen Soldier. Sung by: Staff Sergeant Nathan Fair
Staff Sergeant John Goodman heads up the Waterloo Crime Awareness Task force, great member of the community and well deserving.
You ready for this weekend's marathon? Come and meet Staff Sergeant Clark and myself at the Savannah Station!
Travis Mills is at it again. The retired staff sergeant and quadruple amputee announced last week that his organization -- the Travis
On this day last year I introduced the new comic strip "Staff Sergeant" to spread the gospel of good SNCO leadership.
Feeling better... still yelling HYDRATE every 20 minutes then holding up emptied glass for the staff sergeant to see.
Very proud to present Staff Sergeant John Goodman with his Order of Merit Lapel Pins formal investiture later by
to 4 years ago today when I got promoted to Staff Sergeant.
Why is a former Sudbury staff sergeant on the Sunshine List when he resigned in 2011? That story on this morning.
Congratulations to the 2 team members who were selected for Staff Sergeant today.
Big well done to my Dad for being promoted to Staff Sergeant today 😊
Congratulations to everyone across the who was promoted to Colour Sergeant, Staff Sergeant or Corporal of Horse today.
I repeat.. Take your *** to sleep staff sergeant. Lol keep on grinding out there girl! Super proud of you.
We remember Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen, who died looking for Bergdahl.
if by the end of those 8 years I'm not a sergeant or staff I'm out. No questions about it. Gonna work my *** off until those 8 come
N8Million is chicken change? Come you know say Staff Sergeant gratuity for Army to even reach N5Million?
to staff sergeant Andrew Seif, and all others that lost their lives in the fatal Helicopter accident. Your service will always be remembered
PHOTOS: Get to know Jeremy Gaynor, staff sergeant in the U.S. Army, and an amazing vocalist
Staff sergeant Fenzel reporting for duty
Marine Staff Sergeant Liam Flynn Who died in Helicopter crash. Irish US Marine served in Iraq and Afghanistan .
Whoa fricking cool how Staff sergeant Razali just shot the ahbeng back in chinese!!
Marine killed in crash had ties to New Mexico: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A U.S. Marine Corps staff sergeant who rece...
in late may until late June time frame... but it's for military school for staff sergeant. my next leave opportunity I want
Met my favourite staff sergeant muruga just now while on the bus.. Happy to see him doing well and looking healthy. 😀
Staff sergeant cadenna is the back bone of this great nation God bless the USA
Staff Sergeant Garland just made tonight 10 time better 😭😭😭😭
.Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice Staff Sergeant Seif.
her dad was a Vietnam marine staff sergeant
Staff Sergeant David Fuqua just surprised his family at tonight's game. You have to see this.
RIP to a great Clane, Kildare and Irishman, Staff Sergeant Liam Flynn who died tragically today
Silver Star Winner Among 7 Marines Killed in Helicopter Crash: The staff sergeant received the award four days before he and six othe...
Sgt Whiler Jaranilla has just been promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant.
March promotions for sergeants, staff sgts. announced
We. Already studying for staff sergeant!
Long before he was Spock, he was Staff Sergeant
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Leonard Nimoy, former US Army Staff Sergeant and "Spock" from Star Trek, sadly dies at 83.
Did you know Leonard Nimoy served as a staff sergeant in the US Army??? Also, he was stationed here in California!
Leonard Nimoy was an Army Staff Sergeant in the 1950s, years prior to him staring in the original TV show Star Trek as "SPOCK." Salute.
Leonard Simon Nimoy was a United States Army veteran. He was promoted all the way to Staff Sergeant serving from...
Leonard Nimoy, a former Army Staff Sergeant has died.
Bout to show Staff Sergeant what's up in volleyball tomorrow 😎
Actor Leonard Nimoy, a former Army Staff Sergeant, died Friday at age 83. Nimoy, who immortalized the science...
"Leonard Nimoy, a former soldier, dies at 83." He made Staff Sergeant in just 2 years. Hooah!
New sergeant to head RCMP detachment: RCMP Staff Sgt. Kevin Keane handed the reins and reporting over...
Can AP McCoy kick off Friday with a winner at He rides Staff Sergeant at 1:15pm. Odds here.
I think everyone fared better than Staff Sergeant Black. He looks Hispanic in Path to Power
Staff SGT to a Sergeant, First Class. Then I received an award for my staff performance, went to camp, & the rest is history 😌
Lmao I was in class and I said "SHE BROKE MY HEART" and the staff sergeant across the room says "It's gettin real soft over there" 😂😂
When you buy a bike but you cant ride it cause your staff sergeant will literally kill you.
Don't wanna study for my ALS but being a Staff Sergeant sure does sound nice
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
This morning,my mother,a former WW l Staff Sergeant was honored by your servicemen for her passing.They were awesome.Thank u!
in Honor and Celebration of the passing of my mother,Marine Staff Sergeant June Shirley Thomason,sta.@ Quantico,VA,US
Can you ask him why he goes by Sergeant but is wearing Staff Sergeant rank?
I could test for staff sergeant in 2017. Yes.
"Wicked tattoo you got." Why, thank you Mr. Staff Sergeant ☺️
Let's start this week off good. We decided to go with "caption this". So what is this Staff Sergeant thinking?...
Staff Sergeant had me wake up for no reason😭😭
Monday, we're comin' for ya... Just let us have our coffee first. ☕️☕️ . The Staff Sergeant Lewis is…
Everytime staff sergeant P calls me, I get so nervous
When the staff sergeant ask mie, why do i wait so long to lodge this report..? And my ans was, .
Interested in serving your country, traveling, and getting paid to do it;. Contact Staff Sergeant Auclair to set...
Y'all can have your USM, ASM and Staff Sergeant ranks or whatever. I'm just gonna focus on my studies ehh :DD
"Your life is mundane? Oh please." She tickles her side. "I've been doing pretty well. I'm staff sergeant in the NYPD now.
Staff sergeant gave the Brief why are we just sitting here
"i remember being a staff sergeant before.". "OMG REALLY? 😱😱 i didn't know!". "yeah 😌 in blackshot."
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My Floor MTL is the chillest Staff Sergeant ever..
Things I did today: Slept, Ate, Watched Movies, dunked on a Staff Sergeant!!!
Congratulations to on his promotion to Staff Sergeant! 😎
Rome staff sergeant assists with DEMIL operations in Afghanistan
We're going to ring in 2015 by celebrating the old guard of starting with Staff Sergeant Frank Best.
- Special sergeant came out to let his staff out for st4, regular Sgt no where to be seen. Special Sgt handing out chocs though
We celebrated the birthday of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Josh Ives yesterday at our Operation Heal Our Patriots reunion …
Shout out to my girls! Promoted last night to Staff Sergeant and Senior Master Sergeant in their AFJROTC Corp. http…
Lucky I order what we need and my Staff Sergeant picks it up or sends the email.
Is there no PT today? I'm literally the only one here with Staff Sergeant this has never happened.
Before & after. Syukur Alhamdulillah! Leaving NPCC with the Staff Sergeant rank.
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