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Staff Sergeant

Staff sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in several countries.

God Bless America Staff Sgt Sergeant First Class United States Marine Corps

Thank you Staff Sergeant, my liver thanks you as well.
The MCPOON thinks that an Army Staff Sergeant is an E7.
The MCPOON doesn't know what the staff sergeant rank of inverted chevrons and rockers looks like. Or normal chevrons.
The staff sergeant is playing classic 80's tunes over the intercom 😅
US Marine Staff sergeant Liam Dwyer lost his leg serving in Afghanistan. Today he drove to podium finish ht…
First lesson I learned for MMA came from staff sergeant Marcinco in 2002 and I will never forget it. "You don't ever tap to punches!"
True story. Call me Thorburn, John A., staff sergeant. Marksman, skilled in killing, illing, I'm able and willing
Army Staff Sergeant Josh Pholman has been in Afghanistan for the last 3 months
Staff Sergeant Todd Knauber on his road to recovery with Transcendental Meditation via
Try as you might staff sergeant, you ain't putting a damper on my day. I'm out of here for two weeks this afternoon.
Local serviceman explains importance of care packages: ecause he's a U.S. Air Force staff sergeant with Fort…
That moment a black staff sergeant walks in with a pink reflective belt….😳😏
Found out this week that I've been promoted from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant. Got a nice pay bump just before Xmas!
Staff Sergeant Old School is a grumpy *** but he seems to have a clear idea about who he befriends.
I wonder what it means when a Traffic Section Staff Sergeant looks at your LinkedIn profile.
Me and my Staff Sergeant was lifting weights during lunch and one of the other Marine walks by with a burrito and says "Ima be lifting this"
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Primary students gathered around the Marine staff sergeant when he came to collect our Toys for Tots boxes. Thank...
1,000,000th TrueCar customer We surprised Retired Army Staff Sergeant, Catherine D. by paying for her
Staff Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts, received the Medal of Honor today for his actions in Afghanistan. HERO.
The of the week is Staff Sergeant Samuel O. Turner who in this day, in 1972 shot down a MIG-21 using the tail gun of his B-52
On this day in 1965, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler recorded one of the few positive songs about the Vietnam war, “
A MUST WATCH: Staff Sergeant Anthony Wagner of the U.S. Army surprises his family at
EDWIN & EDWARD HENSLEY - IDENTICAL TWINS LOST IN WAR Edwin was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Forces 733rd Bomber Squadron, 453rd Bomber Group, Heavy. His identical twin brother, also a Staff Sergeant, Edward J Hensley, was killed with him over the North Sea, and were declared as Missing in Action. Both were awarded the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and are commemorated together on the Tablets of the Missing. They entered the Service from North Carolina. It was the 17th mission of the B-24 bomber "Blood and Guts" (the plane received its name because it hit and killed hundreds of birds on a test flight when taking off!) was part of the 8th Air Force, 453rd Bombardment Group, 733rd Bombardment Squadron. It flew at least 8 missions with 389th Bomb Group and 35 missions with 453rd Bomb Group. It was forced to ditch in the North Sea, 9 miles North of Cromer, Norfolk after severe icing while returning from a recalled mission to Magdeburg, Germany. It was forming on buncher 6 over the North Sea about ha ...
USAF Staff Sergeant gets driving ban for causing death by dangerous driving in Mildenhall - Bury Free Press
Today, Michael W. Smith surprised Staff Sergeant Rafael Panduro, who serves as a Medical Platoon Sergeant at Fort Campbell, and his wife Ursula Panduro and two children with lunch and a shopping spree at *** Barrel.
Man I had a fun day. Started off with training Soldiers on BRM. I also had the pleasure of presenting awards and promoting one of my much deserved high-speeds to Staff Sergeant. All before lunch time lololololol.
And I need my staff Sergeant to let Dillon and I get tattoos...ASAP
Okay Staff Sergeant Pagan won't reply to my text but comments on my post😒🔪🔪
Went to do the pull-up thing at lunch today and the Staff Sergeant up there wants to get me to join the Army because of my size. 👍
hopfully you have fun learning from Staff Sergeant Craig Hart ☺️😁
Staff Sergeant Greg Clemens of the United States Marines needs your help.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Name and shame James Viljoen. Hate speech from a staff sergeant.
Name and shame. Hate speech from a staff sergeant.
Meet Air Force Staff Sergeant Jessica Aranda - a great example of how to this holiday season!
Back from deployment, Air Force Staff Sergeant Diaz surprised his 3rd grade daughter Ava at
My staff sergeant is better than yours 💯💯👌😀
All these staff ladies tryna hit up the sergeant lol
This female Staff Sergeant so sexy lol.
Staff sergeant sphinkter and corporal felatio reporting for duty
says one staff sergeant has been cooperative, admitted to wrongdoing, arrested. Other moved to Michigan, needs to be found.
Alejandro Sapiens, Staff Sergeant at Army National Guard, and I recently connected on Li...
Am I cool now bc a staff sergeant just called me his homie and a "boss *** thx *hair flip*
What do you like to do for physical training? Staff Sergeant Nanos loves to lift weights!
oh that makes sense I'm Eren Jaeger;staff sergeant of the vanguard of Shiganshina
Maybe I'll just pcs right on to Texas.. Bout to pin staff sergeant soon anyway might as well go recruiting n ask for DALLAS lol
"Get on line freaks" well good morning to you too staff sergeant
I just wanna be like Staff Sergeant 😂
staff sergeant Brandon Dodson needs to stay on the sidelines all the way to AZ
hey Dean, how about keeping staff sergeant Brandon Dodson on the sidelines all the way to Arizona!
s/O to my brother he just got promoted to E6 ! He's now a staff sergeant 🇺🇸
Staff Sergeant Larry Nagel reporting for duty sir.
*** *** *** .. I heard you're looking at staff sergeant though
Great to meet Staff Sergeant Khan from Redditch today in the House. He is inspirational and a great asset to our country
A female Staff Sergeant walked in once and I had to talk like a girl 💁😞
and just to add you have to be roughly a staff sergeant to get £40,000 a year , a private earns approx £16,000
Staff Sergeant Joseph R. Cheek, of Forth Worth, Texas, and the 417th Bomb Group, was killed in a crash on...
Staff Sergeant Old School gives his take on the ISIS situation.
you don't have to deal with a wack a staff Sergeant and inspections
I first met Sarah Fontyn, Staff Sergeant for the US Army Reserve, at the Brownells Pro-Am 3-gun match this...
"He's calling a Staff Sergeant a Staff Sergeant when he just said he's a Staff Sergeant. Doesn't make much sense. "
Luis Loubriel, Staff Sergeant for the US Army, presents Synergy with two flags for classroom use
3 years, probably end contract with 1st Sergeant rank? Or better Staff Sergeant? Hmm
My staff sergeant likes to have a HDC (hamster death count) aka, how many people are completely lost and their hamster on the wheel died.
& I left our Staff Sergeant a nice surprise. 😂😂😂
Some wise words from staff sergeant g today
Today I saw a staff sergeant or Sergeant First Class break down trying to give him an order to get up. that killed everything in me 😪
I want to congratulate my hubby on his promotion. Now he is a Staff Sergeant of the Marines!! I'm So…
Staff Sergeant Old School is a Grinch...and we love him for that.
Dude! You just demoted the Staff Sargeant a full rank!!! You called him Sergeant! FYI.
The Cannons talk to Staff Sergeant Brandon Dodson, who was given the game ball in yesterday's win, at 3:45p. Tune in!
Oh freedom... ❤️󾓬󾓦 I love you. I had to giggle because I thought of Nathan Fair AKA Staff Sergeant Freedom.
Enlisted. A Staff Sergeant which is the equivalent of a Sergeant First Class
so this supposed shooter is an army staff sergeant... On a SEAL team? That's not even a real thing. This is propaganda.
Sergeant Megan Walker was promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSG) today in an outstanding promotion ceremony here at the...
Why is he calling him a staff sergeant if he is already a staff sergeant? lol lol
Marine Staff Sergeant Brandon Dodson's inspirational visit is one we'll never forget. . READ:
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Kinda crazy that my Staff Sergeant always knew I was going to join. He never doubted it, he just knew.
Thank you staff sergeant Salso and for your generosity and show of appreciation
.in a gesture of thanks to a staff sergeant he had brought backstage as a VIP, he bought them free groceries for a year.
as a former USAF Staff Sergeant this staffer can bug off
Just saw Arthur Boorman, the teacher from Severna Park and former Staff Sergeant on Shark Tank
I walked in and the staff sergeant said "Those Are some Fresh *** jays on your feet" i Said thanks You Wanna Buy Em? 😩
Infowars reporters Jakari Jackson and former Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs update you on their trip to Ferguson... http…
"If u get sum booty u better locate close with and destroy it but wrap it up"- Staff sergeant Googe talking about behaving over libo 😂😂😂
Just sang Merle Haggard with my staff sergeant
PVM singles out clerk's office staff and sergeant-at-arms specifically for their work.
Staff Sergeant Burckes gon stop hating on yaboi, his bald *** always think he can cook me
As Sergeant Wilson might have asked "Is that awfully wise, SIr?" | ATO to lose 4,700 jobs over the next 3 years. .
Love this!!. "This is the most amazing week," retired Army Staff Sergeant Phillips Casey said. "We got our...
By transferring the police sergeant who acts on a report of domestic violence, because the accused is his Chief of Staff
The MARFORPAC TOUR begins today!! Staff Sergeant Jerry Williams and I are on the Hawaii News Now…
Please support our troops worldwide in all they do - Staff Sergeant Stephen Hughes, serving in Kabul is beginning...
My baby is making staff sergeant next weekend and I couldn't be more excited 😍
Iraq: This is the first war photograph I ever published . Staff Sergeant Richard Sturm, conducting combat...
Hmmm. Sgt . Slaughter is only a Staff Sergeant (SSG), could have atleast made him a Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
I never sagged my pants a day in my life and I'm educated and a white Staff sergeant still told me "you're an angry black man"
So proud of my brother for being promoted to staff sergeant this morning! 🎉🎉
Just got in so much trouble by my Staff Sergeant at training today 😂 oops
Just grappled my Staff Sergeant for 30 minutes and we went through three rooms. Hashtag Marine Corps
Today I start studying for staff sergeant 😁🔫
My black *** should of held out at Meps until infantry became available. I'd be a sergeant looking at staff sergeant by now.
It's !! Staff Sergeant Nanos is knocking them out! If you can do these, make a video and tag us...
PSA: A Staff Sergeant just called me "chicken nugget" then had another meow at me. 😂
Out early cause my staff sergeant is the man
In Kirby's office, staff express shock at Fox News quoting an official: "This is why you don't send a sergeant to do a secretary's job."
Oops. Lol, Well congratulations on Damien's promotion to Staff Sergeant Major!
We would like congratulate Staff Sergeant Zach Piwko who was gifted $500 to go home for Thanksgiving.
Gonna reach Staff Sergeant or die trying
Staff Sergeant Pound will be at the scene at 10 am today for media availability. 6900 blk 152 Street, Sur…
Chain officer and sergeant meeting at 0630 in Duncan dining hall. All staff juniors and seniors please be in attendance. Let others know.
Juan Roldan is a retired U.S. staff sergeant, who suffered a career-ending injury while serving in the Iraq war. Like many soldiers who are forced to adjust to a drastic change in lifestyle after becoming disabled, Juan suffered from anguish, depression, and stress.
Earlier last week, Oakside Elementary students in Ms. Soucy's 3rd grade class made thank you cards for veteran members of Poughkeepsie’s Lutheran Care Center in honor of Veterans Day. The cards were delivered to residents during a special lunch celebration by retired Peekskill music teacher Dave Thomas and his father, Staff Sergeant Peter Thomas, who served in World War II. The students also wrote letters about what they learned about Veterans Day and made a poster for residents to display as well.
I just got a text from Staff Sergeant, he says everyone needs to be in formation behind the barracks like... right now. I have no idea why. PT Gear.
It's not even his fault, it's the coaching staff's, which makes this whole thing a lot harder.
Bruh a female Staff sergeant tried to crack jokes on me in formation. Bruh.I flamed her *** and she been quiet ever since!!!
This soldier's life was transformed - and he thanks ONE PERSON! Former Staff Sergeant Juan Roldan Has Overcome His Tribulations to Seize…
Met this super sweet staff sergeant on the plane ride to Texas and he just bought Heather and I dinner 🇺🇸. On that note. . Houston ✈️ LA
Why does the kid in School of Rock have staff sergeant stripes? Lol
Inspector Ewart and Staff Sergeant Walker with Blue at the Santa Parade
Happy Bday Staff Sergeant Dustin Williams. It's been almost 8 years since we lost you. Miss you bub.
" we made one of the girls a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps!" Probably the best thing I'll see tonight.
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i know i'm nitpicking, but Perez was a Staff Sergeant, which is SSG, not a SGT which is a Sergeant. I'm horrible.
This kid fought a Sergeant and Staff Sergeant smh
I work for a living Sergeant Major lol staff sergeant or vet is perfect
America is An Ebola Portapotty: via . Infowars reporter and former Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs about Ebola
to give Staff Sergeant Wood and his family a true hero's welcome!
Watching "A Hero's Welcome" on reading about Staff Sergeant Tony Wood – is someone chopping onions in here??
When a 2nd Lt. tries to tell a staff sergeant what to do
if you ever meet this one Staff Sergeant from Golf company MCT you'll know man lol
I feel like im more of a leader. I want to be a sergeant or staff sergeant in the marines. So i have somewhat of power.
68-year-old Sid Busch completed his 198th marathon today in Richmond -- this one in honor of former Army staff sergeant Wesley Williams.
Staff Sergeant Polt sure does know how to give a motivational speech. Oorah.
" but staff sergeant I'm Asian I need more parking training " 😂
Got to see staff sergeant penny today I missed you man
Here's the man I wanted to meet today: MOH recipient Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta. Much wow.
I had a staff sergeant for inspection and it was the easiest thing I had to go through
This is why Staff Sergeant Luke "Madman" Madsen is the best. ashiemarieee lol
birthday ball Paris. Best speech I've heard in a long time. Well done Staff Sergeant!
Clinton 2nd graders met a true hero. Thank you Army Staff Sergeant Gomez for visiting with us and for your service.
A grateful family is brought back together for the holidays.
Day made: Got to stand and applaud recipient Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta.
A real pleasure to present cadet Staff Sergeant Loughead with his national shooting colours for representing the ACF at CISAAM BIsley.
This Staff sergeant I work with right now just said Jay-Z and Kanye West are horrible rappers..
Do you agree. or disagree?. "...Was it a lack of encouragement? After she earned staff sergeant her first time...
“Best line from the show STAFF SERGEANT STUBBELFEILD 😂😂
"Yo, guys. gather round. we gonna watch the notebook." -staff sergeant henriquez
SSgt Tijerino presenting Jason with a sweet gift this morning for picking up Staff Sergeant. Thank you…
Photo: usmcjock: That Staff Sergeant is me- I’m workin on Time In Grade… The Lance Criminal is working on...
Former Army staff sergeant at Camp Delta speaks out for the first time about the mistreatment he witnessed:
Gold over Sterling USA Military Staff Sergeant Brooch (st - 1144) by RAMJewelers
Standing O from the crowd for Staff Sergeant Brian Hart, recently home from Iraq, and honored at tonight's game.
Cornbread mentions that Cordarro Harper is a staff sergeant in the US Army.
I'm being driven to a wal Mart by a staff sergeant just so I can buy drum sticks. Holy crap.
Michael W. Stima, my grandfather, Staff Sergeant in the US Army during WWII. Awarded the Silver Star & Purple Hea…
On this day I have been promoted to staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Time to step my game up...o_O
Stolen Valor is everywhere but we dont have to look anywhere far. It here in Garden Grove. Please do not associate with this guy Mike Quang Tran or QTD. He is not a Staff Sergeant and he does not earn Airborne or Air Assault. His staff does not have any knowledge of how to properly wear of the uniform ie hair, nail, and no Army tan under shirt. If Mike is an NCO he would of know how to corrected his stuff. I forgot he was an for a few moments. Please pass this on I f you live in Garden Grove.
Staff Sergeant Z will be at CRLS tomorrow (Wed). Please come by his table to say hello.
The staff sergeant that called me is really nice! Even asked me how John was doin :) which is graduating basic next week & I get to see him!
Luke's Wings has had the privilege to provide several flights for Army Staff Sergeant James Pierce. We are very...
The Air Force Personnel Center is in the news once again. Staff Sergeant saves 50 people from erroneous...
Staff Sergeant Dave Cross at 12 Division with his Thumb Up against Distracted Driving ^NB
Was gunna go to Chapin with staff sergeant but a *** don't got no ride 😐
Marine to speak to NL students: Staff Sergeant Jacob McCormack will be the keynote…
At age 26 I was a Marine Staff Sergeant, married w/ 5 kids, the mini van, work car, and owned a home. What's with w/kids 2day?
Staff Sergeant James Childress and Staff Sergeant Charlie Webb talk about the advantages of joining the Army.
Staff Sergeant Shead should be here! Ooo, it would be too funny if he is!! 😂
Being a staff sergeant is cool, pay is good. A lot of power. But this ain't it. Can't do this forever. Need another move.
staff sergeant is pretty good you're over Jonny & Omar
"private! Complete the obstacle course." . "But staff sergeant, these jays are fresh out da box..."
Brotherbear Cody got promoted to Staff Sergeant today and I couldnt be more proud❤️ can't wait to see u and Aub tw
What's the quickest way to make Staff Sergeant in South Korea ? Go in as a Sergeant First Class.
Boys, here's a tip. Don't mess with girls who have staff sergeant fathers. 😌
I like when i text staff sergeant that im gonna do pt tomorrow, and he acts surprised. Lol
1940 - Barry Sadler, the Special Forces staff sergeant... -
My mentor & friend is now a Staff Sergeant and my junior Marine is now a Sergeant. Time truly flies. He was just a LCpl when I left
Gd day 2day: COG weekly update this morn followed by 2nd of sergeant/ insp & police staff equivalent Leaders' event. New op model on agenda.
I am truly blessed to have been promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant of Marines. Thank you to…
Staff Sergeant finaly messaged me back 😁👌
There's no need 'to do the whole yelling and screaming': Staff Sgt. Danneit Disla, a new breed of drill sergeant:
Celebrate VeteransDay with TBH,we will be honoring all Veterans as well as the life of Staff Sergeant,Macario Garcia
. Staff Sergeant in an M-1943 Field Jacket but I can't see the Shoulder Patch.
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John McHugh, the secretary of the Army, and Gen. Raymond Odierno, the Army chief of staff, announced today that...
Dragon 1/6 is back! Here's our newest US Army Tank Commander 2nd Armored Division Staff Sergeant
Had the privilege to stand by Major Schroeder and pin my young brother Staff Sergeant Pambianchi…
not even close. An e 6 only makes 34.6 thousand a year and that's staff sergeant
Secretary of the Army John McHugh and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno announced today that Command Sgt.
Staff sergeant saved 50 jobs due to erroneous ERB process — but not his own
NEW TODAY: Staff sergeant saved 50 jobs — but not his own
This Friday remember to come join us and 4 The Fallen and help us honor Staff Sergeant Nick Bradshaw, airmen of...
Congratulations to Staff Sergeant Vega on his promotion yesterday! The poolees from South Jersey were…
Unsung Heroes of Battles in the Bush! The rhino war might rage and the statistics mount. But hidden from view are those driven, day in and day out, to hold it all together. Regardless of everything, they patrol, confront, pursue and persuade. They and their feats are largely unknown. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is gifted with special people; field rangers wedded to the integrity of our game reserves. Conservation is too often discussed within an academic theatre of generic threats; poaching, human encroachment, destruction of habitat, droughts, poisoning, and dog hunting. But what of the people who combat these threats? We need to know of the sometimes bewildering dedication and passion that they invest in maintaining our world-renowned parks. Last year Staff Sergeant Bhekinkosi Mkhwanazi was awarded the Magqubu Ntombela Award for being Ezemvelo’s Best Field Ranger. As Ezemvelo’s head of their 53-strong iMfolozi Anti-Poaching Unit at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park this ‘tough-as-teak’ 20-year long serving stalw ...
//Dudes gonna be like "CADET TELL ME YOUR NAME" and imma be like "Yes hello I am Cadet Staff Sergeant (insert last name here)
That'll be Staff Sergeant Collin McKim from here on out, thank you very much.
Have you ever had a hard time explaining your deployment to your children? Check out this video from Air Force Staff Sergeant Annie Stella who shows you how some kids got to experience an Air Force deployment and had fun doing it. For more Nellis Air Force Base videos, pictures, and stories visit
Staff Sergeant texted me with bittersweet news.
Staff Sergeant Old School is right you know.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
[West] Battle Los Angeles (2011) IDWS:  A Marine Staff Sergeant who has just had his retirement approved goes ...
I told my staff sergeant, give a girl on her period a gun and win every war.
Retired US Army Staff Sergeant, shares about the day his life changed in Iraq. Only on "The Green Room!".
"So Staff Sergeant Barlow is basically you're second dad?" Yea basically LOL
"Staff Sergeant Chesty" bear was sponsored by Flat Rock Custom Woodworks with local artist Lynn Nordt. The lucky...
Apparently, my new number previously belonged to a staff sergeant. And the reason I know this, is because his captain just messaged me.
Me and staff sergeant just got on TV lmao
look what my staff sergeant made... *** smh, caught us slippin while on 24 hour Staff Duty 😂😴
//Like.. We were doing General Orders and the Staff Sergeant asked a cadet one of them and he goes couldn't remember it...—
nah Yall just call it something different lol . We have sergeant (E-5) , staff sergeant (E-6) , Sergeant First Class (E-7)
I would surprise my husband. He's a staff sergeant in the Air Force and works so hard and loves baseball and the royals!
Here's some old school Staff Sergeant Old School for ya.
The last time I recollect having a near beer was when I was promoted downrange to Staff Sergeant.
john A staff sergeant marksman skilled in killin, illin, i'm able and willin!
Thought about it, but what keeps me away is the thought of being a 30 year old Corporal taking orders from a 27 year old Staff Sergeant.
//-- a Mercedes Benz! It was so good.. The best I've had in a while~! A Staff Sergeant asked if any girls wanted a third slice. I DID. I GOT
Great news for wildcat family. Staff sergeant Christopher Young surprised Miranda and Gabriella at 2am this morning fro…
and was promoted to Staff Sergeant with a 19 gun salute.
ive been rank up higher! Proud of my achievements! from private to staff sergeant heheheh i wouldn't have done it if it werent for my g&l's
Last week saw Cadet Rogers and Sergeant (ATC) Brock join Staff and Cadets from 10 other South and East Midlands...
some good news though. I got promoted to Staff Sergeant last May. ;-)
thanks for the tip. I just called the and the Staff Sergeant said nothing is going on. Can you send a pic to me?
I got chills watching the staff sergeant sing God Bless America on TV with the crowd helping! That was awesome!!
Luke Miller just murdered God Bless America and only 8 people got to see it. Way better than the staff sergeant.
The staff sergeant that sang "God Bless America" at the game is cute and has an amazing voice.
Totally thought that staff sergeant was going to take that last note up into the sky but instead took it down, what a man
Total respect to this staff sergeant but...very pitchy bud 😖
Hearing everyone sing God Bless America with the staff sergeant gave me the chills
"When I was on deployment, my staff sergeant took off his boot, filled it with whiskey and drank it all. That's the Army I know." (2/2)
Staff Sergeant Harris presented the flag at the PBR finals!! So grateful for our brave troops who help…
Since when did Staff Sergeant rank on a trucker hat become trendy? @ Famous Dave's…
Question: I am looking for a name said he was e-6 Staff Sergeant army named Ma...
the youngest E-6/Staff Sergeant in the Army. 27 medals 1 combat tour.
This past Saturday evening, I had the honor and privilege to read a certificate of appreciation representing our city council to my friend the Reverend Dr. Tommy and the first lady Brenda Smith for their 5th Pastoral Anniversary Banquet at Divine Baptist Church. I give honor to our Sovereign God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, this evening. Thank Him for His goodness and grace. I believe in my heart this is a momentous occasion for all of you and Chesapeake To the entire pastoral team of Divine Baptist, Reverend Patrick Smith, Ministers Cynthia Wright and Nick Carter. Angela Varner, Chairman of the pastor support ministry and coordinator of this banquet All of you need to be appreciated for the fine work you have done. Give God praise for your pastor and his lovely wife the First Lady; they have been married for 24 years. Their daughter a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force is currently in Turkey Pastor Tommy is an effective ministerial visionary, trailblazer and spiritual shepherd to his congregatio ...
Today with remember with love and sorrow Staff Sergeant Andrew (Andy) Gordon Warren, RNZIR who died on this day in 2005 as a result of a white water rafting accident on the Rangitikei River. Rest in peace SSGT Warren
Staff Sergeant Brady Joseph Jackson was born in Magnolia, Arkansas on August 21, 1981. He was 33 years old. Brady passed away at his place of residence in Gulfport, Mississippi on October 7, 2014 of natural causes. Visitation will be at Ourso Funeral Home, Gonzales, Louisiana on Tuesday, October 14,…
STAFF SERGEANT HUSBANDS! Chewe de man get promote today self then !congrats boo!
Breaking news: Gov Rick Scott (R) and staff engage in cover up of inmate prison deaths, investigation underway: http:/…
Staff Sergeant Old School gives his take on Columbus/Indigenous Peoples Day. Sounds like he just wants to be...
totally forgot I had staff sergeant bueno on fb and just found out it's his birthday 😋
actually, this is a Sergeant (E-5) - a Staff Sergeant insignia has an additional stripe (a "rocker") below the other stripes.
Yesterday marked the 10 year passing of Staff Sergeant Michael Burbank - my Bravo Section Sergeant in Mosul,...
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jack James Pendleton of Yakima, Washington was awarded the Medal of Honor for his...
Staff Sergeant Sweatpants would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.
Staff sergeant only want clan war u also no main lol
He nodded, resting his head in the palm of his hand, now. "Staff Sergeant... Pretty damned amazing."
Sure! *Andrea squealed and relaxed now some more* /Staff Sergeant/.
My brother made staff sergeant and his wife got approved by the German gov. to move to the states monday! ✈️🇺🇸
Staff Sergeant, please let me watch the game today. We've been cleaning since 6.
Neverr good when your staff sergeant texts you on a long weekend and asks what your doing 😑😑
I was just running right there with my staff sergeant
I jus said the N word in front of a Staff Sergeant ! 😂😂 I'm trippin
Cop & I were friends. We were chatting. Geraldton Staff Sergeant was standing with ppl in a crowd elsewhere but he watched us whole time.
I was talking (catching up) to 1 cop I knew @ a music jamboree in 2004 & the Geraldton Staff Sergeant watched us the whole time! Whole time!
4 some reason, the Geraldton Staff Sergeant thought he was God and could do whatever he wanted 2 me:)) lol. Charlene Desrochers is a lawyer!
A cop told me 2 put my pic in the newspaper with "Indian Charlene is a lawyer" to slap the Geraldton Staff Sergeant in the face! LMAO
A staff sergeant @ Longlac OPP was known to beat Indigenous ppl. He also beat the crap out of his wife and kids. That was known 2.
Introducing SSG Ian Newland who will complete the Army Ten-Miler with our team tomorrow: . Staff Sergeant Ian...
The two recruits, the private and the staff sergeant. Happy POP neh bro! Few more months for the…
God’s deeper love for us: Years ago I was a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps.
Walked in on Staff Sergeant cracking up to ridiculousness 😂
Congrats to my husband he is an E6! So proud of you, staff sergeant Beauman!!!
“Doc shoots better than most of the privates” Why thank you staff sergeant. 😁
USAREC Command Sergeant Major Willie Clemmons (left) presents Staff Sergeant Brandon Speese (right) an…
The Last Five Years from was so good, and it made Staff Sergeant Nathen Myers sniffle. Proof of a good play.
That moment when you get promoted to Staff Sergeant! 💕
52% of our population is female. That means statistically at least 8% of you will die alone. -The Staff Sergeant pick up lines greatest hits
This daughter of now deceased OPP Staff Sergeant thanks you for this.
Sergeant dismissed for refusing to attend duty: Essex officer dismissed for gross misconduct after refusing to... http:/…
TRUTH VS PROPAGANDA - WHO REALLY IS GENERAL BUHARI? - by: CHRISTIAN YOUTH NETWORK FOR A BETTER NIGERIA - September 30, 2014 Recent events have compelled us to put up this writing so as to enlighten gullible and teaming Nigerian masses on the mischievous campaign of calumny waged against General Muhammadu Buhari by some enemies of progress that he is a religious fanatic; this piece we believe will put to rest the fallacious and mischievous propaganda circulated in the past and being re-echoed now for political expediency, that the Peoples General represents the interests of a certain group in the Nigerian nation. Since the entry of General Buhari into politics in 2002, there has been this baseless, idiotic and vexatious allegation by some nincompoops, political charlatans and nonentity no-do-gooders that he is a religious extremist. Unfortunately, those who succumb to these illogical vituperations, base their argument on a particular make-believe statement that was credited to him, even though no one has e ...
I think my cousin is stationed there is name is Richard and he is a staff sergeant I believe
Interview with Staff Sergeant Ahmed Inaim, a Muslim Bedouin soldier who guards Israel’s sensitive Gaza border. Staff Sgt. Inaim’s brother, who also served as an IDF soldier, was killed in combat several years ago. In 2006, Hamas terrorists injured another of his brothers when they attacked Israel an…
Ya Ya the Ebola virus is one destructive disease but I more fear the BS vaccine that they are going to say is to protect one from such a disease. After all Americas track record on vaccines seem to cause more harm than good. And TY staff sergeant Thomas Field. 21 yrs ago you gave your life to protect Americans while aboard super blackhawk 64 in Somalia. You are remembered dearly in this town cheers..
Really? Hope this a mistake. Two Louisiana Army National Guardsmen were indicted by a federal grand jury in New Orleans Thursday, accused of fraudulently obtaining $30,000 in recruiting bonuses through a now-defunct program that was designed to boost enlistments while the nation fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Guard Recruiter Assistance Program, which the military stopped in 2012 amid an investigation of widespread fraud in the $459 million initiative, has reportedly led to fraudulent payments topping $50 million nationwide, according to news reports. Pablo E. Paz, 45, of New Orleans, and Ramon E. Madrid, 29, of Kenner, both of whom were enlisted soldiers, are charged with identity theft and conspiracy to commit theft of government funds, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite's office said in a news release. Their status in the military was not immediately available Thursday evening, although Madrid, a staff sergeant, is still in the National Guard, the military confirmed. The National Guard referred question ...
Staff Sergeant William James: [Speaking to his son] You love playing with that. You love playing with all your stuffed animals. You love your Mommy, your Daddy. You love your pajamas. You love everything, don't ya? Yea. But you know what, buddy? As you get older... some of the things you love might not seem so special anymore. Like your Jack-in-a-Box. Maybe you'll realize it's just a piece of tin and a stuffed animal. And the older you get, the fewer things you really love. And by the time you get to my age, maybe it's only one or two things. With me, I think it's one.
Been falling asleep in front of staff sergeant all morning lol
Staff Sergeant Jesse S Brewer - Angels of America’s Fallen would like to honor and remember Staff Sergeant...
"At first glance, Staff Sgt. Amber Jones may seem like just another drill sergeant doing her best to train a...
The Secret Service sergeant who ordered staff to stand down after gunfire at president's residence fired yet? If not, why not?
Detective Nate looks like my fiance's Marine Staff Sergeant. Isn't that crazy? lol
Dr Professor Staff Sergeant Second Class parole Officer Holden DyCa$hflow at your service
I get it. But the original post read USMC SSgt. I've been out a long time but I recollect that as Staff Sergeant
A special thank you to US Army Staff Sergeant Travis King and his cohorts for bringing their Rock Climbing wall...
The Warrior Cup (awarded to the low-net winner) goes to Staff Sergeant Andrew Bachelder.
Fuse host Esteban Serrano meets Staff Sergeant Brandie Lane at the Military Academy in West Point to learn about the diverse careers the Army offers
Meet Sixty years ago, a barrier was broken for the US military — the first animal ever was promoted to sergeant. But Reckless the horse was no ordinary beast. Serving with valor in Korea, she saved the lives of fellow Marines and was decorated with presidential citations and two Purple Hearts. In this excerpt from the new book, “Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse” (Regnery History), writer Robin Hutton tells her story. In the spring of 1954, as the Korean War was winding down, Navy Corpsman Robert “Doc” Rogers decided to buy a Marine a drink. “I heard stories about the guys. Marines would come in drunk off of liberty and they’d go down and say, ‘Let’s go down and let Reckless out.’ And they’d do it — just to see what trouble she’d get into.” Modal Trigger Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse by Robin Hutton That Reckless was a horse didn’t really matter. She loved beer — and camaraderie. “Sometimes the guys would be standing around talking and she’d walk right up to u ...
Earlier this month I had the privilege of having my wife promote me to Staff Sergeant. But last weekend at the NHRA event for show Tony Schumacher the Army's championship drag racer pinned me. But the most memorable will always be when my wife did it.
We are pcsing here in jan, we have 2 kids. My husband is enlisted, staff sergeant. Any idea what neighborhood we would be in? Just curious on what we will be moving into
Lmao the way staff sergeant was cutting *** on the Army trainees 😂
Did Sergeant Slack succeed in becoming an illustrator? Would love to know.
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first off private I got out as a staff Sergeant, e-6, I'm currently in Colorado Springs
It's a weird day when you're trying to square away one of your soldiers and a staff sergeant decides that you look like you need a hug.
How am I suppose to wear this uniform if I don't have cloth ranks? I'm not a blank, I'm a staff sergeant.
"I'm in the Air Force, I'm a staff sergeant, I have money"
I asked staff sergeant for Parkland, Irvin, Austin, Chapin 😩😭 no she said, you're getting Burges she said 😒
like their staff sergeant asked us to, but here comes big badass private first class trying to flip collar on an NCO
Sergeant First Class or college and a staff sergeant😕
Ready to test for staff sergeant and have my own troops now
(SSG. Stephen Castellanos: I want salute my husband Staff Sergeant Stephen Castel... (
Background: Dunlap, a Fort Carson staff sergeant, as well as his wife, Whitney Butler, were killed on Jan. 14, 2013.
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