Stadium Merdeka & Bukit Jalil

Stadium Merdeka (Independence Stadium) is a sports stadium, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bukit Jalil is a suburb about 20 km. south of Kuala Lumpur. It is a small suburb bounded by the National Sports Complex on the east, the Shah Alam Expressway on the north, city boundaries to the west, and the Puchong-Sungai Besi Highway as well as city boundaries to the south. 2.7/5

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Current hot issue - PSY to perform during Chinese New Year. There are few questions here: 1) Why perform at Penang? Why don't make it at Stadium Merdeka or Bukit Jalil? 2) Why spend RM2million (estimated) just to bring him here? Why don't spend on poverty? Well, I guess this is just one of the political strategies here. Way to go!
It's a cat and mouse game that BN hope to frustrate The Rakyat's Perhimpunan with their dirty flip-flop trick. Maybe the rakyat can rally in Dataran Merdeka if Stadium Merdeka is cordoned off... Stadium flip-flop shows Hisham meddling again 12:53PM Jan 11, 2013 YOURSAY 'This is what Musa Hassan meant by political interference of police efforts. Decisions made in the morning, rescinded by lunch time.' In about-turn, cops say use Bukit Jalil stadium instead Ferdtan: Kuala Lumpur police chief Mohmad Salleh appeared to reverse the decision of IGP (inspector-general of police) by offering Stadium Bukit Jalil instead of Stadium Merdeka. This was after the suggestion given by Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. Did the minister influence or instruct the KL police chief to do so? According to former IGP Musa Hassan at a press conference, the police force under him faced interference from Hishammuddin. Musa said the minister had once given instructions directly to junior police officers and a police chief without ...
no need to go out today. Bukit Jalil has a football match and there's a J.LO live concert here in Stadium Merdeka. let just stay home
This is Stadium Merdeka not Bukit Jalil. You want us to squeeze and stand so so close till we have no air to breathe?
Big Bang... why Stadium Merdeka? Stadium Bukit Jalil is much suitable for your grand concert and I mean it! Dx
Ahha!! When SuJu was last here, they got Bukit Jalil. Hence why I was disappointed with Stadium Merdeka for Big Bang
i think mostly will be in either Bukit Jalil or Stadium Merdeka..but why not in Genting Stars' arena?
I met a vips. No I over heard a vip talking about how she hoped alive bb will be held at stadium merdeka. Noo girl. Dream big. Bukit Jalil
i think la , cause many concert also at Stadium Merdeka or Bukit Jalil :3
Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein yg sgt cool berdepan dgn Bersih 3.0: “They (DBKL) have not allowed Dataran Merdeka but I’m sure they will allow to have an assembly and I believe DBKL should and will offer other alternatives on (any) land that they have jurisdiction,” “We all agree we’re not going to stop a peaceful assembly, but it’s not for me to say where DBKL is comfortable in giving,” “I also have indicated I am for anyone having peaceful assembly, don’t look at it as a security threat, and places like Bukit Jalil or Stadium Merdeka if required (can be done) I will check with relevant boards. “I can assist including (obtaining) Stadium Merdeka which is (what) the organisers asked for the last time,”
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