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Stadium Merdeka

Stadium Merdeka (Independence Stadium) is a sports stadium, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Stadium Negara Barisan Nasional Pakatan Rakyat Linkin Park Arijit Singh Lars Ulrich Kirk Hammet Robert Trujillo

Listen we left stadium merdeka to go eat :) *** you going with
I kept getting messed up between stadium merdeka and negara kms
i asked mel where she live and she told me that she live in Cheras, KL and she said it was 15 minutes from stadium merdeka. *** can i stay?
Back in 1970s, architects tried to create a Malaysian Architecture identity: Masjid Negara, Parliment…
Pls recommend me any hotel nearest to stadium merdeka. — There's one but it's sold out during that concert. ...
Stadium Negara much bigger than stadium merdeka. Em.
Seventeen wat kat stadium merdeka weh who's the organizer i want to know
Im so glad SEVENTEEN hold their concert in Stadium Negara instead of Stadium Merdeka~ cause if they do i will consider going
That feeling when you scored a goal at Stadium Merdeka 😜 vs
only time answers. Started with stadium merdeka and national mosque.Said too costly th…
And i dont want it to be at Stadium Merdeka pls don't. I'm sick of outdoor concert just make it at Axiata Stadium 🙏🏻
If GD will come this September it will be on early September and will be held at Stadium Merdeka or Axiata since SE…
Dude if it's Stadium Negara then it's worth it. I always get confused between stadium merdeka n negara
Got a chance to play at a very historical Stadium 😌 @ Stadium Merdeka
Oh wait stadium merdeka is the big one lol my general knowledge is trash 😂
istg Stadium Negara is way more bigger than stadium merdeka im prOUD AHS
Not the recent one. Yang dekat Stadium Merdeka, quite few years already, 2011 or 2012 if I can recall. Su…
hi, do you know the exact date? From what I know it's in march and will be held in stadium merdeka
; Remember me and Badmash at your concert at KL in 2014 at Stadium Merdeka?! We were that couple on stage dancing with you!
Melintas Stadium Merdeka just now. Madhuri was there, best memories 😍
For those who have purchased the tickets,plan your journey to Stadium Merdeka tomorrow. Its going to be one *** of great experience
Big Bang MADE [VIP] Tour in Malaysia 2016: The night started off  at Stadium Merdeka with the emcee coming ou...
THE SUNDAY DAILY Returning with a Bang: SOME 12,000 fans were at Stadium Merdeka on Oct 1 to catch their favo...
played 2 coolshows over the weekend. Michelle reviews the Kuala Lumpur show https:/…
I think ph stage is kind of the same like in stadium merdeka will be arent they?
If dekat stadium merdeka nanti peh omg i bet exo-ls will have so much fun that day
. Anna,how can I stand a chance to win a ticket to your concert at stadium merdeka?I desperately want to meet you in person
Stadium merdeka looks like twice the size of manila stadium man no joke
I think i wanna go to stadium merdeka during the concert day to collect fansites' goods lol
If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. Goodnight 😌😌😌😌 @ Stadium Merdeka
Throwback at Stadium Merdeka concert in KL ☺️ I miss Malaysia & everyone there ☺️ I will see u soon isA 😀
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I am searching about stadium merdeka and accidentally saw this event 😇 *senyum lebar*
Online Ticket for EXO'luXion in MY now opens --->
stadium merdeka can fit 17k number of audience for TEL in Msia and how large is that omg..
Wow Ani's concert @ stadium merdeka,getting the venue itself on 13thFeb is a big deal,huge 4 Ani especially in M'sia
aMei is coming to town! Watch her perform live this 30 April 2016 at Stadium Merdeka!. Enjoy 10% off aMEI | AMIT...
the venue is at the stadium merdeka? Before the concert?
yup, at stadium merdeka 😭 bby, bigbang just finished their japan tour kan next time inshaAllah we can go together bts pulak ❤
I'm going alone from melaka at 12th morning then meet up my friend terus kat stadium merdeka. Hby?
I'm providing pick up service from KL Sentral to Stadium Merdeka. There will be charge fees since my dad will drive. DM me
now cheap hostel around stadium merdeka almost fully booked for exoluxion loool thanks God i've booked mine since the official news released
That was Stadium Merdeka since I've been there before
i just wondering why they didn't chose Stadium Negara as a place for the exoluxion in Malaysia instead of stadium merdeka?
Yeah , and i know how to go. After stop at LRT , only need 2-5 minutes of walking to go to Stadium Merdeka
I'm not sure, but i know how to go stadium merdeka by lrt. My father teach me
But how are they going to pronounce stadium merdeka lol
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Stadium lass than a Month go to for
Stadium merdeka can fit 17000 people and they confirmed all 9 members are attending. Only 1 day concert 🤗
Based on previous bigbang infinite and cnblue concert at stadium merdeka vip/vvip cost about RM600~RM700 the cheapest costs ab…
Save the date! The EXOluXion in Malaysia is confirmed! Date: 12th March 2016; 8PM . Venue: Stadium Merdeka, KL
I just seacrh stadium merdeka cause i forgot what it looks like lol
Stadium merdeka is a huge stadium *** I srsly don't think that we can fill out the whole stadium lol
really? So kena naik monorail lah? I thought i wanna drive go to stadium merdeka 😅 you go?
Tbh, I have no idea where is stadium merdeka 😅😅
Anyone willing to fetch me to Stadium Merdeka at 5am on March 12 next year :(
stadium merdeka some more, I'm pretty sure the crowd is gonna b massive😆
Remember when ogs was held in malaysia in 2013 i cant go now exoluxion will be held in stadium merdeka AND I CANT GO SAD LIFEUUU
EXO confirmed to do a concert in Malaysia at Stadium Merdeka next year on 12th March!
stadium merdeka. The stage plan isnt out yet. Im gonna tell you after it releases okay?
is it?! Ahhh idk how stadium merdeka seat plan. so rockzone is standing? But nearest to stage lah kan?
I'll be heading to pcy fanproject later when i arrived at stadium merdeka.
Stadium merdeka is small tbvh urmm give us day 2 pls exoluxion in my day 2 😞
Fans of EXO... Here Comes the Latest News! Top K-pop By Band EXO to rock and roar Stadium Merdeka in March next... https…
[NEWS] EXO PLANET # 2 THE EXO'luXion in Malaysia coming to you this 12th March 2016 , 8pm in Stadium Merdeka KL!
If you want to go to Stadium Merdeka, you can go there by LRT, KL Monorail. If you go by LRT, stop at Hang Tuah Station. Then …
Day 3 - Last day: Come join us at Stadium Merdeka. Don't miss it!
any chance of changing the venue to Stadium Merdeka in Malaysia? KLCC is VERY small
What about Stadium Merdeka? MCR performed there in 2007, it should only be right for 5SOS to perform there too
Wings 30th Anniversary Concert at Stadium Merdeka on 31st Oct 2015. For those looking for tickets,…
Guinness book world record achieve.. . @ Stadium Merdeka
why not agreeing with Tmn Titiwangsa, Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara? see what they'll do next.
yes! :D whe 13-20th sept :) stadium merdeka. r u a fan of bonjovi? if no, then no need! but we can do hardrock again ;)
Stadium Merdeka was purposely built for the celebrations of national independence.
[FACT] . Stadium Merdeka is one of the largest building in My. Hopefully that one day Bangtan will having their concert there ^^
And the Made Tour concert was taking place at the Stadium Merdeka for 2 days . Im late updating about .
Celebrate our team winning against Penang at Stadium Merdeka on last…
Missing the crews esp abang sticker 😂@ Stadium Merdeka
40 years today, Muhammad Ali vs Joe Bugner in Fight for the World Boxing in Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Robbie WIlliams is set to perform at Stadium Merdeka on September 27! More deets:.
El Hadji Diouf criticised the pitch at Merdeka Stadium. Now he's concern about UiTM's pitch. Unfortunately he kinda gotta get used to it.
Stadium Merdeka. That'll be the target tomorrow.
Dear friends, Please come to Stadium Merdeka on the 15th Jan 2015 at 7pm to support MIMA SRC football Team. We need your cheers and support to motivate the team as they are going to play their 1st friendly match against a tough opponent after the formation of MIMA SRC. Msg frm Manivannan Velayuthan Mima Srclub football coach
The smaller road leading to SMK Victoria KL and nearby schools like SRKC Davidson and MBSKL have been closed permanently by the contractor for the Wawasan Building / MRT project. This has caused major inconveniences to parents and school buses. Every morning the jam is terrible and cars have to do U-turn at Berjaya time square, another potential jam junction. Hope the authority do something practical about it to ease the congestion
I love Malaysia,this reason enough for me to attend rally in Stadium Merdeka!Those who scared,please look and vote wisely next GE
MyTeksi to Stadium Merdeka for the Largest Zumba® Fitness Party & get RM10 cashback this 18/1!
Who else among my tfriends who joined to The Biggest Zumba Party for Malaysia Guinness Book of Records on 18th January at Stadium Merdeka?
Pls next time make a concert in Stadium Merdeka or Negara
I really can go if they make concert in Stadium Merdeka or Negara but why in KL Live 😂
in the end,thru it all i think there were abt 20K fans attended the show at Merdeka Stadium&it was an awesome show
during Unbreakable live in Malaysia 2004,they even plan a demo outside of Stadium Merdeka ***
Let's meet at stadium merdeka on 2/7. Fast grab your RISE tour ticket now! More Further information 😙😙
10.4.2014 Kuala Lumpur vs Kedah. Std Merdeka. first awaydays for me into a very historic stadium? inshaallah.
We're here in Stadium Merdeka for Lee Hom Live in Malaysia! Drop by our booth as we have something special for u :D
huhh , David Blaine will come to Malaysia on 5th Sept. I wish I was there at Stadium Merdeka :/
Recce for goes on...missing my camera — feeling nostalgic at Stadium Merdeka
KL terrible traffic jam today, because the road that near stadium merdeka was blocked.
The funny part is when their concert is in the rain. Rain and slippery at Stadium Merdeka last year. Aha Bigbang xD
Someone bring me to stadium merdeka this saturday. Hm
1st nov, stadium merdeka, runningman is coming to Malaysia 😍
22nd oct, stadium merdeka, cheapest is like RM120
Hmm they don't know how lucky they are to do Merdeka human graphics in a stadium. In 2008, we practised and performed at Dataran Merdeka ._.
Got a W and nice iconic Stadium Merdeka for us to play just can't get better than that. Goosebumps…
I can't believe I'm here playing in Malaysia's most iconic Stadium Merdeka! Glad to kick some ball at Malaysia's...
Today is the last day we training at stadium hoki and next week rehearsal at Dataran Merdeka
Just a reminder. Today, the young team Arema U21 is act for Jombang Selection FC on Merdeka Stadium Jombang
Don't forget people, next event in Melaka for Merdeka! On 29-31 August at Stadium Hang…
We will be back at this year!. Date : 28 Aug - 1 Sept . Venue : Stadium Merdeka KL. Time : 10…
about Stadium Merdeka:. 1. It was constructed from 25 September 1956 to 21 August 1957. 2. The...
Mr. Loh was in Stadium Merdeka 57 years ago during that epic moment. WOw... he's still alive..
The rumours are true: live in KL, Oct 22 at Stadium Merdeka. Early bird tickets on sale Aug 17
I just found out Stadium Merdeka and Dataran Merdeka are 2 different places. I love my country!
Our apologies for the wrong event venue just now! It was Stadium Negara not Stadium Merdeka!
Temptation Reloaded has sold out in 12 countries around the world and have a huge fanbase in Malaysia. The show is widely described as a 3 hour long live Bollywood movie, including a supporting cast & crew of over 100+ people. Datuk Shah Rukh Khan performed together with his co-stars like Madhuri Dixit , Rani Mukherje, Arijit Singh, Mr Meiyang Chang and Yo! Yo! Honey Singh. The show was on staged at the Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday, 15th February 2014.
Home alone... others with Dato Shahrukh Khan in Stadium Merdeka, KL
KELANA JAYA: Malaysia Airlines is the official airline for Datuk Shah Rukh Khan's Temptation Reloaded Live Tour in Malaysia. The concert is set to be held at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on 15 February 2014 and will also feature Bollywood actresses Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Rani Mukherjee and Jacqueline Fernandez. The agreement was sealed today in a signing ceremony with Hitman Solutions, organizer of the concert in Malaysia together with "We Love Asia". Hitman Solutions’ Temptation Reloaded Concert is also supported by Tourism Malaysia as part of the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign. Malaysia Airlines will fly in some 100 crew members of the Temptation Reloaded Concert from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur and back. The line-up also includes recently acclaimed singers Arijit Singh and Chang Mei-Yang. Chang will also be emceeing the concert. Malaysia Airlines’ Commercial Director, Dr.Hugh Dunleavy signed the agreement on behalf of the national carrier while Hitman Solutions Sdn Bhd was represented by its Chairman, ...
Here is a fun game: List down the 10 historical events that you would want to witness if you had the power (magic/time travelling) to do so. For me, it would be- 1. Alexander's victory over Darius at the Battle of Gaugamela. 2. The epic fight between Jebat (or according to more 'accurate' texts, Kasturi) and Tuah. 3. Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo. 4. Muhammad's (almost) bloodless capture of Makkah. 5. Julius Caeser getting stabbed (many, many times) in the Roman Senate. " YOU TOO, BRUTUS???!!" 6. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. 7. The first time Muslims were called to prayer by Bilal with the Azan. 8. Stadium Merdeka, 31st August 1957. 9. Trinity, 16th July 1945. 10. The launch of Apollo 11, 16th July 1969.
James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo we'll see u at Stadium Merdeka tomorrow!! \m/ http:…
For those Malaysian who missed Metallica concert? Don't worry, you will get the audio mp3/Flac/Alac/M4a version of...
at stadium merdeka with the Soldier~
Can u imagine what it must have felt like standing at Stadium Merdeka at this date, 56 yrs ago? Happy Independence Day, fellow Malaysians :)
Stadium Merdeka - so grand. Kudos to S.E. Jewkes for planning and designing it.
Proud to be one of them yang terlibat kat stadium merdeka.
Woke up at 7:30 this morning just to watch my classmates performance at stadium merdeka live on TV, they were awesome. ☺
Cerrently at Stadium Merdeka infront of the tv hehe
Watching vidoes about kemerdekaan already gives me goosebumps. Wish I was really there at stadium Merdeka to experience it!
3pm at stadium merdeka.solidarity to give a freedom for da 'mushroom'. Give back our mushroom.
Happy merdeka to all of you. n ya... today will ne tried to merdekakan the mushroom... 3pm at stadium merdeka ya...
how do you spend your country's independent day ?. amir : once , i went to stadium merdeka to celebrate . oWo
The purpose of pergi stadium merdeka untuk apa? I just don't understand
Wel me myself m not botherd bou wats hapening in stadium merdeka. To me its just another Friday. :-)
surely people who were in the Stadium Merdeka that day were so anticipated by laungan 'merdeka'. Grateful generation.
this is the first time .feeling go to stadium merdeka tomolo xDD
31 Aug 1957 7:30 am - The proclamation of independence is held in Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.
Then she stayed back in KL and went to Stadium Merdeka. Her eyes would lit up every time she tell me this story
Ke$ha:Warrior Tour live in Malaysia 26 October at Stadium Merdeka
On my way to Stadium Merdeka shoot film Cyber !
'We're scanning the scene in the KL tonight ' - james hetfield 21 august stadium merdeka , what a moment !
. apparently that's why the Tunku built Stadium Merdeka, for the celebrations and to avoid traffic jams. How ironic.
It's tonight! Metal legends will be playing live at Stadium Merdeka.
If you are, do come to Stadium Merdeka on Merdeka Day. We're gonna have a celebration there
i hope besides date,they will change venue too.stadium merdeka is not suitable for SS5!i still want stadium bukit jalil.jaeball!
Check out the line outside Stadium Merdeka for
well..If it is indeed will be held at stadium merdeka..SM hasnt announced -_- hopefully sj stay there too /keepdreamingyeah
but it will be impossible to know lah.. If only it's leaked XD I plan to stay ard stadium merdeka area so can walk to the venue =p
Yay home sweet home! I just got home from rehearsal at stadium merdeka ☺
Do we have fans of Ke$ha in Malaysia? She will be going bonkers on Oct 26 at Stadium Merdeka.
Until Aug 31 1957, no nation celebrated independence in a stadium. Merdeka Stadium was the first in world history as venue for such an event
I built Stadium Merdeka because I saw sports as a unifier, an inclusive activity with a level playing field for all
Hari ini dalam tahun 1957, I went for an inspection of the newly built Stadium Merdeka, the VI school band was practicing on the field
You gotta watch Metallica perform at least once in this lifetime. @ Stadium Merdeka
On monorail with Bro to Stadium Merdeka to watch Metallica Live in Malaysia…
Nothing else mattered as Metallica rocks Stadium Merdeka
at stadium merdeka la. Where were you? I was trying to find you...
Frontman James.. getting more handsome as he gets older.. lol! @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Master of Puppets - Metallica got the whole stadium humming to the rhythm @ Stadium Merdeka
Lars' drums.. the one posted last night was Cromok's.. my bad.. :p @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka…
Searching, seek and destroy! 👍👌 @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Cliff buncit and krik Hamas off the stage @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Stadium Merdeka getting ready for the worlds biggest 'Heavy Metal' band... Can't wait for \m/
Definitely the BEST concert ever! metallica @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Some people said Stadium Merdeka is now better known as Stadium Metallica.
i did dynamic stretching near Stadium Merdeka. That was sufficient :)
hello can you guys give the directions how to get to the stadium? I'm confusing stadium merdeka and negara ;(
Organizer overpriced the tickets. "Metallica live at Stadium Merdeka 21/08/2013
I liked a video Metallica Live in Malaysia Opening Song at Stadium Merdeka 2013
in Stadium Merdeka laz nite. I dunno y it's such a big hype._.
Just came back from stadium merdeka watching metallica live brahh! Gr... — Alright,Hope u enjoyed their Performance
I liked a video Metallica Live in KL Stadium Merdeka Final Song
Those went for metallica concert in stadium merdeka, sure balik rumah listen metallica songs
wherever i may roam by 1991-1993 @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Join us this Merdeka Day 31.8.2013 3pm at Stadium Merdeka to
I've been to Linkin Park, Incubus, Scorpions & Iron Maiden concerts. Today I just saw live in Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia.
Ignore the cat. That's the band on stage! @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Aww yeah. Metallica live in Malaysia 2013. @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Yep, happy indeed to have watched legend in Stadium Merdeka, last…
METALLICA Live in Malaysia... Finally!!! -21at August, 2013- @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Home from stadium merdeka. Alhamdulillah the concert was pretty awesome!
This is how to make me envy! 😭 😭😭… (w/ Wenz, Arif, & 2 others at Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013) [pic] —
Stadium Merdeka. Now I can tell my grandchildren that i was there when Metallica played in Kuala…
No big deal, just Kirk Hammett's guitar pick. @ Stadium Merdeka
Our room is here. @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
After 31 years! They came, and they left Malaysia wanting more! Metallica rocked Stadium Merdeka!
If theres anyone in KL right now preferably ard Stadium Merdeka. Please dm or mention or wa me. Its an emergency.
Photo: Outside stadium merdeka! cant wait to see u metal headz tonight!
I'm at Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013 w/ 76 others [pic]:
Just got back from stadium merdeka. Metallica's concert was freakin' awesome! They sound so much better in liveshow!
Group photo after event @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Tired just got back from stadium merdeka
We dance all thr night to the best song ever. @ Stadium Merdeka
Shot of the day 😃 @ Metallica Live at Stadium Merdeka 2013
Mosh pit and Blackened in the background 💀💀👊👊 !! @ Stadium Merdeka
James And Rob from Metallica Rockin in out at Stadium Merdeka!
Rocking out at the Metallica concert. @ Stadium Merdeka
Will be at Stadium Merdeka starting Saturday. May god bless us and the weather.
The glorious field at Stadium Historic spot that should never be demolished.
Blue Moon will be happening at Stadium Merdeka. Ohgod I only remember this since last week -.-
"Rock icon Metallica will perform here for the first time on Aug 21 at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur" - (( NST Online))
Just flawsome! Every minute of the concert is climax, it's that good. @ Stadium Merdeka
Is there anyone who's going to Stadium Merdeka tonight? :/
Serious question: can I make use of Stadium Merdeka for morning cardio?
pearly i also dk why my mind ans me stadium merdeka when you asked me that. lmao xD
O. OGS in Malaysia on the same day with Eason Chan's concert. Stadium Negara and stadium merdeka lol why
Yeah bukit jalil stadium is under perbadanan stadium merdeka, but both parties are to blame for this..
Aku nak pergi *** at metallica conceft this 21 of august at stadium merdeka , drugs alcohol everything bads here i comee wu
what are you on about? :p it's in Stadium Merdeka. the stadium near stadium chin woo
Ke$ha (will be bringing her 'Warrior Tour' to Malaysia on November 9 at Stadium Merdeka.
Stadium Merdeka. 21. 04. 2011. Two years ago.. At the my world tour
Not really a fan of Metallica but I will be there at Stadium Merdeka. Frens n xschoolmates is coming down frm Miri. Time to catchup.
""Metallica Live in KL this August 21st at Stadium Merdeka!
hi..i need info bout gnna watch ss5 there..from klia to stadium merdeka I should go with taxi,,lcct or bus?thx
21st August- Metallica will be in town@ Stadium Merdeka...would do my best to be there!!!
not sure about Linkin Park but Metallica is 21st August at Stadium Merdeka. Linkin Park is cheaper I guess.
stadium merdeka an they showed live on tv.. Hasbullah Awang was the commentator
Catch!Metallica are going to rock down to Stadium Merdeka KL on 21 August 2013,get your ticket now!
[INFO] Super Junior Super Show 5 World Tour will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Oct 5th @ Stadium Merdeka. More info TBA!
FAR EAST! pls come to Malaysia again! omg u rocked stadium merdeka like u turned me into *** eh
14 years ago we performed with Search on the same stage at Stadium Merdeka. Peter Stuyvesant Concert…
Who's going to Metallica concert in Stadium Merdeka next month?
SS5 akan dibuat di Stadium Merdeka which is located in Kuala Lumpur. Go search for the place on map if u're confuse
This is a shout out to all Malaysians whom hath long been waiting and wanting... "Listen to their calling, my brethren. as our MASTER OF PUPPETS... known to many as THE FOUR HORSEMEN... hath cometh. Too long we HARVESTED OUR SORROWS.. too long we suffered in St. Anger. But know this... THE DAY THAT NEVER COMES will soon arrive to our land of KING NOTHING. We have been waiting, we have been lamenting, we were BLACKENED." "This time forth, my brethren, we will no longer FADE TO BLACK... we shall ENTER SANDMAN and grasp our freedom as DISPOSABLE HEROES but never we forget. FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS!!!" "See you all in Stadium Merdeka this coming 21st August 2013. *** YEAH MUTHAF.S!!!" For more information, please visit :-
The gods have heard us! Metallica WILL perform in Kuala Lumpur this August 21st at Stadium Merdeka! According to the bands official website, tickets for this show go on sale at 11:30 am local time on Saturday, July 6 at Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysia! We will see you on August 21 in Kuala Lumpur at Stadium Merdeka! We're thrilled to play for you for the first time! Click here for more info on the show:
Press Statement by Pertahankan Taman Merdeka Negara, (PTMN) Dated : 28/6/2013 PTMN is disturbed by the notice issued by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur under the Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982 pertaining to the Amendment of Layout Plan & Convertion of Land Use for the purpose of the proposed 118 storey office tower, service department, hotel, commercial spaces in the heart of our capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The notices were advertised in a notice board near Stadium Merdeka and 4 newspapers from 16 - 19 /6/2013, giving only 14 days to the affected owners to response. In the nutshell, the Notice informed that “someone” had applied for the planning permission for the amendment of layout plan consisting the 118 storey tower office, and this application will involved a change of use of land from “open space and institution” to “commercial”. The Notice also spelt out specifically the “affected landowners” who can raise objection. In that respect, we wish to point out that:- • The Notice di ...
Hallo Malaysia, 9th June 2013 Once at Stadium Merdeka, 4pm.. Be there frenz...
'If they want Merdeka Stadium or the Bukit Jalil Stadium, just let the owners know,' says Tengku Adnan.
Malaysian ELF, will you go to SS5 Malaysia?
domain names
Let's have some bit of fun now. Guess where is our stage for 10 AUGUST 2013 would be? :)
The stage is set for Once Mekel and other exciting indo acts at Stadium Merdeka tomorrow.
Victor Chin on BFM 1pm talking about disappearing historical landmarks in "I Love KL" like the Merdeka Park, next to the Merdeka Stadium, created for Malayans in 1958 to commemorate Independence from British colonial rule but demolished in the 1990s for private capital sure to tune in!
It's a Saturday. Getting ready to be at MAEPS for a pasar tani session. I need to clean my room. There might be tigers lurking.
Share!!! Demotrasi"Duduk, Bantah & Jangan Balik! " S.A.M.M Don't miss it! No more in Stadium but Padang Merbok to Dataran Merdeka! Stay Serious and be well prepared because it will last more than 24hours or maybe 48hours!
* Video shaking due to massive crowd [Raw unedited clips] The crowd has spilled out of the stadium and Federal Reserve Unit personnel were conspiciuously mis...
Blood,Sweat and Tears and we get no ? Seriously? Justin You can perform at Stadium Merdeka!
Sat 8 June, 1pm, Victor Chin will be on BFM's I Love KL program, talking about the vanishing historical landscape of Kuala Lumpur - The Merdeka Park created in 1958 next to the Merdeka Stadium but was demolished in the 1990s. Be sure to tune in.
Anyone of you that have tasted or tried one of these brands before (on the original label)?
17 october will come to MALAYSIA at Merdeka Stadium . OMG ! can't wait
Please make it official! In October at Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia!
Rumors said that its gonna be at Stadium Merdeka, outdoor. There will be no wings? No prop? Idgaf! I want you to be here!
time to focus on 'Thunder In The East' Rock Festival - 30th June Stadium Merdeka. we rock .
Just finished the training.. Thanks to all the fans for coming! Looking forward to the game..
Xpdc live at stadium merdeka 1998. I was there !
saya ada show di stadium merdeka bro. Busy month.. Thank you for the invite next game count me in ya.
yeapp! But this time if its stadium merdeka again I'm getting the cheapest one ! Last time I went for the 188 one *** ahiaishaiaha
PETALING JAYA: An appeal to Pakatan Rakyat to postpone their June 15 Black 505 rally has been ridiculed in cyberspace. Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo's wants oppos...
Dear YB Rafizi, Padang Merbok for next rally instead of Dat Merdeka? Come on bro... Could U please do it outside KL? Stadium Shah Alam n kaw sekitar sgt2 besar. It is a better place bro. Have U not seen what is happening di Turkey? My friend paid ribu riban nak pi visit sana ended up bnyk tempat she kenot go due to the riot kat town. Padang Merbok is so near to Dataran Merdeka. Jln jem nanti *think keselesaan rakyat*
syok! Say hi to Jay, the last and only concert I went to was 2008 in stadium merdeka. Lol
News plus my news:- 1) Our Prime Minister is so smart that he had delay the KLIA2 project 5 times already. Why he delay the project because he has loss the Selangor election seat recently and he had also announce the date of opening. How did he do it? 3 companies that is UEM Land, BINA PUTERI and WCT land that belong to NAJIB brother banking that is CIMB Bank and that was cause of delay. Moreover they want to build so huge air-port and master planning for opening shall be on 2011. That is why like this. Now opposition wants to voice out but too late because BN loss that is how Malaysia RAKYAT are so burden of both parties. That is there you-tube recently So oversea people now you’re happy to vote opposition party and that is how Malaysia is going to pay back you. Moreover Air-Asia Company is so disappointed that they have delay again and more passengers are waiting the counter. That is the news of KLIA2. They will be open that new airport on 12th February 2014 good for them. I don’t support both parti ...
Jason was concerned that the rally on the same day will affect traffic around the venue of MIMMA which is Stadium Merdeka.
Congrats to Japan football team. The 1st team to qualify for Brazil world cup 2014. Come on my Blue Samurai.
[CONFIRMED] SS5 Malaysia will be held on October 5th at Stadium Merdeka :)
Windu plok aku ko team the red warriors,,, 29hrbln lmbtnyo laa..
Check out SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR - Super Show 5 in Malaysia at Stadium Merdeka via
SS5 IN MALAYSIA will be held on October 5 at Stadium Merdeka. I HOPE HEECHUL COME SS5 IN MALAYSIA ..
but I'm not confirming that it is the actual date and i'm wondering why are they doing it at stadium merdeka i mean
2nd Penang Bridge Ride or 56th Merdeka Ride is due on 8th of September from Batu Kawan Stadium in Seberang Perai to Penang Island and back. The route is about 56km. Be among the first to cross the new bridge link on bike. Interesting isn't it. Online registration is open now.
Rocking Stadium Merdeka on the 30th of June 2013 in a LOUD way. Ticket Outlets :
G-Dragon One Of A Kind concert will be held on 22nd of June, Stadium Merdeka. *cries*
Malaysia football team first stadium is Stadium Merdeka, and now Malaysia football team use stadium bukit jalil
Plans are for 100-storey mega tower next to Stadium Merdeka to continue. DBKL knows absolutely nothing abt preserving heritage in that area.
20 tahun yg dulu kat Stadium Negara, Panggung Anniversary, Dataran ni kat Taman2 Syurga.he he he.
I came along, i wrote a song for you.. And all the things you do, and it was called yellow..
NEWS AROUND THE REGION Petaling Jaya, Mon: Both EC Chairman in the Prime Minister's Department and his Deputy Tan Sri Abdul Aziz and Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar respectively faced the growing wrath of the Rakyat for the conduct of the flawed GE 13. Besides over 20 petitions being filed with the courts for redress,plans are afoot to demonstrate unhappiness by holding mammoth gatherings,this time at Merdeka Stadium to press for the EC Cahirman and Vice-Chairman dismissal. Rafizi Ramli,Parti Keadilan Director of Election Strategy,together with his strong team of accountants,auditors and party volunteers are working exxtra hours to compile facts and data for imminent court use to substantiate Pakatan Rakyat's case of electoral rigging and irregularities. Sources said,by right,both Tan Sri Abdul Aziz and Datuk Wan Omar should have bow out graciously to save themselves further embarassment once court case begins as it has become obvious that certain complaints like the indelible ink issue cannot be covered up an . ...
Loudness coming again to Malaysia..this time Stadium Merdeka and Akira is bringing 10 year old Sakura for guitars..yeahhh!!
I reached the field near Amcorp Mall early by LRT at 3.30 pm. As usual the stall keepers and food sellers are there early. The hot weather begins to cool down by 5.00 pm and Young Malaysians start streaming in. The first half of the program is lead by young leaders from more than 50 NGOs. The crowd swells to over 50,000 by the time we have our intermission at 8.30 pm. Then the festival comes alive with more fiery and patriotic speeches by political leaders intersperse with singing and music by local entertainers! By the time I leave the festival at 10.30 pm. the attendance is about 75,000 Malaysians strong, excluding the Bangladeshis!! I really enjoy this final 505 festival for this season with singing and dancing on the field compared with the first Black-Out 505 Rally at Kelana Jaya Stadium on 805! Dear Friends, please get ready to do national service for another Berseh Rally at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur!!! I forgot to bring my camera, anyway the photos from The Malaysiakini link below are beautiful ...
KL's Dataran Merdeka,where Tunku Abdul Rahman declared independence in 1957,will be closed from June 2013 to April 2014 for renovation works on landscaping and turfing.Ensure hoarding erected around the Padang don't obstruct and mar scenic beauty of surrounding environment,which has special heritage values among foreign tourists.Many events eg marathons and New Year countdown concerts may have to relocated elsewhere
NILAI, May 22 – The National Fatwa Council reiterated a “fatwa” declaring demonstrations and rallies to topple government through violence as “haram” (forbidden) yesterday, becoming the latest Islamic body to comment on the issue. The religious edict comes just days after Muslims nationwide were told in an official Friday sermon last week that it is “haram” to rebel and fight against the nation’s leaders, including by protesting their decisions through “illegitimate channels”. “Any rallies which can break the unity of citizens are not compatible with Islam,” the council’s chairman Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Abdul Shukor Husin told Malay daily Sinar Harian here. “This is forbidden. The Fatwa Council have issued a fatwa declaring such actions haram during the Bersih 2.0 rally. So, it should not be repeated.” In July 2011, the council had declared the Bersih 2.0 rally for free and fair elections as “haram”, a call which was repeated in May 2012 for the Bersih 3.0 sit-in rally in ...
Over the past few months, i lost a lot of irreplaceable things and moment. Today will be the day i go back to my roots and find those things and moment that i lost and i pray to god, please forgive me, i was blinded by ambition and please let me find the one thing that i lost dearly. Camera, action!
We would like to create the sea of orange. So we are going to wear as orange as possible. Dress code : Myshinhwa T-shirt or Orange colour shirt Accessories : Light stick or glowstick (for glowstick, you can get it from Daiso for RM5 per pack. You will have 6 pieces inside including the bracelet connector) 1. Gather point at 3pm Myshinhwa will have a gather point in front of Stadium Merdeka. We will distribute the T-shirt and light stick. Besides that, we will also give out some support items at this point. So please look for us. One of the support item that we are going to distribute will be orange balloon. 2. Beginning support / Introduction support / response to their greetings Beginning support When it is time for Shinhwa to come out to perform, we will be shouting "Shinhwa san" repetitively in unison until they come out. We will be waving our orange light stick at the same time. Introduction support During introduction, Shinhwa will do their normal greetings. They might do in different languages. We w ...
[INFO] SS5 Malaysia is already confirmed! Date 5 October 2013 at Stadium Merdeka
[Confirmed] SS5 Malaysia will be held on Oct5 at Merdeka Stadium. YAY
[News] Super Show 5 will be held as outdoor concert on 5th Oct at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Cheers!
[INFO] There's a news about SS5 in Malaysia already confirmed on 5 Oct at Stadium Merdeka! more details soon! [koreanupdates v.sup3rjunior]
Current hot issue - PSY to perform during Chinese New Year. There are few questions here: 1) Why perform at Penang? Why don't make it at Stadium Merdeka or Bukit Jalil? 2) Why spend RM2million (estimated) just to bring him here? Why don't spend on poverty? Well, I guess this is just one of the political strategies here. Way to go!
Traffic @ 0915hrs Penang Bridge: traffic is busy – the Bayan Lepas exit JOHOR Causeway: is busy on all lanes – S’pore In the KLANG VALLEY: KL SEREMBAN: traffic is backed up from Desa Petaling – TUDM EAST WEST LINK: is slow from Bandar Sri Permaisuri – the Federal Hway ELITE: is at a crawl from USJ – Seafield LDP: officials report of an accident at KM26.6, this is from Puchong Intan – Puchong Perdana, that’s obstructing the right lane and traffic is at a 3KM crawl KL, traffic is slow, along most main roads heading into the city •And the earlier mentioned stalled trailer at the Sultan Muhammad roundabout has resulted in the complete closure towards Jln Kinabalu. You are being diverted towards Stadium Merdeka via Jln Maharajalela. Expect massive delays if you are coming from the Federal Hway, the Kerinchi Link or from Brickfields heading towards Jln Syed Putra. As an alternative if you are heading to the city: 1. You can exit onto the East West Link and use the SMART Tunnel. 2. You can exit ...
Strategies to ensure electoral victory January 16, 2013 Pakatan leaders from the top down must remember that discretion and opening their mouths only when necessary is the art of the political war. COMMENT By Koon Yew Yin The recently concluded mammoth Stadium Merdeka rally – Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat – has provided a much needed infusion of new life into the opposition campaign. Although they have invigorated their challenge to Barisan Nasional rule, opposition leaders must realise that they have an uphill battle to dislodge BN from power. Instead of boasting or congratulating themselves on what they have achieved at the rally, it is essential that the opposition parties work harder in taking the fight especially to the Barisan strongholds. The next few months will be crucial. The opposition must not only show that it is alive and kicking. Pakatan Rakyat needs to prove that it is the superior coalition to run the country. The campaign to convince Malaysians to vote for change can work if Pakatan ke ...
As we chronice today's watershed HKRrally, Stadium Merdeka is cool and windy, its football pitch a flag of green serenity that would later disappear, replaced by a sea of colorfully-dressed Malaysians eager to gather, congregate, participate and make their voices heard over a host of national issues. Yes, the Chronicle team managed to sneak in for an early preview. But no, we weren't able to get a headstart on the other news teams because that was not our purpose. We wanted to enjoy the 'show' so to speak and immerse ourselves in the spirit and mood of the crowd. Moreover, not having access to Wifi didn't help and even now, the broadband reception is not so stable. So while we will try our best to cover this landmark event 'live', we may find ourselves shut off due to poor techology, or as some have warned - "they will jam the signals!" Please bear with us and forgive our glitches. 'Tukar kerajaan' Stadium Merdeka is not historic' without reason. It is rather shabby but despite its obvious wear-and-tear i ...
Stadium Merdeka (Independence Stadium) is a sports stadium, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was initially erected for Malaysia's declaration of independence on 31 August 1957.
Congrats 2 PDRM on the peaceful assembly at Stadium Merdeka today.Many police personnel has sacrificed their life ...
So many people came from all over the country converging into Stadium Merdeka
My gramps was one of the early members of UMNO. Gave money for Tunku tu go to England. Walked to Dataran n Stadium for Merdeka day
New Excuses for not coming for trial in the year 2013 : 1. MC selepas berarak. 2. Trafic Jam masa nak pergi berarak 3. Wrong court building ingat bicara dekat stadium merdeka. 4. My friend at stadium merdeka say no need to come to court. 5. Cannot trust anybody but my friend.
Wow ! Fantastic response from Malaysians at Sat KL 112 rally at Stadium Merdeka . Look at the sea of people in greens & yellows. Yes Democracy is Alive. Hidup Malaysia !
Police found organisers of the rally at Stadium Merdeka had violated 3 out of the 27 conditions agreed between them and the police.
This is a historic moment for Pakatan Rakyat and NGOs. Wao!! I just can't imagine we can fill up Stadium Merdeka and we have equally big crowd outside the stadium too. When I was asked what's the turnout, I said it was easily 100k+. The rally told us that peaceful assembly can be carried out in Kuala Lumpur. This peaceful assembly is the fruit of the struggle of the courageous people in the Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Without these previous mass gathering, without the sacrifice of those people who have been beaten up by police, without the hundred of thousands of people who strongly criticised the brutality of police and demand for freedom of assembly, there won't be such peaceful rally. I hope the police won't do unnecessary things like investigating why the turnout more than 30k people, why bring "offensive wording" banner and people who bring kids etc.please, cukup lah!! Let's have a good ending for this rally. Bangkit bangkit, Bangkit Rakyat!!
Organisers of HKRrally: Total crowd size was 500,000 Organisers of the mammoth rally held in Malaysia's historic Stadium Merdeka have estimated a crowd attendance of at least 500,000 - less than their one million target but more than enough to send a shiver through Prime Minister Najib Razak's government. "This show of strength is a real warning to the Umno-BN. If they continue to cheat at the general election, the Malaysian people won't stand for it. They will come out to the streets and demand justice," Hishamuddin Rais, a prominent activist who sits of the organising committee. Hishammuddin also sits on the steering committee of free and fair polls movement BERSIH. Police fudging the numbers? The official figure released by the HKRcommittee makes Saturday's rally the largest ever in Malaysia, topping last year's BERSIH 3.0 which drew more than 250,000. Those present at the Stadium are not surprised at the number. However, what was shocking were the estimates furnished by the police and used by the gove ...
No freebies, no goodies, and yet the people still overwhelmingly turned up at the rally in Stadium Merdeka, on Saturday. Something must be terribly wrong!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
This is CCWM Community/Groups ALBUM for today's historical "HIMPUNAN KEBANGKITAN RAKYAT" 12th of JANUARY 2013 ( HKR 112 ) ALL admins will be UPDATING photo's as the events today UNFOLD, just as we did with BERSIH 2.0 and 3.0 in the past. Please "SHARE" us your moments by posting and SHARING with us YOUR photo's today and stating your "LOCATION/WHEREABOUTS" and TIME OF THE DAY so that we could "SHARE" with everyone. We welcome many who are there or ON THE WAY to today's rally to VOLUNTEER as our CCWM "TRAFFIC RANGERS" to update ALL Malaysians on TRAFFIC REPORTS such as: - Traffic Jams, - Road Blocks, - Massive Gatherings, - Suspicious Individuals or Groups - even the BEST Roads and PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION to take to GET there! IT's TIME FOR CHANGE! LET US "UNITE" an make HISTORY today! -w.i.w.c
Incident-free rally The Perhimpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat came and went without incident. Police kept a low profile while ensuring the safety of the thousands of participants making their way to Stadium Merdeka. There were only three infringements of the conditions laid down for the rally: some brought along young children, others carried provocative banners, and the 30,000 limit allowed to enter the venue of the gathering was not observed.
WER is the CHICKEN Perkasa Chairman.Sure Chicken out wen c the pic at Stadium Merdeka.o he still think his PERKASA is PERKASA... PENGECUT ok lar
yes...stadium merdeka is too small. LGE perlukan semua stadium di malaysia 4 his crowd( that what he thing i guess!!)
Kuala Lumpur, Jan 13 — Kuala Lumpur’s mammoth rally yesterday has revived Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) push to capture Putrajaya from the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) which has used a combination of policy and handouts to claw back support, say political analysts. The analysts told The Malaysian Insider that PR’s ability to organise up to 100,000 for the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat gathering and the crowd’s interest in the issues being discussed will make the general election a close battle for both coalitions. PR have estimated that close to 500,000 turned up for the rally at the iconic Stadium Merdeka but police said the crowd was, at the most, 45,000. “Regardless of the actual crowd numbers, aerial photographs emerging from the event show a very large crowd, which reflects on the opposition and civil society’s ability to mobilise the public,” Merdeka Center’s Ibrahim Suffian noted. “But apart from showcasing the capability of organisers, it also shows the enthusiasm and energy of the force ...
They arguing how BIG the crowd is at Merdeka Stadium yesterday!...its BIG & dat's all! Najib still not scared of this obvious discontent amgst RAKYAT? ...compared to BN's newspix doctored with crowds?? Let people's power show itself at GE13!
You should have been at Stadium Merdeka .. IF wanted to know, what the social contract .. IS .. all about.
You've all seen the pictures. You've read and heard the Govt-biased news, radio & TV. Number of event attendees ? The official seating capacity of Stadium Merdeka is 25,000. The Rakyat has no reason to be upset nor angry about the uselessness and futility of the Govt and its lostlessness. There remains the formality of establishing a notation of history. Carry the word n news back to your kampungs n hometowns wherever it is. We have a better future to build, for all our differences .. for all our similarities .. and all that we share.
Total people of Malaysia = 28.3m. Number of people at Stadium Merdeka for = 100K? 200K? 300K? Still doesn't represent the majority.
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