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St Patty

Saint Patrick's Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick (the Day of the Festival of Patrick ) is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March.

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I could be my own float for st patty Day Parade
Hugs. Despite my objections, j'y dad's funeral was St Patty's day. I can't enjoy that holiday at all now
A bride actually charged her guests if they didn't show up to her wedding reception
St Paddy's, St Patty's, St Patrick's - I hope you enjoy the day, no matter how you say it ;)
St. Patty's Day 2016 will be one we'll never forget.
Halloween coming up soon. Best drankin holiday after St. Patty's . NYE is weak AF
when Patty jumped down to barricade 😭
All I want for Christmas (Halloween, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christopher Columbus Day, St. Patty's Day, my birthday) is you
Wow! Believe it or not, St. Patty's Day is a busy time for dentists. The reason is surprising.
Villa says eating the green are unlucky, so then what would she do on St.Patty's Day, hide in her closet and scowl?
Hermann, St. George School menus: Chicken patty or Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy,...
When can we expect back on your podcast? The St. Patty's Day episode is my all-time favorite ep
doesn't compare to Susan Rice's green pantsuit worn to the Libya war auth vote of the UNSC, because St. Patty's day.
before or after St. Patty's day bc I think that's the weekend you tear it
Tomorrow starts the greatest time of year. Even better than Christmas, New Years, St Patty's Day and my birthday combined...
St. Patty's day: use it to your advantage. Don't get too drunk.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
St. Patty's Day this weekend! I think I'm going to start it off early ;)
who doesn't love glittery shamrocks?- check out some of my items perfect for St Patty's Day at www.e
St patty's day a few years ago when people kept telling me I had to stop making fun of your red hair
The same people who eat everything green on St. Patty's Day maybe?! lol
Speaking of which, why do you still have a St. Patty's day avatar?
With St. Patty's day around the corner, our Model Pet cats celebrated "the wearing of the green" in style at our...
what am I even suppose to wear for St. Patty's day lol
Rent-A-Gent is THIS THURSDAY at 7pm in Olscamp 101. All money goes to St Jude's Children's Research Hospital!
I figure he'll be back by St Patty's day. After all it doesn't matter teams will be lining up to pay him in 2017
I coulda swore it was patty mills back in the day at St Mary's lol. That's when I first saw it
"l celebrate St. Patty's Day by pretending every Joker thug is wearing a pin that says ""Kick Me in the Throat, l'm lrish!"""
I'll tell you what Patty makes the best Chicken Parm on the shores of Lake St. Clair
Patty lou has been with st mikes for 40 years!
11 more people out @ History Colorado Will Patty Limerick become state historian?
My favorite holidays are St. Patty's Day & Halloween. They're fun.
To a native St. Patty child I've known you forever and you are a really great friend RMA Love, Heather
we don't believe you. Seen you in action a couple years back on st patty's day
Are people clamoring for coffee, calling in sick and making big plans on like alcohol drinkers do on St. Patty's Day?
meanwhile, I showed up to work blacked out and got fired on St. Patty's day
. George Weigel comes across in the broadcast as an Orangeman might @ a St Patty's Day Parade
We've got a lil special message from for Watch the full vid here: 💥
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The decoration for the Beta 1 St. Patty's Day party is underway! Party starts at 8pm! Hope to see…
No St. Patty's plans? Join me Mon night at Publik Draft house in Atl. May not be Irish but my beard is red. Come celebrate…
And almoost exactly as far from St Patty’s Day as you could be…!
Already counting down to St. patty's day next year 😈😈😈
Vintage American Standard Ad: St. Patty's Edition! 🍀 Oh, how times have changed.
ma memére & I in FL(St Patty's Day 2013), she visited from New Brunswick, Canada
Only got up 2 see the Blues once last year around St. Patty's Day. Planning more trips this year. :)
St Patty Day's jersey has me feeling lucky
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Was excited to mention that Mt St. Michael grad Caraun Reid is in line to start on DL of Det Lions. And just watched him…
I saw emerald green ones which would be perfect for spring/St. Patty's Day
ICYMI: friendly tonight vs. St. Thomas has been moved to the Awty International School.
lol no doubt - if I had to guess I'd say that St.Patty loves the sauce.
Mom: what are you doing on St. Patty day? . Me: writing an exam. Mom: It's a shame to have a ginger not celebrate st. P day.
Special thanks to on the St. Patty's Day gear :)
What is happening 9 months before then? Are these St. Patty's babies?
Will you be joining us at our Halfway to St. Patty's Day Happy Hour? Reserve your ticket today:
These things are on my christmas list, birthday list, easter list, halloween list, st patty's day list...all da list😍
did you guys buy your St Patty's Day ticket yet? $90 top shelf open bar including food and the best dance fl…
- "Baby L.A." live at the St. Patty's Day in TX in front of 3,000+ people >>>
St. Patrick&Day 2015- The History and Traditions of St. Patty&
Boi YES.. St patty day sandbar back in like 97 😂😭😂 fuked up 💯 👊🏾my ***
“Do you love your birthday or hate your birthday? Love ❤️ my b'day! Falls on St. Patty's Day 🍀 double 🍻😁
These families will have 2 celebrate St. Patty's day across the pond
Hamilton Collection
This movie makes me feel more Irish than St Patty's day
that’s probably it, people buy them while drunk on St Patty’s and regret it the next day.
Join us Sept. 19th for Halfway to St. Patty's Day! Free Admission!.
Come and enjoy this sizzlin' hot weather on our downtown St. Catharines Patty-O. Cold beverages and juicy
St. Patty's day I'm pretty sure I was all three at one point.
If everyone celebrates the Irish on St. Patty's Day by getting drunk... why isn't there an Italian holiday where everyone g…
St. Patty's day was not one of my best nights! lmao my *** was zooted.
Darby O'Gill, watch it every St Patty's day.
speaking of St. Patty's..Yet another day didn't pass where people didn't tease me about it😂😂
My green-colored all beef burgers were a hit St. Patty's Day (and helped get rid of all that spoiled, rotten meat).
Whats Irish and stays out all night? Patty O' furniture. . Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day?...
When you're trying to get turnt for St. Patty's day but you just bombed a statistics test
I found a historic Quinn photo today. One St Patty's Day, maybe 15 years ago, several members of the Quinn family...
At least on St. Patty's day, the manufacturers of green food color make out very well.
From thin-patty burgers to legendary BBQ, you have to eat at these Memphis restaurants -
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New avi/header.had to remix to old drunken St. Patty's pic
Bleecker St (Waterloo South bank or spitafields market) and Patty & bun (Liverpool street or bond St) - best burgers ! 😉
And hey, tell you what. I'm black, and all will be forgiven if you can honor African Americans on St. Patty's D…
My family celebrates the longest day of the year as if it is St. Patty's day or Mardi Gras 🍻☀️
I think I'm ready for St. Patty's Day next year 😅🍀
When/if becomes everywhere will we have a national smoking day. Like St. Patty's day, but for pot?
Guns in America: For every criminal killed in self-defense, 34 innocent people die
Fun bit from last night - sent out to ask St. Patty's day partiers just one (very long) question
Come to 435 molino st, Los Angeles - cavalier, patty perk, blvc svnd and many others are playin
14 Gorgeous & Green Pieces that are Perfect for St. Patty's (or Any) Day - It's easy...
Definitely tryna see them on St Patty's day in Boston this year
The newest member of the Butler dog clan, Patty Butler. Born on St. Patrick's Day. Happy Fathers Day…
Today in Mountain view:. . 2:10 on stage in the Amphitheatre. . 3:35 Ben & Patty TEI workshop. 6:00 signing a…
There's more green on this St. Patty's day in other than the
St. Patty’s fix: use cauliflower, not potatoes. Boil & mash faux potatoes or rice as base for recipes from “potato” pancakes to pizza crust!
st not close enough I'm getting irritated lol
St patty day party in downtown myrtle beach sc march 2015
Sissy at the playing in the green water. Hey, is it St. Patty's Day?
as you know, I'm partial to that St. Patty's Day hoodie
I've been waiting to respond, but why did the Reds where their St, Patty's unis tonight?
If you think i'm not watching this fight at a bar, decked out in full St. Patty's day gear, you're dead wrong.
Someone please explain to me why the Cincinnati Reds would wear green. St Patty's day jerseys on june 19th?
ehhh for some reason I have trouble recalling St Patty days during college. Must be my Irish luck
Mike informed me it's not St Patty's Day weekend but Father's Day weekend! Who knew?!
Brian Williams Blames His ‘Ego’ via never known a liar to stop lying!
fans, why the St Patty's day uniforms today? Regular whites in the wash?
Glacier Pilots take on the tonight for St. Patty's day in June! Double header tonight first game at 6pm. Lineups next
to trying to be serious on St. Patty's Day 🍀 @ 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney 🐠
Can someone tell me why the are wearing their St. Patty's day jersey's and hats??? Thanks.
what's with the St Patty's day Uni's?
isn't Liverpool St new? MEATliquor and Patty&Bun have been round for a while, they've got nothing on Honest imho
Can't be better then Tierney's in Montclair Peter! NJ's home for St. Patty's day!
Happy St-Patty's Day! See you for brunch this Sunday the 22nd to celebrate!!! Reserve now to save…
Happy St-Patrick's Day!!! Come celebrate with us this Sunday the 22nd for a St-Patty's Brunch you won't soon forget! https…
combo? Like St. Patty's day for Alzheimers? "KISS ME, I'M going to the store. Need anything?"
Skipped celebrating St. Patty's Day and went climbing instead. The Irish in me is a little upset but my arms and heart…
I guess St Patty's revellers in NY no longer want to be considered Irish. Be on the right side of history!.
shares St Patty's day love Twin Peaks style
Luck of the Irish was upon Max & Walker who received special St Patty's Day dinner from Thank roo. ht…
A special St Patty's Day Awakening Cafe tonight with great speaker, Suzanne Cholette, awesome exhibitors and...
Wishing I actually had friends so I could go out tonight for St Patty's Day. God knows last heads was horrible.
I remember back in Ottawa on St Patty's Day they painted the white line Green all the way down Bank they …
So I almost called off for St Patty's day Good I didn't would've of missed anything but the money I made today
Starting out St Patty's at 44 Stone Pub with Fish from Relocating To Columbia Mag and an Irish Ale. Cheers!
St Patty's Day is named for St. Patrick of Swayze, who chased the snakes out of Ireland w/ his own brand of traditional Celtic dirty dancing
Apparently being an alcohol is not a good enough reason to get St Patty's day off
The best corned beef and cabbage this side of the Atlantic Ocean and 10% off all Irish whiskey flights on St Patty's.
Bucket list: see Chicago turn the river green for St Patty's day. Check.
Check out where the St Patty's Day Parades are this weekend starting today!!. St James at 1pm...
next time you're with tell him to take down his Christmas wreaths. It's almost St Patty's Day!
to be in India for the Holi Festival, Rio for Carnival and Dublin for St Patty's. I'll do it one day 👊
Where will you be for St Patty's Day? Check out Temple Bar in Grafton if you're nearby. |…
Now that Mardi Gras is over, St Patty's Day is right around the corner. Join us for a little Irish Stew 3/15
I was so pumped when I remembered I bought a St Patty's shirt at the Bell Centre last year. I'm ready for March 17!
FYI Cardinal Dolan is Grand Marshall 4 St Patty's Parade has no input on planning or participants !
I just got back from Lisa's classes, end of the year pre recitals. Oh how cute. I was amazed how much they knew being so little.The mom's, dad's and grandparents were so impressed. Lisa you are amazing with those children! You make me so proud! I can't believe this is the week of recitals. It has been a amazing year, one performance after another. For Company it started with the Haymarket Parade, Miss America "Show me you shoes" parade in Atlantic City, Manassas Jubilee, our participation in the Disney Christmas Performance and Parade on ABC, Dancing with Santa, Christmas Mall performance, St Patty's Day Parade in Manassas and Baltimore, Cherry Blossom Parade in DC, our Easter performance with the Easter Bunny, all those fitness fairs and a few more that I probably have forgotten. Now we are ready for " Greatest Recital on Earth" dress rehearsal, Thursday and Friday and 2 recitals on Saturday and 1 on Sunday and then try outs for Spotlight Dance Company next week. Thank you Lisa and all the teachers f ...
George Clooney, bachelor of bachelors, is engaged.
Catcalled by an old man in Walmart. . I still have it.
Patty warming up from the charity stripe.
Dallas Stunt Riders First st patty day ride in 2008. enjoy
Jon & I are getting ready for the first golf outing of the year. Can't believe 2 yrs ago we went on St Patty's Day and it was 70 degrees! Almost the end of April, 46 degrees & I put my insulated riding tights under my jeans lol. Green Acres Golf Course-here we come!
If I wear my San Jose Sharks St. Patrick's Day socks for the game today, do you think Patty will get a hatty? 🎩🎩🎩
Happy St. Patty's day all you beer guzzlin' Fiends! You got some green on today? . http:/…
Hope today is as good of a day drinking day as St. Patty's day! 👍
Come celebrate King's Day (think Dutch St. Patty's Day), drink delicious beer from Urthel and La Trappe, and hang...
capitalism+weed = new american industry. Holy crap we do make something in america. In 50 years 4/20 is st patty's day?
Apparently the Savannah River is dyed green for St Patty's Day. A must see for next March
Fiance restocked the liquor cabinet (remember I drained it on St Patty's day). It is on tonight.
Cedar Waxwings at the EAST MAIN ST. TORRINGTON Stop and Shop Parking Lot ( A DUST OF SNOW FRO… via
lol, the olive green or the St. Patty's green? I've seen the St. Patty's green but not the olive green yet.
Perfect for the St. Patty's day bathroom!
this reminds me of us on St. Patty's day 😂
People talking about where they're going for spring break and I'm just hoping to make it to VA for the St. Patty's Day Classic at VMP
I forgot to tell you JK is coming to the St Patty Day Breakfast! Oh well that was 04!
John McCain: It's time for the West to leave Russia behind
A yummy twist for St. Patty's Day or any time of the year! Courtesy of the Bailey's Irish Cream website.
I was there on St Patty's weekend, so I know what you mean
Ryan kicked it up a notch this St. Patty’s Day with a tasteful green 3-piece suit, but for some reason I’m afraid he’s af…
Megan.remember our tshirt from St Patty day? What about ones for the reunion?
we had a good time at Spencer's on St Patty's, but it's not big enough for all of us. 😩
I would like to relive Halloween, St Patty's, and every night I don't remember 🍺
Shamrock gold and green tinted mason jars for St. Patty’s Day
The remind me a LOT of those St Patty's Hawks ones, just with their logo instead of ours
Just in time for St Patty's Day green rose photo wall art decor
it really doesn't. These white people be sleep except for on st. Patty's day
Hey this is me on St Patty Day after too many jagerbombs, help me get to 1,000 views
“he *** Patty Kane is the whole team” stay dumb, St. Louis casual hockey fan.
Watch out St. Louis cabbies. Patty Kane is going out on the town tonight
I got Keith Tkachuck for St. Louis and Patty Kane for Chicago
I want a happy st patty kiss..I month till emag..need all the Irish gl..send kisses xo
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I must make these on a rainy day. A day I'm allowing a sugar coma. Peppermint Patty Cupcakes:
Joe & Patty have aged nicely PHOTOS: The many faces of Patrick Roy through the yrs
Got my drink from St. Patty's Day for the night! Lets see how this turns out!
Happy St. Patty's Day! Grab the green Spades Tee today only for only $13.50:
One Main missed the memo, St Patty's Day was last month.
Just saw some guy on tv wearing a St. Patty's day Toews jersey
Have a happy and safe St. Patty's Day from
Just so everyone knows if uvdidnt already on st Patty's day Dane foster put my head into a wall I'm tired of reaping the consequences of lying bout it I don't care anymore
Not a big fan of Cinco De Mayo. More of a St Patty's guy
My 1st wkend off since St Patty'sDay and I'm sick..oh *** no!
Just sitting here and thinking.and did the cold water challenge out marlin on St. Patty'…
Always celebrating St. Patty's day with the tattoo I always forget I have whoops
Thanks to Patty Baker & St. Simon Publishing for this feature on "Euphoria."...
Sometimes you just have to realize how lucky you are. Happy St. Patty’s Day!
Buy St. Patty's Day treats for your pets from . $3 dollars for every bag sold goes to PNP to rescue …
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last night's St. Patty's Event was outstanding !
*** so many White folks @ the St. Patty's Parade. I feel like O.J. Simpson in *** The Hoodie is coming off.
Brittani Haddeman & Sarah Rickman I'm submitting our kids DANCE video from the St Patty party for the DJ shuffle on disney :)
Never cutting weight again. 22lbs since St Pattys day.
Finally got off property after 3 days straight of work and also got my St Patty's day bevvies and meal about a month and a half late
I just realized that I can actually celebrate cinco de Mayo with beer that has real alcohol in it!!! WHOO HOO!!! I can make up for missing St Patty's day :-)
Camden Parade! So - while you were all home all toasty on your couch over St Patty's day - this is what the Total Chaos Rodeo Drill Team was doing! Great Job to all who braved the weather for such a fun community event! ps.. I was home toasty on my couch!
Wow I AM is working today I want to welcome John and Phyllis Rissler to the Spokane team we met 3weeks ago at the St Patty's Day Parade they loved Boresha's peach mango tea so much they called me today an signed up and I am honored to have them on the team so please give them a huge Boresha welcome !!
Lmao, Brian tell Henry about the Green sprinkles in your bed on St Patty's Day!!! 😂😂😂😂
Tickled with my race time today at Evergreen cemetery for the St Patty's day run.a beautiful place.8:47s finishing in 54:28 and 1st in age... Went into the race thinking it was a 10 mile but turned out to be a and numbers. LOL. :) What's good is that I ran well under 9's for the first time since even! If I don't think of the 7's I did 15 years ago I can be just so glad to be out there amongst the other wonderful people that run! Cheering section was rather quiet though.:)
Shalimar Summers and myself at the Cove on St Patty's, pie eating contest. Thanx for the pic, Jake Jesser!
Turf club float for St Patty's Day Parade
Willet Rod and Gun Club is ready to rock St Patty's Day and the March birthdays. See you at 7!
Happy belated St Patty's Day. Sorry haven't turned my computer on for a few days.
So last Sunday I finished a 21 day nutrition/fitness program that taught me portion control and strengthened my clean diet will power. This resulted in losing 6lbs and 2inches! This coming Monday is the start of cycle with the same amazing group plus one addition! So since this is break week I decided to treat myself. In moderation! With a work St Patty's gathering and. *drum roll pls.* my first coffee in over a MONTH! Cause I like my coffee with the not approved additives (double double) And this said coffee below is my treat for a big accomplishment as of yesterday! I am officially debt FRE!!! Student loan 100% paid off and is now a thing of the past! Feels wonderful to have paid it off within a short period with no financial assistance but my own hard work in my new career in health care. Thank you to all my supporters :)
Having an awesome week.. 10 days without a cig for one.. Stumpgrinders Final Show on Saturday at Clancy's in Portage and a little St Patty's day partay on Jay street to look forward to.. And that ain't even the highlights. life is good. God is great..
Great time with my brother on St Patty's Day weekend.!! Had a blast
Good morning everybody hope you all enjoyed St Patty's Day, hope everyone got enough green jello shots too last a good year!!! Lol, Well have a super duper Tuesday and don't work too hard!!!
Nice to see other MLB teams jump on the green unis/hats to celebrate St Patty's Day! We wear it everyday!
Oh my goodness! I got so carried away with editing tonight that I totally forgot to post the family session giveaway! It's a little late to do it tonight, so definitely stay tuned for the launch tomorrow evening! Hope everyone had a great, green St Patty's Day! :)
The birth of and St Patty's Day and The Time Jumpers. Monday ain't so bad
Found this four leaf today on Finding a clover on St Patty's day is equivalent to being…
Random thoughts for the day. Whoever knocked down our mailboxes (ours and Kari's)...hope you didn't damage your car too much. Will Justin get to wear his nice green St Patty's Day shirt before he outgrows it? It's from last year and he didn't get to wear it then either. Is it going to snow any more? And will Justin get to finish the 6th grade? Before he starts 7th grade?? LOL
Out the Hubby and my bro on a school night, must be St Patty's Day, Cheers!
*** !! Busy month for me... My sister got married, my little brother, David Robinson, is getting married and gonna be a dad, which means I'm gonna be the best uncle ever!... One of my best friends is also getting married which I get to be a big part of Nicole Marie!... And on my one night off I just found out my sister from another mother just got engaged!!! To all my family and friends I wish you all a happy St Patty's Day!!!... I came out to enjoy my night off but I now celebrate my night off with the knowledge of knowing I am happy for the family and friends I have!!!
Special thanks to my amazing friend Linda for the green St Patty's Day bagels, they were awesome!
Because I'm still thinking about last night's trivia fun.Here's your St Patty's trivia of the day. The Irish consume an average of 369 beers per year - the 2nd highest per-capita consumption after the Czech Republic. An Irishman, Patrick Maguire, was the first person to step off Columbus' ship and set foot in North America. Three of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were born in Ireland Twenty-two presidents had Irish ancestry. America has five times more Irish people than Ireland does. Roughly 35 million Americans reported Irish ancestry in the 2010 US Census, which makes it the second largest ethnic group after the German Americans. Most Irish State: Massachusetts 22%. Most Irish Large City: Boston 20%. Most Irish Neighborhood: Breezy Point / Rockaway Point in Queens, NY: 54.3%. At one point among the poorest people in America, Irish-American households are now wealthier than most, with median incomes of $60k, and poverty rates at half the national average. Many Irish family names start wit ...
Free general admission for all Fountain Square customers tonight at Irish 31 Hyde Park. The storm has passed and the bands are playing. Charlie hotel is on the stage and the U2 tribute band is a little later! St Patty's Day is alive and kicking!
On this St Patty's Day let's remember the Irish famine that was caused by nature but we have children starving in the US because of the GOP.
St Patty's day dinner tonight( corn beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
If that doesn't motivate a fella to celebrate St Patty's day, nothing will.
Cuz it's St Patty's day 🍀🍀🍀 Cillian Murphy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Tom Hardy and his leprechaun tattoo
I didn't know Puerto Ricans celebrate St Patty's day.oh well let's get it
The Irish must have been very diligent to get all of their luck! ;) Come celebrate St Patty's Day and practice some diligence tonight: Shellie's 4:45 Slow Flow, Frankie's 6pm Yoga Rocks, or 7:15 Slow Flow by Candlelight ... yoga, diligence, luck - an unstoppable combination, that's for sure! :)
Spend your St Patty's day with your Okaloosa Revfest Family at KC's Sandbar and Grille with Tribe Zion from 5pm to 9pm! $1 domestic drafts and a $400 prize giveaway at 8:30pm! The RevFest tents are still up, so don't be afraid of the weather!
Come join us tonight for Mussel Madness - half-price mussels in the bar & on the patio starting at 5 pm! Great way to celebrate St Patty's Day with a beer or Jameson on the side!
St Patty's day oh how I miss the times we used to have of Irish Car Bombs, green beer, and bad decisions. This year gym dinner then home alone with the pups. Dang I got old.
St Patty's day Irish car bombs the right way. T Swin
@ Carparellis on Chatham E DT Windsor Ontario! Happy St Patty's Day... going to Leftys later maybe.
Lots to do today I thought we'd have 3 for St Patty's day itt will be John Sullivan and myself at tilted skilt I'm Palm Springs don't forget to wear green hey wait I married part Irish me I have my own green man
Not my idea of a great St Patty's day. Shoulder surgery
Giving a St Patty's Day shout out to Coach Cooley for taking Friartown back to the NCAA Tournament! Go Friars, Wear Green!
Just another snowy day here on the East Coast 14" on the St Patty's Day
Now that's how to start off St Patty's Day with a, "shamrock shake"! The 4.4 quake was surely felt here in east-central Pasadena. Weird part. Earlier this morning I dreamed we had an earthquake today! :-/
Does anyone know what time the St Patty's Day Parade is tomorrow? I really want to go but I really don't know what time it is. That's the part that's going to mess me up lol
Join us this Monday - St Patty's Day - for our delicious special hearty "Irish Stew" & Green Beer @ Happy Hour $$$ - & of course the Cafe & Tavern will be open for our regular hours - The ("greenish") Blue Chair - "where our Community gathers"!
We made delicious Guinness bread for St Patty's. Beer, molasses, whole wheat flour, and oats all smell…
We're dishing up real Irish stew to celebrate St Patty's day with the traditional sleeve of green beer. See you all tomorrow in your green.
Guinness, Magners and mad Irish bar tenders. Well maybe not the last one but it's St Patty's day at Jack Greene ! Come on down and grab yourself a pint of Guinness off the taps for a limited time!
St Patty's Day tomorrow in Atlantis, Bahamas. Happy Birthday Mom. I am sure heaven is wearin' the green tomorrow. Miss you every day. Love xo
Happy Birthday Mom! Mom is a St Patty's baby...she'll be dressed in green for sure. :)
Tomorrow night come celebrate St Patty's day with us. Green beer, Irish stew, corn beef and cabbage, Irish tunes by DJ Steven starts at 6:00. Where your green!!!
I will be hosting St Patty's Day at Pier 3, Jefferson, north of 16 mile, from 3pm-8pm!! Come out and let's rock...
St Patty's day is a reflection of family... The great foundation of strong Irish genes and principals…
Join us as we continue to celebrate St Patty's Day. $2.50 Green Beers. $4.00 Irish Car Bombs. Food Specials Corn beef and Cabbage Homemade Shepherds Pie Come see Elliott and the rest of the staff.
St Patty's weekend platter of corned beef & cabbage, Shepherds Pie, & new potatoes in Morgantown
Need a cure for that hangover? How 'bout a Reuben or corned beef platter? St Patty's specials are available...
Heading to my parents for corned beef, then NYC an staying over for St Patty's Day Parade.
402BBQ is prepping to serve everyone in Benson for St Patty's on Monday! We will be offering a BBQ Corned Beef...
Not a fan of corned beef. If I make St Patty's food, it's Irish Lamb Stew.
Ok the plan for the day is Home Depot,Trader Joes,and then celebrate St Patty's Day at the Nutty Irishmen!
If you are Downtown tomorrow for St Patty's Day...stop into Thyme for a Green Beverage!! * We are the Best Kept Secret in Rochester!!! * Come see for yourself!
I m in a small dark booth with 2 Spaniards , 2 Argentian precussionis, a couple if French Canadians and one Irishman on St Patty s Sunday .
Happy Birthday to my St Patty's baby...Mace Rinehart...proud u son
Tomorrow at Mollie Stones Bayhill and Tower 10:30-2:30 and Castro and California Street Stores 3-7. Get set for St Patty's Day with Kerrygold Cheddars on promotion. Shannon Gold Butter too!
Seeing all these St Patty's celebrations and I'm just here like VIVA ITALIA 🇮🇹
Stop in "Amanda's Suite One" and get something green to wear for St Patty's day Monday. Then come and try the "IRISH CREAM MOCHA". Our very own Micah and Christy would love to help you pick out that awesome St Patty's look.
Its a great day for derby in San Diego!! After you check out San Diego Derby Dolls at the St Patty's Day Parade, head on over to San Diego Roller Derby to see the Rollin Rebel Alliance take on the Coastbusters, then no time for autographs if you want to see our own SoCal Derby vs. Silicon Valley Roller Girls in SoCal's most nail-biting WFTDA bout to date! Not to mention OC Roller Girls Chorizo & Eggs are getting scrambled tonight up in HB with Beach Cities Roller Derby is playing Pulp Friction. We should change our name from America's Finest City to America's Finest Derby City. SDRD bout info: Derby info: Rollergirls bout tickets:
Start your St Patty's Day breakfast prep now with one of these fun rainbow morning meals from Tipsaholic! 10 St. Patrick's Day breafasts: it for later: click SHARE to save to your timeline
Get ur St Patty's day started off right! Irish Benedict with corned beef, hollandaise & HP sauce at WP
Acacia, DKE, and Theta Xi are raging all night tonight for St Patty's Day! The party is open to all girls!
With the Big Ten, Comic Con, St Patty's Events and a Librarian Convention going on, this Town is Jumpin today! Can't say we are not diverse in our weekend events!
Headed to club for some last minute decorating for St Patty's Day Party tonight. Hope to see everyone tonight.
Going to a St Patty's Day Party? You don't have to stay home to avoid the "party food" pressure. Here are a few tips to have fun and be healthy! Drink Water You should be drinking plenty of water every day anyway, but before a get together, upping the amount of water you drink can help you avoid eating too much. Water has a filling effect, especially when you drink a good bit of it. So, before you head to your gathering, make sure you drink plenty of water. Bring a Healthy Dessert Alternative Don’t risk being lured in by the cakes, cookies, pies and other delicious, yet terribly fattening treats that will be at a get together. Instead, bring your own healthy dessert alternative. Ask the host if you can bring along a dessert, and prepare something healthy. A fruit bowl can tickle your sweet tooth as much as a brownie or a piece of cake, and it won’t stick around your waist after the event is over. Healthy Munching If there are appetizers, avoid digging into those fattening chips and dips and instead op ...
I really want to wear my green beads for St Patty's Day but I'm pretty sure that's against Mercer rules!
Do you have a special event coming up, maybe a St Patty's Day Party? Make it a hit with Dickey's catering! (330) 723-2300 for a quote.
Happy Ides of March. March was the first month of the year for the Roman calendar which made SEPTember the seventh month, OCTober the eighth, NOVember the ninth and of course DECember the 10th month. Makes sense now. The Ides of March was the middle of the month AND the first full moon of the year- a time of celebration. And the time when Julius Ceasar was killed. Way to go Brutus. It is also the birthday of Wilson Kipsang. I will be talking more about him in Spin Class this morning at 9am YMCA. Just did a 6 mile run with Rich and Mike this. Thanks for being there guys. NOW LET'S GET ON THE BIKE! Oh yea. Gig Harbor is having their first St Patty's Day Run this morning to benefit the Peninsula school volunteers. Starting at Donkey Creek.
Any apple buddies working on St Patricks Day we are allowed to wear green or St Patty's shirts, nothing low cut or inappropriate... *** !! Lol. This is from David Jacobs. Also don't forget to wear your Jerry beads if u have them.
Today is Bri's birthday!! She is working until 12:30, come wish her a happy bday and celebrate St Patty's Day weekend with a Nutty Irishman Latte!
the holiday you call St Patty's Day does not exist. However the Irish national holiday is called St Patrick's Day AKA St Paddy's Day.
Spring break, it's been fun but move over it's St Patty's weekend 🍻💚🍀
Thanks for a great kids night at Peace Lutheran Church of Fargo. 1st "mini lock in"a success! Next tomorrows activity St Patty's Day Parade
Less than 12 hours until we kickoff our St Patty's Day party!
I hope to see some old friends tomorrow in 5 points , St Patty's day!
Friday Fun Question! Who is celebrating St Patty's Day & Who is watching March Madness next week? Who doesn't know what I'm talking about?
St Patty's day party cancelled.. Great. Now to stay here tomorrow or go rave in saint Louis again... I think the latter.
Live music from 2 on the loose, Chicago Style Pizza and St Patty's green Beer!! Its time to cut loose and enjoy St Patty's day week at ROSATIS!!
I'm hopin my aunt doesn't care to watch my dog all weekend, cause it's St Patty's weekend and I'm tryin to go out🍀💚
Join us tonight at the Drunken Parrot Saloon in St cloud. Its our St Patty's weekend Bash. Tonight, great music,...
Are you into CORNED BEEF? Come to Cruisers inside River Park Square CORNED BEEF SANDWICH and try the we are created for St Patty's Day. The CORNED BEEF was slow roasted for hours in the back of our kitchen, then served on a handmade roll from Alpine Bistro And Bakery Company along with whole grain mustard, grilled onions, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. This thing is amazing! But we only have enough CORNED BEEF for about 30 sandwiches, so don't wait until next week to get one.
Don't forget the St Patty's day blow out party! via
Saint Patty's day is Monday...The parade is Sunday...Now you only have to decide what to do Saturday night to prepare for the festivities!!! WE HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER!!! - COME TO AMHERST APPLEBEE'S! We will be rocking out our St Patty's day party Saturday 3/15 starting at 9pm!! You don't want to miss out on the amazing drink specials (extra have been added for the holiday) and of course Corey on the bar means a great time for all!
St Patty's celebration. 1/2 off full Tarot spreads. Starting Saturday March 15th, 2014 till Saturday March 22nd, 2014. That means normally $65.00, all next week only $35.00, Also two for one, bring a new friend and get two full readings for $50.00. Spring is approaching. New beginnings are in motion. Whats in the cards for you?
Looking for a family friendly St Patty's Day event in NYC? Join us 3/17 at for music, dancing & more:
So this coming Monday, St Patty's Day my episode of 2 Broke Girls will air. "And the Kilt Trip" is the name of the episode. It is really funny. Tune in/DVR it and report back. :)
ah yes, St Patty, the most delicious saint of all
Hey now it's Friday, been a long week... one more shift at work, then right into Power Tongue mode. We go on at 9 tonight, our first time rocking the Red Room at McStews on St Patty's weekend no less.gonna be a good time.
Come on in for our St Patty's day pint night beer bust! Two days of all you can drink for everyone who wants to celebrate a little early! Wear green and get in free!! Novelty mugs to be sold and a special on Fat Tire all weekend!! Hot girls and cold beer. Its a Patty's day tradition!!
St Patty's weekend kicks off Friday! Make sure you stop in for our awesome festivities!!! Friday: Susquehanna pint night from 6pm-8pm, buy a pint and keep the glass! Saturday: Live! Acoustic music 6pm-8pm by 3West! Giveaways!!! Sunday & Monday: keep up to date with our food specials that our listed below! We will be playing great music with some give aways! Food specials all weekend: Fish and Chips- $7.50 Reuben with Fries and Slaw-$7.50 Homemade Irish Stew with Salad & Bread- $8.99 Shepherds Pie- $7.50 Drinks of the weekend! : $5 Shamrock Martini $4 Guinness Drafts $5 Irish Car bombs or Coffees $2 Green Domestic Beers Any questions please call in and ask for Samantha! Hope to see you in your green this weekend!!! And everyone be safe!
Think I will make rum n bourbon balls for St Patty's day. May die them green for fun. Yahoo the big bang in downtown. Hope to see ya around.
& I'm a poor Irish girl needing a hook up of "Beer Money"4 my St Patty's bday if ur back hm Mon, oh pretty faced 1
lol well Scotty's aunt and uncle asked if we wanted to go out with them for St Patty's day to the Ott House
I'm going to "woman" the door at the St Patty's Day Dinner Dance at the Moose. Break a leg, Boys!!
Bingo Fans... be here Monday (St Patty's day) for a chance to be our Lucky Leprechaun and win up to $1000!!
Welcome to our new neighbors! Get your Jazz Fest and St Patty's gear at this great boutique. DETOUR
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
So as we move into March couple more little plans are coming thru.the front door has been repainted, the bathroom doors will be next, the flower bed was spruced up, plans are to finish the picnic area and the picnic tables will be painted.come up and show your bar some love! Friday is St Patty's day for us! Sunday will be Sunday Funday! We will have pool tomorrow night.grab a beer and a car! See ya at Fat Boyz.
St Patty's weekend at Rainbow Mountain. Friday, Athena knight and friends perform their annual Celtic drag show. Saturday wear your green to our Green Dance Party. Also win cash and prizes in our Let's Make a Green Deal game in the club. Of course there is karaoke on Thur, Fri & Sat. Wonder how many songs have the word green in it LOL. Chef Pam is cooking up some delicious Corn Beef & Cabbage in the restaurant.
Next Monday at Margarita Beach! Don't miss out St Patty's day party!
Get ready for St Patty's Day weekend! We kick it off Friday night at Tilted Kilt, Columbus, OH Come out to where green beer flows and everyone's family for one weekend a year!
Ate at the Tilted Kilt tonight. They closed the kitchen at 10, but the manager insisted they keep it open. The girls are always sweet and we always have a good time and they serve fantastic food. I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a pub experience and great food. Also, St Patty's day they are having a whole thing, so Texans come on over to Killeen and enjoy the fib.
Kick off St Patty's weekend this Friday night! Joe and Joey will be unplugged at Tilted Kilt in Fox Valley mall. (by Macy's lower level) Starting right after hawks game around 9:30pm!
St Patty day karaoke, Larry's Cabbage rolls Race day Sunday march 16 and full moon. March Madness chili cook off Sat March 22, come hungry. Thanks to all.
Don't miss the FUN!!! Here is a picture from last years St Patty's Hunt for the Gold! Kiss the Blarney Stone and Luckier if you kiss it upside down! ;-)
We will have special St Patty's Day edition Bud Light and Miller Lite aluminum pints on special this Thursday- Saturday from 5-9pm! Only $2! :)
Would it be bad to wear my new American flag sweater to the St Patty's Day Parade tomorrow?
I love working the St Patty's Day Parade at Bay Shore.25 jobs since 6 AM and I still have 3 1/2 hours left
Oh ya...btw.gonna be on a float tmro ,DJ'n with my Dawg Justin in the St Patty's Day Parade. What?
Matchmaker? I thought it was a St Patty's Day party not Valentines...
Join us Sunday, March 9th at 8am to watch the St Patty's Day Parade!!! May the luck of the Irish be with you!
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