St Patrick & St Andrew

Saint Patrick (Primitive Irish: *Qatrikias; ; c. Saint Andrew (from the early 1st century—mid to late 1st century AD), called in the Orthodox tradition Prōtoklētose, or the First-called, is a Christian Apostle and the brother of Saint Peter. 5.0/5

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Which frog is St Patrick, which is St Andrew, St David and who is Mother Theresa? Good…
I really wish St. Andrew's day was as celebrated as St Patrick's day and we all got sloshed beyond repair for 24 hours with no cares
St Patrick, St George, and St Andrew go into St Paul's Cathedral and Patrick asks "Have you got the Common Union Rhyme yet?"
The 4 patron saints of GB, St Patrick of IRE, St George of ENG, St Andrew of SCO & St David of WAL on drunken spree.
It's St Patrick's Day, you know what that means? Nothing. It means nothing. Just like Andrew, David, and George.
there needs to be a picture Andrew dalton for St Patrick's day
I wish people celebrated St Andrew's day the way we celebrate St Patrick's day
OK, as he is Irish I will forgive you ignoring Burns Night and St Andrew if you want to cash in on St Patrick.
Performed Sunday, June 25, 2014 at Kawaiahao Church. "Na Ke Akua" is a composition by the late John McCreary, the organist/choirmaster at Cathedral of St Andrew, the Apostle, Honolulu, Hawaii from the early 1960's until he retired in 1997. In all respects to John, he is whom I used as a model for my own organ playing. Sadly, John passed away on the evening of Easter Vigil, 2013 and I have always held this composition in his honor, in fact I played it for a meditation (organ solo only) the following Easter Sunday morning at St Patrick's Church in Kaimuki.
Line 1: Yonge-University-Spadina - Subway closure from St George to Union to Bloor-Yonge; Signal installations June 7-8 - All trains on Line 1 will turn back northbound at Bloor-Yonge and St George Stations. Shuttle buses will provide frequent, accessible service running from St George Station south on University Avenue, east on King Street West, north on Yonge Street returning south on Yonge Street, west on Wellington Street West, and north on University Avenue. Osgoode, St Andrew, Queen and Dundas stations will be open for fare transactions. Wellesley will be open for fares and connection to surface route. Museum, Queen's Park, St Patrick, Union, King and College stations will be closed.
St Patrick unlike St George/St Andrew, had no cross 2 bear. Historically inaccurate and doesn't represent me!
please remember it is SAINT Valentine's day - St Patrick and St Andrew get their days so please acknowledge St Valentine!
Let's test your general knowledge. The crosses of St George, St Patrick, and St Andrew make up which flag?
Yes it is Union Jack are three Christian Crosses of St George, St Patrick, St Andrew.
I believe that there should be a parade to celebrate the patron saint of England each year on St Georges day 23rd April. In the same mode tht the Scottish celebrate St Andrew, the welsh celebrate St David and the Irish celebrate St Patrick. All of these are quite rightly venerated by their countrymen and women. I am dismayed that any form of celebrationfor saint george should be seen as a possible cause for any form of violence or racism. Anyone who abides in this Proud and glorious country should join in the celebrations to acknowledge the multicultural acceptance of the indiginous population. I would like to help organise a parade with St George at the head followed by his army of supporters dressed in the crusaders outfit. Pessimists will automatically think that such a parade would not be allowed but I believe it would. This glorious country of ours is open to new ideas such as the *** parades which now seem to pop up in every major city along with a multitude of marches , demonstrations and other pa ...
Unfortunately I only see THREE flags- St George, St Andrew and St Patrick. It will NEVER be my flag until part of MY flag is part of it. Then and ONLY them will I stand for a flag that does NOT stand for me..!
Final days to see Contacting Toronto on the TTC. Check out Michael Cook's photos in St Patrick station and Andrew Emond's videos on screens.
Jack Hrusoff Vexologists are flag people: I happened to have studied. In ancient Rome there were standards and banners. Later, crosses were adopted by European countries; e.g., Britain is a combination, via Scottish king James, of the red cross of St George on white ground with white X, or saltire, of St Andrew (in night sky) on field of blue, red X of St Patrick of Ireland later added to form Union, 'Jack' being of uncertain origin, not merely jacksprit flag of vessels. American flag, a naval ensign, was taken from East India Company flag, purportedly as stolen from lower casks in vessels of Eleanor, Beaver and Dartmouth docked at Boston during Tea Party. Grand Union was later used as a device worn on our first vessels (Esek Hopkins and reckless John Paul Jones mercenary) to gain port and avoid detection into St Eustis to gain saltpeter for gunpowder. Japanese flag, rising sun, was an adaption of Shogun samurai motif used in WWII, sans rays, and later worn today like maple leaf of Canada. 14 minutes ago ...
you know how 30th Nov is St Andrew's & 17th March is St Patrick's? Well every day is a different Saints day & today is Robert 🎉☺
Every year St Patrick's day comes around and suddenly everyone has an Irish grandparent.
Is it bad that I know when St Patrick's day is but not St Andrew (country of birth) or St George (country of residence) or St David? :/
It is St Patrick's day but I'd be lucky if I could go to taco Bell.
The English don't celebrate St David's or St Andrew's (and rarely celebrate St George's), so why is St Patrick's accepted as universal?
Why is St Patrick's Day such a big thing, even among those who aren't at all Irish? There weren't any celebrations for St Andrew's Day
I love the weeks around St Andrew's and St Patrick's day, the two staples of life, Soda bread and beer...are plentiful.
JUST A THOUGHT would the cross of St Andrew have to be removed from the UJ after their independance so the UJ flag would no longer have any blue in it - just the white and red crosses of St George and St Patrick. And the aussies, kiwis etc would also have to amend the UJs in their flags accordingly. Has anyone else thought about this?
1) There are about twenty modern nations whose currency is called the "dollar." The word apparently derives from "taler," which in turn comes from "Joachimsthal," the name of a place in Bohemia where the taler (a silver coin) was created, with the "-thal" part presumably meaning "valley." (The modern German spelling, by the way, has been changed to "tal," which explains the new spelling of the English word "Neandertal.") So, we use dollars today because certain coins were once minted in a valley. 2) The flag of Britain, commonly known as the Union Jack (which derives from the use of the Union Flag on the jack-staff of naval vessels), embodies the emblems of three countries under one Sovereign. The emblems that appear on the Union Flag are the crosses of three patron saints: The red cross of St George, for England, on a white ground; The white diagonal cross, or saltire, of St Andrew, for Scotland on a blue ground; The red diagonal cross of St Patrick, for Ireland, on a white ground. 3) Wales is not repres ...
FACTS ABOUT THE Union Jack. Wales is not represented on the Union Jack. That fact is beyond dispute. As such, the extent to which it was flaunted by department stores, shops, pubs, households and other organizations in Llanelli (and Wales generally) during the 2012 Jubilee Jamboree, the Olympics and the Paralympics was truly amazing. For the record, the Union Flag is made up solely of the Crosses of St George of England, St Andrew of Scotland and St Patrick of Ireland. The Cross of St David of Wales – that beautiful gold cross on a black background – is nowhere to be seen on it. Neither is the Red Dragon of Wales. Therefore, the actual composition of the Union Jack simply does not match what it is meant to represent – the United Kingdom. The Cross of St Patrick represents Ireland - the whole of Ireland – so that the Republic of Ireland is still represented on it even though it became independent of the UK in 1922, which means that the flag is 90years out-of-date! However, Wales – which i ...
There are many misunderstood suggestions on the internet. You have to de-pinwheel St Patrick if you remove St Andrew.
I have changed my Union Jack because I was reliably informed this evening that it was the wrong way up. I looked it up: The flag does not have reflection symmetry, due to the slight pinwheeling of St Patrick's cross, which is technically called the counterchange of saltires. Thus, it has a right side and a wrong side up. To fly the flag the correct way up, the broad portion of the white cross of St Andrew should be above the red band of St Patrick (and the thin white portion below) in the upper hoist canton (the corner at the top nearest to the flag-pole), giving the Scottish symbol precedence over the Irish symbol. This is expressed by the phrases wide white top and broad side up. Traditionally, flying a flag upside down is understood as a distress signal. In the case of the Union Flag, the difference is so subtle as to be easily missed by many. Indeed, some people have displayed it upside down inadvertently. (That'll be me!!) On 3 February 2009, the BBC reported that the flag had been inadvertently flo ...
Sorry.. I made an error on my last post. The Yonge-University-Spadina line will be closed from BLOOR-YONGE to UNION on May 26 and May 27. Shuttle buses will be running from Bloor-Yonge to Union Stations, stopping at Bloor Street, Wellesley Street, College/Carlton Streets, Dundas Street, Queen Street, King Street and Front/Bay Streets. Anyone hoping to take the 510 Spadina streetcar from Spadina-Union Station? You are out of luck because there is no Spadina streetcar service on Queens Quay. You will have to transfer to/from the 509/509B Harbourfront cars at Queens Quay and Spadina loop to continue your trip. It is not clear whether the buses will be servicing Rosedale station but it is very unlikely. Alternate routes are: 75 Sherbourne, 511 Bathurst, Yonge-University-Spadina Subway from St George Station and transfer to the respective 94 Wellesley at Museum, 506 Carlton at Queens Park, 505 Dundas at St Patrick, 501 Queen at Osgoode or 504 King at St Andrew stations.
We can't have a bank hol for St David's. It'd mean another for St George's, then St Patrick and St Andrew. Too many!
St Andrew ,St George and St Patrick walked into a bar... complete the joke please Ricky
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