St Patrick & New York City

Saint Patrick (Primitive Irish: *Qatrikias; ; c. New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York Metropolitan Area, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. 5.0/5

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A group of Catholics (& allies) who support LGBT equality today engaged in a quiet vigil outside of St. Patricks Cathedral in New York City in response to recent comments made by Timothy Dolan who is both the leader of the Catholic Church in NY and the USA. In a recent article Dolan implied that LGBT Catholics are welcome to attend mass but only if they wash their hands before doing so (you know, we are tainted). The 'dirty hands' vigil involved presenting to St Patrick's with charcoal-stained hands in a silent statement of opposition to the church's ongoing discrimination against LGBT people. There was a strong police presence which was totally out of proportion to the size and peaceful nature of the event. The participants were informed by an LGBT police liaison and a representative of St Patrick's that unless they washed their hands they would not be able to enter the church building for the Sunday service. If they refused to wash their hands and attempted to enter the building they were told they wo . ...
In honor of St Paddy’s Day, we thought we’d share some tidbits that offer a bit of insight into the day when “everyone is Irish.” March 17th is the Roman Catholic feast day for Ireland’s St Patrick, patron saint, who was not born in Ireland, but originally brought there as a slave. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in 1737 in Boston. New York City started the first organized parade 25 years later. Meanwhile, Dublin’s parade began 70 years after that. Until the 1970s, St Patrick’s Day was considered a minor holiday but at that time began gaining popularity in the U.S. The village of Dripsey in County Cork hosts the world’s shortest parade, which runs 77 feet between the towns two bars. The Irish raise their glass and say “Sláinte” (pronounced SLAN-cha), the Irish word for “health.” Ireland was never home to any native species of snakes. More American’s claim Irish heritage than the entire populations of Ireland… and on St Patrick’s Day that number seems to grow ...
A classic Matt memory on this date, many decades ago: Columbus Day Parade...New York the mid 1960s: Dad worked for the electric company, so this was an annual day off. He typically packed the car with kids and sandwiches for a drive and a family bonding trip. (Picture Clark Griswold, but wholesome...) Our big station wagon got "vapor locked" (what WAS that? just made the car stop dead!) in the middle of Fifth Avenue, blocking the WHOLE southbound Columbus Day Parade in NYC. Cops that looked like the cast of the "Car 54 Where Are You?" sitcom had to push the stalled car out of the intersection so the parade could continue. I recall our Mom and five little girls (maybe our only brother Mike too??) marching into St Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue, praying for the patron saint of vapor lock to intercede, while dad stayed behind with the car. Many Hail Marys. No cell phones. Today's the anniversary (back when Columbus Day was celebrated ON Columbus Day, 10/12 and not on the nearest Monday). Thanks ...
Just returned from a fantastic visit with ny wonderful niece, Ashley Wojtowycz Hoerr and Blake Hoerr. Blake gave us a tour of the New York Jets training facility - AWESOME!! I now think I now may even LIKE football! Then yesterday, went into New York City to celebrate my birthday. Went to St Patrick's Cathedral, Time Square, Tiffanys, the Plaza Hotel, Central Park, Battery Park and the 911 memorial. Had my irst experience on the NY subway. We had a GREAT time. Once we got home, Ashley had baked cupcakes for my birthday. :) Thanks, Ashley and Blake for such an amazing birthday couple of days.
I bet she can make him laugh... :) "Alec Baldwin and his yoga instructor fiancee tied the knot Saturday in a New York City church, with a guest list that included family and famous Hollywood pals. Baldwin, 54, and Hilaria Thomas, 28, married at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in a Catholic ceremony performed by the Rev. George Deas." - AP
Alec Baldwin has walked down the aisle for the second time. The 30 Rock star, 54, tied the knot with Hilaria Thomas, 28, in a private New York City affair, a friend of the couple confirms.
"Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin were married this evening at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York City, sharing the occasion with family and friends inside the Cathedral and Alec warmly receiving congratulations from well-wishing fans on his way into the service."
A beautiful day in New York City...78 and lite breeze. Great lunch at Nanking. Walked 42nd St, wandered the Apple store at Grand Central Station, stopped by Rockefeller Center and walked through the beautiful St Patrick's Cathedral. Awesome!
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