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St Elmos Fire

St. Elmo's fire (also St. Elmo's light) is a weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created by a coronal discharge from a sharp or pointed object in a strong electric field in the atmosphere (such as those generated by thunderstorms or created by a volcanic eruption).

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Snuck an 80s radio station on and St Elmos Fire is playing! Tune!!
it's the cardinal sin of watching movies from yr past. So many disappoint (ST ELMOS FIRE!!!) not mentioning any names
I loved Andrew M. in everything. Fave was St. Elmos's Fire (and Rob Lowe too of course).
Singing away to 'St Elmos Fire' on just now. Great song and film!
I used Shazam to discover St. Elmos Fire (Man In Motion) by John Parr. πŸ‘‚ to and ❀❀❀❀
I used Shazam to discover St Elmo's Fire by Michael Franks.
You know that scene in st elmos fire, where kevins playin bongos on his bed havin a proper jam. Thats me when I listen to Brandon Flowers.
I liked a video St Elmos Fire, Man in Motion, w/lyrics
St. Elmos Fire stuck in my head. Send help. Or at least a new song.
It's like Supernatural but with a 1980s St Elmos Fire twist.
34. St Elmos Fire (1985). "I always thought we'd be friends forever.". "Yeah we'll forever got a lot shorter all of a sud…
st Elmos fire inspired me to learn sax. Excellent film.
John Parr, St elmos fire. Paul in Huddersfield just starting work
John Parr - St Elmos Fire πŸ‘ŠπŸ» hollie and tina on our way to sainsburys 😬
I'm sure that is was St Elmos Fire by John Parr. Rachael from Huddersfield
John Parr(St Elmos Fire) has written this for Steve Prescott Man Of Steel:
Can't get enough of watching St Elmos Fire one of the best movies around and WOW so hot
For whatever reason the St Elmos Fire theme came on and all i cld picture was on his saxophone .. So hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ http…
You ever wanted to listen to four of schmucks pontificate about the 80s classic (?) St Elmos Fire? You're in luck...
Historically Gemini was regarded as the patron of sailors appearing as St Elmos Fire. .
Oh, I don't know about that *adds St Elmos Fire to kitchen sing along*
Playing "St Elmos Fire" dancing and singing at the top of my voice! Wishing I was dancing with you tune! Happy times! XX
when I was 10 my girlfriend asked if our song should be Shout (by tears for fears) or St Elmos Fire. I chose Shout. . We are still broken up
The only thing left to do today is watch St Elmos Fire.
St Elmos Fire by John Parr from the album St. Elmos Fire Soundtrack
Just watched 'St Elmos Fire' Not seen it before. I'd say it was 'ok'. Nothing more
Dont really know if i like St Elmos Fire.. i love 80s movies and was really looking forward to watching this.. but im kinda disappointed 😯
St Elmos Fire and The Nightmare Before Christmas will forever be my favourite films
I think St Elmos Fire and Ally Sheedy's fantastic pearls when I see him.
St Elmos Fire is just such a tune and it never fails to make me wish I was in an eighties movie *air grab*
Emilio Estevez's character in St Elmos Fire defo turned out to be a serial killer in later life
dont think of the St.Elmos fire theme song either..
"You break my heart. Then again, you break everyone's heart"
Bath or shower? Shower. Straight or curly hair? Straight. Favorite movie? The last unicorn, st elmos's fire...
St.elmos fire will always touch my heart ❀️
Can we pretend that I googled the lyrics to St Elmos Fire and said a funny thing here also?
Should use the theme for St. Elmos Fire for the Graduation walk... Would be epic!
"Fluff and fold, buddy. Soon as I make it really big, I'm going fluff and fold"
smashing St Elmos Fire while I head out to buy video games.
simon could you play a man in motion as I am watching St elmos fire brilliant song & film cheers x
I'm still awake and looks like I might be up longer now I've seen St Elmos Fire is on tv 😫😍πŸ”₯
love the 80's can't wait, watching St Elmos Fire 1985 x
love the 80's can't wait I'm just watching St Elmos Fire 1985 brilliant film x
are you sure this isn't a still from St. Elmos Fire?
Beautiful song written by st.elmos fire musician making it his second dedicated to the hero
Having a movie night St Elmos Fire, Class and now watching About Last Night = Rob is so hot ❀️
Dude, St Elmos Fire was a great movie - why did you ruin it?
All the Rat Pack films were brilliant. Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, St Elmos Fire, etc. Might watch one πŸ‘
Wallowing in self pity with St Elmos Fire
A little bit of St Elmos Fire brightens up everyone's morning. I am dancing round the kitchen.
I will take a stab at it and say St Elmos Fire
'St Elmos Fire' was written by David Foster and John Parr for Canadian athlete Rick Hansen, who was going around...
Grant you mentioned John Parr, St Elmos Fire man in motion has to be 1985 loving your work ya mad radge can I get an ooyah?
thunderstruck by AC/DC, eye of the tiger or burning heart by Survivor, St elmos fire by John Parr🎸🎸🎢
This 'St. Elmo's Fire turns 30' piece was published in Vanity Fair, not on Clickhole
Spotted St Elmos Fire on netflix, so much of my teenage years were spent watching that film
but Andrew McCarthy was the one πŸ˜‚ bit of a *** in St Elmos Fire but loved him in this film
followed by St Elmos Fire and Flatliners :-)
Movies in the Top 10 this weekend in 1985. St. Elmos Fire Rambo 3, Cocoon Mad Max 3 &
I want st elmos fire to be on netflix
Rob Lowe in St Elmos Fire 😍😍..One of the best classic movies of the 80's
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"I don't feel very fine looking." Jewels, from St. Elmos Fire. I know this feeling. Even if it is my birthday month of happiness.
Spent much of the morning listening to Freddie Mercury, Giorgio Moroder etc and watching clips from St Elmos Fire etc. for research.
Kevin from St. Elmos Fire is my spirit animal
St elmos fire came on tv and all I can think about is omama
St Elmos Fire and Footloose yesterday, Top Gun and The Breakfast Club today, it's what dreams are made of!!
in fact I always think that Little Mix song reminds me of Bewitched (remember them!) rather than St Elmos Fire!
I now know why I love black magic by little mix so much. Its a speeded up version of st elmos fire. John Parr. Love that tune too
thanks for the music comparison guys now I know why I keep getting St Elmos Fire stuck in my head!
As if Netflix has uploaded St.Elmos fire! Landed
What was the last movie that disappointed you? β€” st-elmos fire tbh, like it wasnt bad but i was expecting someth...
"We get high, and high, crazy blue, like St.Elmos Fire, love so sharp, and fly, that it's hard to know just where you're at."🎢
It's been since first graced the screen. This was one of the films...
Leslie: I can't believe this is happening to us. Alec: Wasted love! God, I just wish I could get it back! - St. Elmos Fire
St Elmo's Fire by Michael Franks, found with Listen now:
Watching St.Elmos Fire. Pretending it's a follow up to Breakfast Club where Bender has defied all odds, become a successful la…
All Cried Out by Alison Moyet is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. Download it now at
She's seen all the classics she knows every line Breakfast Club pretty in pink even St elmos fire
That was some sick lightning,St Elmos Fire! Look up St Elmos Fire,not the movie either.
thanks now have St Elmos Fire stuck in my head β˜ΊπŸ˜‰
When the guy who wrote St Elmos Fire wrote St Elmos Fire, he must have been more excited to share it than any other songwriter ever.
Well done to the winners of last nights quiz in Digbeth, 'St Elmos Fire'.
Woke up with a strange urge to listen to Man In Motion from the St Elmos Fire soundtrack
St Elmos Fire was far inferior to The Breakfast Club. IMHO.
Love the brat pack. St Elmos Fire in bed 😍πŸŽ₯
Breakfast Club..Jaws,, Mystic Pizza..Animal House..Beverly Hills Cop..Halloween..Nightmare on Elm Steet..Psycho..Pretty in Pink..St Elmos Fire.. I could go on and on..Just a few I will always watch if I see them on..
Steak . St Elmos Fire and Sophie Jones - almost a perfect night - a surprise visit from Rob Lowe would make it totally perfect - yum yum x
Gonna spend my nite prepping an 80 track playlist for a 4 hour wedding. Top of the list is St Elmos Fire.
I can feel st. Elmos's fire burning... β™« Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire by David Foster (at westin pool) β€”
I'm literally watching st elmos fire right now
Literally I feel in shock as well as happier than the guy who sings St. Elmos Fire.
have you ever watched St. Elmos Fire? omfg u would love it. xx
St Elmos Fire movie Soundtrack. In this lovely video you can see a beautiful and young Demi Moore that revolves around a group of friends that have just grad...
We get higher n higher crazy blues like st elmos fire
...i'm going to have to re-watch St Elmos Fire's been a couple of decades! Great clip : )
How is St Elmos fire not higher up in the list?!
I need to get the Breakfast Club and st elmos fire on dvd.. they're two of my all time favourite films which I havent seen in years
Watching St. Elmos Fire for the hundredth time because I literally have no shame.
I first feel in love with in st. Elmos Fire.
we get high. Crazy glue, like St Elmos fire.
Just discovered St.Elmos Fire i got pree excited...
There is no way on this planet is Back to the Future better than Dirty dancing, et, footloose, flashdance, ghostbusters, stand by me, gremilins, goonies, lost boys, Breakfast Club, st elmos fire and pretty in pink! But according to channel 5 it is!
Love St.Elmos fire..such a great film!
yeah you do, pretty in pink is great too. As is the Breakfast Club and St Elmos Fire x
β€œGoing to watch 80s movies thing on Channel 5..." 30mins in & ST ELMOS FIRE,DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN,FLASHDANCE feature πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
St. Elmos Fire is my favourite brat pack 80's movie.
Pure indulgence. Classics, one after the other. Tootsie, Splash, St Elmos Fire. Bliss
In the mood to watch St Elmos Fire now, thanks channel 5
pretty in pink,st Elmos fire, what happened last night
on Cocktail,Risky Business, Breakfast Club, dead poets society, st.elmos fire. Just some in my collection
Rob Lowe is so cute in St. Elmos Fire
I even turned off St Elmos Fire the other day - does all this mean I have become middle aged
Photo: Taking a break from editing. β€œSt. Elmo’s Fire” is on TVGNHD, whatever that is. (at Greenpoint )
I'm watching st. Elmos fire and I have no idea other than Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson are kissing
Must be an 80s couple of months St Elmos Fire is on now. Breakfast Club last week 16 Candles Pretty in Pink all of those have been on Takes me way back. A lot of Molly Ringwold, Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe and many others. The clothes and the hair oh my We did like aquanet lol
I watched mannequin not a fan of the others. Prefer St Elmos fire
love 80s chick flicks! Sixteen Candles, pretty in pink, st. elmos fire, ah just love them! :D :D :D
Andrew is the 80 's film king, watch St elmos fire
But, yeah, in general I'm with you - where's today's St Elmos Fire, Breakfast Club etc .
i wish St Elmos Fire was coming on next😭
My favorite movies are... The Breakfast Club. St. Elmos Fire. Dazed and Confused . And anything not made in our time period.
Cant go on with my mornings without listening to st elmos fire
The Breakfast Club or st.elmos fire ?
I just can't keep up with you kids with your St Elmos Fire movies and New Kids on the Block music. All too fast paced for me.
Aliens and witches and satanists and St Elmos Fire type of stuff
Definitely the T Bird ( Grease ) and then after school we were like the group from St Elmos Fire
Me trying to explain St Elmos Fire to Ry πŸ˜‚
St Elmos Fire definitely just made my top five movies guys 😍
Good Morning! Could you play St Elmos Fire for me please? 😝
The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Buellers Day Off & St Elmos Fire have got to be some of the best flicks ever
All I can really say about watching St Elmos Fire for the first time in who knows how long, is that Gordon Bombay is a creep.
St Elmos Fire, my fav brat pack film, reckon I could recite it word for word! fav actor x
saw John Parr do St Elmos Fire on the American Anthems Musical tour, epic! Not sure of my overall choice though so many tunes!
Found Vintage Tv today, m style of music at last. St Elmos Fire by John Parr, nice Doncaster lad done well. Now Billy Ocean going gets tough
Im watching Pretty in Pink... (no Im not *** .. and... not that there is anything wroing with that...) But Im on this big 80's movie kick now. Plus Diceman has a few funny scenes. and Im also on an Andrew McCarthy movie run too.. Class, St Elmos Fire, Mannequin...
Heres a pic from St Elmos Fire get the film out has Demi Moore Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Molly...
What to watch next. Classic 80s movie Ferris Bueller, St Elmos Fire or The Breakfast Club. hmnn I think it could be The Breakfast Club
7am walks on a Sunday go surprisingly well with 'John Parr - St Elmos Fire'
it was St Elmos Fire, your name is Rob Lowe and there's the actor Rob Lowe..
Low brow movie list: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Pretty in Pink, 16 candles, St Elmos Fire
Rob Lowe and in St Elmos Fire. original lobby card
have you seen Andrew McCarthy recently? A million miles from St Elmos Fire
The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, St Elmos Fire, and Some kind of wonderful ^_^
Ok, so drinking on a school night with Sofia Wallis 'Grace' Henny and Wez was not the best idea, and getting in at 12.45 was not good.but what really killed it was staying up till 3.00am with Steve listening to such classic hits as "Nutron Dance" and "St Elmos Fire". Yes I sang and danced - how the Boy slept through it all I will never know!
David Foster - Love Theme From St. Elmos Fire from the movie St Elmos Fire of 1985
Oops, a day late. Happy belated birthday (5-31-61) Lea Thompson. RED DAWN rules! Yeah, yeah, so does Back To The Future. Gotta love that big 80's hair! In case I forget, happy early birthday Ally Sheedy (6-13-62). War Games kicks butt. Yeah, yeah, Breakfast Club is way better (ok, we will mention St Elmos Fire and Short Circuit).
Why are we listening to David Essex singing covers? Ghostbusters, Pinball Wizard, Bright Eyes, St Elmos Fire -
Movies watched today: War Games, St Elmos Fire, Reality Bites, License to Drive, and Funny Farm. Yeah, be jealous
Another pal ran away from home after watching Indecent Proposal, GI Jane and St Elmos Fire. The note said 'I just can't take Demi Moore'.
St Elmos Fire, The Outsiders, The Princess Bride.or am I eternally stuck in the 80's?!
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