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St Clair

St. Clair Shores is a suburban city bordering Lake St. Clair in Macomb County of the U.S. state of Michigan.

Lake St Clair St Clair Shores St Clair County Lake Huron

MS Baseball hosts St Clair at the Athletic Complex South Field today. 7th grade plays @ 430 followed by the 8th grade.
St Clair: One project, led by Travis Thomas will look at muscle loss and lipid metabolism during cancer.
took this video half hour ago looking NNW at the mouth of the St Clair river/bottom of Lake Huron. Nast…
The City Of Charles Sturt are presenting a free dog body language seminar at St Clair, coming up on April 2:...
Z which one St Clair or Crystal lake? Hak Toledo Bend or Conroe?
Nunziata is half tempted to shut down the tire recycling factory near St Clair a Keele so they can build a condo tower...
A crime scene investigator has arrived at St Clair where 2 cars were torched early this morning.
can't be poor living in St Clair Shores 😒
The compelling story of Mary Ann Brownlow, hanged in Goulburn in 1855, will be discussed in a talk at St Clair.…
New SURGICAL TECH St Clair is an independent acute care medical
On the hunt for a portrait photographer ... I am new to the St Louis/St Clair County area ... I shoot families,...
Check out my listing in St Clair, MO. (YouTube Video:
JV Boys BB defeated St Clair and play at 3:30 vs Maple River
Project NEAR in St Clair neighborhood seems to address this.
There have been several street robberies in Mt Pleasant/St Clair area. Police activity in area. Watch out.
Dual credit St Clair college Chef Joe at the community kitchen continuing the lake to plate journey
Have baby fever and wanna get pregnant? - m4w (St Clair Shores)
bus 1797 (sb on yonge at St Clair ) let off passengers but did not let any on.
If u are somewhat decent at ping pong and attend Belleville east, come to ping pong club Thursday night from 6:30-8 at St Clair and bring $5
A representative from St Clair college will be in room 218 today
Rite Aid Smash-N-Grab E105-St Clair. 2nd attempt in 2 months. Store celebrating re-grand opening after last attempt
No service on Line 1 (Yonge University Spadina) from St Clair to College due to a power off situation at Bloor. TTC staff i…
300 Bloor-Danforth diverting westbound via Warden, St Clair, Pharmacy, due to a collision at Danforth and Leyton.
I called two and they have them also one on St Clair and yonge and other one at Eaton centre
Just saw a WWE semi and trailer at a rest stop on I 44 west between St Clair and Stanton, Missouri.
Rodger Cook speaks about the tax levy situation in St. Clair County on the Bob Romanik show 5/16/16. Listen to...
Dusted off a giant cheque at municipal council. It's Official! 2016 St Clair River Run is presented by CF Industries https:…
Today Jr high SB travels to St. Clair for 4:00. Track travels to Day one of the DXI Championships at Whitehall HS.
Scooping this week on Thurs from 4-7 at the Upper St Clair Farmers Market and Friday at Heidelberg round up at Ellsworth Park from 5-9!
Who is your favorite fictional character? — etienne st. clair
After 60 years, body of Missouri airman frozen in glazier after plane crash to be buried in St Clair.
Daytime turns to dusk as Natalie St. Clair's phone lights up with text messages. They come from clients across the vast Lone Star State.
New listing on 2411 St Clair Ave W by Mike Rocha for $49,900 For Sale. See
Hot babe cutiWe loves playing with trinity st clair
Before and after data for the much loathed St.Clair LRT. The detractors were completely wrong.
Good Morning you gorgous lot. Its Tuesday again. I think today another steamy tale from the Very naughty Eliza st Clair hits Kindle store 😉
I think jolei-pitt or should invite them to stay at her place the we'll see how she likes it!
It's all about the person you want to own a dog with 🐶
Yes police do run active shooter drills all the time...usually on the day a shooting happens.
Westbrook walk from st Clair to Euclid let's be honest. ( Austin carr voice)
did you ever read the other two books from that series thing? It has Anna and St Clair in it 😏😍
24 Victoria Park diverting SB via Dawes, Gower and NB via Conroy, Pitt, Dawes due to a collision at Victoria Park and St Clair.
"Opticians, our St Clair County, IL location is calling for you! " by on
It is your sewer work on Park and at the intersections of 9th and St Clair. Councilor Zach Adamson is contacting Citizens.
If Central Park were dropped on Toronto, it would span Church St to University Ave, and from Queen St to St Clair.
Gotta love WALKING from Eg&Keele to Duff&St Clair for a CAR because changed the boundaries.
Ok just gonna go to St Clair and Dufferin on Sunday and play the line lottery with one of three A+ spots on the same block. Good.
NEW: EB 44 accident reported in LEFT LANE after Sullivan, before the St Clair rest area
Charming! Although I was Secretary of the Northwest Territory. Gov was St Clair. I was Gov of the Indiana Terr.
Rock Valley defeats Spoon River 9-5. with win. with 2HR, with 1. St Clair up next
Is West St. Clair West the next hot spot for boutique condos?.
If this was a yearbook, we'd win best dressed for sure.…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Retail Support Signing Team Associate, Flex: Fairview... -
Girls' basketball team reading to elementary students at St. Clair
All Smiles on as Opens ORTHOSMILES in ht…
When im older and have to use a wheel chair or lil scooter i hope it can be as bad *** as the one i always see on st. Clair lol
I can assure you what the most important thing at St.Clair is .
And there's huge ranges sections of Toronto where I get no signal from ie St Clair West from Wychwood to St Clair West Station.
Stoney St Clair accurately depicts my college girlfriend. Nancy. Come hither eyes and cloven feet. Yes, yes, go...
St. Clair Shores is a trap, if you don't get out before you're 25 you probably never will
St.Clair County Special Services responding with REMERT unit to Randolph County to assist with standby while...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Everyone driving on the highway there's a speed trap between the ST Clair exit and marine city exit
Free Lake St. Clair Fisheries Workshop is April 14 - register now!
Second grade playing basketball with Officer St.Clair! town
Check out this stunning MYC Condo centrally located within walking distance to Yonge and St. Clair, Davisville...
Jay St. Clair: Matt Murphy and legal analyst Jay St. Clair discuss the legal side of the news.
Congrats on rd. 1 win to Bulldog Ryan Beltz from his fans in St. Clair. Best to all the Saints.
Seeing these scits/st.clair posts, at least spell the other schools name right if you are going to defend ours
- Conversations Like with Vicki St. Clair - - PODCAST
the planes fly about 3000 ft higher at Dufferin and St Clair than over Don Mills where I live so more noise for me
TFC games. Blue Jays Games. Jurassic Park (kind of, spring? lol) Salsa on St Clair. Taste of Danforth. Caribana. Manifesto.
Purple and Proud - What students like about St. Clair!
murals appear on buildings the world over. One may be coming to Yonge & St. Clair!
Good luck today to St Clair and Maple River Hoops teams at State
I think giant eagle, the one on kinsman, and the one on St Clair
Join Zumba Pa'ca (Ariam) for Zumba Fitness on the Main Stage at Salsa on St Clair today at 2:45 pm & 6:15 pm.
during the International Soca Monarch Preliminary Round at the NLCB Hospitality Suite, Queen Park Oval, St Clair, Port of Spain. They are,
river valley close to Mount Pleasant and St Clair
Do you ride in the Davenport/St Clair area? Attend a meeting tonight to support cycling in new master plan
want Lake St Clair to be frozen so I can go ice fishing with Bobby again
algonac Michigan is close to Lake St Clair wat do you expect this winter
Destiny, Heart and Soul Chapter 8: Lake St Clair, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction - Fluffy feels...
Hey do me a solid and get rid of street parking on major roads AT ALL TIMES. For example, Bloor, St Clair, Dundas...
yep, you got that right Joe. Amazing food - nice people. I'm at 30th/St Clair location once a week.
Full time, 2-0 Reading. Goals from Wakefield & St Clair help us to victory in a top-of-the-table home clash. https:/…
Answer: with the smaller boats 1 can go up the Detroit River,to Lake Sy Clair then up the St Clair river to Lake Huron then to lake Michigan
yep along the St Clair river and Lake Huron
Fantastic wine makers dinner last night with Matt Thompson from St Clair winery New Zealand . St and pepper...
New bootcamp session starts Oct 5th Bathurst and St Clair, check it out!!!
Fingers crossed the next batch of condos at Bathurst & St Clair brings an indie coffee spot. So tired of Starbucks' 70 cent soy milk BS.
I've the privilege of enjoying a seat on the shores of Lake St Clair here in Michigan where I love to go to stay centered in peace.
7 News at 6pm: A man shot while standing in his St Clair driveway. MORE:
512 St Clair turning back E/B at Oakwood & W/B at St Clair West Stn, due to stalled streetcar at St Clair & Bathurst.Shuttle buses enroute.
It's brand new! Loblaws on Bathurst/ St Clair, Maple Leaf Gardens, Oakville Square1 and Fiesta Farms - more to come!
A man has been shot in the leg while standing in the driveway of his St Clair home:
Man shot in the leg in St Clair at 8:30pm last night. STORY:
my old neighbourhood: head to St Clair west subway stop; take Heath St exit; Walk in ravine; can go to Forest hill village
GALLERY: Grand final joy for St Clair juniors: See the St Clair Comets juniors in action during the grand fina...
Well. Tonight ended with a ninja jumping out at me on my walk home. So wut. Confused.
Oh yes... Jared will be in last flight tomorrow (Boat or so)... Be sure to follow along the "Live...
TeamLintner: Photo think we know this guy!! . Thanks Mr Saito Seigo :-) via amazon
I have modeled my fishing after and tomorrow he fishes my home waters of Lake St Clair. Go ike!
Streetlights still out south side St Clair opposite Loblaws at Wells Hill Park
Been waiting for two years for the return of the Bassmaster elite series event on Lake St Clair. Should be great!
I mean if it's less than 5 then we can go to that one but I was gone hit up the one in st. Clair but they do to much shooting
"St. Clair keeps talking trash but they have nothing to back it up. . Moody"
Jared at this morning on Lake St Clair in Michigan & What we do while Dad is at work!...
Cowboy up for cancer Odenville, AL @ the St Clair County arena 7pm.
Auditions location has changed. St. Alyisous 653 east 109th St. Clair . I apologize for the inconvenience
Smh @ st. Clair for always telling me I'm gonna get my braces off next visit
Great short video- ​God vs Satan an Ex Satanist speaks:​ . ​
well, combined with St. Clair. And I went to a 340 school, I know all about that life!
Hot babe playing with trinity st clair
Gov says 20,000 from illicit drugs and 20,000 from prescription.
AND Murder of un-born (at least they are supposed to be) are equivalent to all the people we have lost in all wars Every Year
J.J. Watt's favorite word might be the F-Bomb.…
I agree. Gun grabbers run around with their stats from the same agencies so I used it.
How many drug related deaths are there?
Proof? People today in their 50-60 grew up in homes where there was smoke. So parents and grandparents should be dead.
but women of color have had this issue since before wwii..see St Clair drake "black metropolis" or American delmna-myrdal
Hey, - Great job on S1 Finale! We actually met in person randomly on St. Clair W. once last year. "Do-jo" Ring a bell?
BAN PEOPLE! People make the world MISERABLE. . Fix society. Fix people. THAT SIMPLE.
480,000 die from cigarettes. Ban them? 88,000 from alcohol. Ban it? 1.21 million abortions per year. Ban it?
Well at least you admit it. I respect that. I'll also defend the 2nd amendment.
A repeal of the Second Amendment would be a good start.
Played tugboat today for a couple guys. Tomorrow kicks off the St Clair Elite Series event.
Lets here the law or laws that would have stopped this. Mind reading? Magic computer predictive program?
Lake St. Clair in the morning. Feeling better and ready to get after 'em.
SEE! The police state is your FRIEND. So we record every plate, email, phone call, track you... INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty
"When's the last time St. Clair beat us in football? -Moody"
I swear to god idc if you're in St Clair County, St Louis, West Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, Wyoming, Colorado.u support me I love you
"St. Clair gettin cocky but what sport are yall even good at? . . Moody"
Final regular season practice day on St Clair.
Hopping on a plane to head to speak to the BASS Pros at St Clair! I appreciate your prayers!
・・・. Bricks for days! Looking forward to the start of the Lake St Clair tournament...
"Just to remind all St. Clair County teams you haven't beat us in football in 4 years, and it's about to be 5. . …
brutal. Wonder if St Clair college or the U of W will buy up some materials
Oh, Keele and St Clair back on... That's better than living in Bloor west village...
Thanks. Much appreciated. At College now and just passed 1st NB 63. Long wait for anyone north of St Clair or so.
The River Crab in St Clair or Marine City Fish Cimpany. No place really dedicated to seafood in Port Huron
Which has the better chance of being robbed. A.Two unarmed girls in a car in downtown Detroit . B.A man with a gun walking in St Clair Shores
that's St Clair Shores logic: tons of teams lining up for over the hill pitcher making 28m for 4 more years.
Further adventures in ravine exploration!! Under the St Clair bridge...
Thx Mike! Good luck on St Clair. One of the best Muskie Lakes in the world. See you on the water! http…
What part of Michigan are you from? — I'm from St Clair County and Shelbey is by Grand Rapids
Going into the Rona and comparing it to the Home Depot in the same plaza is embarrassing to Rona, St Clair location.
hey mon. .if you wanna duck hunt on Walpole Island ont Lake St Clair.amd St Clair river. .we'll guide you..its on the reserve
Sarnias river front (St Clair) with Tug DORTHORY ANN and her barge PATHFINDER June 12 2015
Something new in traffic pattern recently. Every business day nthbd both Yonge & Ave Rd at St Clair backed up several blocks early as 4:30!
Find us on the corner of St Clair and Meridian! and
Bryant Street Festival is today from 12pm to 5pm. Located in Highland Park between N St Clair and Highland Avenue on Bryant Street.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
very bad spotty and laggy internet at avenue and St Clair west Toronto. Rebooted modem etc. very very bad.
There are more stores for dogs than for people on St Clair west...
With this happening AND the Judicial Review on St Clair simultaneously in the District Court, a busy day for property karma.
One lane of Eddy Rd in Cleveland has collapsed between I 90 and St Clair
u already great everybody ain't from St Clair
Let's not forget the St Clair memorial park? Given away to govt by Charles Sturt Council wit…
Early drawing of a new proposal at 1421-1429 Yonge St, south of St Clair for a 42 st tower with 429 units:
Any updates for the Yonge south of St Clair issue?
New parking on Yonge s of St Clair is insane. "Here parking rules south of tracks being debated this
Is there nobody in Ashville or St Clair County or even Jefferson, Etowah, Blount counties that want to work? I've...
Wow, check out statistics for St Clair and Madison Counties.
omg this is why I have a short temper and hate half the people in the entire county of St Clair.
sorry I mean yonge and St Clair or York Mills. I'm in between both
DTX cancels Small Craft Advisory for Michigan Waters of Lake Erie from Detroit River to North Cape MI [LE] and Lake St. Clair Open Lake (...
To the dapper man walking down St. Clair West flossing his teeth: she's not looking at you in a GOOD way.
Keystone Staffing has several full time Teller, part time Teller, and Teller Supervisor roles currently available in Madison and St Clair counties. The teller positions do not require any previous banking experience. Send an email for more details.
BLOW THEM OUT OF THE SKY!. Russian bomber patrols to reach Gulf of Mexico
I never seen somethin so outrageous in my life.. The audacity St Clair cafe has is ridiculous
Hello Mr Bagalue, I received your contact information from my colleague at the Canadian High Commission, we are interested in subscribing/purchasing the manual titled: Caribbean/Latin America Disaster Readiness Manual. Can you kindly provide details as to how this can be arranged and what methods of payment your company accepts. Looking forward to your response. Kind regards, Simone Bedeau Passport/Consular Officer Australian High Commission 18 Herbert Street St Clair, Port of Spain Trinidad.
Commercial Unit for Lease at St. Clair Ave E and O'Connor Dr (east york) $850
. Finding Mathematics in all sorts of places!!!
TOCPUG Revised Presenters list. Next meeting Tuesday Nov 18 Last meeting before we get frozen! St Clair and Vaughn above Tim Horton
I just want to say that whoever left the puppy tied up at the St Clair Skate park over the weekend, I hope that someone who loves you abandons you like you did to that puppy. Did that make you feel better for leaving her tied there, that you left her blanket, toys and a half of bag of food? You are a heartless person and you don't deserve the love of an animal ever again. Thank God she was found by a true animal lover and will be happy and taken care of the way she deserves to be...
OK. Looks like I will be living over in St Clair Shores soon! not this weekend but the next I may move.. Depends on if they need me at the mall. I need a Uhaul and maybe some help
You will only understand this if you live in St Clair County...
Hey guys! So if you want a shirt please let one of us know because we have to submit the order for how many people want one! So far these people have mentioned they are interested in getting a shirt: Parker Hill Hannah St Clair Cable Anna Zurliene Kyra Crider Haley Easthom Kaitlin Hendershot Adela Mann Paige Haskins Julia Burton Katharine Esterley and Ryan Shafiei If you want one, please speak up!!
--CHRISTMAS at the MANOR-- The Happy Lark will be setting up once again this year at the St Clair Manor on Friday, December 5, 2014 from 5-9pm. Things I will be selling: * Earrings -- $12 *Vintage Key Necklaces-- $15 *Chalkboard signs-- $10 *Vintage Inspired Christmas Pennant Banners-- $10 *Bangle bracelets w/charms-- $15 *Bird ornaments-- $3 and $4 Vendors including: Drift House, Usborne Books, The Happy Lark, Beanies and Booshkas, Origami Owl, KW Creations, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, Young Living Oils, Garden of Glass, Helens Flowers and Gifts, Ja'Len Décor.. and more! --Facials, chair massage, reflexology and a holiday photo booth !! --Cookies and hot apple cider! --Special guest appearance from one of Santa's Helpers!! --Music by the Workshop Learning Center --Horse Drawn Carriage rides The Manor is located at : 224 East Third Street Greenville , Ohio ...Just blocks away from Downtown Greenville where December's First Friday "A Christmas Night" will be taking place so make sure to include this in yo ...
Our Fillet St. Clair is a little bit of heaven! 8oz fillet steak in Dijon mustard, wrapped with bacon & topped with a Café de Paris butter
are the architects of running this Fraud into the ground-It was ALWAYS about Single-Payer.
ONTARIO WATERFOWL HUNTS!!. St. Clair Ducks offers world class waterfowl hunts on Lake St. Clair on Mitchell's...
How does a penalty of $325 for the YEAR incentivize people to get health insurance??? I pay more than that a MONTH. . NO subsidy!
I started at 11. I'm out in St Clair Shores. Lol. Or else I totally would!
Oh wow These will be awesome Wish I lived in the St. Clair Oakwood 'hood. I'd definitely attend!
Thanks to for the beautiful feature on the and collaboration! .
new boxes, a collab with at opens Nov13! See for more
Why are the people at St Clair Hospital incompetent ***
Interview at st clair hospital next Wednesday
Director of Education announces mid-year changes to principal assignments. For more info go to Media Releases at
Beauty all around! Carolina wearing some of the new Temple St. Clair pieces - including the Tolomeo Pendant.
Tommorrow 11/13 starting @ 10a presents its 1st Annual Youth & Career Fair. Event to be held at Venu6 …
We are located at 760 St. Clair Avenue West. Open Monday to Saturday. 5pm to 10pm
To all the beautiful big bearded men walking around St. Clair today, thank you 😍
Constructed sturgeon spawning reefs in the Detroit and St. Clair River
St. Clair Lane is a dark place, but searching it will be a piece of cake! Check it out!
See how some families have benefited from St. Clair's telepathic gift, enabling non-verbal children a clear way...
Little Giant Ladders
I'm rly glad st Clair has a condom dispenser bc u never kno right
This is really amazing! Rita St. Clair's daughter, Diane makes her own butter in Vermont! This is a great...
Do yourself a favour and check out Grind in the St.Clair Corporate Centre on Front! Still overwhelmed…
Getting a new card due to a security breach.😣 (@ Credit Union One in St Clair Shores, MI w/
White Out ticket selling for $15. Meet ups at 3800 St Clair Ave E.
From 9am to 3pm on Tue, Novemeber 11, no service to W Burnside & SW St Clair (Stop ID 718) due to construction. Ple...
I blame alexis St Clair for not having any data not even half way through the month
Time to replace the entire school board!
Big s/o to and the rest of the JSU football team from St. Clair county HS! Thank you for your hospitality yesterday!
the spotted at St.Clair page is made by a person who didn't have the balls to go up to someone and talk... grow a pair, this isn't grade 7
LIES LIES LIES YEAH . does it AGAIN. “You're gonna pay for that! - . The Cadillac Tax
Algoma Navigator upbound on the St.Clair River on way to
Royals strike first St Clair from Hanley. 1-0. Royals on PP.
I am looking for beginner classes in the Yonge & St Clair area in Toronto. Can u tell me where to look?
Welcome to St. Clair Village and experience luxury a...
You want to catch people running reds? Try Via Italia and St.Clair West. It's insane how many people slip through.
. Of course it does.. The Gene Mutates. . And lives on Surfaces for DAYS... LORD JESUS HELP THE USA
But that's not news :) Droplet transmission is well established.
“Let's figure out where all the chips are from? Quote with your hometown 🏡” St. Clair Shores aka Shady Shores 😂
SLO training is coming to the St. Clair RESA on 11/3 and 11/5...Close to being full! Register today:
Toronto Streetcar Prints. Art showing off your St Clair West pride! | Vintage Home Boutique . new lower price!
I think I still have dirt in my nails from my last Spartan Race. (@ Magic Nails in St. Clair Shores, MI)
Upper St. Clair: Immaturity capital of the world.
Man facing charges for robbing teen boy on the street--already wanted for arson--happened near st Clair/eddy
Sarah and I literally sit in the caf at St Clair just to scope out the tall hot boys 😍😭
Shorewood Kiwanis serving the community one child at a time St. Clair Shores, MI
he has a 361 shoe one over by St. Clair and West 3rd I want to say.
Members of St. Clair County EMA are attending a FEMA course today of use of Social Media for Disaster Response and Recovery.
The opening of the Village at St. Clair is helping to alleviate some over crowding in the long-term care system.
St.Clair's finest T.C. is ready for tonight's game
Tomorrow catch me spinning for the homie meet and greet 5-8pm 114 N St. Clair…
they are as low as you can get. Bottoms of the barrel.
How desperate are these people. This is epitome of it. Fraud isn't enough Maybe they should just TP the guys house
SCREAM is one of the best! i made my boyfriend go to the bathroom with me! SHINING and nightmare on elm street (1st)
YOOO tell me why there's a guy at St clair in a mask
NEW PRICE! Situated on an oversized lot in St. Clair Beach.Mobile site - ^GT
Summer St Clair's is thrust into a mystery that will surround her every move. Summer moves to your typical small town near the river to pursue her passion of painting, but she longs to travel the world with the love of her life. The problem is there is no love in Summer’s life…until...
You got 'em and I'm so sorry. Hope everything goes well.
St. Clair is full of dumbasses. Who bring weed to school and put it under their car seats/in their lockers. You go SC, you go. 👏
Hey why dont you address customer issues/complaints? Almost every day on St clair cars run back 2 back 2 back! WHY?
So once again just watched 2 cars go by in my 2min walk to St clair, 'lucky 4 me' to catch the 3rd that was following.
Park in the lot by W. 6th & St. Clair if you can. Close walk and close to W. 3rd ramp. Focus on being by 90.
Seniors: Make sure St. Clair Hospital & its Physicians are In-Network in your Medicare Advantage Plan.
"I wanna be sedated..." - oh... (@ St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA)
Burned body found under St.Clair Ave. E. bridge: A burned body in an odd setting of spray cans and candles has...
If anyone wants a locker at St Clair let me know
I'm from st clair where if u ain't solid u want make it far...
Did you have your bike stolen from Rosemount Ave today? (near St. Clair and Oakwood). I bought it to give back to you. …
Street Closings for Halloween: 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm: Wesley St from Brown St to St. Clair St. College St. from W. Washington…
BOOK SALE! Stop by the St. Clair Corporate Centre today until 2pm. Hundreds of book titles to choose from.
Burned body found under the St. Clair Ave E bridge Leaside
We are hosting two Hiring Events Oct 22nd. at our Yonge and St Clair office and in
So there's a pigeon on the platform at St Clair station. Pretty safe to say he forgot to use google maps
Spotted today at the corner of Yonge and St Clair. New?
St Clair Shores is just falling apart”
St Clair Shores is just falling apart
St Clair Shores is soo flooded me & Kevin are stuck in the water and his car is starting to flood🙈
this trip to Franklin County, Missouri is a journey back in time for me as my ancestors lived here. The Bruns, Gerhkin, Schuchart and Pheiffer families were the families I am directly related to. Important locations are: St Clair, Old Cove, Moselle, Union, Grey Summit and Pacific.
Anyone in the yonge and St Clair area want to be my girlfriend?
Tuesday is underway!!. 12:15pm All Terrain/spin St Clair / yonge, TO. 45mins for a fitter, stronger you!!.
I live in the St Clair County of Michigan but I live in the town port Huron which is the only relevant town in st Clair
This Signs and Sights of St Clair at the Peter Mackendrick Community Gallery via
did the 'drag the Yelp map along my route' thing and have found a new place to try at Yonge and St Clair. to stand up and get moving..
The normally well-dressed street preacher at St Clair and Vaughan Rd is dressed like Road Dogg Jesse James today
moving onto St Clair was probably the best decision, this street is so live...its like queen west but cheaper xo
Where : We play 44 Jackes Ave, Toronto . ( Close to Yonge St and St Clair ) When: We play every Thursday at 6:30 pm Who: We have 8 people co-ed that want to play . We are looking for total of 14 people to play every week. How Much : Free. there is no cost associate with the game. It is very friendly and none competitive game.
CABINET yesterday approved a sum of $13 million to undertake emergency upgrade works on several courts in the country. Attorney General Anand Ramlogan made the announcement at the post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the Prime Minister, St Clair. Ramlogan identified the San Fernando Supreme Court, Port-of-Spain, Siparia, Point Fortin, Sangre Grande, Tunapuna, Mayaro and Moruga Magistrates Courts as some of the courts which will benefit from these works. Promising that Tobago will not be forgotten, Ramlogan said money will also be allocated to refurbish the Hall of Justice in Tobago, along with the Scarborough and Roxborough Magistrates’ Courts. “The Government proposes to treat these initiatives as a high priority item in order to immediately address the health, safety, security and infrastructural needs of the courts, the staff and indeed the citizens who must seek justice in those courts,” he explained. Outside of these initiatives, Ramlogan said Government continues to focus on a long te ...
I do want to say a HUGE thank you for all the prayers and support! We did win both St Clair and Etowah Counties by a large margin in the State House District 30 Race. It's time now for us all to come together and work as a team for the betterment of our state! Thank you for Backing Mack!
Another "Now and Then" Washington st looking up St Clair st / Pennington Ave
94 points from Bob Campbell MW for Wairau Reserve well done St Clair
agreed. My gem is on Vaughn road, north of St Clair. About same price as those two but full serve! XTR gas station I believe.
John Tory has just dropped by to reflect on the four years he spent here at Yonge & St Clair
A suspected burglar is dead in the Metro East. An elderly man in St. Clair County heard someone trying to break...
is there still some blues stuff left at St Clair store?
CFRB in all-day nostalgia mode about Yonge & St. Clair — yet rarely was the location acknowledged in 50 years there
VDR adoption event tomorrow Sat., May 10 from 11-4 at Pet Supplies Plus in St Clair Shores on Harper (south of 13 Mile).
Jr. Track Team is at Bathurst & St.Clair and expects to now be back at school at 5:45 pm
First tournament of the year ( a fun one) on Lake St Clair tomorrow. I can't wait to get out on that lake. My favorite fishing in the whole country. Wishing my buddy could have made it.
Hey tired of dining in your neighbourhood? Then come to ours! St Clair West has a taste for everyone. enjoy tonight
Going on the Roundtable with on last day at 2 St Clair W.
Bout to go look at a house by St.Clair
St. Clair County home invasion turns deadly via
so a homeless guy on St. Clair is responsible for that pick according to Sal Palantonio.
What is the longest river in Canada? (Mackenzie River; Yukon River; St. Lawerence River; St. Clair River)
last day in 2 St. Clair master control :(
It's times like these where I identify with Tommy St Clair
(especially at the upper st. Clair courts 😂)
This new St. Clair West bakeshop makes 40 different kinds of scones. Forty!
Wanna see what we left behind? a video tour of St Clair including why I go into office every day.
I'm afraid to search St. Clair Lane alone! Come with me!
Chargers earn 5th seed in WPIAL Playoffs & will play Monessen on Monday at Upper St Clair @ 2pm. Full bracket:
Lady in a cashmere poncho arguing with the snack bar dude about the quality of wines he has available. [ 633 N. St Clair ]
Our editorial today: County, don't stop at lowering tax levy ...
Student rehearsal for at RH King, 3800 St Clair E, going great. Community rehearse at 7. Join in.
A great professionalism boundaries presentation from Melissa! Thanks from St Clair SRC and the test of us!
Featherz resale shop and parrot supply. All in one. For 1 what an odd combination and 2 is there a High demand of parrot supply in St.Clair?
Two eliminated as match for DNA evidence in St. Clair killing; results pendin ..BreakingNews BakersfieldNews BFL
Police shoot dog in it's own yard St. Clair Shores after complaints about excessive barking
Good luck to all those wonderfull people who are going to run the St Clair half marathon!
How can i find a inmate in the st.clair county jail in port huron michigan?...?...? -
Poppy kept me company at work today 😊 and had a pamper at The Dog Shop , St Clair Street . All bathed , trimmed and happy in her new home (apart from ear infection😔) she's got drops from vets x🐾
Got a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach from the smell of jagoffs, then looked up and realized it was because we were in Upper St. Clair.
Getting ready to celebrate 5 amazing Alumni of Distinction of St Clair College tonight at our Centre for the Arts ! http…
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