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Sri Lankans

Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (or , ), is a country off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia.

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Last night at Victory Day celebrations, a guy came up to us, and was like " Ahh, Sri Lankans! Nice to see you! "
Wish all Sri Lankans & all the Buddhists in the whole world, a Happy & Blessed Vesak Day.
On this day of significance to all Sri Lankans, wishes each and everyone of you celebrating from across the...
.optometry students conducted 3000 eye checks with low income earners in Sri Lanka this January…
Thank you and Embark for creating practical solutions for Sri Lankans islandwide to take care of our animal friends. 💖
Dedicated to all Sri Lankans 😉 5 Tech Support Tips to be yourself.
I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to all Sri Lankans at home and abroad, and Buddhist devotees. Wish you all a Happy Vesak Day!
Who scored the fastest double century in FC cricket among Sri Lankans ?.
Sri Lankans are practicing to evacuate the city in an orderly fashion 😂
I guess most of the Sri Lankans are like that. Especially guys 🥊
The Kangaroo Cabs app is a replica of the PickMe app. Sri Lankans, always choosing imitation over originality 🙄
I am also needing $20,000 to pay for my University :/ But dont think that your offer will work for Sri Lankans !
Could be. Considering the number of Sri Lankans who live in Dubai :)
Hi , thanks for the follow. could you help us with some info about, how Sri Lankans cooked rice traditionally ?
Y'all Sri Lankans have the most blessed meals like its spicy af but soo good I cry
A team that tries to give something to your lives using the experiences of Sri Lankans all over the world in a crea…
The Space Between The Laws: Life for Sri Lankans who seek Asylum in Australia
Why Sri Lankans will never forget Younis Khan -
Rasika Jayasekara shared Lankaevents's photo to the group: Sri Lankans Live in South…
Hey Sri Lankans, . If you had a chance to vote for Macron or Le Pen, who would you vote for?
It absolutely pisses me off when people cannot differentiate between Sri Lankans, Indians, Pakistanis & Bengalis. So, I educate them instead
Indians and Sri Lankans know how to get a Visa anywhere in the world.
Giving/not giving GSP+ is u'r prerogative. endorsing a bad law that has consequences for Lankans s…
only 19 votes. Not enough to take a view of Sri Lankans though.
Sri Lankans have rightly been asking whether staff were privy to the latest hideous CTA draft...
bloody Sri Lankans coming here, taking our jobs and writing great columns..👊😉
OMG Sri Lankans are such drama queens 🤣 →
So, three Sri Lankans walk onto the pitch...
Why are Saudi Arabians more racist than other Arabs towards Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans? by Anonymous
Sri Lankans marched against a port deal they fear that the port area will become a "Chinese colony" ht…
Sri Lankans are upset about St. Joseph's and St. Peter's. What about Buddhist temples, Catholic and Christian churches that police clothing?
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Sri Lankans had happy cricket memories of Pak, and Lahore in particular, where they won their maiden World Cup.
I liked a video Journey to the top of Mount Everest – Sri Lankans at the peak share experiences
Obviously after John Key offered Steve Hansen to the Sri Lankans to improve their rugby, Steve thought he'd better stay gainfully employed.
Geniune hitting from Chris Woakes and Liam Plunkett take the match from Sri Lankans hand and tied it.
Prez Maithripala Sirisena vowed that all Sri Lankans will be provided with potable water within one year, as water was the main.. (1/2)
lol it is matter of perception for eg in the war Lord Ram killed many Sri Lankans along with Ravaana .
"Gripped by a desire to help out our fellow Sri Lankans, we’ve cooked, delivered, run supplies by the truckload...
Yay, we are there too!!! 😊 Thanks for the tour, you were amazing!!! (Oh, btw, I'm one of the Sri Lankans, if you do remember!!)
AND WHATEVER ?! 😒Precisely if we put all of lankans has equal share, the Sri Lanka should become united ! Not split up like you said
...Sri Lankans etc, all fought for Britain in both World Wars, and you want to tell us not to live here?
Our team leaves for Sri Lanka on the 30th for flood relief. Please help us help Sri Lankans in their time of need. Donate generously. Thanks
Not content with freezing the Sri Lankans at bowler friendly Headingley, they now head even further north to Chester Le Street
Why do you beg aid from Sri Lankans and distribute. why dont you spend your money for the people. this is the truth..
Thoughts from a Turkish in Sri Lanka. Regardless of some bad seeds Sri Lankans are amazing
Sri Lankans have shown what they're made of with the outpouring of support and aid for our fellow citizens facing diffi…
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Sri Lankans be arguing about imports & muscle cars...My only problem is, they are ALL imports as far as Sri Lanka is concerned! :D
Sri Lankans are quick to take on board white people who appropriate our culture b/c we live recognition from white skinned folks (4)
It's an honour to all Sri Lankans not just to Sri Lankan women!
didn't take 10 though. It's insulting to the Sri Lankans and cricket that he's been called up.
Correction: if US wants to 'Help' poor Sri Lankans
Sri Lankans struggle with flooding and landslides after a week of heavy storms (Dinuka Liyanawatte/Reuters)
Good thread! Contains: bloviating millennials completely ignoring the realities presented by actual Sri Lankans.
urges govt. Opposition, all Sri Lankans to sink differences
Scholarships for Sri Lankan Students to Study at Home and Abroad
Indeed the South Africans and Sri Lankans are amongst the most resilient people in the world given their history.
Thank you for sharing this. It was bad form for Sri Lankans to blame it all on beyonce.
Sri Lankans people. Sri Lankans camped out in shelters in the capital face
I agree with Jenny on both points and SOK has a good record against the Sri Lankans over the years in touring...
Sri Lankans have been among the friendliest, and happiest locals I’ve experienced. Although we don’t speak the same…
the name third from the bottom might have a few Sri Lankans a touch jumpy
Shed the past for peace, tells Sri Lankans.
If US really want poor Sri Lankans, they should eliminate the 17% tariff on SL garment imports - scholar
From the Rohingya who fled racist mobs and the fascist military, the Sri Lankans who escaped genocide, the Somalis fleeing warlords
As if Sri Lankans aren't made a mockery and called blick because they're typically darker than surrounding countries.
Bit unfair to send the Sri Lankans to Headingley and Durham in May. They always prepare green seamers for us when we tour Sri Lanka.
Iqbal is admired as a prominent poet by Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and scholars of liter…
I can just hear the 12th man doing his Tony Greig impersonation in praise of the Sri Lankans. Great effort thus far.
Wishing all the Sri Lankans a happy Sinhalese/ Tamil (Sri Lankan) new year eat all of those KOKIS responsibly!!!
Former Leeds Trinity University student releases debut single in a bid to unite Sri Lankans around the world.
Genuinely surprised by the Sri Lankans today! Did everything right..Might just be the dark horses at
Actually the leaders in suicide bombings are Sri Lankans. The Marxist secular group, Tamil Tigers, did suicide bombings all the time.
"News: Sri Lankans urge new probe into fate of 2 missing activists :
For 500 rupees ($3.56) a Sri Lankan soothsayer will sell you a name for your baby
Generally speaking, Sri Lankans are slightly darker than Indians yet I'm pretty much as pale as a Bollywood actor. It's so strange
yes that's why! I love British boyss but some Sri Lankans are hot too so it's ok 😜😍
Thanking you for thinking to do something beyond...Then really we could be the proud Sri Lankans in fact!!!. Good...
why only the buddhist community? Its a great loss for all us Sri Lankans.
So what do you think about this song Sri Lankans ? :)
how come you can think Sri Lankans are that forward minded? -.- thawa kalpekata expect karanna beha.
Article says nothing about "connectedness" (definition?) or how more infrastructure makes internet affordable to Sri Lankans.
Guess you Sri Lankans would just have to live without sini sambal. Alhamdulila, we have their stomachs in our hands. Now what
Sri Lankan snipers all over the country, who will stop this terror? We call for a ban on all Sri Lankans, must support this.
seriously ! I am wondering if you would feel his loss as much as the rest of us " Sri Lankans" mourn his passing.
2 Sri Lankans believed to be Snipers Arrested in Maldives after Govt declares state of emergency-FM https…
. That was Erik's dream. MR would never give in to terrorist. He's a hero to Sri Lankans & Erik is a zero! A ***
Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero reminded Sri Lankans that there are still Buddhist monks who remain true to the religion
One and only country with full of narrow minded people, proud Sri Lankans, what a shame!
Ven. Sobitha Thera was deeply respected by all communities in his demise is a loss for all Sri Lankans.
we -the Sri LankanS- love you a lot and waiting to see you here. But, why don't you visit this Heaven??.
Take cricket to any part of the world.. There will always be indians, *** and Sri Lankans to create a great atmosphere!
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Gonna be well funny when stone roses announce a gig while I'm in Sri Lanka teaching little Sri Lankans how to speak English
Very humbled to win the peoples choice award. Thank you. Been a great honour representing Sri Lankans everywhere
Murli Vijay ruled out of 1st test Sri Lankans feeling good that they have 100 less runs to worry about
No matter how much we love you Sri Lankans, Russel Arnold is such a panoti for you guys. As soon as he starts...
Sri Lankans celebrating by doing the "Lungi Dance".
Sri Lankans be running errand couped up in Honda accords with machetes lol
Yanks set a record by getting 67 people on one surfboard. . It beat the previous record set at Christmas Island by 51 Sri Lankans on a Ryvita
Sri Lankans need to be careful vs Pakistan because they have no Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela.
at least he didn't call Sri Lankans the unwashed masses like the Daily Beast guy did.
The Foreign Employment Bureau says that measures are underway to bring a group of Sri Lankans who have reached Djibouti. The Sri Lankans w…
Chinese navy helps Sri Lankans out of Yemen:
Hey Drac! What's up man? Can I get a shout out for all the Sri Lankans out here?
Chinese navy helps Sri Lankans out of Yemen: via
Happy Easter to all my fellow Sri Lankans. Hope your day is filled with joy and peace with your families.
Probably more than 90% of Sri Lankans dont know doesnt care about the fight between
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Forty five (45) Sri Lankans who were stranded in the midst of fighting in Yemen were brought to Djibouti, on Tuesday April 7. Assistant Di…
LOOL I didn't realise Sri Lankans had banter like this congrats x
Also I think Stagecoach should invest in a sound system for all the buses, Sri Lankans are doing it right. CHOONS all day💁
"Not thinking about any coaching job with the Lankans"- Murali: Sri Lankan spin legend Muttia...
you're lactose intolerant? It's quite common in Asia I heard. Don't know many Sri Lankans who are
Wishing all Sri Lankans a Happy, Prosperous & National New Year! . From all at Jewel Qudsi
Wishing all Sri Lankans a very happy national new year!
Boost your brand with Sri Lankans' most awarded publishers in Australia, Sri Lanka Directory (SLD)
Chinese navy ship carrying 83 Chinese & SriLankan nationals evacuated from Yemen arrive at Port of Djibouti
The influential chairman of a state institution which boasts that it connects all Sri Lankans wanted his salary...
45 Lankans shifted to Djibouti. Click here to Read More @
Don't often see China diplomacy in action, warship evacuates Chinese & Sri Lankans from Yemen
Chinese navy warship Linyi arrived in Djibouti with 38 Chinese nationals and 45 Sri Lankans on Tue.
Congratulations mate, you made us proud as Sri Lankans,
Chinese ship rescues 45 Lankans stranded in Yemen: A ship belonging to Chinese Navy had rescued 45 Sri Lankans...
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Apart from Pakistan, I dislike every other team in the Subcontinent but i have to admit, hats off to the Lankans 👏
LA Times: Sinhalese Sri Lankans visiting the Tamil-dominated north are strangers in their own country
Derana: 45 Sri Lankans evacuated from Yemen: The Linyi naval vessel, which was responsible for the evacuation ...
Sri Lankans must compete in masters nationals to enter Lyon: How would you feel if USATF said you couldn’t ent...
Sri Lankans I met in Singapore visited my home country, Philippines - CS works in amazing way!! ❤️
And to cap it all Pakistan and visiting Sri Lankans signed today an agreement on Atomic Energy Cooperation 4/1
Chinese ship evacuates Lankans in Yemen: via
Rohit Sharma is only good for Bangladesh, IPL and disinterested Sri Lankans on dead Indian pitches. His fans, please deal wi…
Sangakkara dismissed. As late Tony Greig would have commented, that is the end of that for the Sri Lankans it seems
"Sri Lankans are making 80% of the noise" *** yes, sl cricketers certainly know how to bring the house down
I dunno either, he is OK with his thick accent, I like Nasser Hussain and Dean Jones the rest are all aienwein esp Sri Lankans
Pope to Sri Lankans: Reconciliation means dialogue, ‘pursuit of truth’ – COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Arriving in...
I want to congratulate the millions of Sri Lankans who went to the polls and peacefully exercised their democratic right to vote. We welcome Maithripala Sirisena as president of Sri Lanka, and Canada looks forward to this new chapter in Sri Lanka's history: one of prosperity and unity.
On this historic election day, I would like repost three wonderful poems published by D.B.S. Jeyaraj in his column, which is reflective of the sentiments, opinions and thoughts of many Sri Lankans who have voted and are about to vote today. ONCE TO EVERY MAN AND NATION The first is from James Russell Lowell a nineteenth century American poet.Lowell who had been a Professor at Harvard University and was also the first Editor of “Atlantic Monthly” wrote this poem for the “Boston Courier” of Dec 11th 1845. It was titled “The Present Crisis” and written in protest against America’s war with Mexico. The title inspired the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) to name its official magazine “The CRISIS”. The NAACP is the premier Afro-American organization fighting for the rights and emancipation of the coloured people in the USA. The poem is rather long with many parts that may not be relevant to Sri Lanka at this point of time. There were however some verses tha . ...
High turnout for Sri Lanka's tightest election in decades ! Sri Lankans turned out in large numbers Thursday, shrugging off some reports of voter intimidation to vote in the island's tightest election in decades as President Mahinda Rajapakse battles for survival. Turnout was higher than expected in Tamil-dominated areas of the north and east, which have boycotted national elections in the past and where resentment against Rajapakse runs high. Sri Lanka's strongman leader seemed assured of victory when he called snap polls in November seeking an unprecedented third term, five years after crushing a violent separatist rebellion that had traumatised the country for decades. But he has more recently been dogged by accusations of increasing authoritarianism and corruption and a failure to bring about national reconciliation. Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena's shock decision to defect from the government and stand against the president led to a bitterly fought campaign for the election, which analysts say ...
Sri Lankans began voting on Thursday in a tightly fought presidential election, with Mahinda Rajapakse seeking record third term in office.
Some label that's used for AFRICANS but not for North African, yet Sri Lankans come blacker then black and their brown
" I wish all my fellow Sri Lankans and my friends "a merry christmas"..
Indeed its a great relief not only for Muslims, but for entire Sri Lankans.
Joke of the century, Sri Lankans will not allow you to be in Temple Trees on 9th of Jan, Count ur days Mr.President
Interesting terrorist groups and supporters living overseas telling Sri Lankans how to vote.. of course they want this country divided
"Amid incredible devastation, scenes of incredible humanity and generosity" - Paula Hancocks. . What she had to say about Sri Lankans.
Min. Jonston: won the election in 2005, because of the luck of Sri Lankans.
Man the people in Sri Lanka are so awesome, idk what's wrong with the Sri Lankans here. Are they faulty?😐
I've got to say, Sri Lankans are the most down to earth, most humble people I've come across. Each person treated us with so much kindness
So you are saying Sri Lankans need to face Southee,Boult,Milne on this track? . Ok. challenge accepted -_-
Sri Lankans will be against injustice in this election.
British brothers orphaned by the tsunami are giving back to the Sri Lankans who helped them by building an orphanage
Southee and Boult are going to annihilate the Sri Lankans if that is the wicket
thoughts on skin color of Sri Lankan people?? — Oh SHUTUP there's lots light skin Sri Lankans too & skin color d...
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Australia urged to stop forced return of Sri Lankans
If the actual Sri Lankans aren't Sri Lankans to you, what am I? I am nothing.
kudos !! accused of child abuse by Sri Lankans
These other Sri Lankans are some kind of annoying
This is how Sri Lankans are, when every one else on line, one moron will ruins it for all
Not everyday Pakistan Bengali on d tee ell somedays appreciate how blessed we are and mock Sri Lankans :)
Do indians celebrate Vesak and Poson? Shame on you poor so called 'Sri Lankans', don't do anything which may...
...since Sri Lankans got to know about it 😒
Why do Sri Lankans spend so much on weddings? 😒
Min. Tissa Vitharana: They want to divide us, but we are united as Sri Lankans to develop the country with
Any interesting hashtag by the Sri Lankans?
you are a brave and courageous Leader in our nation... Every Sri Lankans will vote for President Rajapakse for Peace and Prosperity...
Many Sri Lankans still haunted by the A survivor shares her horrific experience with
A president and a king are two different things. Sri Lankans need to understand the actual meaning of ruler and public agent. -.-
in 1945 Attlee offered the British the welfare state. In 2015 Sirisena offers Sri Lankans Ranil.
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Everyone must come together to welcome Pope: Archbishop of Colombo : No issue of hospitality of Sri Lankans at all
we have full faith on your vision. Every Sri Lankans will vote for Pres Rajapakse for Peace and Prosperity...
she met some Sri Lankans who live down the street and now she’s wearing a headscarf and goes to the mosque with them.
University of Kelaniya code properly and develop the unique Slang Sinhala Language commonly used among younger Sri Lankans.
MR is off his head, yes. But what's with these policemen? Have all Sri Lankans lost their conscie…
The cost of a regime change by a multiple headed coalition? Should Sri Lankans cut the nose to spite the face?
So the Sri Lankans were fleeing "terrorists" were they? And how do we know others are not terrorists?
3 Sri Lankans in The Guardian's international cricket XI of 2014:
Sri Lanka are buoyant after humiliating England 5-2 in a one-day series. is an online sport news Magazine, which is providing sports loving Sri Lankans very latest sports information. This will be an Ultimate experience in Sports reporting for all Sri Lankans. Our online magazine allows you to read the latest information in sports and also we give you the op…
:So this is how the Israeli secret organization called who had been the master-brains of planning the entire Mahaweli project for the then government for a strategic advantage in the aspect of manipulation of population, have seen and dealt with us :) "Amy was waiting for the Sri Lankans' flight from London when I joined him. "When these guys arrive," he said, "don't make a face. Don't do anything." "What do you mean?" I asked "Well, these guys are monkeylike. They come from a place that's not developed. They're not long out of the trees. So don't expect much." Amy and I escorted the nine Sri Lankans through a back door of the airport into an air-conditioned van. These were the first arrivals from a group that would finally total nearly 50. They would then be divided into three smaller groups: · An anti-terror group training at the military base near Petha Tikvah, called Kfar Sirkin, learning how to overtake hijacked buses and airplanes, or deal with hijackers in a building, how to descend from helico .. ...
Common opposition presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena today vowed to resist international moves to investigate the Sri Lanka’s human rights record, if he is elected as the President of the country in the election on January 8. Sirisena, who defected last week from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) government, said he would not allow Sri Lankans to be tried overseas for allegations of war crimes. “I will not allow President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabaya Rajapaksa or any member of our armed forces who fought to eradicate LTTE terrorism from our country to be taken before any international war crimes tribunal by the Tamil diaspora,” Sirisena said. “I must say clearly that I will protect them all,” he said at a press conference in Colombo.
History shall judge us on where we stand at this juncture. Statement Issued by the United National Party It was long foretold, not in the stars but in the minds of all righteous and just citizens of this country that the 2015 presidential election would be a historic and decisive contest. Presidential contests have traditionally been battles between the two main parties, each of which fields its own candidate in the race. After nine years of Mahinda Rajapaksa's rule, it was incumbent that the battle lines were redefined in order to effectively challenge the current morass of political leadership in Sri Lanka. The election before us therefore is not merely about choosing the next president. There is a much greater choice that faces the voter in January 2015. This presidential race is a battle between democracy and autocracy. Between corruption and good governance. Between the rule of law and impunity. It will decide whether Sri Lankans will enjoy peace with dignity and equality or peace of the conquered an ...
Rohit Sharma is now 2nd best performer against Sri Lankans after Lord Ram ;)
In 2008, I was inspired to travel to Sri Lanka to work with the elephants at the Millennium Elephant Foundation. It was during the time that there was still much turmoil between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankans. Bombs had recently gone off at the train station closest to where I would be staying, and people told me I should not go. But something told me I needed to be there, and this was why. I became friends with the attending vet and the head of the local veterinary hospital as soon as I arrived. One day, they asked for me in desperation, because they had just brought in a local army dog who was hit by a grenade thrown by a Tamil soldier. When I saw him, he would not eat and he could barely move. This video shows me doing a session with him, where in the beginning, he would not even lift his head. It's a bit of a long video that appears as though nothing is happening at first, because he just laid there while I did his healing. But at about 3:05, you can see that he is suddenly filled with life agai ...
GoSL should disclose their spendings to Sri Lankans, it's all about public money SL should have Right to Information Act
Lol Watch for Sri Lankans: First Ever Watch to Work on Auspicious Time by
who will liberate the university system from the pro-government student thugs? - Editorial Ginger swapped for chillies Sri Lankans never learn from their mistakes and they are gluttons for punishment. They keep electing rogues to represent them. When they are fed up with one set of crooks they vote for another band of scoundrels who begin to do more of what their predecessors have done. Centuries ago, in a bid to get rid of the Portuguese who committed heinous crimes against them, Sri Lankans sided with the Dutch only to see the newfound liberator metamorphose into a monster. That blunder was repeated in the late 1980s, when the LTTE was funded, armed and sheltered by the then government to drive away the Indian troops stationed in the North and the East purportedly to keep peace. The tradition continues. If the disturbing reports from the Colombo University about violence perpetrated by a group of politically connected students are anything to go by, the university community, too, has ‘swapped ginger f ...
My Honda Scooter WP BAE 3492 D J Trading Ltd : Sri Lankans this is my dedication to serve you country than serve me,family,relations
Good morng fellow Sri Lankans.. Wish still of you lot of sunshine today..
Sri Lankans reaction when Virat Kohli kills them :D
We have no problems with Sri Lanka, we hold regular meetings together Sri Lankans and Indians can visit each other without a visa
What a farewell gift by to Sri Lankans, played like a warriors ! Congratulations to all Sri Lankan friends for the T20 title!
Pakistan HC promises full support to SL …
Pakistan HC promises full support to SL
I think of all the subcontinent teams' supporters, the only supporters who do a are the Sri Lankans. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Little Lankans call us "Aiya" (big brother in Sri Lankan) and have been teaching us their language
World famous American singer Lionel Richie arrived in Sri Lanka:US PLEASE drop the UNHRC it will affect the spirit of bravery of Sri Lankans
we love to have SOL in our country Sri Lanka. as we Sri Lankans we do much as possible to increase sol publicity. thankx again.
I wish sometimes some Sri Lankans in high position of science understand how much talent and money they are wasting
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There's not a Sri Lankans in this country free until every one of us is free. I love my Contry Forever!
Australia won 5 0 with a coach known as Boof (wiki lists Shrek as an alternate). Previous best known for not liking Sri Lankans.
As Sri Lankans lets post our local songs on popular social networks to increase the pride of our country
Bad Weather Strands 150 Sri Lankans in Burmese waters . About 150 Sri Lankan fishermen are stranded in Burmese...
We as Sri Lankans, respect you father.
Sri Lankans are really talented but to get a better output we need foreign mangers
Driver: "You don't look like a Sri Lankan girl, you look Indian". Me: how do you figure that. Driver: Sri Lankans have dark ski-. …
isit. I heard you were getting line ups from Sri Lankans in Lewisham market in exchange for a can of K
I really think Sri Lankans know how to party. I can hear the music through earplugs. Where's my invite guys?
flintstones pls those two Sri Lankans can never pass for Caucasians 😂
Sri Lankans are the cheesiest people ever
to build 220 houses for homeless Sri Lankans in Northern Province
Are you saying that the previously mentioned Sri Lankans must also be Israelites?
Being stagnant lazy bums is what most Sri Lankans are notoriously good at. 😂
yr mom's from Sri Lanka, he's cool with them Sri Lankans so 💁
After Asian Games, South Korea hunts for 7 athletes (inclu 2 Sri Lankans) who have disappeared
Pakistan to Build 220 Houses for Homeless Sri Lankans in Mannar and Nanattan
Aussies are Kangaroos, New Zealanders Kiwis, Bangladeshis tigers, Sri Lankans lions on their national animals, why we are…
Total Lunar Eclipse today! Unfortunately Sri Lankans will only be able to see the latter part of it.
Reuters: police searching for 3 Nepalis, 2 Sri Lankans, a Bangladeshi & a Palestinian missing from delegations to
Visa should not be a tough job for Sri Lankans. Not much of a Badger. But do give it shot.
Sri Lankans have always had the cutest players ever. remember Rana tunga?
Everyone does. That's alright but how many incidents of racism do you have for Pakistanis, Sri Lankans in the cricket world ?
Tell me of 1 community in the world who dont have racist elements?So why point towards us? Why not pakistanis or Sri Lankans?
I dont whom to believe when it comes to Sri Lankans.
Bad weather strands 150 Sri Lankans in Myanmar sea
Criminalize locals participating in overseas violence The Government should bring in amendments to the legislation in order to criminalize Sri Lankans advocating or participating in fighting outside the country and also pass an act making it illegal to incite hatred, International Terrorism, Expert Prof. Rohan Gunaratna said. “Government should criminalize by law its nationals advocating, supporting or participating in fighting overseas,” he told The Nation via email. “Government should pass a harmony act making it illegal incite racial and religious hatred,” he added. He further stated that Muslims in Sri Lanka did not support violence and groups that advocated violence such as Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, etc. “The Government of Sri Lanka and Muslim community organizations must maintain vigilance against attempts by misguided leaders to spread propaganda to recruit Muslim youth to extremism and violence,” he further said. - See more at:
Navy seize 45 kilos of gold: Navy arrested two Sri Lankans with a haul of 45 kilograms of gold in the sea off ...
Despite enduring daily brutality and sexual abuse as punishment for attempting to seek asylum, Sri Lankans will not give up on fleeing the persecution they are experiencing in their country.
You might as well be terrified that Sri Lankans will take over the world.
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Oh I know, let's have a law saying Sri Lankans aren't allowed to marry, that's not racist according to you
In my case I was also arrested for murder so Sri Lankans I known are terrified of me! ROTFL
When Indians and Sri Lankans call me their, ***
Dancing the Baila, a dance taught to Sri Lankans by the Portuguese. Thank you Ms. Tanuja for helping us.
Noms noms we Sri Lankans eat like this at so many times!! ❤❤❤
Sri Lanka's team leave aiming for higher level
Looks like now Indian journos like hv to discuss issues of Sri Lankans & Pakistani's to prove they r unbiased.
Keep doing what you do best, making the Sri Lankans all over the world proud!
Grow up people. If Sri Lankans can mankad & Kohli can MC BC, then Shahzad can sledge too. & stop watching cricket if it bothers you so much.
.Correct. Hv u seen how the bnks escaped punishmnt yet the two Sri Lankans got caught. What abt Enron? Nuthin.
Sri Lankans are doing well xD England won the test series neh? Be happy about that :)
Financial/Banking aid for Sri Lankans: Hi for all Sri Lankans . If you need any financial help,Banking assistan...
Let Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankans deal with it. LOL.
No complaints from the Sri Lankans. PCB apparently found out about the incident after receiving the Youtube video
- swami has anti india and anti dalit agenda. He is siding with Sri Lankans against tamils since most of them r dalits
Little Giant Ladders
I think Sri Lankans and algerians get on really really well😩
as usual Sri Lankans have geared up with the insults🙊
Jayalalithaa urges Modi to take up fishermen issue with the Sri Lankans - Business Standard
Lankans among refugees in Thailand: Sri Lankans are among thousands of refugees in detention in Thailand, Huma...
...Indians,Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, and Bangladeshi's. There's barely any arabs in the capital lol.
Sri Lankans are world's in volunteering. Here's a great example of this in action.
Get the best of World Class Sri Lankans. Like and learn more about the high calibre individuals the tiny island of S…
Nalayini Sugirthan - Higher levels of depression and anxiety in Sri Lankans on bridging visas in Aus. Cross sectnl study of Tamils
Meet the people seeking in your city: Iranians, Afghans, Sri Lankans, a few born in Burma but now nationless:
And even though Sri Lankans/other South Asians never fully accepted me as one of them, I never felt like they despised me.
When I say my people I'm often referring to Sri Lankans. Because English people growing up didn't seem to see me as 'one of their own'..
Top 10 best Test batsmen in 2014. Two Sri Lankans make it . Full list --->
Welcome to but 1/2 of the Gunasekera's - Sri Lankans really enjoy reproducing appaz.
We Sri Lankans all love you.Great sportmanship btw.Hope something big from you in WC2015 :)
looking forward to making a gang of half Sri Lankans personally
Think out of the box !!. Sri Lankans , they always think about the box , totally depend on the box.,
Listen to Rohan President Campaign audio on PM dislike for Sri Lankans doing politics with USA dollars:
I liked a video from Sri Lankans Vs Aussies: Dad
Photo: These kids snuck out of their group just to ask me to take a photo of them. Sri Lankans are really...
Plumb and Level on this one gentlemen ?
Money's longer than a Sri Lankans name
30 years time from now and you'll still see Sri Lankans driving this whip
Last year it was all about Ze Germans... this season we're going English... expecting next year to be all about Sri Lankans
Sri Lankans! in a political revolution some have to lose, even lives. Be careful when you make a move.
Asian people from Indians to Sri Lankans were classified as black's at one time.
Labor Day 5k complete. Sri Lankans represent! Good kick off to the last day of summer.
Rice bucket challenge for all Sri Lankans.
Gets super excited over a celebrity nude photo leak. Calls the Wariyapola girl who was in a top with cut out sleeves indecent. Sri Lankans😒
Use hash tag if u wanna connect with Sri Lankans (: it's trending in Sri Lanka ^^
Sri Lankans make a nice curry.Boats?...No idea
Can't wait to go home and watch and hate that it's on Sundays for us Sri Lankans
TNA’s GENOCIDE claim: Violates Section 120 of Penal Code. Sri Lankans are hurt by attempts to cre...
After 24 years Japanese PM here on Sept. 7: Japanese PM please provide VISA on arrival entry to Sri Lankans to Japan
Sri Lankans call for the protection of the historical site of Borobudur in Indonesia after ISIS has threatened to...
lot of Sri Lankans live there as well, might be flying chicken wings..
Indians make noise! Pakistanis make noise! Bangladeshis make noise! Sri Lankans make some noise. ok, just me then.
How young Sri Lankans see peace: via
Sri Lankans! Dont trust words. trust the work and deed. dont live in a past live in the future!
One brukk up civic getting searched. Two squad cars. Eleven Sri Lankans sit on the curb
People of Wadduwa doing their part to ease the pain of Sri Lankans affected by the drought. Some…
Hi Guys – Thanks everyone for all the kind messages. No enjoying a day off after a great day yesterday…and a long night. It’s been an emotional few days and the support from fans has been completely overwhelming. It’s been a great honour playing for Sri Lanka and I know I have been very fortunate to play Test cricket for 17 years. I also know that the Sri Lankan team is blessed with such amazing fans, including many non-Sri Lankans around the world. Your loyalty and passion drives the whole team forward…Thank-you! Cheers, Mahela
Tamil journalist been arrested, Tamil students beaten to death but I dont see any Sri Lankans sharing this pic
Lets hope the Sri Lankans give Mahela a fitting send off by convincingly beating Pakistan.
Sri Lanka offers fantastic opportunities for both returning Sri Lankans as well as non-Sri Lankans who want to work and live in Sri Lanka. Explore the site to find out about career opportunities, education, living and more.
THE outrage over the forced return of 41 Sri Lankan boat people has been exposed as a fraud by the “asylum seekers” themselves. Here’s conclusive proof that our “refugee lobby” is motivated by deceit, self-preening and insane hatred of the Abbott Government. These 41 were on one of two boats of Sri Lankans intercepted by our Navy over the past fortnight, and were sent back this week. Greens leader Christine Milne was apoplectic, describing the passengers as victims of a Sri Lankan tyranny and the evil Tony Abbott: “Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been returned to Sri Lanka: the persecuted to the persecutor.” Refugee lawyer George Newhouse and former prime minister Malcolm Fraser even likened returning boat people to Sri Lanka to returning Jews to Nazi Germany. And journalists of the Left competed to be the most horrified. ABC host Fran Kelly, won, gasping: “Since when does our Government disappear people?” Bad luck for Kelly. The 41 have now appeared again, back in Sri Lanka where they sp ...
Was tryimg to make Sri Lanka the first, when we the Jana Matha Party (Referendum Party) won! Now, well have to be second but since we are an island, we still have an advantage! What Party,you ask? Well it's a party that has just one agenda - to win for the people the right to call for a referendum. What people do with that power is up to them. They can change or maintain any law or convention as they see fit. Only with your power and support can we do it. If you would like to help us draft the manifesto of the new party and help launch and lead it, please let me know. Glad to have you helping all Sri Lankans lead better, more decent lives!
Given Tamils are fleeing Sri Lanka because of persecution v Tamils there, only appropriate to call them "Tamils" not Sri Lankans 2
Australian court blocks deportation of 153 Sri Lankans. Countrys tough immigration policy deemed illegal
My Sri Lankans ready for the biggest all ages ?
Melbourne, July 7: Forty one Sri Lankans, including four Tamils, attempting to enter Australia illegally by boat last month as part of a maritime peop
So those asylum seekers has also taken their Dog to Australia with them! Seriously? Sri Lankans!
Vested interests push asylum propaganda to profit from a lucrative trade BANDULA JAYASEKARA THE AUSTRALIAN JULY 09, 2014 I COULDN’T help reading over and over The Australian’s editorial of July 7 that said: “Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser doesn’t help his standing by likening the return of Tamils to Sri Lanka to handing over Jewish refugees to Nazi Germany. Such intemperance can only damage Mr Fraser’s cause.” It certainly has, as has the hysterical language in the “lopsided” asylum debate in Australia in the past few days. A misconception has been created among some Australians regarding asylum-seekers arriving from Sri Lanka because of a huge and very well-funded misinformation campaign carried out by parties with vested interests. Their claims are unfounded and unbelievable. Even Ripley would have said “You cannot believe it” instead of “Believe it or not!” As the representative of Sri Lanka I can say with complete authority that those Sri Lankans (and I emphasise Sri Lank ...
Australian court blocks deportation of 153 Sri Lankans. .
I can't remember.Normally I give a follow for fellow Sri Lankans.If so um srry ayya
41 Lankans illegally trying to enter Australia sent back: Melbourne, July 7: Forty one Sri Lankans, including...
Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, the executive director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, said current Australian...
weirdly similar to the Sri Lankans MPV
Australian court blocks deportation of 153 Sri Lankans via
Who said we were in the middle of know where, these Sri Lankans know where it's at.
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