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Spruce Pine

Pinus glabra (Spruce Pine) is a tree found on the coastal plains of the southern United States, from southern South Carolina south to northern Florida and west to southern Louisiana.

North Carolina Ghost Riders Black Mountain Linville Falls First Baptist Church Upper Street

Build a rustic and beautiful flagpole for your property or camp from a peeled spruce, pine or hemlock.…
Wikipedia picture of the day for November 15: A collection of sixteen wood samples, from left to right, top to bott…
We're excited to bring back one of our favorite fragrances this holiday season 🌲Frosted Pinecone is a fresh blend o…
Breathe in fresh forest air, balsam spruce, and cedar branches embrace the warmth of amber and woody pine cones! Ge…
Do you have the perfect pine or a splendid spruce? The annual search for Troy's Christmas Tree is well underway! Le…
We typically go to the the Junior Forest Wardens. But you are limited to pine trees there, no spruce.
Purchased a miniature spruce at Wegmans today and now my room smells like pine needs 🌲😁🎄
Brett Loftis to teach advocacy workshop in Spruce Pine
God the spruce leaves are pretty neat wish they had pine cones or some spots of variants why not ad…
Know the difference between a pine and a fir? Here's how to tell them apart:…
Holiday Pine Spruce handmade soap smells just like you are walking through a holiday forest.…
A fall forest with a mix of oak,beech,spruce and pine trees.
w/ the green light to match my Pine & Spruce scents are fun to diffuse this ti…
Inspired by visits to a Christmas tree farm & made in Kentucky. Evergreen Seedlings combines pine, spruce, juniper…
Our youth has a powerful message planned for you on Sunday! Don’t miss out and come worship at our youth led servi…
The Foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Dense forests dominated by lodgepole pine, the Tree of Alberta.…
Hey, Supercenter in Spruce Pine, NC! Thanks for me today! I tried to buy a box of wine dre…
Great in this scots pine has moss's, lichens, ferns, ivy and bilberries growing on it. Also…
God Bless the Defenders of this great Country! We are thankful for you all! .
I put Black Spruce essential oil sticks in my fake Pine Christmas Tree. My guess is no one will even notice. It wil…
One of the more interesting beers I've ever had. Very complex, lots of pine, hops, then sweet fruit, citrus. In tha…
Warmimg reduces germination rate of Engelman spruce but has less impact on Limber pine in subalpine forests…
Warming reduces germination rate of Engelman spruce but not of limber pine
How to tell a fir from a spruce and other handy tips.
Pine, Fir 🌲 Spruce are referred to as forest-like. 🌳 and sometimes Cypre in perfumery used for top notes. They tend…
"you know you're in Spruce Pine when you leave a wedding and you hear a gunshot"
Don’t judge! Been working on the Today I am diffusing Blue & Black to give the REAL…
Christmas Decor is going to be Holly and Ivy 2017! We will be selling fresh cut greenery! Fresh Pine Spruce Cedar...
Comparing threat of bark beetles on non-indigenous lodgepole pine and their historical host Norway spruce:…
The winter ale is Wing Point Winter, but this year they did it with a fir tree. Get your typical pine and spruce outahere
Happy Holidays is a perfect Christmas blend of crispy clean air with pine, balsam and spruce. Each purchase this mo…
Foraged table arrangements can be tricky this time of year. Here we have 3 simple things. Larch pine cones. Japonica an…
The smell of pine needles, spruce and the smell of a Christmas tree - those to me, are the scents of the holidays. Blake Lively
Vegetation zonation prac through Blue Pine & Spruce forests to the remote village of Oura.
When your boys Vermont Flocked Pine & Windham Spruce show up to the club after pregaming
Sitka spruce and Radiata pine (NZ seed DNA resistant seed) looking great. Can you spot stunning latch and birch in backgrou…
How many trees can you identify? Here's how to name 6 of the common ones in Western Canada:
Do you know how to ID a tree? We can help you with 6 common ones in Western Canada
Spruce up your home this season with pretty pinecone crafts:
Phil Campbell fire heading to possible structure fire behind Post Office in Spruce Pine.
Unfortunately Spruce Pine does have a history of sending African Americans away on trains.
Spruce Pine restaurant apologizes for (now fired - owner's son?) employee's racist post.
Both pine and spruce use the same suite of 47 genes to adapt to geographic variation in temperature, and to...
The handmade Texas Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to spruce up your spruce (or fir, or pine...). . LONG...
The Scary Scarecrow Contest starts today in downtown Spruce Pine!
spruce pine fir. Just construction grade lumber. I ripped down 2x12x12 for the top.
Birds eye view of Spruce Pine taken from "knitting mill hill" before 1948. In the lower center is Deyton Field...
The Spruce Pine Potters Market is coming up October 8-9, 2016 10 -5 pm. Should be a great show…
but it smells so good! A fir/pine/spruce is for life, not just for Christmas
Spruce not Pine is the main commercial species in the UK - Spruce 40 yr rotation - Pine 60-80.
Home in Spruce Pine by Four Seasons Siding and Windows. This is what a well trained experienced crew can do for...
Music and honey and delicious treats from Spoon Spruce Pine. Life is sweet in the mountains.
Thanks for the spruce & pine seeds to add to our growing pinetum
Jonathan Broh’s main objection to Spruce/Pine protected bike lanes is that they’ll limit illegal double parking. That’s the whole point.
Idea that Jonathan Broh has some kind of YIMBY credibility is hilarious. Main person blocking protected bike lanes on Spruce and Pine.
We have a few free Eastern White Pine and White Spruce left... courtesy of
Spruce Pine version of a traffic jam this morning. Thanks Johnny Bowen!
Cooler temps have us dreaming about Spruce up your boutonnieres w/ pine & winter berries. 📸: Darre…
Home in Spruce Pine under our construction now !
99% of the silica used to make microchips comes from Spruce Pine, NC.
And will never leaf you. And he will pine for you. He'll spruce up for you and take you to the beech.
Finally version! . Function of Sitka spruce stone cells as a physical defence against white pine weevil:
Yes we do, but we mainly burn birch as it is better firewood than spruce and pine.
Check out this listing! - Priced at $99,000 . Secluded mountain property near Rogersville, Tennessee. 30 acres of...
Those Pine & Spruce tree notes say one thing.These are the kind of buds that stick together(&with you) for all the right "resins"
Here is the other half of Barking Spider Pottery, Jon Ellenbogen. . Jon is an esteemed elder at the Spruce Pine...
Durban Kush is a Durban Poison and OG Kush cross that smells of Pine and Spruce trees.
Check out this beautiful home! Call or message me for your showing! 813.575.2140
will the Penland Gallery be open the weekend of the Spruce Pine Potters Market?
Meet the dynamic potters of at the Spruce Pine Potter's Market on Oct 8-9! Click the link in our...
Mark your calendars for the upcoming booksigning with local author Janie DeVos at The Market on Oak in Spruce Pine. ht…
New handmade children's fall designs are in stock at The Market on Oak in Spruce Pine.
Spruce Pine Potters Market is set at the Cross Street Building in Spruce Pine. Cross Street, formerly “Hampshire... https:…
Photo overlooking Spruce Pine circa 1930's. The Topliff Hotel stands out on what is now Upper Street. Photo taken...
Check out Springmaid Mountain in Spruce Pine for weddings and reunions
"Spruce Pine's got that up town Wal Mart."- Jack Moore
Lower Street, Spruce Pine. In this never before seen photo, Locust Street with a gas station and a side street...
Deacons and wives First Baptist Church, Spruce Pine. No date and the only person I can identify is the man with...
Toe River Studio Tour meeting 5pm today in Spruce Pine - all area artists welcome
Showcasing Simcoe hops with notes of spruce, pine resin and grapefruit. Hop bit... (Blasé)
Pine cones on the Blue Spruce tree in my backyard
Every Christmas, celebrators commit a genocide of pine, fir, and spruce trees.
Dear PC people: If it's not Christmas, then what holiday in December involves a pine/spruce/fir tree with hundreds of ornaments on it?
Jeez Bill, is that a Norway Spruce or White Pine?
Don't let identifying evergreens needle you. Here's how to tell between spruce, fir, pine.
Since Tuesday's minor near Spruce Pine, there have been two other minor quakes in the region.
AND philly bicycle coalition re Pine/Spruce
sparkling spruce, a toast to the season, cozy by the fire, cedarwood, frosted pine, walk in the woods, whispers of Christmas
En route to Spruce Pine with the and on board.
Spruce, pine, fir, juniper or cedar? Can you tell your conifers apart? Conifers class with Joe Sunday night @ 6 pm.
"Larch, juniper, and fir, spruce, cedar, and pine. C is for conifer more than 500 kinds."
domain names
Earthquakes like this one used to go unnoticed before EarthScope went online!
with repostapp. ・・・. Pine cones to spruce up your holiday decor and more at Urban…
whatcha want? We got Pine, oak, maple, spruce, etc. 💁🏽
"you can be The Sulk tonight but tomorrow you must be Spruce Banner, the pine-scented, effervescent scientist." -
Yeah, I'm not going to... PINE... after a superior voice actor. He seems to... SPRUCE things up just fine.
Spruce Pine Chevrolet showing their support for the Mountaineers!
Foggy Spruce Pine. Thanks for sharing, Town of Spruce Pine! More pics:
ICYMI: Crystal Street in Spruce Pine will be closed tonight for scheduled maintenance.
Love this infographic! Missing from list for real trees: the scent of balsam fir/pine/spruce permeating your home.
Nearly two hours and 8ft of pine needles later Bruce the spruce has been bought
Dec Holidays great time to learn the conifers like white pine, w. spruce, b. fir, & e. hemlock
Can you recommend anyone for this Inpatient Physical Therapist/Travel PT Needed in Spruce Pine, NC -
Don't panic, our WiFi platform performs well with Pine, Fir and Spruce trees as well as all Fairy Lights! https:…
Doing pretty well. Where is your fam from? I have people from Spruce Pine to Wilmington!
I want to decorate for the holidays but I want my kitty to be safe! Is a rosemary tree safer than a pine or spruce?
Looks like im also a tree for the month. I hope we don't spark a spruce vs pine war
Bought a small tabletop Christmas tree. Me and Mom plant them in the spring. Stone Pine this year, Blue Spruce last year. 🌲🌳
Deep within. the muffled quiet. of spruce pine.
A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine, or fir asso
"First off, Christmas trees are usually either Pine, Spruce, or Fir. They all do share cones, however."
The Release Party for Spruce Springsteen is this Friday, December 11th at 6PM at The Pine Box!
Fir, Pine, and Spruce all bring the crisp clean scent of winter. Ancient history tells us how people hung...
Would you try soda made from boiled spruce needles?
Need a new Try the Norway Spruce, with rye whiskey and Stone Pine liqueur.
Shower like your walking through a pine forest .. Ideal stocking filler this Christmas
I'm just an old fella from Spruce Pine, NC, but I gotta think a Cathouse is a unfair recruitin' vantage.
Spruce Pine makes the list of best small American food cities! Via ...
Ever heard of Spruce Pine, NC? It has quite possibly the best small town food scene in the US
Putting together my trip today. Can I get up at 6am and to drive to Spruce Pine for the Potters Market 10-2...
We are excited to be in Spruce Pine, NC and looking forward to the Tri-County Mountain Crusade with Dr. Ralph...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The Leading Edge of A Cluster of Thunderstorms on A Line From Beech Mountain to 9 Miles East of Spruce Pine...
James Viste at the Fire on the Mountain Blacksmith Festival in Spruce Pine, NC.
Great talent out of Excellent video and song about - spruce, pine, fir! Take a listen!
I'm pretty sure we disturbed everyone on 13th and pine/spruce today when we sang chorus outside.
Spruce Beer from The Fizzary. Tastes like fizzy Pine-Sol. Nice, I think
White Pine Pine, Fir and Spruce – used to invoke The Lord of the Greenwood. A powerful cleanser when
Chicken feed mill to be built in Spruce Pine
i feel like the softwoods are so underrated no one hears about them, shout out to spruce, cedar, scots pine and parana, I'm thinking of you.
Spruce Pine Tire Service in Spruce Pine, NC was just found at on 15th Apr 11pm
The Raisin Region Conservation Authority is distributing 2,000 free white spruce and white pine seedlings on...
Me: Karra loves pine trees?. Karra: yeah. Me: I'm actually more of a spruce person myself. Karra: I like cedar more actua…
New Spruce Pine feed mill will have widespread economic impact
It was quite tasty! More on the roasty/chocolate side with some spruce pine bitter. Cheers!
Bug off: Beware of stowaways: Recently, the mountain pine beetle, spruce beetle and the emerald ash borer have...
Your is over. Russell Cellular - Verizon Premium Retailer wants to you in Spruce Pine, NC.
You don't want to be driving from Burnsville to Spruce Pine right now. You're better off walking.
Plugged-In Prefab Collects Weather Data to Conserve Energy New pine and spruce wood from the Pyrenees (both...
Have you tried our yet? A white ale woth spruce and pine hand-picked from the Meewasin…
The current temperature in Bakersville is 67.7*F and Spruce Pine is 68.9*F. This is the current radar for our area.
Join Brew Crew & receive a free blue spruce or ponderosa pine sapling to celebrate
Homework 'Pine, fir, spruce, cedar, larch a...' posted, visit for more details
Spruce Pine: Report of an incomplete 911 call on South NC226 Highway. City law enforcement response requested.
Spruce Pine: Report of a suspicious vehicle at a residence on Meadow Lark Drive. County law enforcement response requested.
New trees have arrived! We have Bacheri Blue Spruce, Butterflies Magnolia, Southwestern White Pine & more!!
If you're Spruce Pine local, or Blacksmith Global, consider this:
Birds having a conversation. inside the blue spruce,. They don't know I can hear. through the pine needles. They also don't know I speak Sparrow
OHHH what a great spirit came by Spruce Pine Grove tonight for the Easter play! Truly a blessing to see 200 to 300 people there! 🙏
Blue spruce, or ponderosa pine. Maybe one here, one at his house in Atlanta. Even one at my mom's.
Spruce Pine: Landing Zone being secured at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, MAMA is inbound.
Second photo shows white spruce in foreground with pine just behind it. Spruce are everywhere, pines mostly we plant here.
I have family in Spruce Pine, NC and up in KY. Yes, Good place, good people. Looking forward to my next visit
Brie Fondue, pear marinated in brandy and pine, spruce tips ruckergabriel
Carpentry is in session...fresh pine, birch, poplar, and spruce are growing into our apothecary via Dominique the...
Yay discovery! Baby Blue Spruce start from pine cones from my Moms tree
Enjoyed being at MarJac for today's announcement about a new feed mill in Spruce Pine!
Stop by the Parks and Rec booth at the and pick up a free white pine or spruce seedling!
willow, birch, spruce, white pine,. willow, Norway, buckthorn, crabapple,
Finland : Spinnova's eco-friendly yarn from pine and spruce fibres - Textile News Finland
Spruce Pine: Report of an unconscious person on Ellis Road. Fire department and medical emergency response...
Spruce Pine: Report of a person with breathing problems on Emerald Lane. Fire department and medical emergency...
World of difference between Fork Mountain and Spruce Pine! Roads are clear and not near as much snow!
Snow all around us, but just a dusting in Spruce Pine - so far.
Spruce Pine: Report of a female wearing tank top and shorts walking along the side of the road followed by a male...
VIDEO: on the trail of a Spruce Pine salt truck. The video opportunity we waited for all day! Perhaps sad but true.
Spruce Pine: Report of a sick person on Feldspar Street. Medical routine response requested.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
From Pine beetle to Spruce Beetle, evergreens just can't catch a break.
Hwy 43, including Spruce Pine Mtn., still showing no ice as rain continues in Franklin County.
A fire at a medical center has Spruce St blocked from Locust to Pine St.Electric is out from 51 to 54th.
Yeah I hear you. Spruce is just one over from Pine so you were close :)
Forever wishing I had a cute little fir/pine/spruce tree in my house all year long 😒🌲😊✨
The sunrise this morning in Spruce Pine NC - 4 degree temps and snow clouds looming - it only lasted a moment as...
Are you near or do you know anyone from Spruce Pine by any chance?
Spruce Pine: Report of a person needing assistance going up the hill to the apartments from Oak Avenue. City law...
The roads in spruce pine are really bad so if you have to get out be careful
Reports of heavy snow near Spruce Pine
Just warming up with my Blue Spruce and Pine Cones scented candle from
Back at the land of my birth (Spruce Pine, mtns of North Carolina).. cold, gray, dark, snowing.. love it.
take me to birch I'll worship like an elm at the shrine of your pine I'll tell you my spruce so you can sharpen your buckeye
The combo of words buffet & panda now have me craving salt & pepper chicken from our bad Spruce Pine Chinese buffet.
Spruce Pine: Report of a structure fire on Pine Branch Road. Fire department response requested. . Reported as a...
Curious what Yield Classes could be expected for Scots pine and Sitka spruce in the Cairngorms if anyone can point me in t' right direction?
I love the view of snow covered blue spruce and pine trees from the train # nature is beautiful
Student Showcase Exhibits open today in the Burnsville and Spruce Pine galleries.
trust The Heritage, History, and People of Spruce Pine, North Carolina to find the perfect share for Valentine's...
Spruce Pine: Report of an involuntary commitment subject attempting to leave Blue Ridge Hospital. County law...
Spruce Pine: Report of a possible overdose on Pine Run Ridge Road. County law enforcement, fire department, and...
Spruce Pine: Report of a vehicle fire on US19E in the vicinity of Hardee's. Fire department response requested.
Spruce Pine, NC suppose to have good camping planning a trip there myself
Spruce Pine: Report of a resididential lockout on Deer Park Loop Road. City and county law enforcement response...
Spruce Pine: Report of a fire alarm activation on Sunshine Hill Street. Fire department and medical response...
ICYMI: Coverage from ECU's 7th service learning center in Spruce Pine: http:/…
Spruce Pine: Report of a suspicious person on Altapass Highway in the vicinity of Berry Chapel Church. City law...
Spruce Pine: Report of suspicious subjects at Hardee's. City law enforcement response requested. . Reported as...
It's like a pine forest in a glass. I'm in love. - Drinking a Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce -
Beetle-affected campgrounds in Medicine Bow-Routt NF reopen as new pine infestations decline, but spruce increase
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I will be helping curate a alumni show this April in Spruce Pine, N.C., if interested please contact me.
Today we have clearing Sitka Spruce and Scots Pine from heathland.
Make wild winter teas with birch twigs, white spruce needles, white pine needles, and spicebush twig
meeting its mission of serving rural NC health needs, opened Dental clinic in Spruce Pine, 300+ miles we…
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Spruce Pine Fire and Rescue, your department will have a Board of Directors meeting tomorrow night...
I might suggest that we create a sacred circle as a “For Ever Green Wheel” with the Spruce to the east; Pine to...
Morning in the office and a sliver of
Your is over. Mountain View Resturant wants to you in Spruce Pine, NC.
Pastors in the Spruce Pine area - we will have a preachers' meeting for the August tent crusade on Friday, Feb. 13 at the Western Steer...
Second week of growth for the eastern white pine & white spruce trees that are quickly developing in…
Roy Williams has been selected to represent the 2015 class of the WNC Sports Hall of Fame this May. Coach Williams will be the lone inductee this year. Coach Williams was born in Marion, grew up in Spruce Pine and played his high school ball at Roberson High School in Asheville. Aftter graduating from UNC in 1972, he immediately began his coaching career at CD Owen High School in Black Mountain in 1973. Roy was then tabbed by Dean Smith to be an assistant coach in 1978 and was part of his first-ever National Championship in 1982. One of the most significant measures he did as an assistant was recruiting Michael Jordan. He then took over as the head coach at Kansas in 1988 and then came home to coach the Tar Heels in 2003, and holding strong to this day. Coach Williams will also be the guest speaker at the ceremony that will be held at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville on Monday, May 17.
Lower Street in Spruce Pine in 1921. The barn-like structure at the far left was Spruce Pine's first movie...
I was honored to recognize the Burleson family of Spruce Pine for their work with families of special needs children. h…
Spruce Pine ~ New York Times Best Selling author, Sharyn McCrumb, will be holding a book signing to promote her book, “Ghost Riders,” a Civil War era epic. The book follows a young mountain family as the wife, Malinda Blalock, disguises herself as a boy in order to accompany her husband, Keith, as he is forced to enlist in the Confederate army. Discharged soon afterwards, it isn't long before the Confederacy wants Keith to take up arms again, and he does, only this time it is as a bushwhacker for the Union. With not many people left to trust in a war that has pitted brother against brother, the couple head for high ground to avoid the county militia, and soon become hard-riding, deadly outlaws who avenge the deaths of their kin and neighbors at the hands of the Rebels. Over a hundred years later, in Eastern Tennessee a local Civil War re-enactors' group is planning a mock battle. Most of the local men who participate in the re-enactments prefer to fight on the Confederate side, and most of them are .. ...
Next week is "Ghost Riders" week for me. 1) On Thurs. June 5, booksigning in Spruce Pine; 2) Friday June 6- Program & signing at Zeb Vance Birthplace State Park; 3) Saturday June 7: Premiere of the play at the Parkway Playhouse in Burnsville NC.
In Hickory. Very tempting to just go up to Spruce Pine and stay there. Need a recharge. At least will be up there in 2 days
Prayer request for Anna Belle Frye. She is in the Spruce Pine Hospital.
[THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR SPRUCE PINE LODGE. I regret that I can't help you set up your wedding; please call the city.]
Large kids playset with swings, upstairs playhouse, sandbox, monkey bars, rock climbing wall and slide. Great condition. Buyer responsible to move it. Pick up in Spruce Pine. $700.00 obo.
Preaching for our friends at First Baptist Spruce Pine this Sunday. Looking forward to the visit and praying to be useful in His service.
Off load some plywood in the morning and then off to Spruce Pine, NC. God Times; just got to get home tomorrow for a field trip with Corey for the rest of the week. Hope this Spruce Pine trip doesn't jack up my schedule.
Is there a spin class in Spruce Pine?
Norway Spruce, white pine, buckeye, white oak, shagbark hickory, & dogwood as the sun descends.
Does anyone know of any salons that have any booths open for rent in Spruce Pine, Burnsville, or Bakersville?
Spruce up your table with these easy to clean placemats from More colors available.
LOCATED IN SPRUCE PINE: I have (4) 5 week old Siamese Mix kittens. There are two boys and two girls in the litter. I'm ask a $20 re-homing fee to cover the cost of their first vet visit. If anyone is interested please message me. Thanks.
You see palm trees...I see pine trees. And spruce trees. And fir trees. . I need a new climate
New item from Buck Stove in Spruce Pine, NC! Great for the outdoor patio or back yard. Iron lids with poker and iron feet. Come by and check them out!
The Bubba Mobile will be at BRP in Spruce Pine today from 11:30 until 1 pm.
This week's schedule (May 20-24)at The Dispensary & Upper Club in downtown Spruce Pine! We have a busy week planned with some great come hang with us and HAVE SOME FUN! Every Monday.Chill with Pandora and WIFI.visit with friends. Enjoy the deck outside with one of our great cocktails! Every Tuesday...MEMBER & SONGWRITERS NIGHT... Members are encouraged to bring a snack to share as we listen to guest songwriters sing their creations. After they finish...Barry and the band get up entertain us all! (Bob Harke will be here along with Yves Giraud and Nancy Wood). There's always a great come early for a table! Music starts around 7ish. FREE. Every Wednesday...GAMES & GRASS...If you love bluegrass this night is for you! It's a bluegrass if you play, bring your instrument! If you love to listen...bring your ears! Pick our one of our games..backgammon, chess, cards, etc and we will play a game while we tap our toes. Music starts around 7ish. FREE. Thursday, May 22 ...MIKE PRESL ...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The city does not enforce parking on Sunday. I understand it was a concession to get the Spruce/Pine lanes built
yup! We have pine, birch and spruce trees. 😂
I have a huge lot of girls summer clothes size 10/12 great condition lots of justice and other name brands will meet in spruce pine to look at to many to post
Not so cool: "Nice to see Spruce Pine get a meth alternative." (Comment on about new Spoon bar in Spruce Pine.)
Cool: Knife and Fork owners set to open new bar, Spoon, in Spruce Pine. via
"Tree's are awesome!" exclaimed my middle daughter as we were planting white spruce, white pine and red pine today.
Don Sherbondy will be in Spruce Pine tomorrow! Friends since kindergarten but it has been twenty years!!
Special treat tonight at First FWB Church in Spruce Pine, NC. Jeremiah Carver will be back on stage with us there. Can't wait to hear them good old bass notes beside me again. Looking for something special from The Lord tonight!!!
One more charming and casual dinning option to consider in downtown Spruce Pine, North Carolina at Jackie's Iron Skillet. When did you say that you will be visiting the area?
Pine goes high and dry, spruce goes wet and low
try covering with pine or spruce boughs in late autumn. Will prevent winter wind damage & drying out
Treecreepers are vulnerable in cold weather if food gets sealed into the trunks by frost. So they may add pine/spruce seeds to their diet.
Back in Spruce Pine for the weekend...thank God I'm a country boy!!
I should say as you are looking at the photo, it's the pine on the right, near the corner of the building, it's a blue spruce.
Pine, Hemlock, Spruce? If your visits to include wondering which tree that is, see h…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Off to work in Spruce Pine. Heard this on my Pandora One this morning. Instantly made me feel a million times better
"Dogwood dries, spruce sparks, oak smokes and pine pops."
"I have 3 spruce pine trees in my locker!!". -Nolan Stram
June Studio Tour exhibit opens this Sat May 17 at the Spruce Pine TRAC gallery.
I added a video to a playlist Pine vs Spruce
I need to get this work day over with so I can head to Spruce Pine and celebrate my sister's birthday this weekend. 🎉🎈
A 2008 Suzuki XL7 was just scanned near Spruce Pine, NC 28777
What is the difference between spruce and pine?
TBT - Spruce Pine Motel (Baker's) in the 1950's. What would this photo be without the cool cars! Love it!
Da. from Spruce Pine, NC is moving on 07/07/2014 Click to get this lead now! It is a 2 Small bedroom 4500 lbs. Long Distance move from Spruce Pine NC, 28777 to Mount Shasta CA, on or around 07/07/2014. This person is looking for the right moving company and the lowest price, so If you think you can service this move and would like to contact the customer, you can purchase this lead (no account required) and get his phone number and email address. Click to Get This Lead now
I liked a video from Pine vs Spruce
First White Pine, then Red Maple, now Blue Spruce. Kids LOVE good books!
What sort of tree does Gandalf take refuge from the wargs in? (An oak.; A spruce.; A pine.; A fir.)
oh yeah well spruce pine is getting a new. oh wait. I forgot its spruce pine.
Ips bark beetles infest pine and spruce trees. These tree insects are aggressive and will kill a spruce or pine...
Update your maps at Navteq
first thought was a Black Forest Pine, second a Sitka Spruce
Great black ipa, juicy oranges and sharp pine and spruce. - Drinking a Night Time Ale @ Farrington Lake -
Lower street in Spruce Pine is such a CF
1,800 seedlings (500 white pine, 500 red maple, 500 Norway spruce, and 300 assorted hardwoods) were planted last...
Henredon wingback chair and matching ottoman. Navy blue with red stripe. Good condition. $600.00. Pick up in Spruce Pine.
Looking forward to worshiping a risen savior this morning! If you do not have at church home we invite you to join us this morning at Spruce Pine!
Reminder: Packet pickup is tonight at First Baptist Church in Spruce Pine from 4-7.
He had been incarcerated at Mountain View Corrections in Spruce Pine, N.C.
Harvey Littleton Dies U Wisconsin School of Education News UW Professor Emeritus Littleton, the ‘Father of Studio Glass,’ dies at 91 December 19, 2013 UW-Madison Professor Emeritus Harvey K. Littleton, the trail-blazing artist who founded the nation’s first university-based studio program in art glass more than five decades ago, passed away on Dec. 13 at his home in Spruce Pine, N.C. He was 91. Littleton came to the University of Wisconsin in 1951 to teach ceramics. And while he served as chair of the Art Department on two separate occasions in the 1960s and early 1970s, he is best known for launching the university’s glass program in 1962, a move that is credited with revolutionizing glass art in the United States. “Harvey Littleton’s powerful personality and drive to realize his dream of glass as a fine art medium for the artist, will forever place him as the ‘Father of Studio Glass,’ ” says Audrey Handler, an early student of Littleton’s who has traveled the country giving glass blo ...
Update on Bobby, He is still feeling pretty bad, going from dose to dose of cold meds.we had to cancel our date in Haywood County today, not really because of the service, but more because of the travel and because we also have to do a service in Spruce Pine tonight. That would have been too much driving and two services on Bobby when he is feeling bad. Praising God that I am fine! Thank you Lord! Please pray that the Lord will move tonight at Mountain View. Pastor Bryan Miller will be coming with us and that means it will be easier for Bobby. We asked Pastor Miller a long time ago...the Lord knew that we would need help tonight! Thank you Lord!
Tootling around the Blue Ridge yesterday. Spruce Pine for lunch followed by a visit to Elk Park & Banner Elk before descending back to the valley..
understands that Paul Tingle, Avery Corning and Nancy Alexander are among approximately 1,000 riders (a dozen, or so, from NB) participating in the Cycle North Carolina Fall Ride that began in Spruce Pine, NC yesterday and will pass though New Bern on Friday on its way to finishing in Emerald Isle on Saturday, October 4th...we hear that Paul may be "flying the AC colors" when he enters town on Friday !! Thanks Paul...
The last Atlantic Beach bike truck is on its way to Spruce Pine. Since it will arrive late tonight, we will unload it in the morning.
Enjoyed my time Thursday night in Spruce Pine speaking to the Blue Ridge Values Coalition. What a great group of people who love The Lord!
Who is the family from Spruce Pine on AFV?
Whew! What a fun-filled day! Braeden Riley-Deaton, Chloe & I went to Johnson City Mall to shop for shoes, shorts, shirts & lunch. Next stop, Carmike Cinema 14 to see Monsters University. After driving like the wind back to Roan Mtn, we made a mad dash to Newland with a pit stop on Squirrel Creek to get Braeden's wrestling gear then to Avery High to wrestling practice. Chloe & I made our way to Walmart in Spruce Pine and back to Los Arcoris to pick up dinner, then finally made it back home. Needless to say, I'm tired! But spending time with my kiddos is the best use of my time! Next trip Cooper gets to go!
FYI- Joe Walsh's father in law Gerald McGuire passed away early this morning after his battle with cancer. The family will receive friends from 12:00-2:00 on July 4th at Powder Branch Baptist Church on 19E between Cranberry and Spruce Pine. The funeral will be at 2:00 at the church. Burial plans are incomplete at this time but burial will take place after the service. Please keep Joe, Jenny, Tylie, Owen and Nathan and Gearlds wife Lisa in your prayers.
CARL SCOTT OBITUARY Carl Scott, 96, of Plum Branch, went to be with the Lord, Monday, June 3, 2013 at Brian Center Health and Rehab in Spruce Pine. A native of Yancey County, he was a son of the late Jim and Cindy Ledford Scott and husband of Mary Will Ledford Scott who died in 2009. Carl was a dairyman and retired employee of Woodcrafters. He was a member of Plum Branch Baptist Church. Surviving are a daughter, Kathy Penland and husband, Harold; and a son, Leland Scott and wife, Anna, all of Burnsville; 5 grandchildren; 10 great grandchildren and 6 great-great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 7 PM Thursday, June 6, 2013 in the Chapel of Holcombe Brothers Funeral Home. Rev. Billy Mitchell will officiate. A graveside service will be held at 10 AM Friday in the Scott Cemetery on Prices Creek. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service at the funeral home. The family wishes to extend a special thank you to Hospice of Yancey County and Brian Center of Spruce Pine.
I attended the conference with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung last night at the Tabernacle in Spruce Pine and it was very informative. If you have interest in end-times prophesy, come tonight and hear him speak again. You will learn something and be encouraged by the teaching of God's prophesy concerning Israel and current events. Don't miss this opportunity if you want to hear about God's plan for today. The meeting starts at 7pm but there will be a q/a period starting at 6pm. Hope to see you there. PS, the Tabernacle is located on Ridge Rd. outside of SP toward MCC off of 19E.
The weather was bad up in Avery, so we didn't go to Wiseman's View. We drove highway 19 all the way from Spruce Pine to Roan Mountain and came home through Hughes' Gap. While driving I was able to pray specifically for Green Valley, White's Memorial, Yellow Mountain, Powdermill, Pleasant Hill, Minneapolis, Elk Park, Pilgrim, and the Journey churches. I want our associational ministry to be built upon fervent prayer!
Upper Street (Oak Ave) in Spruce Pine is completely shut off - use Lower St (Locust Ave).
Spring greetings from Spruce Pine, NC in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!
REPORTING ABOUT THE LAST THREE DAYS ON THE ROAD After having been on the road for 3 days, I just returned to the office briefly in preparation for tomorrow and thought I would share. What a magnificent conference the Christian Action League had in Spruce Pine, Sunday night at Liberty Hill Baptist Church! The speech by Justice Paul Newby was as fine as I've ever heard. Justice Newby spoke about our roots as a Christian nation. He is unashamed in his profession of faith in Christ. His remarks thrilled the audience and gave hope of a better day when more of our state's public servants may be like him. After Justice Newby I spoke from John 10:9, which proclaims Christ as the door to our salvation and liberty. Perhaps this best sums up my remarks: "My brethren, our nation is in peril today because there is a disconnect between the principles of Christianity and the principles of civil government. Today we have less freedom both internal and external because of our refusal to obey Christ." Then on Monday I trav ...
Thea, you'll appreciate this.Sitting in a coffee shop in Spruce Pine watching a coal train going by,thought of the John Prine song.This little place has music and a little stage in the corner by the front window,may play here sometime.
We will be opening the Spruce Pine district office tonight at 5 PM EST. The location is 11 Crystal Street, Spruce Pine, NC.
sleeting real hard in Snow hill right now , are the roads slick to Spruce Pine??
Icing conditions today in Mars Hill and Spruce Pine have forced us to close the offices for today. Sorry for any inconvenience! We will resume our normal business hours on Monday 1/28/13
This evenings service at Clifton Baptist has been postponed until a later date due to in climate weather. We will, however, be singing tonight at our home church, Bethel Missionary Baptist in Spruce Pine, NC at 6 PM. Hope you can come out and join us this evening!
I love Buladean, it's the best place in the world. But we need to get a stupid Mall or Wal-Mart, because I refuse to drive to Unicoi or Spruce Pine at 12:00 to get chapstick. Let's get it together guys.
My church is having a revival this week and I would like to invite anyone who can and will come. It's at Bethel Baptist Church in Spruce Pine. Right past the prison on the right. It starts at 7 to tonight and I'm sure it will be as wonderful as it was last night.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Calling all Praying people!! In the county of which I live, many people have or had cancer.. of those, half died and half lived. At times I feel as though I'm surrounded by people who are sick in some way, Pastors often need more prayer, and the people around those who are ill need comfort. It is up to us to love on those who are in need of anything. Jesus sat with tax collectors and wine drinker and said, He did not come to save the righteous but the sinners. He commands us to Love those we really would rather not even be around. Please pray for me and those around me who are faced with some sort of illness and mostly prayers for cancer. I have laid the foundation for an event here in Spruce pine Honoring those with Cancer. My goal is that 50% of the proceeds will go to the local people in Spruce Pine, 25% to research and the other 25% of all proceeds to the new cancer center here in Spruce Pine. More later as this event planning gets further in it's process, I will be looking for donations and helpers. ...
Michael Byrd's Resume - maintenance tech in Spruce Pine, NC. - Find millions of resumes on
Lots going on in Spruce Pine this weekend! Don't miss the book signing at The Market on Oak with Miss Julia series author! Enjoy Book Signing, Heritage Festival, Potters Market and TRAC Auction all in the same day!
At 12:01 PM, radar shows a couple strong thunderstorms just to our north, one near Spruce Pine and one with possible pea-size hail entering Caldwell County between Maple Grove and Globe. These storms are part of a line just now entering NW Burke County and affecting Linville Falls, Jonas Ridge and Cold Springs. The storms continue to move slowly east-southeastward and lightning activity has increased in the past 40 minutes. These storms will continue to drift southeastward in the next hour, affecting Wisemans View, Table Rock and Brown Mountain Beach. I am considering extending the lightning alert to include western Burke County, especially if the storms get closer to Lake James.--Steve.
Got home about 11pm last night. Great mountain vacation with Papa Floyd Ritchie! NC mountains (Spruce Pine, Linville, Black Mountain areas) Gem mining. Found some really good "rocks"...Garnet, Rubies, Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire, Moonstone, Smokey quartz, & even a bit of Turquoiise. Mined at 3 places...only 1 was not a real it is off our list! Gem Mountain Mining & Gold City Mining...are terrific! always find good stuff there! Hiked to Linville Falls (Didn't hike down into gorge...had rained & advised us not to try it.) Hiked to Crabtree Falls (Strenuous...but fantastic!) Roaring Fork Falls (Easy). Dry Falls (Love this one...walk behind the falls!)...Bridal Veil Fall (drive under it!)...Drift Falls, Turtle-Back Falls, Rainbow Falls, & Stairway Falls (ALL 4 falls in Horsepasture Gorge...Now turning into Gorges State Park.We liked it better when you went over the guard rail & scrambled down the mountain side with not wide trail!) Pulled off raodside to enjoy Cullesaga Gorge...Awesome! We ...
Had a family outing to Calvin's Antique Acres in Spruce Pine.. Calvin is a man in his 80's who has a caboose he has fixed up but also tons of antiques that he collects and even an old general store. He allows tours so the children can learn about the old ways. He is a wonderful man and we had a wonderful time hearing the history of the machines, tools and trains. Great family day!
Steve signing in at 7:17 AM. Visit us on for forecast details. Partly cloudy skies prevail this morning with maybe a few patches of fog in valley locations or near rivers. Temperatures are mainly in the mid and upper 50s. Mostly sunny skies are forecast today with afternoon temperatures in the comfortable upper 70s range. Little or no chance of showers in the foothills, an isolated shower or two possible at the highest elevations near Boone, north of Newland and Spruce Pine. Expect similar conditions Friday with slightly warmer temperatures and maybe a few more afternoon showers over the ridgetops, possibly spilling over into Jonas or Ashford or maybe Globe. Many locations over the foothills will see low 80s. The best chance of rain over the entire area will be Saturday and the chances are not high, especially compared with earlier this week. However, a cold front, expected to move through Saturday evening into the overnight, could trigger some showers and thunderstorms. An isolated s ...
Congratulations to Heather G of Bakersville, NC she is the winner of a $50 Walmart Gift Card that we had a drawing for recently at the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Summer Meeting in Spruce Pine, NC.
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