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Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig is a gastropub located at 314 West 11th Street (at Greenwich Street) in the West Village in Manhattan in New York City.

New York April Bloomfield High Line West Village

My physical home check out Spotted Pig in West Village. :) Although I found to be my heart…
"We cant have someone in the Oval Office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified" . Said . Yes.
The Spotted Pig is wonderful! Lyft app gets you there free, use credit code INVITES
Bae works late so I'm having a treat yourself moment and checking off a moment on my NYC to do list. Have the burge…
Pumped! Just put my deposit in the mail for this little stud! Comes home July 1st 😬 it's not an Austr…
March 6, 2016 (evening). Spotted at Tipsy Pig BGC with the squad.
January 24, 2015. Spotted at Tipsy Pig and then at Palace Pool Club.
Pearl just raised a Black Spotted Ossabaw Pig to an adult!
Unlike the rest, the pig actually happened: broke free from its tethers & was…
Anyone lost a guinea pig in the Heddon area. One was spotted in the Common last night.
This indigenous tribe's solar-powered boat leaves no carbon footprint as it makes its way through the Amazon.
Spotted Pig's has stinky cheese/gamey smell but can vouch 4 burgers at Minetta Tav & NoMad, which also has 👌 bar to…
This will get me cussed at from London but ... I don't really like his voice also GIRL GIRL I had the…
Still my favorite burger in all the land. @ The Spotted Pig
I have a drink with me, book a table at the spotted pig when I'm back in NY.
An inflatable pig is spotted outside the BBC's headquarters in London on May 10th to promote a new Pink Floyd exhibit at…
One spotted pig killed, two ships (one Spanish one Turkish) sunk in the lowlands low, Lady Barnard stabbed.
I mean spotted pig is the bomb dot com so maybe it'll be good
ken Friedman, dude who did spotted pig in ny
The Best Comes in a Bun at Salvation Burger and Spotted Pig via
BREAKING NEWS:was spotted leaving Acme Ridge Ave with 3 bags of Choco Tacos
Dear Spotted Pig - Here's how you make the best burger in NYC. . Sincerely, American Cut.
Utterly despicable: Stuart Freeborn's phantom has been spotted arsebutting his guinea pig.
want a story? Ken Feldman of Spotted Pig +10 has a mother in poverty ready to lose her home in California, but he won't help.
//I do not fit in, I'm like the spotted guinea pig among striped guinea pigs
YES. I'm totally serious about a teacup pig! I want a spotted one. Named Chops.
"Even a spotted pig looks black at night" — Barbara Kingsolver
Lunch in New York. What could be better? @ The Spotted Pig
Precisely why I "ran away". Spotted after replying that I just jumped in the mud to wrestle with a pig :)
This just in from Bradford ... Mystery pig spotted hogging the streets of Fagley
Mystery pig spotted hogging the streets of Fagley
Order Miche Bag Online!
the Library Hotel and a burger and deviled eggs at the Spotted Pig
Mystery pesky pig spotted hogging the streets of
Story of the day Mystery pig spotted hogging the streets of Fagley (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus) -
Still the best burger in town at The Spotted Pig this year's James Beard winner for best restaurant
This Is - Local Blog: Mystery pig spotted hogging the streets of
🐷🐷🐷 Mystery spotted hogging the streets of Fagley
Mystery pig spotted hogging the streets of Fagley > my kinda of local story. Will someone save his bacon?
BRADFORD: Mystery pig spotted hogging the streets of Fagley
Mystery pig spotted hogging the streets of Fagley: A FERAL pig has been spotted walking the streets and field...
p They provided resources to address the spotted pig when he’s wrong with us in the platform your show
With the exception of touting Spotted Pig fries over Salvation fries, I’m not sure I could agree more.
Momofuku shrimp buns will change your life! Also, you should check out spotted pig while you're in NYC!
Silvermist's Potbelly pig spotted at LaColombe, Green Vine Eatery and today next door at Beau Constantia. Three...
Spotted Jim "Randee of the Redwoods" Turner in that new Chase "Boombastic"/mini pig TV spot. That is some inspired commercial casting!
The Spotted Pig on Oh-Kay, my first question towards this establishment is how do you mess up a simple b…
May's tiny limited edition thing. Tiny spotted pig. On my website only 31 of them.
Congrats to Ken Friedman of the Spotted Pig and the Breslin for winning Best Restauranteur of the Year!
Outstanding restaurateur goes to Ken Friedman at NYC’s Spotted Pig, etc. Boka comes up short.
Outstanding restaurateur award goes to Ken Friedman of... NYC
The Boka guys lose out on Outstanding Restaurateur to Ken Friedman (Spotted Pig, the Breslin) of NYC
Outstanding restaurateur Beard awards to Spotted Pig over Chicago's Boka Group.
I want a little spotted beach pig so bad 😩🐷
I FOUND TREE PIG. No idea how he got there was getting wood when I spotted him up there.
I remember the spotty dog I spotted on the beach today ~ reminds me of the spotty pig I saw at the farm yesterday🙏
Glad to be back in USA. First stop is Spotted Pig (since we got off on wrong stop to go to Momofuku)
Dynamo throwback jersey spotted at the flying pig! One good looking jersey
Went to the spotted pig tonight and Bey was in the kitchen makin lemonade
.is a Acqua Panna Outstanding Restaurant nominee. In 2015, we spoke w/chef https…
First groundhog has been spotted. Your days are numbered pig.
Traitor spotted . find this pig and kick him to Pakistan .
Corner of 11th & Greenwich is that the Spotted Pig? Couldn't see the sign but saw pigs hanging so 1+1
Spotted... A vegetarian at The Spotted Pig NYC 🐷 do yourself a favor and order the Beets & Greens 🙌🏼
Yes and I waited 2.5 hours for a table at the Spotted Pig and yes it was absolutely worth it.
is on the stalk. We spotted a pig in the sendero at about 600 yds!
Spotted a fez in pig and whistle NY whilst watching Six nations 🏉
In line at spotted pig. Looking so hip. @ The Spotted Pig
Karen spotted dragging a pig in one hand while slugging on a bottle of fizz 😂😂😂
at WORK . born in 1953 a . frired from 4 Comments made in . ENEMY SIGNS. ht…
Sit upstairs. Get the burger and fries.
the spotted pig, 5 napkin, Bareburger, Moo Burger, Burger and Lobster, Dumont Burger, I'm sort of a burger nut lol
It's disgusting how many spiders are EVERYWHERE. Ben's headlamp spotted them all. Also found a wild pig
A Black Backed Jackal spotted at our Posh Pig Bush restaurant. A great shot!!!
"Laughing Pig spotted leaving Downing Street in the early hours"
I spotted you in Austin. I'm at blind pig pub
Unconfirmed reports suggest that a has been spotted along with evidence of fish stock contamination in the
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Brazen fox goes for nap two storeys up (and in the middle of a Tory stronghold)
Have you spotted this pig around See how you can support at
Spotted this whilst enjoying a scrummy pub lunch yesterday... Should I decorate a pig like this?
A Saturday of shopping on 5th Ave, dinner at the Spotted Pig, and live jazz at Arthurs Tavern…
To the custom of the county mister carew was at the spotted pig when i’m back in ny we want.
Evening walk up Scout Rock. The first daffodil spotted. The top fields thick with pig muck. Crows settling on crow tree. The valley a haze.
Bloomfield jumps on the Filipino bandwagon: pork sisig. @ The Spotted Pig
Like Spotted Pig even more. Montreal up next.
Fancy winning $200 worth of beauty products? Head over to The Spotted Pig for more info
previously the pig was spotted in the Supreme Court and this time in the PM house wah taraqi :) :D
The animals were all spotted in a seemingly simple picture of a cloud when analysed by Google's AI several times…
After about 10 years of this royal life he accompanied the Nawab on a hunt. As they approached the forest, the pig spotted a filthy pond. +
I've just spotted Santa on a flying pig! 🎅🎄😱. 🐖
Would you give The Spotted Pig two thumbs up?
Lunch at The Spotted Pig -- apparently the place to be in the Village, but I just found out by… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Oh, she didn't mention the Spotted Pig by name, but that's what I think we should call this type of confrontation
Apparently Olave is out of business? (Found at Spotted Pig years ago and have used since then!) What's your go-to now?
Head over to The Spotted Pig this week and go into the draw to win a beauty pamper pack sponsored by Eye Magazine...
$12 Steaks at The Spotted Pig in Eden Terrace on Wednesdays. Served with Mash, Mushrooms, Onion, Back…
is The spotted pig and The ABC kitchen to recommend? (My friend has booked those.)
Been waiting over an hour for our food so far. (@ The Spotted Pig) on
I need a *** flamigo,a pig, a cow that is spotted different colors, 2 dogs, one cat, a elephant and a ostrich lmao.
Ha! Let's go to...Spotted Pig? That we have a good 2hrs before I'd have to head to Chelsea. Unless there's somewhere closer?
Spotted Pig Pig Chu in another drama!!! Looks like TVB reused the dolls that they bought for 花花世界!
Even if it was made in New York hours ago and flown over to Toronto, a Spotted Pig burger is a…
Morning bath. Long swim. Intense Pilates. Late lunch at the Farmer. High Line stroll. Whitney tour. Stop at Spotted Pig. Full day off.
I’m eating up every minute of this. When are y’all going to spotted pig? We should get a drink
Also, go to the Spotted Pig and have the burger.
yeah I don't want you to get locked up I'm counting on you as an excuse to go to Spotted Pig
Think I spotted another first date couple. This time at Encore, not Bourgeois Pig.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I think I'm gonna take him and his wife to Spotted Pig but this is a good alternative
Yeah, the longer I think about it, the more The Spotted Pig is the answer to this question
I second The Breslin or Spotted Pig. also Katz's if you wanna go *** NY kitsch.
SPOTTED in This pig wants to STOP labeling meat "humane.".
a couple of blades fans here too. Although on the downside spotted a pig fan as well, we both know which is the bigger club.
Charlie has just spotted Peppa Pig World. Yay happy days!!
> Another lion-like animal spotted in Milwaukee metro area: Deputies went to the area but...
said, "You turned me from a month to a day!" Love April andThe Spotted Pig- but it was totally subconscious.
First cross breed of pig and stray dog spotted on live TV barking
Is that a lesser spotted derpy pig on his helmet?
Having Spotted Pig. I guess the diet starts after NYC.
Celtic to sign hernandez, and in other news, a pig was just spotted flying up Buchanan street👍🏻
well spotted! You missed our pop up night, hope you can make the next one..
The Spotted Pig chef takes some of the best photos of both simple ingredients and composed plates that we’ve...
Restaurant 'The Spotted Pig' has no pork on menu. Told hamburgers are specialty. Had beef tongue salad, it was good.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Maddie and Zoey leaving The Spotted Pig restaurant in NYC. - July 16th, 2015
hey mr. West I called the spotted pig for this Tuesday or Wednesday to sit down and talk business. If ur free.
spotted in Santa Fe: black pig on a leash
Have you spotted our LARGE PIG at Pockerley Waggonway!? Largest pig ever seen don't you know...
Zoey leaving The Spotted Pig restaurant in NYC with her sister Maddie. - July 16th, 2015
Taking old Molly for a walk we spotted Pepper Pig .
The pig came first. Was gonna grill chicken until I spotted the fresh ham (Butcher Jim, it's looking great!)
A little Saturday night cocktail prep! We are ready for some Spotted Pig 🐷🍹 with only…
Sos someone please deliver a burger from the Spotted Pig to my bed while I watch Wet Hot American Summer thanks
Spotted: nice lady visiting weed dispensary with her baby pig. The piglet is very cute
photos of & leaving the Spotted Pig restaurant in NY, on July 16, 2015
The famed Spotted Pig for a lunch is the best way to start a New York trip.
Saw a man walking a pink spotted pig today. Thought I was dreaming...
First lunch so good but I'm going to die of bloat today I know it @ The Spotted Pig
Can't believe you spotted that was a mod, we thought it looked like they'd always been like that!
Can you make me banoffee pie please! I can't wait to go to The Spotted Pig! 🍌
★ ★ REWARD SPOTTED PIETRAIN PIG ★. How to Claim:. 1. Like and Share this post. 2. Comment ''thanks''. 3. Collect now...
Photoset: Taylor Swift and Kanye West have dinner at Spotted Pig restaurant in West Village, NY
Find me one person who genuinely enjoys working all night in the library and I'll show you a purple spotted cow and flying pig.
“things to do in NYC apart from the touristy stuff?” *go 2 spotted pig or Peter Lugers for steak*
NYC! To b'fast at LocandaVerde, walk the High Line both ways, cycle the Brooklyn Bdg, eat at The Spotted Pig x
GRILLED CHEESE! Seriously, so delicious. The Spotted Pig really shows us their cheesy-skills with this…
Pigs were spotted on the highway.. what the pig!
Yesterday was a pig of a day! Spotted this large one Sunday so quite appropriate I thought.
Responding to an SOS from actor Sean Penn, the team behind NYC's The Spotted Pig resurrected this di
justbish has to look red for and I to look somewhat human @ The Spotted Pig
Ok my top 3 burger ranking . 1. Spotted Pig. 2. Au cheval. 3. Weiners Circle (i know)
Cute Spotted Pig in Holiday Bow Tie Stuffed Christmas by vpauld via
SPOTTED: older lady hitchhiking near Chamberlin...with a tiny pig on a leash.
We love this Chunky Pig shaped brew tank spotted at Thx for sharing,
I think I rescued a spotted pot bellied pig instead of a starving puppy!
Thank God I spotted that pig... This is actual prison time.
is correct. Lots of spotted pig and skirt steaks...drool.
go to the spotted pig in the village it's über awesome the food is ridiculously good jay z frequents it and the decor is cool beans
my 3 favourite places: Grey Dog:good breakfast, Spitzers:beers and Spotted Pig:best burger...
J's night back in the city jltodd16 kristinph18 @ The Spotted Pig
Spotted pig upstairs shots of bitters and Fernet with staff @ The Spotted Pig
Pig update: spotted on the NRS golf course if anyone wants to join in on the chase
Made it to the Spotted Pig in time for Brunch! Just about. Winning
The scene at Pamela Love's dinner at the Spotted Pig, with chef April Bloomfield in the background. ht…
The chef, co-owner of the Spotted Pig and author on Fergus Henderson's unique and memorable type
Indian pickle and cheddar sandwiches: Spotted Pig restaurateurs opening in the Village ht…
Watched April defeat Michael Symon on Iron Chef America tonight. Now I want some of that Spotted Pig grub. Congratulations, April.
Smash Williams spotted leaving the Spotted Pig, reportedly in talks with Shawn "Jay Z" Carter to sign to Roc Nation Sports.…
BNS - Saturday 22nd June - Match Day Lions shirts on for first time this trip. Continental breakfast at hotel. TV helpfully tuned to Simpsons, just what you need when nursing a hangover. Third useless cabby into town, although because Aus had given us an address for the good (expensive) bars we finally got to the place I was trying to find the previous day. Spotted Pig and Whistle (more anon) So we decided to go for second breakfast (we are Hobbits after all). Posh cafe overlooking river full of Lions shirts. The full brekkie was expensive but Wardy, having seen one, opined that we wouldnt be able to finish it. The food took generations to arrive enabling us to amuse ourselves with the couple on the adjoining table who were clearly Feng Shui addicts, moving chairs around and aligning them exactly. Brekkie arrives, steak, four sausages, lots of bacon, hash brown, two eggs, mushrooms, tomato and toast. I managed the lot but Wardy gave up just before the end. Moving became even more of a problem so cab calle ...
Website Builder 728x90
Strolling along Greenwich village with ashsoden. Lunch at the Spotted Pig; the food, the…
Travel Tip – West Village Stroll - This neighborhood of quaint brownstones clustered along tree-lined cobblestone streets remains virtually unchanged since the 19th century. You'll need a map to navigate the puzzling geography — how does West 4th Street intersect with West 10th Street, exactly? — as it's one of the few areas in Manhattan that strays from the orderly street grid. Better, though, to just wander aimlessly. Highlights include the Jefferson Market Courthouse, a former women's detention center that once held Mae West, and the shops along Bleecker St. and Commerce St. — the most beautiful block-long side street in NYC. Ignore the temptation to join the curiously long line outside Magnolia Bakery (they're queuing for cupcakes — repeat, cupcakes). Head two blocks west instead to the Spotted Pig, a bustling gastropub where you can recharge your batteries with a cask-conditioned ale.
Recovering from NYC & Brooklyn. We can barely remember all the spots we hit up. So here is a list for those wondering & asking. Monday: Freemans, Randolph's Beer, Gramercy Tavern, ABC kitchen, Nomad, Eatlay, Schiller', Sons of Essex, Hearth, some cool little bar? , Mission Chinese Food, Bathtub Gin, PDT (hot dog shop only), Employees Only. Tuesday: Hunter's, Brooklyn Fare (grocery store), Union Square Cafe, Spotted Pig. Wine shops, & cheese shops. Back at it today in prep for Thursday night! Doors open 6pm!
Breslin at the Ace Hotel (20, W29th St btw 5 & Bdwy) is brilliant place by same chef as Spotted Pig but easier to get table
Is Gordon Ramsay opening his Spotted Pig knockoff restaurant with David Beckham?
A number of chefs, including Jimmy Bradley of the Harrison and April Bloomfield of the Spotted Pig, use the roots in salads, often with a dusting of seeds or nuts and a creamy dairy topping like yogurt or cheese. At Empellón Cocina, Alex Stupak serves roasted carrots slathered with mole poblano and topped with yogurt and watercress, a dish he says is always in demand. “I never thought one of my signature dishes would be carrots,” he said. “The sweetness of the carrots perfectly balances the bitterness and astringency of the mole.” Like many chefs, Mr. Stupak does not peel his carrots, but simply scrubs them. “These days the skin is pleasantly thick, like sweet potato,” he said. And many cooks have found that the vegetable’s dense texture makes it a fine substitute for meat. At Swine, Phil Conlon offers spiced carrot mousse as a vegetarian option on a charcuterie platter. Carrots are famously ground into tartare, at the table, at Eleven Madison Park. Jason Fox at Commonwealth restaurant in S ...
If there is one thing Brooklyn can always use, it is a new pizza joint with a wood-burning pizza oven. That one of the pizzaiolos is a former chef at the Spotted Pig who also happens to be a Gothamist hero—chef Matthew Hyland, the man who killed
Heading to Brooklyn to check out Barkleys' Bank Center. This will be followed by dinner at the Spotted Pig and seeing The Tom Harrell Quartet at The Village Vanguard.
Day 30 (NYC): See Brad’s Café (I don’t remember giving permission for this), Washington Square Park is lively, a guy selling original jokes for a dollar with a no laugh no pay policy (I pay anyway for his time & effort), a startled swarm of pigeons almost clean me up, some funky smells on some of these streets, Gray’s Papaya has great cheap pizza & soda (aka soft drink), see an odd place for a cemetery (between two apartment blocks), see pug walking itself (owner just lets go of the leash), check out pizza place called Two Boots (from Seinfeld), love Manhattan, (you see so much just walking the streets), eat at a place called the Spotted Pig on the West Side (nice vibe), so many characters in this city, walk along the bay on the west side, great art shows, fashion shows galore, model shoots are common on these streets (I just knew those women were dressed too nice to just be regular folk walking the streets), Suits (TV show) has a promo store for its new season (free coffee gets me in firstly but i ...
Spotted Pig, Greenwich Village. The hipster level is off the *** charts.
Had a fabulous afternoon at GoogaMooga in Prospect Park, BK! So hard to choose a fav, but the top 3 were Spotted Pig, CO. and Red Rooster. Anyone else go today? Wish I got the extra mooga so I could have seen Aziz Ansari! Maybe next year...
Mushroom Bruschetta With Arugula: The last of four easy-enough recipes by April Bloomfield of the Spotted Pig, t...
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