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Sportsman Channel

Sportsman Channel is a television speciality channel dedicated to hunting, shooting and fishing programming.

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Hunting reindeer on the sportsman Channel
Shame on ur reporter.. Doubling as bodyguard for Congress and mani shankar.. She was hec…
If you like our show we would appreciate your vote for Best Show on the Sportsman Channel & Best Show Hosts Mike Di…
True Sportsman Will sounds like the kinda show the sports channel would show at 1 PM in the 90s
It’s time to vote for the 18th annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards! If you think it’s warranted we’re under THE SPORTSM…
It’s that time of year again to vote for your favorite shows and hosts on the Outdoor Channel and The Sportsman...
Ok, but that is what a sportsman sometimes needs as he can channel it into his sport. What is wron…
When your wife comes across the TV on the sportsman channel, sure makes a guy proud. Thanks to…
Sportsman they see their Team loosing instead of changing channel, they will keep frustrating themselves
Be sure to tune into Cabela's Instinct on The Sportsman Channel or Outdoor Channel tomorrow night at 7:30 ET as M…
Very happy to be part of this. The show will be on the Sportsman Channel in early January.
Be sure to tune into The Sportsman Channel for “Moose Mayhem”, will be airing on Saturday, December 2nd from 5pm...
We just hit 55,000 views on our YouTube channel. Thank you and if you haven't seen it, check it out and subscribe.…
Go to the Sportsman Channel page to caption our photo!
DISH is Offering a FREE PREVIEW of This Great Channel Starting September 28 via
Pigman the series on sportsman channel great way to end weekend head 👌🏻
Turn over to Sportsman Channel at 7:30pm ET and see one of the largest 9 points we have ever…
Not watching NFL football going to watch Outdoor Channel, Sportsman channel True Americans.
Join Conway on the Outfitters, Episode 13- "Best Of Season 4." See it today at 10 AM EST on the Sportsman Channel.…
Catch 7pm on Insp TV. I show how enjoy & the outdoors! Find Insp at
I just wanna travel the states and slaughter huge animals. On a sportsman channel binge today
We're just finalising deals which will see Walks Around Britain shown in America, Australia and on another channel in New…
Stay updated with The Weather Channel for the latest. Here's a breakdown of the alerts throughout the Caribbean:…
You know you have a problem when you see a show on Sportsman Channel for the second time. today.
Who likes some good ol' gun hunting? Tune it at 7:30pm tonight on Sportsman Channel!…
Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scot is on Yesterday Channel now. Scotland's greatest sportsman's life story. Can't wait to watch this!
On the occasion, here's a shot of me trying to channel my inner sportsman:
This week on the Sportsman Channel... . The competition heats up when Ronnie Green and Hannah fire up the bite on...
Walton County Commissioners approved paying for a new television series that'll air on the Sportsman Channel. .
"Into High Country" is probably the best show on Sportsman Channel. Humble, well produced and best of all, the sponsorbation is limited.
Catch up on all the recent hunts tonight at 6:30 ET and Midnight ET on The Sportsman Channel!
Tune in tomorrow at 5:30 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel to see if they reel this one in!
Here's an Instinct trailer for this week's episode. See more tomorrow at 7:30pm ET on the Sportsman Channel!!
Hey guys! Larry Weishun will be our guest this Sat! You've see him on Trailing the hunters moon. On the Sportsman's Channel! Tune iin!
So instead of bumping a Simpsons replay and showing sportsman racing they bump it to a channel that no one has?
Some Kansas studs! Today 7:30pm EST on Sportsman Channel. Watch more on Mon 9:30a and Fri 6:00a…
Don't miss Down South at 5:30 Eastern today on The Sportsman Channel! .
How are you gonna not watch the sportsman/outdoors channel on a Sunday afternoon??
Got a great show lined out for in the morning! The Wildlifers! See them on The Sportsman channel!
Hurry! You just have 1 hour to tune in or set your DVR to The Sportsman Channel to catch this weeks episode of...
It’s a "Best of" at 10pm ET tonight on Easton Bowhunting TV. Tune in to the Sportsman Channel and watch!
Aha my dad is watching the sportsman channel and I want to kms😬
Boddington Marathon or as they say Sportsman Channel "BODDATHON" will be on The Sportsman Channel August 6th 5-8 PM!
Catch "Deep Timber Bulls" tomorrow night at 9 EST on The The Sportsman Channel.
A Storm is coming and Levi has his sights on a Sheep. Tune in TONIGHT at 7:30PM ET on The Sportsman Channel
Sportsman chn my new fav channel. No old movies.
Episode 6 showcasing Elite Archery gear has hit the airwaves The Sportsman Channel! Please share a pic of your...
I've been watching a lot of "talk shows'' on Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel this summer. Lack of good footage = way too much talking.
SPORTSMANchnl: RustyHook2 Thanks for the love! Glad you enjoyed lock & load Monday on sportsman channel.
Bay County Outdoors Now on the Sportsman Channel - nice going guys !
Sportsman Channel on upstairs and American Pickers on downstairs. Yepp, my dad is home alone. 😂😂😂
you should work for the Sportsman channel
MH Tue.: Jason Cruise, host on The Sportsman Channel online- encouragement for men + Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling on fantasy sports
Sportsman channel and chill. Jk homework.
Last day to vote for as Sportsman Channel's Fan Favorite Host!!! So go to the link…
Who loves big Muskies? Conway Bowman sure does! Watch all the action today at 11am EST on The Sportsman Channel.
dig the new Sportsman Channel profile pic. Scars are cool and you know what they say about what don't kill ya.
Buckle-up for a whole new season of Amazing America next Thursday at 9pm on Sportsman Channel htt…
All roads lead to an AMAZING new season of Amazing America, tomorrow, 9pm on Sportsman Channel ht…
American Pharoah shouldn't be Sportsman of the Year. He's a horse.
Lowlife >:(. A Louisiana man, featured on the Sportsman Channel show “Syndicate Hunting,” was sentenced Thursday...
Click here and vote for your favorite Sportsman Channel TV hosts! Vote Backwoods Life!...
Tomorrow morning at 11:00 EST be sure your TV is tuned into The Sportsman Channel for this weeks episode of...
Are you kidding me? I can't watch anymore or I'm going to smash my TV. Some good hunting shows on Sportsman channel
Huge Muskie action on in Green Bay, WI. Tune-in Sunday at 11:00am ET on The Sportsman Channel...
Girls with Guns owners up for Favorite Host for Sportsman Channel’s Universal Huntress
Night owl edition of Southern Chaos coming up at 2:30 am ET and again at 8:30 am ET on The Sportsman Channel.
Outdoor Channel’s Outdoor Sportsman Awards has recognized Jose Wejebe as a nominee for Fan Favorite Host. Voting...
Here's another commercial we just finished for Cabela's. This one features Benny Spies of The Sportsman Channel.
Attention Verizon Fios customers: Continue watching your favorite outdoor programming on Outdoor Channel and The...
Hog hunting with our Traditions Strikerfires on this morning's episode of The Chase. On The Sportsman Channel.
Congratulations to Mike Hanback-BIG DEER on this great looking buck! Tune into the The Sportsman Channel now and...
Just voted for on Sportsman channel I suggest you do the same. Great person and huntress
Part 2 of our South Texas Family Hunt coming up at 7 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel! Garrett has a chance to...
I unplugged for ~15 secs when I turned it back on after a few hours it was showing the sportsman channel again
every time I turn my TV on, it's showing the sportsman channel, is there a way to fix this?
Make sure to go to The Sportsman's Channel and cast your vote forTeam200!.
Tonight i will be on 3gun nation . on the sportsman channel
that AVI looks like something off the sportsman channel. It's dope.
Ben and I have been watching the Outdoor and Sportsman channel for the past week and I kinda like it 😭
Take a look at Guidefitter TV on the Sportsman Channel. This weeks episode "New Zealand's High Country" features...
Still on national television every week. Check me out sportsman channel 👍
Couple hunts on the Sportsman channel are my fav😍
Turn your tv to Sportsman Channel. At 7:30 you can laugh at us on Backwoods Life. This week's show is…
We've also deployed at CBS, Sportsman Channel, Fullscreen, and a few others.
Help keep the Sportsman Channel available to Verizon Fios customers in Albany, NY.
Sportsman Channel host Clark W. Dixon charged with poaching-related felonies in Alaska: The host of the Sports...
sorry I will be watching the sportsman channel to bone up on my hunting tactics. Putting food on the table
Regarding "Verizon Fios TV Drops Sportsman Channel" - don't cable systems have to give 30 days notice before dropping channels?
Sportsman Channel Launches Season Premiere of 'MCMILLAN': ... and client is still the focus for McMil...
Tune in Saturday morning to Rugged Expeditions on the Sportsman Channel and check out the rocker Monty Smith when...
I would Love to Win this Awesome Sweepstakes and my Favorite Sportsman Channel is the Best Ever and Ford Truck's.
Sorry to hear you have dropped Guns and Ammo and the Sportsman channel. Will have to drop Verizon Fios. Thanks.
I have watched the sportsman channel for the past 3 months straight and nothing else...
Life is good, racing on one channel, football on another, then flip over to soccer during commercials. Sportsman's paradise!
Verizon Fios drops Sportsmans Channel. Wondering if ATVA/ACA asks FCC to intervene to fix "broken" system?
Didn't see this one coming: Verizon Fios Drops Sportsman Channel -
I'm disappointed you dropped sportsman channel. Will you reconsider?
Tell Verizon to bring Sportsman Channel back! Fight for your rights!
Tune in tonight at 10pm EST on The Sportsman Channel to see our epic Alaskan brown bear hunt!!!
Look for Chip on Pigman: The Series this Sunday on The Sportsman Channel.
Looks like the Sportsman Channel is dead for me. First leaves, then today Verizon Fios drops SC.
Can't watch or anymore. dropped Sportsman Channel overnight.
You just took away Sportsman Channel? Why? I watch it all the time...Meat Eater, Pigman...bring it back.
All of our Sportsman Channel episodes from 2015 are now on YouTube! See why our show is so much different!. NO...
Hurry! Set the DVR's! 3-Gun Nation is on tonight on The Sportsman Channel! The Ladies event that I was in is...
Sarah Palin to invite Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on a hunting trip for a TV special to air on the Sportsman Channel.
Clays for Kids -- A World Record Attempt -- Coming soon to the Sportsman Channel!
They could , intimidation is called for here . Either he behaves or he gets to appear on a show on Sportsman channel . 😨
Switch the channel over to and catch a spearfishing special on an all new Sportsman's Adventures!...
Watching rattle in bucks on the sportsman channel is getting me excited for season!!
Today on The Sportsman Channel Justin shows us why every bowhunter wants to hunt the famous Bow Zone. He...
What the *** is this show on Sportsman Channel called Sheep Shape? It sounds so very wrong.
Razor and Uncle Ted tonight on Sportsman Channel! DVR is set as always.
This week on The Sportsman Channel and Wild TV - Canada's Hunting and Fishing TV Network I'm in Montana hunting...
Johnson Controls to lay off 197 employees in October; Seven impacted at The Sportsman Channel in New Berlin:…
The Shankmaster is Back in Action on Sportsman Channel’s ‘Pigman: The Series’
2015 season kicks off for The Outdoor Option on the Sportsman Channel with Ten Point crossbows… RT
Don't miss an amazing feast tonight on "Amazing America" at 9pmEP on Sportsman Channel. - Sarah Palin.
Last night we capped off an awesome trip to Las Vegas with the Sportsman Channel by joining with Taya Kyle, Dakota Meyer and so many of our Special Ops vets at a reception thrown in their honor. Taya is carrying on her husband Chris’ legacy boldly – spending hours visiting with all the heroes there and sharing Chris’ book, inspiration, and story through “American Sniper.” Like most military families, Taya never stops giving of herself to support others. As more and more are learning about Chris and his amazing American story, we can help continue his legacy by supporting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation at you to the event hosts – Alaska's own Kryptek Outdoor Group, Knight's Armament, Leupold, and Remington Defense – for honoring our vets at this awesome event. - Sarah Palin
Amazing America with Sarah Palin airs tonight on the Sportsman Channel 9pm ET/PT - Watch us visit troops with
All purpose parts banner
Ooooh, look at that! Sara Palin has a show on the Sportsman Channel!
"All Roads Lead to Amazing" on Sportsman Channel's "Amazing America with Sarah Palin" on Thursday, Jan. 15 at 9... http:…
MLIVE:Season 6 of 'MeatEater' featuring Twin Lake native Steven Rinella to premiere on Sportsman Channel
For some action shots of the best hunting dog in the world [Tucker’s mom, “Casey”] tune to the Sportsman Channel at 6:00 PM Eastern. Then, for my take on Obama’s failed Cyber Policy, North Korea and the all but forgotten fight against ISIS, hit your remote and go to “On The Record" to FOX News Channel.
The hunt is winding down but the ducks are still working in full force. With only two days left before traveling home, the guys dig in as Alberta’s winter begins to take hold this Saturday at 3:30 pm ET on a new episode of Mojo tv on the Sportsman Channel (Dish: 395, Directv: 605)! Set your DVR!
Team Mojo is Crushin' Canada Geese and Mallards with Central Kansas Outfitters this afternoon at 3:30 pm ET on the Sportsman Channel! Who's Watching?
KRAPPIE KINGS Television Received some Great News From Karl at Krappie Kings in reference to the shows we filmed this past April on Lake D’Arbonne. Duck Commander Duo Jay Stone/John Godwin and Myself along with Host Karl Kalonka Karl replied to an inquiry about the status of our episodes below: “Episode on the schedule is with Jay Stone, eps 5 or 6 is with John Godwin & the 3rd is with yours truly Brandon Jennings further into the season; all three looked great while previewing clips.” Tune In Beginning: First week of January on DirecTV & Dish with The Sportsman Channel, Dish, Comcast, Verizon with WFN - World Fishing Network; additional broadcasts throughout the year with additional partners including Wild TV and more to be announced asap. Link to the Opening intro to Season 2 of Krappie Kings:
Yeah, had to switch over to Sportsman Channel and watch Ted Nugent arrow an auodad.
Sportsman Channel just sent over this pic of shooting a feral hog in Texas. Liberals will love this.
I can't get screeners of The Flash or Arrow, but I've got the Sportsman Channel sending me Sarah Palin hunting press releases. Kill me.
**Awesome news subscribers**. watch Sportsman Channel for free through 12/12.
The only commercials I don't mind are the ones on the sportsman channel
Just what libs hate, an armed, confident woman! :) MT Sarah Palin on the Hunt for Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel. Amazing America with returns Thur. Jan 15th. She's ready, are you?
Thank god for the Sportsman Channel cause I don't get Outdoor Channel. Plus Sportsman has better shows
Join me at 8pm EP on The Sportsman Channel for the Guns & Ammo segment on .22 Rimfire options.
Watchin all my fishing shows on the sportsman channel has really got me wanting to go fishing.. Sauger fishin soon ?
Is your YouTube channel luring viewers?
New episode of Predator Nation tonight on the sportsman channel...
Bacon busting in Bama today on The Chase! Tune in at 5pm CT / 6pm ET on The Sportsman Channel!
Backwoods Life on Sportsman Channel at 11am EST this morning, check it out!
Big Thanks to cable company for taking the world fishing network and the sportsman channel off the cable listing,Switching to Comcast✌️
Catch "Prairie Thunder" today on the Sportsman Channel at 2PM ET!
Cash us today at 11:30 on Sportsman Channel
For a Limited Time you may be able to view footage from some of our shows on Sportsman Channel’s Video On-Demand...
via Sarah Palin on the Hunt for Sportsman Channel
In case you missed it the first time, tune in this Sunday night to The Sportsman Channel at 10:00 pm EST for Pure...
Gettin' after those coyotes for Season 5! Episodes begin in January 2015 on The Sportsman Channel. Campbell...
Wired Arrow Outdoors TV Show aired on the Sportsman Channel or Pursuit Channel Charged With Hunting Violations
I'm watching the sportsman Channel hunting trip for 2015 entered to win.
Her show is on the Sportsman Channel
Check out the fun trailer for tonight's feature of ROE Outfitters on the Sportsman Channel. 9PM!
.talks with on his new season on in Jan.
.makes osso bucco shanks on Lots of meat on those shanks!
The Sportsman Channel recently visited the Klamath Basin for some bird hunting and fly fishing with Roe...
The 2014 3-Gun Nation championship is coming to your living room. Gunpowder and lead for the cash … only on the Sportsman Channel or the Pursuit Network. Airs December.
Tonight at 8:30PM E/P on Meet the McMillans: The GIANT buck, Mr. Cool, continues to evade Tom Mc Millan on Sportsman Channel! *Set a reminder to watch:
Scentblocker's The Chase is on The Sportsman Channel at 5am CT / 6am ET this morning! Tune in!
Tune in to sportsman channel this am its Rugged Expeditions for desert bighorn! 10:30 EST Tom Miranda whacks one on the show also, wow!
Kroenke S & E has acquired InterMedia Outdoor Holdings including the Sportsman Channel from InterMedia Partners.
Been watching sportsman/hunting channel since I've been home getting hype for pheasants tomorrow.
All I ever watch is the sportsman channel
I've worked with a series on The Sportsman Channel and have told a lot of people about these. They are perfect for this!
In case you missed this week's show, you have another chance to catch it today at 5pm CT / 6pm CT on The Sportsman Channel.
Backwoods Life on Sportsman Channel at 11am EST! Check it out, more great whitetail hunting!
Redfish, snook and grouper on this week's episode airing today at 10am ET on The Sportsman Channel . . . let's go...
Most likely wouldn't watch TV if it wasn't for sports or the Sportsman or Outdoor Channel.
The Hollywood Hunter season is heating up on Sportsman Channel - Hollywood Hunter Air times:. Sat:…
First of three episodes Tom filmed with us this past ice season. Airs tomorrow 8:30AM ET, Sportsman Channel.
Seen a hunter shoot a grizzly bear on sportsman channel and left body of bear out in the woods
Watch THE CHASE this morning at 5am CT / 6am ET on The Sportsman Channel!
Saturday morning sportsman channel, rugged expeditions goes to Pakistan for king of the Himalayas the Kashmir Markhor! Spread the word!
Sportsman Channel caters to its audience with scantily clad huntresses
Trying to do physics with the sportsman channel on.. Got almost half a problem done in an hour..
Congrats to Joanna Clawitter for winning the Sportsman Channel gift pack! She came all the way back…
Here I am on the Sportsman Channel. I'm basically as famous as Sarah Palin now.
Sportsman channel has lake michigan and manistee river kang bangin on right now
Guess since I can't be hunting right now I'll just watch the Sportsman channel & watch other people hunt 😕
'Hog Dawgs' Debuts on Sportsman Channel - via way to go Ladies!
Got hooked up w/ today. Found the sportsman channel. Watchin huntin!
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Don't miss this if you have The Sportsman Channel, set your DVR!
Just finished talking with about DC gun carry. Tune into the Sportsman Channel at 6pm to check it out!
I can watch the sportsman channel all day long
We're going HAM this weekend on The Sportsman Channel. Tune in this Sunday at 10 p.m. and get "Hog Wild" with us...
When will Todd get his own show on the Sportsman Channel?
Best show on the Sportsman Channel. Got it on the DVR so I can watch it again and again.
Hey fans, don't forget to tune into The Sportsman Channel tonight at 9pm est time. Learn how to use the moon and...
I hope we won't be seeing anything worse than what/who is already showing on the Sportsman Channel.
YEAH Baby! Montana Lake Trout on Ice! Watch this Sunday morning at 6:30 MT on The Sportsman Channel
Southbound and down! Headed to Houston with The Sportsman Channel to feed the needy. Will be at the Star of...
Bear down this Sunday at 10 p.m. on The Sportsman Channel as the boys head to Idaho on a bear excursion! . Can't...
Not visited before and want to know more about us? Take a look at our YouTube Channel for videos of the Park.
Unlikely Paths Cross and Conquer in Part Two of Sportsman Channel’s “MeatEater” Finale Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8…
1 fish eats 2 hooks on today's episode airing at 3pm ET on The Sportsman Channel . . . let's go now!. *** s...
Good news! Our episodes are available On Demand on The Sportsman Channel this month! Lucky you
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Watching Backwoods Life now on sportsman channel
I'm so glad my dad got the sportsman channel.
Watching the sportsman channel and chipper jones is one of the dudes on here bow huntin. I like that
It's crazy to me that not only is my aunt on the NRA board but they chose her to do the Interview on The Sportsman Channel. Go aunt Linda 👍🔫
Uh oh...guess who's going to air 100 kills in 5 minutes on The Sportsman Channel???
Sarah Palin's 'Amazing America' to air on Sportsman Channel next year
The Chase is on The Sportsman Channel this morning at 9am CT /10am ET. Tune in!
Sportsman Channel TV host killed in Montana murder-suicide
Looks like 2 sets of hunters with camera crews are gonna be filming hunts with KC's outfitter for the Sportsman's channel!
The resulting non-fiction horror will be worse than anything you'll see on the Sportsman Channel. VOTE!
Catch "Divers of the Chesapeake" today at 12:30 PM ET on the Sportsman Channel
The Season with Justin Martin BEGINS NOW on The Sportsman Channel. Y'all check it out! Mathews, Inc., YETI...
If you missed our AC Ranch Hunt last week, watch The Sportsman Channel at 6pm ET, 5pm CT today!
Backwoods Life on Sportsman Channel right now, 11am EST great Illinois whitetail hunting at Buck Chasers!
Feathers are flying today on an All new episode of Mojo TV in the afternoon Waterfowl Block on Sportsman Channel...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
hunting tv. I put out a DVD and my sponsor use my video on sportsman and Outdoor Channel. And filming for my tv show
It's show time at 10:30 EST Rugged X on Sportsman Channel spread the word! Russian snow sheep.
The Iditarod 2015 coverage is back with the The Sportsman Channel!
On Rugged X tomorrow it's back to Russia for bighorn on Sportsman Channel 7:30 pst c u there and spread the word!
We are proud to have the No. 1 Ranking in 3Q Prime Time Read Here:
Will they have enough snow? AP renews TV deal with Sportsman Channel
Cool now if I just had the sports channel.
Sundays at 10am ET, Wednesdays at 3pm ET and Fridays at 2am ET/ 10pm PT on Sportsman Channel.
Me and my little son are watching you this am on sportsman channel. Great story and I pray your better.
So tired but the sportsman channel has me hooked. 😅 thanks Obama
Great block on Sportsman Channel. Love watchin the Keefer bros go after big bucks!
PLEASE SHARE WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS AND HELP Jamie and I are excited to say we are working hard to reach out to everyone about the chance to advertise with us on the Sportsman Channel this coming 2015 season. God willing we can get it paid for. We are working as hard as we can in our spare time to reach out to any company and anyone with product that would like to purchase our cheap advertisement spots. We are very open to help anyone looking to help us this coming season and the time is now to let us know you are interested in our story and our show. We are a Christian bases show that will be sharing Haven's story and how God has placed everyone in our path to support her and us along the way. We will be airing some of the most special stores of us taking young men hunting with needs and more. We are once again placing this all in Gods hands. We are praying that God show us if the show will move forward or not for the 2015 season. We will not invest 50-60,000$ on the network and production on top of the s ...
As a tribute to Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Michael Murphy, Sportsman Channel will be airing MURPH: The Protector, on Sept. 4 & 5 at 7 p.m. ET.
Look for us on the new episode of Travelin Hunter @ 10:30pm-EST tonight on the Sportsman Channel!
Tonight 6:30pm Eastern/Pacific, y'all tune in to the Sportsman's Channel to catch Me with The Season…
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Sarah Palin spotlights outdoor life in new TV series via
Backwoods Life on Sportsman Channel at 11am EST tomorrow hunting with in Georgia! Check it out or set the DVR.
On the Road Outdoors with Aaron Lewis airing in 10 minutes (10:30pm-EST) on the Sportsman Channel!
All this duck hunting on the sportsman's channel is not helping...
Mojo TV starts now on the Sportsman Channel (Dish: 395, Directv: 605)! CHANGE THAT CHANNEL!!!
Watching sportsman channel gets me so jacked for salmon fishing and duck hunting
Take advantage of The Sportsman Channel Free TV week offering on DirecTv channel 605 as Les Johnson's Predator...
We're chasin fowl in the Red Dirt of Oklahoma with the Fowl Fanatics today at 2PM ET on the Sportsman Channel.
A few kills you will see on Sportsman Channel beginning in July.
Click over to Sportsman Channel @ 6am ET / 5am CT this morning as the action is tense in Kansas! The Chase is on!
One of my videos made it onto Camp Stew on The Sportsman Channel, and today I sold the rights to play…
Need plans for Labor Day? Catch USA's Labor Day Brotherhood Outdoors TV Marathon on the The Sportsman Channel at...
TV - Tribute to Medal of Honor Recipient Lt. Michael Murphy on Sportsman Channel...
Are you a DirecTV subscriber? You can still try out The Sportsman Channel for free through September 1 (which...
NEW EPISODE SUNDAY at 6:30pm E/P on The Sportsman Channel. I'm back home looking for a buck in the thick woods of...
Another chance to catch Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg for free on The Sportsman Channel. Today at 1:30 pm ET,...
.2 air the life of an American hero.
Jay Blankenship featured on Sportsman Channel: 5:30 p.m. Hunting turkeys and wild hogs is the best of both w...
Jackson's Jay Blankenship featured on Sportsman Channel as part of series on Labor Day. See + Sunday's
2) ch like Fox College Sports, Sportsman Channel, Universal Sports. That is what you have on your account currently. If you want
Sportsman Channel to Air 'MURPH: The Protector': MURPH: The Protector, the feature-length documentary about Co...
The Sportsman Channel is hunting for a Sales Assistant to Business Development. Based in New Berlin, WI. Apply:
Woman vows to confront 'cowards' after being punched for ...:
Cable premiere of "MURPH: The Protector" airs on Sportsman Channel September 4-5
Just found the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman and Pursuit Channel on my TV. 😳
Currently watching on the Sportsman's Channel. Genesis 9:2-3
Tune into the Sportsman Channel@ 9:30pm-EST to watch the guys you could be hunting with this fall!
Slade will be stalking the execs of the Sportsman Channel, trying to get them to do a Housewife Hunter show.
Normally watch Outdoor Channel or sportsman channel
everytime i turn on the Sportsman channel whitetail huntin is going off ... & thats my favorite 😔
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
It's on. All new Rival Wild tonight at 9p ET on The Sportsman Channel!
Check out Infisherman on Sportsman channel... Fishing offshore in Port Mansfield, Tx
She's back! Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be entertaining outdoors enthusiasts once again on Sportsman Channel. The cable network has renewed the original program Amazing America with Sarah Palin for a second season. After a successful inaugural run of the series, the show is scheduled to…
Information has recently surfaced that Kendall Jones will be getting her own reality TV series on the Sportsman Channel in 2015. While she is clearly not the only American trophy hunting, we should not reward her actions and excuses with a reality TV show. Trophy hunting is sadistic and in the case…
New episode of Backwoods Life starts in 15 minutes (2:30pm-EST) on the Sportsman Channel!
Watch the Travelin' Hunter today at 2:30 PM EST on the Sportsman Channel!
Just found out I do get Sportsman Channel so I'll check out the as I'm watching the beat up the Mets
New episode of Major League Bowhunter tonite! Check it out at 8:30 on Sportsman Channel.
Thx 4 the FOLLOW Mate!.Much Obliged!.want 2 talk w/you..I'm producing a TV Show for the Sportsman Channel..Need your Assistance
.getting a new term... on TV: Sportsman Channel renews her 'Amazing America'
Sarah Palin's 'Amazing America' to return for second season on Sportsman Channel via
Sarah Palin's Amazing America returns for 2nd season on Sportsman Channel via
Did you miss last Sunday's new episode? Catch it today at 10:30AM E/P only on The Sportsman Channel! .
Recently SIGMA 3 Survival School was featured on the new sportsman channel show, America Unplugged, hosted by Cade Courtley. This is a documentary about our ...
Check out the Fam's TV show on The SportsMan channel.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Shotgun News interviews Cade Courtley, host of America Unplugged on the Sportsman Channel.
who has seen Bahama Lobster Pirates on Sportsman Channel? Fins up or fins down? like it? whats your thoughts on the show?
Episode of MOJO TV starts now on The Sportsman Channel!
The countdown continues! Just 19 days until the first episode of HARDCORE Pursuit airs on The Sportsman Channel. Every Saturday 8:00 PM EST Every Saturday 11:00 PM EST Every Thursday 9:00 AM EST Here's a couple images from our Utah Muley Hunt with Spring Creek Muleys (Sean & Jerry Vogel) Can't wait to get back there in August.
On the bright side I'm watching the sportsman channel😍
Who all has the The Sportsman Channel on their tv package??
Reality Check / East Brady couple is living off the grid on Sportsman Channel: ”America Unplugged“ takes a look...
Please check out the new show I'm gonna be on on the sportsman channel. It's called Handguns and…
Got home from work. Mom had the sportsman channel on. So there was just an ad for a company that produces camouflage lingerie.
still got the best show on the sportsman channel. See ya June 27.
In 15 minutes on The Sportsman Channel watch American Airgunner! Support my people!
American Airgunner in 15 minutes. On The Sportsman Channel. I cohost Airgunner and appreciate the support.
Tune into The Sportsman Channel tomorrow, June 14th at 12:30pm EST, for a behind the scenes tour of our facility!
Originally Aired: 2/20/13 Sportsman Channel is the only network catering exclusively to the 82 million Americans who ...
Survivalists vs. Preppers on Sportsman Channel's “America Unplugged” - (press release)
Sportsman Channel Marketing Staff Named Cable TV's 'Marketing Team of the ... - (press r...
Hunting pigeons on sportsman channel in this dudes yard
Feral Hog Hunt to the Highest Bidder on Sportsman Channel’s “Heli-Hunter”
Vital in action tonight!! Only on the The Sportsman Channel... .
I don't say this much, but this full length feature film on The Sportsman Channel entitled The Trembling Giant is...
uh oh... The sportsman channel just called. Antler might be hitting your TV sooner than we thought.
Watching the sportsman channel right now, and it's making me want to go deer hunting!! 😞
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