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Sports Direct

Sports Direct International plc is a British retailing group. Founded in 1982 by former county squash coach Mike Ashley, the company is now the UK's largest sporting retailer through a number of retail subsidiaries and sports equipment brands.

Mike Ashley French Connection Oxford Street Newcastle United

Members of our branch were out on Oxford Street today to at Sports Direct
Taking action at Oxford Street | Campaigners in Sports Direct 'bad business as usual' demos
Does anybody know if Sports Direct does Champions League printing in London for LFC shirts?
Extra: Direct bosses use emojis for warehouse staff survey
Sports Direct bosses ask warehouse staff to press 'happy' or 'sad' emoji buttons to say how the...: qua
Same Lool. Just did it anyway because I was getting the patches with it too. Would rather buy from…
Now that this game's kaput, I'd like to direct you to this column on how Blue Raiders football goes national in '17. https:…
Was this after he came back from Sports Direct with his new shorts?
Sports Direct bosses use emojis for warehouse staff survey
Mason Alberts take direct snap in for TD, Ramirez XP makes it 42-0 midway through 4Q
Drop football for good. Shut down FAS. Direct funds to other worthy sports. Please.
Literally. Sports Direct mugs are so big you'd flood your house if you knocked it over.
There is 50k going to the match now imagine those and others putting pressure on sports direct.. he…
Might work at Sports Direct in Bournemouth. Get a tracksuit as uniform, makes life easy.
Hello I was notified by Sports Junkies 101 to contact whom hasn't responded yet as I sent the co. a direct message
If we are going off the sports direct brands, I'll be mostly wearing Agent Provocateur! 💅💅
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Challenge beginning. Fever in a sports direct uniform and trackies. Will i be let in
..shirt sales go (sports direct), who gets advertising money? As per rangers i reckon a lot is filtered to sports direct
Sports Direct investors plan to vote against chairman's re-election - The G... via…
Man City could and should have bought 50 million Sports Direct mugs instead
I wouldn't be surprised if FUN88 is an new Ashley business that NUFC get nothing for advertising just like Sports Direct.
Ithaca and Auburn the longest rivalry in New York High School sports! Game tomorrow 8pm
Pressing 'sad' gets workers "called in by managers to discuss why they did so". Would you press that button?
Same thing happens to me in Sports Direct.
Everyone's getting/married whilst I'm here. Drinking garri in a sports direct mug and running up the stairs with my hands and f…
Matt do sports direct do the champions league patchs in store?
Think I'd rather buy the new kits from sports direct & line the pockets of Mike Ashley than give any more money to our owners
Sports Direct could not be more dystopian.
Oh ok fair enough, not sure if sports direct do them sorry
Try sports direct, prob get a cheap pair there?
Sports Direct workers invited to press sad or happy emoji clocking in
Do sports direct do the arm patches in store?
'Sports Direct staff who say they are unhappy with their working conditions are being identified by fingerprints' https:/…
Lies fam sports direct flash sale £30 neems you were wearing and selling Yeezys at fo…
*flicks pages*. SPORTS DIRECT - 20% off all Astro Turf Trainers - 2 for 1 on Donnay socks made by tearful children…
Workers unhappy with conditions at Sports Direct are identified by fingerprints & forced to report to their manager:.
Sports Direct has increased its stake in Debenhams yet again >>.
Sports Direct launch new personal protective equipment to their staff to prevent the accidental use of Welsh at wor…
Imagine Welsh people are now terrified to say Hello in Sports Direct in case the racist Bosses Tory think someone said "HELO" to them! 😂 😂
Sports Direct in Sunderland selling Pretty Green . canny canny
Sports direct outsourced their Human Resources to a company called Advisor Plus (which is based in Saltaire) and...
3 hours until I'm not going to lie, I will probably be going off on a massive Sports Direct rant.. Come and join in.. 9pm 😝
I'm sad that they play real music in the Sports Direct down Oxford Street in London, yet I have to listen to the crap free music all day 😒
another reason not to shop in Sports Direct
.admit they lied. They DID order staff in Wales to speak only English
Mike Ashley knobhead’ is the same in Welsh and English, Sports Direct told
Sports Direct shop banned staff from speaking Wels…
When you spill your sports direct mug
What sports direct should have done is ban any other language apart from English and Welsh! That is a fair IMO.
Sports Direct sparks anger with 'English only' order to sta
'English only' note in Sports Direct store investigated
Sports Direct - the WLCommissioner's response (2/3). the Commissioner has instructed for an investigation to be opened by…
Sports Direct unveil plans for a new store in Pwllheli
Sports Direct staff 'banned from speaking any other language but English'
Sports Direct’s language ban is a xenophobic sign of the times, writes
Well I'm sure a direct hit of a bolt that size would do some type of damage but yes. A-10 would mow em down
Why Sports Direct’s decision to ban Welsh is stupid as well as wrong via
Sports Direct investigated by Welsh language body after 'English only' memo in Bangor store.
Sports Direct in Bangor have banned staff from speaking Welsh. Wish I shopped in Sports Direct so I could stop shopping in S…
Why should it take a whole day for Sports Direct to do my shirt printing. In the past it's taken an hour or two.
Sports direct told them i have evidence that he didn't show (cctv) and they will be havin…
Just walked into Sports Direct n 9 out of 10 customers were glaiket. The customer service desk was under siege from zoomed in glasses
I spoke to sports direct. They tried to get hold of the driver but he'd finished for the day (1:00pm) and gone to…
Sports Direct illegally bans Welsh in its policy. Being investigated.
Just checked the Welsh 1st and 2nd language GCSE syllabus and there is no module on…
Top story: Sports Direct admit they WERE behind sign ordering staff in Bangor t… see more
That's pretty much what Sports Direct do to all their staff, crush them, they're a nasty organisation.
people working require certainty of a wage- doU mean they don't deserve that sou…
First Boots, now Sports Direct apologises for doing nothing wrong:
Or hearing foreign languages in the working environment in places like Sports Direct. Oh, er, hang on…
So, staff at Sports Direct Bangor are banned from speaking Welsh as it 'poses a variety of risks to the Company'? What fre…
Sports Direct sparks anger in Wales with 'English only' order to staff.
Never even going near a Sports Direct again after they banned the Welsh language from one of their stores. Pathetic
🇬🇧 Sports Direct swoops on French Connection shares as activists sell out.
Sports Direct increases French Connection stake to 27%. Read more:
Sports Direct increases French Connection stake to 27% guardianvia
Sports Direct increases French stake connection to 27%
Keep up to date with all the latest financial news Sports Direct increases French Conne...
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct ups its stake in French Connection to more than 27%
Project Fear in ruins! European businesses says profits SOARING in Brexit Britain better tell
Great case on intention to create legal relations for contract lawyers today: Mike Ashley and lots of booze.
Picture of 40' batting cage kit from Best Sports Direct. You get a net and all frame corners delivered to your door…
Aye he may as well have a sports direct SALE sign on him. 10 million or nearest offer
Ordered from sports direct parcel arrived with hermes no issues. Its now 7 o clock??!! order number: 400576448
Totally wiped out after another spin class... — working out at Sports Direct Gym
I work for sports direct retail manager
numbers.Mystic Megan,our crowd,few too many Shandy's.All i remember was,tis the same pub as Sports direct ...
Wings or pizza? Decisions, decisions. & are live at Keystone Sports Review today from 3-7pm!
The billionaire founder of Sports Direct has won a High Court battle with an investment banker https:…
Just saw all our tops in Sports Direct. They look so much nicer in real life. Like even sexier than they already are 😍🔥❤
BBC News - Sports Direct profits more than halve
Some more good news for as Denis Baker assesses latest results
I like ur son lol 👊🏼. I used to produce n direct a show just as described on NBC Sports Network for a few years. It was a rip
Wynne says being an athlete herself has had a 'direct power influence on her life,' hopes to boost women in sports. https:…
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley wins court battle with former banker.
249 in sports direct I think! Yeah I was surprised they stocked them too
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley wins £15m court case. Good for you, Mr A! 👏👍
I wore a Sports Direct tracksuit for £3.50 an hour to afford the books I needed to get me to uni (because my school had been…
in 2012: Jim Henderson makes his debut w/ It was 3-up, 3-down for the product. ht…
Mike Ashley has won his High Court fight over a '£15m deal made in a pub'
Sports Direct chief Mike Ashley wins court battle over £15m 'London pub deal'
They have all sold out on the official shop last time I checked. Sports direct don't have them either I think
I wonder if the club takes percentage of sports direct sales
Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley won his court case over an alleged £15 million bonus deal made in a pub -
What is Mike Ashley’s net worth, who is the Sports Direct boss’s ex-wife Linda and what was…
It's all happening today. Sports Direct boss Ashley wins £15m court case
Mike Ashley wins high court battle over '£15m pub deal'
They've had a good year selling Sports Direct mugs.
In other less tragic news my dad bought some shorts yesterday. When I asked where they're from he said 'Sports R Us'. He meant Sports Direct
You were moaning at £200 trackies now he's got a Sports Direct line you still not happy?? Skeppy ain't gonna win u over is he 😂
Sports Direct profits more than halve
Sports Direct if I'm lucky enough to win... my son needs new trainers, this would help no end!!
Skepta turned a brand that's worn by East Euro builders into a brand that's got man queuing for it outside sports direct FP
Sports Direct turns to new finance chief for change - Jon Kempster faces challenges such as rising import costs...
Retailer Sports Direct has posted a 58.7% plunge in annual underlying pre-tax profits to £113.7m following the Brexit vote
Sports Direct: Better than expected results and positive outlook.
Got an email off sports direct encouraging me to buy some Pierre Cardin clobber 😄😄😄
Skepta had vision from early with the Sports Direct association 🤔💯
Sports direct having been selling no fear for years, but watch everyone buy it because skepta is bringing it back
Sports Direct earnings slump on weak pound, 'optimistic' on prospects
They're not even really being replaced either, as sports direct and JD are more clothing shops than anything
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Currency woes hit Sports Direct profits as new finance boss steps in
Amusing Sports Direct claim as revealed profits have fallen by massive 59%
Profits at Sports Direct dive almost 60%, pummelled by a weak pound
The promise of a new era at Sports Direct must also mean new personnel
The Luton kit was about £5 from eBay, he has more stuff than sports direct!!
Right next door to sports direct as well.
Mike Ashley brushes off 60% dive in profits as shares in Sports Direct rise
NEWS! Sports Direct shocked to learn that paying employees the legally required amount reduces profits
Sports Direct profit down to Brexit? Rubbish, it's down because public refuse to shop there due to terrible publicity…
Holiday Football & this year, Multi Sports Camps including day trips and a whole lot more. Direct Message or call 0…
Sports direct blames Brexit for fall in profits really ??. or is it because they were forced to pay our youngsters more than £…
Skepta really had people lining up outside Sports Direct to buy No Fear. Finesse extraordinaire.
1. It literally had a direct impact on the sports world. This do…
Sports Direct’s notorious boss blames everyone but himself as the company descends into chaos [VIDEO]
We went to view a house today and the owner had a HUGE Sports Direct bowl. We are not buying it.
Sitting eating a chippy when sports direct gym is texting me isn't good
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct now owns over a quarter of GAME Digital
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct has bought a 26 percent stake in Game Digital
Mike Ashley sends Rafa Benitez and Newcastle team to do Sports Direct in-store -
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct has bought a quarter stake in struggling computer games retailer Game Digital
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct buys big stake in troubled Game Digital
Mike's Ashley's Sports Direct snaps up 26% stake in struggling Game Digital
If and are all, why is Mike Ashley's Sports Direct saving
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct buys more than a quarter of GAME Digital
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley tells court he is a 'power drinker' - Daily Star
🇬🇧 Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley tells court 'I'm not Obi-Wan Kenobi running the Death Star’.
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley prepares for court fight with finance expert over shares -
Newcastle United owner and Sports Direct boss 'vomited into fireplace after downing beer and vodka...
Skepta had you all believing Sports Direct was popping. Now he's selling tracksuit bottoms for £200 lol he's played you all
"Charmed to make your aq.ughhh you filthy *** "
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Board meetings were "effectively a lock-in...well beyond closing hours with fish and chips or kebabs delivered".
CONFIRMED: Jay Beattie to give his pocket money to Sports Direct to make up for retail losses. Source: His Da
You can use my direct tv info on the fox sports go app if you want.
Money can buy you a lot of things... Except class and dignity.
Mike Ashley 'vomited in fireplace after 12 pints at business meeting'
£55 sports direct including printing and badges!
Sports Direct's Mike Ashley 'drank 12 pints with vodka chasers then vomited into fireplace at company meeting'
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley 'slept and vomited at meetings'
The Guardian Business NEWTop story: Mike Ashley vomited into fireplace at pub m… see more
Mike Ashley vomited into fireplace at pub meeting, court told | Business | The Guardian
Check the state of the Sports Direct trackie!! 😂
Dom m8 you're wearing a Nike cap from Sports Direct, never @ me again xx
Try Sports Direct Lis. Got Grandson full kit today £40.00. They had loads of bird…
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley 'vomited into fireplace after drinking 12 pints plus chasers at meeting'
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley drank 12 pints and vomited into a fireplace at company meeting
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Basically Joe Miller has knocked all the stock from Sports Direct & is currently fightin…
Tommy Robinson gets his haircut in Sports Direct
But by 2018, Rangers will be rid of Ashley. He wanted Rangers as an SPFL outlet for Sports Direct. He's completely and ut…
Old news I know but Sports Direct are likely to be in the mix somewhere. Alibaba Arena anyone?
Sports Direct tears up deal with Mike Ashley’s brother
Won't shop in Sports Direct. Not putting money in the pocket of Mike Ashley. Not for the way he treats his workers
Start planning your summer workout wardrobe with Sports Direct today! 💪 🚴 🏊
I see it in Sports Direct today for £49.99
Landlord jailed for forcing vulnerable men into working at Sports Direct to fund lavish lifestyle
Sports Direct to put workers' representative on the board
A Polish landlord who sent his Polish tenant to work at Sports Direct to fund his lavish lifestyle has been jailed…
Landlord who sent tenant to work at Sports Direct jailed
Derbyshire News: Landlord who forced tenant to work at Sports Direct jailed
Sports Direct boosts US portfolio with Bob's Stores and EMS
Sports Direct cancels controversial deal with Mike Ashley's brother - Retail Gazette - retail news
9. No result from the investigation as yet. Today's news is only that Sports Direct have ended the contract with Mike Ashley's brother.
Sports Direct tears up deal with Ashley's brother
Sports Direct completes acquisition of Bob's Stores and Eastern Mountain Sports
Mike Ashley snaps up six former BHS stores as he plans to take Sports Direct upmarket
Hi Callum. Someone gave the driver a Sports Direct bag on the way to Stockport on bu…
Sports Direct is looking for Casual sales assistant in Friern barnet
Can't wait till Ederson flaps in a corner for Diame to tap in a 93rd minute winner at the Sports Direct 😅
Sports Direct's only female director steps down
Elite horse racing and hockey takes from TheGreat NEXT
Why have girls all of sudden started wearing £4.99 caps from sports direct thinking they're a roadman👀😂
£230m agency that supplied Sports Direct workers on brink of administration
Sports direct Birmingham bullring have got the worst customer service ever grumpy bsstards 🖕
12 months IPTV service direct to you Firestick. HD quality streaming of 500+ channels, incl all sports, movies, 3pm…
A is a great way to keep on top of your Shop our full range now! 👟🔥💪…
Saw on the counter at sports direct had to cop that too
Facts remains to be true about Cam 13% Ox 50% or more
Check out at 10:15a, for Stories with
I just got an e mail from Sports direct offer to buy pre sale
Sports Direct are a large employer in the Mansfield area. vacancies in Warehouse and logistics .
Sports Direct is looking for Full time sales assistant in Cambridge
So some rangers fans think wearing a sports direct Rangers top is a greater crime than flashing
I keep it real by going to the Sports Direct gym in Manchester city cen…
Sports Direct’s corporate governance has taken yet another hit as its only female director announced her departure:. htt…
or get them to deliver to your hotel (Amazon is another option0
Seems to be a real problem amongst people who frequent Ibrox Sports Direct Stadium
Lifeline for Sports Direct recruitment firm verging on administration
Universities accused of 'importing Sports Direct model' for lecturers' pay
Try sports direct mate, am sure they do em
Seems universities like the Zero Hours model favoured by Sports Direct.
"How'd you stay so calm?" I imagine the person I'm debating with is gonna have a sports direct orientated life.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
It's ok I can go, Sports direct mug half full bound to be 200 quid easy
Ex Asda boss Archie Norman to be M&S chairman | More from Missguided, Sports Direct and Burberry
get it from sports direct, save about £20
Glad the Loach team are looking into this. A real scandal
Summer bodies are made in Winter (Or Spring!) Start planning your workout wardrobe with Sports Direct today! 💪 🚴 🏊…
Ban all direct contacts, trade, cultural, sports.
Dear If you drop Fox Sports West I willl be going to Direct TV.
The live sports 4k channel on Direct TV is interesting. They must not be allowed to play commercials, so it's just a still shot of court.
🇬🇧 JD Sports leaves Sports Direct in the shade.
Some Eastern Mountain, Bob’s Stores locations set to close in connection with Sports Direct deal.
JD Sports’ sprint is leaving Sports Direct, and the rest of Britain’s high street, in the dust. While most...
JD Sports leaves Sports Direct in the shade – 
Smile wiped off face of Mike Ashley as rival forges ahead
If you have weather or daily fantasy sports updates, please direct them to my new friend Jimmy. The Pirates did him…
Dude knew what that green jacket was when he got it for $5 in a thrift shop-just sold $139K
Listen to vs right now on Fox Sports 97.5 & 1260 AM! ⚾
Is it my imagination or has latest update on fifa17 removed all the god awful Sports Direct adverts from Newcastle ground? Pleasing if true😁
These *** probably think their sky subscription and sports direct tops makes them better fans tha…
that's a statement and a half, btw if anyone wants sports direct gym membership Bens ur guy xo
Whenever I hear shutdown a always think about the wannabe road men in their caps they got in the sports direct sale
Normal mugs almost wiped out by aggressive Sports Direct mugs
I just go to sports direct lol get them for a cheap price come back a month later
They won't even own it, it will just float (or sink) on the stock exchange like BHS, Sp…
Has anyone ever bought a sports direct mug or do they just aggressively appear in cupboards?
Good grief no. Not when JD Sports & Sports Direct are drawing their clientele away
Stop Sports Direct asking for adverts then pulling out at the last minute. Adverts are a commodity as well.
MPs urge crackdown on excessive pay to rebuild public trust in business
ooh that's a good one. Sports Direct live on it. Very compelling
Column: JD Sports leaves Sports Direct in the shade via
JD Sports leaves Sports Direct in the shade -
Update your maps at Navteq
With 1000s of Vikings doing it, I agree. 47 spotty teens in Sports Direct casual is quite different
JD Sports leaves Sports Direct in the shade
I've had to try 4 shops today just to get kidney beans. Unbelievable! . Halfords, Sports Direct and Carphone Warehouse were very unhelpful.
Explosion goes off in Germany before Champions League quarterfinal game
Here's the direct link to your interview:
I contend that the lack of discipline to Crosby is a direct factor in Marchand's light punishment.
Cross man feels so arcadish, guys running direct across field and covering a slant at full speed changing directions.
Sports Direct. I've found them now dw 😂
Sports Direct decision to pay Newcastle United for advertising appears to be reversed
When it comes to sports I need direct quotes I don't want no type of assumptions going on
.asst coach Darby Hendrickson joins right now on The 'Grum.
Direct TV: about 800 stations. 400 are sports. 5 are science, nature or history. 0 of those are not “aliens,” “ghosts" or…
sports direct Sondico stuff is good. :3
You also have conveniently left out that if direct payments are offered, schools will pay more for p…
The gulls poured from the shell of an old Audi A6 over by Sports Direct. I readied my club.
🇬🇧 Sports Direct presents the true test of shareholders’ new-found resolve.
News Watch Iggy Azalea twerk and wear Sports Direct parody sweatshirt in ‘Mo Bounce’ video
Direct tv,Fios and dish net. They all have fox sports 2! When will we be able to have access to fs2? Thanks for responding.
Get your voice heard, call in favor of Texas SB 728 so that Texas PTs can have direct access
- UK investor LGIM highlights governance issues at Sports Direct
It's a pass on sending players to the 2018 Olympics despite global growth goals
Someone working in sports direct on minimum wage
Millions who 'work' for Uber, Amazon, Sports Direct & all the other exploitative employers.
Ur hardly short on money, don't be stingy. 4.30 for a stagecoach day saver for someone who works at sports direct is bad
Big up sports direct for being a part of my childhood, my parents thought jd was a designer shop so we never went there
defo wears Lonsdale slip ons from sports direct
All these! available from the Sunwise Rx 'direct glaze' system . Expand your sports vision at a reasonable pri…
Boys Volleyball: Southern's lofty goals have a direct correlation to the talent that the Rams return this season.
Eer as daft for payin at min!. Sports direct r I place to go for i bats! 🏸
Sports illustrated should hire me to direct their photoshoots because ***
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Sports Direct raises stake in Debenhams to more than 16%
Tops and stuff I get from primark because they are so cheap! Maybe sports direct for gym pants? They ar…
Just made a maffis sports direct mug full of tea cos emily is sleeping at her pals and this way it will last me...
I like the standard Sports Direct mug
He literally works in sports direct😂😂 Charlie the little ball😂😂
- only bought at Christmas. Bought at Sports Direct but clear manufacturing fault. What's the best to do…
Lol at me getting evils off a geezer with Sports Direct eyebrows
sports stadiums are a direct correlation to the last 100 years of candidates. Ignorant citizens are required for the ruse.
News Talk 770's morning sports anchor weighs in on Ken King's comments about the Flames possible move. Listen:…
Im so glad sports direct created protein and bottles for women. How ever did I get through a gym session without it 🙃 http…
Posted my new gif set from Alex's Canal + Sports interview.
The feminine touch to The Progrum returns with at NOW!…
Business Breakfast LIVE: Mike Ashley's Sports Direct raises stake in Debenhams to 16%
well I get it on direct tv Chanel 620 BEIN SPORTS
Christian Laettner's GW basket, Clem Haskins, and NFL Shootout are topics in FIVE QUESTIONS now!.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
*Gets sports direct mug out of cupboard* 🍾😂
The 51st Annual Sports Dinner is this Thursday. Are you in? Are you ALL IN? Get your tix now:…
MPs quiz the agency behind Sports Direct workers while new figures on ambulance figures show ...
Brazen's sponsorship allows our purchasers to direct a Brazen Sports funded donation to
Recruitment agency acting for sports direct to face grilling from
Sports Direct workers still not received the back pay they are owed by heartless immoral management .
Sports Direct agency in scrap with HMRC over warehouse worker back payments
Sports Direct workers yet to receive backpay they are owed, MPs told
Sports Direct workers still waiting for minimum wage back-pay
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