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Spoiler Alert

Spoiler is any element of any summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot element which will give away the outcome of a dramatic episode within the work of fiction, or the conclusion of the entire work.

Gone Girl Star Wars Donald Trump

Spoiler Alert! Today is 28th of July, Nawaz Sharif is Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan!
See the top comic Ed Byrne perform his latest show Spoiler Alert at Derby Arena next year.
Spoiler Alert: it's going to star MF DOOM as Victor Von Doom.
With Peyton Manning hosting the we wanted to see how well athletes knew him!. Spoiler Alert: doesn't do…
Spoiler Alert!. NOT the 17 units of the US Intelligence Community.
Spoiler Alert! The answer is NO! Is the American Heart Association Misleading the Public About Coconut Oil?
Spoiler Alert for people just now finding out about Julius Ceasar,. things don't go so well for the Roman Empire either.
Flashpoint Finale Season 3 of Flash wrapped up. First Spoiler Alert! In our last episode we saw ... Ahem again Spoiler Alert... Iris West
Spoiler Alert!. This is the one and only, solitary, good line in all of 2016's "The Great Wall". And it's not even M…
Spoiler Alert: you can like Kendrick Lamar's music and Drake's music... at the same time
A small two theater movie theater with bar instead of concession stand called "Spoiler Alert"
Spoiler Alert: I've done a great deal of research on the subject and I can conclusively reveal that Han Solo's real name…
Spoiler Alert: Accuser ends up being a staffer who worked for Mark Udall, a former DEMOCRAT Senator from Colorado.…
Spoiler Alert: Tony Almeida makes his return to 24:Legacy in episode…
Spoiler Alert - Just saw Logan, and he the best part of the movie was when Logan found out his father was Darth Vadar, emotional stuff
Some reflections on Manchester by the Sea (2016). *Spoiler Alert*
Spoiler Alert: supreme court nominee will be...Bannon. He already has a role on national security council, in the white house.
*Spoiler Alert* Gutted when Shelley Winters didn't make. I cried.
Spoiler Alert: Fred Hoiberg was not selected as COY.
FLASHBACK FRIDAY: My visit to Ernest Hemingway's Home in Key West, Florida. . Spoiler Alert: The best part was...
Spoiler Alert: If the only Black activist you approve of is one that was killed by the state at 39, you're probably not fond…
Republicans should change to -- Gordon Gekko Party (They probably think that's a compliment. Spoiler Alert: It's not.)
Watching Seven Years in Tibet, cute little Dali Lama - and Spoiler Alert, China not so much .
Spoiler Alert: Ryan Gosling plays an Eyes Wide Shut party after his jazz club gig replacing Nick Nightengale
Spoiler Alert: it includes Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Sharon Jones, Mose Allison, Waylon Jennings, and many more.
Spoiler Alert: David Beckham's 5min old picture of "clouds" has more likes than all your selfies from 3years ago combined on Instagram.
Spoiler Alert,The Rebels steal the plans to the Death Star
Spoiler Alert: The Death Star gets completed, BUT the rebels succeed in stealing the DS plans! Oh & there…
Spoiler Alert: Raj Tarun makes a cameo appearance and marries Hebah Patel in 😋
Matthew Mitchell -- one of my first memories of us in my mind, too. Spoiler Alert: I do NOT piggyback very...
Spoiler Alert: Roe v. Wade argued right to privacy in making family repro decisions. . Reverse that & risk SO much more…
Spoiler Alert! Melbourne will feature in the Power Rangers Justice League Crossover!
Spoiler Alert: Erick Erickson and Ben Shapiro are still voting for Hillary.
Spoiler Alert: Final Score of this Stoke-Swansea game is Crystal Palace 2 Liverpool 4
Spoiler Alert: the new KITT is a Pontiac Aztec.
I'm to ready!!! Spoiler Alert: this gon be my 3rd Kyle concert 😁✊🏽
6 Things to know about the Bills before the Patriots match-up on Sunday. (Spoiler Alert: Rex Ryan is still coach)
Spoiler Alert. Tom Hanks lands the plane safely in the Hudson River.
Spoiler Alert: Ricky never loved Lucy. He loved Major Anthony Nelson, who gave him a bottle for Lucy too.
Spoiler Alert: Brandon Lee didn't look "right" for The Crow either. Your whining sounds ignorant because of your lack of understanding
Spoiler Alert: Tim Daggett jinxed the Russian gymnast not named Mustafina.
Spoiler Alert! . Nine Lives ends with Kevin Spacey as a cat getting run over by Tim Allen as The Shaggy Dog driving Herbie…
Spoiler Alert: I wrote this!!! Why Goodale Park is Full of Sweaty Nerds -
Check out our latest episode - Spoiler Alert. Special thanks to for letting us u…
it says spoiler alert aka I don't wanna click on it
Me, 8 years after the end of Game of Thrones: "Remember how Ramsay Bolton died?". Random *** on the internet: "AAEE SPO…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Related to the spoiler alert you want to Create the product as "hypocritical".
Spoiler alert: the kids are the BEST part of
ICYMI: I spoke with Poels yesterday about how Sky's pain train works - spoiler alert: it hurts
Honest article spoiler alert: it's not about liberation theology banks 2big for disruption, they fund it
Hi Michelle, I just dropped you a quick LinkedIn message. Spoiler alert: it contains doughnuts
Can you guess what 1 in 10 couples do after going on vacation?! -->
1 in 10 couples do THIS after going on vacation --and it's not a good thing! -->
What are local anti-poverty leaders saying about the Spoiler's a big deal
.is making his movie debut! Check out a clip here! Spoiler alert: I teared up watching this
Spoiler alert: it doesn't scare anybody, it's a complete joke
Spoiler Alert: Airbnb is not the reason NYC rent is so high!
Spoiler alert: It's not good news. is a danger to secular freedom & your enemy until at least November
Just tried to nurse a bumblebee back to health. Spoiler alert: it didn't go so well.
CNN carried Cruz talking to the Texas delegation live. Can you get a clip of what he told them? Spoiler Alert same as last night
"Spoiler alert: Kylo Ren is the dad."
Spoiler alert: Tommy Lee Jones actually didn't get his man in No Country for Old Men. Outdone by Javier Bardem
Special Report: looks at ways to cut down on food waste
Incase anyone was curious what I did after screaming and (spoiler alert) dying for a good 14 hour day http:…
SPOILER ALERT: JungleMail 5 for is going to have a Drag & Drop Content Builder!!! More infos soon!
SPOILER ALERT: I'm kind of obsessed with my story about MK & A in 2007 that's now live on .com:
*spoiler alert* when his dad dies, it reminded me of The Lion King
Spoiler alert: 40% of food made in US is wasted on how to waste less food & save more $
SPOILER ALERT . the girl's father is a webtoon artist whose webtoons center around this guy called kang chul.
So, I've just watched one of those on specials. Spoiler alert: Che & Jost are still awful.
Can these Republicans name all of Trump's children? Spoiler alert: no
Oh no, the news is interviewing the guy who posted the "funny" get-off-my-lawn-PokemonGOers sign. Spoiler alert: he's coming off as twattish
Get your cup of ☕️ ready and tune in to the at 6:30 a.m. Spoiler alert: We took down the Tide!
Spoiler alert: The Iran deal was basically just a bribe to Iran to not produce nukes until after Obama left office.
U want to know about sason 12? okay, but CAREFUL, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Season 12 will be the 1-dozenth season.
Spoiler Alert: Season 7 is entirely about how Sam invents the Dewey Decimal System.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
They should have brought Ned Stark instead of Rob Stark. [Spoiler Alert]
Spoiler Alert! KEANU was a good movie! I'd watch again! Funniest scenes: 1st, Anna Faris was so cut and...
There's one Asian person at this Carrie Underwood concert. Spoiler Alert: It's me.
1970 Video: at Home To (Rodney Marsh looking for his 100th Goal. Spoiler Alert: Didn't get it!)
Spoiler Alert: Yasuo shows up, yells HONOR, & summons Zuko. Everything burns to the ground and everyone dies. Oh also dragons.
Conservative/Christian/Patriots are bigots. Spoiler Alert: not shocking.
What is wine doing to your face? Spoiler Alert - it's not as as pretty as it looks.
The starts tomorrow. Here's my blog on the tournament. Spoiler Alert! Winner revealed..
Spoiler Alert! At the end of they pull off his mask and it's Shelby Foote.
Spoiler Alert: and I are back w more smoke. Stay Tuned
5 Buckeye rookies land with an 80 grade or higher in Madden. Spoiler Alert: Bosa & Zeke are on that list.
Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones ends with Tyrion, Jon Snow, Arya, and Dani holding hands and singing "The Rainbow Connection".
Spoiler Alert! high heel Louis Vuitton taste like bacon.
Join Kids Choir next week for Spoiler Alert @ the Sunday Evening Service at WOC. (6:00)
The Incredible HULKs Journey. Spoiler Alert!! He Eats Them All but still makes it Home
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Spoiler Alert! Danny and Cha Cha won the dance more weekend left to find out the rest of the story!
EXCLUSIVE: James Spader on that shocking twist (Spoiler Alert) htt…
!Spoiler Alert! Nightcrawler - Official Trailer !Spoiler Alert! This film is available on Netflix instant.
Spoiler Alert: Your honor roll student ends up in a cubicle.
Spoiler Alert: Jon Snow and Ygritte are dating in real life
Spoiler Alert. They all die in the end.
Spoiler Alert: It isn't. It's the first of the Constance Verity trilogy with Simon & Schuster.
Shots were fired last night. We've got the recap of what went down (Spoiler Alert!)
Spoiler Alert! Anderson Cooper, Soledad O'Brien, Nancy Grace, Charlie Rose and Neil deGrasse Tyson all have cameos in
Spoiler Alert:. Bran Stark gets his *** out of the wheelbarrow.
🆘 Just googled the bonus Jonas.Spoiler Alert: He takes after Kevin.
Spoiler Alert: Andy Kaufman faked his death and has been living and performing as a character named "Donald Trump"
Spoiler Alert! Did seriously just reveal that Rey IS Luke's daughter?
Spoiler Alert: Desmond was banned from the Park when he was a child
Holy Moses Hillary! She's in a big bucket of syrup now. Spoiler Alert: She escapes disaster unscathed.
to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Spoiler Alert* Chicago is rebuilt & better than ever
Spoiler Alert!  Thomas(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Martha Wayne ( Lauren Cohan) are murdered in the upcoming DCEU...
WorldSBK Spoiler Alert! Good job by Nicky Hayden- The Kentucky Kid in the second race, but Jonathan Rea did the...
“Risen” and the Reality of the Resurrection: By Bishop Robert Barron | (Spoiler Alert). Wh...
Downton Abbey: what we learned, Christmas Special/Finale - via Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert: In Attack on Titan the Titans are large.
See what the studio crew has to say about our 2016 class. Spoiler Alert: A LOT of positives!
Spoiler Alert: The second episode of Captain Scarlet is all a heat stroke-induced hallucination. That's great storytelling, Gerry Anderson.
Spoiler Alert: The witch emerges from the cauldron as Mark David Chapman
Spoiler Alert:is preparing a huge concert in Cameroon with march ending. via
[Spoiler Alert] New stills from the international trailer!... via ht…
Spoiler Alert to Pop Quiz. The answer to Question is Gene Rayburn.
Spoiler Alert: All foreign people on the northern line are getting off at Camden Town.
Spoiler Alert: The elephants were trapeze artists and after showing off their skills they decided to stay with the circus aliens forever.
Is Donald Trump the Paris Hilton of politics? via DCExaminer. Spoiler Alert: Yes
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I still think Pam Beasley is my one true love. *Spoiler Alert: She is a fictional character. I'm screwed.
I wrote up a quick review of the first book in the Beast Arises series: I am Slaughter. Spoiler Alert:
Spoiler Alert! . Having watched the new Star Wars twice within 24 hrs I'm pretty excited about this theory.
Spoiler Alert: But why did no one tell me about Hans Solo :(
This Kylo Ren theory is so crazy it just might be true (Spoiler Alert)
Spoiler Alert. The best part of Dilwale is the Guest appearance by Saif ali khan. :D . Wow.
Spoiler Alert, says Star Wars: THE FORCE AWAKENS (2015) is good. Film critic Manohla Dargis reivews at
Spoiler Alert: Reince Preibus stays on the Dark Side in
Spoiler Alert: New column later today includes Jim Bob *** John Kennedy Toole, and the North Dakota State Bison. . Oh, and a turkey.
Take a look at these new pictures of Princess Charlotte. *Spoiler Alert*: They're adorable!
Using the hashtag right now = a lot of attention from anti-choice terrorist sympathisers. SPOILER ALERT: They're insane.
Spoiler Alert: they're probably gonna make 3 more.
smh why am I married to u. (Spoiler alert so I can get an Austrian visa duh and also cause ur drawings and looks)
Spoiler alert: all humans die and life is a meaningless endeavor filled with sorrow and despair.
I purchased the 8th episode of Spoiler Alert but the download link in the email doesn't work :(
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I feel that as well there is too many culprits when though most of them die spoiler alert but yeah
(Spoiler alert I was not thinking brotherly / siblingly thoughts)
lol spoiler alert: At the end of Project A, jackie chan and his friends, roll up a pirate in a giant rug and throw a stick of dynamite in it
Spoiler alert: I fully expect to spend the next few days in a “please, no” heap, complete with heating pads and Vicodin and mild regret.
Spoiler Alert: I'm happy and excited for next week's test. I'm really miss them a lot!!!
2:35am, spoiler alert: It's the wife
Spoiler Alert: Snakes used to burrow in the ground
SPOILER ALERT! We've revealed what's inside the JUST in time for the holiday! https:/…
spoiler alert: jessica jones finally wears a SECOND pair of jeans in the last ep. dark wash, slim-fit, for anyone who's curious
It delights me to no end that I desperately want a great dane and my boyfriend wants a teacup yorkie. . Spoiler alert: I will win.
Spoiler alert: I have a plan to become an attractive, semi fit broad... Just to see how people react. (I'm watching)
oh click bait. Spoiler alert: it's not chocolate, it's just pills.
Guess what?! Spoiler alert for tomorrow's vlog. We got our Christmas tree today! 😱🎄
Any Given Hunger Games Character: "It's okay, we're going to be okay." . Alysun: SPOILER ALERT. THEYRE NOT. U DEAD NXT
Spoiler Alert! This handsome hunk will be our Mr. January 2016!! And he's adoptable!!!
spoiler alert: that's really hard IRL. I'd suggest getting someone on lighting to follow you around
I guess I'm gonna explore Ida and Michi's friendship now that he's moved to Poland and there is much angst? Spoiler alert: Ida is sadicles.
Spoiler alert: there are some very unrealistic gun ballistics in the new James Bond. At one point he shoots down a helicop…
Spoiler alert: the lady that did most of the singing died in the end.
SPOILER ALERT: Apollo Creed's son lost the fight at the end of the movie.
[SPOILER ALERT] Donald Trump will not be President. He knows this. Does he want to? Probably. Is this charade about boosting his brand? Defo
SPOILER ALERT: The guy dies at the end of Titanic. . Now don't say I didn't warn you.
SPOILER ALERT: u are the dancing queen
SPOILER ALERT: Peeta and Katniss have children (idk how you don't know this if you didn't because the books are pretty old)
Vote Bernie for President in 2016. The dude knows how to balance a pie budget. Spoiler alert: There's no room for anything besides pumpkin.
. What past MVP had fewer foul calls go on his behalf? Spoiler alert.NOBODY!
Spoiler alert: the conversation you planned out in your head won't happen that way. Not even close
SPOILER ALERT. BATMAN FAKE DIES in Superman VS BATMAN just thought you should know
I want to go see mockingjay again bc maybe the jump-scares won't get me next time (spoiler alert: they'll get me every time)
SPOILER ALERT: our BIG competition is starting in half an hour!!
SPOILER ALERT: Thirty minutes into The Hobbit everyone leaves the theater to go see Django instead.
*Spoiler Alert*. He dies in the end... then does a Bobby Ewing!.
*Spoiler Alert* at the end of the book, Mary Poppins comes crashing through the wall like the Kool-Aid man
Spoiler Alert!: Patrick Fugit comes into Lunas all of the time. Now you know.
Spoiler Alert. After Breaking Bad, Walter and Skyler White went on to tour zoos in children's books.
Spoiler Alert: In Donkey Kong Country Returns, when you unlock Mirror Mode, you'll have 1 hit, no use of items, & no Diddy.😩
Just watched Palimpsest on WeTV, *Spoiler Alert* Appropriate ending for an episode about books--The Butler Did It.
New review of the 1981 film Happy Birthday to Me starring Melissa Sue Anderson. (Spoiler Alert) If you haven't...
Spoiler Alert: Daisy Johnson Skye is an ihuman and Agent Grant Ward is a traitor. Works for HYDRA. Now enjoy. 😂😂
Spoiler Alert! Don't read this if you haven't seen GOODNIGHT MOMMY. See it exclusively at the Hollywood Theater...
Spoiler Alert! possible set list for tonights show at St Johns Church... will be rather special based o…
Spoiler Alert! I wrote the script for this World Cup game.
The Heart of Gold lost its mind making tea for Arthur Dent. . Spoiler Alert: It's not rocket science.
Review of ALIEN CONTACT FOR KID SISTERS on my blog: Spoiler Alert: Like Romancing The Stone? Then you'll like this.
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! "Them Duke boys ain't getting away this time! " (Spoiler Alert: They get away)
Start watching Salem. Spoiler Alert: Things do not go well for Giles Corey.
Spoiler Alert: fox loves incense and she got a new incense holder at the Ren Faire yesterday.
Two observations: 1) Groundbreaking as was, no flood of TV shows in the funeral home genre ensued; 2) (Spoiler Alert) . . .
Did Obama Just Refer to the First Lady as Michael on Live TV (Spoiler Alert: Yes He
Spoiler Alert: let's deflate this whole hoo-rah champagne popping exercise of the errand boy.
Don't forget Defensive Runs Saved...lmao that'll make you REAL mad. (Spoiler Alert: Tulo: +13, Reyes: -28)
Spoiler Alert for hopefuls. 'Lebron's secret stuff' ends up being Rogaine, and Shawn Bradley hasn't gotten his talent back yet.
Spoiler Alert: It's still Synchronized Swimming, as it always will be.
Spoiler Alert: There's good news for pediatric cancer research in this blog!
Spoiler Alert! Watching TV and listening to music just got more rewarding with the FREE Viggle app. Get Viggle now!
Spoiler Alert!!. Pregnancy Announcement to Shock Genoa City!!. Read it all here:
Spoiler Alert: Talbot Kickball wins the tourney. Nicole Meals named finals MVP and Cody Moran wins the Cy Young and I enter the hall of fame
Spoiler Alert for you comic fans. The scruffy-looking Nerf herder is having problems.
Spoiler Alert - Uh-oh! Ronnie Mitchell really isn't happy in
Spoiler Alert: Thats the epic boss music. And im pretty sure Coeur de Pirate is a better songwriter than I ever will be lol
Update your maps at Navteq
Spoiler Alert: Don Draper changes his name to Barry Switzer and takes a job coaching football.
Ever wonder what the Top Veterinary Schools in The World are? ---> (Spoiler Alert: UC Davis takes top honors).
If you haven't watched Bruce Jenner's 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer, I will fill you in (Spoiler Alert): Bruce Jenn…
Who will fund your dream? Spoiler Alert: It's certainly not going to be someone else other than you. 
Sanchez writing the saddest doc you will lose points if you don't preface how a court will end up ruling with "Spoiler Alert."
*Spoiler Alert*. George O'Malley, Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, Japril's baby... and now Derek😐? Screw you, Shonda Rhimes😭
Spoiler Alert: Katrina, Ranbir's Beach Holiday in Maldives Interrupted: "Her dates for the ad shoot were locked in advance so she cou...
Spoiler Alert: CW's Arrow has a great story-line... but sometimes it gets frustrating to watch. -3- At least Roy is alive~
Spoiler Alert. Grey Worm and Barristan Selmy die at the end of ep 4 soznotsoz
A new favorite: Jay Baruchel on Spoiler Alert - 13th March 2015 by on
Spoiler Alert! Holy crap, Joelle Carter! I was thinking Tim would have to shoot Walton one last time. Ava is a badass, smarter than all.
Confabulating truth to fiction. Frank Underwood (not Brian Williams) is best. . Caution: Spoiler Alert
Learn how to confabulate with the best. NO, not Tom Brokaw, House of Cards. Caution: Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert: Chris King and Dan Tillo reporting to the floor
All the people who stole the IC title are about to come out! And Michael Cole is going to get in the ring. Spoiler Alert! 😘
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Did Mary Jean Lastimosa give us a "Spoiler Alert" moment accidentally???... As shown on one of her selfie photos...
Spoiler Alert: Friday will include clam chowder. and cheeseburger soup .and Ohio State cut outs! Really! EatMainStreet!
[Spoiler Alert] It's the triumph of compassion over anger... via h…
Spoiler Alert - The actor playing Dr Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense is none other than David from Moonlighting: Bruce Willis
Spoiler Alert - Debonair Down! Due to my throat & ear infection, feeling a bit feverish & that it's cold outside, I was advised not to try attend the Chris Lake Couture For A Cause! Fashion Event tonight. Truly wanted to meet with Chris, his staff, the designer's & Models participating, as well as networking. Have a great event! Look forward to seeing the photos from the event!
*Spoiler Alert* "Low hanging fruit" that's what the "Dentists" called the "Sweet Scientists" on The Amazing Race tonight while reassuring the "Wrestlers" they had nothing to worry about. Hm... I was told I was "Low Hanging Fruit" at my old job for years... But here's the GREAT news-the Sweet Scientists WON!! I will take that as a good sign and celebrate the WIN with my fellow and see how things turn out for those people that are over-confident and demean others.
Season 3 Spoiler Alert: Donna comes back to prison and then Eric Foreman breaks her out and then the season is over.
HDHQ!@ Watch Exodus Gods and Kings Online Free Movie 2014 Megashare adq Exodus: Gods and Kings, starring Christian Bale of Batman fame as Moses, opened in theaters this week. Obviously, the movie is based on the well-known biblical account of Moses’ role in the exodus of the Hebrew slaves from the clutches of the Egyptian pharaoh and his powerful army, as recorded in the book of Exodus. The history in this movie departs from the biblical account on a number of points. Spoiler Alert: God Wins! In order to explain where the history in the movie is flawed and how theological issues are dealt with and essential character development is accomplished in spite of these departures from the biblical facts, this review will contain even more spoilers. But that said, here goes . . . Chronological Discrepancies Not surprisingly, the writers of the film chose a view of biblical chronology espoused by liberal scholars, those of the “Late Exodus” camp. The movie opens in 1300 BC with Moses still living in Pharaoh ...
This is what happens when you refuse to give up. (SPOILER ALERT: you win.) Vid via: Benjamin Gateau
SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! Lets take a break from the 12 Zodiac Gods and lets ride the Hype train for now, since some of us know that Lucius is not the God that we thought he is, I created a unit out of him! and since we also know that 7* form of the 6 heroes are coming, I bumped up the choo-choo train and gave him the first 7* form ever! what do you think guys? do you think this is the End of Brave Frontier? or Gumi/Alim will still add some content that will force us to buy gems just to summon a unit that is not even worth of summoning (I'm looking at you Vocaloids twin!)? do you feel betrayed now for not going with Zurg? comment your opinions below! Thanks!!! Link to my other units:
"Spoiler Alert" Next Fridays PURE80s @ 7pm, I'll be Chatting to Denise from Five Star + there'll b my Usual Mix of Gems freeview & sky
I've never seen a spoiler alert for an art show, but I learned two unexpected facts as I perused the Greer Lankton exhibition at Participant Inc.
SPOILER ALERT. So, in the finale, there’s a line: “Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.” AND a certain someone dies in same ep…
I even asked him at the very beginning if he wanted to go to the chair and he said no repeatedly. Spoiler alert: he wanted the chair.
Went an saw the Hunger Games movie, and spoiler alert the movie is devoid of any substance or story. It was hands down the worst movie I have ever seen. and I like bad b movies!1
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I can feel your love slipping away at my fingers. I can say sorry a million times and tell you I love you a billion more. But in your eyes it's broken promises and in mine it's a shattered heart. Can I ever let go of this broken hearted love story. Spoiler alert!! Could be lyrics to my single on self titled album. # music
Either we have a global carbon budget or not. Spoiler alert: We do. This is never context.
Spoiler alert: Duane & Brando is working on a Mario 3 song. A long *** Mario 3 song. People these days just love their spoilers. There you go.
i just saw my NYE outfit, in my head. spoiler alert: i catch cold the next day. and probably pregnancy.”
SPOILER ALERT for the new trilogy, man, JEEZ
Spoiler alert! Don't read comments till you find it!! My bad!
Star Wars SPOILER ALERT: Yoda wakes up in the shower and the prequels never happened!
Not very reassuring that the new dartford charge payment site is marked alpha on last day of cash tolls (spoiler alert: didn't work for me)
A Wiccan/naturopath following me on tumblr reblogs all my posts & I'm unsure if I'm confused or she is (spoiler alert it's her)
SPOILER ALERT: So the Embassy in Homeland is actually in SA and not Kabul!
Just watched the new Star Wars trailer. Saw Darth Vader's cremation at the start!. Jesus, Disney; spoiler alert??
Ok, just caught with last night's Archers. What on Earth is Tom.,,.. SPOILER ALERT
I just finished watching the final episode of Super MegaForce and I think as episode it was okay, but as the "legendary battle" They failed miserably. I have not seen Tensou Sentai Goseiger yet, but there was something that confused me about the episode.(there is more than one). Maybe some in the group can help me out. (Spoiler Alert) During the scene with the teetering car and the little boy, Tommy comes to save him, and like the other rangers, his helmet flashes the White Ranger helmet. Then when he joins the other past rangers to help the megaforce rangers, he is wearing the green ranger suit. This confuses me for two reasons, One: why did it show the white ranger helmet if he was using the green ranger's. and two: Last I knew the Green Ranger's power gone and what was left was use to make the White Ranger. So is there anyone who can explain this to me?
Spoiler alert: The Delta Episode explains warp panels! My life has finally been completed.
Homeland spoiler alert - the first 20 minutes of every episode is the opening credits.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Found a cute and short teen romance story on wattpad to read before bed. Spoiler alert: her brother dies and she doesn't get the boy.
“*Future Spoiler Alert* ...And NEW champion...thanks for the confiden…
Reading through these old awful songs I wrote when I was convinced I was gonna make it as a musician. Spoiler alert: I didn't make it.
Spoiler alert: The student movies are AMAZING!
Spoiler alert what fifth estate will reveal in investigation
It's two in the morning and I'm googling how Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds met. Spoiler alert: The movie The Green Lantern
SPOILERS! Plot holes in the movie Interstellar
SPOILER ALERT! Toph will be in next week's Episode!
You know you look like dob when even my bf who hates teen wolf is like " that Stiles?" Spoiler alert it's not
Spoiler alert: Captain American: The Winter Soldier is really a story about friendship
Spoiler alert: Katniss has kids with Peeta.
spoiler alert. Haven't seen it yet.
Spoiler alert they almost always die or are plagued with severe mental illnesses
Spoiler alert: I am a total snob and you should like what you like :3. If it works for you, who am I to say it's wrong?
Spoiler Alert, BUT: It would be awesome if the dude with the lightsaber in the new trailer turned out to be Luke Skywalker.
I want Gordon Ramsay to taste my cupcakes. Spoiler Alert: The cupcakes are a euphemism.
Everything knows about you and how it knows it. Spoiler Alert: There should be no surprises.
Spoiler Alert! Post your comment here about the show!
Spoiler Alert: Growing up slowly in '22 Jump Street' - Lancaster Eagle Gazette
The good news of the cross? Jesus took our 'Christian Resume' on himself..then gave us His. Spoiler Alert: Christ had the best resume ever.
Spoiler Alert! The big takeaway for "Using a Critical Path for Success with ADDIE": It will take longer than you think.
Spoiler Alert: The Flash Thompson film will reveal that Flash is actually Peter's brother, father AND son.
Spoiler Alert: Boardwalk Empire had a happy ending
recording Twelve Angry Men for Zach on Film tonight. Spoiler Alert: Aubrey did not appreciate it. I was devastated by this.
John Oliver delivers an update on the historic election in India, the largest in human history. Spoiler Alert: Narendra Modi won. Connect with Last Week Toni...
knackered Arlo White!! Bears lost. Spoiler Alert! Thanks for the commentary on an unbelievable last 10 mins today
*Spoiler Alert* The premise for Roy Keane's new book revealed.
Spoiler Alert: The Front Bottoms played a better set than The Freaks at the show.
Spoiler alert! Homeland, it's a terrorist set up! He knew that the wedding party would be hit and blown up. Who's worse Carrie or terrorist guy?
Spoiler alert: University of Canterbury statistician has (allegedly) worked out who will live/die on Game of Thrones
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Spoiler Alert. Today has been overwhelming and sad for me. No one has died and the sell of our house and purchasing the new/old house is going fine. However today I was told by some one I love and have thought knew me inside and out that I feel I am better than others because (my husband) makes more money than some people do. This has bothered me SO MUCH. I'm struggling with my feelings and can't sleep because I can't seem to shake this off. I want to explain myself (PLEASE don't think I'm fishing for a compliment or sympathy) I grew up feeling out of place and that EVERY ONE was better than ME! I had no formal education. We lived in a school bus often parked in local parks and I had no friends at all (my parents made sure we moved often so they wouldn't get in trouble for not having my sister and I in school) because of this I have always felt out of place in social groups and that others were better than me. Never in my life have I ment to make anyone feel like I am better than they are! I have tried h ...
Ok Spoiler alert! I watched two movies this weekend .. Transformers: Age of Extinction. Severely disappointed. Which *** Because Transformers 1 thru 3 are my all time fav movies! The only good thing about this transformers.. were the dinoformers, unfortunately... They only appear the last 15 to 20 mins of the movie! Super bummed! The Maze Runner however was good.. I liked it! The better of the two for sure and in my opinion because it should of been opposite!
Memory & Narrative. a 150 word abstract of my thesis in progress
Still not over the fact that newt SPOILER ALERT: dies
Just watched the most intense game of Jeopardy. Spoiler alert, the nerdy person won.
Spoiler alert; I'm the guy who does all the cringy MythBusters animations
A reality show where I get drunk and ask my dog if he's the cutest over and over again. Spoiler alert: he is.
Reality show pitch: contestants compete to see how long they can go without grocery shopping. Spoiler alert: they're all 23 and Me.
""Spoiler Alert!' Didn't even know he was a secret character! Awesome!" by Jeffrey Miller
Spoiler alert: Bones season 10. Just watched the first two episodes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What were they thinking by killing off the most likable character on the show. I've lost the will to watch. And the new guy... too soon to throw us a replacement folks. Don't care how endearing you think he is. We're not ready. Hate him for no good reason.
I cannot explain how much I hate Columbia Gas. First, they don't turn on our gas meter on on our move in day because I did not answer their two phone calls or call them back after they left a voicemail (spoiler alert: they never called.) Then, they don't contact me to let me know that the appointment was missed, causing my landlord to notify me of a default of lease several weeks later when they discovered this. Then, when I call to schedule a new appointment to get the meter turned on, they tell me that the appointment will be Thursday from noon to 6:00pm. For some reason they won't just go to the *** leasing office so that my landlord can just direct them, so basically I have to hope that they call me before 3:00 so that I can just tell the person to go to the leasing office because anytime after that I will be unavailable because I can't very well leave my phone on and answer it in the middle of an exam now can I? And if I don't answer, they will cancel the appointment yet again and the cycle re ...
SPOILER ALERT: Short of having sex with Neil Patrick Harris and slitting his throat, I still don't see how Hird turns this around...?
Spoiler Alert: Stoll doesn't turn bald in the Strain season finale
Found the neatest book today at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea. I bought one for each of the older girls (spoiler alert - Steph McDermott) - All of my kids talk about our trips to the store when they were smaill - They still will do this too when they are with me. They call me "Mama Duck" and they all line up from biggest to small (though I usually will ask one of the oldest kids to head up the rear to make sure no one snatches a little one :) ) - So they always refer to themselves as the "baby ducks" - this book I found is called, "Mother Duck Knows the Way" - I just had to pick one up for the present mama and future mamas. I only got one for 3 the three oldest girls - but when the younger girls saw the one book I got for all to share - they each asked for one. It is the sweetest book that talks about how Mama Ducks protect their babies. The book wraps up with this beautiful quote, "Just like the ducklings trust their mother, we can trust God. God knows the way! God is like a good parent." ...
A) Carrie's back as 1 of TV's best characters? B) She's a shell of her former self on discusses:
Spoiler alert: There's a murderer in Gone Girl.
*SPOILER ALERT!* Week of October 6: Monday October 6: Family and friends gather for Nick and Sharon's wedding. Phyllis encounters a problem. Victoria heads to the hospital. Tuesday October 7: Abby tells Billy that Victoria is in labor. Chelsea listens. Mariah says to Sharon, "Phyllis knows your secret about Nick. That's why you freaked." Phyllis tells Jack, "There's something you have to know." Billy's relationship with Victoria troubles Chelsea. Wednesday October 8: Dylan and Paul clash over the Ian Ward case. Thursday October 9: Devon sneaks off to New York to see Hilary. Friday October 10: Phyllis makes an important decision about her future.
Another rough week for the SEC in the AP poll with 3 in the top 3 (spoiler alert: Ole Miss and State are tied for 3rd spot).
Have you met our fall cover star yet? Spoiler alert: It's the very beautiful, ht…
“spoiler alert: Ted dies”you better be kidding or quote from your essay "I will personally shove you in a locker"
I had a dream my Wrestlemania gear was a sundress and I frog splashed a tortilla chip until it cracked for the win. So...spoi…
SPOILER ALERT. god i loved this film. go see David Fincher's Gone Girl and question media's role in…
I do not claim copyright. But thought I would share the best scene of the entire documentary. SPOILER ALERT! An albino camel is born on the landscapes of mon...
Spoiler alert. Only click if you want your hopes and dreams squashed. MT
my conversations with my parents have become more and more absurd SPOILER ALERT its on purpose
Interview SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen the film Stop the video at 4:33 minutes
Spoiler alert: Dana is now the terrorist. .
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