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Splash Pad

A splash pad is an area for water play that has no standing water. This is said to eliminate the need for lifeguards or other supervision, as there is practically no risk of drowning.

Riverfront Park

Don't forget the FREE Beach Book Party at the Riverview Splash Pad on Monday, 9-11a! Kids in K-3rd grade
We're off to the movies this morning and then the splash pad. Parents are welcome to join us at the splash pad this afternoon.
Splash pad proposed for Preston Park: PRESTON — A splash pad may be coming to the Preston Park with the support...
Creekside Park in Alpine Utah - awesome park with TONS of open space, splash pad, pavilions and seve
Went to the park downtown with my family. We weren't planning on running through the splash pad, but that's what happened. Fun spontaneity!
The splash pad in Long Sault is officially open for bus, just in time for summer vacation.
Emersyn LOVED the splash pad, Braylin didn't like it as much but she enjoyed WALKING around on her new…
We're going to Lake Aquitaine tomorrow & spending time at the pond and splash pad. Anything safe we can feed to the ducks?
Kayden goin to the splash pad tomorrow with his dayacre
I'm really tryna figure out when I have a day off and im not busy. Just so I can take my niece K & her lil bestie Tayja to the splash pad!
Doubt the splash pad was a popular spot today...
A1 we bike ride to the park for a day of fun/picnic/splash pad enjoy the warm weather
Our young ones had a great time at the splash pad tonight. Thanks to those that made this fun time possible.
Camp Shalom Reminder: Bring water shoes for the new Splash Pad!
My kids thought that they were at a splash pad - totally just wanted to play with water. ANY water.
Sitting at the splash pad at War Memorial..this amazing rush of cool air..
Kids playing in the splash pad at Marina Park, Thunder Bay
Why Yes, I ran through a splash pad in a park walking to the pharmacy alone...
So I had a field trip at work today to a splash pad 😏👌
A1 we bike ride to the city park for a picnic and fun at the splash pad
Does anyone know where the new draper splash pad is?
The Splash Pad at Westhoff Park will be closed for maintenance June 26th until 2PM. Please enjoy other areas of the park during this time.
Charlie kickin it at the splash pad
8-3: It's party time tomorrow! Dress appropriately for park/splash pad fun in the morning and don't forget your treats you signed up for :)
Does anybody know what time the splash pad close?
About to have some fun at the splash pad! These guys are missing so I'm trying hard to…
K Families: Don't forget your swimsuit, towel, hat, sunscreen and water bottle for the Splash Pad tomorrow!
If gargling with splash pad water has untold immune system benefits, my kids will live forever.
It's been a hectic afternoon at the splash pad.
Our 5th year in a row of ending exam with a day at the splash pad. We're cute.
Nice day for the splash pad and park with the kids! My Only complaint - Mothers should watch their kids closer...
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Boys apologize for damaging Cookstown's splash within two days and in time for Wing D...
Splash Pad Day is tomorrow (June 26). Please refer to Splash Pad note for what to bring.
About to take these little demons to the splash pad. 😳
Having some fun in the sun before vacation bible school. Getting et even outside of the splash pad area... lol! —...
Boys apologize for damaging Cookstown’s splash pad.
Today in public park fun: racist *** being nasty to a Somali girl because he thought she 'cut' his daughter at the splash pad switch.
The Splash Pad at Lake Skinner Recreation Area is reopened! Have a splashing good time!
Alden's first time at a Splash Pad. @ Leeds Splash Pad
Think imma take my lil cousin to the splash pad today. If it get warmer.
Fun times at the splash pad in Cornelia 💦☀👓
I have the afternoon off. Why did someone not tell me that the splash pad is only for mom's and kids.
Don't forget your bathing suits for tomorrow's picnic at the splash pad!
Goin to the Splash Pad.. Like a diva! 💁
Tell me why these 18 yr old guys are playing in the splash pad by themselves rn😳
Here is your chance to help the Rotary Club make some needed additions to the Splash Pad at Spring Lake Park.
Went to the splash pad with PT kids today for 2 hours.and I'm pretty sunburnt.
Jersey Family Fun's listing of New Jersey Splash Pads and Spraygrounds. Many of these Splash Pads offer free admission.
And convenient that the pool and splash pad are right there!
I will by ensuring we spend as much time as we can at the beach, splash pad or park!
This list of splash pads was compiled by the experts- Locals!!! Please let us know if you’re aware of any others! Chino Monte Vista Park- 13196 Monte Vista Avenue Chino Hills The Shoppes at Chino Hills- 13920 City Center Dr. (Right in the middle of the shopping center) Claremont El Barrio Park-400…
Photo: Having fun at the splash pad with friends! Charlie loved trying to “catch” the water. (:
Stay tuned for photos from the Splash Pad today! ;)
Temperance at splash pad, I believe she had fun lol
, any plans for a public splash pad like Apple Valley has?
Tuscaloosa County Park Recreation Authority has opened a new Splash Pad in Palmore Park at 3701 Fosters Ferry Road. 
Splash pad and movies at the square!! Yay!!
From today's adventure in Austin with amandamann7 and Sebastian at the splash pad.
Carousel of Dreams keeping splash pad closed via
Splash pads and parks in Metro Detroit listed by county. A great way to cool off in the summer months.
"Evie -- No, No, No!!!" ... The other parents love when we show up at the pool or splash pad.
There is a new splash pad at Gordon Park in La Grange opening Monday, June 9! Check out the new information as well as the complete list of splashing fun below. For the purpose of this list, I cons...
Carousel of Dreams keeping splash pad closed
KEPR: Carousel of Dreams keeping splash pad closed: Construction on the carousel is close to the splash park and...
Today we went to the splash pad, there is nothing that smells like summer more to me than wet concrete and cut grass at the same time! You?
Also there is a lil' naked boy runnin' around the splash pad.
And straight into the splash pad he goes.
Took the kids to the splash pad at the park & that heat drained my ***
San Antonio friends do you know of any public pools, smaller water parks or splash pads close to 1605? Daddy's not gonna get to come home this weekend so Vay & I are leaving tomorrow to spend the weekend and need something to do while he works Saturday!
At the splash pad with my little loves of my life.
Had so much fun at the splash pad today!
I spent a lot of time at the splash pad...and that air conditioned joint that served six dollar beers...worth it!
About to shut this splash pad down with a game of Red Rover with all these kids.
You'll have the entire splash pad to yourself when it's a chilly day in JUNE! 😁
Beyond excited that I get to go to he splash pad tomorrow and get paid for it.
At the splash pad rockin' his new Love these suits so much!! Buy one! @ Rio Vista Splash Pad
Golden moment: The 60 seconds at the splash pad when all the water turns off & the kids get quiet & no one knows who's gonna push the button
There's always time for a little splash pad action.
Cool Off at Twin Cities-Area Splash PadsJul 09 2013Browse archives forJuly09, 2013Anne KingstonAll posts from Anne KingstonPosted inFeatured, Free, Minneapolis, On Tour, Places, Preschool Activities, Reviews, St. Paul, SuburbsSpread the loveLooking for a few new places to cool off this summer? I’ve…
Ground-breaking ceremony at Fendley Park Splash Pad! To open in late August.
Aurora and I are too lazy to dress up for athletic banquet so we go to the splash pad instead 💦
Don't take an afternoon nap ✔️. Play at the splash pad ✔️. Fall asleep during dinner with chip in hand!…
Mark your calendar for United WE READ Beach Book Party. June 30th, 9-11a at the Splash Pad!
Just met with the editor of El Mundo who asked if he could translate my splash pad article for the…
Join us out on the splash pad! Cool off then go inside out of the sun and swim and slide!!!
Injury at the Thatcher splash pad caused from the zip line:( Luckily I had a bad bad feeling enough…
Pool, school park, pville splash pad, and now back to our pool. Yep, the babies have had fun today!
Splash pad fun with sis and niece and nephew
Such a fun time with my best friends and our kids at the splash pad!!! 💜n summer!
The girl has on a swimsuit she picked out that I don't like and I still have trouble finding her at the splash pad.
Escaping the heat of 5+ days without air conditioning at our house with a trip to a local splash pad.…
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The splash pad at McCoy Park is out of commission for perhaps two weeks, unfortunately! It decided to break, and we have to do some big repairs...but our staff is on it! And we'll get it up and running as soon as possible.
Fun girl time then some fun in the sun with kiddos at splash pad
Our windows open 5pm-11pm along the Waterfront Trail at Spencer Smith Park for the We're out front of the splash pad & playground!
XC practice tonight at 6. Meeting in Waky at the splash pad.
I am on the ball today! Got up and took the kids to the splash pad with Ashley and Kim, and all of the kids.
The Riverfront Splash Pad is currently closed. Uptown Columbus Inc. President Richard Bishop said on Thursday, "There have been some mechanical issues."
More splash pad fun downtown today with Nana, Grandaddy and Mema!
Riverfront Splash Pad is closed for repair: The Riverfront Splash Pad is currently closed. Click to Continue »
Today is an interesting day at the splash pad.
So earlier when my class was on the splash pad, one of my students had to pee so bad he whipped it out and just went on the grass. 😩
Mayor Mitchell has submitted a few requests to the city council for approval this evening. Do you agree or disagree with spending $250,000 for a splash pad water play feature at Harrington Park? 2. COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting a LOAN ORDER, appropriating $250,000.00 for the creation of splash pad water play feature and appropriate site amenities including landscaping at Harrington Park, a 1.1 acre park located between Court Street, Tremont Street, Elm Street and Newton Street; said Loan Order is needed for the City to accept a grant in the amount of $200,000.00 from the State Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and a match in the amount of $50,000.00 from the Community Development Block Grant Program, said grant is structured as a reimbursable grant and grant conditions require that the City Council vote to appropriate and expend an amount equal to the grant amount and match requirements which total $250,000.00. The City Council meeting starts this evening at ...
Papaw and Brentlee playing in the splash pad
The Kiwanis Club of Greater Hartland held a grand opening in Nixon Park on Friday, May 31, to thank community members and businesses who contributed to the construction of the new shelters at the splash pad.
Nice initiative! Nice to see they don't ONLY spend tax payers money on partly funding starter private operations...
It's pretty warm, considering taking Kayson to the splash pad when I get off work
You better hope and pray I don't see you at the splash pad again. 😡
The Township of South Stormont will have its Official Grand Opening of the South Stormont Splash Pad on Wednesday...
Dragonfly Landing Splash Pad closed for maintenance until early next week. We apologize for the inconvenience, will advise when reopens.
Splash pad was so fun!! Now is time for some burgers, root beer and then naps ;)
Splash pad fun for me and this cutie 😊
The splash pad is open today from 11am to 7pm! Initial summer hours are Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays 11am to 7pm and Saturdays 10am to 7pm. Hours will be expanded soon to include other days in a few weeks. :)
Nothing like going 15 mins in the wrong direction because the splash pad fb page has the wrong address and phone number. But we made it!! Btw watch for snakes in the creek lol
Taking my niece nephew and Bella to the splash pad 😊😊
Searching for dilfs at the splash pad
A5. Cheesy as it sounds, I'd be happy with a family picnic & a day at the splash pad! And maybe this
Whoever has any pics of the splash pad at Bentley, comment your pics plz!
Productive morning: I cleaned out both boys' drawers. Put Jack's old clothes away for Thompson to wear in a few years, and got Thompson's clothes ready to donate. I have to admit, I'm having a very hard time giving away Thompson's clothes. I also finally took down Jack's name from Thompson's room, and got the letters painted, so I could put them up in Jack's new (a year ago) room. Now we're off to play at the splash pad with some friends!
There are currently 8 splash pads that span the Tucson metro area - five of which were created in the past five years. See the top five with pictures!
Enjoy a Little Rock Splash Park This Summer It's almost July and that means it's summer. Check these splash pads where you can cool off quickly while having a great time.
Austin Parks and Recreation operates and schedules seven municipal pools, including the world-renowned Barton Springs Pool, 27 neighborhood pools, six wading pools and 10 splash pads.
The splash pad is temporarily out of order. We will update everyone when we are back online.
Splash pad play date! Please don't rain us out mother nature =)
So I have compiled a list of Fridays that I think should work with a majority of us, now we need ideas to fill them up. Our next playdate will be June 27th..Weather permitting we can do an outside event.Should we try a splash pad again? Turtle Cove? Thoughts?
Costly new drainage requirements for splash pads in Ottawa have nothing to do with the provincial environmental restrictions, according to Ontario's Ministry of the Environment.
Had a"splashing" great time at the Kannapolis Splash pad.
REMINDER: 💦Tomorrow (Thursday) is 💦SPLASH PAD PLAY DAY!💦Friends & Family Welcome 😊 Meet at 💦RUSSELL AVE COMMUNITY CTRE💦btwn 10:00am - 11:30am for some playtime together on the playground & in the splash pad 💦This event is FREE! See you at the playground 😃 !
The Splash Pad has been a great success. This success is causing a problem with overcrowding to the point that our own folks from Hampton can't use the pad that was built for them. Therefore, we will probably begin to charge a fee to non-Hampton residents. I will keep you posted but it will be soon. Also, if you have been dropping off your children and not staying to supervise, this is not allowed. We will monitor this and your children will not be allowed inside the pad area. We still CANNOT accommodate bus loads of children. This is not a large water park and should not be used like one. Please DO NOT come to our Splash Pad with your bus loads of children!
It looks like it *MAY* not rain tomorrow so my friend, Lei Ann, & I are meeting at the playground & splash pad at John Barnes Park in Ardmore at 10:00 if anyone wants to join us!
There’s a new spot in the East Valley to kill a little time with kids this summer. Eastmark, a new community near Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, has opened a splash pad at its 100-acre Eastmark Great Park.The splash pad is free and open to the pu…
Family: Amanda, Marcos, Gavin (10), Dylan (8), Emily (4) and Melia (1) Location: Winter Springs, Florida My husband Marcos made a back yard splash pad for our four children. It is made out of beautiful (non slippery) Travertine tiles…
Hot days got you sweating? Cool down with these water features, splash pads, fountains and water parks in Portland Oregon.
Looking for a splash pad to take the kids too! Anyone know of one we can go to?
At the June General Membership meeting on Tuesday, the 10th, the Chamber held a ribbon cutting at Jellystone Park Camp-Resort to celebrate the opening of their new pool and splash pad. All who attended were treated to a wonderful barbecue dinner hosted and provided by Jellystone Park. A huge thanks to Bill & Kay Pott, Emily Rudolph and the gracious staff at Jellystone for their warm hospitality.
CITY POOLS OPEN EARLY – THANKS TO GRAND RAPIDS VOTERS! City swimming pools and splash pads open Friday, June 13, and will operate through September 1 this year. Thanks to Grand Rapids voters who passed a dedicated Parks Millage in November 2013, the swim season will begin in June for the first time since 2003 and will provide over 11 weeks of aquatic fun. Open swim for City residents is $1.00 for ages 1-17 and $2.00 for adults. Non-residents are $4.00 each. Children under the age of one are free. Open swim punch cards are available for residents and non-residents, as well as resident-only family pool passes. With a pool pass, a family of up to six people can swim all summer for $80 (additional family members are $10 each). City water resources will be in operation during the following hours at these locations. Note that all pools will be closed on July 4. Briggs Park Pool (Lafayette & Knapp NE) Monday through Thursday 12:30 - 6:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday 12:30-7:00 p.m. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Pool ...
Ok we r bout to head to library then meeting great friend at Abita Splash Pad anyone wanna meet us hit me up
Water parks, splash pads, water play areas, water slides for kids and families to get wet in Orange County
There will be a play date following the meeting at Corley Street park. There is a little splash pad, so be prepared with extra clothes and towels!
Hey friends! I am taking my kiddos to play at the Roanoke splash pad & park at 10 this morning. Anyone care to join us?!
Try this! Things to do this summer that cost little to nothing! Places to Go 1. Attend an outdoor Summer concert. 2. Go see an outdoor Summer movie. 3. Visit a new park or playground. 4. Visit a farm. 5. Tour the firehouse. 6. Go to the beach. (Here are 10 Fun-Filled Play Ideas for the Beach.) 7. Visit a botanical garden. 8. Visit a museum on a Target Free Day. (Find free or reduced priced community events near you.) 9. Go Bowling (kids bowl free). 10. Go on a photo walk and take pictures with a disposable camera. Later, create a scrapbook w/ the photos. 11. Free crafts at AC Moore. (More info here.) 12. Free Kids Workshop at Home Depot. (More info here.) 13. Visit the Library and borrow a movie for at-home movie night. 14. Feed the fish at a fish hatchery. 15. Splash Pad. 16. Visit a wildlife preserve. 17. Visit an aquarium. 18. Visit the zoo (check your local library for free passes that may be available on loan). 19. Visit a cavern. 20. Attend a minor league baseball game. 21. IKEA (Kids Eat Free ever ...
My lovelies at the Splash Pad today:) Matthew Lewis
Someone was pretty excited at the splash pad
I can't wait until Jude is old enough to play in the splash pad!
We came across a super cute splash pad on Main Street in St. George. They obviously had a blast!
This is my cousins foot he is three. This happened at the splash pad today in Obetz! If you take your children there please be cautious of the bathroom doors! This happened to him because the door ran over his foot! We will be pressuring Obetz to fix this immediately!
So much fun living in az and being able to party late outside at a splash pad! I love my family:) with Lindsay Heims Iverson Sheila Bratton Heims Reilly Michael Heims
Been a very long day Brysons cousins have been partying all day. We released balloons with a friend for her beloved husband and proud father to a lovely little girl as well as played in the splash pad. Then went to a friend's babys 2nd birthday silly string water balloons pools sand castles roasted marshmallows hotdogs hamburgers cake and oh what a long day. These boys are out cold thank you all for inviting me and allowing me to bring these munckins :) I missed my bryson monkey with us but im sure he received some awesome balloons and was close by playing around ") goodnight lil angel Tyson wrote his note on his balloon "to you tyson" all by himself how sweet
watching the fightt with willy.. Then Splash pad tomorrow with Angie, Kevin, and the kidsss
Had an awesome visit as Chaplin in Cookstown, Ontario today to open their new splash pad! — at Innisfil Public...
Beautiful day for some splash pad fun!
Cooling off at the splash pad. Happy happy little guys.
Had An Awesome Day.. with my wonderful mama and my beautiful sister and ALL The Crazy Kids!! We had a picnic lunch at the park then took the kiddos to the Splash Pad.. Being in the Sun was Great!!! :-) Ashley Lenius&Julie Gehrke
So I'm so excited to spend the weekend with my bestie!took the kids to the splash pad!!amari bonked his head lol but they had fun!!!pizza for dinner abd now to watch ride along!!I'm so happy we came!!!
the fact that he had his "Emmy" with him, made the splash pad that much better.
Enjoying the heat at the splash pad today. 💘 💧
Can you guess what splash pad this is? Priceless moments!!!
A church lady just called to say she's packing a lunch for the girls tomorrow so bring bathing suits and hats and she'll take them to the splash pad after church. Amazing.
First evening at the St Norbert splash pad. I love summer!!
Wanna take my baby to the Splash Pad. *** I wanna go too!!!
Pool closed? check - Splash pad at the park closed? check - Kids complaining like it's the end of the world? check - Worst dad ever? check
Walking, splash pad, biking, fishing, tree identification class, hiking, fishing again, and now last walk/bike ride of the day. Christian and I have had such a great day just doing whatever it is that we feel like doing! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can do it all again tomorrow.
First time this summer going to the splash pad. Aubrey didn't wanna but Connor after a little warming…
fun at the splash pad, then DQ for cones...
“Marie Curtis splash pad is on! very impressed with this new colourful area
Silly kids under the bucket lol. Splash pad fun ☀️
It was wonderful to see and chat with again today at the Fire Fly Field Splash Pad (cont)
yes!There's another,newer splash pad on Maria street-east city-off Beavermeade:)
Bumped into this crew at the King Edward splash party scavenger hunt...the other vehicle had a top hat
Had another fun day at splash pad. Brayden loves it. So cool it's so close we can go all the time and…
Hanging out at the splash pad with my boys... Elian asked me if he could have a girlfriend!!!
Need proof that summer is just around the corner, the campground splash pad is now open for the season!
2/ As I entered ivey park splash pad, I saw a man on his bike snapping quick pics of kids, then headed towards the bridge
I'm just going give this blanket apology to everyone we may see in the next couple of months.Knox doesn't seem to discriminate where he drops his drawers to pee and I haven't been fast enough to stop him before making a huge spectacle of himself. So to everyone at the zoo, splash pad, garden store, friend's homes, Polo quarry, side of the road, and anywhere else we travel: I'm sorry. I really and truly am trying to raise two respectful and kind boys.
Fun at the splash pad after Nolan's bday party!
Adellia got an invitation to her cousins birthday party. At a splash pad. A little more warning would have been nice.
Had fun with everyone at the splash pad :) now time to grind
I'm going to do a wet n wild mini session at the Marysville splash pad...comment below if you want me to tag you with the date :)
Splash pad with the kids they are having a ball
Miles playing at the splash pad Angela
Returned to after trail work to find guy on unicycle riding trail! & hit splash pad w my 7yo thanks
Water features and splash pad high on the wish list for wife and daughter
If you have a ten year old girl who is on the bigger side, and you take her to the splash pad when she's wearing all white, you are a cruel person. Disclaimer: I have nothing against her weight. I think her parents should have given her a proper swim suit or not a white t shirt. That is all. Other kids are pretty cruel about seeing your nipples in public FYI.
Little kids will make you so tired I swear! They have too much dang energy. Running all day and spent 2 hours at the dang splash pad.
Bartholomew Pool to reopen with lap pool, splash pad and slides
Jackson at the splash pad in Atlantic Beach
Babygirl gets to go to the splash pad today with Nana & Papa! They've been at the park for a while & she is just loving her time w/ them. 👌😊
nothing much. Thinking about heading to the splash pad. U?
Plenty of folks including were at the dedication of the new splash pad at Firefly Field in Matamoras:
Saturday at the Guelph City Hall splash pad!
Going to splash tonight. Definitely getting pad Thai.
going down in today. Great work crew
Emya and Lilly playing in the Splash Pad! They are having lots of fun.
Went to the splash pad today... It was still a little chilly with the wind water was a little cold!!
Poop on the splash pad... No thanks 🙅😷💩
Summer time splash pad old school style!!
It's nice to feel healthy again. Took Tim, Alida and Amy to our fav cafe in little Italy... And Mad and I found a random splash pad!
Killer Bee's at the Splash-a-Palooza. Just one of the features on our splash pad!
Our Saturday ritual. Playing at the splash pad.
“Saturday splash pad and swim lessons. . You are the coolest Daddy in the World ;)
Bryson had fun at the splash pad today!
It does not get any more Mean Streets of Farragut than a Saturday at the splash pad…
Splash Pad at Thompson Park will be opened some time in the coming week!
UPDATE: The Splash Pad at Millennium Park is now open.
My little Chelsea is mad right now! We just got to the splash pad and a baby leaked poop from one side to the other, all across the splash pad! IT'S CLOSED UNTIL 4PM! Ugh! It was an exploded diaper with the cotton poop gel all over the place! EW!
At the splash pad wit 5th Ave Glamour Girl one of these single mothers is about to scoop me up real quick with this fresh haircut
morning at Arbour Day. quick lunch at home and the kids are off on bike ride to splash pad w . I get to clean carpets.
So we had to come home and make our own splash pad on our deck.
Started out @ and ended up at Marie Curtis Park The splash pad is open! I love summer.
Operation splash pad=success! I think it's safe to say the kiddos had a blast!
Hi everyone. We reserved a pavilion at Alta Canyon from 4:00-6:00pm on the evening of August 15th. Pizza and drinks will be provided at 5:00. The admission will also be covered for swimming. There is a splash pad and slide for the children. We only have the pavilion till 6:00 but you can swim or lounge until 8:00. A Nacey reunion agenda will be sent to everyone as we get closer.
Who's been Downtown to the Splash Pad in Andrews Park already? (photo Angel Porch Photography)
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Splash Pad fun in daycare!! It looks to us like Tucker doesn't mind getting a little wet!
Sydney's surprise frozen party was a success! Somehow it was kept a secret an her reaction was fantastic! Now a little splash pad fun with the girly cousins! Thank goodness summer is here!!!
Splash-a-Palooza at the Mercy Health & Recreation Center starts NOW! Visit us for FREE water games including slip and slides, water balloon toss, carnival games, fishing, and of course SPLASH PAD! Activities are available until 4:00pm!
Good morning everyone !! Spending time with mommy and Gaby today ! I'm going to my first outing with my DS group here at home :) I can't wait !! We are going to the splash pad and my sissy are going to have so much fun !!! My meme is going too :) I wish my daddy was here especially for our first DS meeting !! But we will be taking plenty of pictures !!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day
Have any of my FB friends been to the Splash Pad @ Phil Campbell?? I had read yesterday through the weekend it's only $1 to get in :) my question is do they have a place for the parents to sit? Chairs etc or do parents bring their own? Thanks for any help!
RULES FOR SWIMMING DURING BREAK: Only those over the age of 18 and UNDER THE AGE OF 2 YEARS OLD AND ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN OVER THE AGE OF 18 are permitted in EITHER POOL. Please help us out and do NOT let your older children sit around the edge of the Splash Pad with the tips of their toes in. this is a rule... it is announced each break that they need to be COMPLETELY AWAY FROM BOTH POOLS. It is a safety issue, there is only one guard watching both pools during break, this allows the other guards to get re-hydrated, grab a snack, etc. We have only been open for a few days and this has already been a problem. Our other choice is to completely clear both pools for break. Let's all work together and comply with the rules requested and help keep everyone safe!
Yogi on the Go will be out and about tomorrow... The Trailer will be at Sam's club on 96th street helping raise money for Riley Hospital.. the Truck will be at Billercay Park Splash Pad starting around 11:00.
Well, apparently we have played so hard in the Splash Pad this week we wore the pump out! We are so very sorry to tell you that the Safari Splash will be closed until we can procure the new part we need on Monday. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the disappointment if it was part of your plans for the weekend!
Splash pad! It was so much fun she couldn't sit and eat her chicken nugget she had to take it with her
Fischer Park construction is progressing. The Nature Center foundation has been poured and the maintenance building, restroom and boat storage buildings are framed. The new park roads have been graded and utilities are underway. Once completed, the 62 acre park will offer a wide variety of amenities including: hike and bike trails, playgrounds, a splash pad, fishing ponds, picnic facilities, a nature center, a large pavilion and an outdoor amphitheater. Fischer Park site work contractor is MAC, Inc and the building construction contractor is Journeyman Construction, Inc. Pending weather and other factors, the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. For additional information about Fischer Park visit Photo Credits: Zercher Brand Photography City of New Braunfels - Capital Programs
Little video of Lucas at the splash pad Hoping to take time everyday weather provided
This Saturday, the swimming area will be temporarily closed from 345 pm - 5pm for the swimming portion of the Hawk Island kids triathlon. The splash pad will remain open. Good luck to all the young triathletes.
Ever have this realization? If you need a place to hang out, grab a yogurt at Yogurberry then head to the Splash Pad which is open!
Don't miss our kick off to summer church family picnic this coming Wednesday, June 4th, 6 p.m. at Rayola Park (south of the Owasso YMCA). Splash pad and activities for the kids! And, Lucky Dog Tulsa will be there selling hamburgers and hotdogs.YUM!
The kids really want to go to the splash pad so they arr washing dishes while i fold laundry
Testing the waters at the Palatine Park SPLASH pad!
Salt Lake City's only Splash Pad just for Dogs! 1st Time Customers: buy 1 day of daycare or boarding and the next day is FREE.
One month from today! Summer Fun! Come to the Certa Family Reunion and Summer Picnic at Wicker Park in Highland, Indiana on Saturday, June 28, 2014, from 11:00 AM (Central Standard Time) to ? (We have to be out of the shelter by 8:00 PM). We’re in Shelter 2 this year – that’s the shelter where we had the 2012 reunion. Shelter 2 is in the middle of the park, close to the washrooms, the playground, and the Splash Pad water park. There are spots near the stand that can be used for loading and unloading picnic things. Once unloaded, cars must be moved a bit further out for all day parking. We’ll start the fire in the shelter grill at 12:00 noon. We should be ready for lunch about 1 PM. We have a beer permit –park rule: cans only, NO glass bottles. Each family should bring its own food, drink (NO GLASS BOTTLES), plates, cups, napkins, condiments, and cooking and eating utensils. There will be picnic tables both inside and outside of the shelter for us to use. You might want to bring your own ...
City of Pensacola emergency update: As of 2:00 PM on Thursday, May 1, most City facilities are open, including City Hall. Normal operations have resumed at Pensacola International Airport and the Port of Pensacola. The following City facilities will remain closed until further notice due to storm/flooding damage: Vickrey Resource Center, Roger Scott Tennis Center, Bayview Resource Center (Bayview Senior Citizen Center is open), Roger Scott Dog Park, and the Splash Pad water feature at Plaza de Luna. The City of Pensacola participates in Escambia County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In order to provide comprehensive and up to date information to our citizens, the EOC has activated a fully staffed Citizen Information Center, which citizens can reach at (850) 471-6600. For information specific to City of Pensacola services and facilities, city residents can dial 311. United Way 211 (formerly First Call for Help) maintains up-to-date information on emergency food and shelter, services for families an ...
Thanking our Splash Pad Sponsors! Thank you to Exeter Chrysler Ltd Godbolt Ciufo Insurance and Financial Services for sponsoring armour stones at the Splash Pad! Thanks to Dr Jason Bourne for sponsoring a bench! Thank you to Usborne & Hibbert Mutual Fire for your generous contribution!
Thanks You Kiwanis Club of Sandusky for having me tell you about our Splash Pad! I loved all the interest you had in our project!! Lynette
Grand Lake state park to get splash pad
What is a splash pad you ask? It is a safe, low(er) cost way to stay cool during our hot summer months. At about a 1/4 of the cost to install than a pool and a 10th of the maintenance. Instead of Thousands of gallons of water to fill, the self contained system uses between a 125 gallon up to a 350 gallon recirculating tank to keep you cool And with the controller you can have water jumping from anywhere from 6 to as many as you like jets at different times..
I just couldn't do splash pad, duck pond and squirt factory...
Oh and let me rant a little bit before I go to bed. the price went up to get into palmetto up two 2.00 per person. I'm fine with that but when we're going just for the dam splash pad let make sure not just half of it works. And the bathrooms are not disgusting. And that's for the people who go. Letting your children urinate on the bathroom floor instead of in the potty is just down right gross
So.we've had some questions about this dance. It is being put on by Jodie Schilbe and Susan Riddell. We are also recruiting more parents as we get organized to help. The tickets are $20.00 and will include some food and lots of entertainment for you. Hopefully we have lots of kids because any profits raised after expenses are paid will go toward the Optimists splash pad!!! Isn't that great??? You're going to have fun and help build something great for our community!!! Spread the word.lets fill the Rec Center on July 3rd.
Splash pad finally open at the park...hopefully between this and park he will be wore out! Doubt it though! I Love this boi!
! “Fun! New splash pad added to Riverfront Park
Fun! New splash pad added to Riverfront Park
Parks & Rec Director Kellie Cook and one of our clean water professionals from Wastewater, Dale Gandy, worked this morning to make sure that the splash pad is ready for opening day on May 1st!
Enjoying some much needed time of peaceful bliss watching my little angels run around the splash pad. Its amazing when i am feeling like the world is against me, and theres no one by my side, i can look at these girls and it all melts away.
Going to the splash pad tomorrow if any other mama friends want to join :) Harper went today and loved it
Splash pad in Zeeland gets the green light. See report at:
A dad brought a six pack to the splash pad. I'd follow suit, but I feel like I'd get judged more harshly for doing the same thing.
Anyone know if the water is turned on at festival foothills splash pad ?
Attention Homecoming parents!! There is a splash pad at the park where we are having the picnic. Dress accordingly. Be prepared! The children will want to get wet!!
Micah man! We had a blast at the splash pad today!
We walked across the street to Klyde Warren after our tour of the DMA and Nasher. It was really great. They have a splash pad for kids, park for the dogs of all ages. Putting green, Bocci Ball, Crochet, checkers, ping pong.some many options... you should go this weekend. If you are not able to, pick a weekend and go! Date or kids. Get some culture and PartyWithPete. Share the pics if you wish.
More photos of the new splash pad at Riverfront Park! It opens to the public this weekend!
Pictures from the Splash Pad dedication inside Riverfront Park!
I wanna go to the zoo and the splash pad and a water park somewhere. is that too much to ask??! Lolol!! Totally just kidding.. would be fun though
is anyone in Newmarket?? well if u are come to fairy lake if u want to see me and ill be at the splash pad so yeah
Franklin Co. will compete with the City of Frankfort for $75,000 in state funds to build splash pad at Lakeview Park.
Splash pad time before our 50 degree days in Chicago
What to do after work?? Am thinking take the kids to the splash pad/playground! :) can't wait to spend all weekend with them!
Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola, City Director Dean Kumpuris and guests of all ages were on hand for the unveiling of Riverfront Park’s new splash pad. The splash pad is the latest addition to the park’s children’s play area, designed for children up to age 5. It opens to the public this weekend. Two…
Bowies doing a job application and then were off to the splash pad. going to be a great day can't wait
the girls and I are headed back to the splash pad today. this time we know it's open we can pack and dress accordingly. the other day i just let them play in their clothes and we were parked by the disc golf course. I stripped Ari out of her clothes and let her wear one of my tank tops and just livis top off. They both shivered the whole way to the car where i did at least had a diaper bag with a change of clothes and diaper. i'm so excited to watch the girls run through the water and squeal with delight! Great way to spend a thurs!
Boat of the Week: 2013 Apex Qwest known for its unique bar layout. See:
A big thank you to folks at who made the new splash pad a reality, esp. the Parks crew. Looks great!
mentioned in Splash Pad Winter Issue 2014! Check it out here:
Buoyant Foundation Project has been mentioned in the University of Waterloo's Splash Pad Winter Issue 2014! Check it out at the link below
Splash Pad will be opening on May 1st with hours of 10am-5pm, 7 days a week!
My girl got her work done early so we are getting in some playtime at the splash pad
Boat of the Week is the 2013 Apex Qwest LS 7518 Splash Pad that's known for its unique bar layout. More...
FYI - Ava's Splash Pad will open on Tuesday, May 27th @ 11am. Join the event for updates & changes.
Pass Christian has a brand new Harbor and the original plans called for a splash pad which would have been ideal because we are one of the only communities that does not have a splash pad for our children. We really need a safe place for our children to play and enjoy the harbor and learn about t...
So is it too cold to go to the splash pad? Lol!
It is one of our last days here in Phoenix and today it reached 99 degrees!  We thought we would change the swimming up a bit by visiting what is called the Splash Pad.  And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. Just because you are taking your kids to a playground/water adventure zone doesn't mean…
Proud to join my friend Wayne Woods in contributing to LR's family-friendly riverfront with a new splash pad!
Mayor Mark Stodola and Dr. Dean Kumpuris dedicate the new Splash Pad at Riverfront Park. Kudos to Woods & Burkhalter.
Mayor Stodola at Press conference being held announcing new splash pad for kids behind Marriott along river
Little kids playing in the new Riverfront Park Splash Pad - just outside the LR
The kids are playin in the splash pad
We will be having a birthday party for destiny this sunday at the splash pad its her 11th birthday please inbox us if you plan to attend and we if you all the details
Codys birthday party is on sat. At the Brandi Fenton park. Food, cake and bring clothes for the splash pad. Little man is turning two!
But actually, this DIY splash pad made from a tarp is even cheaper. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ide
Get your kids ready for lots of fun splash time as the Stouffville Splash Pad opens for the season May 1st!
Our fun time at the Zoo while we were out on Easter break! Kids can't wait till the Zoo opens up the new Splash pad this Summer!
NEW Aquatic Splash Pad Opening at the Archdale/Trinity YMCA. This Summer we will open our NEW aquatic Splash Pad...
Leaving this afternoon. Still have to pack and load the car up but instead I am procrastinating and taking little man to the splash pad for some fun!
hey Traverse out that stupid splash pad and put in one of these !!!
Today is Thursday!!! And today house cleaning and yard work will not be paused...ive got the taxi.which pretty much means I clean until 2pm then at 4pm.WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE SPLASH PAD WITH TOYS!
Adriana Chairez and I will be going to the splash pad at Pioneer Park on 83rd and Olive. Tomorrow, Thursday at 10 a.m. anyone else want to join?
Cleaning house to relieve stress! Can't wait to see my Penny and Madderson tomorrow! Splash pad here we come! ❤️💗☀️
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Wier’s last act as mayor is to veto Hafen splash pad rejection
With the big push to put a 'Splash Pad' in at Crowley park and the City advising now of a possible 'Major Leak' because of high water bills, why was the Going Green Foundation allowed to get Free Water from the Pool's Facility Faucets for the last 3-4 years? If the wat...
I can say once again I had a crazy day, I was taken thru the splash pad at work by another coworker I was soaking wet but we gave everybody a laugh including ourselves. Ima get him back lol. Now its night night time with my twin.
A dinner fundraiser is coming to Gatsby's in supporting the Brander Park Splash Pad Project
A huge thank you to the Zeeland community for coming out and supporting the Splash Pad Fund at our restaurant last night. We met our goal of raising over $5,000 and are happy that the 5 partnering businesses will match with another $5,000!
Just read in the paper, that Hulbert is getting a splash pad. That is great.
Do you want to see this headline read "Warner Park splash pad project starts"? Come to the next Northside United...
Elver Park splash pad project starts: The city of Madison broke ground on a new splash park Wednesday. Madiso...
So the pool at our place will unfortunately be closed for his party! So we will be having it at the splash pad west side park like the year before last! :-)
First look at the upcoming splash pad down here at the river
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