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Splash Pad

A splash pad is an area for water play that has no standing water. This is said to eliminate the need for lifeguards or other supervision, as there is practically no risk of drowning.

Heritage Park

Have you checked out the splash pad at Cadillac Commons? Fun for all ages! Happy Summer :)
The family I nanny for has partial power (generator). Having to get creative with type girls today. First stop, a splash pad.
A is part of a revitalization project creating safe, fun play for youth in IN…
Walk to parks, splash pad, tennis courts from your over 1900 square foot all-brick, ..
Reminder: Holland Splash Pad will be closed June 22-25 for the Fishers Freedom Festival.
This will be an outstanding addition to the neighbourhood. Kids and families will be able enjoy this great...
Splash pad expected to be optimized in the next few weeks, causing some disruption in service.
I'm usually a fan of public art but if this particular piece was torn out & city's…
Really wanna take Josiah to the splash pad today, anyone want to come with?
The Robin Bledsoe Splash Pad will be closed June 25th from 4pm through June 30th. We will re-open on July 1st.
Such a fun day for all at the Wilmot Splash Pad!
At the splash pad at 7:30am because our bodies think it's still 10:30.
A photo of a Coatesville police officer running with children through the splash pad gained national recognition. https:/…
Pavilion Rentals at Leon Corlew Park & Splash Pad will NOT be available this summer due to construction of the new…
Central Park Splash Pad opens this Wednesday 6/21 First 100 people get free KCream! Way to celebrate first…
I think every family I know with small kids has been to the cool new splash pad at least once. See why:…
Because $100 m was dedicated to The Bayou Greenway project. TIRZ spent about 480k on a new splash pad a…
Looking for a place to splish and splash the day away? Head over to the splash pad at West Park!
City reminds visitors not to drink splash pad water
The KG friends heading to the Goderich splash pad for a wonderful day of fun.
A grand opening is scheduled at 11:30 a.m., June 21.
John Coles park in Chippenham has an Amazing splash pad - just saying
Whoosh! by Chris Barton Is the perfect read aloud for a day at the Splash Pad!
GALLERY: Daleville's new Splash Pad drawing big summer crowds:
What are you all up to on this lovely sunny day? We've been to the splash pad to cool down!
The Splash pad in Conover is open today. Be sure to get by and enjoy it before the Water Department gets done playi…
The Splash Pad will be up and running this week!. Monday- Seahorses from 9-10. Tuesday- Jellyfish from 9-10 then...
What a great Fathers Day Weekend. Root Beer Tower, Waterslides, Splash Pad, and time in the pool…
Come and make a splash to beat the heat today at Marine Splash Pad! Open today until 6pm!
The Sunny Hill Splash Pad is open in St. George! Enjoy the Splash Pad daily from 10am-8pm.
Help Mt. Elliott Park win best Splash Pad in the USA from Vote at
BSI Insurance has donated $2000 to the Town of Carman Splash Pad. Click to read the full story!
"this house has a splash pad, wow that's what i've always wanted. who needs a pool? nah i want to go soak in my nice SPLASH PAD"
Come beat this summer heat by playing at the Splash Pad at Riverfront Park! ☀️💦
Fresh paint for the Splash Pad on Vernon Ave. this year.
Summer Break is only a couple of weeks away - check out what we have planned - camps, pool, splash pad, and MORE!
Taking Ahri to the splash pad if anyone wants to join us.
Don't forget to vote every day this Weekend on list of Best in USA for 2017:…
Summer is almost here and our Outdoor Pool/Splash Pad open Memorial Day May 27th! Please visit the following...
Wright's Landing in Spring, Texas could be your next home. With a fully stocked pond, splash pad for the kids,...
How to Build a Splash Pad in 6 Weeks - Week 2 photos at Ridgeline Park in Corona, CA
Thank you for spending a couple of beautiful days out at YMCA Camp Clay!! We hope to see the children on th…
Happy Friday, Indy! The weekend is looking full of sunshine! Keep the warm thoughts coming for Splash Pad opening d…
splash pad featured in May-June edition of Mississippi Outdoors.
Splash Pad mentioned in the May-June edition of published by Mississippi...
Proposed kid-designed Apopka splash pad could go to bid by June
Help Support the Make a SPLASH Pub Crawl to help raise funds for the purchase as many Splash Pad tickets for the...
Who's ready to RIOT?! Registration starts at 6am tomorrow at The Pav. You can park at the splash pad or on...
Best Splash Pad Vote for the Rose Kennedy Greenway with its 1.5 mile stretch of parks & fountains.
Splashpads are scheduled to open May 17th! A new splash pad is being built at Young Park & will open in July!
Circled area will be a highlight of some sort, possibly a splash pad. Can't wait to take my kids thru the new
Smoking at the splash pad in legends ranch like I'm back in high school lmaoo
Former Livingston jail being torn down for splash pad
Look for St. Louis Running Tour at the opening ceremony, Friday, May 19th. You might find us at the splash pad,...
The Splash Pad is being resurfaced by before the season starts.
Like those ones with the sides cut out are so cute but I can't have a nipslip at the splash pad
I'm so excited about the growth at It's one of my fav places to take my boys! The renovated splas…
I liked a video PLAYING AT THE WATERPARK Splash Pad Family Fun Activity in the Pool
That chunk of dirt. Yep, that's going to be an awesome splash pad. I may consider bathing in it...yeah? Or Neigh?
Splash pad, gelato and lots of sprints. If you live in ATL and you're kids haven't visited…
I hope they have a donation for Mapleton Township Splash pad
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I took some sunset pictures of Rio Vista Splash pad a few weeks ago. Have you been there?...
Your 3 y/o daughter is playing on the splash pad and is not wearing a shirt. Are you a bad parent?.
Paul Fallis, Agricultural Sales Manager, presenting $5000 donation to the Arthur Optimist Splash P…
SeaChase has something for even the youngest members of the family, including our crowd-favorite splash pad!
Planning to hit those same exact spots with our son tonight. He loves the splash pad!
The splash pad at Santa Fe Park is now open for the season. Current hours of operation are from 9:00 am - 7:00...
Splash pad in The ribbon cutting is on Friday, May 19 with a celebration on Saturday May 20:
Show your love for the Gateway Fountain by voting it the Best Splash Pad in Readers' Choice Awards!…
"Have fun on the splash pad or on your iPad." - Ad for Water Park. "That's terrible. Who would do that? Go have...
Is it sexist if a 3 y/o boy can run around on a splash pad without a shirt, but a 3 y/o girl can't?
Splash pad kinda day with my handsome dude ☉😍💙
Still time 2 vote for in USA Today Travel's Best 10 Splash Pad competition:…
Come on, he's just waiting for the splash pad to get done. Or to start.
Come splash around with us at the Splash Pad this Saturday from 9am-12pm. See you there!
To the Red Haired Girl at the Splash Pad Who Asked About My Daughter With Down Syndrome | The Mighty -
Holland:. Thank you to everyone yesterday who came out to our tent by the splash pad to help…
A few pictures of the repainted splash pad at
Everyone read Ching park , our ski hill transforms into a splash pad in the blink of an eye
The Saugeen Team is a proud sponsor of the splash pad development. Learn how you can help
Make a $1500 donation to the construction of a splash pad and play with the Montreal Canadiens Alumni.…
.addresses park updates including splash pad at Central Park and Harbor (Harbour?) House
Don't swim to the deep end for people who won't even go to the splash pad for you.
Want a free place to go with the kids? Mundy Playing Fields in has a splash pad, plenty of space to play & playground.
Morrison looking to install a splash pad:
Flanked by a large water garden (Aquaview Park) and a City of Ottawa Splash Pad ..
Construction is set to begin in Point Edward this spring on a splash pad!
Check out this story in the Thursday Salem News:. Salem parks commissioners to explore cost of splash pad.
The spray-ground will provide something for kids of all ages and is expected to be completed by June.…
What kind of a person brings their toddler to play at the splash pad when it's 57 degrees?
JURASSIC JUNGLE: The new splash pad is set to open this May.
A new splash pad could be coming to the Cache City Park. . More info here:
Splash pad could be coming to Cache
Organizers will push for go ahead on Picton splash pad
Oh - we were thinking splash pad or fountain!
Just sent over by grand opening event for their plaza renovation, inc. splash pad, added seating and s…
Cobb is getting a splash pad just in time for summer
Want to go for a splash? The splash pad at Liberty Park has reopened.
I take duke to the splash pad all the time ! Go with us!🐶❤️️
Do you like our Lake Country Splash Pad? . Check out our latest rotary initiative for the 2017 Golf Tournament at...
I am so excited for this!!! We used to drive 40 minutes through traffic just to get to the splash pad in East...
Check out the 13 splash pad features coming to Cascades
JACKSON — Cascades splash pad plans approved, on pace to open mid-June
Elizabeth and family take a day trip to Hawaiian Falls and splash around in the wave pool, lazy river, splash pad...
My 10-month-old son found love at the splash pad today [via
A9. We always enjoy hitting up the resort pools and splash pad areas!
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I liked a video from HUGE WATERPARK KIDS FUN Video Splash Pad Waterslide Ride
Love the Roe Park splash pad? Help us come up with more great ideas for City parks! Draw up your vision and share u…
The Splash Pad will officially open for the season starting March 11th!
Sprayground construction has begun at Lillian Bryant Park! We can't wait to see the final result!
The Roush Park NEW Splash Pad was poured yesterday! We can't wait to start it up this summer for everyone to enjoy…
Peru is now accepting bids for their planned splash pad and other recreational amenities on the former Washington...
Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood on park renovations: Getting rid of pool at Mary Gibbard Park. Will add splash pad and zip line. on Fox
EC getting a splash pad .. but who knows how long that'll last 🤕
ODESSA: You'll have a new place for some fun in the sun this summer!
JURASSIC JUNGLE: Groundbreaking for Odessa's newest splash pad will begin Wednesday.
Nice day for the splash pad. @ Downtown Winter Garden Splash Park
Blue skies and sunshine! This is perfect weather for a refreshing day at the Splash Pad with the kids!…
Feeling healthy?! Join us for FREE workout classes all week on the splash pad & a plethora of healthy choices nxt w…
Annie is playing happily at the splash pad when a bigger kid, maybe 3.5 to 4 yrs old pushes her…
Due to needed maintenance, our Back Splash Pad will be closed for the next 3 days. It is schedule to re-open on Thu…
Splash pad, improves to Rogersville park nearing completion
A group of private donors are working to accelerate funding for Mount Zion's new splash pad. reports →…
Checking out the new Splash Pad in Claiborne County!
At the splash pad with our babies. — playing in the water at Harrisville Splash Pad
btw I tried a smoothie from swig today, & I'll choose splash pad any day
I liked a video from Splash Pad and LechePuto - VLOG
Babysitter’s treatment of infant at splash pad sparks online outrage
His mama calls him KLAY Ima call him KLAY (@ Wildcat Splishy Splash Pad in Smyrna, TN)
Beautiful night at the park in Centennial-- food trucks, splash pad,…
Nice that vote 2 reopen splash pad during this weekend's heat wave was done. Concerned that Eastside and CB parks don't have them
Splashing the day away at Wolcott Park in West Hartford, CT. What CT splash pad should we try next?
A little afternoon fun at the new Cologne splash pad!
I liked a video from SPLASH PAD FUN! |Love On 6th|
Looks like the Banner Park Splash Pad is one step closer to completion with the fixtures installed.
New splash pad closes after two weeks
Which pool/splash pad is your favorite one to go to?
Fun day at the splash pad! Thanks for hanging out today Brooke! It was great to see you and your adorable little ones 󾬏
Sweet relief from the 119 degree heat index in Memphis. Took this pic at Skinner Center splash pad
After dinner swing, capped by a run around the splash pad n our undies ❤️
With temps rising, don't forget to stay cool!! Hydrate and enjoy our splash pad :)
Punkin and Bear at splash pad. He will only get his feet and legs…
Time to cool off at the Splash pad is on its…
Parents: please note Friday & Saturday the splash pad at Spencer Smith Park will be closed as of 8pm ^ao
While at Splash Pad, had a kid invite me to go see Finding Dory with his family. Didn't invite the kids, just me.
Took kids to splash pad and ended up more soaked than they did. Became every other kids best friend because of it.
Joey took the kids to the splash pad so I can get some rest. Such a sweetheart. Love him
Splash pad day tomorrow 11:30 to 1 bring trunks bathing suits and towels
Progress on our new City park...the splash pad is coming! # engage
The splash pad will open this summer.
The Stevenson Pool is being repurposed for a new splash pad.
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Because playing at the splash pad is hard work 💕💙
Went to for lunch today with the handsome man and then went to the park/splash pad❤️
HEMSI responds to 6 heat-related issues on hottest day of the year: Places like the Showers Center splash pad...
The Splash Pad is now Open for the Season!
Have you seen Temecula's newest park? The Eagle Soar Playground and Splash Pad at Margarita Community Park is...
Martingrove Gardens Splash Pad opening is 2 days away. My staff has done a great job of preparing music, food and fun!
The McFee splash pad will be closed the rest of today due to mechanical issues and is expected to reopen at its normal time tomorrow.
Kaiden is out here at the splash pad flirting with teenage girls and he is eating their attention up like crazy. I'm dying rn.
Check out this old photo of how children in cooled off at the local splash pad!
Gone take my nieces to the splash pad 💕
The McFee Park splash pad will remain closed today due to mechanical issues and will reopen at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!
I even took them on a field trip to the fire station and for snocones today! Splash Pad tomorrow!
No one had more fun at the Splash Pad at davisfarmland than this kid! Dancing, singing, clapping…
Now for some volleyball with and splash pad fun!
Being an inclusive splash pad was so important to us! This makes us so happy!!!
i took him to the clear lake splash pad!¡!
Mackenzie Park splash pad repairs are complete. The splash pad has reopened for use.
Do if I want to reserve a spot at a nice park with a splash pad for Wyatt's birthday, who would I contact to do...
Future of defunct West pool site becoming splash pad/amphitheater topic of neighborhood meeting of https…
Fun day at a new splash pad with Grammy, can't wait to go with Gabby…
First time at the splash pad and besides it having freezing water, he loved it! Next up swim…
Berea's public hearing is scheduled for 4/21 to discuss plans for building a splash pad at the city pool! So exciting!
Florida splash pad fun on our recent vacation!! My awesome kiddos!!
The weather is getting warmer and that means it won't be much longer until the splash pad at is open!
An adorable throwback to this guy having fun at the splash pad and dancing away! 🌴☀️🌴 Can't stop…
Fun at the splash pad. huntmanchan chandler_gymnast @ Ocotillo Village Health Club & Spa
council: 's Karin Foster says splash pad concept for Novembrino pool site geared for younger kids; community supports it
When you go to the splash pad and see all the kids running around and moms on their phones in their tankinis
Guys. Come to beefs and support the splash pad.
We were bummed out today when we came for the splash pad and it was closed. But Greyson found a…
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Due to the beautiful weather in The Dalles the Splash Pad will be OPEN today til 6pm and tomorrow from 10am-6pm!...
These bathing suits are the cutest like I'm literally fixing to go buy her a pool or splash pad so she can wear one of them today 😄
Hello World! We are working very hard to build a Community Splash Pad in Mazomanie's Lion's Park!
yes! and/or a splash pad - I'm sure C would love that come summer weather
79% of Yelp reviews are 3 stars or above. We could encourage our residents to rate our rec center, splash pad, etc.
New progress is constantly being made at the new Heritage Park Splash Pad. We are also looking for volunteers on...
Tennessee: Work begins on Heritage Park playground, in Clarksville
A tarp and sprinkler will create a fun ... -
better & bigger parks. a Splash Pad, swing set,tunnels,climbing net,flying fox! this would be awesome
Proud of our Wildcats who are giving back to our community and supporting the Wallaceburg Splash Pad
Water report! The splash pad at Seven Seas is ON! What a great way to spend a toasty day. Any reports from the...
LIVE on Little windy for the splash pad but you can't tell these kids no!
Scioto County commissioners on Tuesday accepted a $7,500 check from SOMC as a donation for the building of the New Splash Pad Water Park.
Splash pad and playground coming to Heritage Park | via
Mayor's budget includes new amenities in 2nd District: new fire station & splash pad, plus 20 new police officers.
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Athens looks to add splash pad to popular park: A splash pad could soon be in the works for Athens Regional Park.
Looking to build a splash pad still have much to think about. Check out for their splash pad cost.
yeah! 11-12 on Wednesdays, 5$ and it's at the gymnastics place by the splash pad :)
A5 And, after Cody Park RR Museum, there's a RR Themed SPLASH PAD in Memorial Park!
Ireland Park has many improvements coming: splash pad with shaded area, accessible seats ...
Register by June 1st for this golf tournament in support of our Splash Pad!
The Dundee Township Park District is working to add a spray park (aka splash pad) to Huffman Park on Tartans...
why is the splash pad in St thomas switched off ? It is the hottest day of the year !
Meeting held to determine which park would suit best for splash pad plans
A10. My kids & I really love our local splash pad!
Someone knows how to enjoy the splash pad :)
The splash pad proposed for Huffman Park is a Dundee Park District (DPD) project. The DPD is a separate...
Work begins on Heritage Park playground, splash pad: Local Rotary clubs have started construction on an access...
Join us in on 4/30 at 11am for the grand opening of the Monroe Field Splash pad!
St. George kids could be frolicking in a new splash pad and getting relief from the hot sun this summer.
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Sometimes after busy work and school day it's good to unwind at the splash pad, in your clothes…
Spending some one on one time with this little hunk at the splash pad today 💦 @ Main Street…
The Scholars' Yard Sale has been rescheduled to this Saturday, April 9th! It will be from 8:00-4:00 at the Splash Pad in Martin!
Splash pad and playground coming to Heritage Park in Clarksville
So there's a splash pad at Zoo Atlanta and the kid is a water baby! @ Zoo…
It's yo girl comin at ya live from the splash pad. 😘
Does this mean is going to be upset we wrote about the Riverdale splash pad last week and spoke to a city staffer?
A $350,000 splash pad for Riverdale Park could be built this summer.
don't give on splash pad idea . Farm Community Splash @ Perth Ontario - all funds raised by community 200,000.00
Some seem to forget who the splash pad is for...
That should not matter. The splash pad was lower cost option to replacing a pool in the area. Splash pad should go in now.
If plan was to remove pool and put in a splash pad, then they need to do it. Too bad for McIntosh.
Splish Splash! The Showers Rec Center is undergoing a $1.2 million renovation with a new Splash Pad for families
Summer in February: all of a sudden we have a splash pad again...
The Commons Park "Interactive Splash Pad" will be closed for maintenance until further notice.
Little Giant Ladders
Our new splash-pad experience Get Wet! will be opening in Spring 2016 - it'll be a fountain of fun for all ages!
Alabama: Vernon to get at city park
You guys...this neighborhood is going to have an 8 ACRE AMENITY CENTER!! Splash pad, 24 hr…
Early Spring! What signs of Spring do you love to see? Ava’s Splash Pad
A new wave pool, kiddie splash pad, concessions and boat tours are being added to Sandy Beach Water Park in...
Come on out this Saturday to help support the Wallaceburg Splash Pad at the CBD in Wallaceburg! Get...
Attended 1 from the sidelines! Played musical chairs on a flat, splash pad water fountain that sprayed at random!
That looks like a lovely splash pad.
New Listing! This 3+1 bed, 3.5 bath is just steps to the splash pad - ready this summer! $325,000 MLS®
Splash Pad Update: Please be aware the Splash Pad has now been fixed and is back open to the public.
Progress on new park in Can you please add a splash pad
First day in Mexico. At the pool. Skinny and pale with a beer belly. Chasing a toddler through a splash pad. Full dad bod.
Due to unforeseen circumstances the splash pad is temporarily not in use.We are currently working on getting this fixed.
From splash pad to lazy river ...Water features new norm at Ballparks via sportsdaydfw
And a little party at the splash pad for friends and family on Sunday.
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It's warm enough for this guy to play in a splash pad!!!
Unfortunately our Splash Pad is out of action for the weekend. We apologise for any inconvenience caused
Our next splash pad is underway! The Mustang Church of the Nazarene is adding a great area for their church and...
This is awesome! Hot tub for adults and then by day a little kiddie pool with splash pad! Splash pad
I really hope you like the "pirate splash pad" section of my latest article. LOVE
Waterlines: Splash pad equipment donated to park revitalization project
Enter our competition this week to win a 24-hour pass to Splash Pad at
Henderson says a splash pad for DJ Hancock will be unveiled in the south end this year.
Carmel's West Park could include a lot more than planned playground and splash pad.
watching planning meeting on community access. 3rd largest city in MI and the best. Yes please to splash pad.
Splash Pad in the works for Riverton City Park; Citizen’s group working on the project
New directional signs are installed to guide the way to the Splash Pad at Marana Heritage River Park.
Made today a step back and relax day! Missed my family! @ Millennium Park Beach & Splash Pad
There's no better way to "cool off" on this HOT day. then Splish Splashing in our Splash Pad!!!. Add a refreshing... http:/…
THURSDAY 7/9: We are headed to Walk and Splash Pad at Gregory Mill Dam Park in Smyrna! Look here for more info!
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Hickory Hill Aquatic Center in MEM? That'd be the biggest hurdle for sure. There's always converting the Tad Pad to the Splash Pad
yes... it was getting crazy. . they went to the splash pad/ library. I told them they are welcome to return though
Kids & I thought about going to a park today that had a Splash Pad today. Apparently we can go to any park in Central Iowa now.
This will be the new spot for a Little Free Library on the west end of the Splash Pad at McKee Farms Park.
The splash pad at Amesbury Town Park will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Labor Day. Activated by a participant,...
Splash Pad was broken. So we go to Coach Hughes house to swim. ☺️
Have you visited the EveryBody Can Play accessible playground and splash pad in Huntsville?
Sad no more pool but having fun at Splash Pad
At the splash pad & this old couple is having the best time together. If that's not love then I don't know what is.
Surprisingly, this is our first ever visit to the FREE Middlesex Township Splash Pad. The boys love…
As a fan of the Splash Pad, you've gotta be a fan of anything Hartland-Lake Country Rotary does! So, support our...
We're having a change in plans regarding the splash pad party on Sunday. We're now holding it right outside...
Book the Bensenville Water Park & Splash Pad for all your summer parties and celebrations today!
Come on down to downtown tomorrow night to the Pop-Up Splash Pad! The weather should be perfect for a...
ppl who say sexuality is a choice have obvs never seen this 8 y/o kid at the splash pad standing ON the jet so it shoots straight up his ***
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Tagged by for WIDN... just got in the car to take these two crazies to the splash pad!…
THE SPLASH PAD IS OPEN . The Riverdale City splash Pad has been repaired and will be open today. POSTED AT 8:08 P.M. ON JUNE 25TH.
I was developing at 8. These parents are out if line. The splash pad near me parents let their little boys run
CV families, help keep the Flemming Court Splash Pad safe for everyone. Follow the guidelines on the big sign,...
We will be at the grand opening of the Hensall Splash Pad this evening!
Don't forget Mondays with Grace K!DS!! On Monday we will be at Faulkner Park at the splash pad and on the bike trails!! See you there!
Free bus will take families to Wilmot splash pad
I'm all for re-laughing at the Cabbagetown splash pad people, or the density creeps.
The Splash Pad at Cline Park reopens today at 11 a.m. Have Fun in the Sun!!
Revamped splash pad in opening July 1
because the splash pad 5 minutes away in Cottage Grove was just too far away:)
Kids wrap up school today. Does this story have you thinking? 8 yr old girl told to cover up at splash pad
My kids love watching the cap turn blue at the splash pad!
The swimming pool at Bowring Park is closed for the summer, due to construction. The splash pad is opening July 2.
AMRAP at the splash pad in new part of Piedmont Park
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Splash Pad in St Thomas will reopen today (Thurs) at 11.30am. The broken pipe has been fixed!
A new splash pad is coming to Noblesville! . What else is planned for Federal Hill Commons Park coming up on
Wow the Perth Splash Pad will celebrate it's First Anniversary on July 1st, 2015. Things continue to grow and...
City of Guelph has release a statement - baby steps here folks!! via
hitting the lake tomorrow. They have a giant splash pad. Easily 10 times the size of the one at the park down the street.
I was at the splash pad with my bf the other day and we took cute pics ☺️
Splash pad in MLK Jr. Park celebrates with summer bash -
Get to takes my kids to the splash pad tomorrow
When it's over 100 degrees after head to the splash pad! @ Scottsdale Quarter Splash Pad
Jacques had too much fun stepping on the fountains at the splash pad!!
I liked a video from TULSA GARDENS & SPLASH PAD! | Day 2213 - TheFunnyrats F…
Had a great time with this crew at the splash pad! pbckids
Picture of concrete being poured last Friday for the Splash Pad at Williams Park via Can't wait!
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