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Splash Pad

A splash pad is an area for water play that has no standing water. This is said to eliminate the need for lifeguards or other supervision, as there is practically no risk of drowning.

Heritage Park Magic Island

Berea's public hearing is scheduled for 4/21 to discuss plans for building a splash pad at the city pool! So exciting!
Florida splash pad fun on our recent vacation!! My awesome kiddos!!
The weather is getting warmer and that means it won't be much longer until the splash pad at is open!
An adorable throwback to this guy having fun at the splash pad and dancing away! 🌴☀️🌴 Can't stop…
Fun at the splash pad. huntmanchan chandler_gymnast @ Ocotillo Village Health Club & Spa
council: 's Karin Foster says splash pad concept for Novembrino pool site geared for younger kids; community supports it
When you go to the splash pad and see all the kids running around and moms on their phones in their tankinis
Guys. Come to beefs and support the splash pad.
We were bummed out today when we came for the splash pad and it was closed. But Greyson found a…
Due to the beautiful weather in The Dalles the Splash Pad will be OPEN today til 6pm and tomorrow from 10am-6pm!...
These bathing suits are the cutest like I'm literally fixing to go buy her a pool or splash pad so she can wear one of them today 😄
Hello World! We are working very hard to build a Community Splash Pad in Mazomanie's Lion's Park!
yes! and/or a splash pad - I'm sure C would love that come summer weather
79% of Yelp reviews are 3 stars or above. We could encourage our residents to rate our rec center, splash pad, etc.
New progress is constantly being made at the new Heritage Park Splash Pad. We are also looking for volunteers on...
Tennessee: Work begins on Heritage Park playground, in Clarksville
A tarp and sprinkler will create a fun ... -
better & bigger parks. a Splash Pad, swing set,tunnels,climbing net,flying fox! this would be awesome
Proud of our Wildcats who are giving back to our community and supporting the Wallaceburg Splash Pad
Water report! The splash pad at Seven Seas is ON! What a great way to spend a toasty day. Any reports from the...
LIVE on Little windy for the splash pad but you can't tell these kids no!
Scioto County commissioners on Tuesday accepted a $7,500 check from SOMC as a donation for the building of the New Splash Pad Water Park.
Splash pad and playground coming to Heritage Park | via
Mayor's budget includes new amenities in 2nd District: new fire station & splash pad, plus 20 new police officers.
Athens looks to add splash pad to popular park: A splash pad could soon be in the works for Athens Regional Park.
Looking to build a splash pad still have much to think about. Check out for their splash pad cost.
yeah! 11-12 on Wednesdays, 5$ and it's at the gymnastics place by the splash pad :)
A5 And, after Cody Park RR Museum, there's a RR Themed SPLASH PAD in Memorial Park!
Ireland Park has many improvements coming: splash pad with shaded area, accessible seats ...
Register by June 1st for this golf tournament in support of our Splash Pad!
The Dundee Township Park District is working to add a spray park (aka splash pad) to Huffman Park on Tartans...
why is the splash pad in St thomas switched off ? It is the hottest day of the year !
Meeting held to determine which park would suit best for splash pad plans
A10. My kids & I really love our local splash pad!
Someone knows how to enjoy the splash pad :)
The splash pad proposed for Huffman Park is a Dundee Park District (DPD) project. The DPD is a separate...
Work begins on Heritage Park playground, splash pad: Local Rotary clubs have started construction on an access...
Join us in on 4/30 at 11am for the grand opening of the Monroe Field Splash pad!
St. George kids could be frolicking in a new splash pad and getting relief from the hot sun this summer.
Sometimes after busy work and school day it's good to unwind at the splash pad, in your clothes…
Spending some one on one time with this little hunk at the splash pad today 💦 @ Main Street…
The Scholars' Yard Sale has been rescheduled to this Saturday, April 9th! It will be from 8:00-4:00 at the Splash Pad in Martin!
Splash pad and playground coming to Heritage Park in Clarksville
So there's a splash pad at Zoo Atlanta and the kid is a water baby! @ Zoo…
It's yo girl comin at ya live from the splash pad. 😘
Does this mean is going to be upset we wrote about the Riverdale splash pad last week and spoke to a city staffer?
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A $350,000 splash pad for Riverdale Park could be built this summer.
don't give on splash pad idea . Farm Community Splash @ Perth Ontario - all funds raised by community 200,000.00
Some seem to forget who the splash pad is for...
That should not matter. The splash pad was lower cost option to replacing a pool in the area. Splash pad should go in now.
If plan was to remove pool and put in a splash pad, then they need to do it. Too bad for McIntosh.
Splish Splash! The Showers Rec Center is undergoing a $1.2 million renovation with a new Splash Pad for families
Summer in February: all of a sudden we have a splash pad again...
The Commons Park "Interactive Splash Pad" will be closed for maintenance until further notice.
Our new splash-pad experience Get Wet! will be opening in Spring 2016 - it'll be a fountain of fun for all ages!
Alabama: Vernon to get at city park
You guys...this neighborhood is going to have an 8 ACRE AMENITY CENTER!! Splash pad, 24 hr…
Early Spring! What signs of Spring do you love to see? Ava’s Splash Pad
A new wave pool, kiddie splash pad, concessions and boat tours are being added to Sandy Beach Water Park in...
Come on out this Saturday to help support the Wallaceburg Splash Pad at the CBD in Wallaceburg! Get...
Attended 1 from the sidelines! Played musical chairs on a flat, splash pad water fountain that sprayed at random!
That looks like a lovely splash pad.
New Listing! This 3+1 bed, 3.5 bath is just steps to the splash pad - ready this summer! $325,000 MLS®
Splash Pad Update: Please be aware the Splash Pad has now been fixed and is back open to the public.
Progress on new park in Can you please add a splash pad
First day in Mexico. At the pool. Skinny and pale with a beer belly. Chasing a toddler through a splash pad. Full dad bod.
Due to unforeseen circumstances the splash pad is temporarily not in use.We are currently working on getting this fixed.
From splash pad to lazy river ...Water features new norm at Ballparks via sportsdaydfw
And a little party at the splash pad for friends and family on Sunday.
It's warm enough for this guy to play in a splash pad!!!
Unfortunately our Splash Pad is out of action for the weekend. We apologise for any inconvenience caused
Our next splash pad is underway! The Mustang Church of the Nazarene is adding a great area for their church and...
This is awesome! Hot tub for adults and then by day a little kiddie pool with splash pad! Splash pad
I really hope you like the "pirate splash pad" section of my latest article. LOVE
Waterlines: Splash pad equipment donated to park revitalization project
Enter our competition this week to win a 24-hour pass to Splash Pad at
All purpose parts banner
Henderson says a splash pad for DJ Hancock will be unveiled in the south end this year.
Carmel's West Park could include a lot more than planned playground and splash pad.
watching planning meeting on community access. 3rd largest city in MI and the best. Yes please to splash pad.
Splash Pad in the works for Riverton City Park; Citizen’s group working on the project
New directional signs are installed to guide the way to the Splash Pad at Marana Heritage River Park.
Made today a step back and relax day! Missed my family! @ Millennium Park Beach & Splash Pad
There's no better way to "cool off" on this HOT day. then Splish Splashing in our Splash Pad!!!. Add a refreshing... http:/…
THURSDAY 7/9: We are headed to Walk and Splash Pad at Gregory Mill Dam Park in Smyrna! Look here for more info!
Hickory Hill Aquatic Center in MEM? That'd be the biggest hurdle for sure. There's always converting the Tad Pad to the Splash Pad
yes... it was getting crazy. . they went to the splash pad/ library. I told them they are welcome to return though
Kids & I thought about going to a park today that had a Splash Pad today. Apparently we can go to any park in Central Iowa now.
This will be the new spot for a Little Free Library on the west end of the Splash Pad at McKee Farms Park.
The splash pad at Amesbury Town Park will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Labor Day. Activated by a participant,...
Splash Pad was broken. So we go to Coach Hughes house to swim. ☺️
Have you visited the EveryBody Can Play accessible playground and splash pad in Huntsville?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Sad no more pool but having fun at Splash Pad
At the splash pad & this old couple is having the best time together. If that's not love then I don't know what is.
Surprisingly, this is our first ever visit to the FREE Middlesex Township Splash Pad. The boys love…
As a fan of the Splash Pad, you've gotta be a fan of anything Hartland-Lake Country Rotary does! So, support our...
We're having a change in plans regarding the splash pad party on Sunday. We're now holding it right outside...
Book the Bensenville Water Park & Splash Pad for all your summer parties and celebrations today!
Come on down to downtown tomorrow night to the Pop-Up Splash Pad! The weather should be perfect for a...
ppl who say sexuality is a choice have obvs never seen this 8 y/o kid at the splash pad standing ON the jet so it shoots straight up his ***
Tagged by for WIDN... just got in the car to take these two crazies to the splash pad!…
THE SPLASH PAD IS OPEN . The Riverdale City splash Pad has been repaired and will be open today. POSTED AT 8:08 P.M. ON JUNE 25TH.
I was developing at 8. These parents are out if line. The splash pad near me parents let their little boys run
CV families, help keep the Flemming Court Splash Pad safe for everyone. Follow the guidelines on the big sign,...
We will be at the grand opening of the Hensall Splash Pad this evening!
Don't forget Mondays with Grace K!DS!! On Monday we will be at Faulkner Park at the splash pad and on the bike trails!! See you there!
Free bus will take families to Wilmot splash pad
domain names
I'm all for re-laughing at the Cabbagetown splash pad people, or the density creeps.
The Splash Pad at Cline Park reopens today at 11 a.m. Have Fun in the Sun!!
Revamped splash pad in opening July 1
because the splash pad 5 minutes away in Cottage Grove was just too far away:)
Kids wrap up school today. Does this story have you thinking? 8 yr old girl told to cover up at splash pad
My kids love watching the cap turn blue at the splash pad!
The swimming pool at Bowring Park is closed for the summer, due to construction. The splash pad is opening July 2.
AMRAP at the splash pad in new part of Piedmont Park
Splash Pad in St Thomas will reopen today (Thurs) at 11.30am. The broken pipe has been fixed!
A new splash pad is coming to Noblesville! . What else is planned for Federal Hill Commons Park coming up on
Wow the Perth Splash Pad will celebrate it's First Anniversary on July 1st, 2015. Things continue to grow and...
City of Guelph has release a statement - baby steps here folks!! via
hitting the lake tomorrow. They have a giant splash pad. Easily 10 times the size of the one at the park down the street.
I was at the splash pad with my bf the other day and we took cute pics ☺️
Splash pad in MLK Jr. Park celebrates with summer bash -
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Get to takes my kids to the splash pad tomorrow
When it's over 100 degrees after head to the splash pad! @ Scottsdale Quarter Splash Pad
Jacques had too much fun stepping on the fountains at the splash pad!!
I liked a video from TULSA GARDENS & SPLASH PAD! | Day 2213 - TheFunnyrats F…
Had a great time with this crew at the splash pad! pbckids
Picture of concrete being poured last Friday for the Splash Pad at Williams Park via Can't wait!
If this doesn't let up, I may have hit the splash pad on my lunch hour!
Splash pad and bk and he still ain't sleep
TY for spending some time with us at the splash pad.
I think they really enjoyed the splash pad!!
TY to all our families that joined us at the splash pad! Family support means so much to us!!!
The pool on 10th St. is closed til Mon for repairs, but don't pout! Try the Legion or Northside pool or splash pad!
We tried to check out The Triangle's splash pad this evening, unfortunately it was not operational.…
Kindergarten fun at the splash pad..,
Splash pad day for the Grade 5s. Don't forget your plate, sunscreen, food, hat and some dry clothes!
Tomorrow is the Gr. 5 picnic at the park and splash pad! Don't forget your reusable plate, towel/swimsuit, …
A5 Less in the summer; less bulky sweaters, jeans etc...and we wash the baby at the splash pad! jk ;)
Ya! that would be good. Another great one at the north end is Audley Rec in Ajax. AMAZING splash pad
The rocket ship park is amazing! I think they have a small splash pad too
Well we should all meet up at a splash pad or something this summer!
It's splash pad season! Join us in Buffalo Grove at Spray N Play on Thursday (25th) starting at 10am.
A1 Sales, coupons. We picnic often at local zoo that has free admission & splash pad
On the way home from visiting a fun, hot, crowded farmers market, we saw park w splash pad. That's why I keep a set of swimsuits in the car!
8-year-old girl told to cover up at public pool because... Stop body shaming. Sign the petition.
Pleased to have received this prestigious award from the Festival City Rotary for my contribution # Splash Pad!!!
I'm agreeing with you. It's bothersome. On the rec master plan articles people were decrying building another splash pad..
The Plunge is getting new decking, fresh plaster and a splash pad:
Tried out our new neighborhood splash pad today. I think it was a splash!!
Great day, great food for dinner and now enjoying watching Henry on the splash pad in Jensen Beach.
are a great way to beat the heat. Here are five ways to make yours the gem of the neighborhood
Have you ever noticed the fun artwork that's part of the splash pad in Pioneer Park? (Franklin…
Saluda Shoals Park until 3:45pm at the Splash Pad!
Getting closer to final colours and fixture selection for Emily Trudeau Splash Pad ... getting excited to start digging!
"Splash Pad Coming To This is great news. Thanks to all the donors for making it happen.
Innovative platform system u can have ur installed at the time as ur
We checked out over spring break. Renovated with a splash pad next year - love it!
A woman from the aquatics task force said project changed from splash pad to larger facility to address concerns to serve all ages
Former council member Steve Frank says he's "puzzled" how city went from splash pad to $6 mill aquatic facility.
Only our kids would choose to play on the slab of concrete (splash pad not turned on) instead of the…
Here's a sneak peak of the Splash Pad of the Tommy J. West Aquatics Center!!
Dear teens playing at splash pad you will seem a lot cooler if you dont scream like little girls every time you get water dumped on you.
Real tempted to just apply for the splash pad because I love the sun but is the sun worth dealing with the people? ☀️😕
Tonight, Charleston city council will vote on accepting a $150,000 grant for a splash pad at Magic Island:
Splash Pad: The hot days have arrived and it's time to enjoy our wonderful splash pad. Please do keep in... -
Excited for a new splash pad for summer fun? First it has to get past the City Council:
Huge new park coming to town, but of course no skatepark in the mix. Splash pad, playground and more f-ing ball...
The Splash Pad at Padilla Park is now open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Camp Clay breaks ground for My Splash Pad Installing the concrete today! we will be extremely cautious with the splash pad in as the temperature heats up. Again, thank you
We hope your family enjoyed some of the new (free) experiences in Wallaroo - car ride, animal training demos & better splash pad
The little ones are loving Duplo Valley at Have you been to their farm themed splash pad yet?
yup! is nearly ghosty! We can go on bumper boats to cool off or to the ocean or splash pad. so many options!
What a nice day! No splash pad.Lots of people turned up to use it to be told it is only on at weekends.
Charleston wins grant for Magic Island splash pad
Charleston wins grant for Magic Island splash pad via
Win this Kitchener. And take Game 7 at knights splash pad. Love Ohl playoffs
Janesville Gazette What's going on? Janesville splash pad on schedule for summer fun Janesville Gazette…
Never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready to go back to work. I miss splash pad. 😩
Brought Freddie to the Splash Pad and he's more interested in playing fetch with a stick
The secret behind the best buttermilk pancakes? A splash of vanilla & a pad of butter
Website Builder 728x90
Looking for some family fun? Head to the splash pad at Citizens Circle in donwtonw Ocala, open now through the...
Citizen committees forming at Park Dist. to guide planned improvements:
Father Son day at the Splash Pad is awesome!!!
Million dollar splash pad coming to NE El Paso?
I liked a video aquapark splash pad
Check out Benson Park's makeover with updated playground, splash pad and fishing pier.
Join the fun at Madoc's Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at 10am. Proceeds go to Madoc Food Bank and Emily Trudeau Splash Pad http:/…
I liked a video How to Install a Splash Pad
Benson Park getting makeover with updated playground, new splash pad, fishing pier
Cameron seeks to pad out shrinking defence budget, splash.
Environment and Greenspace • Renewed SPLASH! Pad Interest for Kirkwood's Coan Park: Interest in a SPLASH! Pad ...
Bonnie Fokkens Dain City Recreation said Dain City presented the proposal for a splash pad and believed it would be part of the 2015 budget
Forks Rd resident Vi Vrbanac from Dain City Recreation is asking when a long awaited splash pad will finally be constructed
Don't wait 4 concrete to cure to have ur safety surface on ur Read more
There will be a silent auction tomorrow at parents night- prizes include gift baskets, bingemans splash pad tickets and much more!
The pool crews have been making progress and the new Splash Pad and Hot Tub are taking form!
Your kids will love the new splash pad at Champion's Gate Resort! . See more:...
New splash pad coming to Peterborough.
New splash pad for the west end. with
Per last evening's Commission Meeting, New Minas plans to complete the splash pad by mid to end of may and a grand opening on June 1st.
The Emily Trudeau Splash Pad committee is nearing the halfway fundraising mark thanks to donations like the one received Tuesday morning.
Budget cuts will not shut down splash pad at Vermilion Parish's Palmetto Island State Park |...
lol after my work out I hit splash pad up . 😂😌😈😛
Oh my oh my... Where did the time go?! We went to the splash pad and the Cubs vs. Padres game today with our friend…
ben I'll put the pad lock on YA and then I'll splash the midrange
You two are making a Splash Pad a unit of currency. Interesting!
Close up of the splash pad that we did 4 Karly has the only in the U.S.
if anyone could pull it together, you could. The King Edward Park splash pad is the one for my neighborhood too.
WHY DON'T YOU . Have fun in the sun at Craigie Leisure Centre. There is a huge outdoor splash pad area which...
Fact: It costs the city $10,000 a year for opening/closing and water for each splash pad maintained.
Council's considering hiring the same firm from Paris, Ont. to build new splash pad. Same firm built the one at Rogers Cove.
Splash pad in the west end at the Kinsmen Centre is expected open by July.
Construction on the splash pad could begin in May.
Now they're considering hiring a company to start building a splash pad at the Kinsmen Centre.
Taking a break from running errands with the kids. @ Dr. Phillips Splash Pad & Park
Will the splash pad at Yakulla Caverns be open this weekend?
Splash pad coming to Washington Boro Pool this season, report says
Veramonte Neighborhood Park groundbreaking's happening Saturday at 10! Park will feature splash pad, restrooms &more!
Perfect day for some splash pad action. @ Desert Ridge Marketplace
Stockbridge to vote on 3000 seat Amphitheater, splash pad, & downtown redevelopment Monday night at 6pm City Hall!!!
Splash pad will add to the mix at Washington pool for 2015 season
my GOFLE today splash pad spreading the word
The splash pad is nice in the summer.
Wow thank you Sam, we love what we do, especially when it is special like Karly's splash pad was!
We love Zumba plus Billiercay Park is an awesome place to be for baseball all spring and splash pad fun all summer long!
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"Hanner Mosquera-Perea with he tip dunk looks like me at the splash pad
you did an amazing job on Karly's splash pad 💙💙💙 Dads expression says it all!
Hanging out at the splash pad! @ Sheraton Desert Oasis Villas, Scottsdale
splash pad. This themed was just what Karly asked for.
So excited for GREEK TREAT tomorrow! Reminder to all the Fraternities and 7-9p.m. At the splash pad!
Artists impression of the proposed splash pad in town center .
Movies in the Park will be showing Maleficent in just over an hour!! Join us at 7pm at the Splash pad!
Congrats & a BIG to our dear friend & Splash Pad supporter on 25 yrs of making music & smiles …
Are you ready to splash into The splash pad is now. open at the
It's going to be a beautiful day & weekend to enjoy the beach! The Splash Pad, Marion Davies Guest House,...
Thank you for voting for your THREE favorite Splash Pad features. The results are in (drum roll please).
Texarkana Rotary Clubs make final payment on Rotary Splash Pad at Spring Lake Park.
Backyard fun! Looking for a budget conscience Check it out Fun, safe and colorful
The Texarkana Rotary Clubs made their final payment on the $255,000 Rotary Splash Pad project opened at Spring...
.Iceland Mississauga, no Family Day skating, but a splash pad is filling nicely (burst pipe)
SOS. I need an iPhone 5 charger to the splash pad ASAP. Whoever brings it I'll pay for your order...
And then Mickey and Minnie Mouse just strolled into Splash Pad Park.
I'm about to build a splash pad at this gym 💦
I don't see nothing bad with my own mouse pad. I got one by deviantart (KSP splash screen) and it feels nice.
Blizzard 2015 *** bring on the Sun & Fun😜 (@ Wildcat Splishy Splash Pad in Smyrna, TN)
Today is the LAST day to vote for your THREE favorite Splash Pad Features...Remember you can vote at The Center...
Rajkowski column: Adult prom turns back clock for splash pad
Adult prom turns back clock for splash pad - St. Cloud Times
Adult prom turns back clock for splash pad
Pretty much. We took the kids to the splash pad at Scottsdale Quarter yesterday because it was so warm too…
Turn ur backyard into a A is just a phone call away.
This is so exciting! The first Walla Walla Splash Pad has arrived! The dozen pallets of strange looking parts is...
New Summit Centre splash pad open. 20 buckets in the hallway. Yikes!
$4435 raised for the Emily Trudeau Splash Pad & $1000 towards O'Hara Mill.
Highlight of this sucky day was my parents surprising me at work with flowers, a teddy bear and splash pad. 🐻🌹💝😊
Landmark loading splash page turns to black, launge pad does nothing but can no get to webpages but no games
great turnout on Moira Lake for the annual charity fishing tourney. Proceeds to Emily Trudeau Splash Pad and O'Haras Mill. Tks to all
ICYMI: parks plan lists top needs as farmers market, splash pad, Vets Park revamp
I think I found an apartment!!! A 3 minute walk from Emma's favorite splash pad! Couldn't find one near her school though. :(
I have thus far resisted the urge to flip the splash pad in the urinal at work right side up - thus far
Afternoon at the splash pad with our faves! @ Alondra Skatepark
The re-circ skid pack has arrived and is in place for Splash Pad!
Congrats to John H, our splash pad naming winner. Loved his suggestion of Dasher Splasher!
City of may invest to develop proposed splash pad in park behind Bishop Mac high school
Residential install! We install splash pads all over the U.S. & mfg ALL r features
Splash pad, mountain biking trail included in Parks Master Plan. Details @ 7:30 on
Voting for Splash Pad Features has begun! Stop in The Center, ask for voting stickers at the Indoor Pool Desk...
Students in 7/8 Kerr are designing new pieces of equipment for our school playground and/or for a splash pad.
Nobody go to splash pad bc Jasmine is probably doing homework I'll have to copy😂😂
John Aneralla, Past President of the LKN Kiwanis, discusses the Smithville Splash Pad with the North…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A lido and splash pad in Aldershot could be a "great attraction".
Some fire flow at the splash pad downtown, performed by the lovely couple Spencer Braun and Devina Boswell A.K.A...
Would you like to see Aldershot's lido retained and alongside a new splash pad?
Aldershot Lido supporters hopeful pool will be retained alongside splash pad: Rushmoor councillors agree to ex...
2/11/15 Come Today and hear John Aneralla, who will be talking about the Splash Pad project in Smithville.
Deep freeze turns splash pad into one of the largest ice rinks in the ...
"We should go to the splash pad when there's all kinds of little kids there" . Okay
Getting ready for the hot days of summer with our new Splash Pad.
Councilwoman Kara King says to add "splash pad" to list of parks, recreation pools owned by municipality since city getting one
Barrie council nixes motion for splash pad in Ward 10:
aquatic center would have competition & instruction pool, splash pad. Up next: how to pay for it.
Colleyville to make changes to splash pad
Lido decision delayed after council listens to last-minute opposition: More work needed on splash pad plans af...
Home installations are the hit of the neighborhood.
If you haven't seen the new Splash Pad, check out the video here. Designed by kids, for kids!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
My Splash Pad you have been picked Go to our link and claim your reward
A splash pad will be built as part of project to upgrade Kees Park on La. Highway 28 East.
Splash pad among projects coming to Pineville
I'm so bored I'm bout to go to the splash pad
The wait is over! We can install yr at the time of ur install now!.
Pacific Play just completed the splash pad water spray test at Margarita Park!
Hi Clairlea Park splash pad is scheduled for 2015--waiting for staff to confirm timeframe. Follow my website + enews for updates.
Submitted a name for our Splash Pad yet? Share yours here:
Grant to create 'splash pad' at Vernon park •
Governor Bentley awards funding to build 'splash pad' in Vernon -...
Check out the dates for the Piratesville Splash Pad's 2015 season:
Where is The Clairlea splash pad being built?? I thought it was to be ready this year. Thank you
What do you think your kids enjoy more, the pool or the splash pad?
"I got the no splash techniques lol Lmao, that technique is called the "Lilly Pad"
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