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Spike Lee

Shelton Jackson Spike Lee (born March 20, 1957) is an American film director, producer, writer, and actor.

Rodney King Bill Nunn Roger Guenveur Smith Walt Frazier Radio Raheem Reggie Miller Bernie Sanders Colin Kaepernick Willy Wonka Carmelo Anthony Bernard King Jack Nicholson Kevin Smith Michael Jackson Harry Belafonte Nina Turner

Add Oldboy to your list as well. Trust me on this - but make sure it's the South Korean version, not the Spike Lee remake
If the NHL had a Spike Lee vs Reggie Miller fude what would it be?
AC changed Anderson to Analson and now that's my buddies name. No changing that and a reference to Spike Lee in 1988.
Probably when the Knicks come to D.C. I'm going hard with the Walt Frazier jersey and Knicks Foamposites like Spike Lee
Alida Pantone attends as Spike Lee and Roger Guenveur Smith are honored at the WANDERLUXXE Cannes Film Festival Gala Fund…
Your cultural memory's short. See this via 2012 or any # of pieces @ time of Spike Lee's "Bambo…
RIHANNA is a Pisces . SHAQUILLE O'NEAL is a Pisces . is a Pisces . ERYKAH BADU is a Pisces . SP…
Confused dreadful filmmaker, Spike Lee seems bi-political. "Trump is not my Prsident." 'Hillary thought she was entitled to the Prsidency.'
Everyone was like that with MJ except for Chicago people. Spike lee despised MJ on the court
buzed like a bee like a haircut on Spike Lee
If you seriously get confused by how regulations are numbered, maybe Spike Lee isn't the whole article.
Spike Lee: Hillary Clinton thought she was 'entitled' to presidency - Washington Times
Said the man who verbally attacked me for saying Lee Rigby should have been able to defend himself. Get bent, Piers.
I miss the era of Spike Lee Joints.
Y'all gotta watch she hate me by spike lee good movie 😂
Spike Lee's daughter Satchel graduated from New York University, where he received his Master of Fine Arts Degree in F…
Spike Lee can incorrectly call out Hillary but I'm the only one with the guts to say he got punk so embarrassingly wrong in Summer of Sam.
I think I watched way too many Spike Lee movies in the '90s!.
Let's not EVEN get started with Black films. Boyz in the Hood. Menace II Society. Love Jones. MAJORITY of Spike Lee films
Denzel & Spike Lee on 'Malcom X' movie on that Zoot Suit flee ting
Since it's Mother's Day weekend.I need to catch up on sum writing. Just not quite. Spike Lee film is on,"Mo Better Blues". .
Just finished the Rodney King monologue / one man play by Roger Guenveur Smith directed by Spike Lee on...
Roger Guenveur Smith is a genius & I'm so thankful my Morehouse brother Spike Lee was there to capture the moment & bring…
Shout out to Spike Lee host Fr Pfleger. Pastor of St. Sabina. Local hero/activist. Called out Lee on Chiraq.
Spike Lee, Roger Guenveur Smith and 'Rodney King' to be Fêted During Cannes Film Festival https:/…
two of my most prized possessions are a Steve Novak signed shoe box and a Novak jersey signed by Spike Lee
"Dear White People" reminds of a modern version of Spike Lee's "School Daze"I love this show!
In case you haven't seen Spike Lee's new short film on Netflix, "Rodney King" is streaming now go check it out! Haunting and important
Rodney King Netflix with Roger G Smith by Spike Lee gets a major
Anybody watched the Rodney King special on Netflix directed by Spike Lee?
man was like I look like a young Spike Lee, lol
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Rodney King review – Netflix special a bleakly poetic howl of rage to in 5 yrs
He got mad during our argument because I said "Aight money fall back" 😂😂 been watching too much Spike Lee..
Red bottoms on my feet I call em spike lee's
.wants the world to know that 'Black men are still viewed as predators':
Shame that Spike Lee, despite his money and intelligence, dresses like a roadie for Run DMC.
What happens when Spike Lee and Netflix team up on a powerful piece about Rodney King
On this day 19 years ago Public Enemy released the soundtrack to the Spike Lee Movie "He Got…
Marking the 25th anniversary of those aquittals, discusses Roger Guenveur Smith's Rodney King.
Netflix's "Rodney King" asks, in ways journalistic and imagined, who the man really was
Muir alum is recreated in this amazing one man show, now Spike Lee film on Netflix. Saw it both as a...
Little Known Fact featuring Spike Lee, Vanessa Williams, Tisha Campbell and the movie…
I'm takin him to marquis house, makin him listen to 90s New York rap and watch spike lee films till we get that devil off him lol
Spike Lee said black parents kill more dreams than you know, when a black child states his dream to become...
Taking a hard look at portrayals of race via Spike Lee's BAMBOOZLED
In our Related Review this week Spike Lee (and Mookie) returns to Brooklyn for
you need to do a podcast on He Got Game directed by Spike Lee.. unbelievably horrible.
.going to casting calls, landing a Spike Lee TV series as a freshman in high school, and promptly leaving sch…
It's not everyday you interview Spike Lee about Rodney King. Today is that day. Have a read please >>>
Spike Lee on board would be a plus to any project.
With the unique n talented Spike Lee after speaking at the Jesse Owens charity dinner at Lincoln center. Great event
Honored by Henner Espinoza & Morgan Stanley to attend the Jesse Owens Award Met Spike Lee & A…
Netflix&&King&has Spike Lee and his muse looking back
Spike Lee: ‘Black men are still viewed as predators’
Netflix's 'Rodney King' has Spike Lee and his muse looking bac...
Rodney And Glen - new film by Roger Guenveur Smith and Spike Lee illuminates the King we never knew
We got Mack Wilds on the podcast talking Adele, Staten Island, Spike Lee, George Lucas, The Breaks & more
Spike Lee and Roger Guenveur Smith resurrect "Rodney King" in this one-man show. Watch the trailer:
Any retrospective on this tournament should prominently feature Jennifer Gardner, frequent flyer Spike Lee, and the Dan Band guy.
There should be a Ricky Ross movie from his side of things, directed by Hype Williams or Spike Lee. The real Rick Ross, not the rapper.
Riverdale is on a break. In its place, catch the Michael Jackson doccie directed by Spike Lee, 21:40 on
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I think Rosie Perez later said she felt exploited by Spike Lee because of that scene.
So let Spike Lee hire him and do a movie. As for football he *** thats why
Spike Lee rips NFL teams for not signing Colin Kaepernick: 'It smells mad fishy'.
and I think Spike Lee. Isn't Shatner's today or tomorrow?
Happy 60th Do the Right Thing, 1989, directed by Spike Lee. Spike Lee and Bill Nunn as Radio Raheem. "LOVE and H…
Happy 60 Behind the scenes photo of Wesley Snipes & director Spike Lee on the set of Jungle Fever, 1991. https:/…
My relationship with Spike Lee is complicated. Huge fan of his earlier work but he has continually disappointed me since the early 2000s
Happy 60th John Leguizamo and director Spike Lee on the set of Summer Of Sam, 1999.
Spike Lee is 60 years old today! Let that sink in and then reminisce with us
ESPN Features Spike Lee’s Pro-Kaepernick Rant on Front Page All 3 are the same failed excrement
Spike lee trying to say Kaepernick hasn't been signed because of his actions. Kaepernick is not good.
Spike Lee is a waste of space. Kaepernick is garbage. Doesn't deserve to be on an NFL team
Turn it to sports center for tourney coverage. A female anchor is literally reciting a Spike Lee Instagram post. See t…
Might do a spike lee movie marathon after I finish my hw tonight when I get off work
Spike Lee rips teams for not signing Kaepernick - The filmmaker brings up some very valid points.         
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hey (first off BIRTHDAY SEASON!) was there ever any reading material on spike lee's treatment of women?
Spike Lee: 'Fishy' that Kaepernick still unsigned - via App Hey, reap what you sow.
why doesn't racist spike Lee ask why Cutler Fitzpatrick and Daniels and other white QB not signed. He's the 1 thats smells
Happy birthday to film director Spike Lee ("Do the Right Thing").
Happy Birthtime to right thing doing SPIKE LEE! 23 today! Happy Birthtime Spikely! Abigail's Party!
Happy 60th Harvey Keitel, director Spike Lee and producer Martin Scorsese on the set of Clockers, 1995.
Happy Birthday to director, producer, writer and actor, Celebrate by watching and/or reading his work: http…
Happy birthday Spike Lee, who turns 60 today.
LOOK: Spike Lee hangs with Kaepernick, says it's 'fishy' no NFL team will sign QB
The life and career of Spike Lee Images from very busy career.
Spike Lee is absolutely correct. . What the is doing to Colin Kaepernick is SHADY AS *** .
Happy 60th birthday, Spike Lee! Here he is on the set of DO THE RIGHT THING (1989):
Did you hear Spike Lee thinks it's "fishy" that Kaepernick has no team. Wonder what Ron and JP think...
Spike Lee thinks Jets should sign Colin Kaepernick, while team met with Josh McCown, Chase Daniel
Happy birthday mr. Spike Lee now do the right thing and let me perform this summer ideal block party…
Finally watching this Jungle Fever by Spike Lee. Been meaning to peep this movie for some time now
He did have black support: Nina Turner, Keith Ellison, Danny Glover, Spike Lee...
.acquires the rights to Spike Lee's and Roger Guenveur Smith's "Rodney King":
'Rodney King,' directed by Spike Lee, has been picked up by Netflix for April premiere via
VEON is born today, with the ambition to put the user in control of the personal internet. Spike Lee explains the dream. V…
It's crazy they made a biographical film about Spike Lee and cast Robin Williams to play him
Charles Barkley swears on live TV, says Spike Lee is “dying to get kicked out of the Garden”
Knicks have Latrell Sprewell, Larry Johnson, Bernard King, Bill Bradley and Vin Baker at MSG while Spike Lee has a Charles…
Was that Gerald Wilkins and John Wallace sitting next to Spike Lee? Is Eddie Curry in the building as well?
Charles Oakley has been given a life ban from Madison Square Garden. However Spike Lee will still be allowed to wear stupi…
Many people think that the Reggie Miller-Knicks rivalry began in the '94 Conf Finals with the 39-pt game as he counted off 3s to Spike Lee.
Spike Lee on whether Carmelo or Phil Jackson should go: "I will pack Phil's bags for him."
I feel like Spike Lee is gonna be pro-Oakley.
Amazon Studios has nabbed films by Lonergan, Stillman, Farhadi, Spike Lee, Jarmusch, Gray & Haynes and A24 has yet to put out a good movie.
“I think it is very important that films make people look at what they’ve forgotten.”. -Spike Lee
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Spike Lee has to be one of the most talented and insightful people in America!! Not to mention the funniest!!!...
A kid in my Spike Lee class said he thinks Black Beatle is a "stupid song" and I've never heard a more profound or blatant lie.
My Spike Lee essay is going pretty smoothly so far
A look at the continued relevancy of Spike Lee's CHI-RAQ.
Artists, check it out! . Spike Lee wants to hear from you!!
anything Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, Belly, Tombstone, that's only a few
Do The Right Thing. Great movie. Spike Lee did the *** thing with this one. Touches on great subjects
lmfao I was about to say idr tom cruise in a Spike Lee movie lmfao
It's the end of our Spike Lee season, but we end in style with the great Inside Man. Weds Feb 8th at 19:30. Tix - https…
I'll never forget that, Hayes' "You can't guard me!" comments and his Madison Spike Lee nickname for Lyonel Anderson.
Feels good to have all original music! Just submitted to Spike Lee's music contest! Wish me luck!
I still can't believe 2 black Harvard grads from Southside Chi who saw a Spike Lee film on their first date led our country f…
recently. I was already integrating Kevin Smith, Cameron Crown, Spike Lee, the Wu, how Seattle impacted cross-country--
Sometimes I've done small parts, like with Spike Lee, but it doesn't matter because you want to work with the director. -
Remember this? We are still inspired by Spike Lee's visit to interview our Program Director and always learning...
Update your maps at Navteq
Spike Lee, Artistic Director & Prof. of the Graduate Film Program @ NYU Tisch School of the Arts: famous director won an Honorary Oscar.
Robi Reed was also casting director for numerous Spike Lee films.
When I was 11 I told my older cousin that I wanted to be a director like Spike Lee , he told me that that wasn't a good career to consider.
Spike Lee gave this platform on CNN lmao now we know she is a director or whatever. Nobody cared
And she's mad as *** about losing that Spike Lee gig. Good job, Spike. It STUNG.
Chrisette can Def Poetry Jam til the cows come home, she still ain't getting them Spike Lee $$ or an invite to the cookout.
CHI-RAQ is a sprawling, blistering and searing social satire on gun violence from director Spike Lee. Now showing:…
Nah, Spike Lee couldn't even produce or director a film this good. is about to be a movie 😎🤗
We are gonna have on stage the famous director, producer, writer, and actor Spike Lee!
Spike Lee is no longer using Chrisette Michele's music in an upcoming project because of inauguration performance:
*Spike Lee must have been kidnapped. Have you noticed we haven't heard his big loud racist mouth lately alongside fat a$$ Michael Moore*
.and I boutta be a tag team D3 Spike Lee at everyone home IWU game. gonna mentally attack every opponent
According to Spike Lee, he turned down Bamboozled for Bagger Vance
"Brothers and sisters fighting is as natural as a white man's dialogue in a Spike Lee movie." - Peter
Life goals : hangout with Michael J. Fox, Spike Lee and John McEnroe at a Knicks game
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Listen to James Brown, Muhummad Ali, and young Spike Lee) THEREALPOPEYE1 FEAT by TheRealPopeye1 on
Kobe's last game should have been another Spike Lee documentary.
Preternaturally perspicacious Darity rejected Obama early;..use his insights to hold Spike Lee's as well as Barry Jenkins' feet to the fire.
He did to Adidas what Spike Lee did for Jordans and what Grant Hill failed to do for Fila
More chances to see In the Heat of the Night across the UK, plus Eddie Murphy and Spike Lee classics:
Anton Marchand, Albert King, Bernard King, Spike Lee, and Deron Williams in the hous... (Vine by
"I deeply believe,” Spike Lee stated, “that New York City is The Greatest City on this God’s Earth..".
What do you get when you combine Thom Browne, Spike Lee and just opened NY store? Well, watch:
Bout to start back writing screenplays and stay focused so I can become the next Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, John Hughes etc 📍💸
I wanna be rich enough to take Spike Lee's spot at MSG one day
Didn't Spike Lee say get on the bus lol.
Two rich people who helped elect Donald Trump pretend to care
“I do think the American people want an economic agenda that works for working people, not just billionaires. So t…”
“this guy thinks that climate change is a hoax. Well, let me tell you, it ain’t a hoax. Climate change is real, an…”
Ending my night watching Spike Lee's magnum opus "Malcolm X". I'm so happy.
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I will never have 2 see another Spike Lee film again. That was a disingenuous, disrespectful, ego-laden convo.
Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders make lovely couple. Two old grumps.
I remember when I saw Spike Lee in person & we caught eye contact the first movie that popped up in my head was Crooklyn
Watch “UNA NOCHE" on Best Cinematography awarded film made with Dir. Lucy Mulloy and producer Spike Lee.
SPIKE LEE do it for the Ppl that care, NOT FOR THE HOLLYWOOD $CAM... . & I plan on following his lead & creating my own in the process! 🎬✊🏾
Spike Lee had a miss with this movie... Chi-Raq is a terrible movie and its makes blacks look bad.
Actually, I'm seeing now, Spike Lee is a terrible director. Uninspired acting plagues his movies. Idc
Bernie Sanders meets Spike Lee: ‘Where do we go? Where is hope?’. Weedkillers kill grass roots though. We need more.
People are hurting. The DNC needs an entirely new direction. htt…
What are the Spike Lee movies that are sans Spike Lee. Need a running list.
“the Democratic party has got to very fundamentally rethink who it is and where it goes.”
(purple prose is terrible in this article but convo is good). Bernie Sanders meets Spike Lee: ‘Where is the hope?’
Original star on his final bow, performing post-election & working with Spike Lee
Bernie Sanders meets Spike Lee: 'Where do we go? Where is the hope?'
"It would be hard to suggest that people of this country were enthusiastic about the Clinton campaign," says Bernie. https:…
Bernie Sanders meets Spike Lee [ed: this is perhaps the most cute political story of them all]
From Hilary Rhoda to Spike Lee, check out the at the opening event
Spike Lee sued for failing to pay union health contributions
Just wanna let y'all know that Spike Lee offered Kobe the role of Jesus Shuttlesworth but he turned it down. You're welcome Ray.
Someone once asked Spike Lee about whether he sides with Dr. King or Malcolm X. He demurs, says he obviously respects both.
I'm going to have to call up Spike Lee. I did a cameo for him in 'Malc...
Still waiting on Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell, Spike Lee to leave country after Trump win
'Miracle at St. Anna.' I was challenged by Spike Lee. When he offered me t...
A History of Violence, starring Olivia Newton-John and Richard Dean Anderson. Directed by Spike Lee, music by Blue Man Group. Budget: $2m
Aye my fav "back in the day" Inde Auteurs Jarmusch, Allison Anders, Hal Hartley, Julie Dash, John Sayles & Spike Lee
According to you, Belafonte was a white wannabe, so was Deborah Parker, Killer Mike, Spike Lee & all the minorities that su…
if you don't understand go watch 'Do The Right Thing' - A Spike Lee joint.
"new x-men film will be produced by Spike Lee, and reunites Omar Sy and Luke Cage"
So what do you call what Reggie Miller did to Spike Lee at The Garden? lol I'm confused
Reggie Miller doing the choke sign to Spike Lee after scoring 39 in Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals.
Apologize? Remember when Reggie Miller made the choke sign to Spike Lee then grabbed his nuts and everyone loved it…
the software question always reminds me of Spike Lee's Michael Jordan Nike commercial "it's gotta to be the shoes".
Roger Guenveur Smith has acted in many Spike Lee movies, and lots of other top-notch movies. We "go way back".
Free Speech TV has BLM film on what Chicago starting 2 do thru church (Father Pfleger), Corey Booker, Spike Lee, partly thru basketball.
Jurassic Shark, starring Laurence Fishburne and Jennifer Lopez. Directed by Spike Lee, music by Linkin Park. Budget: $1 billion
Spike Lee is having auditions tomorrow for a sitcom in Brooklyn tomorrow at 6pm , open casting call, for everyone Google for address and req
"I got a question: Why did they trade my man? Shenanigans" Spike Lee on P.K. Subban trade.
"Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall" en présence de Spike Lee demain!
People going after Tim Burton now because of lack of diversity in his movies. Why don't I see liberals go after Spike Lee?? hmmm
Director Spike Lee led the tributes to Do the Right Thing actor Bill Nunn, who died Saturday at age 63.
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet 1989 had the hit song for the Spike Lee movie do the right thing Fight the Powe…
Spike Lee says it best: "Radio Raheem is now resting in power." RIP Bill Nunn.
Bill Nunn, known for playing in Spike Lee’s "Do The Right Thing," has died.
Spike Lee in 1989 on what he didn't understand about a certain critique of Do The Right Thing (one of the best American m…
RIP Bill Nunn. Frequently appeared in Spike Lee films, Spider-Man trilogy, we'll always remember his as
Spike Lee pens tribute to the late actor Bill Nunn: "Radio Raheem will always be fighting da powers dat be."
Bill Nunn, Radio Raheem of Spike Lee's 'Do the Right Thing,' dies at 63 >
Bill Nunn, Radio Raheem in 'Do the Right Thing,' has died at 62
in Spike Lee's 'Do the Right Thing,' Dies at 62
Bill Nunn, known for his acting in Spike Lee film, "Do the Right Thing" has died. He was 63. Full story -->
Ray Lewis, David Clarke, Lil' Wayne, Spike Lee, and countless other blacks are fighting back against BLM's narrative as it festers.
Gonna be an adaptation of one if his first films, and in typical Spike Lee fashion, he will be directing the entire first season, prosper.✊🏽
TV adaptation set for Netflix, to direct all 10 episodes
Spike Lee will direct the entire first season of Netflix's 'She's Gotta Have It' TV series.
GET DEM HUNDEDS FREQ. I hope spike lee isnt in this one again
So far MyCareer is really fun.Already much better than whatever Spike Lee tried last Year
Spike Lee reworks 80s film as Netflix series with new TV show based on She's Gotta Have It.
Netflix and Spike Lee are working on a 'She's Gotta Have It' series.
Kick it wit my dawg like Bruce Lee Spike Lee rollin owee I might be❗️
Miracle at St. Anna is one of Spike Lee's best
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Spike Lee is about to turn She's Gotta Have It into a sitcom for Netflix. I NEED to be on this show...
If you haven't watched 4 Little Girls (1997), I'd recommend watching it. Great documentary by Spike Lee.
If I ever make any money In my life, imma buy court side Detroit shock season tickets and be the spike lee of the WNBA
.is working with on a 'She's Gotta Have It' series:
"Dirty soda, spike lee, white girl ,ice T😂"
2k17 might be the best 2k ever just because Spike Lee isn't involved.
THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Netflix is remaking one of Spike Lee's most popular classics!
The earlier Spike Lee Joints were the dopest, so. ∞ Spike Lee Might Be Just the Filmmaker Netflix Needs
Spike Lee and Netflix are teaming up for 'She’s Gotta Have It' TV series via I can't wait to watch.
Netflix is turning Spike Lee's 'She's Gotta Have It' into a series:
UPI - Netflix, Spike Lee team up for 'She's Gotta Have It' series
News via ;) .SpikeLee might be just the filmmaker Netflix needs
Netflix and Spike Lee are making a 'She's Gotta Have it' series - - by Steve Dent
.on working with Spike Lee: "I was released personally from my own demons." https:/…
Anderson Cooper, and film director Spike Lee, weighed in on the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick's...
lol i used to work there and loved this pic and the Spike Lee's Mo Better Blues piece!
Spike Lee block party on Do the Right Thing Way in Brooklyn. Brandon from School of Rock…
Spike Lee and Jim Jarmusch at the opening-night screening of “Down by Law” in 1986.
. No > meant Spike Lee. Didn't Spike Lee do Chasing Amy (and Jersey Girl) -? Kevin Smith did, Get on the Bus.
Stephen a. Smith and Spike Lee are going Into history as blowhards on Tv. But Spike Lee is a great director.
I met Spike Lee, who met Basquiat, Warhol, Michael Jordan, and Denzel Washington, so basically I met all dem.
Thank you guys for supporting all my weird NIKE, Jordan, Spike Lee, Green Apple Gatorade, 90s movie & sitcom, ATCQ infused ideas.
Spike Lee indicated that Jordan helped with financing film Malcolm X. Has he supported other African-American endeavors?
Spike Lee also wants Michael Jordan to make a comeback and join the Knicks
"Spike Lee has been trying to recruit me... We've been texting." - Ray Allen . (📷:
Ray Allen has talked to the Celtics & Bucks about a comeback, & Spike Lee has reportedly tried to recruit him to the Knicks (NBC…
Anybody is sharp as Spike Lee & John Singleton if they put their heart & soul on paper. True hope.
'I may have been born yesterday,. but I stayed up all night.'. Spike Lee. Mo' Better Blues. D.Washington & C.Williams ht…
3. "Dirty soda, Spike Lee, white girl..." - Future. 4. "...or your girl's tour?" - Drake. 5. The countdown parts on Go! by M83
🏀📰 3 years ago today, the championship was won. I been Spike Lee/ Jack Nicholson of…
Spike Lee calls out Omarosa Manigault over her new appointment to Trump's campaign S…
mo'better blues - Branford Marsalis Quartet (but video from the 1990 Spike Lee film).
Do The Right Thing - now yall can sleep on Spike Lee if yall want, but this man NEVER made a bad movie!
Spike Lee woke up and voted for Sanders. And you only look where u want.
Ere . A Pulis / Martinez dream team. . Give Tony the back 5 and Bob the front 6. . In the words of Spike Lee: Do The Right Thing.
Spike Lee at the BET Awards looking like the black Captain Crunch
Spike Lee showed up to the looking like Willy Wonka and people can’t deal
Spike Lee would make a great garden gnome
That hat Spike Lee wearing got me thinking a Spike Lee remake of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory would be lit.
Spike Lee just butchered whatever bible verse he was trying to deliver.sounding like Dr. Seuss after eating green eggs.
One of the best directors and creative forces ever Spike Lee is a pioneer.
Spike Lee looks like a little leprechaun dressed in purple instead of green
Spike Lee came to the as Willy Wonka.
Was that Spike Lee dressed as a pimp with a green suite on ???
black director white cast: A Fuqua, Thomas Carter, Carl franklin, F G Gray and Spike Lee
Brandon Niederauer of playing at Spike Lee's birthday party!
Prettysure is making a doc w/spike lee about the protests.Shameless self promotion honoring protest of nothing
According to a random Apple Store customer, I look like Spike Lee because of my glasses...
just witnessed Spike Lee's Redemption Song on WatchESPN. Great watch, s/o to Howard University Women's Soccer...
Spike Lee's Chi-raq is underrated. It's a great film.
keep making valid points and assessments. N make sure season tickets have my name on em, I can be spike lee of your organization 😂
please answer this for me. Is Spike Lee going to be directing MyCareer again in 2K17?
Started watching Spike Lee's list of films for film students and I'm so happy I did
How Spike Lee, the NBA commissioner and ESPN took a stand on gun violence
Spike Lee's support makes a lot of sense--Bernie is the Knicks of candidates.
lol, i mean no offense, but I think he's forgetting about a bunch of people... like maybe Danny DiVito and Spike Lee lol.
writer, who works with Monty Ross and Spike Lee. But look what is going on. last night before the party
Bihh I just do it call me spike lee
Nobody wants to watch spike lee movies with me tho😔😔😔
NEW SPEED DIAL WITH ME AND on LA pride, bobby brown banking off Whitney, and the hotep qualities of spike lee
'She's Gotta Have It' and 'School Daze,' I really didn't know what I w...
Dear . That Spike Lee My Career crap is corny af. "Story mode" on a basketball game is corny af. "Frequency Vibrations" is ugly af
"When Spike Lee came out with his..." says Full story:
When I went to school, you had to take art, you had to play an instrum...
I really really really don't like Spike Lee
Bruh said nephew sitting looking just like me,front row seats just like spike lee
ICYMI - Spike Lee's doc on the 1974 national champion Howard soccer team, featured on ESPN. https:/…
I'd rather see a Ghostbusters movie starring Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis.
What do Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Tom Arnold, and Rosie O'Donnell all have in common with Ross Perot and Dan Quayle? Hint- Y2K
The Knicks have Spike Lee. The Lakers have Jack Nicholson. And the Warriors have... Eddy Cue.
*** look like Carl Winslow & Spike Lee had a genetically modified baby
Not only her Bernie,Cornell West,Ben Jealous,Spike Lee,Danny Glover,Harry Belafonte and that Druggie Susan Sarando
Listen to Spike Lee ft. Tripper Jones (Prod. TrellGotWings) by Chi Chi on
My new sounds: Spike Lee ft. Tripper Jones on
good bye to Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, Spike Lee, Rosario Dawson, and Harry Belafonte. Lost.
Has it gotten so bad for new that we must trick viewers into thinking Walt Frazier & Spike Lee & Kobe are in it?
I'd happily watch a w/ Walt Frazier & Spike Lee before I watch one with Melissa McCarthy & Leslie Jones. MM & LJ = not funny.
They are making ANOTHER Ghostbusters with Carmelo Anthony, Walt Frazier and Spike Lee?!
I would watch the new Ghostbusters if Melo, Kobe, Porzingis, Spike Lee, and Walt Frazier were actually in it.
I'd watch Melo, Porzingis, Spike Lee & Walt Frazier fight the "ghosts of the Garden" before I'd watch the new ghostbusters
I'd see a movie where Walt Frazier and Spike Lee fight ghosts.
I'd probably be more excited for Ghostbusters if it actually was about Carmelo, Porzingis, Spike Lee, and Walt Frazier fighting ghosts.
Prince Birthday Tribute by Spike Lee mc by Sway Brooklyn Mike Jones: via
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