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Spider Man

Spider-Man is a fictional character, a comic book superhero starring in books published by Marvel Comics.

Peter Parker Captain America Iron Man Civil War Tobey Maguire Miles Morales Uncle Ben Toby Maguire Andrew Garfield Green Goblin Black Panther Scarlet Witch Gwen Stacy Nathan Kress Stan Lee Sinister Six Mary Jane Watson Donald Glover

I added a video to a playlist Scarlet Witch and Spider Man | Wanda and Peter | Live like legends
The Kraven of hip hop. Kraven from the Sinister Six in Spider Man.
What if Uncle Ben became Spider Man and Peter Parker was the one who died?
Green Goblin. I had a lot of hope for Vulture but Spider Man proved to be the good one. So i wont fall pray to Doc Oc hype.
Silly white boy at Spider Man thought Donald Glover was Chadwick Boseman and Bokeem Woodbine was Dave Chappelle. Embarrassed to be white rn
Spider Man Homecoming is easily the best Spider Man movie. And not just because Bokeem Woodbine plays The Shocker, but mostly that.
The Professor dressed as Spider Man crossing dudes in the park is better than all the Spider Man movies. When's the next reboot?
Also Hannibal Buress AND Donald Glover in Spider Man??? Jesus man stop trying to make this my favorite movie
New Ep is up. Long rant about Spider Man. Not sure it makes any sense, but might be entertaining.
Spider Man: Michael Keaton was really good, and not only because of all the outer borough NYC and Marisa Tomei
1) in Spider Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker names his suit lady voice Karen which I think is a nod to spongebob.
07-04 From Billy Elliot to Spider Man as child star stars in biggest
I know that your acting carreer is not only Spider Man, But ejem we'll see Mary Jane Marry Peter Parker?
Going back to Spider Man.. I preder Gwen over Mary Jane. MJ loved spiderman but Gwen, dead or alive..loved Peter Parker
Hannibal Buress sent a guy that looks literally nothing like him to take his place at the Spider Man premier. God, I love…
Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man mentors Spider Man in the next Marvel film.
Kids of this generation will never know that this was the real Spider Man
I'm excited for the new Spider Man but I hate Sony and Marvel for never following through the Sinister Six story line. Did us so wrong.
*Spider Man related. A soft smirk tugged on his lips behind the mask.* I know, because the blood bl…
Replaying Sunset Overdrive is really upping my hype for Insomniac's Spider Man game
Wait, so Michael Keaton is playing a flying bird man in Spider Man? Is this a reference to a movie that was a reference to another movie?
My New Top 5 (Sorry Cap but after Civil War you fall into my consideration). 1-Iron Man. 2-Star Lord . 3-Spider Man . 4-Doctor S…
Now I know why I've never watched this Spider Man film before... the spiders are too scary and Willem Defoe terrifies me
To all that think the Tom Holland Spider Man cast is racist, white Peter Parker is accurate to the comics in the time of…
Venom is my favorite villain in Spider Man
I also forgot that Macho Man Randy Savage was in the first Spider Man.
On June 21, 2016, it was announced that Ghanaian child star, Abraham Attah will be in the upcoming film, Spider Man: H…
- aka Marvel's next movie failure. Like "The Hulk" with Eric Bana. Or Spider Man with Tobey Maguire. Marvel needs to learn to cast
I really wasn't going to bother watching the Spider Man trailer (not even seen Civil War yet) but then I remember Marissa Tomei is Aunt May.
My friend saw a guy with a Spider Man suit w/o the hood but wearing a Mets batting helmet. He was "John Olerud dressed as Spider-Man"...
I liked a video Impractical Jokers S05E23 - Spider Man
I identify with Spider-Man not because of the heroics, but the inability to shut up and stop cracking bad jokes when I'm nervous.
Ultimate Spider-Man hasn't even ended yet and they're already planning another Spider-Man series.
Historically they're the bigger deal because their success paves the way for Spider-Man, but he's even more successful.
I think FF as a media property suffers from coming right before Spider-Man, if that makes sense.
Was announced at NYCC, so I can finally say. I'm a Consulting Producer on 2017's. MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN cartoon!. (Nope, not leavi…
Everyone asking about the new MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN cartoon,. this is all I *can* say for now.
Hi Dan! I want to get back into reading Spider-Man, what series do you recommend?
More Spidey villains for Superior Spider-Man today. He counts right?
Incidentally, in that Spider-Man/Deadpool cross over The Punisher appears and DP tries to convince Frank to pee on an unconscious Stilt Man.
It's really only relevant if it's a hundred times better than Ultimate Spider-Man. I don't understand how that production team
you never gonna be spider man AND deadpool just be deadpool
Spider-man walking with two billionaires, a god, an assassin and a soldier
Kinda wanna grab every artist working for Marcel who draws shoes or treads OR AS I SAW TODAY SUCTION CUPS on Spider-Man's feet and ask Why?.
one spider man and one deadpool were dancing breakdance in Saint Petersburg metro
when U lose ur box for skyrim but Spider-Man 2 has room for 2 discs 😍
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I can't believe we're gonna get to see Zendaya in theatres in Spider-Man like it's really happening wow
Man said new member like that spider don't own the house now
if you wanna do a high school spider-man animated series...miles is RIGHT THERE? in high school? with unexplored story ter…
Apparently they're cancelling Ultimate Spider-Man in favour of another new show - only took them 4 years.
I'm honestly havin such a good day I knew wearing my Spider-Man socks was a good idea
We love our Buzz Lightyear bag just as much as love their Spider Man one!
Just ordered the Volumes I was missing for Marvel Now Superior Spiderman and New 52 Red Lanterns + Volume 1 of Marvel Now 2.0 Spider Man ...
Watching CA:CW again and. 1) OMG T'Challa's accent 😍. 2) Tom Holland is a perfect mix of Billy Elliott and Tintin 😍 and now I ❤ Spider Man?
I just want a girl to kiss upside down like Spider Man did Mary Jane🕷❤️
Toby Maguire as Peter in the first Spider Man is so cute.
Idc what nobody says the Spider Man movies with Toby Maguire are the best ever 🕷🕷🕷
And we're going to scrub the new Spider Man movie. Miles Morales is it now, for "accuracy".
Zendya is playing Mary Janes Watson in the new Spider Man movie
New Post! This amateur Spider Man got a criminal trespassing charge for climbing halfway up the Trump Tower. Why,...
Their will never be a Batman like Christian bell no Joker like Heath Ledger and no Spider Man like Toby McGuire
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The latest upload is here and it's the finale to Spider Man: Return of the Sinister Six!.
Started a fight with Spider Man at Disney world this weekend, because I'm a sexist.
yay! Cant say I dont like Andrew Garfield as Spider Man. lets cuddle and watch!
and Spider Man. And Kojima, and on and on. Ah well. At least I'll always have CD Projekt Red
every body have the right to own a fairy tale book. Peter Pan. The Bible. Spider Man. Snow White.
Joshua Wong's favorite superhero is, unsurprisingly, Spider Man. .
...All kidding aside, the new Spider Man movie can do two things to make me happy. A. No origin story. B. No flashback to Uncle Ben...
Marvel Studios is about to take all my money. Black Panther, Spider Man, Dr. Strange.
Ant Man fell into the shadows a little bit but he was just as awesome Black Panther and Spider Man. That's all thanks due to Paul Rudd
"5 ppl u want to smoke with dead, fictional, or alive?" my brother says "Aunt Mae from Spider Man..." 😂😂😂
marvel doesn't. Sony does but Sony just allowed Spider-Man into the Marvel universe. So it maybe possible
Of course Civil War and an awesome Spider-Man comes out the week I have to cram for finals
Amazing Spider-Man 2... But I don't even have to stick to those options... Gah!
Don't get me wrong, I still love Maguire's Parker, and I think SPIDER-MAN 2 is pound-for-pound a better movie than Civil War.
If you're interested in less continuity heavy stuff, I can't recommend the entire Ultimate Spider-Man run heavily enough.
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Denden doesn't like Symbiote or Spectacular Spider-Man... should have seen that coming
lucky for you there's rumors of Sucker Punch working on a Spider Man game
I agree! Tom Holland did more in 15 minutes to capture the character than all the previous Spider-Man movies combined.
I'm in line at the post office and this dad is entertaining his 6yo daughter by telling her the story of Spider-Man and he's a…
Tom Holland is such a good spider man
Spider-Man: Wait! What's your name? . Black Cat: Me? I'm Black Cat, and I just crossed your path.…
Oh hey, new ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN on 6/12!!! Mark it in your calendars and CANCEL ALL OTHER PLANS.
Best thing of Civil War: the new spider man! totally nailed the character.
team with homer, spider-man, Goku, Caleb Barnes, and justin riley
I voted for for because he never fails to put a smile on all he's supporters faces💓😊 we…
Lmao loving this cake. Your office looks like Spider-Man threw up in there too.
The new Spider-Man in Civil War is basically the best thing ever ✌
Dear Marvel, please move this up a year. We can wait a bit longer for another Spider-Man, it's fine.
Finally we get a Spider-Man that can live up to his legacy as a character I am devastatingly jealous of.
I've been a huge Spider Man fan as long as I can remember.
I loved this movie. Way better than batman vs superman. Can't wait for Spider man
Is Civil War actually the best SPIDER-MAN movie yet? ranks the wall-crawler's film outings from worst to best
It's amazing to me that Spider Man, Ant Man and Black Panther steal a Captain America movie.
wxnda-maximoff: Tom Holland is the spider-man we needed and deserve
Tom Holland's Spider-Man is the best and most accurate Spider-Man to date.
Do you ever watch Spider Man cartoons on TV? The Ultimate Spider Man is amazing!
That massive airport fight in Captain America: Civil War was almost entirely digital
I liked a video from Tom Holland Inicia Treinamento p/ 'Spider-Man Homecoming' (2017)
Hey man. Do you have any recommendations for any Spider-man comics? I've just finished Superior Spider-Man
Training in the park with my bud, Ant. A kid thought I was Spider-Man and yells, "I promise not to tell anybody!"
they fuccing up the Storyline then. Especially if you gonna throw Spider Man in but not Wolverine and the rest
Superhero's fighting one another is awesome, but there's something about Spider-Man particularly vs another hero that I've always loved.
When she low key wants you to take her to the new Spider Man
If they had some sort of branded Spider-Man beverage, they could probs get me back.
I was very opposed to the Spider-Man reboot because I loved the old one. Was the same w/ Ghostbusters... then they brought back Ecto Cooler.
Pack purchasers will get the spider-man costume tomorrow, yes. It will be sold individually at a later date on the gstore.
I combined a Spider-Man tie with a Captain America shield tie clip as my mini-tribute to Civil War.
Captain America: Civil War is a phenomenal movie and Tom Holland as Spider-Man is way better than Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.
"We don't want people looking up to Spider-Man or those mutants, but thanks for dropping a tank on the Hulk and stomping his face."
guess the hooker never saw your face as you wore your Spider-Man mask.
Spider-Man is funny but got no business in there🤓
Proof the effects in Captain America Civil War are amazing: that airport is 100% digital.
SPIDER MAN IS SO GOOD IN THE NEW Civil War MOVIE. BUT, Donald Glover would still be a better Spider Man.
lol 😂😂😂 dude, that's all Spider Man needed to defeat Green Goblin the first time, but he was tryna be too cool smh
Maybe if you compare him with Andrew Garfield. But the catch is that for every movie including Spider Man he becomes younger.
📷 Artiste du jour: Artist of the day:* John Romita Jr Stephen Strange, Iron Man, Protector, Spider Man...
What if Marvel got Tobey Macguire for a negative role in upcoming Spider Man movie??? Imagine
With Proteus and Malice, fingers crossed for equippable Symbiotes in Superior Foes of Spider Man
Aunt May just Benjamin Buttoning through these Spider Man reboots is my favourite stupid thing
Imagine. Come looking like one any Genu wine Spider Man. Is my name Peter Parker
SPOILER: Civil War ends with Cap, Iron Man, Spider Man, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther realizing that all their mothers ar…
Uncle Ben was Spider Man's uncle. He died. Uncle Ben is a brand of rice. It's in the shape of a person lying down (dead)
nice knowing J Jonah Jameson still is working hard at taking down Spider Man.
I thought Andrelton Simmons was suppose to be Spider Man on the field. He's just being a Spider, Man.
Toby Maguire was born to play Spider Man. Unreal movie 😍
Avengers: Age of Ultron would 10 times better if Toby Maguire played Spider Man 🤘🏽💯
Not just because you have Spider Man and The Vision on your side, you already won. I have Scarlet Witch!
I agree but I have three really bad Spider Man movies in my life. Mind you I haven't even seen The Amazing SpiderMan
kind of like how the studios are screwing up Spider Man and the Fantastic Four but Marvel can't do much about it.
Oh yeah! So glad Sony leased rights to Spider Man to Marvel studios. Gonna be epic!
📷 The wedding of Peter Parker/Spider Man and Mary Jane Watson by John Romita Sr. ...
Why does Spider Man sound a like a 13 year old speaking in a Call of duty match on Xbox Live in the new Captain America tr…
I feel as though I need to reevaluate my entire relationship with Chris because he said he didn't like Tobey Maguire as Spider Man ?
Spider Man appeared for like 3 seconds and he legit embarrassed Captain America in front of his men, Rogers not fit to lead anymore.
..Me to P1: Are you dressed as Spider Man? (kidding). P1(serious): NO. Im a stormtrooper from the darkside here to fight the rebel alliance!!
Avengers Assemble, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider Man, Agents of SHIELD big CosPlay tomorrow at the Convention Hall. 11am
Tory Lanez is crazy. Mans was crowdsurfing and was climbing around the Danforth Music Hall like he was Spider Man. Concert..was..🔥
i really just don't want to see another version of how Peter Parker became Spider Man
Okay so is there any chance that this is Steph basically killing Kawhi's Uncle Ben and by playoffs Kawhi becomes Spider Man?
Watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier with my son. He loves Man (Iron Man or Spider Man) but Mairka (Cpt. America) comes in close 2nd
Both Soriano and Price thought it was gone - then S-Rod went Spider Man
Characters people don't want to be portrayed as black:. Rue. Annie. Hermione . Spider Man. Johnny Storm . Santa. I'm sure I'm missing a bunch...
Sooo I just read Tobey Maguire is returning as Spider Man in the upcoming Avengers movies!
Spider Man friend or foe and Marvel Ultimate Alliance
No matter how old I get, the Green Goblin from the Spider Man movie will always freak me tf out...
Mary Jane fam, Peter Pan Parker saved her life on Spider Man
Toby Maguire hates Toby Maguire for being Toby Maguire only if he could be Spider Man for real.
Ok real talk, this is very reminiscent Ultimate comics Spider Man with Uncle Ben and Peter "walking into the light"
Secret Wars is really good. Haven’t read Thor yet. Old Man Logan has been aight. Spider Man is so stupid now. Inhumans was aight.
Bambam as Captain America. Jackson as Thor. Junior as Iron Man. Mark as Spider Man. Youngjae as Hulk. JB as Nick Fury https…
That moment when a spider is crawling down a web next to u and u wonder or think if you got powers like Spider Man if u got bitten..
A1: Colossus or The Silver Surfer. I related a lot to Tobey Maguire's Spider Man, too.
Breaking news! . There's more than 1 Spider Man in Swansea 󾌯. 1 spotted outside Smiths Smiths Arms Llansamlet...
If you're counting on Spider Man to save you all during the zombie apocalypse, you're all screwed.
was created from a cross of and with a touch of that spider that bit Spider-Man.
Andrew Garfield reveals what the plot of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would have been about
I just told Andrea I'm a painting Spider-Man. The paint fumes are really getting to me. 😂
It's a shame because unpopular opinion, I thought Andrew Garfield was an incredible Spider-Man. I really enjoyed him
I liked a video from MAJOR Change to Spider-Man Tech in Captain America Civil War?
- What did you LIKE about Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 and what do you hope to see translated to the MCU version…
KimVFields: nicholasham1 Hi, you worked with my mom Chip on Spider-Man. I loved visiting her on set, you were always so kind and super cool!
A lot of comments on my ninja turtle shirt 😎 it was a good buy
can't believe I wrote spider-man fanfiction where he kisses TWO women
I was in Times Square & took a pic w Spider-Man and didn't know you had to pay so I walked away and he chaSED M…
New day, new details around rumoured suit in
Redeem the code FMC6BJHGGN9V to get Amazing Spider-Man at 1st come, 1st served!
The Amazing Spider-Man got right was Parker inventing web-shooters but MARVEL STUDIOS wants Stark as the inventor?!
I love how the Nacho libre music just sounds like Mexican Spider-Man
Spider-Man and Black Cat painting by Joe Jusko. This was a cover for a novel. Much more art like thi
Spider man spider man does whatever Spider-Man can
*The giant spider stalks the black haired man.*
to Britt Robertson talking about how Dylan O'Brien would be a great Spider-Man.
I liked a video from O Homem Spider Man
Andrew Garfield Says The Core Team Of 'Amazing Spider-Man' tried to "infuse it with soul."
If you like Spider-Man and you like good music, listen to this
Andrew Garfield reveals frustrations about his experience:
Andrew Garfield frustrated by Spider-Man experience, pressure to 'please everyone'
I'll tell ya what, man. Nothing says football like a Spider 2 Y Banana shirt. Get one here:
Spider-Man was stolen, everyone be on the lookout
it looks amazing on my wall above my Spider-Man poster🙊
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
NYPD to Disney and Marvel: Get Minnie Mouse and Spider Man out of Times Square via
I had a blast dressing up as Spider Man; running around Boston & the Puerto Rican Festival. The…
Am I literally the only person who wants Toby Maguire back as Spider Man.
I mean anything can happen. Like I know in the new Spider Man film Norman Osborne isn't gonna revel that he's Peter Parker's father
Hearin that Tom Holland was a Billy Elliott makes me feel better about the new Spider Man flick. U gotta be the best of the best 4 that show
Today I saw dressed as Spider Man. Stared at Christopher Lloyd & got scared of Robert Englund saying a Freddy Kreuger line.
The Wrestler and My Cousin Vinny star sought out for new Spider Man movie
Do you think Marc Webb decided from a young age that he'd direct Spider Man someday? Is this a director with a deep love for irony?
yeah but *put on geek glasses* in the comics Peter Parker/Spider Man is like 15 and looks up to the Avengers before joining
Prolly should be dealing with how to actually have a Spider Man character that sticks around for more than 3 movies
I may not be the biggest Spider Man fan, but it will be so cool to see Spider Man and Captain America in the same movie! XD
How Tom Holland can go from being the year below me at Wimbledon College to being the next Spider Man is amazing 😂 Much congrats to him!
Are we really going to have Miles Morales(Spider Man) in the next Avengers or Civil War? via
There's already been a colored Spider Man, his name is Miles Morales and Peter Parker kills him in the end
Even when we get a colored Spider Man, Peter Parker's gonna come back to take him out
Not really up on Spider Man comics these days, but there was also a recent plot where they killed off Peter Parker and Dr. ...
Don't miss this great article from Dr. Are You the Peter Parker or Spider Man of
And if it was Peter Parker pretending 2 have epilepsy, so no one would suspect he was Spider Man & kill Aunt May?
I think 'Aeon Flux' was better than any of the Spider Man movies
Spider Man reboot could feature four different movies, with the Peter Parker in high school MovieSteem …
Dreamt I was Spider Man, and I just saved the world by defeating You're welcome, world, Glenn Close can no longer harm you.
So many great Marvel movies coming out in the future. Captain America & Iron Man will fight in Civil War & they're introducing Spider Man
How's Marvel gonna do Civil War without Spider Man or Wolverine who both play huge roles in it?
If we see another Spider Man origins story I will shoot Uncle Ben myself. I swear to god.
It’s like Being John Malkovich, except with Spider Man and Gus Van Sant.
I honestly don't want a black Peter Parker. I want a black Spider Man. With his own story and life. Or Miles Morales.
pretty surprising in episode 3 when Spider Man made a cameo at House Bolton. Sony really whoring him out now Pascal's gone.
Spider Man is Andrew. Peter Parker is Tobey come back spidey
Do you remember the upside down kiss by Tobey Maguire and in Spider Man? People instantly recognize...
Someone in their early twenties told me "Tobey Maguire isn't Spider Man, Andrew Garfield is." Like that Batman scene in Neighbors.
For the Spider Man reboot, they can't use Peter Parker again. They gotta go with Miles Morales.
Mark Hamill was the voice of The Joker in Batman, The Animated Series & the Hobgoblin in Spider Man. . S.T
Dear I ask you to think again, no need to restart the Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield - Spider Man! Please! 3
Because of Spider Man is now with Marvel that means Sally Fields out of the picture. I hope somehow she stays.
Please please please let this happen!. Nathan Kress cast as Spider Man:
Nathan Kress as Spider Man: This has to happen!
I liked a video from Nathan Kress cast as Spider Man
Nathan Kress as Spider Man: i want this to happen for you bro! You're perfect!
Mark Lorch of Hull University has calculated that Spider Man would need to eat ~ 900 eggs to make enough silk to save a fall…
Marvel and DC Heroes: 8 Bit Nerds. Super Man looks like he is annoyed that Spider Man is taking up more of the ...
So what's this about Skandar Keynes being rumored for a new Spider Man? I can get behind that! Although why are they recasting /again/?
I want him to be the new Spider Man, even though I really like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.
I hate hate hate!!! The Disney Channel!! But as they say "you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't". Disney owns ESPN, ABC etc. So that means college football, Modern Family, Blackish and some other favorite shows are aired thru a Disney affiliate. Also some of my favorite movies are Disney owned 😡😤, like most Marvel Comics Movies are. Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Iron Man 1,2,3 and Captain America 1 & 2. Sony still has the rights to Spider Man. Just can't get away lol.
Went to my Gran's yesterday and opened our presents. My 5-year old son got a bottle of Jack Daniels. Lucky *** !.. I got Spider Man pyjamas which are way too small for me!!.. Psy the Joker
Peter Parker is Spider Man and Uncle Ben is the Holy Spirit. Fact.
Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby is actually Peter Parker who is actually Spider Man
If wants to kill Spider Man just let Sam Raimi direct it. Rhino looked horrible boring
Lol. Amazing Spider-Man 2 exceeded expectations, to be honest. Not great, but an improvement on its predecessor.
Wearing Spider-Man socks, today's gonna be a good day.
I went to see the 'Spider-Man' movies because my wife is a fan, and so are my kids.
Today we're trying to unmask Sunderland's Spider-Man. Never a dull day. Doing well on the web.
so how's that Amazing Foes of Spider-Man script coming along? Take your time... can't wait to read it BEFORE CHRISTMAS!
Does anyone know Sunderland's Spider-Man? We're guessing it's not Peter Parker...
I was a crowd extra in the first Spider-man movie if that helps.
Spider-Man Superhero crochet hat scarf and by NedinetCreations
Amazing Spider Man 2 for android full download
Spider-Man grew up at 20 Ingram St in Forest Hills, Queens. The address exists in real life, and the family that lives…
Alain Robert (Spider-Man) climbing Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper are the first winners to portray Spider-Man villains…
This episode is literally Stan Lee leading around spider man.
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ICYMI - Spider-Man made an appearance at the Stadium of Light last night.
to the people who thought the amazing Spider-Man 2 was good: why?
Only one for my nephew, which was from The Amazing Spider-Man series, I think? I almost bought a few with Captain America but...;;
If Spider-Man and Batman had been treated like the Bond franchise, how many good Spidey and Bats films might we have now?
Photo: comicbookcovers: The Amazing Spider-Man September 1968, cover by John Romita I have this ish!!!
Ah, you can crap on the original Spider-Man cast all you want but for me personally, they're memories. Great memories.
"The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship." ---William Blake, British painter and poet
Spider-man Variant Collection I just got for my birthday!
People think the "radioactive spider" element of Spider-Man is stupid and unrealistic, but consider that Batman is an altrui…
Gecko-inspired adhesive enables people to scale buildings like Spider-Man: via
I'm not a huge fan of the new Spider-Man. Regardless Batman is the best superhero and has the best movies.
Hellp, I accidentally drank protein with a dead fly in the shaker I thought it was a lump of chocolate protein fml, srs will I turn into Spider Man?
Oo My Goodness can't get any rest with this Elf !!! He told me he had sum Friends coming Over !?? Had to get cleaned up ! Then told me he want to be a Woop Woop Super Trucker !! I was Shocked he wanted a Job !!! Maybe he changing his ways ! Well I woke up and there's Spider Man the Elf I'm Speechless ! Now my Tonka Trucks Broke !!! All I want for Christmas is A Goid Elf !!! I'm Innocent Santa !!!
Jake was having a bon fire with Minnie and spider man
This is a humorous and inspiring obituary of a young man from Minneapolis. Thank you Spider Man. .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"You're the Spider Man, and I love that. But I love Peter Parker more."
Spider Man, you know why. Was rather hoping Agent Romanoff would be included.
Flash-the-U Friday Halloween bonus from IG'er libbielu as Aerial and Spider Man in the British Virgin Islands! Go...
- Also Jane Levy as MJ for the next Spider Man film. It really should happen.
Of course I'll be Spider Man and not Gwen Stacy but isn't it the thought that counts?
have you seen the CW Flash series? It's got a similar tone to Andrew Garfield's Spider Man movies :) think you'd like it.
Basically I want to marry Peter Parker from Spider Man
SpiderMan video game action genre with release date is apr This game takes place outside the events of the nd film in a unique story where Spider Man discovers a larger threat to NYC that has turned the underworld upside down
Another couple of photos of the study tour group at Grand Central Station - scene of Spider Man and the...
It's not up to you anymore, Parker. *shakes head solemnly* I require Spider Man here to ravish me like no -
Remember that time before the Spider Man reboot and everyone loved Peter Parker and Mary Jane tapos naki-epal lang si Gwen Stscy.
Well dang this Spider Man movie does make u weep. Sally Field is so awesome
Sounds like something just landed on my roof logically it's either Spider Man or Santa Claus
Just letting everyone know whats what on Saturday so there is no confusion or disapointment... The Family Charity Fun Day starts at 1pm finishes about 5pm Elsa from Frozen will be there to sing 'Let it go' and then pose for pictures until 1.30pm Helena Frances Smith (Helena Frances - Princess Appearances) Lisa Bate (Variety Visits) will then be there for an hour with Spider Man, Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam and then we've hired the costumes for the rest of the day so they will be with us all day but will have time out for breaks. The Fire Engine and Fire Officers will be there we cant confirm times as they are still on call for emergencies so its when they can be there for as long as they can. We have a DJ on all day Danny's Disco Entertainment Danny Stansfield and Shaun Jordan Sloan will be singing at 3.30-4 BBQ will be on until food is gone everything else will be there all day. Bouncy Castle over 5's only Bouncy Castle under 5's only Soft Play Area 2 and under only Large Slide Over 2's Only Can we ask tha ...
So...this Spider Man documentary I'm watching is nuts. Why do they keep calling Jamie Foxx Max?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The new Miles Morales series -> Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider Man. I'll get a link. Peter and Norman are back!. How much
Spider Man punches policeman in face as Mickey and Minnie Mouse stand by dumbfounded (New York Times)
Peak of the Week Chatter - Wed, July 23 Holy Wednesday Bedlam, Flames! It's the 75th anniversary of the Batman. Let's discuss why Batman is so popular. What about the Dark Knight and his city has compelled such a following? Is it the wonder of a childhood hero brought into adulthood by movies and television? Is it the brooding man and his demons surrounded by fantastical gadgets and maniacal miscreants? Do you find him relate-able despite the trust fund, the secret lair, and the mask? Batman first came to me in the same way as Wonder Woman, Spider Man, and the Hulk – via television. But where the other three were dramas, the Batman TV series didn't take itself too seriously. It's unique style of theatricality and cut-aways to descriptive words like 'Biff', 'Crash', and 'Bam' made it iconic, not just for the Caped Crusader but also for the delivery. It would be years before I discovered that those old reruns had been adapted from comic books, but by then I was a novel reader. Reading a story that was rat ...
Here is some advice on picking characters and forming your first teams. You will want your first picks to form a complete team consisting of 5 characters of each class, of which you can only take 4 on a mission. Team 1: These are the ones most of us get to begin with. Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Iron Fist, and She-Hulk. Iron Man is a given. You need both Iron Man and Black Panther to complete ch. 1. Captain Marvel is a great Blaster for 16 cp. But you have Iron Man, so she can wait until you get the rest of the 16 pointers. Team 2: These are mostly 48 pointers available during or after you complete ch 1. Taskmaster, Scarlet Witch, Spider Man (90 cp, but the best infiltrator in the game so far), and Sif. For a bruiser, pick Hulk or Thor at 90 cp, or better still, Ronan when you can get that far into chapter 2. Omega is a great (arguably the best) scrapper, but you need to unlock her from Ch. 2.
I'm so Chicago l remember more Saturday cartoons The Justice League Pastic- Man Spider Man and his amazing friends Thunda the Barbarian Ariel Ukla ride! !
Ppl also freaked when Peter Parker died in Ult. Spider Man and a half hispanic/half black kid (Miles Morales) took his place. Silly.
Is it give away time again yet?! I think It might just be!! Please like and share this post in order to be in with a chance to win a 30 minute visit during August from your choice of our characters! You can choose from Peppa Pig, George, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Spider Man, Cinderella, Snow White or Alice in Wonderland! You have to like and share this post to be counted in the draw and i will do the draw on 1st August, get sharing!
I finally saw "The Amazing Spider Man 2." I liked it. I didn't love it, but I did LIKE it. I thought the interaction with Gwen and Peter, two people who can't be with each other because they actually love each other, was heart rending and well done. Besides Electro and the 2nd Green Goblin, we see glimpses of future appearances of both The Vulture and Doctor Octopus, and we do see The Rhino, though to be completely honest, he is such a departure from his comic book counterpart that I didn't recognize him, until he announced himself! The story of Richard and Mary Parker is based on the Spider Man Annual from the late 1960's written by Stan Lee and illustrated by his brother Larry Lieber, which gave the background story on Peter's parents as spies during World War 2, but updated for this movie as scientists working on genetic engineering. (Interestingly, that Spider Man annual has the Red Skull as the villain!) As for Gwen Stacy, since I'm late in the day for watching this movie, I won't spoil it, but t ...
Back when I was still reading comics (quit back around 1987) my absolute favorite Marvel character was Captain America. Number Two was probably Thor. And a close third was Spider Man. Those three remained consistent over the years. Folk in following positions would swap around depending on what story lines were running but those three stayed at the top. For DC it might surprise people: Robin (later Nightwing) either as a solo or as a team leader (Teen Titans), then Superman, and _then_ Batman. Others, again depending on the storylines that were running. IMO, the DC universe went to *** about the time of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now, I enjoyed Crisis itself although I did not like some of the decisions they made (death of Flash and Supergirl mainly). It's the aftermath that led me to "I don't want to read these any more" and so I quit. I can pickup old comics and still get a lot of enjoyment from them. Newer stuff? Not so much. Oh, once in a while I'll come across something good but it ne ...
Denver Comic Con, Day 1: What a Day! Learned a ton from panels about Carl Barks (Daffy Duck creator), Joe Hill (NOS4A2), and an outstanding, passionate talk by Charles Hatfield on the history of comics + the current state of its scholarship. Met the Blue Ranger (geeked out). Bought action figures (lots! A couple of Joes, a Spider Man, the USS Vengeance, Nightcrawler, Red Skull, et many al.). Saw Edward James Olmos and Michael Dorn in my hotel lobby. Told Tracy Bealer that I was just going to walk up to them and say "Hi." Here's how that went. ME (to Tracy): I'm just gonna go say hi. TRACY (as if sending her son off to war): Okay... (I walk up to Worf and Admiral Adama) ME: Uh, hi, just...uh, wanted to say? Big fan. Really love your work. OLMOS (on his phone, probably dealing with *** like me all day): ...bless your heart, your very kind... DORN (totally not noticing me, which is cool, because Worf wouldn't notice me, either, if we were on the Enterprise): ... ME: Okay, thanks, I'll, uh, le ...
"The Bergdahl trade put the Taliban on steroids". Wahlid Phares, middle east expert.the expert who actually knows what he is talking about!! These five Taliban commanders are now in Qatar...and are not under house arrest or tracking devices attached or otherwise. They are free to communicate, and who do you think they are communicating with...and it's not the Spider Man. This is all about closing Gitmo so Obama can take yet another victory lap.nothing more and nothing less.
These are a bunch of shots of the Spider Man sculpture created by artist Eunsuk Yoo that was on display at the Lotte Shopping Center in South Korea. Spider Man has a big *** Some people didn't like that,...
As a Tribute to a recent Art Series . by Alex Solis (. Starting with Spider Man . We are going…
Spider Man movie was legit sad to me. Too sad
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Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
So, I had someone tell me this evening that he had heard that The Amazing Spider Man 2 is the best Spider Man movie of all time. It was a good movie. I enjoyed it with no reservations. But better than Spiderman 2? With Alfred Molina as Doc Oc? Sam Raimi with the violence and terror juxtaposed with the really good relationship stuff going on between Peter and MJ? Respectfully? Nah.
While at Spider Man last night I pointed Stan Lee out before nick did... Score!
Do you like monster trucks, fire trucks, and other huge rigs? Saturday, May 17, 2014 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM Kidz Dig Rigz Columbia Park (Lampson Pit Area) Hours: 10:30am-4:30pm Quiet Hour (for special needs children) and Sponsor Hour: 9:00-10:30am Admission $5 per person (children 2 and under enter for free) Thanks to Seattle Children's, 1,000 children will enter for free Monster truck rides for $5 Kadlec Foundation and Numerica Credit Union have teamed up once again for Kidz Dig Rigz 2014! Kidz Dig Rigz is a unique, family-friendly event in which kids of all ages can get up close and personal with different types of Big Rigz such as tractors, fire trucks, tanks and more! Child-friendly entertainment will include monster truck rides, bouncy houses, face-painting, child ID kits, clown entertainment, and much more. Various food concession vendors will be present and visits can be expected from many local favorite mascots and Heroes including: Dusty, Chuck E. Cheese, Winger, Super Man, Spider Man, Ms. Teen Tr .. ...
Spider Man movie or Grand Budapest Hotel? Thinking of going to a "beat the heat" movie tonight. Anyone seen these?
Been watching movies on this trip. Surprisingly cheap if you are by yourself and if you walk right past the cokes, candy, and popcorn. So, movie reviews by Matt! The Grand Budapest Hotel - *** Bizarre movie. Despite the large number of awesome stars, I thought the movie sucked. Yeah I know that I stand against most of the critics that all seem so impressed with it. Save your money and see it in DVD. Spider Man - surprisingly good show I think! The new spidey has the sarcasm that the comic had. Godzilla? Dunno yet! I'm sitting in a little burrito place killing time until it starts in an hour and twenty minutes. Can't wait!
AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 SPOILER ALERT! SPOILERS. MUCH SPOILERS. The Amazing Spider Man 2 was so disappointing.. I wasn't a fan so much of the first either because Gwen Stacy is just TOO INTERESTING. She was supposed to be made out as a boring girl that never really did much, and in the past 2 movies has been represented as nearly the perfect girlfriend, culminating all this adoration to her character. Where is Mary Jane?! She is supposed to be already in Spider Man's life by now, and why the *** is Electro literally an electric entity. Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin for like 10 minutes, and then wham shablam kills Gwen. This is noway true to the comics where Norman finally kidnaps her after years of struggle with Peter. Well, at least the way she died was presented right for the most part.. Although the signature *snap* bubble alongside her neck would have been a lot more powerful for the moment. I am so let down.
I need to play Mary Jane Watson in the next Spider Man.
The Amazing Spider Man 2 A Review 5/9/14 3D IMAX Based on mostly negative reviews and comments from personal friends (I haven't read any professional critic's reviews...), I went from looking forward to TASM2, to wondering whether I would see it, or not... I hesitated for one week... I made a pact with my FB Friend, bestselling author Thomas Koloniar: If he would see Captain America: Winter Soldier, I would see TASM2... He kept his part of the bargain, so I followed suit, this afternoon... And I'm glad I did! My worst fears were not realized, as I immediately connected with the characters and their story... I was awaiting the climactic plot development-which almost nixed my seeing the film-with trepidation, but hoping the filmmakers would not botch it, and, thankfully, they made it work, powerfully, staying true to character continuity... I am hopelessly in love with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy! Her Gwen is everything Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane Watson (in the 3 Spider Man films directed by Sam Rami) is not: C ...
Going to regal cinemas to see the new Spider Man film. If you would like to accompany me text or message me.
Reviews on Spider Man are mixed...what about Captain America, was it better?
Spider Man, Captain America, Heaven Is Real, Return to Oz, Neighbors... what's your flick of choice this week? Here's what's playing Ajax and Pickering's theatres.
Mel Amazing Spider Man 2 2014 aii mel alone !!! Spider Man got the true love but finally the girl dead !!! — feeling awesome & lonely
Krista Klaus Kruse and I decided to go out for a last minute girl movie "date" after our second workout session...not a good idea...we sat for about five minutes commenting on how old Sally Field looks and how fuzzy the movie screen appeared. Then it hit us...this was turning into one long as heck blurry preview, which then led us to the realization that we had gone into the wrong theater and were sitting through Spider Man 3D and not previews to our girl movie!
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