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Special Counsel

The Office of Special Counsel in the United States Department of Justice replaced the former Office of the Independent Counsel in 1999. It is charged with investigating alleged misconduct in the federal government's executive branch.

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Deep state working overtime to subvert President Trump - End the Special Counsel, the investigations and drain the swamp! http…
And now there’s talk that the Special Counsel now running the Russia investigation may be next on the chopping block. That’s…
Special Counsel should be fired and the "independent" investigation into fabricated Russian allegations terminated. htt…
Dan Scavino, Trump's Social Media Dir., has been reprimaned by the US Office of Special Counsel for violating the Hatch A…
James Comey reveals he leaked word of his Donald Trump memos to get a Special Counsel appointed - Palmer Report
Special Counsel will oversee investigation into Paul Manafort. No longer a full day without at 5pm. -…
Special Counsel is a necessary step. Godspeed, Bob Mueller. Next up–indep Congressional commission to ensure we stop t…
Biggest worry about Special Counsel = Criminal investigation and not a public inquiry. Questionable things might be disregarded simply...
Spoke with Comey. He wants to speak with Special Counsel prior to public testimony. Hearing Wed postponed.
If orders DAG to rescind Special Counsel regs, Congress could respond by passing my HR 2444, TRUMP…
So Rosenstein recommend that Trump fire Comey. Then he recommended a Special Counsel to investigate the firing. That's th…
trots out to announce a Special Counsel. This is the man who lost his job and reputation over FAKE NEWS…
I suspect that there will be much more to come once the Special Counsel begins his work. Ye olde sayin' "…
Just to be on the safe side, can someone check that the Special Counsel is Robert Mueller and NOT Vlad Putin in a Robert…
Justice Department apts Robert Mueller to Putin case as Special Counsel. Did have the guy on the ladder install mics…
People who have most to worry about with appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Hillary, Loretta Lynch, John Podest…
BREAKING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller, named by Justice Dept., given protections which means he cannot be removed by…
It is obvious to the American people that the Russia-Trump investigation requires a special counsel, & I am glad we finally…
US names special counsel for Russia probe - Firstpost
Robert Mueller is Special Counsel!. He gets to make his own team!. Hey Bob, I heard Sally Yates, Preet Bahrara, and Jim C…
Remember when Obama told Russia he would have more flexibility after the election? Maybe we should get a Special Couns…
BREAKING NEWS! : Donald Trump breaks out with serious blisters and hair loss after announcement of Special Counsel!
The new special counsel investigating Trump: who he is, what he can do, what comes next
Special counsel? Check. Now, we need an independent commission to investigate June 3rd! htt…
DOJ names Robert Mueller to oversee federal probe into campaign interference .
When this ends in rubble, will be out of business for a decade, the not far behind. htt…
A year from today, Democrats will curse the day they ever demanded a Special Counsel. They bluffed and Trump just called…
The appointment of ex-FBI Dir. Mueller -a man of sterling character- as special counsel took White House by surprise; t…
Well, it looks like Robert Mueller will need Special Counsel to conduct a probe into his Russian connections.
DOJ appoints ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee probe of Russian meddling in 2016 election
To the Wash Post, NY Times, CNN, and all Trump calls FAKE.. Thank you. Without your reporting, we wouldn't have a speci…
Guess what this Russiagate Special Counsel is going to find and prosecute?. THE LEAKERS.
We welcome the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russia’s meddling in our elections.
Special Counsel Mueller needs to look at the four outside jobs Huma had while being paid by State Dept.
ICYMI, here's my talk with re: Mueller as special counsel & need for indep commission. https…
Mueller, as special counsel, is a Trump nightmare, writes
Re special counsel, shd welcome the appointment & ask for an expedited review.
AMEN TO THAT!. My poetic commentary on Trump and the Special Counsel. Follow. RT. Ge…
OK, Folks, settle down. . Let's all try to remember it's not a special counsel until they find an illegal ***
When Special Counsel Mueller investigates the tarmac incident, he should check for both audio recordings AND any video reco…
Pretty sure they could appoint a 5-year-old toddler as special counsel for Russia probe and they'd still determine that Tr…
The big stories, like the ones that have led us to a special counsel, are not propaganda. They're very real.
Make no mistake about it this is a Special Prosecutor. Republicans are calling it a 'special counsel' just so it doesn…
Source with ties to Rosenstein says he has been planning to appoint Special Counsel but moved up anncment bc of Trump'…
Now this Special Counsel has been named, there are going to be a lot of very nervous Democrats and leakers...
Special counsel appointed in Russia probe -
Special Counsel Mueller MUST give immunity to tech guy on Hillary staff who pleaded the 5th. Will be significant moment ear…
A special counsel is very much needed in this situation and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein has done the right thing.
Remember tonight - there would be no special counsel if not for the millions of Americans doggedly and persistently spea…
Why did Justice Dept appoint a Special Counsel? Because of free press, whistleblowers & millions of Americans…
New special counsel Robert Mueller has history of standing up to the White House
CNN panel to Kayleigh McEnany: ‘Cut the crap’ and admit special counsel will be nightmare for Trump h…
Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media shou…
A Special Counsel was appointed because of your voices and a free press. Keep speaking up.
WATCH: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell makes no comment after Robert Mueller appointed special counsel by DOJ
Special Counsel Mueller will need to interview Russians for info on the corrupt Uranium deal/Clinton Foundation quid pro qu…
So it's increasingly clear that Trump owes Flynn bigtime. When will Flynn tell Special Counsel Mueller the story of what he h…
Special Counsel Mueller will also have to get Mark Penn & Jennifer Palmieri under oath. DEMOCRATS: GET YOUR LAWYERS *TONIG…
has caused a catastrophe. Let’s end it quickly. . My column: A special counsel is good start. But just a start.
Excellent news:. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller chosen as a special counsel to lead Russia probe via
Trump threw Rosenstein under the bus over the Comey firing. Then Rosenstein slapped back, hard. Special Counsel appointed.…
Appointment of special counsel is very positive. Mueller is a solid choice who will help reestablish public confidence i…
My statement on the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel at the Department of Justice →
Do you think Obama would have ever allowed Holder to name a Special Counsel on Benghazi? *** no!
Country needs a full accounting of how the Russians influenced the election. Wall Street Journal on Special counsel
Neil Katyal told the special counsel statute was written to presume a compromised AG & spineless congressional majo…
Perfectly normal to have a special counsel appointed at 117 days in office. Really, a tradition.
CNN: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is being appointed as Special Counsel in Russia investigation
Rosenstein: "Special Counsel is necessary in order for the American people to have full confidence in the outcome"
Deputy AG Rosenstein's order appointing former FBI Dir. Mueller to serve as Special Counsel on Russia investigation.
Robert Mueller newly appointed Special Counsel served as Director of FBI longer than any one in modern time.
Text of announcement naming Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.
BREAKING: Rosenstein & Burr at Hill in mtg with Burr & Warner. Are they discussing appointment of Special Counsel?. https…
Presidential Executive Order on Much Dwarf for Recounting the United States U. S. Office of Special Counsel
Sen. Pat Leahy, fmr. Judiciary Chmn, to Sessions: "No more excuses, recuse yourself and appoint a Special Counsel immedia…
3/Congress, GAO, the FBI, Inspectors General, and the Office of Special Counsel have the authority to conduct investig…
: The Special Counsel should have its own investigating unit. The staff should have international personnel
Blake Beckham, special litigation counsel for Texans Against HSR, said, “After giving up at the temporary...
See our latest CA and click to apply: Special Project Manager to the General Counsel -…
Trump needs to do what's necessary to appoint an independent counsel and special prosecutor loose on all things Oba…
In order to reduce the federal budget, Mitch McConnell proposes a shut down of the U. S. Office of Special Counsel
This might be a great fit for you: Special Project Manager to the General Counsel - CA
At the request of the special counsel, Mr. Rove will not discuss ...
Congratulations to our new partners and special counsel, elevated in 2017:
No "special counsel" ??? what exactly is her job description?
Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner: “Federal employees need to know that they will be protected for doing the right thing..." (1/2)
Former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic and Special Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform in the White...
The selective outrage, and Obama's service to self.
Thank you to & for standing up for federal employees working on climate!.
needs to be held accountable. An independent Special Counsel should be appointed to investigate:
Repeal & Replace ObamaCare. Epic disaster Stand up a special counsel on the abuse of power by Barry Soetoro.
Korean the North Korean People's democratic system of the prosecution trial. benign world out there for t…
Special Counsel Rick Cotton, who spent the better part of last yr on 2nd Ave Subway earned right 2 sport the hat in…
love your positive energy and strength. Joy overflows from every part of who you are!! Grateful you are special counsel !
Asking Jefferson Bueregard Session IV about corruption, how he will handle white collar crime, would he appoint special counsel if conflict.
All the best in your position as Special Counsel to President Elect Donald J. Trump.
10 Tips for a Better Quiet Time; Sound counsel to help set priorities in 2017 via
Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, Keeping an eye on the deniers.
Wishing you a prosperous 2017. Happy New Year from the team Special Counsel!
Select Committee & Special Counsel. Before he takes control of FBI, CIA, Armed Forces
Renren Announces its Special Committee&Engagement of Independent Financial Advisor and Legal Counsel
The Treason of Obuma is shown even more showing We need to hold a special counsel for his Treason! please do this!
Dem Rep. Nydia Velazquez is calling on the Dept. of Justice to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Russian hacking o…
Come on, Special Counsel to the President, take away the phone again.
Congress needs to appoint a special counsel to investigate. This is unacceptable.
These federal laws govern treason. The AG, Loretta Lycnh should appoint special counsel to investigate Trump and hi…
I resisted! Take action with All-of-us must demand an independent and unbiased investi...
United States Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel should probably devote 100% of its time investigating Trump's ties to Russia.
Democrats call for special counsel to probe Trump team's focus on climate scientists
A special counsel should investigate Trump’s tax filings
JUST IN: School Board to hold special meeting Wed. to select outside counsel.(It's been 24 hrs &
complaint the F.B.I. with the Office of Special Counsel, which investigates Hatch Act violations." / THAT MAKES TWO…
Prof. talks with Michael H. Reed, Special Counsel to Pepper Hamilton LLP, via
I wrote to the Special Counsel ask if the Pres subject to Hatch Act Prov 1 in that a Fed Employ no electioneering!
Mitch McConnell claims, we should get rid of the U. S. Office of Special Counsel to fight the rising federal deficit.
Tribute to Chuck Colson, former employer and Special Counsel to President Richard M. Nixon .
Davis, for those who don't know, is closely associated with the Clintons. He was Bill's special counsel and spokesman.
Check out our most recent post by Caitlin Dorman
Buy Counsel Quick Volume 1 Is the First in the Series and Places Special Emphasis for First Line Leaders. Counsel
Apply now to work for Special Counsel as IP Docketing Clerk Job - Raleigh-Durham, NC in h…
Counsel to turning to issue of anonymity, special measures and broadcasting
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Litigation Paralegal Job King of Prussia, PA of Prussia, Special Counsel is se...
But the way has struggled with the spelling of the word "Counsel". We may need a special Council sitting
Read about our latest successful case at ISL News:
like out & out LIED to USA-Special counsel to investigate HRC urgently needed
My client, Scott Matthews, has released Book 5 in the Adam Drake Series, Special Counsel:
Town Counsel offered another opinion on Disc Golf in the Weston Forest n the Bumpkin is not buying it...
Gov't Relations and Real Estate Attorney Erica Buckley is Special Counsel at Stroock in NY.
RepDryden: private schools counsel special needs students to go to public school
Ron Johnson: Demand that Special Counsel Lerner answer special questions before being reconfirmed! - ... via
Special counsel to investigate Hillary urgently needed
The Right to Counsel Housing Project is a great example of collaboration. Read more:
The Malawian govt has announced the intro of a special legal counsel to prosecute all attacks on people with albinism in the country.
News Feed:. The Malawian government has announced the introduction of a special legal counsel to prosecute all...
The Malawian government will introduce a special legal counsel to prosecute albino killers
Malawi provides special legal counsel for albinos Yes finally
HARVESTING JUSTICE starting with the low hanging fruit, i.e. Senate reconfirmation hearings on Special Counsel...
see US Office of Special Counsel (OSC) guidance on social media and the Hatch Act
CNP acts as lead counsel for the launch of Asia Special Opportunities Fund.
Notice that "special disclosure counsel" also the go-to firm on Ch.9 commentary. Makes for bias both ways?
Special Counsel LA has several contract positions available now!
Smith also serves as the village's special counsel for code enforcement specifically to handle short-term rentals:
Special Counsel is recruiting attys for a doc review project starting ASAP in Dallas. Attys must be licensed in TX
Todd Serbin joins Nexsen Pruet as special counsel
Special counsel named: Schulte Roth & Zabel has promoted Jay Williams to special counsel in the New York offic...
Special Counsel is hiring a Litigation Analyst, apply now!
IN BRIEF: Greenville city council approves use of special legal counsel by city manager
TRAK Legal and Special Counsel are officially We are thrilled to officially announce our complete i…
School Board&chief counsel could be target for firing or demotion at special me…
TRAK Legal is joining the Special Counsel family!
Sharing this great news! I am thrilled to officially be in the Special Counsel fold and this brings great things to…
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Trump special counsel who uses campaign email account doesn't speak for Trump or campaign
On CNN today, Trump EVP & Special Counsel Michael Cohen said using video from Morocco instead of Mexico in 1st TV ad was a "mistake."
Which GOP candidate employs a registered Democrat as both an Executive VP and his Special Counsel? That's right folks,
The odd combination is being Trump's special counsel/spokesman and a Democrat. I thought Donald was a conservative?
Listening to the special counsel to Trump speak on CNN is making me physically ill.
After response to an angry customer goes viral, has special request.
We are pleased to announce the elevation of our new partners and special counsel in 2016:
Ethics Chair Leone proposing non-atty ED as state employee + outside general counsel from law firm-like special districts.
Special Counsel is recruiting Temporary Litigation Attorneys for jobs with our clients in Mercer County and beyond!
Neoma Ayala, Jenny Flom and Robyn Pellegrino have been named Special Counsel.
We are pleased to announce our newest Members, Rab Nalavala and Michael Yellin.
They had plenty of time to demand a special counsel.
Office of Special Counsel withdraws proposal for who can file a whistleblower disclosure.
The Special Victims’ Counsel has expanded in these important ways:
Special Counsel is hiring a Assistant/Office Clerk, apply now!
Legal Assistant: Burbank, CA - Special Counsel has an exciting opportunity for exp...
Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani issued a one-sentence reaction.“The proposal does not contain anything new.
The fact that this was written by a flunky aka special counsel, u know it must b chock-full of bs.
I never yell at you, except on special occasions! - C
Joan Illuzzi hired as special counsel to Manhattan district attorney
Special Counsel is looking for a Manager in apply now!
Litigation Analyst needed in at Special Counsel. Apply now!
God gave me a special word. Gladdened my heart when it came through. I heard "Advancement by counsel". Scripture is 1 Samue…
Francisco S. Tatad, Special Counsel to the Vice-President of the Philippines. MARumi talaga maglaro
JW needed in at Special Counsel. Apply now!
Position is available courtesy of Special Counsel in Washington, D.C.
.Time for a Special Counsel to Look at Hillary Clinton's E-Mail
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Office of Independent Counsel Special Prosecutor Robert Ray concluded that Hillary was “factually inaccurate” under oath...just like Bill.
Whatever there is must be special and choice. Simplify, a counsel to be applied to all gardens, majestic or modest. http:…
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unlimited calling, voip, phone service
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The Charity Loft Soiree can be a perfect romantic night to bring a special someone, enjoy an hour or so with us.
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Myself & former Rep. Tom Tigue & special counsel to Gov. & Senate Pat Solano at the awards ceremony.
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Lois Lerner and the IRS: Why we need a special counsel now more than ever
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High Court grants Special Leave to appeal in HIV transmission case this morning. Thanks to our pro bono counsel...
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federicoguti10: NeuvooAdmChi: New opening at Special Counsel in - Assistant J…
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Arizona Sheriffs demand Special Counsel to investigate Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice...
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Some interesting excerpts from a candid interview with Senior Counsel, Gourab Banerji, leading expert.
Veronica Scott Special Counsel Minter Ellison, raises several concerns about the...
In Sept., the U.S. economy added 4,700 new jobs in legal services. Read the Special Counsel Jobs Report for more:
Special Counsel's Legal Jobs Report for October is now live!
What are the practices & pitfalls of internal investigation? Learn @ the 2015 MoFo Summit for Women In-House Counsel
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Federal employees turned to the Office of Special Counsel in record numbers last year to blow the whistle
Special Counsel Edward Stone's editorial on ran in
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I hope the people around them will allow them to have this special moment. Have a little trust naman.
Sen. Cornyn wants special counsel to investigate Clinton email
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“What is so special about senior advocates?'- In conversation with senior ... - Bar & Bench
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Now would be a great time for the 25-30% of fans from LA, The OC & IE to stand up and wave. Maybe at the special counsel.
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Just think, you can be Carson Bolthead 1 if you send special counsel your cash now, Meat.
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So you write a check to special counsel yet for Carson PSLs???
Ask your guy, special counsel if he likes it, well, you know ...
"“The law doesn’t say (special education students) are exempt,” said Ronald Wenkart, general counsel for the...
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The special publication has been UNLOCKED! Don't say we never gave you nothing.
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Last week Sen. John Cornyn, the 2nd ranking Rep in Senate, called for Atty General Lynch to name a Special Counsel
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Senator calls for Special Counsel in Hillary email issue.
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For all I care special adviser and senior special assistant can be merged. We need to cut cost. Isn't that the gospel anymor…
I can counsel you too, you know? You cried because of your first love?. I will encourage you with this special power!
A father has a. 1. Mantle: a special Grace and a counsel put in a man making them understand what GOD wants for a generation
Difference the didactic requirements upon your special cut legal counsel: xcMKiZv
Nonpartisan watchdogs call on to investigate legality of super PAC.
What special investigative counsel report? The one done by the same guy who said everything's kosher at
See special investigative counsel report for the exact same conclusion I drew:
Not incorrect. Consistent with the findings of the Special Investigative Counsel report.
Backed up entirely by the special investigative counsel report. See p. 14 and beyond.
"& his super PAC are engaged in willful violations of campaign finance laws," says letter to
I have a special bond with For decades she has borne the basket of life for me.Heroine of my abode.Down with…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
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Karnataka Govt urged to appoint senior advocate B.V. Acharya as special counsel to argue JJ case in SC
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.chair's special counsel will lead International Affairs division on acting basis after director steps down because of travel demands
If we want strong encryption, we'll have to fight for it: As digital rights lawyer and special counsel to the ...
Research Assistant/Librarian (Kansas City, MO): Special Counsel is seeking candidates for a R...
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