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Spec Ops

Special forces, or special operations forces are terms used to describe elite military tactical teams trained to perform high-risk dangerous missions that conventional units cannot perform.

Spec Op Tomb Raider Captain America Max Payne 3 Lone Survivor Far Cry 3 Hotline Miami Splinter Cell

With the ever increasing militarization of our local law enforcement, it creates the want for local fuzz to want to be at the top of their class. That leads to local Barney Fifes feeling the need to kill or maim something in the line of duty to solidify their importance.The duty of local and State law enforcement officers to simply SERVE AND PROTECT has fallen by the wayside. They all want to be Spec Ops/ Army Rangers/Navy Seals now. They only lack the balls to ENLIST and actually go through the qualifications to be what they want to be.
The two videos I have open right now are of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Spec Ops: The Line. These could not be more disparate.
Xbox 360, white, 120 gb Hard Drive Two 256mb memory cards, 1 turtle beach headset, 2 xbox 360 controllers. Games: Dark Souls, GTA 5, Spec Ops: The Line, Halo 3 multiplayer, Minecraft, Halo: Reach. Emerson Flat Screen, only had it for about a month or two, brand new. 150$ for it, as for the xbox an stuff 220$. Msg if you have any questions, serious buyers only. Trades accepted, depending on what you have. Location is Dingess but can meet.
Huh I wonder if Luke Cage is going in Captain America 2 (idea put in my head when playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance new Spec Ops mission.
This is a first look at the brand new updates that were released along with Special Operations 17! (Including the newest Spec Ops character Falcon)
Okay folks. Gonna have to lay down the law on this matter, again. If you want to post information about the game (Spec Ops used as a prime example), include your source link either in your post or in the comment box. Two main reasons why this is a requirement. 1) It provides verification to the authenticity of the information you're providing. 2) It credits the person you're gettin the information from. They worked hard gettin the information, be a decent human being and show them due appreciation for it.
Well Assassin's Spec Ops is apon us, and Captain America's new alt kicks *** if you only have enough cp for 1 i well suggest Tact
Really enjoying the Spec Ops, and I finally picked up Captain America's alt. Definitely not what I expected, lol!
this is going to be a long Spec Op... But what was weird, the last Spec Ops was very easy...
this is what's on my mind. As of now due to my video game junkie and to play as many games on the PS3, the games on my wish list for this year are ; WWE 2K14 Formula 1 Championship Edition Fifa 13 (or latest year whenever I get a FIFA copy) Driver San Francisco Splinter Cell Double Agent (or any Splinter Cell game) Ridge Racer Unbounded Ninja Gaiden Sigma Transformers Dark of the Moon Tekken 6 Fuel Dirt 2 Grid 2 Aliens Colonail Marines God of War Ascension (and God of War collection vo.2) Spec Ops the Line Resistance 3 Injustice Gods Among Us The Darkness 2 Call of Duty Ghosts Diablo III The Last of Us Beyond Two Souls Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition Dragon's Dogma Need for Speed Rivals Sonic Generations MX vs ATV Deus Ex; Human Revolution Castlevania Lord of Shadows My quest is to aquire all these games and play them.
Former Call of Duty, Tomb Raider, Yaiba and Spec Ops Devs Form New AAA Studio: Consisting of a fifteen person team and a next-gen project with the working title of Daedalus, former Call of Duty, Spec Ops: The Line, Tomb Raider and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z devs have jumped ship to form their own AAA games studio, Tangentleman. The team includes ex-Infinity Ward Art Director Richard Smith whose credits include the Call of Duty series and Titanfall, Lead Designer Cory Davis, who was the leading creative on Spec Ops: The Line, Game Director Toby Gard, the Lara Croft creator who helped launch the original Tomb Raider and five other members fresh off the back of working on Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Their first project, Daedalus' is described as "an existential horror trip into a surreal, half-forgotten dream," and is set for next-gen platforms, with PS4 and Xbox One considered viable formats for the developer to release on. The team is looking to either forge a publishing deal or turn to crowdfunding like Kickstarter ...
US & NATO, Spec Ops planning in Ukraine since Jan... & continue war games in Black Sea... .
I unlocked the A Farewell To Arms achievement in Spec Ops: The Line!
Well, better late than never. I waited until both my brothers could go, and today was a good fit. Had to go to Vegas to drop one off for a flight to a new job, congrats Wil Robinson, good luck and go with God. Anyhow, we all three got to finally see Lone Survivor and I was NOT disappointed, quite the contrary. Few men could have survived the *** he went through, and knowing that Pete Berg took some artistic license with the ending. All I can say is, *** Marcus Luttrell, you had to be from Texas, BIG STATE forges BIG HEARTS and man, yours is HUGE! You Brothers in Arms will be missed and their stories will be told in circles yet to be born. God bless each and every Spec Ops operator, the The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday : Making Navy SEALs and all those writing a blank check with their lives to serve a Country who loves ya.
The Wolf of Wall Street is excellent, DiCaprio and Hill are on fire, the scene on the Yacht, when he tells the FBI agents that he is small fry, as Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, etc are ripping hundreds of Billions out of the economy, foretelling the 2008 crash years ahead of time, so why are they looking at him, is brilliantly done, Lone Survivor, (due to the honour of Afghani villagers!) Is excellent too, very much along the Victorian British soldiers line of "one of ours is worth ten of theirs" a few niggles, such as quite why a US Spec Ops team would have such a crappy radio set, no continuos air cover, not even a Predator to provide comms relay and a limited air strike capacity, and most serious of all, a civilian Iridium sat phone, I could get the Tube to Old Street (no strikes today) and buy the same model phone from Inmarsat this afternoon, surely there are more reliable military variants available, they should have given their CO another sat phone and told him to wear it for th ...
2k games is having a sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's taking everything I have to resist buying Spec Ops: The Line for $7.49 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $13.49. These are both games that I want really badly, but I NEED TO FINISH THE GAMES I ACTUALLY HAVE FIRST. And it's making me sadface. :/
I guess I'll just list off all of my Xbox Games. HARD COPIES: Aliens vs Predator 3 (It's third in series, but it doesn't say "3" in title) Assassin's Creed 3 Battlefield 3 Bioshock Infinite Borderlands 1 & 2 CoD WaW CoD Black Ops CoD Black Ops 2 CoD Ghosts (I sold all of my Modern Warfares because they all just sucked) Dishonored Far Cry 3 GTA 4 & 5 Halo 4 Injustice Jurassic Park the game Left 4 Dead 2 (It has a huge crack in it, but it still works. Which is kinda ironic, seeing that the game is about zombies and the game disc itself /is/ a zombie) The Orange Box (I have TF2 on PC but it never hurts to own Half Life 2 and Portal 1) Portal 2 Red Dead Redemption Saint's Row 3 & 4 TES5: Skyrim Soul Calibur 5 Spec Ops- The Line Street Fighter x Tekken Super Street Fighter 4 AE (I plan to upgrade it to Ultra Street Fighter 4 when they release it) Tomb Raider DOWNLOADS: Assassin's Creed 2 Gotham City Imposters Minecraft Shark Attack Deathmatch Spartacus Legends White Noise Online There's more downloads but I fo ...
funnily enough, after playing the new Spec Ops on Avengers Alliance I'm thinking of doing an Arcade costume
Excited to go home to unlock Heimdall from the Spec Ops and buy either Moon Knight or Doctor Voodoo at Yes, the gamer in me. :)
Taking a break from Spec Ops - only need to do the FUBAR run, but I want to play something else first.
Navy SEAL. Hmmm... I wonder... is that better than USAF Spec Ops? My son... I'll be proud of him no matter which branch he chooses.
All I do now is sleep and excersize, ready for some Spec Ops!!
Hi there. I didn't like Spec Ops: The Line much. I found it tiresome, predictable, and mechanically uninteresting.
Spec Ops night mission I wanna try this
The bough will break from within the spec-ops community. Gold Star mom's will make Obama squirm over ST6 's betrayal.
French media report top Belmokhtar aide Al Hasan Ould Akhlil AKA Julaybib killed by French Spec Ops in Mali. for more
Mainly because I'm a glutton for punishment, but oh well. I'll just fire up Spec Ops The Line for the third time...
Russia sent Spec Ops to arrest green piece protestors? A bit overkill don't you think?
dress whites? That only for special events like dinners... Bruh do Spec Ops
All I know is that as a nation our moral compass has gone down the crapper when we don't raise *** for 33 SEALs & Spec Ops
oh yeah duh obv. We were shooting guns rn and I was like r u spec. Ops?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
ahhh i literally just did it. Spec Ops, the bit where the freebird helicopter is shooting at you and you have to run past it
AF Spec Ops News! Talon II pilot recognized by Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators: As a child, h...
Why wasn't Spec Ops the line more popular, it's amazing
he was a British Spec Ops guy in Gulf War 1.
I look like I belong in the military or Spec Ops. But I'm in construction :)
I'm assembling a team to steal Emily's 2DS so I can play the new Zelda...Spec Ops experience required. Stealth skills/cookies preferred.
I've got some fiascos in my dreams, Spec Ops kinda stuff, I wake up confused af it's so realistic.
Spec OpS: THE LINE: advertised to be cruelty-free, and right after you eat it you're told chickens were abused to make it
I'm not sure we have ever done anything as cool as the next two Spec Ops. WOW!
When I said the next Spec Ops were "cool" I meant "awesome". Sorry I like giving you guys cryptic clues but that wasn't …
I was playing Spec Ops the line and in chapter 14 there was a very creepy moment
like that Spec Ops the line game tried to Make U Think about why War Is Bad but if you decide that, yeah,
Australian Spec Ops Sniper turned environmental activist and founder of a NGO against poaching
Spec Ops the line is so *** fubar difficulty. Feel like rage quitting at parts
WE do this a ton in GOTR's Spec Ops Unit in PEST. I even have a video or two of us doing it.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
With a new client to discuss spec for a new senior ops position and also doing recruiting for another role. Busy day!
I took your advice and has now started Spec Ops: The Line. It's shaping up to be a game that I really like. :) . So thanks.
I take it back. I suppose you were 'spec-ops'?
„, hope to get loki soon :) i’m guessing after Spec Ops 14 is over chapter 3 is going to come out B)
thanks man! Props to you for Spec Ops. Hit me up with some letters while I'm out there we can chill. Good luck future sailor.
I don't want to have a buff body, I want like a Spec Ops body
I heat Spec Ops lemme know when you beat it cause 😐
You all are looking at a future Spec Ops member
raging hardcore on Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops with
Thanks4 the excellent Spec Ops! I am writing my ten page paper on Conrad's Heart of Darkness and was inspired by your game
well, it's not gonna be much of a free Roam game, your not some Spec Ops guy, just a regular grunt taking orders
Oh you know just Spec Ops riding their boats through the bay, nbd.
*my expression remains unimpressed* Do you have any Spec Ops experience?
I honestly seriously am considering crosstraining into Spec Ops in six years.
I'm giving away: Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol for Playstation (PS1) -- factory sealed!. Check it out -
domain names
As a Disting Exp Marksman, I was recruitd by a Spec Ops police agency called the Unit, assignef to fed joint terror task force.
when the PT schedule says tomorrow consists of a Spec Ops workout. certain death
she thinks I put in my other earbud so I could focus. little does she know, that's the signal, & Spec Ops are headed in.
I think FUBAR difficulty on Spec Ops might end me. Supposedly one of the hardest ever game modes in any FPS.
I liked a video from Why Sub 4 Subs don't work in the long run. (MW2 S…
I played Spec Ops entirely at 30fps and enjoyed it immensely. I can say without a doubt that it would be no better at 60 fps.
that actually made me look suspicious. I DO NOT want uranium.. I'm scared... don't wanna get my house raided by Spec Ops.. :)
Friend of a friend is only alive because she just happened to befriend my friend and his 3 black belts and Spec Ops experience...
inside scoop all NAVY/S cant standed the thing coming down in the armed forces, Alone with the rangers , Delta and arm Spec Ops , and force recon , have had all that they can stand with these unlaw follow orders and thing are going to happen and happen fast . America will be save by the true Oath keeps .all Spec Op NCO have orders to remove any officer at that time is trying to cancel the US form of govenment by any means feel save in or man in prime places to watch the nation back ,hooya and all the other war calls . stand at the eady and on the line as needed
Alien Encounter Stories : Location : USA Year : 2004 ALIEN ABDUCTIONS IN THE 21st CENTURY: A COMMENTARY BY AN ALIEN ABDUCTEE I have had the opportunity to observe at fairly close quarters how the media and the mainstream UFO research community has treated the subject of Alien Abductions. The media has by and large dismissed the subject out of hand as being frivolous and unworthy of serious study. This is due in large part to the CIA's infiltration and ownership of numerous media outlets. There are countless journalists who are paid "Assets" of the CIA and other Intelligence agencies. Nowadays many "Educational" programs on cable television are used to discredit the testimony of alien abductees and to debunk sightings of UFOs and non-human beings. UFO Witnesses and Alien Abductees are dismissed as "UFO Believers" in the mainstream print and electronic media in the same way that private investigators and former government "Whistleblowers" who reveal government corruption and wrongdoing are dismissed out of ...
I was wrong!! thanks for bringing Delta Force bad *** back into the picture. I think DF is best Spec Ops in the world,
Here’s the things about Marvel Avengers Alliance I don’t like: They have Spec Ops for like 23 days and if...
Thanks to I bought Spec Ops: the Line. To quote the show: "Somebody's poisoned the water hole..."
That said, I did play Spec Ops: The Line earlier in the year which *really* kinda set a new level for me.
Spec Ops: The Line is relentlessly harrowing. It's quite an achievement to make a game good because you wouldn't want to play it again.
Looks like my Spec Ops: The Line save data didn't upload to the cloud either.
Platinum trophy unlocked on Spec Ops: The Line. I don't even want to go through how difficult that was.
I urge people to play Spec Ops: The Line. It may not look it, but it is truly unique and points out alot. An amazing experience.
Spec Ops: The Line was definitely my favorite game of Summer 2012. I loved it!!
What to do what to do. Feeling down so I'm play Spec Ops: The Line.
Spec Ops : The Line for Xbox 360 . If you like third person shooters then this one is for you!
Played DOTA 2 (PC), Spec Ops: The Line (PS3) and 2 other games in the last 24 hours.
protocol should have been in place on 9-11 anniversary. Spec Ops and aircraft should have been "Standing To" ~Lt Col A Shaffer
I won 11 achievements in Spec Ops: The Line for 344 points -
video of me playing Spec Ops: The Line on FUBAR
Spec Ops the Line's cover is poor, keep getting mullered as its not accepting me pressing the X button to go into cover
Spec Ops: The Line is an amazing game that does something really unique with the military shooter genre 1/2
I just finished "Spec Ops: The Line" on. difficulty "fubar". It was really exhausting, but now I got the "Platin-Trophy".
Walt Williams' talk on ethics in Spec Ops (spoilers!) gave me a lot to think about on this:
Dude from Spec Ops looks a bit like Commander Shepard..
Well, Lost Planet 2 is in the books. What do I play next? Max Payne 3, Splinter Cell, Batman Asylum and City, Spec Ops, Star Wars?
News for you: Granpa destroys a wedding, Marky Mark goes Spec Ops and Christian Bale's accent gets worse:
SO now awaiting Apocolypse and the Four Horsemen as a level or Spec Ops. Lol.
A bit late but, I want to thank you for the amazing voice overs you have done, Especially in Spec Ops: The Line :)
I've actually played multiplayer on Tomb Raider & it *** I never played it on Spec Ops lol
Staff Sergeant/ARMY RANGER/Spec Ops man from Fort Lewis Washington that I just met WHILE TRAVELING FROM MONTANA TO NORTH CAROLINA REVEALS:"THE GUILLOTINES ARE REAL AND I WAS GOING TO TRAIN MY MEN IN MY PLATOON TO USE THEM NEXT WEEK IN HIGHLY CLASSIFIED OPERATIONS AT FORT LEWIS...UNTIL YOU TOLD ME "THEY WILL BE USED ON YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS UNDER COMING MARTIAL LAW!'' NOW he and the men who he told about my reporting, on HOW the guillotines will be used against their fellow Americans, ARE BEING ROUNDED UP AND HUNTED DOWN LIKE DOGS. Humvees and helicopters surrounding their homes...military pay and all access to bank accounts and credit cards being cut off...and NOW HE IS ON THE RUN! All because they found out the truth about MARTIAL LAW and the guillotines FROM ME and have agreed among themselves to NEVER GO ALONG WITH THIS TERRIBLE NWO AGENDA! He told me the GUILLOTINES ARE EVERYWHERE in US military bases...specifically in FORT HOOD, FORT BRAGG, FORT many other US MILITARY BASES including in GE ...
For my Brother : Sgt Maj. William Thomas Stumbo Seal and Spec Ops for 23 years...Semper Fi R.I.P. Proud of YOU!
Umm...Deadpool now has a game. Why have I not been told about this?! Also, from the trailer, This has to be Nolan North's best voice acting since Spec Ops and I'm usually not a fan. The reviews are saying it's a bit short, and there are some issues, so I'll probably be waiting for a price drop to buy it. Still, if it's following the same vein as the PS2 Punisher game, then I think I might like it.
Booby traps no longer effective, going to let Spec Ops agent Bitty Kitty loose. Operation "Sleeping Mickey" is underway.
Oh my goodness, the gear he has, the coloration of his suit and gear, the mask with some kind of Spec Ops futuristic visor... amazing...
Marvel Avengers Alliance: the next Spec Ops is.. Simon Williams? I didn't know they were upset about Deaths Head.
I think what I'm trying to say about Captain America is I'd prefer some kind of gritty war movie instead of A-Team style Spec Ops silliness.
Spec Ops leaves my head in a weird place
just watched the "are Video Games Art?" video. You should look up Spec Ops: The Line, even if you don't play it.
Oh man, just had a very amazing an dramatic game of Spec Ops. Almost teared up.
WonderMan is the new Spec Ops character. Meh. Don't really care for him but I'll still obviously try to get him.
I liked a video from Spec Ops Day 13
m nice. . Close to Fort Polk? I might be there in a few weeks to train some Spec Ops guys
Beat Spec Ops The Line today. Got nothing to play
Spec Ops: The Line is how you do a video game story right.
I legit did not register that Conrad in Spec Ops was voiced by box and I played through that ending like 5 times I am the worst box fan ever
Are you still open to help me with the MW3 Spec Ops missions tomorrow?
me too I'm in Spec Ops split screen
ANYWAY, gonna go blow some heads up in Spec Ops and then maybe kill some cultists in Tomb Raider and then do those things in real life.
Depends on the game. Witcher is something like 16GB. Spec Ops is 7.2GB. GTA IV is 15ish.
Yeah but I like the Marines dress uniforms lmao but the Army has better equipment and you have more of a chance to go Spec Ops
right now I am playing and when I finish. Spec Ops
So no Season 2 but Spec Ops 10 o.O WONDER MAN!! :) Release some alts MAN! LOL
Yup. Steam too. But until that 20 year mark, I gots me some Spec Ops. :D
SPEC.-OPS. Giveaway: Complete the form and click the green "Enter" button.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Be a hero for our Spec Ops and their families! Join us at the Gala at the July 26th!
Platinumed Spec Ops: The Line after finally tackling FUBAR difficulty. Patience was definitely needed and am relieved to beat it lol
If money wasn't an issue, would you get a Mac or Windows?
I liked a video from Modern Warfare 3: Spec Ops - Charges Set Ranked 1
Asst SecDef for Spec Ops Michael Sheeha: expects al-Qaida to remain a threat for at least another 10-20 years.
I won 6 achievements in Spec Ops: The Line for 118 points -
In the same way that Spec Ops or Bioshock is: because it says so
Going up to hunting Tuesday to train for Spec Ops
The lebron Spec Ops go hard 400 beans
Spec Ops the line is only £10 too! sounds sick as well. This may well lead to an investment. worth buying then?
I'd recommend The Orange Box. 5 games on one disc. Or Spec Ops: The Line. Spec Ops storyline is jawdropping
the guy shooting is a Spec Ops while his friend is wanted by the U.S
Just saw a commercial saying the AB Carver was invented by navy seals. I see special ops watches and guns. Add navy seal or Spec Op to the product and it sells. I got a special ops 2001 Honda civic. Wanna buy it for $20,000.00.
I wonder how Spec Ops: The Line is really like.
Was considering picking up Remember Me, so I could do a write up, but I keep hearing great things about Spec Ops: The Line. # toughdecisions
I think he watched one too many Spec Ops shows.
I unlocked the Treacherous Ground trophy in Spec Ops: The Line!
Dishonored and Spec Ops are down to $30 each and Metal Gear Rising is $50. I might go for Spec Ops real soon and Infinite even sooner.
FINALLY, my totally customized Soldano SLO-100 one off head ships to me TODAY. Mikey finished up the fabrication on the LED light system inside the head (it's a Diamond Amplification Spec Op LED system btw), and the inserts for the machine screw grille attachment. Can't wait. Billet aluminum logos are painted and ready, and I've shot all of the mounting screws for the corners, grilles, and handles with 5 coats of Clear Enamel. OH YEAH..
Hello Sarnautians! We have brought down the servers for special maintenance. There is no ETA when servers will be up so stay tuned for updates for more information about maintenance. Thank you! The Allods Team
I hate to admit it, but sometimes the bad guys are right. A philosophy on combat is that the only dirty fight - is the one you lose. The only rule on the street is; There Are No Rules! A concept that has been used by militaries and guerrilla groups for centuries as a means to disrupt the enemy’s ability to control situational dynamics, and initiate rational action is known as Asymmetric Combatives. Asymmetric combatives is the use of tactics and techniques that exploit the enemy both physically and psychologically. It is designed to sap the enemies will to fight, frighten, and confuse them, and prevent the enemy from launching a coordinated strategic response. Although developed for military application asymmetric combatives is something every student and instructor of self-defense should understand. Developing an asymmetric approach to martial arts involves letting go of our traditional (symmetrical) approaches to dealing with violence looking at some old problems in a new light. This approach require ...
Amazing Adventures of Van Helsing: My Super OP Character (so far) 1: Spec into Body (with some in luck) 2: Use 2h Swords for Reach and high damage. 3: Get Cleave (with Soul Cleave Upgrade) 4: Upgrade basic attack to Heal on Kill I can engage crowds of enemies at the same DPS as my basic attack (albeit, with no bonuses for using single target attacks), heal on kill, and press Spacebar for an instant (15% Max Health)*(No of Enemies hit) Heal that can easily hit 6+ enemies thanks to my weapon range.
Codenamed Operation Overlord, the battle began on June 6, 1944, when some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region. Beach target zones were codenamed Juno, Gold, Utah Omaha, and Sword; Omaha being the most costly in casualties. This day is known as D-Day
Max Velocity is a tactical self-defense trainer and author, a lifelong soldier with extensive military experience. He has served in both the British and US Armies. He served with British Special Operations Forces, with the Parachute Regiment which is Britain’s elite quick reaction force and which al...
Stayed up until 9 am playing God of War. What is wrong with me.
Dear Pilots, The game service has resumed at 1505Hrs (GMT+8). Enjoy!
New guild rules/code will be finalised and posted today guys, nothing to major but theres certain thinga that will need to be adhered to in order for us to be successful. Also ranked for boss on the bastion will start arter 2.2 due to alot of current hatb players having their geared toos today. Willing to take ideas on board from anyone regarding code etc... Cheers Win
I think a REALLY important hard drive just went down. Does anyone know of a data recovery service for this sort of thing? Help! This would be a huge loss.
I wanna thank the *** who stole my sd card from my phone and went through my wallet while i was in the shower at the gym. you now gave me something to look forward to.STOMPING YOU INTO A MESSY PILE OF BONE AND FLESH!!
and while I'm is it that while I lived in a 2 bedroom house my electricity bill with LP&L was at LEAST $200 and now that I live in a 3 bedroom house my electricity bill with South Plains Co-Op is $70?!? And LP&L claims to be running on a deficit and needs to raise their rates?! Crazy!! Just crazy! I honestly don't know how the people who run that company sleep at night!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
“Before there was Benghazi, there was Extortion 17.” These are the chilling opening words spoken by Billy Vaughn, the broken-hearted father of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn. Aaron was one of 17 Navy SEA...
Where are all the show photographers? I went to three schooling shows this winter at nice facilities. No photographer. Okay, I figured that's becase it was winter and the shows were indoors. Took him to an A-rated show on Friday. Turnout was HUGE... no show photographer :( I had emailed show managme...
Lvl 50 gunzerker. Lvl 50 commando. Lvl 23 mechromancer. Hmmm. should I start a Siren or an Assassin next? ;) I can't decide. Lol
Chris will be pleased just had somveone ask if he is 60
Heard this song at your concert in Brno Czech Republic... man, you really don`t need weed to get me high :) Fawesome! :)
For each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. Thank you all for being a part of my life. Copy and paste please, don't share..
List of Current World Conflicts Algeria 3 Army • al-Qaeda Organization in the Maghreb (AQIM) or al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) since 2005 (known in the past as Salafist Group for Preaching and...
President Obama said he wants a bigger discussion on mental health in America. A great place to start would be the lunatics that voted him in.
For those of you asking what time, the window is USUALLY between 2 and 6 AM PDT. That's 10 AM to 2 PM GMT, right?
Competitive maps are available under the Matchmaking menu. In these events, ark hunters are pitted against each other in tests of skill and endurance. Match size and objectives vary... Read More
While known for its palace-breaking abilities, the Firebrand is also famous for being an absolute nightmare to face across open areas. The combination of dual PPCs and dual AC/2s mean that any Mech caught in the open will be absolutely wrecked in mere seconds. Little concerned with having to deal wi...
Took tayahs I phone for a fly this morning to record the suspected area the fpv plane was supposed have come down found it first flyt it had come down miles away from were we thought in a crop field I was so chuffed then came the problem of figuring out were it was in the field but gale found it on a mission its all in one piece am well chuffed thought I have lost it for good
Launched a jet full of airborne and Spec Op guys, realized I really need to get back in the gym
The Spec Ops is officially over! Were you able to collect the Titanium RPG-7, The Freezer, or Survivalist? Which is your favorite?
Fan Rant: Ive worked in a grocery store for a few years and it pisses me off when parents bring their kids in with dirt, food, or marker etc. all over their bodies and clothes! yes, kids get dirty but if your too *** lazy to take a baby wipe and clean them up before going To the store you probably shouldn't be a parent! If that's what your kids look like in public i would seriously hate to see what condition they live in at home! I just want to snag them up, take them to the bathroom and clean the poor kids up! Also, a little rule of thumb, dress your kids how you're dressed! If its cool enough outside for you to be in jeans and a hoodie use some common sense and don't bring your baby out in just a onsie!! That's also goes for the mom i saw not to long ago walking down the street in 90 degree weather with her 1 year old in fleece footed pjs! *Ashley*
Update your maps at Navteq
Well, starved all day only to be told the OP is not happening today! bloody good diet this! :-(
My Avengers,Pepper is my new win...Spec Op 9: Extremis is done...big thx Marvel :D
And the dolphins too... Daniel Gillis As a sailor I just want every one to recognize Spec Op dolphons. They may not be seen as much as the dogs but they lead the way under water. Go Navy
I hope the 1st Spec Op med group is better than the Hope Mills med home... mil health care is sooo ghetto
Far out the army must be getting smaller only 4 trucks in the op spec 274 course Was ten in the convey wen I don't course
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has decided to substitute Chris Kyle’s wife, Taya, in a defamation suit he has filed against the slain Navy SEAL.
New admin alert, weo weo. I like gaming, both PC/Console, and I'll probably just end up being a source of either information or comedy. ~Starman
Well I'm on my way to Oklahoma for the US Paralympic power lifting training camp and then the Endeavor games in Edmond,Ok. Kind of wondering about all these tornados out there. Anyways, after this camp I will be traveling around competing in powerlifting and just might hang up my shot put and discus but I haven't made up my mind yet. So wish me luck and I hope everyone is doing well. Semper FI !
That's a wrap! We have officially finished shooting the 2014 calendar!
Like if I should try to join the army
I bought jeans from target for$4:83 u am not kidding. At that price they are disposable. So last night when i spilt a huge glass of rum all down my pants i wasnt bothered just chucked on some newies and away i went. Shame about the rum.
Bored in Augusta. Hate I missed Jason Isbell in ATL tonight. Staff duty took it out of me.
Severe thunderstorm watch ... Austin Kerr is out doing a night op at the air soft field. Should be ... interesting!
The link on this report is a must read. You can add this to the investigations of this admin. Seems like the President sacrificed these men after he told the world Seal Team 6 got be laden, so to appease the muslims he SACRIFICED these men. No support coming into a battle? Read the new rules of engagement and I agree with the fathers statement. If we are not there to fight to win get the *** out. We are not there to "win the hearts and mind of the enemy". We are there to eliminate them. Anything else bring them home now. We should be fighting to win or not fighting at all, anything else is treason. Yea I threw out the "T" word. How many investigations do we need to throw this whole admin out. The whole world is building up their Military and this admin is tearing ours apart. We do not have enough Spec Op personal to "sacrifice". One dead is too many. Oh also he let an imam pray over them? WTH is that? THAT ALONE should be reason to fire EVERYONE.
Am I the only one that thinks its weird that the seal team that killed bin Ladin are all dead and the military had a muslem cleric conduct the funerals?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Spec Ops: The Line Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Developer: Yager Publisher: 2K Games Rating: MA 15+ BAJO The Spec Ops series has a long history, dating all the way back to the nineteen nineties, with games on PC, Dreamcast and PS1, but to be honest, Hex, none of them have been that memorable. HEX Well, that's all about to change. Spec Ops is now in the hands of German developer Yager, and it's time for us to walk the line. HEX You are Captain Martin Walker, head of an elite three man Delta Squad that's been dispatched to a sandstorm-ruined Dubai to locate a US army general who's gone missing in the disaster, along with his entire regiment, the 33rd. Your mission is to rescue survivors, at least, it starts that way. BAJO Setting this in an opulent city like Dubai, only utterly devastated by sand, makes for a really interesting succession of environments. It's harsh and hot, and it all feels rather desolate as you march forth through corridors of wrecked vehicles and partially destroyed buildings. HEX Yeah, ...
This is a beast...200 mph...just a dream away...keep a lookout for the Black Spec Op tags.
There are now 2 active Regiments in the 108th ID the 15th Rgt and the 22nd Rgt SF groups have been downed to 3 units Rangers Divers CTF 1 Spec Ops groups is down to 1 Night Ops (aka: Raiders) All tabs are now downed to 3 Infidel Spec Ops Infantry All schools have been downed to 2 School of War School of SF All regular combat units now downed to Assault troops EOD troops Snipers and finally Central Infantry Command or (CIC) and Central Special forces command or (CSFC) are now full central 108th ID Command sectors that hold all records of regualrs(non-SF or Spec Ops troops) and records of all (SF and Spec Ops troops) both CIC and CSFC are the centers for trainings and movement of each type of soldier and there are 2 Designed Officers that command these Sergeant Major philips and me Command sergeant major athey
Trying to get help to send me to Oklahoma to help out (EMT/IV certified, former Deputy Sheriff, Spec Op soldier). Don't have the "means" to go it alone.
Peter Molyneux and the Unlocked crew talk about the lack of women in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Why can't we play as a woman in multiplayer? Subscribe to IGN's ch...
Marvel: Avengers is on my flea-infested list. To get Rescue, I need to have hired Punisher? I desire the curse of Dracula upon the designers of such a poor endcap goal. That said, this is the closest I've come to getting any epic hero, and I'm happy about MY efforts.
A week 2moro I'm thirty yet go into Warsop co op and get asked for id for a pouch ov bacca lol think the women on counter should have gone to spec savers lol x
I feel so empty and sad today, I wish I had somebody to hangout with. :c
If you are a Marvel Avengers Alliance player and hate the fact you can never end a Spec Op Operation because you don't have the necessary heroes to unlock the Epic Boss on the last mission, LIKE this post. Just to see how it goes :P
y do we show care wen we no dat it wnt last,y do say i love u wen dnt mean it,y d closeness wen we no dat we wuld walk away sumday.NEVA HURT A HRT DAT TRUELY LOVES N CARE ABUT U
Strange things that have happened to you? Unexplainable? Unsolved mysteries? Here's mine. Around 3 am several years ago I sensed something was in bed with me. I woke up up to find my semi-automatic .22 that I keep next to my bed on my lap. I looked all around and listened for several minutes thinking someone had laid it there or someone was in the house besides me. No one was around. I put the gun where it was supposed to be and went back to sleep.
This was the code name of the helicopter carrying Seal Team 6 that was shot down in very questionable circumstances. i.e, Why was an entire team on one helicopter? Why weren't the using the normal stealthy transports that Special Ops routinely employ? Why was their mission and destination known in advance by the Afghans in blatant disregard of normal Spec Op operational security? Why was the helicopter flying at an altitude where it could even be hit by an RPG?
I don't even play WoW any more, but I want to purchase the armored bloodwing -.-
Do I want an AM3+ 4.2GHz quad core processor or an AM3+ 3.9GHz six core processor?
Only 4 days left for the Extremis Spec Ops! How many tasks do you have left before you can recruit Rescue?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Cat Mario didn't go as planned But I have something big planned. The world as you know it is on the edge. War is about to break out and no-one can stop it. A crack team of Spec. Op. Miners is about to be unleashed. Their mission is to save their designated city. Is it possible? Modern Minefare. Coming soon.
f this tom-foolery, i got a frost rotation to practice... if only the cooldown on frozen orb was shorter, fingers of frost procs like crazy, im throwing 200K ice lances
Looking for old cheap games with great stories for PS3, already took a look at Folklore, Spec Ops: The Line, and Resistance any other suggestions?
This page will coming for Spec Op 10.Who's your all think reward for next Spec Ops?
All India Anti-Terrorist Front (AIATF) President M S Bitta today made a pitch for army deployment in Bastar to wipe out rebels from the Naxal-hit region, in wake of the deadly Maoist attack which left 27 people dead. "If the Army can be moved to Golden temple (Amritsar), a place of worship, to finish terrorists then why it can't be deployed in Bastar.
good ole pink eye really. the one time I rub my eyes at the store I get pink eye.
I am considering changing the name of the Terra Nova Hobby Lipos. It has taken some time to find a good manufacturer for the Lipos and build a good reputation for them. I am in the process of increasing inventory. The Lipos have been selling out as fast as I can get them in. By changing the name, I hope to distribute the Lipos as a Canadian brand to other shops. So here is the contest. Help me decide on a new name for this Canadian based brand of R/C Lipos. At the same time, you can post your vote for other sizes/styles of Lipos you would like to see. The person who suggests a name that catches my attention enough that I use it, will win a $50 Terra Nova Hobby gift card to use towards Lipo batteries. Lets see how creative you are. Better than me, I hope!
Task 25: Now all that is left is a repeat of mission 2 to defeat Iron Patriot in the epic boss battle. To do this, you will need to complete all threats and ...
There was never an expectation that Sunday's Indianapolis 500 would be extended to ensure a green-flag finish, but maybe there will be for future races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Forged Clothing This is Riley Carman. He is four years old and is fighting a bone cancer. Thank you Forged for the autographed hat, shirt and other items. We bought the hat (Trident Operator LODEN2) and they signed it for Riley. They also went above and beyond and gave him this shirt with box of other goodies. After a few chemo treatments his hair started to fall out and he wasn't comfortable with that. After a discussion with his great uncle whom I work with we decided an autographed hat by spec-op warriors would cheer him up and give him the motivation he needs right now. Thanks again.
I lost my glasses a week and a half ago, and can't get in for an eye appointment until the 25th of June! Here come the migraines from not wearing them, not to mention the illegal driving :/
The US produced 7 million barrels of oil per day during November and December of last year (first time in 20 years). Production is projected to reach 7.5 million barrels by roughly mid-2013. Projections suggest the US may become the world's largest producer by 2020. At the same time, industry analysts caution to not expect the price of gas to drop significantly as a result. Recent numbers show that instead of using this increase in production to shore up our internal reserves, cut our imports, and drive down the price of gas, we've actually used this new production to increase our exports to other countries. Our Congress continues to support oil subsidies and tax breaks "to help these companies create jobs and improve our domestic economy". We continue to import oil and subsidize the governments that sponsor terrorism. What a bizarre set of mixed messages...
Watch the other hand...UN ban on weapons is being voted on this week...Obamcare is in the crapper and Fast and Furiuos has legs..Oh and can't forget the set up to kill 29 Seal Team 6 members in a attack in Afgan. Phoney mission with no support on an antiquated Chopper.Never supposed to have that many Spec Ops in one Chopper.Oh and how many more.Boston coverup, FEMA drill gone bad,
Panetta said we didn't have enough info to send troops to That is EXACTLY what Spec Ops were designed for! Unknown situations.
Spec Ops are use to protecting ungrateful and defenseless people.
Ladies and Gentleman - Modern Warfare 3 is upon us. And I believe as gamers it is only right to pay our respects. This is goodbye, but not for forever. an Ode to Zombies. I remember the days - feels so vivid back in '08 I'm not kidding/ I gamed just as much as I do now and I did plenty killing/ But the game that had me hooked was Zombies in CoD: World at War/ It was something new and addicting man I swear my thumbs were soar/ Protect the windows or the door and if not what unleashed was gore/ Nazi *** plagued the floors it's my favorite memory was it yours?/ All the more reason to top my score this song's for pleading I want more/ Please don't leave me with Spec Ops cuz I swear it won't restore/ That need for killing all the horde of enemies thrown at us/ With my MP40 I aim at their heads and I watch 'em combust/ What's the rush? We stayed up for hours to reach that next wave/ Even left my Xbox on so I wouldn't have to restart the next da ZOMBIES - THIS IS ZOMBIES - Goodbye ZOMBIES - But not f .. ...
I will NEVER stand quiet while people talk ignorance about our soldiers. This same statement is to be carried over for all of our Active Duty Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, or other Spec Ops that may or may not exist currently.  Yes, our federal government are a bunch of corrupted, under handed, trash that will inevitably pay for what they have done, here or in the next world. I admit, this is a mighty vent of truths. I ask you, how do people get so very conditioned in today's society? A day of information being awarded so readily, you need only reach out! Today, ignorance is a cultivated choice!!   Allow me to EXPLAIN what some fail to GRASP! 1. Regardless of motive, if you're willing to sign a paper that says you'll willingly throw yourself into harms way to keep me and my loved ones away from it, you're a stellar person and I have nothing but the deepest respect for you.  (Up until the time you prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are a murderous sociopath driven only by the des ...
yep, thanks. :) just wish if Avengers Alliance could playback all the Spec Ops from SO1. :)
I got it! Sausage rolls, Spec Ops: The Line/Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and starting draft three on feature. HELLO MAYDAY!
War Machine, Union Jack and Punisher are required for this Spec Ops to get Rescue.
30 Spec Ops from Fort Carson were training and he wanted to keep up with them.
me and Vanessa planning out real life Spec Ops mission .. I hope all works out well
A custom molded Spec.-Ops. Brand sheath and belt for free! But wait there's more! A Blind Horse Knives T2! All...
Spec Ops: You MADE me do White Phosphorus! Stop judging me!
I think i will get The Amazing Spider-Man or Spec Ops
But I finished Spec Ops, and I don't have Pathologic.
Then play something else. Like Spec Ops or Pathologic.
NA has gotten some pretty janky stuff lately. I will say Spec Ops: The Line is great though. That's about it...
I added a video to a playlist Spec Ops The Line (part 1) 1080p
What ever happened to second suspect arrested in the woods at sandy hook? 2 guys in fatigues at marathon hmmm Spec Ops?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Hora de jogar o Game of the Year 2012 do "Spec OpS THE LINE"
it's ok I'm Spec Ops so you guys just provide support
I finished (and loved) Spec Ops last week. I think each type has its greats (I'd consider it fairly linear, with a few shifts)
good but man I need some one to play with me in mw2 Spec Ops
Going to try and beat Spec Ops: The Line (on hardest difficulty for all the difficulty achievments) in one day tomorrow :)
Air Force Spec Ops is responsible for 75% of kills in Afghanistan military wide. Chair force right?
I wanted to see how many chapters there were in Spec Ops and accidentally glanced a spoiler before I backed out. Stupid.
Have you seen the Arma 3 Co-op? Looks like a REALLY in depth military Spec Ops thing. Like Socom
I'm showing how he had the independent will and how that's a characteristic of Spec Ops and American soldiers since the Revolution
Tomorrow i will be recording more Spec Ops the line...and uploading more homefrontt
I won 2 achievements in Spec Ops: The Line for 32 points -
that's sick. That's what I would want to. Either that Spec Ops
My papa is the only person in the world who has my full respect. He was in Spec Ops for a long time and Im happy to say hes still in my life
We are looking for a few good items & businesses to take part in our online spring auction for Spec Ops families
Watching black ops on the tele an some off the things Spec Ops guys do!
Gregory and I go into the past and play a match of Spec Ops on Bakaara! :D
Spec-Ops: Teh Lein reviews in a nutshell.
AF Spec Ops News! Air Force Combat Talons fly for last time: The Air Force's last four MC-130E C...
Spec Ops? Ugh so god. Stick through it. One of the best games of last year.
Spec Ops wasn't renowned for its fantastic gameplay. Expect generic third-person Ghost Recon-type stuff for the next 10 or so hours
Spec Ops the line is the first story to have a massive plot twist I never saw coming or had guesses about, it's was so gr8
No one's sure that Tajik Spec Ops terminated commander Imomnazarov except Khorog residents. Some see no military blueprint there
Hire former Spec Ops guys to work security at schools? This kid might be on to something.
I unlocked the A Line, Crossed achievement in Spec Ops: The Line!
Spec Ops is a lifestyle, not just training.
Sorta the logical extension of Spec Ops- these titles serve as a catalyst, a common reference point for broader conversations
Aw I can only check out one game at a time in the library :( So Borderlands will have to wait until I finish Spec Ops
Spec Ops: The Line has wonderful multiplayer. Not sure why Game Informer slated it. It's a nice change of pace from Call of Duty.
Spec Ops the line el primer juego que me acabo que me hace sentir una mala persna no lo jugueis enserio
They gave out Mass Effect 3 and Spec Ops a few weeks ago
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Al final me compre Spec Ops the Line a ver que tal YaoMing Darkoluxs
Last year we saw Hotline Miami and Spec Ops: The Line hit the mainstream. More than the last decade. Encouraging.
Whenever anyone mentions Hotline Miami in that context I am obligated to mention Spec Ops. That game made me physically ill.
"The juice wasn't worth the squeeze" sums up Spec Ops: the Line actually. Now Hotline, gimme more of 'dat lemonade please.
Picked up Bioshock Infinite. Now have it Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, Spec Ops the line, darksiders & borderlands on my to do list.
Spec Ops: The Line is a very sly skewering of the immorality of its genre. Excellent example of narrative informing gameplay and vice-versa.
the only way ill go in the service is if im some Spec Ops *** *** im not goin near the front line send me on special missions.
Students make battering rams for Okla. spec. ops
Students make battering rams for Okla. spec. ops: News on 6 TULSA, Oklahoma — Tulsa Police's Special Operation...
BREAKING NEWS: After a Spec Ops missions, intel was collected that shows N. Korea is so upset because they only have cargos, & no
i think another part of what killed Spec Ops: The Line for me is the fact that i've been in the military for 7 years.
Also after playing Spec Ops: The Line, I keep thinking I should make White Phosphorous weapons illegal in my sci-fi setting.
SPOILERS at the end of Spec Ops: The Line after you kill civilians/commit war crimes the main character is trying to rationalize why he did
alright im gonna rant about Spec Ops: The Line again. caused by my friend drinking some beer with me and trying to tell me it is good
The gameplay was adequate enough in Spec Ops: The Line to keep me going to see what happened next.
:And every little of Spec Ops themes are mostly driven through its gameplay so you cannot perhaps discredit it entirely too.
drink called ruckpack developed by Spec Ops soldiers. Haven't tried it but its supposed to be better for you.
It may not have won any Game of the Year awards but if there's a game that's been more in mind of its players than others,Spec Ops is that.
I think Spec Ops has been mentioned in the critical essays on gaming far more than Journey or TWD.Many parallels drawn to TR,FC3 & Infinite.
This connection between the player and the character you control has been weighing on my mind heavily ever since I beat Spec Ops:The Line.
New Blog Post: Tomb Raider in a post The Walking Dead and Spec Ops: The Line world
Agree completely. Sits nicely alongside Spec Ops: The Line for me in that regard.
If you mean TR providing a more justifiable reason to kill enemies than Infinite or Spec Ops,then I’d be inclined to agree.
My essay on Spec Ops and its exploration of war is finally complete! Managed to remove over 1,000 words and thankfully it still makes sense.
Looking for Spec Ops Urgent Fury photos for an article, ever seen a SEAL photo from that Op?
It works in favour of Spec Ops since it reinforces theme & narrative.I’ve my doubts for the same in TR though I might be wrong.
It’s an OK game.As for similarity between TR & Spec Ops,I’d say there’s a disconnection with your character when you’re killing.
Parking anywhere near this campus is like some kind of Spec Ops recon mission
Oh wow.. I have a blog? Sure I can review something I played last year. I mean, why not. :p
You have my interest.I loved Spec Ops and I'm early in TR.I have a notion on what you may be referring to.Let's see if its true.
was it north Koreans Spec Ops sabotage?
Nice, I went platinum in Spec Ops the Line last night, what a headache.
Cf. Far Cry 3. IMO, Spec Ops: The Line has handled it best in recent memory.
Female Soldiers Set Sights on Spec Ops: How long do you think until we see a women in Sepc Ops??
Just realised I haven't finished my MW2 campaign or Spec Ops
try doing Bodycount on MW2 Spec Ops un under 15 seconds. i've done it TWICE.
You had choices in Spec Ops: The Line? Like, choices that mattered? Uhm...
Played some ps3 with a firend yesterday Spec Ops mw3 we made it to round 24
The Spec Ops Craft being laid down at the in Fort Pierce, FL
I liked a video from Medal of Honor Warfighter: LIVE! Wallguy - Spec Ops MK 18 gameplay.
Wh- because it's made with offline only in mind ? Then you'd enjoy games like Max Payne 3, Spec Ops The Line or Bioshock
Paul Simon George Clooney Donald Sterling Edie Brickell Michael Grimm Internet Explorer Max Clifford President Obama Muslim Brotherhood Jack Ramsay Premier League Amal Alamuddin South Korea South Africa Sarah Palin Chris Martin John Oliver Justice League Valerie Harper Luis Suarez Cyril Smith Pope Francis President Barack Obama Supreme Court San Francisco Bay Jose Mourinho Team Owner North Korea Oscar Pistorius Middle East Zack Snyder Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Prime Minister Tony Abbott Brief History Roald Dahl White House New Zealand Indian Ocean Wall St Steven Gerrard Malaysia Airlines Magic Johnson Hillary Clinton Nick Clegg New Mexico North Carolina London Tube Diane Keaton Home Page Education Statistics Gloria Estefan East Asia Internet Explorer 8 Happily Ever After Gwyneth Paltrow Jack Nicholson New Jersey San Pablo Bay Prince William Katy Perry Modern Family Michael Jordan Kate Middleton Los Angeles Clippers Lupita Nyong Spice Girls Burger King Jeb Bush Alex Salmond Boris Johnson Brendan Rodgers Susanna Reid First World War Anderson Cooper Cold War Good Morning Britain Lenny Henry Man Utd Game Of Thrones Steven Spielberg Peaches Geldof London Underground Nelson Mandela Time Warner Cable Featured Video Little Rock Media Matters Keystone Pipeline President Vladimir Putin Peter King President Bashar Assad Barack Obama Dani Alves Park Geun World Cup Manchester United Kevin Spacey Michael R. Bloomberg John Kerry National Center

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