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Spec Ops

Special forces, or special operations forces are terms used to describe elite military tactical teams trained to perform high-risk dangerous missions that conventional units cannot perform.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Walking Dead

CALL OF DUTY ... Well a little bit of it ... Spec ops \(^_^)/ . NOOB kills in Spec ops ...: via
Witnesses: he was battered by spec-ops, separated from other detainees, taken to an unknown location
where were your tears for those of Benghazi; for those spec ops who died yesterday? This 4 your legacy
My prayers go out to the Army Spec Ops surrounded in Marjah right now. Hope you all made it through the night. God speed brothers
Check out this Spec at Adelante Development Center in
Seoul, let me know if you want some advanced tactics to deal with Pyongyang. But your first move is spec ops into smaller villages
Spec Ops in Marjah.praying for your safety.
Adelante Development Center is looking for a Spec in apply now!
BHO remind those Spec.Ops that were surrounded by Talibans that combat IS over and it was all a misunderstanding
I missed them this year. Was in your boozer last year and had to use Spec Ops tactics to get safely from Hermannstraße!!
The story about British Special Air Service's engagement in the operation which led to death of notorious...
You might have missed this story about Spec Ops soldiers in Afghanistan..We all had 2 see Obama cry as news.Cry now.
we deployed nuclear subs and troups, along with spec ops. I guess we'll see how this unfolds..
Please pray he is with MIKE and other American spec ops right now.
The admin needs to be upfront that spec ops community is going to be engaged in combat in these region…
What the new executive action means for gun sales?
UPDATE: US KIA & 2 wounded evacuated from Marjah compound by US mil QRF. Remaining spec ops team still inside compound w…
Looters in Baltimore get room to destroy-these guys occupy empty rooms & get spec ops. . I suppose.
Ret. First Sgt.: ‘Military Spec Ops team tasked with full-scale assault on ranchers, militia’: Intellihub | Sw...
.Also a blatant lie. A Marine Spec Ops unit was two hours out, spinning up, when they were told…
to benefit from new 2016 Spec Ops truck htt…
Congratulations on making a game that's harder for me to play "wrong" than Spec Ops: The Line.
I liked a video from Marvel Avengers Alliance-First look at Spec Ops 31-Jessica Jones
I added a video to a playlist Marvel Avengers Alliance:Spec Ops 31 Preview
Reddit sur Spec Ops : The Line. "Was this the game with a big emphasis on sand dynamics ?"
Anyone else think it's weird that the Empire used Bounty Hunters instead of a Spec Ops group of Stormtroopers?
Progressive Liberal Democrat Party CoomonCore math: how many USA Spec Ops do we send to fight 80K ISIS terrorist? 50! Correct!
I've got a modification to make here. 1: Vanquish. 1: Binary Domain. 1: Spec Ops: The Line. That is all.
for your MW2 Spec Ops co-op run did you do all of them on 3 stars
US Spec Ops rescued 70 Kurdish hostages from in northern Iraq - one US soldier killed
Martin Walker from Spec Ops: The Line, welp where is my ptsd?
Embassies are US soil. We sent in delegates & Spec Ops for the Iranian Hostage Crisis. People died in Benghazi & crickets.
The highest Command League is Spec Ops. In this exclusive league are the most elite players of This Means WAR!
I liked Spec Ops for the story and Tomb Raider for the NOT shooty bits. I guess vanquish, but again I liked it for rocket power slide combat
New job vacancies on Spec Ops recruiting for
Just finished Spec Ops: The Line. Brilliant plot. Not at all your everyday shooter game.
//The Bay of Pigs was a somewhat big event in the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I agree with you there about the Spec Ops stuff
Well, the spec ops was fun, however the isos let me down
I'm most likely going to learn all of Sonya variations. Spec Ops looks pretty dirty XD
Sometimes, my mind drifts off to when I played Spec Ops: The Line and I get super angry that I wasted my time on that game.
The article claims 80% are unaware. Never take things at face value. Spec Ops psyop games of deception.
I never thought Spec Ops: The Line was deep.
Spec ops in ww2, fencing pro, master golfer, knight, classically trained singer has a heavy metal album about Charlemagne,did his own stunts
Off to clean the 3 week old litter box in my Spec Ops garb.
All my evening plans have been derailed by the new Spider-Verse Spec Ops.
Why we like about reformed and so much. Read here:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Thanks. We can learn the soft skills...I just worry/hope we don't back down due to wonkish gobbledygook over spec ops and optics
Oh man, he was spec ops in the British military too? That's badass. Sir Christopher Lee.
Lee was also part of a Spec. Ops unit in WWII whose activities apparently haven't yet been declassified. IOW, he was an Inglourious Basterd
RIP Christopher Lee, a legend of an actor & was a spec ops fighter in WW2.
Actor. Spec ops agent in WW2. Metal singer in his 80s. True badass. RIP Christopher Lee.
Thought you'd be interested: Proceeds of my new book go to to help Spec Ops families. . http…
And he served in the 2nd world war, spec ops! How many cld say that? *** I didn't even serve in Iraq or Afghanistan
Playing Spec Ops: The Line. I think MGS3 did the guilt thing first. And better. And with less extreme images.
Damage only goes so far if you can't open up etc, but yeah make up with Cassie brawler is missing you and that spec ops.
Dudes with Sunglasses and suits pulling up in Range Rovers.. All the cliches of ex Spec Ops doing their CCP stint
there is mw2 spec ops trickshotting as a series. Spec ops. If faze didn't want that garbage no one would be making these vids
Welcome to uni with me but I already have the spec to run Black Ops 3 on my laptop
I do think Sisi needs to send spec ops down to sinai. We need the highest skilled pest controllers to get rid of our rats.
agents at DC.Sign up for the Portland event at: help your faction
Spec Ops: the Line is a masterpiece of story telling. Video games can be art when they're as compelling as that.
Jason and I are thinking of streaming some modern warfare 2 spec ops missions tonight :D I'll keep you guys posted
.Honestly, if he could see past the violence in it and play it all the way through, he'd probably love Spec Ops: The Line.
On another note I passed my PAST test for Spec Ops this morning and I'll be leaving September 1st for training.
is working on US Spec Ops blog on raid, first US boots land in the embattled country.
Iron Man Says, "Come at me Hulk!" as released its soon ending Spec Ops 26 reward: The HulkBuster
So is Chapter 9 the next major release after Kate Bishop? or would that be next spec ops?
ahhh, jeez, still remember this old picture... Vilousian spec ops
Son is only 16. Godson/Nephew is one currently serving in Spec Ops. He knows my gratitude, I'll pass yours along
Up for auction is a used playstation 1 game SPEC OPS STEALTH PATROL
Major impact on Spec Ops with the loss of HSC-84/85. Require DefApBill amend similar to Sec8120/8075
Maybe I'll right something later on the comparison between Spec Ops: The Line and Hatred. Might be a decent idea.
If it's not like Spec Ops: The Line or Modern Warfare 2 where everything's fine until "dat moment", it has little impact.
A very good break down of U.S. Spec Ops of all the branches . Definitive Guide to US Special Ops | Under the Radar:
I bet no Taqiyah wearing THUGS show up in AZ tonight bent on committing MURDER in a MOSQUE full of MARINES SEALS & SPEC OPS drawing cartoons
Hi all . Just to advise there is no Spec Ops tomorrow Saturday 30th May. We will be running the next one June...
(Julia-CM) For when you need more than 140 characters to talk about upcoming MAA content!
So excited to have Meme on our staff as our assistant director of ops!
Spec Ops personnel practicing rope skills over Holmes Run
You'd need specially trained soldiers for operations like that. That guy doesn't look like Spec Ops to me.
The choices I have to make in Spec Ops The Line are really making me question myself as a human being
RU consul says the 2 captured RU spec-ops are "mercenaries". And all the RU military equipm is in Ukraine on holidays
Future Kaohsiung | Art&Design by Mark Chang | Kaohsiung being a city in Taiwan,this is a Future Taiwanese Spec Ops …
Our next Spec Op involves Miles Morales and Superior Spider-Man in a struggle against the Sinister Six and the...
Spec ops the line going on in my stream starting out my 12 hour stream marathon hop on in and come hang out!
working with friends in spec ops X Secret Service military and judicial watch
Or maybe I'll just end up playing Spec Ops: The Line again and being emotionally destroyed for days after.
I liked a video from MW2 Spec Ops - Funny Moment Trees, Dying Remotes and KackEmm!
. Hey! Huge fan but anyway . Would you ever consider a lets play of Spec Ops : The line?
Glimpse the secret war: footage of US Spec Ops Aviation going out on an Op NW of Baghdad a few days ago via
Australian Spec. Ops during a dust storm in Afghanistan
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Under same umbrella as proliferating books by various spec ops members... cheapens the whole "sensitive" thing
Spec Ops: The Line OST - Mogwai - Glasgow Mega Snake HD via This was great while blowing bad guys up.
Bootcamp in 3months.. I wish it was sooner. But Spec Ops PST this Thursday. 󾓬󾓦⚓️
Middle East is breaking apart... ISIS in new offensive!
Will Kamala Khan and/or Miles Morales be a playable character in the near future? Hopefully in Spec Ops.
I liked a video Wearing Spec Ops gear in the Metro (Sweden) w/ subtitles
I'm sorry that we didn't provide same support to Kurdish people, instead of loosing our time on Iraqi security...
hi can you help me out on spec ops PS3 mw2??
Recorded Spec Ops: The Line, lost track of time split the 50 minute episode into 2
Claim made elsewhere that it was specific Spec Ops which withdrew leaving openings exploited by at :Desertion
my family of twelve denied justice I have friends in spec ops ex Secret Service and the military
I don't know if anybody saw this yet, but I just posted the return of Critical Hit! It's about Spec Ops: The Line!
"Why are all apocalyptic movies based in America?" "Oh they made Spec Ops some time back, see how that turned out."
MW had way better multiplayer than BO. & WaW was just a huge step down from CoD4. Zombies > Spec Ops but SO was still great.
Critical Hit: Spec Ops The Line and the Role of the Hero: via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
My review of ASHLEY'S WAR, the new bk from on the all-women spec ops teams:
Congrats to our Spec Ops guys for taking out Abu Sayyaf. One more down, so many left to go.
your dissection of SH 1 and 2 were incredibly attention grabbing. As were the MGS, TLOU, Walking Dead, Spec Ops episodes.
If you like your gritty military shooters to increasingly scold and shame you for playing them, I saw Spec Ops: The Line is out on Linux.
Dude, congrats! looked like a rushdown spec ops, I love it.
The operation in carried out by spec.ops signed by Obama himself (!) suggests they have a vast reliable network of intel.
2 Dozen US Spec. Ops members carry out secret raid in Syria, kill top ISIS commander
I have started playing Spec Ops: The Line. I'm still in the part where it's a middle-of-the-road cover-based shooter with crap enemy AI.
every time I open steam on Linux, there's a new ported game on my library. today's surprise: spec ops the line
Yes, yes, but 0bama needs to be recognized as a stud spec ops machine.
Congrats to Obama for letting spec ops do their job_ Why isn't Raqqa flattened and ISIS frozen in the sands around it???
LIAR! spec ops the line was third person!
"You guys just rewrote Spec Ops: The Line and replaced every instance of Dubai with Flavortown." - 7.5/10.
In what world is it a good idea to publicly ID spec ops units even after successful missions?
What if it was Spec Ops: The Line but after the fall of Flavortown. We could base it on the cover letter I wrote.
Wolfenstein: The New Order was the best straight FPS I've played since Spec Ops: The Line. Some faith in the genre is restored.
Cause that is what real spec-ops do, is boast about what ops they have done and who they have killed. for other spec ops
You make the Spec Ops highly trained Delta Force unit sound like a snake. But maybe that's their stealth approach
(Spoilers??) That morality system is the most interesting & natural of any game I've played, much like the choice sys in Spec Ops: The Line.
I completed the game Spec Ops: The Line -
lol at anyone who liked spec ops. the gameplay is bad on purpose Did i just blow your mind? Yeah, war is ***
To the US Spec Ops team who killed the ISIS leader, you guys are awesome
I think my settings aren't to bad, just need to minimize any lag you guys might get. Spec ops was a terrible way to test it
looks like a typical shooter. But hidden is a very different sort of game. Spec-Ops is very interesting in how it develops,
But maybe be more fun to play something I haven't played before, but I do want to re-record tose games for LPs sometime. Though Spec-Ops has
saying a little too much, Spec-Ops: The Line is one of the best examples of a hidden psychological horror game I can think of.
Spec-Ops: The Line is hard to talk about without spoiling it, the gameplay isn't exactly fun, but the game is one of the most interesting
I don't 100% know what game, deciding right now. Part of me is tempted to re-play Binary Domain or Spec-Ops: The Line.
Instead of killing people in Spec Ops , AUCheezy and I were trying to find cuddle spots on terminal
Forgot how intense MW3 Spec Ops can get
No Boots on the ground?. CEO, Pete Hegseth, makes a very good point... "U.S. spec ops kill a top ISIS commander...
Shoutout to US spec ops for taking out that isis leader
Work with spec ops ex secret service and military
Even after seeing the endings and the plot synopsis I still want to get Spec Ops The Line and play it through.
I have sent spec ops xsecret ..service in the military.. My family at 12 or did they justice
Our Demon seems to have spec. ops training.
US spec ops literally had to 'shoot around' human shields to kill ISIS'
Going to BFF's sis's H.S. reunion as her fake fiancé, former Spec Ops turned-brain surgeon from Australia who "can't keep my hands off her."
Tested out spec ops the line, glad I didn't buy the game on ps3, ran pretty fine on my pc and it played pretty alright.
you might've been the main character of Spec Ops: The Line
Just ended my stream of Spec Ops:The Line and raided over at Thank you all that came and showed support!!
Our internet is out so I'm about to play MW2 Spec Ops for the first time in 4 years.
They just actually showed spec ops in a AF commercial that's wild !
Applying military Spec Ops principles to business success 
Tonight is the first of two nights I've set for myself to S-rank Spec Ops: The Line. (cc
Oh great now they're quoting Spec Ops now
Very surprised this didn't bring up Spec Ops: The Line. Highly recommend an analysis - maybe a follow up?
Spec ops the line russound xbox 360
Spec ops the line coop chalenge mode
I won 8 achievements in Spec Ops: The Line for 177 points -
How far does a man have to go to cross "The Line". Spec Ops: The Line with over at right now!
Going live NOW with Spec Ops: The line over at come lurk, hang out, chat, and share the stream if you'd like. :)
Things I didn't like - Spec Ops can survive a bullet tornado, the fecking auto-cover system, ally AI is ridiculous, it's meant for MP.
. The military has exercises all the time. I remember finding MPs tied up in trees. Spec Ops crack me up.
Spec Ops: The Line in about an hour OR LESS over at
Not ordinary squad. One of most deadliest during WWII! Some kind of SF!
I haz already been a member since the begining of lulz. Back in my day we had to go through spec ops training with Goku to get in.
I added a video to a playlist Spec Ops: The Line - So far so generic | Part 1
After ten to twelve retries I won that bloody Spec Ops battle. Almost at the end, I think, also put my opinion down on paper in advance.
just loaded up mw2 and haven't played spec ops on this PS3 so they're all locked, will blast through all but he two that are coop
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I love Spec Ops: The Line for a lot of reasons -- more on that later -- but it mistakes difficulty increase for frustrating checkpoints. :(
Russian underwater Rambos polish spec ops skills in Crimea -
Here I was, thinking we were over this with the release of Spec Ops: The Line
Guamo wasn't ready for spec ops cassie
I was in some random guys house playing Spec Ops on Modern Warfare 3 at 6 in the morning. How was your Friday?
That joke hits home extra hard for any Spec Ops: The Line players.
I would but only if you'd play Spec Ops: The Line so we could compare exploits of human immorality between the two.
You are going to hear a lot about Spec Ops: The Line I bet. Changed the way I view violence in games...
.P.S. I've been playing 'Spec Ops: The Line'. It takes place in Dubai, which made me think of you. :)
Maybe we're in the beginning of Spec Ops: The Line? Gee, I hope not, that game was messed up
Read: Spec Ops: The Line stream is never gonna happen. I so sad. I so sad.
Tonight and I will be playing through Spec Ops: The Line together. Don't miss out on our shenanigans! :D
So now I know why the media was shilling Spec Ops: The Line so much. The devs were SJWs.
What about Spec Ops: The Line? That surely didn't have a glowing reverie on what those soldiers were doing.
Ok, Hotline Miami and Spec Ops: The Line, as well as Bioshock, clearly don't have any politics in their games!
good deal on great game, Spec Ops: The Line.
So every game that TB likes is apolitical? Does that mean Spec Ops: The Line was apolitical?
isn't this the guy who rated Spec Ops the Line incredibly highly
Someone pointed out that Spec Ops: The Line was one of his GOTYs because of the plot...
Gonna put Night of the Living Dead on in the background and see if I can't finish Spec Ops: The Line today.
I won the Marksman - Rifle achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 30 pts -
I'm replaying Spec Ops: The Line and no matter how many times I replay it I still get shocked over…
I won the Damned if You Don't achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 13 pts -
I won the A Man of Action achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 12 pts -
Check out my post-game summary from Spec Ops: The Line
I find it funny how at work yesterday, some of my students and I were talking about Spec Ops: The Line and now it's on sale. Timing is key.
I won the Recon achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 31 pts -
Spec Ops: The Line is currently 80% off on Steam. One of the most important games in the history of the medium.
2k Steam Sale a great time to get Mafia II (massively underrated) and Spec Ops: The Line (superb game, ahead of its time a bit).
One of the best games from last gen, Spec Ops: The Line, is £3.99 on Steam right now. Would be a bargain at twice the price.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Literally bought and beat Spec Ops: The Line on stream! Thanks to ya'll who came out! Be Back at it again later today? Earlier stream time?
he apparently praised Spec Ops: The Line for its politics, which makes this funnier if true.
We can have Spec Ops: The Line and Super Meat Boy. The two are not exclusive.
I won 2 achievements in Spec Ops: The Line for 36 pts -
I won the The Human Factor achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 23 pts -
I won the *** Close achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 22 pts -
I won the Close Combat Carnage achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 25 pts -
I won the Desert Storm achievement in Spec Ops: The Line for 11 pts -
Watched an incredible GDC talk by on the use of violence in Spec Ops: The Line. Highly reccomend
I liked a video from Spec Ops: The Line || Story Explanation/Analysis! [Massive
Either the first quarter or Sunset Overdrive or the last quarter of Spec Ops: The Line.
Time to attempt something I wanted to do for a while now - play Spec Ops: The Line on the hardest difficulty (and get all achievements).
Just finished playing Spec Ops: the line. Must find a cozy corner and rethink the game in silence...
/installs bioshock 2. also got a bunch of achievements I still need for Spec Ops: The Line... but... Spec Ops: The Line.
theTimLumb is online and playing Spec Ops: The Line. You can watch them at
Unless I change my mind in the next 10 minutes (possible >_>), I'm probably going to play Spec Ops: The Line.
I remember forgetting the name of a game when we spoke the other day. 5 days later i remember. Spec Ops: The Line
It can at least be engaging, like Spec Ops: The Line. Not "fun" but engaging and disturbing.
Will be starting part 2 of my Spec Ops: The Line stream shortly. Come hang out
I do not recommend The Order: 1886 as a game. If you want a cheap but really awesome third-person shooter I recommend Spec Ops: The Line.
I am having a whale of a time with Spec Ops: The Line right now. Also recently reinstalled Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Spec Ops the Line proved that by turning the Hero into an antagonist is a million times more interesting than the usual dude bro narrative
Just plowed through and beat Spec Ops the Line. Killed like a thousand people and I feel desensitized and groggy bleh
Y'know what game was sold $60 at retail and got a lot of criticism, near none of it related to length? Spec Ops: The Line.
Very similar to Spec Ops: The Line (a top 5 favourite) in that COD4 is plot focussed and critical of war and its business. Admirable really.
Speaking of Short campaigns, it really depends what the game does with the time. For example I recently played Spec Ops : the line (1/2)
Team Fortress: The Line: via Amazing mix of and Spec Ops: The Line.
what about something like Spec Ops: The Line or Telltale's Walking Dead?
Spec Ops: The Line is a good example, I think its a game forte history books as its a disection of Military Shooters-
Should list good short games. To the Moon, Spec Ops the line. Length isn't everything. I should know, I'm a woman ;)
Every once in a while, I remember Spec Ops: The Line exists, and my hope for the future video game narrative returns
Just finished the game. I didn't expect that. Can we have Spec Ops: The Line thread?
JF Sargent is totally right. "Spec Ops: The Line" is amazing and brilliant and horrifying and did I mention amazing?
Spec Ops: The Line: I’ve always been a big fan of first person shooters. The Halos, Call of Dutys, Medal of *** ..
Indeed. Not that something like that can't be good, but you need something more, ya know? *obligitory Spec Ops: The Line mention*
Kyle checked out Spec Ops, The Line and says you should play it, but you won't feel good about it
Spec Ops: The Line. That came out 2012 but would you consider that AAA?
If you haven't played Spec Ops the Line
Dead Island 2 has a chance since its being developed by the same people who made Spec Ops: The line
No. I might replay Spec Ops the Line on PC tho.
death complication on Spec Ops: The Line was 265 seconds of solid awesomeness!
Some of my favourite games last gen were short adventures. Spec Ops: The Line, Portal 1 + 2, Mirror’s Edge.
Made it to chapter 5 in Spec Ops: The Line. Just under a third of the way through my first game (unless the chapters get longer later)
Join me as I take on Spec Ops: The Line for Currently at 0/4 games completed.
Join Brian SuperToken Murray as he plays some multiplayer in Spec Ops: The Line. 4-8pm Pacific
“On TV, CPR works 66% of the time. In real life, it works 15% of the time.” And in Spec Ops: The Line, it works 0% of the time.
Spec Ops: The Line was an amazing game. very underrated. The gameplay is meh, but the story is INCREDIBLE
Max Payne 3 Spec Ops the line. And I believe their are some side quests in the Dragon Age Games that touch on it
Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Part 4 - The view of the city from the sky. Check it out @
You should play Spec Ops: The Line. I'd love to see how you react to the ending!
I belive "Spec Ops: The Line" covered the trope of (majorly male) disposeability. I've yet to finish it, but...
Ahh just read about it now. Its the same guys who made Spec Ops: The line. I'm sure they will do good with it then.
Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Part 3 - Y u so bad CIA? Check it out @
Thought I'd check out Spec Ops: The Line. Played it from start to finish today. Great Sunday. Story not what you would expect.
killgyil played Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox 360) in the last 24 hours
Spec Ops: The Line has left me quite speechless
I liked a video Spec Ops the line gameplay - HD
1. I would play that game. 2. I did play that game, it was Spec Ops: The Line. 3. Give me more games like this.
I know I'm late to this party. I just finished Spec Ops: The Line. I feel sick.
Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Part 2 - C4 To kill me!? Check it out @
domain names
Any Metal Gear Solid game you can run on a system you have (priority), Bioshock, Spec Ops: The Line, and obligatory Walking Dead!
This is about as Spec Ops: The Line-y as I remember it being. Poor bandagedmen and doggies ;_;
New on Ebay: Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox 360, 2012) FPS First Person Shooter no call of duty CoD
. Spec Ops: The Line, because at a glance it seems normal but afterwards you're going to cry and regret everything
Should I buy This War of Mine or Spec Ops: The Line on Steam?
Just finished Spec Ops: The Line. One of the best games I've played in recent years
This may be my favorite syllabus of all time. But I'll be sad if Spec Ops: The Line doesn't come up on War Week.
Military videogames and American exceptionalism... except the author skips Spec Ops: The Line for no apparent reason
Yeah, Spec Ops is a very good example of taking an alternate look at the hero/villain line.
That moment when Amazon assigns a ASIN for Spec Ops: The Line that reads Boobs 'n *** O_o
Also, looking forward to getting my copy of Spec Ops - The Line. I've heard it's something of a gaming literary masterpiece.
Oh my God. OK, that's it, Spec Ops: The Line is the best game, if only for its Amazon URL.
I was reminded about why I liked Spec Ops: the Line by on the weightlessness of killing people in games.
I agree, but I would make an exception for Spec Ops: The Line.
Spec Ops: the Line has the most incredible Amazon number in its URL. (via
Speaking of finishing games I've gone back to alternating between Saints Row 3 and a Spec Ops: The Line replay. Good days.
It's like Spec Ops: The Line, drawing dissonance between actions and narrative.
You want deep? Get in a Skype call with me on Spec Ops: The Line and we can fully discuss the game and every possible theory that exists.
And therefore I have now beaten Spec Ops: The Line.
I think I noticed something on this playthrough of Spec Ops: The Line. Whenever you fight the 33rd, there are mannequins present somewhere.
Small print: "A photo circulating on the Internet in jihadist circles" [Spec Ops: The Line]
and 2; I'm thinking of buying Castlevania: LoD 2 and/or Max Payne 3 or Spec Ops: The Line, what do you think?
Don't touch the white phosphorus drone. Also if you haven't played Spec Ops: The Line this might not make sense.
I just figure value isn't a matter of price-to-hours ratio alone. I'd spend $60 on Spec Ops: The Line over $30 for Lightning Returns.
For all his bluster, I'd love to have play Spec Ops: The Line. All the way... No partial steps or half-assing it.
.I'd also argue that Spec Ops: The Line comes close to embodying the psychological costs of war.
Spec Ops the line is everything and more.. Game gives you way to much control ur decisions end up shaping the story line..
it's like when someone wrote a book of reaction to Spec Ops: The Line it's "too strange"
Just beat Spec Ops.: The Line again, finished all the endings. Oof, that game's ending is a kick in the teeth every *** time. Play it, guys
Agreed. There's a reason why Spec Ops: The Line is one of my favourite things ever and it isn't cover-based shooting.
Okay, this is brilliant. A list of reasons why Spec Ops: The Line is more of a game than Gone Home is.
I wonder if I should pick up Spec Ops the Line on XBLA. It's only like £2 and dat story.
Spec Ops: The Line $4.49 on XBL right now. I can't suggest it enough
Crossing the line: Spec Ops the Line -
Spec Ops: The Line is on sale for $4.49 on Xbox 360. It's a fascinating game with things to say about the shooter genre. Don't miss it!
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