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Speaker Ryan

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. Speaker Ryan is Romney's Revenge upon . Ryan has reached his "Peter Principle"...but I won't go there.
Speaker Ryan: A new amendment “brings us closer to the final agreement that we all want to achieve” on health care https:/…
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants Speaker Ryan to call the House back to debate a Syria AUMF.
I'm sure those are famous last words muttered by many. Wonder about Chief Justice Roberts and Speaker Ryan.
The GOP health care bill was a legislative calamity led by Speaker Ryan - I take it up with tonight 10p ET on FN…
America cannot move at the pace of Speaker Ryan's donors.
Wow. Donald Trump plugged Judge Jeanine Pirro, who spent her whole show ripping Speaker Ryan for the failure of
Speaker Ryan: I'm going to kill thousands of people, and make millions of dollars doing so. Umm, no yo…
Speaker Ryan cannot deliver on Obamacare after vowing to do so for seven long years
Speaker Ryan had +44 Republicans and still couldn't get healthcare passed. Just goes to show what happens when you give a…
Pres. Trump, start over w/o Ryan. Need new Speaker and it will get done. He's not on board in my opinion.
As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan's job is to get the legislation and the votes. Even with Trump's support, he failed…
Paul Ryan is a solid Democrat. I don't care what letter is behind his name. We need a conservative Speaker.
. Earlier footage of Speaker Ryan introducing the ins bill. Hashtag party…
The myth of Paul Ryan was shattered today:
Don't you wonder what Speaker Ryan is doing now?. Cartoon
I have said before that I think it is a big mistake to have Ryan as Speaker. My instinct tells me something…
There is only one job Paul "bj" Ryan is good at, and it isn't Speaker. 🤣
If history matters, Paul Ryan better start worrying that Trump will dump him for a younger Speaker.
Trump says Ryan should stay on as speaker even if healthcare bill fails
This is how Nancy Pelosi lobbied to back the DREAM Act. Imagine Ryan being this competent
Sen. Chuck Schumer: "I don’t have much confidence in Chairman Nunes"; maybe Speaker Ryan will replace him
"Being against things was easy to do,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said.
Trump aide to it's time for 'swift removal of Paul Ryan from the speakership' . 🤔. https:…
Ryan seems *** bound on destroying the GOP and working against the American people…It's time for Speaker Ryan to resign.
By Ryan not getting this done, Trump holds all the cards. Also, whispers of Trey Gowdy taking the Speaker role beco…
Obama is laughing today at how Donald Trump, Speaker Ryan the House Republicans all though Healthcare was easy.
Healthcare Bill DOA thanks to Speaker Ryan. -> NO Ryan FAILED. It's time we
"It is literally the whole job of speakers to usher through controversial bills.".
.I'm pointing at Speaker Ryan and mouthing "your Trumpcare bill blows!". : Just wave, Joe. Just wave. h…
Its Friday BROTHERS N SISTERS REST WITH THIS:. "Speaker Paul Ryan says / NATION will be 'living with Obamacare 4 the fo…
"I don't blame Paul," President Trump said of House Speaker Paul Ryan in an interview with
The Speaker Ryan press conference lasted about as long as his health plan 😂. is here to stay. God bless the…
helped from House Republicans and Speaker Ryan in their -Time for /…
If You Agree. needs to go. He had seven years to get it right.
Paul Ryan now says the votes aren't there, but isn't it the House Speaker's job to do this math BEFORE selling the bill t…
Paul Ryan Will Not Be Speaker Much Longer, and that's a very good thing.
"Speaker Paul Ryan says the nation will be 'living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future'."
Well this is awkward... The Art of the Deal. Speaker Ryan
Well, at least and Speaker Ryan can fall back on their success with the Oh wait, the courts stopped it.
GOP Replacement to Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House Intensifies in White House, Congress - Breitbart SenateGOP https:/…
Paul Ryan said he didnt the want to be speaker, so let's help him honor his wish. .
After health bill failure, Speaker Ryan says, "we're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future." https:…
Speaker Ryan and House Republicans had 7 years to get their act together and they failed. Paul Ryan must resign!.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan instructed Devin Nunes to brief Trump
will now metastasize in the body of the Dem party. Speaker Ryan Should have read The Art of the Deal. Playing po…
Americans can breathe a small sigh of relief as Speaker Ryan, & failed to eliminate their health coverag…
With eight years to come up with a viable alternative to Obamacare, is this the best House Speaker Paul Ryan & his buddie…
The one and only reason Trump didn't blame Speaker Ryan for the is that Paul Ryan can impeach him.
What are chances Speaker Ryan & do tax changes in dark of night, followed by boring PowerPoint, with no input…
Speaker Ryan now apologizing 4 not being able to destroy the lives of 26 million Americans. "Growing pains" he calls it. They'…
RyanCare dead on arrival – Speaker Ryan pulls GOP bill at request. joins FBN7p
BREAKING: President Trump directs Speaker Ryan to pull health care bill. by via
I don't disagree. Speaker Ryan's leadership is horrible,
The President called at 3pm and told Speaker Ryan to pull the bill.
Our reports the House GOP leadership is huddling right now in Speaker Ryan's office
Speaker Ryan, concerned they don't have the votes, dashes to the White House. South Lawn Cam:
Do you believe Speaker Ryan should step down if the health care bill doesn't pass?
BREAKING: AP Source: House GOP leaders delay vote on health care repeal bill, in setback for President Trump and Speaker Ryan.
No way Rep Young can vote for If he does, it will look like a bribe from Speaker Ryan's Super PAC.
Speaker Ryan presser in about half an hour.
Breast Cancer Awareness
heart break, anger and righteous indignation (particularly after hearing Speaker Ryan's horrible statement)
Speaker Ryan, you can’t throw Donald Trump under the bus. He IS the bus.
Speaker Ryan: We do not agree. Healthcare is a civil right in a civilized society.
Am I the only person that thinks Speaker Ryan kind of looks like Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill?
'"I was struck last night by a comment that I heard made by Speaker Ryan, where he called this repeal bill 'an...
I'm Republican and would like nothing more than to see 45 IMPEACHED and Speaker Ryan with him in prison for treason...
..I have cautious reservations about the ➡️Speaker Ryan + his blind followers
Sen. Rand Paul Turned Away from 'Secret Office for the Secret Bill' Holding Text of Speaker Ryan's Ocare Rescue Bill
Yes, WHY? Speaker Ryan may be 1 of most evil of this gang of mobsters. PRETENDS he's norml,while raping our country of resources…
While members frantically search for the ACA repeal bill, Speaker Ryan aims his bow at his office door, where he personally…
Speaker Ryan will end up being worse than Boehner.
Speaker Ryan will be replaced like Boehner. Rand Paul economic conserative. 😇🙏🙏
I wonder what Speaker Boehner would say about Speaker Ryan.
Congressman Luis Gutierrez was kept out of the meeting by Speaker Ryan?
LOL CUT off the part where Speaker Ryan told Stephanie March was called out on not knowing how the presser works.
Several members say Speaker Ryan stood up in conference this morning and strongly DEFENDED Trump immigration order
"Speaker Ryan and my Republican colleagues, you are responsible for what Trump is doing to our country. I hope you are proud o…
Maureen Groppe . Speaker Ryan called the "glue that keeps us all together focused and fixed on our...
Speaker Ryan u are fixing Republicans problems to take total power of America 'The Confederate United States America
Speaker Ryan on Trump's wall: "We're going to pay for it and front the money up"
UPDATE: Pres. Trump accepts Speaker Ryan's invitation to address joint session of Congress on Feb. 28.
Speaker Ryan is conducting a poll on the Affordable Care Act. Call his office and follow the prompts (202) 225-0600
arrived at Speaker Ryan's office today but were met with a locked door:
I'm so glad the former republican thanked Pres. Obama in front of your face Speaker Ryan! U shouldn't look so bummed!
A former Republican and cancer survivor just told Speaker Ryan "Thanks Obama" for the Affordable Care Act on the Town Hall on CNN.
invites firestorm from American women. Tell him what you think. Paul Ryan's office:202-225-0600.
Speaker Ryan reel PH in they have grown so far out of what they were established to do. Give them the wake up call they deserve.
Why does this Low Life Trash below get funds from George Soros? Why is Paul Ryan still Speaker of the Hous…
PP has provided a handy script for calling Sen. Ryan. His mailbox was full, but no worries. Tomorrow.
Speaker Ryan is rich with amazing health care...somehow he thinks millions of women don't deserve cancer screenings?
.📞 script to object to defunding.PS-abortions already get no fed $, GOP is now demolishing women's healthcare ht…
De-fund all the BS other programs 2, like giving billionns 2 other countries!
I love you babe. Keep fighting the good fight. Encourage ppl to call Speaker Ryan and voice their disgust with what he i…
Paul Ryan..when you tried to not take the job as should have tried harder.
Great news. Stay strong Speaker Ryan, and do the morally right thing. Defend the Unborn!
especially Speaker of the house Paul Ryan.…
Call Speaker Ryan's Janesville, WI office at (608) 752-4050 & tell him you support the Affordable Care Act!
Perhaps you missed this: Paul Ryan (easily) re-elected as House speaker Tuesday.
Speaker Ryan’s repeal isn’t just a bad idea — it’s economic effects will be disastrous. https…
The Holman Rule has already deemed in Federal court as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But not surprised by Speaker Ryan bringing it back
Murray on Speaker Ryan’s plan to defund in repeal: I condemn any attempts to pull the rug out from under millio…
How Paul Ryan won over every House Republican (except for one) ➡️
Because Republicans can never just go ahead and say "all right, we've been sufficiently awful this week."
Speaker Ryan, please educate yourself. Services ensure health and wellbeing of American women.…
Republicans will move to zero out all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, says House Speaker Paul Ryan
These one-sided efforts are designed to delegitimize They don't advance peace. They make it more elusive. https:/…
.the women of America are watching. You will regret any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood .
Does speaker Ryan think about our veterans, dire need of the state of the art, care Trump promised.
When Gov Pence defunded PP, he created one of the worst modern US HIV/AIDS outbreaks. Speaker Ryan wishes to make it nat…
Speaker Ryan says "we have plenty of ideas" about how to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Speaker Ryan: Kellyanne Conway is trying to play Americans for fools by holding up Wikileaks guy Julian Assange as some sore of
SOLD!!! The soul of Speaker Ryan!! Quiet as a former KGB agent is complimented!! NEVER quote Reagan again!!!'
Again, I've made calls to Speaker Ryan & House Oversight Committee offices & don't know if I'm in the minority or…
Speaker Ryan says this while approving the bromance between President Elect Trump and Vladimir…
Speaker Ryan gives him zero opposition
Worth noting: Speaker Ryan hasn't been supportive of Is a fight looming?
There's a battle brewing between PEOTUS and Speaker Ryan over
News post: "Harry Reid spokesman sends out a 'reminder' that Speaker Ryan is a 'coward'"
Please get Speaker Ryan voted out of his leadership position
Senior citizens are treated unfairly by the current Social Security COLA formula. I've urged Speaker Ryan to make COLA…
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Thank you Speaker Ryan and Senator Toomey for standing up for fiscal sanity and saying NO to wasteful government...
. “We congratulate Speaker Ryan, a close and longtime ally of the pro-life movement, on his nomination.”
.everyone:. Speaker Ryan, what do you think of this new executive order?. “It doesn’t look like anything to me…”.
Trump welcomed to Capitol Hill where Speaker Ryan says Republicans are ready to 'make America great again' - Los…
Do you believe Speaker Ryan's betrayal of the Republican nominee should disqualify him from holding any leadership r…
Speaker Ryan's plan retains right to insurance with pre-existing conditions, but if you can't afford insurance, won't matter.
Speaker Ryan on repealing and replacing Obamacare: "We can fix this"
Somewhere in Janesville, Speaker Ryan is memorizing Donald Trump's McDonald's order.
Speaker Ryan found! Gov. Pence rescues cowering boy from well, re-introduces him 2 sunshine, media, st…
Nice of Mr. Speaker Ryan; maybe on Monday we'll hear a change of heart of John, Jeb, and Lindsey :-)
.McCarthy is 3rd House GOP leader to campaign w/this week.Speaker Ryan was in Wed,Majo…
"Although Michelle and I can't vote in the race for speaker, we pledge our unqualified support to Speaker Ryan as private citizens."
State Dept. involved in cover-up to help Hillary Clinton, Speaker Ryan charges - -
We need to urge Republican Members in Congress to vote out Speaker Ryan!
.Speaker Ryan remains perfectly fine with fascism, racism, & misogyny just as long as he…
Speaker Ryan is starting to remind me of Harvey Dent.
Trump, a pervert running for POTUS and supported by the BLOCK ALL Republicans like Speaker Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Kevin…
Today Speaker Paul Ryan abandons the Donald. But (still) has a single GOP member of the publicly rejected Trump?
Paul Ryan has accepted the likelihood of a Hillary Clinton presidency, source told
.predicts: "Paul Ryan won't be Speaker very long."
Speaker Paul Ryan is a punk who was never on our side. Not surprised at all by his recent behavior.
And we won't follow Ryan as speaker
Ryan needs to step down as house speaker doesn't represent party value…
Paul Ryan will be ,in the history ,the most despicable Speaker of th…
. For cohesiveness of Republican Party, Paul Ryan needs to resign NOW as Speaker, He can run AFTER election.
Republican split deepens as House Speaker Ryan abandons Trump, says every candidate for themselves
I want Speaker Ryan (Mr. Budget) to investigate refugee agency in his home state---alleged misuse of taxpayer funds. ht…
Paul Ryan mr flip flop it's about support the candidate you endorsed or stand down as speaker
Speaker Paul Ryan tells GOP lawmakers he won't defend or campaign with Donald Trump, won't rescind endorsement
GOP split deepens as House Speaker Ryan abandons Trump
The Speaker job is suppose to be impartial, but Ryan competes with, attacks & even rejects Trump like garbage in front of America.
Boss is in deep trouble. You should be Speaker by the end of 2017
Watch out Ryan you won't be Speaker of the House much Longer, Trumps going to win and then YOU'RE OUT!!!
Speaker Ryan maintains Trump endorsement, but tells House Republicans to "do what’s best for you in your district" https:/…
Supposed speaker Ryan has betrayed the will of the people may he rot in ***
House Speaker Paul Ryan says he will no longer defend Donald Trump
Ive been calling on Speaker Ryan to step down ALL DAY! Where are all the Trump supporters? SPEAK UP, DO SOMETHING. He needs to GO
Speaker Ryan is done ...not going last much longer by opposing and People
REMOVE Paul Ryan AS SPEAKER. His intentional sabotage of proves he is unfit for leadership.
Speaker Ryan says he'll use budget reconciliation to bypass Democratic obstruction if Trump wins.
Speaker Ryan signs bill to honor Korean War memorial on the National Mall
So, is Speaker Ryan controlling CSPAN's pre-debate time slot? Does he get to do this? Like when he pulled the plug on Dem gun bill Sit-in?
Speaker Ryan trashes Putin but won't call out Trump for praising him has more.
House Minority Leader Pelosi tells Speaker Ryan to ban Republicans from using DNC's embarrassing hacked emails for political gain - really?
We need a CLEAN Zika bill Mr Lyn' Ryan Speaker. Not 1 with all the poison pills attached to it. America is watching!
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Speaker Paul Ryan. P.S. A single moment can ruin a campaign just as easily as it can create an opportunity. A+
Speaker Paul Ryan demands Clinton's classified info access be blocked by DNI Clapper who has already admitted directly lying to Congress.
Nancy Pelosi sends letter to Speaker Ryan asking not to use any info from Russian hack of DCCC in campaign
Paul Ryan: FBI acting like ‘arm of Clinton campaign’: House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is lambasting the...
It is time Speaker Ryan. Don't you think?
Seriouly Speaker Ryan. You are shocked that the Senate rejected defunding of planned parenthood.
We just completed a month-long tour of the country talking about a Here’s why I think it was successful:
Speaker Ryan endorsing a RACIST BIGOT, and playing with lives there is a special place in *** for you're going there
Speaker Ryan on a clean Zika bill: "Give me a break... the House did its job"
Speaker Ryan vacation ended Spinning facts again . Public Health not a game.
Speaker Ryan announces House GOP to hold meeting next week on privileged resolution to impeach IRS Cmsr Koskinen & followed by floor vote.
Chose Trump the minute Paul Ryan was made speaker.
And don't forget speaker Ryan agreed to it and made back room deals to fund immigrants. But not veterans
Zika virus fight-That's what u get allowing Paul Ryan 2 keep his seat as GOP speaker-fight 4 ur life FL!dems save lives.
When house speaker Ryan was asked why not just fund Zika research without restrictions on planned parenthood, his response "gimme a break" featured in NBC s Science of Love
Speaker RYAN should be ashamed. What does PP have to do with Zika. Nothing.
Speaker Ryan, the whole country sees what you do and we all know
just so you know speaker Ryan that the press covered all of this. You did not do your job. No dealing with guns or Zika. Vacation
. Speaker Ryan, from one lowly middle-class grandmother please unite the GOP an…
US House Speaker Paul Ryan says House GOP to discuss next week whether IRS commissioner should be impeached .
Rocky Patel and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Rocky fighting for our rights to smoke cigars
Speaker Ryan you cannot find a to run this country if you don't publicly show support for TRUMP!!
Speaker Ryan says Senate Dems should be ashamed for blocking Zika bill. Will likely be part of stopgap spending measure needed by Oct 1.
Speaker Paul Ryan: The FBI played politics with its release of the Clinton probe details
Rob Caskie - Professional Speaker with Ryan Hogarth, Graeme Codrington - speaker and Andy Preston - Sales...
House Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP members hold a news conference after a House conference meeting
"Because of all of you the last 8 months of Ryan's life were some of his best" - speaker at vigil http…
Wow Ryan's the most disgraceful speaker in U.S. history. He doe…
Speaker Ryan on the House GOP's "A Better Way" agenda: "what we have found is that this is what people want."
LIVE: House Speaker Paul Ryan holds news conference after House meeting.
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Alas, Speaker Paul Ryan did not bleach his hair and faux hawk it, as I had dreamt last night
funny, I was looking at a map.. There's no way. Bravo Zulu Sorry you have to work with shmuckatellis like Speaker Ryan
Vice President Biden and Speaker Ryan cross paths after the 2012 VP debate. [1024x673]
Speaker Ryan will pay a cost for letting Trump humiliate him, writes my teammate Ross Douthat
We wish Speaker Ryan and Senator McCain the best in their re-election races, of course!. The voters will speak at the ballo…
Anything short of Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan revoking their endorsements of Donald Trump is cowardice.
Speaker Ryan to Russia: Stay out of election Oh Now Ryan speaks?! What about the Saudi saying he gave…
Whoah.Right you are.!!. Read Trumps leaked Speech & to me it's NOT Trump its Speaker Ryan.( aka Eddie Munster)
Speaker Ryan's adviser Casey Higgins & ambassador O'Sullivan in violent agreement over importance of
The Democratic interns on the Hill took a picture to respond to Speaker Ryan's selfie.…
That guy to the left of Speaker Ryan is Howard Kolins. Great guy. Used to produce the Radio City Christmas Show.
Speaker Ryan apologized for the photo of an ALL WHITE Capital Hill interns photo. Says it was really a photo of FOX News staff
Joe Walsh is a republican God & GOP gods are truly above the law. Speaker Ryan will instead give Joe a medal. Sad😖
Speaker Ryan: Supreme Court Justices should be impartial (While the Senate Humiliates
Congressman Dan Kildee Leads Letter from 137 House Democrats asking Speaker Ryan to Act on Flint Before House...
Director of National Intelligence tells Speaker Ryan that he is a clueless, partisan loser (using different words). https:/…
We should begin conversation now with US & NAFTA about trading ties.Spoke to Speaker Ryan this weekend & Secretary Lew…
Speaker Ryan dropped a truth bomb on James Clapper about Hillary Clinton.. READ:
Speaker Ryan should also investigate Colin Powell and Condi Rice for using private email servers as Sec of State
Both sides offer gun control measures in the House: John Lewis, D-Ga., met with Speaker Ryan in p...
Reid: So today, I call on Speaker Ryan to bring Senate-passed Zika bill up for a vote.
BREAKING: Speaker Ryan says decision not to prosecute Clinton defies explanation: 'No one should be above the law.'
JUST IN: Speaker Ryan on FBI recommendation in Clinton email server case: "No one should be above the law."
Speaker Ryan, you've been invited to JOIN Mr. Nehlen in a debate. RSVP for the sake of
This is particularly tragic in light of the fact Republicans, led by Speaker Ryan, refuse to even allow for a...
House members wave papers with names of gun victims at Speaker Ryan. No justice, no peace.
Speaker Ryan has begun to show how DISHONEST he is and belongs on the Good Luck Mr. Ryan as you push all-in on
Speaker Ryan says he's defending the 2nd A but shuts down the cameras ignoring the 1st. https…
As House Dems mix it up with Speaker Ryan, protesters cheer them on outside
Speaker Ryan got paid 37,000 pieces of silver not to care about slaughter of innocents https:…
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In a press release, Speaker Ryan calls "a political stunt." In doing so he tragically misunderstands his…
Speaker Ryan doesn't want us to see the brave Dems who've had enough silence on gun control
. Pelosi Calls on Speaker Ryan to Not to Recess Before Vote on Commonsense Gun laws
Speaker Ryan, listen to your colleagues. Give them a vote.
Speaker Ryan is a traitor to the Republican Party. Ryan is an Obama puppet
Speaker Ryan the ghost of James Madison has some advice for you. Will explain definition of treason. We are at war.
Speaker Ryan won't 'sue' Lynch or Obama over Islam 'remastered' Orlando tapes. How about impeachment like the framer's envisio…
Speaker Ryan would sue Trump over executive moratorium on Islamic immigration
Speaker Ryan you are a globalist bought and paid for.
Speaker Ryan distances himself from Trump, despite endorsing him
And THAT'S the fault of Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell. There's no fight in 'em. That's the problem.
Life on The Hill- keep your eyes open you never know when you'll cross paths with Speaker Ryan & India's prime minister
Governor Haley is the serious but cool aunt and Speaker Ryan is the uncle that cleans up after everyone.
now with Reince Priebus & Speaker Ryan endorsing him. He's not a Marxist like Hillary/Biden and Warren.
Speaker Ryan is not going to be 100% in Trump's camp even if he were to endorse MrTrump! He has to get Romney ' s ok
Wha...will whine & insult all GOP leaders who don't endorse him. E.g. NM gov, SC gov, Speaker Ryan, Romney, Bush, etc,
“It’s remarkable how well positioned Speaker Ryan is for re-election this year” - Michael Meyers, Vox Populi poll
Speaker Ryan has been putting in work on the tricep machine
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew calls on Congress to pass deal reached by White House, Speaker Ryan, Natural Resources Cmte and Treasury Dept.
Speaker Ryan admits is leader of so where’s his endorsement? joins 7pm
More Republican voters trust presumptive GOP nominee to lead the party over Speaker Ryan https:…
I like what Gary Bauer said: How about "Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell could send a letter to...
Representative Charlie Dent is witholding support from Trump, even Speaker Ryan makes nice with him
The reluctance of Speaker Ryan to endorse Donald Trump is symptomatic of a non-representative Republican Party indifferent to its voters.
Stevens News Trump says he would like Speaker Ryan to chair Republican convention: Fox
Speaker Ryan says he would step down as Republican convention chair if Trump asks: report via
Doubt the good people of Wisconsin's first congressional district are really interested in your opinion of Speaker Ryan
Wonder if Sarah Palin's vow to unseat Speaker Ryan over Trump will be anything like her vow to serve as Governor of Alaska.
Speaker Straus, just like Speaker Ryan, has Republican members who will have to run from Trump this fall
. I do not want Speaker Ryan's job now.He s damned if he supports and damned if he doesn't
You have to respect Speaker Ryan for this.
Reince is out. Speaker Ryan is out. Senator McConnell is out. This is why the Establishment fought Trump.
Reince is toast given Donald Trump has the nomination. Likewise, Senator McConnell & Speaker Ryan will exit too.
via.rightscoop: Trump RESPONDS to Speaker Ryan call for unity: NOPE!!: Earlier today Speaker R...
. You are not for the people Speaker Ryan.
Speaker Ryan tells CNN: I am NOT ready to endorse Donald Trump at this point!!!
RA Austin Hansen interned for Speaker Ryan and was recently elected President of ... much is possible!
Speaker Ryan says "I do not want nor will I accept the nomination of our party." WATCH LIVE: https:/…
. Speaker Ryan. Please have no misconception we. know the depths of your involvement. H1-b Visa's Tom Donahue. Mitt Romney. NoWay
BREAKING NEW POLL: Speaker Ryan would lose general election to Clinton, Sanders
Monday April 4 thousands of us will be sending our postcards to Washington c/o Speaker Ryan, lets also dedicate 1 day per week for Prayer👼
OH SO MODEST! Please, SAVE US, Speaker Ryan from the monster that YOUR OWN PARTY created, by running on the SAME policies.
Speaker Ryan is no more a Republican than Cruz. It's all about power with influence. Corp takeover of the Govt.
If The Weekly Standard & National Review were Conservative, they would push for the ouster of Senator McConnell & Speaker Ryan.
Speaker Ryan shouts out Wisconsin's Jewish community at AIPAC. Golda Meir, Israel's fourth prime minister, grew up in Milwaukee.
Speaker Ryan needs to slick his hair back (not forth) for the excellent retro Eddie Munster look.
Must see! Speaker Ryan to House speaking of unelected influences
At least I didn't have MSU winning it all, unlike Speaker Ryan
BREAKING: Speaker Ryan says contested convention looking more likely than ever
Unlike John Boehner, Speaker Ryan has a bipartisan plan to fight poverty
The time has come for Speaker Ryan to impeach CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske...
Speaker Ryan sending clear message to Chief Justice Roberts: case is pure politics:
Why isn't Lois Lerner in prison? I don't nor believe anything from Speaker Ryan!
A bombastic GOP campaign has left Speaker Ryan struggling with the duties of Congress
I applaud Speaker Ryan for working diligently through the last days of the republic.
Speaker Ryan and had a private dinner last weekend in Salt Lake City, his office confirms.
Speaker Ryan is trying his best for America we don't need a fowl talking want to be POTUS threatening the Speaker
R Mitch McConnell & Speaker Ryan the new Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi? They sure arent for our party. Not 4 us against us!
"...noted always-wrong John Bolton as well as Speaker Ryan and a bunch of Republican lawmakers lined up to oppose...
Speaker Ryan on Pres. Obama's new Guantanamo closure plan: "We will not jeopardize our national security over a campaig…
thank you Speaker Ryan & all who worked to pass this bill! Especially need a signing ceremony!
“He [Speaker Ryan] said, ‘Look, I understand there’s more Republican districts would be impacted than...
Memo to Speaker Ryan: 50% of Republican voters in New Hampshire feel 'betrayed' by their party...
President Rubio working hand in hand with Speaker Ryan. My dream.
Speaker Ryan has to get control of Rep/GOP Senators Like Graham no one wants his way of doing things anymore! SIT DOWN!
Graham is a big problem in the Rep/GOP! Speaker Ryan needs to got control the problem Senators No one wants Brush or Cruz!
It's very excited to hear the Speaker Ryan to work w/ Jack Kemp together for Presn't Reagan's legacy. Our country
yup, the GOP status quo. Oh the hypocrisy, Speaker Ryan!
Speaker Ryan "believes the GOP will craft a plan in the next six months" according to
Speaker Ryan's guests at State of the Union include poverty fighters: Washington, D.C. -- House Speaker Paul…
Speaker Ryan to Obama, "Concrete on FOREIGN terrorism, leave DOMESTIC terrorism alone". The meaning of a gibberish response.
Apparently massive infringements on American civil liberties, according to Speaker Ryan
Speaker Ryan will you do ANYTHING to block Obama?
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